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i Ki i ? i U :n V W J )
1 H B P e nny; press
If published dally, (Sundays excepted,) tr
oirioa no., M wht roviii.iiniT,
TSt PNr IBIS8I1 delivered to subscribers la
1 a Cincinnati, Covington mud Mewport, and mi-
rounding cities and towni, at the ei. ";
'r'"'" tremely low price of
ruen or mailiiq:
Single copies 2o.; I month 40c.; S mon thill; I year ti
' ' Join A. lusLia, Js..8oIe Lessee and Manager,
Twentr-Hf night of -'''
Mr. Anderson and Miss Ellsworthy.
THIS (Monday) EVBNINO, November 7, will bo
presented Bhak.peare's giant Ave-act tragedy of
. Brutui...,....,......,..,.,.... .....Mr. Anderson
1 Part la MIm Illswortby
Mark Antony ..., Mr. Langdon
Jiiliua Caisar, Mr. Lord
Oaeslus Mr. Hann
Cases....... Hr Kll.lr
uciavius ce?sar ...
Ualplinrnia ..,.........,.,......
....Mr. Read
.Hiss Waite
.Dance, by Miss Kate Pennoyer. . 1
i To conclude with the new farce called
My Son Diana ... MIssEllsler
Mr. Oarraway Culpepper... ................Mr. Flther
Louise ........ Miss Everett
In nranaratfon. Khak.iMar.'. Mitrrhint at V.n.
- atsrDoora open at (IX; Curtain rises at 7K o'clock.
PaiossorAnMissiON Drees Circle and Parquet te,
CO cents! Gallery, ascents.
Last nlglit but live or the diatlnguiehed actreu, '
Mrs. Julia Dean Hayne,
And the popular tragedian!
Mr. Marcus Elmore.
'! THIS (Monday) EVENING, November 7, will be
.-1 acted, the splendid tragedy, I if five acta, from the
German, by the author of "Inguniar," and trans
lated expressly for Mra. Uayne, entitled
, ; GB18KLDIH.
Grlseldis .........Mrs. Julia Dean Heme
' Perciral of Wales ..........sir, Marcus Elmore
King Artua Mr. Jennings
Tristan Mr. Vanderen
Queen Ulneora........... Mra. Vanderen
To conclude with the laughable farce called , -.
General Stormwell ....................Mr. Allen
Oaptaiu Daring ,........ Mr. Stuart
Iuilly....u....... Mlwj A. Graham
'''iTHB NBW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, la now even for the receptiou of gueeta.
Jtvoma can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all boure
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against famishing any article for the theater with
out a Wrktau oriler. alffnnri hv Ih. M.n.D.r
Annnuncea to hit friends, the subscribers, and to the
public generally, that the first of his two buhecrip
tion Concerts will be given at
Monday Evening, Nov. 7, 1859.
Tickets of Admission $0 DQ
family Tickets (admitting four persons to both
Concert) 3 00
Can be procured nf B. G. PAIGE, 179 West Third
street, and at the Music Stores.
" Conceit to commence at A o'clock, precisely.
Lesseeand Proprietor... ...,JNO. BOWOBTB.
This new and beantful TEMPLE OF THE MUSKS
opened fur the season on
XUt.h-J5!!!.".Pj t1"'" DBAMATIC AND CON
tlKUT TROUPE, selected from the different thea
ters and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 10 cent. For particulars see small
bills. , 1
The "Olyropio Saloon" will be open at all honrs
during the day. The Ban are atocked with choice
wines, Liquors and Cigars. ocM
BAG8. Tor Grocers, Druggists, Tea Dealers and
others, made from extra quality of Wrapping. Ma
nilla aud White Tea l'upor.
2tio,oiiuNo. 1 Wrapping and Manilla;
..j smjm No. 2 , ,
200,1)00 No. 3 "
alo.witi No. 4
200,000 No. 6
200,0110 No. 8
200,000 No. 10 r
200,000 No. 13
' ' ' aiO.OJJO No. 15 ... : ... .
PO,(Ki0 No. 18 1
am,in No. 20
1 200,000 No. 26
2isi,on No. l White Tea Bags;
200,0011 No. 2 ,
... . ... 200,000 No. a ";.
The above are put up In packages of 500 bags each.
We are manufacturing front sixty to seveuty-nve
thousand Bags per day.
Paper Bag Manufacturers,
, . , , , And Wholesale Paper Dealers,
. , J C t 'i : ; - , 77 and 79 Walnut-street.
Will lie received at the office of I Rotors,
Hon A Co., No. m Viiie-atreet. until the 20th of No
vember, lust., at 12 o'clock, for building the new
Cincinnati Hospital, on the site of the present
. , 1 building, bonnded by Western-row. Twelfth-street
and Miami Oanal.
Bids to be received for the whole job, and not in
parts. All bids to be made to conform to the plana,
specifications and terma of bids; all of which may be
swiii at the ofHce ot Isaiah Rogers, Son A Co., 168
Vine-street. 1 11
No bid will be received unless they conform to and
are made on the printed forms; also, the bidders to
name the price they will allow for the old materials
, now an the ground.
', . The security Intended to ha offered for the faithful
performance of the contract to named In the bids.
.... . GKO. W. RUNYAN,
. Chairman Com. of Council of Public Buildings. -Cincinnati,
0., Nov. 1, 1899. uoitt
;'' ' ' i - f- ' .'" ' 1dsj
rsod qii nonoidd no (dos sanoaio
iiawig-viqainiOQ put jioi-ujbjio moo -jj
"00 2? aaittVH 'm. 'a. !
. aJ8Ioapus9ui8aaetqeiwj',o,utjisa
! tloioloioa'sjesojjuoj maiqoaujtntiis -bju
! ,. -otu lepan ptrs iuddu qtoq fpno tsso) semiujt -my
, now nohis ni in iaa 'sazis 11 V
'stlTM; pui ujoo
i . J?- BiniR i.Haiiet, llavlsaco.i l
uazieuia s Drainers : reiera, Uratffl
JeIVi ' B.n H.n..n V 1 11 ,7,i
he sold at prices that can not fail to I I 9
suit, for cash, or will rent and let "
the rent pay for the Piano. J. CBUR0H. Jr.
, The largest stock of Melodeons in the city. ocM
just received an Importation tf choice Brandy
in X and X Casks, Otard, Dnpuy A Co., and Denis,
MounleACo. For sale wholesale and retail.
oc3l Bycamorestreet.
ICKLE9 AND SAUCES. Just received,
200 dot. assorted English and American Pickles
and Sauceai3lNl do. freMh PmIim - PlnanlMt
L, Strawberries; Blackberries; Green-gages ; 32 half
jf T oheats vary superior Oolong, Gunpowder, Young Hy
V.T son and Imperial Teas; uo teu-pound bags extra-'
) belted Penpylvauia Buckwheat and Corn Meal. Foi
sals by A. MoDONALD A CO.,
( nos it and Branch Store m West Fourth-street.
of w; H. Chapln A Sou was
,trd?X.d,B.so,T ayd.. nw partnership formed by
y-tp'.nl WiyB-jlthand W. H chapln, jrl,
nuder the.tyleof CBAPIM, SMITH CO., who will
continue the Staple and Fancy Grocery business at
'"' """,' ",,",VS"W" I inu-stteeis.
- November , leW s
of choice PennsvlTanla Buckwheat that can't
' JCUlfFBRausOri Grocer,
Corner Ninth and Vine-streets.
u, viniiterei, nriiu(B, ns 11)
Corner Ninth and Vine-streets.
BBATED Loaf Sugar. Also, Loverlng's
Crushed, Powdered and Granulated Sugars, In store
and forsale by a JOHN FBBGUSON, Grocery, ,
WW and Oooasellor at Law, Chase's Bulldlog
Ird street, I doors Bast of llin. 171
VOL. 2. NOr 67.
Cincinnati; MpNDAY . morning, November 7, 1859.
J 5'CS0
Arrivals Of Trains.
IaoiaiifuuH A Oioiti r.n x. v.: t:U r. a.:
t-.3ir.rn. ...
.A.M.; :. .:1:10p.si.
Iuttlb Miahi-7:S0 A.m.; I X p.m.; 7: IS p.a.;lMt
r.n. .
MiailtTl AND OlNOlNSATl-lfcflU. .; 9:15 P. at.
OHiOAMnMississim 7:ISA. at.;2:Wr.si.;10:l r.M
OOVINQTOSI AMD Lbximotoii 10:20 A. .i 7:05 p. u.
Departures Of Trains.
iHDIAdAPOMg AND OlHCllClUTl-B :50 A. H.t 12;00 ST.!
:00 r.u.
Oinoihnati, Hawiltos) ako Wattok Indianapolis
and Cleveland, 6:00 a. m.; Bandusky Mail, 8:00 A. .;
Sandusky, 4:90 r. m.i Aooeumodatlon, 6:00 p. at.
Iiittli Jtfunt Cleveland and Pittsbng, 6:00 A. H.
Cleveland, Pittsburg and Bollair,8:30A. m .; Colum
bus Accommodation, 4:40 p. si.; Cleveland, Pitts,
burg and Bellair, U ;S0 p. tt.
Ohio ad Mississippi St. Louis, 9:00 A.M.! Louis
ville, 2:00 p. m.i Bt. Louis, 8:30 r. .
Pittiburo, Columbus and Cwoisii ati (Stenbenvllle
Short Line) East Front-street Depot 6:00 A. H.l
8:00 A. si.; 11:30 P. H.
Olsvblahd.Coldwbds aho Oinoisnati East Front
street-6-.(l0 A. a.; 8,30 A. u.i 11 : So p. a.
Oinoihnati and M abictta 6:15 a. is.; 9:30 p. bt.
Cent bal Ohio From East Front-street Depot 4:10
A. M.I 11:30P.M. -.a
ff"There is paradox in fear he Is most
likely to inspire it in others who hat none him
ulfl baohelor editor, who bad a very
pretty titter, reoently wrote to another
baob.eloreqn.ally fortunate, "Please exchange."
J6Mrs. Rogers, wife of Geo. W. Rogers,
of Craig County, Va., was thrown from a
buggy last week, and only survived her in
juries about two hours. -
8The number of arrests In Baltimore
during Ootober wan eight hundred and twelve
It should have been eight thousand, juding
from the late outrages committed there. ,
Ex-President Van Buren, the New
York Journal of Commerce says, is engaged on
an important and elaborate work, which shall
embrace a political history of the country
down to the close of his administration.
SThelate James N. Brown, of Iberville,
Miss., who died a few days ago, at the age of
fifty-four, left an estate at from $790,000 to
$1,000,000, all aooumulated In sixteen years,
from1 a small investment in sugar planting.
It is stated by the Arkansas journals
that Captain Albert Pike has petitioned the
Counoil, now in session at Doaksville, to make
him a naturalised oitizen of the Chootaw Na
tion. .' ; i ; ,- (
$&K couple were married in Ferdinand,
Ind., on Tuesday evening of last week. The
bride complained in a short time of feeling
unwell, and In a few hours the happy, blush
ing bride was a cold, inanimate corpse.
sjTThe entire armaments of all United
States national vessels amount to 3,301 guns,
divided thus: Liners 872; frigates 500; sloops
428; steamers 484; brigs 16; and all others 23
guns. : "
S"k Memphis, last week, during a quar
rel between a negro drayman, Crockett, and a
white man, Abe Lincoln, the latter shot the
former through the heart, and escaped to the
moot the late acts of Geo. A. Wyatt,
the aotor, half an hour before his death, was
bis writing on the bills for the next and last
performance, with his own band, "Latt NiyU,"
to him a prophetic reality.
&"A fatal duel was fought reoently in the
vioinity of Columbus , Miss., between Mr.
Moore, a merchant of ureensboroogn, Ala., and
a Dr. Wiley. The latter was shot through the
head and killed Instantly. . ,,
There is a new Swedish singer. M'lle
Roesk. who is said to be saual to Jennv Lind.
Scores of singers "are said" to be as great as
the Swedish Nightingale; but none of them
John H. Molle, in Philadelphia, has a
masculine eat of enormous size. It weighs
thirty-one pounds, and measures thirty-seven
inohes from the tip of his nose to the end of
his tail, and twenty-eight inohes round the
The gin-house belonging; to . Dr. John
D. Barnard, near Huntsville, Ala., was burnt
on Friday morning last with fifty thousand
pounds of seed cotton all that had been
picked out this season. It is supposed tohavo
been set on lire.
get' At the tournament in conclusion of the
Marshall County Fair, at Holly Springs, last
week, a gentleman entering the ring on horse
back ran over a negro boy twelve or fifteen
years old, inflioting injuries from whioh the
lad died almost immediately.
An affray occurred on Wednesday
night near the depot, between Eli Cheshire
and a German named Shoffor, in which the
latter received a stab in the abdomen which
may result in his death. . , )
STAn exohange says: , "Schamvl is in
clover. The Czar has given hira a palace to
live in, allows mm $9,uuv a year, and tnree
Caucassian wives." In clover, indeed! Three
wives what a malignantly-refined torture
that must bel
: 8tk widow, of Canadian Dutch descent,
aged sixty-two years, starved herself, at Ros
lin, C. W., reoently,from a suptrstitlous belief
that God required her to do so, in order to be
saved. She expired on the 27th of Ootober,
having been thirty days without food.
A certain Sootohman, not a member of
any temperance sooiety, being asked by a dealer
to purchase some fine old Jamaica, dryly an
swered, " To tell the truth, Mr , I eanna
say I'm very fond of rum ; for if I take mare
than six tum'lers, it's very apt to gi'e me a
hsadaohe. ' . .
3TLast week the youngest ohlld (two
months old) of Mr. Jeremiah Swartsel, resid
ing two miles south-east of Germantown, 0.,
was left alone, tied in a ohalr before the fire
place, when its clothes .oaoght fire and the
ohlld was so horribly burned before it was dis
covered that it expired in a few minutes.
EtrThe foundery, furnace and saw-mill oc
cupied by j Messrs. Whltloe, Alcott & Co,., at
Clarksvllle, Va., took fire Monday morning,
and was totally burnt, together with a consid
erable quantity of lumber. The engine-house
and shops belonging to the Roanoke Valley
Railroad were frequently on lire, but were
saved.; , .,!r,i,-,t.,. ' - '
et-Philip Dairing was instantly killed in
Pomeroy's grain warehouse In Chicago on
Thursday by attemptlmr to kick the belt off
of a corn-sheller ; but making a miss,got his
boot caught in the belt and was carried
around the shaft, his head striking against
a beam. .rf '.'' 'yii'fu'i
flVThe Congregational Church in Lin
coln, Conn., was destroyed by fire last week.
Nearly all the furniture, including the organ,
was saved. The loss is estimated at from
$3,000 to $4,000. Insurance $1,800. A re
ward of $i00 js offered by the selectmen for
the conviction of the incendiary. ; ,
. 2sTThe Paris thieves have introduced a
new trick Tor stealing the silver from the res.
taurants. lOne operator goes in, calls for
what he wauts. and while there, fastens
spoons or forks with wax to the under side of
tne table. After he has goneout aitonfederate
mooes inand pockets the articles with impunity.
$&k young and beautiful girl, daughter of
a wealthy merchant In Albany, N. Y has
become strongly and strangly addicted to
drink, and one day last week was found nearly
dead drunk in the street She was richly
dressed, and party of rude boys were piling
dry leaves upon her. Her parents are obliged
to maintain a continual watch over her, but
she occasionally evades the snrveillanoe,and is
sure to gst intoxloated If she oan obtain the
liquor. - - - -
aAooounts from Havana state that on the
9th ult. twenty-one Asiatlcas, "free colonists,"
ran away from a plantation sailed La Mara
ville, near Matanias. They were apprehended
and taken back the same day, and on the suc
ceeding one they murdered the owner of the
estate, Don Angustin Valera, wifh their spades
and other agricultural instrntients. John
Chinaman will cause serious trouble some of
these days in the island. " -
volume entitled Krlnnr A. Pa nnd Ail
unite wm snortiy oe puDluned, It is writ
ten by a lady whose prospective delation with
the poet was Interrupted by his death. It Is
a plea in favor of a man of genius, whom
every one steps out of the' way to klok at,
from the Bdinburg Reviewers) downward.
ffltt-The following States have now set
aside the 24th lost, for thanksgiving: North
Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina, Connec
ticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachu
setts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsyl
vania, Kentuoky, Massachusetts, Indiana,
Miohlgas, Minnesota, and Maryland.
JEThe 1st of Ootober, 1859, occupies an
important plaoe in the meteorological history
of San Franoisco; its night was the first sultry
one known to the oldest inhabitant. Never
before had a night passed without' blankets
being neeessary for a comfortable sleep.. .
pB' Little Tommy T is five years old.
He was in a musing mood the other day, and
his mother asked him what he was thinking
about. "Oh,said he, I was thinking ot old
timet!" That child understood the ante-natal
philosophy, and had a just Idea of the soul's
0fA little girl, agsd four years, daughter
of Lorens Swakovsky, of the town of Newton,
Wis., was burned to death on Tuesday last.
The parents were absent from the hous at the
time, and on their return the oharred remains
of the little girl was the first sight that met
their eyes.
jar-There is said to exist a eonfederation of
outlaws, whose headquarters are in New York,
who came originally from Poland and Ger
many, and extend their travels to all portions
of the United States. By daytime they operate
as shoplifters and piekpookets, and by night as
burglars.; .. ,, , , .
J&La8t week Augustus Hipp was stabled
and dangerously wounded by one Lawrence
Snyder, in a barber-shop in Marietta, Ohio,
about a dog. Snyder accused Hipp of steal
ing the dog, and the latter struck, Snyder
with his fiat, whereupon Snyder drew his
knife and cut Hipp's bowels out.
Sf Of a Parisian aotress itt is related
that, not having anything particular to
do, being disengaged, she : has lately
devoted herself' to malting, .money, and
In pursuance of that object' went to Baden
Baden this season and won :three hnnired and
fifty thousand francs.
The Milan oorresoondent of the Jbrn-
itijZ Pott says that a dog, of Afrioan breed,
which belonged to General Espinasse, who fell
at Magenta, still lurks about the spot where
he shed his blood, and though often taken
away, even to some distanoe, constantly re
turns. Mrs. Harriet Beeoher Stowe. who. with
her husband, has been residing In London for
the past three montha, is about to nrooeod to
Switzerland, where she will remain during the
winter with her daughter; her husband, Prof.
Stowe, retorning to Amerioa forthwith. -
aTNature has strange ways of doing the
most beautiful things. Out of the oozy earth,
the mud and rain of early spring, comes the
most delicate flowers, their white leaves
borne out of the dirt, as unsoiled and pure as
if they had. bloomed in the garden of Pa
radise. ( , "
"Itis not work that kills man, it is
worry. Work is healthy; you oan hardly
put more on a man than he can bear. Worry
is rust upon the blade. It is not the revolu
tion that destroys the machinery, but the
friction. Fear secretes acids; but love and
trust are sweet juices.
' ; A State exchange says that a dilatory
subscriber saw in the late aurora boreal is,
traced in "lines of living light" upon the
sky, pay ths printer! and fearing the indig
nation of Heaven , was about to be visited
upon him, paid the bill forthwith.
; A book-peddler, named Carr, commit
ted suicide by hanging, at Vincent Station, on
the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad. His
body was discovered on Friday in an old mill,
suspended by the shreds of a linen ooat whioh
he bad torn up for that purpose.
Dr. Cable, long a resident physician of
Bellbrook, Greene County, Ohio, was thrown
from his horse, on Friday, on the pike, crush
ing his skull. : He died Boon after the accident.
Miss Docia Boggs, of Mansfield, Ohio,
reoently obtained, in the Belmont County
Court, a verdiot of $800 against James R.
MoMillan, for a breaoh of promise of mariago.
' ICST Isaao Morgan, an old oitiien of Soott
County, Iowa, oommitted suicide on Tuesday
evening, by hanging himself, on aooount of
trouble in his financial affairs and domestic re
lations. , ....
-0n Tuesday night last the dress of a
servant girl in the house of Mr. Johnson, of
Atonison, n. i., was set on nre irora lamp,
and in a moment she was enveloped in flames
and burnt to death. 1
sTXast week Officer Roan arrested a
chicken thief near Gray's Ferry Bridge, in
Philadelphia, and on the rogue's throwing
stones at the policeman,' the latter shot him
1 Hon. James Ourtlss, of Cbleago,
formerly Mayor of that oity, died suddenly at
Jollet on the 3d last. - ,
yS' It Is said the sale of Mr. Choate's
library wul raaiits to his family about $16,000.
: An Asso Ncsisbs Muaninin in Arkansas.
On Friday night, the 21st ult., a horrible mur
der was oommitted near Warren, Ark., the
victim being an old decrlpld negro woman
belonging to Mrs. L. Reeves. The old woman
had mired to bed, and when the rest of the
negroes, who had been In tne field ploking cot
ton, returned, they found her stark and oold,
weltering in her blood, with three horrible
gashes out in her lead, evidently inflicted with
an axe. No olue to the perpetrator of the
orime nas yet neon uisooverea. -
'V ; , ' , ; ''
' A Woman Killed by a Bias. Miss Has
kell and. Miss Pool were .reoently walking
.Inniv a- SO. m.J I- k . ! 1 T 1 L1 .1
County, Wis., when they discovered ahead of
ipeiu two Dears playing With eaon other. 'A'he
girls started to run. but the bears having seen
them,' followed, and eaught them.' One1 of
wera strucx miss 1001 ,witn its paw, ss she
turned around, and tore the flesh off bar
breast to- the bone oomnletelv: the other srlrl
esoaped with some slight soratohes. Miss
Pool dl4 Id a few hours.
The Alleged Defalcation of the New
York Tobacco Merchant.
The Journal of Commerce has a version of
this case, to whioh the telegraph has alluded
before: .
There was considerable excitement in finan
cial circles ornmXna nil t nf as ua At.. A
a loading broker in the foreign tobacco trade
MAnn.:.AJ i" . 1
wiuiunwju ivrgsry ui mercantile paper to
the amount of $250,000, upon whioh he had
realized, and then absconded to Europe with
the proceeds. The gentleman alluded to is
Mr. M. Rader, whose effioe is at No. 92 Wall
street, but we learn from his son, who is asso
ciated with him In business, that the report in
question does his father gross injustice, and is
without any substantial foundation in fact
There appears to have been some dispute
between Mr. Kader and a large cigar and
tobacco dealer, whom the former claims to have
assisted so far that he was in some danger of
becoming involved himself. If Mr. Rader ob
tained any notes which that firm claim as their
property, and realized upon them for his own
advantage, he has doubtless done it for the
purpose of seourtng himself against anticipated
loss, in a manner he may have deemed justifia
ble, but to which they may very likely object.
He has not gone to Europe, bnt to a neighbor
ing oity, probably with a view of withdrawing
himself from any unpleasant ooilision with the
other parties, until the dispute can be adjusted.
Mr. Rader is possessed, as we understand, of
considerable property, and has been regarded
as a gentleman of striot Integrity, a oharaoter
which we trust will be fully vindicated on the
settlement of this unpleasant sontroversy. Be
has hean dnlno a larm hmlnaas ..J ....
O q- vw.uwsd, mi. nns wu-
sidered as one of the leading brokers in the
oroigu tuuouoo tr&ue.
It was observed that a certain rich man never
invited any one to dine with hira. "I'll lay a
wager," said a wag, "I get an invitation from
him." The wager being accepted, ho goes
next day to the rioh man's house about the
time he was to dine, and tells the servant that
he must speak with his master Immediately,
for he could save him a thousand pounds."
Out came the master. "What Is that sir?
Can you save me a thousand pounds 1" "Yes,
sir, I oan ; but I see you are at dinner ; I will
go myself and dine and call again." "Oh,
pray, sir, oome in and take dinner with me."
The invitation was accepted. As soon as din
ner was over, and the family had retired, the
conversation was resumed. "Well, sir, Baid
the man of the house, "now to your business.
Pray let me know how I am to save a thou
sand pounds." "Why, sir," said the other,
"I hear that you have a daughter to dispose
of in marriage." I have, sir." "And that
you intend to portion her with ten thousand
pounds." "I do, sir." "Why, then, sir, let
me have her, and I will take her at nine
thousand." The master of the house rose in
a passion and kloked him out of doors. .
Ths. Nbw York TfiiBUNi on "Fbrj South"
Bailuv. The New York 7V6iitie observes
We are asked to solioit and receive contri
butions in aid of the r-eestabliahment of Mr.
Wm. S. Bailey's Free South, .ot grhioh the
printing materials wore destroyed, by a mob at
Newport, Kentucky. It does not seem to us
right to make the appeal required. The
ttfTteet-anW-elBvery men who" Could" T)e ei
peoted to give anything for suoh an object are
generally poor, and they have been taxed for
suoh objects repeatedly. We apprehend that
the money already expended on Mr. Bailey's
paper might have been used to better purposes.
A Flrkt Mars SBNTiuRNTALLr CoNsmnRRO.
A oorrasnnndAnt f W,7-m' .?.'.' 1- t:
writing from Kalamazoo, of "Flora Temple,"
just after her fastest trot ever made; savs: I
...I., o .r... .1.. ...i '- r . .
sun j.v. m luiuu.og aim IUV vrol jUSt OUt
of the harness and aa shn atnml 11 mra SAW.
ered all over with blankets and glory, breath
ing so quietly ana cosily, she nxed her large,
intelligent eyes on my admiring gaze, winked
lcnnwlnfflv. and aalil in maa nlainlv a. &.,...
a J I - . j m nnwwi
eyes oould do it: My dear Major, I saw you
vers nailing hi uiu&e goou report ot me to
Wilkes, and you see I have gone and done
111" fiftlilll. "Flora." m-v il..r 1.,.. J
r i J " 'v;wu uvuv
your best?" but she only winked a trifle more
roguishly and answered with a "neiyh."
A Minister Kills a Physician in Missouri.
Eev. John W. Moseley, member of the Pres
bytery of Central Missouri, shot and killed a
Dr. Wilson, at Sarooxie, Mo., on the 1st Inst.
Dr. Wilson was an old settler of that place,
and had a wife and several children, one son
grown and a daughter married. He had for
some time been making unlawful advanoes to
Moseley's sister, the mother of six obildren,
having written her a letter of eight pages,
proposing an elopement and marriage, and
sent it by his daughter-in-law, who handed it
to Moseley's mother. She showed it to her
son, and it resulted in his killing Wilson.
Moseley was immediately tried and acquitted
hy the civil authorities.
Fatal Affray in Mississippi A Planter
Shoots a BvlltDkad. An old grudge having
existed for some time between Mr. Sanderson,
a planter in Marshal County, and Walter 0.
Clarke, of Abbeville, they met at the University
Hotel, in Oxford, on the 26th ult., when Clarke
abused the other and tried to shoot him, but
was prevented. After toa they met again, and
Clarke beginning another assault. Sanderson
drew a pistol and shot the bully dead. San
derson was acquitted Deiore a legal tnbunai.
' ' PaosrioTivs Ducb Bktwisn Two Indiana
Editors. Mr. Defrees, editor of the Indianap
olis A tlat, and Mr. Hellsoher, of the freePreu,
having had a dlfflonlty concerning an editorial
in the latter journal, followed by a long cor
respondence, it was rumored on Saturday that
they had gone with thtlr seconds to Kentucky
to fight a duel. It was said the meeting would
take plaoe yesterday morning; but we presume
the whole affair is bosh. .
Child Kionapfid at Columsus. A little
girl three years old, daughter of a widow
named Martha Scott, employed upon a canal
boat, was stolen at Cdumbus, Ohio, from the
boat on the evening of the 4th, by a wretch
who pretends to he a boarding-kouse-keeper
in Gireleville. The man, in company with a
negro, carried the child away about dusk,
inoa whioh time it has not been heard of.
. Eobbibt or a Wisconsin Bank. One night
of last week the safe of tlie Bank at Eau
Claire, Tomah, was blown open and robbed
of about $7,000 in mortgages, land warrants
and cash. Two persons, supposed to be the
robbers, . were apprehended at that place
while in the act of taking the cars to leave
town; but none of the stolen property of
we oan a. uus as yet peen recoverea.
A Man's Bodt Cut Nsarlv in Two. At
Hallowed, Me., last Thursday, Mr. Lewy
Gllblalr aeoldentally foil nnon a revolving cir
cular saw, by which his body, near the pit of
the stomaob, was cut nearly In two, one arm
severed near the elbow and one hand cut off
near the wrist. ' He survived this shooklpg
mutilation one hour and forty minutes.
. Cold Wiatbcr at ths South. The Charles
ton Courier learns that a killing frost, with
lee of a considerable thickness, was observed
at and near Summerville. S. C., last Sunday
morning. There was also a heavy bladr frost
at Santte, and the water buckets on the hur
ricane deok of the steamer General Clinch had
loe formed In them.
From Charlestown.
CHARI.SATOWa-. Va.. TTnnmhai. fi HV,!.U.
Green, one of the negro prisoners, was found
guilty this morning. The first count, for
....... .1 i , ... . .
uomuo, was aoanaouea, upon ODjeouon being
taken by Mr. Sennitt, that it was not proved
that the nrisonei was a fraai Tuwann. an A fliA.
fore did not come under the statute whioh reads,
ulj iroe person." sentence aeferred. Uope-
ibuu is now on trial, Mr. (jennitt defending.
Tranquility is in process of restoration.
Falling of a House.
Hartford, Conn., November 8 The four-
Storv brick stnrn nf R Rnilrmoll V .
..... - . . H. MVJI W
ner of Morgan and Front-streets in this oity,
r.u l i , .... '
von uuiweon bix nnu seven o clock- tnis morn
ing. Thebuildino was tiaatIv dab mil nnn
tained 1,500 barrels of flour, and large quan
tities of grain, provisions, ta. No one was
Kinea. une-nau oi me building Is a wreck
from cellar to roof. Loss estimated at $8,000.
Later from Buenos Ayres.
advices of September 1 state that the Buenos
Ayrian Squadron had chased Urquiza's
steamers into Montevideo. That Govern
ment had ordered thorn in loova nJ lh.
Buenos Ayriaus were waiting outside to fight
A Paraguayan mediator was early expected
at Buenos Ares.
The land forces wore inactive. .
Outward Bound.
New Ynnir. VnvaTti Uar T, vv,A t u.
" J ..u.vi.ivva v. AMO VOW?. yiK.n
sailed to-day for Southampton and Havre with
$948,567 in speoie, and one hundred and
c,iT A:i. t
...;-iiSui .aBBeugora, umoog wuora are mr.
A. S. IUI!. nf lb a Tn.u.-, rW T TT
S. A., and Dr. S. B. Elliott, of Stat en Island!
ado nanyaroo also sailed tor Liverpool
With 4170.000 in naciannil ttrn tiunlnl .rl
thirty-two passengers.
From Havana.
NlW York. Nnvamhat. ft A lalloo fmn
Havann. nf th anth tiliimn Tt.&. ;
a report of a conspiracy, or something of that
tuoiinjujr, uavmg ueon discovered among cer
tain military officers and the soldiery at Mat
anzaa. Various arrests are understood to have
taken place, but no further particulars have
uouu jjciiuiimu to reacu tne pumic ear.
Pennsylvania Politics.
New York, November 5. A dispatoh to the
Eejiren says that the Pennsylvania Opposition
State Committee has agreed to oall a State
Convention to eleot delegates to a National
Opposition Convention of the whole Union,
Niw York, November o.j-Messrs. Morse A
Bra,, unoujront money broker, suspended to
day, and made ,sn assignment to Charles A.
Meigs. Liabilities small, and..oredltors will
probably be paid in full. ,
Boston, November 6. The oil manufactory
of Spear, Burke A Co., at Winthrop, Mass.,
was destroyod by fire last night. Loss $8,000;
mostly Insured. . ' . ;
A Little. Girl Murdirbd by a Bot in
Prhnbylvania. An intelligent little girl aged
11, named Mary Elisabeth Eagins, was snot
dead on the 25th nit. near Momstown, Penn.
The person who committed the deed is John
Famous, about 8 years of age, the son of Wm.
Famous, a respeotable neighbor. When
asked why ho committed such a terrible
deed, he said he "did not do it on purpoao,"
that "thn dog had jumped on the gun,
knocking it on the floor, and it was not his
fault." The gun was found lying on a bed
in an inner room, and from the character of
the wound must have been held in a level or
horizontal position when discharged.
Some members of tho household say that
Famous had previously mado threats that
"he would come there and shoot Liz, some
time," but this seems to have been known
only among the children. A hearing of the
case Was had on Saturday last, when the boy
was committed to answer at the next term of
A Parisian Actress Brooarino Hkrsilf
for Lovk. M'llo Judith, of the Theater
Francais, in Paris, has boon compelled to sue
for the privilege of bankruptcy. The event
has caused the most tremendous excitement
in the gay world to which the lady belongs.
Some of the incidents connected with this pe
culiar failure are touching enough. The lady
has proved beyond a doubt that she had long
ego been compelled to part with every one ol
her valuables, and that at the present mo
ment she owns scarcely more than the dresses
she has in daily wear. Love, as usual, is
the cause of the despoilment the extraor
dinary idea of sending a dying friend to Ma
deira in a vessel of her own, fitted up in the
richest and most expensive style, and ena
bling him to finish his days amid all the lux
uries of an Eastern Pacha, has caused tho
ruin she is compelled to avow. ' '. ,
A BoNAPiHTi About to Becoiii a Car
dinal. Among the scions of the house of
Bonaparte is a son of old Luoien, the Prince
de Canlno. This young man is a priest of
tne ttomisn vnurcn, ana being a personal
protege and favorite relative of his Imperial
ooutin at Parley has seen himself speedily
raised from one olerlcal dignity to another,
till at last the influential post of Private Sea
retary and Almoner to Plo Nono himself had
to be aooorded to him. Nothing else stands
between him and the purule of the Cardinal
but the faot that hs is net yet thirty. . It is
thought, however, that the law may be varied
from to suit ths oase, and that on ths deoease
of Pins IX. he may be made Pope, through
tne influence or .napoleon ill,
A Bstrothed Coupls Bdrhid to Diatn.
A yonng oouple, in Hopewell County, N. J.,
sitting togetner, a day or two sinoe, by a
warm store, nil ssieep, ana wnne asleep ins
yonng lady's dress took fire. As soon as they
awoke, the young man made every exertion
to extinguish the fire, but without sueoess.
She then ran out, but wherever she ran the
flames continued to burn, until her olothlng
was all consumed. She lived only a few hours
afterward. The young man was seriously
damaged, and will not recover. The parties
were engaged to be married, and the lady had
on the day of this sad affair purohaied some
aruoies tor tne intenuea wsaaing. r:
Two Msn SurvoOATin in a Grain Elrvator.
A ' melancholy accident, kv which two men,
named James Oallagher and John Hull, lost
their lives, occurred on Wednesday, at a ware
house owned by Sturges, Buckingham & Co.,
in Chioago, on the Central Railroad Wharf.
While engaged In loading the propeller trt
Stab, from the warehouse, with new corn, the
spouts beoame elogged, and it was found net
eessary to send two msn down into the bin to
dear them, not returning at tne usual time,
alarm was excited, and a search made, whioh
resulted In finding their dead bodies burled in
thegraln. 1 " , , .
The lata Mr, J.' K. Brunei, the
engineer, was a rioh man. His personal
property alone was worth $400,000.
AdrartlsnnanU not aicaadiug Ave lines (AgeteJ
Onelnsartlon,.... . One waalr -H 00
Two waka..w. l so One month t tfl
Larger advertisements Inserted at the following
rates for soiuart of tea lines or less :
One lnartl0D.4 SO Two - ft (0
Kach adili'ual ins.. Three .w..,. 4 00
One wtekw. 1 75 1 One mnmh . .,, ,,, ft ot
, Job Printing;
In all Its b ranch M, done wltb neatness and dlspakh ;
Premium "Awarded!
' I BaBBsssssBB.
Smoke-consuming Coal Cooking Stove,
Is without a rival. Gallon
Inventors and Manufacturers,
Novelty Iron Foundery,
3 3 43
Foiirtli-street, West of Smith,
And See one in Operation.-f-s
- ocTtf
at last )nst what the Ladles have lougneeded
and looked for in valu, the Uterine Klixir.
The Uterine Elixir is warranted to core all dis
eases of a Uterine Nature; Inflammation of tho
Womb, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, and the Urethra
Prolapsus or Falling of the Womb, raiuful Menstru
ation, Chlorosis. Amenorrhea; in fact, a perfect cure
is gaarranteed bj the rise of from two to five bottlea
of the Klixir, of any disease whatever of the (ioner
atlve and Urinary Organs, of male or female, an
nutter of how longstanding. . fries $1 per Bottle.
Madame KLLItT calls nartfonlnr ati,tinn ... ti.A
following Card of one of the most proniiueut Drug-
"To thb Public a no tub Latum m P.Tr-m .
We, the undersigned, are not iu the habit of glviug
our name to Patent Medicines; but knowing well liio
uau, curaunui mu itia lueuiciua caiioa uie utinue
Klixir. we chaerftillv renmiini.ml i ull r..m.u.
suffering from female Diseases of any kind; it is
purely vegetable, and In no cane can do injury: wc
say to all try, and our word for it, yon will flint re-
!' .... r. v. 111I1L,, Druggist,
aep27 "Corner of Fifth and Bace-streoto."
cures, without fall, pains in the Uroast, Buck,
uiiuini uuuuii, vuius, Hoarseness, uiin-
" ' - v. vimiiuun uraiiw.ll.. riMUIQIIVr, n?Hri
bnrn, Chronio Bhenmatism, Billions Cholic, Crump
Oholic, Griping Palus at the Dowels, Diillneas,
Htupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, and In Pain
ful Menstruation it is a certuln cure, and glvea
ui Drouimug, neanacne. latuieucy, Henrt-
iiuuiniisio reuei. in any 01 tne aoove aiseaHps
it will give relief in twenty minutes, aDd a pornia
nent cure by the use of two bottles. OnlySOcout
por bottle so cheap that every person can get it.
N. B.-For sale by If. D. BILL. Druggist, cunu r
of Race and fifth-streets; J. D. PAKK, corner cf
Fourth and Walnut; BUIKG, ECKftTKIN & Co.,
corner Vine and Fourth; JOHN UICKSUN, corner
of John and Blxth; PAUL KRIDLEIN, corner ot
Klghth and Freeman. Also, RDWAKI) BOANLAN
4 "th, corner of Main aud Fourth: and Madame
KI1LI3, 24 Bast Fourth, cpZ7-ny
No. 7 KastThlrd-stroot
Will attend to tlio sales or ltoal Sarato, Personal
Property. Dry Goods. Hardware. Hal. Boot. Shona.
Groceries, Furniture, so. Baring procured tho
services of a competent salesman, all business will
mwi wiiu uiepaicu ana prompt returns, sjasn ad
vances made on ffoode fur nubile saloa. tlnnalirn.
meuts solicited. ' flofer to merchants generally.
" , ocll-ani
I am this day receiving some ol
the above unrivaled Pianos. Also. 1
some of William Knabe A Co.. and
other good makers all of which III 9
OlIII .All Ul ...Ui MllttKtUn f... .a.ll "
or will rent and let the rent pay for 'lbs Piano.
, , O. W. MI'KUH, 74 West Fourth-street.
Thd Urgent stock: of Melodeons In the city. oc24
FOCllDBY, B. A1L180N, Buperintendent.
PrlntingMaserlala ofal I lnda. t ssVlnentreet
receivea uauy Dy ine Auams S.X
nreas Oomnanv. in whole and half cans.
All Oysters sold warranted fresh and of
tne very best quality. J. a. uwiMUS,
Agent, No. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Main
aud Walnut-streets.
N. B.-Tha trsds supplied on the moat liberal
terms. oc20cm
Agency for the sale of Hatch, Mann t Co.'s
Hhell, Keg, and Can Oysters. Also, RreshCove aud
Sp.ced Oysters, Ac. By many friends and patrons
will find only choice articles, and at as low prices as
those cnarged for Inferior elsewhere,
Oysters cooked In Eastern style at our usual mod
tir&tdi chsr(f6si.
Bemember, 25 Walnut-street, fifth door aboTO
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. Vc 13
, d,n'' J108! Mahony (Jo.'s Olebrated
Planted Ojsters.which I am selling at unprecedented
low prices by case or dozen. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please send
their orders. Attached to this establlabment is a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can have
Oysters Cooked in swery style, and served up In a
clea 1 and superior manner. Charges less than at auy
other plane. oclOJ JOHN NAIBN.
Oyster Importing House.
INQ daily, per Express, his saleudld Oysters.
Having completed arrangements in Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will stall times during
the teason be prepared to furnish my friends, "and
the rest or mankind," with the most DKLI0IOU9
BIVALVES imported to the Queen City. Nono but
ths very beat Imported. Great inducements offered
at this Importlng-bouss.
Order sioUcited and promptly filled. Terms cash.
sepl6r - Bole Importer and Proprietor.
Spieed Oyiters. (f fJ
. IN8 DAILY, fcr ths Adams txpreea, MALT.
B x TJ world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, Keg- and Shell Oyiten.
pi'0Tbi?ow:,wl 00Y, BPI01D -4
, . E0BERT 0EE, Agent
wp7-tf PenoXWeat Flfth-straet.
No. SOfl Vlae-st., bet. Fifth asd Sixth.
thst he hssaHtabllshad a regular depot for th.
ale ol all kinds of Mlt-ater Fish, fresh from Mew
York ; also Lake flab from Cleveland and Bandusky:
together with Ulnrus and Oysters In ths shell. Lob.
FaUlilV nrd.N Mnml.
attauded to and sent bom. nanili.rn DilJ
cUm4 'ave rear orders. ecu "

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