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Is published daily, (Sundays excepted,) by
,.c PBOPIBTOKB. ' :'
Till PINNY PBE88 la' delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, add inr
roundlng eltiet Wad towns, at the ex. .
.UriAii i tremely low price of , i ,
fbioes er hailibjo: - , ,
Blngle copies Jo.; 1 ruouthiac.; 3 monthijl; l year.
John A. i,mBB,JB.........Sole Lessee and Manager.
Twenty-seventh night of , ,
Mr. Anderson, and Miss Ellsworthy.
THIS (Wednesday) KVKNINO, November 8, will
be presented Bulwer's lieautttul live-act play called
Os, IiOtb and Paitia.
Claude Melnotte .....Mr. Anderson
I'niiline ....Mile Kllawortby
Colonel Daniaa Mr. JSIlHler
Mom. Beanmiaut,..,..,.... ............................... Mr. Hall
Hlous. Ulavls Nr. Bead
Mime Deschapellet Mr. Fisher
Mad. DoHclmpelles.... ............ ..... Mm. Gilbert
Widow Melnotte Mis Irving
Dance, by..A................i.........UU Kate Penney er
To coucludo-wlthlhe new farce cal(etl' L '-jj i
Kdward (the Fast) ....,. lln. Ellsler
Juhn Puddlcomb (the Slow)...... Mr. Jtllsler
In preparation, Sliakspeare's "Merchant of Ven
ice." W Doors open at tHi Curtain rises at 7H o'clock.
Pntrtaa or Admission Dress Circle and Panjuette,
Mcente; Uallery, Scents.
Last night hut throe of the diatlngnlahed actress,
Mrs. Julia Dean llayue,
And the popular tragedian,
Mr. Marcus Elmore.
THIS (Wednesday) KVKNINO, November 9, will
he acted the beautiful Comedy of
Julia , Mia. Julia Dean Hayne
Master Walter Mr. Elmore
Kir Thomas Clifford Mr. Vaudorea
Master Modus ....... Mr. Stuart
Kill Iiodi , M.....M r. Bernard
Lord Tinsnl. j Mr.llenrl
Muster Wlllord........................ Mr. Swift
Helen lirs.O. Jleurl
l.a Tyrolean by Miss Jouuie Uight.
To conclude with the laughable larce called
Gen. Stormwell...... ..Mr. C. L. Allen
Captain Daring. .M.......MM. ..C. Utuart
Kotand Timely Mr. flight
John Stock Mr. Bernard
Jiuiily M isa A. Urahttni
THE NEW NATION All HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, ia now open for the reception of guests.
Jtoonn can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
NOTIOJC. Tradesman aud others are .cautioned
against furnishing any article! for the theater with,
out a written order, signed by the Manager,
National Hall, Vine-street, above Fifth.;
Leader of Orchestra .......0. II. Holcomb.
CLASSKH-Tlmrsday, from 2 to 5 P. M , for T,adles.
Saturday. V to 12 A. M., and 2 to a 1'. 11., for Missus
anil Masters. ,
Gentlemen Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 P. M.
Waltzing Class, for Ladies aud Gentlemen, Friday
LiKssoNa FOR' Gentlemen. In order to meet the
convenience of gentlemen whoso business or social
engagements often interfere with their pnnctnal at
tendance, our arrangement is, that tickets are pur
chased, one of which is delivered at each lesson, and
can be used during the whole season of seven months,
The lessons are so arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. . ., octd-bin-WAS
Lessee and ProprIotor..;..,......,.....JNO. HOWOBTH.
This new and beantfnl TKIUPLE OF Till MUSES
opeued for the season on , - .i
With a full aud talontnd DRAMATIC AND CON
OKIIT THOUPK, selected from the different thea
ters aud opera companies of the Union.
Admission 10 centa. For particulars see small
The "Olympic Saloon" will he open at all hours
during the day. The Kara are stocked with choice
Wines, Liquors aud Cigars. oc2a
worthy the attention of Ladies desirous of pur
onasing '
Fine Furs
No. 149 Main-street.
BACH, for Grocers, Druggists, Tea Dealers aud
others, made- from extra quality of Wrapping, Ala
nillaaud Whito Tea Paper.
aNMMsl No. 1 Wrapplug and Manilla;
jm.iidO No. 2 "
axi.ouo No. 3 :
aiO.llODNo. 4
aMI.(KK) No. 6 i ...
' m,o(IO No. 8
.200,000 No. 10
aNMiMMq.12 , " "
2(10,(HI0 No. 15
200,000 No. 18
2(10,(100 No. 20 ' '"
200,000 No. 25
2imi,isio No. I White Tea Bags;
2(10,110 No. 2
200,000 No. i . :'
The above asn nut nn In packages of M baaa each.
We are mannfaoturing from sixty to eeveuty-nve
muusauu Dags per oay.
1 Paper Bag Manufacturers, "
And Wholesale Paper Dealers,
0022 77 and 7 Walnut-street.
will be received at the office of I Bogers,
nun a no. ios v iue-sireei, uuui me win oi an.
vomber. fust..' at 12 o'clock, for liuililinirthenew
Cincinnati Hospital, on the site of the present
building, bounded by Western-row, Twelfth-street
and Miami Canal.
Bids to be received for the whole Job, and not In
parts. All bids to be made to conform to the plans,
specifications and terms of bids; all of which may bo
seen at the . Office ot Isaiah Rogers, Don Co., 1CH
Vine-street. ,h
No bid will be received unlesa they conform to and
are made on the nrinted forms: also, the bidders to
uenie the price they will allow for the old materials
now on ine grouua.
The security Intended to be offered for the faithful
periormance oj me contract io nauioo in trie Dius.
Chairman Com. of Council of Public Buildings.
. Cincinnati, 0,. Nov. 1, 1859. noltt
viu rwMi'cu uu vuiiniKiiuinui irum iutthsivo
A SON, of Dublin, and MURPHY, of Cork, for sal
(unuer oonn; at reauceu prices, uv
.. no4aw , WM. B. BARRY ft 00.
BTBKKT. Hallet. Davis A Co. :
' Hseloton Brothers I Peters, Crags i
Do. : Raven, Bacon A Co. -All will
De sow at prices that can not fall to
nit, for cash, or will rent and let
the rent pay for the Piano. J. CHURCH, Jr.
The largest stook of Melodeons In the city. oc24
Hoale Blnnafaotarer,
No. 41 last Beeond-atreet, between Rycamore and
, Broadway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of
tTasmter, Plntfiarm, Cattle, Uallroad Depot,
Iron W&sttntfi JLo. ... ...
of choice Pennsylvania Buckwheat that can't
be beat, i J oat received and for sate by
....... . - Jul n V i tuusi n. ormu.
Comer Ninth and Viue-rtreels,
-V on hand a supply of pickled and smoked tlsb,
comprising Salmon, Mackerel Herrings, Halibut,
. 't,i,iii uliniTki,tu A
JOHN rnttOUKUN. Grocer.
uo5 ,
Coruer Niuth and Vine-streets.
A v BKATKD Loaf Bugar. Also, Loverlng's
Crushed, Powdered and Granulated Hiigatn, in store
. sua lor saw oy juiin a-nuucHix. urocery,
nnlv Comer Ninth and v ine street.
nancDoeier huiiuii,i, . .',. - . 4
M. W. ooraer Third and Syenmor st,t
i- Jpi (ii OINOmitATI, OHIO. ,
VOL. 2. NO. 69.
Arrivals of Trains.
IsmiimroLia A Cihcihnati-wo a. .; I:is p. a.;
OiNOiNHATr.HawriToN aud Dattoh W5, M.; 10:47
m.,v.iur..i, nnivr. I,
IrtTTLB Mum-7:) A.su; 1:30 p.m.; 7:18 P.M.; M-.it
M.AB1STTA AWn flfvniMWl.fia.9n A H0'1S w
Ohio and Mississippi 7:l& a. h.: 2:00 . 10: 1 . w
OOTlROTOa AMD LSIIOTON-'lth20 A. al.i 7:05 Pi '
Departures of Trains.
iMnlANAPOLIS AMU OlN0INNATl-5:60 A. M.t 12:00 U.i
6:00 r. u.
Cincinnati, HasMi.ton and Davtow Indianapolis
and Cleveland, :00 A. a.; Sandusky Mail. 8:00 A. a.(
Littls JdiAHi Cleveland aud Pittsbug, 6:00 A. a.;
uieveianu, rutaonrgana ueliair,s::'Ji A. voium
bus Accommodation, 4:40 t. a.; Cleveland, Pitta
burg and ilellalr. ll:M. a.
Ohio ano Mississifpi St. Lonls, 9:00 A. a.; Louis-
villo, 2:00 p. .; St. Louis, 8:30 p. m.
PiTTisuaa, Colvbbdi and Cimoinbati (StsnbenTlIla
Biiort Ailner Biast irront-atreet Depot-:o0 A. a.;
8:00 A. u.: 11:30 p. a.
Olkvbland.Colubsus ano OmonmATi last Front
street 6:00 A. a.; 8,30a. a.; 11:3U p. a.
Cincinnati and Mabhetta 6:16 a. a.;8:80p. at.
uintbal uhio rom ,aat rront-street Depot tM
A. a.; 11:30 r. a.
OuViMOTOR and LmwdTOif 6:26 A. a.I 3:S0 p. a.
. 4 . . 1 - ' .
The first Arab newspaper ever pub
lished in the Turkish Empire, and out of Con
stantinople, has been commenced at Eeyrout. ,
&Jamea Coleman, a negro, was shot by
another of his raoe, Arthur Hall, last Friday
night in Baltimore, and will not probably re
cover. -The number of revolutionary pension
ers residing within the State of Maine lust
Mareu was thirteen. Only ten applied
for the September instalment of their pen
sions. : -
;JE9- William Preston, oonvioted in Troy,
N. Y., of forgery, in 1858, and sentenced to
Clinton Prison for four years and eeven months,
esoaped from that institution last week. A
negro named Dickson was bis oompanion.
pB"Come, don't ba proud,' said a couplo
of silly fellows to two gentlemen; "sit down
and make yourselves our equals." "We should
have to blow our brains out, to do that," re
plied one) of them. ' - ' . .
"Have you dined?" said a loungor to
his friend. "I have, upon my honor," re
plied ho. "Then," rejoined the first, "if you
have dined upon your honor I fear you have
mado but a scanty meal."
Qeorge N. Baker, a highly esteemed
oitizen of Philadelphia, died last Saturday
morning. Mr. Baker had for a number of
years been living in retirement; but thero was
a time when he was prominent and active la
the business and the polities of the city. .
f-Last weok the house of J. B. Norman,
a Lafayette, Ind., editor, wna entered by
gome rogue or rogues, and robbed of sundry
articles, among which were a set of silver
table and one of silvor tonspoons, two butler
knives, a cremn ladle, and two gold pens.
"The young people of Troy, N. Y., have
formed a skating olub, for winter amusement.
Ladies aie admitted upon the proposal of the
male members, each of whom constitutes him
self instructor, if need be, of the lady proposed.
Not a disagreeable amusement. ' .
'ffiS-OrrliniLrv naner is so snarea in Mflilrirl.
Spain, that several printing offices have to sus
pend operations, and the journals press the
nnva.nm.nt t allnw fVvMtn non tn t,A Im.
U.1.VUW ... . . u .. .w.w.g.. . . g' V - .VI W W . 1U
ported froe, or at leaBt at a greatly reduced
.1 .
uutjr. . .
pSK night or two since, tho jail in Milan,
Missouri, oaught fire and was entirely con
sumed before the progress of the flames could
be arrested. A runaway negro was confined
in the jail at the time, and was almost suffo
oated before the turnkey oould get him out.
$B"K Mr. Hiestand has commenced suit in
Memphis against the Bulletin, Appeal .and
Evening Anjua, auk in $10,000 damages from
each for the publication of the records of the
Police Court, in regard to his peculiar oonduct.
Uiestan, who will have his trouble for his
pains, is supposed to be Insane.
2"The cranberry fever is up on Cape
Coil. The Yarmouth (Mass.) Reiiinter men
tions several cases where parties have made
from sz.uou to .i,uUl irom tueir crops. A
pieco of bog land that five years ago was not
valued at ipiuu, can not now De purcnaseu lor
fJiK night or two since two hmndied cords
of wood belonging to the Valley Road and
staoked near Buck Creek, a few miles above
Lafayette, Ind., was' destroyed by fire the
work of an Incendiary. The track was con
siderably damaged by the burning of the cross
ties. g9Mike Carl, an apprentice boy, who had
not pleased his employer one day, came in for
a chastisement, during which his master ex
claimed, "How long will you serve the devil?"
The boy . replied, "You know best, sir; I
believe my indenture will be out in three
months." '
fEB-A new Concord coach, the first stage
seen at Downieville, California, arrived there
a fow weeks since.' The citizens met the
stage in a body, escorted it to the center of
tne town, and wounu up ine tostivuiOB wiin
a ball in the evening. ) , ,vyjr
0" Capt. MoClintock.who commanded the
steamer Jf ox in we recent successtui expedition
to the Arctio regions, has been presented by
the officers who served under him with a hand
some gold chronometer, " In token of their es
teem and regard daring a service of two and a
half years under his command in the Arctic
Seas." :. s -, : y ,
9Sf A very handsome monument has been
erected at Montrose to the memory of the late
Joseph Hume, m.. x lie statue is by Mar
shall, the Sculptor, and is speken of as very
superior, as a likeness and as a work of art.
It was inaugurated on the 24th of September,
witn appropriate ceremonies. r
' A late Utah City paper mentions the
arrival of a company of European saints, who
went thither in fifty-six wagons, and num
bered about four hundred souls, mostly from
Scandinavia. There were six deaths and
three births on their journey of three months
tnrougn tne country. . . '
pfr A Mr. Westfleld, of Aberrille, In South
Carolina, has invented a mode of attaching an
umbrella to a saddle, wliah wllloondnoe muoh
to the comfort of the equestrian. The nm
brella is inserted in the horn of the saddle, and
is so easily and seonrely attached that, while it
Is almost impossible to displace It by foree, it
oan be readily removed or adjusted at pleasure,
E9- Timothy Titcomb says, with some de
gree of truth : . I suppose that one of the
severest trials of! a sordid man is that which Is
caused by the disgust he feels In the society of
bis own soul, i once neara a preaeher re
mark that were it not for the interposition of
sleep, by whloh all men are separated once in
twenty-four hoars from the consciousness of
their own meaness, tney wonia an me or sen
contempt. M ' 1 i': ..',.',; ,
ETTho following high-art notise of the
Bt. Louis 1' heater we una in Monday's JJem
ocrat: Mr." Murdoch appears to-night in two
of bis best characters as "Mr. Haller," in the
player the Stranatr, and as "DioK Uashall" in
the comedy of My Aunt. Macbeth was given
to a full house on Saturday night. Mr. Mills
played "MacdotT," and, after yielding to
nearly cry to come before the curtain, was
nissed on tne stage. ; .im i
Attempt to Mob Wendell Phillips.
A correspondent' of the New' York Tribune,
writing from Port Richmond, Staton Island,.on
the 6th, says; . .
There was an attempt to create a disturb
ance here last evening, upon the occasion of a
leoture by Wendell Phillips. An incendiary
article appeared last week in the Kichnwnil
vouniif uazette directly inciting a mob, and to
that article the trouble is to be attributed.
The apprehension of trouble deterred great
numbers of people from attending, who were
very anxious to hear Mr. Phillips, and, upon
his arrival at the church, a crowd was assem
bled around the door, A large part of the
crowd was composed of the most respectable,
intelligent, and substantial oltizons, of all
parties, of the island, who were determined
that the rights of free speeoh should be re
speoted. A young man, evidently exoited
with liquor, cried oat as Mr. Phillips entered
the gate, "This is Mr. Wendell Phillips!" and
others exclaimed that he wonld not be allowed
to deliver his leoture. . The rioters confined
themselves to threats.
During the. evening a few window-panes
were broken by the boys outside, who also
groaned, and played a penny trumpet. Upon
retiring, a denso crowd surrounded the orator,
and .when ha had fairly driven off ' oat of
sight,' there1 were a few cries of 'Toll him
r. s
A Riot Thriatrnkti at ths Old Bowrrv
Thbateb. Monday's New York Tribune ob
serves : The Old Bowery Theater bills of
Saturday contained the following announce
ment : " For the first time, a peculiarity, in
cluding a grand tableau illustrative of the
life and death of the lion. D. C. Broderiok,
entitled Three Eras In the Life of a Fire
This announcement displeased some of the
friends of the late Mr. Broderick, and several
of them on Saturday waited on tho managers
of the theater with a request to have the piece
withdrawn, but railing in this, tney withdrew.
Later in the day Capt. Dowling, of the Sixth
Precinct, received positive information that the
mends ol tne deceased gentloman, at all liai
arda, would prevent the play. Information
was forwarded to Police Headquarters, and
reserve lorce was ordered to bold themselves in
readiness at the Sixth, Fourteenth, and other
precincts. : Capt. Dowling then called upon tne
managers of the theater, and informed thorn of
the probable result, should they persist in
bringing out the piece, end they finally con
sented to withdraw it. At night the theater
was densely crowded from pit to gallery, and
even in the lobbies ; but other pieoes were sub
stituted, and everything passed off in an or
derly manner.
' Jobk Brown's Fair Bealid. Researches
into the obscure portion of Virginia law whioh
relates to the crime ol treason, nave brought to
light the fact that tho pardoning power in the
oases of John Brown and of Coppece, resides
not in the Governor, but in tho Legislature.
As tne Legislature only meets in the earlier
fort-night of January, as Brown's sentence
to be executed on the 2d of December, and as
there is no likelihood of an extra session being
summoned, the fate of the leading insurrection
ist may be regarded as sealed. A correspond
ent of the Boston Traveller, who was in
Charlostown last week, assures us that Brown
Is entirely reconciled to that fearful result. We
f;ive another Installment of documents portain
na to thebistoryof therebellion. The Boston
A It u and Bee publishes a letter wiitten by
Jirown to a uuakeress in Rhode island, from
whom he had received a sympathizing letter.
Brown attributes his defeat to a want of mili
tary skill and foresight, but insists that he
took up arms in a righteous cbubb, and expresses
his firm oonviotion that his motives were just.
JV. r. Timet, JHov. 7. f l
A ARa Rkwabd Ofprrkd for Gidmnos's
IIrad. The following remarkable advertise
ment appears in the Richmond (Va.) Whig:
$10,000 Rrward. Joshua R. Uiddings hav
ing openly declared himself a traitor in
leoture at Philadelphia, on the 28th of Octo
ber, and there being no prooees, strange to
say, by which ha can be brought to justice,
propose to be one of one hundred to raise
$10,000 for his safe delivery in Richmond, or
$5,000 for the production of his head. I do
not regard this proposition, extraordinary as
it may first seem, either unjust or unmerciful.
The law of God and the Constitution of his
country both condemn him to death.
For satisfactory reasons I withhold my name
from the publio,but it is in hands of the editor
of the Richmond Vfhitj, There will be no
difficulty I am sure in raising the $10,000 upon
a reasonable prospect of getting the said Uid
dings to this oity.
Bqdinr Crmsus op thi World. The fol
lowing curious account is given In Appleton't
Cyclopaedia, of the number of horses in the
various parts of the world:
The general estimate has been eight to ten
horses in Europe for every hundred inhab
itants. Denmark has forty-five horses to every
hundred inhabitants, which is more than any
other European country.. .', Great Britain and
Ireland have 2,500,000 horses; France, 3,000,
000; Austrian Empire, exclusive of Italy, 2,600,
000; Russia, 3,500,000. t The United States
have 5,000,000, which is more than any Euro
pean country. The horses of the whole world
are estimated at 57,540,000.
A Kissing Kino. One of the letters
Arthur Lee, who was in London at the time
the ascension of George III, says :
The young King has committed but one
error. Instead of permitting ' the ladles
present to kiss his hand, hi salutes them him
self. Pleased with the royal touch, they flock
in such numbers to his court that he is like to
suffer for his gallantry in being kissed to
death. An effectual way this to win the hearts
of the ladies, and, consequently, of the men,
for who oan help loving suoh a polite, genteel,
geod-natured young King.
Oil Works Constjiird. The Resin Oil
Works, at Stamford, Conn., owned by Messrs.
Wadsworth, were destroyed by fire on Wed
nesday night, with their contents, including
3,000 gallons of oil. The immediate cause
the lira was the blowing off of the (over
the "man-hole" in one of the retorts or stills.
In an instant after the explosion the whole
interior of the building was a man of flames
and smoke. Several thousand gallons of oil,
in vaulta, were saved. Loss, $8,000 no In
surance. " ; , . . ,.
" Fatal , Railroad Accidimt. An accident
occurred at Newsom's plantation, fourteen
miles below Tuscumbia,on the Memphis and
Charleston Railroad, on Friday last, by which
the chief engineer, William . Colton, was in
stantly killed, and the Beoond engineer and
a fireman so badly scalded and otherwise
mutilated that they were expected to die
when our informant left. The accident was
caused by running into a bull which was on
Nashville Gazette, Sunday.
Railroad Acoidknt A Locouonvii DntoL-
1SHBD. The evening express, South, on Ihe
jjmiisvillo, ftew Albany and Chicago Rail
road, leaving Lafayette, Ind., at six P. M.,
came in collision on Friday night with three
car loads of stone standing on a sido track
below Stlnesyille. . The engineer and fireman
jumped for their lives, and the passengers
were thrown all in a heap,. but escaped with
out a scratch. The looomotive, one of the
best on the road, was completely demolished,
A Tough Story About a Bear.
Mr. Charles Dlokav. nf r;nb ATI villa miraa
ns about a bear chase that took place in the
town of Paris, Grant County, Wisconsin, on
the 30th nlU The bear was started by Thomas
Longhothasa, and followed by him and Win.
oae wua a Duicner-Knue and the other
with a pitch-fork, bat the bear paid little at
tention to them, and alrnlad
about to pick an a small hog of Mr. Lona-
uuiuaui i, union a oouiu not stand, lie hal
loed for his shot-gun, and the bear being an
'old COOtt' was afraid nf nnwilor nn.l nlr
another course. The neighbors had rallied bv
this time, and nmnn thn, m. iv,:u;
Shaffer, who is an old hand with bis gun and
penknife. The bear smelt Shaffer and con
cluded to travel. Shaffer followed with the
wind, and being a robust and fleet man, soon
left all th a rest heliim! ' II ..n.l,i ,,M :).
. . - vwwgu mt mm
the bear, made a jump, and lighted a-straddlo
va ine uawtu Having lost nistfun, ne Demougnt
him of his penknife, and with this he pricked
straight to Silas Brook's grove, where the bear
oiiinuea a iree wun snaner on his back. The
bear coming to a fork of the tree, orowded
Mr. Shaffer off, who slid down like a turtle and
ran baok for his gun. Returning, he killed
him at the first fire. The above is rather
marvellous narration, but Mr. Dickey, who ia
postmaster at Diokeyville, assures as it is ¬
(Ill.) Advertiser.
Singular Akclictiok. The eldest daugh
ter of Mr. Anson A. Buck, of Now Ilaven,
Conn., is afflicted with a peculiar species of
fits, which have for a year past attacked her
at short intervals. When taken, she is at
first simply insane, in which state she wan
ders away from home, sometimes to a consid
erable distance; tho fits always terminating in
severe convulsions. On Thursday lost Bhe
went down town on an errand, and being
seized with one of her crazy turns, took the
afternoon train for Hartford, leaving her
family in a state of doubt and distress.. She
was taken with convulsions in. the cars, and
was put in the care of the station-agent at
North llaven. On Friday it was ascertained
who she was, and on Saturday morning last
she was returned to her afflicted parents.
A Visit to"Ossawatomie" Bbown'b Family.
Rev. T. VY. Higeinson. of this eitv. has lust
returned from a visit to the family of Capt.
John Brown. De found them up among the
Aauonaao mountains, in wow XorK, near
Lake Cbamplaln, opposite Burlington , Vt.
Mrs. Brown and four of her surviving children,
three daughters and one son. She is a seoond
wife, and has been the mother of twelve chil
dren. Brown had eight children by a previous
wife, making twenty in all. Eight of the
twenty are now living. Mrs. Brown accom
panied Mr. Iligginson, on his return, and he
went with her in the train to Boston, yester
day, passing through Fitchburg. She will
leavo to-day for Virginia, having telegraphed
to Gov.' Wise for permission to visit her hus
band in prison. lrorce(er,(if.) Spy, Non.
. Miraculous Escapi from Dbath. A work
man in Roxbury, Mass., last week, after
having been in a well for some time, cleaning
it, started to ascend by means of the rocks
the sides. When he had olimbed about three
or'four feet the walls gave way, and he was
precipitated to the bottom, and the whole
mass of rocks oaved in on him to within a foot
or two of the top. Some six or eight men im
mediately set to work clearing out the stones
and dirt, and, after nine hour's steady work,
during whioh the voice of the buried man
oould be head eniploring them to hasten their
endeavors, he was reaohed,and delivered alive.
With the exception of a few bruises, be was
uninjured, the stones having fallen in suoh
manner as not to rest upon him.
Dkathop ah Aord Miristrr. Rev. Edward
Stout, the oldest member of the New Jersey
Annual Conference of the M. E. Church,
departed this life at his residence in Daddon
field, on the 3d inst. Though extremely
feeble for several years past, yet for the lost
few days he had seemed somewhat stronger
and more oheerfnl, so that on the morning
the day he died, he walked nearly a mile, and
conversed freely with his friends.- He sat
down with his family at the usual time
dine, when he was suddenly attacked with
paralysis, and immediately died without
struggle or a groan. He was in his seventy
fourth year, and had been in the ministry
forty-six years.
An Author's . Conhdiiial Disposal op His
Dauohtsa. An anecdote relative to the late
Prof. Wilson, (Kit North,) is just now circu
lating. When the suitor for the hand
Prof. Wilson's daughter had gained the
lady's approbation, he was, of course, re
ferred to papa. Having staled his probably
not unexpected case, the younger gentleman
was directed to desire the young lady to come
to her father, and doubtless her obedience
was prompt. Prof. Wilson had before him
for review, some work, on the fly leaf
which was duly inscribed : "With the au
thor's compliments." He tore this out,
pinned it to his daughter's dress, solemnly
led her to the young lover, and went back
his work. '
A SmarLAR Animal Found in a Ckllae. An
animal known as tho South American Coati
mundi, has been found in a cellar of an oc
cupied house in Balem, Mass. How he came
there no one knows. It is a beautiful speci
men of the species is of a sroicn color, and
smaller than, but resombling, a raccoon; its
upper jaw is much longer than the lower, with
a long pointed snout; the eyes are small and
bright, its tail long and diversified with black
fulvous rings, and its feet long, terminating
with five claws, which it uses with the facil
ity of fingers. It is very playful, and isa
source of much amusement to those who see
it, being lively as a kitten and mischievous
as a monkey. --' -
Singular Casr ir a San Franoisco Court.
A singular ease occurred in a San Franoleoo
Court the other day. . A Jury were to return
a verdict ; but It appears one of the jurors.
Julius Levy, was absent He was sent for and
found at a Jewish Synagogue j but on being
asked to oome Into Court, refused on the
ground that it was the Day of Atonement, the
most important in his religion, and he oould
not conscientiously allow any business to in
terfere with it The Court fined him $25 for
oontempt . i .
Gold lit Niw Zialamd. Recent examina
tions into the mineral resources of New Zeal
and, by Dr. Hoehstetter, who has been en
gaged In geological explorations in . that
oountry, oonQrms the report that there exists
great quantity of gold in different localities.
Examinations were made by washing the al
luvial deposits, and In every panful washed
the gold scales abeunded. In his opinion the
research should be carefully prosecuted among
the quarts veins of the mountains rather than
by digging in the deposits below, v
jBB A studont of the University of Vir
ginia, writing from that Institution, states
that the marble slab that formerly marked
the resting-place of .lefl'orson has entirely
disappeared.- The Visitors to his tomb,
chipping off fragments, to be carried awnv
mementoes, have completely demolished
and an uncouth granite pedestal, greatly dis
figured, li, all that .remains to mark
grave ol tne author ot the Declaration of. In
ependence. ,';i.i ; t j h,,ivi
A Pseudo Saint—Ridiculous Fanaticism.
The Paris correspondent of the London Star
reports the following interesting. intelligence!
"The death of the Care d'Ars at Lyons has
caused the whole devout population of the rest
of the Empire to hurry in crowds to his tomb.
The Abbe Laoordaire, who has remained with
him for several months, was with him at hii
dying hour, and promises the most wondrous
revelations concerning the passage from life to'
death of the Saint, whose canonization already
occupies the authorities of the Churoh. : The
miracles already wroueht at the tomb of the
Cure d'Ars exceed, if any ono may believe the
iaio, Dotn in quantity and quality those once
enacted at the grave of the Diocre Paris. The
blind are made to see, th lame to walk, and
every human ill Is set at naught by a prayer
at the stone which covers the remains of the
Cure d'Ars. The Empress, who personally
declared the birth of the Prince Imperial to be
owing to this holy man's intercession, is said
to have been in dose correspondence with him
during the whole of the war. To show the
fanaticism inspired by the event of his death,
the omnibus service from Lyons to the village
whore he lived, and which was started to drive
straight to his door, has bean doubled since his
death, and drives nowhere bat to the cemetery
where bis corpse reposes. A nine days' virgil
is established for the different confrere)
throughout France, in order to facilitate the
transmission of miracles for the oonvenienoe
of those who oannot make the journey to
Lyons." . . , :
How Womrn Reoard a Nudb Pictdrb. A
writer in the New York Satnthy Preu thus
speaks of the manner of the women who visit
the Dusseldorf Gallery to see Page's Views :
I was much amused by the behavior of the
ladies with whom the Dusseldorf Gallery was
crowded on the ocoasion of my visit. Of course
they did not go there to see the Venus I Prob
ably it was the picturo of "Diana and her
Nymphs," that attraoted them all ; else why
should they have been crowded around it ?
will not be so malicious as to draw conclusions
from the faot that they admired that piature
through the backs of their heads, and that
was plaoed oxaotly opposite the Venus.
I watched the ladies, too, as they entered.
The younger ones gave it a furtive, not
indignant glance over their shoulders, as they
passed. The good-natured matrons trusted
themselves to look at it with one eye, while
others did penance for looking at it by gazing,
afterward, on tome strictly religious picture.
But your severe, antique maidens, whose age
and Spartan virtue might have been supposed
to put them beyond the danger of corrupting
thoughts, glared at the opposite side of the
room, with that slaughtering look in their eyes
that convinced me that they would have gladly
undertaken to stone Page with their own
hands, for the unpardonable sin of suggesting
mat a woman may oe younir. nandsome. and
Nkw York. The inflation of Professor Lowo'e
balloon, tho "City of New York," still con
tinues. The grounds, at New York, were
visited on Thursday by about four thousand
spectators, and on yesterday by nearly five
thousand. About eighty thousand cubiofeet
of gas have been already admitted. The car
or basket is now carpeted and surrounded with
a wall of canvass, presenting on the whole
very snug and oom for table appearance.
Broadway hatter has presented Professor Lowe
with a splendid outfit of furs, consisting of
robe, ooat and gloves, all of which are on ex
hibition within the tent There' are, besides,
blankets, fnr-covered boots, Sea., for the use
the aeronauts. The United States Government
have presented, through Lieutenant
Maury, one aneroid and one mersurial barom
eter, as well as charts of the Alantic Ocean.
The grounds were thronged all the day Friday
by visitors apparently belonging to the upper
ranks of life.
Romantic Storv op a LosKTrit. A Spring
field paper tells a romantic story of a court
esan in that city: She is tho daughter of
Frofessor of Theology in Ohio. Four years
ago she was a belle in her native city
iMuiwu nuu auui!io4, nuu xjeuct, Valll null
proud. A young man, a carpenter, now
this city, made honorable proposals of mar
riage, but was haughtily spurned. ' A mer
chant became her accepted lover the wed
ding day was appointed and the night be
fore that ono on which she expected to be
come his bride, and while her father was at
tending a meeting to raise funds for nn Af
rican missionary enterprise, she was seduced
by her lover. Next day he clandestinely left
the city, having made an assignment Her
father, when the fruit of her shame was blos
soming, absolutely kicked her from his door.
A compassionate woman took her in nursed
her hor child lived four days and she be
came, per force, a prostitute..
Growth op thb Umtrd Statrb. At the
takiog of the first census under the Federal
Constitution, in 1790,, tho population of the
United States amounted to 3,929,827. At in
tervals of ten yenrs the census has been taken
regularly, and the result at each period is
Census of 17(10. 3,929,827
(tonsils of 1MKI..
Census of 1S10.,
Census of Ul
Census of IS'.ai
Census of 1H0
Census or IM0
The census will
again be taken in 1800. and
will show a population within the limits
the United States of more than 32,000,000.
Thb Krmbli Vasr. This splendid work
of art, presented to Charles Kemble
his friends, in London, on his retire
ment irom tne stage in lsisy, Has re
cently been broueht to this countrv bv
daughter, Fanny Kemble, and placed in
store ot Messrs. bnreve, urown & (Jo., tor safe
keeping and inspection. , It is a massive and
imposing work, standing thirty-eight inches
in mgnt, ot pure sona silver, costing un
wards of $2,000. The base Is square, bearing
tne presentation inscription. Tne uoay gives
in alto-relievo tne "Seven Aees." nnisned
frostwork; on the cover stands a statuette
Mr. Kemble as Hamlet Metton Tramcript.
' ' :! -I
Thi Ibmrnrb Slauohtbb -At Solfirino.
Three days after the battle of Solferlno the
Emperor Napoleon stated the lost of the French
army at 15,000 men, and his Italian allies
8,000; total Allies' lost 21,000. Considering
that the battle lasted sixteen hours, and was
fought over front of more than ten miles, this
number of casualties has always seemed incredi
bly small. The Auitrlons placed their ICss
24,uuu. intelligent correspondents have stated
their belief that the allied loss reached 40,000,
at least, and that of the Austrlans 50,000, and
that the number of men engaged on eaoh side
was iniiy auu,uou.
York Tiuks For Libkl. Commodore Vand
nrbilt seems to have experienced a sudden
spasm of sensitiveness to statements of
pross. He has mode complaint against
editor of the New York Timet, and asked
arraignment on charge of having libeled him
Iq the publication on the 18th October, of what
were believed to be faets oonoerning the send-
, ing of arms and munitions of war oa board
the steamer J nuaaetpnia, ana the presumed
Intention of i the Commodore to open
Transit route across Nicaragua by force If nec
essary. Tho Commodore lays his damages
the trifling sum of f 100,000. i ,
. s''.-1 I ,'-Kii'!:'"'i ; 1 1. " -'. . ' "
' tiumTcash.
Advertisements aot ezosedins ore lines (AtateJ
One Insertion..-- ..! ss On ft eg
Two woeki.,.. 1 so One month. , M ga
Larger adverUsemeBti inserted at the foUowin
rates for M nam of ten lines er has :
One Insertion-.-...! M I Two ,. , ffl sa
Each addi'ual ins.. 2ft Three l- a
On week.M 1 75 1 On month, i sa
Job Printinp;;
In all Its branches, done with neatness and dknjateh ;
Premium Awarded!
Smoke-consuming Coal Cooking Stove,
li without a rlnl. 011 OB ,
' - Inventors and Manufacturers,
, Novelty lion JPoundery,
V 3 3 3
Fourthi-street, West of Smith,
-Aud See one in Operatloii.-Tfcx
at last inst what the Ladles liave long needed
and looked for in vain, the Uterine Klixir.
The Uterine Elixir is warranted to cure all dis
eases of a Cterine Nature; Inflammation of the
Womb, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, and the Urethra
Prolapsus or Calling of the Womb, I'sinful Menstru
atiou, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea: in fact, a perfect enra
guaranteed by the use of irom two to five bottloa
of the hhxir, of any disease whatever of the Gener
ative and Urinary Organs, of male or feiiialo.no
matter of how longstanding. Price per Bottle.
Madame KLL1U calls particular attention to the
Mlowiug Card of one of the must prominent Drug
gists of Cincinnati.
'To tub Public Ann thi Laoiks in PAnTimnun.
We, the undersigned, are not in the habit of giving
our name to Patent Medicines; luit knowing well tho
Lady i'hysicinu, and the medicine called the tltrlne
Klixir, we cheerfully recommend it toallfemalee
sutfering from Jfeuiale illsciues of any kind; it ia
purely vegetable, and ln"no case can do Injury; wt
say to all try, and our word for it. yon will And re
lief. ., F. 1. HILL, Druggist,
aopZ7 :, "Corner of Fifth and Bace-streeta."
cures, without fail, pains in the Breast, Back,
Hide or Limbs; Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Dilli
culty of Breathing, Headache, Flatulency, Heart
burn, Chronic Bheumatism, Billions Cholic, Cramp
Cliolic, Uriping Pains of the Bowels, Dullness,
Stupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, aud in Paln
iul Menstruation It is a certain cure, aud gives
immediate relief. In any of the above diseases
it will give relief lu twenty minutes, aud a peruia
nout cure by the use or two bottles. OnlrGOceut
per bottle-so cheap that every person can get it.
N. B.-For sale by jr. I, HILL, Druggist, corner
of Kaceand Fifth-streets; J. D. PARK, corner of
Fourth and Walnut; SDIKB, KCK8TKIN A Co..
corner Vine and Fourth; JOHN DIOKSoN, corner
of John and Sixth; PAUL KK1NLK1N, corner ot
Kighth and Freeman. Also, EDWARD 8UANLAN
& CO., corner of Main and Fourth; and Madame
ELL1B, 'H East Fourth. eop27-ay
, OHANT-Bals.roomeNo.7 JtastThird striwt-
111 attend to the sales of Heal Hstato, Personal
Property, Dry Goods, Hardware, Bats, Boots, Shoes,
Groceries, Furniture, Ac. Having procured Hie
services of a competent salesman, all business will
nieot with dispatch and prompt returns. Cash ad
vances made on goods tor publio salsa. Consign
ments solicited. , Refer to merchants generally.
M-M i am this day receiving some oi
the above unrivaled Pianos. Also,
some of William Knabe A Co,, and
other good makers all of which J
will sell at great reduction, lor cash.
or will rent and let the rent pay for the Piano.
O. M. MUBCU, 74 West Fourth -street.
Thd largest stuck of Melodeons in the city. oc24
FOUllDBV, B. ALLISON, HuperinUndent.
Pr luting Material) of al I inds. I as Viva street
received usiiy uy ine Aunms r.x- .
Dress Company, in whole and half cans. I
All Oysters sold warranted frosh and of
ine very nest unanty. .1. is, uwimuh,
Agent, No. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Main
and Walnut-streets.
N. B. The trade supplied on the most liberal
terms. ' oc2ficm
Agency for the sale of Hatch, Mann A Co.'s
Shell. Keg. and Can Oysters. Also. Krnsh (Inv ..(
Spiced Oysters, Ac. My many friends and patrons
will And only choice articles, aud at as low prices aa
those cuurged for Inferior elsewhere.
lysters cooked in Eastern style at onr usual mod
erate charges. -
lieniember, 2K1 Walnut-street, fifth door abovo
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. . 0cl3
f 1NO daily, Bowe, Mahony A
Planted Oysters,which 1 am sellings
4 Co.'s Clebrared
Or saw iinnmsiailnntiul
low prices hy case or .down. Dealers aud Families
wanting a very largo, fiosh Oyster, will please send
their orders. Attached to this establishment is a
nice, quiot, respectable Saloon, where you can have
Oysters Cooked In every style, and served up in a
cli-a 1 and superior manner. Charges less than atany
other plato. ;.. ocioj JOHN NA1BN.
Oyster Importing House.
ING daily, per Express, his splendid Oysters.
Having completed arrangements In Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all timea during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "and
the rest of mankind," with the most DELICIOUS
BIVALVKS imported to the Queen City. None but
the very test Imported. Great Inducements offered
at this Importlng-house.
Order aloliclted and promptly filled. Terms cash.
Sole importer aud Proprietor.
Spiced Oyiteri.
JB- ING DAILY, by the Adams Cxpreta, JdALT-
Rlf'S world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, leg and Biell Oyiteri.
Fresh, Hermetlcallv-sealed O0Y, BPIOID and
BOfiEBT OSK, Agent
gpT-tf J Pey,llWeatFtftb-trBt.
' No, 90S TlBMt4 bet. Fifth And Sixth.
that he hat established a regular depot for ths
sal. of all kinds of salt-water Fish, fresh from New
York : also Lake Fish from Cleveland and Banduskyi
together with Clams and Oysters In the shell, Lob
sters, Crabs, melt (alive), and all kinds of seasonable
Game and Oaa Oysters. He will furnish the above
named articles OHKAJJtlf THAN ANY OTHJtJt
PLAOflflN THI CITY. Family orders promptly
attended to and Mat hone trts Of caarf. Pitas
aaUaafar you orders. n-.'-n..r , . .

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