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It pabliahed daily, (Sunday, eicpted,) by
rrioa e. l win ronin-iT tur.
THE F1HHT FBISB I delivered to subacriben lo
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, tad snr
rounding oIUn ud town., at the ex
tremely low price of
nion or mauho:
Single ooplM Jo.; 1 month 40o.; I month 1; 1 pear ft.
oqsiras sixth akd tim-itbmti.
Jon A. Illsxm, J a Bole Lessee and Manafir.
THI8 EVENING, November 25, the Beneficiary
and bit daughter, Miss Caroline Etchings, will ap
pear In the great aoniedj of
Mr. Mayberry Mr. Klohlng
Ebeneier Oldricb ..................... Mr. Ellsler
Augustus Bmller. ...................... Read
Mr. Middleman Hlgglns............. ...Langdon
Mra. Crosby...- HIm Bichings
Mra. Oldrich .....Mra. Gilbert
Virginia 01drlc6....... ., Mlsa Waita
Kelly.......... Fanny Denhara
In consequence of the "extreme" length of "EX
TKKMES" no farce will be acted.
In preparation, several popular oomediea, domestic
dramas, musical rarities, 4o,
afUoora open at 6; Onrtaln risea at 1H o'clock.
Pbiom or Admission Drees Circle and Pamoette,
Weenie; Gallery, V cents.
THIS (Friday) EVENING, Boy. 24, will be
acted, for the eleventh time, the great Legendary
Drama, from the German of Goethe, entitled
Faust and Marguerite.
Mephistophiles.. .....Mr, J. B. Robert.
Fault (an aged Scholar) ...Mr. 0. Stuart
Marguerite......... .....Mra. 0. Henri
Danca by Miss Jennie Bight.
To commence with tbe interesting tragedy called
Ob, Tub Cabtlb or Aldobbano.
Bertram Mr. Robert.
Prior of St. A title m ... Tanderen
HI. Alilobrand ; Bluart
(mogene Mra. Yanderen
Theater, is now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
nioala furnished at all hour.
NOTICE. Tradesman and other, are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for tbe theater witb
out a written order, .igued by Ihe Manager.
(.'has. M. Barra. Manager.
F. B. Conway .Stage Director.
Continued Success of tbe New Company
In a series of unexceptionable plays, powerfully
THIS (Friday) EVENING, Nov. 23, will be
presented tbe great play of
Raphaol Duchatlet Mr. Conway
Yolage Dickson
yeaudore Sheridan
Marco Mr.. Conway
Clementine Mias La Hues
Madame Duchatlet Mra. Wllkina
Overture. Orchestra.
To conclude with the laugable comedy of
Mr. Hectio, an old bachelor Davidge
Clover. Lanagan
Mra. Carney Mrs. Place
Annabella Mrs. Wllkins
In rehearsal, and will iliortly be produced, with
new scenery, Dickens's "Cricket on tbe lieartfa."
Pbioi. or AowttsiON. Parqnette Circle, Parquette
and Balcony, M cent.; Amphitheater, 25 cent.;
Private Boxes for eight petBOua, in.
Doors open at 6-14 o'clock : commence at 7M.
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M where
seat, can be secured. J. F. HEBBKBT, Treaa'r.
National Hall) Vlne-atreet, above Fifth.
Leader of Orchestra 0. H. Holcomb.
CLASSES Thursday, from 2 to II P. M , for Ladles.
Saturday, 9 to 12 A. M., and 2 to o P. M., for Misses
and Masters.
Gentlemen Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 P. M.
Waltzing Class, for Ladies and tiontlemen, Friday
Lessons roB Gentlemen In order to meet tbe
convenience of gentlemen whose buslnesa or social
engagements often interfere with their punctual at
tendance, ourarrangoment la, that tickets are pur
chased, one of which is delivered at each lesson, and
oan be used during tbe whole seaaon of seven months.
The lessons are so arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. octa-bm-WtS
Leasee and Proprietor. J NO. HOWOBTH.
This new and beantful TEMPLE OF THE MUSES
opened for the seaaon on
With a full and talented DRAMATIC AND OON
OKllT TltOUPE, aelecled from the different tbea
tera and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 10 cent. For particulars aee amall
Tbe " Olympic Saloon " will be open at all hours
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
W ines, Liquors AUd Cigars. oc28
Coal Cooking Stove,
Held nt Znneavllle, October, 1839.
Not. 31 and .13 Vine-.t.,
(Seoond door Below Columbia,) .
New Mode of Ventilation!
Call ami See One of
Heating and Ventilating Furnaces,
In operation at
Store War-room, No.. 61 and S3 Viue-st.,
(Bolow Columbia.)
Sawyer & Co.
Patent sign Depot,
"So. 210 Western-row,
w T Iron Block Letter, are manufactured,
ear AU work V.' rrueted to give antlifactlon.
Address ' fnolltw B. WARD.
Printing MjlerleU ofSaiT iudi. i
r in street.
VOL. 2. NO. 83.
Littii Miami.-Night Express, 8:00 a. Accom
modatlon, 2:45 r. Day Eipress, 6M p. M.
.; 1:40 A.M.
Ouio and MiS8iuirri.-8:U A. u.l 1:25 p. M.: 10:15
a. m., n-.ui r. H.i o:32 f. s:mi p. h.
M.B1KTTA AND CINCINNATI. 11:20 A. St.; fl:.1J P. H.
RioaxoaD AMD Imdiamapolm.-12:W m.; 6:i5 p. h,
Littls Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. .; Aflcom
modatlon, 4:40 r. m.; Night Express, 11:30 p, a.
IxniaNAPOLia and Cikciknati. :S0 a. a.: 13:46 p.
.; 7:00 p. .
Ohio and Mississippi. V:0U a. a.; 2:00 p. a.; 7:M p. a.
Cincinnati, Hamiltosj and Datton. 8:00 A. a.; 7:30
Mabietta and Cincinnati. fr.40 a. a.; 3:40 p. a.
Aunu.ji aiiu j.viAnAi-ui.ia. e:w a. ., o:w P. a.
3rMrB. Sarah Palmer, an elderly woman,
fell into the Ore in a fit, last Saturday, near
Perrysville, Penn., and was burnt to death.
Alfred McCrabb, of Washington City,
was shot dead in a fracas at Montgomery,
Alabama, recently.
4tPT!iA nnmh.p fit ilAoiti. In TlaHlmAM
week, amounted to sixty-sis, being a decrease
oi nre as oomparea wun tne previous ween.
22BA.mfal Gardner, the reformed prize
fighter, delivered a discourse on Temperanoe
at New Haven, Conn., one evening of last
Mn California, a woman is not labelled
an "old maid" until past fifty. Up to that
time her chances of marriage are regarded as
"Within a year, two of the owners of
the gold diggings in Springfield, Vermont,
havo taken out $15,000 and $20,000 respect
ively. SB-Gustavus Geary, an Irish tonor singer,
of considerable reputation, contemplates mak
ing a professional tour through tbe United
BLavater saye that the creditor whose
appearance gladdens the heart of a debtor
may hold his head in sunbeams end his foot
on storms.
JE9Thera were 417 deaths in New York
oity last week, being 15 more than there were
during the week preceding, and 58 more than
during the corresponding portion of last year.
jE9An association of the members of the
clergy In England have published an address
in which they pledge themselves to a total
abstinenoe from the use of intoxicating liquors
as a beverage.
25fr Jas. Stephens, formerly Marshal of
Columbus, Ohio, but fo. several years prut a
member of the police force, died in that city
on Wednesday, after a short illness, producod
by excessive drinking.
prize of 2,500 francs has been nro-
poaed by the Paris AeademU da Science) for
the best essay upon the problem of "Sponta
neous Generation," the very idea of which, up
to a recent date, was soouted by the faoulty.
$There seems to be a prospect of the en
tire destruction of the silkworm. The worms
in Italy have for some time been afieoted with
a most destructive disease, and now it is an
nounced that those in India are affected in the
same manner.
r. Honry Halcomb, a citizen of
Bpringileld, Mass., who ha hitherto been
highly esteemed, beat his wife's head against
a pieoe of heavy oak scantling until the back
of her skull was dashed to pieces, and then
t3T"Theodore M. Price, a wire-walker, re
cently walked a wire extended from the ga
ble window of the Union Hotel, in Danville,
Pa., to the Montour House, a distance of about
one hundred and thirty feet, and retraced his
steps backward.
A dealer in upholstery recently died
at Lyons, in France, at the age of ninety-three,
who served on the jury that tried Charlotte
Corday for the killing of Murat, and who was
for an acquittal in the teeth of the Reign of
yS' A gay winter the gayest of the gay
ever enjoyed in Washington, is expected to
oommence with tbe approaching season.
Most of the members of both branches will
take their families with them to the Federal
Capital. i
$SA lady is said to be beastly beautiful
when attired in a full set of sable, otter and
lynx skins. It is a remarkable thing, in con
nection with this subject, how muoh sooner
the weather sets in "bitter cold," to those furn
ished with handsome furs, than to those not to
S'k crinoline excitement pervades the
touliuei of the Theater Royal at Berlin. The
Director has forbidden the ladies to appear in
expanded skirts, which he deems eminently
unfavorable to walking, sitting, or embraoing.
A surly critic suggests a similar rule ' for the
"front of the house."
tfSSflt. Roger, the eminent tenor, will soon
resume his duties at the Grand Opera, Paris.
Recovery from his lato terrible acoident is
now certain, and mechanioal ingenuity has
supplied him with an artificial hand of re
markable naturalness. His benefit is fixed
for the 10th of December.
flf Leading Democratic Senators are in
olined to separate the printing for that body
from the party press, though an effort will
be made by a few Administration men to se
cure it for the Cotutitution. Mr. Bowman oan
not be elected, but some straw candidate may
who will divide.
John E. Rose, formerly oonneoted
with the dramatic company at the Boston
Theater, died in that city on Sunday, aged
fifty-four. Mr. Rose was born in Palgrave,
Suffolk County, Eogland, and made his firat
appearance on the American stage in New
York in 1839.
The two celebrated violinists, Bertot
and Wlenawski, met last summer at Ems.
The latter, after playing on Lsriot's instru
ment, asked him if he felt inclined to sell it.
"Yes," he answered, "but not for less than
twenty thousand francs." The price will
probably be paid.
A Bot FaiQBTKNiD to Diatb. A death of
a most extraordinary oharacter took place at
Ottawa, Canada, reoently. Some men were
about to slaughter an ox, and had attached
one end of a rope to the horns, and passed the
other through the door, into the slaughter
house, and were driving the animal In. When
the beast was driven In, it made a sudden
movement towi.rd the oorner where tbe boy,
Simon 0'Donnell, was, and was instantly seis
ed by the nose by one of the butoher's dogs,
when it roared out loudly, and the boy dropped
to the gronnd in an instant, perfectly dead.
Tbi Riosht Shootisjb ArrAiR Olbvk
lakd. The oaseof Mis Hubbard, for shooting
at Riohard Moore, a Cleveland typo, was
brought before the Cleveland Police Court, on
Monday, but In consequence of the absence of
the prosecuting witness, was continued. The
Rttntvt eay it it unlikely that Moore will ever
appear to proseonte the ease, and be ha evi
dently been so thoroughly frightened as to
deter him from indulging in any farther slan
derous attacks.
The London Times on the Harper's
Ferry Affair.
The London Timet of November 5 oloses an
article on the affair at Harper's Ferry a fol
lows: These occasional outbreaks are not peculiar
to American slavery, bat were the scourge of
all the nations of antiquity, and of none so
muoh asRomein the very palmiest days of the
Republio. A servile war is a subject from
which history willingly averts her face, and
the outbreaks whioh from time to time have
taken place In America have bees forgotten
by the European publlo as soon a they were
Suelled in torture and in blood. But each of
iese insurrections, oonteinptlble a they may
appear in numbers, in intelligence and in or
ganisation, is a symptom of a state of things
which a wise and understanding people will
do well not to neglect too long. That security
of lL'e and property whioh is, after all, the
main end and objeot of oivil society, does not
exist at least in the European sense of the
term in the slave States of America.
The white population oan never forget,
either as judges, as legislators, or proprietors,
that they are a small minority scattered
among a large and bitterly hostile majority.
They never know in its full foroe the meaning
of the word "seourity." If they lie down to
rest they know not but they may be awoke at
midnight by the light of their biasing houses,
and tbe yells of the inoendiaries. If they
wander in the forest they feel no confidence
that the hand of the assassin does not await
them behind every thioket. Danger begets
fear, and fear oruelty, and that cruelty again
inoreasea danger. Strong as is our sympathy
for the oppressed raee that toils beneath the
lash in the Southern States of Amerioa, we can
not bring ourselves to wish that their bonds
may be broken by an experiment so frightful
as that which has once again been tried and
has onoe again failed the experiment of a
servile war. There was a time when the best
men in Amerioa looked on slavery as merely
a provisional and temporary institution, and
looked forward to the time when the bonds
should drop from the hands of the Afrioan,
and the assertion of the Declaration of Inde
pendence that all men are free and equal
should no longer be a mookery and a reproach.
But that time seems to have passed by, and the
language of the southern slaveholder is now
rather that freedom is an exceptional insti
tution, destined one day to be swallowed up
In the more natural and more humane rule of
slavery. We eannot, therefore, be surprised
to see suoh reasoners reminded from time to
time, by warnings like that afforded by the
Harper's Ferry insurrection, how insecure is
the basis on which the slave-owner builds, and
how dangerous it is for a nation which carries
bo venomous a serpent in bor bosom, to be for
ever trifling with the possibility of a foreign
war, tne nrat eueci ot wnion must almost
necessarily be to rouse the sleeping destroyer
iuto life and activity.
A Bbooklvn Matron Elofks witb a Youho
Mam and $20,000. An establishment on
Brooklyn Heights was on Sunday morning
the scene of deep sorrow, it being formally an
nounced to tbe guests assembled at breakfast
that they were henceforth to be deprived of
the lady who had for years presided at the
board. The lady bad left the house of her
husband, a highly rsspeotable gentleman, at
an early hour Saturday morning, ostensibly
for the purpose of going a-shopping, but in
reality with a purpoae of effeoting a union
with a gay Lothario, with whom she was de
termined to link her fortunes. After the two
had met in New York, according to previous
agreement, they procured passage on the City
of Baltimore and sailed for Europe. The lady
had, up to the time of this molanoholy event,
sustained an unblemished oharaoter. She
leaves three ohildren, the oldest of whom is
about twelve years. Her companion, a young
man, had been a boarder at the establish
ment up to Saturday. He is reputed to be
possessed no of personal attractions, and to be
worth about $20,000.
Dkath or a Dbbpibado in thb Illinois Pen
itkntiart. The convict Staylor reoently died
in the Illinois Penitentiary, at Alton, to which
prison he was consigned for nine years for
burglary, in September, 1855, from Cook
County. He was about fifty-four years of
age, and from tbe first gave the officers a
great deal of trouble. Ho led the revolt in
the penitentiary two years ago, and barely
escaped being killed at that time by the
?;uard the shot intended for him taking ef
ect in another of the desperadoes, with
half a dozen othors ho was punished in July
last for firing the wagon-shop. Early in Oc
tober be commenced a succession of attempts
to injure himself, concluding with severely
cutting his throat. Since being sent to the
Hospital at that time he has manifested no
desire to repeat these attempts till within a
few days.
Paintebb and thbib Piotdris. The fol
lowing shows singular coinoidonce between
the names of some foreign painters and their
subjects :
A View of the Sea-coast, Sir W. Beeohyj
Copy of Sir J. Reynold's Laughing Girl,
Smirke; Poultry Feeding, Capon; The Siege
of Troy, Ten-iers; The Country Ball, Danoe;
Game, Bird; Pigs, Baoon; Gathering Hemp,
Flax-man; The Unmerited Correction, How
ard; Moor-Game, Heath; Portrait of Myself,
Mee; Knife-grinder, Home; Burning Here
tics, Pope; Portrait of a Giant, Bigg; Portrait
of a Man of Fashion, Back.
Aif Ihhknbi Shaft. One of the largest
wrought-iron shafts ever manufactured in the
United States has just been completed in New
York, for the steamer Mttropolit. It is thirty
seven feet in length and weighs forty-five
thousand pounds. The Vut.can-lo labor of
lengthening and rounding this immense pieoe
of machinery to its vast but beautiful and
mathematically-correct proportions was aooom
plljhed by means of a single hammer, weigh
ing tevin and a half turn.
Return op thi Littli Locisa to San Fran
cisco. Louisa Paullin, the clever little ac
tress, who Was induced to elope with George
Servrey, a common vagabond, from San Fran
cisco, as we mentioned last week, has
returned to her home, having regained
her senses, and become disgusted with her
worthless lover. If Servrey shouldreturn to
California, he will doubtless receive the pun
ishment he deserves.
, A Briip Widdxd Lips. An inquest was,
says an English paper, held on the body of
Mrs. Harriet Haywood, wife of Samuel Hay
wood, esrpet-weaver, at Dewsbury. After a
thirteen years's courtship, the pair were mar
ried last week. On Friday morning Haywood
found his newly-married wife lying by his
side 'dead. Verdiot "Died from natural
Chiap Tbavbmno), A stripling of sixteen,
who blacks boots for a living at the railway
station In BoBton,has travelled through nearly
every state of the Union, achieving his pas
sage from place to place by ingratiating him
self with railroad conductors and agents. He
has jttt arrived from St. Louis, the entire ex
pense of his trip being thirty-two cents.
Ah 0u Mast Mvrdirid. Warner Davis,
an old resident of Mount Pleasant, Iowa,
aged seventy years, was beaten to death last
week by unknown persons, who, it is sup
posed, in endeavoring lo steal mist from his
smoke-house, were pursued by him and overtaken.
Tai Stbambb Griat Easibbn. The London
Timet, reoelved by the Canada, thus Informs
us of the Great Eaten:
The Great Eaitern has left Holyhead for
Southampton, and Mr. Campbell, the Chair
man of the DlranUr.. Iiu i!Hn,..J . I.,,....
- " uuuvu . iQbigf I.V
the newspapers, foreshadowing the future
M.U. Jit I. , A .
viai.ro. v m. graft, eaperiment in ocean nav
igation. Tt Is nnttrnn. K. .tat. li, xAn nnn
are to be placed at the command ef Mr. Thos.
wiu, .ur ion ourupieuon oi tne great snip.
Mr. Bold's position as acting manager, in
place of Mr. William JuVm. h. i,.
oondrmed by a general meeting of the share-
uw.uvia. fiuiuws m dispute Between tne
company and those who profess to have oom
nletad the ship, have Ivuin rra.j ... ..ku..
. , . -u.w.avw W MUIUH"
tion, and the umpire Is Mr. Hawkshaw. Had
iv uut ueou jor ine uniortunate explosion off
Wevmouth. tha shin wnnM li. V.n ....
1 f UB.W H.WU nUV V
Amerioa in September, and her completion
uutijrii uuui uer return, as it is, an early
opportunity is to be taken to test the sea qual
ities of the Great Eattern by voyage during
the present winter to the warm olimate of the
Mediterranean, so at to insure confidence in
her powers, after whioh, at the proper season,
she will be despatched to the United States.
Mr. Campbell adds, "The determination of a
final and fixed port of departure will entirely
denend noon thn rn.n.Htrj. tn.wif. nt ti.
in this country adapted by position and safety,
n.Ml .1 . 1 . 1 A .11:1 . . .
ub.uiivi uTBmagos, ana irsae laciiiues or tne
Thb Schillrb Fbstival in Gbbmant. The
steamer Canada brings dates from Munich,
Germany, of the 18th Inst., whioh thus speak
of the Schiller festival :
The Schiller Committee has been holding
daily sittings. Dr. Bodenstedt is intrusted
with the general arrangements. An "apothe
osis" of Schiller is the groundwork of tbe
plan. The Odeon's saal (one of the finest concert-rooms
in Europe) will, it is thought, not
be large enough, and the musical performance
will take place in tbe Opera-house.
A letter from Marbaohsays:
"Sohilier's honse was purchased this spring
by the committee for 4,000 florins, (400,) and
is now undergoing the neotssary repairs, that
it may be restored to the state It was in when
Schiller lived."
In Saxony $20,000 have been subscribed.
At Berlin a torchlight procession was pro
posed on the eve of the festival, but objected
to by the Police Direotor and by Count
Wilkelm Tell is to be given on the 11th at
the Opera-house.
At Vienna a torch prooesBion is allowed, and
tbe festivities will be on a grand scale.
The King of Hanover has subscribed $200.
Rktcrn op Charles Sumner from Eubope.
The New York 3W4m of Tuesday says: It
gives us great pleasure to announce the re
turn of tho Hon. Charles Sumner from Eu
rope, who arrived yesterday at Boston by the
Canada. He comes back ready to take his
seat in the Senate, and to resume the duties
and responsibilities of that oflioe. His health,
as we learn from his own lips, he considers as
completely re-established. He feels in full
possession of his natural physieal vigor, and
that the exorcise of his brain is no longer for
bidden or limited by tho heavy trammels of
a diseased and suffering body. Several of
Mr. Sumner's personal and political friends
mot him, on the arrival of the Canada at her
wharf, with a hearty welcome.
The Boston Journal of Tuesday evening ob
serves ! -
A large number of his personal and political
friends called upon him this morning at the
residence of his mother, No. 20 Hancook
street, to congratulate him upon his safe re
turn. Ho was also waited upon by a commit
tee of his political friends who tendered to
him a public dinner, which, however, he re
spectfully declined. It had been arranged to
give Mr. Sumner a complimentary serenade
this evening, but at his earnest request even
this ovation has been dispensed with.
Mart, thb Motheb op Washington. The
editor of the New York Prcthjterian writes
from Fredericksburg, Va., concerning the
mother of Washington, as follows:
There are those still living here who are
able to speak from their personal reoolleotiona
of "Mary, the mother of Washington." A
venerable lady with whom I have been talk
ing tells me that she oan distinctly reoall her
short, rather thiok-set figure, and her peculiar
round straw hat and red cloak, as in her child
hood days she was acoustomed to see the old
lady stirring around the neighborhood. The
traditions are that she was not remarkable for
amenities of cbartoter, but rather for method
and order, strict household government, and
decision of purpose. To these characteristics
her immortal son was doubtless indebted for
his admirable system in all his pursuits, and
for his inflexible endurance and determina
tion. It is generally understood that she did
not sympathise In his revolutionary ideas,
thinking that he would have done muoh better
to have attended to his surveying than to tbe
pitting himself against the venerated and alt
powerful mother country.
Dbbadpul Shipwbick Loss op an Entire
Crkw. A private letter from London, No
vemberS.says: The ship Favorite, ot Boston,
Captain W. II. Wilson, from London to Car
dill', whose loss was reported by a previous
steamer, is an entire wreck, and we regret to
say that every soul on board perishod, in
cluding the pilot. None of the bodies have
yet been recovered, and to the present time
only the head-board and a small part of the
wreck have come on shore at Padston, Eng
land. Captain Wilson belonged in Wellfleet,
Massachusetts. ,It is supposed that there
were about thirty persons on board at the
time of the disaster. The .Fawit' was a fine
ship of 1,040 tuns, built at East Boston in
1858, and was owned by Wm. F. Weld & Co.,
of Boston.
Ejoitkmint about thb Reported Rkquisi
tion porGerritSmith. News came to Munns
ville, N. Y., recently, that Governor Wise
had made a requisition for Hon. Gerrltt Smith,
which requisition had been indorsed by Gov
ernor Morgan, and that officers from the South
were at Utica making attempts to arrest Mr.
Smith, and were resisted by the citizens of
inai city, xne report was made, and the
credulous of Munnsville made immediate
preparation to go to Utica and assist in pro
tecting Mr. Smith from the "bloodhounds"
of the South; but as they were about to start
the report was contradicted.
A Tbstotalib'b Definition. "Language is
most decidedly only given to a drunken man
to disguise his thoughts." Gentleness of the
Sex ; After all, woman's forte is her piano
lord Bilmenton. How to get up a Good Ap
petite : Dine at Balmoral with the British
Association next year. A National Differ
ence : The French papers will have it that
there is a difference between France and
England, Yes, and so there is, and the dif
ference Is simply this France roes to war
for an Idea, and has no idea of
Ten Pbbbons Poibopbd. Recently tbe fam
ily of Mrs. Way, residing In the vicinity of
varmiooaeis, renn., togemer witn five other
persons, eome very near losing the lives, by
using flour and sugar, into which some poison
ous drug had found its way. What the poison
was, or now it got into the flour and sugar, is
not known.
A Hibernian Bard in Legal Distress—
Amusing Improvisations.
The Tipperary free Pren gives the following
report of a scene which ooourred in the Mayor's
Office, Clonmel, recently :
A man named Alfred Sheill was brought up
charged by Sub-constable Magnire with being
drank and oolleoting a crowd in the publio
streets. Be laid aside a bat that, like him
self, was considerably the worse for the wear;
nis garments were ragged, but be folded bis
arms majestically. Mayor Now vou hear
what the policemen has sworn. Have you
anything to say to the oharge? Prisoner
les, l near, please your worship, what this
man has sworn; but I am before yon forsaken,
forlorn. My years, I assure you, are nearly
three score; but if pardoned just now I'll
offend you no more. Mayor Obi I see you
are a poet. Prisoner I'm a man who has
suffered the world's hard knocks. My living
consists In a very small box a box which I
carry beneath my left arm. It putt rag. on
my back and keeps my stomach warm.
Mayor That's all very well, but you know I
cannot suffer you to obstruct the passage 'of
the streets, or be at large when intoxicated.
Prisoner We oft put in our mouth what be
mud les our brain, and to-day, please your
worship, amid the great rain, I humbly confess
that I did take drop, and perhaps on tbe
streets much too long I did stop. But forgive
me, I pray, man of power and lore, in pity
ope wide gentle mercy's sweet door. I am
sorry I've transgressed; and now I have done.
Ahl shut me not out from the free light of sun.
Mayor Are we to understand that this is the
lay of the last minstrel?
Prisoner Good gentlemen, pray ye for me
intercede; I'm hungry, for all day I missed
of my feed. Allow me to say that the air of
your cell, agreed with my system anything
but well. I'm a Briton by birth, and I'd
have you to know that I was once well off,
though I'm now rather low. Restore me to
freedom but give me relief, from my bonds,
and I'll bless you, Oh, most worthy chief. If
you fine me, it may be supposed very fine,
but you never shall handle one stiver of mine;
cause why, I've not got one, my person pray
try; so that fining, you see, will be all in my
eye. Mayor Well, I can not send to prison
one who pleads his cause so eloquently. The
Constable tells me yoa-cam quietly, so you
are discharged; but mind, don't come here
again. Prisonor Most potent, I thank you;
Oh, long may you rule; I'll frankly confess
that I have been a fool, but never again will
I ever offend, so my path to my lodgings di
rectly I'll bend. No more I'll be ship
wrecked on whisky's sharp rocks; but, magis
trate, tell 'em to give me my box. Mayor
Certainly. Prisoner Grammercy, your wor
ship, and now fare thee well, elsewhere to all
people your kindness I'll tell; goodgentlo
men, all, I will bid ye good night. Witn your
leave, gentle sir, I'll vanish from sight.
Here tbe prisoner made a low bow, and,
grasping his box, vanished. We are bound
to confess 'that the above account of the case
presents but a feeble outline of the reality,
and the rhyming of tbe poet in trouble, who
for some twenty minutes kept the Court and
all present in roars of laughter.
A Vmo Dwrni. in ft-n f . . If.. T
' J. llil.. VLU 1UA1U. iVllOS JJUCY
1 1 r ... i -t r .,
otewurt, in ouiun Dcuuate, juass., recently
died at thegreat age or ninety-six yeata. The
following account is given of her strange per
sonal history :
Her father was a white man, a sea captain,
and her mother was a full-blooded Indian.
She waB brought up in one of the firat fami
lies in the town of Scituate, and had until
within a vear or two lived in the family down
to the fifth generation. Within that time
she had been unable to support herself and
became an inmate of the alms-house. She
was a woman of good manners and possessed
a great deal of pride. She was muoh averse
to going to the alm-ahouse, and until the day
of her death was in the habit of dressing in a
very gay style. She requested, just before
she died, to he laid out in her bright pink
dress, and to have on her lace turban, which
was decked very gaily with feathers and
showy ribbons, and her 'kerchief round her
neck. She also wished her coffin to be lined
with flowers. She also requested to be buried
in the burial ground with and near the family
she had lived with most of her days. She
wished to be carried to the Methodist Church
and have the Episcopal minister attend her
funeral. She requested the minister to state
(which he did) that she had never been out
of the limits of the town, and had never en
tered a ohuroh door until she was carried in
for burial.
A Monstkb Cbibncv. A chimney, 468 feet
high from the foundation, has been comple
ted in connection with the Crawford-street
Chemical Works, at Glasgow. The founda
tion extends to 11 feet under ground, and is
fifty feet in external diameter. The base ol
the chimney at the level of the ground is 34
feet wide, and the innor diameter is there 20
feet, while the wall is 5 feet 6 inches thick, ex
clusive of a coating of fire-brick 1 foot 6 inches
deep, which reaches up for about 50 feet on
the inside. To build the chimney, 1,500,000
bricks were required, each of which is capa
ble of sustaining a pressure equivalent to 90
tuns per square loot. The weight of these
bricks is 8,000 tuns, and the cost of putting
them in anything but a "thin red line" over
each other is estimated at about 10,000.
Ssiztiii op $60,000 wosth op Diamonds
$80,000 worth of diamonds, jewelry and watch
movements were seised, on tbe arrival of tbe
steamship jlti'a, at her dock in Jersey City,
on Sunday the 13th Inst., mostly the property
cf two Spanish gentlemen, who made an
ineffectual attempt to smuggle it on shore. It
appears that a wide-awake Jerseyman taw
several Spaniards, who arrived that morning
on the Ana, who were conversing aside, and
appeared to show considerable anxiety. Mr.
Hart, tbe Surveyor of the pet, was apprised
of their tuspiobus aotions, and a watch was
kept upon their movements until the seizure
was made.
Dr. Bbowsson on Frsnch ahd Irish Ca
tholicism. Dr. Brownson, in his St view,
thinks the Gallicand Celtic Catholics have
more religion of the head than tbe heart. He
says :
"We find with the French, and evn with
the Irish, far more Catholic piety or senti
ment than Catholic principle; and greater
horror, with the latter, of eating meats on
Fridays, than of lying and stealing; and
with the former of misplacing a genuflection
than of rejecting a dogma." .
Bice ahd Paoni. An Irish news-carrier,
says tbe Builder, who sometimes eourts the
Muset, has given his idea of the church-building
taste of the people of Amerioa in the fol
lowing lines, which contain more truth than
"They puts ne a front to the street,
Like ould Westminster Abbeyil
But tli I u they thinks to chate tha Lord,
And builds tha back part shabby."
Tbi Epqlish Mihistrt. The London
ikforntn Advertiser gives currency to the fol
lowing rumon: That Lord Campbell will
cease to be Lord Chancellor, and, upon his
retirement will be raised to the dignity of an
Earl; that tbe Lord Chief Justice of England
will take his seat upon the woolsack at Chan
cellor, and that the Lord Chief Justice Erie
will take his seat aa Chief of the Queen's
Bench, ,
AdvertltauMata not exceeding five lines (Atate.
Oneln.rtloiL...... It I One week- 11
Two weeks.......... 1 M On. , B
Larger advertkementa Inserted at the fbllowtnf
rataetbratnara at tea line or least
One Insertlon 80 1 Two ,,, , fa (a
Each addi'nal Ins.. as Three w.i?. . . ,, 4 OS
On week, 1 78 1 One "- t tl
Job Printing' ; .
In braaahet, don with neatneaa and dispatch
Mechanics' Fair, '58
December T, 1858.
tbe public three seasons, and owing to its pop.
ularltyand Increased demand, we have been com.
pellsd to make two more sizes having HI aims
complete, soluble, from the amallest fauillrup 1"
the largest claaa Doardlng-house. The cvleoril)
these Btoves have pained for themselves can nut lm
too highly appreciated, at eterj family bavins them
in use can truly testify.
Thankln tbe publio for their generous snppurt , 1 1
la our determination to supply the wants or the com.
munity with the benefits which a practical iiucliaii
cal education can only anpply.
Inventor, Proprietors Sc JHannlactarera,
We bet leave, most respectfully, to offer the follow
ing certificates and references uf families using thu
Alligator, which will, at a glance, remove all duutits
of its intrinsic merits:
For some month. I have been using the Alllgator
Oeal Cooking Btovs. Its superior cookiiiK uaiiu,',
combined with its cleanliness, mnat eventually .vcuu,
to the owners a Urge .bare af public patrnnaqe.
. , ... JOUJS MuliKAM.
I have bean n.lng onset Messrs. Adams A IVi-k-over'a
Alligator Uuok Stovts for snuie rmuitlis, whfrli
gives entire satisfaction in every respect, and cmi
cheerfully recommend it to those who are in want of
a superior cook stove. 11.11. LEAV1TT.
For the last year I have been using thoAlliKamr
Coal Cooking Stove, manufactured by Messrs. Admux
tt Peckover, which I codslder a superior stove, an. I
gives the utmost satisfaction. It is the only stiTe 1
ave found that cook, perfectly with coal.
For some time pastl have been using one of Itinera.
Adams A Peckover'. Alligator Coal Cooking Stores,
and can recommend them as beiiifi a superior Btove,
giving entire satisfaction in every respect.
JOS. MJHHNliLL, Coul Morchaul.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
Bon. Judge McLean, Clif- Joseph W. Warnv, 3'' I, Mil
M. Ilrooks, Ml. Auburn
Bon Judge Leavltt, 86 E.
Judge Van Ham, 392
Judge Hoedly,2708d,
ner. n . . ivonuuily, 14
J. P. Jones, 2H Fourth,
Dr, Norton, 3M Fourth,
D. Thatcher, aaHieorre,
tkn. Intl.. I,.:.U 1
Uln.Urnhan Aavlum.lElm. Jos. Talbut't. 4tm 7tii.
it. fioiaer, onein,
John Kebler, 349 tth, 8i .Getziimlanor, IWHmit'ii
F Smith, firm of Lincoln, 8. 11. Williams, WhI. Hills,
Smith 4 Warnock, Mrs. Menaon, M 4th,
n.Vallette,frtth, Mrs, Biaud,3:'4 4th,
N.l). McLean. Glendale. Sirs. Ilowitt.M K.liVi.
11. B. Funk, m Vine.
Joa. fiushnell, coal mer.
Jua. Ksdv. 2JS4tb.
mrs. m. f. layioi. 2sr. wen.
Mrs. BlcPhvranu.H. K. cor.
Hixtll Hill! Kllr.ft.
J. Jeffrey, Kng. Ua. W'Xa,
A. A. Clark. Times ,rllr.t.
T. u. leatman, eiorrs'rp, r. ii. weaver, ;.(, loliii,
A. W. Franciaco, Proas J. P. Whitman, Wmli-
Office. ington Institute,
A. Hughes, Commercial, John A. Uiik,9i Grume
W. B. Wells, Cln'ti Type F. F. Ilrooks, 149 John,
Foundry, Jackson M.Noble, 411 d,
X.U.liuss,284Loiigworth, H. Ilackniau.4(16 3il.
Cbas. uhadwick, 304 4th, Clias. Uoodiuan, HI lh.
T. W. Hgrague, M 7th,
Mr. Houshton. 16,1 8th.
John V. Morris. H3M.ll.
J. A. Stacy, 441 Mil,
Gibson 4 al'Donald, Vine
lnaac Marsh, 3&t George,
Klaiu P. Lsiuuiou, 12 (111,
J. H. Fulweilnr , Lt.nv
worth and VteHtctii.row,
D. K. duly, 76e(h,
Alf. Burnett, 164 Jib,
no I 'J
Wm. Cumstock, 261 4th,
(1. Hole.atil 7th,
J. Harvey, 307 Longworth
John Anderson, 413 4th,
Jonsthan Ogden, IMS 4th,
W. W. Wooda, 44V4th,
John Tanner, Wrlghtson
A Co.'. nclntlng office.
James 8. Kaltett, 167 fttli,
OYST 33 H. S
mJ i n idu M I ii
inena. to rememoer that
at 2.3 Walniit.itreAt. a few
doors above Sixth. I am sellino thn An.it i.ffra
aver brought West, clean and carefully put up, f lu.i
and selected, at mi usual moderate charges, orders
promptly filled and deliverd to any part of the city.
nol Agent for Bateb, Mann A Co.
rvceiveu uny of lue Auams S.X
press Company, in whole and half cans.
Ail ujnwn wm warraiiLvu irriiu ana Ol
tne very ueat qnanty. J. B. UWIMGM,
Agent, No. 27 Fifth-ttreet, bet. Main
and Walnut-street.
N. B. The trade supplied on the most liberal
terms. ucjfccm
1NO daily, Bowe, Mahony A Co.'e Clahratwt
Planted Oiaters,which I am aellingat unrrocwlenti-d
low prices by case or doien. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will pleeae scud
their orders. Attached to this establishment Is n
nice, Quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can havo
Ufa' en Cooked in every style, and aerved up in a
clea i and auparior manner. Charges '.ess than at any
other plaee. ooloj JO UN NAIRN.
Oyster Importing Houso.
INO dally, per Express, his salendld Oysters.
Having completed arrangements In Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all times dnrlng
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "and
the rest of mankind," witb the moat DRLICIUI'H
BIVALVES imported to the Queen City. None but
the rery beat imported. Great inducements oilercd
at this Importing-hoiuo.
Order slolkited and promptly flllerl. Terms raah.
acplCt Bole I ru porter aud Proprietor.
DBAiaa is
Spiced Oyster.
M. INO DAILY, by the Adam Cxwrees, MALT-
ua woria-ranowBM awnmore
Fresh Can, So; and Shell Oyster.
Fresh. Hrmettolly.ald COVE, BPICKD a
spf-tr Depot, U Wsst fifth -at real

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