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If published dAlIfi (.Sundsrs exfted,) by
errici-it. u m tit roitri-iTiiiT
Ml ram TBBSSla 0enverea'tosulsrl4rl la
Cincinnati, Oortugtoo end Nawpork ed m.
, , -, rounding otlet end town, at the ex-
tremely low price of
fJlngls'scpleslc.; 1 month too.; s months tl; I year t.
Jo hi A. Brum, Ja......Bole Imw mi Manager.
, Lest night of the groat play of
, , CliOCD AND SUNSHINE, v :,(
And Ut night but two of ,
Mr. Anderson and Miss Ellsworthy.
s TEtre (thursdayf BVKHINO. Rovembtr ,' wlU fce
preset ited tht erigltial play, la font acta, nil tied .
, -. .ill I On, Lovt'l Bsvixoi. i i
Diana ,f Duchesa of Nairn). ...............Mlss Ellsworth-
The Ma roulade Marcllly.. ..,....,.....,.. Mr. Lengdon
(lhevallir de Lualgnan ......... Mr. Ilall
Duke de Richelieu.". Mr. Bead
David U slle Mr. Ellaler
Countess Duttols. ...,...,,.. .....Mrs. Gilbert
Clemeuos .MissDeuham
Danes, by Bill Katu Pennojer.
To conclude with th five called .,
' . i Oa, bKHcaii u Imdu.
Blr Matthew Bcragga ,..,.. ..Mr. Kllaler
Bally Hetfiga UIm fanny Denham
Friday ersnlug, Benefit of Hid Illi worthy. .
MTDoon open at 6J Onrtaln riiea at 7M o'clock.
Peioaj vr Asmusion Dreaa Circle and rartjuttte,
Mcen t ; Q wllery, 25oenta. .
Benefit of ;'
Friday Evcniuj, November l,
j '.. ;. j
B'Hwer's beauliftil Comedy of
, , money: v
In WhlchUr. JAMBS AND R80K and Mlea ILLS
WOliTHT will appear, together with Bhakapeare'a
Katherlne.. ....Mi.'i Elliwortbf
Petrnchio ttHtf.Mt).M..i.M ...wfr Andonon
Being poaltWely their laat appearance) bat one the
preeent eeaaon. Box Sheet now open. 1 ' aoia
Fonrth night of the engagement of the dlitln.
gnlahed and popular actn aa,
Mrs. Julia Dean Hayne,
And the popular tragedian') . t ,: , ,
f ' '-, Mr. Maretia Elmore. f J
THIS(Tlmniday) KYKNiTifi, Hovambcr 3, will I.q
acted the greatly admired ti.agcdy of
KVADNE; Oa, Thi Statui.
Cvadne niH.Hnw.n.uHM.M.Un. Julia Dean Huyue
Lndovico...M mm Mr. Marcua Blmore
mwhh.ih.im.ihiii.1 i M r. 0. Stuart
V icenclo .... Mr. Hvlft
King of Nuplee . Air. Vauderen
Hpalitro.........M..tM..M.MM ......Ur. Jenuinga
Olirla ....MIes h. Qrahara
A favorite Danoe... ;.......-.....MlBa Jennie Ulght
To conclude with the laughable farce called
Bon. Mr. Iievl80n.n.......-.-.......Mr. O. Stuart
Mr. Turtle eaa(eetatMee Mr. Swift
Mrs. Turtle ..... ...................... .......Mn. 0. Henri
Friday evening, Benefit of Bra. Julia Dean Bayne.
Theater, ia now open for the recepllon of guoata.
Boouie can be obtained by the day or week, aud
inenla furnished at all hourn.
rUOTIOB. Tradeainan and Other are , cautlonod
agl)iat furnlalilng any articles tor the theater with
pntawrtlteaordor, atgiied by the Manager. ' .
Friday Evening, Nor. 4.
Farewell Concert,
': :j 7 ; ' MR. T0S3O' AKDi',', ? , ,
Sir. OOLIiIEBB will ting and declaim
' s The 'Maxseillaise.
Admission ' 90 Centa.
HT Concert to commence at 8 o'clock.
mw Ticket! for aale at the Mnalo Btoraa. - - ocil
Leaeee and Proprletor..,...-.-JMO. HOWOETH.
Thle new and beantfui TEMPLI Of THB MUS18
opened for the aeaaon on
With a full and talented DBAMATIO AND CON
CERT TBOUPR, (elected from the different thea
' tera and opera companloa of the Union.
Adtnleaion 10 centa. for particulars aee small
HI lav ... ,
The "Olymplo Saloon will be open at all hours
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
y tnee, Liquors aud Cigars. - . . . . ocM
i;1rsi(Jpieas'uM' In aanooholDgii) tvej frleuds, and the
" - TbM to general, that her1 ,
Grand M Vocal and - Instnimental
c; ; 'WUl take place at
( 1 Tharsilay Evcflliig, Nov. 3,
M which occasion she Will be existed by Mr. M. B.
MOBOAK, thedUllrKuiahnd Buno. from New York
cltj; Mr. J. tOBSO Mr. l)HA8. KUNKEL and MrJ
J. 8. DREW.
i tickets oents. Doers open at- 7H' o'olock Con.
'certtooommeuceatSo'olpok. . t.c '(;r o26U .
Last week, commencing MONDAY, Oolo
bern. J. fntoo Williams's celebraud Bible Pane
rains. This msgaiflcent Paintlu eoasmeooes with
Chaos and continues down, In historical order, to
the Baliyl'iniah Captivity, containing more than fifty
of the most sublime and In teres ting aoenes in the
Bible. Exhibition every evening. Doors open at 7.
To commence at M to 8 o'olock preeUely. Tickets 3ft
center children under lOycara of age ID centa.
Also, Exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday Af
tornoona; doors open at to commence at 3 o'clock.
Explained by Dr. Tibbitts. oo2
j :f j "Will pay for tlie .m .
' '''- ''' -f 'A ski e : tAJT ET C 1 ' , .--1 -rt)
- .. i) t. .u:',. 1..: . ,1.
.- h.t.. 1:1. ..,... ,, , s
jui 1 am this aay receiving some 01
. oe awn anmafN rianue. aimi. w
tarn at William Knabe A Co., and fcT?
.'.1 thr nod makers U of which 119
, will sell at great reduction, for cash, '
a. will rent and let the rent nav fni the Piano.
, , 0. M. MllROIf, 74 West fourth-street.
' Thd largest stook of Melodsous In the city.' ecM
;u tt-AvriiBi i, mm - t sr . k i . .rB-i-iB- i b Hi i mm . ti4 . ' awj r tlb sow ii w- r
VOL. 2. NO. 64
1 ;
Rates of Domestic Postage.
i11.1?-0' tuA nW ounce, nnderTS flc ttilaa,
Vfi'XS 8oe"i o.il miles, pie-paidilpona.
t" jm pi.-a uy svauips,,or inouiseatn
stamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
1 BlNdllwaj Knuiani ai-nc. . . . rt
- - """waao! m w.Mjvi)JLit UlKUUbABS.
orer 3 ounces, 1 cent; ntl cent for cacb fcddltionl
finnrai1 kFa.nn a ,i i
ounce; pre-pyment 'required.
- sr w fvutous ICIJUUOU,
OOOKH. Dra.il.ls-i. nnt wiirliln Ave A
Bar rimr fe a.. Jl.l aT-
ST 8.0UO UllsM. od 1 Mnt Mr onnfM ftvp I Ottl mil
tre-pymeut required. Alffraotlona over the onmot
) be counted m mn additional oonoe.
XewbpsImm -mo PEiioDicALfi, not ezoeedloff IK
ounce in weight, when peid qurterl In adyance.
OK! iliiI.aBVguilrla aiU. ,lrfk, JLa'.M.l . . V.1 i l.
weighing!) onnoes, double the above rates.
, . "no, imuiuueu luuoiuir oroiiener,
and pamphlets not containing more than 1ft octavo
ajt m imMtn wa a vuuun vi vvvr, 7 veua per
ounce. , . s .
Y.fV1? NCTrsPAraiA, within the county where
published. Free.
Quarterly payments. In advance, mar be made
either where published or received. . .
Arrivals of Trains.
Ikdukafous a CiNoiKiuri-fctO a. .; I:M p. H.t
:J6 p.
OUOIMKATI, HiailTOM AHS DATTO-7:to A. a.; 10:47
m, .,v.wr.., liTLUF. Bli
Ii"i'S Miami 7:W a. a.; 1:10 p. a.;7:18 f. lfctf
Aniarra annDiAtHAVTia.M . w ...ia m
8hio AMD Miasissirn 7:l A. M.) 30 r. .;.10;l p, sj
OTUfOTOa AMD LMiaOTOM 10:20 A. M.t 7:06 T. M,
Departures of Trains.
InutrAfotu aid OnonnAn-ftdo a. at.t ll-.OO
Oixoinnati, Bamiltok akd DATTOM-Indlanapolls
and Cleveland, 6:00 a. a.; Sandusky Mail, 8:00 A. a.:
Sandusky, 4:80 v. a.: Accommodation, :00 1. a.
Littls Jtli ami Cleveland and Plttsbug, 6:00 A. M.t
Cleveland, Pittabnrg and Bellair,:30A. n.;Oolura
trna Accommodation, :40 r. a.: Uleveland, Pitts,
burst and Bollalr. ll:.tili. m.
Ohio and Miwussirpt St. Louts, 9:00 A. M.t Lonla.
vllle, 2:00p. M.iSt. Lonls,8:90p. M.
Pii-fSMiiaa, Colombos ami Owoms ati (StenbenvUle
onuri liiner-nan x roni-stroet uepot o:vu A, H.i
dsvtxANn, OoiuMBi'g and OiNnniHATi last front
strset-6:0O a. M.i 8,80a. a.; U:(0F. a.
OlMOiaiCATI ANO Maiiitta :l A. .! S'Sft. ML-
Ouitbal Ohio from East front-street Depot 8:W
Ooviaaioa aid l'exinoton-;2J a. M.t 3:80 r. a.
aKey. Theodore Parker Intends tn usaa
the winter at Root.
i9Thoro J la hiirh ' imlhni'ltv'- fnr n,U
matchea in this world .'fVsnm: 'His ftni-lf Ia-iI
of Beauty, was married toalatuq blacksmitlt.
tff The last theorv of conaumntinn U.
that It il eaased bV neeleotint the nnrna nf thn
feot to b'b'tjiroperly looked alter. - What next?
coining Dotow, prooaDly. '
:5T-fifA man nmnd ICrniilnr. nf 1 , an factor
Couuty, Penn., lately had a verdict of $2,800
rendered against him for seduction. Expen
sive amusement!. -T - .
bj OUverLudwick, in the woods about Ave miles
from Grafton. Va. He tinrl nrnkahlv i-.t
into that region in search of food, at he was
quite lean when oaptured.
Slnoa- the lfrenoh troons have -bean
stationed la Italy, it is said that more uarfiagea
women, than ooourred between the Austrians
and Italians in forty-five years of oooupation.
Twmi. uaniui jvicuauioi, tsurveyor 01
Clarke County, Ind., left lioirto last week, and
during the day was found with his throat
out, a short dietunco from his jroaidouco.
mere was no doubt that he died by his own
handa., , . . .... , ,
JSfThe whereabout of Fred, nnmrlni km
been a matter of talk since the Harper's Ferry
Iniurreotlon. We are assured that he was in
Canada, near SnspenBion Bridge, a day or two
alnoe, and there intimated to a gentleman that
he thought it was best for him to remain where
he was for the present. r
SSkT-Captaln James L. Bradlov. an old and
highly respeotable oitiiea of Washington Coun
ty, Va., committed sulotde resently by hang
ing himself. Before retiring to bed he sent one
of his negro boys for a rope, whioh he placed
ny nia oeastae, and was afterward found some
300 yards from the house banging to a tree. ' ,
f Ooe of the'Dabbll's alr-whlatles has
been put on the New Ion don Llght-hbusei It
Is blown by oondensed'alh, Instead of by steam.
An rioMonoalorio-englna works the appara
tus. Blasts, aregiyen by the' whistle four
times a minute in fojrzv weather, at an ex.
feaett for fuel of one- pent per hour.
Newburyport, ' Massachusetts, stands the
original Lebretoa pear tree, from whioh was
gathered his year bo leas than seven barrels
of the finest-looking and best winter pears we
have seen.; ' The fruit is a its most mature
state in February. . ' . - .
f tfha Hamilton rmW J
miles front the resldenoe of Gerrit Smith, says :
"On the reception of tho news from Harper's
Ferry, report .says that thia' geptleman oon
ferred with the Hon. Timothy Jenkins about
what he had better do, lie advised him to
leave the oountry. Rnmor says that Gerrit Is
about to start for Canada. I
A heirro beUhging ' to Mr. Georira
Brown was reoentlv stabbed and killed hv
another negro belonging to Mr. S. J. Thomp
son, near Forest, Mississippi. The murderer
made his escape and has net yet been taken.
The negroes had procured a gallon of whisky
from a white man, and were drunk at the time
of the murder.' i m g j . j 4 ' 1
'fjBrWm tucf Moyers, aixteen yeara of
age, took the first prise for the best rifle shot
at a target In Hartford, Conn., last week.
Lucy does up Sharps' rifle cartridges in the
factory of Mr. Chadwick, as do many other
girls, and all contended ia the match. A
cameo set, pina and uar-riugs, were awarded
to Lueyt and afusrwnrd ehe and her friends
bad jolly supper, which was provided by
Chadwick. . .1 , 1 ,,s-t X .?..; . ;
' ; ariowa has just completed '& fitalie census,!
showing a population of 638,o49.' Bha had
192,214 in 1850, and 43,111-in 1840. She has
thna more than trebled, bor population jo the
last nine years, and increaaed it about Ajfteen
fold in nineteen years. She will probably
hare nearly or auite 700,000 In 1880; but
whether the number will entitle her w six
Representatives in Congress, or but five, can
not yet be determined. Bhe now haa but two.
' 7 3&r,InteIllgenoe has been received al the
Agricultural Bureau of the Patent Office' that
'a large swarm of ' Lombardy bees' have been
shipped from Havre, France, for this Oountry.
They are described as being of a larger site
than the ordinary bee, and having a longer
bill, aad are able to sack flowers inaccessible
to the American bee.' " The product of an old
hive of these bees iai sometime one hundred
and fifty pounds of honey In one season.
5trMusard, the famous musician, signed.
few days since, an engagement of a new and
novel nature: he has engaged td go to Egypt
to direct an Immense oronestrn for tv series of
(, which the Vloe-Rol proposes to give In
boner of the ctroumclslon'oi his' ion. The
famous pyroteohnlst Rnggierl, and two or
three of the greatest contractors for public re
joioings, have also been bwught into requisi
tion for . this monster (sstival. Thai -most
original detail will be tho illumination of the
Pyramids by the aid of the eleotrio ' light.
Mothing will absolutely be Wanting' bat a
masqaorade ball, whioh Is .prohibited by the
Koran. . ., .;: 'a, Uj.
rr. .. , . , -..
tlSZIi: ?tEt"': Oa, Th TaiAts er A 8kams vanes.
Br T. 8. Arthur. Fliiladelphia : T. Ii. Peterson At
.: Druthers. Cincinnati: liickey, Mallory ic Co. ; -
This story of the representative women, who. In all
our cities, hare, by tlielr experiences, surpasswlro.
mauoe in suff.ring and sorrow we mean the sewing
women- is, we hope, aoon to be one of history. The
sewing machine, will, perhaps, enfranchise theae
heroines of Hood's song of the ghlrt. sad the ramem
brance p of ths startling scenes of their herd-tasked
Mfe will he k.pt only In the pages of T. 8. Arthur,
the author of the racy and readable volume entitled
Llnl. Olenn, which was read with such avidity la
the lady's Book. . ,, . . ?
A rapoamqw or the constitution or
w THE UNITED BTATK8; Disiokxd as a Mamuai
or ImjaucTio.s By Henry f landers. O'lucln.
t nati: Bickay, Mallory A Co. - .
There Is a present need for tho present race to read,
ark, learn and inwardly digest the contract of
Union, under which divers States with diasimitar
Intereataare united for the general welfare. This
book isfor teachers to place in the handa of advanced
pupils. Let us study well bow we should act to our
neighbon, ....... '. .. . . . ,,. . ..
Benjamin Dwiglit. New York: A.S.Barnes i
Burr,. tJinoinuati : Kickey, Mallory A Co.
'The demand of the age is for sterling, honest
brained, honest-hearted men. The reafkatloa of
such demand Is slightingly to he hoped fur, if teach
ers, professed Inatructora, enter not heartily, body
and soul Into the spirit of the true borne mission
ary work, the development of the mind and heart of
our youth. The selfish aim teaches not the excel
leut scoompllshment. It Is the love-tbp-nelghbor
Impulse and character that Is to insure great ends.
The bilker Christian education 1. the one liMtnra.
parents, and people must devote themselves to
attain. On Dwlght'a book you are stirred to the
uvari ui uearis, wiiu .pinten appeals to tne noDwst
motives. Teacher, have thia work near you to warn
and warm you to fluty. ,, , , 1(
spirited i
appeals to the noblest
What Rev. Henry Ward Beecher Thinks
of the Harper's Ferry Affair.
The Plymouth Chureh, Brooklyn on Bun
day evening, wns crowded to repletion by a
nuiuorous congregation, to ' hear the pastor
Rev, Mr. Booohor speak upon the present
state of the country.. He lntroducod his sub
ject by in allusion to the difference between
right and wrong. The awful outbreak at
Harper's Ferry, and the agitation which seven
teen whlta men, holding oaptive two thousand
brave Virginians, while the san had . gone
laughing twice around the globe, bad caused
ia the minds of the people and press, ware
dwelt upon at length. On the oeoaelon of the
Kansas straggle, he said, the United States
had no troops to send oat, bat when seventeen
men eanie out and took up arms for the parposs
of setting slaves freo, there was no want of as
sistance to put them down. While he deplored
the misfortune, and sympathized with the old
man who had oome out and openly avowed
his principles, he, could pot but oondemn bis
madness. . i . , , , . . ...
; There was a right aud a wrong way of free
ing slaved, and to undertake an emancipation
with the aword was entirely wrong. ' He con
sidered it wrong to treat tho South with en
mity and bitterness, because it upheld
slavery. Ho would, like to seo all men en
joying freedom, but the right way to bring
about this desired result was not to excite in
the minds of the slaves a feeling of discon
tentment, but by preaohing to them duty
and Christ. It was wrong to excite slaves to
run away from their masters; but where a
man was in bondage it was his right to break
away, and to such he would giro shelter. An
escaped slave should be as woloome as his
own child. It would be hopeless to under
take to seek emancipation by the shedding of
dioou. . it vm naa ror tne siave, naa tor tne
master, and bad for she State, but for people
to 'free themselves was undoubtedly right. 'A
black man iu the North did not have the
privileges of a white mac; he couldn't work
nt any mechanical business, for the white
man would not work with him. . In church
and at other places they were set aside by
themselves."1 The example of the right spiri t
has first to be set in the North, and the South
must be treated with kindness. Love, truth,
honor and fidelity would tend to make tht
slave'free. ' ,, J; ' ,
A Disciple of Paul Clifford Before the
Paris Police Court—A Pickpocket
Lecturing on Natural History.
' A man named Hesault was recently brought
before the Coneotlonal Polios, Paris, having
been detected by two police agents just as he
was about to out off the pooket of a country
woman at the Jardia des Plantes, while giv
ing his unwary victim a leoture on the natural
history of the hippopotamus.. The mudut
operandi' ot the- learned professor Is thus de
scribed by the agent who arrested him:
. . "Madam,'',Bai4 thfnatoralist toh listener,
"this animal; which It also known by the nanio
of the sea-horse, does not much frequent the
society of man; it amuses itaolfi In the water
and In the marshy grounds; and grows fat
there like you or me. When alive.it eata
rattlesnakes, melons, and ' eometimes even it
own young ones, at you may have recently
read in1 all the journals of Paris. (Here the
professor quietly drew from big pooket a pair
oftoisiora) The savages make roast beef of
its flesh, wonted ttocklngs and rszor-stropes
01 its sain, ana wun its tail they rubricate
bell-ropes for their houses. (Hore the natu
ralist, who had bis scissors In his right hand,
gently placed his left on the pooket of the
woman.) After death they are liable to be
stuffed, as ft proof of which you may see sev
eral iu the Museum. Of Natural History of this
city." - ,.: v.-,., -V, ? '
k Here the lecture was brought, suddenly to
a close by the professor being salted by the
agnui jub us ue wss aoout to eneop nig coup by
cutting off tha-pooket. The woman lost the
oonclusiosHSf the explanation, but saved her
property. Renault, in hit defense, declared
be was about to use. the toissors -to out his
nails.. He was aondetnned to twelve months'
imprisonments and five years' snrveUanoo. .
A Man Dies Alone in the Woods in Arkansas
and is Eaten by Buzzards.
One day last week a Mr. McLemee, resid
ing in Fort Pickering, started, in,' Company
'with another gentleman! on a hunting ex
pedition to Arkansas. They . crossed the
river and struck into the woods, ' end aTter
hanting for a day or two, McLemee ex
presseda desire to return homo, and left his
friend behind, who intended remaining in
the woods a few days longer. After scouring
the oountry for four days, the latter gentle
man returned to For); Pickering, and upon
inquiring for his friend,, learned to his sur
prise that he had net yet returned home, nor
had any intelligence been : recelveoreoncern
ing him. , His friend became alarmed for
his safety,, and party started In search of
him. , , . ., i
Yesterday afternoon' at Uti 6rime. a resi
dent of Fort Piokering, was laoirrel-hunting
two-or three miles back of Hopefleld. hit atten
tion was sttraoted by seeing a large number of
buzzards circling around I short dlatanoe from
him, and, open. proceeding to-the plaoe, dil-H
covered, to 'his btrror,'HaLemee lying on tba
ground dead.,. He. wai almost Restitute of
otothingj and the' bdtWdi had eaten nearly
all th flesh off his; IegsC , ' f. . ; ,
, Purieg the past Tew montht lis. McLemee
had .beta freqaeotly under, the. lnlluenoe of
liquor, and It is supposed ,that while in the
woods hel had been leiied with an attack of
swni-a-ipolMi which terminated his existenoe. 1
Mmpiu Evming Argiu, October 29. . ,
T-iPownit-MiuBxPLoeioif. It appears It
wsa two of the mills m the Hagley yard of the
Messrs. Duponts' powder works, oh tha Brandy
wine, Del., that exploded on Friday last caus
ing lamentable lost of life, and the destruc
tion or mjry or much property. A press-,
house, glaae-houte and out-house were de
stroyed, laTolving the lota of atvea lives, vitt
Wm. Mtrran, . Doughefty, Sweeny, Jaeobs,
Sebar, .Tehn Welsh and Michael O'Danlol. The
cause ef the eooldent.li Phknown. V .;,,' ...
Iute'rstlng; Newt by the Overlaud Mall,
The California overland mall, with San
FranoisoQ dates to (he 10th nit., arrived here
last night. ; , .,'.
v Thi , Sivatobial VAOAKOTThe ; Wm
Nti states that In answer to a letter em
bodying a wish that a Senatorial appointment
may be made, ia order that some person from
this State may announce in Congress, Mr.
Broderlok't death, and pay a soluble tribute
to hit memory. Governor Weller replies as
tollOWSt - .,7.,t i
i 'MT present impression is that the publlo
interest will not suffer if I leave the whole
matter with the Legislature. As the next set
lion will be a long one, very little, if any but
inett of importance will be transacted before
the month of February. If Mr. Broderlok't
death be not previously announced, I hart no
doubt the Legislature will selecta (Senator who
can and will make the. announcement In lit
and appropriate terms. ,
'' PiBBOSAL.- A correrpondent of the Saora-
ibenta (ynton'says:
' Joseph C. MoKlbbon leaves for the cast on
(he steamer of the 20th. He will attend to the
settlement of Mr. Broderlok't affairs in Wash
ington and New York. In oast Forney it not
A candidate for Clerk of the next House, Mo
Klbben't friendt will present hit name for thai
. Laioi Fiat at ArjButtM. Auburn was about
half burnt down on the morning of the Sth.
The fire caught about half past seven. Onr
office, the Empire and Amerioan Hotels, snd
most of the fire-proof buildings are safe. Loss
estimated at $50,000, at least The telegraph
line was burned down, and we cannot give full
particulars before to-morrow.
Baltimore Amusements—A Local Editor
Shoots an Acting Mayor.
JThe telegraph has already mentioned the
fact of the shooting of the acting Mayor In
Baltimore by one of the looal editors of the
Bun, bat that journal gives these particulars:
- An unfortunate ooourrence transpired last
evening at the Old City Hall, which it is our
unwelcome duty to record, and with profound
regret. The facts, as we learn them from Mr.
Hanna, a reporter on: the Sun, who is a party
to the affair, are to this effect: That he entered
the -station-house and found assembled there
some fifteen or twenty1 persons; among whom
was Wm. MoPhail, Esq., acting Mayor, and
approaching Mr. Haroourtj the telegraph oper
ator at the station, he asked If there was any
news.. . In' i. i, .; i,-i. .. .,, ., .
. Being answered that there was nothing of
note, he . asked jocosely, " What is this, a
political gathering?" to whioh Mr. Harconrt
responded angrily, bidding Mr. Hanna not to
joke with him, or something to that effeot, at
the tame time drawing a single-barrel pistol
and presenting it at Hanna, upon which Hanna
drew a revolver and with it struck Harcourt's
Slutol. At the same Instant Haroourt grasped
anna's pistol, and, cocking it, presented it
at . Hanna,1 who retreated within - the inner
roon. Immediately thereafter he heard a erv
of fdon't shoot", and the report of ft' pistol,
and; learning that Mr. Mol'hail was shot, ia
theexoitement which ensued, at the suggestion
of Jouie one present, he withdrew.
' tin the other hand, it ia stated by some who
were present that when Mr. Hanna oauio in
Haroourt said to him, "Where did' voo rot
such fine clothes?" To which Hanna angrily
responded, "Co you moan to insult nia?'' and
drew a single barrel pistol, whioh Haroourt
took from him, that he then drew a revolver,
when a souffle ensued, and in the etrnggle bo
tween the two the pistol went off, and the
ball struok Mr. MoPhail. . r .
It was immediately ascertained that the un
fortunate gentleman was seriously wounded,
the ball having struok the upper portion of
the thigh, and passing entirely through. : The
nervous system was for some time greatly
prostrated, but In the course of an hour aroao
tlon took place and oonsoionsness was restored,
the natural warmth also returning. Upon re.
severing sufficiently to converse, Mr. MoPhail
stated that the shooting wss entirely aooldenttl,
tnougo, oi course, no must ne patntuuy tensi
le ot the exceeding impropriety of the whole
ansaouon. ..-
Thi ErriCT or a Bath in thi Drad Ssa.
eorrespondent ' writes as follows concerniug
be Dead. Sea. .-j .-:l-..
The Bead Sea hat nothing ot tie desolation
whioh It has been the 'pleasure of travelers to
describe, and it seems to smile at the secret
dread it inspired. - I, of course, took a bath
here, and for a swimmer who has a fancy to
keep his legs at well at hit head out of water,
I can imagine It must be quite pleasant. , My
Frenoh friend, who it not a little inolined to
oorpulenoy, oomplalned that he could not get
down into the water, and .floated about, now
one side up, now another, for all the world
like an inflated bladder. . On emerging from
the water, it wai evaporated by the sun ; and
the salt, orystalUing on our . bodies, gave us
the appearance of animated rook candy, or a
family resemblance to Lot's wife, with a sen
sation upon ourjskln as if wa had been pickled
for family use, and with a taste in our mouths
compounded of glauber salts and assafoetida.
We concluded that one bath in the Bead Sea
was enough for a lifetime, ., ,, ; ,. ., ,
i rVn.'i' " - .
i Two fitnoiDtfl oir oki 6 ri ax boat. In a late
number of the Vloksburg Whiy we find the fol
lowing paragraph: , ,, ,
r On the last upward trip of the Victoria, a
cabin passenger, named 1. B. Williams, shot
himself. " He got on at Gaines's Landing, and
papers found on his person Indicated that he
resided about Wilson, Tennessee. He was fre
quently heard to say after getting on the boat,
that he "was willing to surrender," but noth
ing further could be learned. . On her down
ward trip a deok passenger, in a fit of dift'rt'um
trtmem, jumped overboard and. was drowned. .
Ahotbib Fist Fight Bnwtim Rivae 0a
didatis roa Coifoams. A second fist fight be
tween CoL Hughes and the Hon. A. B. Hag
ner, rival candidates for Congress in tht Sixth
Diatdot, took place atAnnapoUt reoently. The
parties met there, it teems, In debate, and got
along pleasantly enough until Col. Hnghes, in
his oloslng remark, called Mr. Hsgner tn
"unmitigated liar." Immediately then Mr.
Hagner rose from his seat, and with a well di
rected blow bunged up his opponent's peepers.
Both gentlemen - struck at eaoh other several
times when a crowd rushed forward and both
were seliedi Col.. Hughes -was struck several
times, but not hurt seriously. ., :' i
rt: - M 1 . ,l sssi . m...
Slavm ik Gbobbu. The report of the
Controller General ef Georgia shows an in
crease -of 1140 slaves in that State during
the yeariust pasti Tht total number of slaves
in 1848 waa 432,124, and in 1808,443,364.. The
average value of slaves in 1858 was $526 ii,
and in 1869 $813 83 an inorease in average
value of $88 24. ' The aggregate value of
slavet in 1858 waa $23T,488,37, and in 1859
$271,020,405. - That it will be tern that while
the increase ia the number of slaves it 11,240,
too increased value It $44,151,478. , .
' i
" ' .'B'Ihe Montreal iliioi hat it on authority
that Hit Royal Higknett the Prince of Wales,
tooompanied by ; the colonial secretary, .and
other distinguished personages, will visit Can
adainthe end ef May. or the beginning of
Jane next,,4 The formal opening of the Victo
ria Bridge will then take pl'aee.u "iTi-irgri
Noon Dispatches.
Maryland Election.
BALTIMORE, November 2.
. election la now oroBreialnir.
There it a great struggle in all the. Wards of
the elty as far as heard from.. The poUt of
tne Antra ward are blocked by , rowdies, and
me poiica are aotng nothing to Binder them,
In tht Tenth Ward the Reform Judae of Elec
tion was intimidated, and compelled to leave
hit post. Hinsley wai appointed by tht act
ing Mayor and rejected by the oounollt, bat
nat been re-appolnted. Tht Reformers have
been driven off. .,.,,..' ',, .
Jas. Jeffers, a son of Madison Jeffers, was
shot In the tide and beaten over the head by
the Reformers, whom he had maltreated.
In the Tenth Ward, Adam B. Kyle, jr., mer
chant, doing' businosi at No., 88 Hanover
street, and a Reformer, has been shot in the
temple, .and is in a dying condition. His,
brother, Geo. H, Kyle, who came to hit res-'
oue, wag also shot, and la dangerously
wounded. In the Fourteenth Ward a desper
ate stmgle ooourred. The Reformers were re
sisted with arms. Sonnv White, aliai Jamna
Johnson, a notorious rowdy, run an awl into
neiormer, ana was snot dead with a pistol ball.
. Two other rowdies named Harris and Duffy
were shot in the legs. Henry Starr, a Re
former, was nlno shot in the leg. Wm. Siiles,
a Reformer, waa shot in the arm and Jeg.
Theodore Woodall was badly beaten. Dr.
C. Richardson, a Reformer, was pursued by
the Captain of the Thundorbolt Club with a
drawn aword. ; He took teftige in a etoro. and
tho rowdies pursuing, broko tho windows.
Richardson, however, managed to make his
Judge Giles, of tho United States District
Court, met Sheriff Creamer in the street, anil
told him in decided terms that he was to be
held accoutitablo for all the bloodshed to-day.
He also told him, as ft Judge and lawyer, that
he had the authority and it was his duty to
interfere.' ' - - . .. u
In the Eighteenth Ward tho rowdies took
possession of the polls, and gave the Reform
ers notice to 'quit. Felix McCuriey wai ! se
riously beaten. ' .... . ir, ii-!.'
Wendell Phillips on Harper's Ferry.
NEW YORK, November 2.
Wendell Phillips, of Bonton, delivered a
loeturo last night In Brooklyn, In which, he
argued that John Brown was the only Ameri
can who had acted boldly up to the true
Amerioan idos; oast aside also thoeo false
and fatal wrappings of an effeto conservatism,
and refused to' regard anything 'as govern
ment, or any statute as law, exoept those which
conformed to his own sense of justice and of
right. Virginia was not a State; Jlr. Wise was
not a Governor. The Union was not a nation;
all these to-oalled governments were organized
piracies: and John Brown waa to-day the only
real and true government on the soil of Vir
ginia, and had an infinitely better 'right to
hang Governor Wise than Governor Wise had
to hang him. He also ' (aid, "I think you can
make a better use of iron than forcing it into
chains."' -' '-,'-' ' ! ' , '
If you rmiBt hnve the metal, put it into
Sharp's rifles; it is a groat 'deal .bettor' used
in that way than In fetters; a gront deal bet
ter than a grent clumsy statue of a fnllCn
great iiiiiq fur men to kneel down- and wor
ship iu a State-houeu yard. J Tom. -dorwin,
of Ohio, waa present on the plutfbrm; aud
being called upon for a 0coh, said ho was
thoro meroly by accident, and -begged to bo
allowed to rolled upon what he had heard
before giving his vote upon the matter. - c ,
Kansas Election—Official Vote.
ST. LOUIS, November 2.
Special, dispatch-to the Republican gives
the recent official vote in Kansas at follows :
For the Constitution, 10,410; against the Con
stitution, 5,530; for Homestead Law, 8,758;
against Homestead Law, 4,772.
From New Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS, November 2.
Wells,j Fargo & Co. have -obtained the
privilege from Sonora to run a line of weekly
stages from Arizona to (iuagiuas. ...n. - i ,
Statistic of Headache.
The ' Midical Timet and Gaulle oonhtini
some Interesting numerical data obtained by
inquiries made in the usual course of profes
sional ' experience, concerning the causes of
neaawne. . ui ninety cases cited, seventy-six
were feiaates--a number whioh establishes
pretty strongly the faot testified to by most of
tht old writers, that females are more frequent
sufferers. Of the '.seventy-six females- forty
were single.' The predisposition In the case of
females is believed to, originate in the nervous
system suscaptibility'of nervous disorder be
ing much oftener found in the female than in
the male Bubjeot. It is likely to exist in or
ganisms which evidence as' capability 'of so
much fineness and delicacy of perception united
with so much pronenoss to emotional exoite
ment, and in which the ' functions of organ io
life are observed to be so readily wrought upon
bypassing states of thought, sensation and
emotion. - ".' ' ' ' ,!-:" .
Of tbe exciting causes, emot'ionar disturb
ance has the highest number. Out of ninety
cases, fifty-three declared this to be one of the
causes of their attacks, forty-eight also con- -sidered
that atmospheric states were to be
blamed, and twenty-five specified, thunder. ,
In regard to inheritance of tho liability, in
nineteen cases the mother is mentioned in
nine the father j and in twelve both parents;"
in all, forty gave explicit evidence of. here-,
ditary predisposition, and a few others men-
tioned cases in collateral branches, t Out of
the ninety csbbs, only nineteen blamed their
diet. As to the influence of climate, twenty-,
nine seem, very clear that they are least lia
ble to attacks of headache in -places where
the air ia dry and bracing; six commend cold.
atmospnere, and six condemn itj eignt praise
warm .atinosphore, and throe dislike it; tix
are in favor of' tea air, and four are averse to
it. Fatigue it mentioned fttaa exciting cause
by thirty-two. . -1 ' ,VJ deld
'i. 1 . ': '
' "His Exorlls.noy.'' MaesaohuaetU is the
only State la the Union whioh, by a oonttltu
tlonal Dro vision, srrants the title of Exoellencv.
to Its Governor. Newspaper! sometimes speax.
or tne resident or the unitsa etatetat uu
Exoellenoy the President,. but there It no legal
sanction for this, the founder! ef tbe govern
ment having, decided,., after discussion, -to
bestow, ne title upon the President. A, Com
mittee of the Senate reported In favor of , "His
Highness," but the Houae opposed any ether
title of office than those expressed in the Con
stltntion. :.io .iT .t'h .",1 ; nf , t,l.ih-9,o : .
11 ! :-. 1 , ,. ...;'.,,.(. '
Ratbib D SBTiTUTg. A tohoolmaiter in Coii
neotiout was, on one occasion, examining a hoy
from Rhode Island la his eateehlsa, and tslfed
the following question; ,; ,e y
"How many Gods are there?' , y ( '
-The Providence plantation tabjeot toratcbed
hit head for while, and then replied: . V; , : ,
"I don't knew how many you've get in Con
neotlout, but wo have none In Rhode Island.".
aarOn the 30th nit 'a lira broke oat In a
large two-Story frame house, in Hannibal,
Me., and before 'the flames cenld b attested
that building and a one-story brick dwelling
adjoining, were entirely eoasumed. A large:
two-ttory brick adjoining the smaller xma yras
also damaged to : tome eitentr bat .nOt sei
rloutly. Lots $5,000. rt t ve.jcd.jj t lo iinj ;
'- C- l J i i . t 1 a J " j
"AdTertlsomentsBOt'eitceedlng live lines (Agafe.1 '
Oneinsertlon...,.r.." BlOne week'..i.l...tl M
Twowwks...y..i.. M (One saosifcM. I to
Larger advertlsamento inserted at tht following
ll ff rsterkjuarsof UaUorhist,,. , i-
OMjnaertton..4 m I Two wseksj..lj3 OS
Eackaddl'nal Ins.. U Three weekX!r4 00
-,n 1 I One montC...M. 1 01
" ! -'l ' -,'' ' ' -:; :.-.'' x.-'j
o-j Job PrintiziK; , ,
ta all Its braaehas, dent with asatatss and dispatch.
.A- ' 1
' "H'.TaR l.a f r.' iii'i !-i !.'... .,. i.
Smokc-touiumltiR Coal Cooking Store,
Is wlthont a rival. ''Oaiiea' ' '
- .i . ' ... ii v,, a-,-.1,.-. . ..
' Inventore tnd Manufacturers,
Novelty Iron Foundery,
Fourti,.street,v West of Smith,
. Aud See oue lu t)ncrttloii,l.rf
' ' iw7tri ' . -
t) THI --'
B. INUand Desknlng Clauses will commence on
TliBBDAV EVENING, November I, consisting of
the fol lowrtiK DeDartuu'nts
AUTIHTIO. including (III ralntlnt, Pnatel
Cry, iwawlng ; AltUfllTICTUBAJ.. aud SIK-
TheBchool will be under the eliarireof Jgr. John II.
arlch. Sir. OeoieP) burn, Mr. W.H . Carpenter,
in.l Mr, J. f. I.HIIIen. ' ! .
All applications for seats (which are limited) must
be made by MOM DAY, October 31, at the office ot I lie
Lnxtltute, where the (Jirculars and Ku Ins can be ob
tained, aud furthur iuformalion given.
By order of the Commitioe. .
ooastf JOHN B. IIBIOU.
will be recoived at the office of I Bogers.
.Son ft Gon Xo. IAS Vlne-etreet, until tbe Ulth oi tto
vsnibor, lust., at Vt o'clock, for building tbe nvv
'ommerclnl Hospital, on the site of Oi" prfin.t
builillug, bounded by Weateru-row, Twulfili-atrsn
nod Miiiini Canal. ' i
Hide to be rooeived tor tlio whole job, aud not In
parts. All bid. to be uiadu to uniform to I liu lu n.,
apt'ciUcatioua anil loiius of bid: nil ot which may l.n
win nt the vfticwet 'Isaiah 'Kogerii, Hon A Co., ih
Vinu-stroct. .'. ' I 'i
Xo bid will bo received uiileas tliiyconfnriu to and
nrvmHdeon thoprlntwl ibrais; alsnv. the bidders t
name the price they will allow for the old iimtei iala
non' on the around. ' J ' ' -
'i'he soourify intvndeii to b oliorod for tho fnllbl'ul
peiformaucu of tho contract to iiHiued in tb bbla.
'".'.i' . ' ' :..'-' tu-v OE. W. KUNVAK,
t'hnlrinan Com. of Connrllof I'ublic Bulldiuan.
CIMclBnatl.O.. Kov. 1, mt. nolll
Dining and Coffee Saloon,
' " NO. 81), nTl'H.TBWr,-SotJTlI 8IDK,
' ' f Near the corner of Vine,)'
... . c. I. VICKERt),' Proprietor.
Oysters and Oams eorred in all styles,. M als at all
I'Oiira; - '.' notuii
- fitKSS, at W huleaitli. imd Hctnil..
' ' josnrn cr.'Nornsn,
. . i : .-. Itutter Keniiaat.
nolo' 1W Wont i'ourib-stjeui, cur. fclm.
? t-orjODBV, B. AALiaoN, HiipHriutsndeut.-
Prlntlna Hatetials ofl t inds.
Ida Vlne.trent
roi.-ivvu iaiij- uy mu Annuls Jl.a- 7ft
press Company, In wboland hall reus.
mi vyaiera sviu warraiiieu itvhb auu ot Li. .,J
llid l.l xiall.v 1 11 OlVIUfU Y-
A Ken I. No. 27 ttlllh-slroot.' bet. Alain
and Walniit-Htrneta.
N. B. The trade tnppllud ou tho niuril libctal
terms. .... ueciu
i.O K O , .
Agency for the sale of ITatcli, Maun Co. 'a
Dmii, A.ug, aiiuvau vy.w" amo, jfaresn uovn and
Sp.ced Oysters, Ao. My many friends and petrous
will find only choice articles, aud at as low prices as
those Charged for inferior elsewhere.
Oyetnre cooked in Eastern style at ovs usual mod
erate charges.
. Bememhcr, JBJ Walnut-etreet,: fifth door alwvo
Sixth, Ciuoinnall, Ohio. ucn
w INO dailr. ltnwn. sliilwmv ('.. . i'i..i.rUiu.i
l'lanted O)ters,whioh Utn sdllusatunprecedento,l
low prices by cose . or dozen.. Dmlcra and Vamllies
santini! ; very larnoi fresh Oyster, will pleami ai-ud
their orders. Atutcbodto thia establlsbuieiit is a
-.-v? loewtirauip cnivuu, WlllTyHll UH11 HUTU
Oyilott CookaU In Tory style, and Bvd ut in a
ciea landiuperiormnnnor. CUnrgoi lentliAii nt nut
nrhsar nltr . j . f,utitl . . xi vrats.vi '
D.irVi.-V.. ,. r.MiV:-. , .
A' T T A T . . r
Oyster Importing; House.
' tire , NO. 31 WEST FltTn-STRKBT.
1NO dailr. ner SxnrMia. his nti.nriiri n..i,.
Having eompletod arrangements In Baltimore, on
the most, extensive scale, 1 will at all tlinea during
theseason be prepared to fiirtilth my friends, "and
the rent nf niAiikiml with l.. riui.t.Tf .uu
BIVALVKS ioiported to .the Qnoen (Hty. None Im't
thft Vttv li.f ln,nn.,n3 flM... I...I.. a-
nported to tjis
mportoa." On
Ing-hoBsS. ii,.
reat iuducemeuts offered
at flils Impdrting-
Order sloliclteij, aqd gromptlj' Oiled. Terms cash.
., applet
f Bole Importer and Proprietor.
rnrii i. av AurvA,
-PrAi.a4 - ''- -
Sr9 -aas V"..i--
r rt rr 1
y tspicea ujsieri.
1NO DAIIiT, by the 'Adams Cieress, HALT
BY'n world -renowiied Baltimore . , ' r
Freh Can, Keg and Bhe,; Oyitwi.
fvesbi HevTriirHcallT.seaW -O0V1, BPIOKl) and
EICKLKD OX8TBB8. . , , BrlyJm"
i .''AsaMMJ' .tl t!
AUJiju. ujka, Agent
sep7-tf . Pepit.HVestflfti;..tre..t.
'iw '(ivari ,i'iRiJc Ji'i J? I ;'-i: "
Ne, 9Dil tlaeHilwet. JVtk and 81xili.
that he-has estapPshed a tegnlar (lepo) for t tie
sale ef ail kinds of salt-fcatei4 Irtrih, fresh from Now
Vorhialso LaA. tnU rnuivOasre-ad and Saodu.M :
together -with (jamaaad .Oratenin tho si, .11, A,i.ii.
sters, Crabs, Ifefi (alive), and all kinds' of s.-aaoiml.i
Oams and Can OrVera. He will farnMH The bInt.
sail aad leave y.ur orders. AssMif

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