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Ii yaklUbad dally. ( Bandar escepteA.T'tri
rnoa M wit rotiii.iiliiT.
THI riNNT FBISSIs delivered to subscribers I
Cincinnati, OorlnftoD end Newport, tad sur
ronndlnf eltlM tnd towns, tt tht i
tremelr low price of
raica or luiuao:
Btagle copies Jo.; l month 40o.;S monthsll; 1 rear K.
Join A. unit, Ja.....Jois Lessee tnd Mtnatw.
1 Last night but thro of - '.
Miss Caroline d Nr. Peter Richingt,
WIDNE8DAY EVENING, November M, In con
e luence of tha numerous and incessant applications
at the Box Offlce, the great canted of
Mr. Mayborry ......Mr. Richings.
Kb.ti.wr Oldricb wmtHMMWHi H Hr. Ellsler.
Au.ijtua Bmller.. Mr. Bend.
Mr. Middleman Hlggins ..Mr. Langdon.
Mra. Crosby -..Mra. Caroline Blchinga.
Mrs. Oldrlch m M ................Mra. Gilbert
Virginia Oldricb Mlm Wait.
Kelly Fanny Denham.
aw In eonseijuence of tha "extreme" length of
ih piece, there will be no fare acted with tha
comedy of "Kxtromee."
ar-Doon open at aXi Curtain rise at 7K o'clock.
Paints or Adm lesioNDress Circle and Perquette,
Ml cents; Gallery, 2ocents.
He engagement of the eminent actor,
'" In order to afford famllln an opportunity of bring
ing their children to witneu ihs performance of
Faiut tnd Marguerite, it will be acted at the Drat
piece, and terminate at 9 o'lock. '
TH18 (Wednesday) EVENING, November 30, will
ra acted, for the fifteenth time, the great Legendary
Drama, from the German of Goethe, entitled7
Faust and Marguerite.
IWephistophiloe... ....... Mr. J. B. Roberto
Fauat (an aged Scholar.'...... ..Mr. 0. Stuart
Marguerite Mrs. 0. Henri
Dance by Miea Jennie Blgbt.
To conclude with the popular tragedy called the
Count Pescara,..............................Mr. J. B. Roberta.
Malec Mr. Vanderen.
Theater, io now open for the reception of guests.
. Koonie can be obtained by the day or woeE, and
meala furnished at all hours
NuTICtS. Tradesman and others are cautioned
agalnot tarnishing any articles for the theater with.
.lit a written order, eigne d by I lie Manager.
Unto. M. Barrao..,,.,..,.M - .' Manager.
F. B. Conway Stage Director.
i THIS (Wednesday) IVININO. Not. 30, and ever?
evening nntil further notloe, will be presented, with
beautiful scenic effect and illusions, and a powerful
cast of characters, Dickena'a admirable domestic
ttory of
Oa, Tat CaiciEt on thi Hsabtr.
John Peeribinglo... ...Conway
Tackleton ,. Lauagan
Caleb Plummer ...,.., DavlVlge
N t rau ger Sheridan
Dot Peeribingle Mrs. Conway
Bertha. M iaa Crocker
May Fielding Mlae Htanley
Mrs. Fielding......... .......................Mrs. Wilkini
Tilly Slow boy Mrs. Place
Spirit of the Cricket Mra Navarre
Overture, Orchestra.
To conclude with a favorite farce.
t'aicr.a or ADMiaaioN. Parquette Circle, Parqnette
and Balcony, .'ill cents; Amphitheater, 2ft cental
Private Boxes for eight persons, &t.
Doors open at 6H o'clock ; commence at Vi.
Box Offloe open from 10 A, M. until P. M., where
seats can be secured. J. F. HBBB1RT, Treat' r,
Friday and Saturday Evenings,
The Old Hundred!
(En route for New Orleans,) LADIES and GENTLE.
MEN Vocalists, including
The distinguished young New England Contralto,
The renowned Soloist on the Golden Bugle.
The eminent Cornet and Clarionet performer.
With their splendid
Wilt all appear In.
Costumes of a Century Ago.
Doors open at 7 o'clock. Conceit to commence at
P. M.
On SATl'BDAY, at 8 o'clock,
Grand Musical Assembly.
Children in the afternoon Ten Cents.
National Hall, Vlae-street, above Fifth.
Lender of Orchestra.
...0. H. Holcomb.
t'liASSES-Thundajr, from 2 to 4 P. M., for Ladies.
Saturday, 0 to 12 A. fll., and 2 to S P. M., for Misses
and Masters.'
Gentlemen Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 P. M.
Waltzing Class, lor Ladies and Gentlemen, Friday
evenings. ,
Lessons ron OaNTLianr. In order to meet the
convenience of gentlemen whose buelnesa or social
engagements often Interfere with their punctual at
tundance, our arrangement la, that tickets are pur.
rhaaad, one of which is delivered at each lemon, and
can be used during the whole season of seven months.
The lessons aro so arranged that beginners can
commence at any time, oott-bm-W&S
'-or the :
Independent Highland Guards
Vine-street, between) Fifth and Sixth-its.!
On Thursday Evening, Deo. 1. .
Music under the direction of Capt. A. MENTER,
uanclng under the management ef Professor A.
,,. Supper by H. k. ARMSTRONG.
Tickets can be had of John H. Patrick, No. 40
' East filth-street, aud Gibson and McDonald, No.
feu Vino-street. no2e
New Mode of Ventilation!
Call and Be Oaa ef
PAT Elf T ,
Heating and Ventilating Furnaces,
- In operation at
chambirVain 4 00. 'S
Stora Wart-roomi, Nog. 61 and 63 Vine-it.,
, (Below Columbia.) -
I ... . '
Sawyer & Co.
embraces all the leading styles In every varlet
cl TUB, whloh we warrant
NO. 140 MAIN-8TBIBT, .
oil One door below ronrth.
VOL. 2. NO. 87.
1 r''MI
itpmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmim i ' as.
Advertisements not exceedum Ave lines (A gate.
Onelnwrtloa....J is I One w.k.-.ll n
Two weka.... l to Oue month ... 1 .10
Larger advertisements inserted at the following
rates for suoare of ten lines or leas t
One lneertlon.....4 SO Two weeka,., H ' 0
kach addi'nal ina.. 23 Three we-ks. -. ' O
One week.MH.M...n 1 7S Oue "- 1 00
Job Printhift
la all lis breaches, done with neatuen anil dlmtct ,
;The Home of Representatives of Cioor
gia bai passed a bill abolishing public eio
tutiong. j?A leading maxim with almost overy
pslitieian it always to keep bis countenance,
and never to keep his word. ,
"That. sir. is the Spirit of tha Press."
said a lady, si she handed a glass of cider to
a genucman. ; . , ,
"Extreujoa meet. Civilization and bar
barism come together. Savage Indians and
fashionable ladies paint their faces.
Tbree things that never agree two
eats over one mouse, two wives in one house,
and two lovers after ono young lady.
negro's inslruotions for putting on a
coat were : "Fust de right arm, den de lef,
and den gib one general eonwulehun."
jttf'Anne Looser, a German ohild four years
old, swallowed a pin, in Detroit, Miob., last
week, and died fire days after in intense agony.
If&'lti Washington County, Texas, on the
14th Inst, there was lee an inch thick, blast
ing all hopes of the top crop of ootton.
SBTMVhy should potatoes grow better than
other vegetables ? Beoause they have eyes to
ee what they are doing.
Jacob BenhofF, the man tried in Cleve
land for tht murder of his wife's alleged par
amour, Frank Weiger, was found guilty of
murder in the second degree on Saturday last.
9"There is a relief in ridicule and good
natured satire. Laughter at the misconduct
of the world will, in a great measure, ease us
of any disagreeable passion about it.
SJTThe di lie rent places of amuioment,
aooordlng to the doubtful authority of the New
York Herald, netted over $16,000 in that olty
on Thanksgiving evening. '
JWhen all around ns it drear and darki
the hidden glories of heaven may be caught
upon a tear trembling upon the eyelid, and
ptotured vividly and beautifully npon the soul.
flfD Quinoy being asked why there were
mora women than men, replied, "It is in con
formity with the arrangements of nature: we
always see more of heaven than earth."
g&'Jna. 8, Whittler, the anti-slavery poet,
ays that "Interference with slavery by the
North is manifestly a failure, and will not be
likely to be repeated in the present oentnry."
jfTheoitizens of the Fourth District, New
Orleans, haVe organiied themselves into a
night police for the purpose of protecting their
property from inoendiartes. . . j
&The last issue of the Daoouth Vimocral,
published at Sioux Falls City, announces the
death of Henry Masters, Governor of the Ter
ritory. ,
Dr. Freund who, as we have mentioned,
was shot by an outraged husband Mr. McKee
at Port Huron, Ohio, a few days slnoe, has
sinoe died. ' " j
colored man named William Cooper
was suspended from a Presbyterian Church at
Buffalo, N. Y., for having plotted to get his
wife returned to slavery.
&The Vicksburg (Miss.) Hospital it full.
There it not a single empty bed. All are
occupied with men who were taken sick on
the levee.
T. Sibley, bank olerk of Cutter, Har
rison A Co., New Albany, dropped on the
street and lost a $4,000 bill of exohange and
six $1,00" Dins on the Bute uank of Louisi
ana. J&F One of the largest bast ever caught was
taken in White River, near Rookford, Ind. the
other day. The fish weighed nine pounds and
a half, was two feet two inohei wide, and his
mouth six inohei wide. ' .
&In view of frequent acts of incendia
rism, the Board of Underwriters of New Or
leans offered a reward of $3,000 for evory ap
prehension and conviction of an incendiary
during the next twelve months.
f&"k young girl named Mahan, residing
in the family of Mr. Samuel Baohman, of
Hudson, Columbia County, N. Y., met with
an aooident one day of last week, whloh
terminated her existence tho following day. .
"Mr. C. has spoken ill of you," said a
gossip to his friend, man who thoroughly
understood the world. "That astonishes me,"
was the reply, "I have never rendered him
any servioe."
"0ne day Jerrold was asking about the
talent of a young painter, when his companion
declared that the youth was mediocre. "Tht
very worst ocAre an artist oan set to work
with," was tht quiet reply.
T"An orator holding forth in favor of
women concluded thus: "Ob, my hearers,
depend upon it, nothing beats a good wife."
"I beg your pardon," roplied one of his female
auditors, "a drunken husband does."
'"Horace Mann says: No wreck is so
shocking to behold as that of a dissolute
young man. On the person of the debauehee
or inebriate infamy is written. Nature hangs
labels oyer him to testify her disgust at his
pS"K book about England has just been
published in Germany, In which the author
mentions, among other equally interesting
facts, that thieves are so soaros in that coun
try that a reward is often offered for the dis
covery of one.
eafSome rude country oritio quoting the
London Time' remark that our Secretary of
the Treasury has woven "some curious finan
cial webs," remarks that they are like other
Cobb-webs. Is the oritio intentionally per
sonal T -
The new gas works in Clarksvills,
Tenn., don't work, the Cumberland River and
lower Ohio River coals not being suffi
ciently gas produolng. The company have
ordered a large supply from Pittsburg.
.' "Maxwell, Saulpan k Co. completed the
masonry for the Cumberland River Railroad
lut week. The contract embraced five im
mense piers and two abutments, involving
the ooit of $80,000. .
J"The nursery word lullaby is of very
ancient origin. The Roman nurses used the
word lully to quiet their children, and they
feigned a deity called Lullus, whom they in
voked on iuoh occasions. The lullaby, or tune
itself, was called by the tame name. ,
Recently about fifty half grown boys,
in Baltimore, amused themselves by a street
fight.- Of the fifty, but (too were arrested, and
they were released on giving bonds to keep
the peace. . This, we suppose, is a specimen
of Baltimore justice. .
- At Evansvllle, Indiana, on Saturday
night, Mr. Jaoob Lunkonhelmer, a lawyer of
.!.! Ll .Mlt .Iia! Mm.nlf Mirntlirh tha
head with a pistol. He bad been drinking
Bard for several uays, most oi wmou uue u
remained at his boarding-house. ,
jNTTbaokeray'l new serial Is announced for
next year. He is to have 12,000 a year. Mr.
Thackeray hat hardly tho temper for n editor,
having failed on the Timti and Daily tfevt.
Thackeray, though a smart novel-writer, Is
rather a dintr-out than a journalist.
lit Success ov Adelika Patti. Our read
ers doubtless remember little Patti, the child
like phenomenon, who delighted our concert
goers a few years ago, and r aware of her
successful debut in Now York as "Luoia," in
Donisetti't Opera. Monday's New York
Timet says of the fair Adelina :
M'lle Patti it probably the youngest prima
donna we have ever had on the American
lyrio stage, being scarcely yet sixteen. She
is extremely petit and pleasing in appear
ance ; a brunette of the warmest Southern
type, with flashing eyes and quick instincts.
Many of our readers will remember the lady;
the has been before the public as a child
vocalist for many years. Her proficiency in
tho art of singing has always been remarka
ble, and but for her diminutive stature, might
have made her theatrical debtu long ago. In
a debutante we do not look for the perfection
which we now find In Adelina Patti.
To a pure soprano voise ef rare flexibility
has been added a solid eduoation, based on the
grandest and best sohools of Italy. Henoe it
appens that at the present moment she Is a
finished artist, a most brilliant vocalist, better
in some respeots than any other in America,
Her powers of execution and ber voloe, both
in compass and quality, are of the first olass.
Donizetti's "Luoia" is so far the only opera In
which M'lle Patti has appeared. We have had
no better 'Lucia' slnoe the early days of Boslo,
Her sucoens was of the most pronounced kind t
ber performance almost freo from a fault. A
veritable sensation was the result, and it ii
clear that the fortunate managers have played
a trump card.
The Boston Traveller of Saturday says:
"George H. Hoyt, Esq., of this city, counsel
for Capt, Brown, arrived home this morning.
He has procured at Akron and othor places in
Ohio, the affidavits of eighteen different indi
viduals, going to show in the clearest manner
that Brown's family on the mother's side had
exhibited insanity in many instanoes. His
grandmother was insane for six years before
her death, and died in that condition. Three
of her children were insane, and another of
her children had Insane children, cousins of
Capt. Brown. The only sister of Brown was
also liable to attacks of insanity. Several of
tbe witnesses, relatives or intimate acquaint
ances of Capt. Brown himself, testify to certain
facts which, In their opinion, go to showoloar
ly that the hereditary taint exists In htm.
Mr. Hoyt had an intervlow with Gov. Wise
on Wednesday, and placed In his hands these
affidavits. The Governor assured Mr. H. that
he wonld give them the most careful consider
ation. By a law of tbe State he has the power,
if satisfied that sufficient reasons exist there
for, on the ground of Insanity, to postpone the
execution aud have the faot of insanity passod
upon by a jury.
Raobel Morris, a daughter of a respectable
widow, residing at Springwater, N. I., was
lately married to a physioian named Lewis,
residing at St. Louis, and went to that oity to
veBide with her husband. A conple of weeks
slnoe she returned on a visit to her mother,
apparently in good health and spirits. Her
husband did not come with ber, but arrived on
Saturday last. On Taelday morning, Mrs.
Lewis entered her mother's room and said she
had taken a dose of arsenic, which wonld put
an end to her life. Medioal aid was imme
diately called, and the most energetic and
skillful means employed to put the deadly
poison from the system, but without success.
The unhappy lady died three hours after stt al
lowing the poison.
Elopimknt op thi Wirs f a Niw York
Mrs. B., the wife of a merchant of New York
City, becoming enamored some time Bince of
a young and handsome clerk, employed
in the oonoern, received his attentions, and
finally eloped with him yesterday to parts un
known. The man, who, nnder the garb of
friendship, would seduce but d n the senti
ment, as Sir Peter Teazel would say. Tbe
hitherto apparently loving wife left a note be
hind, or rather a letter of oonsolation for her
Singular Hallucination. There is in San
Franoitoo a man of considerable ability, named
Norton, who in 1850 was one of the .wealthy
men of California, but who is now reduced to
poverty and Insanity. His hallucination is
quite harmless, however, and leads him to
imagine himself tha Bmperor of the United
Slates. Every few days he issues a manifesto
through the press, and tbe faot that none of
them are heeded by his subjects seems not to
discourage him In the least.
Elevating. Influence op Love or Wouin.
Mrs. Crowe says: "Thero is nothing so eleva
ting to a woman as the love of a truly great
and noble man. The worship she pays him,
whether it be that of friendship or of love,
exalts her mind, and fills her soul with a holv
joy ; there is nothing so degrading, so crush
ing to tne spirit, as to re me slave ot a cnuri."
Whatever effect the divino passion may have
upon the gentle, it often depresses and de
grades the stornor sex.
A Capital Shot. The bost shot we have
ever heard of in the way of duck shooting,
was made by M. A. Howell, of Ottawa,
Illinois, an Saturday, near Utica, N. Y.
With a single dlsoharge of one barrel hs killed
twenty-five teal ducks, twenty four of whloh
where bagged, and one could not be reoovered.
Two others were evidently wounded, but not
enough to prevent them from flying off.
Silvib Wedwno or Ex-Governor Hunt.
There was a large social gathering at the man
sion of Governor Hunt, in Lookport, N. Y,,
the other evening. The ocaasion was the
twenty-fifth anniversary of the matrimonial
alliance of the Governor and bis lady. The
guests comprised not only a large number of
personal friends at home, but also from various
sections of New York State.
Tub Gkntliuax. Thackeray asks: What is
it to be a gentleman? It is to be honest, to be
gentle, to be generous, to be brave, to be wise,
and possessing all these qualities, to exeroise
them in tht most graceful manner. Ought a
gentleman to be a loyal ton, a true husband
and an honest father? Ought hit life to be
decent, his bills paid, his tastes to be elevated
and elegant, his alms, in life lofty tnd noble?
A Just Movement. The clerks and book
keepers of Norfolk, Va., are making desper
ate efforts to procure a repeal of the act of
Assembly, which Imposes a heavy tax upon
their salaries; in many instances mere pittances.
They have held a publlo meeting, pasted reso
lutions and drawn up a memorial to be pre
sented to the next Legislature asking a repeal
of the obnoxious law.
An Unfortunate Family. S. D. Foss, of
West Alton, N. H., on Saturday was knooked
down by a hetfer, and had bis neok broken.
On tht same day, brother of Mr. Foss was
driving an ox team, when tbe oxen became
frightened, threw him down, and tha wheels
of the oart passing over bis body, fatally in
juring blm. Two othor brothers of the same
tamiiy aito lost tneir lives ny an accident.
The Legitimate Dbama in Abeansas, Tht
doorkeeper of a hall used as a theater in Little
Rock, Arkansas, out out a drunken fellow
named Collins, a lew evenings since, when
Collins returned and shot at the doorkeeper
several times, wounding him seriously in the
Pbbbent A8pict or Akpaibs at Charlies
town, Va. The , military occupation of
Charleetown has had the effect of suspending
business, closing the churches, and depopu
lating the school-houses ; the latter having
been turned into barracks for the troops.
Preparations are going forward for the exe
cution of Brown. A general ordor, issued by
Gen. Taliaferro, announces that that officer
has assumed the supreme command ot tho
forces quartered in that town, and pays a
compliment to the military skill of Colonel
Davis, by way of compensation for depriving
him of his command. Our latest advices an
nounce a rapid and formidable concentration
of troops at Charlestown, to withstand an at
tempt at rescue, of which Gov. Wise and Mr.
Andrew Hunter profess themselves to be re
liably instructed.
The students of the Univorsity of Virginia,
eager to uphold tho honor of the Common
wealth have tendered their services to Gov
ernor Wise in a body; but his Exoollenoy has
not yet accepted the offer. Another sus
picions peddler has been arrested, and another
barn baa been fired by the toreh of tho Incen
diary. John Brown has been visited by the
notorious Henry Clay Palo, or Kansas, with
whom he had an instant quarrel; and a Metho
dist olorgyman, Rev. Mr. Maroh, who had
called to offer Brown leligious oonsolation, bo
came so shooked at his views on slavery that
he left him with a denunciation.
Particulars opthe Wreck opthk Stkamkr
Indian Twenty-seven Lives Lost. The
wreok of the steamship Indian proves to have
been a very serious disaster. Twenty-Beven
livos were lost; tbe victims being chiefly stoer
age passengers. All the oabln passengers are
saved. Five of the crew, who had taken
refuge in one of the boats, were picked up by
the British sohooner Wave, and taken into
Boston. Thcirstatemonts show that thesteamer
strnok while running at a speed of eight knots
per hour, and that the Captain was doooivod
by the soundings, having supposed himself to
be off Cape Sable.
The ship filled almost instantly, and in the
rush for the boats three were swamped. The
statements of the Captain and Purser confirm
the story of the seamen in all essential par
ticulars. Tho accounts agree in stating that
the morning was dark ami hazy at the time
of tho disaster, and thut tbe loss of lifo is at
tributable to tbe panio which prevailed among
the steerago passengers. The Gladiator and
hmperor, the vessels which rescued some of
the survivors, succeeded also in securing the
mails of tbe Indian, which will be forwarded
to Portland by the steamor Admiral.
Labge Arrest op Gamblers inNkwYhrk
Confusion Amonu the Fancy. On Saturday
afternoon a nest of gemblors, who have for
yoare ocoupiod a den over Clarke's exchango
office, corner of Chatham andChambeu-stroots,
was suddenly thrown into oonaternatlon by the
appearance of the police, led by Officer Bar
tholomew, of the City Hall squad. Some
twenty-five persons were found in the place,
half of whom were engaged in gambling, with
all the paraphernalia of their business on the
table before them. The officers seizod a por
tion of the apparatus. The dealing-box was
poeketed by one of the gamblers, and all at
tempted a precipitate flight, several of them
jumping out of the second-story windows on
the Chatham and Chambers-street side, while
the officers were trying to shut tbe windows,
others scampered pell-mell down stairs, tumb
ling over each other In their hasto to reash tbe
street. The police euooeededin nabbing eleven
persons, who were conducted before the Re
N. Y. Times, 28th.
Arrest or a Free-State Man in Viroinia.
It appears from the tone of a number of our
Southern exchanges that to be a native of a
free State is just now a crime the other side of
Mason and Dixon'sline. Hardly a day passes
that we do not read of persons being "ordered
to leave" or consigned to jail for no other of
fense. On Friday last a man named Rood,
who had been in Charlottesville a week or
two getting subscribers for the Electic Maya
sine, being made the object of a suspicion on
the part of some, that his designs wero not
entirely proper, was taken bofore Justice
Lobban for examination. Witnesses testified
as to his conduct, and papers found on his
person were examined, all of which, In the
opinion of the Justice, created a ground of
suspicion sufficient to warrant bim in com
mitting the party to jail.
Pkculiar and Interesting Suit. A suit of
a most novel character has been commoncel
in tho county of Macon, Ills. Tho action is
brought by Philip B. Shopherd against Mat
thow J. Ryan. The declaration avers "that
Matthew J. Ryan promised the plaintiff that
if said plaintiff would resign the office of post
master of Decatur, and procure the appoint
ment of John Ryan, father of the defendant,
that the defendant would pay to said Shep
herd five hundred dollars." Shephord re
signed and procured the appointment of said
John Ryan, thus fulfilling his portion of the
contract; but upon calling upon Matthow J,
Ryan for the p.tyment of the stipulated $500,
it wag refused.
More ShooTiNa and Cutting Appravb in
Mississippi. A shooting and cutting affair
took place recently at Raymond, between Dr.
Reynolds and Dr. R. E. Fullerton. Dr. R. re
ceived two shots in the breast, and Dr. F. was
badly cut. Fullerton is recovering, but it Is
thought Reynolds is beyond the reach of hu
man skill.
A difficulty also ooourred in Raymond tho
same afternoon bolween Mr. Gray, formerly
Mayor of the town, and Mr. Thomas Ford,
during whioh Gray shot Ford twioe, the balls
striking his head and glanoing off, inflicting a
dangorous wound.
Rutherford, the Pennsylvania Adultsbkk,
Sentenced. Thomas G. Ruthorford. latn
Superintendent of the Pittsburg House of
Ketugo, who was eonvioted of having hsd
adulterous intercourse with several of tho
female Inmates of that Institution, has been
sentenced in the United Statoi Circuit Court to
pay a fine of fifty pounds to the Common
wealth; ($132 33) the costs of prosecution,
nd to undergo an imprisonment of twolre
months in the Alleghany County Jail.
Fourteen Youths Opvioially Drowned in
Tubeey. A telegram in the Nerd states that
fourteen youths, pupils In tbe Naval Sohool,
having been Implicated In the late plot in Tur
key, were, without trial, tied up in sacks, with '
a thirty -round shot at their feet, and quietly
thrown into the Bosphorus. Their ages
average about fifteen.
A Doeen Railroad Freight Cars Smashed.
A freight train on tha New York Central road
became disconnected when near Allen's Creek,
In Brighton, a day or two sinoe, and beforo
tbey could be got together again, another train
oauie dashing along, and knocked to pieces
about a doien oart. Nobody was hurt.
The Southwiok Tbagedy. Henry Holcomb,
of Southwiok, Conn., who nearly murdered
bis wife, a short tlmo sinoe, and who has been
released from custody on $10,100 bail, yester
Haven Palladium, Nov. 26.
A New Bank in New York. A liowbnuk
is about being organized at Saugortios, Ulster
County. The stock to the amount of $1 00,000
has been nearly all subsoribod, and tht arti
cles of tho association provide that this sum
may be increased to $150,000.
correspondent of the London Times, writing
under date of November 4, says:
The news we have from Rome bodes no good
to the speedy conoootion of tbe oontomplated
federative bolus which the French Emperor
would prescribe as the panacea for all Italian
disorders. A communication was made to the
Pope of the letter addressed to the King of
Sardinia by Naiwleon III that very letter
which weighs so heavily on tbe hearts of many
Italian patriots. The Pope, I have it from
good authority, was raised to tha highest pitch
of that sinful wrath which in his encyollcals
he usually styles "holy sorrow." He reoeived
the Duke de Gramont on tbe following day
without any show of that blandneaa and
courtesy whioh aro due to diplomatists under
even the greatest provocation, and of which
Pius IX is known to bo a most consummate
master. He said that, if that letter was a
Droofof tha Kmntrnr'i f. th.ll.itn ,u. it,-
Catholic Church had nothing more to bops
uigo, uu uiuei mereiora an me mort
firmly and fervently put ber trust in God. He
added that "for himsolf, ht was ready at any
time to take refuge in tbe catacombs, as so
many of bis very earliest predecessors had
done. (Mind well, this is a stereotyped
throat, a net phraso with the good Pontiff
whenever he is vexed.) He oonoloded by de
fying the Emperor, through his Embassador,
to do his worst, as be had to deal with a man
who would prove as willingly a martyr before
the nephew as Pius VII had been in prosonoe
of the uncle. ,
The Distance op a Star. Dr. Kruger hat
recently ascertained the distanoo of tho binary
star known as 70 Opbiuohus : This steris out
of a bright cluster in tho right shoulder of
the constellation Ophiuchus, and has long
been regarded with intorest by astronomers
on account of its being ono of tbo first-olasi
binarv stara -thn amaTti. 1
...... .u.u.riug Mruuim
the larger in about eighty years, and having
i.u.wjr wuipiubou ono reyomtioii since its mo
tion was first dctcctoil. The principal star is
of tho fourth mnpnitnHn. fll' O tno ltd 1 In1a
color, aud plainly visible to the naked oye
mo tuiui.uuiun sot is oi me sovontn aud of a
violet color. ;
This star offered the samo inducement to
moasure its distanco, as the othor fow stars
whoso distance has bcon determined. Dr.
Kruger finds tho mass of the binary Bysteiti
to bo a litllo loss than throo times that of our
sun, and its distance from us to bo sbovo one
million two hundred thousand limes that of
the earth's mean distanco from the sun n.
distance that would require light nineteen
yoars to pass over, flying constantly at the
rale of two hundred thousaud miles in a second.
PLACE.—A German correspondent of a
New York paper writes in a late letter:
reminds me of the fate
of a man who has played a oonspicuous part
during the pRst season at tho gaming tables of
Hombourg, and who was particularly noticed
lor his rash and ranklAan nia h. jn.ni.
the immense advantages whioh the proprietors
v. ,uBi.vuiuuuig aaiuuoB uom oui tpiaying tne
roulette with but a single O,) not only could
not win, but has lost during the eoason about
$200,000. This man's name was Garcia, the
son of a rich banker in Madrid, and having
played out all the money he could raise, ho
finished tbe game a few mornings since by
drowning himself in the waters of the Maine.
But the wheel continues turningat Baden and
Hombourg, and the little ivory ball, with its
death-like rattlo, seeks out the fated number,
and tbe excited players orowd the tables with
just as much eagerness as though poor Garoia
had not lost his fortune, and then thrown him
self after it.
A Stock-brokkr's Thanksoivino Sermon.
0a the morning of the day before Thanksgiv
ing a Boston broker delivered a short address
at the oponing of the morning session of tbe
Board, as follows :
"Fellow-laborers: We have met here at the
eleventh hour to do our business, and then to
go about our business. To-morrow sohool
don't keep. That day will, or ought to be, de
voted to thanks-paying, alms-giving, roast
turkey and plum-pudding. Let us be truly
thankful for existence, reason, spirituality,
health, happiness, property, commissions, shel
ter, raiment, food, books, newspapers, social
intercourse and loving helpmates. Let the
poor bo thankful that tbey are no poorer; let
tbe rich bs thankful that they are no richer;
the shorts that they are no shorter, and the
longs that tbey are no longer short.
"This is about the 'iong and short' of my
impromptu discourse a sort of grace before
meat. Let us now proceed to business, with
what eagerness we will; and may 'good diges
tion wait on appetite, and health on both.'"
a- t
A New Dinner Doboe. An avarioious fel
low in Brussels gave a large dinner recently.
.1 ust as the. guests sat down a piercing shriek
was board ia the court yard. The host hurried
out and returned pale, affrighted, and his hands
oovorod with blood. "What is Hi" was tbe
inquiry. "Alas I" he said, "a poor workman,
father of a largo family, has met with a terri
ble acoident. He was knooked down by a oart
and grievously wounded. Let us aid him."
A collection was taken up, and the guests con
tributed 1,200 francs. Generous souls 1 It was
the miser's ruse to make them pay for the din
ner. ,.-!'
The First Train over th e Victoria Bridge.
The first train, consisting of an engine and
uiugle car, having on board about fifty per
sons, passed ovor tbe Victoria Bridge at Mon
treal, Thursday (Thanksgiving) afternoon.
Time occupied in passing was about twelve
and a half minutes. Two of the tubea are
not quite finished, but the bridge it expected
to be fully completed and thrown open to
traffic about tho middle ot December.
The Plka8URe op Attending Balls in Bal
timore. Last Friday night, in Baltimore,
Jack Cook attended a ball on the "Cause
way," and when in tbe aot of retiring was
followed by a erowd of men, beaten in-a hor
rible manner, and finally seized by them,
when one of the number stabbed him in tbe
side, after which they throw him into the
Falls, and no doubt with the intention of de
stroying his life. Fortunately his cries of
distress were heard, and he was roscued.
Suspicious Characters Ordered proh South
Carolina. The Orangeburg (8. C.) Southron
of a recent date Bays ! . Since Friday last
no less than four Individuals, regarded at
rather noxious to the oommunity, have been
ordered to leave tho villago of Orangeburg,
and told that they would have to abide . tht
consequences of remaining after tht expiration
of a time specified.
' '
i ''.
Liberal Bicjukatbment. The large and
valuable library of Gen. William V. Sumner,
of East Boston, has been bequeathed to the)
Sumner Library Asiooiation. A year or two
since land valued at $20,(00 was bestowed
upon the Association .by the same generous
patron. , , . . ;
Homicide in Pennsylvania. A fatal affray
ooourred at Greenock, eight miles above Mo
Keesport, Penn., on Friday, between two
miners employed In the coal-pits of David
Allen; James Dlok having been righteously
killed by William Ilerron, upon whom a most
aggravated assault had, beau made.
. , . AT THE ,
December T, 1858.
M. the pnbllc three sMoni, and owinr to Us pop.
nlnrity and increased demand, wu have Lei n com.
I'llf(l to mnke two more eiwm having SIX I.ch
complete, suitnbln, from the smallest family up to
the largest clssa nosritinar-liouao. Tbe cvlobrilv
these fitovoe have Rained for tbeninelroacau not La
tuo hlglily appreciated, an every family having Ilium
in nee can truly testify.
Thankins; the public for their ffennroua eupixirt, it
Is onr determination to supply the wante of the font.
ni unity with the beneflta which a practical median,
ail education can ouly supply.
Inventors, Proprietor ct iUnDUlueturera,
3 3 3
Wo lieg leave, most respectfully, in oflr the follow
inif cortitiCHhw ami references ut families nulnic tho
AlllKHtor, ivhlcb will, at a glance, remove all doubts
uf Kh intrinsic merits:
Knr some uiontha I linre been nsitic the Alliitntor
'ViilCiKiklus Stove. Its superior cookilie eiiulities,
combined with its cli'snlinoas, must evcoiimlly secure
to the owners a large share af public natrouaso.
... , JUIIN Mul.aAK.
1 have been tislns one of Messrs. Adams A 1'. i k
over's Alligator ('nek Btovei for some moiilhs, which
Uivea entire satisfaction lu every respect, and can
cheerfully recommend it to those who are in w ant of
aenpnrior cooketovo. H. U. LKAViTT.
Vor the laat year I have been using the. Alligator
(Val Cooking Store, manufactured by Messre. Adaum
,i l'eckover, which 1 consider a superior stove, and
'lives tbe utmost satisfaction. It is tho ouly store I
liuvo found that cooks perfectly with coal.
For some time past I have been using oneof Messrs.
Ailauie A l'eckover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
and can recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every run poet.
JOS. BU8UKKLL, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
Hon. Judge McLean, Clif. Joseph V. Wayne. Sill, Sth
ton, M. lirooks, Ml. Auburn
lion ,ludge'Ieavitt,&JK. ltev. W. 8. Kennedy, 14
fifth-street, Juhn-street,
Judge Von ilain,292 J. P. Jones, 2il Fonrlll,
fourth, . llr, Norton, 334 Konrtli,
Judge-Hoadly, 5703d, ' D. Thatcher, 329 Geor,
lie. itolker, M Sth, V ni. Jolly, lliitith,
Ciu.tjf plian Asylum, Elm, Jos, Talbott, 400 7th.
.Inhirkebler, 3194th, 8i.0etsaudaner, 13! Smith
F bmitli. firm of Lincoln, S. 11. Williams, vral.liilii.
Smith i Warnock, Mra, Jieaeon, 2fvl 41 h,
il.Vallette,3174tli, Mrs. Uylaml,324 4th,
X.O. McLean, Gleudale, Mrs. Howitt.M K. 4th,
II. B. Vunk, 266 Vine, IMrjj. M. P.Taylor, 280 Ueo.
Jos. ilushrull, coai mer. Mrs. McPlicraon, U. J. cor.
.las. Espy, 2!W4th, Sixth and Bace,
.1. Jellroy, Kng. Uaa W'ks, A. A. Clark, Times office,
T. H. ieatnian,etorraTp, P. L. Weaver, John,
A. W. Francisco, Prese J. P. Whitman, Wash-
Office. ington Institute,
A. Hughes, Commercial, John A. Hoiik,;ww Georce
W. B. Wells, Ciu'tl Type F. P. Brooke, 149 John,
Foundry, Jackson M.iloble, 411 3d,
l!.O.itoss,284Longworth, H. Hackman, mid,
Lh as. Uliadwiok, S04 4th, Otitis. Goodman, 242 4th,
I'. W. Sgrague, 1W 7tli, John C. il orris, in Hill,
Sir. Houghton, 16o8lh, J. A.Htncy, 444 Hth.
VYm.CouiHtock, 261 4tU, Gibson A M'Doiialci, Vluo
G. Hole,3tii "tb, Isaac Marsh, 3.H (K'orvn,
.I.Harvey, 207 Longworth W.B.Hurlburl;,i;2&r'uVu
John Anderson, 4134th, Ham P. LniiHuu, IL'iith,
Jonathan Ogdeu, 19S 4tb, J. II. Fulweiler, Long.
W. W. Woods, 44S4th, worth and Westrru-iuw.
John Tanner, Wrtghtson D. K. Caily, 7i J?Mi,
A Co.'a nrintinu odlcn. Alf. Rnrnalt. ir4 Ath.
.iiimeHO. nigrum, hi; om.
Boale Slanufnotarrr,
No. 41 East Seoond-etrnet, between Sycamore aud
Broadway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of
Counter, Plntform, Cattle, Knllroad Depot,
and Trnelc Mnnlem Trucks,
Iron Wnasaas, ike.
Bepairng done on the shortest notice. nol-Sm
sT. H- IDeters,
To which invitos entiou of the public.
All Of friers told warranted freHh antl of
. i . a ..-ii I n Anri'n
mtj vurj imah quniiij. af, jd, VTTiriUOi
Aftent. No. 27 Flflh-treet, bt. AUia
mm n diuui'iiutouii
N. B. Tbo tnuto applied on tbo moot lilcral
tenna. ocffcm
m dailr' ?owj Mahonv A Co.'a Cleliratoil
flan ted Ojatn,which I aro selling at unprecedented
low prices by case or dnn. Dealer, ami Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyitor, will rleajo send
their orders. Attached to thi, establishment ia a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, whore yon can have
oystora Cooked in every stylo, and served up in a
elca land superior manner. Charge, !os than at any
other place. oclllj JOBN MAI KM.
Oyster Importing House.
1HO li'Vi Jr Express, hlssnlendMOysteia.
Uaving completed arrangements In Baltimore, on
the moat extensive scale, 1 will at all timet during
the season be prepared to furnish tny frienda, "and
t!VU'',".t of mankind," with the most DELICIOUS
1 IVALVK8 imported to the Queen City. None but
tlie very bost imported. Great induoemonts oilorod
at this Importing-bonse.
Order alolicitea and promptly filled. Terms cash.
. eeplot Bole Importer aud Proprietor.
43i() Spiced Oritori.
1NQ DAILY, by tbe Adam, fayress, MALT.
BI'8 world reaowaod Baltimore '
Fresh Cava, Keg and Shell Oysters.
... BOJBEBT OBB, Agent
ee7at Depot, u West rifth.-i!!

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