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TiU'RtfAY ....... NOVEMBER 21
Thanksgiving Day—The American Man.
All whoie lot U out In fro America should
have thankful hearts. We fret good deal at
laws and euatome whioh Illy suit oar temper
aments.bnt, considered ai to all onr prirllegef,
tfalsjis a country to be thankful for. , .. A thon
land wrong! remain to be righted, but hu
manity li willed to a divinity of lnuenes,
developing and maturing It for the highest
espabilltios. We have espeolal :reeon to be
thankful that thinking laboring Ben havo
been taken for the "mnd-allli" of our society.
It it the thinking, designing, and exeoutiog
race, from whom onr temporal burning! under
benignant providence flow. It la the gar
dener, the plowman, the nieohanlo, the artisan,
the architect, who make the work of the pol
itician end demagogue possibly endurable.
We, as Americans, have a heritage In oar well
formed political Institutions for which Ve are
cordially grateful. For the unshackled prats,
the freedom of thought and ipeech, the tor
ereignty of the people, we owe due thanks to
our itraight-forwarl father, and wi ihoold
make this day of almost national observance,
the oooaaion of self-inquiry, of self-examlna-tion.
We, the eons of patriotic sires, in con
sidering our privileges enjoyed, will hare to
conclude that we have not been very deserv
ing of praise for their use, bnt this we oan do,
we can make amends for the future. ;
Our nrst negleot as a people is, we havo
allowed Immense numbers of ohildren to grow
up In ignorance and orime. There oan be no
mistake abont the practical mischief of per
mitting a youthful man to become a confirmed
man in lailnoss and rioe. Our mission as a
people is to develops ourselves, and our educa
tion commences with the youth.. Our seeond
negleot is in misestimating personal industry,
in underrating the usefulness of the laborer
and the mechanic. We must be skilled in our
work. Thanks, then, for instructors of youth,
for the inventor, the draughtsman, the pattern
maker, the man of fertile ideas in mechanic.),
and for the men of the workshop and day
labor, as well as for the Instructor in (he phil
osophy of mind. Thanks for past examples,
models for observance and warnings of avoid-
ii nee thanks for the expansive present and
hopeful future. If to-day be individually im
proved as true Americans, the future will be
one of progress to elevate the laborer,and, with
his material advancement, his sure establish
ment aa the American man. The foundation'
stone, the bottom plank of our political edifice,
is the well-informed, well-trained, industrious,
voting and laboring man.
The Cholera—Quassia a Reported Cure.
This scourge has made its appearance xt
'Vifk, a elty of the north of Scotland, and
alto in Taria. A Sanitary Board has taken
charge of remedial measures in the former
city. Among the new oures offered, we are
informed that the Faculty in Paris have un
der consideration one proposed by a Dr.
EoRwaansiR, who, a friend informs us, was
for many years physioian to th Queen of
Lahore, India. Dr. KodiMiiaeix comes be
fore the world, stating on behalf of himself
that, for the long spaoe of thirty years, he has
given the subject his almost undivided atten
tion, and it ia his conviction that the disease
is occasioned by the absorption of atmospheric
animalcules Invisible to the naked eye, and
inhaled into the lungs, whence they distribute
themselves throughout the whole system, cor
rupting the blood and poisoning the foun
tains of life. Dr. Konigsbbboxb's inquiries
as to the best means for destroying this new
insect life within the human system has re
ptil ted in his adoption of qcjibia, which, be
ing inserted, or administered, after tha
method of vaccination, arrests (he declares!
" O the instant the decomposition of the blood,
and the patient is cured as if bv a miracle
Will our Esoulapian savins take a look into
this matterf
Welding Composition.
The Journal of the Franklin Institute
explains a method of welding Iron and steel,
whioh is simple and effective. Borax, te
which is added one-tenth of Sal-ammoniac,
is melted and fully mixed in an earthen ves
tel, This is poured on an Iron plate to cool,
and afterward reduced to powder to which is
edded an equal quantity of quick lime. This
powder is laid on the iron or steel to be sol
rtered when red hot, which will melt and run
like sealing wax; the pieces thus covered are
replaced in the ore and subjected to but a
moderate heat, when they are withdrawn and
hammered, and the surfeces will be found to
be perfectly united.
The News.
Kit Karsom's death is announced; a noble,
brave spirit was be 1 WrtMAir Phestob, of
Louisville, Kentuoky, now Minister to Spain,
is to return home In the next steamer. Central
American disputes with Groat Britain are on
fair way for adjustment. A slave excite
ment prevails In Northampton, Virginia.
Read the dispatch of the alarm created at
Harper's Ferry, from a soldier firing bis gun,
having mistaken a cow for an Abolitionist I
Is not the telegraph operator romancing?
Pennsylvania offers Virginia guard of ten
thousand men. Judge Doueua: is recovering
bis health. , "
The Next Apportionment.
Ia the year 1881 the Statejof Ohio is to have
the first apportionment for Members of the
General Assembly since the passage of the
new constitution. As loon as the eensus
obtained by the United States Marshal for this
State Is made known, say April 1801, the
Governor, Auditor and Secretary of State are
to ascertain and determine the ratio of repl
antation, by dividing the decennial eensus by
the number one hundred, for Representatives,
and for Senators by dividing the whole pop
ulation of the State by the number thlrty-flve.
Gas Tax Assessments on Corner Lots.
Assessments for laying down gas-pipes in
the streets of the airy and lighting the same
are made upon each front foot of the real es
tate bounding the same. , By this procedure
corner lots pay expenses on both streets, If
pipe is laid thereon. This plan has been ob
jeoted to. The subject has engaged the eon-'
"(deration of a committee ef Connoil, who re
port that the ens torn heretofore pursued isjo.it,
and H would not be expedient to place the as
sessment on the 'grand levy,
Mr. Toomkt Dressed the turn-out
passage by the City Council last night. The
following substitute of 6. B: Davib was adop
ted: , ;M, ',
. it BmInA. Tint nnrmission be and
the same is hereby given to the Cincinnati
Street Jtaiiroaa company to iay uuwu turn
outs, commencing on Vine and Walnut-streets,
.t ih. l'ifih.alrt Marbat-anane. nnd at SIlcU
other points on their route as may be neces-
r l . ma . J . I. .Lull La
ssry, jrovtaea, xnai no lurn-vum " "
placed in front of private property without the
written consent of theproperty holders, to be
aij : KjnftVa r.Uv fMnrlr. nnd nrnvided
said turn-outs shall be placed at such places as
the Committee on Roads and Canals and the
City Civil Engineer shall Ueowe. eaia com
pany shall take up said turn-outs whenever
the City Connoil shall so order."
In oase the Company should fail or refuse
to take up said turu-outs or track when or
dered by the City Council and put the streets
In good repair, then the County Commission
ers shall cause the same to be taken up at the
Company's expense. ,
The vote was ayes nineteen, noeB twelve.
Those who voted in, the affirmative were, Cun
nighain, 8. S. Davis, Fraser. Uannan, Haw
kins, Higbce, Johnston, luereted, Marsh,
Meyors, Noble, Pearce, Schafer, Toohy, Tor
recce, Weasner, Whitcom, Wisneweki, Mr.
President 19,
Those who voted in the negative were,
Bum, J. B. Davis, Katen, Kamp, looker,
Mack, Mayer, Moore, Perry, Ross, Runyan,
Suodgrass. , Total 12. .
Turn-Outs. Street Railroad Security — Projected
Change to Mortgage on the Roads.
The various Street Railroads of this city, ia
compliance with the ordinanoe, and to secure
their present franchise, gave bonds and securi
ties of responsible citizens for the faithful per
formance of all the stipulations of their con
tracts, Inoluding the obligations to keep the
streets In which their tracks are laid in repair.
Bonds were duly given which ere designed to
continue twenty years. We now learn that it
is proposed to apply to the City Council to accept
a mortgage on the road, and rolling stook of
these roads, in lieu of the individual aeourlty.
We note this new preposition for the reflection
of our citizens.
Called Meeting of Council.
. A oalt has been signed for a meeting of
Council, on Monday sight, for business of the
Committee on Publio Improvements only.
Another Insurrection Case in Kentucky
Another Insurrection Case in Kentucky — Frankfort and Versailles
Threatened — Precautionary Measures.
The cititeni of Frankfort, the capital of the
State, and Versailles, in Woodford County,
have been excited for some days, but by tio
u.eans alarmed, at a report of a threatened ris
ing of the negroes in those counties.
On Saturday a dispatch from Harper's
Ferry, Virginia, advised the Mayor of Frank
fort that the negroes, at tho instigation of some
wbito scoundrels, designed an attack on that
oity and Versailles. And when thsae places
fell it was their intention to devastate the
oeuntry around.
The Information was obtained through an
intercepted letter from an Abolitionist named
Day, addressed to Ossawatomie Brows. The
intelligence was so direot and of such an alarm
ing obaraoter that Mr. Hunter, the Prosecut
ing Attorney at Cbarlestown, Vs., deemed It
his duty to advise the authorities in Frankfort
as above.
Immediately on its reaeption the Mayor of
Frankfort called the Trustees together to device
means to avert such a calamity. Precaution
ary measures were taken in that city and also
in Versailles, by appointing an extra police
force and patrols for each district in the coun
ties. The new military company organised
last week in Versailles, were ready to respond
with alacrity at the first sound of the tocsin of
This Abolitionist Day has bean connected
with the notorious Delia Webster, who was
once in the Kentucky Penitentiary for Twining
of negroes. He was driven away from Trim
ble County some years ago for h's negro steal
ing propensities. If be is oatght on this side
of the river again we reckon he will be hung.
LouuvilU Courier, 23d t'nif.
Thi Ghat Balloon is New York. -On
Saturday noon Mr. Lowe's balloon was buoy
ant and big, being inflated so far as 150,000
cubic feet of gas could avail to that end. On
Saturday night atone o'clock the said bal
loon was flaccid and flat, having been pur
posely colapsed for tho third or fourth time
since it has been at the Crystal Palace
grounds. The high wind of Saturday night
was too raven lor its sstety, onrt after inurli
snxious watching in the hope that it would
weather the storm, at midnight tho gale bo
came 10 violent that an irreparable damage
was feared to its integrity, a seam was opened,
and in a few minutes the air-ship was safely
squelched. The tent under which tho other
apnratus has been exhibited was also taken
down. It was est up again, however, on
Sunday moning, and those who deslro to be
hold tho machinery will find an accommoda
ting door-keeper waiting to take their quar
ters. Owing to tho dampness of tho ground
and the goneral derangement of matters and
things in general, ho more gas will be let into
the globe before Thursday next, Thangsgiv-
Tribune 22d inst.
HoasTSi.a CannLTT to a Cnn.n A man
named Applegate was recently arrested iu J
Monmouth County, N. J., for ill-usage of a
little girl. Tie cnila was kept nail-starved,
and it was a frequent practice of Applegate
to whip her in the most brutal manner for the
most trivial causes. On Friday morning last
he gave her a shocking beating, after which
he went to his work. About eleven o'clock
the child was found dead in bed, with a cruet
of bread in her hand. One of her wrists wsb
broken. It is supposed that he held her by
one arm while he beat her, and that the
wrist was broken by twisting it. Applegate
was immediately arrested and lodged in i.ul.
He does not deny the act, and assigns as one
of the reasons for its commission that the
child's board was not paid.
A Bbidi ELOris with a Foiwer Lovir 1m-
midiatxit After Hex Weddins. A butcher
in an English provincial town was recently
married in church, and, after the knot was
tied, the bridal party proceeded to an inn to
refresh themselves. While drinking and ca
rousing, an ,' old sweetheart of the bride
dropped in, and while the party were in high
glee, he put his arm around ner necic and
gave her a kiss, whioh enrsged the bride
groom and produoed a tight. As the rivals
were sparring on the floor, tho wife jumped
up, and placing horself between them, took
off ber ring and flung it at the bridegroom,
and shortly ' afterward made off with her
former lover.
Bold akd Extkhsivi Boiolart m New
Jsaaxv. A heavy robbery was committed In
Salem County. N. J., on Saturday nieht last,
at the house of Mr. Isaac Johnston, which, for
boldness, is without parallel In that section.
The robber effected an , entrance by boring a
hole through the kitchen door, which enabled
him to remove the bolt. This done, the way
to Mr. Johnston's bed-room, on the third floor,
was clear. Upon entering it the thief, it is
supposed, administered ether or chloroform to
him, and while In this state the key to the fire
proof safe containing the money was taken
from his pantaloons pooket, and the treasure,
amounting to $7,000, removed.
SxcaiT Mimoiss or lioois NAror.ron. It li
announced that a German publisher is on tho
point of Issuing a volume entitled the Wm
Memoirt JVapofeo , printed from manu
scripts stolen from the Palace of the Blysee."
The Putrit deolares Itself authorized to pro
nounce any such manuscripts "utter forgeries;"
bat should such a book appear, it will be
eagerly read by everybody,
Pennsylvania Offering Troops to Virginia.
'. ginla. i-'i
nnjiiHiimi Nrvmhr 2S Dovarnnr
r;aA laft Hummr'a Ferrr this .jnnrnlnir fat
Richmond, after receiving a dispatch from
i . r r i ! - . I :
PbaItai. rtf PnnnftvlvanlA. fcfinHpi
UUIUUUl A, ) . J . O
him ten thousand men, and oilorlng to sta
t;nr, o minr1 nlnncr tha dividing line between
Pennsylvania and Marylsnd. Governor Wise
returned tnanas mr ids oner, wiui m wwur"
ance that Virginia was able to protect her
Aftnr ihn rifMinrtnrn of the Governor. Col
onel Elliott addressed the military, telling
them it was possible they might have to
undergo arduous end perilous duty, and he
felt satisfied that if the venerable Common
wealth should bo involved, tney vrouia ei
fectually wipo out the stain.
T nil nitrM at ninft n'nlno.V an alarm was
given by one of the sentinels firing his rifle:
r,..M nMA nA nf lb fnwn tn the other, and
the panio among women and children, and
some oi tne men wnnse nervous ejsieuiDiiBTu
become much disordered by the late events,
was very great.
Shutters were closed and lighti were extin
The excitement Coa
tinued until ten o'clock, when it was ascer
hud mistaken a oow for a
man; that pbo would not bait when he oom
msnded, and he fired. Anotherslarm at three
o'clock this morning was occasioned by the
firing of three guns, A sentinol came rushing
in and reported having hailed three men who,
instead of halting, fired at him. Scouts were
Ant nut Knt. no msn could be found, and the
town was In an uproar for the balance of the
night; The fact Is the soldiers regard their
present occupation as a frolio.ena it is nouevea
that some ot tnoni turner m muuin v,
whisky,were playing praniT' on their oOmrades
AU has been quiet to-day.
Pennsylvania Offering Troops to Virginia. Washington Items.
Washinutok, November 23. Our Minister
to Spain, Mr. Preston, is expected home b
tne next steamer, ads rresiuens use gireu
him leave of absence for six months.
There ia such information in Washington as
warrants the belief that all the differences be
tween the United States and Great Britain,
growing; out of the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty,
will soon be adjusted through the agency ef
Mr. Wyke, the English Minister to Central
America. A put of the arrangement was the
recent settlement of the boundary of British
Thomas F. Meaghor to-day brought dis
patches to the State Department from Minister
Dimltry, of Costa Rica, who it appears has
made a favorable impression on tho Govern
ment of the Republic
The President did not receive visitors to-day,
he being engaged on his Annual Menage,
whioh he expeots to finish during the pretest
Fiftcon hundred cases are pending in tho
U. S. Court of Claims, but thirteen are only
ready for trial.
Judge Douglas is still confined to his room,
but he is gradually recovering his health.
Daniel B. Martin has resigned his commis
sion as Chief Engineer in the Nnvy.
The various Government officers will be
closed to-morrow, which will be generally ob
served here at Thanksgiving Day.
From Harper's Ferry.
HAxrER's Fibit, November 23. Major
General Taliaferro arrived last evening and as
sumed, by the direction of Governor Wise, the
command of all the forces. General Taliaferro
does not supersede Colonel Davis, but was en
titled by rank to command the whole force.
Col. Davis has been disfranchised, under the
anti-duelling aot, from holding any offioo,
civil or military, in Virginia ; he has acted
here as an advising officer.
A rumor was afloat here to-day that there
was a party of marauders in the mountains
near Cherry Run. Gov. Wise exhibits no
sort of fear of an attempt at a rescne. He
thinks it best to have a full force out. Iu
reply to some gentlemen who had asked bin
if he had any fears, he replied that he never
had the least, but considers it the finest op
portunity ever offered to put the State in mil
itary training. I can now teach my boys how
to oarry buscuits in their knapsacks and to
arrange bullets in their cartridge boxes.
The Wrecked Steamer.
Portland, November 23. The steamer
Indian parted amidships. Two boats are
missing, and three men are known to have
been lost. It is thought that some of tho
cabin articles may be saved.
Saoivills, November 23 P. M. The
Agent of the Associated Press at Halifax tele
graphs that further news in relation to the
wrecked steamer Indian was expeoted there
hourly. Two of the boats that left the wreok
with passengers are missing, and nothing has
been heard as to the whereabouts of the survi
vors. Three lives were lost at tho time of the
wreck. The Delta, whioh was at first supposed
to be the wreok, has arrived at Sidney. Tha
locality where the wreck occurred is difficult
to hear from, and nothing further can be heard
to-night ia cunsequenco of tha Nova Scotia
line refusing to hold their offices open.
Kit Carson Dead.
St. Louis, November 23. The Omaha, Rt
pabliwm announces, on the authority of a per
son from Fort Kearney, the death of the cele
brated mountaineer, Kit Carson, at Taos, New
Mexico, where he was acting as Indian Agent.
Major Scboonovor, the agent of the upper
Missouri Sioux Indians, arrived at St. Joseph
on Monday, and reports that tbe Sioux have
pworn vengeance against all whites found in
their country. The Minor says the Velio w
Stone River Is navigable for steamers nine
hundred miles above its confluence with the
Missouri, and that goods can be landed within
four hundred miles of Salt Lake City, and very
near to soveral forts iu that region.
Rebellion of Students—Later.
Cablisle, Pa., November 23. The' report
published to-day, in dispatch from Carlisle,
that one hundred students of Dickinson College
were in rebellion, had no foundation. In
fast tbe dispatoh was an imposition.
President of Dickinson College.
The Unknown Steamer.
Portland, November 23. The steamship
Indian, which sailed from Liverpool on the
9ib, was the wreck passed by the schooner
Victoria, on Monday afternoon. She was
broken across on the roeks of Mary and Joseph
Rngeboro. She went ashore on the 21st, Three
men were lost. -
More Virginia Excitement.
Nobvoli, Va , November 23. A special
messenger has arrived from Northampton, on
the eastern shore of Virginia, for volunteers,
it having been ascertained that an Attempt Is
to be made on Friday, the 25th, to run tbe
slaves to Canada; Great excitement prevails,
Movement of Troops.
New Oblkaxs, Nov. 2J. Advices tiom
San Augustine of tbe 12th isst. state that
Gen. Twiggs had issued orders for a section of
light artillery, four companies of infantry,
and two ot cavalry, under Maj. Hinselman,
to march to Fort Morrill, on the Nenoes, and
await further instructions.
River News.
PiTT8BUBO,November 23. P. M. The river
is eight feet. Weather cloudy.
Lodisvillb, November 23. The river i
about stationary, with six feet six inches of
water in the oanal.
From Baltimore.
Baltimore, November 23. The directors of
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
to-day re-elected Mr. Garrett as President.
Twenty-one directors were present, and Mr.
Garrett received all except eight votei.
Expected Steamer.
St. Johns, November JH-Jnt Ortm .,
sow due here from Qalway,' with -dates to Sat
urday the 12tb, has not ye been gignalle. I to .
r " ;',' ' 'f-'
Death of an Editor.
rffNASHvaiB, November 2$. Mr, ,lEailw an,
aenior editor of the Vnionand AswriewbU ied
this morning of appoplexy.
, T...
States steamer's slte and Smpltr sailed h om
Monrovia on uowuer
New OatSAa, November 24.-
to provide for the transportation of troops, to
Browniville have been countermandsd."
L-l -SBJ '
pp- a. A. ffyater, Clooki, Watohn nd
Jewelry. Hoe. Wl anal mWesteni-row. .
f" Daguerreai Gallury, soatb-west oor
r of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannaford's
drug-store. Pictures taken and at in good oases
for twentj eenta. . Warr.snted to please.
aUTSnraa-ue It Co.. eorner of Vine and
Fourth, keep coustantlv mi ban a full ropplr of all
kinds of Clothing, Uoate, Teste and Pants, made to
order on the shortest notioe. They have never peea
known to Ml In giving oomplete satisfaction. -;.
Opera and BridaT Fens, : j
" Pearl Buck, white 811k, plain ;
' Pesrl Stick, wUJteflflkembrsldered; .
Peerl Btlck, white Silk sirvered;
i Pearl Stick, Parchment Paln(d;
IvorvBtlck Broiwl Fan, white, red, UueandolDkSllki
Ivory Stick Silvered, spangled, embroidered Silk (
Ivory Btlck, elogeully painted, Silk J
Ssndal-nood Stick, broad Silk, all olors ;
Hair Pine, Wne and gold, coral sad gold ;
Head Dresses, blue and gold, coral and gold ;
Card Otaea, plain and carved pearl ehell ,
Porte-monnalee, with chain, leather, silver, velvet;
Stereoscopes and Views j
Steel Bracelets and Brooches j
Steel Buckles and Slides;
- Coral Necklaces ud Ties ; '
Jnst reneired, a line of elKnt Elastics ;
With Bows, Bosettes.andia Kmbroidery;. ' ,
- White, Blue, Wnk l,Dd Crimson Silk ;
Drsb Lavender, Greon and Straw-colored Silk ;
i '. :., 611k, Velvet, Kid, Buckskin and Thread.
Ia a Ladles' jress ,"au fait" without beautiful
Outers? juu i. A Aiiii, ,
K E. corner 0' Tourcnanu wainui-aireeta.
' nolB-dw'IuTh '
GBBEB-JOJf S-Oy TueaJ'J totS"
ml the reaiflinco f the BI.1U " i'er, py Bey.
Wm' Pciaui jESS K. Oreer toDB.rn.lle, Ind.,
to uonrieiie o. junw, v. - .
Kldor w .m. r. Btraxcon, ... - lhin'-r ,,-
Hiss Ella Brown, Dom m
ton UouDty, O. ,
ny the Rev. A. Kroll, Mr. Charles Wolff, .Jr., or Ktfjv
betntown, lu., laieoi iniBcii, iv ,
J - -. U.U. D lil.nAH. .V
aaugllierui mmtv f.jHuvuvui,,.,
.ni.M.nnn,n A VJ.J.hMa Ha. M fit Mm
time of the heerl, Willie, son of Oliver P. and Anna
fll. uurmopner. m tno mi" j
Tbe funeral will Uke place from tlm residence of
at 1 o'clock. Friends of the family are invited to at-
tenu wunoui mriner uuuuv.
.iAir r, h.,ln. wlf nf T,.wfi J. Jonea. offed 22
ine lunerai will wiko piaco rnuar iiwiuiu, .10
o'clock, from No. 10 Woodward-street, between Main
and Sycamore. ' '
Dixon's Sugar-coated Fills.
Purely Vegetable and Pleasant to Use.
aWAdmitted to be the Bast Family Pill In use. ''
Prepared only by -
' GEO. It. DIXON, Druggist,
snW-cm Corner of Fifth arid Jttaln-elreets.
TM ATflHI Tha clnnlnff match of theTJnion
rlrkat Olubwill lakeDlaoe TO-DAY. Thankifririns:,
on their grounde, Walnut Hills. Members auit all
who would like to join in tne game are retpeciiuny
Invited to participate. Gome all. no24a
PoiTorvmi, icihnati,1
Norember , 1859. j
rThankiElTins Dav.l this office will be
nmtii at the ninal hour, cloie at 1 1 A. At., re-open at
S P. M., and close at the umial hour.
UOiiH J. U. VA 1 lll3i, r. itt,
1 and A. M. Stated Commtintea,
tion of this Lodge, THIS iThuridar) jcvBH
INU, Not. 24, at 7 o'clock, for tbe election o
officers and payment of dues, A punctual at'
tenaano)oi tne memnereiioBireii.
lly order of tho W. JB. J. BLANK.
noMa - - ' - - -: Secretary,
(nirintlnn (Jhnrrhas will be held THIS
rVilMTNO. at thn Central Praiibyterlan Church.
(Mr, West's) at 7 o'clock. The clued le prayer,
praise and thanknglvlni to (M. Addresses by cler
gymen and layoiea. All are invited. A thanke-of-
inrillK u UWkUilia will va koiwi.su iu, ki, cmiiuui
Bethel. ; noma
Phrenological and Physiognomical
Efca BCB1PTIONS of Character, indical Ing the
Occupation or Profession iu life) in which esih per
son tnav beat succeed and be moat useful and happy,
by Dr. O. BUAi.HA., No. IM sTourth -a treat.
NATI R W n-n.rnfTilril '
and itace-atrrata. October.
16, IMS. This road Is now open. Care will etart,
at inlervala of ten mlnntna, from 9:30 A. M. un
til midniffh't. riinnlncr n,.lifn,ri n. Tlilrri-.tnutt
from Wood to Lawrenoe-atreet, and westward on
Fourth-street to Smith, and on Flfth-stroet to
Wood. (Htisens will please bear in mind that the
cars will Invariably croee intersecting streets bofore
stopplnc for paeaangeni.
ocio-ir , jauiks j. UOHUINbJ, President.
OOVttllY ia acknawladind hr tha nii.l nm.
nent physiciane, and by tbe nioat careful dnisirlstt
throughont tbe United Stale-, to be the most effectual
blood-imriflerevfr known, and to hava rnllnvAri mam
suffering, and ellected morn permanent curea, than
n urepurnuuil Kliuwa 10 ine proif'SSlon. Bcroitns,
Salt Rhuiim, Erysipelas, bcald-hcad, scaly eruptions
of whatsoever natnre, are cured by a few bottles, nnd
tbe system roatorod to full atrenrth anrl vinr ITnil
and explicit directions for thocureof ulcerated sore
ibss, ana otner corrnpt ann running ulcers, la given in
the pamphlet with each bottle. For sale by JOHN I).
M.DIXON. Prlcegl. aepl-ay
SAVED. -Omi.liniTtt.tf,n. wtmnrllv and am.
ennially dun to a disordnreil nutrition, can be ra
tionally attacked only by a roedleine which reno
vJ"..th nntrltiTe powers., Bueh a medicine is the
rEBUVlAN 8YUU1 whose chief ingredient sees
directly and immediately on the blood and arrests
tbe diseases safely and snrely, ,
" Baltimore, July 16, 1654. I was suffering with a
severe catarrhal cough, accompanied by niaht
sweats, loss of appetite and great debility, which
waa dally Increasing. In tbla state I commenced
taking the Peruvian Syrnp. In a few days, and be
fore 1 had lined the second bottle, my cough toatened,
nixht-awcata ceased, appetite wa restored, and with
It strength and vigor beyond what I bad enjoyed for
mu 7txiin, uriun n.1110 w wan aererai uiueaeacn nay
without fatigue, whilo hitherto 1 could walk only a
short distance. A. 8. KELLOOG."
mncipai on, in near aourin-aireet. (INeave'e
Bnildlng.) Gall for pamphlet (gratis;, describing
this new re nedy. noif
OF THE AGE. The only really efficacious
article ever discovered for the cure of eruptive dis-
of all kinds, an article tbat shows to every per
son that uses It or baa nsed it, that it is the
Mo one doubts its efficacious qualities. A strange.
uncommon tact, not known In the history of any
other article. ,.. ., '1
Palmer's Vegetable Cosmetic lotion
la the article referred to. From tha alight prickly
beat, to the most virulent, unsightly and distressing
eruptive diseases, its cnratlve properties are made
anally manifest.
Kruptions of the Faot, Totter, Bingworm, Bar
ber's Itch, Scaly, Itching, Irritating, or Pustulous
Eruptions of all kinds are cured by It, ' '1
' The moerifietterlng testlmonals are pouring in from
all quarters, Its fame having spread over not only
the whole western country, bnt tbe Eaat also,
Price 50 cente, oral botlles for 12 flo.
Prepared only by BOIOH PALMBB, A geni,
aolt No, 36 West fourth .street.
Robert Clarke & Co.
'V. jtfi j ! ij; '; . j
, 55 wiest Fowtlt-fiireet.
A Ltf and t'om plate Aaaartmeat of
Just Received. '
" . ; ' Also !
A Full Supply wf i '
, .' STAPLE AND TASOt',! ' . .
Constantly 011 Hund at ' .
, 1 Lno21a - - ! '
Double-Entry Book-Keeping,
m-m animint not only more thoronghnees, but n
great aavin g of time and lahor over all other met bods
In in nlmll.p ln.,l,,ln. I , . .
Ilnited Bta ts. This ia anstained by the toitimony of
,uu in,, f.n.uuuiauiB iiu Hjaoera 111 uincinnan. ,
nu College Kooms, Fifth and WaluntVt
Fres! Bermuda Arrow-root.
, , Xrn Starchj
Duryea's Mavehla;
Kngllih Patent llarley; ,-,
English Patent Qroats. . '
Just received by " ' ,
KDWARD 80ANLANAOO., Drimglsts.
no24o N. K. coruer of Fomtb and Uain-sta
uvuiLur a rarina: . i' , , .
Deodorized Coal Oil.
noSto M.S. corner of Fourth and ilain-sta
tne real manufacturers. Furaa nti
Pure Sperm Oil.
ITS TIRE SPERM OfT,. ' pmpi ivn
L resely for Sewing Machines and other line
AWISRVUIUOI j Wim.BUll till llslliu. .
EDWARD ISUANLAN A 00., Druggists. r
no lie E. eorner of Fourth and Main-sts.
Black Silks,;
Finrcil French Itlcriiioeg,
Wool X)elaines9
iJNl'ON'.; PlilftS,
Thti above Goods liave This Day,
-AS T0-
. I
Chas. S. Weatherby,
. ': Inoffld,, i - . - ,i;v V,
Ladies 'Gents,,
AND i- ! !.
', ', , In Great Variety1, at '
: 1 -I
: 1 f. ,
No. 112 Fifth-street,
' '. '' ' . InoMdJ -''l,;If ' :
Feathers' and Winter Millinery,
Of every description, which I apt selling at a smv) 1
advanoe on Mew York prices, wholesale and ratal'i
, J. WEBB, iv
not 191 Fifth-street, bet, Bate aad Elm."'
. 1 t a m. t ' tumifD
. 1,., II i.lni, ,11 '.WalBvae afgM BlUea K! 1 1 '
rnsnmaofXlandopwaida. ' ' '
srar Kxckange on franc and Germany,
JAMES ;MEi,INE' &C0.?.
oc26tdeoli i'dflliSfltyin Thlrd.att.
mm mrm -B w awainsn SB strilan v.v
Eigljtlj ErJiljoH Revjs &d,and Enlarged
Jtx q me o p a t lax c
s( - Practice of illcdiciue,
. Bf.M. fKfi-'igk.m. b.,
EMBRACisa the nrsiaRV, dIa&no
HI3 and Treatment or Dhniuiw Iu general, in
eluding vhrwj woiUia to fomalw, end the manager
The oitensive nnd constantly Increasing demand
for this popular uod reliable work haa Indued the
author Ui imiaeand eulargo it, thereby lucreaslug;
the aise with aearly tuu pages of adilltional and valu
able matter, Ikes largoly contributing .to the valua
of the work. I o. octavo. FiicejllJ. , ., , ., ,
-t Atso '
, ,) . jrsTTTjBusriic "" "
nomeopathlci Materia Jleilica,
Using a summery of tbe curative action of the
s .PMhclral. Kcmedlal AgnU, ",
... uuiTi,iaiiiic praoiicv.
getlfer with additions, refcreucesaild notes
m. , ,'tvJtLKjIIJ M.!D. - "
manuil is ihe most ooriibloU Mater!
Medico, for lli iiw ot.r pulilished, liurhlsniug'the
PUjiaioiaa n4l8tauultl a shoit, , clear aud easily un
fferatoodatnteDienturUie curutivo powers andvir
tiwietd KTof the latest and uuiet tiuportant reme.
dh-ewupteycl in tho Honieopathlo praotioe, without
being eompelled to eesTch tlifough the masa ofeymp
toma contained in the Symptoinon Oodex and other
large work, and willenalileiliom to presoiibe suc
ceHatully in a large majority of caaea with acomoar.
atlvoly siimll amount of labor and reaoarch. It ia
printed u large octavo, on auperflne paper, and la
bound with a blank leaf ur vellum poet between each
page, for tho puipose of recording reterencos, notes,
Ac, tkaklng a neat and ,well-bound volume of 100
pages. 'Price $3. For sale by ' v
4S IIuln-street,
. . receipt, per thn Adams Express, of an lnexhauat
1Mb nupnly of St ALT!) Y'S eelehratd and unrivaled
Baltimore Can Uynters, put upespoclallf for Thanka
giving, of the cboicoat of Oysters, excellent flavor,
superior qimllty, and of extra aise. Will 1 war.
ranted aa frth and sweet as when taksn fro as their
briny bode.
Tha Ne Plus Ultra of Oysters, Tbiils Bsisot.
branded 0. 8. H., will be uncommonly largo, and of
the most delicious fl vor.
Orders left at the Old Established Depot, Ko, 11
west Fifth-street, at any time Wore or on
Thanksgiving Day, will aeouro every one a full supply
of the TINE8T BIYAbVKS ever brought to tha
Queen City. Orders aol idled and promptly filled,
JJou't fall to leave yoar ordora in time.
nolilk , . ,, ,, BODattTOBn, Agont.
1 iVo. 150 Main-street,
-a , " Oinclnnatl. Ohio. i
Rr.adv-ma.la (llothina. cut III the lataafcalvl.
and nf the beat material and workmanship, expraetil y
lot ui. nviiii, xiittm.
Sllnlha. CfiNalinei'na. VpHltnaa and SIvai..
roil linn, of every variety, for ilustom Triulo. made
.to ordftr 111 the Inteit stylfw t ' n I a h ' a
; tiyiatlemealfurnishagpoods;;, :ji noiobwf
embraces all tbe leading styles in evory varlet
of FUB, which e warrant '
lIATl'fittS AND njRItmnJ
'f r.rMJtl40 kAIS-gTBgKT,
nr. Otio door below Conrtli.
' 25 3"WAIJNUT-ST.
1 JL 1 .1 I
I. -WISH MY(ra
irienua to ruroemDer ttint
at ZV, Walnnt. arrfnt. a faw
donta above Sixth, I am Soiling ihe flnesti OyateM
ever brogglit West, dean and carefully put np,cliiik
y put np,ciiiti
pargxj. Orders
Biiu'suivoiHu, ai ory iifnai moaeraw anargid. urueri
promptly III fed and dellvertl to any part of the oity.
3. TODD.
Agant for Hatch, Mann A Co.
now on hand a full asporlmentjof Frpaprevps, Jollies,
Freeh Fruits and Vegetables, Knglish I'lcklr nn,
rJnucesandntherfireigndi'licaoit.a. Alpo.riee WImm,
Brandies, Irish and fecntcb VVhisky, Jamaica Hum,
Ac. Also, Ilaynua Ulnars of tbechcirvat ilescrlrilirm.
For sale by JOHN HATKS,
no 31 . yationnl Theater Building, Sycamorn-at.
Wood-Workihg Machinery,
Comer Jonotand Wateif,' ta.,biolasiRtl,0.
r JL , will beanpplled with an extra fine quality
of Oyatera forThanxngivlng. Jnst the thing to stull
ypnr turaeya with. ' , r ..
nol ' ,iiin"" Corner Ninth and Vine-streots.
Xv I "have on hand a let of Pennsylvai ia Buck
wheat which I am selling In 10, 12, and 601b. sacks,
and by the barrel.
, JOHN FEBGU80N. Grocer,
nol Oorner lliuth and Tine-streets.
AJr, Baisins, new S'iia, new Currants,,, Prunea,
Alnionds, Pecans, Filberts, Uream Muta, Ac., iu
store and for sale by
JOHN FKBQ080N, Croeer,
nol loraerof Ninth and Vine-streets.
Just received, 32 dozen sennlne India Soy and An
chovy Sauce. A; MoDOPALJ) 4 CO.,
tio2 5ft and Branch Store MS Weat Fonrth-st.
received, 8 brie, very superior White Winn
Vlniw. Fotsuleby A. McliOfALD A CO.,
no2I . SKand Branch Htore 29 Vear, Fonrth-st.
1 baskets UaldslcK and otbercelehrsted brands
Vbampagne. juraaieov 1 ,
noil "" Mand Branch Store 2ta Wt Fnmt'h-i
a Book Binder and Paper Kuler.
tHIrdrtory Times Bnildjna, wtU do allwork in li
Hne with neatnees and disftttob.- ;, .. jyjs.iv
Coiuai i ed ften; llahneiuaan, Jnhr, Bosulughauseti.
flull, leaU aud lifmpel: and from the Clinical Prov
iiiga or Kackert Herring. VandorbUtgli, Barlow and
ther dlatiumi thiul mtmlon ,.f n.. r.i- .
Mailtby s
nds uf

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