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man, (resident of Lonlsvllle. Ky.,) of good
character end utrictly temperate habits, a situation
in tome mercantile or manufacturing buslnett. The
applicant hat loini knowledae of the tobacco and
also collection business, and la not afraid 10 work,
flood reference given. ,, Addreee "Jamea," Box
via, xiuuiBTine, p.. Q07-b
XTAITTED-A BOY To ma errandtj
. wia vu imw uu writ., A EDIT lmmt
dlately at No. IS West Fonrth-strect. ,,ol-V
i tola office. noJ.b, .'
VS7ANTED Ranlr --.... .r .v. ij
--- vi uuii huu aiain-iireou,
ITANTD-AENTS-A few more aotive
- mma an agents la trjo aala or a new article.
Agents ara are raging 81 pr day. Call and m for
yourselves, at 128 Walnut-street, Boom No. 1. noTd
'TITAN TED Clerks, salesmen, book-keep-i
T m' porters, br-keepera,aoopers,-echancs,
laborer and otbora, caa and situations at tbe Mer.
AfiAnla' HLrliki V..1.... rm.. w: .. .,, ,. ......
-.vv.. ipuru'i
UALB A 00.
eral hoaaework. Mnat nndaratand cooking
well, and be a good waaher and lroitar. To one well
recommenled an excellent place la offered. Cull at
the north-east corner of fourth and film-streets, no
"' no7b
8n f.FS ,u B,lcf n,'. On'o and Qundry'a Oom.
merclal Ullage, good for full court of etndy ln
ljoiible-entry Book-kfoplna, day and evening.
-T.T BA11'" ""J ,a cltT 8t present, but
waa bar a few yean alnce. It will be comldered an
esteemed favor If any one knowing bia pastor pres.
nt whereabouts will addreaa W. kl. at this office.
, no7b
SPRING WAGON and HOESK for a few
ti which, a reatonable price will be paid.
" nb'
. w an lady; (one child would not be objected to)
Jo board In a private family where (here are nu other
boarder. Ttie dwelling It oentrally located. Kefer.
erne required, ae It la desired t be company for the
lady. Addreaa 0. D., at tula office, novsb'
. man of seven yeara' experience In mercantile
business, either aa assistant book-keeper, salesman,
corresponding clerk, shipping clerk or receiving
lerk, 'Ihe very beat o( city refareencet can be given.
MEROHKl"a CLEIiK, oara of Box 412
Cincinnati. Ohio. no4tf
XTANTD-A GIRL To go. into the
country, near Olendala-flna who can do gen
eral housework. Apply at No. l Hatn-atreet, west
aid, above Math. Alto a man at tbe tame place.
Apply on Friday. B03d
V r"T located Bent moderate. Address
J. B. -., fenny Preaa Offlce. no3d
"WSTANTED AGENTS and other to call
7 andexamlnethecorn-hueker.gate-faatenlng,
egg-beater, knire-pollsher. tclaaort-ibarpenera, and
a variety of other thlna, first-rate to truvfl with, at
ooeoddw No. Wett TUird-etreet.
TO engage in circulating by subscription,
omenew highly ornamental and entertaining
Book, Uapa, 'hrU, Ac. Men now (.Derating clear
trom S3 to Jl.vi per mouth. (Jail and examine the
stock and get a descriptive circular, look at tettlmo
' ulalt of agent now opperatlng, o.
Uoniultatlon free. Call aoon.
MACK B. BaKNITZ, Publlther,
ooiSam. 3n W. ath Btreet, (up etalrl,')
FOR SALE A Single-thread 6EWING
MACHINE, with Treadle and all complete.
Will be sold very oheap. Apply at Mr. 8UTT0N'S
Uroocry. No. 802 fifth-etreet, between Western-row
and John. noSb
ta.Wo; located In a flonriahlng city in Central
Ohio, with trade of $7,000 to IM OOper annum Can
be hadcn reatonable terms by addreaalDg Druggist,
T.O. Box m, Cincinnati. noS-3o
FOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler Wagons,
Spring Wagons and Buggies.
, , , J. it. PALMKB,
oeU-ameod Bank-street Omulbna Vaciory.
FOR RENT ROOMS Two eligible base
ment rooms: also sevcal unfiirniilieil Iniisino
rooms fur gentlemen. Apply at offlce No
FOR RENT That well-kno-n GROCERY
,m STAND, with DWBLLING, north-east corner
of Xverett-atreet and Weatern-row.
nodb No. H3 Pnarl-street.
m. HOUSB-Contalnlng tlx rooms. Terms ifa
sonable. Apply ho. 302 Kace-alreet. noab
Jtv BOOMS-Of dlflerent sizes, in the fourth-story
of Apollo Buildings. Uradyforrccupancyon thelst
of November. Inquire of H. Y, I10HTON,
ocSlawt No. 1 Apollo Buildings, 8d floor.
, Gas, for Gentlemen, at 201 TMrd-atreot, near
Pl'"n. ocilh'
BOARDING Two gentlemen can obtain
a pleasant room, with board, at Ko. 107 Lona-worth-street,
between Xlu and Plum. Terms mod
erate. no5b
f. f 08T DOG A pointer dog, all white
M-M except the ears, which are light orangn color.
' A liberal reward will 1m paid for his return to . L.
THOMMi, No. 6 Wast Eighth-street. no7a
T OST GOATS Two males and one fe
i.i JLtlmaln, on the 3d of November. Brand E. 0. N.
on their horns, andtho two males yoked together
, with a chain between them and a hemp rope on their
necks, and a bell under the smallest one's
neck. Any person will be liberally rewarded byre
i turning them o No. 149, on the Canal, between Race
1 1 and Kim. . .. novsb
i . (POBRLT MOTOil.)
, Office 98 Brondway, New York,
' JsV entire profits, ere rata, among its Policy Bold.
era, legal interest (7 per cent, only) is paid on its
stock, which may, by Investment, reproduce about
that amount, thermy aiving the aaaured all the ad
vantages of the Pa Mutual byetem, with tbe
pledge of a Perpetual i.piial Btook and the added
security that lta Board ut Directors have a Perma
nent Honeyed Interest In conduot'og Its affairs with
prudence and strict eoonomy.
I is rates are baaed upon the most approved English
1 tables of mortality, verified by American experience
(o the present time. :
By the Charter, Dividends to the Asanred are to be
Aaelared every Ave years, and may be applied to the
reduction of premium, or will be credited npou the
lOUoy, thereby inoreaaing the amount Insured,
jVtlee d'Siriug to Insure will be furnished with
the Bo!?' Publications, rates, 40., gratis, upon ep
to the Aaent.
Hoif. Vltlil 0. ALEX AN DEB, President. ;
' HENBV ? UYDM, Vice Hreeld.nt.
EilWAKt?vWILIAM8,Becretary. .
QEO. y :. fb MtHiro, aoiuary. .u
, s,aloiiD0t llreaiKCiroaoiNciH.ViTi.
-wTe. ube nndertlgnsd, take pleasure In stating that
I "Che twuliable Lite Aasurance Hoclety," of New
VoTk.raprewatedln thisoitv by David A. Trnax, Eeq
Isemlrelr erorttiy tbe confidence of tbit community,
and that the combination of the Mutual and Joiui
(Mock principle aa by them presented-render tbli
Company one of the most oeelrable lor insurers In
te eoantrr:
b'-dmaa, Oarlltle k Shaw, Stanhope 9. Row.,
J. .. Chenewsih Ho., B. H. LrKommedleu,
Xhoipeon Taaffe,
Hla.aniey, nimpeon a. vo., V. -. vnrwiu,
. E. Spencer,
33 Wt Jhlrd-street, Basement Masonlo Tempi
Mt Iiamlnlng Phyalclan.
Feathers and Winter MUUneiy,
'i Of s-ysiptloa, which I am selling at a small
awrranca on New Tork priese, wnolessle and retail, -
...m . . t, wnnn, Jr.,
oi , J mh-thraet, b t. Bscs an4
I .1 !.(! ,1J . 'I
We take occasion again to notify
our patrons living in the district bounded by
Fifth and Seventh-street!, and Main and Western-row,
not to pay moneys to anyone bnt Mr.
Roilistoh, the present carrier, at he alone ii
entitled to all dues subieqaent to Monday,
Ootobsr 17. No one else has any right to sub
loriptioni due after that date. i . .'
Fob Saw. One-half of the Covington
Route on Pikst Prus, is offered for sale to a
prompt and active carrier. Apply at Connt-ing-roorn.
Closing Bali o Oil Fairtinds. J. Graff
Co. tell, this morning, at nine o'clock, at store
No. 18 Eeast Fourth-street, variety of choloe
Dikkiiom Hocsi. From an oocaaional
glance at the register of this old and popular
hotel, we learn that it continues to he the fa
vorite home of the traveler. It it centrally
looated, well furnished, pleasantly arrangerlj
and, under the charge of Dennison the
yonnger, must oontinue to add to Its number
of patrons.
KnwAWAT. A horsa attaohed to a buggy
containing; a man and wrimnn ran awav vni.
terday evening, near Milloreek, and threw
mo oom out, injuring ine man quite severely.
After the horse had quite demolished the
vehlole he waa stonnar) anil t,r.ori n th
city. The woman wat not Injure.
- ii
Y. M. M. 1,. IsoTORics Thomas Stab
KlNO TO-Moksow Hvrimn Pa- Tl.
Starr Kinc. nf rtnatn ;n 4aiiwa.'k &
D - , "11. VUD
lecture of the Winter Course before the Mer
cantile Library Association to-morrow even
ing at Pika's Opera House. Subject "Lawt
of Disorder." A crowded house may be ex
pected to hoar thinrliatlnonliha1 1nn airl
eminent divine. ,
SaaTntta Amtnmvm , r.M. n . . . .
little girl about five years of age, whose parents
' Bce-aireei, near nth, was run over
bv a narAlA.sl ilvlvn M ; n.
"'".u uiiiA- .((uc, uu atiur
dty afternoon, and considerably injured. We
uubuis u icarn me name or toe onna or
the extent nf Inlnvl.. k.. ... a
that both legs were so badly orusheel at the
V I. . e . .. "... .
waa loarea oom wouia nave to be am
putated. PoETIflAf. HcAnruna BW Tnnu.a Dnni,
- - Ba . Illfu.q
Kiad. The audience that attended the poeti
cal readlnea. at Smith TTlwn.'. ii.n Sa
turday night, by Thomas Buchanan Head, was
"iK"! sou seemea to oe mgaiy delijrater.
Thit artist, who paints with words muoh hotter
than with colore, ittad mm nt i, . , t,i.
iotelleotual oreations; but hit audience had
read them before they heard him read, and
knew what waa ahnnt in f.ii vi. i;.
Btill, the entertainment was a pleasing one, and
ue was irequenuy, warmiy, even vehemently,
Dastardly Attimft to Throw, a Traiw
iroh a Railroad Thack A t one of the freight
trains on the Ohio and Misuippl Railroad was
nearing the Harlunburg Station, a night or
two ago, the engineer, Mr. H S. Brooks, dis-
covereu a lot ot eross-tles, stumps, Ac, on the
track. He reversed the engine and succeeded
in stopping the train just in time to save it
from destruction. We have seldom heard of
a more villianoui attempt to destroy tbe lives
of railroad passengers, aud hope the perpetra
tors may be brought to the punishment their
villainy to much deservus.
A Man Pats Hib T5vmvo n, n
A German, named Nicholas Oohsner, who hat
a wine-cellar on Main-street, between Eighth
and Ninth, tome time ago employed a man
named Jacob Bumm to arrange it for him,
which he teemed to have done to his complete
Satisfaction. On fiatnriin h m.1
to his employer for some money, but iDttead of
l : r il. i.i . . . . .
rluK ,u ""u tur ine jaoor ne nan done, ne
assaulted hiin with a winr)on li.nn..
- - p -vMwia unuiuivi vcvu iui
the purpose of taking the bungs out of barrels,
out his head in several placet and wounded him
quite severely. Oohsner wss subsequently ar
rested, and confined in the H& imnnA.atMat
Btation-houte until he could And an opportunity
io ten nis story to J cage Lowe, which will be
furnished him, doubtless, this morning.
Prison, Jail ind Hospital Tn the Cltv
Prison, at tbe close of the week, there were
149 prisoners, (75 of them females,) against
151 the previous week. During the wees 46
prisoners were ditoharged.
In the Countv Jail there were 8 lunatics; 21
females; 1 on bread and water; 26 on ohain
gang; 88 in main jail 141 in at), against 131
tbe week previous.
At the Commercial Hosnital 29 nersona ware
admitted during the week; 25 discharged; 3
born and 1 died.
In the Hospital last evoninr 143 natlenta
were under treatment, against 137 the previout
week. t. i i ;
At the olose of tbe vast week there wat but
one case of small-pox in the Peat-house.
Paor. Robbing's Lkoturi on Sakitart ct
rnoi. The lecture on Banitarv Science, on
Saturday night, at Rev. Mr. Ooiver'a Church,
uatneTine-itreet, by frof. Kobbins, wat not to
largely attended as the subjeet or the merit of
the lecturer deserved. This ' may have been
caused by tbe faot that it was delivered in a
remote part of the city; but still the soience
that seems to be the most worthy the attention
of the publie is the very one which would be
most likely to receive the least of it. The
people do not care to know how to preserve
life so much as they desire to learn how to en
joy it, and it is hard to make them believe
that obtdienoe to tbe law of health is the high
way to pleasure. The Professor's knowledge
of his tubjeot Is extensive and his leoture wat
good, sometimes eloquent, and should have
been heard by all who are, or intend to become,
Pbookrdihos or thr Codmtt Commibsionibb.
At their regular session yesterday morning,
tbe County Commissioners passed orders
amounting, In the aggregate, to $2,059 89, of
which $127 61 were to John A. Smith for sun
dries furnithed Liek Run Lunatic Asylum ;
$858 77 for maintaining Inmates of HoasVof
Refuge one month ; $511 SO to J. Muster,
balanoe on stone furnished Cartbage Lunatic
Asylum; $252 92 for bread furnished Liok Run
Lunaotio Asylum; and $502 80 to various per
sons for lumber, vegetables, to., furnished
tame institution. ' - I
. A resolution wat alto passed authorising the
immediate reconstruction of the bridge over tbe
canal In Sycamore Township, which has re
cently fallen down, uuder the direotlon of
James B. Bell, Esq., at an expense not exceed
ing $2(!0. ,
Miebael Dugan, Benjamin Hamilton and
Thomas Glenn weredischargedfrom jail, owing
to their inability to pay fines and costs charged
against tbem. - . i
How a Bdbirrsi Ma Gavc a Costomsr a
Warm RtotrTio. A yuan named L. C. Jen
kins, on Batordav evening last, went into
the office of the United Sutes Express Com
pany and inquired for a package which he
expected to reoive by this means from the
East. There was no person in the establish
rnent, however, but en oftoeae of the Com
pany, named J. V. Jones, who was in that
unfortunate condition which is ever the ro
suit of tbe too free indulgence of a passion
for tpiiitual liquors. Instead of delivering
the package, he kicked his customer ell
about the office, and .finally into the street,
swearing at every blow that "he'd teach him
to come there for a package." Jenkins, not
relishing tuch' a reception, and' smarting
under the indignity that had been heaped
upon him, had Jones arrested and oonfined
fa the Hemmond-ttreet Station-house. This
it Mrtainly new method of treating custom-
and will hardly beeone popular.
Polios Court. At usual on Saturday, there
was considerable business before the Polios
Court. Beside the ordinary number of charges,
the continued oases throughout the week were
disposed of, and the session was therefore
somswhat longer thsn usual. The following
were the most important oases. . . t
At most of our readers are already aware,
a fellow ntmed William Neely entered a paw n
broken office on the comer of Fourth and
Syoamore, on Friday but, and loping over
the counter, stole $130, with whloh he wat in
tbe set of leaving the establishment, when the
proprietor, who happened to be momentarily
absent, entered and arretted him; The case
was to palpable that he had not a word to lay
in his defense and Judge Lowe committed htm
to await a trial for grand larceny before the
next term of the Court of Common Pleat, in
default of bail to the amount of $2,000.
One day last week an issue of this paper
contained an aooount of the arrest of a woman,
named Jane Goodinj who was oharged with
having oaused her daughter to become, prema
turely, a mother, by the combined effect of a
brutal assault, under the circumstances, and
the administration of tome medicine. The case
it a lomowhat singular one, and the charaoter
of all the parties teemt, from the evldonce, to
bo rather bad; but In view of all the faots,
Judge Lowe considered it best to hold her to
answer tbe charge before the next term of the
Court of Common Pleas, In the sum of $500.
Ellen Kief, the girl who waa arrested a few
days ago for stealing a quantity of money
from Mrs. Jobo, on the corner of longwortn
and Plum-streets, waB tent. to the Home of
Refuge until she becomes of sgo. She is but
fourteen years old, and had horetofore borne
quite an excellent character. In regard to
the theft, it is almost certain; to great was
the faith the family with which she resided
reposed in her, that it would have gone un
discovered until doomsday, but for the van
ity which, even at thit early age, manifests
itself in most of the female sex. She would
dress herself gaily, and the faot created sus
picion, for her friends were inquisitive enough
to ask themselves and each other how and
where the oams by the money which pur
chased so many articles of wearing apparel.
Their curiosity having thus been set ou foot,
the secret was soon discovered. But tbit is
not the only instance, although the method
may be somewhat out of the usual order, in
which vanity has been known to punnlsh its
' .1' .
Frstival. The following it a programme of
the Schiller Centennial Festival, to take place
at the Allemania, corner of Sixth and Main
streets, next Thursday evening;
l.-Overture, "William Tell," tiy the Co-
lnrobia Orobeatra,... iw.
J. Prologue, written expressly for the
occniiun. 9i nr. ju. jjiueninai, '
spoken bv a young lady.,..
I Grand Chorus, from Schiller's
"Bell," with orchestra accomptnl.
. ntf n, under the direotlon of Fruf.
0. Barn;..... ..,.... Bamberg,
4.-Poem, dedicated to the Schlllor fes
tival, by Or. Kotbenueim
J. oration, by I'r. A. Boseiifll.....
6. Fatlval Drama, written lor the oo.
eaatnn by Mr. Llllenthal, Introduc
ing the "seull" of UerniHuy, huitln,
France and America, with a grand
chorus by a number of ynnng lailiea,
and tableaux from the principle dra
matlcworktof rchlller, eudl'iu with
tde coronatiou of the buatol Schiller.
7. Uhorut fiom Sohlller's "Dell," Bomberf .
tra Mitssanlelli .,... Auber,
9. - Choniifrotu BcbillerVHell," , ftomberg.
10. Hcenn from Schiller's "Don Carlos.'1
1!. Soliloquy from "Joan d'arc," by a
young lady M.
13. Poem, dedicated to the Ceutennlal
Anniversary of Schiller's birthday,
ur areuj, arvugraiu.
. i i .
Brabty. Every accidentia doubly painful,
no matter to whom It happens; for not a re
fined and cultivated nature but feels a pang
when told the misery another is compelled
to bear. But when, by one of these a single
spark of beauty is destroyed, the todnett
reaches all the world, and gives life and birth
unto a fourfold woe.
A fow evenings ago a lovely girl, residing
in the Seventeenth Ward, was made the
victim of the explosion of acamphene lamp.
She was unfortunately filling it while It was
lighted, and the vapor catohmg fire, imparted
the liquid flame to her person. Her neck
and face, and chest, wore horribly burnt, and
although her screams brought her parents
and her betrothed, who happened to be vis
iting her at the time, to her side, their efforts
were without avail, and before they succeeded
In quenching the fire that almost took her
life, her facial beauty had been despoiled
forever. .
She is now recovering from the effects of the
aooident and Is permitted to tea her friends,
who are moved to tears when they behold tbe
wreck of the loveliness they knew before.
There is no consolation for snch a woe as this,
bnt in tbe factthat however gteit the power of
the element to destroy the body, its fiery
fingers could not oatoh particle of that divine
beauty which teemed to have found in her
nature an exhauttless mine. . It could pluok the
rotet from her oheekt, but not tbe lilliea from
her heart; the former, soon or later, must hare
faded, the latter bloom eternal.
Obtainiko Monry by Fa lsb Prrtzhois.
A fellow named John Dowling, .who was for
merly a bar-keeper on the steamboat Lebanon,
was arrested on Saturday last, at the instanoe
of a German, who charged him with obtaining
money bv false pretenoei, and committed to the
Hammond-street Station-house. The ciroum
stanoes as related to ns are at follows :
A few dayt ago Dowling met the German,
whose name we were unable to learn, and told
him the bar on tbe tteamer we have named
for $150, and at an earnest of the good faith
in which the transaction had been made, re
ceived $01 of tbe purohaao money. He then
went to take oharge of the establishment he
had bought, but tbe Captain refused to allow
him to do so, and he afterward learned that the
bar had been retold by the tame party to
another person. ' -
Thinking be had been swindled, whloh in
deed lookt very like the truth, bt had a war
rant issued for the arrest of Dowling, whleh wat
plaoed immediately in the hands of an offioer
with the result we have ttated above. Be will
have a hearing ln all probability thit morning
before Judge Lowe. i '
, Assault with Intuit ro Kill. A fellow
named Peter Uolan wat arrested and lodged
ln the Hammond-street Station-house, on
Saturday last, npon oharge of assaulting with
intent to kill a man named Janet Drennan.
It seemt that the parties met near tbe depot,
and after some hard wdrds they oameto harder
blows. During the fight, Drennan 's nose wat
broken, and hit head and face severely braised,
to muoh to, Indeed, that we learn he had not
ytt been able to leave hit bed. Nolan will
hare a bearing before Jadge Lowe tbit morn
ing, but it is hardly probable that the. latent
to kill will be proved, although the charge
against him it of thit nature. j
Meteorological' observations! for the
Prrss, bv Henry Ware, Optician, No.
7 West
Fourth-street, November 3, 1851).
t a. a.
T A.M.
ljl M
4 P. I.
Barometer., Thermometer.
.jn.7i . . w
,.211.71 -f I !''
,.i.7I , - . ' ' es
November, 4 lug,
, Mar Found Drowsrd Corokir'i Inqurst.
An unknown man was found in tbe river at
the foot of Walnut-ttreet, on Saturday after
noon. Coroner Carey hold an inquest npon the
oody, tut tbe efforts or tne jury ueveiopeq
nothing whioh threw any light upon his past
llf. No marks of violence were found upon
tbe body, and for this reason, at it nsual in
tuch cases, a verdict of accidental drowning
wat returned. ;!t ;.., i I Jrnr
John Shlllito k Oo. advertise new
styles sjloaks and shawls in to-day's Ptsss.
Head their advertisement,
-i ! a
.7,7 W
i. i
! I
Rev. Thos. Starr King's Sermon on Life
at Church of the Redeemer.
The announcement of the Vermon uVuy.
Thoi. Starr King, of Boston, at the Courch of
tne redeemer, corner of Fourth and Baca
Streets, yesterday morning, drew a large crowd.
every foot of space being occupied, lilt text
was irom tne tentn verse of tbe tabu chapter
of John: '.'That they might have lifo,and have
it more abundant." - r
The reverend gentleman opened by saying
that we might have life in the proportion we
wished It; its degree depended to a great
extent npon ourselves; Every one knew how
the musoles oould be enlarged: tbe breast ex
panded; the strength inoreated until a man of
tugnt mouia ana lets than ordinary power
could by exercise and corporeal development
beoome a modern Hercules. ,
This physical law was answered In the
mental and moral world. Wa had tbe tame
capaoity to improve and enlarge our intelleot
and heart ' by study, and the prsotice of
cnaniy, tnai we naa to improve tne irame by
temperance, diet and exercite.
Some men thought to augment the volume
of their life by intensity, by tbe more con
stant pursuit of pleasure, the more complete
delight of the tenses. These pertons -were
usually called fast; and they were so, fast in
their career and fast to close it; but they did
and could not enjoy existence; their plane
wat too low, their range of feeling too much
upon tbe earth's surface. We had daily ex
amples of how falsely fast men lived; how
ghastly were their revelries; how somber
their so-called happiness. ' -
Another kind of life might be termed the
broad, in which one sought to rivet bit attention
to many objeots; to embraoe various pursuits;
to widen his sphere of usefulness and swell his
stock of knowledge. For this man fathomed
soience, made researches into ocoult lore, wor
shipped art, roamed tbe earth and toanned the
sky. A higher form of life was thit than the
other, and worthy of those formed in the image
oi uou. n neia larmsnea tns nignest and
noblest studies; dignified and elevated man, but
often to absorbed him that he forgot the rela
tions of the heart, and negleoted the affections.
The best, the true, the only worthy life was
the deep, which arose out of tbe heart and
soul; whioh gave birth to aspirations and
generated love, enduring universal and eter
nal; which allied man to hit fellows aid the
Infinite. This lifo was within the reach of
all; the poorest and the humblest oould gather
tbe flowers growing out of thit natural toil,
and oould oatoh the perfume they exhaled.
In the deep life much wat opened that in the
broad alone was conoealed. Through and
about it breathed the spirit of good and the
essence of God. It taught the simplest but
highest lessons; It revealed the purpoies of
Nature and the destiny of Man.
There wat'no deoeit, no cant In tbit. Creeds
might be false and Bibles mistaken ; but this
was true for all time. The deep life waa a
perfect teacher, instructing in all tbe forms of
Nature, better thau reason or dogma. It waa
notttraoge that he who failed to believe in
God In the presenoe of a flower, a tree or a hu
man form, should be skeptical after reading tbe
works of Curler and the Prlnoipla of Newton.
Better far wat the poor widow, who, in tbe
grave cf her dead child, beheld the link
between herself and Heaven, than tbe proud
toholar about whose brow wat the icy crowu
of unbelieving wisdom. Who does not feel tbe
pulseof humanity in his breast throbbing for all
bis kind; who does not know the toueh of love,
the relation of Provldenoe to eaoh created
thing, was to be pitied, though ha could calcu
late tbe movements of the planets, and solve
the problem of human destiny. God was our
common Father and Teacher, and though be
existed in the Heaven of Heavens, he still
held his dearest place in the humblest heart
Anothib Conndsncs Gavs. Yesterday
morning, while an elderly man named Mil
ler, from Parkenburg, Va., was sauntering
along the Levee, he was accosted by a gentle
man, with whoso appearance and dsincanor
he was immediately captivated, and a fami
liar convertation ensued. After having ex
hausted nearly every tubject of interest, the
young man stated that he was going to tuke
passage for St. Lonis, onboard the steamboat
Mariana; that his sister purposed accompany
ing him, and was already on the boat; that
he had a check on a St. Louis bank, which
he exhibited, for a large amount, but that he
had not money enough in his possession to
pay his passage, and that ot his sister. Ob
serving that the Virginian believed his story,
he asked the loan of $30, offering to give him
a gold watch, which he held in his hand,
and which, from outward appearances, was
worth $150, as seourity for the money. It was
handed over, and tbe gentleman left, ostensibly
for the purpose of going to the Mariana, but,
as it subsequently appeared, he took another
direotlon. Mr. Miller soon found that the
watoh was worth about $2, but could not be
persuaded but that the young man was honest,
till ne went to ins boat ana found that neither
he nor his sister had been there. The obtuse
old gentleman stood abashed for some minutes
before he could realise tbe faot that he had
been viotlmized. When he finally compre
hended his situation, he returned to bis hotel
uttering innumerable anathemas upon olties in
general and Cincinnati in particular. ,
Soicidi ry DaowNino As Unknown Man
Drowns HiussLt in Turei Frit or Watrr.
Coroner Carey wss oalled upon, on Saturday
afternoon, to hold an inquest upon the body
of a man who was found dead in the river,
near Columbia, in Spencer Township. After
a Jury had beeu etapanneled several wit
nesses were sworn, But their tettimony wat
very unsatisfactory.
The man wat wholly unknown, and nothing,
IthmiffH fta, ntTiicfc am mail. unll Ka
learned ln regard to hit name, business or j
previous History. -He bad been seen en the
river's edge, and tome poisons bad watohed
mm waae out into tne stream until the water
almost reached hit wast, when he deliberately
laid down and never rote again. Notiolng
thit they hnrried to the spot, only to find that
he had tuooeeded in hit melancholy inten
tion. ! ' 6 . ' i
The Jury rendered a vordict of self-destruction
by drowning, upon tbe strength of a
large amount of testimony which we have
compressed into the above paragraph. The
determination of the man to accompliih hit
purpose mutt have been very great, or he
mutt have failed, to thallow wat the water at
the point where his tadnest and the eiream
ttanee made hit fate. r
A few nights ago the boute of a man named
Pullen, who resides at or near Gltndals, wts
feloniously entered by a fellow who, in all
probability, will oommit no more burglaries oa
tbit earth if tbe popular notion in regard to
departed spirits be enrreet. There happened
to be no one at home but a young man, who it
appears had been left for tbe pnrpoteof taking
ears of the house in tbe absence of the family,
and he hearing tbe burglar in his endsavors to
enter it, ttationed himself with pistol, awaiting
tbe result. Unfortunately, tbe fellow saooeeded,
and the young man fired. Too burglar turned
and ran a short dlatanoo but then fell and was
nn able to rise. He was taken up and carried
back to the bouse by tome pertons who bap.
penedto he near, where bis wounds were dressed
and where he Kill lies in quite critical
condition. T ;
Fisa Tistrroay Mormihq. Testerdsy
morning, about three o'clock, a fire broke out
in a two-story frame building, looated on Western-row,
near Everett-street, and occupied by a
German as a bakery and drinking-bouts.
With its contents it was only partially de
stroyed, and the loss will not reach three hun
dred dollars, folly covered by insurance. - Tbe
fire is supposed to have been tbe work Of an
incendiary, who first robbed the building, but
nothing definite Is known in regard to itt
origin.:, ,
, pS, Deland, Gossage k Cuyler are making
a magnifioent display of winter cloaks and
tbawit, silks and woolen dresr goods, and In
fact of every variety 'of fansy and staple dry
goods, which they are offering at great bargains.
n to 74 West Fenrth-ttreet for everything
new ana aes lrasit,
lit iU.V ...
' Il 1 1 ,.l
party of youog men, anxious to improve their
minds, have rn,.nl tnmAj an ...l.. .
that purponf-, to bo oalled tbe "Everett
T.-.. If T. . v . .
-juouui. ii win wee onoe eacn weei, wnen
the members will exercise themselves in oom
potition, declamation end .debate. . We are
glad of this, for Id no other Institution is there
such an opportunity for everv species of mental
developemeut. It Is a sch.jol not for a dull
routine of Instruction in one or two branob.ee
merely but for the development of the whole
man. To think, to speak, to write, properly,
are essential to success ln any occupation in
life, and these can only bs acquired by prao
tiee. It is true that this fault oomes princi
pally from nature; but it is aided by art, and
in no place oan it be cultivated so suooetsfuUy
at in a well regelated literary tooiety.
, CtTORCB Drdioatios. The Trinity (plM0
palian) Church, on MadttoS-ttreet, between
Fourth and Fifth, having been enlarged to
about double itt former tlie, wat yesterday
thrown open to publio worship, and, at is usual
In such oatet, wat dedicated according to tbe
forms and eeremonies prescribed by the eccle
siastical body to which it' belongs. A morning
sermon was preached by the able and accqm-
nlished rector. Rav. Mi Rnlilnn mi. A .nnu.-
iu the afternoon by Rev. Kingston GotHard,
vi vmoinuati. IDA dedication sermon wat de
livered in the evening, by Bev. Dr. Greenleaf,
and wts undoubtedly one of hit ablest efforts.
Pioepocikts Asoot.'-A Mrs. James, who
resides on Eleventh-street, was last night going
on board the ferry-boat at the foot of Scott
street, whon a finely dressed young man met
her, and, at if by aoaldeut, rubbed against her
drest, for whioh he politely apologised and
pasted on. In a few minutea aha illainvamit
that her port-monnaie, containing seventy-five
""i uniting. Aue young man wat evi
dently a piokpocket.
. An EviDRNoa ov Prospkritt. No better
evidenoe need be desired of the Importance
with whioh Covington and Newport are viewed
abroad, than the faot that all the Cincinnati
papers are oompelled to devote a considerable
portion of spaee to the heal news of these
eitlot. The Time now devotes a ooluan to
Newport and Cuvlneton. Of conraa. thalr r.
porter Is a "humorist,"
1st it br Dorr at Oncs We sgalneall the
attention of our City Fathers to the necessity
of having the names of the streets posted upon
the corners. It would add o-reatlv to the eon
vnnienoe of cititsns, and to strangers would
1. - e 1 , I . m
im ui locaicumDis oeneut.,
A Spiritualist. A Frennkm a aa IimimiI
in Jail last night, by. one of our Marshals,
bavin, been found Ivlnr In tha ati-nt In
state of perfect obliviousness, caused by com
munication wun sundry tpiriu. :
RtWASD VOR Cniur-a.Tf anrll,!!!. fco I,
received in our eity, announcing a reward of
A- I J-ll . . 11.. . m r..
u uuuurcu uunara igr, tne arret! 01 vnsmpt,
who recently escaped from the Lexington jail.
Fa IS. Tha fair for tha haneilinf
Cadets will oommenee this evening. In the
afternoon the oomnanv will nnradn tfernnoh
. , , 1 1 ..
... r.....f v, .UF V..J,
SoBPORftiSlssoiD. Mr. Sell man had a num
ber of subpoenas plaoed in bit band, ittned from
tbe Hamilton County (Ohio) Court of Common
Pleas, to be served on sundry eititent of New
port who are cognisant of important matter!
relating to the kidnapping of the negro War-
goner, by Stewart and Weaver, of Cincinnati.
Although under no legal compulsion to testify
in the sase.yettheirinterestin the transaction
will induce most, if not all of them, to attend
the Court. The matter will be Investigated by
the Grand Jury to-day. . t j
Thr OsDiNiNOB to Prohibit thr Sals of
Intoxicating) Drinks on Sua oat. The mo
tion of Mr. Hayman, in the City Council, for
toe repeal oi tnn ordinance was made the toe-
cial order for next Thursday evening, j What
action tne uonnsii, may many take In the
matter, we are not able to prediot, but we are
certain if it be repealed it will not add to the
present government of the Sabbath in the city.
Suspension op a Flour Mirobant. Chirles
Grote, flour dealer on, the corner of Jefferson
and York-streets, left fpr parts unknown a day
or two sinoe, much to the disooinfiture of tun-,
dry creditori. It is believed that a fall exhibit
of his debts and assets would show a large
preponderance of the former over the latter, i
Finals or a Fight. T. D. Edwards and C.
W. Root were fined $5 and oostt esob, by
Esquire Payne, on Saturday morning last. , ,
Wood's Theatir. Tho manager of this
theater having. In oortenumce of the failure nf other
arranaeinenta. and of the arraat ancoeaanf Mr An
derson and Mies Ellsworthy, oarnestly solicits I them
to continue ineir engagement lor anntn r week, they
bare conaenuid to doeo, aud will appear this evening
in Hhakapeare's erreat nlay of Julius I'jKSah, aa
"Brutus" and "Portla.'r His not often thla grand
creation la put upon tha etnge, and onr theaier-gnera
will no doubt take advantage of tha opportunity
now offered to wltnesa the claealc drama.
Mr. Mi'lerson had a crowned hi.nio at his benefit on
Saturday evening, and being warmly called for after
the play, retnrned his tlmnlcs to the audlenrefor the
liberal eatrontffe bestowed udou him durina hla im.
usually long engagement. J
This well NiiTLocic, Thr Lady or T.tons In which
Mr. A. has obtained at ''Clande Melnotte" a great
reputation and pnrbnpsTutKiNS or thi Com wins
will be produoed ln line atylx. We predict liir Mr.
Anderson aud Mlas Ellsworthy a oontlnued attccaaa.
and apatronago commensurate with their merits.
National Tbratrr. This evening Julia
Tean nervonates tha character of "Orlseldla." in tha
pmeiiuu,ui inn iinti, uav-uu rwatia woimet
she will draw a flne home. Though tbe irageny
neceaaarilv loses tomewbkt In tbe English, it is a
apiriLvu winiuH, iuu iuv t,jmcirrm tuv iivrKllie IB
exceueuity weuauapuu 10 tne lair Jiiua Ba'yis uer
personation, aa we uave seen it, is ariisiio and pa
thetlc, and shew 11 portrays the broken heart nf a
loving woman, whose uinoorlty was tried by too pain
ful aud severe a tost. , , , , .
. 1 . ' , II . t f :
Tag Paior CoxriKRT. To-morrow evening
the first of the subscription coDoert" by Profe.sor K.
0. Paige and hla daughters, Georginaaud kmilte,
will be given at Smith 4 Nlxou'e Hall. The pro
gramme is carefully teiecterj, aud Includes the grand
trio for u voice an 1 two flute from Meyerbeer's
"L'Etolledu Nord,"oneof tbe moat dellolons mor
ceaux of the opera, which we hoard several times at
its Hiat repreneutailoua In this country. We pre
sume the oonccrt will be well attended, and we feel
tore that those present will bt very agreeably enter
talnod. '
Concert bt ths Cicilia Socirtt. This
excellent society, eertainly the best In tberity, an
nonnce a oonrert to take pl.t- at Snilth a Nlxon'a
Hall, on Tuesday, November 34, the proeetds to be
devoted to .lit purobue of a piano for tbe alnging
department of the Catholic Institute. We do nut
know what the programme will be, bnt are safe la
saying that whatever It may be, it will be well sung.
Tbb MAKOAurs Asairst ibr Auditor
The application fir a perem rtory mandamntln the
ease "f the extent" of Harkni-ai against the County
Auditor, to compel the laltr to change the location
of certain propuny returned fr taxation, (oaae re
ported before) kaa refuted, and an exoeptlon takeo
to the ruling f the Court. r
Writs or Error. A writ f error ratarnable to
tbe tiuprema Court wat al Inw.-d in tbe case of Jacob
Parker, convicted nf murder In the eecosd degree
In tbe case of the Htnta against O'DrltooU a writ of
error wa aho allowed.
This Court closed np lta bullosas br the teuton,
aud adjourned slue die. ,
. Ths Judges tat in Oontral Term, anil heard
amotion to rverte the proceedings at Special Term
In thocaaeof Hannah T Jonee vi. the Little Miami
B-illroad Company. Tbe plaintiff claimed dower out
of certain property which had been condemned for
tbe purposes of tbe railroad, aud which ondtimna.
tlon waa alleged to be a bar to her claim. The plain
tiff wat not a party the proceedings. i
. Bail was tendererl for Leonard In
custody, on a charge of having In possession court
lerfelt money. Jamn If oar In answer to inter
rogatorita put by lUe Cnnrt and tbe Prosecuting
Attorne , ttated tnat he lnul offered himself fur bill
in similar cases; that he had bn feored In this
data by a mortgage, given to him by El lta Roberta,
mid that he wan the orn-r of a tract of land In
Springfield Township. The title could not be founi
on record, and tbe ball wa refused. -The prisoner
waa remanded to jail., J(' .
Rickey, Uailorv k Co. are out with
another list of new books. Bee advertisement
In another whunJ h '.' . , . ' t
il I'
H- !
4 mi l
Monetary and Commercial
Themovement in Monetary sffulrs was quite
aotive on Salufdajr, and the cheokitigaVt the Deposit
houses were rather heavy The supply of Qnrreocy,
however, was muoh better than it waa on the pre
vious Saturday, tad the Banks felt a comparative
degree of ease,
ai? - DJ'gount-bontet are' doing the greater part of
the -d Paper offering at lixtm per cent., and ar
Mienniug th-ir accotnmnditiona la conaeauence of
the Increawd receipti f ftirreocy,
..rf.'r? ',l,!?llg!w,, uot active on 8tardar, but
tteady t KiOo. bnjii.g, and premtmn rolling
i.th.h3..Pn?,,,, tUl
Uold wat iuli, and could have been pnrehaaed la
large Iota at 45o. premlntn; dealers pal lot no more
than Mc. acruaa tha enuntar 7 f
In NawOrlMutEiobange.RlghtandTinie, nothing
or consequence wat doing, and no change ooonrred la
Uucurrent tluney.
floor waa nneaanted on Satnrday; boldars be
ing very Ann, aud nowllllng to make any no.
oeaslona. Whlaky waa He. per gallon higher, with a
good demand. Provisions ware qnlet. No ealaa of
H to-.k plaoe, though 4,060 head went rervlvxd.
aonotioeebleo' ange occurred in any klud of Grain.
The receipt of fruduceand float for tho twenty
four hours ending' Saturday, were at fullowa:
flour, brls
Whisky " .
Cora. Bnth,
Oate, .,
Barley " .
Hugs, head .
8 17
Friday's Tribune says of Thursday's New York
Stock market: '
There wat a good degree of animation at the Stock
Board to-dav, but the buoyancy of yeatrrday waa lot,
and most of tbe speculative stocks closed at a alight
?V ,? " ,tD" mrning Board. This uddn obaoxe
of feoling U a ounflrmatlou of the views wa bev. cx
preased that the stock inoveuiflutia alinoit entlrolr
ccmnned to tbe tiock-jnhbera or tbe etreer, who mak
abort turns i either for the fall or rise. One element
of the market which aide the bull interest, it tnnt
there la no prominent or powerful bear Interest op
posing an upward movement. The parilea ii the
street who have no confidence In ulh. prlree for
stocks diirlnB tbe c;'nilug winter, appear entlre y
willing that tbe market should advance at prwent.
aud make no available opposition when a rally lakes
place. At the tame time, the partlea operating fur
therlaa exhibit but little dlspu.ilkm to carry tbit
market up br vigorous action. The confluence if
I Ilia Btnte of thlnga it, that the DuctiiHtlunt front
day to day are slight, leaving the g neral market nt
the end of the week very much where It waa at the
Ooncerulng Money and Foreign IicbangoioJSow
Tork tbe saiue number of the Tribune obtervra :
The Money market (continues to show Increaalog
caro, and t'.a supply offsrm? on demand is Inoreaainv.
rhe quotatloLs are without ehaoge On call loeua
the rat, are 7 cant, the bulk f transi
tion! being at II cant, fapar of deairahl quality
'carw and pastes freely in the diaeouat-houeee at
Wts f oant, runolug from tUty days W tlx months.
There la no class of siogle-name paper which it niow
ennght after a; legal tatae thau that of the large inb
blug bouses of 1 hie city, and th.re It llttlrof It Is i the.
market, at;th principal bonare are fashing tbetr
elgbl-monih bill, at? V cent. Y annum. There (a
scarcely a learilug home In the trade whlnb baa not
abandon I tb long-time tyatemor credit, aud the
sbort-eradlt lyeinin has plaoed jobbers in a position
to anticipate very gen-rally ibalr paymeutt.
Ttie mjrket for foreign bills It heavy, with a betteir
supply of commercial tlgnatnrea, and a moderate de
ii'and. Barken are willing tn draw large linee of
Sterling at ill), aud even a trine la. Ooualderabla
amounta i f Rotithern hilla rn -rrtvlna. mnn
casta at e told at a lost on ISew Orleans coat.
The receipts of Wheat and Flour at tbe principal
receiving points IntbaWeet daring the past week.
compared with the week previous, show an increaao
ln the receipts wf upwards of 10,000 barrels flour and
MO.iXIO bushels wheat. This waa brought out doubt
lees by the advance which ruled about ten days aso.
Since then the markets all over tbe United State
have declined materially, and the receipt ahowa
b avy failing off. Ou wtdutedy th receipts of
heat at ulileago were only 47,000 bushels, aud l ea
terday .(I0U butheis.
The satire rtkelp's of lumber at Chicago, from
January 1 to November ), last year, war I7J,
OtO OOU teat against zn.OUO.OOO fur tbo earns time tbli
year. If the Clilcagulans receive aa much daring ton
pietent month ai d December ae last year, the total
ri-oelpia of leM will amount to a trine over tu0,00O,00u
The shipments at Ohlcago during the present year,
too, while t bey exceeded lane at I he beg uu lug of the
season, bave fallen off alnce then tumclent to mak
a deltcit of about lO.OOO.OUo feet. :
FLOCB-The market continues without any per
ceptible change: tbe demand Is limited and local,
but holders continue exceedingly flitn and unwIlllDg
tn make any concessions. The rali-a permitted to
trun-pire to-day are untie unimportant. We quote
Buperfine at 4 7ik$4 to, and extra at $4 andJM is. t,M0
brls. wrra rwelvad the last twenty-four hour.
ii u.on. i i un puto ui iiiia article aaranoea Jto.
t'i-day, with a good demand: sales of 1,100 brls. at
13H?3ttc thi latter rate for wagon.
PROVISION S-The market for all artlelee la very
qnlet: 100 brls. m.ta Pork sold at JI3 75, belog a de
cline. Nothlugdone in other artlelee.
H0G3-Nu tale. 4.000 were reoelved the last
twe ny-four huure. Ihe weather Is too warm for
Ull.-i'ali-B of eft brls. Linseed at toe.
OBOUEBI Ed-Small lot or new crop, nolloed in
our last, told to-day at to. The gualliy, aa regard
both grain aud rolor, la very superior. H brls. new
Alula sea Hold at 43o.,and 3lr bxga Coffee at IMSimc.
. WHEAT The market ladull and heavy, aud price
are drooping, though notqatbly lower: email aalo
Stf 1 1 for prime white, aud $1 OS for prime rrd,
OOKN There i a fair demand and prices axe
steady at 4SJtlo., on airlval; aalet of 1,000 bush, at
43c , and 9,(m bush., to arrive, at 40o.
O ITS Ihe market la Aim, with a gond demand:
sales of MO bush, at tttrtc; 600 do. at i&o.; aud MO
bush, at 46o.
UAKLfclf The market is dull, but prices are
without special change.
RYE The market it dull; bnyers are offering 77
UrJIESEThe demand continues active and the
market la firm: tales of 600 boxes Wfctera Beterr at
POTATOES The market it very dull: sales of 100
bns N-ihaijockBat81 40. .
APPLES ihe market Is dull and price are un
changed: rn'es of 100 br s. choice at Si to; 100 brls.
oommon at SI 29.
11 U rTllk There Is a good demand for prime
Western Keaerve, and a fair demand for prime roll:
saletof 30 ferkius prime Western Keeerve at ISO ;J8
ferklnt fair to prime at 12(il7c.i ii tabs choloe
Western Keaerve Dairy at 2lii2o.
pB A. A. Xyiter, Clooht, 'Watohea and
Jewelry, riot. S41 and 171 Western-row.
,. pB", Daguerrean Gallery, south-west oor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Bannafbrd'
drug-store. Pictures taken and ut ln good oatee
for twenty cents. Warranted to please.
Pratt's 22J Annual Sale of
. '"I jRSJ AUCtluIla
At No. 8 West Fouth-stret,
(Next to Smith A Klxon's Hall.)
or Book at Privet Bale during the day tt about
half tbe Publlehera' prioea.
1sdit-s and gentlemen are rtepectfnlly Invited to
call and examine our stock.
J. K. PRATT, Sail-no,
noltf KELLOGQ A WILLI AU3, Anct'r.
- CO.-Fural Kursl Fnrel-Tbe second eale of
rrs, Kobe, Ac., 1U be atVH o'clock, ou THURS
DAY UUKialNa, November 10, at is East ITourth
stteet. To the former Invoice will he added a Lew
a tuck of the finer quality of Ladies' Furs. They oast
be area oa Wednesday.
no7 : , JACOB OBAFF & CO., Auctioneer.
BHEABS A CO., Balet-roome Hob. 47 and DO
Maln-etreet. tjlrncerlee, Ac. at Anctou. We will
sell, on WON DAT MOKNING, Nov. 7. emmenelD8
at o'clook, an ex'entlte aasortment ef Oro erlee,
consisting of 95 brls. Slolaatei, 76 brls. Sugar, IM
huxea. Iba and ft Tobacco, too loam Painieu Buck
ets, Lorn bdls. Paper, 20 kega Nails, 190 brls. Smok
ing T.ibuocti, 2(0kegs8lx-tiit do.
ALSO-Nutmegt, Hope, Indigo, Bedcords, Soap,
Groni'd Sploes, Olassware, Washboard-, Ao.
no7 ii. BKAHHEARB A 4Je Anotionee .
JtM. A CO. Sal -room No. it Haln-etreet.-Oro-eerlea,
Oliaaware. Boots aud Shoe, at Auction On
TUI6UAY MOBNINd. Nov. , at o'clock, Staple
Groceries, Olaaawar. Boon and Shoes, Llquura, ao.
A L S 0:t bags Hlo Coffee, IS brls. Helloed Sugar,
WO boxea Ground Sploat.
nul H. B. MILKS & CO., Auctioneers.
JOH N8TON, la Sales-room a, No. tS Hain-atreet.
(next to Trust Company BankK-Aatlgnee'a aaleof
Dry Oaoda, Ulbhnoa. Lacee, Ao.centlnatd. TUES
BAT fdURMNG, November t, oommenclca at SX
o'clock, will be sold, by order of Aesignee, the boU
snot of stock of a Dry Ooode Jobbing House, among
Whleh are many desirable fond.
A LSo ban e Hoca of Clutht, Oasslmeree, Satinets,
Overcoating". Blaokett. Velvets, Print ntnfft, Ae.
Alto-Imrge lotof Men's and Boys' extra Bruges,
Woaten't, Miteaa' and Children's flne Sboee and
Boots; Ladlea' Gaiters; Men's Sue Con rose Boots;
Oxford Ilea, Ac, with cat of Hate. Cans, Ao.
noT THOMA JOHNSTON. Asctlnneer; t
No 7 East Third etieet.
$&. worth of Dry Ooode at Aucilon-One
Kundntl and Fifty Package of Dry Goods la
catalogue form. Positive tale, without any rtaerve,
for eaan, of a stock ot fancy Hry Ooode belonging to
un East rn. Jobbing Bou.e, which i til be aoldnn
TDKSBAY MOB -1NO, Nov. $, comtneuclnu
at vl o'clock, A. M. The slock Is all In good order
and perfrct, and conalit nr every variety aud aloe at
MerfiioUnderi-rilrteauil Drawera for children, lieut'a
and l lea, sl.k, Cotton Bnd Woollen Uliry nf al
nei, Lisle and Cotton Clona, Gent's Buck Glovtal
GnuutleU of the finest quality, Worated Juoke'e, Ac.
to. Also, an Invoice ot Black Silks, Bbewla, luliaa
Craiata, Blaokstt, t Ao, , " '
Tb goods are now open fbr eiamlnatlon, acd lb
eitr and country Hrnanta are invited to call and
exainlu, a they will b pealtlvaly told withaut ajiy
reeerverbreMk. " ' - '-! uoAd
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