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If poWlabed UaUr, ( Sundays exoepUd,) br
oiri(x.i M Till, roukta-iTiiir.
TBI PKNHT PBI88 U dellrsred to mburlUn In
OlDofoutl, Ootid gton and Newport, ud iw
rooadlnf ltli and towni, at th . '
. inmuriowpnoaofi , .j vi
men or mailihoi . .
Blnloop)M.ji month Mo.; I monthi 111 1 roar 14.
rounding ciuei and towns, at the ex.
Iobii A. Xlulu, jB.nM.AlIiaMan4
Mr. Andersoa and Miss Ellsworthy.
Tni8(8tnrday) ITtHINO, FoTombor , will ba
ytrcwuivu tun utivrito pitr wuivu .
Oa. lu Tut or riiunumr.
pftnon ntmM-tt-t-t i-tTTt-TnitiiiniMMtn.nMr. Andsrina
Pfib1a................. Mr. Lanidon
lJonyiilm....................,.........,.....,..H.U-. IUnn
liillilua ...... ....Mr. Kd
Mr. HU
klntbs......n..M..m,,.n.ralaira. Bllilor
ermiOM.,.. ................................ Annlo WalM
iiaucet oy dw &ai rennoyor. '
10 ooiioiuuo whd ins ceiooraioa oia oonwar or
-' ' TH1 WONDER.
Ion Flli...., Mr. Andonon
4ol. Brltton . .,..,.Mr. Hall
rrederlck...............M.m.........,,....Mr. Bwd
on redro.
)on Lopei.
a ti a! !! i m r. jvuiier
ma iriaK.ie
) a M)eta a eaataHi
...,,.m...Kir. Lord
Mf. AHatma
onnft viflint8.M...,,..-M.w,...Mli BlUworthf
Ioddi. IubelU..
...Mlu Annie Walta
4iatei imiiinh
,U1h Jenny Denhia
aWDoora open at SX; Onrtaln rliea at JH o'clock.
L'aicsa or Adkimion Drata Olrole and FaranetU,
ffwunii hungry t towaw.
i )
Blxtb nlglit of tha dlitlngtilahed aotrew,
Mr. Julia Dean Hayne, ' '
And the popular tragedian,
1 Mr. Marcua Elmore. , ,
THIS (Batnrday) K VIS NINO, HovembtT t, will ba
aotea tne inruung arama ot ,
LncretiaBorsla....uu...-....Hra. Jnlla Dean Dama
UonnRro..,.,...M.....-.Ur. JUarcue Klnora
uunejta...............,.,....,.,....4ir. JennlnKi
Mr. Barrett
Jeppo Leeretto m,,.Ur. Bernard
PrlnceM Negroni ......................Mre. Bight
raBce...............,... -Mill Jennie Bight
To conclude with the langhable fare! oalUd s.jr
-- THE JAOOBITB. - : - j'J
Blr Blctiard Wrounbton. ................Mr. Vanderen
Major Murray.., ...... ..Mr. Swift
uora ponieriora n..uiM A. tiranem
Widow -Pottlea.i....M.it a Mn. Lawi
I ? n
TB17 NEW HAUO'Ati HOTIJIi, adjolnlug tha
tuemcr. ii now open lor in reception 01 gueau.
ooma oan be obtained by tha day or week, and
meat rnrnlahed at all houra
Ni.TIOHV Tredeamea and othera are oantloned
agimst lumianing any ariioiea lor me ineatar with.
out wnu.p oroer, aignea nj me manager.
it. tare AJL-i
Announce! to hi! friend, the anbaorlbera, and to the
puojio generally, mat Hie nrei Pi ma wo naMoilp.
iiuu uiuwru win ue given af ' '
Monday ETenliig,. Nov. T, 1880,
Tlcketa nf AdTnllorn..i...i..l. ,..;..S0 90
Family Ticket! (admitting four peraona to both
CoDCerta)................. 1 00
Oan be procured of B. O PAIOB, 170 Wait Third.
outlet, aim at tuo JUUIIO OK)r(HM x t ,.
09" Oonoart to commence at 8 O'clock, preoiaely.
Nntlonol Hall, Tlat-itreat, above Fifth.
Leader of Oroheetro,
..0. H. Boloomb.
0LAR8I8 Thoradav, from 1 to 8 P. M. , for Ladles.
and Hasten,
Ntturday. to 12 A. H., and 1 to 6 F, M., for Sllaiea
Gentlomen Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 P. M.
Waltzing Claaa, for ti
ilea and Gentlemen, Friday
Lesson! Tom Gehtlimek. In ordar In moat Ida
eonvenienceoi gentlemen wnoae trail naei or social
encaiementa often interfere wllh their nnnotiial at.
tendance, our arrangement la, that tioketa axe pur. I
ehased, one of which la delivered at each leeton.and
oan ue uouu uuriug inewnoieeeaaonot seven montna.
iu, lasaone are eo ariangea mat oegmners can
oommeucv at any lime. ocu-0m-W4n
Leesoe and Proprietor........ ,..N0. B0WOBTH.
This new and beantful TEHPLB OF THB MUSES
vpeuea lor me season on
With a fnll and talented DRAMATIC! AND CON
DEBT TEOUPE, eeleoied from the dlHerent thea
ters and opera ooinDaniea of the Union.
Admission 10 cents. For particular! lea small
bills. i , ,
The " Olympic Saloon " will ba open at all hows
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
ines, LiQiwrs ano uigara. ocM
'J V
tupera uonae.) , ;a
Last wek, commencing MONDAY, Oolo-
bor8l. J. Insoo Wllllama'a osl
VRino. Thii magnificent Paintlni
nlebrated Bible Pnno-
fhani .til) mnllnnai ilnan In hi
ng commences with
hlitorloal order, to
the Babylonish Captivity, containing more than fifty
of the most sublime and Interesting aoenes In the
Bible. Exhibition every evening. Doors open at 7.
To commence at M to 8 o'olock preoiaely. Ticket! 38
corns, enwnren nnuer 10 years or age 18 cent!.
Also, Exhibltloni on Wednesday and Saturday Af
ternoons) doors open at 3, to oommence at I o'clock.
RApjaiura uy lr. xiODlll!. OCZJ
Door Locks,
r. r. car and switch locks,
, Door and Qate-Springi,
BeUs Hung, Keys Pitted.
The publlo are reipeotfully Invited to call and ex.
amine the various pattarna and prloea. All Jobbing
promptly attended to .
noaom Mo. Its Fifth-atreet, td door from Bace.
. I a 4k ean. - I
Seale Mnnufactnrr t . I
o. 41 Bait Beeond-street, between Sycamore and
Broadway, OlooUnati, keeps every description, of
, t'oiinter, PliOfovTti, faltle, Railroad Oeaet.
Iron Wassasi otp,
epalr ng done on the shortest notice. ' nel-6m
' tfioney i irtoneyi money 1 1
' -n jl TTi-aTTi-iT.i-LTTr.-ij'. t l !
u B.euoved from Sa Weat SUtatreet,
J.iM.Kha,Y and all klnda of Herchandlae, at low
rv ui inraji, aa an, 17 VlBaHllnM!, pel
JL BTBBGT. Hallet, Davlaft Oo,
be sold at price
,0T C11,
the rent pay fo
The largest a
naaieioD a d rumor. ; r.ters, ui
naera i raters, uregq
Bacon A do. All mTi
prlcea that can not fall to
:aab. or will rent and Ui
e rent pay tor tne riano. J. OHTJHOH Jr
The largest atock of Melodeonala the eliv onii
inet received an Imnortatlon nf haI n-j.
In 14 and K Osaka, Otard.Dupny Oo.. andllSli,
Monnle Oo. For sale wbnlewile and retail. 7
very superior Havana Oti
A. Mcdonald a oo.," ,
ocM ' " Nos. 88 and Ht West ronrth-atreet
O.VJL j net received, two noxa. avira nnni.. i..n.
jnaooaruui bub t vuiicaui. aoraai, Dv , ,
. . . . ' ' A M nTWI ai A r.Tl A ri
. ' 0rt4 Woe. 88 and 4 West ronrthtreot:
CEITED. 18 bbls. fresh Inallah nrukitdi.
fiirsale bj A. MeDONALD 4 CO.,
cc24 Nos. MaadM West Fourth strset.
. : " A 'i'...t...t.:J-i V 0 A --?'f iw . . , ' " :J "".- ... ... ,
' ' iww.
... '- IF i r -III I ;.' ,., .... I , , 111 I ' . ' " l' - '. i . -i
If fl III I I H I Kit I V , aJ III II I IH HfflH.'IIVIDI'TlB'AUl 11 I. Iff AWwZ -v"W
-VOL. 2. ff NO, 66.Mi"i,.rr vfi 1 TITD. Tt A V MAT vrrri : Wftirwumjn k ioen nnrn.
1 ,. f t( t' i - ;j ' t.ty4ivuuiiiiji uiLi ujkiAi i luuum iit i. ivuv r.iinriii ii i n:i. .,..,. kkii ' w aim ar . B'u'purn
4 siA, y . - 1 .
.wiiUvMC 4&'pp -' :iv:. :
Rates of Domestic Postage.
''ie"2nMt bo pr.-D.Ud bf "i
nndor 1000 mllM,
HIUnH. or InnlnMri l
pre-pata. iv oenu.
o.i , to any part o( tho Unltwl Bute., not w(.Uh"g
Ofor Souneea. 1 cent: and i n.nt r. ..-i. .Tji?."L.1
7 win not do lorwaraea.
onnoo; pra.payment reqnirod. . "
Jtry' -iu, not waigning oyer 4 ponndi, 1 oont
."w"11". ? Ft?"C4
i in tno united bum on-
10 be oonntAil ui .HHltinn.i .
?,1?5'A,llEf taa PaioiOA.i,, not exceeding IX
per ouarter 22)4, iti tinea i per week tri-week
Wi iem.weeUy.W; weekly 3M:.emi.r!ronthlT. l)
moniniy, . Newspaper! and periodical! wh
eiuninv nt mini'rt. unn lu ih. . Kn
HMALL NlWIPAPUH. Itnhll.riAll nutnlhl. - Aft..
and pampbleta not containing more than 16 ocuto
page., in package! of I ounce! or orer, X oent per
KILT N!WHi.BML within 4ki V
pnbll.hed. Free. .
Ouurtarlv unnAnfj. in !, tv..
Arrivals of Trains.
l "ui-irvii m vniointATi--f;W A. n. KU r. K,
I VlSftP. M.
A. .iB:40p.i.: lD-.lOf. a. "-' -..iT
Lrrru ltum-7:0 a.m. 1: r,.l7H8 I..10:li
UAalBTTA AMD (hvm.iri".i.1.n t '.".a.l. mm'
ynvKuuiniHirri t:i4. a:O0 P. .; lOil
- iihwi. liwri au
Departures of Trains.
IIAAP0LI AID OU0IJtAIl-6;S0 A. M., 100 ,
OrMmirirATf, Hailto iwn Dattoit-IndlanapoUi
and Cleveland, 6:00 a. nr.; Bandnaky Hall, 8:00 aTm.:
fiandnakT. A?an - i.,....mr..inti., '
brnLi.JHuiii-OleyeUnd and PittabnaT.'fcon'a.' a.l
boa Accommodation, 4:40 . at.; Cleveland, Pitt!
Unlftnri II ..,1 i ' . .. . '
Mio AMD uietiiasippi-gt. Lonli, 8:00 A. H.l Lonla.
Villa. 1KI H Ht T.nnl. l.wi.'w 1 -ap
Ptnaapaa, Ooibmiu! and o'leioisiiATi (Btenbenvllla
( 00 li'oui '"'wee. Aepot-:Uv a.
OtavatAjiD, Oolumbu! and Oinoihh ati Xait front
.w.i..,o,wt.a.iii;Jvr. M.
a"" ll,p"I?'rom " lfr0BtH,treet De-ia
WTlMOTOW AMD 1jXIHOTOB 6i! A. M.i 1:10 f,
. a.
f flff The amnnnt nf 9n1l ntn.j J..
jn nyma mine or Ualirotnla
ana Auiiraua 11 taia to bo 431,400,000,000.
Wliner. a muitaalflamnnasr nf Vlann.
it iu uuiuuor iboi, iron an aooiaenial ait'
ooarge ot an gan while oat ihooting.
36-0arl Formei Ii is Oermanv. and lila
reiam to thii ooan try, at lout for soma monthi.
s T T,rl V fnrtran 4n aha a! V
that "one of the thing, worth a vUit to Parit
Ii the exquisite coafeotionery, to light and to
perfumed that it resemble eonoealtd odor., nv
a cryrounaiion 0 tne anene oj ntett Jiovtn."
JP"The Brlnoelv brothnr nf tha Ahnalnt.n
Kbit lTeicnuial. ajheil ratnpritncr from hla m.
bpuy to PaHi, on the Egjptlau iteamer
itariout, wai lolk on the Oth of July, on the
ooaai oi ngypi. t
'irtTThe VIotorIa brldn over tha Bt. Law
renoe, at Montreal, haa. already oost leren
million live hundred tboniand dollar, and
iwo or tnree montni will yet be required to
miieu tne won,, l a
I JtBfSIra. Harriet Beeaher fltowa. wha tlh
her hniband, hai been residlnir in London for
me pan tnree tnontUf, ti about to prooeed to
Switzerland, where ibe will remain durini the
1 A. f.l fj . . a .
wiowr wttu nor aauffaier: ner tins band. Prof.
pwwi, returning to Amanoa lortnwiUi.
491. a. .
Joierh Hume'g itatna. in front nf tha
Townhouie of Montrose, waa inanniniUil
September 24, in the preienoe of ten thousand
people, ana witu great solemnity, all theihopi
being oloied, and Proroit Kapler delivering
Jades Cadv. who died on tha Slat., at
hli residenoe in Johnitown, was verging upon
the eighty-eighth year of hit age, and wai one
oi me oiaest, it not tne oldest lawyer in New
York State. Ue was admitted to tha W wh.a
Washington wai President and George Cliinton
uovernor. ', :
Xkap. Tha VAnn.Aif .lAn Af th. VI..m, Af
mjp.. i ouason racna. arrived somo divi asm
in Parli from London, and has gone on a visit
to M. de Lesiep'i, in Berry. Bis Highness,
who, notwithstanding his extreme youth,
neea! aeverai fiurorjean lantmatres. 1 aeeom.
panted by an English governesi, a Pranoh
pnyiioian and a numerous suite.
JdV A reoint letter from Rnma am that
"the Pope continues to. reorult his health at
Castle Oondolfo, matting exourilons on foot,
and driving about the lovely environs of the
lake of Albaao. On Sunday, while all Some
was agitated with the departure of the Sar
dinian Minister, Jfis Holiness Indulged in the
pleasures oi nospuanty, and admitted to his
table a number of Cardinals.' v .4 , ;;, s ;' t;
tfThe Boston JVanicrtof fflderatandathat
the original manuiorlnt of his Kuloi?v on Mr.
Webster, handsomely bound, has : been pre
sented by Mr. Brerett to Mrs. Ball, the wife
of Mr. Thomas Ball, the aonlotor. to ba dii.
posed of at the Fair to be held on the 18th of
November, in aid of the fund for the purchase
of Mr. Ball's magnificent equestrian statute of
Washington. j
Ex-Governor Adams In a resent letter
expreiaes the belief that the "leaders" at the
South are too muoh under tha influence of the
"blandishments at Washington" to be able to
ao jaiuee to tne south, and adds t "I oould
name ten Southern Senators, who bv a con
certed movement, oould, in less than : three
months, rally their respective constituents in
favor of a Southern Confederaoy." . .,
William Dalsell. an unmarried Bnillsh-
man, was burled alive recently, while digging
la well in MoHenry County, Illinois. ;Whei
warned by the eavlng in of the earth and the
eriesofhis friends, he grasped the wlndlassv
rope, but not being secured at the top, it went
uuwa witn a run. lie was not aug out until
two dsvi afterward, when, as mav ba annnoaarl.
he was very dead. - . j
a aotob w9 "got ruioioi" BaokuidI
0hle8 H. Weeks, aliai WentworthL
0D" 10 Mtor ' York, and who, last
winter, "experienced religion,", and took to
preaonmg, ana wno, moreover, published a
letter in one of tha New York papers-, in whloh
he stated that the Christian publlo did not
sustain him, and he had been obliged to go
back to the stage, in order to get means to
snpport his mother and sisters, has, of late,
been in Boston, under the name of, Charles B.
St. Clare.. Hii eonduot has been anythtngbut
that whloh jaitlnes his professions of piety, or
evlnbf good oonduot The Boston olergy now
give him the cold shoulder, not finding blm at
all worthy of confidence. i
TTwsafinBW.Bn llnMitw. -u IT1 .
Judge1 John Bean rsturned reosntlv fmm a.
journey to the Interior, mnd passed through
Ur paiM to
Cypress City, and when there he took portion-
ascertain tne numoer ot lnnabl-
tents in that place, Immediately after the first
aarmof yellow fever, and when many had
left The numbsr at that time waa forty-five;
Snd of this number twenty-ieveu have since
led) two of the remaining number were dying
when he wee there, and fifteen others were
liokl It will be ssan that this leaves but one
well parson in the place, except those who are
there ai nones from Houston I Suoh mortality
we think ii entirely unprecedented.
Belleville Railway Calamity.
bu Can . Broken to; Piece TweUe
7 rePMM , KUled Twenty-eight In
jured Intereitlnar Particular!.
, .The telegraph haa already aunoosoad the
oafeatrophe atSeUaTille, 111. ; bat the Chietv
. v" . of v d hM a m ud
graphid account of tha accident, from whioh
we make the annexed extracUi
,The ezourslon, otir readers already are well
aware, was the return of a visit paid a short
time since by our oitisens to the young oities
vua jook out on xiaKe- YYinneoago, tne oo
oasion then being tha oompletion of the last
link wanting to connect Oahkosh" and Fond
du Lao with our city, ,"v
Promptly at half-past seven o'olock, ' the
train from Oshkoih came into Fond du Lao,
there to find and take in tow six can, four
well filled at that plaoe, the rear car to re
main locked to receive the delegations from
towns further on down the line. We bowled
merrily out upon the roadway and made the
stations oi unesier, Junettuana Watertown, on
time, taking on at the latter two well-filled
oars. At the latter point the accessions had
swelled the number to twelve woll-fllled ears,
the rear one still empty and locked for towns
below. ... ... ' w h...
.' There must have been at this time, from the
crowded state of the train, over six hundred
and fifty passengers, the gentlemen very gen
erally being: aeoompanied bv ladles. A han.
pier party we never saw, the little groups of
luuiueics were famerea eaon in IIS own ootene.
Seats turned to face teats vary generally dl
vidied these occupying them into groups of
four, hovering about which, or flitting from
group to group were gentleman and ladies, all
in the highest spirits. Mirth and gayety
made the ears resound, and well nigh drowned
the rattling of the wheels, as the train sped
onward. The writer passed through the en
tire length of the train, soon after it was well
under way from Watertown, to find these above
features of the hour universal. Every where
waa laughter and mirth and long, now by
quartettes and then some familiar air, borne on
full ohorus. There were numerous little parties
at whist and euohre. Lunch time, too, was
at , hand, and from the well-stored baskets,
came out numerous tfTSns of a forethought at
home, destined to give the coming . hours their
full meed of the satisfaction from snob souroei
derivable! ' Were the pall of midnight to' in
stantaneously shroud a summer noon, the
ohange 'eonll 'not be more a contrast, than
when heavy orashes and then silenee. turned
joy to sorrow, and antiolpatlons to a fruition
oi angunn rarely paralleled. , '
seven miles Watertown
and mldwav between that citv and JeSenon
half a mile north of the imall flag-station of
xieuevuie -tne tram tnen running about flfieer
miles as hour, the Enatneef.iJaarire Mnlntlre.
beside whom In the eniclne cab stood Robert
Campbell, of Fond du Lac, Chief Engineer of
mo roaa, saw a larire wnite aeaer and a smaller
red one standing near to and east of the track,
as the train was at a distance, the White steer
crossed toe track, tne other making off into the
woods. ' Unfortunately, when the train was
distant ealy some four rods, the white bullock
attempted to rejoin bis comrade by a hasty
move whioh brought Mm Into a tiosltlori to' ha
uuok. oj toe angina, xaere was time for no
more than to reverie the engine, no aamnl
was Bounded, for even while the engineer's
nana wu eaienaea tor mat purpose, the ruin
was complete. j
The oow-oatoher struck the steer, bnt not at
apeea sumoieni to tnrow the animal from the
track. It was pushed forward for a rod or two,
then at a culvert some portion of the caroasa
dropped betweenjthe open ties. ' The enrine
wa iau uver , tnrown irom tne track and
urnea over on its siae. i netenrlnr fnlIow,l
The! flrst-olais nasseneer car followlna ...
driven the entira length of the oar oeoopled for
iiua.-omoe ana Dggage, whioh It
eleared oompletely to the floor frame. Anna.
ntly, this oar only stopped at the rear of the
tenuer, wnere it was turned to the right and
down into a ditch by the roadside filled with
muddy water. This ditch, at that point, was
Borne eight feet wide, the water Varying from
eight to twenty lnchei in depth, Into this
mere swept me Dagisee. mails, and tha in.
nates of the express car. the debria and fr..
ments of which were driven bsok Into the front
jaasenger oar, every seat or whion wu torn up.
The second passenger car was driven for
ward 'to nearly two-thirds the length of the
wapros oar, upon inowepi piaitorm or which
it rested, its front end flrmlv interlocked with
tne foremost passenger car. The third car
followed, though in the line of the traok, and
upright,; the. platforms demolished and the
ends interlocking. The fourth oar was a
atanen nam, seoond-olail oar, that resisted
the shook and stood unbroken, sustained by
end pressure simply. The trucks of ail th.
oan, with those of the two following, were
heaped oonfusedly between the rails. Tha
lourtn oar protected its nassenien bv Ita
muuuncBsi tne mm car neinff tuna halt . tha
sixth oar waa driven against it, and nnder the
Immense pressure of the seven oars fnllnwln.
was oompletely wreoked, the fifth car entering
the sixth to over two-thirds of tha lencth f
' i."r. lui itu ana seven tn were elosely
interlocked, platforms gone, and enda broken
In. The two following oars broke their eoup-
ling-irons and shattered their platforms. The
rear cars were aafe save from a moderate
enooK. au tnis WU aooomDlished In an In,
atont. . ,. : . i-., , , ., .
If we are at all elear in thii daaerlnttnn th.
reader will realise what met our gase as we
first glanced at the wreck. Six oars crushed
and interlocked sliding In upon one another
memo sections oi a telescope) six ears shat
tered, two of them, the first and sivth. riamr.1.
ished for nearly their entire length, r Then re
member that all were filled with human be
ings husbands and wives, brother! and sla
ters, fathers and motherswhen the orash
struok them gay and merry, now Joining in
the smothered wail of anguish from that fear
ful prison, or orawUng out, bruised and bleed
ing, by windows and through the roofs. Pre
pared by this description, the reader, in 1nV.
ing over the foUowlng saddening details, will
be ready to mingle anguish with surprise, the
latter that in this terrible wreck 10 few were
injured. i i, .... ,
In a few minutes all who ware ahia war. ac
tively at work for the relief of tha .-...
Some mounted the oars with axes, soma ant
away the sides, others, and amonir thaaa
many ladies, made couches by the roadside
ont of oar-oushlons and shawls, while others
still bore or conducted thither the injured u
fait u they could be extricated. They came
wounded and bleeding, apparel torn, numbers
with broken limbs, many with disfiguring
bruises about tbe head and fsoei and among
most of these wu a hoblo fortitude that rose
superior to their sufferings. Tender and deli
cate women were token tenderly to temporary
reettng-plaoes and silently awaited the at
tention that must bo delayed, for there wu no
house in the vioinity. We were lu a manhy
grove, and for rods around these centers of
painful Interest grew and multiplied until the
heart lie) ened.
But tbo' saddest and arhutllaat Aetna, ewe. at
where tha debris of the fint paisenger oar and
heap of erushed and broken wood, and among
them the erushed and bruised forms of being,
late Joyous and gey Fire wu almost imme-
aiateiy at work la , this part of thawreok,.
communicated from the store In the express
oar. Tho smoke increased, the msn wrought
like Hons, foremost here Perry H. Smith and
other offioera of the road. There was no pall
w u nan, out water waa dashed upon the lire,
and in time to save the threatened horror
upon horrors. Poor Mason, elsewhere to be
spoken of, was taken out terribly burned
about : tha lower abdomen, i His elothee were
eat from him still on fire. We refer to hi.
condition elsewhere. - Craig, Thomas, Smead.
. w r vvuw w" aaaen irom mis portion
M UieJ wreck.. .-, !v,-.., ; ,. .,
2' In a few momente the cries ef tho wounded
began to rise on the air. Some of them ware
v Tt i nna,ntne head, and shouted
mm uvwiea alternately; others, In tne Intens-
f "err torment, shrieked and implored
jaiiuora k put an end to their lives
w us nurry over these sad details to an
ouumeration of the victims.
of the killed anrl WAnnJ.4 Tina Siaa.
gtven by telegraph, but as it is not oomplete
or accurate, we subjoin the names of tbe dead:
M. J, Thomai, U. S. Marshal, Isadora Snow
JSdwer Slekles, Jerome Mason, Van Boren
ooisau,-: jsaiior ainoenitto rreti, .Xltnotny h
Glllet. allof Fond da Lac; George Emenon,
iiirsoetB Sherwood, C. Peterselia and John
iiinq, or uskosh; John Boardman and Sf,
xneron Allner, of Watertown. ' , , .
The) names of the wounded persons the
injuries) or many oi tnem serious are, Theodore
F. Craig, of Chicago, flour dealer; Augustus
J a.A. .1 aP TJB a a mf aw . v
Auuesteei, ot a ono au Xiao, U.B. Indian Agent;
Sanders, of Appleton. snoke and hub
manufacturer; James MoCabe, fireman on tbe
irausi; james rage, Daggage-master f Amos
Page, of Janesville, contractor; E. R. Baldwin,
iiocij-euiuis aeeper, vauKoan; Airs. J. K. Bald
win, wife of above: Mrs. Rensaehur M. Lawla.
Fond da Lac; William Armstrong, mployt of
xtauruau uoinpany; mrs. r.D. n.napp, Ushkosb;
Mrs. James Jenkins, Oihkosb; Mies Jenkins,
Oahkosh; elderly German woman, lniured inter.
nally; P. P. Sawyer, Oshkosk; Mrs. James
zvinney, fond au Lac; Arthur A. Hobart.oon
duotorj j. J. Urlmtb, Fond du Lac; E. P.
Bixby, Chioagot Judge Robert Flint, Fond du
Lad; Mrs, Bradford, do.; Mrs. Child, Ripon;
daughter of same; Mrs. Ex-Gov. Basbford,
Algomah; Mrs. Foreman. Algomah; Mrs. Cart-
wngnt, umxosn; wrs. i. x. rJawyer, Water
townc-. , .' ': .
The Election Riots in Baltimore—Disgraceful
Scenes—Shooting and Assaulting
by Wholesale.
' Bv teleerarjh we havn baan Infnrmail nf tha
noparalleled election outrages perpetrated In
Baltimore last Wednesday, and now select
particulars from a two and a-half column re.
port in Thursday'! America t
First Wabd. Mr.' Edward Oookey at
tempted to vote, but was struck by awls id
each a manner as to deter him from votinr.
A1V - 1 .1 1 ... .
vuiors woro naitiea away ny tne crowd and
proven tea irom voting. A number of Oer
mans, apparently voluntarily, voted the
American ticket. The riolonoe offered during
the morning wai so great that the Reformers
retired from the contest, and the balance of
ue day wu ipent In comparative quiet. The
ronoe were present, hut took no part In pre
serving; the : peace . or In crotectlnir voters.
joining in social oonverie with the gangs of
ivugne wno were uuiuiy , arriving, voting and
ij Saooao Ward. A large crowd, armed with
muskets and revolvers, instantly went up the
avenue, and met a small party, also armed,
whom they forced . to retreat. A considerable
discharge ensued from both sides, without In.
jury to anyone. About two o'olock in the
afternoon, a party went round hunting on
.. j ii, , i . ...
yerauua auu uuuipeillllg tuem to VOIO the
American tioket. They seized hold bf a Ger
man on Canton-avenue, near Bond-street, and
were aooui conducting htm off, when a friend
named Charles Bachart Interfered and triod to
get blm away, on which, one of the party,
who gave his name as John Bower, otherwise
known as Croudly, a tinner, shot him in the
left hip. .,
i Thud Wabd A barloade being ereoted at
the instance of the Reform party, tne entrance
to which was taken possession of by the roughs
shortly after the opening of the polls. There
Was a very large orowd In the street. The
rowdies were reinforced after dinner, and took
oomplete possession of the polls, and for the
balance of tbe day were constantly drivlno rm
and voting carriages and vehioles filled with
men who were taking the oircult of the eity on
a similar errand. Gormans were also dragged
from the, streets, and in some Instances from
their houses, and compelled to vote the Amer
ican tioket.. ,.
Fifth Wabb. Joseph Vanaant. i. aon nf
Hon. Joshua Vansant, after depositing his
ticket, was struck in the face, and immedi
ately knocked down his assailant, when he
was surrounded by a gang and struck several
times. He resisted them manfully, and
shortly afterward returned and designated
the man who struck him. hut the oari.r wu
allowed to escape by the police. Several
parties, in attempting to deposit their votes,
were driven from the polls, and. in ona or
two oaaee, shot at; but as far as we oould
learn no eerious injuries were inflicted. At
eleven o'clock the Reformers were entirely
driven from the polls, and during the balance
of tha day President Hudgins, the police
officer of the ward, with his St. Lawrence
Club, had full oharge of the polls. Carriage
and watron loads of menwara brninrht nnaml
voted and driven off to other polls, end large
Sauuoaui uieu irvm mo rourtn, oixtn and
eventh Wards, were brought up and voted.
Sixth Wabo. The police force were sta
tioned on Caroline-street, under oharge of Ser-
Seant Hand, a short distance from the polls,
nt only occasionally Interfered to prevent
those who were assaulted from belnir killed.
taking no eognlsanoe of the assailauti. Mr.
Shyrock wu standing quietly talking with a
friend, when he wu struok a violent blow in
the face with brass knuckles, followed np by
several blows from other parties. This was,
however, but one of dozens of similar cases,
and before two o'olook no Reformer was al
lowed even to stand In the vioinitv of the
polla. is! i .: . , . , .
Niirrn Wabo. As the dav advannad'tha
violence grew worse. In the afternoon a party
of rowdies, carrying stove-pipes, paraded
around the polls, voting at frequent intervals,
and amusing thomselvos by assaults on passers
by. During the day, several rowdies attaoked
Dr. John Morris, postmaster of tha altv. and
beat him with great severity.
Tana Waio. A few minutes after the polls
were opened, a party of men from "Regulators"
tavern attacked the Reformers with awl..
whsn Mr. R, B. Fisher, of the firm of James I.
Fisher A Sons, 11 red at his assailant. Paving
stones were then thrown at them, and six or
seven men armed with rifles and horse-pistols
rushed out of Levy's and commenced an indis
criminate firing, but fortunately no one was
lnj ured. Messrs. Fisher and Morris were both
arrested, but their assailants were not troubled.
Marshal Herring, with several officers, passed
Levy's when a party were steading st the
door with pistols and rifles In their hands, but
took no notice of them, i It is said that J am.a
Jeffors, son of Madison Jeffers, wu severely
wounded by a shot from Mr. Fisher. '
ELavanin Wabo. Shortly before twelve
o'olook, a parcel of men, beaded by Kernan,
made their, appearance from the Twentieth
Ward. The right side of the railing wu soon
demolished, and they were about resorting to
other violence, when Dr. John . Hanson
Thomas, one of the Judges, called upon thf
eitiieni and Police to pri,erve order, and tako
off parties disturbing tbe peace. His remarks
were received with the eriu of "Oh. von
w or
Soakesl" Tha Reformer! Immediately rushed
up, and eleared the stand. The Police aalznri
one rowdy, who soon emaped, nod lome of the
most notorious returned their position u chal
lenger!. Twilpih Wabd. The nolle of this Ward
were disgraced by the presence of a parcel of
aintugB rowdies, wno it was understood were
from Washington. The voting wu slow, and
the Reformers in the early part of the day
were but few in numbers; betweon eleven
and twelve o'olock they appeared In stronger
iwue, auu uiait prtweuce acuta m a Check
upon tbe rowdy , element No serious dis
turbance took place during tho morning. Be
tween three and four o'clock a gang of row
dies, preceded by a carriage ixmtaining four
rufftaDJJ, passed the polls, shouting "O.you
Harper's Ferry !", The hack drove rapidly
down Butaw-etroet, and when near (ho New
Market engine-house a discbarge of pistols
took plaoe, whioh attracted the attention of
pewons around the polls ' to that locality. A
police officer present remarked that it was
"nothing porious only the boys enjoying
themselves!" or, In more polite phrase, the
"innocent pKiy of freemen's spirits."
Fourteenth' Wabp. Bhortly after the polls
were opened a riot occurred, 'and a young
man named James Johnson, bnt better known
as Sonny White., a bricklayer by trade, was
shot in the head, the ball penetrating the
brain through the soso. He is about twenty
two years of age, and was removed to the
Western Polico Station, where Dr. Baxley waa
called In.. He probed tha . wound but could
pot find the ball, and states that it is impossi
ble for the party to live. Mr. William Stiles,
residing on South HowardVstroet, was shoti e
the leg and arm, and waa assisted to his hou ae
by several gontlomen. A man named Han -is
also residing on South Howard-street, vas'
shot in the leg; also a man, named Buffy
Mr. Henry Starr, son of Mr. Wesley Btarr,
wai also shot in the lag. He was taken to
Miller's,. Hotel, tsnd the ball extracted by a
physician. i
T wsstibth Waito. Several gentlemeo were
knooked down, and no arrests made, and in
one Instance, a g entleman, whose name we
were unable to wan-tain, wu badly beaten,
and then oonveyed uff the ground by the police.
Large parties of row diet were frequently pass
Ing between the p,lllng places at the Elev
enth and this Ward, and it was evidently the
intention of the party to carry the latter ward
at all haiards. - The polloe force were not via
ble, mpposing, no doubt, that there was noth
ing for them to do. The polls' were closed
with a discharge of pisfots and eheers for Davis.
Disturbances of a serious nature, accompanied
with violent assaults and numerous shootlngi,
ooourred at all the polls; manifesting a degree
of lawlessnesi and a spirit of ruffianism here
tofore unprecedented even In Baltimore. , ' '
Turkish Babbabisji. A lato Constanlinopla
letter in the 6Wfe au Midi, "savi :
The barbarous custom, dictated bv imki
sons of State, of not allowing any male(chil-
uxou uoiu 0y tne aaugnters ot the Sultan to
live, is still in full force at the Seraglio. Tha
Sultana, wife of Mahmoud Pasha, was recently
deli vered of ason, who was pitilessly strangled
after its birth. . The, unhappy mother, who
was wall aware what the fate of her child
would be, if a son, vti in the greatest dis
tress of mind during her TirenmiiriMr. anA t.
foan were but too well justified.
tEr-k letter from Stavrosnl tn.AW. Ik
the Invalid Ruin, describes tha arrival .r
Shamjl lu that town. He is a man of lofty
stature, thin, and broad-shouldered, with
hollow eves and a dved beard, in. mik-1.
slow and dignified. His faoe bears the trace
o( many wounds, and its paleness and melan
choly expression indicate profound srrlef anil
compressed regret His ion. Cui-Mahommed,
resembled him only In his bight. His faoe la
pookmmrked, and his gray eyes betray rather ,
eunning than talent. ...
Noon Dispatches.
From Charleston.
9 Tt.. v..
boon a marked abatment In tha ATAttAtM.mt
here to-aay. ine town, however, Is at full of
peuum as wneu tne excitement was at Its
hight, and strangers are constantly oomlnsr
and going. . ,
Judge Russell and lady, and Mr. Hoyt, who
first took up Brown's defense, loft here this
morning for Boston. . ,
Coppee, who wu found rnilltw
has not yet rsoetved sentenoa. .. . u ;.
thllds Uresn, one of the nearro r,rlnra
was put on trial to-day. He la defended by
Mr. Sennett. The evidence is olnaarl. ami thl
case will be submitted tomorrow to the jury
Copeland is next for trial and on Monday It
is expected that the wounded man Stevens will
oraogut up. it is almost certain that Cook
Will plead guilty, first snbmittino- a
confession or statement of his oonnsetlon with
Brown. His brother-in-law, Governor Wil-
inru, oi xnaiana, is still Here. . ,
: -!
From Pike's Peak.
Novemberd Tha n.l.J
Express, from Denvar Oilu writh A.i. u-
28th ult., bringing $7,000 ia dust on ooniign
ment, and $23,000 in thehandsof p&sseDgers.
The weather oontinued unuiually favorable,
in the mines. - . . n , .; , . ;
An election had been held for offlnera unrla.
provisional government. Tha result waa
not definitely known.butufar asawertainedj
Steel had a majority for Governor. ; .: i i
Efforts were being made to induce tha peo
ple to participate in an election for a delegate
from Kansas, whioh takes place on tho 8th
moi. jj ue project is opposed by the local pa
pers, which argue in favor of non-interven-tion
in Kansas affairs, having but recently
elected a delegate of their own, who ie ex-
Pfotjea w urge an immediate organisation of
iuu AciriKiry oi tienerson. . i. , i, . ,
Three Days Later from Europe—Arrival
of the America.
A Th.rr .
"f" uaving arrivoa irom Halifax; fur
rushes Liverpool dates to the 22d Ult., broua-ht
by the steamer America. 8
-s . , . . - ...uvim
Lrvikroot, October 21 All qualitlei-of
Cotton have slightly advanced, and tha
market closes steady. - - -..,
Bread stuffs are dull and Provisions quist. '
?!?.",,,0atobr 21- Consols closed to-day
Fire at St. Louis.
block, consist
ing of about twenty-fire tenements, on Green-
Btrf;'reeB Fiftn ,Dd Btath-streete, known
ai "Robbers' Roost," composed of notorious
Irish doggeries and disputable danoe-houiea,
wu burned last night. Lois probably $15,000.
e' ' I. " ' J
From New Orleans.
Nbw OBLiaiig, November S. General VI
daurri, recently deposed ffom his oommend of
the Mexioan Conitltutional foreei by Deaal
lado, Ii reported to have arrived at Luedo,'
Texu. .., , . ,.; . ,,, : '
Reward for Fugitives.
November 8 Wiie
J"i'"JrWolAmauon offering a reward of
$500 each for the arrest of the following named
fugitive Insurgonti! Owen, Brown, Sarolay,
Copper erriem and Tidd. "
bates of advertisikq
Advertisements not exceeding Ive lines (Agate.)
One luaertion J St I One , i a
Two weaks.. 1 80 1 One n ,, , j ee
Larger advertisements InaerUd at tha following
rates for square of tea tinea or less t
ne insertion J 80 1 Two , t 08
iachaddl'nal lna SO I Three weeks a ne
One week.MM.aM. 1 78 1 Ono m ga
"! I l.t V , I
In all Ita brenob.ee, dona with swatness and dlepatoh
'1 Ikc.hi (,.
Preraiiim Awarded!
OFtHsV' i
li a
TTTRHnAv".;? S1"'1" "iasnce on
TUESDAY KVBM1NCT, Hovember 1, consisting of
tbefohowlngDepartmenta: - " ""u "
n A BTISTIO. including OH Painting. Postol and
8,frNniO,;r,,,"": "DbIJ. and1 mil
The School will bennder the ohargeof Mr. John B.'
Initltute, whore the Olrcular. and Bnlesean i ba Tob
Ulned.aud further Inlotmallon given. "
ocat . , JOHN B. HIIOB.
Smoke-coneiQing Coal Cooking Move,
! ' 1 Is without a rival. : Call on t---"? .lb
.,. t - - .'.
; Inventori end Manufacturers, ! " "'.
Novelty Iron Poundery,
Fpuxthtreet, iWest of Smith,"
JSfAnA 8ee one In Operation.
!!." J1 re'T'd " the olflce of I Boears.
. .Bid' "oaited for the Wholer Job, and not In
parte. All bida to be made to conform to the plana
epeclncatlona and lermaof bidr, .H of which nI be
vTne-Smo? vBkt.tt 1?4UU .?". ' l
' NO bid Will btft rAAlvfi nnliuaai Viow .AnkL i
are made on the printed forma; alio, tlit bidden tS
flow on tbe srround
performaaee of the cunt, act to named In the bida.
rhe sectiritv l!itanfjuTtiK.ifl.M..4 a.- ,i. - . i
' Chairman Com. of CoimoHof iub'no Bujldiuga.
Ulntlqnnli, 0.. Nov. 1, 18S9. ' nolrt :
Dining find Coffee Saloon, '
,, ' , ' jjNear the corner of Vine,) '
" " C. 1. VICKEttS, Proprietor. '
h??'",1 eme " In all styles. , Jleali at all
nour'- , , nolcm '
Iamthlsdavrecflivlngsomeof '- - '
uit uuriiaiou rianos.- Also; i
some of William Kn.be Co., and
ether (rood nukora-all of which 1
Mil Bell at great reduotlon. for cash. 1
y. wh. rauissa let t e im iy ,0i the Piano.
-fc i ?Bg". 1 Weet rrarth-atreer,
HH,wt.im:a m meiouoona m the city.
PjHntlQajiaSarlal. of al t lnda.HVie -ireS
y reciv4 daily by tne Adams Ex- rfSs s-
..in., vuinpany, in wnoie ano naif cans, V
All Oyster, sold warranted fresh and of.
AsOllt. No. 27 rirth.traat. tut M.I-
aud Walnut-etreeta. .
JLB-Tll tr&ds nPPt on Hr moat llbersj
TiAeM,C7 iV"4!r.,le of Hatoll M" Oo 'a
Sh,"i?.0,,t mi in ii,,ter" A1- h Cove and
??!fd j'"?'?- "1 f n ff'enas ud patrons
111 find only choice artlolea, and at aa low prions ii
tliono cuarged for inferior elaewhere.
eteorwaked',,-!t,!',,Ie"1 " wwl-iod.
a-w.-INQ daily. Rnwn M.kn,.. f, , ,., . .
wifir!?.le or ''?- -alcra aud raiuillea
r'SSl".? Oy,ter, will please send
' ' and anperior manner,
Uhargce leas tbau at any
lin 1
ytunr piaee. . oclOl
wns OAiun.
Oyster Importing .. House.
hTwI-- Sti"!1?' J"r BrI'rM- hlssnlendidOyilera.
hti'mente lu Baltimoer"n
JffSSfi sxteuaive acala, I will t all times durin.
nies during
ihJJl V. . i tor tea .t0 "a Queen City. None but
the Tery beat Imnorted. final in,i.,.... -i.ir.
ilmportlni-bonse. ---.
Order aiolloii
tea and nromnt v filled.
Kthit i iviuSi
Terms caah-
Importer and Proprietor.
. DiALaa in .
Spioed Ovitera.,
.INO SAILT, by the Adams vrnreaa. MALT.
BS'8 worldnowiied Baltimore i.TT'
rresa fan, seg aad Bb6U Oyiteri.
, ' ' " 1 ' Alio C ... "
aPQW 11 Weat Tlfth-atreot.
No. B0 Vlae.au, XWti PUla and Slatb.
.th,tj! ow eattbllahed a regular depot for tha '
ail kind, of aalt-etr "Uh, DMiK,.
a an T.ak. ri.k tw,n 11..7J j 1 ir . Vow
ia. 1
Uam.aud CauOl.'Hre. Ha wUI furnlah
named axtlclea
amed artlclea OUBAPIB THam aB
ih tbaabfiiai.
i'i.auis id
atun.lcd to
LAUK IN TBI OUT. .Tamil, oni Tm-T,.
eaUaoe' 'eave year orders,
attamied to and aent home frMOfaliam

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