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If paMiihtd dally, (Sundays tioUd,) b
ohoi-o. h wiit romii-miii,
THI PI5HI PBIWto, deliver to subscribers la
Olnoinnetl, Oovlngton and Newport, and sur
rounding oltle and towns, at th ex
tremely low prlc of
men or haiius:
Blngl copies Jc.; 1 month Mo.; 3 month!!; 1 reti 4.
Job A. Imnii Ja.. .Sole Lowe and Manager.
Nr. Anderson and Miss Elswortby
Have bean expiely engaged to give thi magnifl-,
cent production all eclat ana effect.
THIS EVENING, November 17, will be presented
Bbakepeare' grand five-act Comedy, entitled
Or, The Merchant of Venice.
Bhylock,.. '.....;...... .......................... rlr. Andereon
Portia...... ..... Ml" Elaworthy
llasaanlo ..nr. Aiangaon
Launcelot Uobbu. .............................Mr. Ellsler
Oratlano..........M,.--.... Mr. Head
Antoulo .........-......-............Mr.Hann
Duke of Venice.. - .Mr. Fisher
I.orenr,o. ...... . M.M.........lj;r. Ball
Nerlsaa ,...........Mi; Dnhm
Jessica - . -....Miss Walte
Dance, by .......,.......MIh Kate Fennoyer
MT The performance will commence each evening
aWDoora open at V; Onrtaln rises at TM o'olook.
Paiocaor Adhiuiin Sreaa Circle and Parquette,
Mcenta; Qftllery, 23c ante. .
Third night nf the popular Tragedian,
THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, November la, and
very mining during the week, will be acted, the
g'at I egendary Duma, from tbe German of Goethe,
entltleu ' .
Faust and Marguerite.
Mepblatophiles - Mr. J. B. Roberta
Faint (an aged Scholar)...... ....Mr. 0, Stuart
Marguerite - Mrs. 0. Henri
Dance by - Mis Jennie Bight.
The performance will commence with the laugh
able farce called .
Henry Degrais Mr, Swift
Oliver (luiot Mr. Blevln
Mad. Mauette...-. Mra. 0. Benrl
astSTFrlday, Benefit of BLr. J. B Roberta.
Theater, la now open for the reception of guests.
Booraa oan be obtained by the day or week, and
uieala furnlabed at all honra.
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
againat furnishing any artlclea for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
C'haa. M. Barrel .......... Manager.
If. B, Conway ...............Stage Director.
Brilliant Success of the New Companjl
THIS (Thursday) IVBNIK'O, November 17, 18M,
will be presented Tom Taylor'a beautiful Comedy of
John Mlldmay...... Mr. F. B, Conway
Captain Hawkaley.........,...... ..Mr. V. E. Sheridan
Old Potter .............Mr. A. T. Hall
Gimlet - Mr. Jenninga
Mra. SteroholJ. .... ...Mra. Eliza Place
lira. Mlldmay - -Mm. P. B.Conway
To conclude with
Pilllcoddy... - Mr. W. Davidge
Captain 0 'Scuttle Mr. Lanagau
Mra. Pilllcoddy ..Miss Fannie La Koes
Mra. O'Scuttle Mra. Wllklua
Psicisor Admusioh. Parquette Circle, Parquette
and Balcony, 60 centa i Amphitheater, 26 cents ;
Private Boxes for eight persona, $8.
Doora open at t o'clock ; commence at 7M.
Box Office open from 10 A. M. nntil 4 P. M., where
mats can be secured. J. F. HBttBURT, Treae'r.
cl I1M1M. AC1DEMY "4
Ntttonal Hall, Vlae-atreet, above Fifth, ,
Lealer of Orchestra..................... ..0. H. Holcomb.
t A98ES Thuraday, from J too P.M., for ladles,
ftturday. 0 to 12 A. M., and 2 to 5 P. M., for Miaaes
'Ten tlemen Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 P. M.
Valtzing Class, for Ladles and Gentlemen, Friday
tr.ssoNS ron Gkiittemen. In order to meet the
coivenlenca of gentlemen whose business or social
engagement often interfere with their punctual at
tedunce, our arrangement la, that tickets are pur
chaed, one of which is delivered at each leaaon, and
cm be need during the whole season of Beven months.
;he lessons are ao arianged that beginnera can
eminence at any time. octS-bm-WftS
dily 18 years of ace, Hlaht, 7 feet 5 In,
,! ; -Making him the r,:. , '. U
At the WESTERN MTJflEUM for one week more,
cmmenclng on MONDAY, Hot. M, 18W. noloo
Y H E . O LY M P I C.
Leasee and Proprietor. JNO. HOWOBTH.
This new and beautful TEMPLE OF THE MUBE8
opened for the aeason on
With a fnll and talented DBAMATIO AND 0OS
I'ERT TKODPB, aeleoted from the different thea
ters aud opera companies of the Union.
Admission lt cent. For particulars see small
Tim "Olympic Saloon" will be open at all honra
during tbe day. The Bars are stocked with choice
W Inea, Liquors and Cigara. oca)
Coal Cooking Stove,
Held at Zanesvllle, October. 1809.
'"' 'manufaoturbd by ,;"
IVos. SI and 53 Vine-st.,
(Second door Below Colombia,)
Patent Sign Depot,
ffo. 210 Weitern-row,
i Iron Block Letters ar. mannfaotored.
OVAU work ITa'mtBted to give satisfaction.'
Address nollbw B. WABP.
11 don very TOparlorBpanljh Olives. For sale
b. a. Mcdonald a 00.,
nel4 and Branch Store 340 West Foorth-at.
eight sauks very snperlor Cream Cheese. For
sale by A. McDONALD CO..
noU '- M and Breach Store 24D West Fonrth-stj
Just received, 40 eana Bent A Ce.'s oelebratsd
W.urrack.ra. rfo, ,
noil" 8 and Braaah Store 141 Wast Foucth-st.
' VOL. 2. NO. 76.
' 1 - - - . .
Arrivals of Trains.
timr Miami. Might Kxpraas, 8:00 i.'ai.; A acorn
' modatlon, 2:49 p. m.; Day Kx press, r. M.
Imuunapolis and CiifcuKart. 11:30 jt. at.; i:40 p.
M.i 1:40 a. m. i
Ohio and M lasissipn. 8:1ft a. at.; 1:13 p. ,: 10:15
Departures of Trains.
Littli Miami. Day Express. 10:00 A. M.; Aecom
modatlon, 4:40 p. m.; M Ight Express, U :3u r.u.
Imdi am apous amo Uircinnati. 6:S0 a. at.; 12:46 p.
M.i 7:00 p. m.
On i and Mississippi. 9:00 a. m.; 2:00 p. m.j 7:30 p. i.
Cincinnati, Hamiltom andDayton.-6:()a. m.; 7:30
A. M.i 10:00 A, M.; 3:t0 p. M.i 6:30 p. u.; 11:30 p.m.
Mabiktta and Cinoinnati.-9:4i a. M.i 3:4U p. m.
F"The ootton crop of Texaa, it is thoaght,
will reach 250,000 bales. ;
9Frederiok rouglaas sailed from Queb'et
for England on Saturday last,
' Old Brown was born In Terrington,
Conn., May 9, 181)6, and is now consequently
fifty-nine years and aiz month, old,
&"lt is stated that Mr. Belmont it about
to depart for Europe to take the position of
head of the Rothiobilds banking-house.
J3sfTwo men wero ordered from Bucking
ham County, Va., last wok for expressing in
cendiary opinions. '
fl-f James L. Gray, Ksq., late olerk in tha
U. 8. Pension offioe, died of yellow fever at
Powder Horn, Texas, a fortnight ago.
gst'JoneB being asked what was the first
thing neoeasary toward winning the love of a
woman, answered, "An opportunity ."
Nothing prevents a person from being
natural and easy, so much so as an extreme
anxiety to appear so. i:'':
bfWhen a houso is on fire the blate is
more quiokly seen from without thun within J
it ia the same with the ruin of a State.
&All men who do anything must endure
a depreciation of their efforts. It is the dirt
whioh the chariot wheels throw up.
fi&"A head properly constituted oan ao
oommodate Itself to whatever pillows the vi
oissitudes of fortune may plaoe beneath it.
ftifk monument is to be ereoted over the
grave of Minister Mason at the Richmond,
Va,, Cemetery, lie la buried near President
ScfHalf tbe secrets of the world are dis
olosed In order that those who possess them
may let their friends know that they hold
mind might ponder its thoughts for
ages and not gain as muoh self-knowledge as
the passion of love would teach it in a single
kTA young man being asked what made
him so bald, replied that ." the girls had
pulled his hair out by pulling him into their
The engagement of Edwin Booth, in
Boston, has lasted four weeks, and been one
of the most brilliant theatrical sucocsses ever
known in that city.
PIS' Isaiah Bethel was killed at Mul
drough's Hill, on the Louisville and Nash
ville Railroad, thirty-seven miles from the
former city, by the train going north.
0fA wagon wan demolished and a horse
killed at Tremont, Mass., Saturday, on the
Cape Cod Railroad, by oollision with a looo
motive on the passenger train.
There is at present no activity in
trade in Venloe, and consequently so muoh
distress, that out of a population of 125,000
souls, 45,000 rooeive alms.
At the agricultural fair at Columbia.
South Carolin,on Friday, two native Africans
were exhibited and reoeived the award of a
silver goblet.
TThe greatest thoughts seem degraded
in their passage through little minds. Even
the winds of heaven make but mean musio
when whistling through a key-hole.
jlVfe sleep, but the loom of life never
stops; and the pattern whioh was 'weaving
when the tun went down, is weaving when it
comes up to-morrow.
.. p&Th Albany (N. Y.) Knickerbocker says
s fellow in that olty is training a lobster to
run a foot race with the one-horse steamer at
the Bath Ferry. The lobster is to osrry a
weight. ,
B Louis Napoleon has spent in war alone,
sinoe the ill-starred day ha committed perjury,
above $100,000,000, the cost of the Crimean
and Italian, wars. What his wars in China
and Afrioa cost nobody seems to know.
Reoently two young men named Jere
miah E. Holmes and Josiah Qoaff, were aool
dentally shot is Rohrersville, Washington
County, Md., by tbe discharge of a gun in the
hands of John H. Blessing. Gouff subse
quently died from the effects of his wound.
' fi3T" A Mr. Barker, while hanging a door
In the third story of a mill in Portsmouth,
Ohio, was standing on the head of a barrel,
and when in the aot of striking a blow with
his hammer, the barrel gave away and he fell
to the street, killing him instantly.
say, landlord, that's a dirty towel
for a man to wipe onl" Landlord, with a
look of amaiement, replied! "Well, you're
mighty partioular. Sixty or seventy of my
boarders have wiped en that towel this morn
ing, and you are the first to find fault."
BsTTho Canadian "reform" convention
has passed a series of resolutions, tha most
important of which is one in favor of a disso
lution of the present union between the two
powers and the formation of a sort of federal
government instead. .
lie house of Mr. Michael Gilbert, a
rman7 three quarters of a mile west of
bight's Station, in Riga, Mich., was burnt
wn recently, and Mr. G ilbert was consumed
in it. Mr; Gilbert was a widower, and lived
entirely alone ia the house.
The bar of Paris is in good luck. M.
Nogent do St. Laurens has received a legacy
of $80,000 from an old client. This is a third
legacy left to eminent lawyers in Paris, within
the last twelvemonth. M. Jules Favre re
e ived $120,000 from an old jeweller, whose
o unsel he had been for A great many years.
'&There have recently occurred In France
two acoidents front ohemioal or iucifer matches,
by which five ohlldron have been burnt to
death. In one instanoe the three children of a
farmer not only immolated themselves, but
burnt down a barn and its oontente, and the
mother has sinoe died from the agitation
oausod by the event.
' The widow of the late Henry B. Ben
nett,' formerly Cashier of the Bank of Bain
bridge, Penn Yan, N. Y., committed, suicide
on Sunday morning by takings laudanum.
She was living at the residence of her father,
Hon. B. Bradley, having returned some two
weeks previous to the sad event, from the In
sane Asylum at Canandaigua.
I sTA salt oompany is boring an artesian
wellat Grand Rapids, Mich. Tho Eagle says,
the deeper they go the stronger is the brine
they get. 1 They have reached & depth of
two hundred and fifty feet, and tha water
that boiled up tasted quite as briny as that of
tha ooean, and looked when running into,
and mingling with fresh water, like milk. .
Developments—Habeas Corpus Refused.
, ,
... . .
The Memphis Evening Argut of the 10th
instant has the following in regard toPALusa,
the alleged acoomplioe of Bbow in the Har
per's Ferry affair:
The late arrest and commitment of W. R,
Palmer, for alleged oompllcitv in Brown's In
surrection movements, engross the attention of
Mimosa every ooay to-day, and but little else
seems to be thought of. The letter found in
the railroad car, although quite lengthy,
amounts in substance to about what we men
tioned yesterday. The letter states that the
negroes throughout the most of the Southern
States wero ready for insurrection, and that
Arkansas and Tennessee were the States in
whioh to strike the first blow; also, that Palmer
had been tampering with tbe negroes in the
vicinity of his plantatian, who expressed their
willingness to escape to a free State whenever
an opportunity offered.
. We this morning understood that an effort
would be m ado by Palmer's counsel to secure
his release on a writ of habea corjnu, but up
to 3 o'clock this afternoon nothing had been
effected. We presume the letter referred to
abovo is all that warrants the authorities in
retaining him, and we doubt its being evi
dence sufficient to convict him, unless, in
deed, its author be found, and its statements
corroborated. ' Other foots may vet come to
light which will control the subsequent ac
tion of the government in the case, and until
a reasonable time elapses for further devel
opments, we presume all efforts to discharge
Palmer from custody will be uaeless.
The Argv of the mbsequent day, the 11th
Inst., observes:
The Criminal Court refused this morning to
release Palmer on a writ of habtcu eorptu, and
he will be retained In custody. This is per
haps tbe wisest oourse that oouid be pursued,
taking into consideration all the circumstances
oonnected with the oase. Although every one
admits that the present evidenoe againat
Palmer being without corroboration would
be totally insufficient to eonviot him of the
charge alleged, there is still a deep feeling in
the oommunity in regard to the affair, and
trivial oiroumstances are daiiv coming to light
whioh decidedly prejudice the pablio mind
against the prisoner. For the present Palmer
had better remain where he is.
Unnatural Avaeiob. An effort has actu
ally been made outside of Charlestown, in
Virginia, to turn the exeoution of Ossawato
mie Brown and his fellow-conspirators to ac
count by getting up a monster excursion from
all parts of the country of those who have a
sufficiently morbid appetite for the horrible
to induce them to desire to be present. Mr.
Simon Perham, not without notoriety as a
showman, has conceived this happy idea,
and recently addressed the President of the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad inquiring as to
the amount of reduction upon the regular rate
of fair which would be conceded to his excur
sionists. Mr. Garrett, not thinking the oc
casion a proper one, or that the people who
would travel hundreds of miles so see five or
six criminals executed exactly the class of
visitors who would be agreeable to the Vir
ginia authorities, has caused that opinion to
be made known to Mr. Perham.
Anothee Conversion to thb Broad Chdboh.
A Massachusetts correspondent, in a pri
vate letter, sends the N. Y. Evening Pott the
following intelligence, which will create a
sensation in the theological circles : " Prof.
Huntington, ' of Harvard College, ' has just
written to hie brother Theophiluu, in Hadley,
announcing that he has embraced the doc
trine of the Trinity, and indicating that he
finds great peace and comfort in his new
opinions. What denomination he will enter
is not stated, but he evidently admires, like
Br. Bellows, the ceremonial system of the
Episcopal Church."
Lifi Inceeaskd by ah Income. In 1826,
when the senior Quinoy was Mayor of Boston,
a contract was made between the oity authori
ties and a widow, by which it was agreed that
she should convey to the olty a certain strip
of land required for some oity improvement in
consideration of tho sum of one thousand dol
lars per annum, to be paid to her dur
ing her lifetime, and twenty thoasand to
her heir on her death. The pensioner lived
until within the last few days, when she died,
at the age of ninety, having drawn her salary
for thirty-three years.
Xoud and Mystibiocb Rsposr. Last week
a very loud and heavy report was heard in
MurfreeBboro', Tenn., and in the country for
miles in every direction, resembling the noise
caused by tho firing of heavy artillery or the
explosion of a powder magazine, followed by
a noise resembling distant thunder, which
lasted about a minute. There are manv con
jectures as to what produced this Breat noise.
some mini it was caused by ttie tailing of a
meteoric stone; others that it was the noise
attendant upon earthquakes. . .
Cowhides and CorriNS Again Homicide in
Virginia. Rufua Ayres was shot dead on
Friday evening, at Reotortown, Fauquier
County, Va., by Wesley Philips and his son.
Ayres drew a pistol on the elder Philips and
attempted to oowhide him; Philips fled, but
afterward returned in oompany with bis son,
found, and made an attack on Ayes, who shot
at them as they approaohed, whon both fired
on him at the same time with a shot gun and
rifle, and killed him, the shots taking effeot in
the heart.
SSM.. .
Stipbinsor's. Charitable Bequests. The
late Robert Stephenson left a large proportion
of his fortune to charities oonnected with New
castle, England. To Newcastle Infirmary he
has left 10,000; to the Literary and Philo
sophical Society, whose debt he liquidated
only a year or two since 7,000 ; and to the
Northern Mining College, 2,000. He has
also bequeathed to the Institute of Civil Engi
neers, 2,000 ; to the Additional Curates' So
oiety, 2,000 ; and to the Christian Knowl
edge Society, 2,000. .
. Homicide in Louisville, Kt. On Sunday
night a diflioulty ooourred in Louisville, Ey.,
between a Hungarian, Maximillian Korvi and
John Wells. Norvi having found his wife and
Wells in the kitchen together, inquired what
she was doing there, when she replied that she
had gone in for the purpose of getting Wells
something to eat. The latter then oauie up
and he and Norvl slinched, and during the
affray Norvi was stabbed in the groin, causing
bis death in a few minutes
Tui Grandson or Tioombsh. The grand
son of Tecumseh is now living in Natchez,
Miss. He is a well sduoated and accom
plished gentleman, having traveled over the
greater part of Europe. He is a physician,
and is said by the Free Tradtr to be an ex
cellent one. In his pharmacopia ia a lot of
medicinal herbs, the secret of whose cura
tive powers he derived from his grandmother,
who waa a great "medicine" woman. -
A White Woman Shot bt a Kiqbo Lad.
A night or two since, Bertha Mix, a white
woman, was shot by a negro, Daniel R. Dor
ity, In Baltimore. . While attending to her
business the pistol shot was fired, the ball
taking effect in the left side of her neck.
1 pBT A petition to Governor Wis is in cir
culation at Manchester, N. H., praying hitn
to postpone old Brown's execution until the
meeting of the csxt Legislature of Yirgialt,.
The Capital of Morocco—Its Past
The following is some account of the ancient
capital of the Moorish dominions. Morocco,
or Merakaoh, hiving been ruined by disas
trous war, and depopulated by the plague, is
now only the shadow of what it formally was.
Leon Afrieanus sjs that "it is a oity larger
than Paris, .where the King has his palace,
whioh is more sumptuous and more magnificent
than any other in the world." At the com
mencement of the seventeenth oentnry Mo
rocco had a population of 000; it now scarcely
reaches 30,000. The oity was founded in
1073; its walls, which attest its former splen
dor, embrace a olrcamferenoe of six miles, and
tr pierced by elaven double gates flanked
by tovrera ''gardens and rains fill up the
a'! Prx of tbe ground withia the
wall,.- j The modern oity Is similar, with
regard to its' architecture to the other cities of
the'tmpire its streets are narrow and irregu
lar; tbe bouses are composed of a oourt with
galleries round it, whish lead to long and nar
row rooms, the windows of which rarely look
into the street. 1
Many of'the houses are built of stone, but
the great majority are constructed of a kind
of mortar rfnmnofiiiil nf annd lima anA ABH,u
- 1 nuu calm,
which is Maten hard together between planks
uisuou uu aituer siao oi me wan as it is being
built, i Thre are sevnrnl larnA
or marketplaces in Morooco, but, like the
l mey are neitner paved nor sanded.
There are several mosques, the principal ones
being those of El Koutoubia and Mouzim,
that of the Bentous, and tliat of Sidi Balabesa,
yue pairou'oi me cuy. ine Buitan'a palace
is outside the wall,; it consists of a vast
froup of buildings surrounded by pleasure and
itchen gardens. There are also a mosque
and lane Aonrfai. whnm (ha Rnlton k.-.
pnblio audienoes. Like Hue, the capital of
wuuiu uuiua, u me Duuaings lorm, a com
plete labyriuth of walls. The Jews are not
well treated in the empire. At Morooco, they
ncflnnva AriAnin.1 niiAria, Sc,..1MA..Hj.j
i ' - J" 1 , "uivMinoUilUHLUBU
by a wall, the gate of which is closed atnlght
buu uunug mo wnoie or Saturday, and
guarded by a caid. The Jews are the only
tinmen and tailors in Morocco, tha Moors
onlv exarriiaa tha trnrlna tt aWmal,.-.
t v BuwuiaiciBj uar-
penters, masons, locksmiths and weavers of
uaiKBj anq gouaouras.
- -gfji
DestbdAivn Fire at Dansvule, JT. Y.
Laafc waaV a. Ufa hmlrA nut in 'nn:t,.
Livingston County, N. Y., in the rear part of
T . f" " , mi .
v eujos in iu a grw;orjr Bioro. i ne wind was
blowing nearly north at the time, and the
wooden buildings between that and the bank
wee sooq in flames. Upon the alley back,
panuiei wjun main-street, wore a lot of barns
and Other wooden buildings, which burned
withi great fury, and were soon destroyed.
In the opposite direction, around the J2x-ohange-etroct
corner, Marratt's picture gal
lory; thaiEmpire store, the Cabinet Ware
rooms of St. Jones, Henry's Livery Stable,
and the reeidenoe of ?. B. Grover, were burned
to the ground. The fire, which was the work
of an incendiary, must involve a loss of
Sympathizers with Bbown. At a union
prayer-meeting held in the lecture-room of Dr.
Cheevert Ohurob, New York, Thursday even
ingurgent prayers were offered on behalf of
John Brown and his associates, and two peti
tions were informally signed requesting Gov.
Wise to lifterpose Executive clemency to pre
vent the operation of the sentonoe of death.
The meeting thoroughly indorsed the spirit of
the Harper's Ferry invaders. . A meeting of
Radical Abolitionists was held at the Cooper
Institute to consult aa to the best method of
liberating the condemned, and to secure the
passage of a personal liberty bill.
1 Th eGreat Balloon The grounds on whioh
the balloon "City of New York" has, for the
past fort-night been exhibited, were yesterday
completely desertsd, giving the impression that
the whole matter might prove a grand hum
bug. On the outer walls hung a card announc
ing to those interested that the grounds will be
alosed . till the dav nf t.h nanAn.inn t.t ,i.n
balloon Pioneer due notification of whioh
will do given through the proas; the same card
announces that the tickets purchased on Satur
day last, for the ascension, will be good when
the grounds are again opened. N. Y.Sun,
16(. ,
Another Duel in New Ohleans. A hostile
meeting took plaoe at the Oaks in New Orloans,
on . the . 10th, between J.- P. Moutamat, Ex
Lieutenant of the Poliao, and Antoiue Crane,
of the Third District. Tho weapons used were
double-barrel guns, loaded, with ball, both
barrels being discharged In 'rapid succession.
After the first flra.no ilnmair. tiAin Jm.
reconciliation took place. The duel grew out
oi a pomicm aimouity, wnion Occurred the day
before the election, Mr. Montamat being an
Independent candidate for State Ronresantn..
tive. , .
Mortality in New Yobk There wore four
hundred and two deaths in New York City
during the last week, boing a slight inorease
over the number as exhibited by the returns
for the corresponding weeks in 1857 and 1658.
This is accounted for, the 2ime says, by tho
recklessness which tbe lower classes of the
population exhibit in moving into tenement
houses before the walls are sufficiently dry.
" The Heavt Gale it the South. The New
Orleans Picayune says: The late gale, or suc
cession of gaies in the Gulf, appears to have
been one of tbe moat extensive and prolonged
we have for years had oeoasion to record. On
the Mexican coast it lasted ten days, and none
of the great sailing traoks appear to have been
without a visit from it. Aa yet we hear of no
serious disasters.
The Saliqun Law. A distinguished writer
on the history of women says, that though
the French will not suffer a woman to sway
their scepter, they can not hinder her from
ruling the monarch who holds it: a case
which has so ofton happened that, in spite of
the Salique law, they have been more under
the direction of women than the neighboring
: Attempt to Mob an Alleged K idnappkr,
When it was known that the Grand Jury at
Cleveland found no bill against Hartman,
charged with kidnapping, about fifty negroes,
most of them of the blackest hue, collected
about the Court-house, intending to mob him,
and would have done so had he not taken
hurried refuge in the jail.
Fatal Explosion in Pennsylvania. Two
children of a Mrs. Liohtenleicher were killed
by the explosion of a can of powder, on Sat
urday, at the L j kens Valley Company's
"plane;" one of the sufferers having placed a
can of powder in the stove. The explosion
nearly tore the house to pieces.
Suicide Committed on a Grave. On Satur
day the body of a German, William Gross, was
found lying dead upon the grave of his son,
in New York Bay Cemetery, near Brooklyn,
where it is supposed be had gone for the pur
pose of committing suicide.
Murdered by a Policeman. Henrv E.
Hyams, a youth eighteen years of age, one
night last week in New Orleans, was shot and
killed by Matthew Hughes, a member of the
police. All accounts represent it to have been
a wanton and most outrageous murder.
' 9During the week ending November 11,
there were seventeen death, by yellow fever
in N,w Orleans.
The steamer North Star.
New Toss, November 18. Tbe report of
me non-arrival or the VorfA star at Aspin
wall, up to tbe 4th instant, at which date she
was fully six days overdue, has naturally
caused considerable anxiety. Bhe carried 108
sailors, 37 marines, and IV officers in charge
of theto, bound to join theUnitod States ship
Saramc of the Paoifio Squadron.
The following are the names of the offioers
R. Rltchio Captain ; M. C. Watklns, Lieuten
ant; R. W. Mead, do.j George Shriirroek,
Master; D. S. Groen, Snrgeon; Bennett Freen,
do.; Win. A. Ingersull, Pursur; T. B. C.
Stump, First Assistant ngineer; Choa. Schro
der, do.; B. E. Chaeslng, Second Assistant do.;
B. B. li. Wharton, do.; 8. Wilson, Third As
sistant do.; J. A. Wilson, do.; A. B. Campbell,
do.; H. A. Sellers, do.; B. Anbry, do.; Phillip
Miller, boatswain; Jno. Ring, sailor.
There were also three hundred and thirty
three first and seoond oabin passengers, and
one hundred and fifty in tbe steerage, and one
hundred and eizhtv-five soldiers and marines
for tho United States ntonmer.S'armiac, making,
with the crew, a total of eight hundred and
The most reasonable way to account for hsr
aorenoo is that she may have met with an ac
oident. Some part of her machinery may
uvo uruao ona sne put into some port from
whioh we have as yet received no intelligence.
From Washington.
Washington, November 16. The Board
appointed by the Navy Department to examine
Maynard's breech-loadiog carbine, say they
think it recommends itaelf to the teat of the
naval service.
Senator Douglas's physicians oonslder his
condition considerably improved this morn
ing, and he is considered oonvalesoent. ,
Upward of twenty members of Congress are
now in Washington. Others have been here
to make arrangements for acoommodations
during tbe session.
New York Election.
Albany, November 16 The Argiu now
olalms the eleotion of David R. Floyd Jones,
the Detnooratio and Utioa nominee for Secre
tary of State, over Leavenworth, by 204 ma
jority. The Journal olaims 102 majority for Leaven
worth. The official returns thus far reoeived seem to
show, but not positively, that Jones ia elected.
River News.
Pittsburg, November 16 M. River eta
tionary Beven feet by pier-mark. Weather
olear and pleasant. ,
Sr. Louis, November 16 M. The river re
cedes at the rate of about two inches per day,
at this point, and all the upper streams are
falling. Weather olear snd mild.
Dora Sbaw in Anothsr Difficulty at Al
bany, N. Y. The fiory-tempered Dora Shaw
has had a diflioulty with toe manager of the
Gaiety at Albany, and left the theater where
She Was oni?H0fltl to nerform. Tlnra. nf .nnM.
publishes a card saying s Owing to the linper-
ieetnees ot mr.B packman (tbe manager) in tbe
"Daughter of the Regiment," I took the lib
erty of an aotreas aud mentioned to him his
shortcomings. His answer was an insult, such
as no waman of delicacy eould brook, and the
consequence waa my withdrawal. i ;
The manager also publishes a statement,
and after denying that he had insulted her ia
any way remurks: During hor whole en
gagement sho took particular pains to make
herself as dissgreeablo as possible. very
attention has been paid her coming, as she
does, without any clnira. upon our profession
as a star not even being perfect in tho au
thor, on the night mentioned in her article.
Sho induced me to announce the Daughter of
the Regiment, which called together a very
solect aud fashionable house ; but they cer
tainlymust have been disappointed at wit
nessing the most "horrid maiming of both
words and music." The prompter made
many abortive attempts; to aidher, but in vain.
She did not even know the context.
China as a Cotton-obowing Country. Sir
John Bowring expresses the opinion that
China is able to solve the great ootton problem
whioh now disturbs the manufacturers of Great
Britain. He looks with doubt upon the pro
bability of getting a large supply from Afrioa,
as he conoeives that the blacks are not suf
ficiently industrious to produce largely. The
fact that a very large proportion of the Chinese
are clad with garments made of ootton pro
duced in China, is one to which he attaches
much significance as bearing upon tbe matter.
A few years ago the silk harvest was in
peril, and one of the most important of British
manufactures was believed to be in a state of
danger, but in two years China was enabled
to send ten millions sterling of silk, fitted
nnd prepared for the English market. The
Chinese are very sagacious, and when taught
to sow a better seed, and the arts of cleaning
end preparing for market, China will be en
titled to be reckoned, more than she has been
reckoned hitherto, as an important source of
ootton supply.
' A Little Danbkusn Eleven Yea as Old
Elopes with an Adult Vagabond A pretty
little danseuse, Louisa Paullin, eleven years
old. who had been nerforminir t.hn nharaeta aF
"Little Eva," and other juvenile parts in San
rranouoo, wnere sne was very popular, eloped
thence on the 20th inst., with George Servey,
an ex-bar-keeper and oominon loafer, twenty
two years of age. She was the support of an
invalid father who was extremely fond of her,
and to whom she seemed deeply devoted. No
explanation oan be given to this extraordinary
movement. A love-match it oan scarcely be
called. The girl is rather inexplicably in
fatuated with a fellow who, entirely unworthy
of her, has indueed ber to forget her duty to
her parents, and take a step whioh she no
doubt deeply regrets before this.
The Housi in which Schiller was Born.
The house at Marbach, in which Schiller was
born, and which has been long occupied by a
baker, has been purchased, and is to be kept
as a publio memorial, a new shrine for the
poetic pilgrim. Such furniture ns can be
proved to have belonged to Schiller or his
family, is to be plaoed in the room on the
ground floor, in whioh the former first opened
his eyes to the light, and a library is to be
formed in the room above, to comprise all the
procurable manuscripts of tho poet, and all
his own works, as well as those written upon
him. 1
A French Mayor Opposed to Intoxication.
The Mayor of Brest has just issued a decree
containing these elauses : "Any man fonnd
siretonea out in me streets In a state incapa
ble of taking ears of himself bv reason of
drunkenness, shall be ew:Hrd as causing en
obstruction to tne circulation. Any tavern-
keeper who may have supplied the liquor with
which any individual may have made himself
drunk to the extent aforesaid, shall be deemod
and taken to have been drunk himself, and
shall be punished accordingly." . .
Fatal Railway Accident. The son of
Henrv D. Small, while jumping? from the ears
of the Mississippi Railroad, at Memphis, the
oiner uny, nan uom on legs eut OS, and died
soon after in great sgony,
' "T
AdTertfetmrataaot exceeding nve line (Agate.)
Ooe insert lou..... a One i" 00
Two weeks... 1 AO One mouili... I to '
larger advertisement inacrted at the following
rat) for sqnan of ten line or Uaa t
On Insertion......! M I Tw wv ... ,,,, M
KMh addi'nal in 20 I Three 4 MO
Una wek.n.... 1 76 f On , 6 no
Job Printing;
la all It) braiehes, don with nearnaat and dtstatcn
premium AWAnnnv
;. I . "AT THE- ' ;
. December T, 1850.
:lie publio three sfbhods, and owing to it pop
ularltyaud fiicreaxed demand, w- have been ouni
pelled to make two more aizeahavlng BIX slr.es
complete, euitalile, from tho amaileet family up to
the largeet class hoardiuif-hfluae. The celebrity
Iheae Moves have gained for themselves can not he
too higlly appreciated, aa every family hariug thorn
in use can truly testify. 1 .
Thanklnd the public for their generous support, it
la our determination to supply the wanta of the roni .
munltrwlth the benefit which a practical mechan
ical education can only supply. ...
Inventor, Proprietors & Manufacturers,
" v I mum m. m w.Mw V ValVUU M. f
33 8
We beg leave, most respectfully, to offer the follow.'
till! certlflcatea and reference of ftunllie using the
Alligator, which will, at a glance, remove all doubts
of It intrinsic merits:
1'oraoine menthsl have lieen using tha Alligator
Coal booking Siovo. lis superior cooking q nullum,
combined w iih its cleanliness, niiisteventually secure
to theowneraalargeahareafpublic pntronaue.
I have bin lining ono of Messrs. Adams & IVck
nver's Alligator Cook Btoves for some months, which
give entire satisfaction in every roepect, and can
cheerful ly recommend It to those wlioure in vunt of
a superior cook etove. II. H. bEAVlTT.
Kor the hut year 1 have been using the Alligator
' Joul Cotikiugritove.uitniifactured by Menem. Adeiua
,1' i'uckovei, which 1 cunsidur a aitpuriur etofti, aud
gives the utmost satisfaction. It i the only stove I
have found that cooka perfectly with conl.
For some time post I have been uping nnoof Messrs.
AdainaA Peckover'a Alligator Ubal Cooking Stovea,
and tan recommend them as behig a superior atoTe,
giving entire iifislrtcli"ii in every rnspei't.
JOt). KI SUNKLL, Conl McroUnl.
I chrorfolly Indorse the above. '
Hon. Judge McLeau, Clif- Joseph W. Wayne, 391, eth,
' ton, M. llrooka, tit. Auburn,
Hon Judgejl.eavltt, ffl E. Kev. W. S. Kennedy, Its
Klftll-street, John-Street,
Hon. Jndgo VunIIam, 202 J. V. Jones, m Fourth, .
Nourth. Jir. Norton, 334 fourth, '
Hun. Judge Hondly, 370 3d, I). Thatcher, 3iGeorfe,
Dr. Rolker.ta ch. Wru. .billv. IIKCtlt.
Dlu.Orphan Asylum.Ulm, Jos. Talbott, M) 7th.
John Kcbler, lib, fii.netjuidoner, 135 Smith
li' Smith, tirm of Lincoln, S. It. Williams, .Millie,
Smith Jf Waruock, Mra. Uleuson, 263 tth,
H. Valletta, 317 4th, Mra. Byland, 32 4th, '
N.U. McLean. Glemlute, Mra. Howitt. .01 K. 4tli,
II. B. If nnk, m Vine, Mr. M. I Taylor, 2rio Geo.
Jos. Buahncll,coal Dior. Mrs. McPhernon,!3. U.cor.
Jus. Kspy, U'.M 4th, Nixtii and Race,
.1, Jclfrey, Kng. Uaa Was, A. A. Clark, Times orgce,
T. II. Yeatnian.btorraTp, J?. 1,. Weaver, 3U3 John,
A. W. Francisco, Press J. V, Wlihmnn, wash-
OSlco. ington Institute,
A. IlughoH. Commercial, Jolia A. Uuok.Stitl ticorga
W. B. Wells, Cin'UType . F. Brooks, H! John.
Foundry, Jackson W. Noble, 411 3d,
E.O, Koss, aH Longwortb, H. Hackman. 4R3d,
Oliaa. Uhndwick, amtli, Cbas. GooduiBu,;Htf 4tli, .
T. W. Hgrngue, 1M 7th, John C. Morris, 113 Mill,
Mr. Houghton, lfiiiBlh, J. A. Stacy, 414 eth.
W'in.Uoiiiatocs, 261 4th, Gibson A al 'Donald, Vine
O. Hole, 301 7th, Isaac Murili, .".v Ucorgx,
urtrvey, an juiigworiii .n. nun uurx.ejj r r in II
John Anderson, 413 4th, Xlam P. Lauadon, 12 r,th ,
Jonathan Ogden, lt0 4lh, J. 11. Fulweilor , Luug.,
W. W. Woods, 44'J4th, worth and Western-row,
John Tanner, Wnglitson P. K. Cady, 76 8th,
& Uo. 'a printing oiltce. Alf. ilnmutt, lOUth,
Jnmus S. Alotlelt. 167 6th, .... .. no!2 .
rocoiveu uany oy mo Anania Jtx f5N
press Company, in whole and half cans. (t 'iV
All OyBtera sold warranted fresh anil of
tne very oeac quality. J. ji. uvuinus,
Agent, No. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Main
ana vvHtniii-sireeis. ' -
N. jB. The trade supplied on the most liberal
term. oc2Kcm
Agency for the sale of Hatch, Mann A Co 'a
Shell, Keg, and CauOystera. Also, Ereah Cove anil
tip, ceo Oysters, Ac. My many friends aud patroru
will ttnd only choice articles, and at aa low nces as
thosM cnarged for inferior elsew here.
Oysters cooked in Eastern style at our usual mod.
erate chargea.
Bemcmbor, 2.13 Walnut-street, fifth door above
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. ,ci3
n, AMs PP" Mahony Co.' Clebrated
Planted O) aters.which I am selling at unprecedented
low prions by caan or draen. Dealers and Families
wantiuK a very largo, freah Oystor, will plraso send
their orders. Attached to this establishment is a
nice, quint, rnenectable baloon, wliereyon can hava
Uyater Cooked in every style, and aerverl tip in a
clea i aud superior manner. Charges lens than at any
other place. ocio JOHN NAIIIN.
Oyster , Importing House.
, ""' fT "prees, ms solenoid Oysters,
Having completed arrangement In rlaltimuie. on
the most extensive scale, I will at all times during
the aeadon be prepared to furnish my friends, "nnd
LhA,r?V,'!5,anklnd" with tu ""' DELICIOUS
BIVALVES imported to the Queen city. None but
the Very best Imported. GrAMt 4n,lnr.pn,nta t,Hvi.A
at this Imnnrtinff.hnnM
Order tiolicited aud promptly fillet. Torms cash.
pwrun. rivmvi.
Bole Importer and proprietor, i
nun w
Spiced Ova ten.
ING DAILY, by th Adam tzyress, MMf.
aw wvam-iwtWWBvU JaWIWIWVV "it'. iV , 1
Fieih Can, Keg and Shell Oyiten.
S?,hl.3?erm1e91, OOVi, 8PIOBD and
PI0iU.kD0I8TllB. , , , , . ,.., , .
ROBEUT 02E, Agent
"f.-i- ...OoA)UWslIlftbtr.t.
f'.tij'i a '.i '? )-f,(.;

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