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I published Mlri aotvi fto4A wf I
e, , j.PBoraiHWM.
oriieB-o. u wilt rovBti-it
TBI PUHHT FBKBBIi delivered to subscribers In
Ctsoliiutl, Coring ten and KevKr'aod lor I
reundinf cities and town, at tbe ex. r ,
tremor low price of . , , " '
, i raioss or mailiwk
Blank copies k.t 1 month 40c.; I monttai fit 1
ooekib tnta m ai-rnw. ; r f
ion A. Iuatlbb, JB.i.....rel Lessee and Manager.
"i 5 7.3
Immense iiicceM of
Mis Caroline and Mr. Peter Bleblog.
THIS EVBNINO, rtovember 38, will Be presented,
for the flittlmelu thtaitr, a new operatic vaude.
vlll entitled I '
Robert, Bergeant-Major of the Imperii!
Matle ................. ....... MIm Blchlugs
The Abbe Parcel. Mr. Leugdoo
During themenlng MtssRIchlng will slnf several
choice songs, i . ,( ( A- . -
Dnee.;.,.....I.. . .'.Ml" Kte PeBnorerj
To oor,clude with the bow corned;, Barer before
performed Id to is city, entitled
Eleeno Mowbray ....... MMe Blehlagt
Halpli Thornhllf Mr. Langrion
tjol . Dangerneld...... ........... - ...Mr Hell
Mildred Vernien ....-...... ......Mis. Welti
I. ucy....,.w....M ,....Mii Denham
In prepe'telloh, several pVrpuler oonwdtoe, domeitk
dramas, musical raritlee, Ac.
VDoon open at M; Onrteln rim eit 7 ) oVIoe.
Pucuor Admission Drew Circle and Parqoette,
BOcente; Oallery, aftcente.
Ninth night of the distinguished Amsriean actor,
THIS (Wednesday) IVENINQ, Not. JS, will be
acted, for the ninth time, the great Legendary
Drama, from the German of GkBthe, entitled ...
Faust and Marguerite.
Mephletophllea.K Mr, J- B. Roberta
Xauit (an aged Be holer j......... M-Mr, 0. Htnert
Marguerite .' Mn. 0. Hear!
Dance by ...,...UW.....MU Jennie Hlght.
To commence with the Interesting drama called
Sergeant Aosterlltz.... Vendeeen
yrancis.e'4i.Miww.w ,.....,...--. Btuart
Thereea.,..!...-...-. lira, yagaergn
Theater, la now open for the reooplion of guesti.
Room can be obtained by the flay or week, and
meal, furniih.d at all hours
NuTIOB.-Trade.raau and other, are cautioned
againat furniehing any article! for the theater with
eut a written order, .Igned by the Manager. .
Unas. M. Barraa..
. Manager.
I. B. Conway..
Stage Director,
Continued Sueceii of the New Company
In a series of unexceptionable plays, powerfully .
. , rendered.
THIS (Wednesday) KTBNINO, Nov. iS. will be
prawuted Tom Taylor', beautiful comedyof
John Mildmay
Captain Hawkaley.
Old Potter.............
Hr. Mildmay
Mr. V. B. Oonway
............. .Mr. v, BBenoan
.......................Mr. A. T. Hall
ttr. Jennings
Mrs. Klin Flace
............ Mra. F. 1). Conway
To conclude with the side splitting faroe of
flregory Grlczle. ...... ......,....., Mr. DaTldge
Peter Prog......M... taw aeeaa ee .eeawe t9f Lanagan
Augustus Tompkins........ Mr. Hall
Dinah ..-....-.....-...........MIa Navarre
In rehearsal, and will shortly be produced; with
new sceuory, Dickens's "Cricket on the Hearth,"
Pamss or Admission. Parqnette Circle, Porqnette
and iialcony, Ml cents; Amphitheater, cents;
Private Boxos for eight persona, ii.
Doom open at t o'clock ; oommenoe at 7!.
Box Ottlce open from 10 A.M. until 4 P. M ., where
seats can be secured. J. F. HBBUKRT, Treas'r.
Leniee and Proprietor ..JNOi HOWOBTH.
This new and beautful TBMPLI 01 THB MUSKS
opened for the season on
With a fnll and talented DBAMATIO AND 0ON
OEKT TUOUPB, selected from the different thea
ters and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 19 centa, for partloulara aee imall
Tbe"01ymploBaloon" will be open at all hours
during the day. The Bart ara stocked with choice
W inee, Liquors and Cigars. oc2S
XX 3D Gr '
Any Style of Grate can be Sot or Reset with
' this Improvement. ! . i r- i
w w, -..orders rapidlj, as we have a. large force tif
good workmen.
Hare your grates set with the patent before cold
weather, or you will regret It. It ii poor economy
to use your grates set- in the old way, burning twice
i ninth coal as yon need, and not obtaining half as
much Bert a tbe patent gives. The patent will save
ronr money by reducing the consumption of fuel.
It will save your health, by giving you pure heat
and plenty of It to make your room, comfortable in
all parts. It makes your noma cheerful at a trifling
cent, which is soon saved in fuel.
We have now a full supply of the Patent Btovee,
rlain and enameled. . -,
Orders Kay lie left at No. 10 West I Iflh atreet, or
sent through Mil. f, ' ; t i 1 : l
County and Utate rights' for tale cn inch terms as
will pay Ave hundred per cent., without any risk.
j.;b. kyam&co.,':", ;
Proprietors of Dodge'i Patent. ,',,
J. BLAKBLY. General Agent. notlfl
APPOINTED so many durloar the mat month
in no t being abki to attend to their, o niera for "Podge's
'atent Improvement" In Grnte. and Blovea. Owing
to the fact that the orders went much larger than we
expected, and the Inability of the manufacturer to
keepui supplied with Tile, Itwa. Impossible to avoid
the disappointment. We hope thia fa sufficient apol
ogy to satisfy these whe may hara been offended by
the delay. We have taken proper care to prevent a
recurrence of the same this season. , Orders will be
attended to from, one to three dan after they art re
ceive ,U Have yor (Irate, set defer tbbelldaya,er
yon win regret it; Not much entnfort la a cold,
cheerless house.
. a. ivian at v.t
Proprietors of Podgs'i Patent ,
1 " n
rWii to Smith Nixon's JU1I, doolnnatl,
Ohio. A splendid Gift, worth from H oente to 1C0,
will be given with every book for which w. receive
one dollar and npwatd at the time of .ale. ' "
fllfts consult of Gold and BUer Watches. Ladles'
Solid Gold Chains, splendid set of'Jewelrj, fine Gold
Bracelets, Gents' Gold vest-chalni, and a large va
riety of other article of rlin Jewahry, worth from
M cents to 1100.' ', ' - 1 -' '- " .
Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to
call end examine our stock. - . ,
1 J "A 1' ' AT- K mJUEYi
.n. PubUsher and Gift BMgsaller,,i7,
"V. ;' '' Ho'J ttWwt fourth street, ''
T. JSC. ; Deters,
BT00K 01
To wbleh ke Invlles the attention ef the pullle. '.,
mv vb-
lilPTS! 'GIFTS! ufls!
VOL. 2.f NO. '81;
T1 T
M0BNINO,! NOVEMBEB 23, 1859.
Littlb Mum.-Klght XxpreM, R:C0 i. .; A.itom
modation, 2:44 r. at.; Day Xxpreea, eVM r. it.
1:40 A. m.
Ohio abb J)ia.isiPfr.-8:18 A. a.; IiW r. a.: I0:l
r. M.
Oincibnati, Hamiltob a Dattob. 1M 4. u.; UM
A. s ; 12:SJ r. M.; 6:52 r. UA 8:90 r. 11 ..
MtBIBTTA AND ClNOlKMATI. 11:20 A. H. I 6:W T. H.
BlCHMOHB ABB IllDIABArollS. 12:50 Hm M f. .
Littlb Mum.-Day Express, 10JM A. m.; Aecom
. modation, 4:40 p. u.; Night Bxpreaa, ll:SO r. at.
Imjukapolis and Cincinnati. o:00 a. m.; 12:45 p,
Ohio and Mibsisbiph.-:CO a. M. 2:D t. ul; 7M t. m.
Cinoinnati. Hamilton and Datton. :o0 a. m.; 7:30
A. .; 10:00 a.m.; 3:40 p. at.; 6:30 p. .; 11:30 p. m.
Mabhtta and Oimcinbati. :40a. a.; 8:40 p. u. .
Bichmosd and Inoianapolis.-:00a. H.i 8: t p. a.
JBaTGold may be all the time In a uaa'i
mind, jst none ef tl tnonghti be golden. ,
p9"lo quell the pride even of the greatest,
we thonld rofleot how much more we owe to
pfk (week i&t ii tort of fliTlfiitW lo .
whom eren tbe Bcripturei do not forbid at to
render "lip-iervloe.,1
"Strong passions belong only to strong
minds, and terrible li the straggle that reaton
baa to make to labdne them.
Jurlge Wayne; Of Oeorgii, in his' late
oharge to the Grand Jury, ooodemna the Afri
can Slave-trade in all itg aipeota. : , ... -
fif Faganini.it is not generally known,
had a great passion for the guiitw, and for
that instrument he atone time abandoned the
riolin. ......
fSrlt the world applaud u we nuit
thankfully reoelve it as a boon; for, If even
the most deserving appear to expert It ae a
debt, it will never be paid. : ., -
' 'fAum li the healthiest and the happleit
when he thinks the least either of health or
happiness. To forget an ill is half the battle;
It leave easy work for the dootors.
"''' fellow not on good terms with his
boots had the lmpudenoe to remark that he
eonld sell them easily enough, beoauie they
had been balf-soled onee.
a9" "What '$ whisky bringing?" inquired a
a large 'dealer in the artlele. "Bringing men
to tbe 'gallows, and women and children to
want," was the reply. , . A,
gtyjames jF. Lee, proprietor of the Leigh
fiouse, atEliaabeth City, N. C, died on the
10th Inst. He jemd with gallantry in the
Mexican War.
' 67 A note from the physician of the Utica
(NTy.) Asylum, under date of the ISth, gays:
"Qerrit Smith slept last night, and is to-d&t
quite oalm. . We look to his restoration with
more and more confidence."
TTbe fanoy drug establishinent of Dr.
T. R. Austin, New Albany, Ind., oaugbt fire
on Sunday, and .the room in whioh the drugs
were was entirely ooniumed. The loaa ii
estimated at 14,00.0. ,
f1Tm, Colton, formerly an enirineer on
tbe Orange and Alexandria Railroad, was
lately killed near HunUville, Ala., hi engine
having been thrown trom tne traok by run
ning over a cow. and falling upon him.
jsTA man named Farrar has been sen
tenoed in Augusta County, Ga., to pay a line
of $200, and be imprisoned three months, for
killing a man by a single blow with his fist
lie must be one of the "bird hitters."
SB'The Duchess of Par nut eansed a funeral
servioe to be eelebrated in the Capuohln Churoh
at Rappersohywl, on Lake Zurioh, to the
memory of Colonel Anritl, lately nuisacred
by a mob in Parma.
VMadame Qasianiga's name if the first
on the list published in the OauUa dtl Papolo,
of Turin, of the subscriptions opened in that
oity to the Garibaldi musket fund. The prima
donna gives one hundred lift.
BlAtilnl hit promulgftted from Blorenet
another manifesto. It is directed against Pied
mont, or at least against the King Victor
Emmanuel, who, he doolres,does not compre
hend tbe destiny ' ltaT - - i i ;
p3- We have stated that Sr. S. G, Howe
had left Bolton for Canada. Wo understand
that he has taken several of his pupils from
the blind deaf and dumb and idiotioasylruns,
with him, making it for them a pleasure ex
cursion. ,i (t.inffxff
'"The New York Obtwver seems commit
ted irrevocably to the support of Governor
Wise for President, and denounces all Southern
men who want a Northern Democrat for that
office. This , Is carrying religion into politics
with a vengeanbe.
Four vacanoies have within this year
occurred In the Peace Class of the Prussian
Order of Merit for Science and Art, by the
deaths of Johannes Muller, Alexander Von
Humboldt, Karl Ritter and Louis Spohr.
Hnmboldt was the Chancellor of he Order, and
the Vioe-Cbanoellor, Poter Von Cornelius, in
in Rome consequently the order is without a
head. J I I v 1
' Nhwstsad Assay' ad EsTitK.It ie'W
ported, aays the Nottingham Journal, that Ihe
venerable and interesting pile at Newstead,
the residence of the late Colonel Wildman,
together with the estate, exceeding three
thousand acres in extent, will shortly be
brought to the hammer in one lot. The late
lamented owner of Newstead purchased tbe
estate in 1818 for 94,000, and einoe that pe
riod Very large sums of money have -been
expended in improving it, so that, independ-'
ent of the great increase which has taken
place in the value of landed property tbe last
few years there is every reason to expect that
it will fetch a very large price. .The connec
tion of the eelebrated poet, the late Lord By
rod, with, this charming rural retreat, will
alio, no doubt, aot as in additional attraction
to tmrchascrs, and oause the biddings to be
ef the most spirited character. It is said
that the late Colonel Wildman has left the
whole of his real and personal property to his
widow for lifo, with remainder to his brothers.
ow EuHorgANS liivg. inere . ere font
millions ofpeoale in France who eat no bread.
Some eat chestnuts, and some other kinds of
vegetables. The people of Ireland, for a long
time, Subsisted mainly on potatoes. These
facfts prove not only that there are large num
bers itt civilised countries who do -not raise
thirown bread, but an equally important
faot that they have not the means ef buying
it. i ; , ,
rdUxa' LATnr..Hvery iehorboy knows
the old quotation from Virgil: ;
iraallM deoeasot Averni, searevooare gTadnnt I
ixuoopua, aio.ABow .
whioh li thni rendered by the Lafayette
ma.) Jetirnat; ,,,,
Facile doeensns Averni, ' f 1
Bed retrogradere difficile est,
n aM I i "i I '"
hb Oai,i o thb EholishCoast. A return
lovd's, made up to the 2Vtk nit, gives the
follewisg result of casualties to life and shlp
plgi by the great gale on the English ootst;
Vessels totally wrecked, 96; vessels stranded
ana other easnaltiee, 630 total, f2eV Pnty
able loss of ,tife, including the Royal Chart,
top. JJumeroul loses are reported on the
Welch flout. ' T "
Interrupted Nuptials—A New York
Beauty Mistakes a Negro for Crœsan
a. A,New O'11 correspondent lays that during
thft fever of the late excitement caused by the
Crrideo nuptialB, fellow representing him
eelf to be Cuban took lodgi ngs of Mra. 6 .
d ever, thin. aW M":iL;r"u
. a umaiaoy, .who nad
.rJ5.T.-S'5I" z vyioouj
gleand, like Senor Oyiedo, owned countless
niggers and incalculable wealth. She pre-
eented her ohu7" Jophine.
blonde, gushing", silly and tmh from schoof,"
a V . . nw,u6 umuB vwunr, ana
betroth in f WArA hiiriJ ni , a.aj:7: .
as ever were the old lady's buckwheat cakes.
f"- flvuu Aaa in pleasure oi announc
ing that her daughter waa engaged to a Cu
ban, almost as iloh m ttiea BarUett'i fiittoee.
Don Oahftnrln Tnvfawii iie.i.A a- u-.i
avaavavs Mien VMUV U lUfJUv"
ODermoiO . her ' wetnHM.kA. k.;nn
affeOWd With Tnnrla.hw . ..1,,. J
(uVSr wih Josephine,, who ba4 po father.
uDjecuun. nor nnoie, an oia sea
captain, arrived abont nine days ago, and was
let in',0 tbe teoret and introduced to the In
tend ed. The old salt went through the oere
mo ny: rather stiffly, and soog after demanded a
r"" i mwrviow wiia , me sister-in-law.
"Jane,'" sold he in gruff abruptness', "too may
marry this fellow If you like, but my brother's
daughter never shall!" wU eit n. i.
Cuban gentleman and as rich as ." "A
gentleman! He it
Joolt I ham not had to do with niggnt n Hub
aii to not know atiuluUofnma Spaniard! Call
u oere ana let me nave a tew words with tbls
black follow alone. I'll soon ran him aground,
high and drv-l'i-iTha araneh nlif .
good as his word, and in a marvelons short
time afterward the colored , suitor' baggage
was bundled not nf th l,n,. el,.
false diamonds he had presented to Josephine,
and being assisted urgently from behind by
her uncle's boots, their terror-stricken owner
was not slow to follow them into tbe street.
It is presumed he will not engage himself to
another white girl till his pounds feelings iiej
Mblahcholt Buicids SMLf-Pfaf Br)crr6i or
a BsAUTim Chobistb. A beautiful brunette,
known to the habitues of the Theater d'Or
leans ae a JTe Clmmtina, a French -Opera
Chorister, swallowed arsenio and went to
Heaven, on Wedneiday last, in New Orieevne.
The deceased had "loved not wisely, but too
well," and her life, like all such frail flowers,
was overcast with many a tear-shower of sor
row, that nurtured within her broken heart
a morbid desire to commit suicide. To this
end she made many attempts during the past
twelve months, but either the Fates of friend
ship, or er,pwn lavish hand with the deadly
fganU, feryed jhar )ife until thjt ;rijul
hour. She left the following note upon a
table beside her death-couch :
"This will be;the, third time I hare at
tempted to destroy myself. This will be
certain. I am tired of life."
aw 1 1 i i .. -j-
Sai r -PHitLWB, BAMFsotf" f; Co.' giMxaV
The ahotion sale of the stock of Phillip.
Sampson A Co., formerly publishers of the
4(toiiio JifctfWi,;wa closed nn the l7tHinsUf
In Bftrftnn. and wdsi aft. I mu-
. i iwtj wuvvmim. a uu
aggregate amount of the sale will reaoh from
$80,000 to, $00,000. The, stereotype platesot
the ooncern were sold, and brought excellent
prices, higher by several thousand dollar! than
they had been estimated by the, assignees.
The following are the prices of some of tbe
plates: Byron, $1,505; Shakespeare, $1,300;
Soott, Xoomplete.) $1,300; Tom Moore, $900;
Burns, $1,159; Milton, $5t; HemanS,' $800.
These were all bought by W. Lee, formerly
Allel nf thn nilpfriAr'al nf triA Urn TV.. AAt.t
' - J w waaw aatAXAe. JUAIV IUW1
amount of the aale of platea amounted to about
4x g at AAA m 1. ii i
4v,uuu. a as eaiewas attonaea oy prominent
members of the trade from all parts of the
uuuniry.' r ,i
' 4
A Giobqia JorjKRALoir thb Piboobov Capt.
- , lt ' ,
BROWH-Ifte jSavannfcli itspuHtoon, one of
the most generous, falrand conservative naners
in the South, replies thus to the appeals for
eld Brown's pardon f, . i(
, Oafihi icore bf : polloy; we soorn all' luiih
Smneahl.' Let the dlnnri r,f I Hrr,m mA 1,1.
comrados be the " seed " of the Abolition
unuron let their execution be "ir at" taken
jfuuiou m igeir execution oo "grist" taken
by the South to tbe "Abolition mill," and let
th infernalmaohlnery grind on; th South ia
able to protect herself, and. what ia mnrA
nlfn(i(odo'l. IF? are under no obligations
to reform the fanatics of the North. Let tbe
North do her own work we shall do our duty
to oursetvet.! If we cannot conquer Abolition
at the ballot-box. wa nr. .a-Hv in mui u. .uk
in the Courts or in the field.. -
IRIOUS RmliTAV. Annthanni j0 4.A
ing of the 18th, the workmen engaged on the
nvoiaru naiiroau ormgeover tne xionsatonio
River, near PlttaflnM. Man rmnA k.
' J i uu.u,v b.fj
Buts from ;four bolts. A freight train backed
on to lhebrlilirjwh,sn the
Bnd the train wns preoipitated into the river, a
ooniDleta wrenk. Threa n.n ln4n u.
stream, loaded with beef, lime and quarts land
iur uoaion. r our men were Badly Injured
oston. irour men were badly Injured
uu Squires dangerously. The bridge had
been built, at a eost ,of $3,000, nnder
i's patent, and was very strong. The
xnruuiaa a
just been
Howe's patent, and was verv stronsv Tha
Hdusatonio Railroad bridge adjoining it was
(ujuisu bu uuij au trains eo pos pass, r
BaBOIHO Ollll IT 1.1 Tsr'tfiD, mm W.n..
A telegraph line repairer, from Boston, found
uuper the fires at ljewtown, N. H., one day
last week, partridgedead, but still warm,
which had bean klllnl In a .in.,!.,.
i --' B.vaHfjwttti uiwuuat.
Injflylng aoross the line the wire had passed
between the bijJ, splitting the head- and out
tirtcT'off the toubue-shd tkui klllii4 him u.
stantl. Woodoook are often found dead Un
der the wires where they hang low. This is
ceased by the actual force of the oollision, and
not. as many snnnnm. fenm mnm Inin.lnH.
fedts of theeloetrif enjrrent. (J l V I H I
'an Ababio Lanooaqs. This language is
one of the moat eopious and facile known.
The alphabet has 29 letters, and there are ISO,-
Oil WAtTM la tha Ufi .t,.u.. h. .i.'
EdRlisb iabiuiiaibtrtaM battr 5.0oi werda.
In some respeots, however, it ii too copious.
Folr the sword there are 150 hanies, for an old
wntnan. srlfl; fne th l,vna 1 M. mnA tr ,V .
Hof, oantel and horse, even more It is said
wa. Diva. Aiauiu puea la uuij expsoboa VJ
Writs flfHr nv aivt.v lln. t,i't 4hl. mnnlA ,uM
hardly probable with such a poploui language.
a oabli jmrssua ia iHouiLB. oouiouque,
the Ex-Emperor of Baytl, is staying; at King-
at ii In greet trouble. jHie minister,
"T, "fw . aw ".wire, 'Mtm luiuieir,
his attentions to Soulouque's sister-in-law, and
the) Ex-Emperor's temper is further toured by
u, wwtom . ' wv . wuinru-wvwi vruea IS
HaVtl bU courtier always ' allowed hint to
gain the game, but In Jamaica the player are
nol so respeauui. n n i.. t..
, M immABflf. MnuillJi.ril, A 1 TUMI
botongh, after i oeurtehia of one 'hour' and
fifteen minutes, Nicholas Wilson was' married
recently, this being hi eighth wife aad he her
third husband. The number of relation that
oekhrated hll wedding . amounted to eighty
thtee, who, together with th bride and bride
groom, paraded the itreet with colon fiylngi
Tms Ntrnisons Ibcwdiat Fibii iv Niw
OaLgAgg A Twoaici Cohmittm PgoNoago.
Sixteen dwelling-homes having been de
stroyed by the inoendiary toroh on the night
of the 13 th in New Orleans, the Oeseni of the
Wth remarks thereon :' . ; ' . ' '
P . " to divine the causes or
W f We are at a loaa in Hivlna tk
sources oi tnese incendiary aeU.and we are
still ntore unable to suggest anv means hw
Jlh th8 Monttenc o' deplerable act.
u speeay and severe punishment. The of-
XT- 'vmmmrm IHVH UU, sm Sjl ggjl
nciais pi fr City having the immediate su-
- . - O - av-vs "V "UWW SVBI1UI MJ
etruotione; and they are none the less ener
getio in their endeavors to trace the causes
mo iuusuuibtim; Dutup to mis nour tney
are unequal to the power of the perpetrators,
the knowledge of their motives, or, indeed,
their slates or whereabouts.
A - perplexing mystery hangs around the
whole of these dreadful proceedings. Plunder
cannot be the motive, for we find in no in
stance any trace of euoh, and if personal re
venge be the spirit actuating the perpetrators,
then thsy are characters so base that no judge
or jury would dwell a moment on th render
ing of any other verdiot but that of hanging.
It has been suggested to us that a Vigilance
Qbmmittee be formed by member of the Fire
Department, who (ball have power to delegate
a watch patrol, and for whose services the city
treasury might be responsible. '
I" Last Ann Bist PobibaiiofHoubolot.
The last portrait painted from life of the dis
tinguished naturalist Humboldt, wa executed
for a gentleman of this oity, and is now at his
private residence ; the best painting both as
regard ffjst resemblance to the great original
ttd its .. artistic excellence of Humboldt In
this ouatry,;and perhaps in the world. The
portrait represent him in the open air, sitting
npon a bank, over which is spread the cloak
that has fallen from bis shoulders, in an atti
tude peculiar to him, with head slightly bowed
and inolined a little one side. A gold-pointed
pencil is in one hand, and In the other hi note
book, as if about to make a memorandum.
His bat i on the bank beside him, and his
onne rests near at band. Ia tbe background,
suggested by Humboldt himself, the snowy
peaks bf mountains are seen in tha distance,
while the deep bine of the sky sets in fnll re
lief the noble head, oovered with white hair,
of tbe old naturalist. Humboldt gave the
artist f Mr. Sorarlar .xrar.l .ittlnn. Th. r...
. . " ' Hwwi, MV IttUV
wa transferred to the canvass and finished ;
the bands were also completed and the out-
i: -c .v - 1 j
iiaue ui mo oouy urawn; out tnen there oamo
a pauso the old tnan grew too feeble to meet
,1. .-,:., ... i .. .
.uv i ut Bgaiu; anti wuea toe pioiure was nn
isbed, the good and groat man had bean in his
grave several weeks. Therefore it ii that thii
portrait, more than any other in existence, Is
pv.en.fju vi pecwar vaiue. atv I or it Homt
Journal. i .....
i m aaw . '
Popclab Fstxiiioox AasTgu. Tbe Vienna
correspondent of the London Tintt says:
Thing have undergone a very great ohange in
Austria during the last few months, and it
strike tae that the Government will loon have
5 iv Deween constitution and revolution,
"? HB8ri-n VP8 go declared that it was
'heir intention to agitate until they had re-
gained their constitution, and very remarka
ble "anti-flantrallrallnn" rlAmA..lMltf. k..
wwawu-MUMvu um
just been made at Estegg, a royal fee city in
BHiuuui. mi committee tor examining into
the proposed municipal law met atEwegg at
tea in tbe morning of the 21th Ootober, and at
twelve o'clock it members had unanimously
lesolved humbly to petition the imperial Gov
ernment "to be pleased to regulate the affairs
of the community and all other internal mat
ters in constitutional way that is, by mean
of a diet," The members of the oominittee
were the Loid-Lleutenant of the oountry, the
representatives of the districts of Diakovar,
Nasiez, andEuegg; the Burgomaster of the
ity of Essegg, and other persons of note.
Discovskt or Revomjtiosaby Riuci. At
na toot oi tne xotowa mils, near rattenwi,
N. J., are the remains of a oamp, oooupied by
me loot or tne xotowa ilills, near Patters.
the Amoriean troops during the winter of
1778-9, and consisting of numerous piles of
stones in three or four rows, whloh appear to
haye extended for a mile in length. At dif
ferent times ashes, bones and other relios have
Keen dlarvnrMil mm. 4Iia. nM r, a
HVHB, ,UVDW viu v.ui-uic0. n
few days since Mr. George Potrie, whose farm
crosses tne ground, on opening one of these
pile of stones, diicovcred an iron chain, a
stirrup and other artioles, whioh had evidently
I Iain oa donna!! far nvitr Alohtv .un TV..
lain oa deposlte for over eighty years, Ths
locality is about a mile above tho Great Falls,
On a rock adjoining the Falls are the words:
"9. W 17T9," believed to have been eut by
the Father of his Country at the time of his
sojourn there. . , . , .
Modsbn Philabthsopt. A Pro-slavery ex-
chanc Bay.: Ao.fl.rtriiiintr in nA Mmmn' minm
his family and those of his sons are very poor
... J J..i:t..il TA. iL a If. " a
uu uoDutuw. it, appeara mac, wane no ana
his ions were currvintf an th. war aoninaf
negro slavery, their families were left to starve
at home. XL in ia a great deal like the chi-
nf tllA HbVV. it nan Kg. tVtVAl mn
- " It; ' w -m-j j av uww ww uiwiwia, ovr
sensitively by distant and imaginary evils as
to entirely forget the first duties and obliga-
'cu n owes at nome. iirown would
neveboen more honorably and philanthro-
P1011?' employed in keeping the wolf from
Pw own door' inteaa of trying to raise the
uynm m tne nomes oi me Virginians
-. ' i i. a i
Nil.TTVnaa 'Rnwnv rli.naa TVi rvnlUt-1
rowdy associations that rule the oity of Balti-
mnVe. by ffnttintf nnniiilnn a4 tha nnll. nn
, j r. n f. w.vm v. uw wu
election day and driving away a sufficient
A, TVAMAAKK.a . - - - .V- . - . I e
uuuium vi iomvurve w avoura me vieouon 01
their own candidates, glory in these beautiful
na mes: "Plug Uglies," "Rip Raps," "Rant
ers," "Regulators," "Blood Tubs," "Double
Punps," "Sorewholds," "Red Neeki," 'Ca
Uthutnpians," "Scalp Necks," "Short Boys
"Babe," "Black Snakes," "Vipers," "Sting
erai" "Killers," "DeadRabbiU,""Shanghals,"
"Bangers," "StraightouU," "Green-eyed Mob
8tors,' ''Bangnps,'' and "Bull's-eyes." -
ina Mstoe in MastiA.CHMBTT. Th New
ford Standard reports that meteor were
seen by three parties In that oity and vicinity,
between th hours of nine end ten o'clock on
Tuesday morning, the same time, it will be re
rdetnbercd,' as it is reported that a meteor was
observed in New Tork. One was seen at about
ninje o'olook, over Clark's Cove, "whloh had
the appearance of being about fifteen feet long,
and shaped like amarlinspiksr . It descended
toward the water with great velocity, and dis-
anAaerad without exnloalon or nniia. Tf.
TerV bright."
.::sntaiiOTiyi Finn in Mobil. There' were
flvt fire in Mobile, Ala., on Sunday of last
wotk. Tbe planters' press warehouse was
pkrtially destroyed, with 600 bales of cotton
Wotth $30,000. The residences of A. Phillipl
and A. W. Thornton, were burnt, Involving a
lost of $25,000. Several other homes were
consumed. The fire in the cotton warehouse
was TJrodnead. It la hellavart. b annntannnna
.mbuitlpn.?, i.ff... ,, r
' : ComrcBiAt AAgD0BSr. The Perryiburg
(Olio) Journal has a letter from Brown' Cor
net giving an account of the elopement of a
man named Burr Smith with a girl named
Melvina Banner. -Smith left with his num.
mofur, deserting a wife, tnd took his little
do wttn nim pretending to nil ipouse teat
hnl ItitjiffiilAil LA Iaawa 4.IIA Afiilft. in V.A:n
County while be went Wert for a time.
From Charlestown.
CBABLMTowg, November 33. The excite
ment of Saturday has subsided, and bo sus
picious parties have yet been discovered. Gov.
Wise has letters from Intelligent and responsi
ble parties North and West, assuring him or
the organisation of parties for the resoue cf
the prisoners.
Tbe presence of the military ha restored
confidence and oalmness in the public mind.
The military are preparing an enoampment
Tbe Governor will return to Rlohmond to
morrow. We have Cavalry, artillery and in
fantry sufficient to encounter a small army of
sympathisers. .
It is rumored that Gov. Wise has received
dhpatoh from Gov. Chase, of Ohio, informing
him that a large body of men, numbering
from six hundred to one thousand, are arming
for a rescue nnder John Brown, Jr., and will
undoubtedly start for Charlestown.'- r
Gov. Wis is said to have replied, that If he
(Chase) allowed them to cross the line, he
would enter proceedings against him en the
charge of treason. ' .,...
A dispatch was also received on Saturday,
from U. S. Marahal Johnston, of Ohio, stating
that from six hundred to one thousand men
were fitting for th resoue in that State, under
John Brown, jr., commander.
Highly Important from Mexico—Miramon
and Marquez Fled the
Miramon's Army Proclaimed for Santa
22. The sohooner Jtfary
Clinton, with advices from Vera Cru to the
11th Inst., has arrived here, and. furnishes
the following important intelligence:
1 It was reported at Vora Crux that Gen. Ml
ramon bad joined Gen. Marques, and that
both had fled from the oountry on board a
British steamer, taking with them the $2,000,
000 in specie, -which Marques had nnder con
voy, whereupon Miramon'i army immedi
ately pronounoed for Santa Anna.
From Washington.
WAsnmTo, November 22. In eonse
quenoe of recent occurrence on the frontier,
suggestion has, been mad to the Liberal Gov-
ernmAnt frAm. Al.tin,,,l.ti-.l ,
-- - -v..u, ji.uu iiuum, LUHfc ,m
mediate steps be taken with a view of enter
ing into an agreement or treaty with the gov
ernment for the punishment of suoh outlaws
as Cortinas and his men. '
The main feature of thii arrangement being
to treat offenses committed on eitber side ot
the Rio Grande, as against the pease of both
Republic. The parties to be tried and pun
ished aooording to the laws of tbe oountry in
whioh csy may b arrested. : ' " . 1
Later from Oregon and Sonora.
Sr. Lours, November 22 The AKaontaa of
the 8d inst. say that Captain BwU left Fort
Buchanan for Sonora on th 31st ul'n, under
instruction from the Secretary of: War to
call on Governor Pesquior and protest in the
name of the United State Government
against the expulsion of Captain Stone's
Sarty and other American citiien of that
The AnWnvem also" learn that' Peiqiilera
has recently expressed a strong desire for the
formation of Emigration Companies, "to In
duce a general immigration into Senora.
River News.
Sr. Loms, November 22 M, The river
oontinnes to swell slowly at this point.' The
Missouri ha risen ten Inches at Atchison, in
oonsequenee of the breaking away of a gorge
at Nebraska City. The Upper Mississippi is
reported closed above Wenona. The Illinois
ii falling. Weather clear and pleasant.
PiTTHBCBe, November 22 M. River seven
feet six inohei by tbe pier mark, and about at
a stand. Weather dear and cool. ' '
Later form San Juan Island.
St. Lonm. NnvamTiar OT Tha ava.!. A
Teas, last night, brought dispatches from the
Iritish Cnnnul at Ran PranlanA 4a T.n. T.aa,
xtriiisn Minister at Washington, and a com
munication frnnVeii tv Out, Hunt! f IV-
-- vvmi twwwww W VAIU VVL4A
mending offioer at Pert Leavenworth,-, i, s
The British have withdrawn all thelt naval
foroes from San Juan, with the exception of
ma Bicamer aoieiut.
New York and Erie Railroad.
' Albany, November St. The first mertgage
bondholders of the Erie Railroad having ap
plied te the Controller of the State to advertise
ana sell the road for the non-payment of Inter
est; the controller has placed the matter In the
hands of tbe Attorney General, who will pro
ceed at oaoe, under tbe act of 1845, to Mil the
road with all the appurtenances. 1 ''
aesa, li V " ' ' '
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Baltimob, November 21. The report of
1 1. - T t . : . i . ,. .
ins uaiumuro anu voio nauroaa, represented
to-day at the annual meeting of the stock
holders, is highly favorable, showing a de
crease in the expenses for tbe year of $0112,000,
and aa increase in the net earnings of $857,000.
i i ' ii , ., -,i 1 1 r r.
From Buffalo.
- Burrno, November 22. None of the prise
fighters have yet been arraigned, though the
warrants have been Issued. Morrissey wa
here on Saturday, and engaged Hon. Ely Cook
a hi counsel, and then left for New Tork.
Ooe Pbooiritobb. Counting baok only
few generation everybody is related to every
body. Dr. Palfrey, in his work on tbe rela
tion between Judaism and Christianity, states
that the inorease is a geometrical ratio of the
number of our ancestors as we ascend, proves
mat, aiter some generations, everybody is tbe
descendant of everybody. - If we say that
there are twenty-eight generations In one
thousand years, aud every man has, en the av
erage, two children, whoever 4ived one thou
sand years ago has now considerably more than
a fonrth part of the estimated population of
tne eartn, even it mere nave been no inter
marriages among his descendants. These, of
course, mere nave Deen. , ur. ' tfallrey says:
"You and I, reader,' have had more than a
thousand millions of progenitor since the
time of tbe Saxon Heptarchy, Whoever you
are, it is extremely probable that the blood of
Egbert, of England, and of Egbert's meanest
menial runs in the rein of both of
A CAK(.)mw Com Some four week, since.
lay the Troy (N. Y.) Budget, a do named
"Gipsey," belonging to Dr. BenigrdOMe.
Guire, swallowed an American quarter bf a
dollar. It remained in the internal economy
of the canine for quite three weeks, when it
wa thrown off the stomach ia the presence
of several witnesses, among them were one er
two Tnemoen of tne neasseiear institute.
During all thii time the dog retained th coin
upon it stomach without tie alighteetappa-'
rent detriment, until the day of it diikoree
ment, when a mild lioknea in tha region re.
lerrea to wa ooservaoie, wnion terminated
in the ejectment of the lost piece. .It appear
ance, a we saw it last evening, was that of
a steel gray, verging on black, and the' im
nressions and lupericilotion were entirely
obliterated. We believe this to be lingular
animal phenomenon. 1 -
: T1RM$CA6H. '
AlverttsepientB not exceeding five lines (Agate
OMlneertlotwMl, KIOm WMk.m.m......i .
xwo woosa. l eo One "i"' I
Larger advertiaewenU ineorted at the t&llewlng
ratee for square or tea linea or lees I
One Insert k,n.4 50 1 Two , , .,,f a
Ml BUU (MB MSBm "I ' aVBB " , ag
One wees. 1 73 1 One """ .
uuu jcr a. lax tiAJ. ft
la" branehee,' done with neatneas and dhraateh
m: it; AT THE vrtf ., .
, , i i. i.. ;: ( ,, ...
December T, 1858.
t I J i , ii'i: r. "'
M. the public three seatone, and owing to Its pop-
ularltrand Increased demand, wa have been com
pelled to snake rare nor else. having HIX Bits
complete, suitable, from the amallcat familr op to
the largeet class 'boardlng-honae, The oelebrltr
these etove. have gained for thetneelvee oan not be
too hignlr appreciated, as every familr having them
in me can trulv testify. ,
Thanking the public fur their generous support, It
ts our determi nation to airpplv the wants of the oom
tnenlty with the beneOta which a practical mechan
cal edaeatton oan onlr supply.
Invenlare, Proprietors b JMatnnfootanrer,
' ' ' . '.
3 3 3
n , :: . ; v. i - :" . , 1-. n . . -. , ,.
We beg leave, most reepectfuHy. to offer tbe follow
ing certificates and references of families n.ing the
Alligator, which wHl,e.l a gUnoe, remove ell doubte
of lta intrlnaic merits:
lor aome months I have been luring the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. It. superior cooking guaUtiee,
combined with its cleenilneai, mn.teventnalir secure
to the owbsis a large aii oaJ' public patrooaxo.
John McLkaw.
I have been using on of Meters. Adama A feok
over's Alligator Cook Stoves for some months, which
gives entire satisfaction in every reepect, and can
enearfull; recommend it to thoee who are in want of
a .uperlor eook stove, ' H. H. LBAVITT.
For the laat rear 1 have been using the Alligator
Coal Ookiug H love, manufactured byMcsar.. Adams
A i'eckover, which 1 cacalder a superior stove, and
Elves the utmost satisfaction. It ia the only store I
ave fonnd that eooksiierleotlr with coal.
' For some time past I tiavebeenuBingoneof Messrs.
Adams a Peckover's Alligator Uoal Cooking Stores,
and can recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction In every reepect. .
.. .. JOS. BOfiflNELL, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfnll iadorse the above.
Hon. Judge Mclean, Cllf- Joseph V.Wayne, 891, Mh
r.0"'. ,.L 1 M.. irooka, Mt, Auburn
Hon Judge'Leavltt, U I. Kev. W. 8. Kennedy, 14
. IfitthBUeet, i .John-street,
Judge Van Ham, apt , J. P. Jones, 224 Fourth,
rourtb, " - Dr. Norton, 334 Fonrth,
Judge lioadlv, 270 3d. ,J. Thatcher, 32(reorge,
Dr.Kolker.Moth, ' Wm. Jolly, llDlith,
Oin.Urpuaa Aeylum.Ilm, Ju. Taibott, 400 7lh. -John
Kebler, 3494th, So.Getuindaner, lsABmlth
1'. Smith, Arm of Lincoln.S.B.. William,, W1. Hllla.
Smith A Wtrnock, Mr.. Mwuon, 2S3 4th.
H. Valletta, 347 4th, Mra. Byland,3M 4th,
N.O.tIcl,eau,01eodale, Mrs. Howiit.51 K.ttb,
H. B. Funk, !K6 Vine, Mrs. M. P. Taylor, 2M foeo.
Jot. Bushsell, coal mex. . Mra. McFhereon,S. U. cor,
Jas. Espy, 2984th, ' Sixth and Kace,
J. Jeffrey, Eng. (iaa W'ka, A. A. Clark, Times office,
T. H. Yoatman, Storra Tp, P. L. Weaver, 393 John,
A. W. Francisco, frees J. PTTVhllman, Wash-
Offloe.. . , , - . s ington Institute,
A, Hughes, CommerclBl, John A. Hook, 309 George
W. B.Vells, (Jiu'tlTjpe F. V.. Brooks, U John,
Foundry, Jackson M, Moble, 411 3d,
V ft U -' IT 1 1 - . 1 J,
K.O. Hoes, 284 LoDgworth,,
Ohaa. Ohadwick. 3U4 4th,
T. W. Sgrague, 193 7th, ,
Nr. Houghton, 16o Stb ,
Wm.Uomstock,a61ltti, '
O. Hole, 361 7th, ,. , i
J. Harvey, 207 Longworth
John AnderHin, 413 41b,
H. Haekman. 4A a
Ubaa. Goodman, 2424th,
John O. Morris, 113 Mill.
J. A. Stacy, 444 th,
Gibson A At 'Donald, Vine
laaao Marsh, Son (Jeorge,
Elam S. Lanadon, 12 th,
jonacnan ugaen, iw 4to.
ur w ill.a .mi.). ., r
. ju. jutwgiier, Liong-
it. t, . Trwu.iwi,u, ' r wvr.u alia freewi
IaI.h f . - l'l V, . T IT '. .1.. ... V.
i.o. a Dwiuing onioe. aii. uurneit, im MB.
lit. 147 ath,
104 Malo-etreet, three door above Third,
DKB all kinds of Horse Trappings, In tbe best
and most substantial manner, Also, a large assort
ment of Horse Blaaketa, Whips, Carpet and Leather
Hags. Bridle Bits, Buffalo Bebes, Valises (the real
sole-leather). Mall Trunks, Sponge, and a large as
sortment belonging so this line. I will sell as low
as tbe lowest., -.,
; " d. 8; caiiiiick.
noll-ay i 1 .
; ! Je FARROWt & SON'S
i i i 1 1.. , . . . . ... '
press Company, In whole and half cans. V
All dyaters sold warranted fresh and of
tne very iwst quaiuy. J. if. uwinuS,
Agent, Mo. Fifth-street, bet. Main
and Walnut-Btreeta.
N. B.-The trade supplied on tha roost literal
terms. ... - .. ocatcm
ni .'i's (,.",r' &V Mahony A Oo.'s Clebrated
Planted Of sten,which 1 am selling at nprecedented
1""5.r'c"bT case or doaen. Dealera and Families
. 5," TeI7AV"i' f"h T'r, will Please send
their orders. -Attached to this eBSablishment ta a
nice, oiuet, rwrwctable Saloen, where you can bavs
Oyatera Oooked In every style, and served up in a
clea.iand superior manner. Uliarges leas than at any
other plaee. , . oolOJ j JOHN 1SA1BN.
Jl ) ' JJ l 1
i -,:U 3k V A J IV A B
Oyster 1 mDfirtlnff Sonna.
u "11 Jr Xxmm,- hUsslsndid Oysters.
Having completed rrangementa In Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all time, during
the season be prepared to furniah my friends, "sad
&wTrSt?ttkl,ld'A AW,tn mo,t DIUOIOUS i
BIVALVE imported to the cJueenOfty. None but
the very beet- Imported. Oraal ladaoements offered
at thia Imnortlna7.tf,nA.
Order sloUoited and promptly 'filled. Terms cash. .
sapjet,. ; Bole Importer and Proprietor.
0 ' Spicad Oyiten.
lil?.?AItT!l,B.Ad,l r, tLT.
Freah Can, Ztg ntl Bhell Oyiters.
Bsff'tf WOt, 11 West Fifth-street

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