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John Brown Convicted- Punishment
Treason sgalnit to Comonwaltlt of, Vir
ginia Is defined to b "leTjIngwar against th
BUte, or adhering to itt nmts, firing them
id or oomfort, or establishing, without au
thority of Legislator any gTrsant
within iti UadtiMpuaU from tkooziitlflg
goriroBMot, or holding or outlDg to snob
uiurped government, any offlo, or profeulng
ellogtano or fidelity to It, or resisting the ex
oution of too laws, under oolor of its authority;
and noh treaion, if proved by the testimony
of two witnesses, to the same orort eot, or by
oonfeiilon in open oourt, (halt be punlihed with
death." '"
Inatmaoh as treaion against the United
State war defined to apply to thoee lowing
alleglano to the United States," It wai aiked
of the Court to oherge the' jar In Bbowb's,
aso that tha prisoner, not lielng a dtisa of. the
Commonwealth of Virginia, oonld not oenrlot
him of treason. J-J
In the oaie of tho United Statea w. WiLTis-i
isbgzb (5 Wbsutob, p. 7)Hwm decided thit
whoever is la the jnrlidlotion, for the time be
ing, own alleglano. In tha baa of Baown,
tho Court in Virginia repUod, that tho Vir
ginia Oonitltatlon, In giving righti, gavo alio
responitbllitles. Ths Court did imtmet tho
jury ai to the Oourt charging murder, that they
must bo Mtltflod ai to whether tho killing waa
done in Jefferson County. The Jury was ont
of the ooort-room bat half aa hour, and ren
dered a general rerdiot of guilty, Including
the three ooanta treaion, adviiing conspiracy
with elavei and othen to rebel, and of murder
in the flnt degree. ',.
The statutes of Virginia provide that "If a
free perton advlee or ooaipire with a ilave to
rebel or make lnmrreotlon, or with any per
on, to lndnoe ilavei to rebel or make iniur
reotion, he ihall be punlihed with death,
whether luoh rebellion or ininrreotion be made
or not" .
Death await the offender on either oount.
On eeoount of alleged errore In the indiot
ment and erron In the verdiot, a motion waa
made by Baown'i conns), in arreit of Jodg
tnent, which motion was argued there yesterday
The argument of Mr. Gbiiwold, of Ohio,
Brown'! oonniel, was, that treaion if an
offoiise that oan be oommltted only again it the
United Statea, and cited Judge Sroar, form
erly ot the United Btatei Supreme Court, as
authority. It wai urged, alao, that the jury
had found the prisoner guilty of Crimea not
oharged in the indlotment.
Mr. Hoktie replied that Virginia had paiaod
a statute defining treason, and no further In
quiry oould be made.
The Court took the matter under advliement.
The City Council and Hon. Geo. E.
jrrom a looie meinoo or doing buiineti, the
City fathers often grope blindly in the dark,
and make itrange miitakes. At their last
meeting some of the members vowed with
great vehomenoe that they wonld not pay a bill
of one thousand dollars to Hon. Sao. B. Pooh,
who had been employed by the Committee on
Flnanoe as counsel In a ease pending in the
U. 6. Ciroult Court, whioh Involves the question
whether the oity, as amunlolpalbody, can re
wire a bequest. There wu a diipoiltlon
evinoed to ignore the bill or anything relating
to the MoMloken Trait Fund. It was con
tended that the Council had never authorised
any one to employ Mr. Puas. The fact ii,
few members know what they have done in the
premises, and to refreshen their memory, we
here give a resolution adopted by the City
Oounoil on the first of December, 1858:
Rfolvti, That a committee of three mem
bers of the City Council be appointed by the
Cbuir to communicate with the Solicitor of
tbe Executors of the will of C. McMicken,
deceased, in relation to the employment of
nominal to represent tbe city in the suit of
Perin e. laid executors, now pending in the
Fnitcd States Oirouit Court for the Southern
District of Ohio, and that said committee
have power to act.
HeBiri.WiASRii, Giissa and Rtai were ap
I'.iuibtod the committee whoengaged Mr. Pitch.
He now hu presented his bill and must be
paid. There not being at present any surplus
in the real estate fund just passed into the
hands oi the city, the executors have offered
to pay the $1,000 from the personal fund.
The oity will do well to hold up the hands of
the ooucsel they have employed, and also to
put something in them. The engagement
was made when Mr. Hart wu City Solicitor,
but now, when Mr. Hayes is competent for
Detaining the interests of the city in any
Oourt, the urgency for extra assistance is not
felt. .
Pugh. Turnouts-Great Excitement.
President Buohasav hu switched Dr. Vat
tiib, of the Cincinnati Two-horse Railroad,
into a good plaoe; four' Judges of the Dis
trict Court have switched Johh S. Qiao out of
a good plaoe, the office of City Marshal
and our Eentuoky friends in Newport have
got a good portion of the turnouts ready to
switoh off Fr South Baiut. Tbe demand
now made by the people is turnouts on the
Ninth-street line of street railroad. - '
Popular Sovereignty.
Tha telegraph gives ns sr popular sover
eignty panaoea. We want (he constant change,
in this article changed. We call ,On Vai
LAaoiouii to have the Cincinnati platform
popular sovereignty patented. Give us no
seoond-band nostrums. Stop telegraphing
us popular sovereignties. Baowa had his
oostly plan at Harper's Ferry. The Kansas
Borderers had thetr's the Newport Border
ers had (heir's. Don't send ui out the Plug
Ugly one from Baltimore. - ; 0 "
Tbe telegraph famishes us at times with the
lucubrations of the New York Btmlim great
seniational newspaper.1 fVTe' want the fair
thing done In return,, Won't you, Mr. Tele
graph, please forward on the wires, an edito
rial of Bahst's JV South; of Newport, Jty T
A Railroad Massacre.
A railroad train In Wlseoniln, running over
an ox, 34 thrown from tha track, yesterday,
killing and maiming in a horrible meaner.
The verdiot is, of eoorae, bx-eidsntal. ., ;
Police "Bill."
William Is yet on the town no apeoial
abiding plaoe.
Connect the Depots.
There is at last a reMonable, sensible tene
ment firmed is the publie mind, is and out of
Coundl, In favor of eontiituing the line of
rails .between the Little Miami and Ohfo
and Mississippi Railroads, and thus
have an unbroken through-route for freight
and passsngers from the East through this
oity to 6U Iiouisj The best latereata of the
oity have demanded It. Now that a majority
of property -holder! along the route have peti
tioned that permission be granted to have tbii
track laid, we feel encouraged at the prospect
rtt (la rwmevin mast At. ) ' ' '
, 'We want the exouie offered no longer for
iot visiting of trading With' this city; that
other knd more northern routes are'eheaper or
speedier In their transits. We want Cincin
nati to be equal to the best in railroad facili
ties, as she is In manufacturing and commer
cial advantages. If possible, we want the
Cinoinnatl route to be better than other routes,
and, as w see It, the connection of the roads
will make it better.
Nov oomes aotlon, the sentiment being
right publio opinion matured. How shall the
oity best secure the accomplishment of this
connection? ' To-night the lubjeot oomes np
or consideration in Oounoil. The plan pro
posed, has been printed been read, marked,
learned and Inwardly digested, we hope, by
the Qlty Fathers. If duly oonsldered and
(ntly Understood, and the people's and pabllo'i
rights are guarded, pass the resolves, and in
less than six weeks the connection will be
made.! ' " " '"
Connect the Depots. The Progress of Our City-A New
A new step is to be taken to ornament the
Wer End and to secure a City Hospital that
will honor our people. The present out-of-date,
out-of-oomfort edifice may be counted out
of the list of benevolent institutions. It's no
special act of benevolence to tend patients
to It If Oounoil don't back down get soared
at the oost we will have a Hospital In Cincin
nati as good perhapi better than elsewhere
in the United States. First read an adver
tisement In this day's paper of proposals so
licited from contractors for the whole job of
erecting the building j then proceed to the of
fice of the arohlteot, Iiaiak Bodies, Son 4
Co., and see for yourselves, meehanios, the
plant of a magnificent edifice, magnificent in
proportion 320 feet on Western-row, by S40
on Twelfth-street and 83 feet high magnifi
cent in the exterior two stories of stone,
three stories of brick and iron exten
sive in adequacies for the benevolent pur
poses for which it is designed. We
would call the proposed building a palace, and
complete in all modern conveniences. If tbe
people oan stand the expense, there ii in thii
projected enterprise a tip-top opportunity of
pending lots of money, for a first-rate object.
No Marshal.
It ii so recorded that we have no City
Mui-skal. Thanks for that blessing so unani
mously conferred npon the people of Cin
cinnati by a bench of upright judges. ' Good
by, long-loved offlae for politicians I Fare
well odious sinecure I Weloome advent of
prooedant hj whioh tha people may sweep
out other fat places for loungers. The occu
pant of the place took it with the promise
not to claim its fees if it wu not pronounced
a Constitutional office. The office is gone,
and the occupant is ousted. Ousted only in
words. He is in office; hu the inside track.
No one else is decided to be in office the out
will have to get in. Mr. Oano, the occupant,
must hold until Judge Lowe recognises either
Mr. Robinson or Lswis Wilbov, the Mayor's
appointed Chief of Pol ioe. The Judge hu
to decide this morning, unless the subsequent
movements oi kobiubok s counsel nu given
warrant for a delay in such decision. By
agreement, the plea he made has been
amended, and the Court has to pass upon the
same, perhaps without argument.
Trial of the Insurrectionists.
CHARLESTOWN, VA., November 1.
The Court met at ten o'clock. Coppee wu
brought in.
Previous to proceeding with his trial, Mr.
Griswold stated the points on which to arreit
judgment asked in Brown's case. In addition
to the reasons mentioned yesterday, he said
that it had not been proved beyond doubt
that he wu even a citirta of the United
He argued that treuon oould not be com
mitted against a State, but only against the
General Government, citing the authority of
Judge Story; also that the jury had found the
prisoner guilty of crimes u charged in the
They had not responded to tbe offenses
charged but found him guilty of offenses not
charged. They find him guilty of murder in
tbe first degree, when the indlotment does not
charge him with offenses constituting that
Mr. Hunter replied, quoting the Virginia
code to the effect that technicalities should not
arreit the administration oi justiae. Ai to ju
risdiction over treason, it is sufficient to say
that Virginia had puied a law, assuming that
jurisdiction and defining what constitutes that
The Court reserved Its deoision.
Brown wu present during the argument.
The Jury was then sworn in Coppee'a cue.
The testimony Is the same u that already pub-
mnea, out more oner, ado examination wu
eonolnded at the adjournment of Court.
Cook waived an examination before the Mag
istrate'! Oourt.
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, November 1.
Capt. Meigs, of the corps of Engineers, has
been relieved from the superintendence of the
Capital and Poitofflce extension!, and Capt.
Franklin, of the corps of Topographical Engi
neers assigned to the charge of those works.
He has reoently served u Seeretsry of ths
Light-house Board and is oonsldered an able
It is ascertained from a reliable source that
inch arrangements are in progress to admit of
little, if any, doubt of the early reopening of
the Tehusntepte route.
Minister MoLean will leave In the steamer
Brooklyn on the 5th Inst, for Very Orut. Al
though it is believed that Senor Lerdo will be
Invited to return with hint tbe arrangement
hu not yet been made;
The 8tate Department hu received from
Consul Black an authentio account of the cir
cumstances attending the mirder of Osmond
Chus bv order of the Church party.
" Six different bids were received to-day at
the Postoffice Department for carrying the
mail between Portland and New Orleans. The
Postmaster General firmly adterei to his de
termination to make but one oontraot, holding
the party who may receive it responsible for
the performance of the entire service.
1 ' A large quantity of amunttion bu been sent
from Washington to Harper's Ferry to replsoe
mat reoenuy atsuiDutea among the loiuieri.
Destructive Fire.
AUGUSTA, GA., November 1.
The Columbus Sun contains a report of a fire
as uananna, sionua, on jrriaay last, in wnlon
a large portion of the business part of the town
was destroyed. The prlnolp&l sufferers are
Danisl B. Leslie, John B. Ely A Co., Wm.
Powers and Henry C, King.
Reverdy Johnson on Popular Sovereignty.
If " : ereignty. f;7 '
WASHINGTON, November 1.
A pamphlet by Beverdy Johnson is about to
be published, entitled, " Remarks on . Popular
Sovereignty, as maintained and denied, respec
tively, by Judge Douglu and Attorney General
He establishes the following propositions :
1. That Congress haa no power to prohibit
llavery in the unorganised Territories.
2. That Congress hu no power to prohibit
llavery in the Territories after they have been
organised under Territorial Governments. ' '
3. That Congress hu no power to establish
llavery in a Territory j slavery is the creature
of positive law, which may exist either by
statute or custom.
, 1. That if Congress oan neither prohibit nor
establish slavery in a Territory, it oan not leg
islate to proteot or regulate 1L
' 5. Territorial Governments oan admit, pro
tect or sxolude slavery at any time during its
la oonoluslon he submits that the doctrine
of Popular Sovereignty, maintained from first
to lut by Judge Douglu, and now io assailed
by the Attorney General, hu borne theolearest
and moat explicit sanction of Congress, the
Cincinnati Convention and President Pierce,
and above all, President Buohenant and it is
with equal conviction of its truth that he as
serts that without the belief in the slnoerity of
such sanction, especially the last, President
Buchanan would now be enjoying the quiet
and leisure of Wheatland, gratifiod only by
remembering the lervioe rendered his country
at home and abroad in other public, but per
haps In his estimation, subordinate and less
desirable station than the 'one in which he
now, as his friends assert, figures ao eonipiou
ously and honorably before the world as well
as the nation.
Mexican News.
WASHINGTON, November 1.
, Official information from Mextoo to the S2d
ult lays .that the Juares Government is wait
ing the return of Minister MoLean to renew
treaty negotiations. As this gentleman' com
menced them at Vera Crux, It is considered it
would be disrespeatful to him to transfer the
proceedings to Washington.
Gen. Robles had asked an interview with
Col. Eeporo, in oommand of the Liberal force
several leagues from Cordova, wishing to make
some friendly arrangement with him. The
latter had 2,300 men and twelve batteries to
advance on Tehusoon. There Is every possi
bility that that oity will be taken, In which
event be will soon have a united force of 4,000
men to march on Orissba and Cordova.
The latiafaotory manner in which the people
have received the intelligence of Viduarri being
deprived from the command of the army of
northern Mexico, li regarded ai an evidence of
their moral strength, hli aotlons not being in
accordance with constitutional liberty. .
Miramon's troops In the City of Mexico were
acting purely on tbe defensive, fearful to leave
It even if they had the means to earry on ag
gressive operations elsewhere. The Id teroepted
correspondence of Gen. Muquese shows that
after the battle of Leon, Gen. Wall wrote to
Mlramon for relnforoements. Marquess wu
accordingly directed to lend him 1,600 men and
two batteries, when the latter replied, stating
hit utter inability to do so, and threatening to
resign his command if Mlramon insisted on his
Terrible Accident to an Excursion Train.
CHICAGO, November 1.
A terrible accident occurred on the Chioago
and North-western Railroad this forenoon. A
train consisting of thirteen oan filled with ex
cursionists from Fon da Lao for Chioago, ran
off the track at Johnson's Creek, eight miles
south of Watertcwn, Wisconsin.
Eight persons are reported killed, and a num
ber badly injured. The following are the
n nines of the killed as far as known: M. J.
Thomas, United States Marshal; Mr. Board
man, and George F. Emerson.
Badly injured A. D. Boneiteel, Indian
Agent; T. L. Oillett, Judge Flint, Mrs. Red
ford, and Van Buren Smead; all of Fon du
Later. In addition to those previously re
ported killed are J erome Mason, telegraph ope
rator; T. L. Gillet and J. Snow, of Fon du
Lac; John Lund, 0. Peteriilla and L. Sher
wood, of Oshkosh, and Dr. T. Miner, of Water-
Injured E. H. Svkea. both leei off: Mra.
Lillii, leg broken; Mrs. Jamei Kinney, leg
broken; Mrs. Baldwin, of Oshkoih, both
legi broken; Van Buren Smead, editor of
the Fon du Lao Prut, skull fractured, not ex
pected to recover.
The accident wu caused by the train run
ning over an ox.
Brown Not to be Immediately Executed.
NEW YORK, November 1.
Tbe Strald't 'Wasbtneton disoatsb savs : "I
bave it on the moit reliable authority tbat tbe
ueattt penalty will not be immediately tnflioted
on Brown. He may be senienoed to die on
the gallows within two or three davs. because
the ordinary delay of thirty days between the
entence and execution does not apply In the
case of one eonvioted of inciting ilaves to in
inrreotion; but Governor 'Wise admires Brown's
indomitable pluck, and for that, and because
he wishes to show the world bow magnanimous
Virginia oan be. He will probably respite the
execution for at least tbe thirty days.
"1 should not be surprised, from what I learn,
if an order be made, direoting Brown to be sent
to Biobmond, and if it be, should be kept in
the penitentiary there till men time ai the Gov
ernor flies for hli execution.
"A Massachusetts lady, whois name I under
stand to be Childs, hae written to Wise, re
questing permission! to wait upon and nurie
the unfortunate old man.
"The permission bai been granted."
Arrival of the Arago.
NEW YORK, November 1.
The steamship Atom arrived here this even
ing from Havre and Southampton.
Her political news has been entirely antlol.
patea, out me onngi London dates to the isth
ult. , .., . . w
Among her paiiengera are Mrs. Uason and
family, Hon. Mr. Keitt and lady, Jerome Na
poleon Bonaparte, and Professor Childs, of
The Arago passed the Vandtrbilt on the 10th
off the Needles, bound in.
Lokdow, October IS. '
' Consols quoted at 9iXttX for money,
and ttS for account.
The market for Breadstuff. la firm and un
changed. i
tmapooi, October 19.
Cotton steady, with a fair inquiry) aales to
day estimated at 8,000 bales.
New York Financial Matters.
NEW YORK, November 1.
The Stock market to-day is verv inactive:
prices Irregular. At the opening there was a
oonnnuance oi toe heavy t eel leg of yeiterday,
but at tbe close the dealings looked: stronger,
and i per oent improvement was established.
In the speculative Hit prices are sunnorted bv
the asslstanoe of highly oolored statements of
western prosperity, ualenaand Chisago otoaed
at 73K7S,; Rook Island o2M83j Mich
igan lanuai u4tg4tJp- i
From the Gold Mines-Interesting
Mining News.
[From the Rocky Mountain Reporter, Oct.
Tbe season for working in th gulches la fast
drawing to a dose, although many claims are
suit oeing worked witn success. Xbe snow
storm last week frightened . many into the
belief that winter waa setting in, and aa a
consequence the stampede from tbe mountains
for some days hu been great.
TVe paid a visit to the Lake on Saturday,
and found the miners there doing very well.
Tbe Lake is a mall body of water hint! In a
basin on the top of the mountain south of
mountain utty. xne gold, is round all round
from the gran roots, and Is so arse and of vary
pur ua nanuoms quajjiy,
. "
I . M-e-.--wwr AY VflPHII 1 ILiwal 1
. . .. .. . A . SLI..J. .nil -. A
tKjublle l stn.ral,mat thef wsle JbeUr
Tenth annual Hlllury and 01lo Ball of tlw
mason at Metropolitan Hall, oorufr of Ninth
and Walaut-itreel, on luiauai .
IN(J,Hov.8,liM. flAPT. T.I.MoOABTHy,
UUi tu(tm j
unaimAMfi1ST. hi sTX U.nmAnW Lndff.
neadtr) IVBNINO, Nov. J, t 7 o'olook. A.11 Ma-
note . UHA8. K. FOLUsB, Swretarv.
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16, 1859. This road ! now pen. Care will stvt,
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til miduidht, running eaatward on Third-street
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of Printer' Ware and Machinery are made. Hut
ineir special amotion use Deon giren to rower
Preuea. In thwe they have xalntd a reputation
worthy of tbe Preiaes which they nroduce. Amnna
these are the " (mprored Washlmton Freia," " Pat
ent Copper-plate Press," "latent Rotary (lard
Praw," ''Proof Preis," "Foster Press," "lltho-
graphlsPreaa"and,'Uedal Jobber."
The "Improved Washington Preis" and the
"Medal Jobber" are tha perfection of preitea
Among thelraproTemente in these Job Presee which
hare glren them a degree of efflclener not attained
by anv other, tha fullowlna ar tha nrinciniLl ;
The Impreaelon Is givea from the canter of the
platen, and at the great point where It meeta tbe
greatest reilatanoe la taking the impression, thai
oDvieiiDvau oaufreroi sne piaien springing ut tne
center while worktna a laraa form.
Tha fmnrMiintt ta nlTti hva tooffla.lnlnt. AMritml
by a point of emits-1 with the type, at tbe same Urn
eaustng a avail wnen tbe impression la taken, gir.
Ina time to Impart tbe ink to the paper when run
ulna at a hlah rata of sneed. -
The galnin the amount of power required by this
new mechanical contrlranca mtkee It perfoctly prac-
iicaoie iovotk ic wun a ireaoie on orainary sizea
forms, (thne earing tbe laburofon band,) whioh
can not be done noon any other nresa of eanal tien.
The new and simple derloe fjr carrvlngthe Ink
Rollers lea great ImoroTeuient orer tha plan gen
erally adopted, making no noise end having no lia
bility to get oat of order, i
The Inking Rolleis are o arranged that by the
simple tnrnlngof a screw at the end of them they
can ba adanted to any klna of nrhntlnff. from tha
most delicate blank.work to tha hsarioat clroulars
or Meters.
Tha Ink fountain la aarHaetlr adantad to Ha offie.
Is readily adjusted to give any euppfyof Ink, and at
any nnairwi point on ids cynnasr.
Add to these various adrantaces. these nresSM ran
remarkably smooth, making little or no nolsa, and
cauiiug no Jar In the room or building. In the en.
eral harmony of dnnlen and oporatlon, IT IS 3EO
0D IO NO' Pit KS8 IN TUB OuTJMTKT -while
In the Quality of the material uoed and In the thor
ough and workmanlike manner in whlrh they are
built they are- fully equal to Eastern machines, that
cost from thirty-three to fifty per cent, more money,
The time has arrived when every printing office ex
pecting to sustain Itself and secure ite share of pa.
tronane most ba supplied with tbe facilities to com
pete, to a greater or less extent, with ei ty offices, and
a good job press, tbat enn bs operated by one person,
will secure a large amount of looal bailnoes at re
munerative prloes, which would otherwise be dons
elsewnore. , , .
Printers Who hare tried these machines award
then sreat merit, and those who have not ulionM
make a-pllcation for full particulate concerning
mem. w iub wan uiaxinren, iuesira. ita i a uu.
Hot. 173, 17and 177 West ecood sireet, Cincinnati
vnin. noza
FOiriCDKT, B. itI80N, SiSMrintendent.--
rriatiug ctaitriaia eiai i. mas. ioe viae street
' 11 .
- Door; Locks,', f
Door ftnd Gate-Spring!,
Bells Hung, Keys "Pitted. J
The public ar respeetntilr invited toeall and ex
amine the various patterns an! prices, All Jobbing
promptly attenaea to
no2cm ' Mo. 133 flfth-street, sd door from Baoe. :
. .: .'r-OF-rc ,, i. 1. 1.' t
' -' I . , .. , . , , i- i- - - . ,
::' ""' '', '.' :, . -ON . 7 ' :'V',;,,.',,
MONDAY, OCT. 31, '
No. 112 Piftlitreet11 A
The Folio win Goods laving beou most
It all banght daring the past week at the '
'' 1 ; ,M ' " , lJ ' ' Ml' 'tc I'-1
;."!.., ON BTJCH TBBMS , ,
Thsu cm net Hail to please evea the elosest
;',; buyer. ', '
fane)' Bilks at tlH'., worth 87o. 'i
Fanoy Silks at 730., worth 11. ' ' ' '
Fanor Bilks at tl. worth 1 W. ' .
Elegant Black Silks.
Ottoman Plaids at ltc., worth 2So. , : ,
French Merinoes at Mo., worth 8To.
French ilerinoes at 7So worth $1,' ' '
.. SngUtn Herlnoes st 7(o worth (1.',,' ' ' '
Wool rialds at 30o., worth Ue.
' Kogllih Delaines at 1230., worth 150. "
InglUh Frlnti at 10o worth UHa. : . : ,
Wool Flannels at 30c., worth Ho. . .
j '' ABO A IABQH STOCK O,', '. n
ALSO i , ,
S H A W L 3
In Great Variety, ! ! ''
Chas. S. Weatherby,
oclld . .
Fifty Cents on the Dollar,
No. US Fifth-street,.,. (
Dining and Coffee Saloon,
(Near the coruor of Vine,)
C. Jj. VICKEB8, Proprietor.
OTatera and Game served In all stiles. Meals stall
hours. polom ,
PBES8, at Wholesale and Betail.
Butter Merchant,
nolo ' 1M West Fourth-etieet, cor. Kim,
will be recoired at the office of I Boera,
Rnn n . Nn. lftt Vlna-atreat. nntll the 30th or No
vember, inet., at U o'clock, for building tbe new
commercial Hospital, on ids aiie oi inn prteu
building, bounded, br Western-row, Twelfth-street
and Miami Canal. , 'i
Bids to be received for the whole job, and not in
parte. AH bids to be made to conform to the plane,
peoiloatlous and terms of bids; all of which mar be
seen at tbe office oi Isaiah Sogers, Son A Co., ite
vme-streau ... .
No bid will be received unless thev conform to and
are made on tbe printed forms; also, the bidders to
name the price they will allow for tbe old materials
now on the ground. '...' .
' The security Intended to be offered for the faithful
performance of the ooaUact to named In tl be bids. ,
Chairman Com. of Council of Public Buildings. ,
(Mncinnatl, Q Nov. 1, 1809. . noltt'
Chapped Hands, Faces &c. ,
MOST every person is more or less troubled
with Chapped Hands and Face, Boughnesa of the
Skin, Ac. We would, therefore, Invite especial at
tention to the following Remedies, as they not only
cure, bat prevent, the diseaae, by keeping th skin
in a moist and hoaltby condition. . , , .
Gljcansyl of Roses, ' ,
An entirely new and elegant article, which w pre
pare in our own laboratory with th utmost oar and
of the very Dneat materials.
, ,; . Glycerin lotlo',;";1 ' '"'
' Onr Improved Glycerin Lotion is entirely fre; from
tbe unpleasant odor of Glycerin; Is highly perfumed
with Rose, Blttar-almond aud Orange-lower, and J
Unsurpassed by any other made, ,
' Glycerin Camprtor Ice, ,.
A most agreeable combination of Glycerin and Cttn-'
nhor. which w prepare In a very eonwnlant farm
for tbe toilet. i'- - v-!'t , , , , r'ir i ..
riAV v m .i 1 1 i ,u
uppositetiie roeiomie.
Aromatlo Tincture of Myrrh
OKBDINGLT pleasant preparation for elect
ing the teeth, hardening the sums, removing all Un
pleasant odors from the oreatn and imparting W It a
dellgbtfnl perfume. -.i i. nn i U ir.v i l
Prepared and for sale by , . jj,
-,. BUIBE, ICK8TETN ft CO., '
. ootl-o '.- Opposite th PoatoHloe.T
HtllHll!. KnRRTkTIN 00.. "
' ooll-o : U y . Qpnoslta the Poatoaoe.
Havana Cigars. i
Additions tn onr oxtemlve stock of choice
Bavana (liirara. Our variety is so areat that smokers
oen always be supplied with th gonuln Ilavaua to
eultthelrtaste. jpgj jjj 4 00, Drtiggiat.,
ooSlo . OppctlW lb FoatoOio,
8 a si ji ri: 'Willi a i! r
TO eng
in if.
' ;-.i..l'l, i fv;r J ill
! We Issue sight Bills on'
8P00NER, ATT WOOD iCO.,'L6ndorij
ROTAL BANK OP IRELAND; " ' ' ' "' ' y
a.... ' rw-laanBlwfatndiipiard(w'-raan.v
WW exchange on France and Qrmhafr r
' " JAMES F3IEL1NE & CO.f1 . ;.:
ocMtdecl, r No. 17 West ThJrA-atretv. k
CloakB, "rXy.
;,n't Lit -'i ft,
'-Shawls, r-Zi:;
1 Miiiia;!,:r
i .'Dress'Trim
I i il ii ii a,iisaiftirnni iiiaf ifaalisiff 1 : .
. i - - EmbroiderieB, '
; Fancy Good fieuerally, .f
RniranT in ant iriATT,n. nsain"
. ;',.): ; ii '.., i , iv ;,!.r
l j" 1 is! West Fourth.strcet, -.
'oof - .'BnWXloT.TIBS AND BAOR. :',.:
" J.l.i-I -.1- OF .. .,, , ,..,!,,
: Fire and Marine Insurance Agencies -
-' ' I ;i " ''--0 tn- '''' '' "! r'f. .till
ip,, j Day UAKTFORD, COSN. .;
0f9os: Noi. 171 Vino and 40 Main-streets, '.,
. , ',,' '..'..':,'. .OIliOIBISTI..'.,' ,
flnah tapltal....,,.M , $1,000,00(1 00
Asaet.,..M.,.,.......i...,.-.J..t..,oaO,!JJ hi) .
inform their friends and patrons tbatthev bare '
this day entced Into partnership, under the nam
and style of CAHTER 4 LIND8KT, as theFIraand
Marine Insurance Agents of the' JRlta Inrarsue
Oompany. nf Hart font, Uonn., and .havo ttierofora
oounolidatrd tboir separate AkciicI.. For tbe eon
Teni'Doe of their cutojoer and others, ther con.
tlnue both offices. No. 171 Tine and No: 40 Hals-?
street, where tbey will be pleased to hear from tuelr '
friends, and trust that tbepatronage that baa hitherto
Deen so n Derail r ueeiowcu toeacn wnt not aunuisn
by the union thus formed.
ja h. sra f?322 v
BINBTK.U1ID8KT.;. . P 5 i,AonS., .1
Cincinnati, November 1.1M9.. 1 1 5 nolam' t-.,i
PHblieled TMi Morninff.
Exemplified lu s Systematic Coarse .
. 1 of Exercise. .. Vi-
. ST
II.' X. DA T, A. M.,
ART OF RHETORIC," formerly Prcfessor ,
of Rhetoric in "Western Reserve College," .now
President of "Ohio Female College."
Tbe peculiarities of this work are, tbat itpropoaas
to exhibit the principles of the art of reading and
speaking In a striotlj systematlcordfr. In connection
with ooplous exercises for tbe exemplification of each
principle by Itself, i '
Its loading object Is' to sire an Intelligent and
practical comnntud over nil the functions of tha
voice, at the same timo doveloplng its power and en
abllngitatwlli toexpreee, by approprixtu osoof ita
various functions, the thoughts and feelings that
appear in discotirso, accurately, gracefully axd ,
effectively. It effects thin object by exhibiting one
aftor another tho different changes of the voice, in
pitch, foroe, quality and time, in strict soientiflo
order, expialnlngita nature and its peonllar effect In ,
delivoiy, and accompanying this exhibition byex-i
amnios for exercise. It alms to be a true art-solenca
applied to praotioe.- . , ; .
Itis preceded by a practl6nl treaties on Ortheopy
or Pronunciation, embracing Articulation, or tea
iW.trlnA of th Alouisntal Bounds of fineech. Syllabi
cation end Accentuation. The exercleea In this part
t rnninm. and are arransed with a view to the
development ot power, volume and mellowness of
voicei, us well as w s atracuiui, current auu uibuucs , )(
pronunciation. ' 1 '
' " i he author gratefally acknowledges his indebtea
nesa to l'rofeeeor Goodrich and Dr. North, of Yale
College, for valuable hints and suggestions in th;.ii.
preparation anil revision of the work." 1
Toe work Is the fruit of HiU' h experience In teach-
Inf, and of long and earnest study. , -'-'i '
Oue Vol., i:'ruo..M....fc...,.-M. ,.......Prlos ft. .
Moore, Wilstach, Keys & Co.,
23 West Fourth-street,
OC31-0 .'. f J' CIN0IN5A.TI.
Sg lachJnes!;
' l.'VM..I ., ,
''t !;,: m$F!$yfokm
NoV 'r77f:-TOTO
p. 1 it a
irvj I,,
.V1EL1& W
' WW law oaU,nViaaV .!-' u II- " I f
curate and readily comprehended, 1 " "
, All lnterested,ltii skumoe of Amounts ar , . , .,
vltedtotatU and PWfll'J'jA k r
br tbemMlve. innii'..- jrt "! ' ' -i. ' vj.
'' ebi'Sesion."
,' Tho Kvsnfngselon sriij oomnjan'o ', , ( ' f 'w
Dar Otassei nit Itf artel.' ' ' " '
E. 8. BACON, Principal
J, B, POTT, Bint Assistant, oc2
i..l, M
,,li I l'

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