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"WANTS," "FOB BALK," "TO lit" "LOUT."
"FOUND," Ao., in thi column, occwpylnf five line
or leu, two insertion, twenty-five cents.
.nIee,nrdP0BNiMESTI;B' immediately
at office of Penny Press. boIM
. L.,,"?ne-br ' "at ad lndo.trlcm man,
2nS?Jl, il,f "27 experience M machiulet and
mihSfrJ"? "ln npengin.. andeth.r
BlNFrn'n.. Bm "'' glwn. Addrees EN
UlNEEIt, Penny Press OtHno. nolb
WANTED A good Cook, Washer and
Ironer, to jo to tbe country.
, No. 23 Wait Third-treet.
T man, to drive a on or two-hnra wagon for a
grocery, dry goods home, hotel, manufactory or ex.
prey comnauy. Ii need to driving, and acquainted
With the city. A4dresa ft, M, H., tlih.oir.ee. nn!b
. eastern part of tha city, br a prompt paring
tenant. Address HABVBY, Pram OlHoe. nol9b
.77 an etAnllhmnt where 'onstant work of the
Kind eui be had. Inquire for W. 0. MoO. at 31 Cut
Fourth-street, intelligence offleo. Alio, a Brat-class
Boj to run of erraads, who h m a good education.
WANTPD-HELp TO"" man to
n.Tr.Ti ta"we,,noWndmAkahlmelforherwlee
hi..IhV,"7i1 fl,l, Oil good situation in
aII VD.'J7wApply at ,h 0eni,r Intelligence
AKency, No. SS2 Wsaiern-row.
- ""'" A. D. OABgOK A CO.
.. .. .LadT' ,uh" ! a school or In a private familf,
?.j!.i er of ""'.. She l capable or giving In.
?.i7 '.on.v,n p,no- B n1 foliar. No
11inM1,ih untry. Small .alary expected.
Address M ABY, oar of box 422,Unolnua.i Postofflc.
W"ANTED-HOUSE-A house between
r tIL. "trMi' ,? Third, Tenth and Twelfth, East
tL:Z?m?aJ?3 w,,t of Broadway, by a prompt
tenant, at Western-row. ' ' noU-h
Y"ANTED-A)l ! ho have no
a ",jtlon to lav a few dollara in the price of
'in ?Jw?.D.n51Vfc'?"M t"P millinery store,
Q.18 West Klfib-ntreet, near Main. nolg-b
vT TtvV,0 7arkT I" "hest-iron. Call at ihop
No. 467 Third-Street, opposite Htnne
..i. i. 0BOKOB M, HOWEtX A CO..
non-n. Corrugated Itnn-roofsrs.
WAITED ROOMS By a gentleman
end wife, two rooms In a quiet part of lha
eltyjoneiriu t bo eultable for a kitchen; rent mode.
ritto, Adilrei R t thle olTloe. nril!HI
-7. im,n wf' t t work; he Itat wwked at the
trade befora. Addreae C. 0.,at thte offloe-lt will
be attended to. noia b
"P17" ANTED Clerks, book-keepera, salee-
men, bar-keepera, porter, eoopera, earpen
tre,mechHnlr, laborera and otbere, can Undeltua
tlnni at the MerchanH Ulerki KeeUtry Ofnoe.lJS
WHlnnt etroet. nol8b IIAL a CO.
tvhK Vian kJ i - n . . . .
to net a a partner In thexiilnoD builQfsi, in a flnt
dS "lloon PP,J' ftt 3 Ihlrd-atreet, for three
-- no i cxi'
WANTED -8ITUATI0N-In somemer-
" oanmo notve, ntRnuractnrlnr or Ininranca
oince, by yonn man of good addnea, u a clerk or
Utnt book-keeper. Salary nn object. City refer.
wicat given. Pleaieaddreei "fcHPLOYMKNT," at
I office, for one week. nolftd
rriO en caee in oiroulatlns by lubiorlntion.
JL ionie new highly ornamental and entertaining
Bookj, Mapi, nbaru, 4o. Men now operating clear
k1. 3" per monm. uaii ana examine the
, , ",n(1 got denorlptire circular, look at ttetlnio.
Dials of agenta now opperatlne;, 4o.
CoaeulUUon free. Cull eoou.
. MACK B. BaKNITZ, Publisher,
ocg8i"M 38 W. 4t h Street, (up utaln.)
FOR RENT-ROOMS Suitable for rail
.road, law or Ininrance offlcea, on aeconrt and
third fl"on. In fonr-ntory building opposite the
Preae Office. The building haelbeen newly re-palnted
aid re papered. All in good Older. Apply at the
PiessOltlc. nolo
Trnlent three-story dwelllng-houee, In goof) re
pair, with all the modern Improvements. Price iitO.
luiri of OAUPBELL, ELLISON tt CO..
"""" No. 31 Hecood-strent.
FOR RENT The aeoond and third atoriel
F JtANKHN Ii ALL, on the aonth-east corner of
-jiiwd Ug oijibu-.TUHis. &ppiy ou tue prem
Uea to HANNAN LYON. nolSbw
TCTOR RENT On Fourth-at, two desirable
JR. ROOMS, furnished or unrurnlnhed. wih or
without board-to gentlenieu. Apply at the north
eaat corner of Fourth and Elm -strata. noisd
R70R RENT Front OFFICE and good
H- CELLAB-lOOby 22feet. Apply to
nollht No. 32 Front-st., bet. Main and Walnut.
FOR SALE A well-known old-established
Confectionary and Saloon-one of tbe finest in
the city. This will be sold cheap. 1800 caih-baU
nncolo monthly payments. Address S. B., Box No.
.-T3- nolii.!
Vlrst Class Double-Thread Sowing Machines, at
ech. A grpat haraain. fall Immediately at
JKSSP'S MOUBNINS BTOBE, fourth-street,
opposite Shillito A t'o.'s. noI2am
BOARDING A gentleman and wifo, or
tvooribree single gentlemen, can beaccom
modatrd with a pleasuut room and board at No. 29s
Wst nrth-street. DoT-boardlng, $2 per week.
BOARDING Large, airy nifarniahed
Booms for families, and boarding and lodging
for singly gentlemen, at 177 Sj oainore-ttreet, be
tween Fifth and bixth, west tide.
noi7aw .T.A.R0WB.
A collection of Marthas. Waltaos. Pslku.
t-chottlsches. Qiiaririllea, Bedowas, Contra Dance,
o. A Superb Volume f Popular Huslo. Arraugad
forthePlsno-forte. PriceSlM. Inclothi2. Ooples
sentbyuiall. Pnbllahedby J.CDUBUH, J.,
nolitf West Fourth-street.
eqnai one or Haxleton Broth
nt', HnM, Davis It Co. 'a. Riven,
5: Co.'s, or Peters, Craigg A
Co.'s P'ano fortes, for a splendid
. ... i -u ii i a niii Kiiiiiv a. inw a. me
loet. fnrcah, or wM rent and let the rent pay for
vnU Depot for Melodeons and Harmoaiama.
y . tnat t.igute A Bradbury 'a
and Wm. Knalie A t'o.'s Pianos, can
Street. I in oiTering nnusnal in- FT
anrsmeursforcaiih. orwiilmnt. .nil
let tlie rout pay for the Piano, at 71 West Fourth
tl?et. CM. MCBOH.
The larsest stock of Melodaona In I lie city, nols
Will sare half the nana! amount of labor, and is
enrate and readily comprebendod.
All interested in th BoJenoe of Aeoonnta ar
vlted to call and examine this new method and
for thsmselTea. ' tt
Th Irentng Session will oomnjono.
HP Day Classes meet as usual.
E. 8. BACON, Principal
J. H. POTY. Flrat Aa.latwnr. ccWanf
atAHP'cicaili op
Wood-Working Machinery,
i'.irner Jobnland Water: .,Oielaiaiati,0.
...lNOVKMBKhl 19
' Wit WlATBiK. yesterday was decidedly
rainy day. Take warning, and provide yoorielf
with a pair of Deter! water-proof boots.
To Mg0HiT i-Tbe Kentnoky Flag, pnb
lished at Paria, Ky., by W. Wallaoa Pike,.of
fen a good medium for comtnunioating with
the people of the Bourbon District.
Mkwcal. The reader' attention is invited
to the advertisement of Madam Elli in
auotber column. Her mediciaoa are. now to
be had at all the prominent drug stores. '.
Tan Ninth BTtiH B-ptist Chorch. The
Rev. 8. T. Robinson, of Rnaheater, New York,
will fill tbe pnlpit of tbe Ninth-street Baptist
Church to-morrow morning and evening.
HutP IB. Earpn'i Monthly Magatint for
December ean be had at the New Depot of
Pease A- Co., Sixth-street.'eaat of Walnut.
Also, Wilke's Spirit,' Porter's Spirit, the N.
Y. Clipper, and other new reading of the
At BtoiBWiT. The hat indicates tbe man
more than any other artiole of olothing. Don't,
therefore, wear a "abocking-bad," or an old
fashioned hat, bat go to B. R, Alley's baiaar,
Broadway, opposite Broadway Hotel, and get
one of bis best. His stock is unsurpassed and
he sell cheap. '
MiTKoiotoGiOAL Obsibvatiors For the
.Penny iVai, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
West Fourth-street
, November , 18M.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. M.................. 29. Si 4A
lM 29 17 tO
P. M....... ...................29.14 (3
Mceitid. The reputation justly acquired
by the fine oysters Bold in this market for
several years, by Robert Orr, at No. 11 West
Jflftn-street, has ereated a demand for them
throughout tbe entire West and South, so that
every mail brings him new orders; fortunately
for Cincinnati, however, his supply is inex
haustable he always ha a few more left.
- National Bipublican Assooiatios. But
few of the members of this Association were
present at tha meetiac last night. The even-
nig wm uuuBumcu in uisuusiinjr, too resolution
Introduced at the last meeting; itnnlicatins
Secretary Floyd in the Harper's Ferry eon
tpiraey, and it was finally laid on tbe table.
xbe Association adjourned to meet at the call
or the rrenident.
Whahf-Boat SrNKaA wharf-boat owned
by C. W. West & Co., lying near the foot of
wooo-street, sprang a leek: yesterday morn
ing, and before aid could be obtained sank in
four feet of water.- There wore a hundred
barrels of flour on board, bu4. tbe principal
part of it was saved, so that the loss will be
comparatively trifling.
Young Min's HkbdomidalPbatre-mictinq,
The Union Prayer-meeting, hold on Satur
day evenings by the young men of the differ
ent Methodist Churches, continues to grow in
interest. Tbe meetiDg this evening will be
held at tha Union Chapel, on Seventh-street,
and all young men who are religiously in
clined are allectionately invited to attend.
ADVEBTI8BR8, Attention I Bear in mind
that the Penmt Pbiss is read in a greater
number of families than any other paper
printed in Cincinnati; that the working-man
reads it; that it is emphatically the people's
paper, and is rapidly winning Us way to a oir
oulation unprecedented in the history of
Western newspapers. Tbe manufacturer and
retail merchant oan not but be benefitted by It
as a medium of advertising.
Pbooeidinob of the County Commissionkbs,
Th County Commissioners,at their regular ses
sion yesterday morning, pasted orders amount
ing inthe aggregate to $927 28, of which
$484 04 were paid to Joseph Siefert, for three
culverts in Green Township; $191 to the same
perton, for a eulvert In Colerain, and $151 75
to Alexander Ferguson, for expenies incurred
in procuring witnesses in tbe oaee of Wash
ington MoLean vs. Tbe Hamilton County Com
missioners. A part from this no business of
importance was traniaoted.
- A Boy Ron 0vr and Badly Injured
A little boy about six years of age, named Jo
seph George, whose parent reside on Vine
street, above Twelfth, was run over by an ex-
fireas-wagon, near the locality in wbioh be
lved, and injured quite badly. JHis right arm
wag crushed so that it will, in all probability,
have to be amputated, and hi bead fractured
so that It may prove fatal. He was running
across the street at the time, and as the driver
of the vehiole was otrrylcg an umbrella, it Is
quite possible that he was not to blame, Tbe
wounds of the boy were promptly attended to,
but he suffers excessively from the doable pain
in bis head and arm.
Board of Citt Improvements. At the reg
ular meeting of the Board of City Improve
ments, held yesterday morning, tbe Clerk was
directed to prepare and transmit to the City
Council an ordinance to assess a special tax
npoa tbe real estate abounding and abutting
Reader-alley, from Wade-street to a point two
hundred fifty-seven feet sontb.
' .The Commissioner of the Northern Distriot
... tn.fvMAtAil .a k... n n . - .1,1. L.J
the intersections on Bank-street, from Stark-1
street to section line, at a cost of $23 64.
The Commissioner of the Eastern Distriot
and the City Civil Engineer, to whom have
been referred the petition from J. Eirby, Geo.
Martin and others, property-owner on East
Conrt-itreet, relative to improving said street,
recommend that no action be taken by the
Board, until thr.ua ftwnlne. nvA,et n. mlA
f ----- o vu niu
street bind themselves to pay all assessment
ana expense in opening, grading ana improv
ing said street. Adjourned.
Horn fob Youho Men. In a report of the
proceedings of tha Young Men's Christian
Union, which will be found in another part of
this caper, it will be seen that they have
rented tbe houso No. 170 Race-street, which
tbey intend to fit up for th nse of the Union.
The prime objeot of this action, however, is to
furnish a home for young men who are strang
ers in the city, where they may find snoh
amusement, and such company as will tend
to prevent them from 'forming acquaintances
who would be likely to lead them into vlplons
habit. The house will be excellently furn
ished, the parlors home-like in their arrange
ments and neatness; a piano will ocoupy one
corner of these cosy apartments and readable
books and periodicals be found upon the tables
and in tbe library. Altogether, if the nlan be
uocMafolly carried out, which will doubtless
be done, the establishment will not only be
productive or much good; but, what ia tbe next
best thing to this, prevent a great deal of evil.
TTtaitt.'V tffiuuinfhA.i Tli. .
Ladies' Home Missionary Society desire pub
licly to tender their sinoerest thanks to Mrs.
Jniiiy MeT.aan for tha rlAfiatfnn r,t m
Clark-street for tbe purpose of building a init-
di nous tor a mission unurcn; to William
P.f..lnihn..f ... it,. I. -.1 i
houses; and to George W. Cotter for the very
IIWhi.1 tr. CI AO .A .--!. I. .' r
their Vreaman-atraatTtrAnartv. Th vnni! !,Arl.
of the (ociety have already oast a halo about
it name, and the generous assistance It has
Fanrlararl Smm 4!n .a llm. V... t 2-
member hew strength, wbioh will enable them
..in e .i . . . . ' ,
mi immur ana wuo a greater suooess to pur
sue the work they have undertaken. They
feel that much of tha good they have thus far
accomplished originated in tne sympathy and
encouragement with which they have met from
suoh noble and generously disposed persons at
tuurrngwo uauiou, ana uesire tnat here, as
well as hereafter, thev
benlrons to whioh their acts so much entitled
Mitnao or m Yocno Mim'i Ciiistiai
Union-. Tha monthly- meeting of the Yonng
Men's Christian Union,- night before Inst, at
iuir room on t oar tn-street, was quite largely
attended. It was onenad bv tha usual davit.
tional exercises, after which Mr. H. Thane
auiier retired from the chair, and appointed
Mr. Robert Moore to fill his place.
The Executive Committee reported the pay
ment of sundry bills amounting to 33 21 j
the printing of eight hundred copies of the
Annual Report, and the eontinued employment
of tbe present Janitor and out-door missionary
at a salary of-$300 per annum.
The Prayer-meeting Committee reported the
oontinuance of tha Saturday afternoon prayer
meeting, with an Increased attendance.
Tbe Treasurer reported as. follows :
Special Fund received from former Treasurer.! u 44
Lessoash Pild-..,......,.,...........,...,...... jsoo
Balance. ..
..$ 83 44
General Fund-balance ..
Btcelved annual subscriptions.
.1187 l
Lass paid Tent Committee, to be refunded..
1245 It
114 31
BsJance....,....M... .,...,.,.........,..... jiso 84
The Corresponding Secretary reported the
receipt of four letters, announoed three appli
cations for active, and thirteen aa assooiate
membership, one withdrawal from assooiate
membership, and his own resignation Hi
general report was ordered on file, his resig
nation accepted, and tbe member admitted. .
The report of the Special Committee on
Room waa In favor of a lease, for two vear,
for the use of the Union, of the house No. 178
Race, above Fourth-street, at an annual
rental of $850, which was adopted.
The Committee on Incorporation reported
that the iteps heretofore taken for the incor
poration of the Union were insufficient, and
that, under the goneral law, a meeting, to
consist of majority of the active members
of the Union, must be had, to pass upon that
measure, after which theneeting adjourned.
Tbi Irish Dbleoati. The meeting
whioh was oalled yesterday evening to give a
publio reception to the Irish delegation of
ministers was not largely attended. Thi
wa certainly owing to the weather, for the
rain fell throughout the entire evening. The
whole number who were expected in th dele
gation did not arrive, for five of them left tbe
city for tbe South, while but one, Rev. David
Wilson, came a per appointment.
After tha meeting htd been opened with the
usual dovotional exeroises, Mr. W. took tbe
tend and addressed hi audience for about an
hour and a-half, giving an account of the re
vival in Ireland, and the effect it had npon
the maisei of the people. He told many thrill
ing anecdotes of the manner in which persons
had been converted, and some of which were
quite amusing In regard to the superstitions of
oertain olasses, and the veneration and fear
with which they regard th .clergy of certain
Hit addiess was listened to attentively, and
after it wa concluded collection was taken
up, whioh amounted to $71 57, for the pur
pose of assisting in the further spread of the
work which he snld had been so gloriously
begun. The meeting closed with a doxology
and the usual Apostolic benediction, and th
audience departed apparently highly pleased
with the Speaker, hi leoture and the manner
in whioh they had spent the evening.
Warnino Republicans Out of Newport!
Th following is oopy of a note received
through the Newport Postoffloe yester
day, by J. R. Whlttemore, druggist, of
Broadway, who baa, for ome years, been a
resident of our ltr olty. It purports to
oorne frm "Determined Cititens," but we ar
inclined to regard it at the offspring df some
Individual who wants to get uo an insurrec
tion on bis own account, and not the sentiment
oi tnat community:
NEWPORT, November 16, 1859.
J. R. Whitteiob Sir .- The cititens of
Newport have decided that they will no longer
permit any person to -promulgate suoh "vrinei-
pei" as you and your brethren in the oauia of
Aooitiionitm have been promulgating for tha
last four years'in their city. Therefore, you.
are hereby notified to leave the city of New
port on or before the first day of December,
1850. Otherwise, yon must abide the oonao
quenoes of your own folly and obstinaoy,
wbioh, we assure will be serious.
Man Sever.lt Beaten. A man named
Thomas Spillessey, while walking along aa
unfrequented portion of the wharf, on Tuesday
last, was knocked down by some persons whom
he met and beaten very severely. From what
we oould learn of the affair from the injured.
wuo uiuieew, n was a wanton ana brutal out
rage, and, if the perpetrators could.be found,
should be punished In tha severest and most
summary manner.- The ruffians knocked hi
right eye out, and it is thought destroyed the
sight entirely, out his bead and fact in several
places, broke off teveral ot his teeth with their
blows, bruised bis body so that it was black in
several places, and then left him bleeding and
nnoonaolous upon, the pavement. When we
saw himyeiteidav evening, at the Nlnth-atrnat
Station-house,: be was able to walk about, but
wasitiii Buffering severely from his wounds.
Citt Passenqhr Railway. The route of the
City Passenger Street Railroad has been com
pleted. A car was driven over the whole track,
yesterday, for the purpose of trying the corves,
and it was found to work admirably. The
company intend to place twelve ears upon the
track to-day, whioh will run regularly to the
Brighten House by tbe way of Fourth and
John-streets, and return by tbe way of Western-row
and Fifth-street to Main. Tbe oars
will be known on Fourth-street at night by
the color of the light which will be used the
rea ngnt Belonging to the Tbird-streetand
the green to the Brighton House line,
"Oriola." This little harmonist, tmblithsd
by Messrs. Moore, Wilstach, Reys A Co., of
mis city, is fast becoming the most popular
hymn and tune-book ever issued. It was
dmpiled by Prof. Bradbury, of New York, a
well-known composer and teacher, and par
ticularly commands Itself to superintendents
and teachers of Sunday Schools, containing
s it doss, two hundred tune and three bun
dred choice hymns. It ia undoubtedly the
best work of the kind ever published.
Important to Hoosawivts. Cbas! B. Cole
man is manufacturing, at ;No. 115 Elm-street,
a superior artiole of sausages, head-cheese,
souse and leaf-lard, from th best of corn-fed
pork, with eipecial referenoe to the accommo
dation of familios. We have been through
his premises, witnessed his mod of operation,
and tried his manufactured articles, and oan
freely commend him to the liberal patronage
of our oitiiens.
Polici Copbt. Judge Lowe, yesterday
morning, examined only nineteen oases, but
they were unimportant. A few drunken men,
who had been disorderly during their inebri
ety, and a few others who were unfortunate
enough to be without homes, were sent to tbe
City Prison for various terms : but no case of
interest was called or disposed of.
Otstres roa Hons or at trb Saloon.
John Nairn, No. 60 Sixth-street, deals exten
sively in the oyster Hoe. He furnishes them
to families and serves them in proper style at
his saloon, in Bacon's building, on West Sixth
street. It is a relish to have these luxuries
well ssrved in Nairn' sble, and, having triad
his oysters, wa prononae them ohoioe.
The following la a list of letters da.
tamed for non-payment of postage at the
Poitoffloe, In this city, November 18.
5!:pl,t.,.,.'. Garret. Laurel, Clermont County, O.
K. Woll., Walnnt Hills, o.
Mrs. Dukes care iiihn Chandler, Palmyra, Mo. -Lieutenant
B. L. Browning, U.S. ship Levant, car
of American Coniul, Panama. - .
To Families. There ft nothing nicer for a
breakfast tban large fat oysters, fried or
boiled, and as Peter Cavagna has them put
up expressly for such purposes, familios
should order them from him at No. 11 West
Fifth-street. Ho receives them daily by ex-
' Wooo's TttiATH, This is the thirty-sixth
night of the engagement of Mr. J. B Anderson and
the last appearance of Mies Etswortny and lilme.lf,
J fart that will Insure to thee ariistesafnll and
nahiooable tmnse. Tnn Mibchamtof Vr-wcaiim!
D.hov and PvTirus will both be presented thU
evening for the rare well b-nedt of Mr. Andenon,
who has pUyed one of the large.! ami most tuccp-a-ful
eng.gemente recorded In the cLruuicles of the
drama of this city.
Natiosai Tbkateb. Facst and Maeoukr.
ITS, which la drawing very well, and growing nightly
upon the admirers of .pocteciilar benuty, ill be
presented forth, sixth time thlaevening at the Na
tional; Nr. J. B. Koberl; apprlnij in the parr of
Mepiii.tophllea," which he plays to perfection. All
who desire to see A complete spectacle put upon the
stage In the very best style should not fall to witness
the present version of Goethe'a great poem.
Pike's Opera-rouse, At the Opera-houe
this evening Tax Marbli Heart, a boantiful and
highly ' interesting claario play, translated from tha
French, with Mr. and Mrs Conway In the leading
character. In which they have mined. xtendod reri
tatlons, will be presented to theadmlrersofthedrama
In superior atrle. The admirer, of fine acllng.honld
be preaeut on ih. ooraaion; end those who are moved
to tears by Baphaei'a enflertng will have an op.
portuntty to laugh at I'avtdge'acapital rendering of
;-Toodles" la the popular lirce of Tu To pita.
Personal Mias Eliza Logan, the gifted
tragedienne, left the rlrr a rluv oe tun .Inf.. .A fill an
engagement at Montgomtiy, Ala., and other South
ern cltl-a. Bythe-by. the statement In a number ' f
ourexchanges that this Ixdy Is Mrs. George Wood,
has not, a yet, become a fact.
Habeas CORPUS Jesse Masain. (ha allAtr.rl
epnnterfelter. was yriterdny bronaht before Jii'lge
Mooar, of the Cbiiuty Court, on a writ of habea.
corpus, served jn Andrew Herod, the jiller. ft the
purpose of Invostlgatlnn tha authority by which lie
waa beld In custody. Maaaie hnd b-on arreate l f.,r
oonnterteliiog, prevlnnato the last term of the Clr
cu It Conrt, or this county, and had been retea.ef on
ball. When his eveenme up for trial, he failed to
appear and a bench warrant was iwued for hia arreat.
Heetrcoeded. however, in evading tho vlelianceof
the officers till about two weeka ago. when li waa
arretted in fcot, (,'onnty, returned here, and con
fined In our jail. By the laws of this Suite, when a
bench warrant ia it.ued, either theSlieriff arresting,
or tli county in which he may be arrested. cn re
lease him ou bail, in BimO'emonutn. theJud e ia
sill .g the warrant shell certify aaaufflrlent. When
arrested. Ma-ele offort d do IihII, butsnbaequentlytwo
responsible men tn Scott Conuly volume red to b
come hia boudamen, and a bond, cortifltrt by the
Shs'lff or that countv, waa duly forwnrded to our
Sheriff, who ref .aed to receive it. alleging that the
"""' ""i "i mi- cunonr. in nidation
at ia.ue wa, can tbe SherifTof tbe county from which
a priaoner la taken on a bench warrani, iegally-ac
knowledge a boad for his release aft-r be h.a been
returned to ;he county from whence he e.cHced, and
ther. lodgod in Jl? Judire Mooar deeded that he
could not, and remanded the priaoner into the cut
tody of the jailer.
Oommitteo to Jan. Balser Noor, tbe Ger
man arreatcd for stealing bh overca day before
yeaterday, waaexaml-ed before the Mayor yeaterday
morning, and the evidence of his guilt being conclu
sive, he waa cinmltted to jail in default of Tonds to
the amount nf $4)0. for his nppearance nt the next
term of the Circuit Court, lie is from Lawrence
burg, Indiana,
Ctsi of thi Nigro Tatlob. Taylor, the
negro who atabbed his son, was yeaterday arraigned
lelore Magistrates Hchreck and Howard, who com
tnltud him to jail without bail, umll it could be
ascertained whether or not the wounded man would
Drunk. A woman named Kate Allen was,
yesterday, fined f)3 90 for drunkenness.
Tbrbipio Assault A Heavt Penalty A
man named Henry Hayman wae. yeMerday, invited
to leave tbe coffee-home or Joseph Sturpa, and upon
refuting, waa kicked out. The Injured man caused a
warrant to be iaanedbyR. Hall.-., Ktq., and the of
fender waa brought before his Honor, who inflicted
npon nlm the penalty of one c t and costs. Hay
man would likewise have been fined had he not beg-
?:ed off. promising never again to partake of tbe in
oxicati'ig beverage.
Concordia Dancing Clob. The first party
of the abov.rlnhwill be given on Monday evening
next, at t'dd Fellows' Hall. It promles to bn a re"
charclie affair, as the club ia computed of yonng men
0'(;ur.,;,,y w'io will le.ve nothing unexecuted that
will add to the entertainment.
Kentccet Cricket Club The members of
tills club are expected tn meet to-night at Fwlls
Exchange for the traimactiou of Important bu.iutas.
i '
Monetary and Commercial.
Rain fell incessantly yesterday, and (hough
tbe tendency of such weather must have been to check
out-door holiness, fiaancial affairs were active and,
the Bankers reported a larger demand for Money than
there had been ou anv previous day of theweok.
- At tho Diflcount-honaea the nirotl OCT. of Pnnnr nn
quite la'ge in excena of the ability to accommodate
their enatomera. 'J he most of whom bearing good
names, however, are fuvoted with short loan.. Long
Pupor is generally rejected, as, mi the eve of the
packing season, little dispoaitin ia felt to mako in
vetments for over sixty days at the farthest.
Borrower In the street are Incmiiali g in nnmber,
as the facilities in tbe regular quarters arobciug cur
tailed. JSaetern Exchange, which haa been inactive all tho
week, declined yeaterday X per cent, and tho rates,
soon after the opening of Bank hours, wore fixed at
14 buying anil M premium selling.
Americon Gold waa lower alter tho rednotlons In
Exchange, and dealers would not pay more tliun W
proniium to outsiders, though thoy wnu.d have felt
honiir tO ffiVA their Oll.toniOr. l.A AM franllnn tnn.a
pThe amount of Coin held ih the street is not large!
uu, glaum, miiu mo, o 1. uoy Hppiiroiit uenmna tor at
present. Holders would be willing to sell round lots
to-day at 4(3,3nc. premium
In Ciioiin unt Money we hoar of no spclal change.
IndlanaStoek -notes are growing better, though there
Is still aainall (llacoiint on I hem. The preeeut ra'es
are: lndianaSlock.M: Pennsyivania.comitrv. lj Vir
ginia Free Banks, Kanawha and Hank of Charles
ton, I: Maryland Interior, H; Michigan. I: North
and South Carolina. 1: OenraL .ml ru,.,riu. i Tnn.
nMSee, tl: Missouri, lowa, Illinois and
Wisconsin, 1)1X.
' Tbe rates of Exchange and Coin at the close of
banking-hours yesterday were as follows:
Now York Sight ,
Philadelphia Sight.
B ston Sight
Baltimore Sight
New Orleans Sight
American Gold
.... par
..ii;c. prem.
Th receipts of Produce, Hogs, Ac, during the
twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon were as
follows: -
Flour, brls
Cora, bn.hele ,
Wheat, bushels....
- 4Si
- 2 .171
Oats, bn hels-
Barlev. buah.la..
Hogs, head.
Molasses, brls US I Sugar, hhds
Coliee, bags.............. 43ii t he-e, boxes....,
. ?6
oacua oris.,... rorx, oris.................
Thursday'a New lork Times that refers to Wednes.
day lAKt:
Ia Moneyntes there la no change nn strictly prime
lints of Indorsed bills, but lets disposition nmnng
lenders to tale fair or tingie name paper at the dif
ference of l(&2 percent, recently current This re
mit from tbe recent failures, another inflnenco of
which Is to turn the attention of some of tho Money
lenders to State-anil oilier nivufand-piiyiiig Stocks.
There was a fair employuisnt, on denntnd loans, at A
ffi.Vaprr cent, to-day., In the Transfer Exchanges
there was not much done after the Vuaton eleimoVa
mall. The next opportunity Is the Vanderbilt, for
Southampton and Havr.. on Saturday, 'iha terma
;n Loudon range KhHj110, and on Parle f 3.146
f.5.13 for Bankers.
Meaar. Thompson Brothers, of New York, nuoted
Land.Warrantsas follow on Wednesday last:
'. Bnvlnff. flptltnv.
v M-i. WIU.UL1, par ucra.,
fcO acre warrants, mt acre:
7n oi
85 71
6J 71
120 acre warrants, par acre.',
100 acre warraata, per acre
New York O.tti.. Minn.
Wednesday evening,
November IS. The Live Stock markets uontinue to
be over-aupplied with all kind, oxoept Swine, for
which there ia a brisk demand, an'i, with small re
ceipts, prices have advanced about ho. per ib.. live
weiant. iliebeetcorn-redcommandBcperlb Heef
cattle sold just about as last week; at yesterday's
general market n lew of tbe very beat went at prlu. a
equivalent to loo per lb., for the dress id caicassne,
ami other, of low grade sold oven as low as 4c, the
average of all aorubeiugab in 7 He. Veal Calves are
in fair supply, and only the best grades find ready
sales. Sheep and Lambs are alinndaut, but the de
mand la active, and prices have advanced ?6c. per
head. Milch Cows are a drug, there being a very light
demand. The total receipt at the regular city yards
of live animals, destined for slaughter, number:
Heeres. s.ttl; Veal Calves, "01; ebeopand Lambs, 14,
882; Swine, 7,119; and of Ullch Cows, 123. Total of all
kinds, 34,070. Total last week, 2f),MJ.
FLOCB The market la very firm, and the demand
moderate. Tne bad weather interfered with bual
nee, so that the sales were onnflned to tflfl brls. at tl
fits 40 for extra white wheat. 2,02 brls. were re
oelved tliclaattwenty-f ur hours
WHISKY The market is unchanged and steady.
Balps of 1 nnobrla. at 22Sc, Inclndi'-g wsgon,
HOGH-Tb market opened dull, bur. cloaed with
better feeling, and some a M) head .old at 1 4 AtvAr) 7-1,
but the particulars were kept private. With colli
weather there is no doubt that an active demand will
prevail. About MOO were received tha last twenty,
PBOVIiIONS-Old mess pork sold at (14, and new
itneaaatlW tt, for February d livery, though there
are no buyers at this rate for December. Bacon Is
held firmly at 7v!-c., but the sales arn unimport
ant. Lrd sold at WQWc; and 4,000 pieces groan
. GUOOEUUH-No changela the market; the da.
mand Is nasMerato.
w util market to-day wsa quiet, but hold
ers wrV t yeah-rday's uuoiatloo. bales got
bushels goriiientSL 3.
COBN Th market ia Hrm. wlthairnod d.m.n
and prices are steady at :j(d,it,c. .
OATS Tha market isqiiiet with Lut little ikniaiid;
they are held at 44o. In bulk,
KY E There tea fair demand for prima at ;;o
BAHLEY Theto is go..l demand; prices ar
steady at yesterday's quotations. Hales 200 bushels
good tall at Uo,
(IflEUHE-Tlio demnnd is active, with light re
ceipts. Sale 4.W boxes w. K. at lie.; 150 do. Putnam
. M U JW, Mft HI 11V
A PPLES-Th market continue dull, but price
remain without cbanea.
POTATOES -Th market is dtill and withont
riva"" fimt !,'';,1",no:ks at 5o.on ar-
Cl.bVEB BEKP-Tbere la a good demand with
light receipts. We quote prl m.t 3t 75. .
New Yo MxaaxT, November 1S-P. M. Tbe
h Ti r' wlth01" striking change: sales 13,i0
WiJI!: .i J??? r' for.common medium extra
nndlan Fl.iur dnh: ml.s 2( brla. at S;Mflfi.il 20 for
common ., a,, , , . ' ' ' '
v.jii ii-. " "'ur in lair reritieat
at S3 4 411. W liem market quiet and nnclui i?i'
sale 2.' no bushela at $ISI 13 f. Chicago prirg:
SI 18 for amber Southern: HI an foe i l,?,i. i.i7'
Kentucky, anil $1 15 for Hacine ltye iu nioderula
.. ' w,k I , V J0' ul" Bn "lenanaed:
market heavy and declining: .ales ,cou bushels at
'w" wv,ti,cru, nun -(fflMo.iir new yellow.
Oats firmer: aalee at 34:o. for State, Western
-V brl-. t ic. Fork market ft trifle fJt(er: alei
.... a.,.-, . ' i. MJr ujtjasj. tin ior rnme: iiohir
brli. M liai , nd prime 9 t; mfi rto. iva
weetera nt tli. Prime me Bef Qljet t$l7fl9.
H-tfftn In FrtAsiartatn aimnlti nl A ..I I ff a -a
unchanged: rales Mn brls. at KikffillJa'c; Butler
pienty ana null at lltlo. Cotton cloned quiet,
with aal.a of 1.000 l,.l-. r .-J nil
SJl" d7 d;'l and heavy: Buenoa A.rea sHc.
IZIaTL t ,1,w?,ri,lf,Dll.'L"Uai011- for Kentucky,
r-""."" " price., ana manuiocttir
era are only buying aufflcient to meet thai- pressing
x . -,rii . : wuipy.iit at an.nvanceot nc;
NwOrlenn.7(c.; IMn.covado lti. Coffee
firm. nl nlnaSLnal l llisaF a- 4ia Vm . . " v
leans qualily. ' "v- "
Steamboat Register.
.A,n,TAL,0r Eagle, Cairo; Tolegranh. Lonla,
vine; roreat ijiieen, Mndlaun: Pointroy ' Ponieroy;
Magnolia, My.vllle; Clipper, BUSandyifcllen Gray
Kaimwha; Virginia Homo, r-evllle; LunleitU, do.
...r.i.-iii.i.rior, rniaourg, y Ulty.rto.:
Jaim-a tthann. Now Orleans lowa, do.; Courier
Wheo itig; ItlHgnolia, Mayaville; Foreat Queen, M.5
l o.i; lelegMph. LouLvillejClipper, Big sandy; Dun
Kith, Neiille; VirginiHonie,ilo. ii
Arrival of the Overland Mall.
ST. LnUiq. NoVOTiriOF in Tha
mail, with dates to tho 28th uit., haa arrived.
The accounts from the Carson Valley and
Walker River mines continue to excite great
attention. Stampedes of California in that
direction ha already commenced. The yield
promises to equal that of the Frazer River
mines. These mines are on the east aide of
the Serra Nevada and are supposed to ex
tend frost Honey Lake on the north to Walk
ers Run on the south, distance two hundred
miles. The principal discovery as jet an-
uuuiujtju, uuueu utoia rtui, a mouna sixty
fcot high, five thousand feet long and two
thousand wide., twentv nnle. vtn.iVi nfP..n.
Valley, which is traversed by veins of aurif
erous quartz.
Large quantities of silver ore continued to
arrive at San Franeiann from C.r.nn v.n
for shipment to Europe.
Aoe emigration iq tn spring will probably
result in the complete txploration of the whole
oouuiry east oi me Diera Nevada, and tne dis
covery of equally as rioh mines as any in Cali
fornia. Governor Weller has appointed Judge
H. P. Hann, formerly a State Senator in
Kentucky, to fill the racanoy ocoasioned by
the death of Mr. Broderick. Th new Sena
tor was to leave for Washington in the steamer
of tho 6th Inst.
The loss by the previously reported fire at
Coultonville is $50,000.
Tbe committee appointed by the reoent
Paoiflo Railroad Convention, report recom
mending the immediate- organisation of a
company to oonstruot a road from San Fran
cifco to Stookton, with a view to its ultimate
extension to tho State boundary.
Col. Lander, Superintendent of the Fort
Kearney and Harney Lake Wagon-road Expe
dition, has completed his work for the season,
and is about to repair to Washington, having
on band an unexpected balance of $T5,000.
His ntouk waa purchased In Missouri laet
npiiug at $130 per boad, and sold now for the
bt-neGt of tho Oovorment at over $200 per
Business is more active, without improve
ment in price; some of the loading staples by
reoent arrivals sold at low prioes, 5,900 bi-xes
of adamantine candle sold during the week at
19M20. Coffee is Arm, with upward ten
dency. Provisions lower. Mess pork $16,
without sales.
Excitement in Virginia.
18. Six companies of
military are under arms ready to start for
Charlcstown at a moments warning. None
bare left yet. . '
Washinotos, November 18. A company
comprising eighty-ioven infantry and rifle
men left Alexandria for Charlestown, by the
early train tbis morning via tbe Ralav House.
Captain Duffy's company of sixty men and
four guns went by a special train on the
Manap03 Road via Strausborg; from tbence
they are to match eighteen miles to Win
chester. The Government to-day ordered two thou
sand pounds of powder, a large number of
Minnie rifle-balls and hnwitzer-thells from the
Washington Arsonal to Harper's Ferry. .
Habfbb's Fkubt, November 18. The ex
citement last night was caused by tbe burning
of a Wheat-stack about three miles from
Charlestown, and tbe military and tbe whole
populace were called to arms. The wildest
terror prevailed among the people with tbe
supposition that Colonel Davis had some in
formation of an approaching danger. The
panio among the people extended to the Col
onel, and a message was sent by him to Har
per's Ferry with a dispatoh to the Governor,
calling on him for two companies of cavalry.
This morning tbe fire was found to be the
woik of an unknown incendiary, but no person
oould be frond on whom suspicion could rest.
There are now a thousand men under arms
and no enemy to be found to eooounter.
Th troop from Alexandria arrived at
Charlestown this afternoon and more are ex-,
pelted to arrive, to-morrow morning by the
wsy of Winchester.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad have sent
Colonel Sbutt with an armed posse to Harper
Ferry to guard the bridge and the propnty of
tbe Company at that point.
There Is much dissatisfaction both her and
at Charlestown at the precipitate aotion of Col.
Davis in sending dispatches for troops instead
of first aending out a posse to inquire tbe
cause of the fire. Tbe paoplo have been made
to appear in a ridiculnus light before the coun
try, and they are more than half right on that
Terrible Accident on the Indiana Central
Dattos, November 18. A terrible accident
occurred on the Indiana Central Railroad ot
about eloven o'clock this morning, at the
bridge cast of Cambridge City, Iud. The
bridge agent, a Mr. Drury, had taken up a
rail tn the bridgo to make some repairs, and
before it waa reulaoed a freight train of eigh
teen cars loader! with hogs, running at a high
speed, came along, and before It could be
properly signalled tbe locomotive and thir
teen cars plunged headlong through the
bridge into the river. A. J. Smith, con
ductor, Indianapolis; Greon, a brake
man; and Mr. Nawby, a drover from Henry
County, were killed. Several others are
more or loss injured. Tho engineer and fire
man escaped by jumping. It is said that
over five hundred hogs were killed. The lo
comotive, cars and bridge are plied up in one
horrible wreck in the river. .
Washington Items.
Washington, November 18. The War De
partment has received a dispatch from Gen.
Twiggs, dated San Antonio, November 12,
stating that an express had arrived from Rio
Grande City, stating that Cortinss had laid
Brownsville In ashes, killing some hundred
American citizens ; also, that Cortlnas, with
eight hundred men, was marching toward
the neuoes, Full oredenoe is not given to the
report. ,, . .:.
Another candidate for the publis printing
nt Washington Is Daniel R. Goodloe, editor of
tlio .VuftonaJ JTra and representative of its
rnririoTre... n-ini. n.ii.g
Removal of Buffalo Postmaster.
WasHiaowK, November 18. Tie Poetoffice"
Department authorise the statement that Mr.
Dickey, tbe Postmaster at Buffalo, wa not re
moved on political grounds, ther being no
charges of that character against him, but
that the cense was bis inattention to tho ru
quiremenis of tbe Sub-treasury acts. .
River News.
Louisville, November 18 M. Tbe river
ia rising, with 4 feet 8 inebes water In tha
channel. It has rained Ml day, and Is no.
cloudy, r-ortcE-linj more rain.
PiTisncao, November 18. Tha rlvr is 1
feet 10 inche by the pier-mark and failing.
Tho weather ll wet.
BARD, at Trade Sales-rooms No. l West Fifth
.treat, up slaira.- Aaaignee's Sale ofl-chool Booka,
Stereotype flues ami stationery at Auction, by cr
,,?Tof .' O'"--t,n 'A'CESDAY MOBNIMG. N. v. ,
at 10 o'clock, will be aold.b) Catalogue, f.ir and on
nrootiBt of aaelane, the entire tock of School
Booka. Blank Books. Stereotype p,t Stationery,
Ao. of the late Arm of Truman A Spofford.
The .ale willconimencewiihthe B'ere.ity pa Plate,
and coni Inue day and evening until all ia aold.
Catalogues will be published to-day (Saturday), -F
or term of sale, see (lata ogue.
Q19 HAMTJKLB KEYS. Assignee. -
WILLIAM8-8alea-moni Noa. tl and 24 Kaat
'bird-street -THIS (Saturday) MOBMNG, Nov.
19. at o'clock, a general stock of Dry and Fancy
Uood. lothlng Boot., Shoes, Wohes. o
At 10)4. o'c!ock-Nw and second-hand Furniture,
Carpets, Ac,
ALSO t dofen Trunks. 1 small Steam Eugine, and
avail-ty of other Q ods, Ac. nol9
SBKAttS A- CO.-Sales-roon:s No. 57 and IS
Maln-str. Regular Sale of Orocerle., c. at
Auitlnn.-Wo will sell, on SATURDAY MOUN
I NO, Nov. 19, at II o'clock, a general a.eortment i f
Oiocerie., Ac, consisting of 2SO kegs Nails; M) do.
? Ji 18 box, t Prim new Hal-Inn; so boxes Siats
l,Ohdle assorted Piper; 2Stlrca Bice.
ALSO-Molasses, Kope, Woodeawaro, Glaeswans,
O, BBA3HEAB9 A CO., Auctioneers.
SHEARS A m . flalM.rof.TMa Vr. u
'nui-.iiBoi, epeciai uaiaiogiie rale of Natl, and
robacco.-W will aell on TUESDAY MORNInO,
Nov. Ii, at 9 o'clock, without reserve, I.IOO keea
Nads aaaorted s: s; 600 kegs ( twlng, Flnl-hing,
Spikes. Brads and Barrel N.ils; 17 boxes damaged
Nails; Mokega t.o. Six-twlat Tobacco; 120 uxs. 6e
and H lb. Tobacco.
not Q. BttASIIEABa A CO.. Auctioneers.
. Co.-8!g . B. Pandnlfinl Co -Great tale
of Marble and Alabaster r-tauary, and Ornsments.
Bohemian Gleam are, French China. c.-Wiii ba
sold at Auction, nn WEDNKSDAY AFTEKN'iPN.
November 23, .it 2J4 o'clock, and in thaAVkNIMi
at7, atonr StoroNo. 18 kaat Fourth-etroet, an In.
voice compriaing large attornment of i-.tnitcan.
VlediEl, Hebe and Roman Va.ee, of Bardiglio, Agate,
yellow Sienna and other different kln"a of Itallau
Marl.l. suited for the dec-ration of parlors, balls,
nlches.drawing-rooms, mantle-pieces, ilbrariea, 4c
splendid Marble Founts elaborately wrought with
gr po-leaves, vines, A o , Ope n- work Vaae for flowers,
Veatal Temples, tiard Receivers, Florentine orea
work Baskeie.CandlHStlclts, Paner Weigh'., Ac Bo
h.mlan and Venillan Glassware, from the Boyal
Mamuactorles or fiagorand Vienna, coneistlng of .
Antique Vaee. Gobleti, Pitchers, l erfumea, Ftoncb
China Warei, 4c.
ALSO-Engll,h Btone China, Toilet Ware, and a,
ve-y large aaaortmeni of richly Cut UlastWHre. such
us Gohleta, 'Aloes, Champagt-es, Decanters, Water
L'anitfa, t Inger-bowl, Claret Pitchers, o.
ALSO A a number of rich Rosewood Writing
Dcaksand Ladiet' Work-boies.
N. B.-The room will ba opened for exhibition of
tho goods on Tneeday morning at 9 o'clock, when
ladies and gentlemen are reapictfullvluflted to call
and examine them.
"n" JACOB OBAFF. Auctioneer.
ft CO.-The noeond large saleof '-lutrm-made
Kiirnlture.-I berehy give notice that I v ill cfler at
Public Sale, un TUESDAY MORNING, aoiember
,IS9. at o'clock, a lar.e portion of the fln.ehed
aiiruiture In the Wiire-rooiiia of tbe late S. J. John,
N" j. 21 and 23 Earn Foiirth-atrcet, contintlng iu pnrt
of Parlor and lled-rount f urniture Buok-caeea. eec
retarii-., aliie-bonrds, and a geueral variety' of plain
and line Furniture. .
To dealer, who are dealrona of replenishing their
tock for the fall trade, tbey will find thiaoueof the
rate opportunities. Also, partha wlshingto lurnnh
houses. In part or whole, will do well to give thi
sale their attention. Sale positive, aid all good
N. B. -'Ihe'Furnlture will be sold in tingle pieces,
not in sett, as at fiirmersile.
Term, of Sale-$ ii and under, cash; from'lto
53t0, 6(1 dtiya; front $aa) to (Mai, to duva, and over J00O
four montua' credit approved accuritv.
K. COX '
Administrator of the Kstato of B. J. John, dee'd.
JACOB GBA FF A 1 :0., Auctioneer.,
ojT No. 18 East Fuurth-etret t.
BRIDGE CITY, Indiana, at Anctlon.-HEW-A
HOLMES will sell, en WEliNkSDAY. No
vember 23, at I o'clock P. M.. at the Mercbauts' Ex
change, without reserve, 2,1 Lots In the i iiy of ( ara
bridgo, 1ml , unimproved, belonging to the late Com.
tnorcial Rank ol Cincinnati. Silo positive. Trrnt
cih. 'litlo, quit claim, further particulars at the
a-'1- noM
that they are eellinc lumber at their yard e
Fraeman-atreot, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
3.nou Railroad, , - .
than any other Lumber Dealers In the city.
"Quick Sales anil Small Profits
They submit the following list of prices:
Clear lemher.kll thicknesses, 1 In. ssshtH lln'a
Biwt Common. 1)4 and 2 inch Pl.nV
Best 1 inch Board.
26 O0 30 0
Second " all thicknosses.,
23 75 24 C
16 60 17 i.
II 50 12 J;
22 50 25 t
11 40 12 M
11 50 14 09
M 00 87 50
23 75 25 lio
tnira Board
Grub Plank, face measuro -....,
ti.mlock Joist, Bcintling and Timber,
Prplar ' ' "
First Common Flooring Boards.....,
aevQDn -
Tutrd " " "
First Common Weather Boards.,
IS 50 SO 00
1 " 17 60
1100 13 Ou
55 Ml Kl lO
81) 00 83 68
Cedar Posts, j by 4, 8 feet, per hundred..
Cedar " for fencing, ' "
..ii . . ""icnou oi vt per cent, will oe made on
bills of $500 or more.
We have one of th largeetand beet selected stocks
of Lumber in th Cincinnati market, which we oitr
for sale at tbe above prices.
j Office 9H Broadway, New Terk.
rraH company divides the
M- entire profit, pro rata, among It Policy Bold
er, legal interest (7 per eeut. only) Is paid on its
teck, which may, by Investment, reproduce about
that emo.mt, tbercny giving the assured all the ad.
vantage, of tbe Pit t Mutual Syatom, with the
pledge of a Perpetual i vital eto-ik and the added
security that Its Hoard ot Director, have a P.rma
nant stoneiod Interest in conduot' ug its affair with
prudence and strict economy.
Its rates are bound upon the most approved English
table of mortality, verified by American axperlecos
to the present time.
JJy the Charter, Dividends to the Assured an to be
declared every live years, and may be apiilied to the
reiluctbin of premium, or will be orertited upon the
policy, thereby increasing tbe amount inaured.
Fortlf d.tiritig to iusurewiil be furnltbed with
the Society' publication, rates, Ac, gratis, upon ap
plication to th Agent.
si on. niuuiarai v. aliaasucii, rresiaent.
HENRY B. HYDEVVIce frisldent.
EuWARDP.WILLIAaSH.Seoretttry. .
GEO. W. PHILLIPS, Aotnery. -
Tli-iv .Al.n AffVlliitun. M. mor .
We, th undersigned, take pleaanre In stating that
"The Equitable Lite Assurance Society." of Nw
York.repreMntedlntbiscitv by David A.Tmax, Esq..
leentlrely worthy the confidence orthla oommnnltV,
aid that Ih combination of the Hntual and Joint
Slock prinrtple-as by them presented-render tbi.
Company one of th most oealrabl br Insurer la
tke country: ,
ftedtnan, Oarllal A Shaw, 8tanhope 8. Row, '
!4,i?;fcCilw"DWlh VA ' B- lommedtan.
fllachley, Slmraon ACo., D. W. Cor win, . , ,
Thompson A TaafTe, H.E.Spencer. '
33 West Thlrd-ltreet, Basement Maaonic Tempi
suan n. lAii, n. v.,
IQc21am- 1 Kaamlnlag Phyalclan.
Feathers and .Winter I01Inery
Of evtry deeerlptlon, wbioh I am selling at It sail
advano on New York prioea, wholesale and ntaJV

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