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WANTBD-HELP CIrk, Meehanlos,
Hotel Help, 04rrliu'driTra. Farm-hands,
Men used to horses. Ac. , Alio, female Servants for
various situations, in oity and country. Every on
iu wai'iu employment may uearoi gooa situations
by tpplylng to A. D. CAllfl&N CO., 1.0, Sd2 WetU
ern-row. - n xb '
One who hat her own machine Apply be
fbra Wp'olook, , WILSON'S, ..
V17ANTED-6IEI.S-Two good dining-
o QD1D'
VfA ANTED AQENT9 A few more active
. I. . m6n at Agents la the aala of a new article.
men u Agents In tha aa
Agents are averaging IS per day,
yourselves, at lag Walnut-street. :
Gall and tea for
Boom No. 1. notb
V ANTED CLERK A young man to
. atrena to the oat-door business or a
M !SiL ' . ' PPl' 10 A' ' OABBON UU.,
lady who has had mnch experience. Good
roierenoet liven. Adanaa uri. J. v., box 150 Poat
once. , - i no4b
WANTED A party having $100 to loan
hit employer can engage In a light business
and receive a talary of (9 per week. . Apply to U ALU
00., 2V1 Went Flfth-etreet.
ANTED $250 for 1 or 2 years, to seonre
- - .upDru.ou. vi wuicu, m mitriSHKe will DO
siren on Improved re. Mtate, In Cincinnati, worth
t.,fM. aunai p. o. p., mn umcn. p(MU
telllgentboyof 1 Team, having good refer
enoes, well educated, and writea agood hand, wants
S.Ji!"'Jan lu.?me ,tore n0P or offlo- Address
THOMAS, at this offloe. no4b
certify that, being out of employment and
bring a stranger In Cincinnati, I made application at
the office of A. D. Carson A Co., No. S2, Western,
row, and immediately obtained a situation which Is
to my entire aatisfactlon, and I cheerfully recom
mend all who are in want of work to go and do
likewise. . JEREMIAH MILLER.
man of seven years' experience in mercantile
bnilnesi, either as-aasletant book-keeper, salesman,
corresponding olerk, shipping clerk or receiving
Jerk. The very beat of city reforeeuces can be given.
Address MERCHANT'S OLERK, cars of Box 423,
Cincinnati, Ohio. no4tf
S') IPS in Bacon's Ohio and Gundry'a Com.
merciel Colleges, good for full course of (Detraction
In Double-entry Book-keeping and Day and Iron
ing Study. Tonne men save money by buying. An
ply at K. W. T 0 TT LB'B Exchange Office, Svcamore.
street. , lnola W. B. A08.LEY.
man who Is willing tomakehlmialf mnenllv
useful In any business where there
i is a cbance to
makeallvluff-can write a aooit hand
Any person
in want of atelitanoe will please address J. II. II., at
mis uuicg. noiu
In a profitable business, with a capital of
three hundred dollars, which will pay from 8'ifl to $75
per week. Any In tv.rmatioii can bo bad by calling at
BHGUS ft SMITH'S building, (fourth story) No. e
Fourth-street, between Sliila and Walnut, between
the hoars of 9 j'olock A. M., and 4 o'clock P. M.
WANTED Clerks, salesmen, book-keepers,
porters, bar-keepers, coopers, mechanics,
laborers and others, can and situations at the Mer
chants' Clerks' Begistry Office, No. 291 West Fifth
street. nolj UALK ft CO.
a gentleman, in a private house; central ro
tation desirable. Address A. B. 0., at this office,
WANTED Six girls to fill good situa
Hons in city and conntry wanted: employ.
rn'Bt for two voting men, an Amerlcau and German,
willing to make theiuselvee useful. Apply at my
office, 7, Elm and Ninth-etreet.
experienced Cloak -makers wanted. To good
bands tie highest wages will be paid. Apply, before
10 o'clock A. At., at WILSON'S, No. 78 West Fourth
street. no3b
WANTED. A small family, tolerably
familiar with the "ordinary decencies of
life," wish to rent a Cottags, or three second-story
rooms, in or near the city. Address Q, J. ti. at this
office. no3b
WANTED BOARD. A gentleman, bis
wife and two small children, desire board
during the winter in a private family, where there
are but few ur no other boarders. Address, through
the PuatolBoe, Box 208, stating location. n3b
TON, No. 7 Ninth-street, Teacher of Drawe
Ing, Sketching from Nature, Grecian Oil Painting,
Opaqne and Illuminated Glass Painting, Claphaoie,
Gothic Leather-work, Potichomanle. no3b
17'ANTED-A GIRL To go into tbe
w w country, near Glendale one who can do gen
eral housework. Apply at No. 101 Main-street, wes
. west
aids, above Si tin.
Also a man at the same place.
Apply on i riuay.
trally located. Rent moderate. Address
J. B. B., fenny Frees OIBce. no3d
. OHILDUEN to BOABD-By an American
Nurse, norlh-oaat oorner of Baymiller and filch-mond-atreets
entrance on Richmond-afreet.
Wanted, Immediately, a good Journeyman
on ladies' cnatom-work. A good American work
man of steady habits may And a steady seat by ap
plying soon to Box 61, Richmond, Ind. no2d
IrtTANTED GLASS Broken green glass.
'Hold No. 20 East Columbia-street.
WANTED BOARD By a yonng lady, a
competent mnsio teacher, in a private fam
ily, where she could give instructions on piano,
, guitar or melodeonaa compensation for board. The
best reference can be glvott. Address Miss V. 0.,
care of M. E. Keanan, iJaguerreotype Boom, No 0
Fourth-street, Cincinnati. ociiv-awt
WANTED AGENTS and others to oall
and examine the corn-hnsker, gate-fastening,
Sgg-beater, knife-polisher, scissors-sharpeners, and
. a variety of other things, nrat-rate to travel with, at
,! ) , v GRANT, PITTMAN ft COS.,- -ocosoddw
' No. 8 West Third-street.
: ,',!. , ANY' . NUMBER OF
"'' rVIO " engage in eironlatieg by subsoription,
JL some new highly ornamental and entertaining
' Books, Maps, ''harts, Ac. Men now operating clear
! ' from w to f 151) per month. Call and examine tbe
. 'i stock and get a descriptive circular, look at testinto
i ;' nialaof agentanowopperatlng, Ac.
' Consultation free. Call soon. - -
MACK B. K4KNITZ, Publisher,
, , . oc2fam 38 W. 4th Street, (up stairs.)
FOR SALE-DRUG 8T0RE Worth about
$3,W, loeatesf ln aflonrlahingoity in Central
Ohio, with trade of (7,000 to 88,000 per annum. Can
h had on reasonable terms by addressiug Druggist,
P.O. Box iW, Cincinnati. no4-3c
FOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler Wagons,
Spring Wagons and Buggies.
. J. It. PALMIB,
ocU-ameod ' Bank-street Omnibus Factory.
FOR RENT In Covington, Ky., near th
corner of Second and Greennp-streets, HOUBR,
with three rooms and Hall, with plenty of water.
(Ml at the oorner, as above, on B. CCNKI
' ewb.'.
rooms, and Furniture for sale. Those wanting
a cosy home, on the line of a atreet railroad, will ap
ply on the premises, N". 31' BaymiUsr, near York. ,
fno3b -
BOOMS Of different sizes, in the fourth-story
of Apollo Buildings. Beady for occupancy on the 1st
of November. Inanlre of H. T. HOBTON,
octlawt No. 1 Apollo Buildings, 2d floor.
JB- Gas, for Gentlemen, at 301 Third-street, near
Plum. ocSlh ,
-"' T10ARDING One nnfurniabed front room,
, , , , M3 with .boarding for a gentleman and wire; also,
, a few daf-boanleia, at No. S3 Race-street, above
BOARDING. A lady and gentleman, or
two aentlemen. can nave nn, nr tn fmnt
( rooma, with board, in a private family. Apply at
No. 7 Ninth-street
' 'MJ instant,- pair of Gold Spectacles, near tbe cor
; car of Vine and Flfth-streela. The finder will be
' rti1ed bvleavin them as K. W. BOOTH A CO 'H.
oorner oi wainutana reari-arreeie.
M. Master Haaons from King Solomon's Lodge,
Toronto, Canada Wast, beg leave to acknowledge the
' brotherly reeentioA they Oast With last night.
.j.KiitiridaOo.iosrt.llW. noia
Writ or Ebbob Allovtid. Tie lame Court
that decided that John S. Gano was not Mar
shal of the oity, yesterday granted him
writ of error, and the case, of course, still re
mains open. "..
Copyright Siodsid. In the United States
District Court, yesterday, a copyright was
taken out bv Max Wail A An . nr hi. r.
a small volume entitled &iWt Zcbm ami
0cnryfei xne Life and Writings of Sohiller"),
by Qodfrled Booker.
Epioubiah. The new restaurant fitted up
iu uw casement or the Burnet House, by Wil
liam Wilkinson, ii already a favorite resort
for those fond of good eating. Every nioety
the dantiett appetite can relish is served
there at all hours of the day and night. ,
The Sohillie Centisnul. The Germans
of the flitv ara malrlntf crnt&t v,fAnii.atlAna a
- "a o v
celebrate, in a beooming manner, the Sohiller
Centennial, the particulars of which will be
published in doe time. F, Haasaarek will de
liver the address upon the oooasion.
PiRBOKAL. Dr. Stephen Dnnsan and Thomas
Rose, Esq., of Netohes, Mississippi, and J. D.
Hill. Esq.. of New Orleans, with their families.
were at the Spenosr House yesterday. These
? gentlemen are all very wealthy, their aggregate
ortunes amounting to no leu than from aeven
to eight million dollars. '
rati Railroad. The Mail train on the Indi
anapolis Railroad, due here at three o'olook
yesterday afternoon, did not arrive until after
six, in oonseqaenee of the bursting of several
flues of the losomotive. The accident hap
pened near Shelbyville Station, bat no damage
save the delay resulted from it.
A Doiibli AcnirjKKT rinu 'T....An
Yesterday afternoon, as two boys, John Fal
bott and Samuel Trobell, one of them, we be
lieve, a TJUDil at the Fourth Tntnrmll..
School, were playing at the game of "leap-
i rug, on vouri-sireet, oetween Kaee and Jilm,
the lattor stnmbled and fell, throwing his oom-
rjanion to tha ffronnd. hw wMh ml.k.n .tai.m
r a ; wi.u.f vvuu
broke his left and Samuel his right arm.
Htmbnial A verv onw WAilIno, v,nl.tf l
attendance ucon Mr. F. W. Pnrinh mnd hi.
bride from Paris, Ky., were at the Opera
house." The ladies were very pretty, end
costumed with all the elaborateness of the
latest fashion's art, and on the very best
terms with themselves) they were radiant
wuq pleasantness ana redolent or physical
and spiritual sweetness.
Thi RiCIS YE8TIBD1T. Tha ranae vmL.
day at tbe Cincinnati Trotting Park were
fairly attended and throughout warmly con
tested. The first match was for $400, two-mile
heats, to wagons. We annex the following
summary: .: ( v :
James Hockey, enters b. m. "Fannie Hope," 111
Win. Barwiso. enters 1, m. "Ida Bell," 1 i J
' .- .' ,"ne t:3M; . e:n;
There was another match for $4u0. mile
heats, best three in five, to wagons, between
tneunioago n. gy"xen iiroeok," twtfer, and C.
W. Dimick'i b. g. "J. A. Shannon," pacerj
but somehow those interested best know
tbe faster horse lost the race, and Ihe judges
declared that it was foul, and that all bets be
drawn. The betting on both these races ran
quite high, and considerable money fonnd
new hands before they Were completed.
A RovAWA't Horsi Fills into a Cillar
A horse attached to a wsgon belonging to the
soap and candle factory of James R. Smith,
on Webster-street, yesterday afternoon ran
away down Ninth-street, but hie rampant ca
reer was brought to a indden termination by
preoipitating himself into the cellar of a
coffee-housa near Liberty-street." A rope and
tackle wero soon arranged, and he was lifted
by their aid and that of the bv-standera from
the cellar and the predicament intowhich
he had fallen. He seemed very tame when
released, and walked toward home quite
chapfallen, and apparently much ashamed of
his rashness and impetuosity.
Thi Bubnit House. A late number of the
New Orleans Delta pays the following deserved
compliment to tbe Burnet House :
"We know of no house In the West kent in
better style than the Burnet House, in Cincin
nati, under the management of its present pro
prietors, Messrs. Johnson, Sanders & Co. It
wal a popular establishment with the Southern
people when under the control of our sociable
and handsome friend, Col. Coleman ; but its
present proprietors, thtprottgetof the Colonel
young American like seem determined to
surpass even the efforts of their professor in
ineirart. we can conndently recommend the
Burnet House to all our people as one of the
best hotels in the oountry." :
Hobbiblb Acoidint from thi Explosion or
A Cahphkhb Lamp. A woman named Con
nelly, who resides at the oorner of Race-street
and Water, was fearfully burned vesterdav
evening by the explosion of a camphene lamp.
as usual, in sucn oases, she was filling It,
when the fluid, coming In contact with , the
blase, set it on lire, and the liquid flame was
immediately oommunioated to her person.
tier injuries extend all over her arms, chest.
neck, faee and abdomen, and are so severe
that it is nardiy possible for her to recover.
What renders the circumstance still more sad,
however, Is the fact that she was about to pass
into the state of maternity, and thus the no
cident involves tbe loss of two lives. Her
wounds were carefully dressed by a physician
in the neighborhood, who did all in his power
to relieve her suffering, but fears all his efforts
will be without avail. ,
Polios Codrt. Judge Lowe, yesterday
morning, examined twenty-one eases, but
their importance was not great The follow
ing is the only ease which was worthy 1 of
note, and its interest is derived front the fact
that it has been mentioned before: -
A fellow named Henry Gothart was charged
with stealing a trunk under the following cir
cumstances: He had been the traveling oom-.
panion of a woman named Ann Rauley, from
Pittsburg to this city, who was on her way to
New Orleans. She remained, however, a few
days in this city, and, being about to start for
the South day before yesterday, entrusted her
trunk to his oare, he promising to take it to
the steamer Neptune, upon which she intended
to continue her journey. Instead, however,
of taking it to the boat, It was transferred
to his boarding-hopre, where' he examined its
contents. After missing the trunk, Mrs.
Rauley informed some of the Police of the
circamstanoe, who arrested Gothart and com
mitted him to tbe Hammond-street Station
house. , After hearing the ease, Judge Lowe
sentenced him to the County Jail for, six
months. i ", -.
V Sbirift's Sales. The following desoribed
roal estate was yesterday sold by the Sheriff :
Lot, No. 4, in Wolfs subdivision of lot" N,"
in the Northern Liberties of Cincinnati, front-f
ing on' south side of Hamilton-road, 23 feet
front, aad extending back to the north line
of lot Ho. 14. Taken in execution as the
property' of P. Stooksteder, at tbe mit of John
Stocksteder. Appraised at $l,4S0.,i Sold to
Adam Best for $1,776.
Also, lot No. S, in said division, S3 feet
front by 119 and 14 100 ftet deep. Taken in
exeeution by the same at the suit of the same.
Appraised as $1,430. Sold to Adam Beit for
1,000.' ,, . .... ,
' Also, lot No. S, in Heme City, (a Olnneinnatl
Building Association Purchase. Taken in ex
ecution as the property of Stephen Maxon, at
the suit of the Cincinnati Building Association.
Appraised at $500 Sold to plaintiffs for $334.
Also, lot number' 6, in same place, t Taken
la execution by the same as ' the property of
the tame. Appraised at $600. Sold to the
same at$3S4.''.';,wt ' ';. ' :
None of the property of Samuel 11. end
James Riddle advertised was soldi- ' j ,:
r j i.t.
The Babe of a Beautiful Actress about
to be Sold an a Slave—Three Years
History the Offspring of an Illicit
About four years ago, a girt, whose dreamy
eyes had not yet seen the -violets of eighteen
Springs, was brought to this oity from the East,
by one of our theatrical managers, and after
making her dchui at his establishment, became
s favorite with all its habitues. 6he had been
engaged for1 luvenlla traced narts. and her
sweet face, her delicate, almost exquisite,
features, her charming figure and elegant stage
uopuruneni maoe ner a ravonte and won
sympathy from many persons whose long oos.
uopolitan experience had made them quite
blase. f ..-.
Among those who were most enthuaiastlo in
ner lavor, was a young man from the northern
part of the State, who saw her first as
"Pauline," and ever after when he spoke of
nor to nis inenas ne oeuea ner Dy that name.
Night after night he visited the theater, but
only seemed tolive when she was upon the stage.
She knew him not, and of course never dreamed
of the passion she had awakened, but still, like
" Claude Melnotte," be loved and dared to send
her flowers, and was happy when he taw them
u tier nana. , ...
At length he managed to be introduced to
his charmer, and his annarent devotion and
sincerity soon won her heart. . Alone, without
inenas, of rather a melancholy temperament,
solely dependant upon herself, while at the
same time sick of the world and tired of the
part she was compelled to play in it, the sym
pathy he had to offer fell upon her spirit like a
soothing balm. Before they had been ac
quainted a month they were inseparable, and
is the society of each other spent all the time
they could spare from their duties.
For several months this continued; but, like
Franoecoa dl Rimini and her beloved Paolo, as
they read, one afternoon, they foil, and their
olden peaoe and content abandoned them, and
came never back. Still they were devoted to
eaoh other, but tbeir lives had been ideal, and
the terrible result of having yielded to tbe
tempter did not make itself fully known for
several months.. Thon they were disconsolate.
He was unfortunate in business, she oould not
proaeoute hers, and there seemed but one path
for them to pursue. She left the theater for
the ostensible purpose of going East; but really
to become an inmate of one of the Hospitals of
the city, at whioh she beeame the mother of
a beautiful and bright-eyed girl, Whioh she
gave to a mulatto woman that it might be
cared for without annoyance to her.
A week or two ago this woman, whose
name is Heazelton, left her residence on 8yo
amore-street, between Third and Fourth, and
went to Maysville, Ky., upon a visit to some
relatives, taking tbe child with her. She
had not been long in that city before she was
arrested, and, with the babe of the actress,
thrown into jail. She remained there some
time, during which she managed to prove
that she was a free woman, and under prom
ise of leaving the State, she was liberated.
The ehild, however, was retained, and in
spite of her protestations that it was a white
child which had been given her to raise, it
was kept in the possession of the authorities,
while she was sent to this oity
A day or two since she went to one of the
Lieutenants of our Police, and told the story
ws have related here; also stating that from
the hour the mother of the child had left the
Hospital, she had not been teen, and that
nothing was now known of her. The father,
too, has not been heard of, nor has he seen
his child since it came into her possession.
The child, she says, although ehe can not
prove it, is the offspring of the illicit love of
the actress, and of as good parentage as those
who, she fears, will yet make it a slave.
Meantime tbe Lieutenant has written to the
Maysville authorities in regard to the matter,
aid now awaits an answer. What will be the
result of V case still remains one of the
mysteries eioh time alone oan solve; but ws
presume the woman or the authorities here
will be compelled to resort to a writ of habttu
corpus, and serve it on the Maysville semi
kidnappers. .
' The beauteous mother of the lovely babe,
perhaps, is weeping now over the fate that
separates her from her offspring, and with
breaking heart regrets that soeiety will not
allow her to recognise it as her own. This
child's history, whioh began under suoh ex
traordinary oircumstanoes, seems likely to con
tinue to be strange in the extreme. Never
knowing to wiom it owes its existence, it will
pass through life and play its weary part,
while the fact that her character, whioh has
been saved at the expense of the loss of her
child, will haunt the mother and embitter every
oup her lips shall taste, although they might
otherwise have been as sweet as Jove's own
was a beautiful day, as have been many of its
predecessors, reminding one more of May or
June than November; the skyjblue and bright,
and the air so warm and balmly that it seemed
as If the soft breeses would wake the flowers
the chill autumn had nut to sleep on the still
verdant hill-sides. The streets were filled
with gay promenaders, and Fourth-street was
thronged all day with lovely women; not only
from our own, but other leading cities. . r -The
night was as lovely as the day, and
more poetic, as the night always is. The
moon was orssoentially and charmingly pale,
and the countless starry eyes of Heaven grew
brighter as they watched her silvery march
across the sky. There was no ohillineis in
the atmosphere, and doors and windows were
thrown open to catch the genial breath that
stole la laden with tbe breath of next Spring's
flowers. It was a fair night for promenade,
and sentiment, and poetry, and many were the
genua voices, ine iigni net, ana nopetul hearts
that did homage to tbe serene and speeding I
noun. . ...,( ... . ..
The seemins; of early summer was in the
out-door world, and few who walked abroad
but eaught somewhat of tbe calm, and holy in
spiration of the night. " ,
Herenaders were moved by the arjt oooasion.
and many a guitar trembled in answer to sym
pathetic songs beneath the open casements of
fair ladles loved.- As we write, after midnight,
we near ine swell 01 music rrom tne street, and
the modulated tones of lovers' voices filling
the mind with memories of ; Venice and
Italia's romantic years. ', ' j .''1
Cincinnati is quite animated at nresent. as
it has been indeed all the season. Business
and pleasure are well and aetlvely pursued.
The hotels are filled with strangers, and our
roay-oheeked ' oountry cousins are : here in
goodly numbers. ' The wholesale and retail
trade is lively, as Front, Walnut, Pearl, Main,
Fifth and other' thoroughfares Indicate.' The k
theaters and other places or amusement are
well patronised, and every thing gives promise
of a hustling winter for merchants and a bril
liant season for the members of the ieau
tnmdt. The Queen City wean radiant smiles
of contentment and prosperity upon her brow,
for she sees before her a golden harvest in the
coming future. ' -" - " "' - --r : 1
' a
, . ,
New PosTorrios ArrowTsrsNTs. Dr. Vat-1
tier, the, newly appointed Postmaster, has made
ths following changes In the clerkships under
hit control. The appointees were sworn in by
J. Bell Pollock, Eq., after which they entered
npon the discharge ef their doties. , The fol
lowing are the ohanges whioh have been ma del
''Bartholomew Smith, removed. -J j"
John Sinolair, Deputy-Postmaster, ia place
of Dr. Russell. "T-'" - " "- ' " "
B. P. Churchill, in place of It. 3. HeOrew.
John O. Jones, in place of WrB. Barry, i'
John O'Dowd, ia place of Thos. Barry,
j Peter Hunt ia plaoe of Thoi. Moran.
Jas. Pollook, in place of Edward Boyle. u
" .' .. -,, v:
, UMSASAiiibRi) Atiocitt A Child Taiicd.
At an early hour last evening, little girl,
two years old. daughter of Charles Keith, who
reildet on the oorner of Lodlow-street and the
landing,, was stripped , by .some scoundrels,
tarred from head to foot, and sent in that con
dition to her : home. , We do net remember to
have heard or an act whioh was , quite to
vllllanout as this, and heartily hpe the per
cetrators may be brought ' to iuellee. 1 The
parents of ths outraged child offer reward 0
. a.s: .. r-' f w ,,,
Distressing Accident—A Young Attorney
Shot the Head and Almost
Instantly Killed.
Day before yesterday, John A. Jeffers, a
young attorney, of this city, went dock-hunt-ing,
in company with his brother-in-law, Jos.
Muohmore, to the Great Miami River, and
while in a skiff near Graham's Bl ills, concluded
to land. Accordingly tbe boat was rowed to
the shore, and Jeffers stepped out, trailing his
gun in his hand, when the hammer, it is sup
posed, struck against the side of the boat,
causing the discharge of one of the barrels of
the gnn, as the mueile was in a direct line
with Jeffers' bead. The contents of the barrel
entered the neok of the nnfortunate man, and
Saased out on the left side of his forehead,
effers fell to the ground, and though he lived
for an hour, he did not speak and was not con
scious after tbe acoident.
Jeffers, who had been married about two
years, leaves a widow and one child. The
body was brought to the city, and the first in
timation his wife received of the casualty was
in seeing tbe corpse of her late husband, who
bad parted from her only a few hours before in
full health and hope, with a prospeot before
him of many years of happiness.
Dcbino thi Last Wiik in Ootoiib. From
the books in the office of the County Auditor
we have been permitted to take the following
exhibit of the receipts and disbursements of
tne county from October 21 to 81, inolUBlve:
Flore Licenses
Peddler's Lloenses,
(248 71
13 00
82 00
. ' 83 00
28 00
' 900 00
464 00
116 36
32 87
26 US
W 13
Carthage Road 476 id
Cloves and Brldgeton Boad.. 117 00
Bharpsuurg Itoad................. 7 60
Lunatlo Asylum ,a IS
Bouth-western Asylum
Section Tweuty-ulne.......
County Fund t,8SS 60
Building Fond...-. 1,323 76
Bridge Fund........... 1,23? 97
Harrison Bridge................. 1,342 46
Harrison Boad 7ft 60
J.MPttkti, Treasurer. 100 00
Total $13,097 03
$1,268 73
Montelt Report or thi Mayor to thi
Citt Auditor. The following is a statement
transmitted to the City Auditor by Mayor
Bishop, showing the amount of money re
ceived at his office during the month of Oe-
toDer, in Denait 01 tne city:
'l .
138 M
2 no
SO 00
61 00
II 00
387 60
132 00
64 60
390 00
Express wagons,
Furniture care...
Met(tf(iia etMMstssesee
Hackney coaches...
License to retail fftintMiwdar.
la e a seseeieee
Halls, exhibitions and balls.,.,..... .
Street railroad cars
Cincinnati Street Uailroad Company, (nor
capita tax)... , 171 Q6
Bale of School tot in Seventeenth Ward 2,000 00
IoUI...... . ...... ,.43,223 M
UNrriD Btatss Coust. In the case of Don-
aid Murray vs. Sassaway Braehears, yesterday,
in United States Court, the jury rendered a
verdiot for the plrinttff, and assessed the dam
ages at one oent. . , , :
The oase 01 Washington McLean ot. the
Commissioners of Hamilton County, was taken
up, and tha following jury empanneledi Riohard
Cowling, A. D. Benedinn, E. Qt. Dennis, Alfred
Denny, m. Noble, Aug. Stone, . C. Crlppen,
Daniel S. Coombs, J. F. Sutherland, lias
Straley, Willis Hays and Wm. Bendom. Two
witnesses were examined, after whioh the oase
was continued until this morning.
Burglary or A PosTornoi A man named
H. Elgin was yesterday committed to the
County Jail by United States Commissioner
Meok, upon a charge of feloniously entering
a postoffioe in Highland County and stealing
therefrom a twenty dollar gold piece. His bail
was fixed at $500, but this he was unable to
give, and he was therefore confined to await a
trial, wbion win oome off before the next term
of the United States Olrouit Court.
City Council. The speolal committee ap
pointed for the purpose, reported in favor of
paying Miohael Moore for paving Third-street,
tbe work having been done according to
contract. . , ,
The sum of $103 85, was allowed to Andrew
Herod for boarding inmates of the iail and
Numerous other small olaims were presented
and referred. ' ' -v.
Mr. Cawbror, from the special committee bd-
pointed some time sinoe, for the purpose of
guarding ine interest or rne city in tne Ken
tucky Central Railroad, offered the following:
resolution :
Sttohed, That the citv of Covin e ton an-
peals from, and does hereby instruat its At
torney, John F. Fiek, to take an appeal from
the decision of the Fayette Circuit Court,
rendered at its last term, in the case of Wins
lo w,trustee,and other cases consolidated there
with, upon original and final cross-petition
against the Covington and Lexington Rail
road, and that our said Attorney, on behalf
of the citv, be instructed to execute a bond
for costs of appeal, if necessary in hisopinion.
Referred to the Committee on Law.
Mr. Battersbr, from the Committee on Gas.
reported in favor of paying to J. M. Wolf,
the sum of $46 for ISO gas-burners, at thirty
cents each, for the uso of the street lamps.
He took occasion to state that the new burn
ers would materially diminish the amount of
gas required, and thereby greatly lessen the
expenditure lor iignte. . . .
Several ordinances levying special taxes
for internal improvements were passed. Ad
journed, f'ti'.ui I Ui ,i, ,t. j
roLioi court. The following oases wero
disposed of bv. Mayor Foley yesterday r. 5 1
Andrew Adams, for drunkenness. wait fined
$2 76. ..Wm. Lanan, for disorderly conduct,
whont 1 ln.. , w IL 'n. rj i."
Without license, was fined 3. He plead ig-
noranoe, an it oelnr pis, nrat onense, he wbs
let off easily. He was unable to pay his One,
and gave his oarpet-saok of "notions," con
sisting of six papers of baking-powder, three
or four papers' of salaratus, and two bottles of
some kind ot polish, as security for the pay
ment of his fine; the whole, if inventoried,
would be found to be worth About twenty cents.
The unlucky man. then started for the river,
intending to draw ou some Cincinnati bank
for money to redeem his handle.
Casi or LcnAot. A woman.' about fortv-
five years of age, named Sophia Laferty, was
yesterday brought before Judge Moore, of the
County Court, in order to test her sanity. The
jury returned a verdiot 'of confirmed lunacy,
ana sue was ordered to tne Lexington Lunatic
Asylum,. r . , '
'a w - 1
Citt CocNrJiL. But little' business was.
transacted by 'the Oonndl last night. Two or
three coffee-house lioenses were granted. Mr.
Gideon, resigned, -hla position as Chalrouo of
the Committee on Poor, and Mr. Meade was
appointed In his place. Mr. Hay man saade a
random speech and the Council adjourned.
' Polios Court. George Clinton and Ed.
Relleyy charged with beating Davis, on Sun
day last, were yesterday fined two dollars, each,
and costs, by Mayor Hawkins;1- We had been
misinformed in regard to the affair, and there
fore did Injustice to these .parties In our first
notlee of the matter,, ?yj,v . , :
1 Pcgirrr or a Hour TJndsr DimcnLTjks.
A little more than a year ago, a couple of
horses were stolen from a gentleman residing
in Crawford County, Pens., named Hitohoook.
After following the depredator for tome distanoe
into Ohio, all traces of him were lost. ' About
two week, since three or four men wore arrested
for some 1 crime .and lodged in the Crawford
County Jail, ; Boon after they were incarcerated
one ei them, beoame very loquacious) and com
municated to the Sheriff the name of the thief
Who bee! stolen the horses, we have mentioned;
and that ho had taken them to Cincinnati.
Offlver.FerguioiJ, accompanied by a son of Mf.
Hitoboock, started thither Id-pursuit, found
that ths horses had been sold at auction, and
thatone of 'theta waeae'w in Campbell County,.
Ky., about nine miles from Newport. Tbev
troceeded to tbe plaoe, and there identified the
erse. The whereabouts of the thief, who is
named Tout Klsg, and the ether horse, have
not jrt peta wwmcu 1
'4'ii;i ,.t .A
susHiirr.-A i)e(iii was raised before this Oonrt
in the case ofC. Hai k m-sw andolhersagainat Howard
Matthews. Omintv Amlltm. in ... .)..
mode of making a rnurn as to the property of a
deceased nartv. (Anthnii H..knu. h. k.
wen three executors two residing In Glendale, and,
... iu ,u nMiuiu rraiooioi siiiiereea Town-:
ship.- ... , ,
Mr. King; one 4f OieV eaWutoH. makes a return if
i 11 1 ' c 1 ' l'. l"" upndd Township,
J. "Jf, """'T h,'vl"S hi attention called to the
, . iikm mu wnoie o ve entered as an tfl(iss
ment in Olendale. ,
Mm P.?1' "?' ,nil ew'l adopter! In view of the
dlfflsulties of the statute, was to consider each . xec
utor as hound to deliver to the asaessor a return an to
the property under kis control! to that while Mr
King could not, as one of the executors, alter the
YIaFS! aropjTty.or transferring the who e
f. nd to the Eastern Pnwlnotof gprlngrfeld, tbe An
dii'Lr if not ,h rlht 10 thrw " '"to blendale.
The Court suggested that the partl-s should agree
upon a return to be regulated upon the principle am.
D. A. Powell re. W. K. Morrla. This was a bill of
rvTioir m raverea a oeciaion 01 tne 01a Buperior
Court. Judge ilallon announced the opinion, dis
missing the bill.
Springer and Whiteman vs. Spalding and others.
Judge Carter gave the opinion In this case, which In
volved a question aa to the payment of a note,
claimed by Gross A Dietrich. The Court held they
were entitled to the payment nf the note.
Corning vs. Ditillter. Motion to retax ooata.
Judge Dlckeon delivered the opinion, holding that
U10!r, mu 06 utJ"(1 " P"yK for by plaintiff. , Judge
Slalloa dissented. , , .
An application for a writ of habeas eahku
In tbe case of CUrlitlnn Goodman, In custody, on a
charge of assault and Lattery, waa allowed.
INBANITT.-George Bashlngrr, a native of Bel
glum, and a resident of Hamilton County for one
month past, was held to be insane from Intemper
ance. His insanity was only of a few days duration.
It was alleged ho bad attempted violonce upon
others.. He was tent to the Asylum temporarily.
Monetary and Commercial.
Monetary a.Talre underwent ' very little
ohange yesterday from the previous day, although
an iuoreaaed activity was observable in Third,
The market cannot be ealled easy aa yet, but the
improvement in its tone steadily continues, and
Capital is in quite fair supply for all legitimate pur
poses; tbe Ulecouut-houses accommodating their
customers with more freedom at 10i3 per cent.
eastern Exchange was scarce yesterday, and some
of the dealer, ma ,a high as 4.10. for drafts on New
York. The general buying rate, however, was about
400.. and Baltimore and Boston bills would not com
mand over Jt premium.
Of Gold, considerable sales 1 are still making at 46o.
to premium to the Ohio Banks. In NewXIrleans
Exchange and Dnourrent Money very little was
doing. ' ' 1 - ,
o cnangeor conseojuence occurred In our Produce
market, but Mess Pork was higher. Hogs told, lor
future delivery , at f 5 6(1(315 78.
The receipts or Produce and Hogs during the
twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon were atfol
lows: Flour, Iris..,.. I...... .. j 770
Whisky, oris ZZZZ'. 6M
Corn, bushel.......,...,....,.,.,MMml 3 29D
Wheat, .. .,...7',14
u ,' i, " i,sa
Barley. M 641
Hogs, head gju
We annex a comparative statement of the Expor ta
(exclusive of Specie) from Hew York to foreign
ports, for the week and since January It
1857. . 1K3S. 1830. ,
Jorthe week ...l,84 MS 1,2M,200 " I l.Sfls.wo
Previously reported (709,432 tO,m,m 43,783,317
Since January i...j,a7o,aa J53,023,4W $js,oii
In Money affairs we have no chans-e in r.t. in rhMLi
pur. irareu lair vusiness aoins in Loans on de
mand at from 96 per cent. The Bill Broken con
tinueto report a moderate offering of prime Paper
outside ot Hank, the terms being within k&7 per
cent , according to datelyfrhe Exchange closed for
tbe Beaton mail uovai 105? for Banker' Dills, drawn
on the spot, moat of the business being accomplished
yeelerday at 110 percent., and lOMSiailO for Southern
drawn Bankor Bank indorsed bills on London. .
The Boston Bank Statemeut of the past week it at
Capital Stock......... .. .. ...ai.lBl.TOO
Loans and DlsoonnU..............OT.,.,.. 68,i28,(mo
Bpeole .....,..., S,762,800
Due from other Bankt........,.........,. 7,157,01s)
I'ue to other Banke,...,...,.,..,....... e.udj.ooo
Deposits. ., W.SM.'ooo
Circulation..,,..... .532.iio
i..ii,,,.,..,,.,t ,632,IS)0
Wednetdav't Herald ubh.rvea ! nu.nl tn fl..,Aial
affairs iu Mew York! .
The acarol ty of good paper becomei more marked
everyday. Of second and thlrdolaaipanerthetupply
la large, and lo eome lnitauco. the rates at which It
it discounted are high The course ol the dry goods
market has discredited agood deal of paper made by
dry goods Importers; we hear already whispers of
private arrangements for extenalons. But parties
whose names are untai nted, or who have good securi
ties, can burrow very cheaply indeed."
At Chicago the receipts of wheat for the week end
ing Wednoaday exceed those of the week prevloua
110,(K0;buhele, and of tour fi.i 00 barrels. There la
also an increase 01 about 20,000 bushels In the receipts
of corn principally of tbe new crop. The receipts
and thlpmente of flour for the week are the largest
ever known in the history of Chicago.
The receipts of flour and wheat during the past
throe months exceed those of any prevloua year iu
that city, yet tlie great increase la In flour. In 18',ft
the receipts of flour for the above three months were
79,317 brie.; In m, 165.006 brls.; in WW, 151,410 brlt.:
in 18.18, 201,777 brlt.; while in 18SS the rtoelptt foot up
334,77brls. gfV
Concerning Pork-pflhsjtvtg In St. Louis and Alton,
yestei day's M iSBonrl Democrat remarks:
It is generally believed t bat the Has crop will come
In late this season.' The St. Louie packers are mak
ing such preparations as lead us to believe they will
thiaseason slaughter more than 100,1100 head. This
they could easily do in less than twenty days' time, aa
the capacity of the slaughter-houses Is 4,600 head a
day. Those intending tn pack this season are Messrs.
A met A Asticroft, Koe, Whitaker, Bayhas, Stella and
Bell. Mr. Roe has taken ttio house formerly occu
pied by Geurge Hagens, and made improvements
therein, to enable hitu to slaughter and pack largely.
Butofcouse the packing done will depend entirely
upon prices and the atate of the Money market. .
- At Alton, we are iuformed by Oreenwood 4 Co.,
packing has nutueonimencod yet, Last yoarsome32,
000 were slaughtered there, against 8,000 the previous
season. There are three packing-bousea at that
point, ono capable of slaughtering I.MIO hogt a day.
Prices there will likely open about aa here (4 SO nor
100 pounds net, or possibly S3. It Is probable the
number of hogs will not be to large in Ihe country
at last year, but they will be fatter, at corn is more
abundant. ,
FLOUR-The feeling was rather better on 'Change
to-dav. but nrlces continue wichnnt rehanffA. The
sales were M0 brls. at 9i 76; AO brlt. extra at lit 40,
and SO brlt. do. at (SCO, delivered; these rates are
obtainable only for fancy lots. $170(34 80 may be
called the range of the market for superfine, and
towsKo iur extra. i,a una. were received tne
last twenty-four hours. ','
WHISK Y-Ko ohange in prices:' sale! of 900 brlt.
at 22H22Hc the lattor rate for wagon.
PRO VISIONS 200 brls, mess Pork sold at $14, and
75 hhds. Baoon Sldea, tome months packed, at !Mc. ; .
HOGS The market la rather dull: sales of M0 head,
delivered from the l..th to tho 20th Inst., at 5 75,
averaging 200 lbs. , and 6)0 do; at s so, tame delivery,
and lufl to 200 lbs. average.
GROCERIES Nothliie? new In tho market, and
the demand is limited and confined to tbe wants of
the retaU trade, at IffilMc. for Sugar; 40i.Xor. Mo:
Uasss. and llil2Mc. for Oollee. .....
wujsat t ne market is iiuiet, with a better reel.
ing, but prices are unchanged: sales of 330 bush,
prime red at fl OS, --; .:
CORN The market Is firm, with a good demand:
sales of 800 bush, at 44c; Jon do. at 42c,
bib -races nave aecimeu snoot aj; -per nusu.,
with a fair demand: sales of 1,500 bush, at "8X0.
OATS -The market la-flrm and prices are wall
maintained: snlet of 2.MX) bush, at 46o.
BARLBY Theniarket continnta dull, bat prices
are unchanged: sales of 1.7M) hush, medlnm at ftfla.:
Sonbnih.do at S3o ; 700 bush, spring at 6)o.
. CUKKSE The demand continues active and prices
nre firm: eaies of e.w oxe Western Reserve at tc.;
SOS boxes E. D. (Orange Farm) at lie; 7 boxet E.'
l). ai 1 tc; ou uoxes nnimeg ai i7c.
1 APPLkS The recelnls are liberal and the market
dull, with a fair demand: sales of 140 brlt. at $i OJ; SS
one. aiaiw. c - 1.
ruTATUse rue maraet is dun ana prtoes nave
deollned: sales of SOObuah. Neshaoockt at 360,
ObOVBR BKEC The market It doiii talet of 45
[By Telegraph to the Chamber of Commerce]
New OaiSAne, November 2 P. St.-Flour It quiet,
and the demand limited at softs 40 for asperfine.
Men Pork dull, but unchanged: email tales at tltfiO,
Bacon dull, but Unchanged: saletvof 110 hhds. at 8K0.
for Shoulders, aud 10H 0. for Sides. . clugav lu good
demand and flrmer. lales of 100 hhds. at JfflTJSo. for
lair, A good demand Tor Molasses, and prices have
advances aowHOKiro.. vnitxynncnangea;).Biani ax
change on Kaw York has declined to Mt&X discount.
The ateamer Arlxoaia hat arrived, J
- sw Yoaa Mam it, November 8 P. M.-Flour
Sc. better for Stait and-low grades ef Western
which are scarce: sales of 18,000 brls, at 14 80 for
superfine State: 4o5 for extra State; $4804eA
for superfine western; 3 0ft6SS for common to
medium extra Western, and Aa SO mrlnfarinr to
food shipping brandt extra round-hooped Ohio
market oioalag pretty firm. Canadian Flour steady:
tales of 300 bcli. at IS 606 SO for common to choice
extra. Bye Flour is In fair request at 13003430,
The Wheat market is without striking change: sated
of 44,000 bush, at 1 HHifcis for afUwaukie Club; Si SS
sai7 ror wnite n;jiato tor wnue tventuoar.
ibj a 1. w.iu, "iiu snicn, w, mw vwu, kju.
Barley ii scarce and firm: talcs of 7.000 bnab, at too,
for flooA Jeffaraon Cnnntv. . Oom it dull and nt,.
changed: talei of 1,800 btiiM. at Wo.ll for Jeraev
and round yellow; mixed Western nominal atv
and Canada. Whisky It firmer ard active: -tales of
z,3O0 ons.Bt Jew ror s market It dull but lower:
tales of 1,6.10 brlt. at tlfl 316 37 for mett; 110 ss for
Erime. Uesf Is without material change: sales of4J8
rl. at $Ko)4 2 for country prime; $isis for do.
mpBB: JM1310 for ri'Dacked mess, and ttleAU 0 fur
extra mens.; Beef Hamt dull, wiih imallsalea at
SlS0IS90for prime meee. Cos Meats are tcaroe
and nominal at 80 for Shnnldere and VHAMio. for
Hams. Banon more active: aalet-. of l,so0 boxet
mlddln, dellverahle uptoaext January, at 9ic At
the auction tale of Come today. 4,nou bags of New.
Orleans were eold.atloMSI2So.-the market ia Srtn.
Cotroa h easy: talea or Td balei.tneludlnt) on ln
Iraneltu, at lie. for strict mlddliog Uplauila.t Ko.
freluht. Linseed Oil ateady at : Mhjwo. BfKln
buoyant: eSa, was. rsfnsed. Klce auarce auff jioei
flrm Tallow Arm, O thsf y ticlet cuiet-H,
TBarri'tMaa' WAhVtVi'lloemr S-i-riofitk flrm'
1 Rnward SsS7i. iWheatt Uavr: ealot qf IM baahl'tA
SISiNfelU for hite,i"J llSai30 tor red.. IVirn
dull and untaleeble: white and yellow atStetWe.
revisions ouiet. Wliiiky uit at i7.
If va,!
J :-i.i'4 ,'.'l(i, I.
Wood'i Tbutsr BisTim orotis Blum
iZTa7fc7ESiJ5", of the week aesmMe.t .
Til Hn,.?US.e,.M ! representation of ClOO P
t?,hlSS!?Ifi,i..The ' V hM inmo admirably, and.
wndared. r"n. ba been BnUbnnlr well
J"? A5 Ml IHaworthy takes a benefit and offer,
one of (the . tape! attraetive bills oItte iS.lt'
S,hDl,l!VfBVlwr',-J.,,l,1 r of UuJiT i"
which Mr. Anderaon will appear a "Alfred a."e yn"
and the at "Clara Dooglas," and . Hakeaaear'a
Tm0THi RBftiw, -In Wen both" alao ar
These attractions, combined with the well known
ability of those who take the leading parte, should fill
the bouse to repletion. ......
.National Triatib Bikxtitdv Jm.i. n.
This excellent actress appeared last night to a One
aurieuce as "Evadne," and won eonaiderable an- '
piauae py ner luiperaonat Ion of this beautiful but dif
ficult charaotar. Iler friends are numerous, and, we '
are glad to pereelve, seem determined to nuakii thi.
present engagement one of the moat siwcuaful the
ever playealn this oity. . 1
She will present her claims to them to-night aaa
txmellciiire, and offers a vary attractive entertain
ment. She will appear at "Madeline, tbe Maid of
the Faubourg," and as "Constance," in Sheridan
Knowles't exquisite oomedy ot Taa Love CRAaa. '
,1: Blmore will alto appear In both of these, and '
power of thbiiu'' 000"'dnl'lr to tu nsnetiii
Thr Concsrt Last Night. The Concert of
Mrs. J. 8. Drew.aOlmlth A Nixon's IIa.ll last night, -was
well attended. ThU lady has a large number of
tnmatni admirers In thia oity, and last ahiht by
blr patronage itbey gave her an excellent proof of
the estimation ia which the is held. Her voice it not 1
great either n power or compete, but it it tweet, .
clear and highly cultivated. Her trillin 1 delicious .
and her style excellent The other porfr.-.ert,
Messre. Totso, Drew andKunkel are too w.ll-kno.u ,
to require a word at our hands; but tbn whole affair ,
passed off admirably, and, waa certainly a financial ,
auccesa. , . . r , , , .
Thr Concirt To niort st Sioitoa Cosradi'
Cpituac.-Thit excellent linger, to long a resident
ufourclly. Will Siva a fraud f.raaMl .kiu
evening In Smith 4 Nixon's Hall. The programme'
is an excellent oneand contains aoue of the finest'
arias ever written. Among these are the famous
n? t n D,0B Paeahtle-a duett from Trovwtore, n
iY-V ""in iu, ui,opr uargo at t ariotum inm
11 Barbiera arirl th- M . n 1 . i... ui.k
such a programme and the aaaletanot of hit ao-om.
pushed daughter, Bertha, and our townsmen Toso
and Kunkle, the audience should fill the boose iu
every part.
Grand Bcbsosiptiom Conosbt. Tbe first
Sf t'0Rrn h?r1'lt,lon concerts, to be given by.
.0 will Uke place on Monday evening,
at Smith I N Ixon'e Hall. These eonoerta promise to
be amont: tha SiiAiit nr th uunn ir.,i,n,. ..
a large variety of musical talent oan make them
such, they will prove all they promise. -
Ta OLTMNO This ettablishmiinr. at Va.
10 Stat Fpnrth-ttrest, It quite a favorite retort, and
tbeir nightly concerts are largely attended. .
A.: A. Eyster, Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry, Not. 841 and 371 Western-row.
Daguerrean Gallery, south-west oor
ner ef Sixth and Western-row. over Hannaford'a
drug store. Plctnrea taken and nt la. good cases
for twenty cents. Warranted to p'ease.
Pratt's 22d Araual Sale of
" At No. 98 West Feurth-etreet, '
ia iii (Mext to Snlth Se Hixon't Hall.) !
half the Publlshsrt' prices.
Ladles and gentlemen are respectfully Invited to
BABD, atTradeSalea-roomslNo. 21 West Fifth,
street, up-ttalrt.-Aanieneo'e eale nt Medical Books
at Aoction.-On 8ATTJBBAY EVENING, Novem
bers, at 7 o'clock, will be told, by catalogue, a large
aud valuable collection of Medical Books, compos
ing a variety of standard works In the various d.
partmtnts of Medical Science, with moat nr tbe Text
Books now In use in the various systems of practice.
N. B. Catalogues will be pnbliahrd on Ba'urday
morning, and the Books will lie open for examina
tion on eaturday during the day.
notb . B. Q. HTJBBABD, Auctioneer.
Tlonea and ltnqnlrer cipy.l '
SHEARS ft CO,, Sales-room e Not. 87 and W
Main-street. We will sell, on SATURDAY MUHN
INO, Nov. 6, commencing at 9 o'clock, without re
serve, an extensive aaaortment of Ore curies, collat
ing of 60 brls. Molaasea, 73 brla. Sugar, 3i0 kags
Nails, ISO boxat, lbs. and St Tobacco.
ALSO-Indigo, Nutuiega, Hope, flasks. Ground
Spicct, Papor.Kope, Soap, Bedcords, Twine, Smok
ing Tobacco Young Hyaon, Qun Fowdar, Imperial
and Black Teat, Ao. :
no4 Q. BBA8H1CARB A Co., Auctioneeri.
STON-Balesroom No 7 Katt Third street
$5,000 worth of Dry ' Goods at Amotion -Una
Hundred and Fifty Packages of Dry Qooda, In
catalogue form. Poaltive Sale, without any reaerve,
for oanh, of a stock of fancy Dry Oooda belonging to
an East rn Jobbing House, which will be solo in
TUKSDAI MOBN ING, Nov. 8, commencing
at tX o'clock, A. M. The stock hi all in good older
and perfect, and consists of every variety and site of
Merino Undershirts and Drawers for children, Oent 'a
uud liaiiiee, bilk. Cotton and Woollen Ilotlery of ale
eizet, Lisle and Cotton Glovea, Geni i Buck uloveal
Gauntlets of the finest quality, Worsted Jackets, Ac.
(.., .1.,-. nBni.. .111..L On,., at , t
CravaU, Blankets, At., Ao. ,
The goods are now open for examination, and tha
city and country Morchanta are Invited to oall and
examine, as tbey.wlU.be positively eold without any
rcsL-rve iur caaa. U04a
A CO. Sales-room No. 33 lUain-atreet 44
Boxes ot Preserved Vrnlts at Auction, by order nt
Underwriters -On SATURDAY MIIUNINU. Nov.
A, at o'clock, we will eell forty-four boxes Pro
aerveu rruits, sngntiy aamaged, consisting or
reaches. Tomatoes, Corn, Ac.
AL8 0 Orocerlee, Glassware, Liquors, Oigare,
Boots, Shoes, Ac.
noa a. a. miiius c vu., Auctioneeri,
A CO. Peremptory tale, at Auction, of a
splundld collection of magnificent Oil Paintings.
oomnienoing at o'clock, and continue at 7 o'clock
tn the evening,. at our sales-room, No. 18 Eeat
Fourth-street, a hvge and valuable collection of Oil
Paintings, by tome of the most talented, artists of
the day, embracing over one hundred varied aud
pleating subject, consisting, in part, of Claaatr,
Historical, Sporting and Fancy Klgore Pieces;
iiandscane. River and forest Vfevs. from Amm-tann
ticenery- all tattelully and appropriately mounted in
fine Gold-leaf Fran.ee, tultnble for hanging in par
lor, cabinet or boudoir,: Paintings and frames will
be told together, and this will proie desirable, aa
each frame has boon made to order in the beat man
ner, and adapted to the peculiar style and tone of Its
picture. Descriptive catalogues ready at the sales
room. Connoisseurs and artiste are particularly In
vited to examine this choice collection.
no2 ', JACOB QUAFF, Anrtioneer.
BARD, at Trade Sale-room, No. XI West Fifth
Street, up stairs. Assignees sale of Booka at Auction
by order of OoUrt:-On TUKHDAT, WKDN ESDAY,
1,2 and 3, at 7 o'clock, will be told for and on ac
count of Samuel B: Keys.' Ksej., assignee ot Messre.
Truman A Spofiord. a large and valualileoollection of
miscellaneous Books, comprising many popular and
standard works In- Theology, History, Biography,
Travels, Literature, ScleDce and Art, Agriculture,
Horticulture, Natural History, Ac. Booksellers and
collector tor publlo ano prrvate libraries will tlnd ia
this sale a favorable opportunity to make good selec
tions at low prices. "
N. B. Books will be open for examination on
Tuesday morning. Terms cash.
ocaie .. ., S. G. HUBBARD, Auctioneer.
..- ',;-i,07 THE CNITKD STATES,
d J"J vi.'T (rtrmT.WrtVAa.), ivir. ui
i ' i Otnee 8 Broadway, New Terk. ,
mms company divides' The
JL entire proflts, pro rata, among He Policy Hold
era, legal toUrest 7 Per cent, vuly) ieiMidoa lie
stock, which may, by Invaetinent. reproduce about
that amount, tneri-nr clvlni the atsiued all the ad-
L vantage, of Abe aria Mutual ciyateni, with the
teenrity that iu Board ut Diroctora have a l'triua
nont Monoied Internet In couduet'ugita aflairt with
pradenceand strict economy, "
: 1 Urates are based npon tbe taoel approved Eoslleh
tables of mortality, verified by Air tr lean experience
totne ppeeenttime. . . ) -
By the Charter, Dividends to the Assured are to lie
iclared evnrv live rean. and may be annlled to the
reduction of premlBtaver will be credited npon the
policy, thereby Increasing the amount inenred,
Parties desirtag to Insure will be furnished with
tbe Society's publications, ratee, Sc., gratia, upon ap
plication to the Agent. 1 '
7 ;Hnn. WILLI M 0. ALEX AN DIB, President.
HENBY B. UYDK.Vice Hresident.
. KiWA ItD P. WILLIAMS, Secretary-.D Lii
GEO, W. PHILUFS, Actuary.
- koOAt scABD or aonanca roa site cimnai-i.
: We, the nnderels&ed, take pleasure In aUtlna that
"The Eo.ultable Life Assurance Society," or New
York. represented in this citv by David A. Trunx, I'sq.,
it entirely worthy the confidence of tble community,
and that the combination of ths Mtttnai and Joii t
Stock principle aa by them pretentod-render this
Oonipanr one of the moat aetlrabia Vr iaturert tn
the country: , .
' Ctedman OaHlals 8haW, Slanhepe S. Howe,
J. S. Chtjnewtth A Co., .. B, S. L Hommedleu.
' Blachle?, Simpson A Co., J. W.ttorwln,'
. Them peon A Iteflti- - H. E. Spencer.
4Wet'ti IhlnMtreetv' Beatnttati Maaonle Tempi
' - JOHN H.TA1T, aUD., .
oca - l ' --, ' liamlnlng Physician,
blii.Bi:,,! ;j
SJU ,llaij li-I' I "u.J'

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