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It published dally, ( Bandars excepted,) by
orrioi-ao. it wn . o rit a-st but.
TBI PENNT. PBI88I1 delivered to siibacrlbert Id
Cincinnati, Covington and ITewjort, and ror. '
rounding oltlsa and towns, at the x ;
tromely low price of ".. . ..-,,
nucisdr maiumo! ! j - 1, j
Single copies io.; Imonth40o.; I months! 1; I year U.
1 - -.... .
nor the-,..,.. ; ;
Mr. Anderson and MisS Elswortby
Have been expressly engaged tV give thii magnifi
cent production all eclat aud effect.
THINBVININ-S November 16, will be presented
Bbakspeare's grand nve-aot Comedy, entitled
Or. The Merchant or Vmilrn.
Mr. Anderaon
Launcelot Gobbo.., .(.,.,.....
uratlano ,;..........'..,....'.......
..Hiss Elswortfay
....Ur. Langdon
.-.Mr. jcil-ler
,....Mr, Bead
......Mr. Hanu
Duke of Venice
.,..Mr. Fisher
nr. ball
iitiiiinmHiiiiiiiiiiiiwHH M WW lCUIlnlH
t ! et 1 1
nnwnWMiMeflalW fr BltV
( Dance, br Mill Kate Pennoyer
" Tne performance will commence each evening
wheFA01UTK FAB01. - - -
, fsTDoors open at 6H; Onrtalh rise! at TM o'clock,
faicts or Admissiob Dress Circle am 1 Pve.iie.te,
DXicents; Gallery, ascents. " '
Third nlghtnf.the popular Tragedian, i T
ME. . B. ROBERTS. ' d
THIS (Wedneaday) EVENING, November 16, and
every evening during the week, will be acted, the
great Legendary Drama, tram the German of Gosthe,
entitled ' " - - -
Faust and Marguerite.
SlephUtophllea... ....,....Mr. J. B. Boberts
Fault (an aged Scholar,'....'. Mr. 0. Bluart
Marguerite .,...,JIn, 0, Henri
Dtnce by . ....Miss Jennlo High t.
The performance will commence with tbelnngh
aVle farce called -..
Huns UorltK.M.......HM,i HiMm.wMi Mr. Bernard
Wrneat Waldbarg -.:..4Ir. Q. Stuart
Louise W aid bnrg ........Miss A. Graham
TI1H NEW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, la now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can he obtained by the day or week, and
meals firntshad at all hours - ' J
BoTlOB. Tradeeman and other, are cautioned
ag'lust furnishing any articles for the theater with-
euia wrmen otaar, aignea by. in jianagef.
niir wsa nnini? i-irnrTSTT"?
.'hM. II. Barraf
f. K. Conway..,
. Manager,
..Stugo Director.
Grand Opening Night. ,,.
liiS ( Wedneaday) EVENING, Noy'ember .if, tl
wl te preaented, the exijuilte- elAyiu flyeacta, by
Wtland Manton, and performed at the Prlnceta
Tlater by Mr. and JVtra. UUarlea Kean with bril
liit mcceji during an eatlrtiaeatoa, entitled tt ijt
Ob, Tub Poob Dbmhbant,
Wil the following powerful dlstrtbutlon of char-
poLtffiO; n&mx-.
Mitoa, a Gentleman of Fortune Ur.. Pjckaoil
HhJiJius Topplugton, Bart. , Mr. Hall
Jibihia Butler -..-.......Mr. Lanagan
Atii Blake, the Dapendant,.i.......M..Mr8. (Jon way
LalToppington Mra. Place
blot, a liouaekeener Mra. Wllkina
Daw ..-...Miaa Slaulay,
Orenro Jubilee Weber
Oreute Marl tana Wallace
eader of Orchestra Mr. J. Strobel
Tcondudo with Morton', famous Comedy,-In two
actcntltlel ii . .
fltrten Plnm, hia original character..,, Mr. Ounway
Tofl winkle, hla original character.. ..Mr. Davidge
Slrktbur LaBelle.. Ur. Bherldan
Jaaw Plum....,..(.M..,...-....i...... ..Ur. Hall,
t r4rlck Plutu..!..'... .a;. Mr. filcMon-
Ilarls Mr. Dennlston
Malha Gibba..... uuiU.......Mra. Conway
L Valeria - Misa Crocker
lit Leatherbridge...... - Mrs. Place
h active rehearsal. Tain Tayloi'a beautiful Qomi
fjbf BTILIi WAl'SHS J1UN, DKBP., , ,, (1
Rtnlc Artist to the establishmenl, Mr. Wm. T,
Foreri Master Machinist? Mr. 8. J, Blmmond ; t'..a
nemud splendid Vi ardrohe by Mr. A- B. Van Horn ;
tUelne Historical and other Propertlu by Ur. J.T.
Vatpn. .
Vsicm or ADmtBion. Parquctle Circle, rarqaetle
Hirt Balcony, 50 cents; Amnhitheater, 2b cents;
?iiva;e Boxea for eight persons, 88.
uoors open aiem o ciook ;,pommencec7M. tj
Box Office open from '10 -A". M. untir4fl.fi.; bte
Onlf is rears) evf agei Hlght, V feet 3 la,
y l .MiklSgWia thef rf
TIDC17Qfr BAV "IV' WlTf l1i7lit IB
a ilxci WUB1
i AtMniKlt'tVSKUV' i'ni weettitnorei
Sitnmencing on MONDAY, Kor. 1,1Wh riolUa-.
Bnd'Propriet6r..........'...!jMO, H0W4BT&
This newaad beantfol TEMPLE Of THB MDBE8
ipeued for the season on
"; ' THPR8DAY, OCTOBER ar, I 'i i
Vith a full and talented DRAMATIC AMD CON
KK t TBOUPK, aelected from the different thea
ir and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 10 cents. For particulars see small
IhV'Olyiripto Saloon" will be open at all hours
luring the day. The Ban are stocked with choice
lues, LjQUors and Cigar.. ; ; oc2 -
-1 1 L ii;
U i A ' M ft T'T'fS
.-... t K 'i3 b S
st. . y
vv on the shortest notice), and i
nost fashionable style, all kinds of
on the shortest netke, and in the latest and
ihionable style, all kinds of
'! ',: t r '' :. j
AtJCTtON BILLS; -i '.! KOBTflAGBBl, ff,
bonds; OODPONB;
R All Ii RO A?D
i j. .f ? y W;'TViH
talent JMffU Depot,
1 'JNq. 210 Weiterh-row,1-
Jnolltw' 1 ''''Wi WAW),'
so 16 dosen very superior Bpahtah Olives. For sale!
M and Branch Store W West Fourth-st.
iui.',, ,Jron Block Lettora are mifnuraotnrod.
i sisrAll work VlrruBteoT to'glve'iatlsfaeHoil."-'
Wi i i v m1 , I ' ...,,,.,, .. . ,i - , , (,
KjVOL. 2. NO. 75.
o . , r . -
' " ' I . ''l fi', ll rf ft ...... - ... . 1 T7"
lMQRNINQ,' NOVEMBER! 6. , 1859.'.
Arrivals of Trains.
tttiB SuAKi.-Nlght ExpreeJ, S:00 A.
modatlon, 1M r. a.; Day Eipresa, S:39 ?. a
a.; 1:40 a. a. , . ... ; j , , i
Ohio-ajio MiaoiMiP,-8:l a, a.t 'l:23 j. a.: JOtU
Departures of Trains.
LPtTi.s Mum.-Day Ejproas, 10:00 a. v, Aeccm
mwauon,4:wr. a.i Mght Express, ll:sup. a.
LVDHNiPOtlS AMD CtHOIHNATI. 0:50 A. H.t 13;14 r.
a.j 7:00r.a. .. .. . n '
Ohio and MississimOO A. C J 1:00 f . a .; 7;M P. w.
Oinoinnati, Hakiltoh and Datton.-:0O Mi at.; T:30
a. a.; 10:00 A, a.; 3:0r. a.; 6:30 v. a j 11:30 p. a.
Mabiitta abb Cincinnati.-9:40 a. a.; 8:40 r. a.
asraon. .awara Everett is writiotr an
on. Edward Everett
article on W(whlpgljoft"for foreign BBoyolo
pedia. iiittH i 'j ' .-A ;'if j, 'i
iZSfir North Carolina appropriates $180,000
wr ,iree tanwf. purposes. t outn Carolina
ooiunuutefl ?i,uuu ior tne Hue parpoie. J y
-Wly ia 'itBnantpool of water like a
leaden image of Satan? Beoanie one is a dead
level, and the other a lead devil.
. 3$8i,000 have been expended "to anbatl
tute benohea for deaki in tha Hooje of Ropre
lentativei at Washington. " .' ' ' - .
fi&It It eatimated that Hen Fever Jiurn
ham made 140,000 a yoai while acting g State
LJqnor Agett:firchngeet8 J '-jj 1 1
- lThe intermente in St Louis during
the past week were eighty-four, against one
hundred and tyrwtjjaet wety jif
r-John C. Terrell has been convicted in
MalborouifhjPariBh,, 8. C, ot'invxdering bis
grand-fathei) and sentenced to be hirngi p
BTProfessor Sweet has been walking upon'
wires Buspenaea lotiny over rivers at cne
pachet, R, I,, and Norwioh, Conn, '
Last we'eaV'i'elli Jrifoore, an olct eiident'of
Madison County, was instantly killed by the
falling of a tree.
. ' AlltUe;tfanghteror TravenefGough;
of Fauiinler .Co,unty,rVa was accidentally
burnt to death on Thoridav last.' 1 ' -o-.jx.
$&" A young man named Apperson was
shot last week, in Buckingham County, Va.,
by afiother named Toney, and died the next
day , r
ThS President aadcnifeotbnt of the
Bank of Weston, have notified the Treasurer
of Virginia of their intention; to wind nj 'its
affairs, and cease the business of banking.
- ffim , auu rojjuir ,Buup iuounenusu'Wiui ine
Nashua and Lowell 'KailriaJ, inKashua, N.
H., was destroyed by Are on Friday, and
seven cars wefw'bnrnW .U'a jt .j. i.
A clerevman, who found it impossi
ble tp provide for himself and family oat
of his slender income, wrote to a friend, "I
give up my living to save my life -,-- , .
f "The New Orleans Board of TTnlerwriters
have offered a reward of $3,000 for every ap
prehension and oonviotlon of an incendiary
during the next twelve months. '
' f eMr. lluraca Dsnfisoa. who resided about
two miles from Newark, 78.' J., Was killed oh
Wednesday, by accident, while engaged in
digging a welU - r 'jj'-j '. j 0
9Madame Dubois-Davenne, the famous
sculptress, baa been commissioned to (zeolite a
marble bust of Beranger for the Academy of
Paris. - , ''..'.
fA roan in Kalamasoo is training an elk
to trot on the race, course. The elk has al
ready trotted, against a horse for a purse of
seven hundred dollars, winning the prize by
a long distance. ' ' ' '!'. .. t . .
:) SsTThe system of holding political conven
tions is about' io De tried in Canada. . 'lhis
institution is one of our Amorioan notions,
whioh are becoming popular with our neigh
bors.;'' ... ' ' '." ' . , . - t
, The publlo are little aware of the
great extent to which the business In sewing
machines is carried. The sales since: their
first introduction some seven years ago have
exosded $7,000,000. ", V, .
AS" Washington Territory is six hundred
3 lies long and two hundred wide, and eon
ins one hundred and twenty-three thousand,.
ana twenty-two square miles, it ii now prin
cipally valuable for its lumber. ' " ''' -
sTThe rotunda of ear Capitol at Columbus,
now fast approaching completion, promises to
be one of the finest specimens of architecture
in the oountryV The inlath work is done, and
the plastering progressing rapidly.
the well-known Tennessee editor and contro
versialist,' was at one time a house carpen
ter at Abington, Va.,and Is now, we may add,
adisgusting blackguard, in KnoxvlUe, Tenn. ;
4 jSHenry .8. Loper, a prominent citizen
ef. Charleston, S."0, and cashier ojf the Peo
ple's Bank of South Carolina, accidentally
fell into an open cellar on the Oth inst., in
flicting a dangerous Wound on his head.
The women in Minnesota find'nrofit-
abTe employment in farming. It is said that
the farm work in that State is now performed
by about half as many females as males.
The introduction of the ' Teutonic element
probably accounts for tbisstaWof things, A
j Scf'Fifty editors, of Maine, having recently
gone out on an exoarsion, made a common
'purse and .bought a box of sardines for din
nor, anu in oonsequenoe oi weir reoKiess ex
travaganoe forty-nine of them have linos taken
tie benefit of the bankrupt Uw.; ;; ' j , v- f.
j SIn Turkey there are now 18,879 school;
for Mussulmans, which are frequented by 230;
645 boys and 121,295 girls, and. superintended
by 11,228 teaohers. There1 are alio 2,249
lohools for Christians, receiving 105,361 boys
i md 7,808 girls, with ,8,250 teaoheri. . C'
The new tea Crop in Chiri1f . ii coming
lowly into the market. . It is said to be an
ibundant one, and ef & gooit quality. I. High
iriceg are asked by holders, and not much
aotivity in the market, on account of the ar
parent insecurity of every kind ct property
fust atthg present tune,! ! ' .-k i..
I iast week, atthe knife manufaotriry,
Lltohfleld Conn,, a little girl sevtn'yeari old,
named Elisabeth Tvrrell, caught her dress in
ithe shaft of i a revolving wheel whioh made 40
' , .1 . . .. 1 1 C j. 1 1 - '
reroiuvioua wiquui, ana osiare it ovuim dw
stopped the ohlld was so mangled and orushed
that she died instantly., ( - - "-''.
'bT A gentleman aged1 fifty eloped with a
girl of fifteen summers, from Qallipolis, Ohio,
a few days since.' They were hotly pursued by
the anxious "parlent", of the latter. And re
ceived several salutes in the rear from ail shot
gun, but without any Injury whatever The
names of the parties are not given. ,.',,,,
-RevA.'Pryne Will oooupy theVditorial
ohair of Fred. Douglass's paper in the absence
of Dougls'l in Europe.'. Prjne will be remem
bered as the Anti-Slavery opponent of Parson
Brown low, In their famous discnsslon'of the
merits of tlarery, at Philadelphia, several
months slnoe. - -- .
yaaThe .Baitimoreefoni Cetitr'al Coii
mftted have Oifered a reward of $1,000 for the
arrest and conviction' of ' the' murderer or
mufdererkbf Adam 'Barklie ' Kyle, jr., who
was brutally killed In the vicinity or the t-teenth-Ward
vollanik the Si fhat This re-
warn lilh additlon t tha d0 affared bv tliei
i .. " -
I city autnorities.
;;Thi InsAKiTr of Obbbii Smith. oy As
bdmbd. Ibb Troy; (N. T.) findgti, Demo.'
oratiepaper says: , - 2'",:",,V!,"li '
' We dad the opinion la quite prevalent that
the lunacy bf tierrit Smith- la feigned. We
oan not fall Jin wUa this opinion. H seems td
us that hisjoonduat for the last, fen or 'fifteen
years has bten such t to convince any oae
that he was not eiaotly a person of sonnd
mind. ; Although, perhaps, perfeetly sennd on
all ether subjeots, his mania for negroes hag
been such that he has given away small farms
to as many of them as choose to take tbem-r
he has lavished his hospitality tipon them,
but to all others, who, In their- name, might
undertake any scheme of . philanthropy or
plunder. I ' ' , "
We have seen him, sometimes presiding, and
sometimes; occupying an humble teat; in the.
so-called conventions'! of his eolored breth
ren, addressing them aa "Brother "Jackson,"
"RrntW LTnnM." trn . on nt nnt. TMiviniv
cromer uones," aro., ana
to relish the thing without the Jeast approach
to satiety. . .
Gerrit Smith is naturally too bold and too
honest a man to resort to any such pretence,
even to safve his own life ; if. indeed, his life
was in danger.' The constant straining of
his mind over the subject which- has en
grossed his attention for so many years, and
especially ever since he resigned his seat in
Congress in August, 1864, has been sufficient
to render) any person now tompot mentis; and
the recent ekoosure of i his nnmnlinifv, with
Brown his probably produced the climax of
Biamaiaar. r '." r.-r""'""
V. .. T
Trdi 1 ,iuatoK.T-aeoige William Curtis in
a rgoent eoture, expressed this eloquent sentl-
msnttj "'V''1 ""t"''!';-''--.
I oall John Howard a religions' man; call
Miss Dii a ' religious woman; I call the great
body wh ; Iri the love and hope of humanity
sverywh ire, have fought the great fight with
slavery, with ' Intemperance, with any sooial
sin, a re igtous "body. I oall the spirit which
plucks a andoned orphans from the slums of
great Cities and makes them men; whioh takes
ppor,Bta ving hesitating girls and mskei them
women; whioh gives meat to the hungry, and
drink tc the thirsty; whioh olotbes the naked,
visits t le sick and the prisoner, and opens
its door to. the fugitive from every land, the
spirit w iloh is more prompt to do the Will of
8pd th in to celebrate his perfections; who1
believe that the service of faith is not in say
ing, "1 ow thankful I ami" but in doing the
will of ;he Father you may call, it by what
name y( .Willi yon, aia .crown; with,
the tho 'ds of superstitious c&nteWpt I call
it a rel gious spirit, , The great heart of the
age. beftting through all its busy life, and
with tllat lova of God .whioh is; perfect lib-,
erty, rispbnds from its homes; its workshops
its teaming fields, from' its straggles, its
hopesjits faith, its despairs, almost "Not he
that crfieth Lord! Lordl but he that doeth the
will oE the Father." ,
A dosiPtiOAiKD Row im New Oblbahb.
The New : 6rleanr correspondent J)l the. 6 1
Louis utepubUcin writes In resent letter: a s.
i . i fPk.l ii p i . . .". ' . 1 . ' it.'
Auwurigiu v urge majority oi street Drawn
ana ai rays IS ox no greater importance than
that o ' one which occurred yesterday, inwhieh
a man named 9 struok a mad named J
with i loaded cane, and received in return a
pistol bullet, whioh will probably in due time
term! ate his earthly 'existence, The- quarrel
was a I about a mulatto woman, the mother of
J-r- 's ohildren, though how it arose, or what
Jt wa for, is of no consequence. A few years
ago t e same J rulaed a oung gW and
was c impelled by her brother-in-law to marry
her. He was just about going .on board a'
steamship to escape the consequences of his
condlot, when the brother-in-law Intercepted
him, land, with pistol presented, forced him to
returb and espouse the - girl, whom, however,
he ston deserted and slandered most infa
mously, and was then compelled, by the puga
nioiohs brother-in-law, to sign an exceedingly
humiliating doounene,-confessing himself a
liar ana cainminator.! lie returned to the
form ir dusky partner of his bosom, who some-,
time afterward oowhidsd him in the street for
somi offense he had given' her.,, Such oocur
reno a are all the more harrowing to the nerves
of di osntly disposed people, when, as in this
ease the persons .concerned .occupy positions
whish should make them, respectable members
ofldoietyvi :V?; 'W-': v."." . -m:.
T ElilBBOir ON" Johh Bbowm. In a recent
lectire, in Boston, .en eourags, Ralph Waldo
Embrson, after alluding to the heroes of other
times ana other lands, who, "as soon as they
are I born, take a bee line to the raok of the
"Llok nearer, at the ungathered records oft
ino io wno nave' gone to languish in prison or
to ( ie in resonitig others, or in rescuing them
set- es from ehains of the slave ; or look at that
nev saint,: than 'whom none purer or more
brs re was ever led by love of man Into conflict
ana death ; a new saint, waiting yet his mar
tyrdom; and who, if he shall suffer, will make
nei gaiiows glorious iiao a. cross.
atal Shootino Affbav Ig LOCISVILIB.
urday afternoon an altercation ooourred in
i's livery stable, In Louisville, Ky., between
men John Nethercott atd John Dorsev.
o were interested in a lot of horses. . They
irward .walked no street and eneaeedih
qiiarrelaome conversation; Dorsey attaoked
Nktheroott, Bt'ruck him with a bottle over the
hSad, knooked him dowa and then beat him
erelr. Daring this encounter two tistol
shots were fired by Nethercott, one charge
entering Dorsey's head, just over the eye, in
flating a horrible wound; and the ether pass
ing t through his left hand, wounding him
Ravages or Typhoid, Fkvkb.ih Psnnstl-
u. We reeentl mentioned that tvehoid
ver was raging in some of the eastern Bor
ons of the State. We-have since learned
at it has proved very fatal in some looali-
lies.' In Berks ' Conn tv thirtv-flve bersons
tho had fallen victims to ths disease were
turfed In one graveyard, iff-the course of a
lonth. In Myerstown entire families have
lied out with this fatal disease, and bit a few
lamiues mxneviuage nave enoreiyi esoapsa
is ravages. juarruowj- Telegraph. r
Qbioixai, Costdmb. A letter from Qonalves.
Havti, says: "Out in the suburbs of the town
tsajf an unique and characteristic ooatume,
orn bv a boy ten years of age. It oonsisted
bf ah eld battered up tin can, suspended around
bis neck by i niece of native rone, which waa
made out of a cocoa tree bark, or some similar
(material. . Els only other garment oonsisted of
a sttok, Which he butt in his hand, and with
wnico, irom time to time, ne beat his novel
substitute fr a dtuta.andj wardrobe.'y
Pbo-Slavibv Vwilanob Committbks. A
Vigilance Committee has been formed in
Barbour County, Va., and rumor says that all
Abolitionists are earnestly invited to. -leave
the county in thirty days. In Alabama a
similar warning. has. been given at ell, the
"crossed" places on Brown's, map, aid com
mittees are forming in every direction.
ii - .,
A Cooxhbv'b Opinio op
Niaoaba. An
English oookneyBt the fall of Niagara, when
asked how he liked the falls, replied "They're
'ansome, quite so, but they don't hanswer my
hexpectations; besides, I got thoroughly vetted
and lost me 'at. Hi prefer to look at 'cm in an
hingravin, in 'ot weather and bin the 'ouse."
,. Thi Rblioiom of thb Jutubbv Dr. ,jloJ
land (Timothy, litoembi) expresses himself
freely npon this theme, and we have always
thought what be says will be verified: There
Is a time coming when ail the sects whioh now
divide. Christendom will be melted i into one. ,
Nothing, but the blotting out of Christianity
oan hinder it. My Presbyterian friend, has
his fragmentary Ideal of Christy my Episcopal
friend another) my Roman Catholie friend an
other, and so on,throngh Baptists, Methodists,
UhtvenalistsV and all the rest; but as the
Christian world's Ideal of Christ advances, and
he is spprehendod in something of the fulness
of his being and character,' will the world's
theologies approach eaoh 'other? ' They
must do so, and they are doing so to-day. The
best evidence In the world that Christianity is
advanoing is found in the fact that the walls
between the sects are growing weaker, or fall
ing in ruins. When they all come up to the
Vni'n' nt enthln III.. . l,..i I.J-. a it i a.
f. : WJj"lus tw juoi mett 01 tne sun in
j i'A Bbac of Absconding Sbibivfb in Nobth
Camomka. The Raleigh AoaoW, of laU
tUtii'ttjftt ti . ..'(i'i.r v.i.a a .
Geo. WJ lasi,' Sheriff of Slabowell, County;
left home about the middle of September last,
ostensibly to visit Raleigh and setUe his taxes
With: the Conptroller and Treasurer of State".
At Salisbury, it is presumed, he took the wrong
end of the railipad, and," go -far as we arey in
formed, he has not since "been heard of. Tfo
doubt be has absoonded, carrying off a large
amonnt of money. Mr. Glass has. always been
considered an honorable, upright man and: a
good citizen. f ,
Solomon Ray, the Sheriff 6? Taney County,
has also absoonded. ... He. pameto Raleigh
io duo time to settle his tax account ;v but a
few weeks ago he left home to attend Court in
Madison County, and has' not been board from
slnoe;' It is supposed he carriod off about
$10,0,0?,.: sv ' ' ; " :"
' I'r'i'.yi. . ' 1 '."
f 'Ax OBScuBa VrLLAGs Fauods ahd Foroov
i w a Fobtsiq at. The people of Charles
town neve had a telegraph office located in
their midstand bad never heard : the abort
"click, oliok,"of the instrument until the John
Brown affair occurred to bring their trwa into
notice. Then the metropolitan press extended
lines there from Harper's Ferry,-and an opera
tor was gent on to opesaa office. Charlestown
was' then brought into communication -with.
New Tork. But as soon as Old Brown's trial
was conoluded, and the sentence ef death
passed npon him, there seemed to be no neces
sity, for the telegraph, and so the-operator
dosed the offloe and departed, leaving the
people of Charlestown naught but the memory
of the past importance of their village. ,i
: - i ; i- ,.'
Suioidi oh Aoootm oi" Matbimobt.''-In
Pittsburg, Penn.;:-on Saturday evening, a
young man, Franois Gilbert, died in his room
at the . Girard House, from the effeots of an
overdoso ef morphene administered by him
self. Deceased was twenty-sir years of age,
and the son of a wealthy Philadelphia drug
gist, was married in April laBt to a young
widow in Philadelphia. He became quite dis
sipated after hia marriage, and his wife re
fused to live with him. He ' went to Pitts
burg, Bnd in June last obtained employment
as a brakesman on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne
andCbicsgo Railroad, whioh post he held un
til a . short time before ' his death. Difficulty
with his wife is assigned as the oause of his
self-destruction. : . ,
by a Yoono Wupb. Unusiul interaat yi&i ex
cited nt Canton, Mass., Thursday, in conse
quence of the exhumation of the body of James
Bbala, by - order of the coroner. ,.; Some- ten
months before Simla, aged fifty, married a
young lady of seventeen, and about seven
weeks after he was seised with illness, and died
the eighth day. Some dared to suggest suspi
cions of poison, and stories involving the char
acter of the young wife were put in oiroulation.
The physicians had not, at last accounts, de
termined whether Shala tad died of poison or
disgust of matrimony. This Story has a moral
for all old simpletons who wed young spouses.
They are doomed to pain if they submit, and to
poison If they rebel."". , -j". . " . . ' ,
' Rbvolvebb vs. Romance. The Paris cor
respondent of the New Tork Exprtn writes in
a late letter: An English friend of mine is in
love with a charming but very coquettish Par
lsienne. Thinking to evoke hex tender, Inter
est in his welfare, he recently paid her a visit,
told her he Wat going to join Garibaldi and die
in the Italian cause, and oame to say good-by.
"' "Stop a moment, then," replied the lady.:
ana leu me room, and presently returned,
holding in her fair hand a revolver. "As you
are going to fight for Italy," said she, "take
this souvenir from me. It is a six-barreled
revolver a very dangerous Weapon. Mind
you don't hurt yourself with It!" The English
man left,' " ' - ...Ti.
1 . ' I ' ', ' ' '.
. Sixths Elofis with Sixty. A beautiful
girl ef sixteen, residing in Crawford County,
Illinois, eloped last week with Daniel Cum
mens, a man of. sixty.- Ber father, it ap
pears, bad reared her so strlotly that she had
rarely seen a member of the .opposite sex, and
her aged lover; being the first maseuline crea
ture who had treated her affeotionately, she
became enamored of him at onoe, and played
Helen to her, venerable Paris without hesita
tion. ' i : ,-.tv.:ji :u ..i ." ' . ;.
I-"'-'' ' ' .'! '. 'V'-'-l
PkOtrMAn MoriB' or Swindiibo. A new
method of swindling has been tried quito suo
oessfully in Philadelphia. The honey Is ex
tracted from the comb, find the cells filled with
sugar. : As sugar oan be bought for ten cents a
pound,'' and honey is worth 'twenty-five to
thirty cents, the seller is enabled to dear from
fifteen to twenty eents per pound by the opera
tion.' This pays better than soaking beans, s
plan that has been practiced for some time by
the hucksters.' 'j1 " '...i i ,-; i;
Ehoiibh Pbizb Essay, In addition to the
prise of 50 guineas for the best English essay,
the donor has-offered one of 1,000, and one
of 250 for the best French essays on "the im
mense importance of a close union of France
and Bogland, as well for their own interest
and wslfare as for the interest and happiness
- of the world."- - Thiers, Mignet and Merimee,
members of the institute, have- consented to be
the Frehoh adjudicators. ' " '.v '
I , i- i I 1 ' I . oi I fvl . 1
I Th following specimen of ultra apd oh
noxions' puritanism is from, the. New Tork
btiener:' "PuDiabment in the government of
(jod and man does not spring from, a spirit of
revenge. It is the fruit of love. Love de
mand that one who has .made war upon
society shall die." What miserablo stuff ii
this to be nicknamed religion! ; ;.-1 "',:
t ) ."-. 1' '.V'H 1 f,,
j .gsTObrIstiaa Ernst, a German, forty-lv
years ef age; a husband and the father of seven
ohildren presiding, la' 'Montvllle', Cayuga
County, committed auloido.Iast week, by hang
ing himself In his barn, He 'bad been labor
ing under depression ' of spirits end' partial
derangement, In eonsequenoe of damtge to his
Eight - prtsoiters escaped ' fromvtbe
Rooky County, Wis., Jail, recently, by piok
lig the Inner look;, of the prison and knooking
down the turnkey,' as he opened the outer door.
None of them ww recaptured! ,wn-,iiif i'i.;.
.'.- ' ' 'ih.'h, I. . " I . ' l'"--'"y"A''
' jfEfi-Self-destruotion seems still fearfnlly on
the Increase throughout the Unipn, 1 Nine
oaees of sulold ooourred la Ohio alone during
Hhe Wst week. -meaivi .KuXiu ..ii
Additional by the Overland Mail.
St. Loom, November, at Terka,
)n Siskinyoa County, on the 22dult;;'destroyed
property to the amount of $50)00. "'J " '
A rioh silver mine had been discovered near
FortTejon. :-;) - i'.-v' w s&.J c.'.I.r't
' Gov. Waller would appoint a United. States
Senator before the departure of, the stumor of
the Stubs..... s , ' ;.'.',. . ;",''." '.'''.
It was supposed that os would make a te-'
lection outside of politicians. ' : - . , ',;
- The. Captain, officers, orew and passengers'
lost all their effeots by the burning of the ship
Matiijf.,., : ...,' . : .,, .,' -,
;' A special dispatch to the Republican tayt
that Ex-Governor Ransom, Receiver of Public
Moneys at Fort Soptt, Kansas, died on Friday
- Messrs. Marks and others here say that Mil
ler ii entitled to no credit, and thinks that the
rangers and troops will reaob Brownsville in
season. ,,,',, ( - , ..,,;"'.,' ."'.'
The letters to Messrs Marks 4 Co.'oause a
disbelief In the previous Corpus Christ ao
COUntSii' i j . , i ,-, . ,,.,'' , , , , '
Important from Brownsville.
WA. vr. . ' i-
xiatr ublianb, oovemoer a' ine steam
ship Chnrlet Morgan, from' Galveston on. the
I lth Inst,, brings the affidavit of Wm. Miller,
who fled from Brownsville, dated at Corpus
Christl on the 7th lost., stating circumstan
tially that Cortlnas's band captured the town
of Brownsville: on the 81st, after five hours
hard fighting, and was in full possession on
(a) 111 lnt...-'.-il..'i.-VH; V ..:, , -, ,.. j
Messrs, I. Marks k Coi; wholesale dry goods
dealers in this" olty, however, have letters
direot from their house at Brownsville, dated
November. 2, at five o'olook in the afternoon,
stating that no reinforeSmenta had yet arrived.
"Cortinas, however ,bas made no ,demonstra.
tion against us. We are hourly expecting the
rangers and government troops.'?- r ,: ,. ; ; ni (j
More Fires at New Orleans.
15; There have
been-five fires in this city since Saturday,
three qf which were unitnportant. v
-..The New Bason Vow, consistin'of ' six"
stories, on Rampart-street, was burnt; caus
ing a loss of $70,000; also, nine Squares, oori
sisting of 80 small buildings, above uhippewn-'
streot, in the Fourth Distriot. . Losb $100,000
The fires are snpposed to be the work of
incendiaries. There was' no water available.
One hundred families wore burnt out.', 1
From Washington.
Washinotos, November ( i5. TheT,Po'at '
master at Brownsville, writing to the Post
office Department, mentions that all the mail
routes in that quarter had been toade impass
able by the forces acting Under Cortinas, and
the mail carriers had been made prisoner..
He says this is emphatically i a war of rapes
and of extermination. y ', ,, ' Y.,,,
The Board of Aldermen, in Washington,
have refused 'their assent to set apart -next
Thursday as a day of thnkigiving.; , , ., y (.
From New Orleans.
' Nbt Orlsans, 1 November 15. The steam
ship Robert Waterman has been' abandoned,
and is a total loss. Her cargo is being plun
dered by fishermen. ,...': i il , , :.
Snow fell in some parts of Mississippi on
Sunday. . .-u -,l :,; .,
There were three deaths' from yellow fever
in this city during last week, , - r : ;
Condition of Judge Douglas.
-i Wabhinqtoit, November Ifi.--Judga Doug
las's condition has improved, within, the last
twenty-four hours, end his physicians con
sider him better this morning. , 'f , . ' , ''
From Mexico.
New Oblbamb, November 14. The rebel;
lion at Victoria, Mexico, had been quelled,
and the leaders had been shot.' . The troops
sent to quell it bad marched. Degallado'i;
head-quarters continued at San Luis.-v
Gale on the Gulf Coast.
Niw Oblbani, November 15. There has
been severe gale along the gulf coast. Ice
was formed In this city. ' ..'A.
'.1U i's.
Hi1 -,
.' -:r, V-:. :,,(, I.,
II 'T I"...'! f'l.,: ,
Coal Cooking Stove,
'. I.ii :.. pATTHB,. j,,,--,, ,
' Held at Zaaesvllle, Onlober, 1850.
;::r ;' " : r-" ' '" ; ':;'-1 1 v-..;.- ,ir.
"JXoa. 31 and S3 Tinc-st.,
: ; (Second door Below Columbiai) "'
. Cincinnati: ohio.
i no9cmT ' '
X BAGS, for Orooers, Drugirists, Tea Dealer, and
others, made from extra Quality of Wrapping, Mil
nUla and White Tea Paper. .
zno.ooo mo. l wrapping ano Manilla; ,;,
-juu,uuurOv b
. .. : 2110,000 No. 3
2w,ono No, 4
mono No., s
I,.M NO.- 8
JOO.VtW No. 10
'f!,Vt ,1
" i.'.laa
i 1- lit "i,
'.' I. iC :i;
'-'I i'd'sI'.
-'l'.1 05M!- .
.1 '.' :i ..T'
WO,.ss.l.o. u
300,000 No. 18
2isi,oii0 No. 1 White. Tea Bags;
aio.oooNo. a
2UO.OO0 No. 3 "' t'J.1''
TIlA .hit., au Mil MM Im Maf,1paA n IUS1 I. mm .ant.
We are maoufactaring irom sUty to seventy -five
uioBaand Haiza nardHV..
.'i.r. i;
. Paper Bag Manufacture rs,'
I Wholesale Puper Dealers, .
I OC22
77 ano TV wainut-sireer.
Xw will he received at the offloe of I Boners,
Bon 4 Co., No. 16tt Vine-street, nntll the 20th of No
vember, Inst., at VI o'clock, for building th new
Cincinnati Hoer.lt-il, OH - the site of the present
building, bounded br W eel arn -row. , Twelfth-street
and Miami Canal. - ,
. Bids to be received for th whole -job, and not' Iri
earts. All bids to be made to conform tn the nl&ni.
ipociflcatiens and terms of bids; all of which bay be
son a uo.i im
ooaform Io and
adeon tnenrinted forms: Also, the bidders to
name the price they will allow for the old mut.rlala
now on the around. . .. r ,v,.i .'
The security intended to be offered for the full nfaT
petforniance of the contract to named In the bids.
I i-i ,;ji i,- ' i i-TGEO.W. BUNTAN,,
. Olialrman Com. of Council of Public B.illdlna.
Cincinnati. P., Nov. 1, IW " ' ; -'aoltt't
::Book Bfefiing
Fonrth-str, between Hain andBrcaino-a, Gin-
cinnatl. f-. -., - . n , ' ' '
, aurKefblndlng In every style. Uneii Books neat,
ty and dnrably bound. ' - - ""-Ij nvV.-vtWPr'.,
fy-ml '
.AaveruMmeLuiMtudiiig Bve lices (Agate.) --
fefOne Jees;.....rM.,..B nO'-ra
XWO WWII. ,., I to Cue , ( , i , . t M 11
Larger advertlsenieiita inserted at Iks following j:
' rafcrayu.r. of tea Uae,eu, , , "
Bach addt'aal Ins.. M Three WBekfcM.L" 10 -
week..,.-.A, 1 7S On. Buth.. 6 ui " "
' i - -- ." .U;-ijni;,v
Job Pi intiDR;; . , V
... 1, , w' nil:, i Ji-tJ
In all Its branches, don with neatness aad dhpaU h
'. e tfr
:'. -J I V-AT.THE U,J ' wntr..; r!i
:i fi.t
J'., ii",
it . , '
J em
' ; j
.jl .'.v
'"'I'- -I
'.;mi .
f .3 ,j:
it f
Decemoer T, 185ft.
''.. ' .Moot Vi'J of
thepnbliethreeeaaons.'and owingto its pop
uU.:1tyand increaaed demand, wn luvo been com- "
pellad to make twff more slsea-haviitg.e)IX liasa) .
complete, suitable from the smallest family nn ...
the largest class boardlng-honso'. TIM eelebritr -
these- stovea have sained fer tbms.laa oan i.nt l
too, highly arpreoiated, as every family having them ni (
'Tnanaing tue
iaoor determln
1U UKl.U .1,1,7 IW.l,,,.
munity With,t
leal eduontion
Jnventeiw, Pvevrletors V Dlannflictiu'era,
T3V0 !( : , In,.; L o ... 1 . . .
i public ror tnelr generous snpport; It ' -
ation to supply the wauts of the onin.,.
lie Denents which a practical median
can only sopply:' 1 rt-' i-.j u.ji'-.
0,'" I , O O O "'''
JfUUttlU-BT., WEAR BflHTlJtJiN,f Oct, bit
I , , .,; 1 i ; "" U svoiq
. We bejt leave, most Tespcewaliy, to'offtr the follow- , ,
rng certiBoates and references, .of families using tho
Ailigator, which will, at a Klance. reraove all doubts, mrf-x
We be:
Umotrlnaiosnerlta: - ,-.) , ,.,
For some months I havo Deeri tislnff flM Allfirklnt':!
Coal Cooking Btove. Its auperio eookias auaiitka. -
superlo oooldug ouaiitiea, , ,
oonabined withlts cleanliness, n:
Its cleanlmeas. must eventual v sei-nr-
tuaily secure
10 tue owners a large snare ai puoiio pattnnaK.
ners a large share af p.
I. ,11 W .1 .. c , W
)MttBBM.I "-. J;
i I have : been nSlrisr'otie mJ Meeanl Aditm. A. PmiIt:
ii -1,1... r. n .
cver'a Alllfjator Co.iJt Btots (it somo.ruoiHlis, ulii. h '
gives entire satisfaction in evory Yespect, und 'eaii.
eheerfullyreoOmaiendit to thoeo whor In wautul,
aRaperiercook stove. H. H. LEAVlTT.- k'
For the last teat I' kave -neH using the Alligator .
t;oai uooKinv store.
Peek. oyer, which 1
Btoycmaoulactured by Messrs. Aditnis
cosBiaer .a s.iK.rior ste, lind ;
aye i
Fas some t me east I have been nn net
Adanis tt Peckov.r's Alligabn' jUoal Cookiu tltov.s.
ana can rocouimenu mem aa Doing a superior store, " '
giving entire satisfaction Id every -respi-cen, . . ;
n,-,,:.. 1 m- . iuo, DvnnrtHdUUf voai.iuerciiain. -.
I cheerfully1 Indorse the above.- " . . ; ;, ft
i.!W(' ,-i '7-tt JOHN KEHTjEB.
Hon. Judge lloLean, Cllf- Joseph w".WaylM,41, Sih,: "
ton. ' " ' '' ' . -Si, itreoks. Mt Auburn,.,.-.,,
lion JudgLeavltt, W B., liev, y 8. Kennedy, 118 ;
Fifth-street, JoTmlreot,."- 'I i . ir. ,;,
Hon. Judge Yeuyiam, 292 J. P. Jones, m Fourth,,
Fonrth. , . " rir? Norton, 334 Fotirth,.:: jej
Hon. JdK.Horidly,i703d, I. Thatcher, SWGoorce, , ,
Dr. Bolker, M8th, Wm. Jolly, lie, nth, - '"
Oln.Orphan Asylnni.Klm, Jcs. Ialbott,4U0?ih . ..
John Kebler.Mlth, Bo.Oet7.au.lauer, lMSrhilK
F Hmtth. firm of Lincoln, 8. K. WiUiamn TaI.Hill, ' ,
Smiths Warnook,. Mrs. Moason, SUA itli, "'
.Vallette,3l7 4th, Sirs. Kyland,324h, e y:..'.
t.C. McLean, Glendale, Mrs. Howitt, 61 K. 4th,
. B. Funk, 266 Vine, , Mrs. M . P. Tuylor, iff, boo.
Jos. Bnehnell,coal mer, ' hire. MePherson, S.I. cur.
Jas. Eipy, 2'Jti4th, Bixth and Knee,
J. Jeffrey, EDg.'Oas W'kir, A. A. (Hark, Xlmes office, -T.
H. Yeatlutm. tlorrsTu. P. I,. Weaver. 3U3 John.
A. W. Francisco, Press J. P.' Whitman, wash
uraoe, ,-. -i , ...
A. Hughes, Commeriiil, '
W. B. Wells, Cln'U Type
- Foundry, . .
E.G. Boss, 294 Lorftwortb,
( h ss. Uhadwick, 31)4 4tb,
ineton Institute.
John A. Hock, an George
F. F. Brooks, 1-W John,
Jackson M. Noblo, 411 3d, -li.
Uacksian, 3.1, ,.
(Jhas. Gofldinah, 212 4th J '
John 1. Morris, 118 lllll, ,
X. w . rgrague, ihs 7in, -
Mr. Houiihton. lMl Bill. -. J. A. Btaev.
Wm. Comstock , 201 4th, " Gibson M'Dnnald, Vine
a. a. orucy, nut.
O. Hole, Ml 7th,
- Isaac MarHh. CeorM.
J. Harvey. 207 Lonmvorth
W.B.IIurlbnrt.KSKr'm n -
Jolm Anderson, 413 4tn,-.i Biam f. Aianuion, IJ.ilU,..
Jonathan OsdenlKS 4th. J. H.
Flllweiler . t.onv-
w. vt . wooas, wvsrn,
worth and WnatArii.rfiw.;
John Tanner, Wrightion P. K. Jady,76fltb, .
James B.tlofatt. 167 6th, i,...,..,
suo. Bpnntiiigou.ee. Air. unrnen, 164 f.tn,
l.ol2 .
r.-f .
received dally by th Adamai Ex-,jR -"v
press Company, in whole and half cans. Ivi (el
All Oysters sold warranted fresh and ef Ql. J.r J
the very best naltty. J. B. W1NG8, . NijLy
Agent, No. 27 Fifth-street, be. Ulain .
aud Walnut-streets. .. -
' . N. B.-Jhe trade, snpplled on the meet liberal
terms. j 1 yf i i,vii jn ,
Bhell, Keg, Rod Can OVaten 1 Also. Kreah Cure Knd '
e oi uatcn
Bp.ced Oysters, so. My many friends and patrons
wm uuu uuiy uuuiovi nriivms, .iiu mi as low prices as
thus cnarged (or inferior e4sevrhtr.i .... .
-Oysters cooke1 in Eastern style at our usual mod
erate charges, ' ' -. ... ,,t.-i
Bemeniberr 261 Wa'unt-street. fifth door abovo
Blxtk, Cincinnati, Ohio. oolS
" "trrJOPeV -
J I NO dally, Bowe, Mahony A Co.'s Glebrated
Planted Oysters.Which 1 am selling at unprecedented
low prices by esse or dosen. Dealers and Families
1 wanting a very large, rresh Oynter, will please send
I thelr.orders. Attached to this e-tabllshment is a
1 tlfCe. nillnt. rMlWW.nhA Nttliwin h.u.M, nan hava.
Uysters Oooked In every, style, aad. served up In a
clea tend superior .manner. Clfargos less than at any
other place. - jocioj JOUM NA1BN. .
- ''" 1 1 '-''I:.:".! J. . .. I
' O A V ArG N A S .-!" !-
Oyster : Imt)6ttlng i1' House.
1N3 dally. Ber Kinross, hla snlendld Oviters.
INO dally, Ber Kxpress. hla snlendld (lyiters.
Having com
the most exl
ipleted arrangements In Baltimore, ou
tensive scale, 1 will stall timosdurlug
tin season be prepared to furnish my friends
the rest of mankind," with the moat DKLIGIVUB .
BIVALVES impos'ed to the Queen City. None but
the vui
ry best Imported i Great luducet
ureal lnaacemenos ouurea
: O:
rder slullclted and promptly flltrd. Terms cash. -
Pfy "ff 1atBole ImrKirtBr and Proprietor.
' . .11 I- S-.'A'J1.AV IA VAUinjJ.. r,
'--DSALBB-1H '"'. I r- l ltvi J
''iOviltiCQVE-vint ,
Spibefl ;0yiterr.'(
INO DAT.LT, by the Adimu tip rets, MALT-
nip woriQ-renownsa ikubw-
C&nk : Xey and Shell Oysteri.
rl Vresk. HermetlcaUyswtled OOYli' BPIOKD and
PfOKLBDOVaTEBa.1 ' ' ' - -
1 B0BEM DESi Affent -:
sepT-tT ' ' t
"TsMlif-i nnh-su-et,
Bl-i i mil
.o:t ,vj..-t;Mv.
I'-'Ot!'..i v.i.-i.

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