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, r WANTS," "FOB 8ALI," "10 IVt," "UOST,"
F "'FOUND," A.ln this oolumn,oepy1ng Ave llnee
or lew, two Insertions, twenty-five eenis.
WANTED A itont Qrau Girl, to oook,
weh and Iron. Highest nw glvu. Alio
a No.l Welsh Girl wagas ft J r week. Also a
unal), likely Ctrl, to stand behind a counter-large
X (Iran. Apply at No. M But Fourth-street,
Intelligence Office. , nolsb
who hu bad experience, German preferred,
to act at a partner ia the saloon holiness, in a flrat
claat aaloon. Apply at 113 Third-street, for thru
days. . nolftd
"YXANTBDImmadiataly, a good Bareau-
T maker and Tnrner. NoDe but good workmen
need apply. Call at 87 Writ Second street, nolsb
, JOHNSON, FBI A CO., Pnblisheri, owner
of Fourth and Bsce-Neave' Building, Boom 6. , .
noub'l .
accustomed to plain sewing, a iltuailon : or
will tats the work to her own home. Addraea Mrs,
J. 8., at thla office. , poieb'
WANTED TO BDT-A bakerf with
on or two own-. Addraaa Lock Bos 713. .
nolDb'J , -
WANTED GIRL To do general honse
work In a amall family. Apply at No. 171
Baymtller-street, between Dayton and Bank, uolob'
cantile bouse, manufacturing or Insurance
office, by a young man of good address, aa a clerk or
aaalatant book-keeper. Saluryiin object. City refer
encee given. Pleaae addreaa 'JtMPLOYMBNT," at
thli office, for on week. nolSd
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanic, laborers and otbers, can find situa
tion!! at tho Merchants' Clerks Eos Is try Office. 138
Walnut-street. nol6b' HALS A 00.
engine In good order, two to thre-hor
power. Apply to WILUAMbON A WAItiK, M 8yo-amore-itreet.
L nol6b
E7"ANTED-C00K A good cook, one
w who Is a good waaher and Ironer. None
other need apply. No. 146 Broadway, above Fourth,
" man, to drive a on or two-bone wagon for a
grocery, dry gooda home, hotol, manufactory or ex
preas company. lamed to driving, and acquainted
with the city. AAdres a. M. H., tills olBceT nol6b
well experienced, as Nurse.' Apply at No. 2t
Catherlnertrrer.. Beferenca given. nolSd
i. 7 man, as Bar-tender in tbe city or on a steam
' . w ."??! Perie lu tbe business.
Address A. H., at this ostce. . nolab
Apoly to GKO. bIcGKEoqb, No. 133 Fifth.
street., second door from Race. ' "olio.
ANTED M E N Three men nsed to
the care of horse and rows, one Potter and
Messenger, a boy to attend to bells: alsoslxoraaven
good girls for city and country. Applyat the Ge.
eral Intelligence Agency of A. D. CABrJON A CO..
No. S6i Western-row. nolSb'
. at the National Hotel. Boom No. 46. fourtl
Boor, between A and 7 o'clock In th anninv r.
trance next door above the theater. No Irlab need
apply. -' ... nolsb'
. - wroow laoy, as noutexeeper in a respectable
hotel or widower's family. Boferencet xcnanijcd.
Atfttrauia A -II . HA 1 riu ..l "
V"ANTEDfiITUATION By . a . young
woman, a Cook or Housekeeper for a small
h m lly:AjldjeBiiA1JD. at this office. nob
w w woman, as Conk. Can glv good recommend,
atloni. Address HKLKN, at this office. no!6b
T, Arl'.?& """l8 orto toko CBr of children.
Address MARY, at this office. nolib
11i7AD'TETJ WIT . N IT R u a t,TTTj7
fAfW " " wwakijy AUIUinut'
auly, at J8 8lxth etn-et, aklndand expert,
noed nnrte. The highest wges will be given Ap.
ply at rooms 10 and 11. . nol6b
TO engage in eiroalatlng by lubsorlptloo,
soma new highly ornamental and entertaining
2o0lJIaB?j Vnilrtoi Men "O" operating clear
Sum 31 to lto per month ,u ao..,rM tb
stock and get a descriptive circular, look at testimo
nials of agenta now opperatlng, Ao.
(Jonsultation free. Call soon.
MAOKR. BAHN1TZ, Publisher,
ocSssm . 38 W. 4th Street, (up stairs.)
OR BENT One or two Rooms, suitable
tor a amau lamny, ac no. ki western-row.
1 iimiru'i
FOR RENT A gentleman and wife can
have three Booms and Oiler, at a moderate
rent. In a respectable neighborhood, by applying Im
mediately. So objections to one or two cliildron.
Address B. A. P., at this office. nolMi
FOB RENT The seoond and third stories
of the commodious Brick Building known as
JTBANKLIN HLL, on the south-east corner of
Hyctuiore and 8ixth-areeta. Apply on the preni
laesto HANHAH ft LYON. nollbw
gas and water, to a family without children.
Inquire at No. 61 Ellxabeth-strei't. no 15b
FOR RENT On Fou.rtb.-Bt., two desirable
ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with or
without board-to gentlemeii. Apply at the north
at corner of Fourth and Kim s tret In. noi5d
FOR BEN T ROOMS Suitable for rail
rda l, law or Insurance offices, on 2d and 3d doors,
in four-story building opposite Press office. The
building has been newly repainted nnd repaperrd,
All In good order. Apply at Preaa Office, : uo!2d
JjlOR RENT Front OFFICE and good
? CILLAB-IOO by 22 feet. Apply to
nollht No. 13 Troni-st., bet. Main and Walnut.
FOB SALE A well-known old-established
Confectionary and Saloon-one of the finest in
tbe 'olty. This will be sold cheap. SeOOcaHh-bal-anreln
monthly payments. Addross o.T,, Box No.
gOiS. . nol6d
First Class Double-Thread Bowing Machines, at
each. A great bargain. Call immediately at
KHSUP'8 1M0UKN1N0 STOltE, Fourth-street,
opposite Shllllto A Oo.'s. no!2am
XjOR SALE An nnlimlted amount of Sign
Vnl.tWfi, VVUDV y.UVII10, B,aM"S( aj'IWift,
Inning, eliding, &o., cheap for cash, and only fur
. . WAKKEN t. DAVIS, 72 West thlrd-treet,
between Walnut and Vine.
BOARDING Two gentlemen can obtain
boarding, with a well-fnrnlabed front room,
seoond story. lighted with gas. Call at 71-Nintli-street.
near Vine. ' . v no!6b
BOARDING One unfurnishsd front room,
with boarding for a gentleman and wife; also a
few 'lay boarders, at No. 139 Kace-street. Beferenca
reajntral. . nol6b"
BOARDING Boouii with board suitable
for small families, or single gentlemen, can be
ostained on reasonable terms at No. 163 East Third
stmt, third door east of g Ik. Alto, two ladies can
o acooinmoflaiea. 1 noieo-
0ABDIN8 A gentleman and wife,o9
inuui iuicv,uuu waui wu in mavuiihuumcm
with a pleasant room and board at No. Ms Weat
Fifth-street. Also, a few more day-boarders wanted.
'; "no16bJ
ITo. 68 West Fourth-street.
LAB at tialc received as aoon as published. no5
unal one of Hnzleton Broth
ers', Hallat, Davis A Oo.'s. Raven,
mm a. fV, D . I
Ca.'s Fano fortes, for a splendid IIS
lowest, tor cun, or win rent and let tne rent pay lor
th Piano, at te VTeat rourth-atreet.
.. ,."' CHURCH, Jr ,
nol Depot for Meloneona and Harmotilams.
SLy nKB that light liradborr's
and Wat. Knahe A Co 'a Pianos, can
be found oulyat No. 7! West Fourth-
Stmt. I m offering: nnnaual iu
nr.m.nla for cash. orl I rent and
let tha rent pay fur tho Piano, at 72 Weat fourth,
street. 0. M. MUacil.
. The tersest stock of Melodeonsin the city. nol
AND C0UN8I110B AT LAW and Maater
Commissioner of the enperior and Ucminon Pleas
Courts. Bank Boildlnf, nertfa west caaerof Main
ad lUrd-itreste. . ,-.,., ..... not
AovmiBias, Attixtios I Bear In mind
that the Pikmt Pbjus li read In a greater
number of families than any other paper
printed In Cincinnati j that tbe working-man
reade It, that It li emphatioally the people's
paper, and It rapidly winning iti way to a cir
culation unprecedented' in the history of
Wettem newspapers. The manufacturer and
retail merchant can not but be benefitted by it
a a medium of advertising.
MirioftoixxiiOAi, Obsibvatjohs For the
flmnjf iVess, by Henry Ware, Optlolan, No. T
WeatsFomth-itreet. .
, . " November IS, 186V.
0 clock. Baromster. Tbermomster.
,'A- ... n
0 AUtMMMSSMSMsiVaS3 ' '44
' TBI IM8H DsLtQiTioif. The IrlBh Dele
gation of Ministers are expected to Arrive in
this eity on Thursday evening next, and will
be received by the oommlttee of arrangements
from the Business Men's Prayer Meeting,
On Prlday evening a mass meeting, towhioh
all persons are cordially invited, will be held
at Smith k Nixon's Hall, at which time they
will be introduced to the public
Impobwkt to DaiYmiif. Mayor Bishop,
yesterday, notified the Lientenants of the Po
lice that he expected them to assist in caus
ing all draymen and expressmen to have their
vehioles registered and numbered according to
law. Prompt attention to tbe ordinance on
thla lubject may save many persons consider
able trouble and perhaps money. ,
Night Dibtbict Bchoom. Tha semi
monthly report! of the Principals of tbe
Night Schools in he First, Third, Seventh
and Eighth Districts show that the number of
pupils enrolled since their establishment, a
period of four weeks, ii 1,221, of whom 847
ara in. average nightly attendance, and 11
the per centum of attendance much smaller
than the attendance at the Day Sohools.
Dutb tbom DuLiBrnii Tbiuirs. A German
named Lorenro Stelglin was committed to the
City Prison, a fewdays ago, for drunkenoest.bat
was shortly afterward seised with that ter
rible disease, delirium tremens, which sooner or
later carries off most parsons who are habitu
ally addicted to the use of the poison gold under
the name of liquor, Yesterday about noon he
was removed to the Commercial Hcspital, but
he died in a short time after being admitted
Into that institution. ,
' Thb Lara Acoidisi in Dilhi TowsgHipi
A week ago last Sunday, a man named George
Bowman, while hunting in Delhi Township,
accidentally discharged the contents of his
gun into hia wrist. , H was taken to the Oom
metoial Hospital, and eln.ee then has suffered
vuuoiucrisoiv irom tne wound. ... Zesterday his
physicians conoluded they would be oompelled
to amnntate his arm. wMnh th .n.tn.i-
did, and his recovery now Is no longer a matter
Ah UirroBTTjiUTi Inuatbop tbb Citt Fbisor
Niislt Fbozbn to Dith. Night before last
a man suffering from dtlirium tremtnt was sent
to tbe City Prison, and planed in a cell, where
he nearly froie to death, and wonld have done
w, probably, had not several persons oarried
mm out and laid him near tbe stove. The
carelessness, not to say Inhumanity, with
which prisoners are often treated at that
pestiferous institution ought to be checked at
ThrbmombtbioaIi Henry Ware, jr., JTo. T
East Fourth-street, yesterday afternoon made
us sware of tha temperature of our office, by
hanging a thermoneter in it, for which he has
our slnoereet aba.u mi. .marlrHd that if
UDable to distinguish the figures upon the
scale he could furnish us with an article
which would make them plain, but, as our
eyes are remarkably good, we oan only re
commend his spectacles to our friends.
-'fiT. JoRtr'fl TfnTVT. ten Tv,rtna TL.
present Board of Physicians and Surgeons.
WMDUUUR Ut U1U,UCU OUUUr, ll . . . VT 0110,
John A . Murphy, W. n. Mussey. John Davis,
E. Williama. J. R. Rmlth InJ .7....
. 7 - - - - - Huwwvaav VUUWIH
bava resigned their position at St. John's
TT - A I I my 1 , t i a ....
xluuji, iuu a now uomra win De lmmeaiately
' '- vaa u aav rw UU UOI LUO
charge of Sister Anthony, a most eharltable
A tl. I J , . . . . ... . ,
oiiu uapauis juur, wnose enure me nas Dsen
devoted to the vtoor and affllAteiri. .ml nnri.
whose ausploes it must of necessity prosper.
Railroad A man, named George F. Outen,
was quito seriously injured, day before yes
terday, on the Little Miami Railroad. He
was In the act of jumping from one train to
the other while one of them was in motion,
when, in consequence of the slippery state of
tbe steps, he fell under the wheels. Hia right,
arm was so badly crushed that amputation
was deemed necessary, and after having been
brought to the city and placed in the Com
mercial Hospital, tho operation was per
formed. Tho injured man, although suffering
severely from some other injuries, reoeived
at tbe time, is in a fair way to recover.: - .
Tbb Gibson House; We find the following
complimentary notice of this excellent hotel
in the Mendota(Ill.) Oiserper : " During our
late visit to Cincinnati glorious old city we
made it a point to sit at the table of our friend
0. H. Geoffroy, of the Gibson House. We
found there that capital fellow and hotel
clerk, John Henrio, and a new acquaintance,
and most agreeable gentleman, Mr. Culbert
son, to both of whom we are indebted for
civilities whioh we shall novcr forget. The
Gibson is a popular house handsomely fur
nished eligibly licated central and com
modioas sets as good a table as the most
fastidious oould ask for and is officered by
as good a set of gentlemen as ever lived any
where. Our people when they go to , Cincin
nati must not forget the Gibson under pain
of our displeasure, v ;,
A Fevalb Entanqxkusnt and its Rssult--A
Rubai. Lotbibio ik Tboubli.A- day or
two ago a resident of Greene County arrived
in the city with a young woman and stopped
at an np-town hotel, representing his femi
nine companion as his wife. The day follow
ing another woman entered the cublio house
and inquired for Mr. -, from Greene
County, on particular business. He was
shown to his room, and, as soon as admitted,
a scene ensued.. .The new-comer attacked
the "wife,' pulling her hair and seriously
disarranging her attire, until , tier supposed
spouse, in defense, scratched her antagonist's
face sadly. The male element here inter
fered, and the assailant, with a burst of tears
and rage, rushed out of tbe apartment, vow
ing revenge, and became invisible.
The next morning early, while tbe rustio
wag oonverslng with his wife, a knock was
heard at the door, and La learned a cefson
wished to see htm down stairs. Descending,
ne icuna oonsiaoie witn a warrant issued by
Justice Getzendanner for his arrest for a viola
tion of the seventh eommandment. ,'Havinir
no means of obtaining ball, he was oompelled
to return to the oountry in charge of a oonsta-
ois, leaving nis so-oaiien contort without even
whispering an adieu.
This affair possibly seems a trifle mwsterious.
but will not when it la known that the Greene
County Individual bad a wife there; but grow
ing weary of her In a year, attached himself to
another female; and tired of her in a few
months, made a third alliance, and ran off
with No. 3 to this olty. His first mistress
learning this, and fired by Jealousy, followed
him and swore ont the warrant for his arrest,
while bis real wife bore all patiently, meekly
and nnoemplainingly at her deserted fireside.
How tbe rustio fellow will arrange hit diffi
culties with the three women Heaven' only
knows bat doubtless lie will suffer like nna
panned by the furies. " i
'." ! r
! f I ?
Rev. C. Smarius on Spiritism.
Rev. C. Stnsrlus, formerly a Professor in 6U
Xavier College, of this olty, but now of the
St. Louis University, delivered his first leo
ture on "Spiritism," last evening, at Smith
A Nixon's Hall, to a large and attentive aa
ditnos. By Spiritism,' the- reverend gentleman
meant what was ordinarily understood as
Bplritualiim, and hia purpoie to show the ab
surdities and inconsistencies, the trivialities
and frivolities of the "Harmonlal Philosophy."
With this object he quoted very eopionsly
from the works of Andrew Jackson Davis,
whom he regarded as the high priest of the
so-styled new philosophy, and greatly amused
his audienoe by reading what tbe"Pongh
keepsie Beer" had written concerning God,
according to the Methodist, Episoopalian,
Baptist, Presbyterian, Unitarian, and other
ohurohea, which, however . blasphemous some
may have considered it, was truly witty and
The lecturer regarded Spiritism, as to
its natural theology, its psychology and su
pernatural character, pointing out the entire
variance of the philosophy with the Chris
tian religion, and its absurd features, judged
by the orthodox standard. The idea that
God.ftnillff .nl AiA nit ,11t,int. 4l,a tMnn
should depend on himself: that he was to
uuu.ui. mj muer pruujptmgs; mat aeaiuwas
not evil; that after this life the soul steadily
progressed toward the truth, and grew in
love and wisdom, and other purely rational
ideas entertained centuries ago seemed to
awaken not a little the surprise of the amiable
and gifted gentleman, reared as he had been
in so different a creed. '
Many of the inconsistencies and absurdities
of Spiritism were "shown up" with remark
able skill and considerable humor that eliolted
warm applause from his audienoe. Ho dwelt
at length upon the singularity and danger
of following nature, resson and intuition as
our onirlna In the nfT.lM nf llfo an A nf AaJ-
d " .... v. a..v, V. wgM,
Inor God aa ni.trelv anhtnAtlvdi tn.tMil nf nh.
jeotlve, at He must be of necessity to the or-
.L.J I 1
luouox mm a.
The lecturer closed with the hope that our
country would be spared from the further in
crease of Spiritism, and that it, with Free
Love, would ba soon nrtintriiinliAH in n rn.
public which dapended upon the good sense
auu virmo ui mo people lor its continuance.
This is the crudest and most incomplete
outline of a discourse, forcible and metaphys
ical in character and indicative of a thor
oughly analytical and highly disciplined in
tellect.' Rev. Mr. 8 ramus, who is a ripe scholar, a
profound thinker and an eloquent speaker,
will deliver his eeoond and last leoture on
Spiritism to-morrow (Thursday) evening at
the same place. .. .. . ,
'' A New Msthodist Chukoh ik Coktiupla,
tiow. The members of Union Chapel held a
meetina1 en Afntidnv nlirfit- whfaH w.. v.e
largely attended, tor the purpose of taking into
consideration the propriety of building a new
church, oapaoious enough to teat oomfortably
fifteen hundred persons. The oongregation
has inoreased greatly under tbe eare of their
new paster, Rer.. George 0. Robinson, and
they find their ohuroh too small, A committee
was appointed, to whom the matter was re
ferred with power to act In the premises, pro
viding a suffloint amount of money could be
raised to proseoute the work to completion
and leave no debt upon the church.
Mr. R. is one of the few who deserve to be
oalled workers, and is aware that those who
belong to the ohurches, are they who do not
need to hear the gospel most. On this ac
count he insists upon preaching once every
Sunday in the opeu air, and the subject of
stree preaching gains from him the warmest
support. He has endeared himself already
to hia congregation, and it ia likely they will
make an effort to keep him with them four
instead of two years. We hope the new en
terprise may meet with all the suooess it de
serves. Riport or Citt Tax Collbotob DuiraiHO.
The following figures show the Auditor's
settlement with Samuel H. Dunning, City
lax Collector rur tits 6uo.tb.orn JMutriot, for
the present year: t-.r
Befnlar assessment placed In his hands for
collection tor the year 18AJ-M . .....1,1M M
Fractional asoessmenU forsame jr....... m is
Fractional assessments for l7-oS.., 917 84
..SO,Si si
Regular assessment 18S8 M ,.M JtufiM M
Regular assessment 18W-S8 ..,..,,..,. 7l it
Sundry assessments from 1SU-J7.... ,. tg tl
Begular assessmeat lSJ7-&8., ...,...,. - 3 IS
Amount collected la fees.,..,..... .". 'm 01
Amount due Olty Treasurer.,
Paid into the City Treasury..,
Due the Collector from elt.
..ll,89 71
.. 11,460 00
Whole amount of assessments,..
rv uuio emouotoouecteo.,
Amonnt remaining uncollected.,
$3,107 U
.: Policb Coubt: There were only twenty
seven' cases before Judge Lowe yesterday
morning, but they were generally uninter
esting. The following are unuaual, and we
mention them both upon this account and for
a reason which is obvious: v'.'-r-
A fellow named Theodore Fisher for some
time post has been in the habit of annoying
the residents of a oertain locality by exposing
his person in the most disgusting manner.
Yesterday he was taken before Judge Lowe
and fined f50 and costs. There is something
so utterly void of all decency about an act of
this kind, it is an evidence of so great a lack
of all sense of shame, that one would nat
urally suppose the person who could be guilty
of it was unfit to live. Almost anything in
the way of Bcoundrelism is infinitely better
than this, and society in protecting itself
against immorality and crime, eonld do noth
ing bolter than to place such persons in a po
sition where their influence could do no harm
to those with whom ihey come in contact.
' ; ' ,
Kabrow Escipn'or am Old Cimsif fboh
Dbath. Daniel Van Matre. Esq.. verv nar
rowly escaped a violent death a day or two
t.f, . L - . .... "
ku wnue passing ue new Dutiuing in process
of ereotlon at the corner of Fourth ana Race.
Th struoture is live stories high, and son.
careless workman let a crowbar fall from the
top and struok the pavement but a foot or two
from the plaoe where Mr. Van M. stood. In
rebounding tbe instrument struok his lea in
juring .it quite severely, although not disa
bling mm entirely, we nave been impressed,
for tome time, with the idea that the builders
of this establishment have not used as much
oaution as Is vsual in snob oases, and our im
pression is growing stronger daily. We hope
the cirenmttanoe we have related may lead
them to believe that twenty-fire oounds of iron
or 'five hundred pounds of stone, falling a dit
tanoe of seventy or eighty feet, would be likely
to crush to death any on whom it mieht hao-
pea to strike.
RiCBins at tbb Mavob'b OrnoB Ddbiko
tbb Past Wiik. The Mayor's Clerk,' Mr.
Charles Betts, yesterday morning paid into the
City Treasury the sum of $80 60. which he
had received during the week ending yesterday,
for licences from the following sources : ) ii
DrAve ...... ......... m
Exnrpaa Witfiffis
Exhibitions and Balls.,
The following Is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postage at the
rosiomoe, in wis city, .November id.
HIM fll.n0.1th.r. ntr. nt T. M.irnae flftlltM-
i.uowtg usuecn, new yora City.
0. Shannon Eotecranti, Derby, Perry County. Ind.
Wm. V.Willaner, Cleveland, 0,
J. W. Oaeliby, Ularksnlle. Tenn. ,
Uyrus Thompson, MaryaTille, TJnlon Connty, 0.
Franklin Htone, Berp.e. Washlnaton County, 0.
Honry Koienburg, itichmund, tnd.- I
- , ''? !
Persons wishing to supply themselves
with kats, a h mode, wonld do well to call on
B. B. Allay, No. 41 Broadways opposite the
Broadway Hotel. His stook is of th first
quality, and hit prloei as low as those of any
other firm in, the city. -
,.,.n.t,. mw
................. 20.3M as
ia M
N-Mm.MHHWHtlHH 13,37 72
HllltlrHIl(llSlllM IS 00
iwiaaa naiM w w
33 no
M,m,,,wM.MHM,'MMmO ...Mn... 81 00
i 6 00
! , . T - , ' , .
, 0 . t-
f .;
Wood's Tbbatsb Thb Mbbciiakt ot Vb
I0B -Th anUrprii of Mr. Ellaler In nnttlng this
magniBcenl creation upon the atuge at Vo,..rs hu
thus far met with an unbounded sucueaa. The audi
nc Uit night wa very large, and, it Is ii,lea to
add, highly delighted. Th scenery is admirable.,
and in every pert hu been prepared with care. The
supervision of Mr. Andensou.romhlnedwith the out
lay of tha management for new protwrOes, all tend
to render this one of tha flrst uuki u iruu spoctaclea
ver given in the city.
Th "nliylook" of Mr. Andenon Is, as might h ex
ected. au eioellent Imper .nation. u appears
throughout the Ciirlstlan-haitng, niunny-Iovlug Jew
the bard created, and whether he told of hie daughter
or hie ducats, or aeeka revenge, or agiees to take his
principal, or receive th sentence of th duk. h
nvjr forgets the part he has assumed. . 'l b charac-
'V i-orua -is aumiraDly eoactedand moatof them d
creditably rendered. Xt will oe repeated tuleevenlng (1
grand legendary spectacle, from th Ger
man of the immortal G .utbe, and by far tbe greateet
poem lu th lauguage, has been put upon th stage,
at the National, lu tha most superb style, 'lb
scenery and machinery hare for the moat part been
8pttenupxprMlyfor the occasion, and under tha
lreot contiol of Mr. Bobarts, who appears In the
part of "Alenhistophlle."
Many of tii tubleaux are very fine, and some of
them worthy of th Keller Troup in th cleaalcal
e egtnca and beauty. Of th 'Apothesls of Margue
rite" Is on of the Duett wasvarsaw, and muss bs
asea to be appreciated. 01 tbeao.lug we need hardly
apeak. Mr. itobert la a weil-knuwn and his rendi
tion or the Ooetheun drama aeeme to be just what the
authorinttnded it. ,
The "Marguerite" of Mrs. Henri is out te good, and
she i looks ihe cbaracter ad ui irably.whileth "A'aust"
of Air. Btuart I admlrMbla. 'J nose wio desire to
wltnees a ipecucle goiton upwlthout the aid of blue
avd red lire, and m supjrbly, should not lail to see
iuoity " ao"""Tli eu'luB the present oppor-
Pikb'b 0rBA-H0D8S Opbsiho or thb Dra
matic Seisom. The Opera-houeo will open for the
dramatic eeaeon this evening with a splendid pro
gramoie the beautiful lire-act play of Anns ttiAKI,
perlormed for an entire ecaaoa at tha Prinoesa Thia
!f"Il lo'itl" by Mr. and Airs. Charles Keau-and the
delightful comedy of All that Guttkb is not
Mr. and Mrs. Conway appear In th play, aided by
th entire airength pf nearly all th accomplished
artistes. The Opera-house wli 1 of course be crowded
In every tart, itwoll deserve to be throughout
th season.
Boabd or Citt IttpanviiiBNTS. At the reg
ular eemi-weekly session of the Board of City
Improvements, held yesterday morning, the
Clerk was diteotod to prepare and transmit to
tbe City Council otdinanoes to assess a speolal
tax upon thereat estate boundlngand abutting
on the following streets; Front-street from
Mill to Fifth. Andrews-alley, from Bace to
Plum. Also an ordinaooe to light itU gas
the following streets : , .
Walnut street, from liberty to Hore,
, Pleasant street, from Kider to Green. .,'
BRcestrtet, from North Oanal to Twelfth. ('
Kace street, from Klndley to Henry. N "
Fifteenth itreot, fiom Western-row to Sim.
Green s'reet, from Elm to Race.
Baymiller street, from Olark to Qeit. ' '- 'P-'
Do. from Klnth to Court. ; '
Do. from York alley to 1'oplar'
Bremen street, from Green to Liberty. ' j -Orchard
street, from Sycamore to Main. 1 ' ' ' '
Abigail street, from Venilleton tu Spring. .'
- Kilgour street, fnm Third to Pearl. ' ! K :! " 'i -
KlflAr lErAHI. Irittn Kin Wl, k . .......
Lock street, from Sixth to Whitewater Canal i '
Blm street, from Klghttt to Ninth, : ' .
Hxth street, from Culvert to Lock i.
Bank street, from Western How to Raymlller.
New atreet, from Sycamore tu Broadway
flaual """'' 8pri' Hlu " 'to hllitml
liug'has street, from Schiller to Liberty! ' ' '.
Bycamor street, from Milton to Mulbeiry. '
Home atraot, from fourth to Klfth.
Carratreet.frooikljihthtoWhitewaterOanal. .
, BttrrijnBod, trom Hprnard to Coleman. '
Lodge atreet, from Fifth to eixth. -.. '
Liberiy-atreet, lroru Poudletun to Price,
Cutter atreet, from Court to KLhmoud.
Manslleld street, from allltou to Liberty ' i
Dayton atreet, from Bavuilllerto Freeman. "'"
Blttenhous street, from Uourt to Ulark. ''
Seventh street, trom Mntn t, Hn.,n,nM
" Dudley street, from Popular to Liberty,'.-
, A,Ditifl,ic.i,,.vui uiuii to may miller,
John street, from Kven-tt to netts. - '
, Linn street, from Olark to Court.
Lougwortk street, frouritone to Hoadly.
Bank atre. t, from Baymlll.r to Fneman. '
Bet ta atreet, from t:ult-r to Llnu. ,
Belt atreet. from Cutter to John. j' ,'f f (
Nluth street, from dlound to Ouiter.
Ninth street, from Cutter to Linn. V '
Ninth KtreeVfroiu Llnnto Baymiller. 1
- Niutn streei, from Uayuiilar to Freemaaj
Kroeinan street, from eighth to NiutU. ' ' ' '
Freeiuau street, from eli,dlay to Liberty. '' ; r
Freeman atreet, from Flndlay to York.
. Llnu street, from Hottato Laurel.
- Lino atreet, from Find lay to York.
Linn street, from Wad to Everett. . ...
Clark street, from John to Cutter,
Clark street, fruni Untter to Linn. -
Clark street, from Linn to Baymiller.
Clark street, frm Baymiller to Freeman.
v Two gas lamps were located by the Board
on 8eventh-street; between Vine and Baoe.
The Commissioners report that, tho follow
ing streets and alleys in their District have
been bowldered this year, and are in good re
pair, and recommend that the City Council
accept them as suoh:
Twelfth street, from Walnut to Tin.
. Twelfth street, from Wsttern Bow to Elm
. Thirteenth attest, from Vine to Bace.
Fifteenth street, from Western Bow to Miami
Mary street, from Walnut to Vln. ;' '
Lucy street, from liberty to Mary. .
Moore street, from Walnut to Liberty. ;
Corwlne street, from winut to Hamilton Boad .
Liberty street, from Walnut to Vlu. '
. Itace street, from Llbcriy to Green.
Mulberry atreet, from Mulu tu Lucust.
Buckeye street, from Maiu to Loousi
M ilton street, from Young to seventy-live tset of
Mellady street, from Slain to Clay.
. Hopkins atreet, from Western Kow to John
H.pkma atreet, Irom Cutter to Linn.
Wood ward atreet, from Sycamore to Pendleton
Bxynuller street, from Liberty to Dayton.
KO"SUh street, from Court to Clark,
Clinton street, from V'es torn Bow to Freeman "
Clarkstreet, from Cutterto Baimlliar
Plna street, from Geet to Clark '
Popl ar street, from binu to Freeman. '
Melauclhon atreet, from John to Jones
Logan street, from Liberty to Xlder
Green street, from Loran to Kim.
Stark street, frurn liunhip to Kast Hum
Llnu atreet, from Liberty tu Flndlay.
Hamilton aod, from Ounlapti East Plum
llenry atreet, irom Elm to Dnniap.
Liberty itreot, frurn Weateru Row to Bace.
Jail alley, from Main street to Sycamore.
i'ett alley, from Kiiteeutb street to Adams,
. Trunk alley, from Western Kow to Providaaos.
College atreet, Irom Western to Franklin.
atb i isihict.
Third street, from Waehlngton to Martin.
Front street, from Main to Walnut.
Eighth street, from Front to Walnut.
Lii.Uow meet, from Pearl to north 11 u of Tharf
rontstreet, from Kllgour to Pike.
Hatter's alley, from Viue to Lodge.
Kirby alley, from Front to Second. ' f ! , .
Lodge street, from Filth to Seventh, ' '
The Commiisioner of tho TTostern Distriot
was authoriied to have repaired Water-stretit,
from Vine to Walnut, at a oust not to eioes d
$20. Also to have the well-bole, at tha com, r
of Second-street and Gas-alley, oleared and
repaired for $29. ' Hoard adjourned.
W.Tlf. Arp.novjr A f . - T,. .
a .ia. jonvmmfl
BT A Pall. A, Gorman named Charles R eok
onbur, who was engaged at Oerker's distil lery,
A ahnrt rlisrAnn. fpnm IK. nit 0 , m
- - - - - " ww iu uturra x own-
ship, fell, yesterday aftsrnoon, throutr'a tho
ti.lnliB.n l,.m H. 1-.. .t
uia.vuna VIU IU Ui B. UOUf 1UIO (U0 CQJiar
nnrl firoka Kl. nU Va . k . .
- - " M,1VA SUVUU tWU
hours after the accident ; bat at one time,
irum soma peculiarity in tne injury. It was
thought ha would rnnnv.r. altlinnnh Ki. i. J
was immovable and thrown considerably f or-
tt.iu. ui poBiuun in tue oa was suddet ily
ehanvad and If. f.ll hanlmA . . ut.u
"- - - -- m wuiuu sa u-
ment he ceased to breathe. .He leaves a widt w
ana two cnuaren to mourn his melanoha ly
end. ....
Nit Boors. From R!nlnv M.tli.v An
No. 145 Main-street, we have reoeived a rev
cent reprint of D ickena's famous "American
Notes," too wall known to require criticiaoi ;
and the "Old Stone Mansion," by Charles J.
Peterson, a noyel possessing much inter esc
and written In a vigorous sty le, far supe: rior
to most of the romances of the present di iy.
Tibi ok Viks-itrut A fire broke out
about one o'clock this morning at No. - (36
vine-street, in a cuiidintroecuuied by a man
named Gardner, as a tin-shop, and by the
owner, George Koehler, as a residence. The
loss will probably reach $,1001), but the'build
ing and stock were both insured to ah ai noun t
that will fully cow the loss.
A Good Morminr. A number of -1di
rare making an effort to rent the Insane Asy
lum at jjick nun lor tne purpose or transfer
ring thither the female inmates of the City
Prison, and we hope they will be successful.
Ait, in iratL creatures ba any pluce but
whero they now tre 1-". v? :' ; ',
Wokim's Poccsts Pioksn in Masut. De-
testlre Beany Informs Us that litre or sU women
had their pocket picked. In Fifth-street Market
yesterday morning, of small t arns of money
ana erueies 01 jeweiry, me aggregate ot the
losses not being over $40. .
made in ease
Rtemelln vs. Kllbreath and others, a petition for th
dlechargeof Chas. lteianelln from hia trusteeship. I
a. follows: It ii onlerod tbatdefendant anawerplain
tiff's petition iu te.. ritya, and that notice be inserted
in tbe Cincinnati fmMiie nod the Journal Of Com
merce, a newspaper publish! d lu New York, for th
rjn of two uiumha. notifying tli cndltoraof th
Chlo Llfo lnsrauc, end Tru-t (lonipany of th plain
tinaapDMcaiion. and r. qulrln them to (how cause
by the Kith day of January, I WO, why tbesameihould
not be granted. It 1 furthr ordered that eatd
plaintiff, within thirty dKv, file iu this Court a lull
atalenient of hia trusteeship from tliedateof hie ap
pointment until the time be shall 111. said statement.
In the cases of Bisnch iil . Ferrari, L'JgaiM, Pat
terson, and Poney vs. iUnua, demurrers were over
ruled. In Spr inger v. Beutus the demurrer was.gs.
OaiatisTAL Sidi Peter Gandolpho arraigned
for tbe murder (In th first degree) ot Peter Hcnnal
der, was permitted to withhold hi plea until lam
ination or the. indictment.
Henry Lewis, eolored man, was oonvleUd of an
assault and battery ou U. W. Ash.
John A Jam.ts McLaughlin were put on trial for an
assault alio, infant to kill J. 11. Oro.ua,
Obdib ir tiii Tbust Company Cass. lonls
Dlehl vs. Ohaa. Rcmalinnd J. P. Kllbreath. Trna.
tees of the Ohio JJfe Insurance and Trust Company.
On application of Tbompion A Nesoilth, citation
waa laeued AgetnaMhe delendanra toetiow cause why
they should not ft'iv hall fur Ihe execution of their
trust. On the laUi Just., th process is made re
turnable. . .
Patrick O'Bara, eeablo to glvo any account of
himself, whs. alter an examination, held to be Inaana.
and wa sent to th AsyLurn at Lick Hun.
a ;
A Bot Edn Ovbb av r Almost Eats d. A
little boy, ton of Mr. J, J. Starr, resldng at
No, 380 George-street, wag run over yesterday
afternoon by a milk-wsgon, and nearly killed.
His bead was very badly braised, and he re
ceived some internal Injuries, whioh will eon-
nne mm for a long time to bis bod, even if
they do not prove fatal. The driver of the
vehicle waa arrested and lodged in the Ninth
street. Station-house. He will have a hearing
before Judge Lowe this morni ng, upon a charge
oi oareiess a riving.
Livb Stock Mabet Th hog market is
now fairly opened. About two thousand head ar
rived ynsterday from the neighborhood of Millers
burg, Bourbon County, and about twelve hdndred
were disposed of immediately, at It goto ti S3, grow
others were sold at from $.1 SO to 8 J to, rfftt. Crovera'
Inn is crowded with buyers, and price slt advanc
ing. Heeliles these brought by railroad, droves ar
constantly arriving by every prlucipal road, from
Urant, Pendleton, Bcone, and other couutlee, some
of which stopped at our stock pens, while oilwrs wars
driven directly to the forrv. A grent number ro
contracted 1 r lust spring at $i per hnudre.l,
which, we think, will kealxmtthe nvsrage price paid
during the taaaon. Although the hogs brought now
are nut of tin largest class, jst they ar of eicsllent
Cattle are In poor demand, being worth from 2o. to
(St., aud dull at that. No she iuav txu told bre
for s.,nu time.
Pones Coost. Wm. Lumbhlns was sgiin
before th Polios Court yesterday morning, and lined
I' 40, for carrying cuuoealed weapon. HiipnglltHtlo
propensities eem to he rather expensive) for the
preseut time, making abuu' I 0 they have coat him In
two days, all of which be will be compelled to pay I'S
breaking stoue for the city, at the r ue of fifty cent
Ser day. W in. Bradford, an ' old offender," vrus AueU
7 to frr peddling without license. ,
Misbbhavior at Choboh. For several Sun
days past, numerous bora, forgetting th sanctity of
time and place, have conducted themselves In a ruilo
and unbecoming manner In several of ourrhiirrhes.
Such condu t Is wrong In the extreme, and the offl.
cts have determined tluit unless thee boy dssUt,
they will be made to suffer th penally of theUw,
provided lor the purpose.
Disiooai'ria Coiihty CoNvgnTioit. A num
ber of County Conventions hav beert held by the
Democrat, firth pu pt.ee of cliooli,g delegaies to
tli State (Snuventlon, hkh latter will lect ili.le
gatu ;to Charleston. A majority of the romitlea
hive li.dlcaiod Jams Ouibrl a their first choice for
lha Presidency,
Qimn to tub Pknitshtiart. Mnantjoy
Wollnm and John Mount, th two escaped convicts
who have been lying iu our jail for some da;, were
returned to Frankfurt jeaieruay. . . .
Tbs Faib Tho fair for th benefit of the
Kenton Cadets proved anything, but a benefit, for the
prooMd were leu by $100 than the oost.
Fioht. Two men, named Eeed and Foley,
havlug become Inspired by tha spirits they bad Im
bibed, bad two pitched imttlii, with nature's weap
O'.a, near the foot of York strriet, yesterday evening.
The partlea did well, c.;u-idriug their opportunity,
ach inflicting numerous bloody, though not danger
ous, wounde on his kntagoniat. . Thsy were both
lodged iu jail.
Ebpublioab Convbntiow. To-day is the
on fixed upon for th holding of th Bapublican
StaU Convaution in thla city.
Monetary and Commercial.
Mors bills on the East were offered in Third.
Street yesterday, and Exchange was somewhat heavy,
though s roe dealer continued to pay H for ell good
checks oa Philadelphia and Ne York. Drafts were
bought of one or two of the baukera who were short
of Currency at 4.5c. premium.
The Money market continued rather atrlngrnt.
without particular presauro. and parties who wulied
to borrow found it mora difficult to obtain loans than
they did two or three days ngo. Tbe supply of cur
rency appears to be diuiinlsulug gradually with the
bankers. ,'
No one w paylug more than X premium yester
day for Cinci n unt I iu the regular way , and the brokers
were verv willing to sell at too. premium.
The receipis .f nogs worn laiger yemerday than
many previous days, but an the wenther l moderating
again pa:kera may have to strp ott'awhilo.
Tbe receipts of Produce and Hogs for the twen
ty our hours ending yesterday noon were as fol
lows: Flour, oris 3,M1 1 Whlnky 83n
Com, bushels 6 A.I Wheat. buUols, ....... i 3(s
Ct, " 1,172 i Barley, " M..,.. 745
Eaga, head.....,., 4,oe9 I .
The imports of Foreign Dry Goods and General
Heicbiiuais at New York for th past woek, aud
since Jnn 1, were :
For the Week ,! , 1S5T. JS38. 1S30.
Dry Oooeds,....... ioU,ini-. iu,m tMi
Geueral AUrchtndlse l,;oT,fl7 3,346 V13 I 1,936,IHK
Total forth week.. S2.372.183 $2 HI7.879 l,i2SKS
Previously rported...lKtl,2;3,32 ii7,77t,l m,m,Mi
filuotJan.l 1VS,45,9U 130,692,023 212,013,903
Monday's New Turk Herald sayi of Saturday's
financial affairs:
The llonoy market has not been Quite to easy dur
ing the past week, though we can not quote any
change lu rate;. On demand, loana are made at 6&ii,
according to the quality of the security tendered aa
collateral arid the standing of tbe borrower. Parlies
who leave money with brokers .n call can not get
over Vjmii. The very lowest rste for Paper la 9 per
cent., at which Hgure extremely choke acceptances,
at 30(o40 days, am paused; SXj la the mnal rate tor
Urst-class Taper, 60 days to run, with two good
names) very choice ti$6 months' Paper, Indorsed,
goes at Ud)H per cent.; single names, first olas, 7
per cent ; socoud-claas names, fteile; lower grades,
Ul!, according to standing, dato, Ac, Ac. Tho
prevalTliiK lnipreaslon ta that tho Money market has
settled dnwu to low rate for the season.
. Foreign Exuhauee cuutlnuea to rule dull There
le very little demand fioiu tbe importers: most of tho
lead lug drawers hnv hai mi easy week of it. We
guoie sterling 61 day bills (bankers) at IKXMIIOM,
and short sight, HOHaiKiH; good mercantile bills
at lWH$mhi bills on Paris, s.12HI3M for todays,
And 6.1ullt4 for short sight. At these rales ii re
uulres some management to cover exchange by ship
plug specie; and lor the present, we presume tkut
the leading drawers will Bud It more profitable to
purchase Cotton bills.
' ' The same number of the Herald observes:
1 The Dry Goods market Is quiet, as nsnal at this
Mason, though the leading jobbers continue to sell
with freedom to olty customers. The Import con
tinue large, and spring good are beginning to ar
rivo A large linparuttiim Is generally expected by
, the trade. An advene In Wooleu Good ia predicted
by tho authorities, on th ireuath of the advance
whl':h has lately taken place iu th raw material.
If, however, the Importers, aided by our banks, im
port foreign goods next aprlng a frely as they did
this Ml, It will require b very surprising advance In
th raw material to save lhu from heavy loss, . '
FLOUIt-The market Is unchanged, and th de
mand ia moderate: ealsa or -Oo Oris, at St ml for su
perfine, and si 9,i(iS3 ii for extra. S,i3l brlt. r
received the lust tweuty-fuur hours.
WHIBKt-Nochngiles otenobrl. at22He.
PK0VI3IONM-.UO brla, nil Fork sold ail3 l),
and small parcels Lard 9XHM., Green Meat dull
aud price nominal. - H10..11 auld to Hi extent of 1100
hhda at 7'J J.c. fur Soulder and bides.
liOUS The market opened dull, uud closed at a
dticlin f. per vent., and very dull. About 1,200
head Mid to uS) W, the latter rsie for lot averag
ing HO ooniprla' Jtetelpla liberals jaV ; i"
QkuCEIUKS-TheroUno change 1n the mnrket;
the demand Is fair lu th regular way, at previous
WHEAT-The market la quiet and .unchanged,
Holder are firm at $1 16V I is for prime hit,, and
1 1 lvai W for prime red. Mo sal re portal to-day.
OnliN The nimkot, continues firm, with a good
demand at4i4.l3,
tiA'i'tt The m.irkct Is dull and without change:
selexium buah. in hulk at 4Ko- 600 do. ut tic.
riABLkt There is a good demand For strictly
prime fall, but th lower grade ar dull aud un
changed, -i
BIK-Ihe market It dull, and prices without
: UHEHSK The demand continues attire, and prices
are firm at 9c. fur Western Reserve, and llo. fur fen
gllsli Dairy: sales tist boxes Western Heir it at Ho.;
60 it extra, Iargat9tc.
BUTTElt Tbe demand for prime Roll it good at
16vai7o : sale lu brl oboioe Boll at ISO. p -'
. A i'PLES The market is dull and without change.
P0TATOK8 The market I dull. W have no
Chang to not la prices sloe our last quotations. .
!tsw losi Hism, November 19-P. at. Flour
dull on to. lower: sale U.rtiO bna. at tt lu l i
Htle; $oa forexira Htate; tc,J lu t,.r 11 el n.m
Western; $4 !I0J Vi lor comnx.n to good extra
Western, and J 4IKS1 60 for Interlorlo gmd ahtpplng
brand extra round-hoop Ohio: cloalng dull and
drooping. Th market fT.rCauadlan r lour is dull:
in.M Jaohrli. at 4 3ikS as fir oommon to nliolo
xi.i. Kye floor In flr request at $J 7iW 2.
hJS"i,t?d7.' wltn 'd speculative dnmsril. sele
M,OSUI.rih. l U for Chicago .prlng; SI 14 for Ba
olne; SI 181 for Milwsukw cinbi tl sjsiai u ,
forJwa.,,2LK,l,.,5',,,vtl whit Mlihlgan, 1
and fl Kt S3 for hito Kcutncky. Ry scarce and
rttraer:talHS,liiio l,u"h. at tmux., prt to arrive.
Barley a shade better: tales lo.otio buih. at Tr&SOc.
6 Canada East, and HI I..!, f .r good Nlairar County.
Ooru market hrm: sules ,uli buah. at tl fur oun I
yellow, aud 81 0M,1U5 lor J..raey and Bmithern yel
low. Oat active and I...U. r: sale at 44H((t4iio
for State, Western and Canadian. Whleky quiet aud
SKily: sales 3 brl, at WSe. Pork is a aliarlu hrmer:
l,4ii iirls. at l.1 IHallo U formats; til) u rer prime,
and SIS M for prime uies. Bef sti ruiy: alee !Vi brls.
at Hlftl i! for couutiy prime; iVt'S W.lo me- ;V19
for olii And ne repacked meett; Sin rVKill f. r n.e.
Iiretsed Hogs Sitrc and Hrm at 7&7Hi. Bef
llama dull and heavy at Sl?ei)l4 60. i'riu. mesa
Beef quiet at I7(3.1U for i hicagu and Uuveland.
Cut Meats Ann at 6H4A6M0. for green ehoulder. and
8't jf.8ltc. f.r Hami. llucon dull aud heavy. LutL
pretty active aud firm: sale 9,323 brli. at lOVfo:, in
cluding 9,(110 prime western, for foiwara oellr
ery, nt 10tjn. Fuller dull at I1V&I8" for Ohio, a, id
lleutlo. for 8ti. Cheese steady at Sillo. Coitxa
quiet and cisier: sales: to day 1,600 hales, Incliullng
1,000 hales In tranltu,at 1 1 Mo. for Orleans oitiMliiigi,
a Ilk 9-16 freight, and middling uplands 11 Ho. fnt ir
firm; Miiscuvailo 6lXo, Ld firm; Galena ts J.
Wool quiet, but iteauy.
NswOEi.eAitt Wabkit. Novemlmr l.l-P. Jl.-Cot-ton
firm: sales loiasj balos at WhiaHHo. for Uild
dlinaa: sales for three daya 62,000 bil; laceiots do.
32,000 bales, uKalnst 39 000 bale at tne ,itna time last
year. Th rlerls very low, aud its tributaries un
navigabl. Bccelpts al.eid of last year y,W0 Laleej.
Nuga' buoyant, and a'lvanredHo.: ailee at flt&oftr:.
for lair to fully fair. Molasses set Is at atftiOj. Pork
dull: sales at $13 A for Western mess. Kictisugs on
New fork per cent, discount.
Steamboat Register.
AaaiVAi.t. Melrose, Maysvllle; Ohio No. t, Wart-
etta; Prioress, Madison; Superior, Lonitvlllt; C ip- .
ffr,.,BiJ?lll"l,v,r."nn"Ill Fortsmouth; Dunlelih,
Neville, Tirgnia Home, do.
I)iPABivHxs.-Melre, Mayavllle; Prioress, Mad
ison; Superior, Louisville; Clipper, Big Handy; Ii .0.
tona, Portitnonth; Eonl. , W hsoliog; iinnleuh, Ne
ville; Vlrgiula Home, do; Mel not to, Nw Orlant;
Ohio No. J, Murietta.
8UEAK3 A CO. Wales-roc ma No. 67 and H
Main-trot.-Grocerlos, Ac, at Auction.-We will
sell, This (Wednesday) MUBNINU, Nov. 16, at (
o'clock, a general assortment ol Grocerise, Ac, con
sisting of Ml bbls. Molasses; 2i(l krg-s Nails ; 60 do.
Soda; Dot) boxes assorted Ground bpicee ; 1 Ml bale,
i'aper; 79 half-chest Young Hyson, Guupuwder and
Imperial Tea: MOdoien assorted Buckets ; Ml bxs.
lb aud 9s Tobacco.
ALHO-lndlgo, Kopo, Soap, Bedford, Twine, Hies,
Washboards, Hoim, MatilllaCordHge.Ao.
nol6 G, jiBASHKAHrj A Co., Auotiopeer,
A CO.-Positive Sal of Lantla In Kentucky, on
THURSDAY, November 17, ISM.-Will b sold at
Auction, 00 th premises, at u'cloci, 1-8 acres of
lirst-rat Land, In Cauiph ll County,-Ky., about
thirteen utiles from Neport, and nearly opposite
the town of Pales' lu. It will he svld in "li" tract,
or divided Into five lots, tour of which, containing
ubout thirty acre each, front on the Ohio Uivsr,
nd are Hrtt quality Bottom Lands, wllh a gentl
slop at th rear. 'I'll-other Lot la Hill l.at.tT All
the bottom and part of tbe Other land ia dialed, and
ou each lot la very good Timber. Un the trnct ar a
Log House, Stable, do. ; also several line Bpiiugt.
Terms of le Oue-f.mith 'Cnsh, balance lu on
andtwoyatra with six percent. Interest.
Title good and sale itlK iu reserve.
., ., JACU13 tihUFt', Auctioneer,
no!9 , No. 16 East Kourtn-street.
WILLIA319-Salos rouis Kos. 22 and 24 Knst
Ihird-ttreel. Catalogu Halo ot 6ll,U0tl fiet 91 n.
hoganv und Busewood Veneors, on 'liitlBSDA?
AKlERNUON, November 17, at X o'clock, at 3loro
No. U4 Colnmbla-treet, between Elm uud Itace. A
credit ou all sums uver SKO. of two, three and four
months. The above hav just buu loceived lroru
the East, aud iu prime order.
nol A. KKLtOaq, Auctioneer.
Bill DOE CITY, Indiana, at Auotlon.-Ufc W
tON A HOLMEU will tell, oh WEuM SDAY, No.
vember 23, at I o'clock P. M , at the Merchants' bx
rhang. , without rerorv, J8 Lotn in tho 'i y of ( .:.
britltie, Iuu., unimproved, Loluiiging to tho latCom.
mnrcial liauk of Cincinnati. Halo positive. Terms
oih. Title, quitclaim, lurlber paiuculars at tin
' nol
Th W Vetmn-Kr Ilrt
that they are soiling lumber at their yaid -T.
(.'reemaii-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton ot d
Dayton Ballroad, . .
Than any other Lumber Dealers In th eltr.
"Quick Sales and Small Profits"
They submit th following list of prioas:
. Cxsli. 41 SIo'-
Clear lumber, kil Ihlckuseses, 1 In. iraas S-.7 fin tiOa
Heat Common, l) nnd J inch Plank. ,,.... on 111,1
-I l,1."c.4 I)ori'"--... .. M T Wilj
tieoond " a I thlcknoai.es....HM... 16 60 17 I
'''rd, '. .Board ..,.......,... II SO 12 a
drub Plank, face measure n 6(1 f
Horulook Jolat, Scantling and llnitwr,,.. 11 sn 12 hj
lTpl.,r, " 'L , " "- 135,1 KIM
h I ait Common Flooring l)tiard..,.... ; u i: ;
becotld " ' , , " ...M.... 2.1 M 1.0
T. 'lr.d ... t In 9(1 2ll fvi
hi rat Common ethr BoarrjB.. 14 00 17 to
tieooud . .,.. u (i) is mi
Cedur Posts, 4 by 4, g ft, ft hundred.... 9 (i fo 04
Cedar " for fanning, " . " , jo mi us tv
LiKJUSt " , ' " ' 21, mi Vi to
A further reduction of 3H per ont. will be made on
bills of or more.
We have one of the largest nnd beat selected ttockn
of Lumber in the Cincinnati market, which w offer
for sal at the above price. ,
.' .,1 ,. f POULT HtltlIAL.1
I . Offloe 9S iiroadway, New York,
I -v ' entire profits, pro rata, among lis Policy Bold
era, hkiii mwresi w per com. only) Is paid on Its
stock, which may, by Investment, reproduce about
that amount, tlte. rl y jilting the teemed ull the ail
vantages of tbe t-rf Mutual Hyetem, with th
pledge of a Perpetual 1 rltal btoak and the addod
security that lu Uoanl i.i Uirectora have a Ptrnia
netit Moneyed lutereat In conclnct'og lie affairs with
prudence and strict ecutiomy.
It rati are baaed upon tbetnoet approved F,ngllh
tftbli s of niort illiy, verified by Americau experience
to tbo preseut lime.
, Ily the Charter, Dividends toth Aurd nreto h
declared every five years, and may be applied to tli
reduction of premium, or will b credited opon th
policy, Iheroby lucreaiilngths amount Insure d.
Parties d-siriug to Insure will be furnished with
the Society's publications, rates, Ao., gratis, upon ap
plication to the Agent.
Hon. WILLIAM C. ALEXANDER, l'rdi(ltat.
HENRY B. HYD1C, Vloe Preaident.
GkO.Vl. PHILLIPS, Actuary.
tooai oak or arrsasKca ron oisoiknati.
W, th undersigned, take pleasure in stating thai
"The Equitable Lif Assurance society," of New
York, represented In thin city by Uavin A.Truax.Ssq.,
is entirely worthy the confidence of this community,
aud that Ihe combination of th Mutual and Joint
Miock principle oa by lliem presented-render thi
Company on of th most tieslrahl for insurers In
the country: .
i Stedman, Oarllsle tShiw, Btotihor 8. Eowe,
). H. Chencweth A Co., 8. t) L'llommedleu,
lllachley, Hlmpann A Co., I1. W. C01 win,
, Thompsen A TaarT, II. t Spencer.
3'i.Weit Thlrd-strwt, Baxenient M neon ii-tempi
Oct' Kxamlulng Physli ian.
Will save half the usual amount or lbcr, asd k
curate uud rctvlily comprehended
All Interested In the Seleneeof AneonnU ar
vlted lo call and examine this new method and
for themselves, vu . .
The Evening getslon will oommence - -
J" Day glasses meet ae usual, '
S. S. BACOS, Prinoiptil
J, H. OOTYi First Autsinnt. ocrtanf

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