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b pnUJihed dally, tSnsiUri ocepUd,) by
errioa-o. H wan rot ati-itiut,
IH1 PCHNI la delivered to aulwribers la
Cincinnati, Ooringtbn and Newport, and sur
, roundla cities end towns, at the ex
tremely low irlce of
men or hailom:
Slngt copies So.) 1 month too.; I month l; I year ft.
Johs A. Emm, .Bole taw and Manater.
Benefit and last night of
. MR. JAS.r AHDER90M, '
Whose successful 'engagement of thlrty-aix nlght
but established ttin greaveet epoch ever known In (be
history of the legitimate drama In Cincinnati.
Also, last, night of Mis JSLSWOBTflY.
TIHB IVENHiO, November , will be presented
iihalupeare's grand live-act Comedy, entitled
raa mibohant or Venice.
Fbylock Mr. Anderaon
Portia..... .....,. ....M Im Elaworthy
Ltasflauio m.............,...... Hu..Hr. Langdon
Laiiocelot Oobbo..M...,............M..Ur. Efliler
Cratiano... .........-...... .-...Mr. Bead
Antnnln Mr. HtillQ
Duke of Venice, ..,. .. I
Mr. riBiier
...Mr. Hall
Ji erltMB...
...Misa DeDbtm
And the wonderfully popular pltr of
,.jnis vtaite
Damon ...
...... Dir. Andenon
Mr. Langdon
....nr. Uann
Mr. Bead
Mr. Hall
...Miss Elswortby
.....MiM Walta
Tim nifkiiAffpr takHfl nlea.ure In annonnolnff that
he has eima.od MiM CA110LINB and Ur, PETIB
axruuora open at Hi Curtain rlae at 7K o'clock.
Paiom or A u Mission Drew Circle and Parooette,
Klcents; Gallery, ilacent.
Hlxlh night of the dlatingulebed American actor,
THIS (Saturday) EVENING, Hovember 19, will be
acted, for the sixth time, the great Legendary
11 una, from the Uerinan of Gotthe, entitled
Faust and Marguerite.
Mephiitopbile8. Mr. J. B. Boberta
Kauat (ariaged Scholar,'......, ..Mr. 0. Stuart
Marguerite,.............. . lira. 0. Henri
Dance by....!...... .........Mhw Jennie Hlgbt.
To conclude with the interesting drama of
Mlchaol Erl ..r....... ....... Mr. W.B. Meeker
Philip D'Arvillo,...., .....Mr. Vandereu
Paine Stapletou. .......... ..Bra. Law.
Mary Woodward, Mrs. Vandereu
Theater, la now open for the reception of guests,
itootn. oan be obtained by the day or week, and
nucule furnished at all houra
NoTIUE.-Trade.man and others are cantloned
against furnishing any artlclea fur the theater with
ont a written order, aigned by Ibe Manager.
'has. M. Barraa Manager.
V. 0. Uouway Stage Director.
Continued Success of the New Company
In a aeries of unexceptionable plays, powerfully
TUI8 (Saturday) EVENING, November 19, will be
presented the great play of '
Itepbael Duchalet ......Mr. Conway
Volage - .Mr. Dickson
Yeandcre . ..........Mr. Sheridan
Margeau - Mr. Arnold
.Treclorick Mr. Pope
Lord Morton Mr. I vers
Itobnrt Mr Denulston
Marco Mrs. Conway
Clementine.. .Mlne La Hone
Mudatne Duchalet .........Mrs, Wllkius
To cuuolude with
Mr. Timothy Toodlea......,.......,.. Mr. W. Davldge
Mrs. Toodlea Mrs. Place
) n rehearsal, thogreat play of " Love and Loyalty."
Paioss or ADieSiOH. Parquette Circle, Parquette
ami Balcony, 60 oenta ; Amphitheater, 29 cent! i
Private Boxes for eight persona, is.
Doore open at 691 o'clock : commence at 7M.
Box Ulllce open lrom 10 A. M. until 4 P. m where
sentB can be secured. J. F. H Kit BURT, Treaa'r.
National Hall, VIne-.freet, above Fifth,
Loader of Orchestra .....0. H. Holco'mb.
i ,
CLASSES Thursday, from 2 to S P.M , for Ladle,
Saturday. 9 to 13 A. if.., and 3 to 4 P. M,, for Mie.es
and Masters.
(Jen t lemon-Wednesday and Saturday, at T P. M.
Waltzlug Class, for Ladies and Gentlemen, Friday
Lf.ssu.nb voe Giinti.emiu. In order to meet the
convenience of gentlemen whose business or social
eiigaKomoura often interfere with their punctual at
tendance, our arrangement is, that tickets are pur
chased, one of which te delivered at each lesson, and
van bo used during the whole season of sevon months.
The lessons nro so arianged that beginners can
rominunce at any time. ootS-bm-WAH
ii e;. o ity m p i c.
Lossee and Proprietor,....,......, JNO. HOWORTH.
This now and beantful TEMPLE OF THE MUSKS
opened for the seain on
"With a full and talented DRAMATIC AND CON
OKK'F TROUPE, selected from the different thea
tt'rn aud opera companies of the Union.
Admission XO cents. JTor particulars see small
The "Olympio Saloon" will be open at all hours
luring the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
Vinea, Liquors and Cigars. oo3d
' ' Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer la
Bonria, FerfMaiery, Fancy Goods, &e -
MJt examining my Stock will And that I
am selling lower than any other house in the city.
10 DI lu-street, three doors) above Third,
HV DEB all kinds of florae Trappings, In the best
aud most substantial manner. Aleo, a large assort,
ment of Horse Blankets, Whips, Carpet ana Leather
lings. Bridle Bits. Buffalo Robes, Valises (the real
sole-leather), Mail Trunks, Sponge, and a large as
sortment belonging to this line. I will sell as low
as the lowest.
nolO-ay .
7. U- Deters,
stock or
To whish be Invites the attention of the public.
Gsr. - G-w TJnNOIX.&
HOUSE Furnlthing 8toe, Nos. 321 & 320
Western-row, a flneajsortmentofCoal Vanes,
Ooal Hods; Steel Fire ante at prices ranging from
$1 35 to (10; Japanned Walters; Fine Table Cutlery;
rlilver Plated Ware, together with the uaual variety
of fancy goods.. A liberal discount to persons furn
ehing catalogues on application. " no!3tf
Patent Sign Jlcpot, , :
No. 2lO.Weitern-row, :'-
Iron Block Letters an manufactured.
WeTAU work WrB(ed to give satiifaotlon. ".
Address nolltw . B. WABD,
It doton very snperlor Spanlah Olives. For sale
by a. McDonald co
noie . oo ana prisncu nwre .y t. qg. j nui tp-si. .
1 eight cask, very inperlor Orearn , Cheese, tor
Bale by A. MoTJOMALD CO.,
DoU ' M and Branch Store 249 West Fonrth-rt.
Just reoelved, 40 cans Bent k Co.'a celebrated
Water-crackers. , For .ale i by .,
' a. Mcdonald a co.,
nolt M and Branolt Store Hit West ronrtb-it.
VOL. 2. NO. 78.
4im . .
Arrivals of Trains.
Littls MiAMi.-Nlght Express, :0O a. m.; Aooom
modation, 2:4ft p. h.; Day Express, 6:35 p. M.
Ikounapolis and Cimoij,nati.-11:30 a. 8:40 p.
v.; 1:40 a. k. .
Ohio aud Misaissipn.-8:15 A. si.; 1:29 r. m.i 10:15
p. n. . ,
Departures of Trains.
Littls Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. .; Aecom.
modation, 4:40 p. v.; Night Express, 11:30 r. at. r
Inoi.hapolis AMD ClKCUIATI.-6:t0 A. M.i UM r,
M.; 7:0p. it.
Ohio and Mississippi. 9:00 am; 2:00 p. m ; 7:30 p. m.
Cimoikmati, Uamiltow Ann Dattoh. 6:0U a. .; T.'Jtt
A. M,; lo:ou a.m.; 3:40 p. af; 3:M)p. si ; ll:3ur, a.
Mabiitta and I
i C1NOIMNATI. 9:40 a. m.; 3:tu r. M. .
li said that New Tork olty eontalni
61,619 houses.
pSrln one week the blrtbi of 822 boys and
805 girls, in all 1,627 ohildren, were registered
in London. ... '
&"What trill you have?" naked a Sheriff
of a culprit whom he was about to hang. "Not
drop," was the quaint reply. '
TQeo. W. Oliver, a wealthy planter near
Oxford, Mist. was eonvioted last week of
manslaughter, for killing one of his slaves.
2ff A floe back-deer was caught on the
oow-catoher of an engine on the Erie Railroad,
near Depoait, last week.
i39They have a ourloalty r,n Norwich,
Conn., in the ahape of a Peoonio tortoise, a sea
monster of the turtle specie, weighing over
one thoui and pounds.
SffTalk about "mysterious Itnoekings,"
what is more mysterious than the k Bookings of
two human hearts, set in operation by the
magnetism of youthful love t
JESTThe number of patenta issued from the
Patent-offleo for the first nine months of the
present year amounted to 3,334, and the
amount of fees thereon to $188,600.
JfS'k testimonial is talked of in New York,
for Miss Foulke, of Harper'e Ferry, who so
heroically saved the life of an "insurgent" at
the time of the outbreak.
pSrQat, of the latest interpretation! of the
oharaoter of Hamlet is that he was a gambler,
for he eays, "How absolute the knave U; we
muBt speak by the card." ,
ftS'Tho average armed fo roe employed in
the British Onlnnirm duriniy fhn It fWn vaap.
has been42.C93 mon.at anexnenso of f S.1R2..
745, are about $10,000,000. '
S-At the Norfolk (Va.) Fair-grounds, on
Saturday, a man ran ten miles in one hour
and four seconds. Bat for the four eeoonds he
would have received a prize of $205.
f-S'A man in Hartford has made applica
tion for a divorce from his wife, on the ground
of her being lazy. He alleges that the will
not get up in the morning, build a 9 re and get
his breakfast at a seasonable hour.
HZtA ffatA. ViallevAfl 4a h t.hA laoAaat In t,
world, has been constructed for the Bault Ste.
iuarie vaoai. a is atguty-iwo leet wide
width of the Canal thirty-one feet Biz inches
deep, and thirty-two inches thick.
Walter Savage Landor has said :
"There are women from whom incessant tears
of anger swell forth at imaginary wrongs; but
ofoontrlticm for their own delinquencies nut
sTA philosophic owl being asked what
line in Shakspeare was most applicable to a
certain young lady of much beauty, but little
conversational power, aptly quoted in reply,
'.'She speaks, yet she says nothing,"
fiBiX is said that the French fashions Cor
rupt Republican pens, and that after a short
sojourn in the "gay capital of civilised France"
American writers beoome Paris-ites. Truo
and tome of them go to Rouen. ,
JS&Ab honest confession that nf De Quln
oey'a when he says that after first tasting
opium he thought happiness might now be
carried round in on's waistcoat pocket, and
peace of mind be tent down in gallons by the
mail ooaoh.
' jQpSamuel Cubberley, an old and respected
citizen of Mercer County, N. J,, oommitted
suicide reoently by hanging himself in his
barn.' He had been partially deranged for
some time before his death, and had a sister
who committed suicide some years ago. '-; '
There have heen appointed to the
American Army and Navy, sinee the organiz
ation of the Oovernmont, 256 ohaplains, vis:
Episcopalians 125; Presbyterians 54; Method
itts 39; Baptists 21; Congregationalism 12;
Catholics 5, and other denominations 5,
9"Two magnificent ialle to be added to
the military galleries of the palaoo of Ver
sailles are now approaching their termination.
One is to receive piotures representing the
different battles during the campaign in the
Crimea, and the other those of the late war in
Italy. ...
QtrLamartine eloquently says of Mary
Stuart: "All that was not love in her sonl was
poetry; her verses possess a Greek softness
Combined with a quaint simplicity; they are
written with tears, and even after the lapse of
so many years, retain something of the warmth
of her sighs."
IpS" The New Tork Freeman says that
Eleaier Gray, of Coventry, while digging a
well, reoently, found some frogs embedded in
olay, about twenty feet below the, surface.
After a few minutes exposure' they, beoame
lively and hopped away. How long .must
they have been there? . ' , ' ' . ,
Wbibrabodts opOpkba Sikqshs. Tiberini,
the tonor, Is singing at La Scala, Milan, in
Rossini's Matilda d Shabran. The tenor
Forti is engaged at Piacenza. Neri Beraldi,
the tenor, is at Barcelona. Rouconr-hasboen
engaged for the Pagliano Theater; Florence.
Beneventano will sing during the next car
nival at Turin. At Bt. Petersburg they are
Soing wild about Emily La Grua, a prima
onua who has just sung there in Norma,
having recently returned from South Amur-,
ioa. She was, on the night of her deiut, after
the trio of the seoond act, called six times
before the curtain A eritio says that "the
Bignora La Grua rflbot merely a grand singer,
but that she is without doubt the greatest
tragio artiste of the Italian lyric stage, and no
one, since Mallbran, has surpassed her in
Jvorma." - . :.,
Wisa and his Cavalbt. The Baltimore
Patriot says in a recent issue : We are sorry to
tee the fanfaronade Of the Riohmond Enquirer
about the dissolution of the Union, unless Gov.
Wise be nominated at Charleston, treated with
seriousness by any portion of the preis. It is
nothing more than heotoring the Charleston
Convention into the nomination of the valiant
Governor, and is a good deal like his ordor to
Impress all the horses at Harper's Ferry into
the servioe of Virginia, for mounting the Bal
timore Light Grays, the result of the order
being a gathering together of leven spavined
animals with blind bridles and two saddles I
Dsath or A Clmotvak. Rev. W. L.' Mo
Oalle, formerly a prominent Presbyterian
clergyman in Philadelphia, died at Grand Gulf,
Mississippi, on the 13th nit., aged seventy
one years. He Is said to have been chaplain
to the army of Gen. Jeokton at the battle of
New Orleans. ..
Professor Lowe's Balloon Voyage—The
Experimental Trip—A Successful Air
afternoon, according to preliminary
announoemenU,.Mr; T. 8. Lowe made an as
cension in his small balloon "Pioneer." Over
a thousand people were present, and the bal
loon, whioh holds : about thitty-flve thousand
eublo feet of gas, excited great admiration. At
three o'olook Mr. Loweappeared on the grounds
and having wrapped himself in a hugs fur
ooat and a curiosly-ihaped fur bat, entered
the frail car about as big as a clothes-basket
and of the same material which depended
from the balloon. Flags were fastened to the
basket, and the aeronaut bade farewell to his
wife and child, and shook hands with a num
ber of his friends present, while the orowd
greeted him with hearty cheers. At this mo
ment Mr. Lowe, in bis rough, heavy furs, and
surroundod by the net-work of oords whioh
held the basket to the balloon, locked not un
like a Russian bear men Dirn,h tk. h... .
-" B m.w him.m v.
menagerie eage.
At arjout a quarter past three the men hold
ing the balloon, at a .ivnnl t,. M. r .
stepped aside and the balloon slowly ascended!
" "" siueiong motion mat obliged Mr.
Lowe to throw out some ballast. Thuj relieved,
the balloon shot nobly upward, the daring voy
ager waving his hat to the peopfe below. The
scene was quite exoiting. The windows and
roofs cf the houses in the vicinity were orowded
with spectators, who watched the ascending
balloon till its passenger was no longer dis-
oem&hla. The hallnnn miLllA In ...th...t..I-
direotion, until it passed over West Farms,
1 V T - i , . , .... . . '
nuou mi. juuwb ueierminea to ailgttl., A large
number of people were waiting to receive him,
and after some refreshments he again ascended,
and after remaining some twenty minutes in
the air, and journeying, about iweWe -miles
north, he again landed on the farm of Mr. G.
W. Biisteed, whe welcomed him to his house
and Invited him to tee,; ..
The gas was then allowed to escape from
the balloon, the material folded up, and at
eight o'clock Mr. Lowe was again, in this city,
after a moBt successful balloon trip. The
thermometer ranged from 30 to 40 in the
rerinl regions he visited, and his balloon was
signalized from bolow by the whistles of
steamers and locomotives.
Mr. Lowo will commence to-day the rein
flation of the mammoth balloon " City of
New York." anrl hrmtm Ir. ttc nn th
Y. Evening Post, 16th.
Particulars the Capture of Brownsville.
The telegraph hat mentioned the atorminc
and taking of Brownsville, Texas, but the
statement, dated Corpus Christi. Nov. 7. of W.
J. Miller, one of the escaped citizens, from the
New Orleans papers of the L5th, is as follows :
On the 29th of OnknW. n,rtln v;
band surrounded the town of Brownsville. Oa
tne oist cortinas ordered the barricades to be
cbarsed : at the same time hin mm mnl onnA
an entrance from the yards at the baok of the
siuros auuuweinug nouses ; in a moment his
men and oars were mixed up in a hand to band
fight, and a moment ruoro the barrioades were
forced. After five hours hand to hand fight
ing, we were forced to retreat, and succeeded
in making our escape to the other side of the
river. ; , i
.! Cortinas's attacking party consisted ofabout
four hundred men, and had in all probability
two hundred men rjatrolinc the
prevent communication with the city.
Irt oil tAtil a Vin.I I a JA.-. .a
- a v'4-4 vr v BDfjav iiiuj w niLQ moo
Under arms, and theuft wnrA nirlafl h
hundred and fifty Mexicans, sent from Mata
tnoras. Col. Manuel (Naranoo) commander of
uiu iurcu . i - . ; I , ', N
I can form na fdnA. rtf Hia niimha tC man
W w wwuua kia I1IVU
killed on either side. The cry of the Mexi
cans was, "Death to all Americans I No
quarter I" Aud suoh was truly the case, as it
proved, by the death of every mac Cortinas
has taken prisoner. On Tuesday, Cortinas
ai ouvire possession oi jirownsvuie. -
Bubolarv in Philadelphia Thrkb Thoo
band Dollars' Wobth of Fobs Siolbn and
Recovkrkd.--M. Cohen, a German oap dealer,
doing buiiness in New York, was arrested on
Wednesday,. haVlng in his possession a large
quantity of furs, the proceeds of a burglary
committed about a mtfnth ago on the fur-store
of Mr. Reisky, in Third-street, ..Philadelphia,
whioh was broken into and robbed of furs to
the amount of $3,000. ' Soon after the commission-rof
the burglary the New York police
were telegraphed, and Olficers Elder. MoCord.
Slowey, and King; of the Detootive foroe, com
menced searching for the stolen property, and
they visited numerous auction-stores and
other places, and with some surprise noticed
that several of the eap dealers who had not
heretofore dealt in furs had supplied their
stores with them. Suspioion rested on Cohen,
and the foreman of Mr. Iteiaky's store was
sent for. . Cohen's house and stores wre then
searched, and $2,800 worth of furs, identified
as part of the stolen property, was found.
Some of them were secreted in the coal cellar
and garret. The trimming had been stripped
from the tippets, cuffs, capes, do., bat the pri
vate marks were not erased, and by these they
were identified.
A Whim Man Huntsd by RevkNasFDii Nt
aitois. George Hartman, who, by his action
in a recent so-called kidnapping affair, ren
dered himself obnoxious to the violent anti
slavery men of the Northern part of this
State, stayed in the Cleveland jail during
Wednesday night, not caring to trust himself
outside. The jail was watched by a party of
negroes who would have given him a rough
reception If be had ventured out. The next
morning about nineo'clock he left the jail as
stealthily as possible, in the hope of getting
to the New , England ' House, where he
boarded. Bharpeyea however saw him and
he was compelled to take refuge in Andrew's
Saloon on Seneca-street. ' These not being
permanent quarters he endeavored to escape
through the back yard, but was caught by
Andrew's dog, which would have speedily
disabled hiin if . he had not been called off.
Hartman soon made his escape thence and
succeeded in reaching the New England,
though closely followed by incensed negroes.
Here he armed himself and suffered no fur
ther molestation. - He probably left the eHy
- -aia . i .
Gbbritt Smith's Insanity. The Hartford
(Conn.) Prtu says: "We cannot believe that
Mr. Smith anticipated any suoh foray as that
made by John Brown. He liberally assisted
the old man in Kansas, and bad no soruples
whatever against assisting slaves toesoape.
He is a man of the warmest sensibilities, and
may possibly feel that he hat unduly encour
aged Brown, and may blame himself for thus
indireotly pushing the brave old man and his
comrades into their terrible calamities. This,
combined with Ill-health and anxiety concern
ing bit family in the event of a prosecution,'!
probably induced the attaoK under which he
labors , r " ; v; T , i w ; . ,.-
InosNDiARtES is Memphis. Sunday morn
ing the residence of City Marshal W. Under
wood, In Memphis, Tenn., was discovered to
be on fire, and Wore the flames could be ex
tinguished was burnt to the ground, Owing
to the scarcity ef water, in the cisterns the
firemen were unable to render much assist
ance to the burning building, although by
their united efforts they snooeeoWd in prevent
ing any further spread of the flames.
The Eastern in the Great Storm
—The Little Western in a Norther.
A correspondent of the London Timet
from Holyhead tells a thrilling story of the
test the Great Eaitern made of riding out the
tempestuous seas that drove into that harbor
in the latter part of October. It may be very
well for the Thunderer to brag of what the big
vessels can do, and do do, that's what she
was built for and vessels large may find it
easy to "venture more" in the wide, wide sea,
rnt to keep near shore. But to the
Little Wettern in a Norther. We have not
given our experience. One of the Penny Preet
firm, not "our Andy," has been to sea.
The steamer Xajoo rianter, Captain Aaron
Fuller, on the 23d of July, 1842, left the
wharf of Cincinnati, bound for the Tobasco
River in Mexico; left New Orleans, August
28, and passed the shores of the United
States, at South-west Pass on the 29th or Au
gust. The little steamer, as fit for sea as a
sugar trough for a ferry over Maple Creek,
steamed it over a serene sea from the mouth of
the Mississippi to the coast of Sisal.
The little Cincinnati steamer, drawing, when
light, but thirty inohes water, was a gronter
novelty in the middle of the gulf than all the
f7reat Eaeteme and ffreot Vfelern that over
mounted half a doien waves at onoe of the
Emerald Sea. The glassy quiet of the ocean
depths was soon disturbed; the adventurers of
the Pork City were to pass the ordeal of a ter
rifie storm. Holyhead harbor may be a good
soene for the display of the powers of the
Monarch of the Trident on big ships, but it
oan't compare with the bar off Frontera for
"northers" that's the fearful word to ohafao
terize a storm on the Gulf. When Ossawoto
mie's name is mentioned on the banks of the
perilous Potomao, at Harper's Ferry, it does
not pale the chesks of the first or last fami
lies; does not create greater apprehension
among the oitiien soldiers than the word
"norther" does to the greenhorns at Bea in the
Mexican Gulf.
The raxoo Planter had a sea Captain to
direct the precious craft on the sea passage.
The "old salt" had never been ou the deiks
of a vessel so "frosh." He bad rode on hul ks
of cavernous hold, aud whose keels were Df
teen feet under tuo water line, and when the
Taxoo Planter hove in sight of the mouth of
Tobasco River, just before night fall of a
Sabbath eve, September 4, the weather
wise sea Captain declared the vessel must not
attempt to cross the bar that night, as a
"norther" was corning up, and the Bteamer
could not cross the sandy lino at tho mouth
of the harbor without beating on the bar.
A fill, top-loftieal sea Captain was not to be
fiinsaid by fresh-water navigators, who
new that most of the coal haviug been
burut, which was the only cargo of the
steamer, the little vestel would have glided
iutp the longed-for haven without rubbing a
barnacle from her unroppered hull.
I $ut cruel fate and Capt. Levy haddeoreed
the) Yazoo Planter should anchor outside, and
outsiilo she did anchor, and now comes the
record of her gallant braving of the pitiless
storm. A faint streak of crape-like mourn
ing cloud painted the heavens about Vera
Cruz, and we had but scaroe time to get out
anchors ahead and astern, whan the " Old
Brown'; clouds, which in a twinkling be
oame pitch dark, pitched with more than Oa
sawatomie fury upon the devoted heads of the
Western country bush-whackers of Yazoo
Rier, and then came a scone that the Thun
derer's correspondent poseeeeea not tho 'ade
quacy', to describe. Lo, the poor Indian,
Lowe, the Montgomery County orator, nor
the London 1VW correspondent couldn't get
into tho space of throe columns of the Pinny
Pbkss, adequate outlines of tho picturo on
board said smnll ntoainAr th. Jnii:j
LLiitle Western, all the way from the tranquil
..I.e. aF Ih. Dk!., k. ,U. .k. I. .1. .
..ww.b v. ww wuiv, vui .uoig pun la UiUUUUreU
on the bar a few miles distant from a sheltered
haven, and on board a worse scared company
of adventurers than now aro ooworing at
CharleBtown. We need not say "that while
the gale lastod It equaled in violonce any of
the fiercest ohannel storms that ever stro wed
ovr coast with wreoks;" that it was a "dirty"
nif?ht: that It eras wIM umlrfnrlr n!V tk.i
the roar of the storm through the rigging re-
uiiuueu one mat us noarsenoss mignt nave
been n.itigated by "Phillips's cough syrup,"
but that thought might have come and pasted
away as rapidly as the gleams of lightning.
But in thb uproar of the hour, amid the crash
nf'Arnnlr aw. anannintf nf Vinvraff.. .ml n-nan
of bulwarks by the dashing waves, thore were
oi mougnum, eueouve men at their posts,
though their faoes were blanohod with fear,
and thAir hn.nd.1 trAmiilnus a. thnv wrnimail Wa
w "J Q.W.M ...V
,hmtt! nf Inn ll.am.Anttln. irnln.
I Soa captains might get Western steamboat-
uiea iu taa iruugu ui mo tea, ana snaae the
life almost out of them, but it was rcsorved for
tne aesperate energy, mstoncai learning of an
Engineer from Cincinnati, and one from the
woode about Maysville, Ky,, to exemplify in
desperate emergencies the truth of an old
adage that peace can be seoured by pouring oil
on the troubled waters. About two o'clock of
the morning, when human exertions promised
a failure, when hope from heaven was largely
at a discount, the two heads in the engine
room, as the vessel was heaving and battering
about in the brine of tho foaming sea, were
pat as near together as tho dusbiog of the
storm would allow them, and they agceed to
stagger along to the lee Bide of the steamer,
and pour a ton-gallon can of lard oil from the
door of the wheel-house on to the angry waves
: The oan was emptied, and an ungrateful
shower-bath was returned upon the good-inten-tioned
but very muoh exposed engineers, who
were washed back into the engine-room. Not
minding the rebuff, this homeopathio dose was
not renewed, but an allopathic one of the
entire barrel of oil, obtained by us of Pollard.
Cfnolnnati alasl poor Pollard who did not
long survive to make so useful and paoido a
specific for allaying storms. The oil barrel iu
the morning was empty, the storm had passed
over, and the writer had the great gratifica
tion, on that beautiful Sunday morning, to
guide the vessel, as slick as grease, within the
harbor of Frontera, and land at the hospita
ble house of the American Consul.
Sibiovs Thick or a Lunatic A lunatic,
who onoe escaped from an Asylum ut Mar
seilles, In Franoe, got possesion of a small
fort on an island in the bay, wbiuh had been
abandoned, but still retained a few heavy guns
in position, with considerable quantity of
ammunition, and actually cannonaded the
town and fired into several vessels entering
the harbor. . -
' Firm at Tipficanoi Batti.b-groik.'d. The
fenoe on the east tide of the Tippecanoe Battle
ground Inolosure was entirely destroyed by
fire on Monday night, having oaught from
sparks from a passing looomotive. The entire
fenoe would have burnt but for the students of
the "Institute," who sueoeeded in arresting
the flames before further damage was done. -
t i .
Largs Land Suit in Ksntooky. Suit has
been instituted for twenty-one thousand acres
of the most valuable land -in Bullitt County.
It is very generally Improved, and occupied
by a large number of farmers. Great Jxoite
ment prevails In relation to the suit, and
measures will be taken to prevent any survey
being made.
r Ssnoi Ovirdo'b Fohtu". RsDticiin. The
Evening Journal ssys thit a well -in fcmel
gentleman whose business takes him frequently
to Cuba, assures it that 8enor Oviedo, of "Dia
mond Marriage" memory, is worth only from
$150,000 to $200,000; but expects, from maiden
til tors, as muoh more. . .
Particulars of the Destruction by Fire
Palace of the Luxembourg at
From Qalignanfe Meuenjer of October 20
we obtain the following particulars of the
burniogof the Luxembourg at Paris: ,
The fire was discovered by the sentinels
stationetl near the garden, who saw smoke and
flames bursting out from the cupola which sur
mounted the hall. The alarm was at once
given, and bodies of firemen and detaehments
from tho different barraoks were speedily on
the spot, aud chains of men fur handing water
haviug been organized, nine engines were set
to work.
Marshal Randon, Mlaiiterof War, Marshal
Magnan, Generals Soumain and Devil
liere, M. TroploDg, President of the Sen
ate, II. de Royer Vice-President, the Pre
fect of the Police, and M. Balestrino, Chief of
the Municipal Police, arrived soon after the
first alarm, and assisted in directing the opera
tions. It appears that the fire first broke out
nniier the roof over the hall, and rapidly ex
tended to the wood-work which supported the
cupola. The Palace, which is built on the
model of the Pitti Palace at Flcrenoe, originally
consisted of two main buildings, with wings;
busajafter 1830, in order to Increase the dimen
sions of the Chamber of Peers, a new building
was added on the garden side. It is in the
center one that the fire -took place. To feed
the engines, the only supply of water was, at
first, that of the basin in front of the Palaoe,
in the garden, and it was soon exhausted, bnt
a number of water-carriers were collected, and
they brought a considerable quantity.
After the fire had continued for some time,
pioeos of burning wood began to fall on the floor
of the Senate, through the opening by whirh the
chandelier was suspended, and these set fire to
tho wood-work below. At about four o'olook
the architect of the Palace announced that the
cupalo would soon fall in, and an engine
which had beeu carried up to a projeoling part
of the building, in order to play more effectu
ally on the fire, was withdrawn. This had
been scarcely done, when parts of the dome
began to fall, and in a short time the whole
of the oeiling was borne down into the salle
below. Tho large lustre, which to of immense
weight, fell with a tremendous orash, and
broke through the flouring of the. hall to the
ground floor.
Two firemen and two other men belonging
to the palace, who were employed there, were
buried beneath the ruins. They were soon
afterward got out, but were so seriously injured
that it was fuund necessary to remove them to
the hospital. The entire hall is a mass of
ruins, the desks and seats being either broken
to pieces or burnt to a oindur. All the galler
ies of the Museum, the Salle du Trone, the
Archives, the historical apartments, and the
library, oontainingnpwardof 100,000 volumes,
have escaped injury. An investigation has
been ordered to ascertain the exact causo of
the oobfkgmtion.
An Indiana Xlopkmkot Fbustbatid. A
young man attempted to run away with the
fair daughter of one of the swamp-landers near
Lalayetie, a day or two ago, without success.
The runaways, eaye the Courier, aimed to
make the oonneotion at Reynolds's and take
the afternoon express for Michigan City, but
the lutes were unpropitious. The train was an
honr behind time, and while they stood wait
ing ip anxious suspense, the father, anned
with a shot-gun, made his appearance, and
was about to execute dire vengeanoe upon his
would-be sou-in-law, when a bystander inter
fered in his behalf and spoiled an excellent
Item. The girl was induced to return to her
father's house, and tho young man is doing as
well as oould be expeoled.
1 Arrest or Countkrpeitsbs in Illinois.
Timothy Bigelow, Choster Clark and James
Smith, couuterl'oiters, were arrested in Rock
Island County, III., last week, after a desperate
resistance. Tbcy had a complete and perfect
3ot of dies, tools, presses, &c, and everything
neoessary ior the manufacture of every kind
of Amerioan coin, of gold and silver, from five
cents to $20. They had on hand, in an unfin
ished state, some $300 of their gold ooins, and
a bag of their fifty and twenty -five oeut pieoes.
Tho old man Bigelow and Clark are said lo be
accomplished engravers and expert counter
feiters. Bigelow nad served a term or two in
tho Penitentiary. They were taken to Chicago,
and will be tried in the federal Court.
Horuiblb Accident. Thomas Maher went
Into Holabird's distillery, in Lafayette, Ind.,
on Monday, forthe purpose of Balling the en
gineer some wood. After the arrangements
had been made, the engineer left the furnace
to attend to somo part of the machinery, and
in a moment he heard a shriek which made
his blood run cold, and turning around found
Maher had fallen into the boer-fink, and that
his body was revolving with the beer rake, one
arm having been torn entirely off. The en
gine was stopped at once, but the unfortunate
man haul ceased to breathe before he eould be
rescued. - . ...
Conflagration in Uiynoldsbobq. Thurs
day worn ing, a lire broke out in Moore 4 O ood
nin's dry goods store, in Reynoldsburg, Frank
lin County, entirely consuming the building
and commuuiuating to J. k H. Rhodes's gro
cery store, which was alo burnt. The build
ing adjoining, occupied by R. R. Johnson &
Co., was torn down to arrest the progress of
the flames. Most of the goods in the several
stoves burnt were saved, only some $500
worth being destroyed. The total loss is
about $6,000, with no Insurance.
Burning op a Stkamkb. The steamer Inland
Belle, reoently laid up for the season at the
dock of Essex, Conn., was totally destroyed by
fire on the night of the 14th. The hland Belle
was built soven or eight years ago, at a oost of
$26,000, and sold two years afterward to her
rpreneut proprietors, at auction, for $18,000,
.wuiou was tnougnt to be very cheap. The lire
was supposed to have been set by an incen
diary, as neither fire nor lights were used on
Tub Bier for thk Bridal. One of Phila
delphia'!) most ostimablo citizens, Mr. Frank
Lewis, who was to have been married last
Wednesday to a daughter of Commodore Stook
too, died after a long illness In that city on
that very day. The invitations had been is
sued and preparations had all been made for
the wedding ceremony, when he was suddenly
removed to a ephere where the ceaselessly ris
ing tide of love overflows forever the narrow
marge of marriage.
Execution or Conspirators in Hayti.
Twenty of those implicated in the conspiracy
in Hay tiaJuri ng which the President's daugh
ter was assassinated, were condemned to
death, and sixteen suffered the penalty. One
was respiiea, ana vnree are in another ooun
try, out of the reach of justice. General
Delva and his aon. Lieutenant Dalva. wr
also condemned to death, bnt they are safe
in r ranee. . :
Singular Result or a Uuabril. In London
a few weeks since, a singular ease of homo
cide occurred. Two men quarreled in the
atreei, wnen one knocked ue otner over.
The prostrate man had a pipe in his mouth,
which by the fall was foroeddown his throat,
producing suffocation and death. His aaaail
ant was committed on a charge of man-
slaughter , .
Sisam in Commibci ANB Wab. The British
steam navy consists of over three hundred
ships in ooinminslon, ef which three-fourths
Are steamers. The English mercantile marine
includes at the present time nearly, if not
quite, nine hundred ocean steamers. .
Advertlaementanotexoeedlnc live lines (AgttaJ
OnelniwrtlODW,4 K I One v . Ml ft 60
Two weeks ... I so One month t at
Larger advertisements Inserted at the bllewlng
rateatbreanan often Unas or lai
One Insertion .$ 00 1 Two weeks Al M
Koch addi'ual InA. Three mH- ,, TTT OS
Une week 1 75 1 One 0 M
Job Printiiip;;
In all Its tranche, don with netnea and dtcpatck
Continued Excitement in Virginia.
Habpbr's Fibry, November 17 Midnight.
A messenger has been sent to Charlestown to
obtain reliable , information regarding the
events there, but he has not returned yet.
Great excitement exiBts here, and armed
guards are patrolling the streets aud roads.
It is rumored that two hundred and fifty men,
armed with rifles, are encamped near Eerrys
ville, a town near Cbarlestown, meditating the
resoue of Brown. The report is too improbable
for any confidence to b placed in it.
Harpeb's Ferry, November 18. The mes
senger dispatched to Cbarlestown has not yet
returned. He left at ten o'clook, and was to
have been back in two hours and a half. It
is probable that he has been detained by some
of the guards.
Harper's Furry, November 18. The mes
senger sent to Cbarlestown last night was de
tained outside of thit town over two hours and
a half before they would admit his departure,
and also detained till four o'olook on bis re
turn. A large Are occurred about four miles
from Cbarlestown during the night, and the
military was ordered out, expeoting an attack,
but none was made.
The partioulars of the fire oould not be as
certained by the messengers, but they will
probably be ascertained on the arrival here ef
i he train from Winchester. .
Non-Arrival of the Canada.
Sack villi, November 18. Information
from Halifax, dated nine o'clock this morn
ing, slates that the expected steamer Canada
had not reached that port.
The steamship America, from Bonton for
Liverpool, arrived at Halifax at two o'clock
this morning, but had not Bailed, having been
lelaird by the Admiral commanding the
British squadron on tho station.
Railroad Matters.
Fbbkmansbuso, November 18. The Lehigh
and Delawaro Water Gap Aailroad has com
menced the construction of the bridge over
the Lehigh River at this plaoe. It will bo
completed by April next. .
Street Rencounter.
Nabhvilli, Novembor 18. Allen A.Hall,
editor of the Nem, killed G. G. Poindexter,
editor of the Union and American, in a street
rencounter this morning. The cauao of the
shooting was an editorial quarrel.
River News.
Pittsbubo, November 18 M. River five
feot scant bv Dier-nia.-k. and fallincr. Weuthur
cloudy, with slight rain.
Subpectbd Attempt at Slavs Insubbkctior
in Missouri.-The Waverly Vititor of late date
remarks t
On Saturday morning a letter dated "Saline
County, November 2d, 1859," was delivered
at thid office, in which wo are informed that a
large orowd of negroes (probably fifty in num
ber) were discovered in tho vicinity of Judge
McDaniel's, armed with hatchets, corn-knives,
&s, Several gentlemen, riding in the night,
oame suddenly en the negroes, all of whom
made their esoape, except the leader. This
negro laid Ihey had assembled together to hsve
a "big ratsel," but oould not explain the rea
son of their oarrying knives and hatchets. It
was thought by some that some white uian v as
at the head of the band, aud so soon as circum
stances would permit, they would huvo made
a united camieade.
Wo have the above from a responsible and
reliable gentleman ef Miami, and have thought
it prudent to notice his eominunioation, in this
brief way, that those who hold slaves may bo
cautious-and vigilant. A good patrol ought
to be kept up in every neighborhood.
Suspected Codntibfiitess Abbksted. On
Wednesday, Sylvester Elder, or Carter, and
Rons Renough, suspected counterfeiters, wcro
arrested In Portland, Ky. They had previously
left iu a barber-shop, in Louisville, to uvoid
detection, a roll of bank-notes and a lot of
medals. The bank-notes consisted of ono fifty
and two ten-dollar bills on the Bank of West
Union, Ohio; one fifty on the Mississippi and
Alabama Railroad Company, and one two on
the Layfayette Bank at Washington, D. C,
whioh banks having failed long sinoo, their is
sues are who lly valueless.
The medals are about the size of a double
eagle, and on one side of them there is an en
graving of the City Hall, New York, and ou
tho reverse an eagle, with a Latin inscription
at the top, bearing the date of 1851!.
A Firk-Annihilator Wobkino th Wrono
Way. Recently the factory of Wm. McFnr
lnn, In East Brandy wine, Chester County,
Penn., was discovered to Ije on fire, and, not
withstanding the efforts to extinguish the fire,
the building with its contents was destroyed.
The factory was supplied by what is known
as a "liro annibilato.'," which was immedi
ately applied to the extinguishment of tho
flamea, but unfortunately the expected ef
fect was not produced. The "annikilatur"
filled the room with carbonio acid gas, of nu
offensive character, whioh drove the work
men out of the building, obliging them to de
sist from efforts to extinguish the Humes.
The lout from the destruction of the building
and contents is estimated at between six and
seven thousand dollars, $2,350 of which is
covered by insurance.
A Jail Burnt A Pribonkb Psbisurs in
thi Flames. The Marksville, La., Central
Organ, of late date, says: On Monday morn
ing last the jail in this town was set on fire by
a negro prisoner. Efforts were mado to furco
open the door of the dungeon, but to no avail,
even after the key had been turned, as tho
negro had fired the inside of the door itself,
the outside being ef iron, and so expanded by
the heat of the burning wood, that all efforts
to foroe open the door were incffeotuul, in the
short spaoe of time allowed. The flames in
the meantime had eaught the wood-work of
the floor, and other portions of the coll, and
were bursting out of the window, and with
the most horrid yells and screeches) of agony
the poor wretch expired. , ., .
: John Mitcbkl Again. John Mitchel writes
a seoond letter of his series from Paris to The
Iriehman, counseling the "nationalists" of Ire
land "to be prepared." He expects ere lung
to see Gibraltar as the key of tho Mediter
ranean, and San Joan as the key of the
Colnmbian Arohlpelago, wrestod from "tho
seindler and usurer of nations," England;
then he adds, on behalf of his brother "Celts,"
"happy if we can bnt prepare ourselves to rie
to our own feet and stand ereet upon our own
soil when the felonious gripe is loosened from
our throats."
Thi Outbaoi Upon ihi Dickinson Family.
The Beirut, Syria, correspondent of the Bos
ton lYate2ef writes, under date of October 10,
'.hat, through the energy of the AintTican
Consular authorities at Beirut, the perpetra
tors of the outrage upon the Dickinson (Amer
ican) family have at last been brought to
justice. Four of the accused have been im
prisoned for life,- and the dead body of the
fifth and principal criminal had been brought
into Beirut. - This promptness has caused a
much higher estimate to be placed in Syria,
upon the Amerioan nam. and power.

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