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In pnbllihed dally, Sundays egoeited,) br
FSOPBiWM. ' f i .
Off 101-BO. II WIIT f OUITa-STllll.
TBI nSSt FBIBSIa fcllvsred to subscribers la
OInclniiatt.tfcvlngton and Newport, and star,
rounding oitlef and towns, at the ex.
tremely low prloe of
' iBiouor BAiLiaas
Single ooples lo.; 1 month Mo.; S montbef 1; 1 year
John A. liisLBB, JbV"...Bo1 tewee and Manager.
First night of the engagement of
Miss Caroline and Mr. Peter Klchlngg.
THIS ITlAlHO, November 11, will he presented
the operatic drama, In two aota, entitled
Marie Wise 0. Blchings
rtouche ........ ........Peter Richings
Touio ....Hall
Hortenslus ........... Elleler
Marchioness de Barken feldt ......... Hra. Gilbart
Duchom le Orackan thorp ttlss Irving
Dance .-..m.....M1is Eate Pennorer
To couclndn with (for the first time In thiaeitj)
tho comedietta called '
Kate Dalrjmr.le, with eonge ....; MlssO. Blchings
.Mr. John Parker Hall
M r. Llnnol Larklns........... - (..-..Bead
Lady iturbara Choker.,.... - Miss Everltt
In preparation, several popular aomedlea, domeetlc
uramaa, musical ramies, ou,
rilnnn nnnatX: Onrtaln risca at W o'clock
Pricks or Admission Dress Circle and Farquette,
Ml cents; uanery, zfloenta., ,.
Seventh nigktof tbedlstlngulshsd Ainerlean aetor,
Mli. J. B. ROBERTS.,
TR1H (Monday) KVEN1NU, Rotember 31, will be
acted, Tor tbn seventn lime, the great legendary
Drama, irom ine uerinan oi uceiue, euuuea
Faust and Mar truer ltc.
IMpplilnlopliili'H., Mr. J. B. Roberts
Kaust (an aged Scholar," .Mr. O. Stuart
marguerite nn. v. nenrl
Dance by Mist Jennie Hlght,
To commence .with the Comedy called
John Koller .8tuart
Minimis Lobr., , ..Barnard
!liritlne,........... -Mrs. 0. fleori
Mary Mrs. Yauderen
Theater, ia now open for the reception of guests
Buorus can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all honrs
rUiTIOK. Tradesman and others are cautioned
agalnat furnishing any articles lor ine theater WHO
out a written order, etgned by Ihe Manager.
!has. M. Barrel Manager.
x . is. uonway mage mroetor,
Cout limed Successor the New Company
Jn a series of unexceptionable plays, powerfully
THIS (Monday) A. VBjNINO, November 21, will be
preseaieu wis groat piay, in aveucia, entiiieu
Marston Conway
Lord Veruey.. ...... n.... Sheridan
Vcniiorit. m Lauagan
Konton m...m....,.m...m..... Dickson
Juliet Mrs. Couwuy
Margaret MIrb Crocker
Maud Hill Stauiny
To conclude with
Mr. Trotter Sonthdown flavldge
Mr. Senium IHrkson
Mrs. Houtliduwn Mrs. Placo
JU ra. Deusou Mlsa La Bute
Pbioss or Adhusion. Parquette Circle, Parquette
aim uaicony, oo cents; Ainpnitneaier, w cents;
Privnto boxes for eight persona, is.
j.vui a viku I. 074 v wuiiD'JJiiJ 1.1. tjq.
Box OlUcoopou trow 10 A. M. until 4 P. M., where
noniH cuu ooeocared. j. unnosittT, rroairr,
U-m. BlBiLiUtlEUnl UALiL.
There will be an Amateur Kntertalnmont at Me
Alice J. Klngshnry will appear as " Marianna," lu
the play of THB WIVE, and in a popular aftsrpleoe,
Prlco of admission, 80 cents, ' no21a
Iicssee and Proprietor. .JNO. HOWOBTfl.
This now and beautful TEMPLE OF THB MUSES
opened lor the eeaaon on
With a full and talented DRAMATIC AND CON
CKli'f TROUPE, selected from the different thea
ters and opera companies of the Union.
Admission IV cents. For particulars see small
Tho "Olymplo Saloon" will be open at all hours
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
W inex, Lienors and Cigars. ocli
W" 91 30.
A collection of Marches. WhIImi. Polka.
Sruottisches, Onsdrilles, Redowas, Contra Dances,
da. A Huperb volume of Popular Music. Arranged
for the Piano-forte. Price $150. In cloth $ J. Copies
sent by mall. Published by J. CHUKOH, Ja.,
noiatf ft West Fourth-street.
' equal one of Hazleton Broth
ers', Hiillet, Davis A Oo.'s, Baven,
o , ... r. n,. n d. ,l..i ti
Ce.'a Piano-fortes, for a splendid II S
nrciml I lax, baI lln U B
lowont, for cash, or will rent and let the rent pay for
tho Piano, at 66 West Fourth-atreet.
no!6 Depot for Melodeons and Harmoniums.
y HKU that Llghte A Bradbury's
and Wm. Knabe A Oo.'s Pianos, can
be found only ut No.73 Wost Fonrth
street. I am offering nnuaual In
ducements for cash, or will rent, ami
lot (lie rent pay for the Piano, at 7J Weat Fourth
strent. 0, M. MURCH.
The largest stock of Melodeons In the oily, nolt
Coal Cooking Stove,
i; f V -' ' - ' . : ., :
field at ZaoeivlIU, Oetober, IBM. '
JVot. SI and S3 Vine-st.,
(Second door Below ColnmWa,)
, 1 f noem1 '
Mannfaoturer and Wholesale Dealer In ... , -Honps,
Porfumf ry, anoy Gcodn, 6Vo.,
lis examining my Stock will find that I
am selling lower than any ether bouse In the olty.
I not) I
T. H. Deters,
To which he Invites the attention of the pnblle.
11 '- tnolnl ' ' ' ' " ' '
' smKSSV, B. AJU,I80N, Bnperlntendent.
Fr luting jagLirials oUl I. lads. 1 ti Vina street
VOL. 2. NO. 79.
''' ; '
Arrivals of Trains.
LiTTT.it Miami. Night Eipress, 8:00 A. m.; Acoom
. modatlon, 3:t6 . a.; Day Express, :3i r. H.
iNOlANArotlg abo CouiaATi.-U;3U a M.j t:tO p.
OJ'abo Migsiasirri. 8:1S A. I:t5 p. 10:1s
Cinoiunati, Hamiltor amu Dattob. Im a. M.: 11:N
A. H.; 12:sa F. M.'t &.M r. 8:.W r.u.
Departures of Trains.
Littlb Miami. Day Express, 10:00 a. m.; Aecom.
modatlon, 4:40 P. M.; Night Express, 11:30 p. M.
iNUISNAroLIB and CmomHATt.-6:0O A. M.i 11:46 p.
m.j 7:00 p. h.
Ohio ano Misaigsipri. :0Oa.m.; 2:00 p.m.; 7:30 p a.
A. M.; 10:00 A.M.; 3:40 p.m.; Ml p. m ; 11:30 r. M.
Mabibtta and (Jinoinnati. :40a. M.j 3:io r. at.
TThgo4ow Tarker li at present lojoura
Inj at Rome.
t"John Chappel was killed Friday near
Rough Creek, in Charlotte County, bv being
thrown front his hone.
Forty-eight Indian iqaawi were re
cently arrested in a houeeof ill-fame in Mon
treal. -"Doetioki Thompson, i laid to be
an applicant for a passage in Professor Lowe's
great balloon. .
Sf-Our Minister to Spain, Mr. Preston, is
very shortly expeoted from Madrid. Hia
family will pass the winter in Paris. Ha has
a eonye for tlx months.
Geortre Zorn. a. hnv hatai! ian .mm
wa killed on Thursday by being run over by
thA frnltfht. trait, Aflh. r.A.i.'a..:ilAnJ T
o vi hi. Aiuuiariuucmu jjo A 1 U It -
ton Railroad, in the former oity.
Eaa-In New Tork the Rnas pavement in
Broadway 1 being torn up, to be repiaoed
with the Bdlgtan pavement, or something like
Jackson, tho "AmerioaN Deer," oom
menoed atTork,Ponn., on Tuesday, the featof
"'"S uu uuaarea ana mteen noura with
out rest or sleep,
fi"An"AhollHnn;at " n.111,,9 hl.ir rp
- i , ft -.-.CU.l
A, Halvo. was seized at Tlemlmn. u n
the 10th last, for the expression of hie opin
ions, tarred and feathered and ridden on a
Jr2r0ne of the LniikvlUn mernhnnt. a fan.
days elnoe, roceived from Barron County, Ky.,
ioi vi ginseng, in most or the roots of which
nails were driven to give additional weight to
mo urucio.
!aThe lnanuserints of Bwedonboro's writ
lDgs,oontaining sketches of his journey lu
Holland, in 1713, and sevoral of his mystioal
speculations have been disoovered in Stook
holm. .
. EST John L, Latimer accidentally eat his
hand while skinning a steer which had died
from poison, in BioomCeld, Conn. Tho hand
and arm commenced to swell instantly, and in
ejiuo oi luemoiH am ne aiea last trlduy.
tJT The Rev. J. R. Downey died at Luok-
now. India, fientanibor 1A. altnr n nlrlrn.
of six days, lie was one of five missionaries
sent out last Bprmg by the JUlssiary Kootety
nr,li- Hf.il 3 : . i. ' , ii i "
v. tun iii.iuvui.t nisuupai iuurcii.
Queen Viotoria hos received a ninir
nilioent present from the Maharajah of Cash
mere, bemira shawl tent cfintninmo- & htrl.
stead of solid gold. The value of this royal
gut is bunuu w oe aooni tiou,uuu.
ZSfX vessel arrived latelv at Puiret Sound.
from Japan, with a small eargo of Japanese
goods, and was about to load with lumber for
T , i.r i . . m ..
ia(ju. ine peopie oi naBnington xemtory
were elated with the hope of a new, near, and
excellent market opeu for lumber.
3JThe Vienna Qauetle publishes the defini
tive returns of the publio revenue and expen
diture for the year 1858, The receipts amounted
to 282,500,000 florins, and the expenditures to
3iv,u"u,uuuiiorins,showinga aeUcitof 35,500.
000 florins.
2JSMndsme de Puisieus says : "Curiosity
has mined more young girls than love;" and
Rooheborne remarks that ''Daughters who
wish to know too muoh about love, seldom
lose time in wishing to praotioe it."
gSSfiir. Edmond Ruffln, jr.. of Prince
George County, Va., last week, had his barn,
with two thousand bushols of wheat, stables,
four mules and two horses burnt. By this
calamity Mr. Ruflin loses about $8,009, on
which there was no insurance.
SJ-Lombardy , birth-place of pawnbrokers,
ia now herself iu pawn- Austria has ad
vanced ton millions, English, upon her. Mr.
T 1. 1- l. .'L1r 1 .T . r , .
x uuuu isjuurriDiy airaiu mat. poor jjomoarrry
will beanaddition to the number of his (riond
Louis Napoleon's unredeemed plodges.
SA colored child, livinar near Kevuort.
Monmouth County, died, very sttddenlva week
or two ago, and subsequent investigation
proved mat sue was actually Whipped to death.
Verk Applegato, in whose house the child
died, has been committed to jail, to answer
the charge.
The effort to oultivate the Japan plum
tree has proved successful in New Orleans.
The trees are now iu bloom, and the promise
is that this variety will eventually become
ono of the moBt profitable of the fruit bearing
trees. The first shrub was introduced into
the country from France in 1823, and lias
been growing common for abont three years
Dabiiq Attiupt to Rob a TsiABCBEa'a
Officii. A daring attempt was made to rob
the Treasurer's OtDoe of Warren County, lad..
on Friday morning. A Mr. Gregory, aroused
by hearing what appeared to be the report of
a pistol, thought perhaps some one had been
shot, and hurrying into the street, on going
out, the idea suggested Itself that persons
might be engaged in-robbing the Treasurer's
He ran to the door, and hearing a noise on
the Inside, hastened to awake Mr. Messnor,
the Troasurer, and one or two others, and in
company they returned to the office. The
burglars, However, nam become alarmed, and
fled through a back window, by which they
had effected an entrance. It was found that
the outside door of the safe had been blown
off, and that a quantity of tools wero lying
on the floor, with which they would soon have
opened the inner door and secured their
booty. A large sum of money was in the
safe, and if itnad not been for the opportune
arrival of Mr. Gregory the burglars would
nave been wen pam lor tneir labor.
AifOTMta Fatal Shooting ArrBAT im New
Obijukb. Charles Ludwig, a carpenter, was
shot and mortally wounded in New Orleans,
by one John Urenat, on Tuesday, without any
provocation. Brandt had taken out bis niatol.
as was bis oustom,andwas flourishing it about
in the presenoe of Ludwig, when the latter
told him to put it up, that he oonld not scare
anybody, and oonld not kill a rat with it.
urenrtt instantly piaoea. tne snuine witnin a
few feet of Ludwis's breast and fired, the ball
taking effect In his his breast. The wound, it
was thought, would prove mortal.
Mobdbb in PaHitavLVANiA. Henry Pritti, a
German, was found shot through the head in
Somerset County, Penn., last week, and though
the body was so arranged as to maka the
death appear a sulolde, a man namWEli Wan
ner and his wife hav e been arrested en oharge
ot the murder. ...
The Fatal Editorial Renconter in Nashville—
G, G. Poindexter, of the "Union
and American," Shot Dead Allen
A. Hall, of the "News."
The fact of the shooting of Q. 9. Polndexter,
of the Pnion and American, by Allen A. Hall,
of the JVsuis, in Nashville, Tennessee, on Fri
day, has been telegraphed here; but the Patriot
of Saturday has the partioulars of the tragedy:
Some six or eight days since political
controversy sprang up between the editors of
lh. Unum and .American and of the Nmt,
during which larjguago was used by both
parties whioh was respectively regardod as of
a personal nature. In the Union and Amtritan
of Thursday morning appeared the following
"The ohargos and insinuations against this
paper, contained In the leading editorial
artlole In the Nashville iVewi of yesterday, are
utterly destitute of truth. We cannot eonsent
to carry on a newspaper controversy with an
editor who utters calumnies against a eon
temporary trusting to the supposed privileges
of age to shield him from responsibility."
This paragraph led to an affray betweon
tho author of it, Mr. Poindexter, and Mr.
John Hall, the son of Mr. Allen A. Hall, of
the Nu, in which a few blows were ex
changed, but resulted in no hurt to either,
the parties beiug separated by the by-stand-ers.
Through their respective friends they
appointed a meeting for the same day, near
the Sulphur Spriug, ia the northern suburbs
of the eity. Both went to the appointed plaoe
of meeting, as we undorntand, but through a
misunderstanding as to the time, the meeting
did not take plaoe, Mr. Poindexter going in
the morning and Mr. Hall in the afternoon.
There the affair rostod until Friday morn
ing, when the curd published above, from the
Vninn and Amwitrin, nnpeared In the AW,,
with the following ouuimevt: "
Tho "charges" I mado ugainst tho VuUm
and American, lu the urtlolttof the JUm aive
ro I erred to, I eitablielied by andoniablo fts
thou and there adduced. I made no insinua
Tho assertion that I trust to the privileges
of age to shiold myself from responsibility for
any eiAiouienia i loaxe, is false and calumni
ous. He who mado the assertion trusts to the
pistol to shield from exposure tho misreore
senUtlons and falsehoods of the journal with
which he is oonneoted. That Is the plain Eng
lish of the matter. The shield he has selected
will prove insufflolent for his purpose. I shall
go on, as ( have bogus, with a thorough ex
posure of all misstatements. misreDresentatlona
and falsehoods whioh may appear in the 7nton
and Amwitnn, and whioh I may deem worthy
of notioo fully able and prepared to protect
my person against assault and to punish the
assailant. ALLEN A. HALL.
The Mr tol thus relates the aVmoMmunt of
the tragedy:
About the usual breakfast hour, Mr. Poin-
aoxter oauea at tne office or the iVsuw and in
quired for Mr. Hall, who had not yet some
dawn town. He oalled again about eight
o'olook, accompanied by two friends, and
again falling to find Mr. Hall at the office, ha,
wameu aown unerry-street to the neighbor
hood of Cetlnr, where he remained for perhaps
balf an hour, and then returned alone in the
direction of the tftvt office. When he had an
proaehed within some thirty or forty steps of
mo ooor, air. iiau, wno was warned or bis ap-
finwou, stepped out upon me pavement with a
double-barrel shot ttnn in his hand. He oalled
to Mr. Poindexter either two or three times to
stop, but the latter continuing to advance, he
leveled the gun and fired one barrel, the
oharge, whioh consisted of buok-shot, taking
eueoi, in jur. roinaexters breast and stomach,
and killing him almost Instantly. He was
conveyed within the Iaw-ofSoe of the Hon.
Andrew Bwing, in front of whioh he fell, and
thenoe to the residenoe of a friend. He did
not speak, we learn, after reoeiving the shot.
Spibitdalisv akd LiTiRABT Mbn. In a re-
oent letter to Mr. Charles Dickens. Mr. W.
Howitt says that the ghost of Capt. Wheat-
uivi., uisgwu uiuu.r wuu hub Kiuou oeiore
Delhi, appeared at the war office in London
and caused a correction to be made in there-
corded date of his death. The London cor
respondent of the Manchester Guardian says
that Mr. Howitt is iu error, and that there
was no gnosi at ail. out that on the death of
Capt. Wheatoroft a seoret marriage of his was
discovered. The same writer adds that Mr.
Howitt and his family are confirmed spiritu
alists and ghost-seers, and that Sir E. Bulwer
Lyttou is also a believer in spirits, mediums.
and the rest. Sir Edward is the author of a
story in a recent number of Blackwood, en
titled "Tho Haunted and the Haunters ; or,
i ne nouBe ana tne Jjram." xne theory of
this story is that minds at a distance can
manifest their will in a mysterious and awful
manner on the mindsof others present on the
scene of momentous actions in whioh the
haunter has borne a part.
A" Indiana Mail Robbbb aid Burolab
Captured in Memphis. A fellow named Wm.
H. Linn, aliai Wm. H. Hibbard, was arrested
in Memphis, on Wednesday, on eharge of rob
bing a jewelry store in Brookvllle, Indiana.
The burglary was perpetrated several months
Bgo, and Linn sucoeedsd in effecting his es
cape. The police in Memphis were telegraphed
description of his person, and requested to
look out for him, sis he was supposed to be
lurking somewhere in that vicinity. On Tues
day night Officer Batson, of Indiana, arrived
in that olty, and at onoe reoognized him as
the burglar, and accordingly Linn was arrested
and lodged in jail. Batson had a requisition
from Governor Willard, and Linn will be im
mediately taken to Indiana for trial. Though
youDg in years, this man is old in crime, and
during bis brief career of villainy has robbed
the mail in Indiana four different times, al
ways managing to escape justice.
Rsviioa or a Slanoirid Woman Dksfir-
atb attempt op a Iiiulr OouroaiToa to
Shoot a Prints; u. A yoarjjr woman, Sarah
Hubbard, a compositor in the Cleveland H-
vita office, attempted to noont Richard Moore,
a journeyman printer at work on the Plain-
Mifer. Jloore having traduced fiarah, and
refuted to make any oiplanatiou orretraetions.
sho bought a plptol, .ami waited for him, on
Thursday, to pasd her on tho streot. As ho
did so, she tired at and missed him, when
Moore wrenohed the pistol from her. She
prooured another, went to his boarding house,
and as he went out from supper, fired upon
him again the ball whistling through Moore's
hair. Sarah was deprived of this second "in
stehment of death," hut still breathed threats
Murder ob a Whits Man it Slavbs ti Iin-
nrsbbb. William Stephens, an old oitlien of
Lincoln County, was murdered last Thursday
night by negroes one of whom, at least, be
longed to him by having his head crushed in
with a handspike. After committing the act
they carried the body to tha river, erossed It
In a oanoe, and went to oave about half a
mile from the river, where they threw in the
oorpse. The negro belonging to Mr. 8. was
arrested,' and made a full confession, after
which he attempted to oat his own throat.
A Son; Kills His 1'atbbr. Thomas Red
mond, an old gentleman of considerable pro
perty, residing near; Wyliesburg, ia Charlotte
County, Va., was shot a few days since by his
son, aged eighteen, and died on Saturday last.
The son had had a dlffloulty with his lather,
who drove him from his house. The murderer
was arretted at ehuroh, and It now In jail.
A. Hall, of the "News." LATEST BY TELEGRAPH
England to Join the European
Garibaldi Incensed.
Tauao, N. 8., November The steam
ship Canada, with the Liverpool and London
mails of the 6th inst., and telegraphio si-,
vices eva Queenstown to Monday the 7th, ar
rived at Halifax this morning.
Liverpool, November 7. The Cotton in,r
kot is steady, and opens quietly under; tho
steamer Africa' t news.
London, November 7 SC. Consols
The political news is unimportant.
The above news was received pi-m Truro.
The express, with tho Associated Vress dis
patohes, will arrive at Saokville to-niKht.
The steamers Indian and ftity of Watkinjlon
arrived out on the 3d instant.
It is asserted that the Epgliilh Government
has consented to join the prop oted Kuropean
Congress for the settlement of the Italian dif
ficulty, and that France and England had
completely agreed on the basis of a treaty of
It is vaguely reported in the El tropean jour
nals that Garibaldi, in his interns w with kin;
Victor Emmanuel, made use of stt ong expres
sions, with regard to the proposed, sottleineni
of the present difficulties; that Italy had beori
betrayed bv her protended friendp, and that
he would bend a revolution of the people tc
carry out tho origins I plun.
The King of Witiiji:i proteotei against sueL
a procoedbir.
The (irvit Enttei'u arrived nfc Southampton.
From Richmond.
Richmond, November 19. The petition oi
John Brown for a writ of error to the judg
ment rendered by the Circuit Court of Jeffer
son County was presented to the Supreme
Court of Appeals yesterday. The Court to-day
refused to award a writ of error, bein x of tho
opinion that the Judgment of tho Circuit Court
is plainly right. The execution will tliereforu
take place, as appointed, on the 2d of Deaetn
bar. Judges Allen, Daniel, Marcure, Lee and
nooertson on mo Denoh.
Troops leave) for Charlestown In the mom
ing, in eonsequenoe of dispatohes from Colonel
iavit to uorernor wise. There is great ex
citemeat In the city to-night.
Alexandria, Novenuber 19. This town Im
muoh excited iu consetiuence of the diuDatehe:
from Colonel Davis to Governor Wise, calling
for additional troops.
Richmond, November 1911 P. M. Tho
first regiment of volunteers, four hundred
strong, left at nine o'olook this evening for
Charlestown. Governor Wise is a passenger.
Orders have been tont to Washington for
Governor Wise's disjiatohes from Colonel
iavis state mat a Body ft arm en men is ap-
. , L : m . V. - J . . , . c l .r i ,. .
jiruauuiiig tfoiu iue uireeuou oi ivneeiing.
Important from the Rio Grande.
New Orlsians, November 19. The Indian
ola CnrieT of the 12th inst. (ays that an ex
press from the Sheriff of Nueces County had
arrived, reporting that Cortinas, with 1,500
men and nine oannon, has full possession of
ine mo uranae.
From Brownsvillo, Roma and his forces are
soonnng all the surrounding .country. All tho
mail-communications west of the Nueces aro
tald to be out off. Corpus Christ! is, however,
not threatened.
Captain Tobin, with ons hundred men from
Corpus Chrlsti, had been defeated, and it is
feared that his retreat is out off. The reports
are conflicting, and probably very muoh exag
gerated. The latest reliable aooounts are by
New Orleans merchants who left Brownsville
on the 4th inst, when affairs were unohanged.
General Twiggs telegraphed the Government
yesterday in relation to the matter.
All Quiet at Charlestown.
Cbarlestown, November 19. All Is now
quiet in this town, but the military forces are
augmenting. The barns, stock yards and im
plements, amounting in value to several thou
sand dollars, belonging to Messrs. John Burns,
George H. Tate and Mr. Shirley, all of whom
were jurors in the recent trials, have been
Hen. Alexander Hunter professes to be eon-
vinocd that an attempt Will be made to rescue
the prisoners, and a letter from Urbana, Ohio,
addressed to Brown, written in ciphers, whioh
has been deciphered, telle him to keen in rood
spirits; that his friends are mustering and will
drop along one at a tiino.
Colonel Davis telegraphed to-day for five
hundred additional men.
River News.
19 M. River four
feet ten Inches by the pier-mark, and standing.
Weather wet.
PiTTBStiRn, November 19 P. M. River
unohanged ainoe noon. Weather wet.
LotnaviLLi, November 19 P. M. River
risen twelve inohes in the past twenty-four
hours, and is now rising slowly, with five feet
six inches in the Canal.
Outward Bound.
New Toei, November 19. The steamship
Vanderbill sailed for Southampton and Havre
to-day, taking out $800,000 in speole.
M intebal, November 19. The steamship
North American tailed from Quebea at ten
o'olook this morning with one hundred pas
sengers. The wind is strong east. Weather
very mild, and raining hard since last evening.
Aid for Brownsville.
Wasbinoton, November 19. Tho Now Or
leans rUoyitne of Tuesday says th.it the m-r-chnuts
of Now OrloarjH, interealeil in tlie liio
Grande trade, will, should thoro bo a nexeiidity
to do' so, tit out, at tboir ovin expense, one
hundred, ariiicd men for the protection ol
Brownoville and t!io adjacent settlemonta.
The rertoubtablo J-;.x-Uovornor Viuaurn Has
arrived at Sun Antonio.
Fatal Railroad Accident.
Bai.tiwobb, November 19. An aooident oo-
eurred this afternoon to a train on the North
ern and Central Railroad, about six miles from
this oity, oaused by the sproadlng of the traok,
whioh threw the train off. The conductor,
Alfred Crawford, was killed. He is a brother
of Mr. Crawford, Tioket Agent of a Phila
delphia Road. The passengers escaped with
out injury. -
New York City Politics.
New Tobe, 19. The Tammany
Hall Convention this evening nominated Wm.
Uayemver ror Mayor, and BamuelJ. Til-
den for Corporation Council.
From Boston.
November IS. Marshall 8. Perry.
a distinguished physician, died last night.
The uitiiens's Committee of sixty has nomi
nated Mayor Linooln for re-cleotlon.
The Latest from Brownsville.
OaLiANSj 19. Advioes
Braios to the 4th inst. state that Brownsville
bad not been taken on the evening of the Id.
Important News from Washington—
Important News from Washington— The Northern States of Mexico to be
Seized—.Troops to Rendezvous at Fort
.?Jv. J"'UI8' Novomber 19.-A special dis
thf n, om WMb'ogton to the Krpublitan says
inai in .Government this morning determined
u . i.the Northo" Statetof Mexico, and
?. ,nTbeniMuert for six companies of
7 af,illery fro,a Fort Monroe, and two of
t m artillerJr an1 three of infantry, from Fort
e .venworth, to proceed immediately to
ot ownsville.
The ItepMimn learns that Colonel Sumnor,
be conimRnder of tbia Department, tele
graphed to Fort Leavenworth, thisafternoon,
lor the prompt movement of troops, in ooin
pliance with this order, and in a week, if
necessary, these troops will be in New Or
leans, W'ea intimates that security for
tho future will bo wanted in a better boundary
than that established by tho Rio Grande.
Invasion of Virginia.
. Baltimore, November 19. Humors nra ;,,
circulation that a body of armed men arc
oroMiiiij, or have crosaed, the Ohio at or near
Wamme, November 19. No armed men
have crossed the river here, nor arethero anv
rumors ot them crossing near this place. '
Arrest of a Supposed Insurgent.
November ll).-The Alexan
dria ( a.) Skntiurl, of this morning, navy u
mau was arreatod iu thateity yasterdiiy , hu
inj been reconid a ono of Brown's men
m tha Harper's Ferry riot. He waa eorainit
tO'l to jail toavra.it further identification.
United States Troops Ordered to Brownsville.
Ml If. '
Nuiii'-oi.t, '.aiber, li. KimM cr.uiM:. :
V f"J,!r"' '-to"P linvo knu GNlrral from Oiil
.1 mill lo liowii.svili. '('lift- will I x
modiatvli' tuidtr tho ojiiluuml of Coloiwl
Paoira op. Skwi.no Maohisks. The erec
tiou tf eeveral fine storm ami mam,ni. m.
ufa.otories by the sewing machine men iudi
eMes the demand that is springing up all over
'.ha lUinnb. fn. IV... 1-1:' -.. . .,
-....J lutHi juuieponsauie nouBenoiu
engines. The number of tham sold last year
j itiauiui; inaDuiaoiurors is enormous.
or the twelvemonth ending July 1, Wheeler &
Wilson disposed of 15,774; I. M. Singer 4 Co.,
,728 j GrovorA Baker, R,823; A. B.Howe,
531 i Ladd & Webster, 138; Bartholf & Co.
712 ; Leavitt A Co.. 22S Whit
-'i uiamng a lotai or 37,442. Mr. jtSlia
Howe, to whom each manufacturer pays tribut
ior nit look-stich, has an enormous income
tneretroin. one periodical has stated that it
amounts to $100,000, but at five dollars for
eaoh machine it amounted last year to $187,
210 j whioh is a sum equal to the interest ol
seven per cent, on $1,428,570 for twolve month?
is the first oase, and of $100,009 annual leoomo
on $2,674,000 in the lattor a vast fortune;
Abbonaot Lown and thn Mamuotii Bal
loon. The inflation of the largo balloon,
"City of New Tork," at the Crystal Palaoc
Ground?,was yesterday afternoon recommenoed,
for the last time. The process of inflation wili
be gradually procoedod with until Saturdaj
morning, when the qasntity of gas desired will
be inforoed into the gas envelope by means ol
a powerful pump, whioh has been plaoed on
the immonse pipe that is to supply tho balloon.
Professor Lowo has oxpressod his Intention ol
starting on his proposed transatlantic trip on
Saturday afternoon, unless the weathor is ex
oeedingly unpropitlous. The arrangements
are nearly perfected, and we learn that the
Professor has evinoed considerable displeasure
at the unavoidable delav occasioned JV. Y
Sim, Nov. 19.
A Scuool Tbacbbb Killed by two Botb in
Texas. W. D. Gillespie, of Harrison Countv.
wat murdered in the vioinity of hit residenoe,
by two boys, aged respectively fifteen and
eighteen years, Crookett and Boss Henderson.
G. was returning home after the dismissal of
his school, and was within quarter of a mill
ot his homo, when the youthful assassins
stepped from behind trees and killed him.
lie survived about two hours and a-half, and
related before his death all the particulars.
Gillespie had been a witness In the suit of the
btate against John Hall for shooting Mason,
whom Hallchnrgod with having criminal inter
course with his wife, the mothor of those boys,
ami nau given testimony anectlng tier repute
GbacbGriknwoouon DnEas-BBroBM. Grase
Greenwood lectured at Treuiont Temple, Id
Boston, last week, on "The Horoio in Common
Life." She spoke of the "dress-reform"
movement very contemptuously, remarking:
"I have had my heroio moments, when I even
dreamed myself equal to the rolt of "Joan ol
Aro" and "Grace Darltnc;" but never, in my
utmost exaltation, have I felt capable of
loaning in mis uesperate enort to row agalutt
tne winu ana uae, pernaps tne moantainous
billows, oi ridioule. I might bo tortured bv
the pin-pricks of newspaper wit, and 'Wile
amid my pain; 1 might be out by high
insuiou, aua survive; out l must confess,
Young America en the street-corner would
appal me I"
Da. Chbeveu's Renarkabli Lbttdr. The
reuiRrkable letter from the Rev. Dr. Cheever,
of Now Tork. soliciting1 aid of the British
abolitionists to help him to carry on the war
against slavery from the pulpit, is awakening
the attention that it deaorves, both for its Pa
charitable ami anti-Christian temper, and the
slanders it contains npru.inst every other Chris
tian denomination. JUis own ehuroh, even, ia
indigunnt; and the Trusluos held a meeting on
Monday, when resolutions wore adopted con
demning the Appeal for funds made to tbc
people ul hnglnnrt by Dr. Cheever and Misi
Johmitono, and disowning; all renponslbilit
for the acts of Mies Johnstone as author
ized by tbo Society or it! IVustoes..
Taa Saw York H'iAio4,U.tnsiiM! Pow.v'
lifcnuol, of tim .No-' York If-mtd, lnonr.oed
with a libfll auii. for nlit-irially. ohaitrini;
Thurlow Vv'ced iril.lt K'iiur ccneoriieit iu tilt-sliivo-lraue,
tlius iiwVi iloivn in bis papor oi
Thursdiiy: "Wo, tlioi-oloro, unhosilatiDgly
liolievo and stiito that he was no nioro ooii
oerncd in the slave-trade than tho Southern
Democracy and Southern statesmen, or Mr.
Buchanan's Administration, and thus we
restore our amiable co temporary to his usual
peace of mind and good standing in the com
munity. Stetson, of the Astor, will please to
empty one of his best bottles on this point."
A Dkvil-uat-cari Nkobo Hugo. On Tues
day a negro was hung at Raleigh, in Shelby
bounty, Tenn., for the murder ofa white man
sometime last summer. Thenegroconduoted
himself on the gallows with the utmost in
difference as to liia fate, declaring his Inno
cence to the last. After tho rope had been
plaoed around his neck, he made a speech to
the spectators, sang a long, and when the
time had expired was swung off.
A Sdimctid Abolitionist Pltinq raoxVio.
unci. A man calling himself Clark went to
Rappshannook County, Va., two months age,
and obtained work, bat. in about two weeks
was detected in a deserted bam with about
sixty negroes, to whom, he said, ha was giving
a concert. When the Harper's Ferry newt
readied thero, the eitiient assembled to lynota
him, bat the fellow escaped.
' TCHMg-iCASH.' r
Advertisements not exceeding five Uaes(Aata
OnelnaertlOB..... w One ft
Iwo wea.. no One ..b. , ,., " ''
Larger advertisements Inserted at the following
ratw for senate of tea Unes or less i
Wne Insertlou SO I Two watt. ,,, gaj
Kach addi-nal lus M Three weelJEZZZ M
One week........M. 1 ' lii- mmnh . gg
Uob Printinpr;,
in all Its branch., dona with Dratnees and 'Hirpntca
December T, letSS.
..',!j0 PUl'He thr o wasuiis, uud owing to its t.'D.
iilaritrand Incieawd deniuiid, wh lmvu b,,.n ,,.
p'.'llnl to make two more i.i!aliiiii!i M mi
c.iniBi.-ti., BiulHlilf, tn.m the sui.illc-.it Uu. ii im ,,
iho lnrK'.)t i hi-H lX'ar'lin:;-Jiiurii) Ttm n. , i iy
thcHn Mrnfs hum ttnim'U lor I h.-nisi-l, ... n. i v'j
n,ohl6Jl)-npri'"Claiiil,as ovenr faiinlv havinrtim
lu una can truly ti'-dify
i P'imi.iou Tliopnnoc wr tliel
i.iiimty will, Ihi. I.t h.-fu
iiurueirnui iiiiiiuiiM Biinp. tliuWH.,Hol Uifi-t
(ju.i.-i'.;oii can only i:i,)0;
Miii-il a I'lTii.iu:! Ill
I:ivi ifivs, i', i,i-itio, a ,v itl:!uuu: :iivein,
l Q O '
- O O O
W e tec ; leave, mont respectfully, to offer tho follow-
lug cmtilicatoH ant reference uf inmillim using tiio
A I tator which will, at a glance, remuvp ml doubts
of it. intrinsic uiei its;
Kor mmemoiiihslhave been tislug the Alllirator
Coal (mohIuk Stove. Its superior cooking oiiulitii-s.
combined wlthiteclcanlIiehK,niustevenluii,iyKvuro
to the owners a largo share af public jatrnnimH
I have bean nslng one of Mens. Adanw & I'm,
over's AllluatorCnuk Sluve.fnr ...n, .. ,.
gives entire satlslnction in evory rospeot, iiiiii can
cheerfully recommend it to those who are In went of
a superior cook stove. II. H I.KAVITT
For the last year I have been using theAlllsat'or
Uial Gooklug Stove, manufactured by Messrs. Adams
& I'ockuvor, which 1 consider a superior stove, and
gives tho titmnet satisfaction. It l the only stive I
havo found that cooks perfectly with coal.
. .tu UKNIty VAhLKTTE. ..
For some time past I have been using ououf MrsKrs.
Adams A iockuver's Alligator Ooal Oouklug Btovee. ;
and can recommend them as being a superior stove.
giving entire satisfaction In every respect. '
T ch,,rnii. iJ0.S- BD.?KLL Uoal merchant
I chcerfolly indorse the above.
-. JOHN K Ell 1. If I!
ITon. Judge McLean, Cllf- Joseph W.Wavuo.S'.M, sth
Uon JudgoXeavltt, 83 E.
Judge Van liam, 203
Judge Hoadly, 270 3d,
llcv. W. 8. Kennedy, u
in. urooKS, tut,
An mm
J. 1. Jones, M Fourth, .
Dr. Korton, 3S4 Tonrtb,
Cln.Onihan Asylum.Slm, Jos. Talbott, Ml7in. . - '
John Kebler, 319 4th, Bu.Qotxandaner, i;B Smith
&b8l?.l.thi Qr,n f Wnooln, Sat. Williams, wal.Htllg.
n.yBllette,M7 4th, Mrs. Kyland,324 tth.'
S''W'w'dale, Mrs. Uow)tt,4IK.4t i,
II. B. Funk, 205 V no, Mrs. M. P. Taylor. 2Kb fcoo.
Jos. ilushnell.coalnior. Jlrs. Mcl'hereoa.S. B.cor!
.las. Kspy, 2iW4th, BUtl, and Jiace,
J. JoUrey, lug. (Jas Wks, A. A. Olark, Times office,
T iliftIU"? bt0,',r"TP. P. I'. Weaver, 3M John,
A. W. Francisco, l'rena J. P. tt hliman, wash-
UltlCe. itlfftnn liiHt.ifiila
jr. ivuiaer, on Bin,
u.. uyii,, ll.M.IM.
A; 1W.eCom.I,,.,'i", John A.Hook.aiiOaorge
W. 11. Veils, Cin'tlType IT. F.Jtroi.ks, Mil John
B.U.Uos,2S4Longworlh, H. Hack man
Uhss. Ohadwick. H 4th.
(Ihna 4ii,irlian .., i.l.
T. W. Hgrague, IM 7th,
Mr. Ilonghton, lfto Sih,
Wm.Oomstock, 2el 4th,
tt. Hole, 361 7th,
J. Harvey, 207 Longworth
JohuC. Morris, 113 Mill.
J. A. Stacy, 444lh,
Oibson A iB.'jDonsld, Vino
llHRnlMnrMh. l..,.....
John AnrierHnn.4iajtli: lfl.m I) I. ,......! ,.
fc"S!nfn0?ll",ll"lli J- a- Ifulweller, Long'
JV. W Woods, 44114th, worth and WestoriT-row.
John Tanner, Wrlghtson B. K. 7us'th;u row'
A Oo.'s Hunting olBce. Alf. Burnett, 164 Sth,
James S. KtUKC. 157 atb, nol
Oysters for Thanksgiving.
tiSkMll WISH MYf&
fiJfl.Tfir friends to remember that
VJiar st 2-'3 Walnut-street, a rw
door; above Sixth, I am telling iho finest vjvt..ra
ever brought Vei, clean and carefully jnt up, c.hoirn
ano seloctnd, at my usual moderate chargm. OrUera
rvoeWfld ditllrhrthA Aitftma - 9
press Company, in whole ami half cans.
All Oysters sold warranteil fresh and of
the very heat qnality. J. B, OWINQS,
Afient, Ho. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Main
',nd Walnut-streets.
N. B. The trade supplied on the
moat liberal
-AT- "
pi7,,lw(?.d.ttily' VWi Mahonr A tlo.'s Ulobrated
riantwl Ji8tnra,wblcb I aui stllingat uiipiundii,d
"V ' down. lvrs uud Fumllie,
mSI nv1',A',.r'i'!' OyHw, will fimm send
their crdivra. Attached to this establishment ia a
w.W. ' !??toM Sa0O". where you can have
Oysters Looked in every style, and served up In a
ca .and superior niannor. Charges 'ess than iitany
other plaoe. LcWJ JOHN MA1KN.
Oyster Importing House.
pllK SHBS0r.IBEIl IS NOW ItiL'L'Iv'-
IKG daily, per t.w. b! sKdi,l t.,,lM
oiii1h'..( itrmnwn-pntn In Mltini..i.. nri
il'truist evten-l. :..!,;, I w,ii Hi nil t.ii.Wtii-g
li .lei'Ti'ti Im. crer-s"-.l lo i-.m. ji my innvi?, ",,il
'i'',T,t1,.'"!l"k""1' tb.v Bloat '.)K I Hiroi'tf
I A iii.tt.,rte.I u the vii.fi (li f. Kw i.t '
in. very test iiiie,rteil. Groat iuduciiiauu cir-rod
it tliui liiirtlni.liouMi.
Order aiolicited aud primitly filled. 'tVruin citsh.
u , ' " I PK'i'lift 4 AVAi.XA,
..?!'" Boli,. Iiujiormr aud FrupHoiur.
dealbb is
arX fmJ vBEsa cam
Spioed Oyiten.
Bv.llL1i2PAI,:,Tbih?..A,,m, "!, MALT.
BX'S world-renowned Baltimore .
Fresh Can, Xegand jSlieU Oysten.
E0BXBT Agent '
: Depot, 11 West flfth-street '
nd nnnNHEi.i.on at t.iw, u
Commissioner of the Superior and Common floss ,
..v..!.. ,inu. umiuiui, nvnm we aoraeror n.in
..tr.t.. ... - , T -

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