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"" " II pnklUhed daily, ( Bandar) MoepWd.) by
it wwiik'-bi it viit rogiiMiiin,
TBI FaUWT F BBSS Is delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Covington aDd Newport,' end tor.
Mmadioc cities and towm, at the ex- j
,'!..', tremely low price of . i
mom or kuiLa:
mtigleooplet Jo.; 1 month 40o.; S mon thill; 1 year 4.
W O O D 8 Til EATER.
jorm a, BUrc,iB, .ye.. ...soie nessea ana manager.
' ' Foarth night of ; ' ' " '
Mis uarouue mm irar. reter lucnings.
' TH1B EVENING, November 34, the performance
will commence with, for the Rrtttinin this city,
a new operatlo burl, ttu, In two acts, entitled
Ignatiua Bcbufflecra uU....... Mr. Hitler
Arthur Huntly..... .... Read
June (with songB).,.. whhmkmnm. . ....... Allse Hichinga
Dance Mlaa Kate Pannoytr
V To be followed br the eperatlo vaudeville entitled
Hohert, Sergeant-M ojorof the luioerial
Guard. ......,... mimim n4HiHHr. filchings
Mario ......,..,............M.Blias Ricblngs
The Abba Paacal.... .. ........Mr. Lansdon
To conclude with the moat successful comedietta
rver presented rpoi i the board, of thle theater, called
..'Miss Thistledown ... 1 . RIrhl
' Maggie McFitrland ....JM,M BIcn,n"
Mr. Wildcat. Heiirtycheer Mr. Read
BHT Friday,, Benefit of Mr. P. KIOHINQS.
In preparation, several popular comedies, domestic
i, dramas, musi cal rarities, Ao.
1 ' (Mr-Doors t ipe.a at X j Curtain rlaei at JH o'clock.
1 Pbiobs or A on ibbiom Drees Circle and Parqu.tte,
'DO cents; (Julie ry, 26oents.
Tenth night of the distinguished American aotor,
"," THIS ITimrsd ay) EVENING, Sot. 21, will bo
acted, for the tnnth time, the great Legendary
Drama, from the (German of Oosthe, entitled .
- , Fau st and Marguerite
Mephistophlles.... Mr. J. B. Roberta
Faust (an aged Scholar;..... ....Mr. 0. Stuart
Marguerite...... Hra. 0. Henri
Between the lieces, "The Star Spangled Banner,"
by Messrs. K. 8 Berber, Weber, Mosler and Jamler.
Dances by M ies Jennl. flight. M r. C. Henri and
Mr. B. T. Mam ml.
V To oonclnder1th the historical play called
i . ... J H,E IROC CHK8T.
' Sir Edward Ms Ttimer..., .......Mr. J. B. Roberta
, T Friday, Benefit of Mr. J. B. ROBERTS.
Theater, ia no r open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
. meala furuishei 1 at all hours
NOTICE.-Ti adosmao and otheri are cautioned
against fiirniahlug any articles for the theater with
, out a written oi xler, sinned by the Manager.
i. M. Bnrrasu. .' .. Manager.
F. B. Conway..... ..-.. Stage Director.
Urtvud Comedy Night.
THIS (Thursday) EVENING, Not. 24, will be
presented the ad mlrable comedy , In five acts, of '
Master Wlldrake , , M...Mr. Conway
Sir Wm. Fondlove . Davidge
Master Waller ... Sheridaii
Constance ; .....Mrs. Conway
Widow Qreen ......... wrs Place
Phoebe .Miss Stanley
Otertnre.....M -..Orchestra.
To conclude with the side splitting farce of -MY
Gregory Grizxle,
Mr, Davidge
recer fro
AugiMtua Tompkins. u. Mr. IIhII
...... ijauagau
Dinah Jlis, Nuyarre
In rehearsal, and will shortly be produced, with
new scenery, Dickens's "Cricket o the Hearth."
Paicxsor ADaniBiON.-Parquetto Circle, Parquetto
and Balcony, ISO cents; Amphitheater, 25 cents:
Private Boxes for eight persons, $d.
Doors open at 6 o'clock: commence at VA. '
Bos Office open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. i ., where
seats can be secured. J. F. HEBBaBT, Treas'r.
T H E O lY M P I C .
-Lessee and Proprietor ...JNO. HOWOBTH.
This new and beantful TEMPLE OF THE HDBES
opened for the season on
With a full and talented DRAMATIC AND CON
CERT TROUPE, selected from the different thea
trs and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 1(1 ceutav For particulars see small
The " Olympic Saloon " will be open at all hours
during the day. The Bars are Btocked with choice
w ines, Liquors and Cigars. ocW
Coal Cooking Stove,
Held at ZnnesTlllei October, 1859.
CHlBllM & ;co,
Nog. St and 3 Vinc-at.,
(Second doo; Below Columbia,) '
New Mode of Ventilation!
, Call and 8re One of
' PATENT..-.
Heating and Ventilating Furnaces, '
. In operation at
8 tor Ware-room , Noi. 61 and 63 Vin-t ,
- (Below Columbia.)
Sawyer & Co,
I noDay
BAGS, for Grocers, Drnggiete, Tea Dealers and
others, made from extra duality of Wrapping, Ma.
nllle and White Tea Paper.
aoo.noo No. I Wrapping and Manilla; j.
3)0,000 No. 3 , , ,,,, E
200,000 No. 4 . "'
son.oooNo. " .
200,000 No.' S " I'l i ; I
200,000 No. 10 , ",,''.,.
.' i WtOWNo.l2 '" ;.' '" " : fl'
.. 200,000 No. IS . " 1 . "
200,000 Ne. 18 . .
' ' 200,000 No. 20 i . i i " ,
, 2laVMlNo. "
2110,000 No. I White Tea Bags; . 1
200,0n0No. 2 -200,otlONo.
3 "
The above are ant ns In aeckaBM of WO baas each.
We are manufacturing from .sts.tr to seveoty-ljTe
thousana nags per oay,
Paper Bog Manufocturera,
And Wholesale Paper Dealers,
0C21 77 and 70 Wqlnut-etreet.
IHON, BpoerinUndsnt.-
inas. ib. Muiro
t li.-T .,,,
IiITTlr Miami. -Night Express, 8:0O A. u. Accom
modatlon, 2:4S p. M.; Day Kx press, 6:39 T. u.
INOUNATOLIS AND ClNOUtltAIl, 11 130 A. .i &40 P.
4 1:40 a. at. '. i
Ohio Ann Minsienrrn.-BiU A. at.; 1:21 t, u.: 10:15
Cincinnati, Hahiltob and Da-ton.-7:4o a. m.; 11:01
. , i:u r. a.; o:or. m.; s:dup.
MaBir.nA nd Cincinnati. 11:Joa. h.I (:Mp.ii.
RlcnMOND AkD Indiabapolib. 12:60 .; 6M P. M.
lints MiA-i.-Dny Kxpress, '10:W A. .; Accom
moiiaiion,4:40P. v.; xtignt Kxpress, 11:30 p. m.
w l.iui n w . , . .
Onto and Mihsusippi. 9:00 a.m.; 2:00 p.m.: 7:30p.m.
.a.m.; 10:00 a.m.; 3:iOp. b-.Mr. u ; 11:30 p.m. ,
Mabibtta and Cinoinnati. 9:40 a. m.: 3:40 p.jt.
Biohmoiid and Ibdiahapolib. :00 a. m.; 3: to p, ,
ay-rroiesBor vnnney,oi KaiecoiiegB, is
engaged la the translation and publication
of a Hindoo work on Astronomy,
pgr Rembrandt Peale la now on visit to
Boston. Thn veteran art! at ia m.w ;rrV,.
two years of age, but enjoys vigorous health.
1 : jw-raul Morphy, having left Philadelphia
for New Orleans, nronoaai to riuiila In th. lat
ter olty and sntor upon the praotioe of the law.
3-Furs are manufactured in New York
Irom skunk-skins, and shipped to Europe
under fictitious names, where they are highly
-Three prisoners, all thieves, . Hiram
Canada. John Deal', ana a nacrrn.AtnanAii fmm
the jail in Blokman County, Ky., last week.
Conrad Zlloh, a dlBslpated shoemaker,
blew his brains out in Louisville, Ky., on
Monday, leaving a widow and fire children to
rejoice at their deliverance from his ptesenoe.
Seven prisoners, charged with high
offenses, escaped from the Lucas County Jail,
at Toledo on Monday, two of whom were af
terward recaptured. , ,i
pB" A lad, named William AUon, aged
about ten years, was killed on Saturday
evening, by being run ver by a coal train in
" J3Jaoob Miller was killed In Rockingham
County, Va., on tho 10th inst, while deer
hunting, by the accidental explosion of his
companion's gun.
' S9The scarlet fever has broken out in the
House of Refuge, at Pittsburg, and already
one of the inmates has fallen a victim, named
SuBan M'Clatcby.
9" Roger A. Pryor and the venerable
Hugh Pleasants are privates in the Peters
burgh Battalliou whics ecently inarched to
Chariestown, Va., quer a burning hay
stack. . ,
sA new Democratic paper is, it is stated,
about to be started In New York, with the
name of the Daily leader ; its editorial man
agement to be under the direotion of John
Clancy. ;
$rk short time ago an nrcbin, seven
years of age, was found in ashed, in Stuben,
New York, teaching a class of still younger
boys how to swear and Bteal. A promising
lad, truly.
-,i "Within three 'weeks J says toe Xo'ndon
Time of a late date, two Earls' of Jersey have
died. The fifth Earl died on the 3d, and bis
successor expired on Monday, The title now
devolves upon a boy of 14 years.
k difficulty took place lately at North
tfibion, Tenn., between two men by the name
of Hague and Gibson, which resulted in the
death of the former, by a blow on the head
from a gun.
' "The following is old but good: Three
editors are required to establish a paper in
New Orleans one to be killed in a duel, an
other to die with tho yellow fever, and a third
to write an obituary of his deoeased associ
ates. ' IfSS Wm. Callahan, a vagrant, died in the
Memphis (Tenn.) oalaboose, by rupturing a
blood vessel, a night or two since, in the pres
ence of his wife, ihoaroerated , with him for
&The woods in Cheatham County, Tenn.,
beginning at the Narrows' of Harpethand ex
tending ten miles toward Nashville, have
been on fire for somo days past. The loss of
tun be r nas neon immense. ,. .; '
pSThtw thousand inebriates have ap
plied for admission into the New York State
inebriate Asylnm. Among the number are
thirty clergymen, in whom the spirit appears
to be stronger than the tlesh.
ar-J. M. Harrison, a conductor on a
.freight train cn the Louisville and Nashville
K&jlroad, was fatally injured at a bndge near
the Springfield station, a day or two ago; his
head having come in oontaot with a proj .tile,
which fractured his skull and oaused his death.
$&"k young man who is being eduoated, or
starved rather, for the ministry, by one of
the wealthiest churches in New York, on be
ing asked how muoh aid he received per an
num, replied, One hundred dollars and the
prayeri of the church.
96enoral Thomas Thumb, whe, although
"barely knee-high to a grasshopper," made a
large fortune for P. T. Barnuia and a snog
one for himself, is reported to be about to
unite himself in wedlock with a lady of youth
and beauty.
0&"Ou Monday last a large number of
counteneit $3 Dins oi the juorcnanu' isanx
of Albany were put in circulation in New
York; nd a woman of suspiolous character,
named Jennie Howard, was arrested with a
number of the notes in her possession.
JSfVThe man Pritts, whose recent arrest in
Somerset County, Penn., for the murder of 11
Weimer, with whom he wag out hunting, has
confessed his guilt. The eonfession was made
to the murdered man's wife, between whom
and Pritts a criminal intimacy existed.
arMiB Maranda Boaumont, of Baltimore
County, Md was severely injured a few
weeks sinoe by running a nail into one of
ntr ieet, irom. tee onects ci wnicn lockjaw
was produced, and on Thursday last death
relieved her of her sutieriugs.
.SsVEIias Howe, the original patentee of
tne looK-iutcn, wnion enters into ine oon
struoticn of nearly all the various sewing ma
chines manufactured, receives about $200,000
a year in commissions on machines sold, with
out manufacturing any or taking any risk
himself. -, , , , , . ... . ..,
' C. Doiier, editor of the Pee Dee
(N. 0.) Times, fell into an old well in the
Court-house yard, on Thursday last, and es
caped unhurt. However the editor may
have been injured, he could not but say after
the accident, "It is woll." , .Porhaps he was
looking after truth, which, according to the
old aphorism, is at tne Bottom oi a wen.
XSfk terrible street fight occurred at Yin'
cennes, Ind., one day last week, between the
City Marshal, his two Deputies, and three
Constables, in which pistols, Bowie-knives,
clubs and brick-bats were freely used. None
of the combatants were killed, though some
of them were severely woqnued.
. aV-A desperate dosign to break out of the
Cuyahoga County Jail at Cleveland was dis
covered and frustrated on Tuesday. The
plot was for one of the prisoners, of whom
ninety, were under confinement, to throw
popper into tho ailor's eyes as he entered the
nail to lock up the prisoners for the night, get
possession oi nis Keys, ana men rusn out.
A Child-Wise Letter.
Lydia Maria Child, who received a diplo
matic letter from Gov. Wise, whioh has caused
much comment here and general approval, we
believe, with most of her own sex, Is resolved
to have the last word and the longest talk.
She replies oharaoteristloally in the Tr6un,
through a column and a half against "Slave
Power," concluding as follows:
, ''The people of the North had a very strong
attachment to the Union; but, by your des
perate measures, you have weakened it beyond
all power of restoration. They are not your
enemies, as you suppose, but they cannot oon
sent to be your tools for any Ignoble task you
may choose to propose. You must not judge
of us by the crawling sinuosities of an Ev
erett; or by our magnificent hound, whom you
trained to hunt your poor cripples, and then
sent him sneaking in a corner to die not with
shame for the base purpose to which his
strength had been applied, but with vexation
became yen withheld from him the promised
bone. Not by such as these must you judge
the free enlightened yeomanry of New Eng
land. A majority of them would rejoice to
have the Slave States fulfill their oft-repeated
threat of withdrawal from the Union. It has
ceased to be a bugbear, for we begin to despair
of being able, by any other process, to give
the world the example of a real republic. The
moral sense of these States is outraged by
being aecomplioes in sustaining an institution
vioious in all its aspects; and it is now gen
erally understood that wo purchase our dis
grace at a great pecuniary expense. If you
would only make the offer of a separation in
serious earnest, you would hear the harty re
spose of millions. 'Go, rtntlemen, and
Htand not upon the oruer of your going,
liut go at once.'
Yours with all due respect,
Tai Pesmonitort Symptoms or LoKAor i
Gkrrit Smith. A correspondent of the Syra
cuse Journal says that, previous to being eon
veyed to Utlca, "Mr. Smith had been quite
sick for some ten'days with 'brain fever,' and
for most of this time quite delirious; but think
ing he might soon recover, nothing was said
about it out of the family, but getting no bet
ter, and perhaps worse, some of bis most in
timate friends were called in to see him. The
great theme of conversation was Harper's
Ferry and the transaotions connected there
with. He recognized bis friends, grasped them
frantically by the hand, and told them they
saw him for the last time; that he was a poor
wretch, not fit to live; that he had not a friend
on earth or in heaven; that the next night he
should be In Baltimore and undergo the most
exoruoiating torments that it was possible for
human beings to inflict; that be had deeply
wronged his neighbors ia his ordinary deal
ings, Ac .
Now all who know Mr. Smith intimately,
know that in his ordinary transactions with
his neighbors no man has been more honorable
or more generous, and his uniform kindness to
the poor in his vioinity is proverbial. Whether
he had any more to do with the Harper's Ferry
insurreotlon than wih "wronging his neigh
bors," of course is not known, but one thing
is certain, personally, no man in, the country
Is more loved or respected.
The report that Mr. Smith has attempted
violence to his persn, so far as I hear, is
without foundation. ' '
Tub Catholic Statu op Eubopi. The
Catholic States of Europe and their colonial
dependencies are assessed to the amount of
$2,722,163 toward the support of the Papal
Oovernment. This is an addition to taxes
levied on imports, wines, lands, Sco., within
the Papal States. The income derived from
these sources, native and foreign, in 1789,
amounted to $5,843,073. The receipts in 1856
were $12,624,737, which did not quite equal
the expenditures. The Pope receives about
$800,000, out of whioh he has to provide for
the entertainment of the Cardinals, the main
tenance of the Swiss Guard, and pensions to
persons employed in the ohurohes, palaoes,
museums and other institutions. He takes
$4,000 for bis personal expenses and sacerdotal
vestments. The army costs about $2,000,000,
and consists of about $16,000 men.
A Sahouihaby VnxiGi. There are few
villages in the country, if any, says the Lou
isville Courier, where as many deeds of blood
have been perpetrated as at Bardstown, Hy.
Within a half scoreof years as many men have
met a violent death. Among these we re
member that Robert Logan Wicklifie shot Pat
Gray; that James Pottinger was killed by Geo.
Wilson; this was followed by a fight between
The. Wilson and Lud. and Monroe Able, in
which Wilson was killed. In less than a year
Lud. Able was killed by John Wilson, a
brother of the deceased. Wm. Hardin and
John Robertson had a street fight, in whioh
Hardin was mortally stabbed, and died in
few days. And last, as we have recorded,
John Talbott was slain by Thomas Hinds
Slaughter, in his own house.
Important Will Cabs Dkoidid. An im
portant and singular will oaso has been before
the Greene County (Ohio) Court of Common
Fleas, for two weeks past. Riohard Ran
dolph, a relative of the famoni John Ran
dolph, of Roanoke, died in Greene County last
year. By his will he bequeathed all his prop
erty, valued at about $75,000, to his exeoutor,
Wm. Knott,to be applied to purchasing the'free
dom of all the living slaves of tho Randolph
family, of Virginia. Viotor Randolph, a
brother of the deceased, living in Virginia, is
trying to break the will on the ground of the
alleged insanity of the deoeased. The case
was fully investigated, and the jury returned a
verdiot sustaining the will.
A CoifNicTicuT MvBTiar. The Bridgeport
(Conn.) Farmer, without giving name or dates,
tells a story of a beautiful lady of that oily
who was deceived into marrying scoundrel
from another State and who separated from
him and returned to Bridgeport, the fellow fol
lowing her and annoying her in all sorts of
ways. Last Saturday she visited friend in a
neighboring town and retired for the night.
The next morning she was , not to be found,
and it is supposed her husband got at her,
drugged her and earried her off. ' '
Irdiotio fob Sxditioh. The Grand Jury
of Norfolk, Va., have indicted S. Danenburg,
who keeps a olothlng and shoe store in Mar
ket Square, for seditious language circulated
to incite insurrection. The counts in the in
dictment eharge him with having used these
words: "John Brown was a good man, and
was fighting in a good cause, and did nothing
bnt what any honest man would do." Danen
burg left the city a few days ago, having an
intimation that he had got himself into
trouble. .
Tkirdti op Rbspsot tothslatiG. G. Porw
diitkr. The oitirens of Nashville assembled
on last Saturday for the purpose of paying a
publio tribute of respeot to the memory of the
late Geo. G. Poindexter, editor of the Chum
and Amtrtcbn. Suitable resolutions were
adopted, after which the meeting was addressed
in a few touohing and appropriate remarks by
Hon. W. H. Humphreys, Judge of the Federal
Court, by Hon. J. E. K. Ray, Swetary of
SUte, and by N. Y. Cayltt, of Weakley County.
Hkarts. We see it stated by some wise
acre, that the heart of man weighs about
nine ounces, that of a woman eight. As age
increases, a man's heart grows heavier, and a
woman's lighter, after thirty. Some girls lose
heirs at sixteen.
Diath or a Csntenarian Lonostitt or
Dibtihodishid Wouih. Mrs. Wilson, who
died at Wilson's Mills, Maino, the other day,
at the are of one hundred and four. leas four
months, was born a subject of George Ia, and
was neany live years old when that monarcn
left his earthly orown for, let us hope, a
heavenly one. She was almost a woman wk en
Napoleon was born, was in her twenty-first
year when Independence was declared, wat'
verging on middle life when Washington
became President, was nearly fifty-nine years
when Jackson beat the British, and was sixty
four when Maine beoame a State. Women
seem to wear better than men. There was
Terentia, Cicero's unruly spouse, who lived to
one hundred and three; and Junia Tertia, the
widow of Cassius, and sister of Brutus, who
completed her century, surviving her husband
some sixty-four years; and Lettice Knollys,
Leicester's last wife, andmotherof Elizabeth's
Essex, who died at ninety-five; and lady
Desmond, who got as far as one hundred and
forty, and then was cut off by imprudently
climbing a cherry tree, from whioh she got a
fall, bringing on a fever, the only fruit of her
exertions. Mrs. Hamilton, widow of Alex
ander Hamilton, lived for nearly a century;
and Mrs. Morris, who, as Mary Phillipse, is
said to have been Washington's first love,
died at ninety -six. .Boston Traveller, Nov. 20.
Thb Lati Dsstbcotivi Fibs in Gxoroia.
The fire at Atlanta, Ga., Wednesday night,
originated in a drag store near Shackelford's
auction rooms, and burnt to the Fulton Bank.
The Inttlligencer newspaper office is in ruins,
and two of the next blocks up Whitehall
street. The flames then spread from Markam
oorner up Alabama-street to Dunn's grocery,
and thence up Whitehall-street to Holbrook's
hat store. The principal property destroyed
was Miller Jc Co.'s printing office, Brown &
Miller's mnsio store, White k Co.'s dry goods
store, Brown's olothlng store, Wallace's hard
ware store, Lookhart's broker's office, Shackel
ford's auction rooms,Coleman's grocery, Jones's
book store, Deehoug's Daguerreotype gallery,
Frisbe's law office, Cutting's dry goods store,
several confectioneries, tailor and barber shops.
On Alabama-street two ohlldren were burnt to
death, and another is missing. The mother of
the children was awfully burnt, but still sur
vives. The loss is estimated 'at $300,000.
The entire Coleman oorner, down to Fulton
Bank, is in ruins.
Rowdixb Emplotbd at English Eliotions.
It appears, according to developoment. in re
gard to the reoent Parliamentary election In
England, that New York and Baltimore are
not alone in the employment of "roughs" as a
portion of the eleotion machinery. It was
testified to before a committee that the num
ber of "roughs" employed by the Contervativei
daring the Wakefield (England) election com
menced with eighteen and ended with six
hundred. The Liberals, it was slated, engagod
more men three to one. Each side set forth
that they hired the men to protect thoir friends,
but it is also stated that the house of every
Conservative was marked with a oross, and,
of course, scenes of violence followed. In this
borough a Bhoemaker and his son were offored
$800 for their votes
-. Naw Orakok Trade. Since the discovery
of gold in California, a large trade in orangoi
has sprung up between that country and the
Society Islands. About five million oranges
are annually exported, for which about $7 50
per thousand is paid, delivered on board ship.
The fruit grows luxuriantly In every direc
tion. The natives formerly made an intoxi
cating liquor, called orange rum, from it.
The orange season commences in February
and ends in September, during which time
the trees may be seen at once in the various
stages of blossoming, green and half yellow,
and ripe fruit.
Singular Ocular Affliction. A young
man named Alfred Walters, of Clearfield, has
lately become the subject of a most singular
and serious affliction, being a paralysis of
the eyelids, which refuse to obey the muscles,
whose office it is to raise the lids, and open
the eyes; and the consoquence is, he is una
ble to open the eyes except as he raises the
lids with his hand. This remarkable afllio
tion of the organs of sight came as sudden as
it was unexpected, and without apparent
cause, and was first felt after indulging in a
neavy yawn.
Scriptural Kibskb. Kisses ad'Ait of a
greater variety of character than pfrbapseven
oar female readers are aware, or th'An Johannes
Secnndus has recorded. Eight b'lslal diversi
ties are mentianed in Scripture--tho kiss of
Salutation ....Sam. xjt 41. These, v 26.
valediction m..h.....m.m.....i.h Kuth ii 9
Ileconcillation Saui. ii33!
Subjection Psnlma II 12
Approbation , pr0T j
Adoration............. m K inn. xii 1.'
.Matth. xxvi 3D,
......Gen. xiv 15,
A Niqro-Stbamib in Tinnesbki. Thomas
Edwards, who said he was from Mobile, an
agont of the underground railroad, last week
abducted Mat, a slave of R. W. Bouthall, of
Nashville. They were stopped at Meadon,
Tenn., and Edwitrds borrowed $65, telling
the boy to follow him to Cairo, 131., the first
chance. This the negro tried to do, and was
captured at Trenton, in that State. The sable
individual had $500 and his "Mass Felix's
A Singular Dbvics. While some excava
tions were being made in the western part of
Petersburgh, Va., a day or two ago, a keg of
powder wat found at the bottom of au old
lightning-rod. It was In a state of good pre
servation, though portions of it were oaked
and evidently useless. It had been placed
there, no doubt, by some malicious 'fool who
desired to blow np the bnlldizg that stood
there by lightning.
Good Rsabons Against Drurkknnksb. A
man's pride, if he had no othor motive, ought
to keep him from getting drunk. The treat
ment whioh he is liable to receive while he is
in this state ought to deter him from it.
Every blookhsad can laugh at him, every
oowardly ealf eaa abuse him, and every de
signing villain can impose upon and rob him.
Liberality. Jeremiah H. Brown, who
had agreed to support fifty-two young men
studying for the Baptist 'ministry in Howard
College, Ala., at an annual cost of $13,000 is
the aggregate, has recently endowed a theo
logical chair in that College, by a contribu
tion of $25,000, in addition to his former
pledge. -
An "Abolitionist" Hbno ,Fivi Tikis. A
man from this city was suspected, in Pnlaskl
County, Va.. last week, of tampering with
slaves, and was hung np five times by a rope
attached to his neck. After the last ascen
sion, he was let loose, with the assuranoe that,
if esugbt in Virginia again, he would have to
stay up for a permanency.
Drbtbdotivi Pirn. Edmund Ruffin, jr., of
Prince George County, Va., on last Sunday
night had his barn, with 2,000 bushels of
wheat, stables, four .mules and two horses,
burnt up. It was no doubt the work of an in-
nandiarv. Mr. Rnffin l,... .luniiiAnAA --
$1 2,(100, on which there is no insurance! ,.
A Cdnnino Countkrfkitkr Daniel Roien-
quot and his wife were arrested in New Or
leans, last week, for. dealing In counterfeit
bank-notes, bat before they oould be seoured
she threw a. large lot of it into the fire, and
destroyed the evidence against them.
Lobs ok a Brio and Six Litis A Boa(
Full op Pkopi.k Picked Up. The British brig
Lilly Dale, from Windsor, arrived in New
York on Saturday morning. On the 15th
instant she foil In with the boat of the brig
Harvard, of Boston, containing six men
belonging to that vessel, one of whom (the
mate) was dead. They informed the Captain
of the Lilly Dale that, on the night of the 13th
Inst., whon off the South Shoals, the brie whs
hove down, when the mate And five men too, k
to the boat, leaving the eantain. (Anderson.)
h.'s wife and three men on the wreck, as it
wm impossible to take them off, and it was
supposed that they must have perished that
uiKut. Aiiu uittto, waose name was uoniey,
belonging to East'port, died in the boat from
exposure, as d was buried by Captain Stephens,
of the Lilly f)ale, at noon of the 15th. At the
time of the disaster there was a heavva-ale
from W. N. W., and finding the vsbscI would
soon sink, as her cargo shifted, the mate and
five men rushed for the boat, when a sea came
aboard, carrying the boat with the above men
overboard. They endeavored to res-am the
brig, in order to save the others, but found, it
luipvsaiuiti. - . , ,
Tin Continund Eruption or Vesuvius.
Vesuvius is still in a state of eruption, the
lava having now reaohed a point three miles
e it 1 m
11 um we oruwr. io present moutn was
opened eighteen months ago, by a violent
earthquake, the cinders from whioh were car
ried as far as Constantinople another proof
of the srreat eastern rmrrent T'
issues fn m the base of the oono, passes down
mo vans)' uoiow i-iano o.eue uinestre, ani
falls into the great ravine known as the S.we
Orande, V60 feet deep by 1,000 feet broad,
which is niw completely filled. Below this it
outs across t he oarriage-ro ad in three places, de-
atrovff Ahou.t twentv hnnae. nA ... u
groves and -vineyards, and is now near fna
vouAowijr wl . m.o, tvuoBo lnaaDitantSTtro
full of apprehension. It is estimated that
28,000,000 oubio yards of ava have issued from
the crater during' this eroj .tion. The temptira-
m ui mo lava n aegrees .Fahrenheit.
The guides have provided themselves with
molds in which thev oa: t Ime.lil.n .r
the King and Queen of K 'aplea, Louis Nano-
1 A IT!-. - - . - r . i . . '
louu, nueou v loioria,! v ir tor Emmanuel, Ctar
Alexander, and even Miizlnni, Murat, and
Garibaldi. ,
Singular Condsct op a Drap Moti, Re
cently a very distressing incident ocoarred in
the family of Mr. Corbly Hill, who resides in
the country, not far from Waynesburg, Penn.
A daughter of his, miter having finished her
supper, went out of the room as usual, the
family supposing that she had retired to bed.
She had the misfortune to be a deaf and
was in delioate health. ' Discovering in ajhort
time that Bhe was not in bed, the fami'.y b
oame alarmed, and commenced search V''
her, which thoy continued to doooni Lor
three days, without elioiti ng any 3 lor
of her whatever, exoept the findl A . s?nM
of skirt, whioh was recognitor' tf?L Jl9
as hers. On th . fourth d!y I- ' bJ. fami,J
out from town and searched f.8' p" ,ti)'Jr,nt
they thought, thoroughly fJ V
and' return. Jl wear? r,'d JL"" J
new. of th, tost, bu( 77 .n.
made her appears, 8t Mr. ihrocfmorton's!
notoveraquarWrofa mile from her hme
Tbegcause. of her strange oondnct remain, 'a
SMor.TNO Regulations in EnglandA book
recency published in London, entitled "Hab
ltBoC Good Society," contains , the following
rules and suggestions in regard to smoking
But if you smoke, or if you are in the com
pany of smokers, and are to weaj, our clothes
in thepresencoof ladies afteBrd, you must
change them to smoke in. A host who asks
you to smoke will genera';ly Ver yoTa old
coat for the purpose. .v"'2J,. .
sZk. anli eoth- You should never
eave and vov f ,?er8n'S house without
?fwiyi Bhould not " leave to do so
..1 'adie8 ia 019 h0- When you
should V to ,m?l? a ciar -yourself, you
T,re M6t 0U9 the 8am0 tin8 any body
V- vk' , ? li-gy man or a very old man.
1 should always smoke a cigar given to
7 u, whether good or bad, and never make
uy iciuuruB as 10 me quality.
Tkrribh Whirlwind in Nobth Carolina
A Child Carried off 4 Mile Further par
ticulars concerning the late whirlwind in Cho
wan and Perquiman Counties, N. C, assure us
that it swept all over that section as a porfoot
besom of destruction. A poor widow, a Mrs.
Ashley and child, had their house thrown
about their ears as straws in a hurrioane,
She, horself, is so mangled that her life is do.
spaired of. The child is expeoted to die also.
People were roused from their slumbers ia the
darkness of the night to find their oottages
torn into atoms as by a bomb of dostruotion,nd
themselves glad to escape with maimed limbs,
and stripped of every oomfort of life. ,
A Challenge; Oddly Disposed Opr. War
ring Russell, jailor for theoityof Savannah,
on Friday last, tent a ohallenge to fight a
duel, to Judge John M. Millen, of the City
Court. Judse Millen
over to a city ofDoial, who promptly commu-
wk mi iue uounoii. xnis body
convened on Monday night, and by unan
imous vote diamlRsnil .Tailne
Charles W. Stone has been appointed by the
Mavor jailor tiro i. Th. ehuiuno. .
- w " . ...FT VJUl
of remarks made by Judge Millen in a speeob
at St. Andrew's Hall, during the reoent can-
'! nuitu me lurmcr regaruea as personally
offensivo to himself.
' Tjni.A MrtWTR7. TK n.. r..w
-.- - - - - iv corre
spondent of the Philadelphia Preu savs that
.v. .0 iiuujj orjr quieuy up lown,
auvi uuobu t umoa 10 uo, wun tne world
neonle. Soma of hnr nM r.i.n. ,k. ui.-
r-'t , v.1D, mi. uvuv
mians, now and then drop in to have a little
out 1 wiui uer, auu tnougn ana talks beauti
fully of her present feelings and way of life,
she generally, by way of, parenthesis, takes
uui u.r auuu buimcco pouon and , makes a
ctcrarattA or two far Half .ml Mm A ..j au
--O - - ui.W, WU U.D
falls back upon old times with decided gusto
and effect. But she doesn't toll anybody what
on. . gviug w U'J. . ,1
Geographical Knowlkdos in Maine A
law suit recently coourred in Bangor, Maine,
in which it bocame necessary to give the exact
locality of Pennsylvania. One witness testified
that it lay south of New York and north of
Florida, and he was under the impression that
it was an Atlantio State. Another witness
testified that he had been to Philadelphia,
says it is a oommeroial city, that there it a
eonsiderable amount nC wat
1 tviw fs 14 U i St l
the tide rises and falls; he also thought Phlla-
vavtlAAC W CSIR 1U A UUUBJIVtMlitBa , , 1 v 11
Painful Railroad Accident. On Saturday
last David Brown, Jaokson County, Ala., was
Sat off the eastward passenger train of the
lemphis and Charleston Railroad, near Scotts
boro', beoause he had no tioket, and would
not pay the fare. On Sunday morning his
mangled body wat found on the track ntar
Scotttboro', the up and down night traint
having unconsciously run over him. , He was
drunk, and probably passed II to eternity
without suspicion of danger. , .
Cnrrn Plamtbbb ITxvniiTniii'.r ipk. n
gia Cituen it Informed by contractor for one
wi ui. giu uimiuiftuturiuK; wtaDiisnments of
the State that there have been no less than
thirty gin-houses burnt in Talbot and ether
counties of Georgia, within a few weeks.
AdTtrUsemsnU not exceeding Ave line. Ate
One insertion, ...4 H IOim waekf.....e
Two wests., 1 te I One muutl' '
Larger advertisements Inserted at th. following
rates (tor sauar of tea liaesorlessi
Ono lneertlon.... so I Two weeks 43
Bach odai not im.. s mm wwks.. -
On. week..MMMxM 1 7 I One momh,,,. ,, ,, ,., A O
' Job PrmtinRV
bnaehes, do with eatneat and dUpatoa,
j l AT THE
December T, 1888.
r runs stove has now been before
, , ."" three seasons, and owinv t,, l,. , Z
lUlarltyand incrcaeed ,l,.,'l " " "''-
polled to make two more il-havfnir Kl
complem, suitable, from th. Tmmtilml, ulu,
fTiSS' h,,1 (mi,nd lBr themselves can u ( i
conr5X' " 6VWT
2.1 support. It
calodncation can ouly supply. r"CULal uii'cnaii-
IiiveBt,r..Peprletor.d(i MnnwtaMurrra,
33 3
FOURTn-ST.,NriAIl"8MiTH;ciN., O.
, Ifor souib month . .
Ooi v,ti,, aTJ . have leen nslnir Aliic
combined with A1?-.""Wrier cooking .ualitirs.
to the owne' . '', mnsioveulnaliv wuro
ft a large shore nfpublic ratronai'.
Ihav - JoIlN MrLKAN.
over'" 2nl Messrs. Adams A. Pwk-
giv " prove, ior some mon tlis, , hu ll
n,tlr at,t"lou In orery rospecr, nurl cmu
a superior cook store. H. II. LEA Vi TT
i For the last year I hare keen lining th Alligator
TSl VH,K,ug.(,Lel,na","",'"lred by H,mi. AilaiiM
A Peckover, whioh I consider a superior tt.,i, nn'l
lavetoundthatoookt perfectly with coal,
aw .. J. ..-.?A'.r VAtttTTK.
V1 J , . 'J"'" iwiutioiieor aieerrs.
Aiianis A Peckoror'a Alligator Uoal OookliiR 6i(,ve,
giving entire satiefaction in every respect.
t cheerfnlly iVdoie.Th. ahove.'
' - i rnrr u orm mwi
Hon. JmisoMcLoon.ClIf- Jotwph W.Wr)ii,3"'i ,'wh
inn. W fii-Mir. tf a.. i.
Uon Jud(reLwvittli5 K ilv. VV. . Ke'miK.lj.U
Judge Van Uam, m . 3. P. Jones, 121 Keurlli,
onrin, Dr. Norton, 334 Fourtli,
J mice Hoadly,270M, ' D. Thatcher, .IWUooii'o.
Clti.Orphan Aylum,Blm, Jo. Talbott, m 7t!i.
Inhn It dLlAW 1i.ftJ.tm 4J . ...... ...
,Vi,'?,' , . oj .ueijmuauor, i&'i i"iitn
i. oiniio.nriiioiivincoin.u.Jt. wiiimws, VTal. Hills.
Smith W unlock, . Mr.. JloBnon, aa 4th,
n.Bllette,S47 4th, M.r. llylBiid,324 4th.
N.O. MoLean.Glendal. Mra. Hnwitt.M I!. tl,.
II. B. Funk, iUS Vine, Mra. M. I. Taylor, 2e (ito,
Joe. Bnshnell.coal mer. Jllrs. Mcl'hersou.S. K. cor.
Jaa.hspy,2ii84th, Sixth and Itace,
'ill&r a- "as W'Ka, A. A. Clark, Time nHice.
T. H. Yeatman, blorra Tp, P. I,. Weaver, 3!i J.ihn,
A. W. Francisco, Preat J. P. Whitman, Wali-
A; MJ'S1"".' Commercial, Jcilin A. llook,3ii'J aeorro
V. B. VVellt, Cin'tiType F. F. Bronks, liiUohn,
Uha8.ciliadwiok,8044tli, - Ohas. (iooduian, 4t
1 Mill,
Mr. Houghton, loo 8th, J . A. Stacy, 4(4 8th.
, Vino
J. Harvey, Hff Lonfrtvorth W.il.Hurlburt,6P Ym'i
John Andertnn,413ith, Xlam P. Laimiiun, lii.tli.
feuS',1'f,?0gl,,,n'1!,?,u' uv "ulwiler , UuK.
W-W. Woods, m 4th, worth anil W ostern-row .
John Tanner, WritihUoB . K. i'dy, 76 nth,
A Co.'s gatutiiig offlce. Alf. Bu.-nett, 104 oth,
JameaS.lljBtt, U7 Mh, mili
103 Mnin-atreet, three doors above Ti.i. ii.
DEB all klndsof Horse TraDnino. in thu i,.i
and most subatautlal manner. AIho, a large ansott
meut of Horse Blankote, Whips, Carpet auti l.eatlmr
oas. unaie bum. imnaio Kobe., Valises (tlio v.il
sole-leather). M.ill Trunks, Sponge, and a largo b-
ivu,uiB w tun jiue. a win sen na low
as the lowest.
' ' D. 8. CAKRICX.
nois-ar -r , ! , ,.
J wual.ul jall. k. Ik. a J -B
' iiaitph Tinny uj iuo AUftsIIrJ
ni-uasi ( niitnaiiv in whAU a1 I. i A"
All Oysters sold warranted frenh nnd of
the Tory lflt qaality. J. B. OWINGS.
Agent. Mo. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Mniu
auu vv niu MktvrtJVM,
. - " BiHaBa.viBi WW BjllV lUVIH III
pi.ii?,? d.8,ly' ??W,)J Moliony A Co.'s Hhraed
i- ,t.hich 1 am Belling at nnpredei,tl
WW,iiieiby ot 4,en. Dealers and FamlHe
fiSl 5'.TrT.l&rge ,reah Oyster, will please send
iiSi'1?". AlUc,ll,edt' establishment la a
f!h.ly,ctl)l9 Sal0", where you can linvs
iftl koi,in Ter" ' and sorved up in a
-i ""PO'lor manner. Charges lesstban atuny
other place. oclol JOHN NAlltN,
:) ( 1 A V A il 1T A C3
Oyster 'Importing Houao.
INO daily, per lCzpresn, hisenlendii (lysu.rs.
Having oompieteif arrangements 4n Haltimnre. .,n
tho most extensive scale, I will at all tlnu dnri,1K
tlieenaenn beprepandto flirnlsh myfrlemls, "kiiS
ni vTI,wBlLnnS2LuJ, .wlfJ.' tho , most DSli;i,h.h
BIVALVB8 Imported to the Qiwen City, fione but
the very best lniported. 0r4 InUuceiuente oflon d
at this Impnrting-hniiae.
. Order slolJclted and proniMlT U1. Termn owl..
Aliay rKKSH CAN ,.
0Y S T EiRS:
Al . HTJUlDd ilvafara
Fresh Can, Ztg and SheU Oysten.
AmKator.wbTch wil .'""? '" fniMe wliiS tl.
nt iulnirU.i, ."' at a Blanco, remove all ,';,, 1,1

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