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"r0UND,"e.,in this oolumn. oooapylng St hue
or lew, two lnaertions, twenty-flvs cents.
Srih! m nc A.o. . nrsUotas.
Boy to run of errands, who bu a good edneetion.
'. 1 ; ' ' ' Innlf hl ...
n Jf,Ti f i c"e of ho,"' nd make almselfotherwlss
?iTv f "t ""I fW o All good situations in
ola-b . n mnoAvim
fI.La''7' e."ner !n ,clol ' I" Prints family,
!fr.STlnhr of "nn'1"-, She ! capable or giving in
ohiM "on.Jhe )lno harp n guitar. No
AXli2,Uii-i,le "oon'ry. Small salary expected.
Address MA BY, oai of box 422,Cinclnnati Fostofflce.
' nolg-tf
yiTANTEDHOtrSB-A house between
f w1 trol,,,,.0,f Third, Tenth and Twelfth, East
.Li- m,n and West of Broadway, by a prompt
'."J.!, at 429 Western-row. nol8-b
TANTED All ladles who have bo
w objections to save a few dollar in the price of
wl"'.0 "J" ' th CBe millinery iters,
No, la West F irth-street, near Main. . nol8-b
Trtii8!0 sheet-Iron. Call at ahop
No. 487 Tulrd-street. opposite Stone
. l018-b
i aaa. uvuuuu B) VIS. a
Oorr ii gated Iron -roofer.
y ANTED BOOMS By a gentleman
. and wife, two room in a quiet part of the
city; one mnt be suitable for a kitchen; rent mode
rate. Address B at Ihli office. noia-d
.1 J0I' c- -i ' 'W offlce-it will
VIST" ANTED Clorka, book-keepers, lalet
w men, bur-keepers, porters, coo pen. carpen
lers.mecnanli's, laborers and others, can nndeltna
tlons at the Merchants' Clerka Beglstry Office. 1M
Walnnt-etreet. nol8b HALE ft CO.
7 "V"1' ,0 "!rIV one or two-horse wagon for a
grocory, dry goode hooie, hotel, manufactory or ex
prem company. Is ned to driTing, and acquainted
with the city. Address B. M. H., thlsomce: nol7t
w T who has hod experlonce, German preferred,
to act as a partner in tbe saloon buslness.ln a drst
class saloon. Apply at 113 Third-itreot, for three
dyg- no!6d
cant lie house, nianufacturing or insurance
2. i bT f "S"? n,n feci sddress, as a clerk or
amlatant book-keeper. Salary no object. Olty refer-
?S?eS,ai Pl8,m "Mr" "lMPlOYai!KT,"at
(his office, for one week. nolod
. well experienced, aa Nurse. Apply at No. 24
Catherine atreet. References given. "olff
rTIO engage in circulating by nbsorlption,
lorn new highly ornamental and entertaining
Uooks, Maps, HiarU, Ao. Men now oiierating clear
from 825 to $15B per month. (Jail and examine tbe
stock nnd get a descriptive circular, look at teatimo.
nUls of agonts nowopperating, Ac.
Uoneultation free. Cull soon.
MACK B. BARNITZ, Publisher,
Mam ' 38 W. h Street, (op stairs.)
yenient three-story dwelling-house, In good re.
fair, with all the modern Improvement!. Price tuo.
no!7d No. 31 Second-street.
FOR RENT The eeoonl and third stories
of the commodious Brick Building known as
FRANKLIN BALL, on tbe soutiwesst corner of
nycamoro and Slxth-a'reete. Apply on the rrem
nesto 11ANNAN A LION. noisbw
FOR KENT On Fourth-at., two desirable
ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with or
without board to gentlemen. Apply at the north
east corner of Fourth and Elm-streets. noi6d
I710R RENT Front OFFICE and good
CELlAB-100hy2Jfeet. Apply to
nollhr No. 21 Tront-st., bet. Main and Walnut.
TgjlOR SALE A well-known old-established
HL . Confectionary and Saloon one of the Inest In
the olty. This will be sold oheap. (SCO cash-balance
In monthly payments. Address S. B., Box No.
" First Class Double-Thread Sewing Machines, at
'R?,S;fJ?.- A..?,rollt barsiaiD. Call immediately at
JKSSUP'S M7)TJRN1NQ STORE, Tourth-street,
oppositoShlllitolOo.'s. . nol2am
TJOAEDING Large, airy unfuralshed
-Booms for families, and boarding and lodging
ov single gentlemen, at 177 Srcamore-street, be
tween Fifth tod sixth, west side.
' 90.
t choltlsehes, Onadnlles, Bedowas, Centra Sanoee,
4 c. A Muperb Volame of Popular Music. Arranged
frtbe Piano.forte. Price $150. In cloth $2. Copies
seat by mall. Published by J. ODCROU, Ja.,
aomtf M West Fourth-street.
roust one or Hazleton Broth
ers', Uullet, Davis & Uo.'s. Raven,
Ce.'s P'ano fortes, for a splendid 1 1 9
nreientf lam ullln.ulnwuth. 1
lowest, for cash, or will rent and let the rent pay for
tbe Piano, at 66 West Fourth-street.
.. J-CHURCH, Jr.,
nold ' Depot for Melodeons and Harmoniums.
and Wm. nabe Co.'s Pianos, can
utreet. I am offering unusual in- 1 1 ff
let the root pay for the Piano, at 72 West Fourth,
street. - 0. M. MUBOH
The larcest stock of Melodeons in the olty. nolo
Offlee) 9$ Broadway, Mew York. .
-K. . entire nroiits. pro rati, anion Its Pi n HnlH.
nr. In ,rn 1 lii, .vi, a. 7. .n un 1 I i l ...
lirnl ln,..t T -. - un 1 .. I i l ...
stock, which may, by Investmeut. reproduce about
i iii.ni.ui, IU.UIII pjiuK tu wwutHj an cue au
J vantages of the kit . r Mutual System, with tbe
yi-mfteu. s-erfK?gwu ' rpiiai oiooa ana tue aaaed
security that its Board of Directors heve a Ptrma
nant Monejuil Interest in conduct og its affairs with
prudence and strict eoonomy.
Its rates are based npon tbe most apnrored logllsh
tables of mortality, veritted by Amarioan axpeiienoe
to the present time.
Br the Charter, Dividends to the Assured are to be
declared every five years, and may be applied to the
reduotloa of premium, or will be credited upon tbe
policy, thereby increasing tbe amount insured.
Parties dtslrlng to insure will be furnished with
the Society 's publications, rates, Ae., gratis, npon as-
Ta J I jAt fj-hwi Ia the 1 iv.nt
liox, wiuiil AB1 U. ALtElAMUEB, PrBSlOent.
4BY U. Bt3IIC.VIee fnoidenr
i.u. tiu ii : j . -
S5V,L4- Seowtary.
. (uujjiiro, actuary.
loo al soaxd or BiriaiMoa roa oinmawaTi.
ThJ ??di.e,"l,r,?,e,'.,ak P' n listing thai
The Equitable tifo Assuranoe Society," of New
York.repreeented In thlsoity by David A.Trnax,sa.,
laentlrely worthy the confidence of this community
Stock prlnolpleas by them weeented-render this
Company one of the moat desirable ibr insurers is
the country! -Btednian.
Carlisle Shaw, Stanhope S. Bowe,
i-,8 Cheneweth A Oo., ., , B. S. LTIommedieu.
Blaohley, Simpson A Co., D. Oorwl,
ThompsonA laaffe, H. K. Hpenoer. .
39 West Third -street, Basement MesonTo Temal
cell am
vvmn n. lux. ja. u .
Examining Physlclaa.
stajrr-OTirMBa o
Wood-Working Machinery,
Verner lahniBd Water: law, Ciaolaaatl,0.
Maysville Coal-Oil Agency.
fir a regular supply of the above Coal Oil,
which is unquestionably the best article manufao
turod. ws are prepared to furnish dealers at the
lowest market price, with usual discount.
nolt-e Oppoilts the Postofflce,
.- ...
Ir yon want a servant, advertise in -
Ir jon want a house, advertise In
Ir yon want to nil anything, sdvertise In
Ir yon want to bay anything, advertise In
IR fact, every want supplied by advertising In :
W. 11. Hooper, delegnfo to Con
great from Utah, and Hon. M. 0. Futnam, of
Connecticut, were at the Spencer House yesterday.
Tsa Adams Eipbiss Compart. Wa are
again nnder obligations to the Adams Express
Comnanw for lata nanava In ailvannA a
mall. Such favors are always appreciated.
one of the cylinders belonging to the Fifth-
sireoi xerrj-Doai wa) blown out yesterday
morning, with) great force, but fortunately no
one waa injured.
WoUAM'a Ponr.K PinrvTi fit Viuvm A
woman named Mary Callahan had ber pooket
Jiloked la Sixth-street market, yesterdaynorn
ng, of a port-monnale eontaining about $3 In
bank-notei and a imall amount of silver ooln.
TBI Ihish Det.irjiTinir Tl, T.l,1 Tl.1.
eatlon will hold their TiMnAflftll fVlasBtwsW saw
Smith & Nixon's Hall, this evening, at half-
ijt3. lOYcu o oiook, waea it is oxpeotea &a to-
GOQIkt Af fthA frrnat. rAlf crtnnd BwalranUis I T..
land will be gWen. The publio are invited to
Drw.Tim. I nit.. 1 i, .i .
0 ma insurrection exoiiement
Is fast dying oat nnder tbe pressure caused by
the Introduction of those mammoth oyatera, by
"" vii, i nu. ix ires j; iim-sireec. xney
have been put up expressly for family use. and
ara fha lovn.if .nt k.t 1 '
.avBH uaiv H Boon.
MlfTINO or ths Pimsaaa A
AM will Va '
held on Saturday evening next, at the Counoil
uuauioer, at nan-paec seven o dock, and as
business of Importance Is to be brought before
the association, it is hoped there will be a full
oame into our aanotum yesterday and reported
the following as the last interview between
.Captain Brown and Governor Wise :
Brown Give me liberty or give me death I
Wise We have none of the former, but we
ean aeoommodato you with the latter.
i -
Penny Aess, by Henry Ware, Optioian, No. 7
West Fourth-street.
November 17, 18M.
Barometer. Thermometer.
29 84 If,
29.5J . 8
7 A. m..
t f . M...
"Dohobdi'b." John Donohuebas opened
one of tbe neatest and most quiet saloons in the
oity, on Fourth-street, up stairs, in the build
ing adjoining the Opera-house, and has sup
plied himself with the beet articles. As the
location Is in the heart of the city, "Conohne'a"
will be one the most popular, as it is one of the
most pleasant, on the fashionable promenade.
TiiiKLT Wabnisq. The most glaring negleot,
both by men and women, is observable every
day in the way of olothing the feet not one
In twenty wearing boots or shoes suited to the
weather. Gentlemen should take warning
before their health is gone, and provide them
selves with a pair of J. H. Deters's winter,
water-proof boots, such as he alone can make.
Call at his store, Fourth street, westof Walnut.
Advsbiisihb, Attintios I Bear in mind
that the Pinrt Phibs is read in a greater
number , of families than any other paper
printed in Cincinnati ; that the working-man
reads it, that it Is emphatically the people's
paper, and is rapidly winning its way to a oir
oulation unprecedented In the history of
Western newspapers. The manufacturer and
retail merchant can not but be benefitted by it
as a medium of advertising.
Mar Sibiouslt Ivjdbkd bt a Stbht Rail
road Cab. A Herman named Eetta, while en
gaged in driving a vehiole ef some kind along
Freeman-street, near Richmond, was quite
seriously Injured night before last, having been
thrown to the pavement by a Street Bailroad
ear. He was endeavoring to drive his wagon
from the Railroad traok, when his olothing by
some means was caught upon the car and he,
dragged from. his seat, fell to the ground,
braising his face and head very badly. His
injuries are quite painful, but not at all dan
gerous, and the fault, if there be any, must
attach to himself.
SBKBirr'g Salis. The sales of real estate
by the Sheriff yesterday were not well at
tended andhe bidding was spiritless and dull.
The following pieces only were offered and
both were sold: ,
Lot of ground, part of section 20 in Spring
field Township, containing 2 and 65-100 aores.
Valued at $150 per acre and sold to Edward
Moore at $1 0 0 per acre.
Lot of ground In Van Horn's subdivision of
William Ban's estate, 14 feet on Longworth
street and 85 feet deep. Valued at $2,000 for
lot and improvements and sold to Jane Gister
for $1,050. .. . ,
Hiobwat Robbbet. A .man named George
0. Freeman, on his way to market in this city,
very early yesterday morning, ' was 'stopped
by three or four persons whom he met on the
turnpike a short distance from Cumminsvllle,
and robbedjof all the money he had, amounting
to nearly twenty-flve dollars, besides a num
ber of pairs of ohiekeni and several turkeys
which were In the wagon. Mr. F., of course,
resisted the scoundrels to the best of his abil
ity, but be was alone in the scuffle, and re
oeived two or three very severe blows which
rendered him quite insensible. During the
time he lay unconscious he was robbed, and
before he recovered his assailants had effeoted
an escape. Such high-handed outrages npon
the publio highway ate beooming much too
eommon, and if one or two of these robbers
were shot dead In the aot, It would doubtless
prove a salutary leison to those left behind.
A Wm Dxciivid bt a Country Coosih
The wife of a steamboat mate applied to a
down-town Maglstrate,yesterday, for a warrant
to arrest her husband, who had runoff with
another woman; bnt as it appeared that he
had gone away two weeks before, and had
written to his deserted sponse from Madison,
Wisconsin, informing her that he would never
return to her, the Justice advised her to give
np any attempt to redress her wrongs legally.
The wife said that her faithless consort bad
taken a woman, whom he called his country
cousin, to his home, to remain for a brief time,
bnt after the third day their conduct was so
peculiar that she grew jealous, and suspeoted
the truth of the relation, without, however,
expressing ber opinion to her llege-Iord. '
A day or two more having forced Mrs.
to believe her surmises, she and her connu
bial partner quAireled, and had little to say to
eath other until the morning preceding the
flight, when he told her he was on the point of
sending his oouiln home.
The "oouslns" went off the next morning,
and have not sinoe been seen, the wife having
since learned that the frail creature with whom
her husband had eloped had been his mistress
for a number months previous to the time she
made her apperaneo in the domestic scene,
forever elouded by the unexpeoted exodus of
the seventh commandment-violating twain.
... .. , .. -
na Uidiistood Bora Abtbonomt aid Law.
Among an tbe wonderful stories related of the
sairaaltv of Ana i,t,..j r ... .1.1.1.
imparted either a knowledge of astronomy or
v. mi any memoer ci mo canine raee until
a day or two ago, when the following was re
lated to us and we were fully convinced of its
truth. We know not' why Tray," and
"Blanohe," and "Sweetheart," all, may not
know their celestial . brothers, Sirius and
Proojen, and have no doubt oar "FideUo" had
m. l.t.i -a - . ...
ainu or psyonoiogiaai oommunioat'on with
some of his olden loves that have gone before
him to the land of canine shadows, that often
preserved him from the danger to which his
fellows were exposed throughout the summer
A few wears awn. WVim rh.i nn.f4An r i:.
olnnati, now known as the Seventeenth Ward,
uu oeen aqaea to our beautiful oity, and
while it was. still tailed Fulton, a man re
siding near the corner of Race and Fourth
streets had a dog named "Fidelio," to which
every member ef bit family, as well as himsajf,
seemed as much attaohed as the faithful little
animal was to them. T4
the reign of the dog-star began "Fidelio"
nvuiu isave nie noma ana go to tne nouie of
1 married daughter of his master', who re
sided in Fulton, and remain there until the
time during whioh it was unlawful for dogs lo
ST0 at large in tha ftlr.v nnmnxtlitd hud .vnl...!
and then he would return.
For many summers the dog persisted in this
habit, and when his master would visit his
daughter.which often happened,'FldelIo"would
follow him AB hla en liAma until Ii .t..J
. " wvuaw u ... MV IMVUSV
the corporation line, but coax or drive aa he
cuuoe, we snowing animal never oould neither
be induced nor forced to cross it, until after
the reiirn of tha diur-sta hnA na...l . .ki.t.
time, ae we have already stated, he would re
turn uome. cut, aiasi ror poor "iridello,"
when Fulton was annexed to the city, there
Was no nlace to whlnh ha ennM irnfnaannh
murderous hands of the dog-killers, and he at
last fell a victim to the miserable olass of per
sons whom all his life he had feared.
. The finrions in mmviI in Ik in.Hn.i r -t
mals, or those who are interested in tha study
01 natural nistory, nave something in this
story which would seem to be worthy their at
tention; for the manner in whioh "Fidelio"
became acquainted with the city ordlnanoe in
regard to dogs, and also with the time when
Sirin1r0.aflh.Afl thn fnrlitln .naj.. 1.1
Wlll-U.l nUUlU
8m to aoggeit.at first, the point when inatinot
pROflEKIlTirna ft n flntWsr nAifutoiTAHv.a
At their niralftr msuIati . laifawiew Mai..'
tbe County OommlMlonerg passed an order for
1 (1(1. fcn K nnli tn TTnaiMt n.u Il si
stone furnished for the new County Jail. The
MM.I...I f IL . .
uvuu.ut im tumuuiug me pump ana pipe ror
.. v i.pituu n
awarded to (i. D. Wlnnhall A T). ti aao at.
me aonin-wasrapn i.nnaiii iiin. .
but as the location was chanced so that it
...!. ... I . . .....
"' rmjuimn less numoer ot leet 01 pipe,
the mice will be less than th mm mm hi.
named. The following; eommanioatlon w
MaaiMil ul.lL. . J . T . 1 1 .
imui iu ueieuaing inaisent persons
Wau n. ... 1 1 . 1 T.
w.v.v uig vvurve, uut uu nouon was MKea
upon the subjeot:
"CINCINNATI, November 17, 1859.
"To (As Cbnimisstoners of Hamilton Cbuttty: -
ORNTLSUEIt In view lt tha IV.ni,..t Ait
culties and dissatisfaction regarding lawyer's
ions pam oy uie county ior tne defense of
Li.iigoui prisuuorR, ana me isrge amount re-
mitred to he nalil in tha vivtnna .r
x - ..vmi. .uuiriumv. VI
U . n . T 1 . t. r 1. .
vuv vumt, a ui ant) wa loitowing proposition to
mo uuuuijf. a win coniraci wiw tne uom-
miaslnnara in lahn fha onnAtntma. .r .t..
" wv I 1 UU, ,g.
Court to defend nil indi (rent nrtnnnAra .ml
itjiieive iruui mo aouDty in lull pajmunt Of
duuu eoiviuco uuv per cent, on tne avtrage
amount nald hv tna entint.v n, annnm fA .1. .
Inst three years. The salary to be fixed by an
investigation as to what the whole amount
paid during tbe last three years has been, and
taking the average for one year then taking
u. jiv. 1.WH1. vii mail iuiiuuuv tno saia salary
to be payable per month.
Mmtiko or THi Youhq Lambs' Iycbdh or
Ladies' Lyceum of tbe Wesleyan Female Col
lege entertained a large number of the friends
of that institution last night at the Chapel of
the building, on Vine-street, near Sixth. The
exercises were admirable in every part, and
had we time to specify by giving the peculi
arities of each essay and song, we should be
pleased to do so ; but we must content our
selves at prcaent with a general notice of the
The society, under the control of Mrs.
Wilber, is in a highly flourishing condition,
and the mental discipline to which 1U mum.
bere are -subjected , to shows itself in their
productions. - The exercises were interspersed
with vocal and instrumental music by Misses
Clara Hubbell and Priscilla Fergey, Profes
sors Smith and Atkins, Mr. CarutWand the
College Glee Class. . r vj- '
- The following is a programme of (he essays
whioh, although quite different In style, were
graoeiufiy written, ana ior tne most part ad
mirably delivered:'
1st. Article from budget-box.
3d. Etwav-Uonfllct but a condition of Progression,
Sarah L. Crenn. Delhi.
3d. Xaaar-Boclal Institutions determine theOhar-
acwr 01 a nauou. norence J. Beegar, lalrmount.
eth. Essay-Indian Kmplre of the West. AnnaJ,
Tiftpev. T.Rnmlll..
9th. Sssay-The BhetorloofaNoblt Life. Anna M.
mj'iurr uiucinoaii.
Cth.-EMay-Geology unlimited In Time. IllzaB.
7th. Essay-Aitronomr unlimited in Space. Eallla
J. Rankin, Cincinnati.
Bin. Aiotterirom Attics, 111., No. 11. . ..
Polios Court. Thirty-one cases were ex
amined before Judge Lowe yesterday morn-
iug, uut iu nine mey oonaumea, aunougn
short, was quite equal to their interest.
' A fellow named Xavier Highberger was
charged with picking the pockets of a somno
lent individual, named . Alayaius S traok, while
he was imprisoned in the arms of the sleepy"
sod at a beer-house some nlace north of the
Rhine. Judge Lowe sentenoed him to pay a
nne 01 2v ana oosts, ana mate restitution in
doable tbe amount -
ftrnnhen Wal.htm.n .nil .Tit... Va- . .
belligerent individuals, who are careless 0
their reputation, visited a house on Bremen
street, whole inmates are remarkable for the
elasticity of their chastity, and upon being re
fused admittance they barst open the door,
broke one of the windows and behaved them
selves in an outrageous manner generally. They
were arrested and lodged in the Station-house,
when a knife was found upon the former and
a formidable - alung-shot npon the latter.
Stephen was fined $20 and John $10 and
oestj. .. .
; Robert Quinn, the fellow who, after stealing
a mat and several tassels from the store re
cently occupied by Henry Falls, made an ef
fort to oonoeal himself and them in the oanal
boat CSsaVaa, but failed in both,, was sentenced
to a term of four months at hard labor In the
County Jail for petty larceny. , . ' . . .
tbb Old School Pbbbbttbrias Church.
The ' Cincinnati Presbytery of the Old
School Presbyterian Churoh has been in ses
sion for several days past, at the Central
Church, . on Mouud-street. near Seventh.
They have passed, after considerable debate,
a very long preamnieana several resolutions,
for which we could not find space in our col
umns. . -.
The principle action it took, however, apart
from what relates directly to aha sect itself,
was against the Christian Union and Busi
ness Men's Prav-meetiDes, and althouirh it
acknowledged a certain kind of uaion among
all Christians, it affirmed that the Presbyte
rian Church was the most orthodox on tbe
earth, and that any change would not be
for the better. .''
Its sessions were Quito well attended, and
they closed yesterday afternoon. They were
evidently beneficial and the members parted
as if they had received new spiritual life and
strength for their interchange of opinions.
' Boos Salb. S. 9. Hubbard continues his
sals of choice books to-night, at 21 West Fifth
1 treat. See advertieemen u
. . '
bsiit. Although it has long been well known
that our City Prison is the worst norslble in
stitution of the kind, those having the mat-.
lerin cnarge nave taken no note of it whatever,
and their lack of attention has Buw become,
apparently, at least, almost criminal.
A day or two ago we noticed tbe fact that
an inmate of this pestiferous institution had
been almost frozen to death, and would have
died bad not some of the inmates placed kirn
near the stove. An evening cotemporsry,
whioh is never more tban half-informed upon
any subject, denied this statement; but in its
next fsaue recorded his death front exposure,
in half a oolumn of its usual miserable En
glish, without one word of excuse for tbe man
ner in whioh they had treated cur relation of
Yesterday morning Coroner Carey was
called npon to hold an inquest upon the body
of Gideon Wehlmann, who died at the City
Prison for want of proper attention on'tte
part, of that department of the City Govern
ment who have this place under their special
care. We make this statement from evidence
adduoed before the Coroner's jury, to the effeit
that he bad been compelled to aleep upon the
briok pavement, not only without a mattrasi,
PUt actuallv Without a sufficient nnantitv nf
Clothing to oover his nakedness. We have no
appeal to make to our readers in regard to
this matter. An inoffensive old man, who?e
only sin was his poverty, so far, at least, as we
cao judge, has been permitted to die at one cf
tha public institutious of a city which pretends
to be Christian, and that, too, in the middle of
the nineteenth century; and if this faot docs
tot suggest the manner in which they should
ot in tne premises, no paragraph which e
would be likely to write could secure that end
: Cbnnbdt. A couple of men named- Walter
:. Ripp and Joseph F. Battenshall, of ths
troy, a. v., selective Polioe, arrived in this
ity yesterday, with a requisition for George
Kennedy, the burglar, who, it will be remem
lered, shot a man a short time ago on Clinton-
street. It appears that on the 2d day of Sep
tember last Kennedy, and,. an accomplice
r two entered the house of Chaunoey Vibbard,
it Soheneotady, and stole therefrom, about
$1,800 worth of jewelry, whioh belonged to
man named William Hidd, of Rochester, N.
., wno nappenea to be on a visit to his
The Trov detectives have been on track nf
the scoundrels ever since that time, and they
ound one of them in tha neraon nf Kenned v.
They were Informed by Governor Chase that
he would not be allowed to depart until be
(bad paid the penalty upon the charges of
burglary and one of shooting with intent to
till, and that then there was a requisition
rom Kentucky which must also be satisfied.
Under these circumstances it is quite likely
that when this fellow has been punished aa
he deserves in the Weist there will be very
little of his life left to spend in the peniten
tiaries. I The detectives have recovered almost all of
the jewelry which was stolen from the house of
Mr. Vibbard, and thus their journey to tbe WeU
bub not oeen entirely pronuess. What other
developments may be made it is bard to tell,
But it is quite ltkely there are further records
of villainy against the prisoner of Mr. Shock
ley. I Hbavt Robbbrt Aw Aogbavatbd Cisa or
Ingratitude. A young man named J. C. G.
Lee, who is a clerk in Shillito's dry-goods
store, yesterday left Informations at one the
Police Stations, to the effect that he bad teen
robbed of clothing, jewelry, lea,, to the amount
of $400, under the following circumstances.
Some time ago he became acquainted with a
man of genteel exterior, named Frank S. Taft,
who represented himself as having been con
nected with the New York and Erie Railroad,
bat had been, for some time, unemployed, and
after stating the oase, appealed to Mr. L.'s
generosity in suoh a manner that he was in
duced to assist as much as lay in bis power. -
1 Yesterday Taft saw bim at the store and re
quested the loan of a shirt. Mr. Lee gave the
fellow tbe key to his trunk, and a note to his
landlady, and told him to go to his room at No.
i22i George-stroet, and change his linen.
He started off, hut having obtained access to.
the trunk he absolutely emptied it, and car
ried the contents away with nim. Among the
jewelry was a diamond breast-pin which Mr.
Ii. avers cost him $150, and this, in connec
tion with the clothing whioh was stolen, will
increase the whole amount of the loss to the
anm we have named above. One might bear
such a loss were it not coupled with ingrati
tude, whioh seems to be the oase in this in
stance, and thus we hope this doable crime
may not go unpunished.
Rev. 0. Smabidb's Lbctosb ow "Swrit
Itu," Rev. 0. Smarius'a second leoture on
"Spiritism," last evening, at Smith A Nix
ota's, was more largely attended than his firBt,
though as an intellectual effort it was inferior
to lta predecessor. The leeturer embraced few
new arguments, opinions or theories, confining
himself to the illustration of his theme, er
rather 10 the amusement of others by droll
Iroupings of language.
Mr. Smarius said Pantheism was very old,
and that "Spiritism" was merely a form for
that philosophy ; for all Pantheists sympa
thized to a certain degree with "Spiritism," as
be showed by reference to various authors,
Fareelsus and others. The inconsistencies and
absurdities, as they were called, of "Spirit
ism" were pointed out in a humorous way that
made his hearers laugh frequently.
' The reverend gentleman seemed to think
Orthodoxy more rational than Pantheism an
Idea that would be difficult to establish in many
Sinds. His lecture had too much of ad cop
ndum style, and in his desire to, be funny he
Was often undignified and weak.
MiomoBT March or tbb Boss ov Malta.
Thia strange but benevolent body, whose good
deeds shine brightly in this naughtv world,
ail Portia would say, met last night at their
hall to celebrate tha martyrdom of St. Alan
thus. After the ceremonies, they formed in
procession and marched through the principal
streets of the city, clad in long white gowns,
with black cowls and masks, in honor of the
entry of St. Alanthus into the vail of myste
ries. .
The procession was quite large, and, as they
paraded through the dimly lighted streets,
with measured tread, keeping time to solemn
musio, the effect was grand, while their dress
gave them an air which was almost awe-inspiring,
and they seemed less like peripatetic
ghosts than men of flesh and blood.
Pobtb-iiohkaib Lost. A young girl, who is
a seamstress at the house of a woman named
Mrs. Little, residing on Clark-street, lost ber
porto-monnais lastnight, some place on Fourth-
street, oontainmg u z. sue naa lavea this
from her earnings and was doing some shopping
at the time. It was lost probably between the
corner of Fourth and Main and Shillito's
store. She will receive it if the Under will
leave Hat this office, and will pay for it a lib
eral reward. "
Major ten
dered his resignation as a member of the School
Board, night before last, bnt It was not sccepted.
Professor T. D. Edward re.lan.H hi. nruUlnn
Principal of the Newport Seminary, and theelerk was
Instructed to advertise forauotberto fill the vacancy.
After a new primary school, with Miss Lindsay as
teacher, bad been organised, the Board adjourned, .j
Citt Council. The only business of Im
portance transacted by ths Oity Couaell last nbrht
was the authorising; or an order to P. H. Wilson for
fMO, for work on the new jail, as per oon tract.
Steamboat Register.
AaaiVAta Boatona. TVirrnmnnth: Kate Ma. Mem
phis; Bo per lor, Louisville; Prioress, Madison: Swal
low. Pomerov: Malmm. Mi.v4i-lllft ftmiletth. Vm.
villi; Virginia Home, do.; (inody friends, Slemphis;
James Whann, Wheeling; Courier, do.
uinuuin- noatona, rortsmoutn; superior,
Louisville; Prioress, Madison; Melrose, Mayeville;
Ohio No. 3. Marietta; Dnnleitb, Neville; Vlraindi
Home, do: Marlaso, Pittsburg; J. O. Fremont. New
Orleans; Lucy Owin, do.; Prairie Bose, .bt, Louis;
HiV.IWi. WViUfUlP.
Woco'sThmtsr -Tnn Merchant or Vsfhcb
attracted another (bkhI b' iietNt night, and will ha
prenli ,BKn this even Ins Tit the benefit of Ml-a
Elswortby, in MraoK with Itev. Mr.' White's oapi
tal play of las Kii.jopinii(Jos, Mr. Anderson
Thlefsan excellent progftiihrae, and ought' by sll
moans to orowd the house, as we ba-ie no doubt it will
t?JS2 WJ"-T- And'r"'a "James" is a fine por
!.,!?? V.? ,1"mwir o were prevented from see
ing H last Saturday on account of the weather, will
have an opportunity to witness It this evening. ' '
Natiobai, Tnr-ATKR. Mr. J. B. Robert')
the In ellectnal and sclwUrly trsgedlan, bn a ben
efl t thin evening at the National , w h,.n 1 1,0 r(.M iw,
i f." t!!i,l'n9- ? Lope ?" 'aw nd apprecl.
ting audience on the occasion. .. i.m.
PiM'sOPBRA-HorreB A fine house witnessed
ST'ii Watibs Bo Dsar- last evening at this beaut I
fnl temple of art, and highly commended tbe manner
Of Its presentation.
This evenlns a new comedy to this city, Tim
Qpimshfrt Tcti, and the farce of Smpeus J Co ,
will be given with an effective cast.
jyiOK-HAUICII.-.Rmifh ff. Dni.miui..l.'. T)i.l,
The defendant In hi. .-..j .L .
jf .1 "-.'i..mru in. uicK-nmneoi DOCK, el j?.
I ,-- , , nK wi mat country inec
In Knglish it was called Beck-that Springer in tbn
uerman meant to hop orsprlng on one leg, and cut
Tin I'linxr. am i. ...... 1 . 1 I i. . ..
n mi i"' i,l- 1 1 m uicH-nume 01 norlt
5r J"- The aoologicttl count was stricken out by
J. It. Jones vs. 8. Bnrr, jr. and others. Torecover
nurnnHiiiii'i .iii...iIia.i . ui.-i. m.j !. . .
;.i-,. . " nne iiicu in ine All.
pilralty to renovnr tbe amount, and the pendency of
til U suit a-M n U mm. I.. k. ." v
Mold, that that win a proceeding m'atH whtcli
wns no .bar to the present snit. It had been decided
WAR lift hnt tn a mil r nn At.. I .1 . . ,
...... DH1V VI1, siuiiu a tiuitun ine conn
WW no bur to an wfoD of forecloBure, nor to ad c-
njuvmiuii.. -jemuirer overrule-.
TRflf. AtT TPu TJurstrv TIL t" A t '
Mill Inn ni-nalrllnr, -ma-JI a., i l . ' . .
i-Ti i 1 "Bl wwWH W UCUr (DO EMU 11100 T
r. iuvii T8. J. Caosldy, Oonafable, nnd other. Ac
...am vi nipiuTia 10 try inerif m to certain farnilon
of the Ht. Charles Hotel, on the corner of Sixth Otl
" "j " taisw wivrv ai uuge joijidi.
Citt Couhch., H. B.Wilson was appointed
Clerk pro tern.. Mr. Omtit hnin - .
) ri Ja'tomhy presontcd a communication from the
Chief Engineer of tbe lire Department, for repairer
engines, heforred.
Mr. Dressman presented a petition from the prop
erty holders on Wheeler-street, to havo the same
graded and paved. Referred.
An allowance or BH7 52 was made to A. Herod for
County prisoner,! nnd iomstea of the Poor-honse.
Mr. Menzles offered a resolution ordering that all
moneys which may come Into the Treasury, (except
such as is necessary to pay the fonr street liamls.i
shall he appropriated to tbe payment of the interest
on the Covington and Cincinnati Bridge bonds,
which fell due on the first of September last, anil
which may fall due on the first of March next, until
the same be paid. Adopted.
Mr. Blendes axkeil and obtained leave to Introduce
aa ordinance, submitting to the voters of tbe city,
at tbe January election, the propriety of so
amending lio charter to permit the Council to levy a
tax of lorly cents ou the one hundred dollarsof taxa
ble property, to pay so much of tbe oity debt, as will
fall due on the 1st day of June, 1860. . ' .
: Mr. Mooar offered a suhatltute, proposing to Issue
bonds to the amount of $30,000, payable twelve yearn
hence, the bouds to be sold atjmr,or at snob discount
as the Council may order. Too original ordinance
with the substitute were referred to tho Commltteo
on Ways and Means. Adjourned. .
j A Jealous Wifk Ejidkavors to Cct Off
ths Hsad or Hib Husband. A woman named
Brown, who resides on an alley between Third and
Fourth-streels, east i.f Greouup.WHS before the Po
lice (oiirt yeiterday morning, charged wilb assault
ing her husband with Intent to kill. A deep-seated
jealousy had long existed between tbe pair, and on
Wednesday night last the Ill-fated husband came
home, but had no sooner taken his seat than his wife
saluted him with a blow en the head from tbe pollof
an ax, which wiw so often repeated that he wan soon
loft bleeding and liwenHiblo on tbe floor. When
wked her object, she declared she had intended to
kill him, andtbatslie would do eo yet. The wounds,
though severe, nre not dangerous, and herhusbnnd
was able tn appar against her at the Mayor's office
yeeterdny morning. She was bound over in the sum
?8"!,!;,' n,r appearance at the next termor the
'!rf,1'JL:'0"rtn a charge of assault with Intent to
kill- Theamount of the bond Is rather small, but
will he just as effectual to keep her In jail as a hun
dred times that amount. '
. A GranId Laucrkt. Officer Dickey night
before last arrested a German, whose name we were
imableto learn, upona charge of stealingan overcoat
from a teamster name Richard Steele, w bile at work
near the lerry landing. He loitered around among
he 'Workmen until an opportunity occurred, when he
picked up the coot and started toward Ludlow, near
which place he was overtaken. He was lodged in tbe
jail, and in all probability will have a hoaring this
morning before Mayor Foley.
CTA?,' "obi. a ucfrro, named Taylor, who resides
S?f ' ,?'"?e?t: !twen Greenup and Scott, had a
difficulty wlih his son last night, la which the latter
received a cut in the breast and a stab in the abdo
men, from a butcher-knife In tbe hands of the for
mer. Tbe wound is severe, and perhaps mortal.
They were both intoxicated. - w .
FlNltn. .Tnhn Pofta-onn no. On.J 4 mwA
costs by the Mayorfor drunkenness, yesterday, .
Monetary and Commercial.
Financial affairs were aulet vesterdav In
Third-street: bnt the demand for Mnnev vu .tilt
active and In excess of the supply, with a prospect of
incoming scarce as tbe season advances. The legiti
mate uemana irora customers was accommodated, as
beforo, at the Discount-houses at 1012 per cent.; bnt
the outsldo figures for good names la outside quarters
wh1S18 per cent..
Kastern Exchange was unaltorod-M'li being the
puying and X the selling rate; prices varying accord
lnt, o the party desirous of dlsposingof bills.
little was doing InGoid, New Orieana Ixchange or
ncurrent Money.
Flour was In brisk demand yesterday, and super
ftaswent up 10c. per barrel, with sales of 8.W0 brls.
J -. unK,ru. i no mooernie weainer, wnn
r (1. .... i. , rf 1 . U.J J. 1 I. T. . . i ,
- ..Kvu.un.m, w, ,i. luniience on nogs, wmon
. re heavy and rates easier; buyers holding off on
rmin, ,1. . ..... ... i. . . i . . i . . ,
......vuiiioiB.urt. iueea rorx (uiu;boici at
." advance of otic, per brl. upon previous quota-
u,c1.u unii,. wiui largmyai rno. wneacwas
kind of GrSi u. ' -
The receipts of Produce during ths twenty-four
hours ending yesterday noon were:
SIr'i,brl5 ! I Whisky, brls..... W0
Corn, bushels 3,713 Wheat, bushels.....J,10J
i. j Barley, '
Hogs, head .6,4W .
We annex a comparative statement of the Ixports
(exclusive orspocie) from New Vork to Foreign ports,
for tho week and since January 1: ,,
, . ' . 18W- . ISM. ' ' 1889.
For the week 2.111,49 $ I,3M,135 1 1,504,82(1
Previously reported 60,797,890 M,8ue,219 J6,321,85li
; Blnce Jan. 1 62,909,839 tM,262,8M $57,870,670
Wednesday's New York Herald observes:
There is no change in she Money market, though
tbe Discount Brokers report increaaedcantion in the
solectlon of Paper. We hear of a large line of first,
class indorsed spring Paper going at Ji percent. On
Stocks, Money Is very abundant at 5 por cent. Some
of the leading lenders state that they find employ
lnent for their means at..
Foreign Exchange closod dull for ths Boston
steamer. A leading drawer offered his bills at 110,
butt here was very 11 ttle demand, even at the dncllna
No Specie goes to Boston to-day; on Batordaythe
usual Buipment wiuprouauiy oe maaeirom iBisport,
The following table will compare the condition of
tbe New York Banks with that at the close of tbe
corresponding week last year : -
Nov. 13. 1S.W. No. 12. 1R.10.
Discounts 8127.0?7,51 J121,20I1,.VS2 Heo..$8,8Sl,167
Specie 26,039,277 J0,1M,9 Dec. 4,82,321
Circulation.... 7,(175.43) s,4IS,555 Inc.. 47,K
Norn. Dept's.. 1(W,!W,40I - 97,6.14,179 Dec.. 11,604,312
Net Deposits. M.512,514
74,6M),lgl De0..13,82,323
(8,933,632 lac. l,lV3,a77
Capital. ..... 67,731,76$
Tha following are the footiegs of lsst week's Bos
ton Banks: ., , , ,
Capital 8toch.M...,.,H.M....M.....,M.M........M $A,93!,TflO
Loans and discounts... ........................... M,3.t8,niHi
Specie ..- 6,245,000
Due from other banks 7,144,000
Due to otber banks 6,945,W0
DeBOSiU...,... ..n.............,.''J9l(.83,1iO
uirvuiaiius..... ........ ..i..,.. ,8(KJSKJ
The liabilities of Messrs. Slate t Co., of New York,
are stated at about $300,009. The suspension is as
cribed to losses upon sugar.
The statement of the New Orleans Banks of last
week compared with that of the previous week was
as follows :
November 12. November 5. Diffenani-n.
Specie..... $I2,?26,31 $12,309,920 Dec.$ 83.M4
.u, ah , mi lv,3n4,lAtn
Circulation .....m. 9,712,124 9,676,044
Short Loans....... 25,H4,I17 24,6.10,794
Exchange.. ...... 6,112,ftn(l 4,7H,644
Diet. Balances.... l,72fi,476 1,677,011
Ino. 643 616
I no. 3ii,04(i
Ino. blrVA
Inc. 934,(136
Dec. isojai
was quite an active demand to-day,
and superfine advanced loo per brl. The ealee add
up 3,51 brls. at $4 &XA4 90 far superfine, and $56 IS
for extra. .2,341 brls. were received the last twevty
four hours.
WHISKY The market is unchanged, with sales of
1, UK) brls. at 220. ' , . . .
HOGS A dull and 1iavt market to-dav. and nrlcjin
easier. Dealers were holding off. The receipts are
iniae aou tne weainer eaa. oaies are as ioiiows:
n noad, dividing on 2O0 lbs., at,m..m..SjS 505 61
114 - dividing on :ro lbs., at.,
averaging ico inn., g so
......6 60S 60
1W ' averaging J40 lb , at,, i to
About 7,200 were received the last twentr-fonr boors.
P ROVI3ION3-3I0 brls. old mass Fork sold at $14,
being an advance of one. per brl. New mess Is held
at (16. 8.000 green Hams sold at ;Xo. Nothing
tranepired In Lard.
GKUUEKiKn-Bitgar 1c. ntgner, and In demand!
at7Mc. Molasses 43460 for old and naw. Coffee
Hi m; sales of 200 bags at 12l2Mc,
.aa- v . w.. - t'f-' .
. .
T,- , y r; ,
(?.KAT7T1!f"' WIU tottn feeling In the market
, rir' J" tending upward. alrs tm
dWr5hlUl,'' ,0' m i0- d0-' Wi m
..F0N"S'ri,l,dJ?B,',c"n,1,", S"0'1 rrhns are
,lf-oJ;)e'of t4.".: -M ami.-.
ItYK-Tber. is a 'alrdemand. We hnvr.o rbaave
to note slnceour last Quotations. Bales oHOO bushels
at 75c.
BA ltLEY-Therels agood. demand and prices are
steady at our lost auntatTons.
4JHEKKE The deniHi-d continues active and prices
are steady. Hales l.iai tuxes W. R.st 9c.; l(i do.
extra large ai gjie.j 240 do. I. D. at lU.; 75 do.
Nutmeg t l2Xo. . ' .
BUTTKH The demand for prime roll continues
active a' iriE17i-. rwlvs It brie, elmlce roll hi lih .
APPLfc j-Tlie murkot continues dull and nilhout
change. '
POTATOES-Tbe market Is dull and pi low remain
unchanged sineomir last quotations.
nBNHfIIUIl''l'k. .'...i... . j..n i. J,
flcull to teallta more tban !3 per brl. .
New Yobs Mauset. November 17 P. M Flour
market heavy aid 50. lower: enlos IJ,f.OO brln. at tl w)
fe4..?i.foI.,."pBrfln8 8t,,: for extra State;
4 U55 06 rorsuperflne Western; $3 7fl Siir.ircomi
men to medium extra Western, and $5 !.'c so lor
n.ffr 'c o good shipping brands extra round-hoop
Ohio; market closing rather quiet. Canadian Flour
rather eoier: sales 2u0 brls. et f 1 l.'(S6 in. . Comroon
InrhniM a v , u..n f , . I , i. .. .....
Vtr. ",' "fot heavy, and l2o. lower: sales
Vh.lKfl In, .toil. . e, j . , , ... j.,
(js I 6f"r white Kentucky; 3eel 42 lor white Ca
nadlan, and $J 41 for white ludlana. Bye scarce and
...... mil at tone, nariey marce ana
SlPk"1" J. ".OW Jinshels at 76fiMic. for C. J., and
i ,,ti " fof ?!?-'?; C.oni u',.rt lower: sales of 12,(M1
bushels at 8.169n for yellow, ami ll 02 for old
IJ. .."""i1 Western In market: Cats buoy
ant at 4.5thc. for Btote, .Western and Cnnailian.
eSJJftiJ n,a,rlrt actLve f""1 firmr: salts cm brls. at
WtSMXc Pork market lowor for mesa and Himer for
firinlSk,w,e! 1 1,650 oris, st 8l.'l.l 12formeRs. and
i.S0w.tl!!?. P'19- hnt oechtnged: sales of
4110 hrla. at 4ia4 25 for country prime; .'.5 26 for
do. mesa; (510 tor old and new re-pac ked niees,
and f 10 SO II for extra mesa. Dreeaed Hogs held
i.T!.ly.at 'He. Beet Haws plenty and dull at SU'ijn
14 f.,0f Rt,w Bi Western.. Prime roei-s B"ef
quiet at $17(319. Ureen Meats held at 6c. fur
Bhoulders, and 8Mc. for Hams. Bacon firm: soles of
i-SS'.u'l,'i,bAti MWalfj December nnd Jan- ;
uary, at JHc Lard dull and drr.oping: eales of 200
bils. atl0(2,10)4c. Hdtter plenty anil dull at II Vft
ISc. lor Ohio, and 142lc. for Slate.. Chewo contin
ues steady at Stailo. Cotton heavy: sales 4,(Wfl boles;
prices are easier bnt qnotatlona nnchanged; mid.
v"l?.?EWf,11MS,..'1" oniei Unseed Sfcii.Vc.;
Lard MmwHa. J" ateady ot llllo. Sugar
flrni: l1iiTovado6i;(S71c.
SHEARS 4 CO.-8alee.rooms Nos. 67 and 69
Malu.street.-negiilar Halo of Groceries. Ac. at
AJ?r,t,0JWe w'" on SATUKDAY MORN
ING, Nov. 19, at 9 o'clock, a gew ral aasnrtmcntof ,
(.roceriee, Ac consisting of 2.W kegs Nalla; 50 do.
?oda;75 boxes prime new Raisins; 60 boxes Heap:
1,2011 bdls assorted Paper; 2.1 tlercs Bice.
AL80-Molssses, Bope, Woodenware, GlasBWsre,
n'olg Q. BnA8HEAB8jC)..' Auctioneers.
SHEARS Sc CO., Sales-rooms Nos. 57 and 69
Main-streot.-ilpeclal Catalogue Hale of Nnll. and
Tobacco.-We will soli on I UE8DAY MORNUiG,
Nov. 22, at 9 o'clock, without reserve, 1,1 (VI kegs
Nails assorted sizes; 600 kegs LVfng, Fltilihing,
Hplkee, Brads and Barrel Nails; l7t.xea damaged
Nails; smkegsNo.l Hfx-twist tobacco: la) lixs. 6a
and M lbs. Tobacco.
no!8 G, BRASHBAR8 S. CO.. A uc! Ion eers.
, v0o.-8ig O. B. Pandolfinl A Co -Great sale
or Marble and Alabaster Matuary, and Crnments.
Bohemian Glassware, French Cliiua, c.-wm bu
sold at Auction, on WEDNESDAY AFTEHNnON.
Niivember 23, at2 o'clock, and in the kVKNIKG
at 7, at our Store No. 18 kost Fourth-street, an iu
voice comprising a large asaortment of Ktruscan.
Mediitl. Hebe and Roman Vases, of Bardiglln, agute.
Yellow Sienna nnd otber different kfniia of liulfan
MHrblo, suited for the decoration of pnrlors, balls,
niche;, drawing-rooms, maui-piecos, iibrarii s, Ac;
splendid Marble Founts elaborately wrought with
gTHno-lenvos, viuis, Ac, Open-work Vanes for Mowers,
"tal Temples. Cord Receivers, Florenline oren
work Baskets, CsndlestlckH, Paper Weight, c. Bo.
heinian and Yenitian Glssawaro, from the Koyal
Manntactorles or Piague and Vienna, coneis'ing of
AiiUaue Vases. Goblets, Pitchers, Terfumes, French
China Wares, Ac.
AJ,80-Encll.h Store Cklnii. Tllotr.v .n,t .
very large anaoi tmein of richly Cnt Ulaosware. such
as Goblets, Winia, Chainpngnes, Ilecanlcie, Water
OaraffR, ringer-bnwls, Claret Pitchers, Ac.
n now-a. a nuiuocr oi ricu AtoaoMuod Writing
Diwks and Ladies' Work-boxes,
N. B. The room will be oponefl for exhlbitlnn of
tbe goods on Tneadav monilnir nl a .vim.),
ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call
anil examine them. -
5!I JACOB GRAFF, Anclloneer.
CO.-The second large sale of cnstrm-msde
J.l,.rP,ltu,re' 1 hereby give notice that I ill offer at
Public Sale, on TUESDAY MORNING, noveniber
22, 1859, at 9 o'clock, a large portion of the tiniehed
Furniture In tho Waro.rooins of the lain S. J, John, '
. !; ".aa K' Fonrth-street, conniatlnit In part
of Parlor and Bed-room Furniture Book-casea. feo
retnrlns, side-boards, and a general variety of plain
and fine Furniture. .
To dealerawho are desirous of replenishing lliolr
stock for the fall trade, they will find this one nf the
rare opportunities. Also, parlies wishing to iurnieh
houses, in part or whole, will do well to give thin
oala their attention. Bale positive, and all goods
warranted. -
N. B.-The Furniture will bo sold In sluglo pieces,
not in sets, as at former se.
TWm. llf Mnla ft?m anH unila. ...In CrnM a.lOA In '
300, 60 daye: from $300 to $500, vo'dayaand over $500
fnlir ntnnha, Crfwllt .nnr.-iVA.l in.i.lln
. . K. COX,
Administrator of the Estate of 8. J. John, deo'd. 1
JACOB GBAFF 4 CO., Auctioneers, .
"0" ' ' No. 18 East Fourth-street.
BARD, at Trade Sale-room, No. 21 West Fifth
street, up stairs. Assignee's snle of Books at Auo-
iion. wn inuiruAi anu r nlUAi tvtMMIB,
Nmainl.,lT.nil 10 -. ..i.Ia.1, 111 I, . I J
.-. ..... ..... wuu tn a. , v .iuvii, wm ,b buii, uy citfc-
alogue, a large and valuable collection of standard
wiiras in ius:ory, uiograpny, Travels, Law, foetry.
Literature and bcience, with a variety of popular
works in French, Juveniles, c
N. B.-The Law and French Books will be Bold on
Thursday evening. . . . , . . , . ..
Catalogues willbe published on Thursday and Fri
day mornings, and the Books will he open for exam
ination auring eacn uay previous to tne tale
SAMCCL B. KEYS. Assignee.
8. G. HUBBARD, Auctioneer.
BRIDGE CITY, Indiana, at Auctlon.-HRW-80N
A HOLMES will sell, on WEDNESDAY, No
vember 23, at 1 o'clock P. M..at tbe Merchants' Ex
change, without reserve, 26 Lots In the city uf Cam
bridge, Ind., unimproved, belonglngto the laleCom
mercial Hank of Cincinnati. Hala positive. Terma
cash. Title, auit claim. Further nariiculura at th
sale. roll
lTi.W. Iarm'& Co.
iuh. inej sjin
that tber are selling lumber at their varil on
a? 1 DTJIUail D I VJdk, U
Dayton Hail road, ,
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati. Hamilton and
. '1. ,:.!.. . ,:v '. i- ;
Than any other Lumber Dealers In the city. .
" Quick ' Sales 4 and Small Profits'. '
' ... ..; . ''' ! , '
, , 18 THEIR MOTTO. : .. ,
They submit the following list of prices:
" . -. Oah. 4 Mo'a-
Clear lumber, all thicknesses, 1 In. meat $ 7 60 m Da
Best Common, 14 and 2 Inch Plank....... 2H (M fnio j
Beat ' .., ., 1 inch Boards........... 23 76 J!6 01
Second " all thlcknees......- 16 60 17 1.
Third " Boards,....,.....,..,... H 60 12 6)
Grub Flank, face nieoeure.... , 22 60 23 o
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber.... 11 60 12 60
Poplar j . " " . " . 12 so 14 no
First Common flooring Boards. ai no 37 do
geoond ' " " , 23 7.6 26 10
Il'o " . ' ' It 60 20 (Ml
First Common Weathor Board s. 16 Is) 17 60
Second , ' , s .......,, 12 00 13 on
Cedar Posts, 4 by 4, 8 feet, per hundred. 66 no efl ttl
Cedar for fencing, " " , ... SO OO 33 M
Looust .. v ; i !r.)-:' au 00 22 60 .
A further reduction of 2J per cant, will be made on
btllsof $600or more. "
We have one of the largest and best selected stocks
of Lumber In the Cincinnati market, which we offer
ior sale at me auuve pi ices,
WIT) save half the turoal' amount of labor, and Is
curate and readily comprehended, -' ;-i -
All Interested In tbe Bdenoe of Aecwnnts r -, .
vlted to call and examine this new BfWiod and .,.'.
for themsehves. ,, ,'., .., ....
The Kvenlng Session will commenosi , . 1 ,,,
mr Day Dlssssa meet as nsnal. . to . ioa. itsi i.;
" B. 8. BACOff, Priaoipal
J. H. POTTi First Assistant, tfJaiMU

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