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"IOUNI?'lathi(Miama,orarliif IwTEmi
', Of Im, two Inwrtioiu, twenty -fir. cents. .
erel hotwrwork. Mint bat good washer and
lroner. Inquire at No, Ul Qeorge-siroet. no2b
lutl.1!' ,n""dUtely, a good journeyman
S?J f S.-''i?1?;!'01'11, 4 ""J Amerloan work
ZiiTSj.'6.' febit 1' Bna ateadr seat by an
piylngaoon to Box, tl. Kkhmond, Ind. no2d
mTir. if US" W oli at eny-hlng where hacia
make himself useful. Address 0. 8T0FJTIB, this
''"o- no2b
i Rft,f ps lu BtcoB'i Ohio and Gundry's Com
nerclal Colleges, good for full oonree of luatraotloa
!?. D?n?l,-try Book-keeping and Day and Even
ing Study. Young- mn eave money by buying. Ap
! I" W" TUTTLB'B Kxohange Offloe. B.eamorJ.
(now i w, it. nunmx,
VKT ANTED Clarki, laleamen, book-keep.
. V er"i JO"1! bar-keepare, ooornrt, meohanlct,
kin vtuvii. umi uuu iiiiuuiuui at me iuer.
'"" wwu aegmrr uuot, bo, m wet rtfth'
"" tno-o-j MALI TO.
ly at tha baaement of the Hlh Cburcli, ooraerof
Jonnh ana Maln-atreeta. no2b
Xr ANTED A GIRL To do the work of
.T "'! fmilr. Innulr at So. U Sycamore.
AnnlT at Nft. IM WMiThtrHtM-l maI.
K pd Mlsiea' pegged iboea, at Mo. 230 Wa.
4o general honaework; can be aeea at Ho. M
ji.u-iint, petween mm ana walnut. nolo'
T. tunrertoworkon olnmlaraaw mlll-fnunee,
?U' k.d K4nrllt 01 opeedy workman and ueed
ohn and Water-etreete.
f noip
k VflvatH TAmfl V Ai hnirillna.hntiaa h. nn
at Mo. 806 Wt Thlrd-itreet,
wuu ii wen acqaaincea wna tao Dasmeaii
8d 17, at More uaj or mesnger. Can write
pisiu uhuu; wining 10 maae nimioii generaiirnae'
W..? S,!! nJ'ojer. Borercnca giren. Addresi
OUAM, EDWAKDH.thU office. nolb
WANTED A GIRL To do general
home-work in imall family raiding a ehort
uiiiuuce uui oi wwd. Appiy tau aay, jnoTember 1,
j'-wu uhdus o uiocs, at ino omoe 01 jnr. uuu
XIEB, No. 0 Eaet Tkird-atreet. nn itaira. nola
in a profltabla boilnen. with a onpltal of
muivo uuuupbu uuiian, wmco win pay irom eooto 70
Jrweek. Any Informailon can be bad by oalllng at
IR0S BMITH'8 bulldiDg, (fourth atory) No. 6
JTonrtb-itreet. between Mala and Walnut, between
auenoimoi H o eiooK a. m..anaio aKut. ja.
nolb .
, teen building lota, soma feet, altuated in tbi
J Oourtitaing tillage of Korth Vernon, Jenningi
l M. tad I. Ratlroadi, which f witt wJl at Auction,
a ajajaiUaV. IUn.. B. ina nmaUltlaP riW tllal II ITIn Rl -n1
p wii.uui4i, ivervrvvi uu oa u nv nil ina did in hi.
. Tfrmi-One-ba.f caih down, th balance In atz
WANTED GLASS Broken green glau,
"13. .. no. vi Bait vonunoia-itreet,
eral homework. Unit nnderatanil cooklrji
wen, aou ueagoea wainer anil ironer. To one we
-icommended an azoellent place ia offered. Gall at
the north-eaat corner of Fourth and Klm-atreeta, op
pmirBa HU1D
can hear of a ettnatlnn tiw nnlTnar a .1 fl
rv lutnn. no. i uonere uuiiaing, watnnt-ttreet, be.
twton Fourth and Fifth. nolo
A man ae SALESMAN Ina dry good home.
- , Ocod referenoeean be had bjr inquiring at 8WEANT
i i a piciifluLAnu'B, no, ia matn-atreet. nolb
OUTTEB In either a wholeaala or
or retail
cioinini nouae. walei no ob eot If a nrmmant
alaimtlon can be had. For Information Inquire at
PKriCK BlUTT'B Tln.ihon. nn
Front-eUeet, be-
tweep Byeemore and Broadway.
WANTED BOARD By a young: lady.a
i . Mmpetent muslo teacher, in a prlrate fam-
nr, wuoiv im ooum give lnacrnoiiona on piano,
guitar or melodeon aa oompeaeation for board. Tha
irxv retinues can oe giren. Aaareaa Bin v. U.
e of N. E. Keanan, I)aguerreotyae Boom, No (
Itfnrih-ntreet, Cincinnati. ocW-awf
WANTED AGENTS and other to eaU
and examine the oorn-hoaker, gate-faetealng.
i(S-boatr, knife-polleher, aciaaora-aharpsnera, and
a variety or other thlnn, flnt-rate to travel with, at
WANTED Three or four Young Chil
dren to take Inatruotlona on the Piano
ro.rle- "rnui 9 Per quarter. Apply for particulari
v io. vo proauway. B03
rilO engage in elroulating by inbierlptloa,
B- lomenew highly ornamental and entertaining
Books, Mapa.t'harM, 4o. Men now operating clear
from 8-t to $150 per month. Call ana examine the
eiooa ana goi a aeionpiiTe oironiar, look at teitlmo.
n lale of agenta now opporatlng, Ac
Consultation free. Galleoon. .
; MACK B. BAKMITZ, Publliher,
ooZtom ' St W. 4th Street, (np itaira.) '
BL' Blobmond-itreet, with
qntreoa the premlaet.
yeari' leaae. In
Ja.- or FIBST.C'.ASS BKKIDKNCE8, amoniwbich
araiomeof IBK VJtRY UKST In tliin in
for ooab, on easy credits, or In axobange for other
viuiroi.r. ai jou wiso naiiy a one nouse can on me.
D. P. HULL. -
171 walnnt-ftraet, next to tha Gibson House.
FOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler Wagon).
Spring Wagont and Bugslea.
ocl 2-nmeod Bank-strtet Omnibus Faoiory.
I' ' aaa-.am-ai-aaaam-iai-aiia-aaa
BOOMU-W different alteg, in the fourth-atory
of Apollo Buildings. Beady for recusancy on the 1st
of Horember. Inquire of H, V. HOBTON,
! oc!lawt Ko. 1 Apollo Bnlldlngs, Jd floor.
FOR RENT A HOUSE In Covington, on
PI Uadelpbla street, 2 sqnaTea from lower Ferry,
being sew Ilonseinst llnlihed, front and aide yards,
hall, c. Bent 200 per ; ear. Apply to
I , . JAlffio'H.I.A'VVS, ' :
"Md No. W Maln-itreet, Cincinnati, 0.
Gas, for Gentlemen, at 301 Tbird-street, near
tl Plnm.
J hou-e, with board, can be obtained by a anltable
family. Also, a few gentlemen can be accommodated
, by applrlcg immediately at Bo. 16811m, -street, abT
j ronrtb. nol'b
gentlemen can Been re a pleasant fnrnia'oed
' apartment, with good board, In a private family
where there are few boardora, at Ao. 107 Longwortb.
treat, between Elm and Plnm. Terua moderate.
, Cnolb - .
u XIOARDING Several gentlemen can be ao
,' M-M eommodated with board at lsl Broadway, be
y. tween Fifth and Sixth-afreets. A aeeond-etory front
II room Tacant. Also, accommodation for a few day.
i boarders. . . aolb
" Va
Keale Manafhetarrr,
So. 41 Cut Second-street, between Sycamore and
roadway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of ,
Cointer, Plaffoi-wi, Cattle, Ballraatl Daat.
and Track 8olea Traaka, ,
ii Iroa Waaaaa, oto. . ,
y l Repairing done on the shortest notice. nol-g
and Saoei Just , .Received.
J. H. DETEKS, . i.
Ne. S3 Weat Foarth-Street,
assortment of the renowned Philadelphia
' Trnon and BBOSB, for men's wear. Call and
r". 4C7 6eM
'Just received an Importation of choice Brandy
5n 14 and H Wjaa, uiara, unpny myo., anauanla,
Vnnnta A Oo. For sale wholesale and retail.
flBJaVU.. uvaawanu,
MMi mar be seen for a few days at tha Washington
lBsn0oe(pjpwrNo,UKMB-itieet. c3-p8,Iu
"" '
m t -wn ' -.- -v-n -
Gia Hiatiko Btovu. South-out
Fifth asd Wftlnut.
jjifKit bttli Hats. If you want one
the latest gtyla bats, pnrohnje of B. R. Ally,
i uwisirav, iia aeens nn witn
Ufaihlon, and never falls to giro MUtfaoUoa.
Otstirb at 'WAOooitia's. S. S. Waggoner,
at his depot, 203 Wea tern-row, above Fifth,
receiving oyetort that fairly make one's
mouth water to think of. They are mob. ov-
4a.. - - t TIT 1 - nn -
a uvm waggoner Keeps, xry tnem.
DlSCBiBOID Jacob Betler. who. a
aays ago, was arraigned before Justice Rows
katnp upon a obarge of having stolen a four
bourse wagon, the property of Henry BendeTf,
was jeiterdey honorably dlaoharged, the pros
eoatlng witness falling to eitabUih tha charge.
Pibsifu Codrtsbvei Mousy. A man
named John Strobe! was committed to iail
yesterday by Justice Harris, ia default
oau w vne amount or $aou, lor passing a ten
dollar ooufiterfeit bill upon a man named
Conrad Frederick. He will answer tha oharge
before the next term of tha Court of Common
Pleas. . .
Mitsimosui. Dnriog the month of Ootober
there were two hundred and twenty-three mar
riage licences Issued by the Olerk of the Pro
bata Court, against two hundred and seventeen
of the month previous. Wa should like to ac
count for this inoreaae, if it wars possible
do so upoa any other principle than that of
tendenoy of all parsons to get themselves into
. .. .
PiBSOSiL. We had the gratification yester
day of taking by the hand cur old and much
esteemed friend, Danlal Baott, Esq., the founder,
and, for several years, successful editor of
AmeWeaa Oiiit&n, pnblished at Hllliboro, Ohio.
To use Brother S.'s own language, he "Thanks
his stare ha Is out of the newspaper businan,"
and Is oontent to devote the test of his life
the praotios of law. Success, Daniel.
Polios (Joust. Business at the Polios Court
during the past week has been of the most or
dinary character. Yesterday Judge Lowe ex
amined and disposed of twenty-two of the most
uninteiaiuag cases tnat ever came before him,
wa are sura. Disorderly conduct, always tha
result of drunkenness, and vagrancy were tha
only ehargeg that were heard, while tha few
that might have given rise to a paragraph were
AooiDim at thb Ohio ard Mississippi
RaaiLKOAD Dipot. A wsgon laden with corn,
beloDsinr to Id Graham's distillery, while
crossing tie track of the Ohio and Missis
sippi Railroad, near the depot, was very
badly smashed up by coming in contact with
a train which happened to be passing at tha
time. With the exception of this and tha in
fliction of several bruises on the head and
face of the driver of the vehicle, no damage
was dona.
Tbi Latk Affbat ok Sacsaos bow. Jerrv
S ullivan.who was so severely stabbed in an affray
on Sausage-row night before last, was yesterday
removed to the Commercial Hospital, where he
lies in a very oritlcal condition. The danger
is from internal hemorhage, and unlets it
very soon stopped, ha will certainly die. Dan
iel McCune, tha perpetrator of the deed, was
before Judge Lowe yesterday morning, and
committed is default of bail to the amount
$3,000, to answer the oharge of assault with
intent to km colore mm on JTriday next.
At their regular session vestordav mom in
me jxiaru oi irouuty VAJiumiasioners passed Or
ders amounting in the aggregate to $604 67;
of which $548 were paid to William Thomas
for stone for the Carthage Lunatic Asylum.
They also discharged Thomas Adams, Pat
rick Kelly, J. 8. John, James O'Neil and
Christopher Geliner from the County Jail,
. Y. T 3 an i 1"1 .
uiey uub uaviBK tiny means waorewitntOTvav
the costs and fines charged against them.
Anthony Holyebaoh, on payment of $S for
costs, was auo aisonarged. -
. s
Abbbst or A Fuqitivi Fslok. A short lima
ago, a fellow named Edward O'Neill, stole
set of harness from a man in this sity named
Henry Hoel and escaped to parts unknown.
Day before yesterday Mr. H. became aware
that O'Neill was In Hamilton, and he forth
with had a warrant issued for his arrest. The
officer proceeded, armed with the authority of
tne taw to mat ouy, lounu tne fugitive, ar-
..... ..l.aa.J aait.V. 1 1 3
ami.. iDiumgu wilu, tuu jrvBwruay morning
commuted him to the Ninth-street Station-
house. He will have hearing this morning
ue.uiw r uugo uuwoa
Fatal A ooidbst Mas Killbd bt tbb Roll
ing or a Loo. An aooldent occurred a day or
two ago, a short distance .from the city, whloh
resulted In the Instantaneous death of a man
named Sharp. He wu at work In a saw-mill
and engaged la propping np a log, but before
he succeeded in securing it, the log rolled over
and crushed him to death. His body was hor
ribly mangled, and, with the exosptlon of his
neaa, wnion, strange to say, was not at all in
jured, we do net think a single bone la hts
body was left unbroken. ' He was brought to
the residence of some relatives In this city,
irom wnicn oe was mien lor interment on
Sunday last.
Nomsbb or Fists Dvbibo tbb Mohtb or
OCTOssa. Baring the month of Ootober tiiere
were seven flres in this city, but the sum total
of tne losses will not reaoh Sl.&OO. The fol
lowing la a list of them in tha order in which
tney occurred, obtained from Mr. Enoch Ma
Rime, Chief Engineer of the Fire Department i
Oet. 13. Boiler-yard oflsaao West, en Pike-
Street, between Front and reari. Loss $10.
Oct. 13. Bat and Cap store of H. J. Mont
gomery, No. 281 Western-row, between Seventh
and George. LossloOO. .,
Oct. 19. Manufactory of Composition Rofing
of J. Berkley, on Sixth-street, near Mill-creek.
Oct. 20. Burning of bed on MU Adams.
Frame dwelling on Seventh-street, between
Sycamore and Broadway. Loss $100.
uct. 28. Drama worksbop belonging to E.J.
, Kinsey, on Patterson-alley, between Main
and Walnut lots $200.
Oct 23. Evans A Swift's Pork house on the
comer of Ninth and Sycamore. Loss $26. ,. .
Boabd or Citt Imfbovbhists. At the reg
ular session of tha Board of City Improve
ments, yesterday morning, the olerk was di
rected to prepare ana transmit to the City
Council an ordinance to assess a special tax
upon the real eitate bounding and abuttintr
on East Tbird-ttreet, from East Front-street
to Martin -street,
Also, ordinances aa follows: .
To establish the grade of Lock-street from
Front-street south to the Ohio River.
To establish tha grade of tha landing? of
the City Water Works.
To grade and pave the nnpaved sidewalks
on Buckeye-stratfrom Main to Locust-street.
The sealed proposals offered were opened
and award to contract recommended as fol
lows! ', ' ,;, i.;,.' i- .
Witt Alexander Scott, at $1 8J per lineal
foot for paving, including grading with lime
stone and setting curbs on Seventh-street,
from Harriet 848 feet west.
Also Ninth-street, from Harriet 843 feet
west, with Alexander Scott, at $1 OS per lin
eal foot for paving, including grading with
auunwuoj auu MHlOgOUrDSi H V 1
The following reoaira for awcantaif fowl.
dared streets ware ordered: ', , , 'f ', .
Prankltn-street from Main to Sycainore
street, for $11; Plum-street from Water-street
to Fourth-street, for $30.
Board adjourntd until tblsafternoon at two
Decision in the County District Court-
Construction of the Police Bill and
its Validity-The Office of City
. . , t '
Xbe auestion aa to 'tha rloht nf Jnhn a
Gano to exorcise the functiona of fntw Mm.
hal an offloe claimed to be extinct by reason
of tha enactment of last winter, termed the
"Police Bill" wu disposed of yesterday in
the Hamilton County District Court. Judges
Scott, Mallon, Carter and Diokson were on
the Bench. it 4, & '; -Judge
Dickson announced the opinion of
ui voun, statea m ns unanimous,) as follows i
This Is a proceeding noon an information .In
tba nature of a yuo varronfo, at tha relation of
Benjamin Robinson against the defendant,
John S. Gano. The information, in substance,
sets forth that the relator. Baniamln Robinsin.
has been duly appointed and qualified Chief af
Police of the City of Cincinnati ; that by vir
tue of that office ht is the ministerial officer of
tua f onoo uourt of said City, and that defend
ant, John S. Gano, 'has intruded himself Into
mis latter position, and thereby virtually into
the office of Chief of Police, and olalms to hold
the same on the ground that ha is tha City
Marshal. The relator further sets forth that
there la no such office as Citv Marshal, and
oonoludes, in substance, with tba prayer that
defendant answer by what authority be olalms
to bold tha said office of Marshal or to be the
ministerial officer of the Police Court. .
To this information the defendant files two
pleas. The first is a denial that the relator is
Chief of Police aa he claims, and oonoludes to
the oontrary. The second plea alleges, in sub
stance, that defendant hag been duly eleoted
ana quaunea as uuy Marsbai of said city,
and is, by virtue of said office, the ministerial
officer of the Police Court.
Is John S. Gano City Marshal? It is ad
mitted that he is not, if section i of the sot
oommoniy called tie Police Bill (LVI vol
Ohio Laws, SI) is constitutional.
The first sentence of that section declares
that, "in all sash cities ot the first slats, with
a population exseidisg eighty thousand In
habitants, there shall be no suoh office as that
of City Marshal, but tha duties thereof, at
nuw imposed py us acts to wnion tnis is sup
plementary, on the City Marshal, shall be per
formed by the Chief of Polios."
, Oar isqury, then, is limply as to the oonsti
tutlonality of this teotion.
The grounds upon which, it is alleged, that
this law Is unconstitutional, we will consider: .
1. It is said that thisseotion, without setting
forth and repealing the same, amends section
72 of the act for the organisation of altlea. .
(Swan's Statutes, 972,) in this, that said section
a aeoiares mat " The qualified voters shall
eleot a a City Marshal, a City Civil Engineer,"
As., and that this section virtually amends
that in striking therefrom the words " City
manual." it is lurtner said Mat this section
in tne same way amends all sections of preced
ing laws which prewribe duties for the City
Marshal, as this section in effect, to the extent
of its operation, strikes from them the word
Marshal, and inserts therein the words Chief
This seotion Ii, therefore, claimed to be un
constitutional, as contravening the 3d clause
of the 18th seotion of ths second artiole of tha
Constitution, which declares t "And no law
shall be revived or amended unless the new act
oon tains the entire aot revived, or tha section
or sections amended ; and tba seotion or sec
tions so amended shall be repealed."
Adopting the construction whloh. anon va
rious legal authorities deems oorreot, we are of
opinion that section b, ai an tndepenoteni seo
tton, is a constitutional enactment.
2. It is claimed, however, that the other
sections of this police act. which prescribe a
new mode for the appointment of a Chief of
xvuiro, taio uuooastiaH.ioDai; mat section nve
devolves the duties of City Marshal upon tha
Chief of Police; and that, therefore, if the office
ot unlet or Police rails, by reason of unconsti
tutional enaotment, tha provision of the law
abolishing the office of City Marsbai falls with
it, because the evident Intent of the Legisla
ture waa to abolish the offloe of Marshal only
In the event of the Chief of Police assuming its
duties, and if this be impossible the oifioe of
Marsnu remains.
Assuming, for the argument, that the io
Hons of the polios aot prescribing a new mods
lor tne appointment ot a tniel of Jrolioe are
unconstitutional, tha above argument would
have great force, if the words Chief of Police
in the fifth seotion referred only to that office
when appointed in the mode prescribed in the
ponce aot. ior in tne event or, the law pre
scribing the mode of appointing a Chief of
Police being unconstitutional, there would be
no one to discharge the duties previously per
formed by the City Marshal, a condition of
things that the Legislature could hardly have
intenaca. i nis is tne wnoie force of ths argu
But have the words as used in the 6th seo
tion, this exclusive reference? Is there in
the seotion, or its context, anything requir
ing this limited an exolusive construction?
The office of Chief of Police was known to
the statute book at the time of the enactment
of the Police Act. This act pointed out a
new method of selecting that officer, and im
posed nanr dutiua unon him. Rut if aantinn
5 were an independent act, it would have a
definite subject matter for its operation. In
deed, if the only object of the Legislature
were to aoonsn tne omce or manual, and de
volve its duties upon the Chief of Police,
they could scarcely adopt more fitting lan
guage than that contained In this very sec
tion. The words Chief of Police, as used in
section 6, may refer to the Chief of Polioe
appointed under the Police Aot, or to the
Chief of Police appointed under preceding
laws, or to both. Thetis ia nothing in the
section to limit its meaning to the one or the
o.ner. (section r or tne same act provides
that "until the Board of Police Commission
ers shall have appointed a Chief of Police,
Lieutenants, Watchmen and Station-house
Keepers the appointment of suoh officers
shall be made aa now provided for by said
acts, to which this act is supplementary
but no longer.
In reference to the act abolishing the Crim
inal Court of Hamilton County and transfer
ring its huainess to the Court of Common Pleat,
our Supreme Court (Judge Ranney delivering
the opinion) says: "This aot was intended to
accomplish two distinct purposes first, tha
abolition of the Criminal Court, and the
transfer of its unfinished business to the Court
of Common Pleas; and, second, to confer
upon the last-named Court the requisite ju
risdiction, not only to try and determine suoh
unfinished business, but, in tha future to ex
ercise the same powers in criminal eases, as
were exercised by the same Court in other
counties of the State. Now supposing the
first of these objects to have failed, what pos
sible effect could that have upon the last? No
constitutional impediment existed, effecting
the last by an ordinary act of legislation, and
if - it had atood alone, no one would have
doubted that it had been effectually accom
plished. But no principle It better settled or
supported by stronger reasons than that
which gives effect to the valid parte of an
enactment, when capable of separation, al
though other parte of the same law may be
invalid, by reason of their repugnancy to a
constitutional provision. This principle has
been several times recognised by this Court,
and is one of familiar application in the courts
of onr sister States, and of the Union. It may
be admitted that the mo tire for restoring this
jurisdiction to the Common Pleas, bad its ori
gin in tne supposition that ths Criminal Court
wu at the same time, and by the same aot,
abolished. But it is sou entirety immaterial
trial might have been tie inducement! that led to
tht naefmenf, or low gronly mittaktn (A Gen
eral Attembh mag icee tern. So far as it it
not in conflict with tht Cbniltfufios, it it a law of
tht - land; and at a law of th land, v hat
n diicreticm to refuse its enforcement" (3
Ohio Stat, 395) , We are, therefore, of the
opinion that the fifth section af the Police
Aot is constitutional, and that, therefore, tha
offiice of City Marshal is abolished.
With the policy of this Polioe Act, ws, as a
Court, have nothing whatever to do. It is no
part of the duty of a. judge to commend or
odndemn the law he administers. Like a sol
dier, his only duty is obedience. Implicit obe-
aienoe to nis great muter ins Law.
Ths demurrer to defendant' i plea must be
Mr. E. G. Robbins' Lecture Last Evening
-"Female Costume in Relation to
Health and Beauty."
Robbins,who for four years past
ubm uiuse.j aiuaiea sanitary scioncc, and
published a number of valuable communica
tioBS OH the aubieat in tha nil v ntvu. deliv.
ered tha first of a proposed coaVxe of lectures
last evening at Smith A Nixob's Hall, upon
"Female Costume in its Relation to Health
and Beauty." The andienoe, though highly
intelligent in character, waa much smaller
man it snouid nave been, manifesting a do
gree of indifference to a kind of knowledge
wnicn sit saouia possess, not encouraging to
the gentleman who haa so earnestly pursued
his theme, and with the most benevolent
The lecturer referred at ths outset to the
oustomoflaoingso prevalent among women,par-
uouiariy m tnis country, and to toe many ditad
vantages arislngtherefrom. The ribs wore com
pressed, and the full and proper aotion of the
lungs, heart and liver impeded, causing suffer
ing, illness and death. It was not unjust, nor
far from the truth, to state that very many
American women did not breathe abdominally,
out only from tne diaphragm, all of which led
neoessarily to consumption, the most fell-
destroyer of the human race, and especially of
tne remaie portion, Known in the present time,
Statistics of health proved that one-fifth of
the deaths lh tha North-eastern portion of this
country, were from -consumption,' and that
sixty-thousand souls - perished annually of
this disease In the United State) Alone more
than the great scourge, tha cholera, had ever
destroyed, x-s .f.t l.?., i,r
Women, not so robust nor so generally
healthy, were naturally more subject than men
to conaumption ; but that so many died of the
disease could be attributed to no cause so much
as to wearing tight clothes. Long before a girl
nao reaoned net teens, tne oi her parents be
gan to draw in her waist that the might pre
sent what wu erroneously supposed to be a
neat and attractive figure : and before her
school days ware ended, she had laid the foun
dation of a diteue she could not afterward
cure. Strange as wss this infatuation, horri
bla as this suicide, numerous as were the
slaughtered of corsets and stays, the number of
victims, instead of decreasing, annually aug
mented. The poor and laboring cluies were
comparatively free from this vice, for it was
truly such; bat the better conditioned and culti
vated circles of sooiety the fashionable were
ever immolating themselves at the false and
fatal shrine of the tyrannical goddess.
The alender waists of cur women were as un
natural as they were unbecoming, as might be
Carned from the Greek models, the perfection
of beauty, only obtained by following the lines
and proportions of Nature. In this degenerate
age, neither taste nor decency was observed in
dress, since Nature was discarded and thrust
out of doors as if a dangerous and hatoful
thing instead of an angel of comfort and love
Two other frequent causes of 111 health
among women were the low dressing of the
neck, resulting in colds and consumptions;
and the hanging npon tha hips of large and
heavy amounts of clothing, engendering dis
ease of various kinds, making life painful and
miserable, and Insuring early graves.
'loose tnree violations of nature not only
destroyed health and beauty, but prevented
women from becoming proper mothers; entail
ing weakness of constitution and disease upon
their offspring, that must affeot generations still
unborn. The Lacedemonians were most care
ful of the dress of their women, whom thoy
designed to make the mothers of an unoonquered
and unoonquerable race; and we knew how
well the sanitary laws adopted at Sparta have
been observed, and how glorious had been
their fruit. Thermopylso and Marathon were
not won by the sickly sons of laced and cor
seted women, but by the hardy off-spring of
nature-observing and reasoa-governed moth
ers. At tha conclusion, the lecturer exhorted all
women to lay aside the follies of dress, to aban
don the dictates of a wretched fashion, to fol
low truth and nature, not for themselves alone,
but for posterity, for the nnborn creatures, for
the future world. Woman's mission was one
of beauty, dignity and love, and she who per
fumed it wisely was indeed an angel and a
saint a divinity of her own and coming time.
The olerks in the Pojtoffloo last evening, with
an excellent band of music, serenaded James
J. Farran, Esq., at his residence on Third
street, near Lawronce. Mr. Robert Green, sr.,
delivered quite a neat address upon the occa
sion, in which he spoke in the highest terms
of Mr. F., and, in behalf of his fellow-clerks,
represented tha relationship which thoy had
borne to the retiring Postmaster, as one which
In after life would oause them many pleasant
remembranoes of his merit as an officer, and
his worth as a man. Mr. Farran made unite a
graceful reply, and the party then partook of
aa excellent supper, during which the utmost
good feeling and harmony prevailed.
Hon. George E. Pugh was then eomnli-
mented by a ssrensde, as also was Charles
Rule, Esq., by the "same party, after which it
dispersed, evidently highly delighted with
inetr evening's entertainment.
Sbbiotjs Tbbiat Against a Ditsctivb.
During the absenoe of Detective Beany from
the olty, some unknown vlllian endeavored, a
night or two since, to effect an entraooe, at a
late hour,' into his house in the Beventeeth
Ward. Mrs. R , who wu up and heard his
movements on the outside and barred the door.
The fellow then' tried the front -door and got
in, and would have made his way to the room
In which the officer's wife was had she not
obtained a revolver and threatened to shoot
him. The scoundrel then wrote upon the leaf
of table, in chtlkt "Officer Reany, if you
value your life or happiness, you will not an-
pear as witness in the ease of the Ohio and
Mississippi Railroad against Poole."
It will be remembered Reany arretted
Poole some time sines for attempting to throw
trains from the track of that road.
Of course, the menace will in nowise in
fluence the conduct of Reany in tha matter
referred to. '
Ths Raob Ybstbbdat. The Raoe yesterday.
at the Cluolnnati Trotting Park, wu quite
well attended. The horses seemed to be In
good condition and until they started gave
promise of a warmly contested and spirited
trot. The match was for $200 and a purse ad
dad, between Dunhan end Hlgdon's g. g.
"Ben Higdon" to harness" and tbs Chicago
b. g. " TenBroeok" to wagon. The fates were
against the bsy horse, however, for he broke
up badly at tha word "go" and did not oonae
down properly to work until after he had pas
sed the first quarter, and this opened sp a gap
it Wu impossible for him to close. After he
came to the stretch he broke again and the
Cincinnati horse came borne In 3 33, having
distanced his competitor on the first heat
Distbissijjo Accidint A WstL-xnowjr
Movistb Killid bt FaLLiira Dow Staibs.
Mrs. 8.,Menken, the well-known mcdiateand
milliner, No. 62 West Fiith-street, fell down
three pairs of stairs early on Monday morn
ing, and being a very large woman, wu so
severely injured that she died of her injuries
yesterday noon. It is supposed thatherskull
wu fractured, as she lay insensible from the
time of the accident to her decease. Mrs.
had resided in this city for nearly, if not
quite, thirty years, and had many friends.
Only a day or two previous, her little
daughter fell down a pair of stairs at the oor
ner of Longwortb. and Race, and wu so seri
ously hurt that she will be confined to her
bed for some time. . ; , -
SiBioDS Accident to a Bot. A little bo
whose name ' we were unable to loam, fell
from an express wagon yesterday aftornoon
on Fourth-ot roe V between Broadway and
Sycamore, and, was quite teriouily injured.
His left arm end several of his fibs were
broken, and besides theie wounds he received
several severe contusions on various parts of
the body. After bis. wounds. had been at
tended to by some persons in the neighbor
booe, be was taken to his home on Butler
itreet, near Third.
Woods Tbb atbb Rbpititiov ov.Cloob
a ScHiaa-Thi.i7ilaent eucoena of the new play,
oiocn awn Sdkshikb, baa inaocod manager Illiler
to repeat Ita perf'jniianoe aguiu to-nUUt.TTha audi
encelait evening waa one of the most brilliant wa
2l?rl? "I'.W' U(1 ' neaoafiiat 5,,l!
ment to Mr. A.'e ability aa an ae'or. The plar waa
mush better readerrd than upon the previous nlabt:
the business waa a treat deal batter, and tba actors
were perfect In their parte. w
f.5Tih?Wu'.,wJ,r doM Mr. Anderaon not offer hie
rriends In this city an opportunity to witness till Ia
personat on or Th Ki.o nr th Oomioire? It la
one of bla beat obaractere and would doubtlem draw
walls"" VVood'a3 " "1Jom beon the
Natiostal Thbatib. A large and brilliant
andienoe greeted Jnlia Dean (we prefer to eall berao
f7..n "'fl'-V'rne.") last evening In tba character
of "Paoltne,,r a pari she played to tha entire satla
ractlon of her audience, judging from tbe warmth of
tbelr applause. We have no spice to criticise, but will
simply state that ahe personates the Oonnteal this
evening in Knowles' beautiful play of Lovi.
Thb Bislb Pahobaha. There will be an
exhibition of Inaco Williams' Bible Panorama this
afternonn at three o'clock, affording an excellent op
portunity for families to witness this attractive work
"J erf at Pike's (Jonoart Hall, in the Opera-house
iiuHaing ,iii . , , ,
Mas. J. S. Dbsw'b Conoibt. Mrs. J. 8.
Dre.'s Conoert at Smith A Hlxon's to-morrow even,
log, will bo a line entertainment, and we bope to see
a large attendance.
Rtcsim fob LioxiisBs Dobiho) tbi Past
Wssr. The receipts for licenses during, the
past week at the Mayor'a office- amount to
$62. The following will show the sources
and the amount from each: .
Eiprees Wagons...
,. (0
Hackney Coachea
Exhibitions and Balls........
- 7 00
Total t9am
In addition to tbe above, the Mayor paid
Into the City Treasury the sum of $2,000, ths
amount received from the sale of a school lot
in the Seventeenth Ward. i
Naw Rsataubaht. Wm. Wilkinson, lets of
Baltimore, has fitted up a commodious, and
excellent restaurant in the saloon of th'j Bur
net House, where he is prepared to 'furaiih
daily to his customers the choicest 'of wsrm
dishes, including all kinds of tra'.nA. wii
midnight We advise all persona dimii, r
onminiDg an excellent areaaiaa', or dinner.
(ft A.ll 111. l7.11r! Man.. 1 ' , . '
w uu ,? uuutuu, win. in viastor of ths
out, inc.
- Mbthoboloqioal Obssbv tiomu For ths
Penm fVess, by Henry Ware. Onttnian. w
West Fourth-street.
Sovember 1, Iget.
. Thermometer.
..(. .
.24 71
29 09
? A. M
13 M
SP. M.i
pletely demolished yesterday at the intersec
tion of Lawrence Had Fourth-street, by com
ing in contact with a coal wagon. No other
damage was done.
A. A. Eystor, Clocks, Watohes end
Jewelry, Nos. 841 and 171 Western-row. .
Daguerrean Gallery, south-west oor
ner of Sixth and" Weiteru-row. over Hannafnrd'.
drug-store, PIctnrea taken and put in good cases
for twenty cents. Warranted to please. ''
Fashiohablb Tailobs. Messrs. FrielAMc
Quire, No; 256 Walnut-street, have a reputation of
being the most fashionable tailors In the city. Cus
tomers may depend that the gar menu turned out
from thla establishment will fit superbly, and art In
ferior to none in this or any other market.
Nkohossim Jail. Five neeroeg. tha limn.
rty of John Vanoe, recently of Virginia, but
now en route for Missouri, are confined at pres
ent in our jail. It Is somewhat strange to hear
of negroes emigrating to Missouri, though
tneir egress irom it is a common occurrence.
twenty-one prisoners in our jail, whose plaoei
of birth are u follows : . ,
Ireland , i,.,....,... 11
AmerlcaDs.i.............,M.,,,M... j
Trial or Bubolabs. The five bova ah )
in tbe robbery of Mrs. Bo v lea's oonfaatlnnarw.
oo Fifth-street, will be examined this morning
t.ana.A L 1
Dedication. Two altars weredadlcated In
the St. Mary's Catholio Church, on Sixth-street.
yesterday morning. Tbe ceremonies were im
posing and the attendance large.
FlOBT OS YoBK-BTBBTT. Two Individual.!.
who had taken a "wee drop too muob," had a
personal encounter on York-street, above the
postofflcs, yesterday afternoon. Nothina- aa.
rlous suited from it.
FiwiLa or a Fiobt. Lumbkins. one of th
negroes engaged in the affray on East-row,
wu fined $3 and costs by Esquirs Pay n.eyester-
uBv, ias owier two wore uiscnarged.
New Tbial Gbantep. Clayton, who was
yesterday fined for beating Davis on Sunday
last, obtained a new trial, whloh will take
place this morning. Relley wu discharged,
and Clinton hu, u yet, evaded the vigilance
of the officers.
Seobbtkd Himself. Austin Earl, who drew
a pistol on Major Hallamday before yesterday,
has suoceded in avoiding an arrest up to this
time, j He is probably In Cincinnati.
Those Guns. None ef those persons whose
guns ware taken away on Sunday last have
yet olalmed them. The boys appear to prefer
losing them than to appear before a Magistrate
on a criminal oharge.
Monetary and Commercial.
The! only noticeable change yesterday in
financial circles waa tbe decline of Eastern Exchange
from H to H premium, selling rate; tbe bovlng
price blingtt a,Oc. Transactiona were to a moderate
extent at tbe rcducid Itaure, which waa firm.
In the Monetary market there were no changes
from Monday; tho Improvement heretofore noticed
continuing, and tho supply of Currency growing bet.
tor. The demand for Money Is still animated, and
offerings at the Discount-houses are yet large.
The State Banks have several large orders here for
gold which they want for their quarterly statement,
to be mane on Monday next, and the Brokers are of.
ferlng fiSinc. for coin for that purpose.
A lew Ti me-bllli on the Hues, mostly from sh! ppera
nf BreadsturTs, are purchasing at tba rate of about 10
percent, per annum. Time-drafts on the South are
easily made, tbe wholesale grocers taking about all
that are In the market.
In uncurrent money there has been no change since
rostertbty ; nor is mnch doing In It from day to day,
onr City Produce market la quiet, few large trans
actions being made in any of the staples.
ine receipt oi rroauce curing men noun ending
yesterday noon were at follows :
r 'our, trie...
Whisky, brls...
Corn, bushels-,
Wheat, , ' .
.. 9,70
VatS, 1 l-.t.M......K..- M.al.l..ata.......aa.M. S,42ft
Barley ... 2,068
Bitr Packiso at CntOAao.-We are jnet In the
middle of the Beef-paoklng atawn, and np till to
night there have been packed full 25 noo head. In
tbe fall of 183$ we packed altogether 46,M4 head ; in
the fall or 1867 and tbe apriug or 1858 together, 34.S79
bead. Tbe following table tbowa tba annual pack
lag sines ISM l,.,. " . , . , , , , ;
1M1 se eate as sees e eexee a twteeetee st tea Bead Bl.SAt
2i,7 .
18&9.d....WaMM.a.a..lM.WMnM.l.MM.,M .m . H
It It Impossible at present to estimate the number
vet to oe oacaea mis senaon i nnt ir w .m ,a mri
rom the number of cattle coming forward, tba fall
the prl
will not fall far short of last year's. Some or
ncinal nacklno-.hAnii... hnwr.v... at-t that
they are nearlyjolosedror tbLiaaon,-Pras aad Tri
bune, Kov. 1.
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
New Orleans Market. NEW ORLEANS, November 1.
on: sales of 11.000 bales at loairalllc.
for middlings. Sales for three days SO, 000 bales; re.
nelpM do, 40,000 balee) agalust A5,S00 bales inatyaar,
Exporta 13,000 bales; receipts ahead of last year let,.
000 liaise, rionr advancing: taleaatto J7)(jjp 64 for
suneitlne. Whisky loo. .
aterling lubaagedeellnedMiauottngatlOSaiM.w.
MEMPHIS, November 1.
Receipts of Cotton for the season it 93,000
b.ilee; exports M 000 bales; against A,000 bales last
year, Present sleek JtSOOO bales,
Cincinnati Produce Market.
Cincinnati Produce Market. TUESDAY EVENING, November 1, 1859.
tJl0$ ? 7T ", 'Jail n4 the sales manned
teamal I Iota to id. at I tie tarr.at wani.of tl local
ITJ .W 80 toT ""waiflnet d l a 2r fvr '
extra. ,0u0 bi la. were received tbe katt.euty-fgur
hours. . , ,. . .
WHISKr-Prices are .'. lower, and tha market
dull: sales ( 6"il barrels at Uhc, tncll-ai.ua Uua
from w(,u. ., , " r7 ,
PHOVlblONS-Meas Pork In good demnnd, wtV
lteof 4in barrel, at f IS 7. Nothing dune In Hacoo i
70 tierce. Lard sold at 10'ic.
GBOCElt 1 KK The market la unchanged atddull.
No sales of importance. SO liaga of Coffee sold at
Wo., and smell utroela of Sugar at 77MV Ma
laaesdiillat40(an0. . ., , .,'..,,
. VHJKAT-Tba market la dull, there N ao chanan
Troni rcsli-riiay. qtiotntl-ju.; sales o& , luiaii-le
choice white at tl 18; SOU do. prime do. at tl 15: 250
dojfooddo.fi 12. i .
OOHN The market la firm, with a good demand:'
wfwof busUcla.ate-.Q.j Too do. mixed alloc.) Mr
fJrJhore Is agood demand, and prices are firm;
aJm ofl.Oo buebels at 4(W.
BARLIsy The market continues dull bnt prlcea
'5!D.!:h'"d: aali-s "fcTO bunhela prl tne fall at fie
..it rJ. uwrket in Una, with a : a,Jod eeoieaii;
,ttIe..!.t!".,,usbels at (sou.
"MPTHV, BBEpvibe ..awrkat. h; dull-prices
"nnVKB l? 10 82 : s-Wcf 74 bush, at f 2 AS,
CHiSs,-The market ia arte, with an astlv.de
ntaod: sales or 290 boxea Wratcrn Bessrve at Sc.; IM
loi " targe ot tXe.
APPLES The market is dull, but prices are nn-
S?.dSkle,Jtf,,le fr,m 8l M to 2 25 per berret.
POTATOES The market it dull: prime Kashan.
ocka are selling at 4fie. oa arrival. I"uw"'"uu. ,
1TLAXBE0-S4leiorubuhlsatll, I
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, November 1—P. M.
Flour market is -without change: sal.n of
le.axi brls. at $4 7304 0 for ennerfin. State; 34 at(jb '
. i2. r"c.'"i"'.0 'atiiptiaiiijrauaenindweeteraj ,
S Ktm 80 for liifniinr to good shipping brands extra
round-hOOD Ohio rioaina nnlL iT.nad. Sir,,,. .
changed: "Sales of 100 brls. at ti 3.13 i 30 (ot lOnimoa
to cboioaeatra. Bye Floor la in UJt rejn,i at i 00
i!ttl Wh
VVl,5Ia,l, la'f1"". IrH S3.0W tnub;
MHwaokie Club; SiaTTor wthSNln.'.. ,?n0loe
wblta Indiana; '$1 ?. fof ,',2 SV;1 i0Z
otcaastw ' fn??? n1 'VJ. of ".OHO bushel!
Corn 7ii;".;?' V"f nd M- fcr Canada Weal.
vel'V iud !,fi'W10 ,,B'D,, '- " '
tit m' if1 ''". nomioalato&asso.
Cana. "Btly'- u 444So- tot BUM Wsstera a3
.."T7 1""1 l0,Jn ' of 400 nIs at -f:w
yk closing with no borers at over Ko.
..rvSKk """erfir mesa and lower for prima: sales 1
f im barrels at $i lzffl$i 87 for tutrn, and 1 10 M
2LV. ?rprim'. o"" stock 84,332 barrels; s.nia
imiT?,i,moi,.,h 9'0I3: "' last yean8,S7l
inclnded in sale, are 1.500 barreln mess.seller's option
iw'h?.0.?19- wiont change: salMof'
4vaX ?.; " lr country prime; ti fur do. mese;
Wu!HtrVet'4 P""! $"(j'l for extra mess
Beer Bams du) and heavy at J14 018 80. I'rirae
moss Beer nominal. Cut Meata .ro 4c?rCerand nom.
Inal at 8o. for Shoulder, and 9H.KoV for Hama
i aulet, and dreated Hoge dn-l it 77Me
Lard heavy: sale, or (00 brla. at 10J4l0,o. Total
18,012, and 8,000 earae tlm. last year.
fo?SfI 'VS.0".". far Oo'o.end lS.lc.
tor State. Cheeae is In lair reqiwet at 8(31 le.
laSsatl'W8l'"! ,kie.of l.WO bale, middling 0p,
b.8nad,tee.!tt,,M07,, Wa,0-1 8took'n
Iron quiet at $J4(a'. ' '' '
. .TS kKS ?ora c!iT,! Kentucky at 4H8SX. Btook
1,400 bhd.. Kentucky, and 400 bhdt. Virginia,
Coffee of ell kinds Unlet; atock In port 88,(100 ban.
Molasses unchanued: sa'ea of Naw Orleans at 40o -stock
in port. 8.M0 hhds. and brls. '
10Wb.Slled."ge1: ,a"!, ' M'0001b fiiaJ
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, November 1—M.
Flour stoadyt Howard wu held at S5 171,
withont mirchasera. Wheat steady at $1 Us aalee
only 400 bu.hel..- Corn dull and eW of sal." it
tiricea unaltered. lleeaPork $ia us, aad primes.'. '
llacon Sides tMe. Whisky steady.
Steamboat Register.
ini?.,i,rAL,rDl?n,l!rk;,?,ort',mmt,i: Melrose. Mava
yi'J! guPflor, Jonlsvile: Clipper, Big bandy; la.
tit ali i- r' yMS Hnie, KevilTe; Litnlelth,
Neville; Gray Eagle, Wheeling; Prioress, Madison.
Dipabtcbis Denmark, Portsmouth: JlHlrose.
Miiysvllle: oiiperlor. Louisville; Clipper, BlcSandri
licody Friends, Memphis; Mesieiiger Memphis;
St- oulH tolorem. Madison Dunlaith.
Neville; Virginia Home, Meville. '
A CO , Bales-rooma No. S3 Maln-stret-Per-emptory
.ale of Groceries, Window Olaas, Paints,
LiQnore, Boots. Shoes, to .at Auction. -Uu TBCBa
DAT MOKN1KO, November 3, at o'clock regul
lar assortment of Staple Goods. ,
ALSO-lnvolce of assorted Paints, Window Olaas.
Liquoia, Sand-papor, Ao. '
uo2 11. 8 , MILKS A 00., Auctioneers.
Timce copy
SBEABS A CO., Bnloi-rooma Not. 87 and 64
Main-street. Boots and Hhoe. .t Annttnn w . u ni
ie,'.'t,,!!!,9unlr'' consignment, wilbont rf serve.
THCK8DAY MOBNINO. commencing atSo'clock.
SOocasea Men'a, Boys aad Youths, Women's, allsV
and iJblldren's Boole, Shrwa, Oaltere, do. 'ihrse
goods are fresh and dealraolo, and being seasonable '
goods, should command the atteation ol dealers, as
aav niii iroeviui api iiib i.tBts'i,
, "2 0. BBASM KAB9 A CO., Aicfrs.
A CO. Peremntorr aula, at Anminn r -
splendid collection of magnificent Oil Paintings.
comnienclng at 21a o'clock, and continue at I o'clock
e ?. ''n' ' our aaiea-room, No. 18 East ,
- ,.,ii iuBi,reu, w large ana vaiuaoie collection or Ull
Palntlnffa. br soma nf th. mi.iiE t.l.ntarf a-.i.. A .
the day, embracing over one hundred varied and
iMwuug auujmiv., consuting, in pari, ot (Jlanslc,
Hlntorkal, Sporilng and Fancy Figure Fleces; ,
Landsiutne. lifver ana VnrANt Vi.w.. fi-nm ima,i, .. '
Scenery-all tastefully and appropriately mounted In
uuvuuiu-ieai i ran ee, aunauie lor nanglogtn per- .
lor. cabinet or hnnrinir. Pailntln. .nil fr.m.. 1.111
be sold together, and thiewill prora deslrable.u-
eaou irame nas ooen mane to ordur in ton best man
ner, aud adapted to the peeullar atyle and tone of its
picture. Descriptive catalogue ready at tbe sales
room. Connolescurs and artists are particularly in-
III" IU .4k.aBl.alO U1B VUVICS Vlll9CIinn.
JACOB OBAFF, Auctioneer,
Pratt's 22d. Annual Sale! of
: At Auction. ; , ,
To-night at r o'clock' and fol. .
At No. 38 Weat Foarth-atreet,
( Next to Smith A IS ixon'a Hall.)
, ew Books at Private Sale during tbe day at about
hMf the Publishera' pricos.
Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully Invited to
call and exatnine our stock.
J. K. PRATT, Saleemm, ,
noltf KBLLOOOA WILLIAMS, Anct'ra. '
i. BARD, at Trade Sale-room, No. 21 West Fifth
etreet, up staire. Assignens aale of Booka at Auction
byorder of Conrt,-On TUIS8DAY, WUDKESUAY. -.
1,2 and 3. at 7 o'clock, will be aold for and on ac
count of Samuol B. Key. Esq.. assignee of Meetn.
Truman A SporTord, a large aud valuable oolleotlon of
miscellaneous Books, 00m prising many popular end 1
atandard works in Theology, History, Biography,
Travels, Literature, Science and Art, Agriculture,
Horticulture, baturai Htitory, Ac Bookaallers and '
collectors for public and private libraries will find ia
this sale a favorable opportnuiiy to make good selee- '' '
tions at low prices.'
N. B.-Books will be open for examination on
Tuesday morning. Terms cash.
008I0 8. Q. HCBBABP, Auctioneer, a
JOHNSTON, In Sales-rooms, No. 03 Main-street,
(next to Trust Company Bank). Extensive and
Valuable Block of Dry Quods. Hoots, bhoee. Hate,
Cape, Ac, at Auction -On TUESDAY M0HN1MG,
November 1, commencing at SX o'clock, will be sold,
without reserve, Sim lota of treasonable Dry Goods,
aaious wblch are many ataplegooda. '.
ALSO-Stock of Merchant Tailors' and Clothiers'
uoods, fine Linen aud Otton Sbi rta, flue Undershirts
and Drawer., Cravats, Velvet., Serges, Ao.'
- AA-BO 173 coses Boots, She., Brogana; Women's,
MIir's' aud Chidren'a Shots, Gaiters, vengrosa Boots,
Ao., with caae. f Hats, Caps, Ao. -
2, at 104 o'clock, Asslgnee'a sale of tba entire sleek of f '
a Dry Goods Jobbing Mouse, eemariaing avalaable i
assorlmnt, with one Imn Safo.
at tX o'clock, at Store-ronma- Nos. 65 aud 47 Front- ,
treat, Aselgnee'e sale of tbe stock nf the late firm of '
llulmeaAConwell.: '. . . fr
; !i ; . ' , ' OT TDB " "
' 'J'-'f.t JIIQV -'IJ-I
lKGandDnslarrilng dasseei win aateaieiiea oa'
TTJK8DAY EVENING. Narember.l, oonailUng of
thefoliowtng Departments:'' ' ' '
ABT18T10, Including Oil Painting. Foatel ard ; I
The Bctioil'will be under the ehargnef Mr. John B.
Helch, Mr. Oeortm Pyburn, Mr. W. W. Carpenter,, '
endMr.J.F. E.Hlllon. 7
. All applications for seats (wh Ich are limited) mnnt , , ,
be made by MONDAY, October 31. at ftiS offloe of lie '
Institute, where the Clrcolart and BtuaSean be b- (i
ttinad, aud furtbqr Intorinalion glsea. , . ,
., Br ordor of the CkimmtKae. .t"' .
. ,.elMf JOHN B. Btm oHj
and Counsellor at Law, lAase'i Imlldia.
y;i stnat. I ttmjADt VT" IT. g

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