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Is pabllahed dally, ( SuniUfi excepted,) by
rB0FBIBT0tt8. '
oirioi-KO. 14 win rogiTi-miir.
jam PBNNI FBMBasllvered to subscribers In
Olnolnnatl, Covington end Newport, and ear.
rounding cities and towns, tt the ex
tremely low price of
rsicss or mailing:
Blogle copies lo.; 1 month loo.; t month! tl; 1 rw U.
John A.. Emus, Jb,-.. .Hole Lessee Mid Ibiiwr.
THT8 EVENING, November 3, the Beneficiary
and hit daughter, (lias Carolina Bichlnga, will ap
pear in the great aomadr of
Mr. Mayberry -. Mr. Blchlnge
Ehenezer Oldrich Mr. Blister
Aiinatun Smiley Read
Mr. Middleman Higglne, , Langdon
Mre. (Irosby - Miss Rich inns
Mrs. Oldrich Mm. Uilhert
Virginia Oldricli Miss Wait
Nelly Fanny Denkam
I n consequence of the "extreme" lenptaof "EX
TREMES" no farce r.ill be acted.
In preparation, several popular comedies, domestic
dramas, niusicr.i rarities, Ac.
wr Doom open at Curtain rises at 1H o'clock,
Pawns or Admission Dres. Circle and Paruaette,
Mceut.; Gallery, Mcents.
Chas. M. Barras Manager.
1'. B. Conway Stage Director.
Continued Success of the New Company.
THIS (Saturday) EVENING, Not. 26, will be pre
sented, with an admirable cast, Kotzebue's affecting
play oi
The Stranger ... . MwConway
Baron blteiufort ...,.,MM.M....N.MM.....MMMSheri(lan
Holomou ......Davidge
Francis ...... .. Dickson
Mrs. Heller Mrs. Conway
Charlotte Mrs. Place
Overture Orchestra.
To conclude with Morton's comedy of
Stephen Plum Conway
Toby Twinkle ...Davidge
Frederick l'liitn Dickson
Martha Oibbs , ...............Mrs. Conway
Lady Lentherhridge Mrs. Place
in rehearsal, and will shortly be produced, with
new scenery, Dickens's "Cricket ou the Hearth."
Paters or Admusion. Farquette Circle, Faninette
and Balcony, cents; Amphitheater, 26 cents;
Private Boxes for eight persons, tn.
Doors open at M o'clock ; oommenco at 7M.
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M., where
seats can be secured. J, F. UKUBUKT, Treaa'r.
Twelfth night of theeminent actor,
THIS (Saturday) EVENING, Bov. 211, will he
acted, for the twelfth time, the great Legendary
Di ama, from the German of Qoothe, en titled
Faust and Marguerite.
Meplilstophilcs.... Mr. J. B. Roberts
Faust (an aged Scholar,' Mr. 0. tituart
Marguerite - Mrs. C. Henri
The oelebrated Harpist, Madame August 8 tali I,
will make her first appearance and perform a Grand
Dance by Miss Jennie Hlght.
To commence with Coleman's historical play of
Sir Edward Mortimer J. B. Roberts
W II lord. . C. Stuart
Blanche Mrs. C. Henri
THK NEW NATIONAL HUT Kb. adjolnlna Ilia
Theater, is now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained liythe day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against turnishing any articles lor the theater with.
out a written order, signed by Ihe Manager.
Independent Highland Guards
Vine-street, between Fifth and Blxth.sts.,
On Thursday Evening, Deo. 1.
Music nudei ine ntiectluuurcapt. A. MRNTHft.
untieing under the management f Professor A
Snniwr bv H. A. ARMSTRONG.
Tickets can lie had of John H. Patrick, No. 40
least mm-street, ana uiuson ana mcuonaiu, no,
2nd Vine-street. uol'w
National Hall, Vine-street, above Fifth,
Leader of Orchestra 0. H. Holcomb.
OL ASSES-Thnrsday, from 2 to 5 P.M., for Ladies.
Saturday, 9 to 12 A. M., and 2 to 5 P.M., for Misses
and Mae tors.
Gentlemen Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 P. M.
WaltJug Class, for Ladies and Gentlemen, Friday
Lkshun roR Gkntlkm en. Tn order to meet the
convenience of gentlemen whone business or social
engagements often interfere with their punctual at
tendance, our arrangement is, that tickets are pur
chased, one of which is delivered at each lesson, and
can boused during thewholeseason of seven months.
The lessons are ao arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. octo-bm-WA8
Lessee and Proprietor. JNO. HOWOBTH.
This new and beantfnl TEMPLE OP THE MUSES
opened for the season on
With a fnll and talented DBAMATIO AND CON
CERT TROUPE, selected from the different thea
ters and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 10 cents. For particulars lee small
The "Olympto Saloon " will be open at all hours
during the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
W Inert, Liquors and Cigars. oc2ti
New Mode of Ventilation!
Coll and Hi e One of
Heating and Ventilating Furnaces,
' In operation at
Store Ware-roome, Not. 51 and 63 Vine-it,
(Below Columbia.)
Sawyer & Co.
" no9ay
No. !108 Vlae.sui bet. Fifth and Sixth.
that he has established a regular depot for the
sale of all kinds of salt-water fish, fresh from New
York ; also Lake Fish from Cleveland and Sandusky;
together with Clams and Oysters in the shell, Lob.
stars, Crabs, Kelt (alive), ana all kinds of seasonabl.
Game and Can Oysters. He will fhrnlsh the above,
named articles CH SAFES, THAN ANT OTHEB
PLACE IN THE CITY. Family orders promptly
attended to and tent hone free of charge. Please
mil an' Wiw your order.. . son
Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer tn
Soapsj FerfameiTf Fancy Geeds, ffcc,
Jl3e examining my Stock will find that I
am selling lower than any other house In the city.
fnol -
VOL. 2. NO. 84.
Litti.b Miami. Might Kxnresa, 8:00 A. 'm.; Accom
modation, 2:4S p. a.; Day Express, 6:3J p. M.
Indianapolis and Cincinnati. 11:30 A. a.; 6:10 p.
.; 1:40 A. H.
Ohio and Mississippi. 8:15 a. a,; 1:3ft p. .: 10:13
r.u. ..
Cincinnati, Hamilton ano Datton.-7:45a.m.: 11:08
A. m.; 12:62 p. m.; Blr, u.; 8:50 p. u.
M AB1KTTA AMD OlNOINNA Tl. 11:20 A. 6:52 P. .
Richmond asd Indianapolis. 12:50 6M r.u.
Litti.s Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. m.; Accom
modation, 4:411 P. M.; NigiM Express, 11:30 p. m.
Indianapolis ano Cincinb ati. 6:40 A. .; 12:46 p.
a.; 7:oup.m.
Ohio anb Mississippi. 9: a.m.; 2:00p.m.; 7:30 p. a.
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Davton.-6:(s) a. m.; 7:30
A. m.; 10:00 a.m.; 3:40 p. m.,' 6:30 p. m.; 1 1:30 p. m.
MASirrrA and Cincinnati. 9:40a. m.; 3:10 p. m.
Bicimono and Indianapolis. 6:00 a. m.; 3:40 p. M.
9"The cost ot the new part: at Hartford,
Conn., ia said thus far to exceed $170,000.
9The cost of the new Parliament Houses
at Ottawa, Canada, will be 141,750. The;
are built by contraot.
p8k man wag killed in Charlotte County,
Va., on Sunday last, by drinking a quart of
whiaky without stopping.
pBTrat takos a step, and arbitrary sys
tems are overturned; the etatuea of their
authors alone remain standing over their rains.
SrJ-Bulwera "What will he do with It"
has been dramatited in London, and ib played
Mine urtey.
SS-James Fatrell killed Whit Martin, in
Trigg County, Ky., on Monday of last week
by stabbing him. Fatrell was arrested.
In the Mississippi Penitentiary are
eonlined one hundred and seven oonvlcta j
twonty-one persons have been pardoned in
less than one year.
' A' hunter in Tolumne County, Cal.,
in climbing down into a ravine after a bear,
struck a lead which yielded, in one week,
$7,000 worth of gold.
A retired school master excuses his
passion for angling by sayincr that, from con
stant habit he never fools quiet himself unlesB
he is handling the rod.
gTEdmund Keene said, on one occasion,
that the number of persons in the pit made
his Hamlet either the Prince of Denmark or
the Prince of Darkness.
j&"Ther were 25,115 tans of shipping in
the waters of Savannah on the 17th of this
month, represented by forty-seven vessels and
one steamship of 1,500 tans.
JS9A new brand of flour has been Intro
duced into the New Orleans market, under
the stylo of "Flora Templo, 2-.2VA It can't
be beat."
ayNiro persons are now in the Baltimore
Jail awaiting trial for murder; aud if justioa
were served the number would be iuor eased
to ninety.
JTiSfBigatny in Pennsylvania ia merely a
misdemeanor, not a felony, the highest pon
iBhmeut for whloh is imprisonment in the
Penitentiary for two years.
10rk fire broke out in John W. Blan
chard's furniture store, in Federal-street, Bol
ton, a day or two sinoe, and did $10,000 worth
of damage to the stook.
&Three hundred sparrows, selected from
the hedgerows, in England, have been lately
sent to New Zealand; the necessity of small
birds to kwp down th. grubs that devastate
the orops in that colony, has long been felt.
9We have all heard of asking for bread
and receiving a stone; bat a young gentleman
may be considered as still worse treated when
he asks for a young lady's hand and gets her
father's foot.
;J5STMichael Bhoades, a hotel keeper, died
in Lafayette, Ind., a day or two ago, from
bleeding at the noae. All efforts to atay the
effusion of blood was ineffectual, and he ex
pired in a few houra.
pAlfred Crawford, a conductor, was in
stantly killed on the Northern Central Rail
road, running out of Baltimore, a day or two
by an aooident, causing the oara to leave
the track.
.9 A obap in New York, named Souther
land, the other day, kissed somebody's wife,
against her will, so affectionately that he out
her lip. Ho was arrested and fined $20, but
whether for the kiss or the out It is not stated.
BFnrther spread of orinoline ia not to be
dreaded. Paris decrees short waists and nar
row skirts this seaaon, and the absuditlei of
the first Empire are to be restored. All ac
cording to the Paris correspondent of the Lon
don Literary Qauette.
Ijifk late letter from St. Petersburg states
that a sbip-bailder in that city is to construct
by next spring 150 sorew steamers, Intended
for the navigation of the Neva. Steam navi
gation on that river is being considerably de
veloped.' TEvery day of the week ia observed as
a Sabbath by some one of the nations of the
globe. The Christians keep Sunday; the
Greeks, Monday; the Persians, Tuesday; the
Syrians, Wednesday; the Egyptians, Thurs
day; the Turka, Friday; the Jews, Saturday.
p97be store of Messrs. Byron Oreenough
t Co., of Portland, Maine, was lately robbed
of $1,600 worth of rioh furs, consisting of man
tillas, capes and gloves. The robbers either
entered the atore by 'meana of false keya or
were concealed in the cellar at the time the
atore was closed.
George Briggs, of London, bookseller, lately
deceased, in his will does not fail to remem
ber the printers, with whom hla buainess was
so intimately Connected. His property was
valued at 70,000, of whieh he leaves 12,000
to his wife, 11,000 to other partiea, and a
considerable number of small legaoies to his
assistants and the contributors to the Family
Herald, published by him. He bequeaths the
I'omalnder of his property to various associa
tions for the benefit of printers. 1
Manufaotubkb Instjersotion Pikbs. Some
eute speculators at Harper's Ferry have been
turning the old Brown excitement to acoount
by manufacturing bogus"Oasawatomie" pikes,
and selling: them at a biff price to passengers
by the cars. The railroad company finally
put an end to this speculation, which was be
coming an annoyance to timid passengers, by
interdicting the sale, and driving the pike
vender! off the platform.
PoprjLATioi o Mix wo. The population
of Mexioo is about seven millions, in but one
million of which does white blood predom
inate. Six millions are Indians, few of whom
are Christiana, and tho greater parof whom
haye never heard of Christianity. It la
scaroely strange that a country with suoh a
population fails in every attempt to rise to a
condition of that ordor which nothing but
universal civilisation oan fully sustain.
Kahbow EaoApaoK a Vicbbot. Tho Vice
roy of Cgypt bad lately a narrow eicape
while going by railroad from Cairo to Suez,
tho train in which he was traveling cowing
Into oolliaion with that coming in the oppo
site direction) Tho Vioeroy was highly in
dignant at the act, and ordered that the Tall
road officials be soveroly punished for their
A Pair of Precious Scoundrels at Chicago
A Pair of Precious Scoundrels at Chicago —A Revolting Outrage Upon an
Unprotected Woman.
A moat flagrant outrage was reoently com
mitted upon an unprotected woman, Marion
E. Knox, in Chioago, by two young men who
had hitherto sustained respectable reputations,
Samuel W. Arnold and Charles V. Cady. At
the time of the perpetration of the orimo, the
former was baggage-master on the Hook
Island Bailroad, and the latter was engaged
with some business house in that oity.
Mrs. Knox, after losing her husband and
undergoing varioaB misfortunes, arrived with
her brother and an infant in Chioago, and
stopped at the gate of the Court-house, while
her brother entered the building to look for a
friend. The Prat and Tribune thus relates
what afterward ocourred:
While standing leaning against the iron
railing, Arnold came up and aooosted her,
aaked her several quostions, and by her replies
ascertained her wants, and then offered to pro
vide supper and lodging for her and her
brother. She at first deolined, bnt on his urg
ing her and protesting that he was an honest
man, he induced her to accompany him, say
ing to her brother, who in the mean time had
returned, unable to find Mr. Foote, that he
would come back in a few minutea and also
aocompany bim to the hotel.
Arnold took the poor woman to the Sollitt
House, went with her to the parlor, and then
to the office and registered himself and Mrs.
Knox as "Dr. Brown and lady.". After he
had done this, he was shown a room with a
bedroom attached. Into this he took his vio
tim and after conversing with her a few min
utes, said he was obliged to go out for a lit
tle while, and left her, locking her in tho
room as he left, and carrying the key with
him. She laid her child on the bed, and then
laid herself down beside it to get it to sleep.
While lying on the bed Arnold returned,
C8tne into her room, and by threats and vio
lence accomplished his fiendish purposes.
He then left her, and she foil asleep. In
about two hours after the occurrence narrated
he returned to Mrs. Knox's room with Cady,
and while Arnold gagged her and held her
down Cadv oernetratcd the same fiendish act.
The villains were held in $5,000 each for
appoarance at court, it tney are guilty they
deserve to bo hung.
' Hostility and Strength or thi Indians
on tub Fbontibb. The St. Joseph Gazette of
a late date observes;
We had the pleasure yesterday of a call
from Maj. Sohoonover, agent of the Upper
Missouri Sioux, oomprising six nations of that
tribe. The number of Indians under the
charge of Maj. S. is not less than twenty-soven
thousand. Maj. Sohoonover passed thlsoitv
on his way to his labora, on the 4th of last
Juno, and has undergone a vaat amount of
nardsnips in the past six months, in reaching
and oommunicatiDg with the wild and hostile
tribes of his agency.
The nations oomposing the Northern portion
of the powerful Sioux tribe are deeply imbued
with a spirit of hostility to the whites and
that portion of the tribes further South, whom
they regard aa having compounded with the
pale faoo to rob them of their lands, 'and to
hasten the extinction of the Indian race. They
recognize the fact that the whole race is
doomed, but succumb to their fate with the
illest possible grace. They have sworn ven
geance dire against any white man that may be
found within their territory, and it is not un
likely thia threat will be carried into itriot
execution. ' -
A Hooa Balloon to bs Constbootid in
Hoosiirdoh. Mr. Joseph Danziger, the La
fayette, Indiana, icronaut, is to undertake the
construction of a mammoth balloon to be
called "The Star City,!' designed to carry
four passengers, besides provisions and ballast.
In its construction Mr. Danziger designs using
a new material for which he clainiB a patent,
called silk rubber, whose virtue consists in its
expansive quality, great strength, and econ
omy, enabliug the aeronaut to dispense with
all netting save what may be necessary to
Bnstain the basket. By this expansive qual ity
tho balloon, before sailing, may be inflated to
its fullust capacity, regardless of the rarity of
the atmosphere in the great eastern or upper
current. Mr. Danziger expeots to complete
his balloon in time for an experimental as
cension on the first of next May.
following is a fair burlesque on the patent
medicines of the day :
Oil of briokbats and compound unadulterated
eonoentrated syrup of paving-stones, manu
facture! only by Dr. Humbugbras Hollow
belly, and sold only by his regular authorized
agents. Beware of counterfeits. Certificate :
Dr. Hollowbelly Dear Sir: I kicked the
bucket last night, but while the undertaker
was placing me in the coffin, a vial of your
Essential Oil buret in his pooket and streamed
down into my face; I opened my eyes,
sneezed, and then arose. The shroud having
received a portion of the Oil, instantly took
root in the floor, and expanded into beautiful
ootton-stalks, eaohed filled with bursting bolls.
Praybrs Askbd por tbi Pori. Dr. Dixon.
the Roman Catholic Primate of all Ireland,
has issued a pastoral letter, in which he affirms
that a groat aot of spoliation Is contemplated
in the way of depriving the Pope of hla tem
poral dominions, and that calumnies of all
sorts are heaped upon his Uovernment by ene
mies who are becoming every day more pow
erfal. 1 At present, by way of remedy for such
a condition of things, the Primate only asks
for the prayers of the faithful in Ireland, but
he hints that it may hereafter be necessary to
send subscriptions to the Holy Father to en
able him to support those soldiers that will
"defend his rights against rebel hordes." -
A Gbavb Question fob Debate. The Froth-
ville debating society was considering the
propriety of purchasing a burial lot, and it
waa used as an argument in its favor that one
or the members bad expressed the wish that,
when he dies, he might be laid in a lot owned
by the society he esteemed so much. "How do
you get along with your burial lot?" waa aaked
or one who waa inimical to the purchase. "Oh,
it'a all settled," was the reply; "it is to be pur
chased, bnt the man who agreed to be buried
in it Das DaoKea out."
A Modsb in a Loai or Breao. In cuttine
a four-pound loaf of bread in a farmer's fam
ily, at Barnwell, England, a small orifice
was observed, and on being followed up to the
center of the loaf, a mouse's nest was discov
ered, enugly and warmly constructed of a
leaf of a copy-book, torn into shreds, on
which reposed nine young mice. What
makes it more syiguiar is, that the loaf was
baked only on the preceding day.
Mcedeb in Evansville, Ind. Two river
men quarrelled in Evansville, Ind,, on Mon
day last, when one of them stabbed the other
with a large pocket knife and made off down
the road, on which the other fell and died in
about three minutes. The murderer was pur
sued and arrested two or three miles below
the city and lodged in jail. '
Th Timpbahkcb Oadbe in Iekland. John
B. Gough lately gave three lectures in the
Round Room of the Rotunda in Dublin, which
is capable of containing 2,500 persons, and
waa fall (o the utmost possible extent. He
visited some of the provinces, and in Belfast
alone sneeeeded in obtaining 5,000 signers to
the pledge.
Incident or the Revolution Lafayette
and the Fifes-Soldier. In the war of the
Revolution, when General Lafayette com
manded ia the American army, a part of the
troops were encamped at a certain place near
the water's edge. One calm summer's even
ing, a soldier, who was a lifer in one of tho
oompanies, went into tho water for the pur
pose of bathing. Being an excollent swim
mer, aa well as lifer, he took his fire with him
to the water, and engaged In filing and swim
ming at the same time.
The mdsio reached the ear of Lafayette.
Eatly next morning he sent an oluoer. In pur
suit of tho man, who had thus dlaobeyod the
order of theoamp.
The soldier waa a native of Connecticut, and
a man of truth. When arrested by the officer,
and on the way to the Genoral'a tent, he
thought within himself, that, perhaps he might
esoape a severe punishment by denying the
deed. On a few moment's reieotion, however,
he said to himself, "I have always spoken the
truth I eannot tell a lie." With this prin
olple in his mind, he came Into the presence
ot the General, who asked him if he was the
Individual who played upon the evening pre
vious, to whloh he replied "I am."
"And do you know," continued Lafayette,
"of any others in the army who can play the
same tune 7" r
- "Two or throe, I do," said the soldier.
"To-morrow evening, then, (naming the
hour), I wish you to repair to my tent with
They came at tho appointed hour. The
General then informed thorn that tho tuno he
had heard the evening before afTected him
very much that on a former occasion it had
been played at the funeral of a dear friend of
his, who died in his native country. Since
then, until now, he had never met with tho
individual who could play it. "For the pur
pose of indulging in the melancholy pleasure
of hearing it onco more, I have," said he,
"sent for you."
The General, after boing agreeably enter
tained with tho conversation and innsio of
his guests, dismissed them with his thanks
and aomo guineas from his purse, as an ex
pression of his satisfaction at their performance.
A Oimo but Unfortunate Poet. Tho
biographer of James Clarenoe Mangan, an
Irish poet, of fino talent but unfortunate habits,
thus speaks of the bard: And now it almost
repents me that I undertook to narrate tho
events of this man's outer and visible life,
even to gratify the natural interest which his
loving, worshiping readers can not but feel in
all that concerns him an interest, howevor,
whioh is deeper and higher than mere ouriosity.
No purer and more benignant spirit ever
alighted upon earth no more abandonod
wretoh ever found earth a purgatory and a
hell. There wore, as I have said, two Man
gans: one well-known to the Muses, the other
to the polioe; one soared through the enipyr
ian and sought the stars tho othor lay too
often in gutters of Peter and Bride-stroeta. I
have read the livos and sufferings of Edgar A.
Poe and of Richard Savage. Neither was so
consummate a poet, neither so miserable a
mortal. Yet in one reaped poor Mangan
compares favorably with them both; he bad
no malignity, sought no revenge, never
wrought sorrow and suffering to any human
being but himself. In his deadly struggle
with the sold world he wore no defiant air
and attitude; was; always humble, affection
ate, almost prayerful. He was never of the
"Satanic school," never devoted mankind to
theNnfernal gods, nor cursed the sun; but the
cry of bis spirit was ever, "Miserable man that
I am, who will deliver uie from the wrath to
The Green-Eved Monster in Michioa.y
A Husband Shouts thb Brtrayor of his
Honor. Ia Port Huron, Mich., resides a man
and his wife named McGee,and another man
Dr. Frennel. For somo time Mcdoe had been
absent from the city; but having returned a
few days ago, the demon of jcalonsy whis
pered to him that Mrs. MoGee had proved
false to her vows, and that Dr. Frennel had
tempted her. In order to test the truth of
these rumors, he announced to his wife on
Monday night that he had business whioh
would take him to Detroit for a short time.
Instead, however, of trusting her so far
from his protecting euro again, he eusconsod
himself under her bed, armed with a revolver
loaded to the very muzzle with powdor and
balls, and thore awaited the development oi
events. He had not long to wait, for his wife
soon made her appearance, followed by the
treacherous Doctor. McGeo did not wait for
any further evidence of his wife's frailty or
the Doctor's weakness, but taking deliberate
aim from his secure retroat, discharged the
whole oontents of his murdorous weapon into
the seducor's leers, as he was standing in
"loving dalliance" with Mrs. MoGee. His
aim proved good, excited as be was, tho bul
lets bringing the Doctor to her feet, with
one thigh-bone broken and three or four other
bullets in trie lower part ot his body.
A Wagib About Aoe Adboitlt Decided.
Old Mr. Russell was onoe fairly caught in his
own trap. He is better known as Major Ben
Russell, and being met by his old friend
liusby, no was tamiiiarly saluted with a hearty
shake of the baud. "How do you do, old
Ben Russoll?" "Come, now," said Maior
Ben, "I'll not take that from you not a bit of
It. You are as old as I am this minute."
"Upon my word," says Mr. Busby, "you are
my senior by at least ten years." "Not at all,
friend BuBby, and, if you please, we will de
termine that question very soon. Just tell
me what is the first thing you recollect?"
"Well, the first thing I reoolleot," said Mr.
Busby, "was hearing people say, 'There goes
old Ben Russell, no ought to have died
fifty years ago.' "
Reception of the Russian Emperor. The
Odessa Jeurnal gives a long account of the re-
joiolng at Odessa on the oocasion of the Empe
ror oi iiussia's recent visit to mat city, ilia
Majesty reached the eity about two in the
morning, and, notwithstanding the hour, was
welcomed by an immense crowd of all classes of
the population. At ten tne same morning, his
Majesty received the representatives .of the
nobility, with the military and civil authorities.
In reply to the Marshals of the nobility of
tne governments oi uaessa ana iraspoi, nis
Majesty taid: "I thank you, gentlemen, for
your efforts in the accomplishment of our com
mon work, (the abolition of serfdom,) and I
hope with the divine aid to attain the desired
end." . '
Doubtful Consolation. Not long ago a
bridegroom, returning from his wedding, was
met by a friend, who thus addressed him:
"Well, Jack, I'm glad to see thee in thy happy
position, thou'st seen the end of thy trouble
now." ''Thank thoe, lad." was Jack's an
swer, "I hope I have." About a month af
terward the two friends met again, when
Jack, speaking rather warmly, exclaimed,
"Bill, thou tolled me a lie that morning I got
wed I Didn't thou say I'd aeon th'end of my
trouble" "I did," said Bill; "but I didn't
tell thee which end."
Tub Maotabs. A letter from Peath in the
Irene of Vienna aays; The national tendencies
of the Magyars are more strongly manifested
every day. Some tirue back a number of
students of this city petitioned that the Hun
garian : language should alone be used in
teaohing in the University of Peith. Several
scandalous scenes have just taken place in the
lecture rooms of the University the professors
who give their lessons In Gorman having been
hooted and obliged to retire.
Arrival of the Steamship Circassian.
St. JoHWH.N. V.. Vnnmlia. 9 Th. ilun,.
ship Cirtairian arrived last night, bringing
Liverpool dates to Saturday, the 12th Inst.,
one week later than previously received. The
steamship JVortA Briton from Quebec, arrived
at Liverpool on the 11th inst. The treaties
prepared by the Conference at Zurioh had
uu Biguou upon iuo lutn, .ana tne ri.nlpo
tentiaries were to leave for their respective
oountrios on the 12th inst.
The Paris MtmHeur says that France and
Austria have agreed to promote a Congreaa of
the Great Powers.
England Kir a. fl. T.owi. in - .
the Lord Mayor's banquet, staled that no
fM.-..! , V , 1 .
luiuiai proposal uaa seen maae to Jjingland
for a Congroas of the Great Powers, and when
a proposition is made the government will de
liberate upon its acceptance, on th under
standing that the Italians are not to be
coerced. Two war steamers and four gun
boats have left England for China.
France. The Bank of France has lost
nearly nineteen millions of francs in cash
during the month. The Paris Bourse olosea
firm at 75f. 15o. for three per oent rentea. The
Paris Conttitutiontl exhort the Italians to
moderation and patience.
Italt. Tuscany has followed the example
of the other States of Central Italy, and con
ferred the Regency on Prinoe Cavignau. The
King of Sardinia, however, under the pressure
from France, haB refused to grant the Prince
permission to accept the Regenoy.
Stain The affairs ia Spain and Morocoo
are unohanged. It is reported that the Sultan
has empowered his brother to grant the do
iiands of Spain.
India and China. The mails from Caloutta
to October 8, and Hong Kong to September 28,
have reached England. The ratification of the
Amerioan treaty had produoed no ohange in
the commercial affairs of China. Mr. Ward,
the United States Minister, had gone to Japan.
The Russians had a large naval force at
Jeddo, and it was feared that trouble would
arise, owing to the murder of the three Rus
sians by the Japanese.
The Latest. London, November 12.
The Paris MoniUur has an artiole regretting
the action of the Italians in relation to the
Regenoy of Prince Cavignau.
The Moors have commenoed attaoking Ceuta.
Liverpool, November 11. Sales of Cotton
for the weok have been 4,000 bales, including
3,000 bales to speculators, and 6,000 bales to
exporters. Market closes with a declining
tendency, prices being partially lower.
Sales to-day wore 8,000 tales, including 1,000
bales to speculators and for export, with a
quiet market. The following are the author
ized quotations: N. O. fair Vi, do. middlings
7, do. Mobile fair 1, do. middling 1,
Uplands fair 7, middling 6.
The stook in port is 436,000 bales, including
295,000 bales Amerioan. Somo authorities
quote paices as easier, but without ohange in
Stats of Trade. The Manohestor advloes
are favorable, market for goods closing firm,
and prices showing an advancing tendency.
Municipal Nomination.
New York, November 25. Mozart Hall
Convention yesterday nominated Green C.
Bronson for Corporation Counsel.
River News.
Pittsruho, November 25. River 6 feet 10
inches by tho pier-mark, and falling. Weather
The Origin of Touchino Glasses in Drink
ing. A writer in tho Iliitorkal Mayatine for
November tlma attempts to explain the ori
gin of the habit of touching glasses in drink
ing :
"Ono branch of my ancestry was Scotch,
and devoted adherents of Charles Stuart.
While a boy my father possessed a heavy
cut-and-tbrust basket-hilt sword, whioh one
of tho Richardson family, my fathers mater
nal ancestor, had used at Colloden. From
him this tradition descended to tho family, as
to touching glasses.
"When, after tho failure of the expedition
of tho so-called Pretender, Prince Charles, in
1715, the Prince crossed to France, his sup
porters wore beset with spies on every hand ;
it frequently happened that thoy were placed
in situations when they could not with safety
refuse to respond to the common toast, 'The
health of the King.' It was understood be
tween tho faithful, that when the king waa
drunk, it was the 'king o'er the water ;' and
to express this symbolically, ono glass was
passed over another. This, in time, was mod
ified to the Bilent touching of glasses. In the
lower part of South Carolina and in Virginia,
generally aottled with cavaliers, the nabit
has prevailed and spread wherever their de
scendants have gone in the South and West.
It is the habit of men to-day, in drinking, to
touch invariably, but I have never known
the custom explained by any one class. You
may rely on this being its true exposition."
Pen and Ink Portrait or Thublow Weed.
Thurlow Weed, of Albany, is thus sketched ;
"Tall, angular, and large-boned, with thiok
and wiry gray hair, out olose, and adhering
vigorously to a long, strong, angular and
massive head, full of nervous force this gen
tlemen, with harsh, square features, promi
nent cheek-bones, lips habitually compressed;
shaggy grey eye-brows fringing a aloping
shelf or forehead; hazy gray eyes of subtle
nue Keen, vigilant, numoristio, with great
power oi aevore expression; a nose long, mus
cular, and standing out like a sentinel cn
duty before the other features these, with a
saturnine complexion and stenographio habit
of face, lramed under a broad-brimmed pro
vincial beaver bat, and surmounting largely-
ouusu iimoB, otueu iu bue rural styie oi a gentleman-farmer
paying his regular visit to an
agricultural fair such, aa near as we can give
it, ia the outer man of Thurlow Weed, beyond
all comparison the first unofficial publie man
in theUnltedStatea. Pressing forward under
a high condensation of vital incentives, his
face is lighted up with inexhaustible energies
of purpose, and his whole body is thrown for
ward aa if to overtake and seize the objeot
whioh he is mentally pursuing, and evidently
prepared to make it sucoumb. - He is an in
veterate smoker, and frequently uses his oigar
between his fingers, snlting the notion to the
word, while he nnfolds his viow."
Slaves in ' Maryland Awabi oar Old
Brown's Intended Invasion. Some two or
three days previous to the Harper's Ferrv
insurrection, Mr. George Jaoobs, residing near
Finkaburg, Maryland, became convinced that
something waa wrong among hia negroes. He
paid particular attention to their movements,
ana mat nignt, witn the assistance or his
neighbors, overtook tbem as thoy were about
leaving, in company with the alaves of Dr.
Butler, a neighbor of Mr. Jacoba. Upoa
searching them, it was discovered that tney
were armed with long knives uiado of old
soythe blades. Thoy had secured the horsos
of their masters, and upon being interrogated,
confessed that they had been induoed by a
white man to leave their masters and join in
an attempt to bemads somewhere In Virginia
to liberate slaves. Their destination, no
doubt, waa Harper's Ferry. .-..;
' ''' '' O . : I (. 11
1 I..;-.'; (I :
' t r.
Advertisement not excaadlag live llnasdxate.
Onstnsertloa. o. y
Two we.ks.MM...- 1 60 1 One ,; '
Larger advertisements inserted at the following
rate for square of tea Unes or lass 1
One Insertion..,-.. 50 1 Two mli . tn as
Each addi'Dal Ins.. !tt I Thro, -t- 4 tS
On. miek..,N.-.... 1 7 I On. S .
Job Printinfi
brsaohe., dons with nearness and dtoaatch
Hecliaiiics Fair, ?58
. 1
December T, 1858.
. the public tbreo seasons, and owing to Its pop
ularity and Increased demand, we havo been com
pelled to make two more line. having BIX sixes
complete, suitable, from the smallest family up lo
the largest class boarding-house. The celebrity
these Dtoves have gained fur themselves can not bo
too highly appreciated, aa every laniily having tliem
In usacan truly testify.
Thanking the public for lliolr generons support, It
Is onr determination to supply the want, of the com.
nam Ity with the twnnOts which a practical luochau
cal education can only supply.
Inventors, Proprietors oV Manufacturers,
We bog leave, most respectfully, to offer tho follow.
I11K certificates and references of families using the
Alligator, which will, at a glance, remove all doubts
of it. intrinsic merits:
For soiae months 1 have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. Its superior cooking qualities,
combined with its cleanliness, ninsteventtiiillysecure
to the owners a large share af public pntrouage.
, ... JOHN MoLRAN.
I have been using one of alewra. Adams & I'rrk.
over's Alligator Cook Stoves for some months, whic h
gives entire satisfaction in every rospoct, and can
cheerfully recommend it to those who are in want of
a superior cook stove. H. II. liKAVITT
1'or the last year I have boon using the Alligator
Loal Cooking Htove, manufactured by Messre. Adams
A reokover, which I consider a superior stove, aud
elves the utmost satisfaction. It is the only stove I
havo luund that cooks peifectly with coal,
For somn time past I have been using one of Messrs.
Adams A i'ockover'a Alligator Coal Cooking tStovos,
and can recommend them as being a superior stovo,
giving entire satisfaction in every respect.
JO.S. B1I8HNKLL, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully iudorse the above.
i JOUN KEllIiElt.
Ifon. Judge McLean, Clif- Joseph W.Wayne,3'.H, mh
,.tou,r . , M. Brooks, Mt. Auburn
Uou Jii(lge!leavitt,85 K. Ucv. . 8. Kennedy, 14
Fiftll-street, John-street,
Judge Vuu llaiu, 2)2 3. V. Jones, 'sit Fourth,
Fourth, Dr. rlortou, 3M Fourth,
Judge lloadly,2703d, I). Thatcher, m George.
Dr. Uolker,l8th, Wni. Jolly, lliimh,
Ciu.Orr.hau Asylum, Kim, Jus. Tnlbott, 400 7th.
John Keller, 34'J Ith, Sq.Getwiiidaiicr, IMSnilth
F. Hniitli, In ni ofLiucolu.rl.U. Williams, Wal. Hills,
Smith A Warnock, Mrs. Meason, 2itt 4!h.
H.Vallette,:M7 4th, Mrs. Ity land,. 124 411s.
N. (I. McLean, Ulemlalo, Mrs. Howitt.fii ii, 4tli,
JI. B. Funk, Vine, Mis. M. P.Taylor, Ssi Ueo,
Jos. lliishnell, coal nier. Airs. Mcl'hersou, 8. JC. cor.
Ja. Kipy, 2wuh, Hlxth aud Knee,
h J.l.'nC'!' K"s-UM w,,u, A-A- Clark, Times offtcs,
T. II. Xeatmaii, StorraTp, I. Ii. Weaver, r,'J3 .lolin,
A. W. Franciaco, 1'resa J. 1'. Whitman, Wasli-
Offlce. 1 Ington Institute,
A. Hughes, Commercial, John A. Hook, .'Urn George
W. B. Wells, Ciu'tl Type F. K. Brooks, Hit John,
Foundry, Jackson M. Noble, 411 3d.
B. C. Boss, 384 1.oncworth, H. Hackmnn, 4eS:id,
(lhas. Chadwick, 304 4th, Chus. (ioodmaii, 242 4th.
T. W. Bgrague, IK1 7tli, John'O. Morris, 113 M ill,
Mr. Houghton, 15i)tli, . J. A. titacr, 444 Mth,
Wm.UoMstock,ttil4th, Gibson ii M'Domilil, Vino
(1. Hole, ifcil 7th, ' Isaac Marsh, 3X8 George,
J. Harvey, 2117 LongwortU W.B.Hurlbiirt,i.ir Kr'in'ii
John Andersen, 4l34tli, Klam 1". Laimdon, 2Mh,
Jonathan Ugden, I '.6 4 1 It, , J. II. Fulwoiler, Long.
W. W.Woods, 4494th, worth and Western-row.
John Tanner, WrighUon 1). K. Cady, 7(i 8th,
& Co.'s printing office. Alf. Burnett, 164 ith,
James 8. SuJUitU Ift7 nth. ' ' no!2
Scale nnniifftotarer, ,
No, 41 East Seconi-atreet, between Sycamore and
Broadway, Cincinnati) keeps o very description of
Counter, Pint form, t'ntile, Rnllrnad Denoi.
and Track Hnnlrm Trucks,
Iron Wagons, cVo,
Repalrng done on the shortest notice.
friends to remember that
I'sair iu 4ro.rranm-siroei,A lew
uiwii .uutuoijuu, no selling me nnest ujsters
ever brought West, oleaii and carefully put up, choice
linn AMlentari. ut niv it.nul mnl....,- -f....n.
promptly rilled and delivefd to any part of the city,
' 1 J. TODI),
"018 Agent for Hatch, Mann A Co.
- lutcntu uniij uj iu. auani. SiX-.j
press company, in w Hole and half cans. (J
All Oysters sold warranted fresh and of
mo very nest quality. J. 11, UW1NQS,
Agent, No. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Main
ami waium-aireei., -
N. B. The trade supplied on the moat liberal
terms. ocaicm
aa' AT
Di da" F?wo4 Mahony Co.'s Clobrated
Planted Olsters.which I am selling at unprecedented
low prices by case or dozen. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please seud
their orders. Attached to this establishment is a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can hate
Oysters Cooked in every style,. and served up in a
Bn,d ""Parlor manner. Charges less than at any
other place. tocioj ' JOHN NAIRN.
Oyster Importing House.
M. 1NO dally, per Express, his splendid Oysters.
Having completed arrangements In Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will stall times during
the season be prepared to famish say fritndi, "and
.ejr.tlP?llkillu' . wl,h he most DKLIOIOUH
Bl VALVES imported to the queen City. None bnt
the very beat imported. Great Inducements oHorod
at this Importing-honse.
Order solicited aud promptly filled. Terms cash.
aeplfit Sole Importer and Proprietor.
Spiced Outer,, tf rfQ
nlNQ DAILY, brtbe Adams Cxpress, MALT-
v wunu-ieuuwneu naiumora
Fresh Can, Keg- and Shell Oysteri.
PkDIoT8"TK-,M,,d 00TB' 8P1"1)'
ast-,1 Beaot,llWsslfijfttrseti

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