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It published daily, ( Sundays umM by
rnoi ao. u win fogiTi.itiiii,
TH1 FSSKT FBIBSIsldellvered to subscribers la
Olntlnuatl, Covington and Newport, and ear
rounding side and towns, at ths ix
tremely kw price of .
HICXS0F hailuo:
Single copies Jo.j l month 40o.; S months 1; t year 14.
Jons A. Irnui, Jb...J9oI lessee and Manager.
Farewell Benefit of Ml Elsworthy,
Thlrty-nflo night of k
THIS EVENING November 18, will be presented
Baakspeare'e grand flve-aot Comedy, entitled
Or. The Merchant of Venice.
...wr. Anuerson
Him Klaworthy
Launcolot Gobbo.
Grntiano ,
Duke of Venice,...
Jeeslca ............
.nr. umgaon
.-.Mr. mister
.......Mr. Bead
....Mr. liana
..Mr. Fisher
.......nr. uall
Miss Denbam
Julia Wait
To conclude with .
King James V of Scotland --..Mr, AnderaoB
fir Adam Weir Mr. Bann
Uoorge Weir.............. ..,.......Mr. Langdon
Madelalne Weir Mra. Staler
-Doors open at e.Hi Curtain rlaee at 7Jt o'clock.
Pawnor Admission Drees Circle and Parouette,
M cents; Gallery, 2o cents.
TBI8 (Friday) EVEN1N0, Bovember IS. and
every evening daring tho week, will be acted, the
great Legendary Drama, bom the Herman of Guathe,
entitled '
Faust and Marguerite.
Mephistophilas... .Mr. J. B. Boberti
Fault (an aged Scholar.' ...Mr. 0. Stuart
Marguerite Mri. 0. Henri
Dance by............. Miss Jennie Hlght.
The performance will commence with the beau
tiful Oomedy of
Marquis de Oruesack -....Mr. 0. L. Allen
Col. Ferrler.. ........ ....... Mr. 0. Stuart
Bernard...- Mr Bernard
Clarissa de Oruaaac .........Mr. Vanderen
' THE NEW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, ia now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
Ctias. M. Barras Manager.
Jf. B. Conway. Stage Direotor.
Brilliant Sncceia of the Mew Compauj!
THIS (Friday) KYENINO, November 18, 1659.
will be presented, for the first time in this city, the
boautit'ul Comedy called
Lord Icatherhoed. ............ -..Mr. Savldgs
Sir Felix Lovel Mr. Sheridan
Giles Falrland........... Mr. Conwar
Thomas M r. Po pe
Countess of ltosedale.. Mrs. Conway
Lady Bab Blazon....- .. Mrl. Place
Mittens.. Miss Stanley
To conolude with
Mr. Simpson..: Mr. W. Davidge
Mr. Bromley .........,........M.........-Mr. Dixon
Mrs. Binipeon ... Mrs. Place
Mrs. Bromley Miss Fannie La Boat
Madame La Trappe.-.........,......... -....Mrs. Wllkini
On Saturday sight the great play of ' j 1 , -
Paicis or Admission.-Farquette Circle, Parquette
and Balcony, 50 cents Amphitheater, 36 cents;
Private Boxes for eight persona, ti. ,-. i
Doon open at tH o'clock : commence at ?X. ' ' '
Box Office opon front 10 A. M. until 4 P. M where
seats can be secured. J. F. HEBBEBT, Traaa'r.
f HE OrIiY M P I C.
Leasee and Proprietor....-.-.....JNO. HOWOUTH.
This new and beantful TEMPLE OF THE MUSES
opened for the season on
With a fall and talented DRAMATIO AND TON-'
;KBT TBODPE, selected from the different thea-'
tvrs and opera companies of the Union. , -
Admission 10 ceuta. For particulars see small
The "Olymplo Saloon" will be open at all honrs
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
V) lues, Liquors and Cigars. oc2a
; .!. . . it m- .
Held at Zanesville, October, 1859.
lYos. SI and S3 Vine-sit..
(Second door Below Columbia,)
, ' , fnotcml - ' .'
10!) Main-street, three doora a.bove Third,
DER all kinds of Horse Trappings, In tbe best
and moat substantial manner. Also, a large assort
ment of Horse Blankets, Whips. Carpet and Leather
Bags, Bridle Bits, Buffalo Bobes, Valises (the real
sole-leather), Mall Trunks, Hponge, and a large as
sortment belonging to this line. 1 will sell as low
as tbe lowest. ,
ar. H. , Deters,
To which he invite the attention of the public
' ' . tBOlg . . - . f
Or. o-. tSjktcjecs
HOUSE Furnishing Stores, Noa. 321 k 329
WfPitem-row, a sneassortment of Ooal Vases,
Coal Hods: Steel Fire Seta at prices ranging from
$1 25 to 810; Japanned Walters; Fine Table Cutlery;
Silver Plated Ware, together wltb the usual variety
of fancy goods. A liberal dlsoountto persons furn
ghlug catalogues on application. nol2tf
Patent Sign Depot,
No. 210 Western-row,
' Iron Block Letter! are manufactured. ; -tfsTAU
work Warntated to give saUsfactlon.
Address nolltwl B. WABD.
eight tasks very superior Cream Cheese. Vqt
sale by A . MoDONALD CO.,
tioM a and Branch Store 2t West Fonrtht.
J net received, Moan Bent Oo.'s celebrated
Water-crackers. For sale by
- A. MoDOMALD ft 00.,
noM M and Branch Store 349 West Fourth -st.
Commissioner of the Superior and Common Pleas
Courts. Bank Building, north west corner of Main
nd Ihlid-ttreeti. . t . not
lo down very superior Spanish Olives. For sale
by i j a. Mcdonald co..
nbU M and Branch Store 34 West Fourth-it.
VOL 2. NO. 77.
Law of Newspapers.
FiMT.-SubscTlbers who do not give express notice
to the contrary, are considered as wishing to con
tmue their subseriptions to the paper.
Skooxp. If Bubsoritwra order the discontinuance
J i k Derlodi;18, the publisher may continue to
!A ...cu. Muni rreaniKPB are patu.
THiED.-IfsuUcribers neglect or refuse to take their
4aiiirulioalss f.nn V.-v .in . i i. , i . .
tliay are held responsible till thoy hare Mttled the
bill and ordered them discontinued.
ITrkll DTU IF .nr,..lk.,u .. A- . il I
ul ;. , u'wlun" rwmuvw ia nmer pineal
without informing the publishers, and the upors re
i l)le uiiuuii uwj are ueia rtpoii
FifTri.-Th Courts have decided that refusing to
wsi7 iiiyviitiiiB rruui nirj oinue, or removing ana
leaving them uncalled for, ii puma rAOimeiidenceof
isisvutivuni ai auu.
Arrivals of Trains.
Little MiAm.-Nlght Express, 8:00 a. m.; Accom
modation, 2:45 p. m.; Day Express, :36 p. a.
.a. j 1:40 A. a.
Omioamd Mississipfi.-8:1s a. h.; 1:35 r. a.; 10:14
Departures of Trains.
Littlb Miami. Day Express . 10:00 A. a.; Aecom
modation, 4:40 p. a.; Night Express, 11:30 p.
a.; 7:00 r. u.
Ohio and Musisaim. 4:00 a. a.; 2:00 p.m.; 7:30 p.m.
Cincinnati, Uakilton andDatton.-:00a. m.; 7:30
A. 10:00 a.m.; 3:40 p.m.; 6:30 p. m ; 11:30 p. u.
Mabiitta and Cincinnati. 9:40 a. a.; 3:10 p. H.
jS-During the past two weeks tlxtoen
death! have occurred in Boston of imall-pox.
0BA teoond synagogue of Jew has been
organixed in Boston, under tbe title of "Adas
."The completion of Martha Washington
College, at Abingdon, Va., hag been aban
doned by Eolston Conference.
J&fSh Washington SW.ihas changed its
name to the Stale and Union, and its dimen
sions have been enlarged.
"Barney Smith was killed in a lager
beer saloon in Richmond, Va., on Sunday
night. As he oould not get the lager, be took
the bier. ?
'4In Lamartine's history of Mary Stuart
he says that the original of Byron's "Corsair"
was the Earl of Bothwell, Mary's piratical
i 9It ia said that the seoret of a married
woman is her opinion of her husband, which
she never tells to any one bat her latest
JESTDean Swift, hearing of a carpenter fall
ing through a scaffolding of a house which he
was engaged in repairing, dtily remarked that
he had got through his work promptly.
Themale births in Europe surpass the
female four millions every year, but are bal
anced by the greater number of acoidents to
males. ' .
&At a spiritual meeting, a short time
since, Balaam was called up and asked if there
were any jaokasses in bis sphere? J'Nol" re
plied he, indignantly, "they are all on earth."
I TMorpby, blindfold, beat four of the best
oteas-player in Philadelphia last week one
at the 24th, another at the 25th, and a third at
the 29th, and a fourth at tbe 33d move. :, , ,
Jff-There areabout400 Chinamen mining
eleven claims on Horseshoe Bar, California, on
the middle Fork f the Auturican River, and
they take out from $33,000 to $40,000 every
! j!9fJohn Birmingham was fined $50, in
Mobile, Ala., on Thursday, for sending a
challenge to Thomas Luby to engage in a
prize fight. The seconds were also held for
their good behavior.
'9-"Shall we take a 'bus up Broadway?"
said a young New Yorker, who was showing
his country cousin about town. "0, dear,
no!" said the alarmed girl, "I wouldn't do
that in the street."
I ft5"k. lazy, over fed lad, returning from his
dinner to his work one dap, was asked by his
master "If he had no motion other than that?"
"Yes," replied the, youth, but it's little
Slower?', ; :; ' ;, t ,-v'"
! &-It is stated that a prize fight for $1,000
a side is arranged to oome off in about a fort
night, between George King, of Cleveland,
and Edward Price, ofBoston,near Point Ablno,
jp&"l&t.J. E. Oropsoy, the distinguished
American landscapist, has now been a resi
dent of London for about four years. His
success in England is so great that ho is
tempted to remain there permanently.
The editor of one of the Northern pa
pers gives an account of his office having been
tor many years haunted by a lounger, who
had sat there so long that, when he died, his
shadow was found fixed upon the wall.
Mr. Justice Page was renowned for
his ferocity upon the bench. . While going
circuit, a facetious lawyer named Crowle was
asked if "the judge was not just bohind."
"I don't know," said Crowle, "but if he is, I
am sure he was never jusf before."
$5k gentleman was walking along' the
Birkenhead-dook one day, when his attention
was direoted to the Coating ohuroh. "Ah,"
he exclaimed, "I see it's High or Low Churoh,
according to the state of tho tide." f
' S-The Rutland Vt. Courier records the
death of Nathaniel Chamberlain, in Wards
boro'. in that State, at the aire of nlnetv-nine
years. He was about fifteen years old at the'
commencement or tbe Revolutionary war, and
took a part in that memorable struggle.
EB"Upon the reading of the Declaration of
Independence in an eastern city, by a oltiien
of that place, a gentleman from the rural dis
tricts made this oommeat: "Ob, he read it well
enough, but I'm darned if I believe he ever
Y presoher once said in his sermon,
lmt woman r.mm hur vrhlln nntftniy na t k
profuse and expensive attire, how narrow are
the gates of Paradise.'.' : The preacher should
have known no place oould be Paradise to a
woman without her wardrobe. - -
a9Mlnt juleps were invented, it Is said,
by a' Virginia editor, who, having kissed a
pretty girl, after she had eaten some mint, was
so intoxicated with pleasure, that he devoted
several months in attempting to produoe an
article wbioh would reoall tbe original as viv
idly as possible.
BThe work of deepening and improving
the Savannah River Is to be discontinued nexth
month. A depth of twelve and a half feet, at
low water, has been obtained over the sunken
wrecks, and the certainty of a gradually in
creasing depth, renders a free aad unobstrueted
navigation a settled fact.
Hon J. R. Glddings, while in Roches
ter, N. Y., recently, said that he would go
down to Virginia and obtain that $10,000 re
ward for J. R. Glddings, provided he had
confidence In the good faith and responsibility
of the advertiser.
tsrSan Franoisoo women are beginning to
esteem the men highly. In having failed to
secure Nicholas Mastorson for a husband,
Elizabeth Ellderbrand. a servant slrl. thinks
she has suffered damages to tbe extent of
9au,vuu, ana Drugs nation for breson of prom
ise accordingly. Probably Masterson would
not have marritd her for twioe that mm.
PEN AND SCISSORS. Particulars of the Loss of the Schooner
Jean Martin—Forty-two Persons
Saved—Heroic Conduct of the Officers
and Crew of the Hungarian.
The Portland (Me.) AaWtiier of the 15th
Inst., has the following interesting and grapbU
aooount of the saving of the lives of the crew
and passengers of the schooner fern Martin,
by Capt. Jones and the officers of the Hunga
rian, furnished by an intelligent gentleman of
Canada, one f the passengers, snd an eye
witness to the exciting scene :
On Wednesday morning, the 9th Inst., the
steamer Hungarian, Thomas Jones, master, of
the Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's
Line, when on her passage to Portland, at a
distanoe of about 160 miles due east from St.
Johns, N. P., sighted a vessel directly on her
course, and on approaching her she proved to
be in distress.
The boat was lowered gradually and with
great care, for every sea as it broke against
the side of tbe ship, and dashed its spray over
the anxious countenance of tbe sympathising
passengers who stood about the deok, threat
ened to seal the doom of the brave hearts which
challenged its might, and were willing to con
tend with it on the chances of saving the ob
jects of their action. "Lower away," "hoist
away," and "be careful and look out," were
respectively cried out before the crew suc
ceeded in settling the boat on the tea, and
in, freeing her from the taokle attached
to; the davit, One of tbe blooks came
In oontaot with Mr. Hardie's, face, and as
he was borne to - the stranger, the blood
bad so disolored his cheeks that he was the
object of everybody's commiseration. . Mr.
Bardie suooeeded in getting the boat near
enough to enable Mr. Porter to get on board.
A number of persons were soon congre
gated on the deck, and the confusion which
always takes plaoe on an occasion of tbe kind
presented itself on this one. . Men, women
and children were thrown into the life-boat
as an opportunity offered, and when all were
on board of her, Mr. Porter made a final
search to see that no one was forgotten. He
then succeeded in gaining his place, and our
hearts gladdened to see tbe living little res
cuer surmounting the billows with her bow
directed toward us. Tremendous seas were
rolling -at this time, and .when Mr. Hardie
brought his charge alongside of the Hunga
rian, we felt sensible of the danger he would
encounter in discharging her. Fearless as
regarding himself, he guided the helm, and
the crew under the direction of Mr. Porter
kept the boat off the Hungarian, while those
from the railing pulled the passengers by
means of ropes tied around their waists. ,
, Immediately after all of the rescued were
safely on board of tbe Hungarian, and we be
lieved there was little then to fear, a sea, too
strong for human force suooessfnlly to resist,
struck the boat and' brought her forcibly
against the side of tbe ship, and Mr. Hardie
disappeared. He was thrown from his seat
Into the sea, unable to swim, and without any
thing in hU hand wherewith he could have
saved himself. Life-preservers were thrown
overboard jahioh Hardie didnot require, . While
Bilking beneath the ship ho came to oontaat
with a line wbioh accidentally hung over tbe
veasol, and seizing hold of it he was enabled
tq bring himself to the surface of the water,
thence to the deck. A cheer greeted him ai
he appeared above the gunwale, but he was as .
calm and undisturbed as if, ' nothings had on"
curred. .' He rested merely for a moment and
then went forth to his duty. Tbe resoued party
were taken from a sohooner named the Jean
Martin, bound from Labrador to Carbonier, in
Newfoundland. .; ;, ' ;
On the morning of the Oth, the erew were
nearly exhausted, only six men being able
tq work at the pumps, and the stores were all
gone saving a few biscuits. They had not
bad a fire on board for several days, and con
sequently were nearly famished. , They num
bered in all forty-two souls. : 'i
i When first received on board of the Hun
garian the condition of all, more particularly
that of the women and children, was most
distressing. They were half clad, and their
oold, ghastly countenances plainly depicted
the horrors which inwardly disturbed them
while awaiting the death which, but a few
moments before appeared inevitable. -'
j . v' . - '- I ')
A VioitANOi Cohhittki EsTABusHiD. A letter
'from Lewistown, Penn., has the following in-
formationi"', ,: ' !, '; ;
Tho community of Reedsvllle, five miles
north of this place, has been thrown Into a
fianic by the frequent fires they have had dur
ng several nights this week. The first occurred
on Tuesday night, by the burning of a large
bam belonging to Mr. Reed, early in the even
ing, whloh was filled with valuable grain and
jtook. As the fire had subsided most of. the
people went to their homes, when another fire
was seen in a barn not more than sixty yards
from the first, which was also oonsumed, defy
ing all human efforts to stop tbe devouring
elements.. This was also filled with valuable
produota. .... On. Wednesday night, notwith
standing the vigilance of farmers watching in
this vicinity, at ten o'clock another barn, a short
distanoe from the latter, was fired and con
sumed, with a large quantity of grain and
stook. The loss In these was not less than ten
thousand dollars besides tbe . tenants, who
lose their all. On Thursday night a large,
well-organized Vigilance Committee was . en
the watoh until five o'clook in tbe morning,
when they thought all danger would be past
for the night; but they had scaroely returned
when the alarm of fire again aroused this
frighted people, by this burning of a stable 'of
Mr. Reed. All this is evidently the work of
an Infamous scoundrel, and for what purpose
no one oaii conceive, as there, has ben no
plundering done at yet.' The citizens' have'
offered a reward of $,1000 for the arrest' and
oouviotion ef the fiend or fiends. ; -; f
Appabatus ix Havana. A large case filled
with postage stamps, executed by a New York
engraver, has been discovered in Havana, said
to contain in Value over $100,000, and the
party who brought them there bat been ar
rested. - At San Antonio dies, tools, plates,
aoids, and all the materials for false coinage,
for slave "oedulae," or for bank bills, were
discovered, and several old offenders arrested,
A olerk of the Postofiioe, by tbe name of Her
nandez, was to be instrumental In the distri
bution of . the . stamps. . . Andros Xstanislai
aided in tbe introduction of the package, caus
ing it to be passed as clothing, without exam
ination. In the desk of -the cashier, Barrero,
at the Spanish Bank, a series of bills ef. vari
ous denotations were found, when they
should have been in the ohest. $150,000 of
these billt were genuine, but they were not in
the plaoe assigned for them, whioh oould not
be satisfactorily explained by the.: cashier.
One number of each denomination of eaoh
series was missing, and no . explanation could
be given making oUoumstantial evidence
that they had been taken out to serve as oopies.
Paper of the same' texture and finish as the
paper of the Spanish bills was discovered
either at Ban Antonio of la Havana. , , 9
Fixali br tbi Mrmpbis Injcbbsctior Gasi.
W. R. Palmer, whose arrest on oharge of com
plicity in Otsawatomie Brown's insurrection,
scheme created to much exoitement in Mem
phis, a few days tince, was Saturday evening
admitted to bail in $2,600, and set at liberty.
We presume this it the end of the affair, un
less considerable more evidence oan be pro
cured. . . -j
Remarkable Story of an English Nobleman.
, -Dlenuii.
The following strange story appears in tbs
Pmon tfu FarJ
Sir Edward Egerton, nephew of Sir Robert
Pool, has just left Nioe for Grasse. This young
man has been occupied for several years in
proourlng tbe information necessary to dls
oover a will made by one of his uncles, leaving
him a fortune estimated at thirty-two mil
lionspart of the fortune consisting of thirty
houses at London, and an entire street in
Edinburgh. This will, after the death of the
testator, could not be found, and all attempts
to discover it were fruitless. In August last,
the Reverend Mr. Himmel, a Catholic Priest
at Dublin, received in confession a declaration
to the following effect: The opulent testator,
some time ago sailed for Italy in the Villi de
Gruwe, a steamer whioh sunk near the lies
d'H jeres. A U his effects and papers wero lost,
but be himself was saved; he was, however,
afflicted with rheumatism, and having bad to
stop at Nice, died there.
' J Mat before his death he made bis secretary
write to his nephew to beg him to oome ia all
baste; but the seoretary, supposiug thai he
would make a new will in favor of tho latter,
ant having a spite against him, did not send
the letter. When he made this confession the
eiseoretary was on bis death-bed, and be
pnayed the priest to do what he oould to
rehair his wrong. Sir E. Egerton is now
about to endeavor to obtain, at La Grasse and
Cannes, informatioa as to the precise spot in
whloh the vessel went down. He hopes that
the trunks of bis deceased nnole may still be
lntaot, and that in one of tbem he oan find the
will. A company ia being organized at
London to assist him in getting up the vessel.
He has consented to advance 20,000 in
English money toward the expenses, and to
give 6,000,000f. out of his inheritance if tbe
will be found at the bottom of the ocean. In
the lost vessel were large sums of money and
other articles of value .belonging to other
persons; and the question hat arisen whether
the English company may not retain all the
wealth It may fish up.
,1'. . . ,
: Adroit Robbkht ix Europe. The following
statement of an ingenious robbery we condense
frbm our late foreign files : ,
A oertatn gentleman, traveling in great
style, and attended by a confidential valet,
arrived at Hamburg from Paris. Putting up
at one of the best hotels in the former oity, he
remained there for some days, spending his
3 oney freely. One morning at breakfast tbe
aveler called for his hoBt, and wished to
know what jeweler in the good oity of Ham
burg he oould recommend. The landlord sent
al note to tbe required lapidary, and the great
man looked over the assortment of jewelry and
ordered diamonds, &o., to the amount of 300,
0H francs, whioh were to be set in a particular
manner and delivered on a certain day.
On tbe appointed day oame the jeweler and
bs shopman, and they were duly received by
tbe gentleman, who complained of indisposi
tion, and apologized for appearing in his
dressing gown. The jewels were examined
add approved by tbe wealthy traveler, who
placed. thorn carefully in a inagnifloent secre
taire which stood against the wall, and turned
the key, but left it in tbe lock. He then felt
for tbe key of his strong box, and, not finding
It, called for the servant to look for it. The
servant not coming be called egain, and then
itolared angrily that he must go and see why
the rasoal did not come. The denouement may
be guessed; tho jeweler and his companion,
after watting three-quarters of an hour, opened
the secretaire, but the jewels bad vanished,
and so bad the swindling traveler. Ths back
of the seoretaire eommunicatcd with the parti
tion wall of the sleeping-room; a false bottom
to tbe seoretaire and an opening in the wall
made the trick easy enough.
I Buhnt cork Pabvbniibk A Fast Ex
Ejbiopiax Mixstski,. The goasipping New
York correspondent of the Charleston Courier
Writes, in a recent letter, of one of the retired
"artists" of the African opera:
i Ned Ch risty is great on horses and diamonds,
lie about divides bis time between driving and
dressing. During the past year he has had
three fancy matoh teams a pair of large bays,
a pair of milk white ponies, and a pair of beau
tiful blaok horses, oompose his stnd. On very
lovely days he drives the whites ; whon he
wishes to "keep time" with any body else's
team he goes out with the blacks; In the win
ter, and whon the weather is dubious, or be
hias a friend to accompany him, ho uses the
big bays. When Ned Christy wishes to make
a splurge, and cause all the women to look at
him as he passes, be drives one of his pair of
horses in tandem style, whloh he does vory
well.' He has alto a pair of spotted pointer
dogs, which are so well tiained that while one
trots between the two horses, the other keeps
pace under the wagon.
, j As to diamonds, Christy it not far behind
the rich Cuban. When be was a negro min
strel performer, he used to wear sham and
paste articles, bat when he became rioh, he
purchased the pure diamonds of the first wa
ter. I have been told, that some years ago,
when any of the shipt of the house of Grin
nell, Minturn fc Co. would arrive from Rio
Janeiro, and they would advertise diamond!
for tale, they have always expected to see
Christy the first purchaser. And rarely were
tbey disappointed, until he obtained all he
wished.-;! :.',!,m ; ' ,: : -., , .
j .''''" ' "
'I Adroit Fobosbies ix ths . Nobth-kast.
Heavy forgeries have been committed during
the past six weeks, on banks in Philadelphia,
amounting in the aggregate to, eight or nine
thousand dollars. The Bank of Commerce,
the Manufacturers and Mechanics' Bank,
and the Consolidation Bank were among the
victims.' There were several persons engaged
in the forgery. The plau of operation was as
follows : One of the gang would go to a heavy
business establishment and buy a small bill
of goods, whioh he would order to be sent
away from the city. He would then tender
a bank-bill of twenty dollars In payment, and
ask for a check for the balance, as he wished
gto mail that amount. The check, would be
iven, and a corresponding check would then
e forged for a heavy amount in the name of
the firm. The forgeries were generally ad
mirably executed, and they were paid with
out auspioion. Similar frauds to a heavy
amount were committed at the South, and
also at New York. The two forgers lately
arrested in Boston are implicated in the for
geries. . i
'Ax Uxorrixnixo Famut Inhumanly
Tbeatsd. Nine rioters, arretted near Georges
ville, O., were examined before the Mayor of
Columbus day before yesterday and bound
over to the Common Pleas Court In bonds of
$100 each. A man named Thomas Stevens
states in his affidavit that on the night of the
8th Inst, the above persons went to. hit house
in Plain Township, for the purpose of driving
him and bis family from the house; that they
broke down his door, entered the honse,
knocked down tho occupant and his wife, de
molished his furniture, and - committed divers
other unlawful acts. ' Stevens and his family,
a wife and eight little ohildren, , were found
in a neighboring corn field in an old shed,
where they were driven for shelter by the
rioters, who had threatened to burn diivu the
house if Stevens did not leave; and thai the
family remained In themlserableshed, exposed
to all the tnoltment weather of Saturday, Sun
day and Monday, and that when found their,
condition w pitiful indeed.
AxtcooTS op Pbinci AatHca. This anec
dote is told in connection with ths recent de
parture of the Queen and Royal family from
Edinburgh, on their way South.
As tbe Sheriff of Edinburgh ttood in sbrieval
dignity on the platform of the railroad statlou
a lady sought audience of him. It was
granted, and the lady proceeded to tell him
that she had a little girl with her who was
deeply in love with Prince Arthur, and that
nothing on earth would satisfy her short of
presenting Prinoe Arthar with a bouquet. The
Sheriff poudored a moment, but was afraid be
bad not jurisdiction sufficient for the presenta
tion of the bouquet; however, he would see.
Aocordingly he entered the royal carriage and
explained the matter. U the Queen, pointing
out to her tbe expectant young lady, wbo
stood, a bewitching little creature, ail blushes,
hopes and fears, ou the platform. Her Majesty,
wi'li tbe utmost promptitude, declared her
willingness for the boo que t scene, and laid tbe
would not for a moment "oome between tbe
two." Whereupon the Sheriff returned with
the weloome tidings, and little Miss , step
ping forward with the grace of Berraris, pre
sented her flowers, with a oh arming conscious
ness beaming from her child-face, whioh no
doubt the youthful prince fully appreciated.
very vulgar fellow In Arkansas, editor of the
Warren Sunbeam, having quarreled with the
editorof the Brownsville(Tenn. ) Home Journal,
the former published this article In a late issue
of his paper:
We send this number of the Sunbeam to the
rotien-bearted thing that scribbles in the
Brownsville Journal, but we will never again
condeioend to notice him through the columns
of our paper.
For with dlrl we wrtslle not;
When stupid malice, blind aud poor,
Flings at our head Us slinking pot,
We stoop aud lot the flltliy uiaua pass o'er.
Us Arkansas editors have an interesting way
ot adjusting personal difficulties without re
sorting to pen and ink. , But Bob Russ is such
a "very" low-flung, ' oontemptible, blaok
hearted liar, coward, villain and sooundrel,
that we fear he is not able to feel or appreciate
an impulse which a gentleman would acknowl
edge. We believe the portion of Missis
sippi that lies opposite Helena is about half
way, by tbe present mode of travel, between
Warren and Brownsville. ,
80K. The Manchester (England) Guardian
of the 1st iust. observes: Tbe fine bust, colos
sal slzo, of Tennyson, by Woollier, which
was some time ago purchased by subscription
of the poet's Cambridge admirers, and pre
sented to Triuity Colloge, in the hope of its
being honored with a pedestal in the stately
Collego Library, among the other illustrious
alumni of Trinity, has been accepted by the
master, fellows aud scholars, but has not booh
admitted into the library. The exclusion
has not arisen from any want of respect for
the Laureate's genius, or any doubt as to his
place on tbo roll of England's poets. But,
hitherto, no living rniiu has been admitted to
the honors of that Valholla Trinity, "Nemo
ante obitum eacer." This is a sound rule; and
Alfred Tennyson himself would be the first
to own its force. Meanwhile he is admitted
to the vestibule of tbe library, thero to wait
until death consecrates his laurel, and bids
him enter to take his honored place by the
side of Drydon and Byron. . :
Ocjb Cobrespondkncs "Old Chiof " writes
us from Middletown that a few evening since
the oolored people of that plaoe and vicinity
had a large ball at Washington Uall, which
was greatly enjoyed by tho participants. The
men and women were elaborately and gaily
attired, and attracted tbe attention'of a num
ber of white persons who had assembled to see
the entertainment. 'At twelve o'clock the
dancers repairod to the United States Hotel,
where an excellent supper bad been prepared
by the aimable proprietor, Harry McCully, and
after partaking of tbe many delicacies of the
table, again returned to their devotions to
Terpstohore, and worshipped at her shrine un
til the timid stars hid themselves before the
approaoh of the beautiful Aurora, wbo deeply
blushed as she boheld the confusion she had
caused among her astral lovers.
i Cubiovs Paint Mink. A curious paint
mine exists in the town of Washington,
Maiue. It was discovered several years ago
on the farm of Mr. Jonathan Howard, near
Marr Mountain. The paint is of a variety
called the "Terra de Sienna," and, is now
obming largely into use. A oompany at
Augusta, wbo have been permitted to take it,
are now manufacturing it in large quantities.
The Pisoataquis Obiener says that there is in
East Sangerville an inexhaustible supply of
this "paint" on the land of Jonathan Oilman,
whioh is pronounced by . good judges to be
equal, if not superior, to any of the kind ever
used. , ,
A Novki Masqoibadx. A young lady of
Edgefield, S. C, recently ' attended a family
eoiree as the Evening Netei. One who was
there, described hor dress (made entirely of
nowspapers) as unique and very . beautiful.
It is said to have presented, by candle-light,
a resemblance to the richost brocade, so skill
ful was the arrangement of its columns. No
doubt the fair masquerader was so interest
ing that it is not wonderful if some one, who
"read" her, became fond, for her sake, of the
(matrimonial) noose. ,.,, ,,j
Stbangs Mkdliy or Amdbiuxnts. The
Nntchitohes (Toxas) CArontcfa of the Sth says
of the previous week's amusements: The
present week hat been rather a lively one in
our little town. Our amusements and enter
tainments have oonsisted principally in ths
horse-opera and political speeches, both of
which, in their way, have been reasonably
pleasant. Tbe proper adm ixture of acrobatio
uud political exercises has had a tendency to
keep down much ol that acerbity which often
characterizes the week before the election. -;-i
. .'11 .I i '
A Abmid Band op Dbspibadois in Flo
rida. Some thirty-eight mlhs north of Pen
sacola a band of desperadoes fortified them
selves In a house and defied the' authorities
and oitizenB who attempted to arrest them.
Thoy were well armed and well provisioned,
and an attack was thought to be too hazardous;
so, at last acoounts they were beleagured, and
an application had been made to Commodore
Molntosh, of the Navy-yard, for a force of
marines and a pieee of artillery. . .:. ,,
Tas Sscret or "Flora Tihpli's" Spsid
One great secret of the tpeed of "Flora Tem
ple," tbe fastest trotting horse In the world,
has been discovered. It has been fonnd, by
measurement, that her ttride small at the
animal herself is it squal to that of a sixteen
hand horse. She wins, by her long, low, looo
motive style of going, whioh works with the
laving exaotltude of machinery, end wastes
no power in unnecessary action, or in what is
more graphically termed "style." , i' '
An "Abolitionist" Rid dsn ox a Rail in
Arkansas. At Heltna, the other day, a man
hailing from the North, and calling himself
John Burnside, saw propwte Indulge Io.somi
sentiments not exnotj.siiitsd to thetj.latitasle;
for whioh ha was, next morning,, bone through
town on the sharp.edge.af .a rail, carried by
ton or twelve straonlna nesroes. .He was then
SfcSTM ft w w?ib(iH M,i9a.' tM
' terms-cash; 'i- '
Advertisements not exneduig live Unas (Agate.) '.
Ouetusertlon....,..S One , ...., yt oo
Two weeks... 1 to One ' I ut
larger advertisements inserted ai th following
rates fur aiuare of tan Uneaorlessi
One lnniiion .. t 60 1 Two wmx...1 ot
Each addl'nal ins.. Ti I Three tli. 4 be
On weok I ir-1 tin im..,th a ge
Job Printing;
In all Its linncheii, dun with Doarui-ta and ribvaltli '
Mechanics' Fair, 958
IeStterLt e d. ,
December 7, 188S.
sV the public three seasons, and owing to lis pop.
nlnrity aud Increased domand, wx have twpn com
pelled to nmke two more sizes havluu SIX hizr-s
completo, suitable, from the smallest luiuilv up tt,
the largest class boarding-bouse The celuhrlty
these otoves have gained for chfniwlvwi can not lm
too hlgily appreciated, aa every family liaviuu tlu iu
in use can truly testily.
Thanking the public for their generous support, it
is our determination to supply the wantirof tho com
munity with the benefit, whioh a practical mechan
ical education can only supply.
Inventor, Proprietors cV Slnnufufturera,
Webog leave, most respectfully, to o&r Ilia follow.
Ing certificates and r.terences of families lifing tbo
Alligator, which will, at a gluuce, remove all doubts
uf its intrinsic merits:
For some months 1 have beon UHiug tho Alligator
Ooal Cooking Stove. Its superior cooking quaimes,
combined with liBCleauliiiefH, muatoveutuall) n-uiro
to the owners a large .hare at public pittr t.
. jyjjj Mt.LhA(
thave boon using one of Messrs. Adams ii IV, k
over's Alligator Uook Stoves for souio mouth, winch .
gives eutire satisfaction in every rcsp-ct, in id can
cheorfnlly recommend it to those who are in want of
a (upurior oook stovo. . H. II. LKAV1TT,
For tho last year I have been mlng the AllicMtcr
iJV'al Cooking stove, luantilecturcil by Aleurs. Adams
. Po kover, which t cuiihlder a superior .tow, ami
gives the utmost tatiafaciion. It la tho only stove I
Uavo found I but cooks perfectly wlih icul.
For some lime pant I have boon using um oi Numi,,
Adstns Pckovor's Alligator Ooal Cookliik-ttlovcs, '
and eau rorominenri themes beingasiiH.riia' sieve,
givlug entlro satisfaction in every renpect.
. , JOS. BUHHillCLI,, Coal Jlerchant.
I cheerfully Indorse tbe above.
Hou. Judge Uolweau, Ulif- Joseph W.Vajno,3'.'l, Mh,
ton, M. Itrooks, flit. Auburn,
Hon Judgetlieavitt, ME. Kev. AV. t). Kennedy, M
Ififllirtrcet, Jnhntreet,
; . Judge VanJHam, 293 J. V. Jones, iff Fourth,
"ourth, Dr. Norton, ,M fourth,
Judge Hondly, 270 Sil, Ii. Thatcher, 3i'9 Ceurto,
Dr.Kolkor, .nelh, Vi m. Jolly, liiiiith.
Din.llrphiin Asylum, Elm, Joe. Tnlliott, im n It.
John Itchier, ;MJ4th, . Wq.Uettandan.r, IMSmilh .
F Duiitb, firm of Lincoln, S.U. Williams, Wal. iiilla,
Smith It Wnrnock, Mrs. Meanon, va 4th,
.H. Valletta, 347 4th, Mrs. Uylund, 34 4th,
N.O. McLean, Qlendale,' Mrs Now III, ol K. 4;h,
H. B. i'unk, 2i Vine, Mra.M. H, Taylor. 2tai Ueo,
Jos. Bnshnell, coal mer. Urn. McI'lierHoo j.ii. cor.
Jns. Espy, 2lJS4th,, Klxth unil Uaie, .
J. Jeffrey, Eng. Uas Wka, A. A. (.'lark, Times office,
X. H. Yentmau, atorrsTp, 1. I,. Weaver, Bid John,
A. W. Francisco, I'rcm J. P. Whiinuiu, aaii.
Office. Ington Institute,
A. Hughes. Commercial, , John A. Hook, Sou fleorge
W. B. Wells, Clu'tl Typo F. F. Brooks, 149 John.
Foundry, ' Jackson At. noblev 411 3d,'
B. C. Boss, 2MLonrworth. II. Hack man, 106 3d.
i 'Inn. chadwick, 304 4th, C'baa. (jondman, 242 4h.
T. V. CgragUB, 1V3 7th,
vnoi utn "i III fill, i t'lif
JobuO. Morris, 113 51:11,
J. A. Stacy, 114 Sth.
Gibson Hi M'tloualri, Vino
Isaac Marsh, 38 Gooigo,
W.B.Hutiburt.MirVio'n '
Flam I', i.anidou, 12 litli ,
J. 11. Folweiler, L cc-
Mr. Houghton, liio Sth,
Wm. UouiUock, 201 llll,
O. Hole, 361 7tb,
J. Harvey, 207 Lougworth
John Anderson, 413 4th,
Jonathan Ogdon, 9H 4tb,
W. W.Wooils. 4494th.
worth and tVestorn-tuw.
John Tanner. Wrinhtion 1). K. C'adv. 7ii sth.
' & Co.'a printing ollke AIL Burnett, lot oih
James 8. lloitott, 157 Sth, n
received daily by the Adams x-$. f
press Company, in whole and half cans. (X A I D 1
All Oysters sold warranted fresh and of
the very best Quality. J. B. OWINGS, iSJG
Agent, Mo. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Alain .
aud Walnut-streets.
N. B. The trade supplied on the most littoral
terms. - oc2ocm
-tm-Acency for the sale of Hatch,' Maun & Co
Shell, Keg, and Oan Oysters. Also, Fresh Cove and '
Sp.ced Oysters, Ac My many friends and pa irons ,
will And only choice articles, and at aa low prli rs as
those etiarged for luferior olsnwhere.
Oynters cooked In Eastern style at onr usual moil,
erate chargos. . . , -.
Meinembcr, 2SS Walnut-street, fifth dwor ntovo
Slxtk.CiuolunaU.Ohlo. s . . ' u ox-l
INO daily, Howe. Mahony Co.'a Olebiatod
Planted 0stora,whlch lam selling at unprecedented
low prices by case or dozen.' Dialer, and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, villi please scud
their orders. Attached to this estublishment is a
nice, fiulet, respoctable Saloon, wbcroyou cau have
Oysters Cooked in every style, and served np in a
clea i and superior manner. Charges lees than at auy
other place. ooioj.. JOHN NA1KN. 1
. FBESil .,.,!,
Oyster Importing" Housor
INO daily, per Kxpress, blaclendidrUyetera.?.i
Having completed arrangements In Baltimoie. on
the most extensive scale, 1 will at all tltuaoOsriirtf-,.
Ihe season be prepared to furnish mr friends, "and
the rest of mankind," with the met PBIrlOI6lD
IHVAIjVES imported to the Huron (Jlty. KwebuV
thevervbest Imported. Qteat luducomnntaxfferuir
at thia Importing-houso, ,r,...
' Order sioliclted and promptly filled.. Tonus cash.
PK-f KJl ( AVAliN A,
Sep lot . Sole Importewnd Proprietor,
Rni!rl fWrYe (afXi
INO DAILY, by the Adams JUpteao, U.ILT.
BYwworleVtwnowis0aMiorf ' "V " ' K 1
Fresh- Can, K-ftttd- SitUOyt,brr.' J
riUi'hlr OMtUBsv '-," Xg-tn..t:wiJ
I j,, v UJBMLr -B Agent" "
. to ta a' tt WV U Wssl JTJf tt-Mrii" ; ,

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