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AHov w.riUHoisoo. ,, john d. oaldwiil
- ramu urn niriiRou.
The News.
By a oris-torn srroogeinent, or dissrraDgs-
meat, ws data oar dstall tf ' ths foralgn news,
which .art la. ths saddla-bags of a solitary
borssman, who left Hallax. vosUrday, jour
neying m leisurely u the tut often told of by
the novelist JiMta, The Amtrtea ha arrived
with three days later newt up to 22d nit.
The reiuli of the Maryland eleotion will be the
choloe of the America State tfcksfr-W. H,
Pdbmill, Controller. The Democrat! will nave
the Legislature. The Congressional Repre
seitatlvea will perhaps be the asms, three and
three J. M. Habsii, H. W. Davis and H. W,
Homuir, Americans, and Jims A. Btiwabt,
Rimsst McHknrt and Gkoroi W. Hdqbks,
Democrats. Three conflagration! are spoken
of in the telegraph column. Beyen squares,
between Washington and Ninth-street, New
Orleans, email balldlogij Soott't begging fac
tory at Lexington, Ky.,and Bishop O'Connor's
resideaoe, adjoining St. Fatrlok'i Cathedral,
i in- ., r
Some One Must Make a Move.
Who will start the much needed institution
near this city of an Indu8trial(,Sohool ? We
need one, and some ardent, earnest man must
enlist his heart in tine benevolent observa
tory up-hill project.. lie must be an indom
itable, industrious, successful 0. M. Mitch
km. kind of a man. If Thans Miiasb would
enter upon the work, he would make the en
terprise "roll," as J. N. Fans eloquently says:
If he took up the causa of the neglected and
sinning boys, he would never "renounce," but
go right on. . We want an Industrial School
started hereabouts. The people of Cincinnati
have had the plan explained. to them.' -That
practioal good man, Hon.' John A. Foots, of
Cleveland, ever good at school work, and in
judicious reform, spolie eloquent and con
vincing words to the Cincinnatians last year.
Seeds were sown, the subject has been thought
abont. A stir in the direct direction must be
made this winter. If a bold, hearty-hearted
and earnest-minded man takes hold of the
subject at the right end and the right time,
we will have a home for numerous children
vow growing up in idleness, ignorance and
crime. We will give some hints of what has
been done that we may judge what can be
done. We pay the same expense in enduring
their crime and in punishing it.
Another Penitentiary.
There is an enlargement of the bnildings of
the Ohio Penitentisry, now going on, within
the eircumsoribsd limits of an inadequate ap
propriation. Authority has-been confided to
a special commission, oonsistlng of Krnt
Jartis, Masslllon; KaisoH FrahhmV, Cirole
ville, and Thomas Spooheb, Reading, Hamil
ton County, to receive proposals for the sale to
the State of luflioiont lands say from fifteen
to forty aores, where suitable neoessary ma
terial is accessible for building, and near the
commercial thoroughfares. ' Hamilton County
might reasonably furnish the land, between
Carthage and osr olty, as she famishes the
occupants quite liberally. To secure the out
lay of large sums of money In erecting and fur
nishing suoh an Important building, bids must
be low enough. Mr. Kskt Jabvib is In our
city, In oonferenoe with his associate, Mr.
Spoonrh. The latter will receive all propo
sals offered up to the 20th of this month."'
Book Notices.
Keep yourselves posted. Call into the book
stores; bare your eye on the catalogues; read
the book notloes. Every day is a day In book
making. Every day Is a new day in book
seleotlon. We call your attention to the fol
lowing from the oounter of Rickey, Mallort
A Co.: . . '.;,
Harper Jt Bros, press Isbus "A Good Fight,"
and other tales; by Ca aju.es Biads, author of
"Love Me Little, Love Me Long," "Peg
Woaiogton," 4 a., with Illustrations, and suoh
Illustrations! This "Good Fight" is an au
tobiography of a thief Jack-of-all-Trades.
Also, "Women Artists" In all ages and coun
tries, by Mrs. Eli.itt. This work Is full of
interesting Items. Hers will be found a favor
able notloe of an amateur sculptress, Mrs. Br.
I. Wasoif, of East Fourth-street, in this city.
Also of Lilt M. Smxcir, formerly Of Cin
cinnati. :: u .i .-"Mr . :
0. ArPLiTOH A' Co., of New York, furnish
"The Physiology of Common Lire," vol. l.,by
, 00. Hihrt Lawis. This is a house book,
one above the grade of a school book;, it is a
fireside instructor.
The seventh part of Chahbsbs' "Enoyolo
paedia," a Dictionary of universal knowledge
for the people, has just been issued by this
firm.' .. i-' 1. -"'(i' .
The Gothic Project.
What has become of the project to erect and
finish a building, in the Gothic style, for the
oity of Cincinnati, on a lot fifty feet front on
the south side of Sixth-street, next east of the
Ohio Medical Oolloge, ninety feet deep? Since
the Catholic Institute foundation hu been laid
on the other side of the Meohanlos' Institute,
the value of the lot ws mention presents Itself
to our mind, and we are reminded that this is
t a suitable place for an Union Building of the
Mechanics' Institute and the city of 'Cincin
nati. The lower portion could be rented for a
"store, and occupied by the' Fire Company; the
, second and fourth stories by the Mechanics'
Institute for a Museum and standing Meohan
ical Exhibition-room, and the third story for '
v large publie Hall, and for use of the public
chools. A Chamber of Commerce might here
'besenred.,1'utv ,
' " 1
Turn-outs—Extra Meeting of Council.
If the exploring, Investigating City Council
, , don't get thrown off the 0, H. k D. R. R. track
on Saturday, by some snake head, or don'Jtget
switched off, It Is deilgnsd to hare a special
meeting of the Clty Fathers, oa Monday night,
to decide, favorably, ws hope, the turn-out
ij question. Western peoplewent eome oat of
f is store or house ot : the -istrsAt Aid fitter a
" Street Railroad ear1, wtsn they desire to go up
. the streot, as well as to go down; and Council
-' will consult publlu good by allowing turn-outs.
r " " i i ' ii li nas m i 1 1 1 1 ' "
'. Mr. J. J.-Putt, An, exceedingly, clever
' ; young poet, of rising fisme;ha,l)ecome edite
' rially connected with ' thjt , lively hebdom
adal, the Maek-a-eheek Ve. . Mr. P.'s well-
known abilities will contribute greatly to the
Interest of the Ft, Ihs teat and inott read
abl cutry exchange on our list.
Editorial and Selected Melange.
It Is an unfounded charge agalsist the friends
of Brown, that they have . contracted with
Lowe, the aeronaut, to descend in his immense
balloon and carry crown on to uanaua xae
Virginians would be glad if he would. Gov
ernor Wise has Brown to hang, hut he wishes
it was otherwise.
The Frank ford Commonweal condemns the
Newport destroyers. It declares the attack on
the printing offiee of Bailey wilt make htm a
martyr, 'and double his receipts, and magnify
his importanoe an hundred fold. "Besides,
leaving all questions of policy aside, this de
struction of private property by a mob is
gross violation, and should he punished as
suoh." Obt Kewportonians, your fun will oost
you something in your oharaoter, and consid
erable In your pookst. Much of the money
oost will be incidentally. , :
There is some talk of laying down a double
trsok on the political railroad, or else oonatruot
turnouts on the line, to admit of popular sove
reignty projects passing eaoh other from east
to west. They are very much in opposition
now days, and the track Is getting fall of them
There is talk of having an Independent tele
graph line to convey the stock. ' The delectable
and delicate shades and colors they exhibit are
of the illusion style of dry goods. . .
Lola Monies, they say, has become a pious
woman, living in a private family in Brook
lyn, N.Y. ,
The conservative National Intelligencer hits
off the extremes of both sides in an article
ontitled: "The More excellent way." It
speaks of the good old days of our fathers.
when politicians could differ in opinion on
the elave question without animosity, and
could indulge in controversy with arguments
and not vituperation. '
They say there has been found a falso bot
tom in the carpet-bag of Brown, and politi
cians expect to draw out of it all sorts of hob
goblins to continue the excitement nntil
after the Presidential elections.
A free field for the fight for Clerk of the
United States House of Representatives is
hoped for by some of the contestants, if they
can cut out the Underwood of Kentucky. It
is said that Corwin, of Ohio, is not a candi
date, but will favor John Sherman, of Ohio.
The New Orleans election this week will
be Baltimore election No. 2. .
Every little helps. There are daily and
nightly meetings in New Tork, where the
hopeful' pray for the salety of Brown. Brown
may escape the haltsr after all. - -
The Orthodox—The Uppermost.
There Is a class of men, in Church and State,
who, having the upper-hand, manifest their
importance by oppression of the heterodox.
The genus prevails in various professions and
in all circles of society. What they don't know
ain't worth knowing. Their views only are
right, and any one differing from them is
voted an ignoramus. Who the orthodox are
may be illustrated by this story.
Dr. Fitzgerald, a noted Quaker preacher, of
England, gave a singular definition of the
word orthodox, which, perhaps, may have more
truth than poetry in it. He was a noted man
and multitudes went to hear him preaoh. Ac
cording to the oommon praotice of that order
cf people, be sat sometime In silence.' He then
rose, looked round on the assembly, and thus
addressed them: "My friends, I have been
thinking of one word of three vjllabUt, and
that word is orthodox." Here he paused for
some time, and then proceeded to say: "And,
my friends, I have been thinking of one word
ot three eyllallet, which explains it, and that
one word Is uppermoit." He prooeeded no fur
ther, but sat down. The assembly separated
and went to tholr homes. ' Many thought
that the doctor had preached a good sermon.
This text and this Bermon often oomes
with their lesson to our mind, and particularly
so in times of excitement, when blustering,
supercilious men take position, and dogmati
cally domineer over those differing with them.
A weak, helpless person is hustled out, if he
be not orthodox. Terrible is the power and
will to persecute by the uppermoit.
The City Hospital Lot.
It Is well-known that some time since the
oity authorities sold at auotlon that portion of
the Commercial Hospital lot fronting on Western-row.
The Committee on Claims and Fi
nance, the City Auditor and City Solioltor hav
ing considsred the propriety of repurchasing
said lots, made a report sight before last to
the City Council, recommending: ' '
1. That the city pay the amount per front
foot said property sold for, and Interest from
the time of purchase. '
2. That the city agree to pay the general
taxes paid by the pnrohaser Into the County
Treasurer. ' s. i .:
And on their farther reaommendatlop, this
resolution was adopted:
' Remfoed, That so soon as all the owners of
property known as the "Hospital Lot," shall
file with the City Auditor, their written con
sent to the above termB, that the Committee on
Infirmary, In oonneotion with the City Solici
tor, belnatruoted to ask the Legislature to
empower the City Counoil to issue the bonds
of the oity, bearing interest, not exceeding six
per cent., for the term of fifteen yesrs.for suoh an
amount as may be necessary, for the purchase
contemplated, for the ereotion f a suitable
Hospital ;,l;v ..:,.;
The resolution and recommendation were
adopted.'1 -: ''l i. i.m ,,j 1
Hurtt, but Not Hurt.
Our friend Hinrt D. Cooks, has made the
0K State Journal an 'institution. There has
been no suoh a paper for' exoellenoe in the
capital eity, since the days :of Thrali. and
Rnn. ;r The foroe on the paper has just been
augmented by the accession i of ' Mr. F. W.
Hbbtt, of this city, as one of the publishers,
who takes oharge at once of the business man
agement of the paper. ' As publisher on his
own hook in this eity, of the' Cincinnati Guide
emd JBueituu Directory, and the Doily Commer
cial Reporter, he showed considerable energy.
As an educator he has had several responsible
posts, both in and oat of this eity. The new
member of the company is Hcrtt, but will not
hart the . .
Joint Stock.
. All the States of this Union, with their vari
ous Interests, are on an equality as States with
each ether slave as well as free States all
hare taken stock In the Union, and the people
oa one sidt of the division line have no right
to ftllibuster on the other aids thereof.. Both
one and the ether, however, have offended la
this regard, and hostilities have taken place
as if there was no oommon Intsrest no joint
stock elation. There ean be no baok-out in
the partnership, and there must be no infidelity
to the common good. Let us all renew ou
devotion to the Union.
Three Days Later from Europe.
SACKVILLE. N. B. November 3.
The steamer America arrived at Halifax
this P. M., with Liverpool dates to the 22d
ult., three days later than previously received.
Her advices can: not preach here
until to-morrow morning by the horse x
press. - - - - .,- ..
Maryland Election.
BALTIMORE, November 3.
The returns from the State are Very meagre.
Those reoeived seem rather to favor the Dem
ounts. The vote of . the city is not In yet.
The Reformers have a small majority la the
Twelfth Ward. ;
j The Coroner held an inquest to-day on the
body of Sonny White, the rowdy, who was
shot yesterday in the Fourteenth Ward. A
verdict was rendered, attributing the killing to
aoeident, the wound having been inflicted by a
stray shot No evidence was eliolted showing
that Duffy, who was arrested for the act, had
anything to do with It.
An inquest is now in progress on the body of
Mr. A. B. Kyle, who died last evening from
the Injuries he received, i.
The returns from Cecil and Howard Cos a ties
show a Democratic Rain of six msmbers of the
Legislature, four Representatives, and two
Senators. ; '
The returns indicate that the Democrats will
have a majority in the House. The Senate is
in doubt. The returns from the city wards are
not complete yet. xne Americans will nave
about 17,000 majority, which, of course, secures
their State tickot by a heavy majority. So far
there appears to be no change in the Congres
sional aoiegation.
The inquest on Mr. Kyle is not eonoluded
yet. The Central Reform Committee held a
meeting, unanimously expressing the deepest
indignation and distress at the murder of their
respected fellow-citizen, Adam BarlieVylt, jr.,
attne pons ot tne jritteentn waro, and re
solved to attend the funeral to-morrow morn'
ing, inviting all levers of law and order, who
regard with sorrow and shame this orownine
act, unparalleled in the enormities of the re
cant election, to unite in the funeral proces
sion. . i . :
Seizure of an Alleged Slaver.
NEW YORK, November 3.
Information havinsr been received at the
Marshals office that the brie S. P. Iloontr.
lying at Pier No. 4, E. R., had been engaged
on a slave voyage, from whioh she had just
returned, the Marshal and two of his deputies
prooeeaea to tne vessel ana took possession of
her. It is stated that she was fitted out at
Charleston, S. 0., and went to Havana, thence
to Cienfuegcs and the coast of Afrioa, where
she took in a cargo of negroes and landed
them on the south side of Cuba. After landing
the blacks there the mate took the vessel into
Cam peachy, obtained fraudulent papers and
sailed tor flew xorx.wnero ne was unpos
sessed by a power of attorney sent on from
Charleston by the owners. When- she was
fitted out she was a sohooner, but the mate
had her altered to a brigantine and brought
her as such to this pert. Her name is in very
small letters and she has been totally divtated
of her internal fittings as a slaver, flapt.
Payne, of tbe J. 0. Hooper, took passage en
board a bark for New Vork, but died on the
voyage. His remains were kept and buried on
Stateu Island. Deputy Marshal Miller is now
in possession of the slaver. The mate is anx
iously looked for and it is probable the brigs
tine will be sold for the benefit of the United
States Government.
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, November 3.
A letter has been reoeived here stating that
General Trias, for many years Governor of
Chihuahua, is shortly expected at Elpato to
cousult with Judge Hart with reference to
the construction of a railroad through Chi
huahua, under a grant to Messrs. Hart, Otero
and others, by the Legislature of that State
last year.
Lieutenant Mowry is reported as being se
riously ill at Elpaso. .
Captain William F. Smith, of the Topo
graphical Engineers, has been appointed
Secretary to the Xight-house Board, vice
Captain Franklin. , . . .
Commander Hartesteine and Lieutenant
Jones have been ordered on special duty in
fitting for sea the steamer ifcunee, at Phila
delphia. ,
Lieutenant Davenport has been detached
from ordinance duty at tho Washington
Navy-yard, and ordered to the National Ob
servatory. Lewis Jones Young, a clerk in the Land
Offiee, committed suicide this morning by
blowing his brains out with a pistol.
From the West.
ST. LOUIS, November 3.
The Westport correspondent of the MUtouri
Republican says there are four Santa Fe mails
now due at Independence, and serious appre
hensions are felt as to the safety of both out.
going and inooming parties. The same corre
spondent states on the authority of the msll
earrler between Council Grove and Fort Riley
that nineteen returning Pike's Peak emigrants
were murdered on the plains by the Indians,
since the killing of the Eiowas Chief at the
former place about two months ago.
LEAVENWORTH, November 3.
Governor Medary has issued a preclamtticn
deolarlng the Wyandotte Constitution adopted.
Also, designating tbe twenty-fourth instant is
a day of thanksgiving. '
Large Fire.
CONCORD, N. H., November 3.
The Pembroke Cotton Mills at Sunoook vil
lage were destroyed by fire this morning, to
gether with a dwelling and the pioker and
oonnting-rcoms on -the opposite side ef the
river. Tbe loss is $130,000, of which about
$90,000 is insured. The mills were owned
principally by Weld A Meriot, Thomas Howe,
W. Roberts and M. Pope, all of Boston.
Nearly two hundred and fifty operatives are
thrown cut of employment by this calamity. -
'''' ' i. ii in i '.)
River News.
LOUISVILLE, November 3—P. M.
' River falling slowly, with three feet in the
canal. t.;i- .-...i .:.... v.i v.--. ; .
ST. LOUIS, November 3—P. M.
River is stationary at this point. ) The re
ported rise in the Upper Mississippi proves ito
be false; the river has risen, only a few Inches
at St. Paul, which will not effect It here
Weather, warm, with a south wind.
PITTSBURG, November 3—P. M.
So change in the river since noco. . Weather
elear,. (.: ,; , V ' .' - .',
Fire in Lexington.
LEXINGTON, KY., November 3.
The bagging factory of p; Scott was totally
destroyed by fire this' morning.''" Loss' abost
$1,600, or $2,00Qlnsured.-The building was1
a frame, and very .old. . The origin of the firs
Is not known. ,,, . , . ' ' 1. . " -
Destructive Fire in New Orleans—
Seven Squares in Ruins.
NEW ORLEANS, November 3.
Seven squares, from Washington to Ninth
street, in the Fourth District, were burned
this evening. ' They were thiokly built with
small bnildings.'- .. .,
- Another square is on fire, end the firemen
are powerless for the want of waver. -r.,
' : " '' 1 'i :' '
Fire in Pittsburg.
PITTSBURG, November 3.
The brisk building attached to 81. Paul's
Cathedral and oocupied by Bishop O'dsuor,
was partially destroyed by fire this morning
Less about two thousand dollars, Mi- is, fully
Organization of the Alabama Legislature.
lature. s ., .
The Legislature met here vestertlar, and
both branches were organised by the election
Of Legrand Guerry as President of the Senate,
ana isaian irvin as speauer or tne louse,
The Governor communicated a lengthy mes
sage, solely confined to State business, no ref
erence being made to national politics.
uuvu " I' fcn V I r- v . i , HI XJl. J IVU 1 111 I
Gideon G. Jp nigh, j to Miw Auguitft Uwu, lKth
JEFfERS November 8, 1899, Mr. John A.'3effere,
aged 21 reare. ' . .
The friend, of tbe fmllr are Invited to attend his
funeral, from tbe residence of bis mother-in-law,
Mrs. Hannah K. Fudon, in Springfield Township, at
10 o'clock this day, 4i b lint. Carrlagra will leave the
office of John P. JCvplr. corner of jNlnth end Plum-
ireeie, i a a. ti precisely, , . . , . ,
! Dixon's. Sugar-coated Pills.
Purely Vegetable and Pleasant to Use,
J ear Admitted to be the Best ramllr Pill In use.
j Prepared only by' ".
! , . OKO. M, DIXON, Dnurgist,
an2.om : , Corner of Fifth and Uala-streets.
ijujuranr of dinuin
NAH.8. W. coraerof Third
and Kace-atreeta. October
Hi, 1HC9.-IHH road Is no open. Car will etart,
at intervnls of ten mluntelp from 8:30 A. M. un
til midnight, running eaetward on Third-street
from Wood to Ijawrono.,tret, and westward on
Fourth-street to Bmltli, nd on rirth.strwst to
Wood. OitlMne will please Iwar In mind that the
cars will invariably eroes interaeoting streeU beftre
Btopplnn for ptt,8UKcrB.
oclS-tf JAMES J. BOBBINS. President. "
OOVEBT la pbnnwl.ulrail h. (I.. mn.
nent physiolana, and by the most careful jruetfstj
throughout the United States, to bethemosteneotual
blood-purifier evnr known, and to bars relieved more
Buffering, and etroeted morn permanent on;'., than
any preparation known to the profeaeion. Scrofula,
Halt Kbeura, Erysipelaa, Scald-head, acaly eruptions
ot whataooTer nature, are cured by a few bottles, and
the system restored to full strength and Tigor. Kull
and explicit direotlone for the cure of ulcerated aore
lege, aua otner corrupt and running ulcers, la giren in
the pamphlet with each bottle. For sale b
Dy juiifl o.
aR.fy,1ViyL9TiM oo., am
ui.i;iauii, rncesi.
SB PBARfiK Ta faf liinnuMn. h. ....
of Mwders for the face, a. in addition to all the de
sirable properties of the finest powder, it poueaaea
that of allaying all Inflammation, removes tan, sun-
iiurn ana iraokiee. and when properly applied, its ef
fect can not be distinguished from thoae of nature's
own beautlflor. It la applied with a aoft sponge,' rnb.
P'ng the face gently with a piece of soft flannel after
Price 60 oenta.
PAliRIBR'A RAmt AS nnana .T. . ....
upprecmtea oyan mat de
sire tO restore bv art tha blnntn nt vmxth Ttm o.ll.
Mtloh ia aulte eaiy.lls effeote perfectly natural, and
It uae la entirely harmless. It Is applied with a
moistened cloth. Price 26 centa.
OOLOONB WATEB.-The eSeet tnd iMtln, trt
grance of this article has been the aubleot of general
admiration for the niut tn t. i,.i- ...
eemblea the celebrated Farina Cologne In fragraoce.
wane many persona prefer It to tbia world-renowned
article. It ia prepared from tnaterialeof the greatest
purity; wl'h all the skill that science can afford, and
iii destined to suporsede moet artioleeof a similar
uui.utr. xi n .eiesauuy put up in lancy Toilet Dot
bottles, to replenish those of a more coatiy character.
.m ui various B,en, Klo, in
mi.rtnnfl nln, M.ilrl(
ouiiun i-albikb, Agent,
piauuinu.uror bui importer oi reriumery. Bit
West Fourth -street..
o. M
WHiREts, We, the undersigned, oltltentof Olncla
natl, desire to tender to oneofonr fellow-cltieni,on
the eve of his departnre from this region, some erl
deDce'of our regard, and to reassure him mat though
aomeiimoa "lost to sight," he la evnr "to memory
deari" therefore, ' '
Besolvbd, That In Thomas BrjcHiniN Bead we re.
cognize one who has, in making hia own fame. rnn.
tributed toward malting one for our Western Lauds:
who has cultivated assiduously the rich ininee of Ku.
ropean art, aparing no pains, partioularly.toacquaint
himself with the great models which have won the
eaieeni oi agea paat; wuoee iriumpns' are reglatered
both in the beautiful art of painting, and the niches
of impeiiebable song; and who, ou account of his
contributions to the One arts in the West, Js espe
cially entitled to tbe courtesies and kind considera
tion of citizens of Ohio.
Biholved, That we request Mr. Bead to appoint a
day upon which he will recite to our citizens auch ae
lectiune from his own rolumesaa will boat elucidate
hla nianv-faced mirror of anna- whlrth ntlir lanila
have accepted aa a kaleidoscope of locality. It is said
that "a prophet ia not without honor, ears In his own
oountry." We trust the poet will not be without It
in the cockeye stated - . .,
James H. Beard,
C. T. Webster, ,
. X. Rousseau, ' ' '
J.B. FrankenstelD,"
i flames A. Wilson, ,
George Hoadioy, '
1 Stanley Matthews, '
P. Slailon,
Alexander Long,
A. N. Kiddie, ,
. John G. Doulass,
' H. 0. Lord.
E.B. Haines, i
, A. Taf 1, '
Wm. H Lytle, 1
Ob. H. Fox,
J. B. Stailo,
Samuel J. Broadwell,
Thomas J. Gallagher,
Alexander H. McGuffey,
!. J. J.Faran,
. G.M.I), llloss,
M. Halstead,
: Enos B. Roeel, '
B. 1). Jilusaey, .
0. 0, Butler, , "
H.H.Clark, : '
William H. Johnson,
ltichard Smith, '
William W.Fosdlck,
. S, N- Pike, .t.
Israel Quick,
Raphael Strauss,
D. B. Hoag,
Win. Wlawell,
. Bellamy Btorer, .
A. . W. Darter, ;
i T. Ueadlngtonf i
. Joshua Bates.
Wm. M. Dickson,"' ' '
" Wm. 8. Groesbeclr, ' '
i M.H.Tilden, . , ;
W. S. Scarborough, .
Wm. Johnston,
Oh. P. Jaraea, n , .
John Ii. Miner,
K. A. Ferguson,
, Iiufne King,
I'T.B. Iloliraler,'
' 8. J. Thompson, ,
. Alex. Todd, . , ,
E. D. Mansfield; "
M.D.Potter, -Washington
McLeaD, - .
George P. Uuoll,
And. W. Francisco,
8. B. W. McLean,
K. M. Spencer,
i Dr. A.Alexander, , ,
J.D. Caldwell, ' " :'
Alexander Starbuck,' I
A.H. Markland,:i ,
E. McElery. ,
Junius H. Browne,
at. rv. myers,
Samuel Johnson,
baker A Von Phul, ; ,
J. I.. Vattier,
M. It. Medary, 1
.1. M. limiRtnii..
MorrM it. Morton,
. T. W. Whltridge,
J. O.Inton, ,
. M. Holllnsshead.r
' :vr.8.Irwin. ,, 3 ;
Mxsnss. Beaih. Adams ako OTHP.nj OnnHomon
In reply to the unmerited compliment which yon
have uald me. 1 can only say that it would ill-luu-nm
me to decline the reqaeet which) you hare been
pieaeeu to maae, - - . i .
Glnclnoati has always been a Wenaant homn la m.
and many of her citizens weru among my earliest
friends, and every visit which I hare niado to this
olty since 1 left it in my youth, has added to the emu
her many lasting friendships. In the llt appended
to your very gratifying call, I recognize the names of
many of our artists, editors, members of the bar, and
other prominent men in the community. This, to
me. Is most flattering, and I shall do mv heal in re.
apond as requested. As I am just on tbe eve of leav
ing the city, I would suggest, if convenient to the
gentlemen, that the Beatling shall taXe place as early
aa Saturday of this week. ,. , .. ,
. very truly, yonrs, - - -
Cincinnati; Nor. I, VHV).
1T" AT HALF PRICE. u,i :
. . .Y.,;;,"v!. ,l..j4,,ti i (..iff ,
I. ,-ji:uvu iiv.jjrt ii!i,l n 1 ,
..') xd
fl U i
'4 'i.d.euiu
fl.'u.i. a Jiid! tJ,i ui Vfiiarf I um
tmilnf-t htu V.u'l. .'.ui 'A,t:y.un ,vl)fooi. ;
'it "Jin. i.H '. !.'j;h wij bivuit i
" " . t.. ft ., 4
J W to Half Price at' .
II mini ii i (,.', ... Wo ;'" ,..'; ' "
Cloak and Shawl '. House.
tdind- Jt,il
.i TS West Foarth-siroet. '
f.-MitwBrr .... , ;, , j
" M. ,ilV. will ,
1 II
sivnTH k.rtjxom hali.
r, fcn 'ilt-i .jTrSTl Jt-iJi . f.;i.2
New York, I am now opening a splendid lot of
Uonnets, . ; ;A
' ttihboris,' .
" - i . ' ' Flower,
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
Of every description, which I am selling at a small
advance on New Tork prices, wholesale and retail.
( ;T. WEBB, Jt.,
no4 . . 1M ffiftb-etraet, bet. Bace and Elm,
All KindQ of
.n'M,; :;i.j.-rt,.'H,jvii:,,!;.
,!') !
'''I I''
; J
; .,i-.-: .. ..
:-' E
Penny Press OHice.
We have now In store a complete assortment of
Wool Shawls, "
Brocbe Shaivls, .
Stella Shawfs",
; i ; cloth Shawls,
Mails' ct)lss of which can not be found In any
other WHOLESALE HOCSK In the West. .'
W, P. Devou & Rockwood
' 83 and 65 Peart-street,'?. '
Cloaks, bhawls and Bonnets,-
' ' And Wholesale Dealers lu
'nosoeodj I
:il- ? -
l'ljt M'lr.t.
, -AND- n . ''!...' . ..
.' l-.iiwii ). ., ..T-amnity;dritH
j... uf.r. .i :r.r, tutu a.
.. is tl'uM I'l.tt iini
-.Jfci-J''lT,:.,,i,H '
.111 mot ).: lliiiu-. .,h in' I
ii.." ,..;! i'D., ,,'... a
ivi !') r.
1 IJSr.
! 1
ij4 ,inoJ
. rw .- . t , .. rv i .
i ( f ; Sil
3t m 'MmmiMi-k--
1 V ss "'-.'-VZ 'I'yii-. 'i.WWftA WffJ.Cli.aS
The Latest 1 Iniprovcment
I .ilH
i 1
Bewinir Machine Oompanr, 0 Wcit Foortl.
straet, exprwsly adapted for Vamllr Use, Dress Mai -
give perfect satiaraotloa or the monef'retnined. T- '
in, uaiter rutins ana lauoriug, . werraaiea j,
not fall to eiaiulne before purchninf .-1 Bitr
duoemenU oBeroil to Agents. ' "v "
tail to eiaiuine ueiore Biwcnuina;.-'.awwa il i
(l Want Panrlh-atrMl ,i
r,ZmJ, ronrih-street.J
"" r!V I
I'ff.fi (f.TfrrP ' 1 1 . i " 1
ltRB IRI8rl .WHtfiEt'TOtli VEARP "1
JL ' Old. received Oil oonstanmrat fron POWER I
"'I line !
-- Villi lTi,fivivuuu wsir-iBniisanui IIVBI rUTT X 1 IV 1
A SON, or Dublin, en MCBI-lir.ot Cork, for sale
(nndnW) at reduced pries, bJ
Mr M D 1 Ttl IT a. I
ii vt vT4oi m vv,'
, n
1 I m i j r " " " , , f ' I I 111 f W
..iVi and oi,Mllori KlVlMk
TO KNGtAND;i l ' " (' ii! TifAH l
Vr wsTtiWit Britain wA.f
'J'!!,' In sums of f I nd npwards.. r,.n
VKichanfe on, franco and Qermany. "
oc26tdefI r , . Jip. J 7 West Thlrdtret.
worthy the atlentlon of Ladies desirous of pur
chasing .'f , .,.,.. ,y , Jlt l
Fine Furs
; ., 'l !!;' .H- ,--4 "'i..i(. ,(
' TT k nrrrin w as a urn mrnTiTBtifi - t-
No. 149 Main-street, 1
Mm A:?
.-;i'.' :' ' v.: -.-i .
Cloaks! Cloalis!
, '; UNEQDALED IN QUALITY, :; ; ' ' 1 '
'TBI ' V ';',' ' - I ,
;;' -AT' ""''' .;., .'V:-
', lO Dollars, ,,r
-'.V:."i': 12 l)ollari, , , L f
.,. 15., Dollars,:"1:.;;,',";,'1
':'', ' 18 Dollars, ; -..-.SODollars,,,,,,;;;"'
99 Dollars, '
Q3 Dollars, , ,
30 Dollars, "
35 Dollar ! : '
1J :
At All the Above Prioos. . . .' '
At All the A bore Prices. ,
( At All the Above Prices,
v AT TBI ... . .
1 iiiitM.
jur; r tail pi ' ; . , u i, 1
Pioneer Cloak Bazaa
-Opposite the Posloflice.
. " ' loc31.aml!pl
Cloaks '
iT 'lii
11 rfii
)! I I-.
I'll !;
i .Millinery,
Dress Trimmings,
Fancy (4ootl Oeue
jo :OR WEST.'-,u !() -:,n
liiivli null ..if jia -ii U
i' ! '-r HT' n; J i ,ti',ii
''oc?JaW"'f ui
; i y : -i ;.-ii ; .i i ;.;,. ; .
, ' It:
t.:h' j! .... : .., th. M'l - A
ifiiiiT .-i(J v.J I-
f 'iJi. VJtswi
that iheT Ire lelllnl lumbal at their Tard oil
r' L. ; . ... 1: i i .1 . n ill A
j? iovuiu-aue., UOAIi w viuuiuuhii aruijuvu kuia
TAl tTttuti ,'i.uiii ailoii.
i. nv other Jmber Dealers In h oltr, (.
ttm W fibber ifmtwr JDealen in h oltr,r
Tbsubmit A Sfiowfa (it ofrioMt x-k
OlearlsmbetvaUthleknMseS,! la. ireas t iliou.J to
DM lWHJnivalft'1 n luuu -jMB..r.f.. n
btt ,," , i Inch poajdrt...-.,....,, .!
Koond " . , all thlcknosiBS, ...... ,....... 19
13 Si
12 Ml
87 BO
17 SO
18 00
SO 00
88 66
83 00
tblrd " ',..' Boarde.....u.MU..irfM U'SO
Orubfhtfak. faee-rensure.i...A..nii,... 23 SO
Hemlock Joisi, scantling ano limber.,,, u so
4n 13 00
...... 85 00
IWrd " ' 1 ". . i ....,.,. 18
VeiM pvtttt, i far , I feet, per anndred, M
Loenst !" i. ' . '.'. 'TaooJ 33
A farther rsdnotlon of i per esnt Wifl.oe. mad
litllsof 50or more. . , . , ,
We hve one of tlie ranSNtMS beetSeleetesl stocks
or Lumber In tfas Cincinnati market, sibiebsr offer
Ibr sals at the above pricen. .'.hj.ui ui
, ' : 1 ", i, "i" i
... riirp.nil llir All II rilVKHM'l llimil'.HI
w m p.- J O
S Ha-v a oikisrinMe;
Anmini ivn
dlMaUwtTtt CHilltgmsn nu.
IWimBllilWAf Profaaaion inv tifai in whinH aair.il Aar.
InW hMri nee d and b tnoat naufnl and hannv.
Dr.i). BHiKSA, Mo, KM rourth-sireet.,
I.I I I IM illti "t
. . , . at J , -m a TaaT- I " " .
1 j"11
ira iitwh vtytn vi mmni

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