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""orjND,"A.,in this column, ocoapylnf Bv Hie
riHM,iwoineraou,twntr-nreoni. '.
, die aged man, In a Wholesale Grocery or Dry
Goods Houa aa salesman; is acquainted with thi
buainM can control a largo and valuabl trade
from this 8ut and Indiana. Best of reference gl ven.
Address BBIOE, at tbll office, noi&tb
ping or Entry Clerk in a wholesale grocer;
or commission house, by a young man who writes a
good hand, and who has bad eighteen months ex
perience m delivery clerk and salesman in a Aral
class retail grocery In an eastern city. The Terr beat
reference gfren. Address "Y," cars of 0. B. Hunt,
Walnut-street. '
WANTED BOY An active Intelligent
boy to travel East and South this winter. He
must be capable of writing neat hand. and bare a
,n"a fdacatlon generally. Inquire of ALFRED
BDBNETT, No. 1M Fifth-street. no28b
gentleman, or two gentlemen) can hare a
comfortable front room with board In a private fam
ily. Apply at 67 Ninth-street, between Walnut and
lne-street notnb
Terms 82 per week. nc28b '
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keepers, porter, cooper, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, can And situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks Registry Office, 12$
Walnut-street. no28b HALK St CO.
WANTED One thousand persons who are
afflicted to pnrchase a bottle of Tr. BAR
Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia and
Hhcumstlsm. Sold by SUIBK, ECKSTEIN ft CO,.
-vumv, ruuuuiau Till,,,
WANTED BOARD For man and wife,
in a family where there would be) no other
boarders. Location to be within a few square of
Fourth and Walnut-street. Address CLINTON, this
once. noMb'
experience, to canvass the State of Ohio,
To best of reference required. Apply at Room No,
, 19. Railroad Hotel, foot of Broadway. no2b
Lady, in a private family, to take car
ofchlldren, or to docbamberwork. Address AMER.
ICAN, at Press Office. noMb
business habits, who can advance S90O to wo,
Immediately. In a light manufacturing business.
An Interest In the butines, ora llberaT salary and
security, will be given. Address MANCFAOTDRaB,
Pwny Press Office, Cincinnati. no26b
TIT-ANTED AGENTS To sell the Life
nInJ,n(1 'rrl8' of Cent. John Brown. Apply to
PERRY A WABBEN, No. 383 Western-row. noMb
. With or without board, by a gentleman and
his wife Address A PPLIOANT, at this office, stat
ing location and terms. References given. no2ou
VANTED PARTNER An active young
man as partner in a paying cash business. Be
oan receive hall the profits or a permanent situation
SAwtJSJ"!,- ' Pll required. Apply to
HALE A CO., No. 128 Walnut-street. noMb
TO engage in eiroalatlng by subscription,
some new highly ornamental and entertaining
Books. Maps, Charts, Ao. Men now operating clear
front 82 to $150 per month. Call and examine the
stock and get a descriptive circular, look at testimo
nial ol agents now opperating, Ac.
Consul tatlon free. Call soon.
MACK. 2. BARNITZ, Publisher,
oc28am 38 W. sth Street, (up stairs.)
110R RENT COTTAGE A cottage with
. several rooms; a brick house centrally located,
suitable for families; there is a good yard and hydrant
attached; will be rented low to prompt, paying ten
ant, luqnireor CUABLIK. at the Press Office,
IjlOR RENT In a centrally boated part of
the city, large, airy BOOMS, nicely famished
and kept In order, for sleeping apartments for gen
tlemen. Inquire at No. Its Western-row. no2ob
OR RENT One or two fine ROOMS, fur-
nisnea or nnrnrniinea, at no. ins west rourtu-
street, nearly opposite the Postofnce. Inquire of
j. i. jitgaur, no. mi sourtn-etreet. ncaw
FOR RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
road, law or insurance offices, on second and
third floors, In four-story building opposite the
Press Office. The bnilding nasjbeen newly re-painted
and re-papered. All in good older. Apply at the
Press Office. nol
1:1 OR RENT The eeoond and third stories
. of the commodious Brick Building known a
FRANKLIN HALL, on the south-east corner of
Sycamore and Stxth-sreets. Apply on the prem
ises to HAN NAN A LYON. nolftbw
FOR SALE DOG A fine, large watch
dog, suitable for store keepers. Can be seen at
' Fifth-street Market-house, corner Fifth and Walnut
streets, this morning. no28b
1 GOOD-WILL of a Boarding-house doing a
good business. Will be sold cheap for cash, if ap
plied for soon. The house contain twelve rooms
and kitchen, cellar and large yard, pleaaantly sltn
Blcd. Bent only $100 a year. Address A. B. 0
Press Office. no26b
- OF 8. K. HA8HOUR. The undersigned offers
for sale the above property situated between Cam
bridge City and East Oermantown, Ind., the same
beluga good house, nearly new, with all necessary
outbuildings, and twenty acres of as good land as can
be found In old Wayne. The property Is well sup
plied with shrubbery of all kinds, In addition to
which there Is an orchard of the beat varieties of
fruit, just beginning to bear. The property would be
very ucsirable to a farmer who would want to retire.
For terms address 8. K. HASHOOB,
OrHpplr personally to SAM. E. UASU00B,
no2avt Cambridge City.
FOR SALE A fine Steel Rolling-Mill,
four inch, suitable for a dentist or jeweler; also
a Lathe suitable for a wood-turner, for sale at a reas
onable price, by calling at SHEDD A WELSH'S, No.
103 West Fifth-street, between Vine and Race.
FOR SALE SAFES 2 superior large fire
proof Safes, very low at private sale, by H. B.
MILKS ft CO. , 33 Main-street. no22f
OARDING Several cent, em en cat. be&o-
'rommodntafl with hoard in r hw tht (.. nr wfc.
ttv bdi1t1ii t at No. If Hffc&morA.iitrfhAt. txtuit atria, nnii
door bfiow Fifth. noMaw
T 08T On Thursday afternoon, a GOLD
JLA BREASTPIN, set round with rubles. The
finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at No.
4ft) Plum -street, or at this office. no26b
LOST RING Yesterday (Friday) morn
ing, a large massive Gold Bing, with " Wm. T.
Simpson ' engraved on the inside, on the corner of
Fourth and Walnut-streets. $5 reward will be paid
for lie delivery at the N. W. corner of Sixth and
Mound-streets. no26d
NIFIOENT Premium Piano,
ine one mat arew we premium in
now xora, aenwy sua Vermont,
I would respectfully invite the cro-
feBsion and the nubile to to call and
see it, together with sixty-four new Pianos, at re
duced prices for cash, or will rent, and let the rent
pay for the Piano, at 72 West fourth-street.
The largest stock of Melodeons In the city. noH
war Lotus AIV carved rl&no. riease
call and tee it. Also, Pianos of every
style and finish, at a gteat reduction
for cash, or will rent and let the rent
par for the Pin no. at 66 West fourth.
street. J. CHURCH, Jr.,
nojj Depot for Heiodeons and Harmoniums.
A collection of Marches. W si ties. Tolkss.
Bchottlsobee, Qnedrilla. Bedowas, Contra Dances.
Ao. A Superb Volome of Popular Maiic. Arranged
for the Piano-foru. Price $1W. Inclolhjj. Copies
sent by mail. Published by J. OHC BOU, Ja.,
noistf MWest fcorthtreet.
embraces all the lending style In every variet
rl rUB, which we warrant
;' . MO. 149 MAXN-BTBKET,
ol One doer below fonrtn.
Don't- forget that the Penny
Prese li the medium throngb which to
make known your wants 1 Advertise
ments of five line and leu, Inserted
twice for twenty-five centil
enny Preia to he had every
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent.
Trmmranci LicTtrai. The West End is to
have a spirited temperance leoture to-night at
Queen City Hall. See speolal notice.
Pt-BsorUL. Hod. Wm. Wagner, Prussian
Minister to Mexico, and Hon. Emerson Eth
ridge, of Tennessee, were yesterday at the
Spenoer House.
Ml88I0 NUMBIBS WiNTRD. We Will givO
one month's subscription for Nos. 63 and 105
of the Pinky Pbsss, which are missing; from
our files.
Rev. E. W. Sehon, Secretary of the
Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist
Church South, leaves this morning for the
East, to forward Missionaries to Shanghai,
China, by a vessel to sail on the first of December.
1 o
Dav Goods in Abondanci. M. Regan, No.
90 Fifth-street, offers a large and line assort
meot of silks, merinoes, delaines, 4o., to which
he Invites attention, believing he can sell them
at a price that will be an inducement. See
A Pookit Coptimo Pbibb. Meurs. Moore,
Wilstaoh, Keys k Co., of Fourth-street, have a
copying press by whioh one can obtain a fan
timilt of a letter or other document witbout
trouble. The simple apparatus can be carried
In the pocket, and must prove very convenient.
Fob Rkkt. Rooms on seoond and third
floors, in the building Immediately opposite
Penny Pru; suitable for law,, medical, insur
ance or railroad offices. All have been newly
painted and papered. Apply at Penny Prtu
Baboiisb Day Goods. S. O'Reilley li
Bon, corner of Seventh-street and Western
row, bare again reduoed the rates of. their
goods, and persons wanting bargains should,
give them a call and examine their stook,
one of the most varied In the city.
Penny iVess, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
West Fourth-street, November 27.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. At .......MM u
12 M 29.411 49
0 A, AUtSiMi)s)tiiMiea 29.33 45
Hvminbal. The disease people oall mar
riage, in spite of the example of Plato and
Paul, which, if rigidly followed, would save
the world much misery, is rapidly on the In
crease in this city, and during the week ending
Saturday last carried off sixty couples, against
forty-six during the week previous.
Pbocisdikos or tbb County Commissioners.
At the session of the County Commissioners,
held on Saturday morning, orders were passed
amounting, in the aggregate, to $17,859 50, of
whioh $17,500 were paid to Wesley Cameron,
on aocount, for building the South-western
Lunatio Asylum. Apart from this no business
of any kind was transacted.
Nbw Commission Houbi. By reference to
a card among new advertisements it will be
seen that A. Wilson, jr., H. T. Oarllok and L.
T. Barr, gentlemen well and favorably known
in this community, have associated themselves
together for the transaction of a general for
warding and commission businoss, and hare
taken an offloe at the corner of Main and
Sixth, opposite tbe Gait House. Suoh a com
bination can not but prove suooeasful.
City Auditob, The statement of Mr. Spader,
one of the City Tax Collectors, shows reoeipts
on collection of fourteen thousand one hun
dred and thirty-five dollars and twenty cents,
on assessments amounting to twenty-two
thousand two nunured and lortv-nine dollars
and soventy-four cents. As the Collector's
fees amounted to one thousand one hundred
and thirty dollars and eighty-one oents, there
is a balance ot two nundred and Bixty-one
dollars and nine cents due the Collector.
A Tbiple BubqIiIby. Seme scoundrels, on
the night of Thursday last, feloniously entered
the store of W. H. Ferrell, in Sablna, Clinton
County, Ohio, and robbed it of jewelry to tbe
amount of $60, beside quite a valuable watch.
They then went to another establishment,
where they found nothing, however, but a lit
tle change, which was in the mnney-drawer.
They then entered the Postoffioe, but here they
were met by a large Newfoundland dog, which
frightened them for the balance of the night
from further prosecuting their burglarious
Sebious Accident to a Femalb. A woman,
whose name we have been requested to with
hold, visited a Fourth-street dentist on Satur
day last, and was placed under the influence
of ether, that she might be better enabled to
bear the pain whioh is, we believe, always tho
result of the extraction of a tooth. Before she
bad fully recovered from the effeot she left the
office, but, just at the head of tbe stairs, became
diiiy and fell to tbe bottom, injuring herself
quite severely. She was assisted to a ooaoh
and driven to her residence, but has been so
ill ever since that the fears of a large circle of
friends have been excited, and it is said her
recovery is a matter of doubt.
Mabble Medallion of Oenebal CUbibaldi.
Signor Ginseppe Gionnini favored us on Satur
day last with the sight of an admirably exe
cuted marble medallion of the Italian patriot,
General Garibaldi, which will be on exhibition
daring the week at Wiswell's, on Fourth-street.
Mr. d. intends to raffle this work of art and
devote the proceeds to the fund now being
raised to purchase a million of muskets for the
patriots of Italy. The medallion wis modeled
from a photograph taken while Garibaldi was
in New'York, and this, taken with the faot
that the artist is personally aequatnted with
the General, has enabled him to execute a
likeness, whioh he hopes will induce not only
his countrymen, but all who are in favor of
civil and religious liberty, to oontribute lib
erally to the fund.
Fwb on Saturday Mobnino Loss Five
Thousand Dollars. The Saw-mill of Mr.
Vance, located in the Seventeenth Ward,
near McKendree M. E. Chapel, took fire,
about five o'clock on Saturday morning, and
although the engines were promptly upon
the ground, it was almost an hour before any
water was thrown upon the building. This
waa caused by lack of water in the cisterns
and the fact that the firemen of the ward were
unable to find the key with which to let in a
a supply. A soon, however, as water could
be obtained, the mill waa deluged and the
lire extinguished. A large quantity of lumber
belonging to Mr. V. was destroyed, together
with the building, but the lots, whioh has
been variously estimated at from three to ten
thousand dollars, in our opinion will not ex
ceed five thousand, upon which there is an in
surance of two thousand dollars in the Wash
ington Union Insurance Company, of Cleve
land. Tbe fire originated, we believe, in the
furnace, and was far more destructive than it
would have been if fie supply of water bad
been large aa usual. The firemen worked
with redoubled energy, however, on this ac
count, and after they subdued the flames, were
kindly invited to breakfast at the house of
Mr. Naylor, on Front-street, who treated
them with most hearty hospitality.
Death of a Well-known German Editor.
The following article waa prepared for our
issue of Saturday,1 but its publication waa
omitted Id consequeno of the pressure upon
our advertising oolnmns. . ; , ,
At four o'clock on Friday afternoon, a dis
ease which, for several months, hat been watt
ing the body of Mr. William Rothaoker, editor
of the Turnttitunr, ended its labors and car
ried him to another life.
Mr. R. was born in Baden, in 1828, and at
twenty yeara of age wm found among the
Revolutionists in Germany. With a number
of othert he came to this oountry In 1818, and
almost immediately upon his arrival assumed
the editorial chair of a German paper whioh
waa published In Wheeling, Va. He after
ward removed to this city, where he became
connected with the Eochnaechttr, and later be
waa associated with Fred. Hassaurek, Esq., in
in the publication of the Meniehrtchle.
This association did sot continue long, and
Mr. Rothaoker removed to Pittsburg, where
he became eonnected with the editorial de
partment of a paper, whose name we have
forgotten. In 1867 he returned to this city,
where for some months he taught his native
language In our public schools; but he waa
called hence In the same year to take charge of
the Freie Blatter, published at Albany, N. T.
In January last the Turners elected him
editor of the Turniiitunj, with whioh he has
been conneoted ever slnoe.
About three months ago, while on his way
from Dubuque 'to Baltimore, to attend the
Turners' Convention, he waa telted with the
ditease whioh- was finally the cause of his
death. He wat brought to this olty, and,
although be received the utmost attention
from hia lamily, who were at hia bedside con
stantly, and his friends, who are numerous,
their love oould not ward off tbe blow of the
destroyer, and he fell, at we have stated,
Friday afternoon.
Mr. R. was intellectual, cultivated and lib
eral; a clever, forolble and spirited writer, and
leaves a large olrole of friends, besides a wife
and four children, to mourn hia all too early
end. Hit funeral took plaoe yesterday, from
the oorner of Vine and Mercer-streets, and
waa attended by the Turnera and several other
German societies, and a large concourse of
Tbb Seamen's Chapel Dedication op tbb
Bkthel,. The Western Seamen's Friends So
ciety started a "Bethel" or Seamen's Chapel
in this city several years ago. Latterly it hat
been a floating church, moored at the wharf.
This has bcon abandoned, and rooms in the
old Museum building have been devoted, to the
purposes of the Bethel. Yesterday afternoon
religious services of nominal dedication
brought a very large audience to the rooms.
Every available apace waa occupied. The
same room whore wild animals had once
crouched in cages, where ferocious beasts were
once exhibited for show, the impersonation of
the wild passiona of man, the room once de
voted to dissipation, and demoralisation, the
floor where Wright's blood was spilled by a
murderer, was vesterday set apart for reli
gious services for the seamen. And as the
eloquent speaker, Rev. Kingston Goddard,
descanted upon this text of Eiekiel, 37 chap
ter, verse 3, "And he said unto me, son of
man, can these bones live 7 And I answered,
O, Lord God, thou knowest." Our memory
recalled a vision of the room when it was a
moral Golgotha a place of bones.
The speaker likened the exposed waterman's
eondition, morally and religiously, to that of
the fallen greatneis of the nation, whose de
gradation waa referred to, emblematloally, in
his text. Learning oould not save them mor
ality waa not sufficient grace inly could do
the work, and grace only oould have the glory
No mere ecclesiastical organization man's
machinery oau effectually reform this or any
other olass of men. The only hope for sinner
is in the Gospel ecoleslastical formality may
stuff with chaff, but will not feed the soul of
man. The work to be done la for man, the
minister to prophesy to preach; the power
from the Holy Ghost must accompany the
ministration. The same power that upholds
the throne of God can say to the abandoned,
polluted waterman, "These bones shall live."
The speaker pledged himself to the cause of
the Bethel, subscribing $25 for Christ Churoh,
(Episoopal) of whioh bo it pastor.
Mr. Leonard, the General Agent, made a
thort address, explaining that $500 was needed
to pay for tbe Bethel, and after a spirited ad
dress from Rev. E, W. Sehon, who also gave
$25, a collection was soon taken up. $250 was
then secured for the Seamen's Chapel and
Estimated Expenses or tbe City vor De
cember. The following is a tabular view of
the estimated expenses of the oity for the com
ing month, aa transmitted to tbe City Auditor
by the heads of the various Departments:
Police Department 8,82i 00
Superior Court .. m 00
Light Fund - 8,000 00
Interest Fund 28,129 95
Board of Oity Improvements 11,185 00
Markets 285 00
Wharf Jtlitster and Bogister 175 C3
Mayor's Onice... 2-3 01
(Jlty Auditor's Office .151 68
City Treasurer's Oltlcs..... M 00
City Solicitor's Offlce............. .. 416 06
City Gonncl) M 546 57
City Civil Engineer. .VI 67
Police Court............. 754 33
City Prison.,... m IS
City Printing 300 00
City Printing Damages..... 60 00
Fire Department. 8,810 00
Total SM.476 M
Well Dbsebvkd Compliment to a Cincinnati
Ministeb. The Philadelphia Evening Built
tin publishes an extract from a letter from a
member of the Second Presbyterian Church
nf this oity to a friend in the city of Brotherly
Love, which contains the following well-deserved
compliment to the accomplished Rec
tor of Christ Church. It says :
"The Rev. Dr. Goddard is the oenter of at
traction, at this time, in our oity. His churoh
(which is a very large one) is packed full morn
ing and evening. Last night the alales were
filled with benches, and many stood in the
door-ways and galleries, unable to obtain
seats I Mr. Goddard ia very sociable and af
fable, and bat a kind word and look for every
one he meets on the street (o cAaracfeit'sftc
much needed by tltrgumtn generally), and is very
Pbibon, Jail and Hospital. In the City
Prison, at the olose of the week, there were 140
prisoners, (77 or tnem lemaies,) against itu
the previous week. Daring the week 65 pris
oners were discharged.
In the County Jail there were 8 lunatics;
21 females; 2 on bread and water; 19 on ohaln
gang; 75 in main jail 127 in all, againat 131
the week nrevious.
At the Commercial Hospital 18 persons were
admitted duringthe wetk; 16 dlschanjbjd; none
born, and 3 died ueorge w. mowers, Me
linda Garner and Marearet Reddell.
In the Hospital last evening 137 patients
were under treatment, against 138 the previous
At the oloae of the past week there waa but
one oase of small-pox in the Pest-house.
Tbb Lost Jewels at thb Crrr Prison. The
koeper of tha City Prison, Mr. Boots, has given
evidence of his willingness to have the matter
of the missing rings investigated, and avers
that the keys of the City Prison did not reach
him from the hands of Mr. Bunker, but had
passed through those of others before he re
ceived them. It aeemt to us due to all the
parties ooncerned that this matter should be
completely sifted, and the guilt, if there be any,
fixed upon the Individual through whose crime
or carelessness the property was lost, and we
Heartily nope it may oe none.
Unpaid Lettess. The following ia a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
the Postoffioe, in this city, November 28: -John
Bcbeer, oar of John Dnrand Co., Mor
row, O.
K. D. Smith, Augusta, Ky. ,
Harrison Vnkle, Dexter, Michigan .
November 27.
R. Wilson, Lafayette, Ind.
R. J. Parter, St. Louis, Mo.
Bradford Snyriam A Co., Celumbus, O.
Lieut. R. L. Browning, Commanding Marines, U.
8. Ship Levant, Panama.
"Se advertisement of B. Osmond, M. D.,
In another column.'
Meetino) or tbb Stockbolderb oj-thk South
ern Paciria Railroad. A mtotiof; of the
Stockholders of tbe Southern I'acilic Rail
road was held in Louisville on Thursday and
Friday of last week. The President of the
road, Dr. J. Fowlkes reported that tbe Com
pany now stands not only free from embar
rassment, but commanding the enthusiastic
sympathy and interest of the citizens of that
generous State which gave birth to the great
est enterprise of the age. The old feuds ex
isting at the time of his roport, November 25,
1858, have all been ended, and all parties are
animated at this time by a spirit of unanimity
in accomplishing the great object of the char
ter. He also ttatea that meaaures have been ta
ken by means of aaloa of present stock, and
by subscriptions, to raise the $250,000 to be
uaed for actual working meana in constructing
the road, of whioh $100,000 had alredy been
raised in Texas alone.
On Friday morning tbe committee, to whom
was referred the paper of Dr. Fowlkes, re
ported that they were unanimously of the
opinion that the condition and prospects of the
eoterpriie have, at no previous time, been so
favorable aa they are now.
1. All the debts of the Company hare been
provided for, and the Company standi freed
from liabilities.
2. The State suit haa been tried on itt merilt.
aud the franchises of the Company are fully
recognised ana est&Diished by the courts or
3. Tbe stock list haa been thoroughly purged
by a judicial tale and transfer of the franchisee
and property, and they are now vetted solely in
toose parsons wnose money nas redeemed the
Company from its peril. The stook of the
Company is fully represented by its property.
The committee embody their conclusions in
the following resolutions :
Bttolvtd, That a oommltteeof three persons
be appointed by tbe chairman, from this meet
ing, to take up a subscription of $i50,000, and
tender the same to J. Edgar Thompson, In ac
cordance with the suggestions of this report.
Aeeofoed, That it is inexpedient for this
Convention to consider the subject of the cut
off stock of this company.
Resolved, That Dr. J. Fowlkes be requested
to continue his invaluable services to thia
oompany In the manner Indicated in thla
A resolution, expressing the thanks of tbe
stockholders to Dr. Fowlkes, for "the able,
fearless and effective manner in which be has
maintained their interests," wat adopted, and
the Convention adjourned.
Tbb Nbw Montblt. We noticed a couple
of weeks ago that a new monthly, to be oalled
Tkt LM, was about to be established In this
oity. We now learn that It will be under the
editorial control of Rev. M, D. Conway, and
will number among other contributors Ralph
waido Emerson, rtev. u. a. jfrethingham, H.
D. Thorean, and F. B. Sanborn.
The new journal will be liberal in its tone,
aa might be expected from the names we
have given above, and treat all tha social
and religious questions of the day in the
broadest spirit of freedom. That it will be
ably edited there oan be no question that it
will succeed we do not doubt.
Annivbrsabt or thb Yodno Mux's Bihlb So-
oibtt. The twenty-fourth anniversary meet
ing or theioung Men's .Bible tiociety, ol this
city, will be held this evening, at the Central
Presbyterian Church, on the corner of Mound
street and Barr, at seven o'clook. Thia asso
ciation la admirably organized, and the labors
of their oommittees have been unceasing. An
opportunity will be afforded, thia evening, pre
vious to the election of officers, for brief ad
dresses, containing statements of the manner
in whioh the society proseoutes its work, that
will doubtless be interesting to all who are
concerned in the spread of the Bible.
Police Court. There were but nineteen
cases examined before the Police Court on Sat
urday, none of which, however, were of suffi
cient interest or Importance for publication.
John Leonard, tbe returned homicide, hat
been committed for trial in the Court of Com
mon Pleas, and it now under ball of two thou
sand dollars.
The oase of George S. Hill, whose forgery
on the proprietors of the Dennison House we
noticed some days ago, has been continued un
til Wednesday next.
An Editobial Duel on thb Tatis. For
several days past a quarrel between two of
our leading editors nas been brewing, and a
lengthy correspondence has taken plaoe be
tween the parties. Tho seconds have been
chosen, we understand, and It has been stated
that a challenge passed yesterday moraine.
How this affair will end, we know not, but
are inclined to think and hope it will be sot
tied without an appeal to arms.
Y. M. M. L. A. Lbctubks. The third
leoture of the winter course before tbe Young
Men's Mercantile Library Association, will be
delivered at Smith & Nixon's Hall to-morrow
evening, by Hon. Francis P. Blair, of St. Louis.
Mr. B. has already attained considerable
reputation, and his discourse will doubtless be
quite interesting and draw a large and fashion
able audience.
Meetino or tbb Stockboldebs op tbb
Covington and Lexington Railboad. A
called meeting of the stockholders of tho Cov
ington and Lexington Railroad will be held at
Cynthiana thia morning, at ten o'clock, to
decide In regard to what course it will be best
to pursue in referenoe to an appeal from the
late decision of Judge Goodloe.
Earnings or tbb Indianapolis and Cincin
nati Railboad. The earnings of the In
dianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad for the
third week in November will reach in round
figures $8,000 the largest receipts during any
tingle week In three yean.
Railroad Meetino at the Burnet House.
The Direotora of the Cincinnati, Wilmington
and Zanesvllle Railroad will hold a meeting
at the Burnet House, in this city, this evening,
to consider the recent dlamlsaal of tha Super
intendent by the Reseiver.
Closing; or tbe Little Miami Company
Transfir Books. The transfer bookt of the
Little Miami Company will be closed after to
day, until the 5th of December, when the teml
annual dividend of four per cent, will be paid.
Mobs New Booes. Riokey, Mallcry k Co.
are out with another Hat of new books. See
OrroaiTiON Convention, At a mast meet
ing of the Opposition parly, held at the Mayor's
office, on Saturday evening last, in which Jacob Bl
llnger was chosen President, and William L. Grant,
secretary, it wa recommended that primary meet
ings bo held in each ward, for the purpose of choos
ing Ave delegates to a City Convention tt nominate
candidate to bs supported at the next January elec
tion. Tbe primary meetings will be held to-morrow
evening, at aeven o'clock, and the Convention will
assemble tbe next evening at the same hour.
Fence Abound the City Buildings. Since
tha proposition to sell the Cltv Building ha been
voted down by the people, we hear of some persons
who favor the erection of a substantial fence around
them. In behalf of numerous citizens In the vicin
ity, we protest against this, It would crettte the
necessity for a great Dumber of pen to accommodate
the swine that now resert to the Court-house hall for
Political. The Democrats hold a conven
tion to nominal candidate for city officers this
vening at seven o clock. The following are the
nnmlne for Councllmen: lt Ward. D.
2d Ward, Cant. W. 8. Bock; 3d Ward, Judge S. P
Ptrrin; 4th Ward, ; nth Ward, Judge
Uhas. Mooar; 6th Ward, Judge Riley; 7tu Ward,
James Bpillman.
Peddling Withodt Iioenbb. Another
itinerant peddler, named Henry Fiber, was arrested
on Friday last. He gave his whole stook as security
for his appearance In the Pollco Court the next
morning, which, on beingexamlned, proved to be
worth about thirty cent. He didhiot appear.and tbe
contents'of.hls vails, consisting of two or three bar
of soap, I forfeit to tbe city.
Vaobant. A man named Gardiner, who
ha been lounging aronnd the city for sometime,
witbout any "visible means of support, " waa yester
day arretted by Officer BID and lodged In jail.
Religious. Rellgiout torvioes at the dif
ferent churches of this oity, were nnuiually well at
tended yesterday both morning and evening.
Pike's Orniu-Hni'SE. Tbo admirable dra
matic story of lickin, TH(Jitnitrorut HtATH,
will be prwlii.-rt at this tsbllliment to-night, with
an excellent Aiat. "Dot Pmrillngle,"ln the hands
of Mrs.Couwsy. will dKiihtlras haa beantinil Imper
sonation, aud "John," hi those of Mr. Conway,
v-illbenu. The law aig,Hnd the opportunities
for producing scenic Hbcui and illusions, combined
with the ability of ths company, the tnll strength of
which will be bromilit out, all augur the snccess of
the presentation of thia drama.
Wood's Theater The Richings drew a
large and brilliant audience on Saturday night, and
rendered the play of KxraEHKS in excellent style.
To.nfght Lor, ob Tn s OuicKr.r on tub HrBi n, will
W produced, with Mia Ittchlngs as "Dot" end Mr
Hichlngs as "John Poerlliingle." The habitues of
thisestabllshment have some pleaanr in store for
them, and will doubtless ail it to It capacity.
National Tbeateb. Paos and Mabodbb
its, after having drawn good houses for two weeks,
has been such a sonrce of profit to the management,
that he baa concluded to continue it, and it will be
presented this erenidg for the thirteenth time, w
trust, to an overflowing house. Mr. J. B. Roberts,
beside appear! d- as the representative of the (Joe
thean demon, "Mephlstophilee, will also personate
"Count Pescara," in the popular drama, Thb Mooas
in Spain.
Loula Diehl . J. P. Kilbreath. A citation
was issued to J. P. Kilbreath, a trustee of the Ohio
Life Insurance and Trust Company, to appear in Ibis
Court and show cause why be should not give a new
bond, hie an Inventory of tbe assets of tbe Trust
Company, coming into his hands, and wind up tbe
state under ths assignment law.
Jury Unable to Aobeb. R. Connelly was
tried before Judge Biallon and a jury upon an indict
ment charglug him with Incestuous Intercourse with
hi step. daughter, Bridget Dolan, aged thirteen
years, The defense contended that the prosecution
arose out or a coniptracy. Bridget Dolan and her
sisters were exatniued to prove the commission of
the offense. Witness were called on the part of
defense, who gave the defendant a good character.
The lury were unable to agree to a verdict, and
were discharged.
Three wltneeess who wore not present when called
in thla case had to pay the oost of an attachment.
Beeobs Judos Hoadlt. G. W. Ball vs.
Anna M. Horrel aid oth tra. Action brought to re
cover 129,000 for the removal of a sheet-iron mill and
nail fuctory In Covington. Case not closed.
Befqbs Jddoe Smkoei. Benschel vs. Nebllg.
Verdict for plaintiff damsges SM. .
Hopkins vs. Glenn. To recover the value of a raft
of lumber which defendants allege they refused to
accept it, a bein worthless. Fending.
Befobi Jun8roBta. Collet vs. De Graft", Exe
cution and sale stayed, and judgment retained as se
curity. 1. U.Brown vs. Jennifer and oilier. Demurrer
sustained, andleara to petitioner to make new parties.
Obituary. Dr. J. II. Hawking, well-known
In this city, and brother to Mayor Hawkins, died at
his residence at Bobortsgn' Station, on Friday even,
lug last.
Circuit Covbt, The Circnit Court of Camp-
hell County commences Its session at Alexandria to
day. A great number of important civil suits and
criminal prosecutions are pending, which will be de
cided during the term.
Monetary and Commercial.
In Third-street, on Saturday, there wa little
change from the previous day; Monetary matters be
ing less active than usual at the close of the week
Still, the application tor loans were numerous a
the Discount-house, and not a few borrowers were
seen in tbe street. The bankers reported enlarged
financial facilities on Saturday, arising from an aug
mented supply of Currency which wa sent hers for
Eastern Exchange was rather steadvat k huvinr
aud X premium selling; but one or two dealer were
nut wining to give more man par lor unaouoiea
Gold continued dull la the extreme, ad dealer
would have benu willing to sell at H premium.
Uncurrent Money la growing heavier. IndianaStock
we quote nt .'4; Pennsylvania, country Xl Virginia
Uiiuks, 4; Kanawha and Bank of Ohmlestown, 1;
Maryland Interior, H Michigan, 1; North and South
Carolina, 1: Gcorm and Canada, I; Tennessee, )il;
Missouri, l'A; Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, 2c. dis
count. The rates of Exchange and Coin at the close of
the week were:
Buying. . Selling.
New York Sight...... Hi prom. M prem.
Philadelphia Sigbt X " 'A "
Hoston bight X, " H "
Baltimore Sight. X " X "
New Orleans Sight par ii "
American Uold par .',15c. '
Flour was Arm and fairly active on Saturday at
Friday' advanco. Whisky wo steady. Hogs wore
steady, and S.270 head were sold at $4 90ii. Mess
l'ork advanced 23c. nor brl., and Provisions were
brisk. Grain was (irui, but unchanged.
The receipt of Produco, Hogs, Ao., for tho twenty
four hours ending Saturday noon, wore as follows:
. . r' j .'in . via... , l. l - .
Wheat, 3,:6 hush.; Oat, mi bush.; Whixky, 1,679
brls.; Barley, l,5', Irani).; Hogs, 2,3aT head; Cofloe,
777 bags; apples, in oris.; uutter, 1111 Kegs, uneese,
SkM boxes; Potatoes, 4UU brls.; Suit, 1,040 brls.
Kxpobts. Uorn,2t)l)tisli.; Flour, 2,817 brls.; Wheat,
13(1 bush.; Whisky, 7IH) brls.; Barley, IM bush.; Sugar,
X! hints.; ftlolaiisos,61 brls.; Coffee, 627 bags; Apples,
Jf brls.; Butter, 34 legs; Choose, H4 boxes; Potatoes,
3fi brls.; Halt, 34 brls.
Tn New York there Is a fair and active demand
for money, with a still suporabunc ant supply. Call
loans are rnnginR from A to 6 per cent. Prime in-
(lorHUU ,npui, uuun w w.ju ,w i uu, id v vou,.,
nuclei- 90 days 6H per cent.; and dates beyond, lii to 7
percent, emglo names, nrxi-cmss, are luaen at a to
9 per cent.; second-class. III pot- vent.; and names les
known, 18 to 21 percent.
Saturday' Missouri Democrat says of the St. Louis
Money market:
"The Exchange market was very close to-day, and
it was uitnciiit to nny signt on tne least under lor
bankable funds. The local demand is at present
large, and bt. Louis lias to furniah an extensive range
nf country with Kxchnngc, which is difficult to no
while so little produce is going forward to create it,
Wo review yesterday's quotations for selling rates:
For Bold. Bank'e Funds, 111. Wis.
Soiling on taBt...M(a'pr. USil'4 pr. lX(ailpr.
nn N.Urlcsns.l.MM pr. I(al!i pr. Wifc! pr.
on Cin. A Lou. pr. fcrgl pr. ftIX pr.
The weather being so warm, less demand was
noted for currency to send to the country; but it is
bought at about h dis. for bankable funds and sold
FLOUR-Tbe demand continues good to-day, and
tbe market firm at yesterday's advance: sales of 2,MX)
brls. at ti for superfine, uud 9i &0(8)5 62 for choice
white wheat, part to arrive. Receipts light.
WHISKY The market ia steady, with afairde
inand: salei of 1,200 brls. at 23c,, including that from
wnaron. .
HUUH-Tne demand continues active, too prices
Arm. The sale to-day weie at follows:
200 head averaging aoo lbs. at $5 on
M) bead averaging 2UO210 lbs. at 6 00
4ui) head averaging 20O&210 Iha. at ft 95
2M head averaging ISO lbs. at 5 BS
300 head averaging ISO lhs. at ft 99
100 bead averaging 1MV lbs. at A S3
400 bead averaging 203 lb, at ; 6 00
m head averaging 200 11. at.... 5 (.1
260 bead averaging 200 lbs. at 6 00
209 head averaging ISO lbs. at ft 90
The receipt were about 3,000 head during tb last
twenty.four hours.
PROVISION 8-Ms Pork 2flc. higher, with sale
of MO brls. at lis 2ft. There are several anxious buy
er, for fulnre delivery, at $19 7ft. Bulk Pork may be
quoted at Ws(37ic., packed. SO hhds. Bason Sldos
sold at 9Xc. , aud 3,000 pieces green Meat at 7 S3-100
7he. for Hams, and 6ic. for Bides. Lard held firm
at llii$$103(c. for brl. and kog, but we bave beard of
no sales of Importance.
WHEAT Theie is a good demand, and holders are
firm ut $1 'ii lor prime White, and Si Ift for prime
Ked: sales of ouO bushels prime Bed at 81 1ft; 330 do.
prime White at l 2ft.
COUN There le a good demand, and price are
attiadj at our last quotations; sales of 300 bushels at
43c, at tbe Marietta Depot.
OATS T here it a good demand, and price trs firm
at 4ftc.
BAULKY The market 1 firm, with a good de
mand at our last quotations: sales of 1,OVO bushel
prime Iftll at 73c.
BTK-Tbere Is a good demand, and prices firm at
7c. forprimo.
CHEKSK There is an active demand, and prices
firm at 9c. for Western Biwrvs, and Ho, for English
Dairy t tales ofittO boxes Western Reserve at 9c.; 300
do. Knglimi Daity at lie.
BUTTEH-Thereitefuir demand for Roll at 1ft
I To. fur fair to prime, few choice lot telling at 18o.
A PPLE8 There has been noohangein the market
slnca our laat report. Price range from $1 40 to
ti 25 per brl.
POTATOES There is a better demand, but prices
are uncharged.
CLOVER SEED Tb demand continues active:
sales of 23 brls. at f 4 Tft; 114 sacks at $4 66.
GROCKRIKS Sugar scarce, and firm at lXS'4c.
Molasses 47c, and very little lu market. We notice
aajea of Baltimore Sugar-house attfe. Goifee Ann at
ol(j Linseed very scarce, ind in demand at 57o.
The stock of tbll article It about exhausted.
Steamboat Register.
AnatVAit. Boston, Portsmouth ; Clara Dean,
Louisville ; Telegraph. Louisville; Eunice, Wheel
ing ; Melrose, Maysville; Prioress, Madison; Dun
lelili, Neville; Virginia Home, Nevelle ; J. W. Bail
man, Pittsburg,
DarAtTttar.. Boston, Portsmouth; Telegraph,
Louisville: Eunice, Louisville ; Helros, Maysviilej
Swallow, Marietta; Prioress, Madison; Pomeroy,
Pomeroy; Ida May, Pittsburg; Clara Dean, PI tu
hnrg; Uiinlelth, Neville; Virginia Home, Neville;
Sam Kirkman, Nashville; Madison, New Orleans;
Messenger, Memphis.
Raisins, new figs, new Currant, Prnnea,
Almond, Pecans. Filbert, Cream Nuts, Ac, In
store end forssle by
holt . Corner of Ninth and vlnt-sireeti.
Tbb Auboba Boeealis Orr Cirt Hori ,
Magnificent Dispi.tr. On the night of tbe '
2d of September, during a tremendous gate, a.
wonderful phenomena manifested itself tn the
oBlcer and- erew of th,tWar .Ctuu, J-S
Cspe Horn. The rare tpeetaole nf an aurora
australii, or southern lights, ' wis toitnaeesil. '
It commenced about 1 o'clock In the more -lug
and increased in spleodor until towar 1
daylight, when it gradually faded before tbo '
light of day. Tbe whole heavens were of a
dun red. whtnn eolnr waa raflsrtArl In th .
ocean, upon which a foarfnl tea waa running.
These were surmounted by combs, not of tho
usual white, but almost blood red. bume of
the orew were much frightened. Onoe during
the night a tremondous hail and toots tqaaU
huitled upon the ship. Through the whoie of
this the flame assumed the tame rosette hue,
and when a spray flew over the ship it fell to
leeward In ruddy mowers. Between ice
iuaUs In the clear places in tho tlty, tho
mysterious lights were teen shooting up in
spiral ttreakt nearly to the lenith now flash
ing out in tbe interne darknest with meteorle -brilliancy,
and now looming up agalntt the
h orison at with the blase of eomo terrible con
flagration, to that tbe glare wat reflected upon
the tails. Captain Howe, of the Southern.
Crott, and hit officert tay that they have never
witnessed any thing equalling this display lor
magnifioence. During the galo, seroral times
at night brilliant conotanU, or balls of electio
tire, appeared flickering at the mast-beads,
jard-armt and other salient points.
Fashionable Febalb Avfabel. A writer
in the Atlantic Monthly, speaking of those
'Irenes whioh are entirely too thort at one end
for either oouifort or deoency, lays:
From that point (the waist) it begtnt to Ion
its semblance to a woman's shape, (eg yon will
tee by again raising your eyes to the Venus)
nod after running two or throe inches inward,
tu a straight line, where it should turn onir
ward with a gentle curve, its outline breaks
into a sharp angle, and expand! with a sudden
hyperbolloal curve Into a monstrous and name
less figure that it not only unlike naturo, but
has no relation whatever with nature. The
eye needt no cultivation, the brain bo iostruc
tion to perceive that such an outline oan not
he produced by drapery on a woman's foim.
it it olear, at a glance, that there it an artlfl
dial structure underneath that twelllng sklrt;
that a scaffold, a frame-work has been erected
co tupport that dome of tilk; and that tbe
wearer is merely an automatic machine by
which it it made to perambulate. A woman
in thit rig hangt in her skirts like a clapper in
i bell; and I never meet one witbout being .
tempted to take her by the neck and ring her.
Embalming Cobpsks. AtPsduoab, Ky., re
cently, the body of a stranger, who died there,
wat embalmed as an experiment by a process
which it comparatively little known, though its
diaoovery dates yean back. The body wat vis
ited by a number of medical inon, and othert,
who expressed muoh astonishment at the extra
ordinary degree of preservation and life-likeness
the corpse presented. The ingredients of tbe
composition by which this remarkable effuot is
produced are kept secret. ! ..
ItL WILLIAHS-Sale-roorns 22 and 34 Kast Third
trot Crotch Mahogany Veneers at Auction. On
.UdNDAi" AFTMRNOON", November se, at J)
o'clock. 10,000 feet Crotch Mahogany Veneer jus'
rucsived; a superior artlcK SeecatM'ogues. nci
1. MILES & CO -We will mil on TCKSDAF
MORNINU, November 29, at Ido clock, 'or account
of lleorge C. Knight, to pay advance and charges, 30
hHrreis uourpon wuiHKy, i pipe uuuuun uiu,
quarter casks Brandy, 1 liarrelScotch Whisky, nod
one quarter caek of Port Wine: uo
Jrm. & CO., Sales-rooms No.M Mnin-street. Post
I ive sale of staple Groceries, Boots, Shoes, , at
Auction, to close consignments. On TUESDAY
MORNING, November W, at o'clock, 20 bags Hio ,
iVillee, 35 mnta Java Coffee, 10 bsgs Pepper, 130 boi
Virginia, Kentncky and Missouri Tobabco, ion bar
rels Smoking Tobacco. Ml holes Pearl Starch, If)
boxes No. 1 Palm Soap, 43boies Starand S. Candles,
-ft barrel Uetlned Byrup, 20 bags Cotton Yarn, li
l.s Candle Wick, ciuks Granite Ware, 45 cases
Hen's and Boy's Boot, Shoes and BrogHua, 1,000
Ipii ndles Wrapping Paper, "-'
SHEARS & CO., Salos-rooniB No. 87 aud se
Muin-street Hegular sals of Groceries, Ac, ut Auc-tion.-Wewill
vember 28, at V o'clock, a general assortment of
(irocerles.Ac, consisting of CO barrels Molasses, -in
kens assorted Nails, 100 lioxoa Dandles, 1MI boxes
Herman Soup, 17) boxeaPalm Soap, tOObundleeO, M.
A D. C. Papiir, 210 boxcB assorted 0 lasswarc, 17 boxes,
pounds aud Ss. Tobacco, lu) caddie 'm. Tobscco, 30)
onrrels Smoking Tobacco.
A LSO-To close, 2f tierces prime Bice.
aLSO-Rope, Indigo, Nutmegs, 'IVas, Oronnii
r'plcos, Twine, Bedcordi, Manilla Uurdago, ViickHs.
Tubs, Washboards, 4c.
11028 Q. BBA3HKAB8 ft CO,, Auctiuueeis,
JOHNSTON, in Sales-rooms, No. 9.1 Main-Btreet,
(noxt to Trust Company Bank ). Large stock of
Dry Goods. Tailor's Goods. Hosiery, Ac., at Auction.
TUESDAY MOKN1NG, November 2S, atD1 o'clocv.
will be sold, without resorve.J'O lots of Staple and
Fancy Cry Good, comprising a very desirable as
sortment for oity and country sales.
ALSO Large etock of Cloth, Oasslmoro, SstinelJ,
Overcoatings, Vostings, and other Merchant Talluia
nud Clothiers' Goods.
ALSO barge siuck oi uermaniown uoous, sucu sa
Comfort, Hoods, Hosiery, Ac
ALSO-Casos of Hats, Caps. Biots, shoes, Ac.
no2 THOMAS JOHNSTON. Auctioneer.
New Mode of Ventilationi
fall and See One of
Heating and Venlllatlng Furnav.
In operation at
Store Ware-rooms, Not. SI and f3 Vlne-tt,
1 (Below Columbia.)
Sawyer & C o.
BAGS, for Grocers, Druggist, Tea Sealer and
others, made from extra duality of Wrapping. DU
nill and White Tea Paper.
mono No. t Wrapping and Maolll;
al,000 No, 2
zno.ouuHO. a ,
200,000 No. 4
200,000 No,
, 200,000 No. S
200,000 No. 10
am.oisi No. ia -209,000
No. is
! 200,000 N. 11
200,000 No. 20
2i),noo No. 20
20(1,000 No, I White Tee Bags;
200,000 No. a
200,000 No. 3
The above are pnt np in packages of sno hag sacti.
We are manufacturing from sixty to seventy-fir
inousaua nag per nay.
21 IX
ON A OfTATftTl.t).
Patter llaff M aniirjuitiiren,.
And Wholesale Paper Sealers,
77 and 79 Walnut-street.
Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in
Soap( Perfamery, Fancy Good, Ac,
-7e examining my Stock will find thst I
am telling lower than any other hoose in the oltv.
will be tnpplled with an extra An unailrr
nf Oysters for Thanksgiving. - Just the thing to stud
your turkey with.
, , JOBS FBKOUBON, Orocor,
no 16 Corn Ninth and Vine-streci.
1 have on hand a lot of Pennsylvat la Buck
wheat which I am wiling in 10, It, 20 and 401b. sacks,
and by th barrsl. , ., , '
JOHN I'IROUHOrf. Ororer.
n16 Corner lllnth and Vine-street. '

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