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"FOUND," Ac, in this column, occupying fivo line
or less, two Insertions, twenty -five cents.
WANTED-An eiperienoed GAS-FITTER
to go iuto tho cnuntjy. Good waifcs will be
givsu. Apply to JAM KSQOODIN.Main-stroet.
iio2Strl ,
WANTED PARTNERAn aetiveyoung
man as partner In a paying cash business. Ho
lit a fair salary. $im capital required.
MALE CO., No. 120 Walnut-street.
nu receive nun me prontB or a permanent situation
Apply .to
WANTED COOK An experienced male
cook at the Commercial Hospital. Apply to
the Steward. 110Mb
gentlemen to have a comfortable front room,
with bosrd, or a laily and gentleman can hare the
same by applying at No. 67 Niuth-street, between
Walnut btiiI Vlne-streete. no2'b
WANTED HELP Right ofl-A male
conk; a man to build Ares and make himself
otherwise useful. Alan, a young lady to wait in a
dry-goods home; a female cook; two chambermaids,
and two dining-room girls. Apply at the General
lnt'lllgence Agency of A. T. 0A1ISON & CO.,
nol'Sb No. 3f3 Hestorn-row.
WANTED A first-rate COOK in a ladios'
restaurant; ono who can come well rccoiu
mcndod, and none other need apply, at Mrs. W.J.
JOHNSON'S, 1211 West Fourth-street. aoKb
lady of good address, a plnco In a private
family to do suwlu, or take charge of children. Ad
dress ANN IK, at this ofliro. , noMb
WANTED TO SELL Scholarships" in
GnmlryVOhlo, ami Bacon's Commercial Col.
lege. Good for full courso ofstutly anil Iiouble-ontry
Hook-keeping for day and evening. Young moil save
mouey by buying. Apply at Tuttlo's Kxchango Of.
lice, north-west corner Uycamorn and Third-streets.
no2M V. K. ACKLKY.
WANTED HOUSE A dwcllitif; house
in a central part of the city; new house pre.
ferred. Apply to J. II. LEIIMKH,
no2tb Nos.M nd83Vest8uiond-iiet.
lady wants a situation as cook orohamhsr-
mald. 'Address M. W , at this oflle.
WANTED BOAR DINa-A young man
is dslrons of obtaining boarding In a private
family, or when, there arc but few boarders, best of
references given. Distance no objection. Address
Xt , bbxl.fim, Poatpfflre. no24b
raying tenant, a house containing 4 or .1
rooms. Kent not above Six Anv person havintr
nidi a Iiouhi can address H. H. T., this otlicu. no2lb
v V employed the last four years In tho manage
ment of public schools in Massachusetts, desires a
Hituation; us vacancies have been tilled in the princi.
pal WfHtorn cities, will go, fur the wintor, Into tin'
country; rof.TH to Itov. H. A. Tracy, Cincinnati Ad
dress TEACH Kit, caro of Geo. L. Weod, No. lis Wont
Fpiirthstrot. no'-NIt
WANTED HOUSl'3 By a responsible
tenant, a hoimo containlneH or!) rooms. Rent
not to exceed Silt or 830 per month; will pay in ml.
vanco if required. Address K. K. .. I'uuny I'ress
ofuro. liozn'hjirsASat
WANTED ROOM A furnished room in
the central part of tho oily, ono In aprivato
family preferred. Address C. 11. JIUNTJCH, at tills
office. noMli
WANTED OIRLS Two smart girls;
one to cook, wash and Iron; the other as
chnmhernisid anil waitress, (looil references re
Oiiired, at 333 Seventh-street, before Saturday next.
. no2lbJ
chean fatnilv
liorso. tin
liorso. thoroughly brokon and perfectly gen
one other wlirsnlt. Annlv nt S4 Hvenmore.
tin. Hone other w
street, near Ninth, or through box 3s;. noKd
r ANTED Clerks, book-keoiiers, miles-
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers nud othe rs, can find situa
tions at tho Merchants' Clerks ltefiistrv Ollico, las
Wjlniit5treet.. iio2.Mil HALE ft 00.
fJIO engage in eirouliUinn; by subscription,
M. somo new highly ornamental and entertaining
Uooks, Maps, Cliarto, .to. Men now operating cleuc
from UKI to JIMi per mouth. Call ami examine the
stock and get a descriptive circular, look at testimo
nials of agents now upperating, Ac.
Consultulion free. Call soon.
JIIAUKlt. ItAltNITZ. 1'iibllilier,
oc29aui M W. 4th Street, (up stairs.)
jlOR RENT ROOMS Two distinct sets
nf ma nnn nf ft a,,,l tl.a n.l.. 6 i
with yards, water, Ac, 011 SI llton street, Nos. 98 and
lou. inijuire at prospect 11111 cottage, jnst uliove.
C10R RENT HOUSE A neatdwoIling
. it bouse to lease for one or two years, wii bin ono
half siiuare of two street railroads; excellent lo
cality; bnscight rooms, gsa, hydrant, cistern, and
bath. Large I rout and back yard. Apply at this
ollico. no23c
IjOli RENT ROOMS Suitable, for'Tail"
road, law or insurance offices, on second ami
third doors, in four-story building opposite tho
I'ress Ollico. The building haslheen newly re-painted
and re papered. All in good older. Apply at the
i'ress Quite. ' noli
IilOR, RENT The nooond and third stories
nf the commmlitnn llrlck Ilnlldlng known
KHANKLIN II ALL, on the south-east corner of
Sycamore and riixlh-s'reets. Apply ou tho brum.
Ixesli. 11 ANNAN k I.YOS. nolM.w
.? (r 8. K. lUSUnrR.-Thon'iilorsigned oners
tor sale the above property situated between Cam
bridge City and Bnst tierniantown, Ind., the tnnio
lining 11 good house, nearly now, with allnecoasary
'outbuildings, and twenty acres ot as good land nscnii
bo found In old Wayne. Tho property Is well sup
plied with ahrnblwry of all kinds, in addition to
which there Is an orchard of tho heat varieties of
fruit, hwt beginning to bear. Tho property would bo
very desirable to a tin nil' r who would want to r. tire.
For terms address 8. K. HASHOUK.
Itidiiiunpolis, '
Or npplv personally to BAM. II. llasllotl,',
Burlaw Cambridge city.
FOR SALE A fina Steel Rollipg-Mill,
lour Inch, suitable for 11 dentist or jeweler; also
a Lfltbe-suitablo for u wood-turner, forsulo at :u'ess
onahle prlco, by culling at ell KI) I) ft W K'l.SH'S, No.
103 West i'lllh-stioct, between Vino and llace.
more of lho"o Kirst-Clms Uoublc-Tbread Sow
ing Machil'.i'S, nt Si', each to clne them out A great
bargain. Oil! immediately at JKSSliP'a MftliltN
1N0 8T0UK, Fourlh atrset, opposite Ijhillito A.
Co. 'a. . 11012am
WXQR SALE-SAFES 2 superior larae lite-
proof Safes, very low nt privnto solo, hy H. M.
MILKS t CO , :a Mnlu-strei t.
BOARDING A few lionrdors can bo bo
commodated with pleasant furnished rooms
and board at No. .1 Knt Seventh-street
BOARDING A Room with hoard, suitable
for a small family, or two or three sIiikIo gen'
tleni, vau tm bud on rcavuinblo terms at Dn. ir,3 Kaar.
Third-stroot, 3d door cast of I'iko. Also, a few single
gentlemen can be accommodated on easy terms.
BOARDING Sevoral singlo Kentlomon can
be accommodated with board at 143 Haco-stmet,
below Fourth. n21b'
BOARDING Several gentlemen can beao
commodated with boarding by the day or week,
by applying at No. lMSyoanioro.stroet.eastslde.one
d"Qr lolow Fifth. llaw
T OST DOG A large Newfoundliiltd doe;;
M-M black, wllh white breast anil feet, andawhilo
spot on the head. Any person returning liiui to No.
i'Mi Clnxk-'treot ehall he rewarded. no21b
R" OST SCARF On Sabhulh morning liJt,
-4nerthe corner of I'lnni and Killh-sireets, oron
Kttih-street weat of I'lnm, a small plaid silk scurf,
valnjd as a memento. The tinder will be p.iid lor all
trouble by leaving It ut thecouuting-room of the
1'er.ny Prw noj'jrl
fcOUND DOG A brown nnd white anottnd
M? pointer slut; brown enrs; 1ms on a wire collar,
wth two letters on pinto. The owner can hare her
lijr calling at KM, It. JACKSON'S wagon shop.
Crawfish, Spencer Township, Hamilton County,
proving propertyand paying charges. 11024b
Just received, 32 do.tn genuiiip India Hoy and An
chovy Sauce. A. IMclHINALD CO.,
iu-21 i and Branrh Store West Kourth-st.
received, 8 hrld, very supirlor White Wine
Vinegar, for sale by A. AlcliONAl.lt ft CO.,
nul Waul Hr-uich Store West Fonrth-st.
liaskots Heidsiik ami oilier celebrated brands of
Champagne, For sale br
A. McDOVALf) 00.,
11021 9ii and Branch dlorv 2, j West Foui tb-st.
-NOVEilLlilt 25
Don't forget that the Penny
Preis la the medium through which to
make known your want.! Advertise
ments of live lines and less, luieiteil
twice fiir tweuty-live cents!
jNTPenny Press to he had every
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent.
Thakkb. Mr. S
C. Meredith, of Adams's
Express Company, has our daily thanks for
Indianapolis papers.
.Fob Bunt. Rooms on sooond and third
floors, In the building immediately opposite
Penny Press, suitable for law, medinal, lusur
auoo or railroad offices. All have been newly
painted and papered. Apply at Penny frew
Dksi-jbatb Fiout at thb City Prison. A
man nttmod Michael Coffee, in a tiuarrct with
the pornon who was confined in the ooll with
him at the City Prison, last night, had bis leg
broken and was removed to the Commercial
Hospital, suffering quits severely from his
Mktrorolooioai, Orb kbvations For the
Penny W, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
West Fourth-Btreot, November 21.
O'clock. llaroraoter. Thermometer.
IflMS 36
12M ao r2
fi f. M W.3 4l
Tub Dsbios oy tdk "Owt.n." It ia now pri
vately whispered that tho object of the
"Philosophie Owls" is to hang Governor Wise
and conquer Virginia. They expert tn make
an incursion, it is said, upon the Old Domin
ion, in a day or two, aud if successful to con
vey It tip North and annex it to Canada.
UurAiD Lettmb, The following i a list of
lnttors detainod for non-payment of postage ot
the Poetoflice, in th'n city, November 21:
N. Tuft, Wilton Junction, Iowa.
It. lleaoh, Urliami, Chin.
U. Beach ,t Co., Urhana, Ohio.
Wui. II. IMcClolland, Milford, Ohl').
flimshol A .Stnins;, lartou,oiiio.
J. S. Lifwutt & Co., l'lttspurgh, Penti.
Bukulaei on Tan Braiiinq Roap. The
hotue of a tanner, numed William P. Savage,
located on the Konding Koad, about eight
miles from tho oity, was burglariously onterod
on the night of Tuesday Jaat, and robbed of
some articles of bed clothing and wearing ap
parel. The burglars not tinding what they
moat wished, then left the house, and breaking
open tho barn took n bono therefrom and rode
off, in all probability, toward tho city, for tho
horse was found the next morning roaming
about near tho toll-gate, a short distanco from
the city. No clue has been obtained to the
present whereabouts of the scoundrels, nnd
they will doubtloss etoape detection.
Shrriff's 8ai.rs. The Sheriff's sales of real
eatato yesterday morning wore not largely at
tended, aud the bidding was correspondingly
spiritless. Tho following pieoes were sold:
Tho parsonsgo of the High-street Uaptint
Church, valued at $1,31)0 for gtound and im
provements, sold to Luuian 11. Chumborlin for
Lot on the south side of Milton-street, 25
feet front by 138 feet deep, valued at $20 per
front foot, sold to John G. RikhofT at $13 75
per foot.
Traot of 7 75 aOOths acres in section 4, town
S,and 6rst entire range of the Miami Puroliasc,
valued at $110 por ero, sold to Lucy W.
Douglas for $120 por acre.
Union TiunKsaiviito and Oi-tkrinos. The
ministers and members of the numerous do
nominations wore represented lust night at
Central Presbyterian Church, who joined in
prayer and praise in an nnited thanksgiv
ing cspooiiilly acknowledging the spiritual
blessings which had attended tho Bufinofs
Men's Prayer-meoting. Kov. H. A. Tracy
prcaidod. Addresses were iutnle by Kcvs.
Kingston Goildard, Dr. Biggs, Dr. West, S. D.
Clayton, and others. A collection of $113 in
money ind offerings of clothing were placed in
the hands of Dev. Sam'l. D. Ciayton, Superin
tendent of Semen's Sabbath School. Dis
tribution will bo made to the ragged, destitute
children who attend weekly at tho old Bethel
on Front-8trOt between Broadway and 8ye-amore-streeta.
Thoao having shoes or old
clothes of any kind, can be asrared that they
will be bestowed upon those needing them, if
deposited with Mr. Clayton.
Policb Coort. Tho business bel'oro Judge
Lowe yesterday morning was without special
interest, and we have no new thing to write
in regard to the class of persons who from day
to day appear before this tribunal. Their
faults, In most instances, harm themselves
moro than others, and in every oaso their pun
ishment comes long before their appearance at
the Police Court, and lnata uitil after their re
moval from the planet.
To send these unfortunates to tho City Prison
for such trifling misdemeanors as thoao upon
which they nro ordinnrily arraignol would
Beom to arise from tho sama spirit that bound
Prometheus to tho reck and caused vultures to
feed forovor upon his throbbing newt. "Twero
better to he confined among dead men's bones
in the vault of a cemetery than to be impris
oned in suoh a place as that provided by the
city for those who break its ordinances.
'fcieventeen persons were sent to tho City
Prison yesterday because they were unablo to
control an appetite which was not of their
own creation, but whoso indulgonco wsa con
trary to a law made by individuals who ob
serve in all outward forms, at least, that Sab
bath of the State Thanksgiving Day. What
a sarcasm must it havo teemed to thom, as
they saw the straggling sunbeams fall upon
their grated cells? To whom could tbey give
thanks? The world will my they brought
(heir misery on themselves the largor-he&rted
few well know thoy would be happy if they
could. Again, we repeat, drunkenness is a
disease to be oured, and not a crinto to be
0io "MsonANica' iNarmiTB Lkctur.
Philip Boileau Jones, already known to some
extent to the members of the Mechanics' In
stitute, lectured night before last to a very
small audience, some of whom he doubtless in
terested, at the ball of that body on the corner
of Sixth and Vine.
He began by stating that in soionoe, ns in
learning to read, it was necessary to begin
with the alphabet, and those who best under
stood Plato, and Dante, and Shakspenre, at
some time were compelled to learn the names
of the letters in which these minds perpetuated
their creations. It was not the most pleasing
imri, ut me study, out tney must pioa tnrougn
the miry prose before it was possible to reaoh
the flowery poetry of science.
There were two gigantic lies which had
crept into our proverbial philosophy that had
done the world moro harm than any others.
First, "A little loBrnlng is a dangerous thing;"
Seoond, "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to
bo wise." The speaker hoped to show that
the former was a positive falsehood, and so
far as the letter was concerned, that although
ignorance might b bliss, It was not folly to be
Ho then passed to the subject of his lecture,
which was intended to oxplain tho laws of
gravity and of motion! but as they are sup
posed to bo known to, every school-boy, we
will not bore ropes t them, lln told tho ntory
of the apnlo which suggested gravitation to
Sir Isaac Newton, and that of tho old Greek
philosopher, who, after ooniiug from a bath,
rushed frantically through the streets shouting
'HurokajV illustrated his subject hy drawings
on the blackboard; apserted that a thousand
pounds of lead would weigh but five or six
ounces at the moon; that in about five hoars
we woul.i all be wulltiag on our heads, and
closed with a peroration whioh was pleasingly
delivered and attentively heard.
Thanksgiving Day in Cincinnati—Services
at the Churches.
The weather yesterday ia this oity was very
fine, and the lazy beams of the Autumnal sun
kissed tho Earth through a dreamy atmos
phere, which tempted the most douiestloally
inclined into the streets. The consequent
was that in the forenoon the churches In
which service was held were well attended,
and in tho afternoon the principal thorough
fares were orowdod with promenaders. The
business houses were generally closod through
out the day, and the city wore a holiday
aspect, which told plainly that respect which
was being paid to the proclamation of tho
Governor. Delow wo giro a synopsis of the
oxerolicg at tiie different places of worship, all
of which, in oouEcquence of our limited space,
must necessarily be short,
The oongregations of the Third Presbyterian
and the Eighth-streot Presbyterian Churches,
united with that of Mr. Stoma, yesterday, and
mot at the First Orthodox Ongreg.uionul
Church, on Scventh-streot, near Western-row.
Itev. Dr. Storrs delivered the discourse, which
was based upon the following scriptural pas
sages: "Oli, that men would praise the Lord Tor His good
ness, and for His wonderful works to the children of
men " Ps. evil: 31.
"Br Illtn, therefore, let U1 otfer the sacrlllce of
firaine to God continually; that is, th fruit of our
ips giving thanks to Hi name." Ueb. x ill: IS.
"Iroely jo have received, freely ivo." Matt, x:
The rovcrond gontloman began by showing
the cause tho individual had lor thankfulness
in tho daily bestowal of infinite mercy; in tho
grant of lile und of earthly comforts; in the
means of grace; in the oontinued possession of
a lively hope.
Next the family had reoeived the gracioiw
mercy of tho Deity, reaching through each hour
of life; in tho safety from tbo grave; the dis
guised blessing of affliction; the great fact upon
which so many may account themselves blessed
that "if Joseph has beentakon has not Benja
min been left;" the additional well-spring of
joy vouchsafed to others. Again tho churoh
bad her blessings for which to bo thankful, in
the gracious drops of mercy that have plenti
fully rained down to the edification of her fol
lowers' and the increase of her disciples. Still
more the State and Nation in the Divine for
gctfulness of national vices; in tho mercy which
has not allowed us to stand disgraced before
the world, has increased our prosperity,
brought us up from financial ditlioulticn, to be
even more advanced in welfare, in tho holding
back of pestilent winds and abounding and
disastrous storms, in warming the great bosom
of mother Earth for her children; and more
than all, in preserving us in peace, whilo other
nations have been plunged into costly and
destructive wars, leaving our homes uud emu
late, our fields un wasted, our sons unslaught
ered and ourlree coast unthrcatenod.
Looking upon tho moral world, ho noticed
the causes of thankfulness in the advance of
humanity, in the love of freedoniandof justice,
in the growing dislike of unjust slavery, in the
increase of the religious iu life, building up
christian homop and families, free schools and
oolleges, and Sabbath eehools and ohurohes; in
the growth of private morality, the security of
toe person, and in the increase ol Christian in
telligence, all of whioh together, unite to give
this nation an influence and power in tno
world that it has never before pleased God to
realize on Earth.
Aftor the sermon the choir sang Mozart's
Gloria in Excelsis, in very good style, after
which a collection was taken up for tho benefit
of the Colored Orphans' AByluui.
Rov. Mr. Marloy occupied tho pulpit at
Fiolay Methodist Episoopal Churoh, on Clinton-street,
and preachod from the following
"Ottivo thanks unto tho Lord, for lie is good: for
His mercy entliireth forover."
'0 that men would prrrise the Lord for hit good
ness, and lor Ills wotidorlul works to the children of
iuou."'-l'sulius 107, 1st and 8tlt verses.
Mr. M. began by saying that the obligation
to givo thanks to God dates back to the earliest
period of man's oxistence; and whilo tho tuan
nor of doing this differs now from tho custom
prevailing nmong tho Jews, and oven back to
Cain nr.d Abol, the spirit was always intended
to be the Panic, Both the civil and ecclesias
tical law demanded thaDkpgiving and praise
at our hands to-day; but as the former conned
in its power when our life ended here, while
the latter continued throughout Eternity tho
subjeot became still more importaut. No serv
ice, however, oould be availing, though the
CoutU of tho Lord's house were crowdod with
peoplo, unless tho thauk-offorings wero based
upon the merits of our glorious Kedeotecr. Wo
should bring a thnnk oifering to-day for our
temporal prosperity; for notwithstanding mis
rule and the more seeking of pluce fur tbo
spoils of oflioo, God's bounty is everywhere,
and His Providence has overruled all for good.
Rev N. West officiated at the Central, and
took his text from
Psalm 107, 1 : "0 clve thanks unto tbo Itird, for
He ia goud ; for His mercy enduroth forover."
Ho proceeded to show that the great idos,
of a Thanksgiving service was not of human,
but divine, appointuiont. All legislative en
actments, all voices of Governors, tho custom
of the peoplo, nnd tho sentiment of the pious,
wns but tho ooho of the voice of God. The
Pilgrim Fathers of tho Republic borrowed
their idoa of Thanksgiving, ns a public Na
tional service, from those oldor Pilgrims of
the Hebrew Commonwealth, .wto under
Joshua and Moses traveled from Egypt to
Cnuenn, and when in the promised lutid, es
tablished there tho institutions God had given
thom by tho way.
Tho speaker concluded h'13 discourse by urg
ing tbo groatnosi of tho themes he hud allud
ed to, not to mention others, upon the atten
tion of his audience. In nnnnftnttnn wlrh in
abundant Harvest, a Rieon C.hrUt. an Out.
poured Spirit, Multiplied Converts, Sanotua-
ries filled with worshipers, a Christian Sabbath,
an Open Bible, theae wero the things which
constitute our chief glory, and underlie all the
rout of our fame as a nation. For these we
ought devoutly to bless God, as a Chtiitian
peoplo. Private thanksgiving, too, was oar
duty. For personal mercies wo should thank
God. The servioe of the day wa.s not Com
pleted till this wns done. And now was the
time to show our sincerity by giving to the
llev. P. H. Qreenleaf choie his text from
2 Cor. ix, 8, 7.:
"This I say, that be. which soweth bountifully,
shall reap, also, bountifully. Every man, according
aa lie fiurposeth In bis heart, so let him give; not
grudKlnly or of necessity, for Ood loveth a cheerful
Our subject this morning, said the minis
ter, is tho Love of God to the thnnkful or
grateful giver. The imagery employed is of
Seed-time and Harvest. The giving, or im
parting of good to others, is "aowiug seed."
"Grudgingly" sown is ono kind of seed; thank
fully sown is another kind of seed. The pur
pose of the heart, the feeling of the soul in
the act is the rule and rneasnro of its value,
and in the clear voioe of the Kiue himself, in
his sentence of reacnuireinent, we may see
how dependont ever have been bis personal
lortunca, and now caangod, but lor ttieto,
might have been his entiro earthly condition.
It is not every mind that can, with the same
external advantages, prove successful at tho
bar, or in the pulpit, or nt the mart of trade;
ami nothing ia more truly recognized aa nat
ural gifts than tho mental endowments to
which so many owe all that they have and
Others owe all they possess to the labor of
their own hands and the patient industry of a
hard-working life. Yet, in all these, who
gives tho strength to labor and the spirit to
porsevere? "What hast tho 1, 0 man, which
thou didst not receive?" It is not all labor
that is successful, aud to what oan w ascribe
tho successful issue hut to Hiui who gives (be
power and weavoi the Intellectual fabrio, and
imparts the mental and phvsiual strength?
The Jewish Prophet Uasgai uses words on
this subjeot which we have seen exemplified:
"Ye hare sown much, and bring in little; and
ho that earneth wages, earnelh wages to put
it into a bag with holes. Ye looked for much,
and lot it oame to little; and whan ye brought
it home I did blow upon it, salth the Lord.'
The providetioa of God, our Father, which
can not bo denied without s denial of Ilia
reroentive, intelligent present") ft to on,' Hi
ereaturoa, tho provideuoeot uod prr-woi over
the fortunes of men, and from lliot they
derive and receive all they pu-uas.
Tho health of this count ry, i-specially our
own groat State, called for tho highest praiset
No epidemic had stalked in i;uii"l!y robes
through our midst.
Tho religious prosperity calls for grateful
remembranoas. Who can deny lhat another
century like the past will near:y ovangoliae
the world. The cry comes from China, Af
rica, India, "Come over and holpus, nnd mtty
we not say to day, in our imnoit souls, an to
ward our heaven lr Father "Waft, waft ye
winds His story, Ac?
Increase of Christian h bcrahlv is seen eve
rywhere, nnd ail good men must rejoice that
uiougn orocds can not blena, the acrimony
known aud felt in years past isdiRapvoarmi'-
.Lot ns rejolco, then, to-day, while we praise
ino iiorri tor His goodness, and remember
with tirateful hearts the Dower und influence
of prayer, whon gushing upward fioui the
warm neartsol Uliristians.
The services nt tho First Conweationrtl
Churoh, corner of Fourth and Huee, woro
largely attended and thrj nddrosa hy Kov.
M. D. Conway, was quito eloquent and de
livered in his most impressive manner. The
Reverend gentleman lind chosen for tho basis
of his sermon tho following words :
" Ann Jacob rose up early In the morning aud took
the Htooa that ho had put for bis pillow and aut it up
for a pillar."
He first spoke of the circuniBlance3 which
made Jacob a wanderer and said he was not
abandoned for the wrong he had dono his
brother, for which,' after all, his mother whs
as much to blame as ho. Grievous as it was,
he had grievously answered it, and the
heart would not be human, much less diviuo,
which could see him out thore ia the wilder
ness between Beemheba and llnrnii, tho uuii
gone down, sotting a stone on which topillow
his head, ami not fuel pity in placo of indig
nation. Perhaps there was no one of tho old
visions of which worond with more pleasure,
than that whioh visited thoea woary eyes.
"Aud he droumcd, and behold a ladder
set up on earth, and. the tup of it rom'hod to
heaven; and behold, tho Angels of God ns
cending aud descending upon it."
, From this we come to Sue ho'V tho human
spirit, filled with n ChriMiau faith, c.-iiild Uuo
the hard stone hi its earthly faith, cjuM lake
itsvorcat sorrow, and evou make it a pillow
to 'stupoo. With a high taith, that, in some
mysterious wny all is for the hosl, it can trust,
and even rest where it cannot see. Wo dis
cern, then, though not by thw figuro, hovr tho
faith of Christ was a celo.tial Udder, risia
1'rnm the strong grief to tho Heaven which
watches over it, and upon it the ascending und
descending angels of cuns"lationand strougth.
But sorrow has only passod half-way into ex
perience, has only ploughed and sown nothing,
when it has been met with resignation and
caltnnesB, Jaoob pillowed hiB bead on the
stone during the darkness; but whon he rose
up in the morning ho did not feel that
the stone had wrought its wholo work.
When ho laid his head dowa upunfe it, it
meant only his hard extremity; when ho rose
up from it, it insant a celestial ladder with
nngels ruinistrant. llo said, "the Lord is in
this placo, and I knew it nut" not until he
tad learned it of tho stouo. "And he was
afraid, and said, 'How awful is this place.
This is none other but tho hotire of God, und
this is the gato of heaven.' " Such splendors
radiate to-day from what had been only a hard
stone tho night beforo. .Mar it! It is not that
he perceives lhat God was with him in his
suffering to sustain with his promises; but that
tho suffering iteulf was tho holy thing; th3t
wilderness, that stouo was tho hou?o of God
and the gato of Heaven. What had been dono
for Jacob was notfo grand as what he does fur
himself, and tho mini who wrote this story,
felt bow grand it was that a man should raiso
bis lop -i into hia gains, his sorrow into bin
strength, his stony pillow into his heart's
strong pillar.
This, thou, is tbo second and higher Iphhou
to bo learned amid life's hardships, that when
wo havo grown able to sulfur calmly, wo havo
yet much moro to do by our hardships. It in
much, if in tho Btorru we enn eecuro our tin
chtirngo, if during tho night wo can rest
our heads on tbo pillow Ooii give?, though it
boa stnne; but to tratiainulo sorrow iulo
moral strength, to raise up eovnre oxporicnoe
into tho stronghold of character, that is in
finitely more. A les-son most appropriate, it
seeniB to mo this Tlmnlisgiviug Day, for to
find rest for tho spirit ninid sorrow ia tho do
gree of a resigned bonrl to turn sorrow iuto
strength is tho degree of a ihnokful oue.
It was when an embryo nation transcribed
into its life this experience of Jacob, that our
Day of Thanks was instituted. How well do
I remomber the djy when I, who btd been
reured whero the day was but lilt lo known or
obsorvo I, was first impressed with tho depth
of Hb significance. I was sponding a day at
Plymouth, and ia sight of the tpol whore tho
Pilgrims landed. At dinner, I found a single
grain of oorn on my plate; thinking it had
fallen thero by accident, I was about to cast
it away; but on looking up, a smile going
tho round, told me that something was meant.
Every plate had itj grain of sorn, Then was
tho traditional story of the Day of Thanks
related to me. I was pqiuted to the spot
whsre, two centuries nnd a hull' before, the
entire band of pilgrim, men, women nnd
children, sat out on the shore, scanning tho
bleak horizon with pallid lips and streaming
ojes, for thoy had heoit reduced 1,0 their last
grain of o rn; expected supplies had not ar
rived, nud Btarvution stared thom in tho face.
But next morning, as rose tiki sun, their hope
arose; a white mid ehono on tho pea. Then
, went they up to tho first Christian church ever
I re trod on tho 0 mtinout,
, aud kopt tho hret
Thanksgiving Day
(Our anace tirocludos a furlhor report of this
looturo which throughout was improsaivo aud
often eloquent. It was attentively listened to
and was in every way worthy tho intellectual
reputation Mr. Conway has already uttalnoil.)
Rev. Kingnton Ooddard doliverod an olu
queat Thanksgiving diijourjo, yesterday
morning, to a large congregation iu Christ
Church. The te.it was tho exclamation report
ed in the Scriptures, at the loss of an ax in
the stream, which was reoovered hy n miracle:
"Alas, Master, it was borrowed I" This re
cognition of ownership in property was made
the occasion to deprooate the prevalence of
agrarian doctrines, and to remind the possessors
of wealth that their riches wero only borrowed,
and that au account inuet be rendered thorofor
as stewards.
Our hotels preparod Thanksgiving dinners
in the most liberel and tasteful manner, and
furnished their tables with every substantial
and delicaoy our abundant market affords.
The Burnet, Spencer, Gibson, Walnut-street,
Dennieon, Honrio and ethors of our cpacious
oararanseras farnlshod luxurious banquets to
their frionds, and tbo rubles d'hote were unsur
passable in excellence and variety. We ac
knowledge the receipt of invitations from the
prinoipal hotels, ana regret that wa oould not
practically accept them all.
In hundreds of private houses excellent
dinners were utoparoj and disposed of. nnd
the day seemed to bo generally enjoyed bv all :
,l, -r .::... ' 1
olassei of our oitueni. ,
Thb Hun or a Husband Pookhn ri- his
N(W-Mab Bitini. Diiy before yeaterdny, 1111
unfortunate husband, calling himself Jiio.es
Milrny, applied to Justice McFall for a war
rant against his wife; stiting that hehnd W n
marrlod . tho day previous, nnd, on going
home the subsequent evening, he had usked
his wlfs to do something for hfm, v. Mcii so en
raged her lhat tho knocked hint down wiih a
peksr, cutting his hoad scver'jl;-'. Tho jufi'i;'j
tho miserable Bcriedw't M ripply I'lfa
uivorce instead or siKing legal fedreis hr ilia
ploatatit little game of mairiinpninl poker.
Plavb. C. A. Partridge; nt Nu. 107 Maln
streot, keeps all the standard l lays. Bco ad-yertliemeut.
Pikk's Opkju nouan.Thls evening the fine
playofTBB M.ni'i ' I'm- so well received on its
previous repro"ii.tii,u, w II im performed at the
Opera-house, vi'h Mr. Conwajr as "Marco" aul
Raphael as "Hie h.itelet." Mr. fUTidpe will appear
intho lur. s of IV.r 1 0 vr.RNtt . t in thai capital
character of "M r. Ileotle," and will, an i his wont, set
the audience in a r ar. The plavs produced ut the
Opera.hnuse are uuticrpeeptioiuihu.., and always
creditably performed.
Wood's Thkatihi The favorite comedy of
ExTRKiia which has drawn orovdrd hntisea nip-lit
iitier nmlit in thla city, it auuoiinivd at w'uod's tins
ovenliijt with a good cast; M r; KlrlnniM appearing en
"Mr. Maylwrry," and Bliss Uarolinu as "Mrs.
Crosby." V feel roatldeiit this popular produetioii
will draw a Isrtfe hons. apart from the ftet that tho
eveniuK is let apart as tlio benedt of Mr, tticluug.
Natiostai TniiTEK The Faust abd Mae-
eusaiTK will be aain produced IhiseveninK, Willi
Muliirin's excullniil tragedy ofHrarkAM, In which
Mr. ltnbartt personates the hero. This is ku excel
lent bill, and should fill the luostor to overflow,
ing. ,
Connubial Cremation—A Young and
Lovely Bride Burnt to Death.
By a private telegram from WoBt Tolnt,
we yesterday learned that a yonng aud lovely
girl, daughter of General A. Moore, of th is city,
wns burnt to death at t!is.tplueo on Wednes
day last. She had been married but a week
or two ngo to a Lieutenant in the (JniUd
States Army, named Gottfried Woitzoll, and
left hor hmno buoj.int with lovo, rosy with
health and blooming with beauty, only, as it
now ficems, to bo newly wedded to the in
sulinto destroyer, Death."
The silken thread that encircles kindred
hearts is oft tho sumo that binds their souls to
earth, and when it is severed, no matter by
what means, tbo result is always sudden.
Hope lives as long as life, and nil who love,
although they fear, feel just as much the blow
which takes the lifo of tho beloved, whether
it be expected for year, or full without the
notice of a dny.
A little while ago, this "untie girl, with joy
ous heart, bade all her lrionds adieu, nnd with
their loving kisses on hor lips, departed fur
her Eastern homo. The laughing Cupids in
her oyes, however, mudo hor blind as they
and phe, in following too closely Hymen's
torch, as lod directly from tho altar to the
Thero are many horewho willwef p when they
havo read the record of her all too early death,
and as they plant their flowers upon the tomb
o'er which the Autumn winds a requiem' al
ready sing, will water then with tours that
one so younc nrd lovely should have left so
soon tho earth that unto her hsd just begun
to bud with beauty and grow bright with love.
Next spring the violets remembering bur
fun will bend their heads in pity o'er her
grave; but all the stars that twinkle from the
sky upon thj groen sun-painted planet whioh
wan her home, will sruilu that sho honceforth
must odd her radiance onto thoir own.
Mkrtino op thh Tocnq Mux's National
Dbmocbatio Association, The Young Mon's
National Domncratlo Association held a meet
ing last night, at ibeir rooms, iu the Court
house, fur tho purpeso of electing officers.
They qnnrroled, verbally, throughout a greator
part of tho evening in regard to who were
and who wero not vo:crj, and al Inst by a very
skillful maneuver on the part of onu of the
members, who paid the initiation fee of ten
persona, he succeeded ill securing the election
of tho candidate whom he favored for the
Presidency. Tho following are the names of
the officers for the enduing year:
Prfidmt sJatnesi J. Faran,
I't'ce Pmiilmt Henry David.
Jitnurdwrj Secretary C. D. Fishbuin, M. D.
Gurreiiionding Stcretary C. 0. Jacobs.
ifremurur Barlholcmiiiv Smith.
Ju'teiid'r Committee J. E. Egley, John
Benson, Hugh Kelly, J. D. Malloy and Dr.
It is, wo hol'evo, gauernllv ooncedod that
the election of Mr. Fit ran to the Presidency of
tho Association is equivalent to selecling him
as ono of tho delegates to the Chorlor ten Con
vention. Ah Old Man Cburi.ly Bbatkh by ltowniKS.
About ten o'eloek inst evening hu old man,
Thomas Biglcr, whs nttaoked without thii
loaut provocation by five or six rowdieH, nea.
the corner of Front nud Lawronco-strectn,
and very badly beatm. His noo is thought
to bo biokcn, and ono of his ribs; and from
BBVoral cuts ou hi, lorchctid, ho unist have
been struck with tiritB. knuckles. Bigler i;
nearly sixty years old, nnd apeacealile f'artnei
iroiu Clermont County, who hud isited Un;
city on business. Tho lowdirs fuein to havi
been actuated by mere wanton malignity.
TohicE Court. Jarucs Holly, for drunkeu
ness, wns fii.edfourdollais and ninety cents yeater
day. Patrick Welsh, for abusing Ills Inmlly, w is
lined t.-n dnllars and cists, and bold to bail iu the
sum ot one hundred dollars on a bench warraut to
keepine peace, and act In lu'iireiiH properly becomes
a spouse. The individuals ennagud in (lie row Iu the
house of ill. fame, comer of Main nnd Fourth, were
aiTiiiKin d on various charges, audSnllivan, the orig
inator of the difficulty, ttnrd firo doilara nnd sixty
cents. Thefemiilra, Jenny Hanly and Kllcn Queen,
wero each seiiienn.d totwentydnys In tlmCity Prison
rorvueranci , the Inttor of these, liovfi,ver, was ro
les;, d, on condition that she leave tho Statu at onc
winch slm did, Tim same offer of pardon, on tho
same condition, was made lo hor associate in crime,
but she refused.
Citv Council. Nino of the City Fathers as- '
semn en at tn i Oourt-hoiiM) Inst nisht. but manl
lested their respnet, lor the recommendation of the
Sovommcnt, by immediately adjoin uin.'.
Thakksoivino Day. Yesterday was cele
brated in a Imcoiniiiu inanner hy our citizens; all
the public ohVosnnd most of tho private eslablish
liiiMiis.it th" city having been closed in aoeoriUtice.
with fiistmii and tho nooniinondHtlon oT tuoiiover
inir. A lew p irsons, however, foreott Ino the real
object lorwnlcli lm day had In en sot apsi t, am!
ihinkiui; ii lm: half a fe'dral when men only out.
iinliih 'd e iibor liii ly, and, ns a i'oin,cii ueur, unc
recledly foiiud themnolvea kiicsI.-i of Hid city.
City Jail. There are twenty-six Tnisuiicrs
in tho jail, nineteen males and seven females, flif-i
ttWIl 01 Whom II l-O HWltltillljr tO.'ir trl,.l In Mi. a lrn..ll '
(onrl .
Drrrrcui.Tr iiktwkf!! Cooif and Hunti.t.
The trial of Oook was postponeil yesterday, and will
tnkaplnce this morujiiR. Wo will have somothint!
tosay lululive lo this unit ter after it him been invest
iKaletl, aud would havo dono so t -diiy bad tha trial
talteu pluoo as was anticipated.
Thanksgiving. Business wan generally sus
pended yeslnrdiiy, to ulvo all whoritsired tn celebrate
tlio liny nu oppovlunlty to do so Iu a bocominn
Monetary and Commercial.
mi .1 .1 . . , .
Aniru-sireoi yesteruay was locked up
tightly, and all the Hankers were keeping Thanks
giving in such maimer as to thero seemed tit. As the
Banks, the Merchants' Kxchango, the Telegraph,
offices aud all the principal stores wero closed, noth
ing was done In the way of business, which was gen
erallysuipouded. Consequently wo have no Mone
tary or Commercial news or a luCal kind for our issue
of this morning.
Wo annex acoinparntlvo statement of the exports
fsxcluslve of specie) from New York to foreign ports,
tor tho week aud sines January 1 ;
For the week.. 2,l3l!d' myi 8?.i,?7ft
Previously reported...6i,'jnn,WII !4,U2,XA 67,e26,67ti
Bines Jan 1 tyW,tXW,9lt) 855,001,290 fcw.Ml.tM
Wednesday's New Vork Tribune thru rsftrs to
financial atlalrs ou Tusaday; l(
The business of the Clearing-house to-day was
SaUVl.HOfl. The tendency of the Money market is
toward hlgbiir rales of intoiost.althoiiah there ia no
further change today. Bunks and rupitnlists appear
UiilsH'l to hold up for a short time to watch the
course of ovents, and long Paper goea wilh lesafiee-
10m tnau last week, whuulii short llist-class Accopt-
ftnC1'" ,ha dilTeronce is
names, iiiaturlniz wilhln
,.,.,. t IVllir ,, bU
lexn marKeii. I'rnniinenc
sixty days, naas at MM1 per
motltiis Iwii.nniilA I'lttwr Hi.
,1'oiu ii-r cent, nemiinn loans are rsyo7 per cent.,
wllh occasional transaction atSS norcent. Tho
iiiarliotVioied rather hoavy for J orelun 111 lis, the
toniiiii tiitloii foi'.SierlliiR buiiid I In por cet't., with
i-niej ol (innltH and hankers at lo4 rcr cent. Tbeto
was a Inir suptilyof hills, with a Very moderate de
mand. J and WairiiiU are thus.iuclcd in New York:
Buying. Selling.
n-Arrn vtiirriints .1.., nsi ' .no
sn-Acni Warrants M W)
lill Ai'ieWarrHiits. 71' ''' 7S
liiO.Acin Warrants M , ,.71 . 7A
r-,-,- -advised
Of m . ZEjLi
No. 5a WttlST sTOIIHTH-sATREKT, : '
M s rotiK or
' ' WATER-PROOlr- JIOItTlK, ,. ',
To which be Invites lbs alien lion nf tho public.
WILLI AMS-Hale.rM.ms 22 and 24 E,tTlilrit.
street.-50 esses Boots auUSIoes.assurto.l - On HaT-
JJUHAY MOUNlNd, KovemberW, at V ucl,l,
for cash. '
ALSO-A l&rire stock of other Qooda, as 111 li.
no2S A. KKUjOOOAuctloneer.
V V.'f I t) Sf .". 1. EBY G. BItA
UnEAHS.V. CO.-.-rooms No f.7 and :
Blnlu-strwit. lieirnlsr ; !,i of Orocerlrs Ito.di
wnoes, Ac., st Auction. '.I will sell, uu t.ATri;
UAY MOKNlNti. November 26, at o'clnel, , o .-..
oral assortment of Groceries, consisting o' 21 bill.
.Volnrsos; Z'Kikcus Nslli: lou bx. lbs. and : Tchm-
co; 1 .Mi keys Si it i 1st Tobacco; 110 i,xs. I'a 1 (!:;
,n noea iiernitui rwap; an ooze t anuics; j Doiea
A LSO Buckets: Washboards: Tnlx. .-strata;
Twine; Rope; Oordsg; rt. 0. tioda; Ground ripiosi:
1'Afier; smoking Tnlncco, Ac,
A L.SO-2.'iO fuses Hoots and Shoes,
110M G. BRASH EARS A CO., Ane.tlopeeri.
-i. 4 0.-8ala-rooiu No. 33 Malu-striM-t.-Jlort-Kagesaleof
btnoleand Fancy Drv Uoods at Auetiin,
forcaih.on KlllOAV SIOItfUKlJ, November
Will be rold at 1 o'clock, without reserve. Upcs. Mo
hair; III pes. Ills-It Velvet, Vi pes hitttli 1'e elh in. 7
pes. Ilabau Clotii, ID tea. Xwilled A uislieor ., 1.1 p, .
Striped Cashmeres, 36 res. Bouquet Cnsniuere, li
doien Undershirts and llruvers, 2D doteu suprhr
n-st.rted Kill Olovts, 16 pes. Vulret Itibl , lope.
Wool I'liiids; Gloves, Buspendera, lioaiiry, Miwe:
Uolnines, Jeans, Tweeds, Oastiiuures. mtim-K Clo'u
Holies, Plain and Plaid J 110. new. NwisuH, Moll,, St.
Also An iuvoke of Boots, thoca, Urotana snii
Womn s bare Hnols ,..
VT .MHUENT Premium l'iauo,
the one that drew th-i premiums liiirrj1";
New York. Jenwy and Veruinnt. ImHLm..
I would respectfully invito the pro-l I 8 5 J
fesslon ami I lie public t.. to rail and ' '
eo it, together with ilxlv-lour new Pianos, a: re
duced prleesfor cash, or will rent, and lei the .el. I
pay for the Piano, at 72 West fourth-sheet.
The lareest stork of Mnlodeon In in'" i u'y. nolU
f Loms Aiv carvea r ann. riens.,
'ni 11- ow, 1 01100 vi every tfi.z:T7ji
S'yle and finish, at a grout reduction S cAri
I'orcnsh. or will lent and let lharen: 1 5 iv
nav for the I'iano. ati't VTest V0111-1I,. 1 1
,.ll ... 1. 1.... n: . . " -jmtm
street. J. CHI RCI1, Jr.,
no23 Ilepot for Moloilenns and Harmoniums.
ifn WOBTH OF PIANO Jl"usicV()H
"J" . 81 Bi.
A collection of Marines. Walttes, r.ilks, ir'
Scbottlscbes, Onadrilhw, Redo as. Omlta I)anci.
,c. A hiiperl. Volume of 1'epnlar Mimie. Ar-uuiicd
fertile Plsno.forte l'ricfl60. In cloth ft'.!. i'op,m
aetit by mail. Publlshsd by J. t.II I1 Uiiil, ,lu
nolBlf M Went KiMirtb tiot.
Th.W, Farriii&Co.
that they are selllni hiroberi
rreemaa-strset.noxtto Cincinnati
Psytou Ballroad,
lumber at their ytrd or.
tlainlltou anti
Than any other Lumber Dealer In the ctty.
"Quick Sales and Small Protlth
They submit ch following Mat of prions:
Clear Umber.all thicknesses, 1 hi. n-wu $7 .io Jio in
Pest Oomniou, IX aud 2 Inch Plsnk.
if no :i 1
2! I IS ,
nest 1 lncii ikiarda M
f ucond " all thlkaesseii.........
Third " Hoards M
Grub Plank, faeo measure ,. .,,
I tuntlouk Joint, Scantling and TiaiLvr.,.,
Poplar i
I'lrstt.Viuiiuon flooring Boatibj
Fecund " " "
Third , . ; ,,";;.",',
KirstCuruioon Weather flords........
eud 11 ...
( i-lar Poult, 4 by 4, 8 feet, puriitin'trtfC
( udnr " for fencing, " "
IiOCllSt " " "
It; (Mi 17
:is on t i"
II 'ill 1 " :a
rt f.ii 1 1 .11
n i-i in
ic oe 11 i,i
in ii r v
l'l Kl l.'l
.in on 13 . ..
A further redaction of 9V n. i,nl Mill h.
nr. tit
blllHOf .'rtHior more.
We have 0110 of the largest and best selected st -ui
ot Lumber In the (Jinclnnati market, wlnou we ot -r
for sale st the nlmvo prices.
Will save balf I he usual amount of Ibor, orii fa
curate aud readily com prebemled.
All interested In the Foienooof Acoonn!" i
vitcd to call and examine this nsw method and
for (hemnlvea,
Thn Rvenlng Hesslnn will commoncs
W Par Classes meet as usual.
31. S. BACOiV, Principnl
.f. II. IIOTY, Flrat Aaxlalnnt. or.'snnf
next to Cmith A Jiixnn'a Uall, Cincinnil.
11I110. A splendid (lift, worth from M) emit lo Jflim,
will bo uivan with everv booh f,irivhi,o, u i-.i...i
one dollar and upward at the time of sale.
Gifts consist of Gold and biver W atches. 1 adieu'
Milld Gold Chains, splen.iid set of Jowelry, flue Ooid
Bracelets, dents' Cloid Vest-chains, and a laig va
riety of oth-r articlsaof rich Jowolry, worth from
Ladies mid gentlemen lire ruepectfully lutltol lo
cal I aud examine our stuck.
Fnblishsrand Gift Bookseller,
no21-U No. W W est Foiu lli slrpet.
No. 30(1 Vlne.ai,, bet. Fifth nnd 9ixth.
that he has established a regular depiil for the
Sileol a!4 kinds of salt-uator Fish, fresh rrm Ni w
vork j also Lako Fish from Cleveland and Sundusltv;
together with (Jlams and Oysters in tho shell, Lob
sters, drubs, KeN (alive), arid all kitida of aeiisoinil'ls
Same nod Can Oysters. He will furnish thenOove.
I'LACB IN THB CITY. Family orders promptly
attended to and sent home free c charge. I' lean
0:l ani' 'Mive vonr iTiter. is
Manufacturer and Wholesale Doaler Iu
Soups, Perfumery, funer Goodi, cVc,
No. 378 MAIN-STIllilET,
examining my Stock will rind ibat I
am selling lower than any other house In tbo city.
I Oil Mnln.atrect, three door a nbove Tliird,
UKit all kinds of Horse Truiipiiius, in He best
and most 'iibstHntial manner. At-o, a lain- iiBaort
mentof Home llliinkrts, Whips, tVtrrot. nt.il 1 mlbor
Uuus. llild.u lias. Buffalo liol'OS, Valises II:.- real
sole. leather!. Mall 'trunks, hponge, anil a Imi o as
sortment Imlonutng 10 this line, twill Mil a,, low
s the lowest, . 1
nolS-av ' ''' 1 . .
' Soale ftlanuranlurrrs ,
Mo. 41 Ksst eecond-streot, Imlween Svcimiiie and
Broadway, Uiuch,natt, keps every ii9iCi iptin of
floirnei, I'liitforni, o'lic. If 11 Id-fin d I eiiot,
n tit' anil 'J'nick Mnnloe; Tiurka,
Irou Wnaion, ir, -lisp
itrng done on the shortest notice, col-to

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