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widow womn to take charg of the honse
work In a amelt fanitlv; wonld have no obleotlona
one child. An American preferred. Inquire at 1U
rorge-trt, between v?etern-row ana J inn.
tt - fnoSel
real nama and lMt employment.
"rANTED 8ITnATinvB . k ir
' aT lerold, h a knowledge of book-keeping
and bnalnaaa In general; a of steady bablta and fa
Reference given. Apply
tU9 Weetern-rnw.
WANTS D H E L P Families wanting
rood heln. can ha an-allxl a, Mr WAD.
SIR'S Intelligent iiffloe. No. JOS Flfth-tret, be
tween Weatarn row and John. Alao two or ttiri
good sowing glrlt wanted at the office. noeb
w w chanlcs, Hotel-hslpa, Men need to Horses,
Farm Haodi, Ao. Alto female servants for city and
eonntry In pnl.llo and private houaea; every on in
want of employment, mar bear of goot aitnationa by
applying at A. V CARSON A GO'S Qaneral Informa
tion umce, wo. 8S Western -row. ao8d
WANTED By two young men, a Kur
' nlahed Boom wltb Board, la a reapectahl
Oatbollo family where there are few ir no other
Hoarder.- Address T. B. J., at this office, nofib
f ANTED GIRL A Beat and tidy girl
v w oaa DounewurK in a imau iarni v. uei
, preferred.
Inquire at No. ifiS Kkbmond-street.
men' peg ahnei. Alao, binder, at No. 49
Twelfth -street, upstair. nob
WOmaav to oook. or do ffenaral honaawnrk.
Good referenci
given. Inquire at Mo.
X Fifth-
' ,tr"t' opposite
niiuam ion ueataurant.
man, (resident of Lonlevllle, Ky) of goo a
, ahareotr aud atriotly temperat hehlte, a situation
. . tnaoin meroantile or manufacturing business. The
annlinant haa utma Irn.tuflail a nt (1i a .r.K. ..J
. ' alao collection builneea, and la not afraid to work,
i Good referenoe glrea. Addreu "James." box
. . mH. T.fmlaatlla. RTv nnV.k
WANTED -A BOY To inn errands;
one who can read and write. Apply imme
diately at No. 18 Weat Fonrib-street. no7-li
woman a Cook InahoUl. Address A. II.,
at this oflloe.
WANTED Back number! of the old
SPIRIT 01 Tim TIMES. Apply at the
book stand, eornar of Fourth and Alain-streets.
WANTED AGENTS A fewrooro aotlve
men as Agent la the sale of a new article,
' Agent are averaging 13 per day. Call and se for
V yourselves, at m Walnut-treet, Boom Mo. 1. no73
WANTED Clorki, salesmen, book-keep-ers,
porters, bar-keepera.ooopera, mechanic,
. laborer and others, oan find aitnationa at tbe Mer
chants' dorks' Begistry Office, No. 21 West Fifth
Street. Tro7b'i HALK A CO.
eral housework. Must understand oooliln
well, and be a good washer and lroner. To one well
rooommenJed an excellent plaoe la offered. Call at
tba uorth-eut corner of fourth and Elm-streets, np
tlr, no7b
ShlPSin Bacon's, Ohio and Gondry's (Jom-
marclal College', good for full conn of study In
a-vuuia-rutrj noua'
x onna mn save mo
and ayenlns.
T UTTLS'B Ezohange OOlce, SKamora-atreet.
Apply at t. W.
BALL. Is not lu this oltyat present, but
was bent a few years since. It will be considered an
' esteemed for If any one knowing hie past or pre
nt wbareabonta will addreits W. M. at this offlo.
man of eeyen years' experience In mercantile
Dunnes, either a aulstant book-keeper, salesman,
orraspondlDg clerk, ablpping olerk or lecelvlng
olark. The very best ol cliy retereences can be gtren.
Addis MERCHANT'S ULEKK, oar of Box 421,
Oluolnnatl, Ohio. uo4tf
WANTED MAN An active young man
wltb (bout law, as partner In good cash
bnitneee.or permanent iltuatlon with a falrealary
wilt be given, with food security for the loan of tba
ImMnt. Addreaa J. ah. hoi l.Til. wuIaMm. erlvlno.
TO engage in oirottlaling by subscription,
somenew highly ornamental and entertaining
Books, Maps, ''harts, Ao. Men now operating clear
from Sit to flSoper month. Call and examine the
stock and get a doaorlpilve olrcular, look at testimo
nials of agents now opperating, Ao.
Consultation free. Oallsoou.
HACK. K. B A UNITE, Publisher,
- oealam M W. Uh Street, (up stairs.)
IOR BALE Omnibuses, Peddler Wagons,
1 Spring Wagon and Buggies.
J . B. FALMKn,
ocl3-amaod' Bank-street Omnibus Factory.
FOR RENT FOUR ROOMS-On Ao-oommodatlon-itreet,
near State-street. Apply
to James Shorten, on north-west corner of Fourth
and lycamore-streets, upstuirs. Bent $6 per month.
In adfauc. non-h'
- story brick Dwelling, on Longtrorth-street,
west of Park, No. Sit Apply to OAUPBKLL, AL
LISON A CO., 21 Second-street. noBd
FOR KKNT 8 ROOMS On eeoond floor,
No. Ill West IKth.street. Dent $IOper month,
hi advance. Apply at J. W. WA If NU'ci Hardware
Store, No. 186 Main-street. no3b
OR RENT ROOMS Two eligible base
ment rooms; also sere'ai unrurnltbed lodging
rooms for gentlemen.
Apply at once No. ill west
Oaa. for Gentlemen, at 9ni fTblrd-ativAt. nAr
Plnm. orSlh
BOARDING A gentleman and wife, or
one or two gentlemen can be accommodated
With boarding and a iurniahed front mom, second
Mart, lighted with gas. Inquire at 71 Nlulh-sireat,
uer Vine. tioitb
Offlee 08 Broadway, Ktvr Torlu
entire profit, pro rata, among It Policy Hold
ers, legal Interest (7 per cent, only) I paid on its
took, which may, by InTeetment. reproduce about
that amonnt, tueriy plving the ensured all the ad
vantage of the Pu Blutnal Hyatem, wltb tbe
pledge of a Perpetual npitsl Stock and the added
twcurlty that Its Board of Director bare' a Perma
nent Moneyed Interest In conducting Its affairs wltb
prndence and strict economy,
) ts rate are based upon the most approved English
table of mortality, Torlliod by Amtrican experience
to the present time.
By the Charter, Dlrldends to the Assured are to be
declared eyery five years, and may be applied to the
reduction cf premium, or will be credited upon tbe
policy, thereby increasing the amount Insured,
Parties dvsiring to Insure will be furnished with
the Society's publications, rates, Ac, gratis, upon a a
' plloat Ion to the Agent.
B oh. W I Lll K M 0. ALEX AN DEB, President.
HENRT B. HVDK, Vice fresldent.
' EuWAKD P. WILLIAMS, Secretary.
s GEO. W, PHILLIPS, Actuary. ,
locat oAio or airEBKiici roa oimoinrati,
tfe, tbe undersigned, take pleasure In stating that
"The Equitable Life Assurance Society," of New
' Tork.repreeentedin tblscity by David A.Trnax, Esq.,
Is entirely worthy the confidence of this commnnitr,
and that the combination of tbe Mutual and Joint
Stock prlnrlple-aa by thorn presentod-render tbls
flompauy one of tbe moat ueilrabi for Insurers In
ghe couotrr:
Sttdinan, Carlisle a Bhaw, Stanhope S. Bow, ' '
J. i. Cbenewetb A Co., 8. 8. L Hommedleu,
Blacfaley, Simpson Co., J). W. Oorwlu,
tbompaon A Taaffe, H. B. Spenoer.
39 Weit Third-street, Baaemsnt Uaaonio Tempi
J '. JOHN H.TA1T, M.D.,
' ecn Examining Physician.
. Feathers and Winter Millinery, .
Of every dsaerlptlon, which I am telling at small
adruace on New Toik prloee, wholesale and retail.
S. WEBB, Jr..
' no! 1(14 fifth-street, bet, Race and Elm.
GOLDEN 8YRUP. Just received, tome
very fine Baltimore Golden Mr nip. tar sale by
, A. McDnALD 0U
nor , M and Branch ttWre s w West JTourtlift, -
..NO V it ill BE ft 8
Fob Bali. One-half of the Covington
Route on Fistrr Ptiag, ig offered for gale to a
prompt and active oarrier. Apply at Counting-room.
..i" o
T Adiih Ezraits CoHragr. W are
again under obligating to the Adams Xznreii
Company for late papit in advanoe of the
null. Suoh favor are alwayi appreolated. ; -
Ko. II Wmt Firra-iTEiiT. If yon wnt
superb oyitors oall at Robert Ore, No. 11
West Fifth-street, and get a can of Maltby's
celebrated brand. They are exoellent and
Tery pleasing to the taste.
EBiarnoAL. J. V. Jones, mentioned In
ouryesterday's issue a having kicked one
L. C. Jenkins out of tbe TJ. S. Express Office,
is not, we are informed, an attack of the
Company, and did not make an assault upon
Jenkins without Jiberal provocation. ,
MiHoaiiLB or THi Faiaoa Rivonrtio.
Dr. J. S. Cniioher, of this eity, has donated
to tbe Young Men's Meroantile Library As
sociation, of this oity, two sped mens of Frenoh
Aisignats, Issued respectively in 1781 and
1792, which, are framed and plaoed for obser
vation on tbe bulletin board or the library.
T. M. M. L. A. Lcotobu. Rev. Thomas
Starr King, or Boston, will deliver a lecture
this evening under the auspices of the Young
Men's Meroantile Librarv Aaaoniatlnn. af. th
Opera-home, on the "Laws of Disorder."
Both as a man of intalleot and as a divine,
Mr. Slog has a very extended reputation and
wilt doubtless draw an Immenaa andlnnna in
this splendid establishment.
Gbiai iNOBSiSs. The rapid lnoreai of the
subscription list of the fenny Prfi surpasses
our hlgnestexpeotationa, and is entiroly unpre
cedented In the history of Cincinnati inewp
papers. We appreciate the encouragement,
and shall do onr utmost to produce a readable,
reliable and instructive newspaper, Onr mer
chants are beginning to appreciate it at a medium
of advertising, which Is abundantly attested
by their many favors now in our columns.
man named John A. Boland bad his pocket
picked of a port-monnaie containing about
$25, day before yesterday afternoon, while
leaving ths Opera-house after listening to the
discourse of Ray. C. B. Boy n ton. Mr. B.
thinks the thief must have heard the ser
mon, and avers that if men are not safe from
suoh depredations while attending divine
worship, and if suoh lectures fail to frighten
persons from their evil deeds, it is time to
try some other method.
Vntai AM Tmt.rtiTH TT 11nHt M
bers of Counoil were present lost night and
voted on tbe "turn-out" question sixteen
aves and. fnnrfaen unu-vln Itu fl CI
Davis, Hsonan, Hawkins, Bigbee, Johnston!
aiersrau, niarsa, meyers, noble, Pearoe,
Sohafer, Toohy, Torrenee, Weamer, Whitoom,
KffvlA.tnn-H.llt. ' i mum Pa m Pn..l..1,.
J. B. Davis, Truer, Looker, Mack, Mayer,
moore, rerry, aoss, nunyan, onearer, Bnod
grass, Tafel 14. The resolution authorising
them to b laid on the table was lost.
HieiwiT Roibibt. A men named John
BroWn was arrested on Saturday last upon a
charge of highway robbery. It appears that
Solomon Steele was passing down Culvert
street, and haDDenlot to look at bis watch
just at the moment he was met by Brown,
me uiur eeigea it ana tore trie cnaln loose
from his vest, and then attempted to escape.
Yesterday morning he was before Judge Lowe
upon a charge of highway robbery and com
mitted in default of bail to the amount of $500
to answer the charge before the same Court
on Friday next.
Mammoth Squash. We were, yesterday,
shown a vegetable leviathan, in the shape of
asauash weighing 178 nounds. raised bv Mr.
A.Veager, near Florence, Ky. H informs
us that there were six upon the same vine,
four of which weighed, respectively, 178, 148,
120, and 121 pounds ; tbe f iber two about 50
each making an aggregate of 878 pounds.
It is now on exhibition at the store of 6. W.
Eaxeltine, 171 Walnut-street, together with
an onion from Sonora, Mexico, which weighs
two pounds. They are raised in bills like
Sbbiovs Rbsdlt of a Family Qoabrsi. A
man named Hanrv Rilev cams to hie hntnn
on Water-street, between Race and Elm,
yesterday afternoon, in a state of intoxica
tion, ana at once oommenced abusing his
family, at first with words and then with
blows, till at length, seizing a glaes tumbler,
he hurled it at his wife with such force that,
misting her, it struck a child about two years
old, fraoturing its skull to such an extent
that its recovery is considered doubtful. He
was arrested and lodged in the Pearl-street
Station-house. : .,
Pones Coort, Tbe business at the Police
Court yesterday morning, was much lavger
than is usual even on Monday mornings, but
it was dull and uninteresting as possible. The
single case which we report, although it con
tains no speciul interest, we give merely be
cause it baa been already noticed.' -
Nicholas Oshener, who, our readers will
remember, was arrested on a charge of as
sault and battery, having paid one of his em
ployees named Jacob Bumm, with blows,
when he ssked for money. Yesterday morn
ing he told bis story to Judge Lowe, but it
was not calculated to lessen hia punishment,
and he was fined (20 and costs. His bellig
erent propensities will doubtless get him into
more trouble, for the fire that flashed in his
eye when he heard his sentenoe seemed to
intimate that he would yet have revenge for
the punishment inflicted upon him.
Mar Khooibd Down add Robbbd, A man
named Arthur Leery, who resides at or near
Circleville, Ohio, wag knocked down night
before lait on John-street, near Third, and
robbed of (05 In gold, and a watoh worth 110,
at least. He states that during the afternoon
of Sunday he wandered about the city and
drank a considerable quantity of liquor, which
he asseverates was tbe worst In the universe,
and a little while after dark found himself in
the locality where he was robbed. He was
approached by a couple of men who Inquired
the way to the Burnet House and then asked
him the time. When he took out his watoh,
one of them ssiied it while the other knocked
him down with sl'ing-shot, He eould re
member nothing farther, but was aroused by a
man some hours afterward, onlv to find that
his pockets had bsen 'llled of all that was val
uable in them. He left the oity for bis home
yesterday afternoon, fully assured , that his
money eould not be recovered nor the thieves
found.-1 ; , '- i
Pbocbsdikss or tbs Couktt Coukissioi-
bbb. At . their regular session yesterday
morning, the County Commissioner! passed
orders amounting In the aggregate! to fl,
16 00; of whtoh $581 83 were to tbe hands
employed on the new jail, and $380 70 for
sundries furnished tnt Llok Hun ; Lunatlo
Asylum. - - - ,
A communication was received from T. H.
Whetstone, of Anderson Township, Fresldent
of tbe Cincinnati and Nw Richmond Turn
pike Company, stating that the road has bsen
nnlfbea, ana atBing t net viewers be appointed.
Messrs. William Hopper, A. Hopper, Jr.! and
James Fsgin were appointed, and the Auditor 1
was requested to notify them of tbeWaet and
say that a report was desired at the earliest
possible period. ...,s- .! I
sir. u. onumsn iniormea in uom.mi,aioneri
that he would withdraw his salt against the
County, in regard to tbe Lower ftivcr Road,
providing they would pay the easts of the
uourt, walea, we believe they agreed to do
The Late Heavy Breach of Trust
News from the Dishonest Porter
Singular Revelation by the Aid of
a search warrant.
doubtless remember the faot
that, about two weeks ago, a porter belonging
to the establish met t of Henry Laner k Bro ,
No. 160 Pearl-street, being sent to the bank
with a oheek for $1,038 83, suddenly disap
peared, and earriei the money with hint. Since
that time extraordinary exertions have been
made to diaoover his whereabouts, but until
yesterday they were without success.
Yesterday the firm bad a warrant Issued for
th purpose ol searching the bouse, looated on
Syoamore-ttreet, near liberty, in whlob, his
family reside. Upon visiting the "premises
they found his wife and children quite com
fortably situated, and th woman betrayed no
discomfiture when Informed of their errand.
They proeesded at on to their business and
at every step, almost, found ample reward for
th pains they had taken.
It appears that Curtis GUI this Is the name
of the dishonest party was formerly engsged
with Cray, Hemingray A Co., and also with
W. B. Smith, and although they knew It not,
he had treated them in the same manner that
he had Laner Bro.; for they found an im
mense number of lamps and articles of that
nature which he had stolen from th one, and
a large box completely filled with books, sta
tionary, Ao., he had taken from the establish
ment of tbe other. ;
Among the other things they discovered a
couple of letters from Qilie to his wife, tbe
most important nf whlnh wu writfn ,. ,Y
81st ultimo, and dated atNew York. It stated
that after he toelved tha biahm nnnn th
oheok ha immediately left the eity, and after
warning aooai ten mues, ana riding with a
a farmer, by whom b was -overtaken, about
fifteen further, be took the ears for the oity in
which he then was. Ths epistle further stated
that he had sent $100 to Doctor Koehler, In
Louisville, and requesting his wife to sell her
furntlnre). and after ffAttinff thmt nnn..
Doctor Koehler, follow htm to Germany; for
eaiu no, "oeiore mis letter reaches you X will
be many mile out upon theooean." ' i ,
His wife, Rosa, was then arrested and com
mitted to the Ninth-street Station-house. She
said she knew nothing of the manner In which
her husband came by tbe goods whloh they
asserted had been stolen, and that they must
have been taken to the house, while she was
absent She will probably be examined before
Judge Lowe this morning', and It Is possible
that mine furthnp Mvulntlnne will k m,!
Gille bore quite a good character with all bis
BiujMuyere, nun muss nav oeen engagea in
this thieving basinets for the last four or five
School Board. A communication was re
ceived from the City Oounell, eooourrlng in
the resolution of th nne.ni. r
of on hundred and twenty-five feet of ground
uu inam-iuvei, nom neory martin, lor sonool
purpose. .
The following teachers were appointed by
the Board i
Mr. Edwin Cox, in the second dlstrlot, at a
salary of $600 per year; Miss Nettle Gold-
burv and Misa Levins. Mnnn In th. !.
district, at a salary of $20 per month each.
A I ... - . -
a uuaioer oi appropriations lor aohool fur
niture were passed.
A resolution was arlnniail anlltnrUI
purohaieof thirty feet of land on the south
-r VT t. ,L . , . .. . . .
mo ui muiu-sireev, aojoining tn JSlgnth
street District School, from Mrs. N. W. Hand,
at $00 per foot; $1,000 to be paid In cash,
$1,000 in bonds, and $700 iu one year, subjeot
to a life annuity of $100, payable to the mother
of the proposed vendre.
The Committee on Salaries reported against
the raising of any salaries daring th school
year. Adopted.
The Library Committee report th follow
ing circulation for the put month Tales,
Novels, Ao., 2,097 volumes!
Hiitory NiuiMiiM s immsi mmm 534 Tolttoiil
il'Briipuy.,e,s.teiseieeie,lM, ,MM 474
I ftiry.M,,,M,M,1,M,MMM(.IMmlMI 428 11
BclentlUo........ .. M
and VoyagoS.,,..M MO
miscellaneous ....M...l,fiaS "
The total number of volumes in the library
at present Is 18,624. Adjourned. . ,
Dcbwq tbs Past Wiii The following ex
hibit of the receipts and expenditures of the
oity for tbe week ending on Saturday last is
taken from the books in the offloe of ths Oity
General fund ......
Police Court and Oity Ptieoa !Tuud......
Watch Fund .
,0011 00
84 80
3,1X0 00
Fire Department fund
iiignt a uod
Common hooi?unl3Z.ZZZ".'Z
, (14,241 29
General Fund......m...,M,....t....,...,M, ..$
W atch Fund
Buperior Court und..............,.,. ...,
Sinking Fund M ......
Fire Department rund,. .,
Police Court and Oity Pti.ou fund ..
Common School Jund .... .,...,
4,767 10
1,051 00
. 4 ::32 77
, i,a 5
,M 11
$10,449 U
Bo 1 Dbownbd xg ths Ohio. Three boys,
Peter Quick," Benjamin Ashley, and Edward
Leighton, were rowing a skiff in the Ohio
Bivor,'oppoaite the foot of Western-row, yes
terday aiternoon, when two of the number
began sporting with each other, resulting in
the falling of Peter over the side of the boat
into the stream. The water was so oold that
it chilled him, and this 'wfth his alarm, was
probably the cause of his drowning. His
companions were so shocked when they be
held him struggling in tbe river that they
made no effort to save him, though a little
presence of mind might have rescued the un
lortunata boy from an acqueous tomb. . .
Obitoabt. I have just read in a Madison
(Indiana) paper a notice of the death of Mr. P.
MeOreigbt. Mr. McO. was for many years a
resident of Cincinnati, and was much beloved
by all bis aasoolates; his many excellent quali
ties being his great wealth. Pat never had
a personal enemy, ws are certain, and every
one who ever knew bin will feel a sadness pass
over his spirit when ha hears that poor Pat Is
no more. His brother artist have had more
brilliant knights of the pallet among them,
J. D. T.
Lbotcbb Bsroae Ohio Mscbabics' Insti
ttrrc. Philip Boileau Jones will deliver a
Iaoture before the Ohio Mecbanlss' Institute
to-morrow evening, at the hall on ths eorner
of Sixth and Vioe.on "The Ends and Aims of
Solenes." Mr. J. come here with consider
able reputation, and ss he proposes to elucidate
the properties of matter and illustrate his
subjeot with specimens and experiments, his
lecture will doubtless prove quite Interesting.
Cbbattoi CouroBTS. We are indebted to
Mr. William Wilkinson, of the Burnet House
Saloon, for a dish of fine anchovy sand'
wiohes and a pitches' of superior Philadelphia
draught ale, with which he favored us yes
terday ' evening. From the speoimens we
have seen of the good things his larder fur
nishes, we oan heartily recommend all who
desire delioaoies in hie lin to call upon him.
Bcbolabt on Haibisob-stbikt. The resi
dsnos ol a man named Jaokson, looated some
place on Han ison-strest, was feloniously en
tered during ths night of Sunday last, and
robed of several dollar in money and some
spoons, of little value, however. The entrance
seems to have been effected by mean of false
keys, for the front door was open when the
family arose. a .J ! ' ; -
i ) Meteorological observations ' for th
Pinmt Pbbss, by Henrv Ware, Optloian, No.
7 .West Fourth-street, November 7, 18511. ,
O'clock.' . . v Barometer.' Thermometer.
7 A. !.. .W.71 4.1
13 BI..M.....M....i9.70 , -." V i 60
4 P. at..,
Booxa and Statiunbbt. The attention of
country merchant Is particularly Invited to
tbe advertisement of.Moore, Wilstaoh, Keys k
Oo., In to-dav's Issue. Their stoek is woithy
inspection. . .
J. D. T. Terrible Explosion at a Distillery-The
J. D. T. Terrible Explosion at a Distillery-The Building Badly Damaged-One Man
J. D. T. Terrible Explosion at a Distillery-The Building Badly Damaged-One Man Instantly Killed-Another Probably
Scalded to Death, and Two Laborers
Shockingly Burned.
two o'olook yeiterdsy afternoon a
terrible catastrophe eccarred at J. II. In
gram's distillery, Just outside the munioipal
limits, in Btorr's Township, below- Mlllereek,
by whloh two persons will probably loae tbsir
lives, and two others suffer great agony, evea
though they should reoover. Tbe accident
resulted from tbe explosion of a still-tub, In
stantly killing David Wallace, and nearly
scalding to death three persons, James Rene
gin, engineer, George Arnold, and Thomas
Hslpin, laborers, the first-mentioned of whom,
it is believed, can not possibly recover. Tbe
building was also badly Injured, a portion of
the wall being blown down, and several of th
tubs and a port of the apparatus destroyed.
It is supposed that the upper pipe of the
tub had become obstructed, ana the steam
flflftnmlltfltarl thAPA In mnn Aliimlta
ble to escape, it burst tbe vessel into a hun-
JJ a- mu. t ir
ftAnfisUs li (Via tin nf tVi h V win
vK wsw vce,w SUI WAAU LIUI L'UOtJ
af rtrVAnlf thlH VtllA ennrl awae am sli !m4
nit 'w' vv tva via iij3 pvilib
of effecting his purpose, when the explosion
w piano, uivwiug mo engineer some twenty
feet in the air. '
Fratrmenta at tha tnha nJ nt th
machinery were carried to tbe distance of a
t.uj -.. i .i-- i ..... ...
yiarue, anu mo oainage to tne ouiii
ing must be to tbe extent of $3,000 or $4,000.
The distillery had renantlv
hands of Porrin, Gould k Co.; Mr. In gam
having made a transfer some time linos of all
1.1- 1 - . . 1 .
uia luwroat in ao oouoarn.
The City Council.
A square east of Third-street, between
Baum and Ellen streets, having been blocked
at the last meeting,- it was rescinded last
night. 4 s ... a . -j, , c -i a
pBsrABiBO ro a Law 8oii. Messrs. John
Torrenee, Hesekiah Klereted, and J. P.
Shearer, weraartnninurl m. aa1nt
aid City Solioitor to prepare for th suit of
mo civy against, me u., v. ana wooster Turn
pike Co., for condemnation of that Compa-
uituuwiu tuo oeventeenta wara. ' ri
Sbwbrs. The Commissioner of the East
ern District la dirontati In rannrf. tn th fit
Council the cost of repairing sewer under
The Committeeon Sewers reported adverse
to olaim of 9511 of Cheever sic Co,, for dam
ages from overflow of sewer in Deer creek. ,
Abbitbatiob. Th claims of Hugh Conly
and Anthony Handenan, of the Third Ward,
for alleged damages by means of change of
grade on East Third-street, are to be sub
mitted to arbitration, under direotion of the
City Solicitor. ' .,,(
Snndry property holders on Baymtller-street,
have remonstrated against th proposed ohang
of street railroad route from that strset to
Llnn-street, and want the route be kept to the
street on wbioh they are preparing to build.
White's olaim for aliened dam
of grade of But Third Street. Also, similar
ciaim or jonn Howard.
plication for Gas-lamps oo Gano-itriot, between
Vine and Walnut street.
To ComiiTTBs ok Law with Tbdstiis or
Tbibd Wabd A communication from Mr. B
S. Hainos, rtmonstratiDg against vacstion of
Spring Hlil Avenue, now oocupled, as he
claims, unlawfully by th Little Miami Rail
road Company. '
Novil Drvoaoa Casb Matbibobt at a
Disoovbt. Rather a novel Incident took plaoe
yesterday sfternoont th oOo of Jastioe
MoFall. A son of ths Emerald I.l, whose
better half was far worse than he eould bear,
went to tbe Magistrate and insisted upon having
a divorce Immediately. Tbe jastioe which i
meted out at this temple, however, although it
may be Induced to do many things out of the
usual order, could not bring about th consum
mation he so devostly wished, but th priest
assured his forlorn Beoedlot that he could
send the undutiful wife to the penitentiary.
Without issuing a waarant he bad the wo
man brought into the Court, and by dint of
sundry threats he at last succeeded in admin
istering an oath and induoing her to answer
several questions. From these we learned that
the had pawned tbe olothlcg of her husband
and children to get money to tend to her rela
tives in Iceland. Thia ha at flrar .k
Jeoted to, but he had suffered from and borne
it bo mug tuat ne conoiuaea at last to leave
her, providing that In this he could get the
sanction of the law.
The justice, after ho had learned tbe truth,
told the woman to go home and prepare her
husband's SUnner. tn saraa nevnlna hia nlMh-a
and be to him a good wife, or he would cer
tainly send her to the penitentiary. He then
went to tne man ana in a need him to follow bis
wife and make another attempt to harmonise
with her. anrl Atnm tn him An Wlnu..
After muoh persuation tbe husband departed.
ne ieei aonvicoea ne win return, ana we hope
he mnv obtain tha wtih nf hia hanvt, f
tainly the law should, if possible, undo the
mischief it had done.
United Statbs Cobbt. In the oat of Wash
ington McLean, wbioh has occupied the atten
tion of the United States Court for several
days, the last witness was examined vesterdav
afternoon, and the argument will commenoe
this morning. ' ...,..
Policb Cocbt. Marcus Beber, a Frenchman.
who was found drunk in the street, was yester
day morning fined $3 75 by the Mayor, which
was unable to pay, and was ordered to jail.
He, however, promised to get the money If
permitted to do so, and tbe Mayor, thinking
a good opportunity to rid th town of his
presence, ordered his release. He Immediately
left the city, ostensibly to obtain money to
liquidate his fine, but really to return no more.
Arhist or a CocHTiRFEiTsa. A counter
feiter, who has been flourishing in this oity
for some days past, was last night arrested in
Cincinnati, and about seren hundred dollars
counterfeit money found on his person,.
Owing to the lateness of the hour of his
arrest, we were unable to learn his name, or
any further partioulars, except that he was
remanded to our authorities and lodgsd In jail,
The Evbbbtt Lyceum. a mistake occurred
our notice of tbls institution, yesterday
morning. It is not of recent formation, but
has been In existence each winter since 1857.
Tbe present movement Is merely the com
mencement of the, regular , winter session of
the Lyeenm. ' ' r -
Militabt Fababb. The Kenton Cadets,
according to previous arrangement, paraded
through our principal streets yesterday after
noon. The fair for their benefit commenced
last night, and was largely attended.
LivbStocc Muxut. Th warm weather
hoe destroyed the recent active demand for
cattle and hogs. Buyers are afraid to venture
anything at present, and great dullness and
stagnation prevail. . ,, . i J
Pcddlibo Without Liobbsb. A young man
named Evens was found peddling crockery
ware in th streets, day before yesterday, for
which he was fined $3 bj Mayor Foley.
Cocbtt OonaT. The Count? Court for
Campbell County held its monthly session ct
Alexandria yesterday. . No business apartfrom
the ordinary routine was transacted, j j ti
FcKRAi.--The funeral cf young Hooper,
whloh took place yesterday, was attended by a
large eonoourse of the friends of his father's
family, .
Kbbtvckt Tow.i-b.ll Club. The members
this club, are requested to meet at their
rooms this evening, to transact business of im
prtanoe. , .... . , (
Rukaw'at. A fine snsn of horses, belonitne
Mr. Tom Uiylord,ran an ay with his baggy j
yesterday evaoiog jnst at duik. No serious j
damage was dene,. , , ( '
1 ' 1 t.
.1 .:
Monetary and Commercial.
. Th week opened quietly yesterday, and little
oonatqusBc lrahsp!rr IB Honstary etnles, wbleh
were generally reported dull. Applications at th
Discount-house were limited, aa usual at th open
log of the week; bat there Is no doubt they will tend
all th means tliaj be b-fore Uaturday neat
Iaatern Ixchai ge wae steady yaaterday at i buy.
log and X premium selling, wltb a little more doing
at tbe clot than at iboalng of th market.
wll,w V0 fhang rnid at par buying and
Si'1.1" el'ln rate for Sight, aud at interest
and H dlseuunt fur Tim, , . . .7, - ., , . ,
ib '"'and fur Oold foiled lut week is orr, and
J.n V. Y'SF fl2r '!'"' 4lrseerally giving
bo more than J4 for Oiln, ,
V, ''"Of ontlnned loacMrei with a limited demand.
IVi -m".V werK ,ul'5l V nothing cWlngl) Hose;
Wh.r."1.'!?'! bV.!J' ,b W beoooTee cooler
bmSei Vh'.1r.Md m
Corn. tKlih
Barley .w4m,
i ...... esr
..10, fW
I 684
nuge, oeaa
. I, MO
Tb New Tork drw avuia - .
fled with the .took" YZS. iCTbTw oTband Tbe
irnBOI-t sllltrlsuf.sr thm ua. .u ets am ... . . W
?LiHSlaktti ,h" ,0,al importation id datelM.
WM,".1!" W.,to lame d.l but yea?, aod
95G,la,0i0 the rear previous. Tbe atook of goods
wwterlaiorer In Mew Xork will certainly be Targe.
oaturaay's (lew York Tribune thus r.f.r. la Wri.
day last:
Tha markut tnr Mnn. '.ui 1'
r li. i,anq in neweneagemente
J" J,n ?' ,dr goods, or general foreign
ii ercbaiidlae, are tailing oif ioc tbe close of Octo
ber. A fmW Of tha iarnA hinb. ..a .1
fc!!h0r!ll, ?'"i.r "u "" fcrward by the Ti.te
In h!lul ' """'d against at sight As uaual
S.a0.,,,,..'.V: !? ligation,. ihU
.,.1.7. . VTi . "i oroaeraar eia
nlovtnaa fair amount nf m,,n.v - ..
o,!, - .,.,.v otanvar
raii?.?!.' il'U?ZTtotXivh' "a Southampton to
morrow 11 in. i tr n r, . , - uh. i . . . , .
$0.o) In bullion The remittances otherwise are
VJV'ir1"1? ""hange Is called dull at the elo.e,
llllo)4f"ruanKer, and 10914 (aiW. Southern bank
Dina on Lonuoo; anu l.a itl.n.l on Hirle.
Saturday's Herald says of th New York Dry Goods
market; ,-. ,. t , ...
.fcuiiii?" V V c"ll ow will be largo. Heay
eblrtlngs and iheatlnna wara rtnli ...j ..:. . '
f a-Jng, while Hue oods wore In fair reeueai from
clottiliig muuf,ctiirer. I'rlotln cloths wars lu
good demand, while prints were dull. Woolen goods
wr itutaiuei, though the trade was heavy and
Without movement of Importance. Tbe clothing
nr. Iu m.tmaiuiiim; suawis were being
oliwred out at low rates. There wa a convention ol
cotton aud wool manufacturers held tbls week at tbe
Aetor Houee, with the view of forming a Board ol
M..,iii muter regulation oi tneir Interests,
in Convention wae coop.ed of about filtr manufac
turer. Whether tney denied suy ohange In our
prjeent revenue laws desirable did not traiisnlre.
In soHgn Goods the trade bas been fair for the
season, and the d-tnaud as well aa prices for siacle
ftibrics save bean steady The suction, anha are
bunt over for the seasou, and the sales ar not Im
portant. . i if. , . , , . .
' The ag iregata of tbe St, Lonls Banks for the week
ending the 6th Inst., are at follows:.
, ., , -"T.8. Oot. . Ine.
Ixcb'gemat'g. $t,VA,m 83,uoa,648
Ijlroulatlcn..,.., , M7.7J0 , Ml.HS
Colu... ' 616,334 ' aAl.OSB ' ZZ
' Yeattrday'a St.'Louh Demoorat observes:
a uia
1 llv
'Currense le becoming mora plentiful t a nartv
fcmught in W),000of lillool. fund to-d.y, to boy
.aetrn Exchnnge with, but could only obtain a
few ihonianda by going round tba market: heuffrred
to buy it at IH premium. The supply of Exchange
Is ao small that nioresnle are made at 1 percent,
premium for Missouri than at the regular Bauk rate
or H premium. On tbe South; a premium le the
nominal rat Oold 1 la demand at H premium for
bankable funds. . ,
Tha Attv Bnru hll-knl tn9 V- n ..L . .1! L.
dty was very lnnotive ine of the dullest, lude-d, of
tua yer-ai.a oettwr gauernliy coaiplalDod of the
u, expected supenelou of tiadeat tins aeaaon Tbe
enooly of boraea la not larae. bi,t anil it 1. ra,A.
than the demand, wbioh is very limited except fur
good siock, at present scare lu tbe market. Tbe
iroiianuuviia ut tue wbok are utile over twutnlrds as
large as Miev were the. previous week. The sle
wer At W. H. Steavnue's, t hones; O B 1. Klner's,
62: B Jenifer's, 4 1 Miller 1 batwood'e, 87: 1). P.
Kile.'s, Hi D. Urnny's, 70. Total 294, bringing
$ii,e3l. Tb h"ree aellirg at au average of tie to
mti, moitoi theut beiug Inferior quality. fi
mrk,.t tnr th. v
endlug yeeteidnv ae leas brisk (ban durlogtbe pre-'
tkiuv ffva. ia ibuviiib a me unguion larus
al moat entirely from inubtna, were as follows:
WW.,,. t..,M.,...M(.) .....MMM S0
".. sv
Tbe anoutloua, which have not changed matertall;
aluce tue previous week, are a annexed:
Beef Cattla....,...,.,........' 00 to 3 79 Ixtra, $9 to t in
tihKp..,,...,..$i 011 to t 00 for extra car head,
4 40 10 4 7-Extra, $.,
FLOOR The market continuis Inactive, and the
demand quit limited.1 The les are couflned to wo
brla. extra, at StAMMli. Tha nn.im. ..mil.,,.
very U ge belug.l.'HI brls. since Satupiay '
' WHIsKY-A steady market and a good demand:
n,v. mi una. . .MitaVMng. (uv miter rat lor
t PK0VIStOH3-The market la vervqnlet, and we
heard of no sales to-day vurtby of record. Mess
Pork it uffureil trebly nt JIJ75, and Bacou at 7H(Si4c.
lliiOS-Mothiug duiug, aud the jmrket very dull:
some salt could be enVted at $3 So for present
delivery, but It is notnutil the weather change aud
becomnicuol that anything will be dune.
A H IS-Saie of li cask Pot at 3Mc.-a dollne.
(4KOUBIItS-The market It uucuauged: 160 bags
of Coffee auld at Uf&Vifta., aud 3u brla. new Uolasks
W HEAT Tbe market Is Irregular and unsettled,
and accurate qiiotutiuua CAnnot be given: aaleof ion
htiah. prime red at SI IM; Alio bush, good whit at
fl 13; 4110 bush, choice white at SI i; l,75i hush, good
whiteat SI Imiil 1-': 2A0 bu-h. mixed al $1 03.
(XlRN-ThHintrket It firm, with a goud demand,
aid prices aresteady at 4.1(wo.
OAl s-l h,. maraet la dtui, with a good demand:
sales of 700 bushels at 44o. 4,
EVE-The market le dull, and prices have ad
vancwl c. per tnishel:salesof 2,000 bnab. prime at 70
rtABLEY The market la dull, but price are
wlthouttpecUl change.
Cif KlSsJtl Th demand Is actlva. with H.ht m.
celpi Mteiilea of 600 boxes Western Kenerve at 0c.
bu 1 ibn mere is a lairaemaua lur pi I ma roll at
ltiial7o.: sties of 17 brU. prime roll at 17c; pbrls.
choice nt ISo. ' .
ULOVER SRED-'There Is a Mr demand for
Prime at 14 75: sales of It brla. at $4 69.; 120 buab, at
$4 75.
Af PLES The receipts are large, but prices are
wi' hout change: sales of loo brie, choice at it .10.
HOT ATOKS-The market le dull, and prices range
fiomUto 400. per bushel the Utter price for prime
Ncsbnnocke. ,
[By Telegraph to the Chamber of Commerce.]
N aw Obleans, November 6 P. M - Flour is with
out ubange: auperflne i IM&ri 40. (Jorn is scarce and
in demand at il til 10. Willi a firm market. glean
Pork dull aud tha demand loc.i.unH llm tuloit
Al t to. Bacon uucbnngvd: a soudorat demaud at
!4lil'o. for 8houidere and Sides. A moderate de-
maun ror jjara, out prices are lower at lontiallo. and
UH-giSHq. w blsky dull, and the demand limited at
2peto. for rcctili.d, and 2nc.forraj. Noohange
in Sugar or Molawns. The steamer W. Johnson baa
arrived and the Arlxona departed. ,
Niw YosB Mibsit, November 7 P, M. Flour
Is without atrikiug change: aalca of IS.700 brla. at
gt 2ul 1 So for auperflue state; It 654 M lor extra
Mute; 1180(3193 for nuperllue Weeieru; (KMasii
for cuiumnn to medium extra Woetern; S.14.V49 oofor
Inferior to gnod ah ppl, g brands exira round-hooped
Uhio-markot cloeiog steady Ctnailian Flour un
changed: lea of 200 oris, at $6 VHUfi 30 for common
to choice oxtra Kye r".,ttrla in lair requett at Vim
(24 43. Wheat opened dull and cloned with a fair
Simulative demaud, ahipperanoi in ibe market: sales
ui o,iuuu4u. ni 91 10 lurcuoice muciigo spring; II is
ffil 13 fur Slllwaukie Club; St 13 for Canada (Jluh;
f I 361 3D for white Canadian; ft 4001 44 for white
Michigan. Indiana and Kentucay. Bye heavy and
lower: sale of 430 bush, at 63(&99o. Barley pl-nty
and dull: ule of 3,000 buab. common state at 73c
Con droopmg: saloaof ,vnibinh. yellow Southern
and leney at mlxrO Western nominal at
tl96a. 'JU aie ateady at 4444Hc for Btatu,
Western and Oantillan. Whisky is a ahade firmer:
sales of 400 brla at27c Pork la heavy and drooping:
saleaof 1,100 Oris. t$lIJ(IS20 for mose; (10 VI for
prime, lnolitdina: too brla. prime me-a, at seller's'
option all tbe year round, ut 613 Mi, and l.ouibrls
new mess, eeller'e opti.m, for January aud February
deliveiy, at Mi Baef without special change:
solas olS74 brla at $l4 a lor prime; tiiib v f-ir do.
muu; $Vi,U) for repacked mem; f 1 Igill jo for extra
mesa. Beef Banianuie and unchanged: 615016 Jo,
Prime mess Beet nomiual. Cut Meats tcarce
and nominal: So. for bhouliiers and OHfdOtie. fur
Hums. Bacon lirm: ealee of 1,iOO boxes Wesiern
Cumberland middle at 8X0 , for January and reh.
ruary delivery; Mill bxos city cut do., tnr Vecember
and January delivery, at Ho. Lard unchansed: atles
of .11 brla. at loHllo. Bu.ler ateady: Ii(ail3c. for
Ohio, and 1 i2lc. u-r State. Cheese iu fair demand,
at&ftllo,. Cotton bouyant aaiea of 4,600 hale., lu
cludiag i,.vl bales in transitu,' at Who. for New
Orleans middlings, with 9-lo. rrelht!1 Upland nil I
dliugt are quoted at I1M0. Dreseed Bogs steady:
sales of l,MU, delirery next week, at 6a Hngar
Arm: New Orleans a7o. Coffee nrm at UAIIma,
Molitsesfirmattoa. y, '
Niw Orlbans II abkst. Novem bar T.-Tha c.iunn
market clueed with an advancing tendency: sales of
U.Oiw btles midoiingt; price are stilfoi', but quota
tions ars unchangetT ur quiet and price easier,
but quotations are unchaugru. ..... '
BiLtmiai MlRKET. November T-Tlf'-Vlnnr
iQSilH: Howard at 47e. Wheat dull: 49,000 bu h.
oUtTi-uat sr.ewaiwror wbi . u.m dU: whitaii4
yll. nu soejlo. t'rovlslous steady. Whisky dull
atli'sc .
Steamboat Register.
AairVALS-Biimlav: .1. V. Cheettnan. St. T.nnli-
at....N. .l..u.ll... U-a, 1,1. . D..
pi i.nui,., iij,iu, . a it'.i-m,, DUaiUII.
liouI'Vlll... MciniUy: Superior, boultville, JEc mom;,
Memphis; Oumiumloi t'err, 8t. Limit; B.ytiii),'
u. ....1... n wuulll--VlHa...t . 11 - v . .,..'
nfc, .jWlliq, If Ullll. lir.tiic, li.lullllUII Bi IQTIIII'I
1, n IT... 1.. 1. t...ll. Ln . t La .a,
IV. n. aailii"n, ucviiii, auicti wuteil, otuatSOUl
VIKV nu. a, Btmia. a -e a - r I . . I . , ,
DiritTOais-Sunday: Anelo.uaion, Kw Orleans;
, ill- aa 1 . " V . .
alaatnolk. Maysvlil; Dunlelth, Nril,, Yualuia
Hoine,Aevlll.; i'ore.t Ijueeu, JladU.eu. !
a.. ....it.. i, . . .. i -i . ,. . . . r .. . .
iur.i.u. uvmi-vi". uuwuui.j; Tup.-rior. l.oiiaiiat
" wwTiiATtBr.tn Bftdroa
began last night bla flfth week at this eaUblbihmaol
to a Bacaudfeiic. The play waa JouusOaSaa, and
"a !i , 'taaing it waa nuoip euaoueu. 16
.v. ."i? Mr. A wae aapleudld performance, and
the Portia" of Hlte Iilaworthf w!i exoellenr'
.l?;i,,,hi- ? ,"-b tae Shakepaar' magnlfloeat
eraatlon, Kie tsaa, in which both the-e artists tp
IhTLtw?' 'be loolish but proud old monarch ,
. V1 11- Th' h " will baredit
we oan not doubt. '
Naviobal Tbbatbb Julia Dean personated
S.t5.Tli'tVrf V2?rU"ldJ,." o a translation of th
Jr? ?10 iB,BI"n.4..aBnudleDce. Itu
?nt,'k-.-c,J'rcf Dd th u"ooe, by the
frequenjbowofappl1ue,uitined itsaapraoia.inti
vening - UwlU U nM nlJ
Ths Cobobst Last Niobt. Th obnoert by
Pn.be.oe- B. O. Palga, laat night, at Smith A Nixon's
Hall wae attended by aa audlenoe whiob, both In
quantity and quality, waa very one. Tha perform
ance was, as a whole, quit good, and th programme
was excellent. Th audlenoe waa quite an epprenl.
tlve on-aluioat too mnch o, for It loslated up n an
ncor after aimoat every plac which waa ea'cul-d,
and by this mew crowded two, ouuoert into ih-o
hour. , ,
The beat performance of th evening was th "Sera
mo Ololo." from tb Caliph or Bagdad, which was
nng by His Rmlli. tier volo It quite eweet, and
la well adapted to Paslnl'a mu'lo.aud lUtbough tier
Inwer toneelackoultlratioa.berexeootion laguodaud
her ornamentatloa, when she atUnipU It is Id g4
taste. We have not time or apace at thia hour pl
one o'clock to apeak ef the sieger al length,
although it would pleas a much to da o. The ouu
oert was quit auooaaaful and will be repeat!.
Tbbm The Jddges sitting ia
Oeoeral Term heard aa argument In tba eaee of
Powell vs. Klnkaid and otbeis. Th aalton wa
brOUaht aaaltiat tha itafan.n,. aa a,...n.d
th .veMlcl balow wa for plaintiff; and th case' has
uy w ueiure me uouri on a reservation tiy J udge stoter
ora motion for a new trial. The motion waa prn
Mted by Air. Mitchell aud nelated bj ajjr. f ox,
Th Judges held a Joint session, and
In Jndm Collins, upon which Judge Dickson retlro.l
from th Beniiii. la room So. 2 Judge Collin, calico.
th doeaet.
CaiaiitaL 8ms.-Judge Halloa presided en tbt.
braucn of the Court, and awore In the Grand Ju-y.
10 his charaa tn tha nranrl .r-u. m.Hm...
alludodto the large amount of business which would
have to betran-acied by them, aud suxmetnd that
they should omit tb usual vl.it to the iuuatio Ay
lum, and devote their whole attention toan examina
tion of the bills presented to them. A memorandum
of refereDO showing all th criminal Ian paw
sine ttieoumpilation of Swan's Statutes In 18il, wat
banded by the Court to the Jnrv.
A plea of guilty wae entered by James Cerltn to ao
indlotment forgraud larceny.
Hoaiicios iIasm Bet. Th 'following case in
which tbe defendant are charged with murder lu
the flrat degree were set: The male v. John Cain -14th
November; same va Wm. B.ckler-lbtb Novem.
bar: aame vs. John Olawaon-23d Kovember; the same
v. Burns-November SO.
Geo. B. Reese, Son A Co. vs. Mann A Strsus.
A.hl,.w!,e" Proesedlng before Judge Hilton nner
the 12th Section of the walgnment law The claim
being 1 that defend! bad properiy connaaled hlch
they did not return upon their assignment It aa
Stated bv plaintiffs oounHl (B A Thompson) Ihar.
belor the aslgDmen, defendants hd repretented
they were worth $30,000 above their debt, while tha
property tbey bat assigned would not payienceuts
nn the dollar to their creditors. Tbe matter, all. gad
In th affidavit waredaoled by defendants, who wore
represented ry Mr. Long.
Tb xaml .atlon of laaae Mann was partly taken.
Sobool Ubiob. The MathodlstSuoday 8cbnol
Union held Its second annual meeting lust
evening, at Wesley Chapel A. M. Searles,
Esq , presided, and addresses were delivetcd
b Messrs. Oollnm, Wolff, Parkhurst and
Conklln. The . Union was organised In 1 857,
and it composed of the officers and teachers cf
tb difflerent Sunday Schools. Its board of
managers oonsists of th seperlntendenis and
delegates from the vsrlous sobonlt included la
the organisation. It now represents twenty
eight schools, embraeing five hundred officers
and teachers and four thousand pupils, with u
geoaral library whloh oootatos ten thousand
volumes. The meetiog was largely attended
and tb aaditnee seemed highly intsrssud U
the eiersttes.
' 1b Ebobt DaKSBIi IB If ALB Attibb R.hki
a Row, One of tb darkest of. Ethiopia'
daughters, named Kate Mason, last night, for
a lark, dressed herself In male attire and went
to' the National Theater. White there she
bioam bdltgarent from the excessive use of
stimulating' beverages, and became Involved
In a difficulty whloh eaased her arrest. Upon
being taken to the station-house, ber sex wail
discovered, and a large bowie-knife was f mnd
upon ber person. She will appear at tho
Polios Court this morning upon the double
charge of disorderly oonduot and oarrying con
cealed weapon.
pkf A. A. lyster, Clocks, Watoiies and
Jewelry. Dos. S41 and 171 Wtrn-row. - :
fkf Daguerrean Oallery, south-west oor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannafortfk
drug store. Pictnree taken nd nt in good c
for twenty oenu. Warranted to please.
t Mbbohabt Tailobibo. Frlol k
McQuIrs, No. VA Walnut-street, hav a snpsrtor
st,.ek of goods on hand, which ar of fin taste and
rich material. Those In wt of Winter Clothing
would do wall to call and aeo them.
SrBAOCB k Co. IN TBB Pislo. Our
citizens must not forget that Bprague A t o., corner
of Fourth and Ylne-streets, at manufacturing
splendid Coats, Yests and Pants, in all styles and
oolors and of excellent material, at prices suitable
to all. Drop, in and examine their stock and you
will surely oall a second time.- '
.; Pratt's 22d Annual Sale of
'. :.-i v At Auction. .. .
f I ,1 i t I . 1 . ,
At Ne. 38 West Fourth-street,
11 (Next to Smith 4 Nixon's Hall.)
', y ?k,L V. PrlT Sal during th day at about
half tb Publisher' price.
Ladies aud gentlemen are rwpectfnllr Invited lo
oall tud examine our stock.
. '.,, J. K. PBATT, Salesm-n,
.noltf KBLLOOq WILLIAMS, Attct'ra,
WILLIAMS-Sale-room and H East Third-
reel. -Large and Bxtenelve Sale of Slating my and
BoeWoort Veneers at Auction. On TUUItSbAlf
A FTKRNOUM. November in. ate a'.larV . nj.i ru.
Crotch and Shad Wood Mahogany Veoeora; 2,000
feet Kusewood do. '
The above are Just receiving from th Eatt, and
the most desirable stook that has bees offered for
year ... , . ,
a. credit on ell sums over I'OO.
nog A. &KLLOOO, Auctioneer.
A CO.-fursl rural Fursl-Tbe second aaleof
Sure; Kobee, 4ca will be at g o'clock, on THL'ltS
DAT MOHnINu, November 10, ac IS Est Kourth
atreet.: To the former Invoice will he adde.l anew
stock of the Oner quality of Ladles' Furs. They cud
be seen 0a Wednesday.
:i no7. ., ,, JACOB QUAFF it CO., Auctioneers.
OO.-Sales-nom Mo. 83 Main-street. -Oro-.',JSS'.Pl:.MW,"2v.Boo,1'd
Shoes, at Auction.-Ou
TDISDAY MOBNlNul, Nov. g, at o'clock, Staplo
Groceries, Glassware, Boots aud eboea, Lluiiora, c.
A I H O-n base Kio Coffee, 15 brla. Refined Sugar,
JW boxes Ground 8plcs. . 1 .
, no7 , ; H. B. MILES A CO., Auctioneers.
JOHNSTON, In Sales-rooms, No. 93 Main. street.
l no. III trust
Ur Goods. Kl
DAY Mufti.!
Gomnanv Banki. Aasienee'a mttianf
Klbbnii. Lacaa, Ac continued. I UhS-
SING. November A. aittamaiinlnir at QU
o'clock, will b sold, by order or AasigusM, the bal
anoaof stock of a Dry Goods Jobbing llouse, among
which are many desirable gO"ds.
A LSO-Lare (lock of "lot be, Oaaa meree, Satinets.
Qvercoatlngs, Blankets. Velveis, Priut Btnffs, Ac
ALbO-Large lot of Men's and Boys'xtr Br.isana,
WomeD's, Mi.a.' and Children's fin bboea and
Boole; Ladies' Gnltere; Men' fine Uougreea Boots.
Oxford Tien, Aoa with caar of II at a. UaN, Ac.
nu7 , THOwA .HiHvutiiV
BTON Salesroom No 7 East Thirdnrcet.
S4.i , worth if ot . Dry Goods at Auciiou -Ono
hundred aud fifty package of try Uoodi, la
raUlogu form.' Positive (ale, without any reserve,
fur caili, of aatock ol Fancy Dry Uouda belonging tu
UBa4t rn Jobbing liou.e, which Kill be suldon
TU K 8 S A T M if It "ISO, Nov. 8. roranixiiclnff
at o'clock, A. M. Theatock Is all la good order
and pwet, and consists -f every vail'ty anil altenf
Merlon Under-hiit-and Pr;'wrs forcliildren, Untit'e
and Lt les, Mik, Cotton and "Voollen Hu.lett i t ala
at, Lisle and (Vittoo Gl-ive. Gent's Bnrk O.nv.l
Gauuiiet if tbe Unset quality, Voraleri Jackets, Ac ,
4o. Alao. an Invoice of Blaok I lk(, Sbawb, Italian
Cravat, Blanket, A., -
f 1 . a - wwuiuwinii.
S00.U af, iow opeu axaminatinn, ami tin-
ftv and Aimnlrv MeroLaata are Invllaul l., a... .1
- . - . ... . . . . ...... ... . ii. '
xamiae, a tny wtu be toslttVMy (old wllhci' n y
srwfcrsssBji nctd
i : Id.') 1 I !.'( 1 1 x . ! J I . ; f
'.tiliihiu f'.lll.lii'l.tl -1. .
,'iitfil JCH .U-'il li "Mi!.:

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