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Ii published dally, (Sunday excepted.) by
ortio'a ao.,M wait 'ovara-traiir.
THl PINK! PBJBSI delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, tail sor-
, rounding cities and towns, at tit
,'TjWi. " trsmrirlewartoaof . ' '.
''aIoaoAnnlO!, " ' -
Single copies 104 1 month Mo.) t months l; 1 feu 14.
' oobbeb sixth asd vike-stebxt.
Jdhh a. lujLn,Jsw...8ol Lease and Hanasp.
An last night but on of ' ; ..
Mr. Anderson and Miss Ellsworthy.
THIS (FrWT) KVCNINO, November 1, will be
pratnlu, for ton Brit time In torn years, Bulwsr's
sterling comedy celled , . . . . , . .
Alfred Evelyn..,
(Ilin DouKlaa..,
....Mr. Anderson
Mr. Banu
Blr JohnVeeey.,
Lorl Gloumore
.nr. nu
.....Mr. Bead
Sit Frederick Blount
Hennr Graves..
Captain Dudley.,
air. Slleler
Aay B rensiin
Dance, by MUa Kate Pennoyer, . . - .
To conclude with ,.... '.;'.' ;. i
Petracb1o.i....M.MM.ifMMMMMMMM4fiUr. Andereon
Ktehrlne. ,............,..... Mrs. Kllsworthy
6armloHiHM.,MiMMpimHi,.wHMMmHMiH.Hri Bllsler
To-morrow evening, BeneOt of Mr. ANDEBUOfT,
and his last appearance.
aarSoore open at BX; Curtain Hiei at 1H o'olock.
Pbioei or Admission Dreae Olrole and Paruuette,
SOoente; Gallery, Mcents.
Benefit of Mr a. J alia Dean Hayne,
And fifth night of the popular tragedian,"
Mr. Marcua Elmore.
TBI8 (Friday) BVKKINO, Horembere, will be
aoted the affeotlng drama called y -i
Madeline... Mm. JnllaDean Hayne
Bartrand Mr. Mwoue Elmore
Kemy................ .. Mr. Bernard
Alfred .......Mr. Wilson
Henri de Bauierea... eeeeittteetetitteet Mr. Swift
Appiani Mr. Vandoren
Dr. Barthelde- ..............,.. Mr. 0. L. Allen
Adelaide ....Mli A. Grabam
Catherine........................ Mrs. J. Lawe
Marguerite .........,.........UlaB L. Graham
To conclude with Bherldan Knowlea'i exaulelte
comedy, entitled
CoTiiUnce.....';,..VM Mm. Jnlia Seaa Hayne
Wil(lrk...........,...M........Slr. elarime Blmore
Master Waller .........................Mr. Vanderen
Blr William FoadloTe,., Mr. 0. L. Allen
Lydla... Mn. Vanderen
Theater, la now open for the reception of guests.
Boorae can be obtained by the day or wees, and
nieala fnrniahed at all hours
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are eantioned
against furnishlne; any artlolea for the theater with.
out a written order, signed by I he Manager.
, CKRT. ,
Announces to hla friends, the subscribers, and to the
public generally, that the first of his two Subscrip
tion Concerts will be given at
,. . Monday Ereulug, Nov. 7, 1859.
Tickets of Admission $0 40
Family Tickets (admitting four persons to both
Concerts)...'.....', t 00
Can be procured of B. G. PAIGE, 179 Went Third
street, and at the Mnslc Stores.
aw Concert to commence at 8 o'clock, precisely.
- - . tnob -
Friday Evening, Nov 4.
Farewell Concert,
'assisted BY HI8 DAUGHTIB,''
. ;.,. MR. T0S9O AND ,
Mr. OOLLIERK will sing and declaim
The Marseillaise. . ;
SO Cents,
W Concert to commence at I o'olock. .
T" TickeU for sale at the Music Stores
Lessee and Proprietor..
This new and beatitfnl TEMPLE OF THB MUSES
opened for the season on '
, ' i ?. THTJB.SDAY, OCTOBER 37, '
With a fnll and talented DRAMATIC AND CON
ii CERT TBOUPK, seleotsd from the different thea
ters and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 10 cent. For particulars lee amall
The "Olymple Saloon" will be open at all honra
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
V lnes, Liquors and Cigars. ocM
Last week, commencing MONDAY, Octo
ber SI. J. Insco Williams's celebrated Bible Pane
Soma. This magnificent Painting commences with
haos and continues down, In historical order, to
the Babylonish Captivity, containing more than fifty
of the moat sublime and interesting scenes in the
; Bible. Exhibition every evening. Coon open at 7.
To commence at X to o'olock nreolaely Tickets 3
cents; children under lOyeara of age Ift cents.
Also, Exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday Af
ternoons; doors open at 3, to commence at 1 o'olock.
Explained by Dr.Tlbbitts. oo33
J I'ltoo and Gate-SpriD igfi
' Bells Hung, Keys Fitted.
The'puhllo arer respectfully lnirlted to call and ex-'
amine the various patterns and prices. All Jobbing
promptly. attended to y-n vi!' l
aolcm Bo. 13J Fiftk4lraat, Id door from Race.
Bo ale Manoflaetarfr,
Mo. 41 East Second-rtreet, between Sycamore and
Broadway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of
Caaater, PI at for mi Cattle, Railroad Depot,
aaa Track Scales) Trucks, ,
" . Ira Wsssas, dk.
Haxletoj Brothers; Patera, Oreia
p V"" uacon s uo. ah will I
be sold at prices that eaa not fall U
salt, for cash, or will rant and let 1
tbe rent pay for the Piano. ' J. OHUHCH, Jr.
" The largest stock of Melodeoae In the city, oc24
jostraoeivedaa towrtatlon of choioeaBrandy
!!A5?JfLt!iJ,-ff,5l!!,Sir " "'.
ooll arcamore street. 8
ocM ; j r i Moi. M and Hi West Fourth-street.
Juat received, two boxes extra genuine Italian
Maccaroni and Vermicelli,
itmi ana varmuaui.,. .or aai. or
For sals
.i. A. McJDOCALD 00.,
Host M and M West fourth-street,
CEIVED, U kkis. trash English Orscknella.
- Fori
By, i " I, a. ssctiurtaiiv w.,
. SUt. M aa i a as) f ourth street
,,,, M Mr Lord
num.,.... ....... ., nMrs. Gilbert
70L; 2. NO. 65.
PRICE ,0N cent:
Rates of Domestic Postage.
lr'"-Vor each half onnee, nnder J.O0O miles,
pre-paid, goenta: over J,000 miles, pre-paid, 10 cents.
All lettera mnst be pre-paid by svamns, or Inclosed la
stamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
Traniiint NawarAnas, PnnionioAU, Ciaoru.ES,
Ao., to any part of the United States, not weighing
over I ounces, 1 cent; and l cent for each add!
uuu, pre-paymeni requirea.
Books, pra-sald, not weighing over 4ponnds, 1 cent
Ser ounce, for any distance In the United BUtes nn
er 3,000 miles, and 3 cents per onnoe over 1.0(10 miles.
pre-payment required. All fractions oyer the ounce
7u,eu. rajuireu. All tractions
COnn ted .a an ajlflitlftn.l nnnnm
so oe
NxwaPAPiaa AMD Psbiodioalb, not exceeding IX
ounces in weight, when paid quarterly in advance,
and circulated In the State where pnbllshed-dallr,
per Quarter S3
r Quarter six times per week 19,4; tri-weeklj
1 14,1
T, i
ff 1
nerweek 19W: trl.weaklv
9; eemi-weekly.i
tH; weekly, 8'4 ; semi-monthly,
ewspapere and periodicals when
mommy, n. K
welghlngl). ounces, double the above rates.
and pamphlets not containing more than 16 octavo
pages, in packages of onnoee or over, X cent per
WiiiLT MiwsrAraai, -within tbe county where
published. Free,
Quarterly payments. In advance, may be made
either where published or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
laoiAifAFuLiii A Ctmoihsati ;) a. m. 1:18 r. a.)
9:36 P. M.
OiHOiNMATi, Hamiltor asto DATTOa 7:41 a. M.I 10:17
A. a.; 4:40 p. a.; 10:10 P. a.
LiTTLa Muai-,:W A.a.j 1:J0 r.aj.;7:lB r.ar.l l(h
r. u.
Ohio ahd Mississippi 7:14 A. v.; 1:00 P. .; 10; I F.
OoviKarok axo LaxisoTOx-rlO-.JO a. a.; 7:0ft p. H.
Departures of Trains.
IlDiAaAPOLU AHD OrRorjnATl-f:oo A. M. I lfcM M4
OmoiRMATi, HiaiLToa Ann Uattox Indianapolis
and Cleveland, 6:00 A. a.; Sandusky Mail, 8:00 A. a.;
Sandnsky, 4:30 p. M.: Aooemmodatlon,6:00P. M.
fjiTTLS JMiami Cleveland and Pittsbng, 6:00 A. M.
Cleveland, Pittsburg and Bellalr,6:a0A. M.; Oolum
bos Accommodation, 4:40 p. a.; Cleveland, Pitta,
burg and Bellair, U;80p. m.
Ohio amd Mississippi St. Louis, (:0fl A, a.; Louis
ville, 1:00 T.u.; Bt. Lonis, 6:80 p. a.
Pittibdbo, Colomboi axs CwoiMiATi (Stenbenvllle
Short Line) East Front-street Depot 6:00 A. M.l
8:00 a.m.; 11:80 p. H.
OLSVBLAao,Ooi.oaBiia Ann CiaonraATi last Front
street 4:00 A. M.; 8,80a. M.i 11:80 p. a.
Oinoikkat! and Mabibtta 6:16 a. a.;S:S0p. a.
Obitbal Ohio From East Front-street Depot 6:10
a.m.; 11:30 P. a.
Omnibus Stands.
East Walnut Hills. From corner Syoamore and
Fifth streets every balf hour.
Wkst Walnut Hills (Lane Seminary.) From No.
1S8 Sycamore street every hoar.
Wistbhn Bow and Bbiohton. From Main and
Fourth streets every ten minutes.
Wist End Linb. From corner Fourth and Main
to Freeman and Hopkins streets.
Bivxa Road and SEDAasTiLLB.-From corner
Broadway and Pearl, and corner Fifth and Sycamore
streets every ten minutes.
Volton, PbnDlbton, and COLOMBIA. From corner
Broadway and Lower Market-every ten minutes.
Tuian Strbet Linb. From Newport Ferry to
Fifth street Ferry. .
Mount Aobobn. From corner Main and Fourth
streets every hour.
Tins Street Hill and Oiirrow. From corner
Main and Fourth streets every half hour.
OuMiNiViLLE. From corner Sixth and Main
streets every half hour.
Co vinoton. From corner Fifth and Walnut streets
every hour.
Post Orrioa, Western Bow and Clinton Street.
From corner Fourth and Vine every ten minutes.
. Sharon, Mason, Lebanon, and Monroe. Daily, at
1 P . M.-from 16D Walnut street.
Habbison. Dally, at 8 A. M., and 1 P. M., (Bab.
bath excepted) from 169 Walnut street.
Bbookvillb Dally, (Sabbath excepted,) at 8 A.
M.-from 169 Walnut street. -
Bataviaand Geoboxtown. Dally, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at 2H, P. M. from Broadway and Lower
VxnIoi and New London. Dally, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at 1 P. M. from 169 Walnut street.
Montoombbt. From corner Ninth and Sycamore
Streets Daily, (Sabbath excepted,) at 2H, P. M.
Atondalb. From 171 Walnut street, 8, 10, 11, A.M
1.4X, 6.P.M.
Church Directory.
Baptist. rirst Baptist Church, Northslde Court,
between Mound and Cutter.
wulgh street Baptist Church, East of City Water
Ninth Btreet Baptist .Church, South side Ninth,
between Vineand Usee.
Freeman Street Baptist Church, Freeman, near
met of Fifth street.
Welsh Baptist Church, North slds Harrison.
- Baker Street Baptist Church, (colored,) South side
Burnet, between Walnut and Vine.
Third Street Baptist Church, (colored,) South tide
Third, between Bace and Kim.
Christina. First Christian Chnrohg Longworth,
bstween Western Bowand John.
Congregational. First Orthodox Congrega
tional Church, North side Berenth, between Wester
Bow and John.
Second Orthodox Congregational Church, East side
Vine, between Eighth and Ninth.
. WelshOongregatioaalChurch, VVsstslde Lawrence,
between Third and Fourth.
Diaclplea ot Christ.- Christian Church, South
westcorner Walnut and Eighth.
Christian Churchlxth, betweenSmlth and Hound,
Christian Church, between 1. P. 13 and 14, Fulton.
Christian Church, (colored,) North side Harrison.
Frlends.r-Flrst Friends (Orthodox,) Fifth, be
tween Western Bow and John.
First Friends (Hlcksite,) Fifth, between Western
Bow and John.
Jewish Synaaougoe. Holy Oongregatlon.Chll
dren of Israel, Bouth-east corner Sixth and Broad-war.-1
, . )
Holy Congregation, Children of Jeehamn, Lodge,
between Filth and Sixth.
- Holy Congregation of United Brethren, Bace, be
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth.
Polish Congregation of the K. K. Adet. Israel,
corner Walnut and Fifth.
Shearltb Israel, corner of Seventh and Walnut.
Dletbodint Kpiscopa!. East Cincinnati Dis
trict. Wetley Cliapel, North side Fifth, between
Sycamore and Broadway. ' I
NlutlbBtrect Chapel Is now called Trinity.'
' Aabury Chape, boutlLslde Webster, between Main
and Sycamore.
MoKendrie Ohapel, (Seventeenth Ward,) Front
street. - -
West CiNorHNAn Distbiot. Morris Ohaeel.'Wsat
tide Plum-street, between Front and Columbia.
Christie Ohapel, North aide Court, between Hound
and Cutter. , w .;
Carr-street Chanel, west side of Carr-sinet. be
tween Eighth-street and .Hamilton and Dayton
Bailroad Depot.
Baper Ohapel. West side Elm, North of Flndlay.
Park Street Chapel, Bouth-west oorner Park and
York Street Ohapel, Bouth-west corner Baymlller
and York.
Flndlay Ohapel, Booth side Clinton, between Cutter
and Linn. -
Union Ohapel, North tide Seventh, between Plum
and Western Bow.
Methodist Protestant,-First Methodist Pret
sstant Cb'veh. Sixth, between Vine and Bace.
Second Methodist Protestant Church, Elm, be
tween Fifteenth and Liberty.
George Street Church, George, bstween Cutter and
Liua.j ; ,.- s , t f,jj
New Jeruaalem. Temple, Longworth, between
Bace and Elm.
Presbyterian Oid School. First Presbyterian
Church, gourth, between Main and Walnut.
Fourth Presbyterian Cknreh, North side High
street, near Fulton line. - .. ....
Fifth Presbyterian Ohnroh. Bo'nth wast cornar of
John and Olark. . . -
i oeTeuta rnvji,riivuwna, noeiuue nroswway.
between Fourth and Fifth. -
Central Presbyterian -Church, North-west oorner
Barr end Mound. .. : ... 1 f I ,
Ninth Presbyterian Ohnroh, Cutter, between Clin
ton and Betts.
Fresbyterinn Nrw Soaook Second Presbyte
rian Church, South side Fourth, brtwoen Tine and
Third Preabvterlaa Chunk. Scath-wast eornar
s onrtn ana rfonn.
Eighth Presbyterian
Chnrah. gvanth. tut.Mn
Linn and Baymlller.
Taberaacle Presbyterian Oaarea, corner John and
Mas sTAlirth. fMtTMlWITl K nsa.nl Ik Pak anS Rt(asl.HaWaap
Bt. Paul's Church, South tide Fourth, between
mam anu walnut.
Bt. John's Church. South. east earner Plum and
Seventh; - . , . i, A. ,
Trinity Churob, oorner Pendleton and Libert.
Churob of the Advent, (no building,) Walnut Hills.
Church of the Atonement, corner Blcbmond and
Cotter. - - .
4Jhiu-ohof the Bedomption, 011ntoa,betwee,Weafc
era Bow and John. i
Roman Catholic St. Augustines, Bank street,
Bt. Peter's Cathedral, South-west oorner Plum and
Eighth. ...
. Bt. Francis Xavlsr's, West sldt Byoamore between
Sixth and Beventh, ,
Bt. Patrick's, North-east-corner Third and Mill,
' St, Michael's West side of Milicreek. , , V'
Christ's Church, Fulton. '
Holy Trinity, South side Fifth, between Smith and
Park. .
, Bt. Mary's, South-east corner1 Jaekaori sad Thlr-
Dt, rani's, Doua-easi jpomer qdtuik anu aoigait,, ,n
., St. John Baptist, corner Bremen and Green.
, Bt. Joseph, South-east corner Linn and Laurel. '
- Bt. Philomena, North aide Pearl, between Plkeaad
Butter,-:! ... - i ...
Bt. ThemaS, West side iycasoore, between Fifth
and Sixth. .. .
- Unitarian. First Unitarian Church, Sonth-weet
terser Fourth and Race, i, - . -t r ';. , .
, fJniTcnraaiiM.s irsi universalis! .vnuxen, sm
tide PluaTbetweea Fourth and Fifth.
owaua uuiversautt vnaxca, aeraer Bixta aaa
"Tht number of hoop-ikirtt made la
Derby, tinoe April 1, It said to bo 850,000,
eontnming at least 9,100,000 jardl of tap and
448 tunt of steal. , u . . ,
Jsar-Thiee tundrcd : hortes are annoally
killed In Hinover for' oontnmptlon ' by tbe
eaten of bone flesh, a very numerooi olaia la
Qernaa. f. ... .
The farorite galutation, jutt now, of
our unoinnati youna; men It, "ilow'l your
meertohaum coloring?" while that of the young
ladlei It, "Have you tmoked yonr CabaT"
Wo leara from the Tnu Dtlia that
the Rev. Mr; Clapp, a dlitlngaithed and pop
ular preacher, formerly of Now Orleans, but
more recently from Chicago, propose to take
up hit residence in Louisville, Ky.
fSf The Municipal Counoil of Parlt hare
decided on building ten new ohnrohei. One
will he erected on the Boulevard dei Invalids!,
another on the Plaoe Laborde, and a third on
the Avenue Parmentier.
aT The oeltbrated pioture exhibited in the
French Gallery, New York, "The Duel after
the Masquerade," has been told to a gentle
man whose namt ig Thompson, end whoretideg
in Chicago. The prioe paid was $2,000. .
. jfS-k firm in Portsmouth, Va., hu ' re
oeived a contignment of two tierce of ragar
and two tierces of molasses from Liberia.
The sugar was raited by Charles Cooper, a
colored man, -who went from Portsmouth in
1856. . ; ......
gS'lit. Thtodore 7. Well, an inventor of a
fish hook, hu recently disposed of big English
patent for tha Invention for $25,000, and re
turned to hit borne in New Orleans. A very
profitable speculation.
rTireIr and a-half million of railroad
bonds mature daring the nest year, including
one million Michigan Southern .fint mortgage,
three millions Illinois Central free land, and a
million and a-half Mlohigtn Central eight per
oenta , - ; ,;. ; ... ., .
ffisT-The Right Kev. Andrew Benadt, tbe
oldest Bishop of the Moravian Churoh in
America, and nearly ninety yean of age, died
at Easton, Penn., on the 81st ult. He waa
maoh respooted for his intelllgenoe and good
CLont John Wentworth, editor and pro
of the Ohioago JDmoerat, promiies to
get up a little book soon, entitled "Twenty
five Tears of the Early History ot Chicago,"
from hit own pertonal recollections, refreshed
by his newspaper files. . . ;
'$Sk day or two since, Jamei Bailey, aged
seventeen years, left his employer's house in
Westmoreland County, Penn,, and was dia-j
covered tome hours afterward saapended to a
chettnat tree, near the village of Fairfield,
dead. The aao.ee of his snioide is unknown.
je&Day before yesterday, in Columbus, 0.,
a negro, Britton Brown, recently out of the
Penitentiary, made a desperate assault npon a
white man, Pat. Martin, cutting him with a
raior in snob a shocking manner about the
neck, face and hands that hit life ia dei
tpaired of.' " ".''' j
' SGray of various ibadea, bay, chestnut
and brown, are the ordinary, and it may alt
moBt be said tbe only colors of an Arab horse.
The commonest of all colors it a dark, nnl
form, nutmeg gray. Light gray verging upon
whit Is neither rare nor peculiar to old Dorset.
Next to gray in firequenoy oomes bay and
ohestnut, both line and rioh in quality.
: BThe whale-ahip Plant; of Nantucket,
was burnt on the railway at that plaoe on Fri
day evening. The Planltr was of the old
fashioned model, of 840 tunt burden, and one
of the fattest sailers in the Nantucket fleet.
She was valued at $10,000, and inaured far
$8,000. The. fire it supposed to have been the
work of an incendiary, , : j
$58-Dr. Bennett oomplalns that his wife,
whose petition for divorce oreated such a stir
at New Haven tome months, tinoe, is about to
remove, with hit children, to a plaoe some
2,000 miles distant. Mrs. Bennett declares
that It won't hurt hit feelings much, at he never
has visited them since the separation of the
parents.'. ,. . , , ' )
, drHarrl4t Beecher Stowe says; A woman
mutt be very insensible, who is not moved to
come npon a higher plane of being herself, by
seeing how nndoubtingly she It inaphered in
the heart of a good and noble mas.' A good
man's faith in you, fair lady, if you ever have
it, will make you better and nobler, even
before yon know It. ' . ) '
aVA gray eagle was thot by Thomas
Rives, jr., of Ballard County, Virginia, a few
days since, measuring, from the point of the
bill to, the end of the tall, two feet and ten
lnoh.es; from tip to tip of winga, six feet and
ten inchei. The claw are three Inches in
length, and the head measures eight Inches
around. ,:. .. .
i 'atTThe Duke of Nassau reoeivet yearly
the sum of 43,000 florins for the license of
the gambling saloons of Wiesbaden, but at
the same time prohibits by very severe pen
alties any of his subjects from betting at the
banking games of Wiesbaden. He invites
all foreigneri to come and bet and spend
their mosey freely, but will not permit his
own people to do the same. , . j
The Indian girls at the Osage mission
lehool hare deputed- the Commissioner ' of
Indian Affair to be the bearer of a prttent to
the President of the United States. The
memento consists of a couple of purses of silk
and buckskin, beautifully worked in beads.
The package js Intoribsdln the handwriting
of Vtototie Whit Hair, one of the Indian
girls, "from th Otage girls , to the Great
JTather." ;t.j .; , V. . J 1
'The txteniive planing' ettabllthiaent
and carpenter shop of Messrs. John 4 George
Gibson, corner of Sixth and Cary-ttreets, In
Riohmond, Va., were entirely destroyed by fir
a day or two ago, Lou on machinery $1 WOO;
building, $7,000;' lumber, Ao., $10,000; archi
tectaraf drawings, $7,000. Th dlsatter throw
tome ttvtcty-nve workmen out of employ
mtnt; most of whom tuttaln oonildtrablt lots
by the tetrootton of tool. t
aTSonasthing like revival movement
taemt to be springing up In Bombay and Poonar.
At thege two place daily prayer-masting are
btld, - The Bombay Cuurdion say i We are
happy to state that we hear of a greatly in
creased spfrit of prayer in Poonar. Borne four
or five or more meetings for prayers are held
weekly, among soldiers and oivUiaas. W
know of four dally prayer-meetings now hsld
ftBomU- ;m, vKr iv-V . "
f9"k few days ago a bright-eyed Utile boy,
about tlx years old, retina up ttalrt to bed,
leaving hie mother below witboat the custom
try good-night kit. At he kitted bit father
and bade him good-night, he naively tald,
Ttll mtmma good-night for me j 1 forgot to
kits her, bat tell her that kiti htr in aiieaoe
vith iU tipt of my heart." That ohild, though
he may sever write a verse, 1 a poet.
iii' "'. Tl "' ' . '.eHT'iy
riS9-Mr. James O. HendrlckaoiVir. .Free
hold, N. J., well known for his "perpetual
motion", noaohins, died, on Saturday fast He
bad devtted his Ufa b obtaining perpetual
motion, and his notohlnet have been a pusiW'
to ell who examined them, a they have eert.
talnly mowed for lis year without the appli
cation of any external powers, and apparently
wiiu no in wbuob oi stopping. v " '
The Colossal Balloon—The Process of
Inflation in New York.
Tbe work of Inflating the great transatlan
tic balloon began yesterday in Reservoir
Square, in the presence of a number of spec
tators. The first thins done waa to wrap
several folds of ootton cloth around the end
of the gas-pipe attached temporarily to tbe
main of the Manhattan Gas Company's work
for the purpose of preserving theneok of the
balloon from the rust of the pipe, and to make
a soft bedding, in order to prevent an escape
of ga. Acanvaa aail was drawn along in
the range of tbe neck of the balloon, and one
end placed under the gas-pipe, while the
other end stretched away to the spot where
the valve was suspended between two high
poles. Beneath this canvas straw waa laid to
the depth of several inches. These arrange
ments having been completed, tbe neck of
the balloon was drawn toward the pipe, and,
the valve-ropes, of small cotton cord hav
ing been adjusted, was placed over the pipe
and drawn tightly, so at to be made quite
secure. Over this other layers of cotton
cloth were wrapped, and the whole lathed to
the pipe with ttrong twine to the length of
about eighteen inches. The balloon wat then
folded in such a way a to gradually expand
the cat.
On the foldt heavy baga tf tand were placed
to keep them down. Thit having been done,
the network, which 1 to be thrown all over th
balloon-and to which the basket and the boat
are to MTattaohtd, was to disposed that there
might be no entanglement at the inflation pro
ceed and the balloon acquire it atoenalvt
power. Th gat wat turned on at twelve and
one-fourth ' o'clock, and Instantly rushed
through the ten-inch pipe in a dense volume.
In a very few seconds, the entire nook of the
balloon waa filled, and the body of the balloon
began to swell. The precaution of stationing
men all along the length of the balloon waa by
no means nseltat, a they had quite enough to
do to remove the weights from places where
the passage for the' gas was too small, and so
to adjasftthe folds of the cloth at to teoure an
equable passage throughout.
During four minutes the meter Indicated that
7,600 onbio feet bad been supplied to the atrial
thin. At 12:25 the gas was again turned on,
and at 12:35 It had resched the head of tbe
balloon, which began to expand. At the rate
of 7,500 oublo feet of gas per minute, tbe bal
loon ought to reoeive 37,500 feet per hour; and
at the capacity of the balloon it 725,000 oublo
feet, it follows that if the proeett of inflation
wat continued at the tarns rate, without inter
ruption, It would be fully inflated in tix hours
and a balf. : The only drawback, and a great
ne, it that tbe supply of gat by the Company
would not be equal to th talk, at it would
not do to leave the city In darkness for the pur
pose of inflating a balloon. Mr. Lowe will,
therefore, be compelled to take bis gaa in inch
quantities as the Company choose to fun leh.
The procest of inflation will be continued for
tome dayt. Ntvt York Iri&une, Jfovmltr 2.
Pro Bono Publico.
several times announced, re
cently, that the Cincinnati Street Railroad
Company have put on a line of omnibuses to
accomodate the West End, until the company
gets the track laid for the ears, Those resid
ing in the Wett End, appreciating the "ag
gravated form" of the accommodation, pro
pose to petition Council for switches to enable
the Railroad Company to run more than
"one 'bus" on the same route some of the time
during the year they have to complete the
track. Council ought to grant it, at least
until they allow them turnouts for their cars.
They are too restricted entirely. It will be
borne in mind that Council compelled (hem
to buy off the old line of omnibuses that had
the right to run several teams on the same
route. That company that started tbe first
car ought to be encouraged in their efforts to
push tb rough their aocom modations in Coun
cil. '',', ' .
Council has not yet granted them the turn
outs and the connection through their "sta
ble," which they have been asking for aeveral
weeks and Council will find the subject, to
gether with a change of the route, made a
(eifaf the spring election, if they do not give
the acMmmodattno fine what they ask. They
have been restricted and cramped in their
operations, so that they have only laid truth
on three squares in four weeks: and unlets
Council meets as often at twice a week, they
will not probably get to Brighton this winter.
:' It has been notioed that something is done
every time that body assembles. Let it meet
often. It has been suggested that that eom-
fany hat too long a route. That is probably not
,1. ,U J.i" , 1- f 1 1 ,
mis cm. ir uib acuviuaiuaBtions ana laouines
of turnouts and connections are allowed, as
then one oar could be sent up tha far end
vhiU two or thru would go round tho lover. '
' At any rate let the "'bus" have a
HOW A ClLSBEATtD Fabisxah Wit and
Bkauit ArrABD. The following picture
of the charming Madame Recamier it given
by a cotemporary belle i
Others, she said, were truly beautiful, but
no one elae produced so much effect. I was
In a talon, ahe continued, when I charmed
and captivated all beholders, when Madame
Recamier came in. The brilliance of her
eyes, whioh, however, were not very large,
the inconceivable whiteness of her shoulders
outshone, eolipsed everything else; the was
daszling. After a few moments, to be sure,
the amateurs returned to me. Intellectually,
the waa remarkable rather for great good
sense and tact than for eeprit. But goodness
waa her speciality, kindness to every one, and
a veritable genius for friendship not only
for making and keeping fi iends, but what is
quite different and lets common, for being a
Dabiho Highway Rosbirt ih Missouai.
On Friday afternoon, as two men were proceed
ing down the Weston road, when nearly oppo
site the raos-ooune, they discovered two carta
loaded with applet, completely blocking tbe
road, and npon their requesting that the rpad
should ' be cleared, they were attacked by six
men, armed with knives, who made a rush
npon them, inflicting tertral Wound upon
their persons, and tuooeedsd in robbing one of
them of a valuable silver watoh. While th
ttrnggl was going on th traoet of th horses
were cut and th wagon left in th road. Th
attacked party, who live in th oity, hart no
doubt that th' patty owning th wagon
stopped them in the road for th purpose of
plunder. Thi i th boldest attempt at rob
bery w have heard of for tome time, and th
perpetrators should b ferreted ost and severe
ly pnnlthsd. St. Jo. Journal. '," j ,-
Firi at Oswioo Fobty-Thbvi ' Houib
BcairT to Death. A lira broke oat early oa
th morning of the 31st ult., in the canal barn,
occupied by Church at Wood, in Oswego, New
York, whloh soon oommunloated to two ad
joining barns, owned by J. 0. Miller and tin
uswego ana Syracuse line ana Albany Towing
Company, destroying them all, together with
forty-three horses, belonging principally to
oanalboat.' ' H'" - ; '
JTh . Biohmond (Kv.) Hemnaer under-
atanda that th hog cholera ha bean commit
ting, for tome time past, the most fearful
ravages among the swine of Estill Couhtyrin
that State, some Of the largest farmers having
tost itUrfost M their" fatted and fattening hogs.
Estill County realised last year, on' her ex
ports of hogs, something over $25,000; but
this year tb tnoon from that tourc will not
XOMd $30,000. M,..,i; , - ,., ,
Noon Dispatches.
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, November 3.
. Th Postmaster-Qenerel baa concluded an
arrangement with the Canadian Poatofflot De
partmsntby whioh tb nielli are to be trans
ported for the tea postage weekly between
Detroit and Liverpool via Portland, in the
winter, and via the river St. Lawreno in the
aummer the service to commence by the trip
of the first tteamsr oatward from Portland, on
the 2th Inst. ........
It is intended to hare th malls of such of
them as may there be expediabad for and from
th South, North and Eastern, and probably
torn of theBouth-western States, ssnt in closed
mailt between Chicago and Detroit on the one
tide, Liverpool and London on the other, and
for this purpose the assent of the British Post
offioe Department has been requested to consti
tute Ohioago and Detroit exohasge effloes for
the United States and British mails on the one
side of Great Britain. Cork may slao be con
stituted an exchange offlo.
Tb aohedule time between Portland and
Cbleago to be forty-eight hour, and when th
servioe commences there will be an unbroken
line of railroad the entire distance. This will
be a very direct line from tbe Far West to
Tom Corwin on the Republican
NEW YORK, November 3.
Hon. Thomas Corwin, member of Congress
elect, of Ohio, delivered a long address to an
audience of about two thousand persons, at
Musical Hall, Brooklyn, embodying hit
Views of tha dnntrirtAa nf m. R.n,iki;,.
party. He argued that the irrepressible con-
utu. vcbvrvou um UUU BJBVO VO-DOT Originated
with the South Reralinn. niilliflniitlnn.
eled obedience to all law, including the
Fugitive-slave Law, and defended Webster,
m 1 nil. , . ii . . . . '
vray suu rinmoro irom toe cDarge or being
favorable to slavery, because they recognized
and acted on their dutv aa nfftw nr
the Government. - ' - '
He ia opposed to tbe doctrine of squatter
sovereignty, and repudiate the extravagant
sentiments rjromulffared hv WjtnHnll PhiTlin.
in reference to old Brown and Harper's Ferry.
xopuiar sovereignty, in exercising its pow
ers in Kansas, had resulted in four years of
civil war, out of whioh came that apeotreof
insanity and treason, John Brown. . J; .. ,., ,
Maryland Election.
BALTIMORE, November 3.
the Sixth Congressional Distriot, Anne
Arrendel County, gives George W. Hughea,
(Dem.)for Congress, 118 majority; a Demo
cratic gain of 70 votes. In the Fifth Distriot,
Frederiok County gives H. W. Hoffman, (Am.)
for Congress, about 300 majority; a loss of 432
votes. Washington County gives Hoffman
about 52 majority. .
Railroad Accident.
ALBANY, November 3.
A freight train of forty-one oar on the
New Tork Central Railroad Line ran off the
track at midnight near this city. The loco
motive and eight ears were smashed. Thar
were no lives lost. . i
Two Childrsh Cabbisd into Slavrrt prom
Cirvilasd. Day before yesterday (Monday)
a man called at the City Infirmary for the
purpose of taking two children to adopt in
his family. He stated that he was from Bus
eel, Geauga County, and gave hia name as
Edict. He represented that he had a large
farm, and was desirous of taking one or two
boys to bring up, who could work on the farm.
He selected two colored children, and on hia
representations, was allowed to take them
away to his farm, , where it was supposed
they would have a good home. ' ;i
Yesterday a man from Rusaell wat in town
and was Inquired of' aa to the standing of
Ediot, and from him.it was found that he
had sold his farm gome dayt ago, and that
his reputation was that of a worthless, dis
reputable person. Search waa then instituted
for Ediot and the children, when it waa found
that he had bought tickets and taken the
cars for Missouri. What he will do there
with the two colored children, too young to
defend themselves or esoape from whatever
lot they may be placed in, it needs no pro
phet to foretell. We could notlearn that any
action had been taken to atop his progress,
and even now, as our reardera are perusing
this paragraph, this child-stealer is probably
fast hastening to St. louia to soil these chil
dren Into hopeless slavery. Euwiing Leader,
2dinet. ,.! I, .:,,' : ;. ,'-),.,
Th Traoboiis op Gamiko m Grrmast.
The other day, at the famous German bath
ing and gambling place, Hamburg, a French
man, who had been playing forome.time
with the uaual luck of all gamesters,' put
down hia last napoleon, and lost it like the
rest, i He drew a pistol out of his pocket and
blew his brainr out while sitting at the fatal
(rente et qwtrante table. The people who are
generally in attendance threw a cloth over
ia face, and carried the wretched man out,
life being quite extinct, and the game pro
ceeded as if nothing had occurred. Monsieur
Gracia, a Spaniard, now at Hamburg, has
lost 400,000 francs at the gaming table. His
play, which he still continues, ia obliged to
be now on a more moderate acalo, but not ao
hia temper. His rage is so great at losing,
that, before the croupier can rake in the
money, he takes it up and throws it at him,
whioh, if it happens to be gold instead, of
paper, ia not a pleasant way of being paid.
He always insists on sitting next to the crou
pier, who is the dealer of th cards. The
consequence is, that whan they know heia
playing, or going to play, the croupiers toss
up to see whioh shall deal, their dread is so
great of being his neighbor.
' "f '
Labor Borolariis Pouamnran, N. T.
Arribt of a Gauo or BtntoLARa.-Ponchkeepsle
has been visited daring the past week by agang
of burglars, who entered aeveral heuat in that
city, and carried off a large quantity of plat,
watohet, jewelry, money, and ether property.
The residence of Mr. E. R. Pease, ia Academy
street, wat first entered, end all th tllver-war
oarried off. On the seme night th resident)
of Mr, Edward Walls wat broken Into, and a
Sold watoh and other valuable article taken
isrefrom. Tb following night tb boat of
Abraham (Jv Storm, oornw of Mill and Gar-dn-trtt,
was entered, and a watch, th
whole of th sliver-wars, and other articles,
amounting in all to about $S0O, wat stolen.
Information wa given to tb polios, who ar
restsdthre men n intpUlon, th fourth on
making hit esoap to that oity. Th oulprlt
gave thalr names a Philip Davis, George WIN
ton, and Fox Beardaley. The latter ha served
k term in Sing Sing for burglary, and reside
In Poughkeepsie. On of th men (Davis)
turned State's evidence, confessed the whole,
and asserted that it was the Intention of the
gang to visit aeveral othw homes, giving ther
names of tha owners. :' i" ,' . : . av ra
Ax Afrioav TsuoiT-rA Nsobo BtctiiB
AmiR. Oa Sunday last a negro named John,
the property of Mr. Robert Hamilton, of Lex
ington, Ky., killed Anderson; slave: belong
ing to Ur. Jams O. Htrvey. of Ntoholatrilhu
John had a wife, with whom he thought Ann
aerson was too intimate, ana on going to tier
room bt found Anderson ther. when' thS dltA.'
eulty ensued, which :su)ted In 'the deelh of
Anderson, by stab from, th Injured husband.
John tart that h acted in Mif-defeot. . j.
.MM' Si') tj i,0Jjyti j
. '- TERMS-CASH; ;
Advertisements not exoeedlng Ave lines (Agate.)
Qne insertion......! Mnn.fc ,, fi aa
Two mkimm 1 60 1 Ob r-thi s
Larger advertisements Inserted at the Col lowing
J rates for sqnare of ua lines or lass r j,i jj.
un insert lon... so Two .v. ,,, ft (
skacn aaui as
On week
i addl'nal Ins., x Three weeks.
, 4 00
m,. l 76 1 One Eionth
. 6 08
' Job Printout; -..I,- .
In all Its branohee, done with neatness Bad dispatch ,
Premiun Awarded!
Smoke-consuming Coal Cookin g Stove,
' U without a rival. Oallon f r
Inventor and Manufacturers, t
Novelty Iron Foundery, 1
Q 3 Q.;
Fourth-street, West of Smith,
; And See one in Operatloii.jf .
ING and Designing Classes will enmmenoe on
TUESDAY BVKiilNO, November 1, oonsistlug of
the following Departments:
ABT1BTIO. including Oil Painting. Postel ami
Crayon Drawing; ABOHITKCTUUA1, and MK
(JHAfilOAL. The Uchool will be nnder the charge of Mr. John B.
neich. Mr. worse Prburn, Mr. W. M . Carpenters
end Mr, J. f. K. Allien.
. All applications for seats (which are limited) most
be made br MONDAY. October 31, at the office of tha
Institute, where the Circulars and Bulescan be ob
tained, and further inioimallon given.
By order of the Committee.
ocatf JOHN B. MICH. ,
-A.W 1 will be received at the office of I Bogers,
tiou A Co., No, les Vine-street, until the 2i)th ot No.
yember, Inst., at 1? o'olock, for buildlDg thu new
Cincinnati Hospital, on the site of tbe presvnt
building, bounded by Western-row, Twelfth-street
and Miami Vanal.
Bide to be received for the whole job, and not In
parts. All bide to be made to conform to the plana,
pacifications and terms of bids; all of which tnty b
pen at the office oi Isaiah Bogera, Son A Co., 13
Vine-street. . .,.
No bid will be received unless they conform to and
are made on the printed forms', aim, the bidders to
name the price they will allow for the old material n
now on the ground.
The security Intended to be offered for the feithfn I
performance of tbe oonttaot to named In the bids.
, . QE. W. BUNYAN,
Chairman Com. of Council of Publio Buildings. -
Cincinnati, p.. Nov. 1, 18S9. noltt
Dining and Coffee Saloon,
i . (Near the corner of Vine,) ,
C. Ijl TICKERS, Proprietor.
. Oysters and Qame served in all at; Ids. Meals at all
hours. - nolcm
ss-jj i am this day receiving some of
toe a oove nnnvaieu rianoa. Also,
some of William Knabe A Co., and I
other ffood makers all of arhlrh 1
will sell at treat reduction, for caHh. '
or will rent and let the rent pay for I lie Piano.
t j ' C. M. MUBOH, 74 West fourth-etreet.
Thd largest stock of Melodeons In the city. oc24
TOU1JDBT, B. AILIHON, guperlntondent.
Prlntmg HaAerlali ofal I inda. I as Vii. .tntet
prrni Company, In whole and halfoans. (I
All Oysters sold warranted fresh and of '
tne very best quamy. j. a. O WIN OS,
Agent, No. 27 rifth-etraet, bet Main
and walnut-streeu.
If. B. The trade supplied on th most liberal
terms. ocaieni
And' wholesale ' and. retail
Agency for the sale of Hatch, Mann A Co '
Shell, Keg, and Can Oysters Also, Kreah Oove and
Sp.oed Oysters, Ac. My many friends and patronn
will find only choice articles, and at as low prices as
those cnarged for Inferior elsewhere.
Oysters cooked In Eastern style at onr uual mod
erate charges.
Bemember, Kt Walnut-Street, fifth door above
Sixth, Cincinnati. Ohio. . . octf
o, .S.-11 ?we4 Mahony A Co.' Oiebratod
Planted Oysters, which I am selling at unprecedented
low prices by case or dozen. Dtalers and ramlllea
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster.will please send
their orders. Attached to this establishment Is a
nice, quiet, reapeotable Saloon, where you can have
Oy.fers Cooked in every style, and served tip In a
oiea i and superior manner. Charges lea than at any
other plage. (oclOJ . JOflN nA1RN
Oyster ; Importing House.
tne season be prepared to furnish say friends, "and
the rest of mankind," with the moat DEMCIOUM
r ai, i ao imporwa to tne tueen uity. riooe but
the very best imported. Great Inducements offered
atthlalmporting-honae. -
. Order aloliclted and promptly filled. Terms cash,
. " ' - , PKT EH, CA FAUNA,
sepler Bole Importer and Proprietor.
. dbalebib
lau VAiA,r, sr tne Adams
BT'S world-renowned Baltimore
Freth Can, and Shell Oyiteri.
. .J ,...,'. ALSO 1
piIkoisW. BFIC1CD Md
v-' BOBXBT ORRj Agent
'atf " Depot, It West JHfth-ttiwt.
No. 908 w. kat. mrk and Bl.k.
vmvvi an ainasoi-esMt-water aiaq, rreen from riew
York ; also Irfk sTlsh from Cleveland and Sandusky!
toRotnar wltn Ulaos and Oyatera in th shell, Loo-
ston,.araJbs, leli (aUve), and all kinds or spasonabl
Qame and Can Oriters. lie will furnish tbe above.
PLAOllM THi Clff. family orders promptly
attended tt sad Mat hoaaa fro nf . h .r p i Ii
, mmm
a4a4taarrwui44rt, t.,i' ,(,.wi4-tf
MU iff i!VCi'v!:)v

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