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"WANTS." ' HAT.K." "TO LET." "LOST."
"FO0ND,"Ac.,ln thlscolnmn, occupying (Its lins
or ifra,rwo insertions, iwemr-u re oenis.
m aoijiij injfunMAiiuw as to a
.7 . good locality for opening Private School
tor little children. Correspondents (town or country )
will iJmm ajlHi-M. "inn. " D ti -I l .1 1 1
w iiu nw"
. . Jn 0i,1 ntl immx)ltlr at No. 80 Pearl-
I umiH'i
ANTBD GIRL Apply at 456 Ninth-
TTJRrc-Sitltable for a young mm to lit up
cheap, at M Main -street. no2ll
1UANTBD-B0Y A imart Bot. who is
W willing to wort. Apply immadlatsly at tha
' limp Millinery Btore.No. 18 Wont Fifth-street, near
".mil. no2to
and OKNAMKNTEB. Apply immediately
.-..mum m ronny tress. aoiw
ooglne, by a temperate and industrious man,
or over twonty years' exnerlence am maehlni.t mi
nginaer. It used to setting; up engines and other
IVivtSn17'!. Besl reference given. Address EH-
rtuny trees unice. nolvb'
WANTED A good Cook, Washer and
Ironer, to go to the country.
... 8. 8. CARPENTER,
nol9h No. M Wat Thirri..iA.
17"ANTED-8ITUATION-By a young
m Mo drive a on e or two-horse wagon for a
Ri ocnry, dry goodi house, hotel, manufactory or ex-
A1!1 thoc"y A.di-eM A.M. H., thfr office, noitfb
w enatern part of the cltjr, by a prompt pay tag
tenant. Address HABVEY, Prise Office. nol9b
til.7- n,e"tabH"hinetit where eonatant work of the
Hind can be had. Inquire for W. 0. MoO. at M East
- intelligence office. Al.o, a flrat-olua
Boy to run of errands, who haa a good education.
TANTFD-HELP-A young man to
..r, i ttt?,(,c,re of horses and make himself otherwise
,.i,:i1,, A1"' several girls to rill good situation In
VI wnntry. Apply at the General Intelligence
bency. No. 382 Westoru-row.
. noil-h A.D.CARBON ACQ.
m7"ANTED SITUATION By a, young
w lady, either In a school or in a private family,
teacher of mualc. She is capable of giving In
structions on the piano, harp and guitar. No
objection i to the country. Small salary expected.
AddrwB MARY, care of box 422,Glnclnnatl Postofflce.
. nol-tfj
y ANTED ROOMS By a gentleman
w and wife, two rooma In a quiet part of the
nty;one must be suitable for a kitchen; rent mode-
. ...H..WJ.,atHM vmva. UOI0-Q-
VJ ANTED Clerks, boot-keepers, sales
w w men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, can find aitua
tioua at the Merchants' Olerki Regiatry Cfflce, 138
Walnut-street. no21b TBALK tc oh.
. ""n wishes to get work; he haa worked at the
trade before. Address C. C, at this offlce-it will
Pe attended to. no21-b
WQ engage in circulating by lubsoriptlon,
. some new highly ornamental and entertnlning
Huoka, MapB, Charts, Ac. Men now operating clear
from 3 to flWper month. Cull and examrne the
etock aiid got a desorlptlve circular, look at testimo
nials of agents now opperatlng, Ac.
Consultation free. Call soon.
MACK R. BARNIT7,, PnblUer,
ocyam 3W. th Street, (up stairs.)
fclOR RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
road, law or Insurance offlcea, on second and
i bird doors, in four-story building opposite the
rroea Onion. The building nnelbeen newly re-pninteri
Mi re pnpered. All in good older. Apply at the
rteaa OrBue. noi9
venlent three-story dwelllng-houae, In good re
piilr, with all the modern Improvements. Price $180.
uol?'! Mo. 31 Second-street.
lOH RENT The Beoond and third stories
- of the eommcdtoaa Briok Building known as
FRANK LI 8 HALL, uu the south-east corner of
Bjcauioro and Sixth -streets. Apply on the prem
ieato HANNAH A If ON. nolobw
iOK RJ5NT Front OFFICE and good
- CKLLAB-100 by 23 feet. Apply to
nnilht No. 12 Front-st., lrat. Alain and Walnut.
- First Class Donbln-Thread Hewing Machines, at
fail each. A great bargain. (Jnll immediately at
JEHSUF'8 MOllRNINd STOKE, JTourth-etreet,
opposite Shllllto A Co.'s. nol2am
30ARDING A gentleman and wife, or
MM two or three single gentlemen, can be accom
modated with a pleasant room and board at Mo. 398
West riftb-street. Day-boarding, $2 per week.
BOARDING) Large, airy unfurnished
ltooma for families, and hoarding and lodging
inr in if le gentlemen, at 177 Sycamore-street, be
tneen fifth and tilth, west side.
nol7uw T. A. BOWK.
Oflloe 08 Broadways Mew York,
L entire profits, pro rata, among Its Policy Hold-
rrs, lognl interest (7 per cent, only) is paid on it
stock, which may, by Investment, reproduce about
utti. Huiuuut, kue(-i'f si'uS luvwnuivuau iuohij.
vantage of the t-u v Mutual ttytttem, with the
pledge of a Perpetunl 1 npital Ktoclt and the added
security that Its Board of Directors have a Perma
nent Monnyed Interest in conduct1 og Its affairs with
prudence and striot economy.
I ts rates are based upon the moat approved English
I kbit's of mortality, verified by Amerioan experience
to the present time.
Hr the Charter, Divldende to the Assured are to be
declared every five years, and may be applied to the
reduction of premium, or will bo credited upon the
policy, thereby Increasing the amount Insured.
Parties desiring to insure will be furnished with
the Society'! publications, rates, Ac., gratis, upon ap
plication to the Agent.
Hon. WILLIAM 0. ALEXANDER, President.
II ENRT B. IIYDK.Vice President.
KiiWARD P. W1LLIAM8, Secretary,
We, the undersigned, take pleasure In stating that
"Tho Knultable Life Assurance Hooietv." of Nw
..rfVork, represented in this city by David A.Trnax.Eaq.,
in eniiroiy wormy Mtu cuuiiuence ui ruia oommunnyf
and that the combination of the Mutual and Joint
Htork principle as by them presented render this
Company one of the most desirable for insurers In
the country:
Mtedman, Carlisle A Shaw, Stanhope 8. Bowe,
.1. H. Cheneweth & Co., 8. H. LrHommedleu,
H lacbley, Simpson A Co., D. W. Corwiu,
Thompaon A Taaffe, H. B. Spencer.
3i West Third-street, Basement Maaonic Tempi
0021 nm ! . - . Mxamlninst Physician.
M- receipt, per the Adams Kxpreae, of an inexhauat
Ible supply of MALTIIY'B celebrated Knd unrivftled
BnltiiaoreCan Oysters, put np especial I,t for Thanks
giving, of the choicest of Oyaters, utisellnnt Savor,
superior iiuality, and of. extra aim. Will be war
ranted as fresh and sweet as when taken from their
briny bsda.
Thn No Plus Ultra of Oysters, Tauri.i Suects,
branded 0. 8. M., will be uncommonly large, and of
the most delicious flavor.
Orders left at the Old Established Depot, No. 11
West Fifth-street, - at any time before or on
Thanksgiving Day, will secure every one a full supply
!' the FINEST BIVALVES ever brought to the
Qneen City. Orders solicited and prompt! filled.
Don't fail to leave your orders in time.
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
Of every description, which I em selling at a srus"
advance en New York (rices, wholesale and retal'
J. WEBB, Jr.,
set ' 194 fifth-street, bet, Baceand Elm.
..NOfiiiUIlBR 91
Don't forget that the Penny
Preai la the medium throiigli which to
make known your wanle! Advertise
menta of five lliiee and lest, Inserted
twice for tweuty-fi ve cental
enny Press to be had every
morning' at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent.
Nkw Books. Rickey, Mallory fc Co. are
in receipt of many new books. Bee adver
tiaement. . ,
rfmiitiAL. Forty-six marriage licenses
were lamed daring the week, ending Saturday
last, againtt forty-eight for the week previous.
Robt. Cwrks Co. The firm of Robert
Clarke k Co., 6i West Fourth-street, is in
reoeipt of all the new publications of the
day, some of whioh they announce in another
BmsriT 00 ths Widows' Horn The Cin
cinnati Street Railroad Company, it is said,
intends devoting the entire reoeipts of their
road on Thursday nezt for the benefit of the
Widows' Home.
Cloaks. Wilson, 'at 78 West Fourth-street,
is daily making additions to his attractive
stock of velvet and cloth cloaks, Misses'
cloaks, shawls, dreBs trimmings and millinery
goods. See advertisement.
D., fl. k C This enterprising firm are out
with another bulletin of fresh goods, whioh
see in another column. At Deland, Gossage
Cuyler's will always be found the freshest
and cheapest goods in the market.
Fob Rrnt. Rooms on seoond and third
floors, In the bnilding immediately opposite
limy Prcu, suitable for law, mediosl, insur
ance or railroad offices. All have been newly
painted and papered. Apply at Penny ,
Bju Oystrrs. S. S. Waggoner, No. 203
Western-row, above Fifth, is receiving somo
of the finest specimens of big, fat oyBters, for
Thanksgiving, that we have seen this season.
Call and leave your orders in time.
MTgoitor,oorCAL Orskkvitions for the
Penny iVM, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
West Fourth-street.
, , t November 20, 18.19.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer
7 A. M 29.6.r, 44
12 m 2j.o2
6 P. M ..HI.M Is
Y. M. M. L. AaaooiATioif Lioturks, Tho
second lecture of tha winter courso, before the
Young Men's Mcrcnntilo Library Association,
will be delivered this evening at Smith &
Nixon's Hall, by Kev. Stuart Robinson, of
Louisville. Hi subjeob "(Jormlnal Ideas of
American Civilization" and his woil-known
reputation as a minister will doubtlosa insure
him a large audience.
Buoov Drmomshud bt a Strrkt Uailroai
Cab. A buggy was demolished on the corner
of Seventh and Plum-stroet yesterday after
noon by one of tho cars on tho Cincinnati
Streot Railronrl. A couplo of men attempted
to drive across the track and tho tongue of
the car caught in the wheels, throwing them
ouland rendering their vehiolo wholly unfit for
service. Fortunately no person was injured,
although one of the horses was considerably
hurt. J
Coal Oil. The most popular oil now for
illuminating is oertainly the ooal oil, whioh is
ranidlv takinir the nlaea nf IatH nil. .nl.if .i
other flammable fluids so long depended on by
toe nonsewue uemea trie luxury of gas. It
gives a brilliant light, and, as burnt in the
lamni sold bv M. Robins, ir.. Jt. On .1 nr
352 West Fifth-street, between John and
Smith, gives tha most unexceptionable and
agreeable light we ever witnessed. It is a
very economical light.
Otpf Bnnit Stoke A. A. tfalln if.
-- - . 1 j w, j j , 1.1 i v 1
opened, at No. 28 West Fourth-street what
10 wrmeu iu me bus lorn vines a "UIH Book
Storo." where fin v nnA whn hirira Knnl nnat
ing one dollar and upward is entitled to
buiub gut, wuieii goes who it, we knoiv
nothing of the mode of distribution, but we
hfld ACUlflr AVtHnnCA. ftatllTrlov tnQ nr -
man buyinga book for one dollar and twenty
five eontfl and 17.1tt.in0 with ik a ladl.. .A, -r
n n " ... vi 1-j do, 1 1 1
jewelry valued at fifteen dollars. They have
iuiw vk guuui won. iiav.
NewsAbknct oh ihh Cincinnati, Hamil
tos AMD Dayton Hiir.nnin Tn.,!,r ,i
hereafter, Kahn t Brother, both energetic
yuuug juou, win nave enure control or tho
news aeencv on this road, and irtjinil fnmi.t,.
ing, at eaoh of tho stations on the route, all the
lfi.Ant ttwtA I.--. . t: 1 1 ,
auu uvd, S1QITB H1U llieriiTJ puDllO&UOnS
Any person along the road wishing to obtain
the Pskss oan do so by paying these gentle
men the sum of twenty-five cents per month,
when it will be delivered punctually every
morning, on the arrival of the first train.
A Man KsnniKn T)nwat im Unnonr, a
man named Alexander Struvo, who rosidoa
some piace in tne I'eerereek Valley, was
knocked down while on his way home, at a
late hour on Saturday night, and robbed of
hia port-monnaie containing about $20, and
a watoh worth $30 or $40. He was found
soma hours afterward nnrl anaiatjl n Via
home by some persona who happened to be
passing that way, but he was only semi
conscious, and his injurios are of such a na
ture as to render it almost impossible for him
to leave nis room ior a considerable length of
Having Srunroos Mokkt in Posskssion.
On Fridav nicht last, a man nam.fl Tok
Henderson, who asserted that he was from
uayion, was arrentea at a Dagnio on Bremen
street, charged with having counterfeit
money in hie possession, and taken to tho
Bremen-street Station-house. On his person
wore found one hundred and forty-five dol
lars on the Citizen's Bank of Gosport, Ind.,
whioh, as every body knows, is broken,
worthless institution, and flftosn ilnllsra
counterfeit money ou the Bank of Zanesville.
11 L . t , r m . .
jrae waa rjeiore iiuage jjowe on oaturday, and
held in the sum of $350 for further examina
tion this morning.
Ssaiorjs Aooidknt to a Woman. A poor
washerwoman named Brinkley, residing at
No. 67 Court-street, fell down a pair of stairs,
at No. 347 Western-row, a few days ago, and
besides injuring herself internally, quito so
veroly broke his right arm. Her wounds were
attended to by a kind hearted physician, who
has reported her case to the Relief Union, but
that body, as yet, has taken no notice of the
matter. She has been represented to ns as in
every way worthy the sympathy of the benev
olent, and, having a family entirely depend
ant upon her for their support, any kindness
whleh may be extended to her, we are assured,
will not be misplaced.
Prison, Jail and HosriTAb. In the City
Prison, at the ojoge of the week, there were 140
prisoners, (75 or hem females,) against 155
the previous week. During the week 55 pris
oners were discharged.
In tha County Jail there were 8 lunatics;
24 females; 2 on bread and water; 19 on chain
gang; 79 in main jail 131 is all, against 134
the week previous.
At the Commercial Hospital 20 persona were
admitted during the week; 17 discharged; none
born, and 3 died John Kelly, Annie Barbara
and Lorenzo Steigler.
In the Hospital last evening 138 patients
were under treatment, against 132 the previous
At the close of the past week there was but
one case of small-pox in the Feat-house.
Weather, Beam ass and Am obemintb. The
weawor auring tne past week waa very Irreg
ular, opening with sleet and snow, and dosing
with warm and copious rains, Interposed with
spring-like daya and ; beautiful moonlight
nights. All the seasons were represented, and
he must have been incapable of gratification
who was not pleased with the variety afforded.
Business improved during the week, and, the
packing season having fairly opened on Sun
day, the 13th, an increased animation was lent
to commercial circles. The principal thorough
fares were bustling, and our mercantile houses
wore a lively appearanoe.
The arrivals were more numerous than dar
ing the week previous, and the leading eities
were represented at our dozen large hotels.
A number of hog-dealers from the rural dis
tricts have made their appearance in town,
and by their grotesque semblance and bnoolie
manners attract no little attention from the
metropolitans who pass them in the orowded
thoroughfares. '
The theaters and other places of amuse
ment have been well patronised j the princi
pal event of the week being the opening of
the Opera-house, with a fine company, for a
dramatic season. The dancing era has be
gun, and as we wend our way homeward
(home is where the trank is) in the early hours
of the morning, we hear the sound of merry
music from different balls, keeping time to
light-hearted beings in the graceful quadrille,
the animated sohottische and the voluptuous
llTheoityia growing more and more lively,
and the 'season of tweei and drawing-room
entertainments, of parties and masquerades,
will be inaugurated in a brief while. In the
mean time, our belles are perplexing modistes,
milliners, and dry-goods clerks, prepatory to
entering the ienu monde with superior ecini,
augmented glory and entirely Irresitible fasci
nation. Rev. Rtttaht Ttnarwanw ah -it. r......
. a. .nm vaamu
Church. Rev. Stuart Robtnaon, of Louisville,
nreaoaeu yesterday morning, at the Central
Presbyterian Churoh, to a very large audience.
His text was taken from that part of the 18th
chapter of the First Book of Kings whieh de
scribes the destruction of the prophets of Baal
by Elijah.
We have not apace to give even the merest
abstract of the sermon, whioh waa very long,
but was listened to with attention.
The purpose and aim of the address was to
urge his hearers to embrace the dootrinesof
the Ttlble In rHfrnrd in tli .nl.,:- a
W "MV BM.TM.iVU nmuu in
offered the world through Christ. He said it
was uio omy meinoa 01 rescuing happiness
hereafter; that the Gospel oame to man while
all hia inelinationa were leading him to hell,
and that when the sea was tossed by the tem
pest, the ship wrecked and the life-boat at
hand, it was no time to Teason in regard to
the means of escape. There was none but
this, and he who refused it would be by that
aot plaoed entirely beyond the power to bo
Villainous Attempt at Constupeation.
About half-past five o'olook yesterday morn
ing the watchman in the neighborhood were
attracted to the corner of Eighth-street and
Main by the ories of a woman. Upon reach
ing the spot whence the cries proceeded, they
found two women one white, the other a ne
gress both of whom were almost exhausted,
in the hands of three men, who, according to
the statement of the females, had made a des
perate and villainous attempt to violate their
The men, whoso names are respectively
Jamea Norton, Matthew Crow and James
Bailor, were arrested and committed to the
Hammond-street Station-houso, and will prob
ably have a hearing this morning bofore Judge
Lowe. The particulars of this affair, as re
lated to us, are not fit for ears refined, and if
true, me perpetrators aoserve a punishment
which would effectually remove them from the
life they 'have bestialized.
Proceedings or the County CoiwisaioK
BB8. At their regular session yesterday morn
ing, the County Commissioners passed orders
amounting in the aggregate to $1,881 12, ol
which $470 were to Hubbell Jt Coney, for
cement for Carthage Lunatic Asylum, and
$476 to John Goodrioh, in full, for repairs of
bridge, near Elizabethtown, and $429 to same
for bridge on Roll's Road, In Milloreek Town
ship. A communication was received by the Board
from Taft, Wise Si Co., lumber merohants,
calling the attention of the Board to damages
sustained by them, in 'consequence of the re
fusal on the part of the present Commissioners
to allow them to fulfill the oontract made Feb
ruary 2, 1855. They olaim that a bill of lum
ber, amounting to $5,939 90 should have been
furnished by them for the Carthage Lunatic
Asy lorn, but no action was taken by the Board.
Mebtino op the Pionerb AssroiATiOH. The
meeting of the Pioneer Association, whioh was
held at tha Council Chamber, on Saturday
evening, waa not largely attended. In tho
aosenoe 01 tne resment, Mr. Henry I. Yeat
man presided. After some discussion in re
gard to the matter, it was determined to have
a social feast, on the 26th of December, which
will be the seventy-first anniversary of tho
settlement of Cincinnati, and the Executive
Committeo was authorized to make the neces
sary arrangements.
The proposal of Mr. Gano to dedicate hia
monument to the Pioneer Association was de
bated at considerable length, and at last de
olined upon tho ground that the money which
it would cost to remove it to the Pioneer burial
lot in Spring Grove could be used to a muoh
better purpose in the erection of a monument
which should belong exclusively to the Pl-
The Police Commissioners vs. The City of
Cincinnati. The oase of John A. Watson,
Elijah Woods and John Layton vs. The City
of Cinoinnati, for $244 80, for five months'
services as policemen, under their appointment
by the Board of Police Commissioners, came
off before Esqulro Harris yesterday afternoon,
Judge Pruden appearing for plaintiffs, and
Solicitor Haysoonduoting the oase for the oity.
Tho Magistrate said, at the close, that it was
not for an inferior Court to deoide on the con
stitutionality of a law, and that whatever his
decision might be, he did not presume it would
be a final settlement of the ease; but he would
like to have seme further time to consider the
matter, and, taking it under advisement, prom
ised to render a decision in a day or two.
Man's Nxce Rroken by a Fall. A German
named Jacob Eveslage, while in a state of
intoxication, night before laat, made an at
tempt to descend Mt. Adams by way of ths
Observatory-road, with a dray of whioh he was
the owner; but partly from his unskillfulnesa,
which waa the result of his oondition, and
partly from fright on the part of his horse, the
animal ran off the road over the bank and
rolled to the foot of the hill, a distance of at
least seventy-five fnt. When the man was
found hia nook was broken and his body
frightfully bruised nd orushed. The horse
was seriously though not fatally Injured, while
his dray was brokep into fragments.
Obtaining Goods t Falsi Pbetinsks. A
man named William Goodling waa arretted
day before yesterday and committed to the
Hammond-atreet Station-house, upon a eharge
ot obtaining goods by false -pretenses. lie
had been in the habit of receiving different
articles from Wollf Kohn, of Main street, and
having them charged to his employer, but hav
ing made a change, he purchased thirteen dol
lars' worth of goods, representing himself as
still in the employ of the same man. He will
have a hearing this morning.
Bocrbon SFiRiTV-Through the politeness of
W. W. Pike, of the Paris (Ky.) Flag, we have
received from John Howard, the largest and
tallest man in Bourbon County, a sample of
the pure Kentucky dew, tea years old. which
judges pronounce good enough for aickneas.
it is certainly a rare sample, and aays plainly
that the "Crow" mantle has fallen on aome
one's shoulders about Paris. Rumor says that
sir. 11. has more 01 like quality.
Divoacs Suit. Amelia Elkine vs. James
Ilklna. Thiawesan application t Judge f'arter for
".IT? " divorce, which waa granted un the ground
,wj nil abseace aud gross neglect of duly.
Jollitle for petitioner.
M. J. Hunt vs. John Bunt. Pecren of divorce al.
lowed on the ground of negloctol duty,
Hoy (,it petitioner.
Obimimal Sidii The bearing or tho testimony In
tnecaneofthe Slate against Win. Beckley was re
sumed before Judgo Million and the jury.
, The prisoner's counsel callod John Hughes and
Jesae V orley to abuts that the witness, Maria Love,
who testified on tbe previous day that she had seen
Beckley commit tliohouiocidn, lul made a different
statement when spoken toon the subject shortly after
the decease waa killed.
Wm. Beckly, futhor of the prisoner, medoa similar
statement to that given by him on the lirst trial in
relation to his having broken up a pistol which his
son had a few weeks before the Italian was killed.
Mr. Kerr asked this witnesa whethor any portionof
the S2U0 which waa puld toJenny Huwersn short lime
before I he first trial to leave Cincinnati was contrib
uted by him.
Judge Johnston objected to the question.
The Court thought It inadmissnMe.
Mr. Kerr Can wo not impeach tha witnesa bv
showing that he has evinced a decided hostility tu
the State?
Judgo Johnston-We admit that this witness feels
an interest in the Tate of hia son) but that he has any
hostility to the State of Ohio or to the Prosecutor
we deny. We withdraw, however, to this prrticulav
question without waiving our right as to the rule in
relation to other questions.
a Court-We must adhere to the rule of law, if tho
testimony is lnoompetoot we can not receive it.
The ovidenceon both aides closed at twelvo o'clock .
Tho opening argument for tha State waa made by
W. H. Kerr; JudgeSpooner followed for the prisoner,
Judgments. Farmers Bank of Kentucky vs.
W. W. Boelofson and Kmlly A. Roelofson. Judgment
for plaintiff for Sli.lM 8C.
Northern Bank of Kentucky vs. Same. Judgment
for plaintiff for Jk,61S.
T. II. Weaaner vs. Same. Judgment for $2,070.
Q. Evens, charged with an assault on Geo.
Piper with intend to kill, aignod a recognizance In
thesiimofssot), aud was dlsoharged.
Wood's Theater. Mr. Jamea R. Ander
son's benefit and laat appearance on Saturday drew
an overflowing house, and between the plays tho
benetlciarle was called before the curtain, and madu
a pertiuent speech. Mr. A. has reason to congratu
late himaelf upon his success playing here to larg
audiences for six weeks.
Mr. and Miss Caroline Bitchinga begin an engage
ment at this theater this evening. Miss C, who in
a very agreeable vocalist, persouating the part of
"Maria" in Tnt DiuuuTF.a or the IlKomr.Nr, and a
"Rata Dalrymple" iu Tna Little Bwaob. Tho
Bitchings have many admirers hore, and will doubt
less draw.
Pike's Opera-house. The Marble Heart
was very well enacted on Saturday evening better
than we havoBeenitin this city Mr.and Mre. Con
way rendoring "Marco" and "Kaphael" in oxcelleut
style ; tue;sceno In the third act between tho selfish
and heartletawemen and the passionate and gener
ous artist being very effective.
We ehonld do violence to our feelings if wo neg.
lected to mention the exquisitely natural and charm
ing personation of "Marietta" by Bertha Stanley.
She drew every heart toher, and sympathetic tears
to mauy eyes. The petite aud pretty Bertha will, wo
predict, become a reigning favorite.
This evening the great play of I,ovz ANI IiOYALtv,
In live acts, will lie presented, with the Oonwavs In
the chief characters; and tho farce, To Obliub Bes
son, Davidgea9 "Trotter Southdown."
National Theater. The National wai
crowded on Saturday eveutug to witness thu sixth
representation of Vivax abi Mabuuxbitb, and to
night the beautiful Bpectucle will again be repre
sented. We have no duubt the houies will be larger
this week than they were last, for ao lino a aconio
drama can not fail to draw lor a sorlea of evenings in
a city so large and appreciating aa ours.
Amateur Entkbtainmknt. An amateur
dramatic entertainment will beginnt the Molodeon
on Wednesday evening, Alice Kingsbury personating
"Mariana" in Tub Wirs.
Decided at L.tsT, On Saturday Inst Mayor
Foley delivered his opinion In tho cuso of Stout
va. Patton, involving the right of tho former, to re
cover daniagea for injury done to his hay-snales in
the Bevonth-stroet Market-space. The decision waa
as follows :
It appears that the plaintiff had erected the 'har
aralea' in question, by the permission of the City
Council, on Soventh-atrvot JUarket-anace, suit that
the defendant had a team driven by Wiu. Alexander,
and that while the team was under Aluxuuder's
charge, it took fright and ran oft", breaking aud inju
ring thn 'Scales' ot the plaintiff in the amount of $13.
The evidence shows that the running tawny waa
caused by no carelessness of the driver, but ttint ho
was sober, discreet and careful, thnt he hail some
seven year's experience aa a teamster, and that he
only uuandoned the team when ho thought and felt
ensured that his life waa endangered by a longer con
tinuance in holding on to the horses. Tha judgment
of the Court is, then, that the plaintiff baa uo right to
reoovcr herein, and thnt the uefaudant be dismissed
with his costs.
Burglary on Obeenup-strert Two llorjsis
KiTHREo.-On Saturday n ight lost the heuse of John
T. Lewis, President of the Kentucky Central Bail
road,waa entered, and silverware consisting of spoons,
ladlos. 4c, to the value of !V5 or Vso taken therefrom .
'I he burglars succeeded i u raising a window next to
the street, through which thny entored the parlor,
aud thence made their way to tho cupboard, where
the silverware was kept. This they succeeded in
opening, by menus of an instrument they luunrt in
the house. The spoons hail mostly been prosenteri to
the children, aud their names are ongrnveii on them.
One was a sort of heirloom, naving been iu tho family
for more than a century. Hie house adjoining, be
longing to Capt. J.Scott, was likewise entered, but
nothing of much value taken. The robbery was not
discovered till morning,audasyetno circumstanced
have transpired to tlx suspicion upon any person.
Arrested for Passing Worthless Monet.
A man namoil Joseph 19. Ashford wna arrested on
Friday night laat lor pasaiuga two-dollar bill 011
the Citizens' Bank of tioaport, Indiana, ths bank
being insolvent. The fact that Ashl'ord knew the
money to be worthloss, being clearly eetabliilied, he
was committal to jail Iu deiuultof $75 bail.
A Citizen 0? Campbell County Robbed in
Oincinsati. A man named Silas Jones, residing
near Alexandria, was robbed by some sharpers, near
tho reservoir, in Cincinnati, ou Friday night last
He was found bleeding and Benaeleea by the Police,
minus all the money be had, amounting to 8117 70.
He states that he encountered some well-dressed
men who at once made themselves tarailiar, thereby
winning bis confidence, and that, after vlsitiug the
Museum with them, and imbibing until he waa In
toxicated, his new companions knocked him down
and robbed him.
Monetary and Commercial.
Monetary matters were tolerably active on Satur
day, the demand continuing in excess of the ability
to accommodate, particularly at the Discount-houses,
where customers were moderately favored at 1012
per cent. 'The calls for Currency materially Increas
ed during the week, and the Brokers generally re
ported aclose Money market, with Indications of in
creasing stringency.
Eastern Exchange was quite Inactive on Knturdny,
with little disposition to buy and few opportunities
to sell. Dealers would not pay over '4 to one of then
customers, and wore desirous to draw at preni.
NothingWHsdoint inOold, and ii premium wna
the highest rato paid, some Brokers refusing to give
over par tor it.
Mew Orleans Exchange is very quiet, with occa
sional transactions at J. dls.par buying, and Mtft
preai. selling.
A few Time-bills on the East were offered last
week, and. when aatiafaotory, were taken at S(2)10 per
cent, for thirty and sixty days. Bills on the South
are rarely offered at the Bauklng-hoiises, but are
quoted at the same figures.
flour was quiet ana unchanged on Saturday, and
Whisky was unaltered. Provisions were fairly ac
tive, but prices were the same as on Friday. Wheat,
Corn, Bye and Barley were firm, but Oats evl need a
firmer feeling. Hogs continued in good demand, aud
as the weather was favorable to packers, all the Hogs
offered were tuken at ti 74, aud at the close holders
demanded (K go.
' The exports and imports for the twenty-fonr hours
ending Saturday noon wore aa follows: Flour .Imports,
I,430brls.; exports, 1.849. W hlsky, Imports, 1,7a brls.;
exports, 7iW. Corn, imports, 6,sfH bushels; exports,
. Wheat, imports, 2,145 bushels; exports, a.osa.
Oats, imports, 2,209 bushels; exports, 7Uv. Barley,
Imports, 2,770; exports, . Hogs, Imports, 2,MO
head; exports. 375. Sugar, imports, hhds.; ex-
Srts, 32, Molasses, imports, brla.; exports, 31,
oflee, Imports, St bags; exports, 434. Apples, lni
ports,3Mbrls.:exports,2. Butter, imports, 137kegs;
export., 27. Cheese, imports, 1,711 boxes; experts,
122. Lard, Imports, 23 brls.; enports, tw. (Salt, im
ports, brls.; exports, 336.
Friday's Tribune saysof Thurday's Mow York Stock
The Stock market did not maintain the activity
and improvement of yesterday in the dealing at the
First Board, and, although steady in opening, trans
actions gradually became dull aud heavy toward the
close of the session. The epecnlative stimulus im
parted to the market by the movement in Pauama,
appears to have been of brief duration, and whatever
disposition had been sympathetically excited to buy
the Western Railroad shares waa pretty effectnally
extinguished by unfavorable statements of iratlic for
the second week of November.
Friday's Mew York Times says of Money and Ex
change In that city:
In discounts, the rates made by the outside buyers
of paper are still S)47 per cent, for prime indorsed
lists, 46 months, and at t per cent, for sixty-day
choice aoeopUnoes. Some select single-name bills 4
0m months, have been taken to-day at 7t per cent.,
while signatures rating only fair or second-class are
more difficult to negotiate. There is fair employ
ment for Money on temporary loan among the Stock
Brokers, at from 1 to 6 per cent. The private Banking-houses
accent 3 nor cent, on State and Federal I
collateral. The Exchanges for Saturday are steady
on Londoi, 10X(iie per cent., but a traction easier
on Paris. The leading drawois of Franca are aitept- I
Inff Cl3)t lees the usual U lNr cent, mi h'r.mrh V.t.
change, which makes the net ratelo.MK. Sight Ex-1
change Is made on Paris 18.11.', aid on London IIU
per cent.
Nw Tors Dbv Boon Mrrkt. Friday's Trlbnno
says of lii-y Uoods: The general ton of the Dry
Goods market remains the same as noticed laat week.
Mnufactnrers are completing their old contracts,
and nnd some diHIciilty iu piecing goods In advance
'01 production awpt by pieklng cooceeaiiina, which
are not generally submitted M the belief that all
standard gooi a will su-diitn very full pricoaatthe
opening of the season I quito current, iveverthe
less, Mima !--s eHiiUniii are making engagements
witn rtnut o !ho leading distributors, who have
OMii,foi-tlielasifoiii wiicUs,..iletly taking all the
bargiuns ollorlng. Theft puna from the West thla
week are more favorable, hut not really encouraging,
as the collections are yet alow. Tho private advices
troiu the San Francisco market aro bad; accuniula
tlima exist of nearly every style of Domestic Goods,
and prices are ruling much boluw current Kew
York rates. The South American advices are, how
ever, tnoro encouraging; Cotton tiooils of all kinds
r scarce aud high, partlciilariy Drills, Denims,
white Goods and heavy sheetings; and the reports
from China lend us to suppm-u that the large ileiurind
or the past year will be incroeisod.rather than tali off,
during the next few months.
FLOUB The market Is quiet, and thn demand but
moderate, Sales of 1,100 brla. at S4 80 for superfine,
and S.'Kj.j 2."i for extra. 1,4.x) brls. received the last
twenty-four hours.
. WHI8KY-N0 change In the market. Sales of
MO1' iris, at 2UXO., including that from wagons.
UOtiS The demand continued active to-day, anil
the weather being favorable, all to be had at ! V
won; taken. The sales add up 3,200 head, all at S3 75.
At the close Jfi waa asked; and we understand the
slaughter-houses were paying rates equivalent to thl
over t he rivor late in the evening. Tho receipts wero
but 3,100 head the last twenty-four hours.
PRO v lolOJNb -Old mess Pork Is held firmly at
814 2.', and new it $14 60, and the tendency of the
market is toward these prlcea. 70 hhds. Baoon Sides
ao d at o'ic: loo tiercea Gut Lard at ec.;3uodo.
prime at '.iMejWijO.i 2,XI green Hams at Sc., and 1,IKKI
do. Shoulders at 4io.: a.uio green Hams sold ar,
7wMinjc.,deliverBble two weeks hence.
i L- A sale of 411 brls. Iduseed at 5r4o.
JO It! CE It I KS-No channe in the market.
w B BAT The market is firm with a good demand,
principally from the ior.il millers. Prices are un
changed since our last nuotations. Choice white l.i
scarce, and wanted at $1 20. Sales 400 bushels prime
white at Si lo; m do. prime red at VI 10.
CORN The market is Urm, with a good demand at
OATS-Thcro is a better feeling in the market, but
prices are without change. Sules COO bushels at ca
nal at4fc.
BARLEY Tho demand continues good and prices
are steady atour last quotations.
KYK Tlire is a tkir demand; buyers are offering
75c., which holders refuse; they are asking 78c.
CIIKUSE The demand is active and the market
veryhrm. Sales BUO hi ixoa W. B.. at Dc; IMdo.extro.
largo ij.Hc: Hal do. E. 1). Ho.
BUTTKlt The market is firm at our last quota
tions. Sales 10 brls. prime roll at 17c.
APPLES The markut continues dull and without
change; prices range frtim XI SO to $2 25 per brl.
PoTATOES-Tho market is dull; prices romain un
changed. CLoVEB SEED There is a good demand; wequotn
prime at 84 74; common Si JOtjJt 60. Sales 150 bush
els, in good sacks, at 84 o.V
Additional by the Canada.
Truro, N. S., November 20. p. M. A
Paris telegram says the Kngliah and French
Governments have completely agreed on a
basis for the Congress which is to be held at
Brussels. All thai roma.inod to be settled
was tho official ratification from the British
Tho Great Evulern had a rough passage and
a heavy sea. She rolled and dipped, but
with perfect ease, and seemed to swing her
self with a sidelong, gentle motion over every
wave, dropping deeply aud easily beyond
them wi.h regular, alow Tolls, often deep
enough to leave one padtXle turning high
and dry. This motiou ia attributed to her
very light immersion, and having no upper
weights to counterbalance tho coals below.
The whole roll was only oight degrees each
way. The greatest speed was close on eigh
teen miles an hour. Tho run was far more
satisfactory than cither of tbo provious ones.
She arrived at Southampton on the 4th.
England. A new stoainuhip has been or
dered by tho Cunard Company which is to be
500 tuns larger than the I'ernn. Tho verdict
of tho coroner's jury in the caso of the loiul
Charter waB to tho effect that the wreck was
purely the result of accident. A great activity
prevails at Woolwich Arsenal in the prepara
tion of material for the 001 is t defensos and for
the expedition against China. The fortifica
tions at Dover are to be extended forthwith,
and several batteries are to he re-constructed.
Franuk. The organization of the French
army tor China is considanid as definitely eel
tied, and preparations for the embarkation
have commenced. Boni Huaiision has accepted
the conditions of peace. The hostile tribes will
give hostages to seoure the payment of the
promised tribute.
The Frenoh Uovernment, it is stated, has
resolved on establishing a Naval citation on
the Ked Sea. The cholera has appeared among
the French troops engaged in the expedition
again 8 1 Morocco. Several distinguished offi
cers have died, including Col. Lafont, com
manding the engineers. The ravage exceeded
fifty per day, and the total deaths have beon
Kussia. A Russian squadron of sis vessels
is to remnin at their Mediterranean Station,
where tbey will winter.
Italy. It is roittorated that tho Pope has
promised to grant the pardon recommended by
the Emperor Napoleon after the insurgents in
tho Komagna return to their allegiance.
Tho: India mail with tolegraphio news oi
Ceylon, October 14, and Bombay and Calcutta
dates to the same period, has reached Mar
seilles. There is no political news.
Ths Australian mail of September 17, has
loon telegraphed. The Colonial Ministry ban
been defeated.
Imports heavy and trade dull. The ship
ments of gold since the last mail have been
over 240,0(10 ounces, of whioh 63,400 were or,
tho Royal Charter.
Madrid, November 5. An official deoren
baa been published appointing O'Donnell,
Parts, Saturday. Thero is an improved
feeling on the Bourse'and the funds are all
higher; Rentes closed 70f.lic.
noland. A Cabinet Council is rumored
for Monday. The number of troops to be
contributed to India to the China Expedition
will be 6,000 Europeans to 4,000 Natives.
Liverpool, Sunday. Tho plenipotentia
ries at the peace conference have received
orders to sign the treaty of peace.- It is be
lieved that it will be signed to morrow, and a
convocation, to be hold at fans, will follow
Paris Sth, It is stated on reliable author
tiy that the Congress will be held in Paris in
stead of Brussels. ,
Genoa, November 5. Rumors are current
that an Assembly will Bhortly be held in
which Modena and Romagna will take a part.
It is alio assertod that the object would be to
6 resent Count Cavour as a candidate for the
iclatorship of one province of Central Italy.
Genoa, November 6. The Assemblies of
Contra I Italy, it is stated, will confer the
Regency on Prince Cavignau.
Tunis, November 5. An official decree
transfers the Court of Cassatior to Milan.
Subscriptions to the loan continue,
Arrival of the Arizonia.
20. The steam
ship Ariionia, from Brazos on the 17th instant,
arrived this evening. She brings $753,000 in
Brownsville was still unmolested. Captain
Tobin, with eighty rangers arrived on the
13th. Thirty men from Cutter Dodge, and
fifty troops from Baton Rouge, left Braioa for
Brownsville on the Kith, making nearly three
nunaron troops an a volunteers now at Browns
ville. On tho arrival of Captain Tobin, Cor
tinas'a ohief olliosr, who was held aa a pris
oner, was hung without trial.
Arrived, ship Pacific, from New York, and
Mary Glover, from Liverpool.
From Harper's Ferry,
IIarfir's Fkrrt, November 20, Various
rumors have been afloat to-day as to the ap
proach of armed men from Ohio in the di
rection of Wheeling. The respectable source
from which tho report originated has oreated
some excitement about Charlestown, but none
here. Our people are very quiot,not expect
ing any attempt at rescuo, nor do thoy fear
any force, however formidable, because they
aro prepared for any emergency. The nu
merous fires about Charlestown have induced
the citizons to anticipate some annoyance.
They are more easily excitod, but no one is
at all afraid of the result, even if the attempt
should be made.
Colonel Davis has mado tho most ample
provision for any number of the enemy who
may make a call. ,
1 learn that more troops are being de
manded from the Governor. This may be
as much to protect the prisonors from the
populace as anything else. As far as I can
learn, there ia no cause lo apprehend danger.
Cause of the Excitement at Charlestown.
1 town.., . , ,, , ,
Harper's Ferry, Sunday Evening The
fresh exoitement was oaused by the arrival
from Bellaire, near Wheeling, of a mm named '
Smith Crane, who stated he incidentally over
heard a conversation between some men who
had organized a hand of 500 to march to re
lease Brown and other prisoners at Charlo -town.
He immediately set ont for the Ferry
to apprise the inhabitants of the foot.
It was also rumored at Charlestown that a
light had occurred in Clarke County between
some citizens and a party of Rtro-ugers, and a
detachment was sent to the scene of disturb
ance. (Jn the reoeipt of these rumors dispatches
were sent by Colonel Duvis to Governor Wise
for 500 more troops, who have arrived here
this evening, the Governor being with them,
and our town ii again bristling with bayonets
and considerably exoited.
Governor Wise says it will give Virginia
military experience, even If rumors should all
prove unfounded, so that they will know how
to protect their borders hereafter if occasion
should ooour.
Governor Wise, with three companies, has
just started for Charlestown the others will
remain here until to-morrow.
Military for Charlestown.
Washington, November 20. The regiment
from Hiehmond, accompanied by Governor
Wise, arrived here at seven o'clook this even
ing, and will leave for Charlestown eu a speoial
train at ten o'clock. On arriving at Charles
town the troops will go into encampment and
remain until after the execution. Nothing
has been received confirmatory of the rumor of
a body of men having crossed the Ohio near
The Petersburg battalion of four companies
arrived here in the boat this afternoon, and
are awaiting instructions from the Governor.
Roger A. Pryor and the venerable Hugh
Pleasants, are privates in the battalion.
The Why and the Wherefore.
Richmond, November 20. It ia authorita
tively stated that the present movement of
troops is more to quiet the alarmed population
of the upper counties, and by the presenoe of
an overpowering force prevent any futile at
tempt at rescue, which otherwise might result
ia bloody work, than from fears of the ap
proach of any armed body of men from Ohio
or elsewhere. It ia known that it was Gov- :
ernor Wise's Intention to order a regiment to
Charlestown in a few days for oamp duty, pre
vious to the execution, but the prevalence of
time groundless alarms has tended to accele
rate the movement.
Burning of a Church.
Boston, November 20. The Episcopal
Church at Quincy was totally destroyed by
Are last evening.
SHEARS A CO.-Sales.rooms Nos. 47 aud .
Mem-street. Groceries. c, at Auction. We wilt
sell on MONDAY MORNING, Novembrr 21 , a gen
eral assortment of Groceries, Ac, consisting of in
tierces Itice; 60 brls. Molasses; 75 kegs Beds; M boxes
Soap; 25 boxes Indigo; 250 kegs Nails; hills, as
sorted Pnpor; leO bxe. lbs. and 5s. Tobacco; tut boxes
new Raisins; 45 reals Bedcord Bope.
A IiSO Bodcords, Twine, Cordage, Madder, Grotim!
Spices, Ac.
no2l G.JBR ASH EARS A CO., Auctioneers.
A CO.. No. 33 Mnin-etreet.-Onceriea, Boots,
and Shoes, Ac, at Auction. -On TUESDAY MORN
ING, November 2L', at 9 o'clock. Indigo, Nutmegs.
Hdleratua, Ground Spices, Bedcorde, Twine, Ar. M
hxs. Virginia and Kentucky Tobacco; 70 brls. Smok
ing Tobacco; 10(1 bxs. Pearl Starch; 20 brls. Ilnnrhnn
Whisky; 2 pines U.GIn; 75 bxa. assorted illassware;
lW bundles Jf. O.uml 1). C. Puper; 3u mala Java Col'
loo; 3. brls. Refined Sirup; 16 hi. brls. do.; 4 qr. casks
Brandy; 1 do. Port Wine-.
Jo21 H. 8. MILES A CO.. Auctioneers.
AUCTION SALE BY 8. o. iiuu
BARD, atTrndeSalea-roomaNo. il West Firth,
street, uo ataira. Assignee's H.u f fcc.hnol Boohs.
nieieoiypo nates anil sutlonorv nt Auctivn, br or
der of Court.-On TUESDAY MORNING. Nov. 22.
at 10 o'clock, will be sold, by Catalogue, for ami on
ecconnt of asaignee, the entire stock of Sobool
iwoks, uianK boors, Hrereotype Plnts, Stationery,
Ac. nf the lute Urm of Truman ASpoflbrd.
The aula will commence with the Stereotype Vlnhs,
and continue day and evening until all is sold.
tj'ntaloguea will be published to-day (Saturday).
For terms of Bale, see Catalogue.
1 lltTlON "aIE,-BY G. BRA
f - W II K AltS A CO., Sales-rooms Nos. 57 anil 59
Maiii-street. Special Catalogito Sale of Nails and
Tobaceo.-We will sell on TUESDAY MORNUnG,
Nov. -.'2, at ! o'clock, without reserve, 1,14m kega
Nails assorted sura; OKI kegs Casing, Finishing,
Spikes, Brads and Barrel Nails; 175 boxes damaged
Nails; son kegs No. I Six-twist Tobacco; 120 bxs. rm
and ! lbs. Tobacco.
nob) GBJlnEAJlS AC'OAiidioneerH.
-ca. A Co.-Sig. G. B. Pandolftni A Co. Great aaln
ot Marbles and Alabaster ftatuary. and Ointmenls,
Bohemian Glassware, French China, Ac Will I,.,
sold at Auction, on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON,
Novembers!, at 2M o'clock, and in the KVJCNINU
at 7, at our Store No. 18 Cast Fonrth-atroet, an in
voice comprising a large assortment of Ktruscun,
Modizi, Hebe and Koman Vases, of Bardigllo, Agato,
Yellow Sienna and other difTorent kinils of Italian
Marble, suited for the decoration of purlors, halls,
niches, drawing-rooms, mantle-pieces, libraries, Ac;
splendid Marble Fouuta elaborately wrought with
grape-loaves, vines, Ac, Open-work Vases for flowers.
Vestal Temples. Card Becelvers, Florentine open
work Baskets, Candlesticks, Paper Weights, Ac Bo
hemian and Yenitian Glassware, from the Boynl .
Manufactories or Prague and Vienna, consisting ol
Antique Vases, Goblets, Pitchers, Perfumes, Fieuclt
China Wares, Ao.
ALSO-English Stone China, Toilet Ware, and a
very large assortment of richly Cut Glassware, audi
aa Qohlets, Wines, Champagnes, Decanters, Water
Carnfh, Finger-bowls, Claret Pitchers, Ac.
ALSO A a number of rich Kosewood Writing
Desks and Ladies' Work-boxes.
N. B. The room will be opened for exhibition of
the goods on Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock, when
ladies and gentlemen are respectfully Invited to call
and examine them.
no!7 JACOB OBAFF, Auctioneer.
A CO. The second large sale of ''ustom-madn
Furniture. I hereby give notice that I will oiler at
Public Sale, on TUESDAY MOBN ING, November
22, lftf9, at 9 o'clock, a largo portion of the finished.
Furniture in the Waro-rooms of the late S. J. John,
Nos. 21 and 23 East Fourth -streot, consisting in part
of Pn.' lor and Bed-room Furniture, Book-cases, Sec.
retaries, side-boards, and a general variety of plain
and tine Furniture.
To dealers who are desirous of replenishing their
stock lor the fall trade, tbey will find this one of tha
rare opportunities. Also, parties wishing to lurnlkh
housos, in part or whole, will do well to give this
saie tneir attention, sale positive, and ull
N. B. The Furniture will be sold In sin elo nieces.
not in seta, as al former sale.
? Terms of Sale-$?ou and nnder, cash; from Sinn to
300, m days; from 3fl0 to 1 500, 60 daya, and over iHIO
our months' credit approved security.
Administrator of the Estate of S. J. John, doe'd,
JACOB GBAFF A CO., Auctioneers,
nol7 No. H East Fourth-street.
ii u nn -1., orav 1 .. j : . . . .
uiniwr, i&&. Auuiniis, ni a ih iioii. nn, v
iW A HOLMES will sell, on WEONKSDAY. No.
vember 23, at 1 o'clock P. M., at the Merchants' Ex
change, without reserve, 2ft Lots In the city of Cam
bridge, Intl., unimproved, belonging to the late Com
mercial Bank of Cincinnati. Sale positive. Term
cash. Title, Quitclaim. Further particulars at the
sale. noli
Th.W. Farcin & Co.
that they are selling lumber at their yard on
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Kailroad,
Than any other Lnmber Dealers In he city.
"Quick Sales and Small, Profits ,
They stibmit the following list of prices:
Cash. 4 Mo'i
Clear lnailier.nl thicknesses,! in. roeas
7 .Ml S40
vest vuiuiuun, i,n ana incn nana
no y 0
nest ' 1 inch Hoards...,
Second " ail thicknesses..,
113 71 25 OS
I nn ir a.
11 i 11 as
a SO 2aO
11 Ml 12 Ml
llllrn Jioanls
Grub Plank, face measure .....
uoniiock, Juist, Scantling and Timber...,
ruoiar -- -- ...
First Common Flooring Boards.
.. is ini ri uu ,
.is im .17 nn
Second, . " " - ' , 7 on '
Third , " 18 ,'sl 20 m
First Common Weather Boards.,... 1 on 17 M
Second . " " .... Hon ism
Cedar Posts, 4 l,y 4, feet, per hundred,.. 56 00 M 00
Cedar forfencing, 1 . M 00 S3 A
miwvun. , nWHI nn
A forth er reduction of 1 aer cent, will ba mad on
bills of I.VM) or more. i! ' "
We have ono of the largestand beet selected stocks i
of Looiler in theClnclnnat! market, whioh wearier
for sale at the above prices.

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