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.i'S.",'JmR BALI, '"TO LIT," "LOST."
or . ' i ' 1,1 tbl' oolnn"i occupying live Una
1 tuwrtium, wmr-nTB bbuw. .
WAITED A itoat German Girl, to wok.
. w . XJHifA. 'P"- HJlt wages given. Also
i i i . nointi
Fourth-atr! i.i.iii1 ' "L " "cu. at 35 Knit
1 ""vnwu, EOI7(T
"-oilUATION-By yoong
srocm'J;1? e or two-horsi wagon for.
ie om.nr """P- hoUl, m.uufactory or ex
svlth that X 'a nMd H. driving, and acquainted
wiin the city. Address H. M. R, All officer nol7b
young man
to art ... vlil" experience, German preferred,
clu? i,rTr 'n the saloon buslness,1n a first!
""00"" 5Pl7 at 113 Tbird-street, for tbrea
i nolM
VNTElImmediately, a good Burean
mens JT'kernd Turner. Hone but good workmen
"ggLyVlf. Call at 67 West Second-street, noltib
T.rAWTmTi nauviooiroa a
t,7v JOHNSON, FRY A CO., Publishers, Liner
bf Fourth and Bsoe-Neave's Building, ltoom .
. nol6b
wll . take the work to her own hoogo. Addreaa Mm.
J.8..at tula office, noieb
'ANTED TO BUY A bakerr with
one or two ovens. Address Lock Box 713.
7"ANTED GIRL To do general home-
-b" ,wo,k ' , ' family. Apply at No. 171
Ilnym'llor-str'wt. between Dayton and Bonk, noiob
ANfED -SITUATION la soma mer-
eentila house, inaniifactnrlng or Insurance
office, by a young man of good address, a a clerk or
assistant book-keeper. HaTary no object. Olty refer.
twist tfrea.. Ploase address "JtMPLoYMBNT,' at
this olce, forone week. nol6d
ANTED Clerks, book-keepers, salee-
men, bnr-keopera, porters, coopera, carpon
van. mechaulra, laborers and otheri, can find sitna
fipJii Barcbanta Clerks Beglstry Office, IS
Walnut-street. nol6h 11AL1E A CO.
etiglno In good order, two to three-horse
'amore-street. noiiib
TOtjJANTED-COOK-A good eook, one
Ji ..Wj ?00i har and lroner. Nona
nSfeb' 7' Broadway, above Fourth.
well exparlenoed.aa Nun. Apply at No 2S
Catherlne-atreet. BBferencw glyen. . "qim
w W Apply to GJ50. ilcGREOOB, No. 133 Fifth,
treet., eecond iloor from Bace. noKVi "
17-ANTED WET - NURSE"Znrnmedj"
w W ately, at S8 Slxth etrtat, a kind and axseri.
enced nun. The hlgheat wnget'wlll l given ? H
ply at rooms 14 and 11. " , ,-tp-
" -flu
TO engage in eif I t ,
somanawblgbl- by subscription,
Books, Maps, dhar' ornattiental and entertaining
from S21 to $150 c. Mon now operating clear
stociic ana get r iu,iui.u. urn kiiu uummo ma
nlalsof agen' .mncrlptiTo circular, look at Uetltno,
Oonsuitt' 5fwopfBratlng,4o.
Mu free. Call eoon.
ocMf. . MAOKfc B4KNIT5, fn'bftrtiv,
street, (tip stairs.)
bLlOR RE'N'i'TiTOP.TT.Twn i
TOlr 2S?1Vh''"'ti','Td.',6l,lllg'noni8' ,n
InanlraiTf "iur;,"
IOR RENT One or two Rooms, suitable
' mi dwiwiji-ivw,
"E10R RENT The seoond and third stories
FRAv Vr7nwffm,0?1,",, BrJclc "'ldlng known as
8vc,H1,.I;l fD ,he oh-east corner of
?J?.?N? 0 Fourth-et., two deairable
iin, k "i """bed or onfurnliihed, with or
a.TfV..V:i'S,SSi -?'p y" tbe north
i . , , -onuouiij lur ran-
iiT fVAiT kn Rl,rrns" oto' " 2d 3d Boors,
hniM n hU gliding ftppo.it, 'pre,, offloe. The
i Mi?' "Minted and repapered.
All In good order. A pply Bt Press Office. nu!2d
PnFr iNT--FrcDt OFriCK and good
UELliAF.-ioo by 22 feet. Apply to
nnllh . nOPKlNS BRCfl. A DOHA,
noiinr Ho. M Tront.it.. bet. Main nH W.lnnt
TjLlOR SALE A woll-known old-established
-i;onfS!1,onal?; lni Ba'oon-oneof the finest In
the city, This will be (old cheap, fsoo caxh-bal.
ancein monthly payments. Address B. B Box No.
i nol6d
. First Class Double-Tbread Sewing Machines, at
;i22FJBhii.$H1.Na S'OBB, ourthstree
opposlteBbllHIo St Co. 'a. no2um
JBIOR SALE An MS ii ml ted amount of Sign
ZZnt.ffll if10""? Wlnting, glaring, graining,
wnlsnlnj, BildiDg, At,., cn,,,p (or cash, and only for
kfl!l?w i , DAVIS, 7 West rhirdw.treet,
between Walnm..na vln,. nolOaw
BOARDING Large, lry unfurnished
Kooms for families, and hoarding and lodging
for ilnxln geutlemrn, at 177 Sioamore-street, be
tween Fifth and bixth, weataldo,
not, aw- T. A. nUnli!
BOARDING Two geritlemen can obtain
boarding, with a wrll-furnlnbed front room,
eecond story, lighted with gas. Call at 71 Ninth.
etrnef,near Vine. noltb
BOARDING One unfurnished front room,
with boarding for a gentleman and wife; a'soa
sw rtay boardurs, at No. 3D Bace-strect. Reference
regntrea. nolllb
BOARDING Rooms with board suitable
for small families, or single gentlemen, can be
obtained on reasonable terms at No. 13 Hast Third
ftnet, third door east of Pike. Also, two ladles can
be nccommortsted. noieb
"So. 66 West Fourtli-Btreet.
LA B M nslo recelyf d as sooa as pnbllshed. noB
eooal one of Hsrleton Broth
ers', Ballot, Davis A Oo.'a, Uaven,
Baron A Co.'s.or Pnters, Craigg A
Co.'s Fano fortes, for a splendid
present? lam aalllnff u low as the
lowest, for cash, or will rent and let the rant pay for
the Piano, at West Foarth-atrret.
j. uuuuvti, jr.,
Depot for Holodeons and Harmoniums.
nifiii that Lights A Bradbury a
and Wrn. Enabe A Co.'s Pianos, can
street. I am offering nnosnal In- If H
dncements for cash, or will rent, and "
let the rent pay for tbe Piano, at 72 West Fomth
Streot. 0. H. MDBUH.
The Isrseit stock ef Melodeonsln the city. nolS
W1U savs half (he usual amount of labor, and Is 1
enrate and readily comprehended.
All Interested In tbe Bclenoa of Aooonnta ar
vlted to call and examine this new method and
for themselves, '
The Ivenlng Session will oemmenos
r Day Classes meet as usual.
E. 8. BACON, Principal
I. H. DOTY, First Assistant. ooearMI
FOUHDBY. B. AVU80N, BuperlnUndent.
Pi InUog Uatarlala ofal 1. Inda. I li Vlue street
It yon want servant, advertise In
Ir you want a house, advertise In
Ir yoa want to sell anything, advertise In
Ir yoa wast to buy anything, advertise In
Is fact, every want supplied by advertising in
2irDon't forget to visit Smith k Nixon's
this evening to hear Rer. 0. Smariui't seeond
Lecture on Spiritism. ,
Tbi Adams Expbiai CnnpiT.W ar
again under obligations to tho Adams Express
Company for late ptpers In advance ot the
mail. Soeh favors are alwavs anDreoiated.
EOT RUM Ovir. George Jones, a lad of
eight years, was run over by a hone attached
to a eart on Wade-street, near John, y ester Jar
afternoon; his arm was broken and his body
badly braised tn several places.
WlSLlVlN FsJULl Collioi Tha
Ladies' Lyeeum of thla excellent institution
will hold a meeting In the College Ohapel this
evening at half-past seven o'clook. The ex
ercises of the Lyceum are very Interesting, end
the friends of those who compose it will, not
regret an evening spent In listening to them.
Dwelling Robukd Charles
ling-house, on Fourteenth-street, between Vine
and Race, was entered by an Intruder yester-
ubj uiorning rniween tile nours o three and
five o'cloeb. by moans ef an outsider, and Mr.
Abbey's clothes, containing $20 or $30 in bunk
notes and several valuable papers, were oarried
off without awakening any of the inmates.
Th CikoiaT1 Hoosg op Riimaa Tha n.
tal receipts at the House of Refoge for tho year
ending in September 30, 1859, amounted to
$48,888 80, while the HUbursements for the
same period were $41,607 l,ltsvlng a balance
in the troaaurr at the e'.
. VT!" aoI nnmberof persons rs
,o?0dB; th8-institution linoe Its opening Is
1,238, of WDOm 235 wort giri,.
OBOLIBT Og LlBHTV-RTanT. Tllont k.i
fore last the house of a, German carpenter,
named -J oseph Kameren, located on Liberty
street, near Main, was feloniously entered by
some persons who were rewarded wita Iwelve
dollars in money and tome bed-clothing and
wearing apparel, the entrance was effeoted
through a window in the rear of the house,
and the scoundrels made their exit with their
booty without waking the inmates,
a."' K- ' ' .
itiTT LanUENV. A fellow named Robert
Quinn Was arrested yesterday afternoon and
lodged in the Ninth-street Station-house npon
a charge of petty larceny. He was oconpled in
some capacity upon the oanal-boat Cedrcm,
but had entered the eetablisbment formerly
ocoupied by Henry Falls, and stolen there
from a note and some other articles of very
little value, however. He will have a hearing
this morning before Judge Lowe.
Mar's Pocxit Pickid ov Eight Hundbid
Dolus". A man named Curran E. MoDon
ald, a resident of Indianapolis, while witness
ing Mr. Anderson's impersonation of "Shy
lock," night before last, had his pocket pioked
of a port-monnaie containing $800, by some
one of the "light-fingored gentry" who infest
oar city. Oltlosr Flannery was made acquainted
with the circumsianoes, but as yet the fellow
has not been discovered.
To Brighton bt Rail. Tbe Cincinnati
Street Railroad Company have completed their
traok, by way of Freeman-street, to the
Brighton House, and the oars will run the
whole length of this part of their route to-day.
They have also secured the right of way for a
traok over the Oolerain Turnpike through Cam
minivilleto Hamoltown, for a consideration of
$2,600 per annum, and will make the connec
tion with their city routb at Brighton.
Honai Abodt to Toiiblb Down. The Chief
of Police, Captain Wilson, was yesterday noti
fied of the unsafe condition of a home located
on the corner of John and Court-streets. The
building, we believe, is owned by a man named
John Owens, who absolutely refuses to do any
thing with it. From present appearances, it
ii quite likely that unlets it is torn down it
will fall, and, In suoh a ease, what loss of life
may be oansed, of course, oan not now be
PtNitT Pbkbs in Covikoton. The large and
rapid increase of the PrnntPbksb list in Cov
ington has rondered a division of the route
neoesiary, so that for the future wa will have
one oarrior east and another west of Madison
street. Tbe oiroulation of the Press In our
sister town is larger than that ever attained by
any other Cincinnati paper. Persons doing
business on this side and living in Covington
an rely on having the paper secured promptly.
A boy about eight years of age, named John
6teadley, whose parents reside on Front-street,
near Western-row, while playing on the bank
of the Whitewater Canal, in the neighborhood
of the Pearl-street basin, accidentally fell in
and before asiiatonoe oould reaoh him had j
uua io u squoous grave, iiis oouy was re
covered soon afterward and taken to tho house
of his parents, who, of course, seemed inoon
lolable at the lots of their only child.
A Nkw Abt Union. An effort Is being made
by a number of our artists and others to form
a new Art Union, the rooms to be looated in
Fourth-street, We hope the effort will be
attended with success, as Cincinnati, justly
termed the mother of artists, greatly needs a
place of exhibition for the many floe pictures
painted and received here. Tbe Union, too,
would encourage art, and etiablo many of our
painters to dispose of their pictures to a better
Polior Court. Judge Lowe yesterday
morning examined twenty-four eases, all of
which were unimportant as they could poisl
bly be. Indeed there has not been a case be
fore this Oonrt during the past month that .was
worthy a paragraph. We have given one or
two from day to day because they had been
previously mentioned in our columns, and from
a desire to give the whole history of every
thing we mention. The following is a case of
this kindt
Conrad Fett, In a bacchanalian mood on Sun
day last in, passing the Brighton House, im
agined himself the owner of a hack which
stood there drlverless, and taking, a seat upon
the' box he drove off. He was arrested and
lodged in the Bremen-street 6tation-bonie
upon a charge of grand larceny, but wag dis
charged yesterday, the prosecuting witneis
failing to make out a case against him. '
or tbi Sons or Malta. This evening the
Sons of Malta meet at their hall, on the corner
of Sixth and Vine-streets, for the purpose of
assisting in ceremonies commemorative of the
martyrdom of St. Alantbus. After tbe cere
monies, which will be eonduoted in the true
Oriental manner, there will be a grand croons-
lion in honor of the entree of St. Alanthus
Into the veil of mysteries, whloh will leave the
hall at half-past nine o'clock. The following
is the route of the procession: North en Vine
to Eighth, east on Elchth to Walnut, north
on Walnut to Ninth, west on Ninth to Elm,
sonth on Elm to Seventh, west on Seventh
to Western-roe, south on Western-row to
Fourth, east oa Fourth to Pike, sonth an Plk
to Third, west on Third to Vine, north on
v iu tu ius Aigugs-room.
Oitt Council Last Night. The minutes o
proceedings of last Monday night were ap
proved, a faint opposition thereto having been
made by Mr. Ross. '
An ordinance was adopted relieving Messrs.
Hiokle k Guild from tbe expense of paving
the wait side of Lswls-street (in Seventeenth
Ward.) , . r .. ,
A special committee reported a recommenda
tion that the street railroad route east of
Dear creek on Front-street, be amended so
that two tracks be laid on Martin-street to
Pearl-street; also, along Pearl-street to Front
street, If the company wilt agree thereto.
All that was done with regard to this propo
sition was to receive the report, and the com
mittee was discharged from the consideration
of the subject. ; . r
A oommunioatlon was reoelved from Mr. J.
Child Spiegel, owning lot en south side of
rroni-street, between Butler-street and Csnal,
remonstrating against occupancy for a street
railroad. Referred. The market committee
recommended that the Superintendent of Mar
kets have the markets changed baok from north
to south side of that part of Court-street
.between Race and Elm-street. Agreed to."
Shn-tlrml Orpka Atylum. Mr. Meyer In
troduced a resolution notifying the trustees of
the Cincinnati Orphans Asylum that the city
will, after first of March next, need possession
of the grounds and buildings now In their oc
eupsnoy. Mr. Ross moved to amend by add
ing that thereafter a per centum rate will be
demanded of tbe interest, $9,000 per annum,
now paid on the city bonds, paid the Asylum
for the grounds. A motion to lay the proposi
tion on the tablo was lost. Mr. Snod grass
moved to extend the time to the first of August.
This was lost. Tbe resolution, with Mr. Ross's
ameidment added, was then adopted. Ayes
twenty; nays ten.
Coal Tar Nuimnet A written complaint
was read asking Commissioner of Western Dis
trict to have abated a nuisanc of eoul tar
Issuing from oulvert of Gas Company grounds,
in Sixth Ward, injuring the legs of horses
whloh are driven into the water, along the
lower portion of the city landing. Referred to
the Trustees of the Fourth, Sixth and Six
teenth WirtS.
Fir U rt', ar.-Mr. S. S. Davis, who sits
in Uonnoil, near a stove kept hot, has been
warmed up by a genuine Calorlo in the rear,
and on his motion, two soreens were ordered to
be placed where he wanted them.
Uniform PuUw OJJUt Bon. 0a Mr. Da
vis's motion, tbe heads of Departments in City
Building were instructed to confer with each
other at to the feasibility of agreeing upon
uniform offioA h&arsi .
fast JVitrJ-tfrsst a Nuitanc. A number of
business men of Look-street eommunloated
complaint of the condition in whioh Bast
Third-street, between Butler-street and Canal is
since widened and gradb filled. It is now a
muddy lane. The subject was referred to
Trustees of First and Third Wards.
How about th Bidi tn City Hall, The
Committee on Publio Buildings and Publio
Grounds were instructed to report at the next
regular meeting the bids received by them for
building City Hall j also, what the plans cost
of said Hall j also, tbe oost of plans already
procured, and what will be tho probable ex
pense of erecting said building or buildings.
The Board alio determined that bids here
after received for the ereotion of any city build
ing shall be opened by the City Clerk during
a session of the City Connoil.
ATcJIfieisn Fund Legaeiu and Lawyer Fta.
Tbe legaoies payable this month from this
fund, amounting to $3,250, having been placed
in the City Treasury by the Trustees, war
rants for tho paymont of the seme were
ordered. Also, $1,000 fee to Hon. Geo. E.
Pugh for sorvices rendered in suit in U. S,
Court. . . .
Special Order Connection of Dtpoti, The
whole subject of Street Railroad connections
by East Front-street was called up. Mr.
Cunningham's amendment to refer to a Com
mittee of seventeen, to report on suitable
place for City Railroad Union Depot, was
first voted on. Lost,
Mr. Marsh's amendment, to refer the whole
subject baok to the Committee on Roads and
Canals with Instruction to arrange with all in
railroad interest, for general advantage to all
roads, was then taken up, discussed, and lost
by a vote of 14 ayes, 17 nays.
The question then came op on an amend
ment offered previously by Mr. Noble, stipu
lating terms on whioh certain other railroads
shall be treated by the main-line railroad
companies, which was lost, ayes 14 to 17 nays.
Mr. Marsh offered another amendment
modifying the original; which was lost, ayes
11, nays 20.
Mr. Toohey then offered the "Turn-out"
amendment, which was ruled out of order.
Mr. Torrance's previous amendment, includ
ing the Indianapolis and Cinoinnati Railroad
as one of the roads to build the connection,
was then adopted 20 ayes; 11 nays.
Mr. Marsh's substitute offered, giving rights
to these same roads, also the Cincinnati and
Hamilton Railroad, through certain streets
not Front-street was voted on and lost ayes
14; nays 17.
Mr. Meyer moved to amend by cutting off
the privilege to the companies to run their
through peseenger trains over the proposed
route, and also extending until ten P. M. In
stead of eight P. M.
A division was called, and vote on fixing
the hours of freight traffio from ten P. M. to
five o'olook A. M,, whioh was adopted.
Tbe question being on striking out the
privilege of the through passenger oarrlaga
to the oompantes, it also waa lost 16 ayes, 16
Mr. Higbee moved an amendment, changing
the route from Front-street to Water-street,
from Main to Smith-street, which was lost
ayes 10, nays 21.
So many amendments were offered, Mr,
Moore proposed the oall of the previous question,
Mr. S. S. Davis moved to amend so a to
eonfer the privilege on the Ohio and Missis
aippi, the Indianapolis . and Cinoinnati, the
Marietta and Cinoinnati, and any other roads
that terminate iu the city and wUh to unite in
the undertaking, on one and the same traok,
which was adopted ayes 18, nayi 18. ,
On motion o Mr. Kiersted, an amendment
was adopted changing the hour of commeneing
the transit of freight from 8 o'clook P. M. to
9 o'olook P. M. in the summer time, and 1
o clock jr. M. in winter, wbloa was adopted,
On motloh of Mr. Kiersted, the guage of the
rail having been fixed at 4 feet 9 inches
the resolution wi.s amended, so that the trsek
be laid down nnder the direotionof the City
Civil Engineer and City Commissioners, with
such rail as they may approve. ' '
Mr. Toohey offered a proviso that the grant
should be for 16 years from next January but
witbdrew it.
About midnight the connection was made by
adoption of the resolution. Ayes 20; nay 1 11.
Pboodidings Of tbi County Couhibsionirs.
At their regular meeting, yesterday morning,
the County Commissioners passed an order for
$100 to John Horsey for building sewer oa
tha Carthage Road. i - , , .
Robert Hailewood, the Quartermaster of
the First Division ef the Ohio Militia, made
application to tbe county Commissioners, this
morning, for a room in the basement of the
Court-houio, for the purpose of stowing the
arms of said division ana brigade, wnion was
granted. ' Apart from this no builneii or im
portanoe was transacted.
Man's Abb Bbokin bt a Fall riokt a
Cbatr. A man named Samuel Bailey, who
resides on John-street, near Wade, was yes
terday standing upon a ohair, patting np a
window-blind, when by some accident ha fell
and broke his right arm. His hsad was also
badly brnised, and he so stunned by the fall
that he remained for a considerable length of
time wholly insensible. The efforts of a
Shysloian who was called In, however, brought
ira to a state of consoionineas, but he still
suffers very muoh from his injuries.
SaTTh following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postage at the
Postoffioe, In this city, November 16.-
W. P. Hargott, Dayton, Ohio. !
William Johnson, Columbus, Ohio. i
William Ludlow, Oxford, Ohio.
Mrs. Ann Hose, Indianapolis, Indiana.
John Smith, cars of John Pbetsing, Chilllcotbs,
Bv. I, P. Warren, Boston, Hassaehuaeits.' ' "" '
Shocking Suicide—A Man Puts a Pistol
to His Mouth and the
Contents into His Head.
About a year ago a man named John George
Bnober, in defiance of tho law upon tbe sub
ject, and without the sanction of society, lived
with a woman whose no mo we were usable
to learn and bore to her nil the relationships
that usually exist between, husbands and
wives. For some cause, whloh could not be
ascertained, and for Which she oould give no
reason, ha left ber, aud that too At a time
when he should have been most attentive;, for
in a little while after his departure she beoame
the mother of his child. --
Since that time until abont two week! ago
she did not hear a word from him, and natu
rally supposing that he had deserted her, bar
ing no claim npon him save1 a pretended affec
tion, and being bound to him by a tie that man
seldom respect, she sought another protector,
This, as any woman oould if she wished, she
soon found; and her new lover after hii ac
quaintanceship of some months, propotod to
become her husband. She was a mother and
dependant' entirely, upon her own exertions j
Bad a shadow of shame and dishonor uprn her
character whloh he was willing to overlook,
and she consented.
, A day or two after tho ceremony had boon
performed, her old lover returned and with
him,herlove. Butehewas now boon 1, in
her honor, by the law and by her religion,
whioh, least of all, she was willing to violate,
to another and she Justly refused him. He
became morbidly melancholy and losirg all
hope of again possessing the woman whom be
had wronged, although he loved, he deter
mined to quit the life which had become too
great a burden to be borne.
Yesterday about noon he visited the house
of a friend named Michael Sdohaok, whi re
sides at No. 694 Kim-street, and mined
Wholly Inconsolable. He paoed tha floor for
tome tlms, bat bis troubled soul could not Bad
rest, even In tears. He conversed witli the
wife of hie friend, but told her no lylable of
the great woe that weighed upon his mind,
uatil at length becoming desperate he w Oked
to a part of the room to which her back waa
turned, and drew a pistol, placed the muitle
In his mouth and discharged the contents into
his head.
The woman shocked by the report of the
weapon sprang to her feet and ran t the
bleeding body which was lying on the Hoot;
bnt before medical aid could be obtained his
freed spirit had gone to another and, let us
hope, a better sphere. Coroner Carey was
immediately called, and he, after summoning
a jury, held an inquest; but the evidenoe
developed no faoti which we have not related.
A verdict was rendered in accordance with the
above events.
Tag Poung CoxHiBstoifiBB vkbstjs THr, Citt
or Cinoinnati. John A. Watson, who was
appointed a watchman for the First Ward by
the Folio Commissioners, and Elijah Wood,
appointed by tbe same body for the Seventh
Ward, have brought suit against the city to
recover $244 80 each, which they olalm U due
them for servioes rendered in the capacity to
which they were appointed. They are srined
with certificates from Frank Beresford, who
signs himsolf "Preeideutof the Board of Police
Commissioners," and Benjamin Robinstn,who
assumes to be the Chief of thePolie. The
bills are made out for five monthi from tho 1st
of June to the 1st ot Novembei, at the I'.ite of
$1 60 per day. These cases will be examined
on Saturday next at one o'clock, before Justice
There is something so supremely absurd
about this proceeding that it is really laugha
ble. Whether these persons received appoint
ments or sot would make little diffaronco in
our opinion, so fares the result is concerned;
for It would devolve upon them to show that
they havo discharged their duty, whioh, unless
we are miatakon, they will find quite a difficult
St. John's Hotel fob Invalids. The new
Board of Physicians and Burgeons at St.
John's Holol are DrB. Gooro C. Blaokmao,
James Graham, B. F. Richardson, J. J. Quinn,
Iaraol S. Dodge and F. A. J. Gregory. These
gentlemen entered upon the dieoharge of their
duties yesterdav, and as they are all exsellont
and experienced members of the profession,
they oan not but sustain the high reputation
they have acquired. Private patients at St.
John's nre now permitted to reoeive the medi
cal attention of any physician they may de
sire. An Editob RoriBEn bv a Comoieni'ious
Thief1. Last evenlngtho editor of a Southorn
paper, stopping at the Gibson House, had his
pooket picked of $185 in bank-notes, while
standing in front of tbehotol, and a fewhours
after his port-nonnaio was sent baok to him
with a note from the piok-pookot, saying that,
as he saw from a note the money belonged to
an editor, he would return it with plear-.ro.
Advsrtibms, Attsstjon I Bear in mind
that tha Penkt Pbesi is read in a greater
number of families than any ether papor
printed in Cincinnati; that the working-man
reads it, that it is emphatically the people's
paper, and is rapidly winning its way to c cir
culation unprecedented in the history of
Western newspapers. The manufacturer and
retail merchant can not hut bo benefitted bv it
, ... -
as a meuium oi advertising.
Wood's Tiieatsb This theater was not as
crowded last ovenlng as It was on Tnssav, but the
honse w full, and The Mtrcfuit nr ViNicr. vory
w-ll recti ved. The play Is bwuitilully put upon the
i.n,r, .ui w,.in,ui in. bu-iiw urn III IIIO UHRtBiyie
of art. Mr. Anderson's "3hrlock" la a carltal rer-
w'-inanco, una toe iiinur pans are crealtanly llllea
whil Miss Ellswortliv's "Portia" Is mrirllv rnn,
menaen. thb jusnoaAHT or vr-tciwiii De usan
orodiued this evening, and all lorrs ot Suakepeare
auvuiu wai.uv it utjiure it is wituurawn.
National Theater. A good audience, nu
merclallrspaakiug and otherwise, attended thnNa.
tional last night to witness the third representation
Of FAUST AND M A nntlKUITR. Itwn. .Ilnnrhlv-n.otnrf.
and tbe richest taste and the largest liberality hare
been displayed in its production. Several of the
scenes nave never ue- n excelled in tms city, and tbe
entire drama is ot a kind to bare a Inug run. Those
who fail to see Faust and AUaauiBiTa will mlsa
Piie's Ofiba-bousi. At ihe opening of this
beautiful lyrlo temple for a season of dramatic per
formance, last evening, a large and oultivated
andiance was present, andthenew company anD- urn)
to create a very iavorabl Impression, We the
critic did uoteo sufficient of the artUtes to enable
us to rural asnbstantlaloplnlon, liutoooiigh to iu'
diKetlsto belinvo them worihv of tbalr renntiitliin.
This evening the favorlt comedy of Still Watehs
hun mar, in which air. anil sire, tonvay bars
guinea many laureis, ana toe larce or foia riLH.
coior will be presented, making an excellent pro.
Notion. Jno. ' A. Moore has disposed of
nairnima route on ino iinnt rav.ss, in t'ovington,
to Mr. iiandis. who will for the future serve all of
oar patrons went or sudison-atroot. The dirnion
was rendared necessary from the rap'd Increase of
oircniauon, maKiner is utterly imposaioia Tor one
carrier to get around in a aeasonable hour. Tha new
arranicment will insure an early deiivry, and ens.
ble tbe carriers to extenil their boundarins.
An Inxbblatbd Individual Gets in tiii
Wiowi Prw Veite rdiiv morning, about a-iven
o'clock, a man was seen laboriously making hit way
down scott-street toward ma inrry, carrying with
him a bucket of whisky In one hand and n tincun In
tliAoth.r. Reaching the lanriinffhe made his way
Into the ferry-home and laid himself down, leis
urely waltlDg for the boat to start,
Taklncasiin of
thellqnnr in his
oacKec occasionally 10 Kllirimp. na
appeared in great haste to get acres the river, and
kept una constant Inquiry when tbe boat would start.
At length, tired of his pieaonce, some person took
him bv the heels and commenced pnlllnghlm ouMlde
the building. "Thank Ood, the boat's started at
last," eiclalraed he, but he waa somewhat surprised
to And that. Instead of arrlvlna safely at Cincinnati.
the bout took him to the Berod Bouse, where ha will
be boarded gratis for some time. . . , .
Republican Meetino Last Nioht. The
announcement that Uasalue M. Clay wonld speak at
tha fiaventhrftreet htarket-anactf last nieht drew a
good audience at an early hour. Sir. Geo. D. Platoy,
of Logan County, Drat addressed th jae ajuemVorl,
and was followed by Mr. Clay.whosyikesomethlng
over an hour. Mr. C, at the outset of ble remarks,
invitad a roolv from 'nnr one whodb-aereed to hU no.
sltlon.andat the close of his speech, Major B. O.
Harris, In response to numerous calls from the au
dlen(l,leplledatsomellll'' "'i"llnthe
large number present, t!n best of order pr'viv
exceptamongafew boys.whuMiajuuui.. was promptly
reguuiautu uy ue unworn. , ,
Mori floos' Over t ix hundred hogs eroBied
on the ferry boat "Covington" at one trip v"nt r
dey. Several thousand were taken over during the
' - 1 ., .'inlii'fia lit v in
RefubuiW O'svf.vTins,. Pflrsuant to a
IrTJ',ua Rii'janMp'iaif.of the Hipublioan party of
"S StatMof K-nlulfT '"'k place yKHti-rdav ac the
olBeaofilie '-rrrv Ht!i -Tha fronting organised
by tb.iipDobitnieul f lir William Jones, of Jnjidi
Suii, Pj'-siilopt, and Win. ri Billev, Secretary.
.fM M. CUv. It.i .eridain-d the objeotof the
tattona' 't"?i L? ftfMl'ig the following reso-
"Hesolve by the Beenbllcans of Kentucky, That
they reaffirm aud stand by the Philadelphia plat-
form of l&M. ,. . . r 1 ,, ,
"Resolved, That lhevare ln;favVis law and order.
ofSinte sovereignty, of National suprtmac, if the
C'lietl'mton ami the Union, i ,
"Resolved, That they are determinedly opprxd to
servile insurrection, nr ill-iml Intrrrc-ranVo wdh
alaves by any pjr.on elthor at honw or from abroad.
"KtsolvsU, Thai tlieysun-l O aodd.fend tbefreei
dom of speech and the liberty of ti.e press, snd hold
slavery, like all othnr policies and institution open
to the will or tbe bgal majorities, the omntpVTfe
or conventions, and tbeprogreseiveclvOlaatlonotibe
Ihe le.nlfitlons were advocated by Caseins' M
Clu, of Madison, and Dr. Geo. l. Blaksy.of l gan.
ami vere I Urn passed bv a uuaulmous vote bv the
On motion, tlrssrs. Blakeyanrf ClSy WereapiK iot-d
delegdteo at large to the Bepubticaa Hstfonil Con
vention. ' ' - , ,
I iTho Central Committee was then authorized local!
a State Convention, to meet at Richmond, Ma 'tang
County, at auch time as they may deem preptr, for
thepurrhae of selecting electors to bo supported at
the Presidi-ntfnl election of liWO.
It waa recommended that Kern W lean Clubs ! or
ganized In every county Id the State, to oorrwpond
with the Central Committee at Bk&niond. ,
Adjourni-d. ' ii
Police Court. Mike Reed and Pat. Poley
wero lined Hand costs each, for breach of the peace,
at the Major's Court yesterday morning. . . i. ,.
Monetary and Commercial.
The inquiry for Money, particularly Is the
regular quarters, seeds to be augmenting, and mora
demand was experienced yesterday than on either of
the previous (lays of the woek. .
The market oinnot be'calltd otherwise than ctosej
though certain bank-customers can get what they,
want at 10U por cent. , Good Paper It Is difficult to
toll to the bankers, as tboy have as many of their
patrons as tbey can conveniently takecaieof. ,',
Eastern Exchange seems lower; focvesterdaxifeal
era would not pay over Ui&We. prem. to onti triors,
and were glad to sell rouud lots at a fraction W-low
the ruRulnr figure. A few Pork bills are orfirlhB on
the ii,Hst, but hardly enough te Influence Ihe whi ket.
Third-street Inyulot for the season, and we hvir of
uo alterations of oonseqnenco. .1 a
The receipts of Produce and Hogs for the tircu
ty-four hours ending yesterday noon were a fol
lows! . r 1 , 1 - t . -, .
Flour, brie ,..4,MT I Whisky.'..;.;..1....: IxtMl
Corn, bushels .....;.8,1W Wheat, bmhels.... j 9J2
Oats, ' ..........1,010 Barley, " , t.a
Hogs, head Met I
Tuesday's New Tork Times under date of M. uJny
evening observes; " " i- r " ' ... .; ; ,
The Bank return shows rather a stcadlsr lloo of
Spucle than was anticipated. The further Incmuri
Inloausund Discounts was not unlookod forlrom
tbogHner.il easo in the market throueh the week,
and ihe comparative srarcltyof Paper offeree toont
side miiuoy-tender'. There Is also an enlarge'! line
of nmlrnwn Iiep slts, while the circulation fallr back
abont K'.'no.flvfi sinceu.uarter-day. Tbe Money m.irket
oiieus for the present week without cliaugo in terms,
and wiih leuduing in temporary loans anioti" the
Ilrokors, owing to the Immediate dullness of Stork
Exchaniro. The market for Forelgu Exchangn lias
fallen off full an olghth per runt, to day, The lead
ing Bankers ask but 110 on London, uud the ii'-tmtl
biMincss to-dny, for the Boston steamer, is fro n 110
to W per cent. A fair amount of Houtbern-ilrawn
French bills done at t It 19, and standard names here
at f.S.i:l(Pif 5.12H. Theconipetition from tbe South
la on the liirroniii both on Loudon aud Paris, and
remitters buy with moderation, - , .
Money is fairly active in New York, without any
advance In the intes, First-clasa March paper wits
done to-day very freely at Hi, with an exceptim In
the rase ol'u very prime bill at 6. Very cholco Kliort
accepatucus uro inoiiated at i(t,Vi. On call, the
Brokers aroamplyaupplled with money at&p.rCL-ut.;
tbe old honscs baring money li-ft them ut (kk
l ast week's statement ot the Philadelphia liinks
presents the following aggregate as compared uitlt
those oi the previous esk :
Capital Stock ,..311,MS,1M $ll,M5,mn...Inc. Sf.ij
Loan 2MM.2M) 29,n?l,723...Dro. "A,.v3
Specie MI7.IW1 4,'J73.W4 ,.Deo. 11 35
lino from other Bks I,4fi.1,tl.'io l,3fis,sW...no. ' W'lau
Due toothor Banks 3.713.740 2.778.Wl...Inc. 33'lni
Deposits lo,4ai).4iS 15,S13,slS...Dec. '.;, 'S3t.
circulation 3,737,140 3,7ii,JMa;ec. ivvu
Yesterday's Missouri Republican says of the St.
Lottie Money market: .
We notice the unusual quiet movement In money
matters. The Kxclunge market continues nuiie
closo, although there Is no alteration In rates, 111 tlio
kast, being for New York HUhtX premium wild the
banks ot issue, anil lpruinlnm with the mo.nn tho
Savings Institutions. New Orleans has ailvan vd to
1 premium. Time Bills aro in demand; but tho sup
ply of approved Paper of that kind is limited.
Thirty draon New York quote. at U toH dlscviint;
ftUdaj-s Ifi to l); W) day 9 2)a to J.-j. Currency is very
scan, the buying rate with bankable funds tiling
H imdthoeollineX discount.
The demand for mouev in New Orleans on Satur
day was greater than it b id .beon; ehort loans l eing
more difficult of ohtainment, and not to be bad better
than tf por cent. Good Paper ruled at 7e?, but mere
Were. I.S UHllal. tritmutotlnn. in Olil.irii, nnnrlAr. In
inferior names at l.'ia. New York sight Exchange
wax Quoted at JnfflH dlnconnt; eixty-dsy bills at h'cb
i lHo-.unt: sterling lCoJuaHoV; francs, dlreoton Ctrii,
FLOCE There was rather more done to-dav, bat
prices were naobati god. Tb sales comprise l,!cn hrR
at 84 60 fiireuporline.and $4 tHKS,3 2b lor extra. M
oris. exirinniiiysolUatS.i SO, delirored. 4,657 oris,
woin rwolve d the lat twenty-four hours.
VflISKY-A good rieinaud without chants In
prices, bales of 1,4(10 brls. at 2o includiug tbat
from wauona.
IIOGs-'i'he.re was a good demand for lota oa the
spot at S but they were offered at this rate for de
livery uextweek without finding buyers. Tbe coles
M0 bead, averaging 2W lbs., at.....'....,. -...$5 85
l,in ' " let) " 5 65
on " yesterday, averaging 33U lbs., at a 75
leu " - averaging IU lbs., at 5 65
St1 " " 2JliiHllbs.,aU 5 75
Abont 6,000 head were received tbe last twenty-four
PBOVISIONS-Nothlng transpired iu any article,
nor did we hear anv change.
littuiiaiuhH l.mnas. onme now cron tinranoici
at sc.; and UK) brls. Slolasses, new crop, at 45a; and
00 oass anoice uonce at i.jc.
wUEAT-Ve bare 110 change to notice In the
market since our last report: holoers are tirm a', ii 16
fill la for prime white, lind 81 Wcl 10 for prime red.
galea 400 bushels prime red, delivered, at $1 10.
CORN There is an active demand, and holders are
asking an advance of l2o por bushel.
OATsi The market is Quiet and without CbaDge.
Sales 500buahola,ln bulk, at 44c.
HY G There is a fair demand for prime at 75c.
BARLEY There is, a good demand, and prices
have advanced 34c, par busbel. Hales 400 bimhuls
3 oid iailstOlo.; 1,400 ilo, at 64c, and 6(41 do. prime
0. ateVio. , . . '
yHEKSB Tho demand continues active and prices
aio steady. Kales 4iJ boxes W. it.ut 9c; 160 do. X,
D.at lie.
liUl Tb'R There is sn'sctive demand for prime roll
0tlKiil7e ; prime to choice W. It. Uikt.
APPLES-The market is dull and without change.
POTATOES-Tbe market U dull; there has been
no chauje since our lasitnuotutlons. , ,.,,, ..
[By Telegraph to the Chamber of Commerce.]
New Orleans, Novomher 16-M. -Flour (Irni, with
a modi-rale demand atS5IHi6 for supcrrlne. Dorn
has iloe lined to $1. Hugar firm at 6C. for fair.
An active demand for Hlolasnes, und pricea bate fur
ther advanced, with sales of 3,000 brls. at 4 10. Wbisky
Cull and prices declining, cloning dull at 24(i,2!c.;
reclllitiirow 30c. No arri rale from the Ohio ttivor.
Haw Tobk Maet, November 16 P.' M.-'-Flour
without special change: sales 12 OHO brls. at 84 ios
forsuporflns Stale; $5 KMb 15 lor extra do.) sVynJ 10
for auperflne Wostorn; (5 2C5 36 for coromi a to
medium extra du ; S5 ii(V 55 for Inferior to good
extra round-hoop Ohio, closing with a fair degree of
steadiness. Canadian Flour unlet: salea 3nobrls. at
15 'IWtifi 25 for common to choice extra. Itye Flour
in fair reqneat at S3 WM 45. Wheat dull, and com
mon l(ir)2fl. lower: suit il.lSK) bushels at $1 mri v
for com mon and good No, 2 Chicago unring; $1 M for
while Canadian, and Si 40 for white Mlchbrnn. kye
scarce and tlrru: sales 3,nno bushels at 86c. Barley In
demand at full prices: sales 23.(100 bushels at AP". for
Plate, and sic. Tor choice O. W.: 3c. for Vermont.
Tl.. Aan,n ftm t Iamh Im ..! . - L . . 1
lurucwNii, i, n mil, nut, iu. llinrae. T'llllflr
easier: sales 16,000 bushels at 81! MH for yelbrw of
mi uiuus. liiera is no mixea wemem in msrKet,
Oaisflrniernt 4IM46c. for State, Western and Oana
dlan. Wblsltv oulet and nncbanffed: .ale. 9TA hr).
at27Xc. Pork qniot and steady: sales 1,050 brls. at
oio u jot mDB'i ffio w lor pumei lor 010 1I1PSS,
$5f)5 S for mesa; $iIO fordid and new re-packer!
ine.is; Il0tiil for extra mens. Dres-ed Hogssr-nrce
BUfl una at i.tmM?bc. "eel nams anil at 120:140,
Oreon Hams arin Shoulders remain a. ln.t n,,ci.il
Prime mess Beef st- ndv: sales 4l,D tierces prime moss
anu luum iuim. a. 91,-igfzt. iai nirere qniec. mcon
hold higher: sales 50n boxes cltv cnt ahnrk.piUhRH
Miildles, for Jauuary and February, at Oc.; anil nob
wjoi iuds won , jor iucemoer ana January, ac
Lard qniot and steady: sales 401) brio, at lilAai0io.
Butter plenty and dull at UStftlitt. Rr Ohio, and is
2le. for State. Ohseaa continues steady -at, SBlio.
teuton srrauy: sales i.oou oaies, sugar nrm; Slusco
vado SltdTNo. i " i ' ... .
New Toax fjArrr.s nf arket. Nnv.mhp is TVnPU
hestvv; receipts S.niohead; sales at 4iaioc ; average
nilr.? Shun ..1r..rf'MJU1. m..Ii.i . V ,
..,v. u.,Bu..i.uwUMw,,1 m,eii. l,(.ai Ill-ail,
omu. auTauoeui rewiipw, i ,wv aeaai sales St O0O,
lew Oki.vanb MARRar. Nnvamhei 1AQ.ul...
9,5110 bales Cotton; the market generally unchanged
Nilffar Alnwfl Arm. Prim. M.l.w. Iu .......J ... I
Ixcbangs on Nsw York .
Steamboat Register.
AanrVAlR Mariner. Plft.bii.9 Tal..Mnk' f.At..
vllle; K. B. Hamilton, Wheollug; W. I. Maclay.St.
Louis; Forest Queen, Madison; Magnolia, Mnysvnie;
Lucy Gwin, Fittaburg; Duulelth, Neville; Virginia
Home, do.
DspABTrnEs Telegraph, Louisville; Forest Queen,
Madison: Magnolia, Maysvllle; Arg!inaut,Flitabiirg;
Rocket, do.; Lunlelth, Neville; Virginia Home, do.
Metioeoloojoil Observations For tha
Penny Pten, by Henry. Ware, Optician. No. 7
west jronnn-itreei.
SA. At,,...
M. .,....
BBWinetur. Theriuomtr-
eecseateeaeeiveeea.29.AaV . lJ ' ' ' 3
.6v ':' as
MstieiieMsssettsattiesaitsSVierl ''" 44
i!3o,8J.?vB- ''iq'lnl tt ify -f.reat sale
of Marble and AUhitertaur,.a4 un,nnuts.
Bnlierrtl-in OIeasiare, frocch Utma. -c be
sold at Aartlon, oi, WEDNfcSliAY ArTrl'iN'oON,
ovember iX at M o'clock, and 10 tli ,VSKINfJ
atr,atoiirsliiro ,is Larb Fourthstreet. an In.,
voire eeuiprlslofr a large sMnsUntini ol .t ucan.
Jledhl, llelie and Woman Vhs, or BaMigHA; At'ita,
YelloVeleoiie and other UllUrent km.-sol ttallao
Marble, suited for 'no dec ration of p irloTs, halls.
ruiiii snd Vcuiti-in lilaiiiaa'v-, n'yui tha. Royal
li,uia'.s.'il'ir P'Hgoe and Viena-i. ton-itilng o!
mlintie Vara', C'jblets, Pittkor.',' A'rifcmes, French
Iblna Wares, Ac.
i ALO-Plngllali ftnnx Olne. Toilet Wato, and a
vary largn assortment of ricoly Cm ui laswnre. such
a( eohlets, 'vines, Uliampagiies, Decaimrs, water
Cava. Singer-bowls, Claret FiuMiaie. . . ,
ALS9-A a tiumbor of risla iloMwoil writing
Desks and fadlei' Wnrk-boisa.
K. B. The room will be opened fur exhibition of
ladles and gentlemen are respectfully lntitid' to call
and examine them. "
norr JACOB OR AFFi'Anctieneer. '
-CM. At CO.-The eerord large slef'",ilnin nde
Furniture. I hereby srrve noinra tbalff ill rff-r at
I ublic Sale, on TCESDaY AH'RNINM, no.ember
21, l9, at Uo'ciork, a larae p"ftlou of the finished
Furniture In the Ware-room ef the late H. J. John,
Ni s. 21 and 23 Kast Fourth -street, consinlng in part
of Parlor and Bed-mom Furniture. Honk-rases, eec
retari's, side-boards,, and a general rsiicty of plain '
and fine Furniture. .' '
To dealers who are flaalronsof retilenlbln? their1,
stock ibr the fall trade, they will tlrd tliiione of tbe
rare opportunities. Also, partir s wieblng to furnish
bouses, in pd't or whole, will do well to give this
sale their attention. Sale positive, aid all goods
H. B. -Tbe Fornitare willbesoli! In tingle pieces, ;
not in setH, as at f-irmerHife.
Terin of Nsie-$'ii aud ui'ilcr, eosli; from 9:00 to
tm, 60 day; from tm to S50O, vO rt.ij.i, nud over S-0
fourmontbs' credit npeutd.aetaiiiti. , , .
. K. COX,
i Admlnlotrator of the Estate of f. 3 John, deo'd.
JACOB OBAFFJt :().. uutliinsers,.
nolT No. laKass luurtb-atieet.
BARD, at Trade Sale-room, o. n West Filth.
street, up stairs. Assignee's sat. of Books nr Auo
overaler 17 aud tn. at 7 o'clock, will be sold by cat
alogue, a large atil vuluable rollfctlon of standard
works In Ilia ory. Biography, Travel, Law, Poetry,
Literal uro and nclenre, with a variety of popular
works in French, Juveniles, c. i
N. 'B.-Tlie Law and French Hooks trill be sold oa '
Tbursdsy evening.
Catalogues will be published on Thursday aud Fri
day mornings, and tho Books will be opnn for exam-1
ination during each dnv prevtons to thn sale ' 1
8AMUKL B; KKY8, A.-ignee.
DOl7b 8. ft. HUBBAitj). Auctioneer.
A CO . Sales-rooms No. S3 Main-street-Llouora
and Cigars at Auction, lor account of w hi m it nny
concern.-Ou THLKSDAT MOItMNO, November
17, at 9 o'clock, will be sold, without reserve 40 libls.
Rourboa Whisky, 2 pipes Jiollaud.Giu, i nbls. Irish
Whlskv. 6 Quarter CH-ks 111 and V. 2 do. tin Wins.
671 boxes Imported Cigars. .
Abnu y.i ones mo i;onee. to mats jiva i:oiih, su
bbls. Unfilled Syrup, 12 half-bbls do.; wi boxes Vir-
finia, Kentucky und Slitiioiiri 't'obnero; Nutmegs,
ndigo, u. Soda, Orinan aud Fancy Soap, Balerntus,
Coniugo, An, .
ALhO iflcsses Boots, Shoes and Brogana. ncl7 '
CO. Positive Sale or Lands in Kentucky, on
THURSDAY, November 17, lev.- Wilt be sold at
Auction, on tho preuiises, at o'cleck, led ecieaof
Orst-rate Land, in Campbell County, Kr.. about
thirteen miles from fiewporr, nud nearly opposite
the town of Pales'lne. It will hesnhl in on tract,
or divided into Ave lots, tour of which, containing
about thirty acres each, front on l tlhio Diver,
and aro first nullity Uo'toni Lands, with K geutle
slope at the rear. The other Lot Is Hill Laud All
tou bottom and part of the other laud 1 chnml, and
on each lot ti very gocd Timber, tin the iract ate a
Leg House, ete id, Ale.-; also several tiiiehptiiu;s.
Ternia of sale One-fourth rssb, luilahcw in one
and two years with six pennt, inUu-etit., i.-n , -Tltlo
good and sale without reserve .
' JACOB aAFr",Anctlor)eer,
no!5 Ho. I List Fourtliietreet.
xIl WILLIAItS-Salos-reoma Hvi. V- mid :t East
Third-street. t atalogne fnlo of 50,(l0lt f-et sls
hocanv and Biawwood Veneers, cu aMUltriDAY
AFTERNOUN. November 17, at i otlock, at btore
No. 134 Coluintlia-street, betwoeo Elm and Knee. A
credit on. nil sums over 61UJ. of two,.lbrt und four
months, Tbe uhovo have just becu received from
tbe East, and iu prime order. ' . V i i
noi5 A. liELLOCili, Auctioneer.
BR1POK CITY, Indiana, at Micltcn.-HEW-BON
A HOLMES will sell, cn WEuNeSUA Y, No
vemliera. at 1 o'clock P. Jl., at tho Miji lionla Ex
change, without reserve, 25 Lois In the city of Cam-'
bridge, lnd.,unioiiiruved, belonging to tbe late Com- ,
nietcldl Bank of Cincinnati., tiale positive. Terms
cash. Title, quit claim. Further particular!! at tha
sale. nol4
ThslrV. Farrin & Co.
thatthey-areselliug lumber at their yard on
Freeman-atreot, next to Cindnna.;),. Hamiilon and .
Day ton Bullroud, ,
Tban any other Lumber Dealers In he city. ;
" Quick Sales and . Small ; Profits .
, , IS THEIB MOTTO.- . !
They eubmlt the following list of prices:
Cash. 4 Mo'i-
Clear lumber,alltbicknesses, 1 In. meaa i,7 50 oa
nest uominon, 1,1, aim i incn e lane. i) so o
Meet " 1 men Boarua. ....... 23 76
Second " all tbickneBMCB, ....... lii 6o
Thlid " Boards II !W
Orub Plank, face measure , 22 6n
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and litnbor.... 11 50
Poplar .'. ii ii. )3 vi
Fi ret Common Flooring Boards......,... sr, no
Second " " " 28 75
Third ' " "i .......... 1 50
First Common Weather Boards IA IV)
25 OS
17 s ,
1.' 5,
8 on
12 fyi
14 On
37 60
55 00
20 Oil
17 W
13 OI
fit) m
Second " ? no
Cedar Posts. 4 by 4, 8 feet, per hundred... 55 oa
Cedar " for fencing, " " ... 30 to
Locust " " " ' ... an ml
33 66
22 AO
A further reduction of 3H per cent, will Do m&ele on
blllsof J500or more.
We have one of the largostand beat selected stocks
of Lumber in tbe Cincinnati market, wbicit we offor
tor sale at the above prices.
, OF THE UNITED STATES, ; . , , . ,
.' (POBELT MUTUAL.) ' ,'
Office 0S Brondwny, New York'. "
JR. ontiro profits, pro rata, among its Policy Hold
era, legal interest (7 per' cent, only) i" paid on Its
stock, whioh may, by investment, reproduce about
that amount, tlievi.y fiving tbeaasiii.il all the ad
vantage, of the i-ii' Mutual Hvatem, with tbe''
pledge of a Perpetual i pitni Slock and the added .
security that Its Board i f Directors have a lrmn
nnut Moneyed Interest iu conduut1 og Its affairs with
prudence and strict economy.
Its rati'S are based upon the most approved English -
tables of mortality, verified by Alnlican experience .
to the proeent time.
By the Charter, Dividends to the Assured are to be -1
declared every five years, aud may be applied to the
reduction of premium, or will be credited upon the .
Policy, thereby Increasing the amount Insured.
Parties d. siring to insure will be furnished with '
the Society's publications, rates, gc.jgraiis, upon ap
plication to tbe Agent .' :
, . Bon. WILLIAM O.ALEX ANDEE.Preeident, i
, HENRY B. flTDIt, Vice I'refidont. ' '
'! HOWARD P. WILLIAMS, Secretary. :
r i QE(.,W.PHJ.LL1PS, Actnary.,,,. ,
i ' looai oabd or BErertENCR wit ciKcrstsiATr.
W, the undersigned, taku pleasure la staling that -"The
Equitable Life Assurance Society." of New
York. roprewn ted in tblseitv liy Davlrt A. Tmex, Esa.,'
is entirely worthy the confidence of this commuoiir, ,
ami that tbe combination of the Mutual and Joint '
Stock principle ae by them preRntedr-rendertbls ,
Company one of the most uesirablo for Insurers Iu
the cduhtrr: .' " : ... ;u;..
?fdman, Uarliale A SUaw, Slnnhops 8, Howe, ,
J. S, Cheneweth A Co., ' 8. R L'Hommedien,
Blaohley , Htmraon Oo;,-: - D. W. dorwlu, i . f
Thompson A Taalfe, II. E. Spoucer.
34 West Third-street, Basement fita.oon- Temnl
' ' ' wan n. I ftl l , ai. II., ' '
eoilam ; .. ... kiauiluinn r-bvoician. ,,
j jMaysville Coal-Oil Agency. .
fir a remilar .nnnl. nr v.. , mi
Which la aniineiitloriahly tiisf beat arHrloiiaururTao' '''
tured.. wa aia nrnuaroii in, r..i.i. ..i.., . h. . ..
lowest market price, with usual dlvomit. t
I ft .u ... i SUIUI,' KCKSIKT 1 f!(T.,' '' 'U
"" unensiteiiie rsniitice. .
1 ' ' LANE Ii' BO OLE TV
' 1t'riJ'1 "" KAirpv-oTtjaaM of "''' ''1 -! ".-;
Wood-Working Machlcory, 1
tlarner Jointed Water: a.,Cictann.tM7.
' t tl:-. - '.i i. .-. -n-w
)syM. H. " itAI,lV I Ni.-i ATTORNEY.,'.'!
u a nu i.vorine.i.iAin i- w ana Slaiter
rommtsslnner of the Superior and Cnnnuon Pless
' W: Luauasiuiiuiut, aorta west uxaaror Main
n Xhlrd-streets. not
a! I

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