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Ii published daily, ( Bandar xeq'M,) by
TBI F1HHT FBIBHli delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, ulrad
rounding cities and towns, at ths ex
tremely low price of '
PBicnor ailikq:
Single ooples Jo.; 1 month 40c.j 1 month! It; 1 roar U.
Jour A. Blulsb, Ja.......-8ole Losses ana Manager.
IMS," in all its integrity, with appropriate scenery,
drestms and appointments, for 1 HIS (Monday)
KVtlNINQ, November 14. Nothing has bean ne
illected which might add Ituter and effect to the pre.
duoiion of this, one of the most beautiful creations
of the poet's genius,
Mrs Anderson and Miss Elswortby
Have been expressly engaied to givs thlimngnlft-
. cent production all eclat and effeot.
THIS (Monday) and TO-MOBBOW (Tuesday)
EVENINGS, November 14 and l,wlll be presented,
unaltered and unabrldred, sbakspeare's grand five
act Comedy, entitled
, v Or, The Mercnant or Venice.
rortia.... .... ......,
Lauocelot Gobbo,,
.,.Mr. Anderson
..Him Klswortby
..ilr. Lang-don
air. mister
Mr. Head
Mr. Ilann
Duke of Venice,
Mr. Fisher
....Mr. Hall
.alias Denbam
Miu Waits
Dance, by.............. ....Diss KatePennoyer
avsr The performance will eommence each erening
aurDoora open at6; Curtain rises at 1H o'clock.
Pbicic or Admission Dress Circle and Parqnette,
M cents; Gallery, ii cents.
Tint night of the popular Tragedian,
TH18 (Monday) EVENING, rJovember 14, and
every evening during the week, will be acted, the
great Legendary Drama, from the German of Goethe,
entltlud .... . 1 . ' '
Faust and Marguerites
Mcphlstophllos... Mr. J. B. Bsberts
Fuust (an aged Scholar.' ....Mr. O. Stuart
Dance by............................ Miss Jonnlo Bight.
The performance will commence with the laugh
able farce called
TI1K HEW NATIONAL HOTIIi, adjoining the
Theater, Is now open for tli reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by tba day or week, and
lunula furnished at all hours
Ni 'TICK. Tradeiman and others are cantloned
iwiinst furnlililng any articles for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
Dramatic .Temple
Grand Galaxy of Talented Artistes,
Comprising many of the
tfV For full partloulars, soa future advertisement.
. . LnoH-b
'Ji H E O LY-M PI C.
Lessee and Proprietor, JSO. HOWOBTB.
This new and beautfnl TEMPLE OF THB MUSES
opened for the season on
With a full Anil tatnntad DRAMATIC AND CON
VKKI TKOIU'E, selected from the different thea
ters and opera oompantoa of the Union. -Admission
10 cents. For particulars see small
The " Olymplo Suloon " will be open at all honrs
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
v int'8, bluuora una Uigurs.
No. 306 Vlne-M. bet. Fifth and Sixth.
that lie baa established a regular depot for tba
ale of all kinds of salt-w ater Fish, fresh from New
York ; alto Lake Fish from Cleveland and Sandusky;
together with clams and Oysters n the shell, Lou
tarn, ilralm. Enli lalivfl). and all binds of seasonable
Uameaud Can Oysters.. He will furnish the above-
named articles u it it A fa, n -man a i uinii
Dl.rK in THE (1ITY Fumllv orders nromntlv
Hooded to and sent home free of charge. Pleas.
oall and 've vonr orders. ooi4
Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer In
Nonps, l'erfumery, Fancy Goods, eVe.,
1 JL. examining my Stock will And that
am selling lower than any other honse In the city,
JS will be received at the office of I Borers,
Son a Co., No. 16a vine-street, until tne zutn oi no
vnmliAr. Iimt.. at 12 o'clock, far bulldinir the new
Cincinnati Hospital, on the sits of the present
building, bounded by Western-row, Twelfth-street
Hno nuaini iauai. M , .
Bids to be received for the whole job, ana not
Mirm. All bid. to be made to conform to the nlans.
niiciflcatlona and terms of bids: all of which mar
een at the offloe of Isaiah .Rogers, Son A Co.,
v tno-strot.
No bid will bs received unless thsf conform to and
AittmnilAnii thAnrlntad form.! aim. tllA bidders
name the price they will, allow for the old materials
The security Intended to be offered for the faithful
performance of the contrast to namea in tne Din..
Chairman Com. of Council of Public Buildings.
Cincinnati, 0.. Nov. 1, IBM), noltt
Money! Money! Money!
ItemoTCdrroa 06 West Slxtn-atraot.
ratM of Interest, at No. 17S Vint-itrMt, l-twMa
Fourtn auin rum - i
Book Binding
M. ronrtU-street, between Main andSjcamore, Cln-
clnnAtt. '
Ajeriie-blndlng In' every style. Muslv Books neat.
ly buu uurauiy oouaa. v. vnvj mm,
riyM-SmT '
J CHANT Sales-rooms No. 7 East Third -street-Will
attend to the sales of Beal Sstate, Personal
Property, Dry Goods, Bardwaro, Bats, Boots, Bhoes,
Groceries, Ynralture, Ac Bavins procured
services of a competent salesman, all business
meet witn on paten ana prompt returns, uasn
vances made on goods for publlo sales. Consign
moots eouciteu. jMier w umi uwuw gvuerany.
' n:ii: , :,it .:' . !..-v. ,,-
Kicclsior Fluid ink.
X 1? A .
Manufactory, 39 Tine St. H
just received aa Importation of oholoe Brandy
In M and H Casks, Otard. Dupny Co.. and Dsnls,
aionnie 4B uo. - ror naie wnoiesaie ana retail. '
ocfll Broamors-street,
:,T0L. 2. N0s ,73. ; ,
'l!' &aJ 6W AsAk .
;'-lCINCIlWATi;vltfONDAi; M0BN1.NG, NOVEMBER 14. 185S.
It is estimated that the British nation
pends annually about $2 000.000 for perfum
ery. . .
cublio dinntT is to be (riven the
Eon. Roger A. Pryor.ai, Richmond, V., 80th
instant. ,
fitS By a oenini rsosntly taken it is shown
that Xeola has a population of 5,076, of which
on are negroes.
& The well-known establishment of Iisy
Laterus, the noted pugilist, of Buffalo) was
burnt on the night of the 10th.
"The first horahead of tobaooo. this sea
son, was sold at Richmond, Va., on the 7th
Inst., at $8 pet hundred pounds.
When the man pushed his wife Into
the fire, he gallantly remarked, "Let the toast
be dear womat."
jf Almost the only person we ever heard
of that was not spoiled by being lionised, was
a Jew named Daniel.
3TA boy eight years old. the son of John
Wetssl, purposely blew up a negro lad with
gunpowder, in Baltimore on Thursday, dap ger
oualy injuring the inoffensive fellow.
IBS' A Jackson (Miis.'l paper oalls a new
pistol gallery in that town a '(hall of soienoe."
The loience, wa suppose, that teaohes the
"young idea how to shoot."
4&0n Friday Mrs. Susan Tavlor. residing
in Philadelphia, eut her throat while laboring
under derangement oaused by long-oontinued
indisposition. , . . , ,. ,
n May last. Dr. Geo. B. VTindship,
the strong man of Eoxbury, was able to lift
929 pound. He can now lift 1,032 pounds
with his hands.
oratlo paper, hat been suspended. It is said
the publisher, embarrassed beyond further en
durance, has left for parts unknown, and that
the ofiloe is advertised for sale.
An Interesting "girl of eight years,
daughter of W. E. C, Harrison, of. Baltimore,
died there on Wednesday night from injuries
sustained by the exploaion of a camphene
lSmp. .. ! ; i ! i .
ffiSCaT)tain John Ilodgkinson. one oT the
oldest citizenB of Baltimore, died in that city
on Thursday, upward of seventy years of age.
Captain II. served in the war of 1812 as a pri
vate. " ' 1
9" One Captain Cloud made an ascension
in a balloon from Lanoaster, last week. The
greatest bight attained was one and a-half
miles, after which the Captain and the balloon
landed safely.
Major Peterson, a negro stevedore,
struok Motes Jackson, another of his olaasand
color, with a piece of soantling, in Baltimore,
last Thursday, completely crushing in his
forehead, and causing speedy death.
g-sOn Monday of last week an altercation
took place between two men named Kennedy
and Thompson, at Lanoaster. Ky., in which
the latter shot the former, the wound proving
tatal. .
fgt There are finished and In nse In Great
Britain 9.000 miles of Railroad, whioh ooat
seventeen hundred millions of dollars, or say
eighty thousand dollars per mile, producing an
average dividend of three per cent. -
' Wednesdav of last weak, two men
named Gilbert and Waysman got into a fight
atj Sneedvillu, Tenn., during which Gilbert
struck waysman on tne neaa wiw a Btone,
killing pirn instantly. , .
'!4r-At Mnnole. Ind.. on Tuesday last.
Daniel II. Allen was driving aoroaa the fail
road track, when bis horse became frightened
and ran away, upsetting the buggy, and
oauaing Mr. A.'s speedy death. ,
9-The lonUiana Baptitl says that the Rev.
J. R. Graves, editor of the Tennessee Baptitt,
preached in Mt. Lebanon, La., last week, to a
arora and vahent audience for thret how
and a quarter! The audience must have been
lineal uesueauauvs ua vvw
js2The Count Montemolin, the pretender
to the throne of Spain, has arrived in Paris,
and taken rooms in the Hotol du Rhin, occu-
nvinir. it is said, the identical room formerly
tnn anted bv Louis Napoleon when he was a
deputy in the .National Assembly.
flfAn irreverent editor of one of our ooun-
try exouaugos, in u arkiuiv vu xuauaoiviu,
exDressss his earnest opposition to the observa
tion or tne aav. anu sententioasiy, nut raiuer
inelegantly, remarks that, if day of general
drinking and cursing be appointed, he wishes
to be oounted in.
its' The Paris correspondent of the Boston
Trrnirlltr snva that Louis Nanoleon has re
cently had another and most violent attack ol
that nervous disarrangment which has been
so frequently spoken or, ana wnicn, ii is
feared will, sooner or later, make him a con
firmed maniac.
Kds-WA lonii frnm tha flonthiAnfl. fUTv.
ivews mat m movement uu too iu iio w
tAniAAn TlLtiMftfc of HarrlRnn. to make a now
county. Harrison is toe large, being nearly
lorty miles wiae, ana out in two oj tue uunu
T.ialiinir River, whlnh is overflown half the
year, and is at suon times impasiaoie.
jtarThe New York Herald very poor
anTsSnitifw asi avanr Ann LnAWaJlflTra fllftf. til
amount kid out for public plunder during the
UUaXllJUg WIU VCi f 111 iiuav vivjf iu ww puoijh va
Mi.lvnosvsi Dofiaty AnlayorAmAtirJi. fAm'Afl. tTi
various other schemes, will probably amount
Lours Nipoliob's Objict ik Aidiko SpaIit,
The London DatVy Ntm believes that Louis
Napoleon is using Spain as his eatspaw in the
Spain-Morocoo war, his object being to obtain
control of the Straits of Gibraltar and the
Mediterranean Sea, and say 1 1 '
The Spanish Government, in their last ultl
matum, demand ten miles of the Moorish
coast around uenta, ami opposite uinraitar,
Probably, even ir this demand naa been oom
plied with, they would have sent a fourth ulti
matum, and have demanded twenty. It is
pretty dear that their demand before the war
being what we have just seen, their demands
after the war will be all the territory that force
of arms oan wrest from the Emperor of Mo
rocco, and possibly the whole coast from
Ceuta to Mogador. This would give them
the virtual command of the Straits of Gibraltar,
whioh are scarcely more than eighteen miles
wide, while the currents, the soundings, and
the length of modern oannot shot, would give
the possessors of both coasts an advantage
which onr possession of the solitary rook could
hardly countervail. Snob, an advantage In the
hands of Spain would be virtually an ad
vantage in the hands of Franee; for if Paris
oan control Madrid, Paris thereby rales in
Spanish Moroooo, and thus avoid for the
present the oourse expedient of an indefinite
extension OI ner Algerian aominiuus. -y k.
i 1mm Hceius-Satibs Batrr Ai,iTT.The pu
ailiatio match between John Heenan and
Bayers U arranged to take place in England
next J use. Morrissey 'S engagement wimuee
nan is deferred until after the above encounter,
Morrissey will not be present at Seym' and
Heenan's fltht. bnt if the latter wins. he him
self will fight him for the ehampionihlp
England la that country.
Particulars the Execution of Joseph
W. Thornton in St. Louis—Extraordinary
Composure of the Criminal.
The telegraph has ehwailv In fnrmAil na nf
the exeoution, on Fridaylgst, of Joseph W.
Thornton for the murder of Joseph Charless,
in St. Louis, who, it will be remembered, was
shot on the 8d of June last by Thornton while
walking on 'Market-street, between Third and
Fourth. The deed was not committed at
night, nor in an unfrequented part of the
city, but at the hour of nine o'clock in the
morning, in one of the most orowded thor
oughfares. ills demeanor during confinement was not
that of one who regretted the commission of
the act for which he must forfeit his life. He
frequently asserted that he should do the same
thing again under the same circumstances and
with the same opportunity. . 1
During a great portion of Thursday, the day
preoeding the exeoution, the arrival of the Gov
ernor was very anxiously looked for by the
friends of the condemned man, thongh he him
self expressed no eonoern in the matter, and
wnen informed at a late hour that nothing had
as yet been done for him, he replied: "I am
prepared for the worn t I will die like a man."
Saturday's Jdinouri .Democrat observes:
Thornton has been considered by some per
sons, since the murder, a man naturally vioious.
But we are quite confident that suoh has never
been his disposition. Judging from his phre
nologio&l appearanoe, we should say he was a
very sensitive man one who could not, like
some, "sleep off" the idea of resenting a real
or supposed injury to bis person, and more
particularly to his character. He was, also,
when not assailed by troubles, of an intel
lectual turn of mind, and was more inclined to
reading and study than to soaloty and what is
commonly oalled amusement.
The particulars of the exeoution are thus
given in that journal: r
Preparations for the execution were com-
menoed at twelve o'clock, by Deputy Marshal
Eves, who adjusted the rope around the beams,
and put the trap-door of the scaffold in its
proper position. Every officer conneoted with
tne jail was besieged with persons asking ques
tions as to what time it would take nlaoa. ata..
but no very definite answer could be given.
The friends of the condemned seentcd anx
ious, if possible, to exhaust all the time al
lowed by the sentence, in hopes that the Gov
ernor would ohango his wind, as it was un
derstood that a dispatch had been sent to him
m tne morning, asking for a respite. The
moments were almost counted bv the carsona
who had assembled inside the iail vnrd to
gratify their curiosity, until three o'clock,
wnen tne prisoner, supported on eaonside by
one of the deputy marshals, descended the
steps from the jail. Immediately behind
mm touowea tne reverened gentlemen who
had ministered so faithfully to his spiritual
wants during his confinement, ; v
On emerging from the jail, Thornton recog
nised two or three old aoqualntanoes in the
crowd, who stood eagerly watohing bis ap
proach. On seeing them a pleasant smile
appealed upon his countenance, and "giving a
gentle bow of his head, he passed on to the
steps of the scaffold, whioh he ascended more
rapidly and vigorously than did any person
Hoeomjianying mm. ug reaching tne top Of
the scaffold he seated himself between the two
clergymen, and looked around him, as if de
sirous of seeing some one he knew. The
Bllgh test tremor was not visible is his move
ments, and his oonduot utterly astonished every
person who witnessed it.
. He was asked by the Marshal if he had any
thing to say, and replied in the negative by
shaking his head. He then declared himself
ready, and stood upon a box placed upon the
trap-door. The slightest quivering of a nerve
oould no.tbedeteotedin him, even now when he
saw tne death warrant whioh Mr. Cunning
ham held in his hand, and was about to read
to him.. This being done, Deputy Marshal
Eres proceeded to cover his faoe with a long
whitejoap, while Mr. Cunningham pinioned his
arms behind his back with a small cord. The
rope being adjusted, all the persons on the
scaffold who had accompanied the prisoner
stood dsck, n nue tne olergyman read prayers,
after which all was declared ready, and at
fourteen minutes past three o'clock, the mur
derer of Joseph Charless hung suspended be
tween heaven and earth. His neok was broken
by the fall, although a great many persons
thought life lurked and lingered in his body
tor more man seven minutes after.
After hanging sixteen minutes he was nro
nounced dead, and cut down. Then it was
ascertained, oontrary to expectations, that the
neok had been broken by the fall. After the
body had been taken down, the cap was taken
from the faoe that a few moments before was
animated and expressive. Strange to say, not
the least distortion had taken place, the
countenance being perfeotly natural, the mouth
and eyes partially open the latter having a
very glassy appearanoe.
Thi Favous BshritV Cass. The hearing
commenced yesterday, (Monday,) before Judge
Hininan, on the peuttoa of Mrs. . .Bennett lor
leave to remove her children out of the State.
She desires to go West, and the late deoree of
uivorce proniDits ner irom raxing ner cnitaren
out of the State. Mrs. Bennett testified, in
substance, that though the Doctor had en sev
eral occasions taken the children from the
yard, and once from the hall of the house, he
bad never visited tne noose to see tnem. Mhe
did not know that he treated them unkindly,
but he had never manifested any Interest, save
as stated. She farther said she thought she
had leBS than $2,500 left of the $4,000 granted
her as alimony. On the other hand, Dr. B.
claims that the 4,000 and the real estate in
George-street, which is owned by ner and the
children, is enough to support them. He says
that if she wishes to leave tue estate without
the children, he will give good bonds to take
New Haven Register,
Nov. 8.
"Gotham" a Trbu or Ripeoach. Gotham,
the name which New Yorkers proudly give
to their metropolis, is in England a term of
reproach, "the wise men of Gotham," being
generally laughed at. In Kelly's "Proverbs
of All Nations," the following explanation of
the term is given i
Gotham is a village of Nottinghamshire.
known te be the headquarters of stupidity in
this country, on whose inhabitants all sorts of
ridiculous stories might oe latnerea. xne
convenience of Having such a butt for sar
casm has been recognized by all nations.
The ancient Greeks had their Beotia, whioh
was for them what Buabta is tor tne modern
Germans. The Italians compared foolish
people to those of Zago, "who sowed needles
that they might have a crop of crowbars, and
dunged tne steeple to make it grow. -
DsSTBOCTIOir bt Fibi o ihs TJkitabia
Chcbch, at Rochistsb, N. Y. On Thursday
morning the unitarian fjnuroh, on Fitinugh
street. Rochester. N. Y was set on fire by some
un known vUlaln.end the edifice, the basement of
which was nsed as school-rooms, was com
pletely destroyed. , Loss $8,000; insurance
TThe latest advices from-W. H. Seward
are from Jaffa, in the Metiterranean Sea. He
has completed his journey up the valley of
tne fine to anoient xneoes; nan surveyed tne
pyramids, and he was about to proceed .to
Jerusalem, snd thence ty imatcus to tan-
Particulars the Arrest of Palmer,
the Alleged Harper's Ferry Conspirator.
Dr. W. R. Palmer, arrested in Memphis, as
we has e stated, on charge of oomplioity with
Captain Brown in the Harper's Ferry affair,
went to .that city last July, and was afterward
married to a lady, of Shelby County, from,
whom he fubiequently separated. On Thurs
day Palmer was examined and held in $2,500
ball, in defs nit of which he was committed to
prison. Thi' oiroumatanoes that led to his
arrest are that given In the Evening Argut oCA
Thursday: ; .
. A week or two an a gentleman, while seated
in a railroad ear between Baltimore and Phila
delphia, discovered, in the seat behind him a
man muffled to the chin, and apparently de
siring as much as possible to shield himself
from observation.
As the train neiired a station, the lattor
rose to his feet and left the car as he did so,
accidentally dropping two letters and a small
memorandum on the floor. The gontleman
picked them up, and finding that one of the
letters was sealed and addressed to John
Brown, his suspicions were arouaed. The
other bore the superscription of a man named
Horner, directed to some point in Virginia,
and had been , opened. Satisfied that this
letter could throw some light on the seeming
mystery, he perused its contents. And well
th ey repaid hint for his trouble.
1 he letter stated that an agent of the under
ground railroad, named Thatcher, had been in
Memphis sometime during the. month of
August, where he had become acquainted
with one W. R. Palmer, residing here, and
that the two had an Interview in the navy
yard. During the interview (the letter goes
on to say) Thatcher was informed by Palmer
that whenever Brown was ready to strike the
blow for the freedom of the slaves, he oould
promise hitu any amount of money from Mem
phis merolntsl .The gontlemen then im
mediately forwarded the letter to Governor
Wise, at Rtol'imond, whose subsequent action
in the matter led to the arrest as narrated yesterday.
Sad Fall or a Ccltivatbd Womas frou
Intimperauob. A handsome and respeotabiy
dreiaed woman was brought into Justioe Corn
well's Court, in New York, on-Thursday,,ln a
state of beastly Intoxication. ; While in oharse
of the officers la the Court etao took a fit of
delirium tremens, and the soene that ensued
was heartrending beyond description. Her
shrieks were so terrible and agonizing, that
even the officers of the Court, used to such
scenes, were visibly moved. One of the offi
cers of the Court stated that this woman was
the wife of an - eminent physioian, and but a
short time sinoe was highly respected as an
exemplary wife and mother, and had every
thing around her to make her life happy; but
in an evil nouysno yiemoa te tne vice ot in
temperance, and since then has gone down .
step by step, in her sad career. Her huBband
tried every means in nis power to reclaim ner,
but without avail; and, as a final resort, was
obliged to have her arrested and sent to the
Ah Entibb Family Poisoned bt a Nsoro
Slavs. An evening or two since, the family
of Dr. Phillip Thorubury, residing near Louis
villa, Kentucky, partook of muen and milk,
exoept the Dootor. In a few moments five
persons were taken violently ill, and had it
not neen for the immediate application of
emetios, death would unquestionably have en
sued. ' As they had eaten nothing else but the
mush, the oause of their severe illness was of
oourse instantly attributed thereto. The re
mains of the food were brought to Louisville,
and subjected to anylitio tests, snd it was dis
covered that there was a sufficiency tl arsenis
to have destroyed a hundred persons. That
the negro cook was not rendered elok, was
thought very strange. She excused herself
by saying that she did not eat the mush, and
made suon statements as to implioate the negro
Slavibt PasriBABLa to Fbkedom. A
sprightly and tidy colored woman, named
Margaret, slave ot the late Mrs, Sally Price,
of Rlohmond, Va., was emancipated by her
mil tress about nine years ago. She left that
oity soon after, and since that time has visited
several of the Northern States, in the capacity
of servant, being, of course, mistress of her
own time, and hiring herself to whomsoever
she ohose. A short time ago she returned to
Richmond, and a fow days ego applied for the
privilege of ohoosing a master, and resuming
the oondition ot a slave.
Nsw Pbojbct IK Pabib. The Courrier du
Havre states that a projeot is under considera
tion tor removing to a distance of hi teen
leagues frrm Paris, all the great workshops of
the railways. The execution of the project
would necessitate the removal of a great num
ber oi worKmen trom farts, and would thereby
tend to reduce rents in the districts occupied
by workingmen i it would, besides, be profita
ble to the companies, aa they could sell the
ground which they now ocoupy for a much
larger sum than the purchase of new sites, and
tne construction oi new womsnops in tne coun
try, would coat.
A Man Twici Eillid. The eastward bound
train on the D. and M. Railway, when about
five miles this side of Linden, Michigan,
day or two ago, ran over a yonng man lying
on the traok. splitting his head directly in two,
from tne crown to the necx, the front part of
the bead being found some ten leet from the
body. Subsequent examination of the body
discovered a bullet-hole through the shoulder,
going to show that the unfortunate young
man nod oeen muraerea ana ni oooy aepos
ited on the track. .
Ah Ardikt Lovxb's Expectations. &
youth once fell In love with an heiress, and the
passion being returned, it only wanted the
Iiarent'S consent to mane mm nappy. At
ongth meeting the father, he asked for the
daughter's hand. "How much money can
you command" gruffly asked tne millionaire,
"I can't command much," was the reply.
"What are yourexpsotatlonsr" "Well, to tell
the truth, I expect to run away with your
dauahter and marry her. if yea don't give
your consent." The old man oonsented, of
Cisarjs or Chiha. An official census taken
in China twice during the present century, at
an Interval of forty years, gives the following
results: The first, taken in 1812, by order of
the Emperor Kia-Eing, gave the number of
inhabitants at 860,279,597; and the second in
1S52, under the reign and by the order of the
present Emperor Hien-Foung, 538,090,300. If
these accounts be eorreot, and there is nothing
to lead to the supposition that they are not,
the Chinese population has in forty years in
oreaaed 179,629,703.
ExTiNsm Firs at Caibo $20,000 wobth
or Profibtt Dbstbotbd. A speoial telegram
to the St. Louis Democrat, dated Cairo, Nov.
11, says i Sixty hundred and sixty bales of
tfotton, on board the barge lone, whioh had
been delivered from steamer Adriatic, took
fire at soon to-day. Two hundred bales were en
tirely consumed, and the balance was badly
damaged. Loss is estimated at twenty thou
sand dollars. - The cotton is fully insured la
Boston. Origin of the ore unknown.
Very Important from Brownsville.
New OaiuANS, Novembes 12. The Delta
of this city publishes a letter, dated Corpus
Christi, ovoinber 7, which says that it is
almost certain that the town of Brownsville
has fallen into the hands of Cortinaa. The
Mexican flag was flying at a point four miles
above the town. All communication had
been cut off. The entire population, on both
sides of the Rio Grando, was in arms, with
the intention of exterminating the Ameri
cans, end reconquering the country to the
Colorado Riyer. The news is confirmed by
the affidavit of citizens of Cameron County,
who were obliged to fly for their lives. An
other affidavit says that the frontier of the
Rio Grande is in a state of war. Cortinas is
sustainesby the population. Earnest appeals
are made for aid by the Americans. Eighty
men were advancing to the relief of Browns
ville, but they will have to encounter TOO of
Cortinaa'a men.
Col. Robort E. Lee succeeds Gen. Twiarsfs
in the command of the military department of
Another Insurrectionist Arrested.
12. A man call
ing himeelf McDonald was arrested here last
night, on Seventh-street, by Officer Allen, to
whom he made such admissions as to lead
to the belief that he was one of Brown's
party, and had escaped from the Armory at
Harper's Ferry. He was disguised, assuming
the appearance of an old man. lie said he
was originally from Boston. His breast and
chest are well peppered witU wounds as from
shot. Governor Wise being telegraphed, re
turned an answer instructing the officers to
send to Harper's Ferry for persons to ident
ify the prisoner, and to inform tho President,
From Washington.
Washington, November 12. The Post
master General has deoided to postpone all
action on the bids for oarrying the mail from
Portland to New Orleans until Congress shall
indicate its course with regard to the appropri
ation for the department.
The representatives of the various railroad
interests who had offered proposals, snd are
now in the city, were not a little disappointed
at the announcement.
From Boston.
The Supreme Court to-day deoided adversely
to the writ of habeai corpus for tho liberation
of Mr. Burnham, the ex-liquor agent, and he
was again recommitted to jiil.
Francis Jackson Merriam, of Boston, who
was reported to hare been with Brown in the
Harper's Ferry trouble, and subsequently to
have died of bis wounds in Philadelphia, is
alive and at present in Canada.
From Baltimore.
Baltimore, Nov. 12. Charles Pargott, who
was shot in the Second Ward, on election-day,
by a rowdy, died from his wounds this morn
ing. The deceased, at the time he was shot,
was endeavoring to rescue a friend whom the
rowdies were foroing to vote against his will.
The man who did the deed was arrested yesterday.
Fire at Galena.
Galiha, III., Nov. 12. A fire, last night.
destroyed the dry goods establishment of
Smith 3c Holmes, valued at $35,000; insured
fur $20,000. The Iobs to the building is $3,
500, whioh is insured. The goods of the oo
cupantaof the adjoiulng buildings were slightly
From Pittsburg.
Pittbburo, Nov. 12. Thomas O. Ruther
ford, late Superintendent of the Western Penn
sylvania House of Refuge, was to- day con
victed of adultery. By a resolution of Key
stone Lodge no. l, sons oi Malta, Ruther
ford's eonviotion removes him from the office
of G. R. T. A. of the order.
Health of Judge Douglas.
Washington, Nov. 12. Judge Douglas is
greatly relieved, and the early reoovery of his
health is now anticipated.
Govbrnob Wiss A3 a Rahd Wbitir. A
letter-writer from Richmond gives the follow
ing information in regard to Governor Wise's
rapidity of penmanship :
Governor Wise, in the oharaoter of a aoribe,
surpasses, perhaps, any man living. In
point of rapidity he can only be paralleled in
short-hand, while his writing is almost as
legible as print. I had occasion some time
ago to copy some writing of his, and I did ao
page after page as he produced them. I
started when he was about two pages ahead,
and though he had to compote while I had
merely to oopy, at the close of the tenth page
he was still two in advance. At this stage he
was oalled off to dinner, and I availed myself
of this opportunity to procure a peculiar style
of pen, whioh I thought would faeilitato the
operation. Ws both set to work sgain simul
taneously: and though he stopped occasionally
to mend his pen, (he writes with a quill pen,)
and now and men walked rapidly around the
room, while I meanwhile wrote with all the
rapidity of which I was capable, he wound up
at the end of the twenty-ninth page with the
two pages in sdvanoe which he had at the
start. I understand he thinks nothing of
answering twenty-live or thirty letters a day,
or rather within the three or four hours he
apends in his oQioe, besides attending to other
duties and receiving visitors, who ooeupy much
of his time. What a reporter he would make
Total Wsioht; or This Planet. The total
weight of the world in gross tuns of 2,210
pounds, aooording to the soalea of Mr. Bailly,
President ol the London Astronomical society,
is six thousand and sixty-two million, one
hundred and sixty-five thousand, five hundred
and ninety-two billions, two hundred and
eleven thousand, four hundred and ten mil
lions, four hundred and eighty-eight thousand,
eight hundred and eighty-nine tuna.
Taa Amsricah Bosses ih Eholaho. Mr.
Ten Broeck has lately been unlucky on the
English turf. Threo of his horses took part
in as many races on the Cambridgeshire day
of the Newmarket meeting. "Pomona" came
in sixth at the first race: "Prioress" was
fourth in the race for the Cambridgeshire
stakes, and "Starke' was fourth in another
race, in which live horses ran.
Hialth or Hon. Lihh Botd. This dis
tinguished gentleman, who has been spending
some time at uooper s wen, in Mississippi, to
recuperate hit neaitn, passed through Mem
phis on Wednesday last, rrt route for his home
in Eentuoky. His health is not yet entirely
restored, and it is extremely problematical
whether he ever will be able to assume again
the duties of active, life. '
Thi Allioid Axtbckdbhts or thi Inscb
bbctiohists. Stevens was a soldier in Mexico,
mutinied against his captain, was sentenced to
bowshot, and afterwards pardoned by President
Polk. He went te Eansas in the regular army,
and deserted. Coppie behaved ao badly to his
benefactor, a Quaker, that he was turned adrift,
and Haslatt was eonneoted with a band
horse thieves in Pennsylvania.
term7cash;v '
': AdirerdmeDtaMtexeaedlng are lines (AgateJ
One InMitlon.....! IS I On. week...
Two weeks. 1 60 1 One montL.
, IN
.Larger advertisements inserted at the following
rates for sonar of ten line or leal '
One lnsertlon...4 SO I Two WMt f
Bach adui'nai ins.. 23 1 Three -n 4 OS
One week....... I 7 I ow , M g gg
Job Printing;
In all Its hranehm, done with nMtnres and Sheetta -
Meclianics' Fair, '58
Pent exit edL,
December 7, 1858.
a- the public three seasons, and owing to Its pop
ularity and increased demand, w,t have born com
pelled to make two more having SIX eleos
I'ouiplete, suitable, from the smallest family up to
the largest class board ing-heuae. The celebrity
those Moves have gained for tlii-iusolv can not lit
too highly appreciated, us every family having them
In uaecan truly toatify.
Thanking the public for their generous support, ir.
Is our determination to supply the wants of the com
munity with the benefits which a practical mechan
ical education can only supply,
Inventors, Proprietors & Manufacturers,
We beg leave, most respectfully, to offer the follow
ing certificates and references of families miug the
Alligator, which will, at a glance, remove all doubts
of It Intrinsic merits:
For some months 1 have been mine the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. Its superior cookinij qualities,
combined with its clcnnliiiean, mtiHtevtmtualiy&ecure
to the owners a large share af public patrona!,,.
I have beau using one of Messrs. A.Iiiihs & fuck
over's AllfKutor Cook Otovr for some mouths, which
gives entlro aatUfuctiou iu nvery ruep' Ct, mid tan
cheerfully recommend it to those who ur in ivtint of
a miperior cook atovo. 11, II. LEAVlTi'.
For the last year I have been using rb Alligator
Coal Cooking titove, oiuuufactured by Alesarrt. Adams
A I'cckovor, ahich I cousidor a superior atvve, aud
itivoii i bo utmost siitirtfaccion. It ta the only stove I
have found that cooks porl'ectlv will, ival.
For sometime pastl havebeon uaingoueoi illvtars.
Adams S Peckovor's Alligator Coal Conkinit Stoves,
and cau recommend them as being a auueriur stove,
giving entire su'tafaction in every respect.
jus. Duannuiiij, voai juercnanr.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
Bon. Judge McLean, Ollf- Joseph W.Wayn,3'.)l, Sth,
ton, ju. iirooas, mi. Atiourn,
Bon JuJgelLeavllt.SJE. lie v. W. 8. Kennedy, MS
Viftli-streal, John-atreet,
Bon. Judge VanlBam, 29! J. P. Jones, i'A fourth.
Fourth, Jr. Norton, 3J4 fourth,
Hon. Judge Hoadly, 3703d, 1). Thatcher, 32V George,
Ur.Kolker.SKStn, vm. jmiy, lifieui,
(lin.Urpban Anyluin,EIm, J". Tnlbott, 4U0 7tli.
John Kebler,344th, Hq.Getiauaaner, IMSmith
smttn.nrm ot Lincoln, o. u. nuiiame, nai.uius,
oiniin A vfHraoca, mnt. jrienuon, his in, -
II. Valletta, 317 4tb, Sirs. Kylaiid,3-'4 4lh,
N.O. McLean.Cleudale, Mrs. Ilowitt, 51 K 4th, '
II. B. Funk. 2M1 Vine. Mrs. M. l'.Tavlur. 2cG Geo.
Jos. ilushnoll, coal mer. Mrs. McPheraon, 8. . cor.
Jus. jsapy, rjauo, oixtn snn mice,
,1. Jeflrey, ling. Ona Vlis, A. A. Clark, Times office,
T. II. Ycatinnu, fctorrs Tp, P. L. Weaver, 3k3 John,
A. W. Francisco, Preaa J. P. Whitman, wash
Office, ingtou Institute,
A. Hughes, Commercial, John A, Book, Sim fioorge
w. ii. wus, uiu u iype i.e. oroous, ii John.
Irotindrv. Jackson M. Nolilo. i .Trf.
B.C. Hobs, V84 Longworth, 11. Bnrkman, 4,Hi 3d,
, mi. unanwica, an 4tn, unaa. uoouiuon, zi? ltn,
T. W. Hamgutt, 198 7th, John C. Morris, 113 Mill,
jur. uouKUiou, ion em, .. a. oihct, i. qui,
Vm.4Jomstoo.2614th. Gibson & M 'Donald. Vlns
Q. Hole, 361 7th, Isaac Slnrsli, OS licoiue,
.I.Harvey, 207 Longworth w.B Hurlburt.fiBI'r'iirn
John Anderson, 4134th, Klam 1. Lanudnn, 12 titli,
Jonathan Osden. 19.14th, J, B. Fnlweilor, Long.
W. W. Woods, 4VJ41U, ' worth and Wentern-row,
John Tannor, Wnnhtaoa 1). at. Oady, 76 sth,
& Oo.'s printing office. Alt. Burnett, 164 Mil,
JameaS. Moffett. 157 Sth, noli
receivea ciuiiy ny tne Adams i-.it- dSx
press Company, in whole and half cans. uTvil
H, '
a l iiv.tAra no a warranted irARn nmi nr -x.v
tue very Desi quaniy. j. u, uwinus,
A cent. No. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Main
and Wi alnut-streets.
N.B.-The trade supplied on the most liberal
terms. oc2i;cm
iV Agency for the sale of Batch, Mann i Co',
Shell, Keg, and Can Oysters. Also, Ereeh Cove and
Sp.ced Cyaters, Ac. my many friends and patrons
will find only choice articles, and at as low prices as
those cnarged for Inferior elsewhere.
Oysters cooked In Eastern style at our usual mod
erate charges.
Kemember, 293 walnut-street, fifth door abovo
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. ocl3
ING dally, Uowo, Mahony ft Co.'a Clobrated
Plantod 0)sters,which Iamselllngatunpreccdentod
low prices by case or dozen. Dealers and Familli-a
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please send
their orders. Attached to this establishment Is
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can have
Oysters Cooked In every style, and served up iu a
clea land superior manner. Charges less than atany
other plaee. ooiuj jqun NA1KN,
Oyster Importing House.
ING daily, per Express, his snlendld Oysters.
Having completed arrangements in Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all times during
the season be iv-epaied to furnish my friends, "and
the rest, of mankind," with the most DKUOIOU8
W VALVES imported to the Queen City. Non bnt
the very beat imported. Great inducements offered
at this Importing-houae.
Order tloliclted and promptly filled. Terns caxh.
rUTGlt I SVAtinA,
Bole Importer and Proprietor.
f9 Spiced Oyiton.
ING DAILY, by the Adams Express, At ALT.
BY'B world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, See and Shell Oyiteri.
Fresh, HemeHoally.sealsd OOTI, BPIOID and
t - BOBEBT OBR, Agent .x .
sf7-tr Depot. U West f ifthptreet.

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