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Ii sakllabed daily, ( Santera exeeptsd,) br
:, , pbopbimoeb.
TU1 PESNI. PI8 Is delivered to an bserlberc In
, (Jiaclaaatl, Covington and Newport, sad sur
rounding cities and towns, et tbe ex-
' tremeb low price of
'' ' men f mailimo: ,' i
. Single eoplaelo.;lsiontalOo.!Bmonthsl;lrert4.
oo inn lata Am rai-mim, ' :
John A. Euai.bb,Jb BoloLaasee and Manager.
Twenty -sixth night of
Mr. Anderson and Miss Ellsworthy.
' .jit -A C f ;
THIS (Tuesday) BVBMNO, November 8, will b
presented Bhakepeare's great are-act tragedy of
' King Lear.................. vHr. Anderson
The Fool.............. Miaa Ellsworthy
King of France - ............Mr. Lord
Earfof Cluster .,....... Mr. Fiaher
Karl of Kent Mr. Ellaler
i , Duke of Albany........................ Mr. Head
f -.Edgar...-.. ..-.Mr. Laugdon
. f Cordelia............... Mn. Klliler
Goneril ............ ....JIr. Gilbert
Began ........ Miaa Waite
Dance, by Hlaa Kate Pennoyer.
f 'Xo conclude with the aew farce called ,
' jh, !:...! MY BON DIAHA:;;'
My Son Diana...'.." ...........;..M.;Y.il..Hlas Ellaler
iMr. Uarraway Culpepper... Mr.Eleher
Louise aaatMtMata iateMattaIIlIaW wSOIf
In preparation, Shakspeare'e "Merchant of Ven
ice." N
WDoora openateXi Curtain rlaea at 1 o'clock.
Parous or AiimssfOR Dress Olroleaud l'aninette,
to ecu la; Qallery, itiicente. ,
Last night but four of the distinguished actress,
Mrs. Julia Dean Hsyne,
And the popular tragedian, ,
c v - ' Mr. Marcui Elmore.
THIS (Tuesdiifl'ieVKNlNO, November 8, will lis
acted, the splendid tragedy, in live acta, Irom the
Uerman, by the author of "Inguinar," and trans,
ialed uxpreisly for Mrs. Hayne, eutitled
: ' - GRI8KLD1B. ' !
Griseldia ............. Mrs. Julia Peau Hayne
Perclval of Wales Mr. Marcus Klmor
King Artua.,.. Mr. JeunlUKS
Trisian - Mr. Vanderen
Queen Uineora....... Mrs. Vanderon
Dauco by Mis Jennie Ulght.
To conclnda with the laughable farce called t
Marcel Margoti,............. Mr. Bernard
DeLorme.M Mr. Hwlft
C)oorgtte........... Mrs. C. lleuri
Theatur, ia now open fo the reception of Kuesta,
Booms can be obtained by tba day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
t.galiist fnrniahlug auy article for the theater with
ant a written order, signed by the Manager.
M1T1I & NIXON'S H AIi lis
;-AJ . , ""T , . ivw
nmr ....
" Scottish Minfcftrelsy, -
From tba Queen's. Concert-rooms, Hanover Hanaro;
' W illis'i Boom, 8U James, and the Rojal Polytech
nic, London, (Patron, U.K. 11. Prince Albert,) has
the honor to announce that he will give one of bis
On the Songs of America, England, Ireland and
Scotland, with the Historical and Interesting Anec
1 dotes, at ' '
On Tuesday EvenlHg, ftovembor S, -
' ' The celebrated Hanoverian Solo Pianist and Oom
. poser.
M-Tickets 30 cental for sale aKW. 0. Peters
Sou's Musio Htore, and Smith Jt Nixon'..
Doors open at 7 o'olock ; Concert commences at 7a.
' ' nos
T H E O JjY M P I C.
Lessee and Proprietor..
This new and beantfnl TKMPLK OF TEE M0SE8
opened for the season on
Wilh a full and talented DRAMATIC) AND CO N
I'KIIT TROUPE, selected from the different thea
i; trs and opera companies of the Union.
' Admission 10 cent. For particulars see small
The "Olympic Saloon " will be open at all honlrs
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
' Wines, Liiiuors and Cigars. oc2s
,i 1
B AOH. for Grocers, Druggists, Tea Dealers and
others, made from extra quality of Wrapping, Ma
nilla and White Tea Paper.
200,kkNo. 1 Wrapping and Manilla;
200,OUONo. 2
"' 200,000 No. a .- ;
2110,1100 No. 4
aw.ooo No. io '
200,000 No. i a .
. aoo.ooo No. is
200,1100 Ne. 18
200,000 No. 20
200,000 No. 24
2(si,0lXlNo. I White Tea Bags;
200,000 No. 3
200,000 No. 3
The above an put np In packages of 500 bags each.
We are manufacturing from sixty to seveuty-nvs
thousand Bags pur day.
Paper Bag Manufacturera,
And Wholmale Paper Dealera,
oc22 77 and 79 Walnut-street. .
will be received at the ofllcs of I Sogers,
Hon ft Co., Nu. 168 Viue-strwt, nntll the 2oth of No-
veuiher, I net., at 12 o'clock, for building the new
Olncinnall Hospital, on the site of the present
building, bounded by Western-row, Twelfth-stroet
nnd Miami Usual.
Bids to be received for the whole job, and not in
parts. All bids to be made to conform to the plans,
soecltlcatlons and terms of bids: all of which may be
seen at Ilia ofllcs of laajah Kogers, Hon A Co., 168
i v luo-sirewi.
No bid will be received unless they conform to and
areinadoon thenrinted forms: also, the bidder to
name the price they will allow for the old materials
now on tne grouna, ,
' Tho security Intended to be offered for the faithful
performance of the contract to named In the bids.
.li J l i GEO. W. BUNYAN,
Cincinnati, P.. Nov. 1, 1858.
uuairmsn uoiu.ui uonncu oi l'uuiic uuiluings.
AWj-too . 'sdnrsi
wovivuu mi uopvjiiunv .oo son jvnai3 .an
:)aji-iqainorj pav atO-aioBa 'to$ g j
"OO 9'HtOTVH 'lA'Hl
'suaiiog pa wuiXaj iqi jo j '-ay 'ui(i
qioif) Samoa 'sjoiJ Jix'ljf 'wumosur ?utn3 'bjsu
uiu jepun pun jeudn moq (rp0s ssoPBeunujwT-
K0HI ONOHI3 NI eta Md '63ZIS 11
... ,:, 'sniMPoeii pn'B moo
. Samoa: pin SaipHtiD Vraniod
. oi nniB. i . annul, umiimm uv. f
' M. 8
UDVM 1 1 1 1 . 1 - L II. - ...
, uaiieion a uroiuers; ireiers. uraga
be sold at prices that can not fail to
nfL for camIi. or will rant and lat
, the rent pay for the Piano. . J. CHUROH, Jr.
The largest stock of Melodeons In the clly. ' oc24
just received an importation of choloe Brandy
In ii and 'i Casks, Otard, Dupuy A Oo.. and Denis,
jnouuieatuo. oraaiawnoiesaie ana retail. .
' oM u 1 n .. Hycamore-street.
j f . - VUnpill Ot DVU WM
MITT T Tl.a A.m Hir rw til a. u
n. i. vunpiu. r, . . niniin anu w. u, unapm, jr.,
I tinder the styls of CH A PIN, 8MITII m CO., who will
continue tba ntaple and Fancy Grocery business al
- v f ! t. - i 1" iir li ... ... w . . " . . ,
. IUO corner ui oivwwr sua J UtnHIUeetS,
Novombor 1, law . ... no5o
. X of choice Pennsylvania Biickwhoot that can't
be beat. Just recolveil and for sale by
. T' ' i JOHN FEKGOSim. n
- Corner Ninth and Vlne-atreel.
JL' . on hand a supply oi piemen ann smoked Fish,
comprising ttalmou,. Msokorel, Herrings. Halibut,
- no ' " '- Oorner Ninth and Vine-street.
ili BBATRD Loaf Sugar, "Alio, Lovarlng's
Crushed, Powdered and Qrutinlated Hiuars, In store
aua torsaie uy auiin annuusurt, itrocery. -i
noa ' ' uonnr funis ann . ine-sireeia.
TT and Uonasellor at Law, Chase's Building
irl Itrstd aoors mm ea aaain.
k. ....
" VOL. '2. 'N0.-68;
-'-',"-" - C
Arrivals of Trains.
IitDiiiriMita A OraoraitiTi-TiM a.'b.i t:M r, m.;
:U r. m.
OiaoiHiiATt, Hamimw amk Sinoa 7:6 k.w.i Vkil
a. ia.;:40r. ia.; 10:10 ..
Littli Mum-7:J0 a.m.; I:M r. m.',1:W r.u.; VfM
MaunTA mo OiifciiKXATI-l:Jfl i. m.;9:15 p. w.
OhioaidMississippi-7:IS1. m.j 2:o0a. .; 10:1 T.m
OovmoTO mn Luigoroa 10:30 a. .( 7:06 p. a,
Departures of Trains.
tUDIlWAPOUl AID OtM0IllATl-(:M A. M.I IfcM) M.1
6:110. H. .
Oinoinkati, Habiiltosj ano Dattok Indianapolis
and Cleveland, 6:00 a. m.; Handusky Mail, 8:00 a. .;
Bandusky,4:30 P. H.: Accommodation, 6:00 P. .
Lit-ili JdiAHi Olaveland and Ptttsbng, 6:00 A. sf.i
Cleveland, Ptttsbnrg and Bellalr,8:30A.ii.; Oolnin.
bus Accommodation, 4:40 p. M.t Cleveland, Pitt,
burg and Rellair, 11;30 p. M.
Omo and Missusirpi Bt.Lonls, 9:00 A.M.; Louis
ville. 8:00 r. n.;at. Louis, 8:30 p. .
FiTTSBVBO, Ooltjubvs and OiMciNRATi (Stenbenvllla
Short Line) East Front-street Depot 6:00 A. M.:
8:00A. .;U:WP.M. , v , . r '
Oliviland.Ooltjmbo'b and OiifdntitATi East Front
atreet 6:00 A. m.;8,30a. M.; 11:30 p. w.
Cincinnati and MiairrrA 6:16 a. m.; 3:30 r. m,
Csntbal Ohio From East Front-street Depot t:M
a.m.; 11:30 p.m. p
tiOViNOroa amdLbxinhtom-:26a.m.: 1:30 p, m.
yCapt Joeph Wood, of West Lebanon.
N. H., baa roached his one hundredth year,
and pit faaultles remain unimpaired.
8Profesaor Felton Is a nmmineni (iancfi-
date foT the Presidency of Harvard College,
TTnion oas just Deen vaoatea by Dr. walker.
XrIt la now Stated on authority that Marv
Howltt, the diatineuished EntAish- Authoress.
has announced her belief in the dootrinoi of
Swedenborg. i
Q. L. Brown, the dlitinjrnMed land-
oape painter, who has lived ao long in Rome,
has returned to this conn try, bringing home a
number of very beautiful paintinga. ; ' ,
?f-Tb.e Troy Timet says Mr. La Mountain,
the feronaut, is in the woods of Northern Ver
mont1, on a banting expedition; having forsaken
his balloon enterprise for the present. i , .
-MesBrs. Olds & Co., who are one of the
moat successful and extensive fishing firms on
Lake Ontario, took two thousand fish at a
ingle haul of their nets, a few days sinoe.
-On Sunday a man. namo unknown.
was killed on the Portland railroad track near
the Catholic pr&veyard, in Louisville. The
matt was walking on the track at tne timo of
the accident ;
9In Memphis, Tennessee, Hat week, a
gcntloman from Arkansas lost $20,600 at oards.
I he game upon which the money wis ad
Ventured and lost is known to 'modern o&rd
players as "seven up."
j&FfDurini the present Napoleon's roitm
the French have constructed railways to the
extent of somo,7,000 kilometres, or about 4,500
miles, and they nave spent not less than
U0,QW,W) upon tne Matt. . , ; .-,
Bonner does his newsnnrior business
conveniently. He publishes 300,000 New York
Ledgert on Mondays, and the issue is .bought
on Tuesday by one firm, who pay him about
i,uuu a ween. , . , .
Madame de Paisieux lavs: "Curiosity
has ruined more young girls than love;" and
Roohoborne remarks thaf'Daughters who wish
to know too muoh about love, seldom lose time
ia wishing to prantica it." ...
gTlie wife of Mr. Charles Lamb was
burnt to death by a camphene lamp explo
sion at Clifton, Btaten Island, last Friday,
and he himself terribly disfigured by the
same acoident.
;f"Tlie New York aud New Haven train.
which left New .York on Friday afternoon,
struck and instantly killed Valentine Eul
ner, a lad fourteen years of age, when near-
ing the New Rochelle Station-house.
ffiS A man named Arinand Bol shot him-
Belf, in' New Orleans, last Monday, while
trilling with his pistol. The ball entered his
right breast, and at last accounts he was not
expeoted to live..
TMr. Adams, one of the Georgia miners,
arrived in Leavenworth on Saturday evening,
with fifty pounds of gold obtained by mining
In the Kansas mines during the past summer.
Good for him I
jK9A small steamer has been built in
England of steel plates one-eighth of an inch
in thickness. ' She is 70 feet long, 12 feet
broad, and VA feet deep, and measures 20
tun. bhe has proved an admirable sea boat.
isTLieutenant Governor Trask has recov
ered from the Hartford and New Haven Rail
road Company a verdict of $8,500, damages
for the loss oi buildings in Springfield,' direotly
alongside of the railroad, which were destroyed
by nre in April lasu i .. ,
"Workmen are now engaged in Wash
ington in laying the granite foundation for the
pedestal for Mills' equestrian statue of Wash
lngion, at the Cirole in the First Ward. The
atatne will be located nearly in the center of
the Circle, and will probably be inaugurated
on the 22d cf February
STColonel Edge, 'of Doniphan County,
Kansas, Informed us a few days sinoe, that he
had just harvested a field of rye whioh yielded
twenty bushels to the acre, and whioh was the
third orop gathered from a single sowing. The
two Crops previously harvested 1 averaged
twenty-five bushels to. the acre.
. ggfln New York a woman named Mar
garet Donald obtained a glass of liquor at one
of the Ninth Ward porter-houses, whioh proved
to contain mora than the usual proportions of
strychnine. ' A spasm ensued shortly after
ward; she fell from her bed to the floor and
expired In agony. " - - - 0 '
' 9The Lynn Mechanics' Association give
notice of their Intention to petition,, the Legis
lator for an act of incorporation, including
the right to manufacture boots and shoes, the
capital not to exoeed $50,000, the principal
object of the Association being to afford pro
tection to its memoirs. ! j
- ""The Government of Prussia is desirous
to lavait herself of -the opening recently made
by -the Americans in untna ana .'span, it is
now sending to the China seas an expedition,
comprising; three vessels, which carry a Coun
sellor ef State with authority to oonolude
treaties with China, Japan and Hlam. i
JBThe Litchfield (Conn.) Superior Court
haa been occupied for four days in the trial of
Dr. JSbeuezer us born, a practicing pnysician,
for arson, and his daughter, a girl oi eien
teen, was also charged with being connected
with the crime. The defendant, after being
held' in custody for eight days, was dis
charged.-., . , . ...
p3k good, labstantisl bridge, roofed with
tin, across Millcreek, near Cadet Btation, on
the Iron ' Mountain BaHroad, was destroyed
by fire Friday evening. The freight train
passed over it at four o'clook and it stood as
uiual, but when the passenger train, due an
hoar or so later, reached there, the bridge had
been entirely destroyed Jby fire,, the work of ah
incendiary. ,.,, .,..,- ,, ' iU
.. ; fcf-The game of ohoss played at the Athen
ian!, yesterday, by Dr. Lewis and Mr. Paul
Morphy, resulted in favor of the 'latter. . The
oaas or knigbt naa been auoweu vt. iiewis.
Mr. Morphy and Mr. Tilghtnaa then played
two' games, with the same allowance of odds
ia. favor of Mr. ,Tilghman."The first game
waa won by Mr. Morphy, and the second by
bis adversary.
Peculiar Mode of Lamenting the death
of a Royal Consort.
'. Miohelet'i Seoret History of the' Houie of
Austria has the, following;:.:'.; ''J.
When Ferdinand IV., King ef Naples, was
Informed of the death of his seoond spouse
elect, he displayed considerable temper. His
only occupation, his aole pleasures, were the
abase and fishing, and decency demanded
that he should abstain from both for at least
one day. How on earth should he manage to
kill time? His flatterers sought means to
amuse bim.but neither billiards nor oards suc
ceeded. No project of amusement drew a
smile from him, until a gentleman suddenly
said, without weighing his words; "Suppose
we Imitate the Princess' burial?" The King
of Sicily found the Idea charming and deli
cate; and a young beardless courtier of femin
ine -appearanoe became the principal aetor in
the masquerade. He was attired like an aroh
duehasi, and laid on a bier with his bands
and face exposed; then, in order lo imitate
the marks of small-pox, drops of ohocolate
were sprinkled over hit face. The Embassa
dor of England was invited to the ceremony,
and this august personage was chief mourner.
The procession went through the most sump
tuous chambers of the Portioi Palace, and Sir
William Hamilton, who always went oat
shooting with the King,. was ordered to ar
range the visits of eondolonoe. The Prince
wag delighted with this burlesque. Such was
the way in which he deplored the unhappy
end of a young and accomplished person!
A Witty Clibqthat Fans Hiubilp prion
A Dilrmba. Watty Morrison, a Scotch clergy
man, was a man of great wit and humor On
one occasion he entreated an officer at Fort
Goorge to pardon a poor fellow that was sent
to the halberte. The officer offered to grant
his request if he would, in return, grant him the
first favor he would ask, Mr. Morrison agreed
to this, and the officer demanded that a oere-
mony of baptism should be, performed on a
pappy. The gentleman agreed to it, and a
party of many gentlemen assembledto witness
the novel baptiam. Mr. Morrison desired the
Officer to hold up the dog, aa was necessary in
the baptism of ohildren, and Said: "As I am
a minister of the Church of Scotland, I must
proceed according to the ceremony of that
Church." !'0ertainly," said the Major, I ex
pect all the fteremony." "Well, then, Major,
I begin with the usual question Do yon ac
knowledge yourself the father of this puppy?"
A roar of laughter burst from the crowd, and
the officer threir the candidate for baptism
w ay.. , ,
A Fast Young Mam Hobs His Stsp-Mothib
and Buna Away. A young gentleman re
siding in Rockford, Illinois, with his step
mother, has recently excited considerable
gossip by his very fast style of living, his
gallant attentions to various young ladies.
1 -..1 T .. 1 i i r n P ,
umi a uuuiueu wuuuuuy jur iiusu turnouts,
and cutting a dash on the road," Money flew
like golden duBt. If the cash was not always
at hand, notes were there in plenty, signed
by his step-mother, whoso name no creditor
would think of disputing. After a time he
removed from his step-mother's house to that
of a young lady who had been the most fre
quent companion of his driving and pleasure
excursions, and everything went on swim
mingly, for a time. A few days, since he loft
town very suddenly, howevor, and it hag
been discovered that he used his step
mother's name Without her knowledge as a
signature to his notes, and haa been paying
his board bills at the house of his inamorata
in counterfeit money. , .
Tub Manner op thi Gbiat Pitt's Dcath.
A writer in Once A Week gives the following
account of the death of the great Pitt;
Pitt died at his houso on Putney Heath.near
the spot where Canning and Castlereagh fought
their duel, and in a very neglected state, none
of bis family or friends being with him at the
time. One who was sincerely atlaohedto him,
hearing of his illness, rodejrom London to see
mm. Arriving at nis nouse, ne rang tne Dell
at the entrance gato, but no one oaine. Dis
mounting, he made his way to the hall door,
ana repeateuiy rang tne bell, wbicb no one
answered. He then entered the house, wan
dered from room to room, till at last he dis
covered Pitt on a bed, dead and entirely neg
lected. It Is supposed that such was his
poverty, he hod not been able to pay the wagB
of his servants, and that they had absconded,
taking with them what theyoould.
An Atrial Cabriaqi. Mr. T. 8. C. Lowe,
of Now York, In a letter concerning his trip to
Europe shortly In an Immense balloon, says:
I have no doubt, but cherish a fervent hope,
that the time is not far distant whe : we ean
travel in the air without the aid of balloons for
a buoyant force. . I have already devised a
plan for an serial earrlage, whioh ean be navi
gated in any direction, and at a nigh rate of
speed, as soon as a propelling power can be
discovered, the weight of which shall be but
one-third of that we now employ. It only re
quires some shrewd and intelligent inventor to
do this, and atrial navigation will become a
praotioal science.- . .
Abbest or. Piokfookits in Gsoeqia An
Offices Shot. The officers at Augusta, Ga..
succeeded on Tuesday in arresting two out of
tour pioicpooKots wno tooa up tneir quarters in
that city, at tho Burke House, registering
their names as Samuel Burns and Thos. Con
nally, from Atlanta, and Charles Thompson
and Edward Stone, from Wilmington, N. C.
They are supposed to be the same or portion
of the same tang who were so successful in
their operations at Atlanta during the fair.
One of the pickpockets discharged a loaded
cane-gun at Officer Ramsey, the ball passing
tnrougn tne nasny part or nis tmgn, and in
flic ting a severe if not dangerous wound.
1 An Escapid Slavs Tibid or Librbt?. The
brig Pitarro, Captain Ward, arrived at Provi-
denoe on Sunday, from Mobile. When three
days out, the Captain discovered a passenger
in tne snaps oi a negro, aooui eigotoen years
of age, who had smuggled himself oa board
nrevioua to the sailing; at the vessel.' Cantata
Ward recognized him as a porter in 4 Mobile
drug store. He very soon set him to work at
the pumps, which the negro Be little liked as to
be very willing to second any effort that might
be made to return him. When oil Key West the
brig was hove to, and a pilot boat appearing,
the unwelcome passenger was put oa board
and sent borne. v
CoNviBSiOFp. o 'ah; Entiib District to
CATHOiioiaii. A letter published in the Prtu
ocorMai announces tne conversion to! Koman
Catholicism of an entire district in Bulgaria,
which numbers not less than thirty thousand
souls, who hitherto belonged to the Greek
Churoh. "They have addressed a latter an
nouncing the fact to the French Consul, who
promised the new oonrrts the protection of
iranoe, in case tney enouia be molested in the
exerolue 'of their new faith. It is said that
other distriots of Bulgaria are only waiting to
see the issue of this religious movement before
loiiowing the example. I
i ' BS
t!rlah A. Hyde, formerly of Somers,
Conn.,' whe left that town six years ago, and
was last heard Of at Springfield, Mass., where
his horse and wagon wore found, and he waa
supposed at the time to have been murdered,
has turned up in the northern part of the State
of New York. , He gives no reason! for his
sudden departure, as it is supposed 'he was
partially insane at the time.
Four days Later from Europe.
Spain Declares War Against Morocco.
Rumors of Trouble Between France
Rumors of Trouble Between France and England-More of the London
Strike-France Suspends Preparations
Strike-France Suspends Preparations Against china-Cruel Outrages
by the Moors
FaBTHRR POINT. Novum her n.Tlia
shin North America passed here this evening
on her way to Quebec, wilh Liverpool dates to
the 26th nit. She will be due at Quebec about
noon to-morrow. The Aata, from New York,
arrived at Liverpool on the 24th.
Nothing had transpired in relation to the
proceedings of the Zurich Conference, or In
reiauon to me treaties or peace. A dispatoh
from Zurieh states that Count Colorado waa
still alive, but no hopes were entertained of
hia surviving.
: Gbiat Britain. AH the Canard steamers
leaving Liverpool for Boston, via Halifax, are
hereafter to call at Queenstown, and will thus
be enabled to bring one day's later news by
telegraph. .. ,
Bir J.uean raul and Strachan, the Ex
London bankers, have been released by a par
don, after endnring four years penal servitude.
The first battalion of the military train for
China are under orders to depart by the over
land route. ' '
The strike amone the London builders con
tinues, telling aeriously againBt tho men who
remained idle. They have resolved to ap
peal to the public for aid in supporting their
families. Present returns show an excessive
mortality amng the families of the unem-
juuywt operuvives, sun mere is reason to tear
that many . will perish from want and dis
ease. ,.
Parliament has been prorogued to Decem
ber 15th. , J
, The Paris correspondents of the London
journals indulges in gloomy forebodings.
The correspondent or the Herald states plain
ly that the impression has gained ground
that a rupture between Franco and En eland
is imminent. . -i
Fbanob. The Paris CbushVulional. in an ar
ticle by the senior editor, replying to the as
sertion of the Engl ish press that the policy of
the Emperor had left a state of political in
certitude in Europe, states what the aim of
11 17 ! ,tl .
uo xiuipvrvr woe iu uie Dcjrinmng compares
it with the advantages gained, and accused
the English journals of inconsistency. Sev
eral of tho Provincial journals have pub
lished simultaneously violent articles against
England which are known to have been sup
plied by a government official. In these Eng
land is warned that an hour of trial ap
proaches which may putanond lo her great
ness forever. .
The Paris correspondent of the London
Pest asserts that negotiations are going on to
complete the arrangement for a joint expedi
tion against China. The correspondent of
the London Herald, on the other hand, re
ports the statement formerly made that the
preparations by France are suspended.
Inundations have recently occurred in the
South of Franco, and have caused much dam
age to life and property.
Generel Bedeau and Br. Landeset have re
turned to France nnder the Amnesty declared
ny tne jsmneror. .
Spain. At Madrid, on the 22d, the Govern
ment announced to the Cortes that it was
going to begin war with Morocoo, whioh was
read with great enthusiasm. All the political
partios offered to support the Ministry, and the
newspapers express the same patriotio feelings.
O'Bonnell announoed to the Cortes that the
Government had ordered the Spanish represen
tative at Tangiers to take his departure. The
correspondent, Anto Wafa, of the 23d, an
nounces that an army for Africa is to be
organized about the middle of next week,
waen uen. u uonnen win leave Madrid. '
Madrid, October 24. It is reported that the
Ministers stated that thoy would not have re
source to a loan, and that the floating debt
would not be augmented. Acoounts from dif
ferent parts of Spain continue to speak of
great preparations for war, and troops are col
lecting in every part destined for Africa. A
Paris dispatoh states that Gen. O'Bonnell had
started. Paris letters in le Nord assert that
Lord Palmerston had declared to the Frenoh
Embassador that England would not suffer
Spain to oocupy both sides of the Straits and
would oppose it by force. The English Cab
inet, it is said, will make the question a
European one. The London Times is of the
opinion that any danger to Europe or the
British possession of Gibraltar from the Span
ish enterprise against Morocco is absurd, but
an attaos by Franoe on the independence of
Morocoo and an attempt to annex it to Algeria,
would justify thestrongest remonstrance in be
half of Europe. The London Newt thinks
that the alliance of Franoe and Spain against
Morocoo, or at any rate, a war simultaneously
threatened by both powers is by no means re
assuring to ureat Britain.
' Taa Latest. The London Timet's Paris
correspondent says that the conversation be
tween Lord Palmerston and the French Em
bassador, as reported in Lf Nord, caused
much emotion at Paris, while the Frenoh
Government had assorted that it would not
change its policy as regards Morocco. Spain
had repeated its disavowal of the ambitious
project attributed to her. The Paris corre
spondent of the London New is assured that
the 8panish Embassador had sent a dispatch
to say that England no longor opposed the
expedition against Morocco.
Italy. It is reported at Turin that M.
Cahorunda will soon be succeeded by Count
Cavour in the Ministry. of Foreign Affairs.
The Pope returned to Rome on the 20th.
The report of disturbances at Palermo are
confirmed. ' The conflict began on the 9th
and lasted till tho 11th, at Baoliara, near
Palermo. Quiet was restored, but Palormo
was still in a state of seige. At tho confer
ences between the Pope aud.Froncli Embas
sador, it was slated that the ordinances grant
ing administrative reforms, are ready and
win soon be puwunea.
Prussia. Great preparations are making
in Germany for the Schiller festival.
1 The Prussian Minister of Police has re
fused to allow tho projected torch-light pro
cession at Berlin. A Democratic demonstra
tion was feared. ...
Mouocco. It was expected that the Span
ish forces would attack by soa and land, and
afterward occupy Tetrian and Tangiers. .
The French expeditionary corps was ready
to take the field. It ia stated that the French
soldiers taken prisoners on the 21st August,
were all burnt alive by the Moors, and the
French troops were eager to revenge the out
rage. Russia. The reports ef the intended inter
view between the Emperors of Austria and
Russia, are unfounded. ,
India. Telegraphic advices via the overland
mail from Calcutta to Soptember 29, have been
received., There ia no political news. :
Stats or Tbadr. The Manchester advices
are favorable, and the market dosed quiet but
steady. Yarns for the East are rather in
better demand. The market in Breadstuffe
closed steady. - Wheat exhibits an advancing
tendency, and the quotations shew an advanee
of Id. Blgland, Athga A Co. quote Flour
steady and unchanged. Corn quiet and steady,
notwithstanding the excessive supply. , Messrs.
ltlchardson, Spenoe A Co. quota Wheat frra,
with buyers at 4s. Id. The market in Provi
sions closed steady.' Spirits -of Turpentine
dull at S59.35s. 3d. Sugar dull. Coffee dull.
Rice dull. Tallow 09s. 6d. ' Linseed Oil 27s.
Sd.28a."-. . L
Ootober 25. Wheatflnn and holders
demand an advance. ; Sugar steady. Coffee
firm. Tea slow of sale, but prices unchanged,
Rioe firm. Pig Iron on the Clyde dull at 5s.
fid. The market is, slightly more stringent.
Consols at 959&X for money and account.
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
St. Louis, Noyember 74-The Overland Mall,
with dates to the 14th, arrived here last night.
Great preparations were making at San Fran
cisco to receive General Soott All the military
companies, and soldiers in the Mexican War,
would meet him on his arrival and escort him
through the city. All classes of people were
preparing to pay him their tribute of respect.
The creditors cf Messrs. Chorpening A Co.,
mail contractors between California and Salt
Lake, had attached the stock and other prop
erty for debts amounting to $30,000. ' 'It was
feared that the mails would be suspended from
this cause. ' 1 . (
The water-courses throughout (he State were
at the lowest stage, and miners holding claims
In the beds of streams were gathering rich
harvests of gold.
The advices from Oregon are to Ootober 8.
Five hundred and fifty emigrant wagons had
arrivod at the Cascades, Washington Territory.
Captain Wallen, of the Salt Lake expedition;
and Lieutenant Mullen, of the Fort Brenton
Wagon Road expedition, announces the good
health andoostinued prosperity of their com
mands; Captain Wallen had rendered great
service so emigrants on the route. The Indians
were quiet. j v ,
The advices from British Columbia are to
October 10. Every thing was quiet at San
Juan. The British Coloniet says that it is cur
rently reported that a new Governor, namod
Howe, may be shortly expected. The; ship
ments of gold from Viotoria ' in September
amounted to $110,000.! The miners at Frazer
River were doing well.
Business at San Francisco was slow, and
little doing from first hands except by auction,
the sales of India goods In that way being
quite heavy. Provisions drooping. Crushed
Sugar lie. Coffee more buoyant. Candles in
active. Domestlo Spirits firmer. Turpentine $1,
Explosion of a Propeller.
Saxdtjskt, Novembor 7. The propeller
Ohio, bound from Buffalo to Cleveland, with a
cargo of three hundred and fifty tuns mer
chandise, whan ton miles off Long Point,
below Erie, i on Sunday morning, . at two
o'clook, blew up . and sunk in ton minutes.
Seventeen persons were on board, of whom
Thomas Corbett, seeond mate, and Michael
Dan'.0 .n, wheel-man, were lost. The remain
ing fifteen drifted in a yawl boat without oars,
on a high sea, and with but little clothing,
for fifteen hours, when they were picked up by
the propeller Equator and brought to this
The Ohio waa. owned by the Amorioan
Transportation Company, and was uninsured.
Arrival of the Santa Fe Mail.
St. Louis, November 7. The New Mexican
mall, with dates to the 26th of September, ar
rived laBt night, via 1 Paso and the overland
mail coach, the northern route having been
abandoned in consequence of Indian outragos
along the line. Passengers and letters report
a continuance of depredations and murder on
the plains by the Indians.
A letter from Taos, Mexico, to the Rcpulli
ean, mentions a battle between the Utah In
dians, assisted, by the Mexioans, and a band
of Arapahoes, at the crossing of the Del Norte,
in which twenty-two of the latter were killed.
:' This Coot.srss and Bravkrt t PrIntirs.
There was quite a number of printers on
board the ill-fated steamer Jfin- World, and,
as it haa been stated that this class o f mop
exhibit great coolness and bravery in the
time of trial on the battle-field and in all
sorts of disasters, so it would appear they did
in the.recent calamity on the Hudson .Iliver.
One printer set a good example at the start
by his great coolness, and also showed much
bravery, according ' to one account, in
jumping into the lirst small boat which, be
fore proceeding far, was found In a sinking
condition from wide opon leaks.' He took off
his hat and nsed it aa a bailing ladle until
the boat was put back to the sinking steamer
and the party got on beard again. Another
printer devoted himself to "soothing" the fe
males, who were panie-strlcken, showing an
equal amount of coolness. And when tho
schooner' whioh came along side was about
leaving, he bravely lumped from the sinking
steamer and caught fast hold of her rigging.
Those printers are Invaluable men in time of
pern. ; i , .
' Maonificsncr op tub Aor or Hihbv VIII.
The age was one of unparalleled msguifioence,
a tasto fed and encouraged by the personal
habits of the two monarchs of France and
England.1 The latter nation in particular,
then, as now, richer than its neighbors, spared
no expenso in snows, entertainments, and ap
parel. A nobleman of that day carried half-a-y
ear's revenue on his back whenever he
appeared in full state. We are greatly ad
vanced in our notions and practice of domestic
comfort, elegance, and convenience, but we
can not rival our ancestors In outward display.
In festivals and banquets, too, they vied with
royalty itself, and wore as lavish as Aplcius,
who committed suicide after the high Roman
fashion, when hia steward announced to him
that the cash in his strong box was reduced to
250,000 orowns, sufficient, in his estimation,
for only one supper more. ' . . . , .
DisaRACspob i Floooino in . ths English
Navy. A sickening case of Hogging recently
occurred at Chatham, England. A private
of the 68th Connaught Rangers, named Nor
ton, who was decorated with the Sebastopol
medal, returned home woundod from India
a short time ago, and was awaiting the orflor
for his discharge. He appears to havo al
ways borno a somewhat indifferent charac
ter, and on the evening of the 7th instant he
strucK a sergeant, t ot this otlense he was
sentenced to receive fifty lashes, and to be
imprisoned for one hundred, and sixty-eight
days, and though it rained heavily at the
time, the woundod wretoh was undressed and
fastened up to the triangles, when the full
number of lashes, were administered. As
soon as he is able to leave the hospital he
will undergo the remainder of bis sentence at
Fort Clarence Prison. -,, , ,.. " "
. a . i
A Tirsr Uibisnian EcupsiNQ QuiroTS.
An Irishman, named Patrick Hagan, of Bames
ville,0hio, undertone on Monday last to fight
a railroad train; the "meeting" coming off a
few rods west of town., Patriok , had ' been
drunk the night before,' and had not yot re
covered himself. Aa the west bound express
train approached,- he fpeeled" for ths fight.
Be threw away his coat, rolled up his sleeves,
and took up a position of defease in the center
el the track. ' It it aeedless to say that Paddy
had the worst of it. He was tossed upon the
bank, having leg and an arm broken in the
mtlee. -The train, as may well be supposed,
was not injured. . The, Irishman was taken to
town, and will probably survive hia Injuries. '
"Marshall M. Smith, ef Mississippi, has
been appointed by the President Consul to
, TIRM$"CASH. ; ; ,
Advertlaemaataaotuoaedhti ave lines (Agate.)
nwemoa,....j I Om wti si oo
wean a... ,..,.. 1 as i One) "" 1 as
Larger advertieaoieats laacrted at to (bllowlnt
rates tor square of tea tinea or least
One iuartlon,4 M I Two weeka ll no
une ioaenion.,4
Kach addt'nal Ins..
One week.
h. 1 74 1 On aaontlu
I Three weeka. 4 00
4 r Job Printinja;;
In all Its branobea, don with neatness and dispatch ;
Premiiio Awarded!
Smoke-consuming Coal Cooking Stove,
1 i ' I without a rival. Oallea
' I.J J ... .,. . .(.,
( Inventors and Manufacturers,
Novelty Iron Foundery,
8 8 8 ,i k
Fourth-street, "West of Smith,
Ana ee one in Operatlon.-tsv
. at I ant just what the Lad lea have lens needed
and looked for in vain, the Uterine Elixir.
: The Uterine JClixlr ia warranted to enre all dis
eases or a Uterine Mature; Inflammation of tho
Womb, tu Kidneys, tbe Ovariea, aud the Urethra.
Prolapaiia or Vailing of the Womb, ralnlul Menatrn
etlOD.Ctaloroeia, Amenorrhea: In fact, a perfect curs
is gaarranteed Iy tbe uae of from two to Ave bottles
of the fllixir, of any disease whatever of the Otnor
ative and Urinary Organs, of male or female, no
matter of how Ion atandin. Price It per Bottle.
Madame SLliIU calls particular attention to tbs
following (Jard of one of tbs moat prominent Drug
Rlata of Cincinnati. . .
"Tothb Public aro th Limits iii Pabtutolab.
We, the undersigned, are not in the babit of giving
our name to Pateut Medicinea; but knowing well tbe
Lady Physician,, and the medicine called the Uterino
Klixir, wo cheerfully -reconimend it to all females
autlering from 1'emale Uiavaava or any kind; ii la
purely vugetable, and in no case can do injury; we
any to all try, aud our word for it, von will iind ro
ll" r. . I". D. BILL, Drought,
sep27 - 'Corner of Fifth and Bace-atreeta."
cures, without fail, paina in the Breast, Hack,
Side or Mini: Oouglia, Colds, Hoarseness, Dirti
culty of Breathing, Headache, flatulency, Heart-
cuuy oi Dreaming, Headache, flatulency, III
burn, Ohronio Rhenmatiam , Billions Ohollo.Ci
Cholio, Griping Paina of the Boweia, Dull
Stupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, and in t
In Pui.
I'nl Menstruation It la a certain core, aud slvna
Immediate relief. In any of the above diauan4
it will give relief in twenty aninntea, aud a peruia
uent cure by the use of two bottles. Only no centa
pi r bottle so cheap that every seraon enu get it.
N. B.-For aale by IT. B. UllL, Druggist, corner
of Baceand Fifth-atreeta; J. I. PARK, corner of
fourth and Walnuti BUIttK, KCKSTKIN A IX,
corner Vine and Fourth; JOHN DICKSON, corner
of John and Sixth; PAUL KK1NLEIN, cnriior (.1
Klghth and Freeman. Alio, KDWAKD BOANLAN
OO., oorner of Mala and Fourth; and Mndamu
hU.LIH, 24 East Fourth. aepfl-ay
UH ANT-Bales -rooms No. 7 Kast Third etroet
Wlll attend to tbe sains or Ileal Male, Peraoual
ProDertr. Dry Goods. Hardware. Ilata. Iloota. Mlin.
Groceries, furniture, ac. liming procured tho
aervicea of a competent salesman, all bnalneaa will
inoet wiin uitpaicn ana prompt returns. (Jasli ad
vances made on goods for public anion, '(lonaigu.
uionta solicited., fiefer to merchants generally.
-BL i gut this day receiving some ol
tbe above unrivaled Planus. Alao,
some of William Knabe A (Jo., and
other good makers all of which 1
will soil at ffreat reduction, forcaith.
or will rent and let the rent pay for tbe Piano. '
. .. v- M' MUKUH, 74 Weat Fourtli-atroot.
Thd laraeat stock of Melodeone In the city. oc24
FOUIfDBT, B. ALLISON, Suserlnteadeot.
Prlntlng Material of al I inJa. I fig Vina atreet
Celebrated Baltimore oysters,
reoeiveu oaiiy uy toe aaanoa JS.X- .
Dress Comnanv. in wbole aud h&ll curia. (
A II Oysters aold warranted frrsh and of
cue very oat iiuauty. J. u. uwtNUH,
Aum, nu. at r niu-airwfc, vet. mam
aud Walnut-streets. .
N. B.-Ibe trade supplied on tbe moat liberal
terms. . ocflicm
"a nd wholesale and retail
xm-Agenoy for the sale of Hatch, Mann It t'o.'s
Htmll. 1
ok, and Can Oyaters Aleo. Breah fiovn and
Hn.ced Oysters. Ao.
sty many trlenda and patrons
will find only choice articles, and at aa luw nri-a
those cuaiged for Inferior elsewhere.
Oysters cooked in Eastern style at our usual mod
6r&to ctifaTfffs "
. Itomember, 153 Walnut-street, fifth door abovo
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. , ocl3
i . AT
ING daily, Howe, Mahonr A Co.'a Olehraloit
Planted Uyaters, whioh I am aellfngat unprecedented
low prices by case or doaen. Dealera aud Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will pleaae Bond
their orders. Attached to thia establishment is a
tilee, quiet, respectable Baleou, whore you can have
Oystera Cooked In every style, and served np In a
clua land auperior manner. Charges Iras than at any
other place. (ocioj JOHN NAIRN.
Oyster Importing 1 House.
M. 1NU dally, per Kxpreea, bis selendld Oystera.
Having completed arrangements lu Baltimore, on
the moat extensive scale, I will at all times dming
the season be prepared to furnlih my frlenda. "and
the rest or mankind," with the moat DELICIOUS
BIVALVES Imported to the tiaeen City. None but
the very beat Imported. Great Inducements offered
at this Importiug-bouae.
Order sioliclted and promptly filled. Terms cash.
soplfil Bole Importer and Proprietor.
t-DlAlUIX '
Spiced Oysteri.
I NO DAILY, by tbe Adams express. MALT.
BX'B world-renowned Baltimore
Freih Can, Zeg and Shell Oysteri.
, , ALSO
Fresh; Bermettcall.sealad 00TB, BPIOID and
PICKLED 0 1ST 8Kb. . . V
, ROBERT 0ER, Agent
sep7-tf 1 ' Penal 11 West Flfth-street.
Hi. 308 Vlac-au bM. jftltu i Sixth. .
that he baa catabliabed a regular depot for the
aaloof all klnda of salt-wator Villi, fresh from New
York ; alao Lake "Mali from Cleveland and Sandusky:
togetluir with Ulaaiaaud, OyaLera in thealiell, LoD
atora, Graba, Eel (ulive), and all klnda of seasonable
Oame and .au Oyatefa. Ho will furnish the above
aamad artletm IHIKAJ'KM, TIlAM ANY OTHEB
PLACE IN.WKClfS.. ITaiuUy. orders promptly
attended to and aent Inline free of chart. Pleas
call aud 'Mve year orders, oou

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