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"F00in,n4o.,in this column, ocottpying five lines
or lees, two insertions, twenty-five osnti.
WANTED BOYS Four first-class Amor
lean by, 15 to 1 yen of age for factory.
Steady employment, good wages, prompt par and
good treatment. Those from tbecountrr prefe-red.
flr!?":'y" rnentar for a watchman at
iS,h'S J?n ttaaikm for the right man. Apply at
KVael Fourth-street-Intelllgence Offioe-linedi.
1. fv?NvH.0-W "'""'-ftreet. Teacher of Draw
Kf.ilnV KSt?Ttl Ulnmlnated Glass Painting,
Opaque Glass Painting, Grecian Oil Pointing, latest
SvjR"Vi'n H110 ud 01l Leather-work Wai
Frnlt, Flowers, Ac. noltb
VKTANTED TO 8BLL Scholarships in
7, Bacon's end Gusdry's Commercial Colleges.
Good for full course of etudy and Double-entry Book,
keeping for day and evening. Young man uve
money br buying. Apply at Tattle Exchange Of
nee, north-west corner sycamore and Third. streets.
. Bol4b . W B. AL'KLET.
for custom work, Good weses will ba glren
toonmpctent hands. Apply at No. 143 Miami ' anal,
between Kim and Plum, second floor. nolb
WANTED A ' 0 1 R L To do General
Housework. Must rome wall recommended
Apply to tha Boxton of tha First Presbyterian
Church, on Fourth-street, aenr Main. noHb
.T.T. Ptabl wotaan.to keen konta for a amall
family. She tnuat be a good cook and waahar. High
yags will te paid. Apply at the office o. 111 Wert
Blxtn-etreet. noHb
iiRitN"S,iA',,!S"r"T- II",alr " vfN-
DIKBN, Ho. 191 8ycmora-ireat. noUb
T In a clothing or dry goodt bouse, by a young
Ban who has served In that branch of business for
tha lat ten yaara. Addrssa B. at thla office. nolib
7 , tJy. in trlvate family. Terms modarata,
Paitof references given. Addraai A. W box 1.79s,
Cincinnati. 0. nol3b
a hM S,t ? Sixth-street, a kind and expert,
need nurse. Tb 1 highest wages will be (Wen Ap
ply at room 10 and lu noltb
ii '. P"lnoe wants a situation In a grocery,
lienor or dry goods honse, or as shipping or receiving
elsrk. Address B. K. L., this office. noHb'
At the westend of Nintb-etreet, fourth door
Delow Harriet-street, No. 442, an Amarcan, English,
or German Girl, from twelve to fifteen years old, to
take cats of a small child, and assist about tha
bouse. no 12b
WANTED HELP Two men used to
the caro of orses and cows. Apply at tha
General Intelligence and Agency Office of A. D.
0AB80N A COTNq. 382 Western-row. aol2b
T T,Ji,!'00tarm"n B" at POBIEB A HOAG'd,
No. 100 West Fonrth -street. nol3b
JH02P Chamber Maids. , Apply at MADISON
HOUSE, Covington, Ky. no!2b
TyANTED BOABD Good Board for a
7 B111 ramily. A front room well farnlshrt de
ilrad. Addreis BOX m, Post office. noizb
V'AN TED An owner for a STRAY COW,
T woleh ma to my premises on Wednesday
evening, horombcr j aid cow Is red, with white on
Iris breast anil bsc t. The owner can bars the same
by proving property Ann paying chat get.
no"o TH03. BUUKEi 612 Front-street.
TO engage (n circulating by subscription,
some new highly ornamental and entertaining
Books, Maps, TOarta, 0. Men now operating clear
from J2Mo $15(1 per month. Call and examine the
stock and get a descriptive clroular, look at testimo
nials of agents now opperatlng, &o, -
Consultation free. Call soon. "
HACK B. UABNITZ, Publisher,
atn 38 W. 4th Street, (np stairs.)
FOR RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
road, law or insurance offlces,on 2d and 3d floors.
In four-story building opposite Press office. The
building has been newly repainted and tempered.
All In good order. Apply at Press Office. nolM
FOR R ENT STORES On We.tern-roir,
west side, between Ererett and David-streets,
two Stores, with Dwelling attached, jnst finished.
Apply to I)r.G. SIENDENUALL, 197 West ronrth
street, between 1 and 2X o'clock. nol2o'
FOR RENT Front OFFICE and good
CBLLAB-lOObyMfeet. Apply to
tl IlOl'KINS BllOa. A SOBA,
t!n.U.nT.'- W Trnnt-t..let. Main and Walnnt.
BOARDING. Two or tbree Gentlemen esq
obtain a pleasant room, with board, In a pri
vate family, at no. 107 Lougworth-street, between
aim and f luin. Terms reasonable. noHb
BOARDING Two Gentlemen ean be ao
cotnmodated with boarding, and a front room
In the second story lighted with gas. Apply at No.
71 Ntnth-ntreet, no!4b
BOARDING A few single gentlemen can
be accommodated with board In a private fam.
11 y, on reasonable terms. A'eo a front room suitable
for a man and bia wife. Oood reference required.
Apply at3?H Went Kourth-atrent. nol2b
First Class Double-Thread Sewing Machines, at
pn ench. A great bargain, fall immediately at
JEKHEP'S J10URN1NG STOBE, Vourthatreet,
oppitHhllHtoft('o.'. noiaam
FOR 8 ALE An unlimited amonnt of Sign
painting, bouse Minting, glajlna. graining.
Tarnishing, sliding, Ac, cheap for cash and only for
ash. WAKKBet Ti. DAVIS, 12 West rhird-treet,
between Walnut and Vina.
T ObT COW Strayed on the 9th inat., from
Mm the Ileech Grove Tarm, on the Beading-road,
3 milt! north of Cincinnati, a medium-slued cow,
with white face, line back and brlndle sides; cap
knocked off of one hip, and with slim, sharp horns;
fresh milk cow. Any person returning or giving In
formation of said cow will be liberally rewarded by
n1r THUS. FBBNOn. Dalrymnn.
No. 66 West Fouith-street.
LAB Music received as goon as published, nog
M-M I am this day receiving some of
the above unrivaled Plauos. Also,
soma or William Knabe A Co., and
other good makers all of which I
will sell at great reduction, for cash.
or will rant and let the rent pay for I be Piano.
,. CM. MUBOU, 74 West fourth-street.
Thd largest slock of Melodeons In the city. ocM
J. rjTBKBT.-Hallet,DavlsOo.
4. (mutual m Diuiuvii, rtiivri. urag
Oo. ; Baven, Bacon A Oo.-All wll
be sold at micas that can not fall t
suit, for cash, or will rant and let 1
the rent par for the Piano. J. CHUBOH, Jr.
The largmt atock of Melodeons In the city. 00
Will gave half the usual amonnt of labor, and ii
e urate and readily comprehended.
All Interested in tha Botenoe of Accounts ar
vlted to oall and examine this new method and
lor themselves.
evening; SESSION,
The Kvenlng Session will cemmeno.
W Day Classes meet as usual.
E. S. BACON, Principal
J. H. POTYs first Aaslatnnt. ocsanf '
IODWDBJ, B. liaO, tnperintendank
Pr toting Materials ofal Ii tide, let Vine street
. NOEMBE14 14
MAtawoMAi.. Ltoeniet were iiaued, by tha
Clerk of the Probata Court, during the week
ending on Saturday last,, permitting forty
eight oooples to make themselves miserable as
they could by the aid of Hymen, against sixty,
one during the week previous.
Parrr LaBciitT. A man named John
Payne wag arrested, on Saturday night lat,
and committed to the Hammond-street Station-house,
for stealing a box of tobacco from
Stew, Trenchard Co. He will be examined
this morning;.
Miitiko or Conitcit, To-wight. Messrs.
Toobey, Torrance andRunyan hare deemed it
necessary to have a meeting of the City Coun
cil to-night, and hare issued an order to that
effeot. The snbjeot for consideration will be
the eosneotlon between tha Little Miami and
the Ohio and Mississippi Railroads.
Accident. J ohn S h augh nes sy, em ploy ed in
Horsbv 4 Ehler's sash and blind manufactory,
No. 248 West Front-street, had a large por
tion of one of his hands out off on Saturday by
oiroular saw In that establishment, an aool
dent that will compel him to seek some other
means of gaining a livelihood.
Lta Bboi.sh bt a Fall. About three
o'elook yesterday morning, Mr. Benjamin
Clark, a olerk in a Main-streat grooery, slipped
on tha icy sidewalk near the corner of Pearl
and Sycamore-streets, and broke his left leg
and eat his head severely. Two gentleman
gassing in that vioinity assisted him to hit
ome on Front-street.
Hoimna Pabties. Prairie chickens and
qusils will have to look sharp during the
present week, as a number of parties go to the
prairies from this city, for the pleasures of
"shooting on the wing." None should go,
however, nntil they eall on J. H. Deters, in
Carlisle Buildings, Fourth-street, near Walnut,
and provide themselves with a pair of his
water-proof hunting boots. ,
Accidinton mi Ohio akd Mississippi Rail
road. Tbe passenger train on the Ohio and
Mississippi Railroad, due hero from St.Louis
at seven o'clock this morning, was thrown off
the track near Xenia, 111., night before last,
and although three of the cars were badly
broken, no one was injured. The train did
rjot arrive here until two o'clock yesterday
Lsornais on Shrituambii. Prof. Smarlu,
of St. Louis, during the ooming week will de
liver two leotureson Spiritualiim, at 8t. Smith
Sc Nixon's Ilail the first on Tnesday, the last
on Thursday evening. Prof. 8. was formerly
Professor of Rhetorie in St. Xavler College of
this oity, and many of his old friends and ad
mirers will be glad of this opportunity to hear
him upon a snbjeot to which he Is so compe
tent to do full justice.
Ohio Michanics' Ihstituti The second
attempt to get a quorum of the members of the
Ohio Mechanics' Institute together met with
as little success ai those who best know that
association could have expeoted. There were
two perioni present at tbe hall of tbe Insti
tute on Saturday night, and those are the only
members who seem to care to know anything
on the report of the last annual exhibition.
When another attempt is made we hope it will
be more suooessful.
Tm Alliqaiob Cookiho Stovi. A lengthy
advertisement of this favorite coal cooking
stove will be found upon the first page of to
day's JPreu, to which wo would invite the at
tention of the reader. In it will be found
many testimonials and references of character
and influence. Coal is fast superseding wood
for cooking purposes, and we apprehend that
the day is near at hand when wood will be
altogether dispensed with in the kitchen, as
coal is much more economical and possesses
none of the objections formerly urged atrainst
it. Only try it.
Polios Codbt Judge Lowe examined
twenty-aeven eaiei on Saturday last, but they
were unimportant and uninteresting. Not a
man was arrested during the day and night of
Friday for an offense which developed a single
Instanoe whioh . would interest our readers.
The person whose faultisatendenoy to imbibe
too freely of intoxicating liquors, and whose
misfortune it is through this to become an in
mate of the Htatlrm-hnniA. tinnn a na... r.t
.disorderly conduct, can not, upon this account
merely, exciio ma emotions 01 any reader.
For this reason, and the fact that Police Court
literature is the worst kind, our reports are
purposely meager.
Skriotm AcomiMT to a Feiuls. A woman
named Mary Molloy, while on her way from
the cathedral to her home, fell, in consequence
of the slippery state of the sidewalk, at the
corner of Western-row and Sixth-street, and
disiooated her left thigh. She was taken into
a house in the neighborhood, where, by medi
cal assistance her pain was lessened to a oar
tain extent, but she still suffers very greatly
from the accidont. She was subsequently re
moved to hsr residence on Front-street, be
tween Race and Elm j but as she has a family
dependant upon her exertions as a washer
woman for their support, and will be compelled
to keep her bed for many months, she will
doubtless very soon become fit objeot for the
kindness of the benevolent.
Tbb Wifb of ih Dl8H0NH.1T Pobtir Dis
ohabosd. Rosa Gille, the wife of the late ab
sconding porter, was examined before Judge
Lowe, on Saturday last, upon two charges of
grand larceny. The circumstances under
which ahe was arrested and the revelations
made by moans of a search-warrant, issued
by Henry Laner k Bro., are still vivid in the
minds of our readers. A large quantity of
silks, cravats and neck-tios, which it is sup
posed had been stolen from the firm we have
named, by her husband, and a lot of books,
stationery, &c, which he had also taken from
the store of W. B. Smith k Co., were found in
the house in which she resided. The prose
cution, however, failed to establish the charges
that had been made against her, and she was
accordingly discharged. - : .-
Paisoir, Jail and EoBriTAL.-.In tbe Oity
Prison, at the olose of the week, there were 155
prisoners, (83 of them females,) against lit
the previous week. During the week SS pris
oners were diseharged.
In the County Jail there were 8 lunatics;
24 females; 2 on bread and water; 1 oMSlin
gang; 81 in main jail 134 in all, against HI
the week previous.
At tha Commercial Hospital 21 persons were
admitted during the week; 27 discharged; none
born, and 6 died Oliver. Smith, Jaoob Hols
haner, Conatantlne Walkerbecker, Neal Holmes,
and Modest Brown.
Ia the Hospital last evening 132 patients
were under treatment, against 143 the previous
week. . . .
At the close of the past week there was but
one case of small-pox in the Peit-houte.
Hocsis Stbcck bt Liohtiko. During the
thunder storm of. Saturday morning, between
the hours of four and five, a house on the
eorner of Ninth-street and Baymiller was
struck by lightning. Tbe shock wss slight and
no damage was sustained therefrom but the
knocking down of a part of the outside wall of
the building. -
A short time after the above, a house in
Story's Township, oooupicd by a man named
Charles Rndolstadt, was also ilruok by the
electrio fluid, and one of the inmates was quite
seriously Injured, but te what extent we were
not able to learn. The eleotriolfy passed down
the chimney into a room in whioh the person
a female was sitting, and besides shocking
her severely set her clothing on fire, from whioh
she suffers i eonslderably, although it is quit
likely that she wiUreoovsr.
Cisoimuti vsasts Nsw Obliaits Dnrig
ixca Bstwiiv Till Expshsss or TBI Wibtibs
ABnSocTHBBit MiTaorous Few persons who
reside in great oities, and particularly in those
which, like Cincinnati, New Tork and New
Orleans, have become not only metropolitan
but cosmopolitan, have a correal Idea of their
oost. - Every person believes the plaoe In whioh
he resides tbe one which is most taxed, and
some who evidently know very little of luoh
matters, think the Western metropolis, in this
respect, tbe most burdened city in tbe country.
For the benefit of these in particular, and the
world in general, we have prepared the follow
ing comparison between Cincinnati and New
Orleans, from offloial documents In the office of
the City Auditor, which we have been per
mitted to examine through the oourtesy of Mr.
H. H. Sobultse. The figures in regurd to the
receipts and expenditures of tbe Southern
metropolis are taken from the Controller's
report, whioh was sent by the authorities of
mat city to the Auditor or Cincinnati.
When it la remembered that Cinolnnatl has
a population greater by at least seventy-five
thousand than New Orleans, and that the
figures of the latter oity show the receipts and
disbursements for six months only from Jan
uary 1 to July 1, 1859 while those of the
former show tbe total receipts and disburse
ments for the whole of the last fiscal year, tbe
difference in favor of the Queen City will
become quite palpable. But let all oroakers
about the heavy taxes to support our city
government remember these facts and then
gianoe at the following table:
New Orleans. Cincinnati.
Jan. to March 183 to
... , July 18M. March IMS.
Oity Tax on Personal Prop
erty and Beal Estate s78,9M 1J $1,01S,31T M
Ilerchants and coffee-house
Licenses t3,a 81 no license.
Licenses for Uraysand Ex-
preis-waaon 89,M4 ... S!3 18
Tota for Licensee. igs,i;e 81 ,7au Ji
Total Receipts from ail
sourcM................. , .. 3,321,821 00 '08
Orleans. Cincinnati.
.Jan. to If arch I8M to
T. . .. July 1889. March 1880.
Lighting J 6,383
Schools ............... 1113,83170 Itf.OJ ...
Pojl m.... 140,31)3 16 3,Ml a
Printing 12.S.VI 8ft 4,491 81
galaries M 93,101) IM . 41,980 ...
Street and ISidewalk 134,284 98 . 91,614 98
Markets...... ................ S7,0W . 8,381 33
Total duburements........ 2,000,974 81 . 1,010,290 23
From the above it will be seen that tbe re
ceipts and disbursements of New Orleans for
six months are nearly double those of Cincin
nati for one year ; and this, if consolation can
be derived from the faot that others are far
worse off in this respeot than we, should il
lenoe forever all objection to the present man
agement of our city finanoes.
Gbiat Chahob ik tii Wsathsb. Cinoln
natl is, as every person who has lived here for
any time knows, famous for great and sudden
changes in temperature; the summer to-day
being transferred into winter to-morrow, and
the snow of the morning into the soft sephyr
of the coming night. As an evidence of this,
we would state that from twelve o'clock at
noon of Saturday to seven o'elook the follow
ing morning only seventeen hours there
was a obange of forty-three degrees.
Saturday was warm and even sultry, a summer-like
rain falling all day, sad yesterday
ice and snow chilled the gaie and repelled the
oomfort-lover from venturing out into so disa
greeable and nipping an atmosphere. The
oity looked comparatively deserted; for people
were in the streets or at cburob, in the saloons
or at the Sunday Concerts over the Rhino.
All who eould kept within doors and sought
entertainments as best they oould. Ths cold
weather has given ao impetus to the Hog
market, and outting and packing was begun
yesterday at various establishments. . If this
weather continues we shall hare an aotive
week in Pork; however, the reduced tempera
ture may affect other business until ourclticens
become acsustomed to tha change.
TJhitid Statu District Consr. The Jury
In the case of Washington McLean . the
Commissioners of Hamilton County, cams into
Court about noon on Saturday, and reported
that they were unable to agree upon a verdlot,
whereupon they were disoharged. They
seemed to be in favor of giving the plaintiff
damages, but disagreed upon the amount.
The following m th Sviivab a? o.a ;ph.
-'- (, Qwavx v. MU
jurura upon mo nrsi ana last oatioc
msT daixot ,
tAST B.ltOf ,
1 30,UUO
, 611,110
a ;oono
From the above it will be seen that ths av
erage upon the first ballot was over $94,000,
while upon the last it was a little over half as
muoh about $44,000. This fact may suggest
something of interest to all the parties con
cerned. . ;.. v
Stephen J. McOroarty, Esq., delivered a lec
ture before the Young Men's Catholic Liter-
o.fv Tnafiiilta a t 4Ka Mot.....! IT.ll
j - . - wuw uuuiiWu XU, VIX
the "Influence of the Catholio Church upon
tue utymzauon, Art ana literature or Mod
ern Times." The speaker Bpoke extempor
aneously for nearly an hour, illustrating his
subject by frequent references to history, and
showing that the ancient monks had preserved
through an age of darkness and ignoranoe
the records and transcripts of the classics,
which, but for the holy fathers, must inevita
bly have perished.
To the Church we owed the masterpieces
of Titian, Angelo, Coneggio, Raffaelle,and
other less illustrious artists, and to tha inspir
ation she gave to the thinkers, scholars and
poets of a past age were we indebted for the
countless intellectual treasures we now en
joyed. Mr. McG.'a discourse was logioal and
eloquent, and his frequent passages of fervid
rhetoric often elicited applause from a very
attentive audience.
No Honob Amoso Taawrs William Neely,
who, has just been indicto'iF before the Grand
Jury, for the laroenyof $iiOrom a pawn bro
ker's office, on the eorner oMTourth and Syea-more-street,
a day or two ags. manifested a
willingness to testify in rajXto ao aooom-
filioe, and upon being taken before that body,
t is supposed, made oath to the effect that
Franols Mollitor, who has just been made a
member of the chain-gang for a year, for steal
ing sundry artioles of olothing from divers
persons, was a party to the robbery with whioh
he was oharged. If this be true, as we are
inclined to believe, it would seem to give the
He to the eld saying that "there Is honor
among thieves."
Pbooicdinos or ths County Cokxissionbm,
At the regular session of tbe County Commis
sioners, on Saturday morning, orders were
passed amounting, in the aggregate, to $591 88,
of whioh $220 for exoavatlons ko., at the
Carthage Lunatic Asylum.
Mr. W. L. Thompson, Superintendent of the
steam department of the Court-house, to whom
was referred the bids of Miles Greenwood,
Oeorge D. Wincbell k Co. and S. M. Shield,
for furnishing machinery and pipes to supply
the reservoir at the Carthage Lunatlo Asylum
with water, reported adversely to all.
Apart from this no business of any kind
was transacted.
Tfli SrsnosB Hoobb. The following well
merited notice of the Spencer appears in a late
number of the Louisville Democrat.- "This
Cincinnati hotel boasts of one of the best
cuirtnes, and is otherwise one of the finest kept
hotels in the country. Prompt and courteous
attendants, excellent fare and good rooms, are
the ehief requisites of a hotel, but when
these qualities are found linked with the at
tractions of genial and courteous landlords
the traveler's felioity is complete. With
Messrs. Pratt k Motoalfe we advise all oar
oitixens to stop when visiting Cincinnati."
: ; . . i i a
- BfSee Hat of new books advertised by
Robert Olarke A Oo. In an other column.
Meeting of the Democratic Executive
Democratic Executive 'Committee of
Hamilton County mot on Saturday morning
last, at the hall of the Democratio Association,
in the Court-house, The chair was occupied
by the President, C.J. W. Smith, and the
following resolutions were adopted :
Rttohed, By tha Democratio Executive
Committtoe of Hamilton County, that, In pur
suance of a resolution of the Democratio Slate
Central Committee of Ohio, Conventions bo
held In the First and Second Congrensional
Districts, on Thursday, December 1, 1869, at
ten o'clock A. M. '
Rtolvei, That a committee of three mem
bers residing in the First Congressional Dis
trict, and a committee of three members re
siding in the Second Congressional District,
be appointed by the Chairman to procure
suitable places of meeting for each Conven
tion, said committees to report fortwith.
Retained, That the primary meetinjrs be
held On Wednesday, .November 30, 1859, at
the nsual places of holding elections, unless
otherwise designated in the publio papers by
each Executive Committeeman, tbe voting in
Cincinnati, Millcreek and Spencer Town
ships, to commence at seven o'clock P. M.,
end close at half-past eight o'clock P. M.,
and in the other townships the voting to
commence at four o'clock P. M., and close at
six oclook P. M. on said day, and that the
eleotions be held in the same manner, and
under the same regulations as governed elec
tions of delegates to tha late Democratic
County Convention.
Seeolved, Whereas the State Central Com
mittee have fixed the basis of representation
for each Dlstriot Convention at one Delegate
for each one hundred votes, and one for every
fraction of fifty votes and over polled for Bufus
P. Ranney, for tiovornor, that the delegatos
be and they are hereby appointed as follows:
First . ...hm,
.Second ......
Third .......
Fourth ....
Ninth ,
RlMVnnth .
, 2
Millcreek-N. JS. P....'.' 1
Oolumbia-Jl. P
Columbia-W. p
AU'teraon N. P
Andnrinn S P
... 1
.... I
.... 2
.... 1
.... 1
.... 1
... 2
Sycamore K. P
Sycamore- W. P.
Sevan teen th
TowNsHtrs. sileoates.
Springfield TC. P l
Sprlngfleld-W. P....... 2
tktl.mln a
,. 4
,. 8
. 5
I'-roiby ...i."" i
narnson 2
Whitewater ............M 1
!Jlni l
Green.. a
Storrs ........ ...,.,.,.. t
... 6
Mlllcreek-W. P 1
MillcreakIi. B. P t
Milcreek 0, P 1
Total .W.M....M.M....H...I
After the following- nla
nated for holding the Conventions, the Com
mittee adjourned :
Fint DUtriet At the Young Men's Na
tional Democratio Association Booms, in the
&eono! DUtriet At Beekenstein's Garden.
Twelfth Ward, on tha Harrison Road.
3arThe following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postage at the
Postoffioe, In this city, November 12.
J. L. Schuarn, Covington, Kv.
Aright & Wentwortb, Uostcn, Slats.
J. W. Barnhlll, KairAeld, III.
Jf. 0. Schults ft (!o Naur York CItr,
J. 4 G. Thompson, Scipio, Ind.
Meaari. Dr ad beer, I'etrolt.
Mils Bradheer, Detroit.
0. R. Mpaulrling, New Orleans, La.
K. Harris A Co., Xenia, Ohio.
M. n.Talbott, Oxford, Ohio.
Delderick Harthman, Bt. Louis, Mo.
Devon Co., Hi ploy, Ohio.
Geo. Thoman, llancbemer, Ohio.
Iu(PlnBro;. Clermont, Marion Co., IniL
Mi K. E Newall, Orirell, Bradford Oo., Peni.
Paul 8. Wright, Mallboro, Alans.
G.or Fink. low. Olt,. I?"" 1Ut'
Henderson, Kyger ft Co., Dauvllle, 111.
Oox 4 Bon, Terre Haute, Ind.
X. D. 1 n try, Pocahontas, Penn.
1. T. Allison, Madison, Ind. 1
or TBI Anti-Kidnippees. A meeting will be
neia in me new-siren unurou, east of Broad
way, this evening, for tbe purpose of consider
ing the lata fugitive slave case and the beat
method to brine kidnannara tn nnniahnunt
Some of the negroes of the oity seem to think
inai tney can produce inoontestible evidence
that the slave Tobe, or Prioe, was a free man,
and the meetlne has been called tn dmlrl. nn
the best course to pursue under the olronm-
Mbteoboloqioal Obsbbvatiobb For the
Pennv Prtn. bv Hnirv Warn. rwt1n wrt t
West Fourth-street. '
, , . . November 12, 1SJ9.
O'olock. Barometer. Thermometer
7 A. Ml 2D M 6J
.............,.29 04 Si
0 r. Ja.....M...,.....,w...,.iw K 40
, . November 1, is:e.
. m Barometor. Thermometer.
7 A, al,a,m 29.32 2
12 M .......(..... 29.53 2ri
t P. M....m................2.17
1 12 Fifth-btbeet. One hundred and twelve,
Fifth-street, is amagio number to all who pur
chase their dry goods in that popular mart.
Tbe fact is, C. S. Weatherby understands that
hall the battle now In nnnhulm. hi
at the right figures; otherwiie, he oould not
give Dargams oooiequontiy, be is always in
the Eastern market just at the right time, and
buys en the most advantageous terms. See
A Bccolio Pugilist sbst tp the Coohtt
Jail. A rural individual named Baldwin
Smith was committed to the County Jail, a day
or two ago, by Justice Crome, of Storrs Town
ship, In default of bail to the amount of $300,
to answer at the next term of the Court of
Common Pleas a oharge of assault and bat
tery upon a man named Peter Rawlin, whom
he afterward threatened to kill.
EirsssrvE Ecofoiit. Although economy
Is generally highly commendable, yet somrtimes,
whi n too rigidly praoti. ail, it Is found somewhat ex-
pensive. An luaUnca of this kind occurred lu this
city yeiiterday evening. Five or tlx young men from
Cincinnati came to thin place from Covington, and
when crossing the bridge, refused to pay their toll to
Mr. Turner, the ooilector. He followed themaorom
the bridge, when soma of them became hostile and
made loud threats, though they executed none of
tbeni. Tbey filially started np Btllevue street, when
;PB7WremetbyMarehal Cook, who oarried them
to jail, there to await a trial before tha Mayor this
morning. They resisted ih Marshal at flrat, but in
5t3ll.'!!i,d,J "rocfl11- is the penalty at.
taohed to this offense, '
Fains Kvnunva W. nntl,.a tk.i it.. ...v.
J ' u..,v.u . u u mq BUU
Joct of the removal of the free negroes from New.
mtrr ( rAeelvlns -..ms a, . ,
The following Is the section of the laws of ths State
reiod on for Ibis purpose :
Jfany free netro shall be found loitering abont the
city he shall be found gnllty of misdemeanor, and
npon conviction thereof he shall be hired out at
auotlon to the highest bidder for a term not exceed,
ingslx months.
A bt Palaob. We hope our citizens desirous
of procuring accurate llkeneinesof themselves and
families wll) call at tha "Art Palace," near tbe ferry
Uniting, and let Mr. Moore demonatate to them that
his pictures are of a superior order. Ambrotypes.
Meluinatynoa and Stereoscopes are executed In tbe
best etjla. In this Utter branch, in particular, he
has bean experimenting for the last ten year-, and
has now one of the bait Instrument" In tha country.
Let everybody call and examine the likenesses taken
with it.
Housb Stiocx bt Liohthwo. The house of
Mr. Simon Boss, near the eorner or Madison and
Saratoga-streets, was struck by lightning on Batnr
day morning hut, by which some of thewallsand tha
chimney were knocked down. Hone of the Inmates
ware Injured.
Cold Bath An Individual, somewhat In
ebriated, attempted to step on tha ferry-boat yeater
day afternoon, bnt was capsited by the gale, and fell
Intotherlver. Bather a cold plunge.
Bbsioitsd. We learn that Miles DeCouoey,
ff"-f roBiatsed the odea of Justice of tha Peace
for the oity of Newport. His successor will be ap.
pointed by the Governor,.
Steamboat Register.
,f "oeion, liouisvnie; Ligntroot, wash-
vlllej Ham Klrkman, Memphis: Melrose, Mayivllle;
Pomerpy, Pomeroy: Virginia Home, Neville; Dun
leith, do.; lunioo.WheeUng: Monarch, Dook. Prior-
ia, macieon.
wi.BuuMU, juouipnu, WIUUDUOra
(rry.NewOrleana; J. WTOheeeman. do.; Virginia
ome. Marine: Elian Orav. K.n.wh.- 1
Pomeroy; Bunlelth, Neville; Denmark, Portsmouth
KJiSTju'e ' Ui trtonu "" Boston,
Auktai Mbbtiko or tub Cikcisitati RsLrsr
TJbiok. The sttemlance at tbe annual meet
ing of tbe Belief Cuioii of this city, which
was held ort Saturduv afternoon last at the
Courioil Cbambor, was nit large, whioh was
doubtless owing to the excesiively disagreea
ble stato of the wi-&iur. The annual report
was read, but it has been already published.
It showed, however, that 1,453 families, num
bering, in the aggregate 2,057 individuals,
had beeu indebted during the past year to
the society for aid.
The greatest inoonvenience under which
tha Union labored was me difficulty it ex
perienced in procuring shoes for women end
children at reasonable rates. The Houte of
Kefuge could not furnish them with an arti
cle exactly suited to their wants but the evil
haa been remedied to a certain extent, and
this Institution will be able to supply them, in
all probability, during the coming winter
wbith all tbey rosy want.
The officers that have managed tbe Union
during the past have been retained for the
coming year, with the exception of u. B. As
pinwall and Samuel Btartsman. Mr. John
Whetstone retains the Presidency, Mr. J.
Herron the Secretaryship, and tbe treasury
remains under the management of Mr, Griffin
The Union acknowledged the receipt from
the Franklin Factory of a bale of cotton goods
that measured five hundred and seventy-one1
yards. This piece of generosity has become
a habit with the proprietors of that establish
ment, and we hope that they wilt find it one
which they may nerer wish to overcome.
Woon'a Tbbatsb "Tbb Msitei!T op
Vssioa." Mr. Anderson begins his sixth week thla
evening at thla popular pi -re of amusement, appear
liu inooujunotlonwith MUs Elaworthv in ihe vlav
UI QIIYLol'K. wbicll f.ir trnrinluhtM.t kutUUH I.
propxntinn muter Mr. A.'s direction, and will ba
prMentedaflcr the manner of (Jharlen Kean at the
Process theater. .Mr. A.'s "Moor or Venice'1 is one
of hi best parts, and Mlas E. will, waliellere. render
.... vm. .ui ui rorna wnu aoiiuy. -ine plav
having beau put npon the t iga with great care, anil
the piirtn judiclouly atsigneU, those who wltnase II
can dfpond npon an entertainment worthy In every
renpect of patronage,
ThKinu or the Comiiovh, on 8anrday evening,
drew a very good houw in spite of the execrable and
nnprecerienteilly vl lluinous waather.tbouab as a great
many were provented from attoudiug by that cauxe,
wasiigueot that Mr. Anderson repeats his admirable
peranution of Jamas V. bef jre ha closes his engage
ment.'' National ThbatbbFapbt and Mabocbb
its. This evening, the grand scenio spectacle of
Faust and Maiiouibitb. Imm Ouethe's great poom,
will be presanted at tbe National for the fli it time:
Mr. J. B. Boberts, the celebrated tisglan, enact
ing the part of "Mephiatophlles." This ipmtacle
hab-en in acllve preparatl .n for several weeks uu
der hii Immediate direction, and tha greatest pulni
and liberality have been ueatoweil i:pon the produc
tion unilor his ImmedUie direction. Every atteu
tlon has been gireu to the muse en rknk, and all the
properties and unities ol the drama, and we doubt
uotit will excel any thing of the kind presented for
yeirs in this city.
Mr. Roberts, as Is well-known, la a scholarly, con
scientious and intellectual artist, nd his represen
tation of "Mephist-iphlles" no vulgar devil is One
tbe's, but a most elegant and accomplished, though
ver-iloubllnggentlcmaii-wlll be a Brie and finished
performance, well worlh seeing, apart Irom the
gorgeous spectacle Itsrlf. Wo feel assured that Faust
asd MabouihiTB la destined to have a aucceasful
run. and we would advise all lovers of the beautiful
to visit the National this week.
Pike's Opbea-bousr. Manager Barras in
forms us that nearly all tboari istsoomposlnghis ex
cellent troupe have already arrived In the city, and
I hat every thing is prepared for the opening
on Wednesday evening. The drama-loving com
munity loeTa deep Interest in the opening of the
Opera-house, aud all the Indications are that the
season will be eminently successful. A flrat-oiast
theatrical company in every respect has lengbeen
wanted here, and as Manager Mm ras hits secured It,
the play-going public will not fail to show their
appreciation of such Jiborality and enterprise.
Thb Sacred Concert at tub Catbedbal.
The Qrand 8acr-d Concert at the Cathedral, last
evenlug, in apiloof tha cold, was largely attended,
thlar idllire being full or the admirers of Uaydu,
Hanimel anil Itandel. The programme was well se
lected, and those two finecom positions "The Heavens
are Tailing," and the "Hullalujuh Chorus," were
splri edly and effectively rondered. The muslo was
very Inipressire as tho various voices and the rich
toued organ awolled up to the pelted roof of tha dlm-ly-llghted
Cathedral, and bore the mind back to the
ensues the soul has pictured np of a by. gone age.
Whit the hand has written was realised :
"when music grieves,
The past returns in tears."
Bailboad Accident. On Friday morning
last, as tho upward bound freighttrain was nearlngtbe
water elatiou.ln the vicinity of Cyuthlana, Conduc
tor Wry st on observed a man lying across the track,
and instantly gave tho signal to have the train
checked up, at tuo same time tunning forward and
endeavoring to pull the matt out of danger, lie was
tinable to g-t him entirely off the tratk and the en-
fine run over him, emtio? off his feet at the ankles.
h efforts of the conductor doubtltss saved the life
of the uufonuuate man.
Qua reel Amono Negroes. On Friday ni'sht
last, four negroes, Wm. Lumbkln, James Lumbkio,
Frie ndalilp Bihop and Jamee ftewmxo, became in
volved inn kind of quarrel, near Arnoln's stable,
in which bowie-knives and pl'tols were flourished
hut nut used Officer Slff, hearing their boisterous
language, suddenly mana bis an pearanceamonx them,
and conducted them tojail. Tuey will have a hearing
this morulug. ;
Stbtjck bt Lightning). Daring; the thunder
storm on Saturday morning last, Mr. A. P. Boss
went 10 awiuuuw to Clove 11, anu wmie mere tne
llahtnlnu struck his house at tha chluiuev. anil da.
sc. niling, shattered bis left hand, from the effect of
wiiicu ne remained senseless ior atmost nttean min
utes, (lonsidtirttlile damage was dona the house. anH
all the Inmates received a Bavere shock.
Election Last Satubdat. We had hoped,
In our issue of this morning, to give the official re
turns of lliaspeciul election held uiiy be fore yesterday,
but are unable to do to. We learn that little interest
was manifested, und but a small vote polled. No re
turns have, as yet, been delivered to the Clark, but It
in generally bslieved that all ths propositions were
Axotbbb Peddlkb Finkd. H. B. Welky,
an unlicensed itinerant peddler, suddenly feundhlm
self indebted to tha city, on Saturday last, In tbe sum
of $13 60, for which judgment wa rendered by the
Monetary and Commercial.
Tbe extremely inclement weather a heavy
rain falling from tho opening to the close of Bank
hours had ade pressing effect npon out-doorbusiness
day before yesterday, and, as a natural consequence,
Third-street was quite dull for Saturday.
The demand for Money continued good, however,
and at tbe Discount-bouses the offerings of Paper
were more than equal to tbe capacity to accommodate.
Tha payments ol tha day wete nut large, and the
citecklngs of oity depositors lighter than nsual. At
the olose of the weak the supply of Currency, accord,
lug to the representations ot the diflereut Bankers,
wits leesthau on tha preceding Saturday.
The general 1 usiness of litst week was hardly as ao
tive as during the week previous, but as large a could
have boen expected during tbe period immediately
preceding the openiogof the packing season.
Eastern Exchange grew in better demand toward
the termination of the week, and the market closed
quite steady yesterday at H(iito. buying ait J H prera.
selling. Itccaalonally sales have beeu made at 440
but only incases where dealers hare been short of
A good deal of New Orleans Paper bank notes
was returned during tha week; one bouse sending oO
t 5,0(0 te Jffl nuo per day for ten days, for the purpose
of ubtaiutug exchange on the East a step some ol
the baukers deem uuwise, a tbey euppose when an
Increased demund rises for groceries here It will be
necessary to transmit Gold for the I'aper senttblther.
Bank notaa are, however, insunlcieus supply In the
city, and will be coming in, doubtless, to meet ail
tbe Indebtedness created In the South.
The demand fur Flour on Saturday was limited, and
almost entirely local, without change In price.
Whisky was unaltered, and the inquiry lair. In Uugs
there were no transactions, in consequenoe of the
continuation of unfavorable weather. Provisions
were aulas, little doinff in anv article. Wheat u a.
uusettled, and prices, were Irregular. Other kinds of
grain ruiea as may mil on s naay.
The receipt of Produce during the twenty-four
hours ending Saturday noon were as follows:
Flour, brls ...... M...Aal Whisky.... ....1,423
Corn, buthels.........AW3 Wheat, bushels. 7,UM
Oils, " ...........4,IM Barley, " n.....ai6
Hog, head......, m
Friday's Hew Tork Tribune says of Thursday's
Money and Foreign Exchange market:
The Money market is without change. The Banks
are not disposed to take anything but very short re per
at lest than the legal rates, even II their receipts,
which are large, should not bo absorbed. The busi
ness season having nearly passed, very little dry goods
Paper is seen, and Crst-class bills maturing in May
are readily pasaed at and under legal rataa. At th
Discount-houses the raise for flrat-olaae signatures
are 6(37 par ceut. Demand loans are vary easy at
6S per cent.
In Foreign Ixohaags tbe market la quite inactive.
f.tSl1 "W' Sterling is 109XlloXj Francs,
Fhotographlo two's on the Bank or Mew Tork, well
calculated to deceive, have been put in elrcnlation In
that oity.
Parties have been arretted in New Tork for passing
counterfeit 14 bills on the Oitixens' Bank ofWor.
ester, Mast.
The Kew Tork Independent of last week thus re.
fsrs to tbe Dry Good's market In that city.
Trade at first hands It over for the season, but con
siderable activity still prevails with the principal
Jobbers. Their sales however, are limited to tha
near-by and city circles. Auction sales are few and
unimportant Spring goods are arriving In market,
but fun are sold. Woollen fabrics seam to be rising.
The advance in tha price or tue raw material at home
and abroad Is very serious, and compels manufactu
rers to insist on betterpricee. Aspreaentatockawork
down, this will become very apparent, Fall stylee of
goods can be bought at somewhat lower prices, as
there It a disposition to gat clear of this kind of stock,
Dome. He- goods are to moderate danism!. Stsplo
eattnn fabrics are firm, with a fair demand fur Chloa
anil South America. Prints Kr-ln reduced slf-k; the
lower grades are lower In price. raacy woollens are
somewhat in excess of His demand. The ltuporta.
lions of kngll.li, RaUlan e.r.rj German guftos have
been and are yet rxpr.ted to ba Isrg.-, wltleh keepa In
check tho sales of damtie produoltona iikt al I tli
inaar nrm In prt- under thaad.noi'. it' e uf
the raw material. Tie price of eott 'U, nn tlm ron
tryry. Is tending downward, but the supply of tto
fabrics has not bean excessive, like that cf wooli-n
and silks.
In reference to theSsn Tnnclsco market, Messt .
W. T. Coleman A Co. writ by the last steamer;
Monetary affulrs remain muoh In Iba same condi.
Hon as they were on the ave of the sailing of the
staamsrof IheSth Inst. Throughout tin tortni? it
we Intra bep thecoinplaint of a scarcif of fit ids,
as on" -titling iiiditevinetiti 10 invest in uieritlisn i,e,
even on terms otherwiie favorab . Hi. tint reason
able, literature, to infer that in iuimiItu the p e-snt
steamsr engagements considerable iriurehuy will be
experienced At the time of writing there is u tii l.k
demand, the rates being iii't par tout.; the former
figure, however, on tha most nnqueetlonabie and
ample seourtly only. Tha 00110 try continues re y
backward Id its remittanc', end little relief la tbis
resprot Is anticipated until the vl-llatloo of rum
hall have enabled the miners to meet their e ge
meats with ths merchants In tli-ir respective locill
ties. Early in tha month the receipts of gold duet
showed some Increase, bus latterly they litre not
been so sat iafaetorr. bight Extliauge ou the hast re
UlAiot at 2 per cent, premium.
FLUUIl Ths tuarkot It unchanged and unlet; the
demand being local and quite limited, 'ilia silee
comprise ton hrls. at St lai for extra, and Si is
fur extra family, deliverod. J,63i brls. were rnoi n'ed
tfaelsst twenty-four hours.
WHISK Y-There is no change In the marltat: the
demand la fair at previous prices: sales vl l,3ut) bus.
at 2t'4c, including that fromaag n.
HOUS-The weather is unfavorable, and we did
not hear ot a sale to-day. ti t5 75 are t he nomi
nal ratee.
PROVISIONS There was but little done to day,
and the market ruled ifulel. About 60 nh ts. B tcnoi
sold at 7c. for shoulders, and V4c. fur bides, noth
ing transpired 0 mes Pork or Lard.
O KiiCEKIKS -The market is unchanged and qnlst.
The sales are confined to small parcels in I he regu ar
way at mm: for Hngar; 4$43o. lur Molasses, and
llwIJwafor CotTre.
WIlEvr The market lsqulet,and prices era Ir
regular and Unsettled. Holders are aski. g (I tu$
SI 18 fur prime white, but bojerado not nfler wltliia
S((i1c. of thrKO prices: sales 700 bush, prime white,
delivered, at$l IS.
(li KN The market Is Arm, a 1th a good demand at
(JA'IS Themarketcontlnnfadnll, bnt prioss tre
without sy jdal change: sales SOU bush. In bulk at
UfE-Ths mrket1idnil;prlcesremalnnachsug.)il
from onr last quotation.
HARIiKY liters is no change In the market;
prime fall is sailing atiS;c.: and fair to good
OHliESE Th'.demsnd continues active and price
steady: aales W boxes Western Reserve at Sc.; W do.
Ettslish Daily t Ho.
BUiTK-rhe market for prime Boll ledull.owl-g
tn the warm weather, but prices are without aic-olal
obange: aales 10 brls. prime Boll at ISJio.
. APPLEd-Ths market continues dull: sales 100
brls choice at S3 40.
P0TATOE8 -The market Is very dull, but prices
are nncbanged from our last qutaMons.
iTsV. RflEARS CO., Sales-rooms Nos. n7 and ft)
Main-street. Groccrl s, ao., at Auction. We will
ell, Vaii (Monday; MORNING, ttttvember 14,nt
O clock, a general assortment uf Groceries, tic, con
sisting of ao brls. Molasiva; 23 boxes Sugar; iSU do.
tin and As Tobacco; 21)11 Rets Nails, assorted; 2,.'.00
bdls. Paper; 150 kegs Mix-twist Tobacco.
ALSO Indigo, Ktitiucgs, Ground Spices, Soda,
Soap, Bope, Bedcords, Twine, ta oodonware Ac.
noU ii. BKAOIIKAK8 a GO , AucUoneers.
iW. & CO., No 33 Main-street Boots, alioes 81a.
pie UrocerieB, Liquors. Ac. at Auction. Ou TIIK.'i
DAY AlUBNlKU. Novemb-r U, at 9 o'clock, IndiKO,
Nutmegs, urnnnd Spice., Salvratus, Twine, L'ottou
Cordllslter Hope, Bedcords, Ac.
AL80-2obags Itio Coffee, it) mats Java Coffee, 1
boxes and hints Virginia, Kentucky aud Missouil
robacco, JO bbls. Banned Uyrup, a tierces Kite. 1, (wo
b-lls. Bag and etraw Paper. Ac
AL8U (5 cases Menrs and Boys' Boots. Brognns,
omen's jsnd Misses' Bunts. iiult
i& JOHNSTON, In Sales-rooms, Nn.M Malu-str
(noxt ttt Trust (Joirvpany Bank).- Large aud Desira
Die ctock of Dry Goods, Buots, Hhues, Huts, Jtn , at
Auction -Ou 'f UIuSDaY MOKNlNO, November 16,
at o'clock, will be sold, without reserve, a large
and desirable stock of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
Tailors' Quods. Trimmings, Ac.
A .SO-SO cases Men's and Boys' Brogans ; Wo
men's, Miseos and Children's Shoes; Ateu's Ion
gtess Gaiters ; Msu's and Boys' Dools, Sc.
A LSO-Lnrge stock of i ouglas & Sherwood's Boop
Skirt-, which will be put up in liberal lutt and sold
without ruserre.
noM THOMAS Jf)HN8T0H, AiicHonaer.
UC'I'Ioaj a l, K LOTS IN CAM,
BIIIDGE CITY, Indiana, at Auction. HE W
ON A HOLMES will sell, on WBuNKSDAY, No
vember 23, itt I o'clock P. 81 , at the Merchaiita' Kx
change, without reaerva, 25 Lota In thai ity of I'ltin
brldge, ind , iinimproved, belougingto the lute Com.
mercial Bank of Cincinnati. Hale positive. Ti rms
cash. Title, quit claim. Further particulars m the
sale. noli
A Co. Excellent Furniture, Piano, o, at
No. 214 West Fourth street.-will be sulJ on TUKti
DAY diuKMNU, November l, at 9 o'cock, the
eutire furniture, viz.: lu parlours A Parlor Sot
warrunted solid Bosewood, consisting ot two Hi f,s,
two large Chairs, and four Parlour 1 hairs, uue Bro
catelle Sociable, four Brocatella Par or Clmirs,
Hosewood Marbls-top Ceo tor Tabic, Kteg'-e, Brus
sels Carpet, Bug, to. Chambers A iitxcuuod cham
ber Set, vl,.: ilalf Canopy Bedstead, Mnrble-top
freesing Bureiu, Marble-top ashstnud, Siitrble
t p Table and four Chairs t wo 11 ui -cloth Sofas,
tao Uatr-cloth lEIiubeth Chairs, Lunltiog-gliKiies,
Table, French and other Bedsteads, Dressing Bu
reaus, Wardrobe, two 11 O. Diriius, Wasbstunils,
Chairs, Fee. ther Beds, Hair Mattrassta, Brussi'lsauJ
other Oarpets. -ALSO
Piano-Forteand Pictures.
Hall snd Uioing Boom Mahugauy Marble-top
8lde Boartl, Mahogany Ii C Sofa, nil Cloth, Dining
Table, Window Blinds, Clock, Cane-srnt t hairs,
China Tea-set, Castor, Dining A are, Glass Ware, Ac.
ALsO I'oal Cookiug Mtove aud apparuiua, lea
Che-,t,esf, and Kitchen Furniture.
N. ft Tha Piano aud Pioturea will ha .old at 11
J AC till Git, sr, AtiPtlnneor,
noli No. ID East Fuurili-struet.
life muma society
OfBce 9S Broadway, evr York.
entire profits, pro rata, among its Policy Hold
ers, legal luterest (7 per cent, only) is paid on Its
stock, which may, by Investment, reproduce about
that amount, than-i.y living the aseuied all t hand
vantages of tbe Ku 1 Mutual System, with the
pledge of a Perpetual i rdial stock and the added
security that its board id 1)1 roc tors have a P. rnsa.
naut Moneyed Interest in cuuducl'ogile affairs with
prudence and strict economy.
Its rates are based upou the most approved Kngllsh
tables of mortality, verified by Au'truan experience
to the present time.
By tbe Charter, Dividends to the Assured are to he
declared every live years, aud may be applied to the
reduction of premium, or will be orediied upon the
policy, thereby increasing the amount Insured.
Parties d .airing to Insure will be furnished with
the Society 'e publications, rates, c, gratis, upou up-'
plication to the Agent.
Ko. WILLI is U. ALEXANDER, President.
llENltY B. IIYDIC, Vice Pretldeut.
KuWA KD P. WILLI A MS. Secretary.
OKO. Vl . PHILLIPS, Actuary.
hoc m, boa an or asrcuENca sua orNctNWATT.
We, tha under signed, taki, pleasure In stating that
"The Equitable Lire Assurance Society." of (HW
York.ropreaontedin thiscttv by David A. Trnax, l.tq .,
Is enilroly worthy the confidence of this commuultr ,
and that the combination of tha Mutual and Joint
Stock principle as by them presented-render tins
Company one of the moat oetlrabte for insurers lu
tbe country:
Stedman, Carlisle ABhaw, Btanhope 8. Rowe,
J. S. Chenewetb A Oo., S. S. L'Homntediau,
Blachley, Simpson A Co,, I). . Corwin,
Thompson A taaffe, H. K. Spencer.
33 West Third-street, Basement Masonic Tempi
joun n.TArr. m. i).,
oetl Examining Physician.
that they are selling lumber at their yard ou
Freeman-street, ntxtto Cincinnati, Hamilton und
Dayton Ballroad,
Than any ctha Lumber DeaUers In ka oitr.
"Quick Sales and Small Profits M
Tber submit the following list of prtceet
CTear lem'sar, all thicknesses, I ta. mm?$M$OH
BastOoaipon, l and 11 inch Plank...... x no ,
Besit 1 Inch Boards.......... js 7 Mfli
r. 'hiknes..Z ZT.lt m 11 Z
Third Boards. .. .. to
grub Plank, face measnre ..... jj OS
Unmtlook Joist, Scantling and Tlmbar., II Hi um
Sfl.JL " .-lt 00
first Common floorinf Boards. as on 37 so
Baoeud " ' .m 23 75 is in
First Common Weather Boards.,..... l tsi 17 m
Saoond " .,.. u 00 1J tsl
Ue-lar Posts, 4 by 4, feet, per hnudred.. M tsi rn ist
Cedar ' for fencing, " " . 80 00 88 M
Locust " si so nn 32 ni
A further radnotlnn of Vi per osnt will be made en
bills of .V or mora,
We hare one of tbe largest and best selected stocks
of Lumber In the Olnolnuatl market, which We offer
for sale at the abors prioea. .

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