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." w ASTB," "FOB BALK," TO liBT, -"uupi,
"FOUND," Ao., In thU eelump, eeenpyUuv, fin linea
or leu, iwo inesrtiona, twenty-five eedla.
WANTEDr-PARTNER An aotive young
- I- . ... . I- ....V ) ... 11 -
on receive ball the profits nr a permanent situation
at a fair salary, f ISO capital required. Apply to
BALE 00., No. 12 Walnut-street. noab
.. S"rr1erlnadrrgoodsorgroeervatore.
The beet of city reference can be given. A del rein B.
B., care of A. Labrot, No. t West Front-street. Cin
cinnati. nn23b
tTANTED-MILLINEK3-Two or three
-C J!?Pd Milliners. Apply immediately ai the
Cheap Millinery Store, No. II YYeat Fifth-street,
bear Mala. , no23b
yANTED ROOM A Bleeping; room
. T furnished, including lea light and fact. Ad
(iron Bo 3010, ateting terme and. location. .
woman to work at plain sewing or In a email
family. Deference given. Apply at No. 149 Clark
etreet. . . , noMb'
Bantlemen to hare a comfortable front room.
with or without furniture, In a private family,
with board. Also a lady and gentleman oao have
the same by applying at No. (7 Kinth-street,between
"Biuiiiatm v lue-Btrceu.
brella, taken by mistake from I he hall of
Belves's Building, yeeterdar morning, can be re
turned to the Press office with thanke.
no22 TOBBT. 1
TIHTCMENT8 for the "Artist," published trl
weekly in Newport. Circulation 2,CO). no22b
y ANTED GIRLA neat, steady girl to
w Ho the general bouaa-work of a email family:
mult be a good wanner and lroner, and come well
recomttended, Apply at No. 11 Qeorge-at. no23b'
TANTED(ORSE A oheap family
., T bono, thoroughly broken and perfeotly gen
tle. None other will suit. Apply at hi Syoamore
etreetnoar Ninth, or throngh to3.. . ao22d
. 'd to go to New Orleana with a lady aa
eeav.Blreee or lady's maid, or to take care of children.
Addreea MARI, tola office. . uo22b
"TANTED DEf,P RigM off A male
' w; cookj a man to build Urea and make blmeelf
othervIae useful. Also, a young lady to wait In a
tlry-gooda house; afamalocook; two ckambermaidii,
pod twu dining-room girls. Apply at the General
Intelligence Afucyor A. 1). CARSON 4 CO.,
J2 No, 3ii Weetern-row.
, and ORNAMENTER. Apply immediately
at offlce of Penny Preei. poind
lady, either In a scfcwl or in a private family,
as teacher of music 8be ia capable of fifing in
etruotlone on the piano, barp and guitar. No
obioctlon to the country. Smell salary expected.
Address HA BY, care of box 422,01nclnnati Poelofflce.
. ' (nole-tfj
KT ANTED Clerks, book-keeperi, aales
w w - men, bar-keepers, portere, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborera and othera, can find situa
tions ' the Merchants' Clerks Registry Otnce,l28
Walnnt-atreet. noMb'j II ALB A CO.
' engine, by a temperate and Indnttrioua man,
or over twenty yeara' experience aa machiniet and
engineer. Is used to aetting up engine and other
.,?,f,)-'SerTu Bb" reference given. Addreea EM
Q1NEKB, Penny Press Oflice. noMb
TO engage in oirooJating by subscription,
some new highly ornamental and entertaining
Rooks, Maps. Charts, Ac. Hen now operating olear
from 123 to f 190 per month. Call and examine the
stock and get a descriptive circular, look at testimo
oiala of agenta now o operating, Ac.
Consultation free. Callaoon.
MACK R. BAKNITZ, Fubliaher,
ocMam . 38 W. 4th Street, (up ataira.)
Uii. wmmmmmmmmmmmm
, FOB BENT, ; :
FOR RENT HOUSE A neat dwelling
bonee to leaee for one or two yean, within one
hair equare of two atreet railroade; excelleut lo
ality .haa eight roome, gaa,, hydrant, oiitern, and
ath. Large iront and back yard. Apply at thia
c ' i i. ', 1 ' no to
FOR BENT ROOMS With or without
board, one or two unfnrnlabed rooma on aecond
Door, aupplied with gae and Are gratia; eutlable for
one or two ladies who are deairone of living in a quiet
borne, fieforvnee required. Addreea L. K. at thia
""Ice. po23b
OOR' RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
M. road, law or inaurance ofllcea, on aecond and
n,,lrd .S0r,'-iu oar-atory building oppoaite the
Preaa Office. The building haaibeen newly re-painted
and re-jap, red. AH in good older. Apply at the
Preaa.Omce. n0iu
E10R RE.NT The aecond and third stories
Sti P?J"modlooi Brick Building known aa
iitanauq H ALL, on the eonth-eaet corner of
Byiwnor4 nA Sixth-ai reeta. Apply on the prom
Hea tc; rSANNAN & LVON. nolsbw .
FOB. SALE A line Steel Rolling-Mill,
four inch, auitabie for a dentitt or jeweler; alto
a Latbe auitabie for a wood-turner, forealeatareea
onable price, by call lot at HHEDD WKLSH'S, No.
1113 Wait fifth-street, between Vine and Race.
I L1 more of tboe Firat-Clasa Donble.Thread Sew
ing Machines, at $24 each to cloee tbem out A great
bargain, full immediately at JESSUP'8 MOURN
ING BTORB, rourtb-street, oppoaite Shillito A
Oo.'a. nol2am
OR SALE-SAFES 2 superior large fire-
' aroof Hafee. verv low at nrivata aale. br H. a.
bilbw,b Mutn-atreet. noza
VJQR SALE DOG A good Setter Dog, six
-iV months old, partly trained. Call on W. A. F OS
TIR. U West Thlrd-atroet. noMb
JC Property a tract of to acres of Land, situated 11
miles north of New Albany, Ind.; 40 acres areclvared;
the balance la good timbered land, Tbere la aleo a
good hewed log House, in good repair, with other
ont-bulldlngi; will be sold low foroaah or exchanged
for efty property. For particular Inaulre at Mo. M
Hoitklna.etrxnt. noh
BOARDING For two gentlemen oan be
bad at No lot Longworth-itreet, near Plum.
TermB moderate. no 22b
BOARDING Several gentlemen oan base
comraodated with boarding by the day or week,
by applying at No. 1M Sieamore-ltreel, east aide, one
door below Fifth. no22aw
OARDING Large, airy nnfumlebed
Booms for familios. and boardlna and lodalnu
for single gentlemen, at 177 Srcamore-atreet, be
tween rmnana oixtn, wcavame,
T OST DOa A small blaok and tan ool-
J lured terrier elnt. A liberal reward
will ke paid for ita return to J AS. WAT-,
eun, tienrie uouee. notin-
0T TICTORINK On Sunday night,
. betaenu Court and Llnn-atreete and the Unl
vertalUt ahnreb on Pinm-atreet, a Fitch Martin
Vlctorine. The finder will be rewarded by leaving
It at No. 130 Llan-atreet, above Court. noaib
"f 081' BC A RF On Sabbath morning last,
.aLinuarthe corner of Plum and Fifth-streets, or oa
Flfth-etreet vest of Plum, a email plaid silk scarf,
valued aa a memento? The Under will be paid for all
rouble by leaving it at the counting-room of the
Ponnv Pree- . noZW
"A- NIFICENT Premium Piano,
the one that drew the premiuma in
New Yerk. Now Joraey and Vermont.
1 would rennefitfullr Invite the nrn.
fVailon and the nubile to to call and
eee it, together with lixty-fonr new Pianos, atre
dnoed pricea for oaah, or will rent, and let the rent
pay for the J-Jano, at 73 West Foutth-atreet..
.... 0, M. MUBCH.
The larieat atock Of Melodeona In Ihe city. noB
uouia aii carvea riano. fieaae
van ana ee u. aiio, rianos or every
etyle and finish, at a great reduction
lor caan, or win rent ana let tbe rent
ar for the Piano, at 64 Weat Fonrth-
atreet. J. OnCBCH, Jr.,
no3J , Depot for Melodeona and Harmoniams.
i. av. .
A collection of Marches. Waltaes. Tolkas.
Dobottiachea, Qnadrillee, Redowaa, Contra Dances,
Ae. A Buperb Volume of Popular Muilo. Arranged
for the Piano-forte. Price l 40. In cloth ia, Uoele
aent by mail. Published by J. OB 0 BUB, Ji -.
noIlf (6 Weet Fourth-street.
B. ACLI80N. fl-serlnUndent -
iaisolTlI lnda. lis Tin street-
WKDNEMJIAY. ....'....... NOTEM BKK. 33
pB" Don't forget that the Penny
Preta la the medium through which to
make known your want! Adrertlse.
menta ef fire llnea ind leal, Inserted
twice for twenty-five cental
T-Penny Preie to bo had Tery
morning at the Count lug-room door.
Only one cent.
B. R. Auar. At No.' tl, Broadway, bilow
Columbia, will be found a fresh arrival of
Fenoh felt hats, and a variety of attractive
eloth and plash caps.
Poem PiewD. Mr. Jamea Benae, oolleo
tor of water-rents for the oity, had hit pooket
ploked yesterday of his port-monaia, contain
ing $200 In money and a check for $30.
Ohio MEcmmca' iNsTiTtrra LtoTBBEa.
Philip Boileaa Jonea Dili lecture thia evening
at tbe hall of tbo Meobanlca' Institute, on the
corner of Sixth and Vine. Subjeot "Falling
Stones." ; .
- a ' ' 1
Otstibs, Otbtim. Two thonf and cans
oystora are arriving to-day at Waggoner'g
Oystor-houie, on 'Weatern-row, above Fifth,
for Than-agirlng. Some of them are nearly
aa large aa amall-aiied beef-atakee. We be
lieve they some from the "big oyiter bad."
TlkraiOHOllUM. Tha nart- irlran hv li
popila of Mr. Shaukt, to their paranta and
uieuus, ia nigac, at national mil, waa a
verv rjleaaant affair, and muaail nF in tha -.
tire satisfaction of all the votaries of the grace
ful Terpsiohpre who participated In It. -
Fob Biht. Rooma on second and third
floors, in the hntldln- ImmeiKatalv
Anny Prut, auitabie for law, medioal, ineur
anoe or railroad offioei. All hare been newly
painted and papered. Apply at. Pimy Prut
Mitiobolooioil 0B8KBTATI0HS For the
Penny Prm, by Henry Ware, Optlolan, No. 7
Weat Fourth-street, November 22.
O'clock. Barometer.. . Thermometer.
,1 A.m 2. 41
JM.. 39.4 i 64
A P. M............ av.wi K
Pboohdihoi or tbi Codxtt Cokmsaion
laa. At their regular seision yesterday morn
ing, the County Commissioners paused one
order only, whioh amounted to $50, and dis
ohargod two men from the County Jail for tbe
reason that they had no means with whioh to
pay the Sues end oosta charged againat them,
Man's Lis Ebokkn iv a Fall. A man
whose name we were unable to aaoertain had
his leg broken yesterday afternoon by a fall
on the oorner of Pearl and Main-streets. He
was crossing the street, and In stepping npon
the curb-itoue hia foot slipped in such a
manner aa to throw it under bia body, wbloh
oirounsiance caused tne injury.
Unpaid Iettirb. The following la a Hat of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
the PoatolQoe, in this oity, November 22.
John Henry Warnafleld, Whoellng, Ta.
Frank Schlmoler, Kort Juutiiuga, Ohio.
H. Uttenheiuer, Chicago, 111.
N. Korthap, Cleveland, Ohio.
Thomas Meehan, Mayevllla, Ey, .
Eben Lanfleld, Newark, Ohio.
Win. Ilaynea, Padncah, Ky.
Iiciirai RicRirTS at Tie Miroa't Orrioii
During the week ending Monday evening,
the following auma were received at the May
or's office for licenses :
Draye $33 so
Express Wagona id 00
r urniinre ware , ..,... i oo
mnlbuaea 13 00
fiacknev Ooejhea - l on
v),lhitioTia and Balls M 00
Buckaiers 3A 00
Peddlers....;.,...,... 00
Total....!-. J15S to
Bot Dbottked. A boy named George
McAuulty, about nine yeara of age, was
drowned yesterday in the river at the foot of
Plum-street. He was paddling about the
ahore upon a narrow float, whioh anddenly
turned and threw him into the water. Some
persons who saw tha aooident ran to tbe apot,
but their efforts were unavailing, and when tbe
body waa recovered, whioh waa In a very abort
time, life had become extinct. He was imme
diately carried to tbe home of bia parents on
Front-street, an inquest under the oiroum
atancea being deemed nnneoessary.
Bdbolabton Tbibd-btbkbt. The residence
of a man named Joseph Rosa, Iooated on
Third-street, near Stone, waa feloniously en
tered night before last, and robbed of a port-
monnaie containing $27, whioh the sooundrels
round in the bed-room of Mr. Rosa. The en
trance was efieoted by oHmblng to the eeoond
story of the houae by means of a porch in the
rear, and thence through a window to the ball,
from which they passed iuto the chambers.
Their operations were quite noiseless, and
the loss of the money- waa the only method by
whioh the inmates were made aware that they
had been noeturnally visited. .. .
Accidint TO a ExraiM Deiter. The
driver of an expresa-wagon, named John Col
lins, became somewhat inebriated yesterday
afternoon, and with the usoal eoaoomitants of
drunkenneaa came alao reoklesaness and hebe
tude. While in this state he drove bia home
quite rapidly, but when near the corner of
Sixth and Plum-streets, a sudden jolt threw
him from hia seat and he fell upon tbe bowld
ered pavement with auoh force as to break his
right arm and injure his head quite severely.
He was taken into a house in the neighborhood,
where hia wounda were dressed, after whioh he
was removed to hia home en Elm-street, near
Front-. ,
Boabd or Citt iHrtoviMkires. At the reg
ular aemi-weekly aeasion of the Board of City
Improvements yeaterday morning, the olerk
waa direeted to prepare and transmit, to the
City Council an ordinance to pave the nnpaved
sidewalk on Clinton-street, from : Weatern-row
to Freeman-street. ; '"
Alao, an ordinance to grade and pave with
limestone, Park-alley, from - Mill-street . to
Ramsey. '
The communication from the Trustees and
Visitors of Com men Schools relative to the
condition of Third-street, between Butler
atreet and the Miami Canal, waa referred to
the Commissioner of the Dlatriot
' The Commissioner of the Eastern District
waa authorised to have Main-street, from
Seventh to the Miami Canal, repaired ' at a
cost of 3f.
The sealed proposala offered for repairing the
culvert under Culvert-street, south of Fifth
streetwere opened and oonsldered, and laid
on th table until tbe next meeting. . Board
adjourned. . .. ,.
Polici Court. Judge Lowe yesterday dis
posed of twenty-six cases, only one or. two of
whioh were worthy of note, i
John Campbell, who; we stated yesterday,
bad been arrested upon a charge of violating
the seventh commandment, et tbe instance
of a woman named. Kate Free, waa dis
charged, no evidence having been offered
which would seem to indicate guilt, although
it is Quite probable s the fact that -it is ex
tremely difficult to prove the commission of
tbis crime may also nave tended to the result
we have named. Thesixunfortunete females
itho were arrested in his establishment were
ailao djamiased. , .,.;, ,,-
v George Heilman, whom we noticed in our
issue 'of yeaterday aa being arrested npon a
charge of grand larceny, having stolen thirty-,
eight dollara in allver eoin and' bank-notes
from an Italian On Fifth-street, named John
Martin, was held to bail In tbe sum of $400 to
answer the charge before the next Court of
Common Pleaa. ,-. ',,v y , ,
Coal Oil, Lamps and Burners.
card of Messrs. Gray, Hemlngray k
Brothers, which will be found in our
columns, fully announces to the Western and
Southern trade the nature and extent of the
various articles of Glass-ware, Ac, constantly
turned oat by the skillful workmen at their
extensive works, on tbe banka of the Ohio,
and which obviate any necessity, to far as
quality and prices are concerned, of a resort
to any other establishment in the East or
elaewhere ; but our purpose ia now more es
pecially, in tbe first place, to invite the at
tention of tbe trade, and all interested, to the
quality and of the -
whioh 'they manufacture for the use1 of
railroads, steamboats, and for any required
purpose. None of your Yankee notions, made
not for use, but for sale, and which have too
lone flooded tbe South and Weat, only to melt,
be thrown overboard, or to be strewn along the
various railroad routes by agents and con
ductors, so grossly imposed upon. The Lan
terns of Gray, Hemingray k Brothers are of
their own manufacture, of, tbe self-adjusting
and other most approved patents and stylea,
and eonstraoted with a view to durability. -
BInoe chemical soienoe haa overcome the only
objection to the oil, by deodorising it, and thua
destroying the offensive odor, tbis baaia for ar
tificial light must throw all other fluids Into
disuse,' it being the nearest approach to gaa, in
point of safely, brilliancy ana economy, being,
after all, liquid gat. The oil being pure, the
next important matter Is the turner, and
though ' scores of abortive contrivances have
been palmed upon the publlo, G., H. k Bros,
have what may be confidently styled
In which the wlok worka with entire freedom,
avoiding all smoke or offensive odors, may be
adjusted to oil and fluid lampa, and defying all
competition. '
' Tkey have alwaya on hand a large atock of
pure deodorised oil lampa for all purposes,
chimneys, shades, wleks, brushes, ike. "
Remember No. 20 East Columbia-street.
CINCINNATI, November 11, 1859.
ileuri. Qray d Hatingray t
- Gints The Collina Burner you aent me I
have fully tested, and must acknowledge that
it ia superior to any that I have tried; and for
length and extent of flame, and the freedom of
it from flickering, I have met with no burner
that will produce the same extent of flame, or
suoh uniformity of it during combustion. With
tbe same wlok and oil it will giro folly one
half more light than theJonea or any other
burner I am acquainted with.
' Respectfully, Tours, Ac,
CINCINNATI, November 11, 1859. E. S. WAYNE, Chemist,
Phœnix Oil-works, Cincinnati.
' ' Pbocmdibgs or tbi Coohty Boabd or
KquiLieaTioH. The County Board of Equali
zation, that it might better discharge its duties,
as our readers are alroady aware, subpenaed
a large number of persona from the different
townships to assist in making a fair average of
the value of all the real estate in the counly.
Yesterday these persona were divided into
committees, with inatruotions to report In re
gard to the discrepancies they might find in
tbe assessors' returns. Some of theoommittees
reported to tbe Board yesterday afternoon, but
the remainder have not as yet nnienea tneir
labors. The reports which have been handed
in are In subatanoe aa follows:
The Committee for Harrison, Whitewaterand
Crosby were of the opinion that, although
they found some disorepanoies in the relative
valuation of a few lota, they had thought it
best to allow the assessors' returns to remain aa
they were. -
The Committee for Anderson, Columbia and
Spencer, reported some oontrariety in the rela
tive value of some farms, bat it waa not of auf
floient magnitude to justify them in disturbing
the returns of the assessors.
The Committee for Symmes, Sycamore and
Springfield agreed that the property in Symmes
bad been valued proportionately too high, and
that the average of that township waa below
that of Springfield; Five lota in Syoamore
were valued at $81, when It should have been
$81; seven others valued at $56 80,should have
been $74 40, snd In Symmes some had been
taken at $31 40, whioh should bave been
$39 20.
The Committee on Colerain, Green and Mi
ami recommended that the average value of
Colerain should be inoreaeed to $45; that a
proportionate amount should be taken from
the aggregate value of Green, and that Miami
should be allowed to remain as returned by
the assessors.
Pbobabli Hovioiob Tbi Sriair or Vio
LiNci Visits a WiDDixa. It la not often
that the apirit of violence visits the house In
whioh, according to a popular delusion, a
couple are being made happy, and that, too,
just at the moment they have apoken the
words that are suppossd to possess this magle
power; but suoh was the case, night before last,
in this city. . A couple of young men named
Miohael Feeney and John Lawler, who bad
for some time been to each ether what they
would call friends, met at a wedding-party,
on the corner of Ludlow-stroet and Congress.
During the evening they drank quite freely of
the enemy whioh Beneoa, before Shakspoare,
said stole away men's brains, and afterward
quarreled. In the orased condition of the
parties, maddened by anger and by wine,
Feeney stabbed Lawler in the left breast, the
knife pasaing into the cavity of the cheat, just
below the heart. L, waa taken to his borne,
at the oorner of Third and Look-streets, Im
mediately after tbe affray ; but in an attempt
to take the instrument from the wound, whioh
must have been quite bungling, the blade waa
broken, and this renders hia condition still
more critioal. F. was arrested, aad yeacerday
morning committed in default of bail to the
amount of $2,000, for bis appearance before
the same tribunal on Friday next. ,
4 Coil hdixti AL Paktt Caught. A man,
whose name we could not learn, who waa
about to leave for Dubuque, was met yester
day on the wharf by an individual who said
he Was going to the same place, having been
purchasing goods in this city which he had
shipped upon the steamboat Dmmark. While
they were conversing upon this subject a
third party approached, who pretended to be
the merchant from whom the goods had been
parohased, with a hill for fifty dollars, where
upon the sharper asked bis newly formed ac
quaintance to lend him fifty dollars. . Tbe
atranger luckily had but $6, and just at this
moment a couple of our police came up and
arrested the would-be confidence men, and
committed thenv to the Hammond-street Station-house.
Their names are William Davis
and James 0. Watson, and their late adven
ture will probably consign them for some
months to that classic locality known at the
City Prison
SitteuLAi ArrAiB. Ou the 8th of November,
a ' man named James Cairns was sent to the
City Prison, being unable to nay a fine of $10
and costs, whioh was charge, against him for
come trifling misdemeanor. He had some
money, which he paid, and then his wife, with
the spirit of a true woman, came to his rescue
with her jewelry and pledged the payment of
tha balance with three finger-rings, a pair of
ear-rings, and a breast-pin. Yesterday ahe
went to the City Priaon for the purpose of re
deeming ber jewelry, when It waa discovered
that two of the rings had been stolen a cir
cumstance which the avera ahe will have inves
tigated until she finds, if possible, tbe guilty
. ' ; ,
,e I... e 1
., H. L.' -tiles A Co. All who are preparing
for a feast to-morrow, Thanksgiving Day,
abould read the advertisement of Stllea k Co.
in another column. They wilt receive a large
supply of loo oyaters, selected expressly for
tbe family trade. Don't forget it when laying
in your supplies. ; . ,f
Ovstbb-ioosi. The oyster importing houae
of Peter Cavscna. No. SI West Third-street,
la enabled to supply all demands for choice
oysters to-night and to-morrow.' 1 He Is pro
vided with some of the "double extras,"
whioh we kaow to he A Ho. 1. xryt-emY
Woon's Taa-Tia. The Itinhiogs are not
drawing aa well aa they should beat this theater, and
wahone IBy will beniwh belter patronised bofore
tbecloieof the week. . Mia Caroline ia a ewoet singer,
a pretty woman audi clever actro-... 1 hie evening
TaaUniPi.inior TH5 EiomiNr and tit. comedy of
-aeoan Leva will be presented.
Natioiul Tbbutbb The great Ooetbean
spectacle, Farar aan Mnaemmirv, la trtll drawing
excellent audiences to Ihe National Theater. Tbe
nicturee and tableaux are admirably arranged, and
from the opening ecene until the apotbesU of "Mar
guerite," which eloaee Ihe performaaoea, It ia a suc
ceaalon of beautiful representation!, which ia northv
a vl'it from every lover of the spectacular d rama. It
will be repeated thia erentug, with Mr. J. B. Boberta
as "Mepbiatopbilw," and will be proceeded by the
beautiful drama, Tnaaita'a vow.
- Pus's OriaA-Horjas. The audienoe at the
Opera-home last Bight was suite a Sue one, end the
play pasied off to Its entire satisfaction. Mr. and
lira. Conway, although their eunneriitni are some,
time unpleasant, continue to meet with the appro
bation tlitlr merit deeervea.
To-night they appear In Tom Taylor's beautifnl
comedy "gnu, Waters Box Dsip;"and aa they
nave already appeared in the characters of "Mr. and
Mrs. Mildtuay" in this city, and won the heartiest
applause, theywilldoabtlMSdrawalargehouie. The
farce ia "Mr Kooso WiraSnvD Old UasasLLA,"
with Air. Cavldge aa "Gregory."
Coxcxbt at Buna k Nixon's Hall! Tho
concert last Bight at Smith A Nixon's Hall, for the
benefit of the Cathollo Institute, waa quite largely
attended and apparently greatly enjoyed. Baydu'a
beaniltul quartette waa finely rendered by lieatra.
Weber, Bneaaelbach, Biasing and Junkorman. Mrs
Dueller aang "Robert toi que j' Alme" very aweetly,
while Uoaart'a duet from "Don Giovanni" "Lace
parent," In answer to an encore, waa tastefully given
by mlaa Ulrckhauer and Mr. Orold. As a whole,
the programme was well rendered, and the concert a
Co-PLiutKTAET CoMCBRT. This evening a
oompllmeutaryooneertwlll beglven to Mr. Thomas
Crawford, at Huiitn A Nixon's Ball. A good pro
gramme has been prepared for the occasion.
Bills of L'adWO Kiootiatbd Ira 'Wood
va, Uurtn, Wilson, and Stephens. Burin obtained
bills of lading for the shipment by railroad of a large
quantity of flour a portion only of which was deliv
ered, lie afterward drew I11 1 of exohange on the
eonelgneee in Baltimore and Philadelphia, which
weredlaconntedatthe Lafayette Hank. Wood settled
with the baukforthe quantity of merchandise un
delivered, and bow bring suit for the advances.
A demurrer was tnterponedon the ground that the
transaction waa fraudulent In lawaa againat public
policy oroppoatidto theetatutecn that lubject.
Judge Storer held that if Wood acted in good faith,
public policy waa not Impugned nor tbe atatute did
not apply. Demurrer overruled and leave to an
awer. bubrogatinnef a claim for lnsuranoe.-Otncinnati
Inaurance Co. va. J. M. Newcombe. Theplaintlft
paid defendant 8I.0O0 npon an average claim. De
fendant aubaequentiy reoovered for the eame Item
esalnat the steamboat which caused the Injury sued
It was held by Judge Storer that after plaintiff paid
tbe claim, they were placed In the poaltion of New
combe having alone tbe right to demand the amount
from the eteamboat. Demurrer overruled.
Halpiuvs. Gilbert. Suit fur aervicea aa surveyor.
Judgment for plaintiff.
U. . Smith va. The New York Indemnity Inau
rance Co Judge Uoadlyaaid the testimony allowed
that tbe risk was a bad one for the Company to take.
The plaintiff's premise had been robbed he had
prepared a search wurrant, and had evidently in
curred tbe hostility of a gang of desperadoes. He
admits that t lie officers advleedhlra to get inenrvd,
because "they were rather a hard-looking aet ul fol
low!." Tboreconld be 110 quoit ion that eolith acted
In good faith. There ia no proof that he aupprensed
the fact. lie made hia application to the Company
without giving him any luatriictione. But it waa
equally plain the Company would not have taken the
risk had tbey known the facta. After referring to
variout authorities, the Court preceded to remark
that In this case the expreea terms of the policy
firovlde that any material concealment shall render
t void. The question aa to tha keeping of gun-powder
waa not considered. 1
Judgment for detendaut. - . ,
Suit Uhdib thb Bastabdv Act. Anna
Weber vs. Frank Miller. Before Jodge Collins. The
action w'-Mi prove the paternity of an illegitimate
child. Under the recent decision of the Supreme
Court, the defendant was allowed to testify, lie
awore be had no illicit Intercourse with plaintiff.
A great many wltnetaes were sulipenaed. .,
the 18th of April,. 1858, a homicide was com
mitted on the corner of Third-street and Kim,
In this oity, under the following circam
atances: .
A man' named John Leonard, who at that
time waa drayman for Thomas Bmery ft Co.,
on Vine-street, met Miohael Burke, who drove
a lime-cart at tho looality we have named, and
their vehicles came in eontaot, which, as is
nsnal in auoh oases, caused some hard feelings
and aonie harder words. Daring the quarrel
inaieasueu jj. iiauu urav-piu win utrocK o.
on the head with suoh force that he died within
allttlewhlle. "
To escape punishment Leonard loft the oltv
and went to Australia, where he ha remained
ever since. A few days ago, however, he re
turned, and yesterday wont to the Ninth-street
Station-house and voluntarily Rave n imself up.
He was admitted to bail by Judge Lowe, the
charge against him being murder in tbe second
degree, but what tbe amount waa we oonld not
learn. Tbe ease will be finally disposed of at
the next term of the Court of Common Pleaa.
"TwrLB Skliots." Tho old established
depot at No. 11 West Pifth-ttree, to which
our citizens have been aeoustomed to look to
for the best of oyaters at all times, haa pre
pared a treat for lta many patrons at home and
abroad, by having packed, at their Baltimore
house, oyatere that win Drtng uieiwiniieto
the epioure'a eye when spread btifore him.
No family will, we are assured, think of sitting
down to their Thanksgiving dinner without a
dish of Robert Orr's "triple select" oysters.
'" "
Bbrbvit or thb Widows' Horn. The Cin
cinnati Street Railroad Company notify tha
public that the gross reoelpts on their line o,f
road on Thursday Thanksgiving Day will
be appropriated to the benefit of the Widows'
Home, by order of the Board. This official
notice will cause many to ride who would oth
erwise walk, and all who have tickets to keep
them In their pockets, .
OTSTBBS.--Tboee fond of fine oysters--and
who la not? should call at Todd's Oyster
Depot, No. 253 Walnut-street, above Sixth.
He receives daily by express the vej.y best
bivalves aent to this market, and his patrons
can rely npon them and him always.
Jocbnambtic Mr. R. SeUvan :Uusaey,for
many months- eonneoted with the- looal de
partment of the Daily QattUt, has 1 leoome as
sociated with the editorial staff of tb at journal.
His new position we trust will puove more
agreeable oesauae lesa arduona than the one
he has resigned. "
"' Thb Watib-wobbs. Onr readers! are no
doubt well aware that the City Council hj author
ised the construction of Water-works In this oity,
and directed theCommittee on Internal Improvements
to advertise for proposala for their construction, sub
ject to such terms and conditions aa wnro imposed in
the ordinance, to which we have referred, aa yet no
advertisement for proposala baa been published, we
are not aware of tliecatiae of tbe delay, but conjec
ture that some difficult)' about tbe locution of the
reservoir Is at the foundation. It haa bn proponed
to publish the advertisement In tho Mew Turk papers,
that eastern companies may have an op gorttinity to
compete with our home enterprise. Conapetitlon
the life of business, and we are glad that onr Oity
Council intends to invite it la tbis instauiie.
Thb Nbw Whabp Cohplxtid. Mr. Over
camp last night notified the Chairman of the Com
mittee on Internal Improvement", and the Oity En
gineer, that the new wharf near tbe Cincinnati and
Covington bridge-pier, between Scott and Greonup
streett, had been completed according to contract.
The work will be examined to-day, and, if approved,
will he received by the Oily Oounoil. - -
Polios Coubt. Jenny Hclntyre, James
rittpatner and Charles S.'llot wero sentenced to
twenty days each in the oity Jail, for vagrancy, and
Barry Htuiselbroke was fined $3 70, for disorderly
oenduct, by Mayor Foley, yesterday.
SooTT-aTBiBT.--There Is now some prospect
thatthelowerendof thia .treat will be made passable
In the course ot a few weeks. t
' Ssidat School Cblbbbatioh. A. Sunday
School celebration takes place at Lexington to-day.
and It Is intended that a representation from all
parts of the State will be present. Bev. Mr. Onn
ningham, of the U, S. Church, and others from this
city, have gone thither to astlit in the ceremonies of
the day., , , ... t . ... .
dTTbo ball given by the Concordia 01nb,of
our city, on Monday evening1, waa a very pleaaant af
fair, the atteudance,notwithatai.'ding the innleineucy
of the woath.r, being large. Kentucky's duik-ojcl
daughters seemed lovely and orrermlng, and their
sparkling wit flowed freely aa ever, , ,H
rTna' Niw Jail The roef over the new
Jail la now nearly flniahed, and It Is the Intention to
hare It completed, ready to receive Insaalea, by the
first ef January aext, ' -
Monetary and Commercial.
The principal feature jq Third-street yesttr-'
day waa the general decline in the Eta tern Ixchanga
toX premium, and In tbe buying Bgure to Yprem.
At th decline Ihe market waa dull, and some dealers
did not -desire to buy, particularly on Boetoa and
Baltimore. The incnMaed offerings of Eastern Bills
by Pork-operators ha beea tha cause, of the redooed
price ia Eichaoge. ,r t j, . ( ,
Currency waa In active demand and the supply'
limited, though some of the Bankeraear theteoeipta
have been better this week than tbey were for the
same time last w.k. The market continues stria
aent. . .
tioin it very heavy. The Brokers refusing to pay
any premium yeaterday, and being willing toeellat
kj3l.'. pr.mium,
The Brokers further advanced tbe price of If laaonrl
bank notte yeaterday, charging I discount. Iowa.
Illinois and Wleoenaia were ilitlpurohaeed at 1H dia.
The rates, of Exchange aad Coin are at nnunt as
follows; -
Buying. JJ: celling.
Hpretn. " Hprem.
3 " '
- '3;
par i "
par ' KG 13c. " T
New York Sight
Philadelphia Might
Boston hight....w.......a.
Baltimore e)ight...,..M.
Mew Orleana Sight............
American Gold .,
Flour wm animated yesterday, ,000 brla. eel 11ns
at $4 8-i.4 to for superfine, and ti 0o$4 So for ex
Ira. Vthlekeycontlnued In good request. Provldona
were fnirly active, Me as Pork selling at $14 90 for old,
and 814,75 for new. Wheat advanced sc. per bushel,
and other kioda of Orainremainedateady.
The imports and exported' the principal artloles
for the twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon,
wereaafollowa: , -7
iMfoeie-Flour, 1,496 brie. j 'Whieky, 1,707 brTS.:
Corn, 1,324 buehela; Wheat, ttO btubela; Oats,
buaheln: Barley, buaiiela; lioge, head; Sugar,
72 iiude.tMolaeaev, 38 aria.: Cofree,147 bags; Apples.
169 brU.;uttor, K9 kegs; Cheee, l.oWboxest Leird,
brie.; iUy, belt.; Potatoes, M hrls.; Bait,:
SM barn-la.
xniHT8-Flour. brla.; Whisky, 1,271 brla.:
Corn, 3,e 16 bush.; W heat, 1,417 bush.: Outs, 2.S62 bush.;
Barley, m biuh.f Mugar, 23 bbde.; Molaaeea, 2S
brla ; Ooffee, 8,765 bags; Apples, 110 brla.; Butter, 34
kg; C'heeao, 2.828 boxes: Lata, brla., and
kegs; PotHtoea, 104 brla.; ifriga; T,1I9.' -
There wm increased activity in the Foreign Trade
at ihe port of New Vork, and in the movement of
Lotion from ihe henthern porta thrpaet week. The
entries ef general merchandiaeahow the heavieat in
creane, inclmling aeveral valuable India car
goes. Including the Dry Ouoea ublo in our laat li
me, the total Import ot the week are fi.Oux.gil,
againat Sl.W.'t.OM the same week laat aeaaon. . Thua
tor In November theentrioa are only 11,542,000 ahead
of Noremnor, lii, the previoua two weeka falling
below lost season. The export of ordinary domestic
produce end mitcellaneoue gooda is l,te4,S2Mgalsat
$1,396,139 aame week laat year. , ,1 4 , :
Monday's Tribune says of Money matters In New
The Money market ia without Important change,
bnt on account of the diapoaltlon on tbe part of aome
of the banks to check the expansive movements of
the past lew weeks, the ratea on Paper were about Hi
percent, higher during the week. .The range for
prime signatures ie67 per cont., according to ma
turity. Prime ehoitbllle are etill in moderate sup
ply, aud are panned without difficulty. Loog paper
goes leas freely. On demand rates are nucbangeil at
96 percent., with rather more doing than last weak
at the higher rate.
Specie tins been coming in dnring the wosk to con.
aidernble extent trom Philadelphia, Boetou and tbi
Weat, but the Bub-treasury baa geined aome Sy00,W0
from the street, which, with tho ehipment of SsOO.OOU
on Saturday Week, wilt probably bring the specie re
serve in the bank averages down to $iy,l5O0,o00, or
Issa. The Sub -treasury gain ariaea from aalea of
Treasury notea aad deposits cf gold for New Orleans
transfer drafts.
Monday's Philadelphia Press observes: ,
The shipment of spscieto New Turk bave,fbrsome
days, beon Write, and tue banka, always nervoua, are
a lift' e frightened, lliey are curtuiling their loaua
rather rapidly, not by withdrawing loana to their
mercantile customer and large depoBitora, bnt by
drawing right and loft upon the other depositories of
theirmoney, who do Dot appreciate tbe process of
paying up so highly as the receiving creditors. But
nun, ui.unnivt .1. iuubi .u miuio mion., poor, ino"
outside capitalists are full of funds, and atand ready',!
loiurmsu just an mucn money a. tuey can nnu a
market for In undoubted eocuritiea, at little more
than bank rates. , .
The exporta of Norfolk, Va., for the year reached
$3 444.9J4, of which $t.'0,OSO waa tbe remit of the
"trucking" bualneas. The annual prodnclof the city
manufactories waa X7ri3,ono. Among other items of
export were 2, SOI, 71V bushels of ureters.
i.mt wetk'a St. Louis Hank statement shows an
Increase ol 1 17,042 in Exchanges maturing, and a
decrease of $47,221 In circulation, and $13,990 In
specie. .;.: ' , I
The Missouri Democrat says that the circulation
Of the city Banks there la getting- down to a mere
nominal sum. Instead of keeping out three dollara
of paper for every dollar of coiu iu their vaults, they
have only a little over f)fty cents on the dollar out in
the aggregate. The largest Hank, the State, haa
only about an eigoth ofa dollar in paper lor eaon
dollar of coin In ita vaults, whils some of tliootlieis
have about dollar for dollar.
FtODR The demand continnea active, with safni'
of 2,0fi0 brls. at Si tcm W for superfine, and $99 39
for extra. Iteceipts iisht. '
WUISKT A continued good demand, with sales
of 1,4110 brla. at J3o .including that from wagon, t
HOGS The we-ither bwug bad, the market waa
dull for lota on the spot, but for future delivery there
was a good demand, and 2,000 sold at $9 76, to be dei
livered three weeks hence.
PBOVIHIONS-Agooddemandformess fork, with
sales of 200 brla. new at $14 79. Homo old aold at
114 90. ion hlids. Bacon aold at 7so. for Shoulders,
and tXc. for Sides, Lard i-old to the extent of 200
brls. at 94c for hcad,9?ao. for prime, and 1,900 kegs
at inSc. 3,(100 green Hainsaold at .
OROCBUIKS-No ciianee in the market; the da.
mand is fair In tha regular way at full ratea.
W UEA'C-Tbere ia an active demand, and prices
have advanced fully 3c. per bushoL Salea 900 bushels
choice white at $1 33; 401) do. prime at $1 31; ,M do.
red at 91 13 ' " .
COftN The demand It active and tha market otto
at 49 and 46c. S-tles l,Mu huahels in bulk at 43c.) SOD
do. at Marietta Railroad at 43a -
OATS There la a fair demand, and the market Is
steady at 44490. Salea I,0n0 buahela at 46o.
K E There la a fair demand for prime at 7.V).
B A ltLE Y-The demand is good. Prime fall it held
at 7.V.
CHETCSE-Thero Is on active demand, 'ales 960
boxes W. K. at 9c.
BUTTER The demand for prime roll ia good at
istti;c, and choice W. R. at imm. Salea 10 brls,
choice roll at 18c; 29 firkins fair W. B. at 19i4o.
A PPLES There is a better demand,. but prices are
nncbanxed. Sales' 40 brls. selected at i'J 40. -
ro t'ATO-S-The market Is dull, and prices with
out change. ,., 1
CLOVER 8EEt)-tbere Is a fair demand, and
prices are steady at S4 S9 for prime, In tacks. Bales
89 sacks at 4 9; 3o brls. at $4 75. '
Nbw Vojx Marbbt; November 22 P. M Flour
market less active, but without change: salea 14,(100
brla. at 14 W4 to for superfine State; $.1 100).". 10
for extra do.; $1 999 90 for tuperflne Weatern;
i"i l.)9 30 for common to medium extra do,; and
$9 VpJ SO for infi-rior to good shipping brands extra
round-hoop Ohio. Canadlnn Flour quiet and un
changed: sales l.'iObrle, at ti 19(36 20 lor common to
ohoice extra. Kre Flour iu fair request at $3 IK)
4 SO. Wheat dull, and prices without change: sales
14,000 buihels at $1 18 for common to clum; $1 19 for
Milwaukie olub; Bt 87(41 3a for winter Oauadiat).
Ityescarce and firmer: sales 3,000 buehela at 9c. liar
ley without important change: sales 13,000 bushels at
7fV37ec. for Canada Kwt, and 83c. for good State.
Corn steady: sales 14,000 bushels at 79)39o.for new
vollow; vc.()l for old uo. (lata 4bH0nec. for State,
Weatera and Canadian, Whisky market very dull
and heavy; trifling sales at 28c. Pork market more
..ll.. nnil flrn.--. .-la- . 9l.l H-l. a. OtK tH
1 for mesa;8lft(l3(5iilfor prime; I9I9 79 for prime mess.
1 neei uncniuigeu: ernes isw oris. ate4(a a ior. prime;
! ft9l 9ft tnr me..: AfAIn for rtld end niw r.rlriiit
meai; $10 90tir.ll for extra roeis. Kieef ilamsqtiiet at
$ll(ftl4 2.1. Prime Mesa Beef firm at Jlfti-Ji dreaaed.
ll'gidullat7Mc Cnt Heats nominal. Itucnamore
active: sales 10,000 boxae loug-rilibed Middllngeat
8)eo , and 1,000 boies short-ribbed do. at 8H0, both
lota for future delivery but preclie time not reported,
lard dull and heavy: aaleeof 2W brls.at.l'WW10l(o.
Butter plentr and dull at llXcjllSco. for Ohio, aud
H((02lc. for Slate. Cheese steady and quiet at Hnllo.
Cotton Arm: aales of 2.WI0 bales. Bidtw decliaina:
llueuoe Ayrcs at 23jc. Lead firm: Galena at S5 7
i9 80. Wool quiet:' nceco at 40(itfl"i ; Shepherd
pullod at 87(893o. Sugar arm at 6H(t:7Mc
PsiiLADKLmtA Market, Novembers. There la no
demand for flour except for tbe heme trade, at
$9 12V?.5 29 for mixed and good brands; J1 (OfJS 79
forextraa; $MK5 39 for extra family, and $6 tOrad 79
r.. , 1 .... in, t. 1 .. , . . . . .1 . 1 . . .
1111 i.uv, iu... uin. in in imi urui.uu.mil .up
piles come in slowly: eales 1,A00 buahela at II 27(31 30
fur good and prime red; and 9.D00 bushels white at
$1 41 for good, and $1 42n)l 44 for prime. Rye In de
mand. Corn steady: sales 3,000 bushels new at 6A
74 Ho. Oats nnchauged: aales 2,000 bushels prime
Delaware at iHn. vVhisky quiet: sales at 2727itc.
New Oriiams ' Mabkkt, November t?. Cotton
closed bnoynnt, at an advance of He. Sales to-day
11,(00 bales at 11(311 Vio. for middling qualities. -Sales
for three days 33,00(1 hales; recelpta do. 3; ,900 bales
agaluat 43,000 hales at the samo time last year. Re
ceipts ahead of laat year 09.9U0 bales, Nugar closed
buoyant at au advance of Mo.: sales at 7D7?n. for
fair to fully fair. Molasses 41c. Pork rlneed quiet at
pia ior mean. awning axenang e(ptt4 per cent,
tremlutn; laatern do. H(Pi Bromiutu; aight.do,
ilitH discount.
BALTiHOaa Mixxct, November 2 tflonf dntl af
lis x ior nowaru, neat quiet: eaiea 2,oji buahela
at f 1 31'lJnl 49 fur white. Corn Arm at M!hm. tat
nlilti-and 8fS7c. for yellow. Mesa Pork S18. Ba
con sides Hie. Whisky dull at 270. Sight fxekauge
on aew aura 1-10 premium.
r I Per C'anada.1 ,
Hivxx OoTTOit Mxxx st, November 4. The aales of
Uotton for two nays bave been 9.9H0 balee, including
several Iota on del ivory at rather higher prices. ,
Steamboat Register.
AaamiA Bostona, Portsmouth; Clipper, Big
(Sandy; Melrose, Maysville: l'rlnreaa, Hadlaon;Qlan
dale, Memphis and Emerald, dock; Telegraph, Lou
isville; Duulelth and Virginia Home, Neville.
iBi-KTvaca jio.iuua, iruruiiuuuiu; Liipiier, Dig
Sandy; Melrose, Maysvllls; Prtoreaa, Mad lion; Lib.
erty, Wheeling; Orb, Homer and Moaarok, New Or-"
loaua; Artiona, Pittsburg; Punlaith and -Vlrgiala
Home, Neville; Sliver Wave, St. Louis.
fcerpHANKSfllVINQ O 7 S T B R S." I
JL i will be supplied with anextra fins duality
of Oyaters for Thanksgiving. Jturt the thing to stuff
your turkeya wIUi, , -i ,'i.i
JOHN FEROtfSOrf, Orocer,
nolt Corner Klnth ahd Vlne-atreets.
l I have on hand a lot of Penniylvat ta Buck
wheat which t am selling in 10, 12, 29 and 901b. sacks,
and by the barrel. ., -
4 JOHN FBROUBOrl, Orocen 5
nolo Corner ulnth and Vlne-atreeta.
Baiaina, new Figa, new Currants, Prunes,
Almonds, Pecans, f llberta,. Cream Hats, Ao,,.n
store snd for sala by ii
,. , JOHN rKBaOfJOrf, troeer, , ,--aolt
i Coreerof Mlnte and Tiae-sireete,
A CO.-8a1ee-toem Ho. Main-ltreet.-Moit-age
aale f Staple mti fancy PryGoodanl VuupQ,
for cah,jalUi)A.if MOHSIXO. November
ill be sold at II o'clock, witbout reeerve, IS p-. Mo
hair: 10 pea. Black Velvet,! pea. Halle be lhein, II
pca. Italian Cloth, 14 pee. Tirtited Laatimere, li pes.
Striped Caebmeree, as poe, Bouo.net Cashmere., M
dosea Cnderetiirta and Draaaca, 2v dowa aup'rtor
awurted Kid Gluvee, 7, Velvet Ribbon., 10 pen.
Wool Plaida; Clove., buineodera, Huaiery, Jliii-lio
Delalnee, Jean, Tweed.. Uawimerea, satinets. Cloth
ttobee. Plain and Plaid JacoueU. awuae., Mulll, Ac.
Alao A n invoke of Boole, .tmots, Bregma ana
Women's Lace Boo-.! 1 por.
A CO, Halee-moms No S3 Maln-etret-tVill
be told without reeerve, THlStWetinuada) iMOQH- .
INU, November XI, at i o'clock. I haga kio Coffee;
30 mate Java Coffee; an kegs Uartwu coda; JO We
Mall.- ft hit. 1-. Zlna.ll.a P.rur. Drun. U ln.
ow"4laee, Qlaaaware, Rise, Nutmrga, iniiiiio, Coin
age, Boots, Bhoes, Broaane, Wrapping Paper, So. ,
uuU II. H. MILKS A U.. Atiiitli.n'W. '
tM. WILLIAMS-ftalee-reoms No. 2. and 34 Bast
Third street.-Toya at Auction. 1UIS (Wednesday)
MOUNI.NO, November 23, at o'clock, three largd
cases of Toys, assorted, of all kiuaj, vf the traue.
In lota to euit purchasers. 1 ...
nua A. KEr.LOOO. Anetloneer. (
WILLIAMS-Kale-rooansKand 14 KaM Third-street.-On
WkDNKaiiAT MORN1NO, Nu.euitier
28, at t o'clock, a atock of Dry and laacy (loods,
Clotblag, Boots, Shoes, Watches, to.
ALSO A flue atock and general variety of Toys.
At VW o'clock A general aesortment of new aad
second hand furniture.
ALSO 40 gilt-frame looking-glasses, Aiaortfd
sisre, just received, aud a variety of other goods, Ao.
noB A; KMLLOtH), Auctioneer.
8HKAB3 A CO. Saloa-rooma No. S7 and ae
Main-street. Rearular Sale of Omcerie. Ac, at
Auction. We wilt sell, on WEDNESDAY MORN
I.NO, November 23, at o'clock, a general assortment
or Groceries, consisting of IHI brie. Molaeeee; l' keg
Nails; 90 kegs S. C. Soda; 00 boxes Baieiua: 1,9(0 bilia.
assorted Paper; 9t Jox. assorted Buckets; M0 doc.
Wasbboards; 79 bxs. lbs. and (e. Tobacco.
ALSO ludlgo, Nutmegs; Hloe, Tabs, Vinegar,
Soap, Cordage, Ac.
; no22 U. BRA3BIAB8 A CO.. Auctioneers.
A Co.-Slg. Q. B. PandolBnl A Oo.-Orat sala
of Marble and Alabaster statuary, and Ornament,
RohAniln riluan-va Vnn.k i'hin. A LVIII 1
sold at Auction, on WEDNKSDAT AFTKKNOON,
'iNovcmberiS.atM o'dock, and in the HVBNlNii
it 7y at our Store No. Is Kast Fourth-street, an In
voice coinprvsiug a large asaortment of Atrqacan,
Mediil, Uebe and Soman Vaaea, of ardig!io, Agate,
Yellow Sienna and other different klnda of Italian
Marlilo, auited fbr the decoration of parlors, balls,
niches, diawing-rooms, man tie-pieces, libraries, Ac;
splendid Marble Founts elaborately wrought with
f rape-leaves, vlne,dci, Open-work Vases for flowers,
ealal Temples, Card Receivers, Florentine open
work Baskeu, Candlesticks, Paper Weights, Ao. Bo.
hcniian and Venitlan Glassware, from tho Royal
M.niltn4ii,l..nr Pr....J Vil.na .,.... . t
Antique Vases, Goblets, Pltobsra. f erfamas, JTreuch
Cbini Warea, Ac.
ALBO nglish Stone1 Chink, Toiletware, and a
verv large assortment of rlcblv Cut Ohaware, auch
aa Goblets, Winea,. Champagnes, Pecanters, Water
Caraffs, Flhger-bcwls; Claret Pitchers, A4.1 1 -
ALSO-A a number of rich Bosswood Writing
Desks and Ladles' Work-boxes. -
fa. ti Tk. ...., ..111 . r 1. 1 1.: . ;
... ... a -1 iuvhi ' . vv vnm . v. miuuwiu v.
the gooda on Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock, when
ladies arid gentlemen are respectfully Invited to call
and examine them.
nolT - JACOB GRAFT, Anetloneer.
Jtm. BBlDOTC OITY, Indiana, at Aiietion.-HKW-r
SON A HOL41ES will sell, on WEfNKSDAY. No
vember 23, at 1 o'clock P. SI., At the Merchants'
change, without reserve. 26 Lots in the oity of Cam
bridge, Ind., unimproved, belonging to the late Com- ,
inorcial Bank of Cinclnnari. Sale positive. Term 1
cash. ; Title, quit olaint, further patticulara at tho
aie. no!4
j -t. -.H Will r :..:; . .
' that thov are sellin lumbasr at th.fr T&rd on
FreesTnafl-MriMt. asrt to OinainnAti. Hunlltun mad
Day too liailroftd, s.
Than any other lumber Dealers In be city. .
" Quick1 Sales and Small Profits
, i r. ii. i .li.'. .,. . 1 1 . ' ..
; UTHiiRaorro. 1 ( m
They snbmlt (he following Hat of pricea:
Clafh. 4 tfn'n
Clear limber.allthickneeses, lln. Beaa$37 M )its
Best Common, and 1 Inch Plank.,
to :to
nest " ' l men noaraa...
Second '' (til thieknesses..,,
16 SO 17 9.
11 90 12 H
ti 90 & ce
11 90 12 99
tiiini " noaraa
Orub Plank, face measure,.
Hemlook Joist, Scantling and Timber,
First Common flooring Boards.,
First Common Weather Boards-,,
Second " " "
Cclar Posts. 4 br 4. t feet, per hoadred.
Onfar " for fencing, " 30 M
Locuat " " ' ' ' f Hi 00
A further reduction of IX per cent, will be made oa
bills of $J00 or more. '
We bave one of the largest and best selected stocks
of Lumber In the Cincinnati market, which we oiler
for sale at tue anove prices..
ro.lS6 Main-street,
' ; '. Cincinnati Ohla. ' "
,:' ' ':f'' . ' 1 ' ; ';';'" ' i: "' ,;
Ready-made Clothing, cnt In the lateat atyle,
and of the beat material and workmanship, expreaaly
for the Retail Trade.
(Hatha, raaalnrerflSt Vestlnaa and Over
ooacioat, of every variety, tor, Custom Trade, made
to order In tbe lateit atyle.
arGetttlenu,n,a Fnrniahinf Goods. nolObwf .
IiAJ)IES' :F ijIUS !
embraces all the leading stylssla everr Tar let
of TTJS. which we warrant
' H ATT EH.S AND mm.RIBHs, '
4 i ' I NO. 140 MAIK-BTMBT,
"'nolli, 'I ;! One door below Fourth.
Will save hair the nsnal amount of fcber, end fa "
enrala anil M111v uimin ,k.Mrfl. k. ...,-ft .. l.t
All Jutf rested in the Bclsno of Aeeonata ar,,1,
rlted to call and examine this new method and , ; ..
for themselves. , . ,.
EVEinffG.SESSioire. ;
The Xvening Session will eoanmenoe
mim - - 1
i -..,1 i ae.- wviwriaiii vtv .
4 ' nAIMtf X,, . . ... . . .
4 Ji pj Ay f uw jeeewnsai, i,, tw
.... IR 90 Xl GO
n oo m
9AA) so oa
S. fi
23 90

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