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"WANTS," "roil 8Ab,'"TO LKT," "LOHT,"
FOUND,"., In thiscolnma, oooxpylng five line
r les, iwa.iiettJoft,tweaty-ftveoenl.
WANTED HOUSE A small home -of
three or Ibar rooms, er part ofj boms, In
central part itf lh city, Addrcaa U, D; V., at ttali
offlc. , i -. , n30.b
17"ANTED To parchase the stock of
, ret " J- thla oWce. no30-b
YlfANTED-BOARDING-A young lady
1T A N T D BOARDERS Two' day
a.7 . b?fJr. where theoomforte or home can
be MCnrcd. Situated -on fourth, near Elm street.
References required. Address W. O. 8., at Penny
Press Office. no30-b
. store No. 100 West Fourth-street.opposlte
io rogromc. luoSO-b JAMbiS 11UBIN0UN
. . , a store, by a young man of temperate babita,
Afldmaa Al' H 1 lltmliah Pn.tnA.. II. ..I .1
OliiO. ' ' ' nn'in.k '
WANTED BOY About fifteen years of
age. to make hlmaelf naeful. Apply at Oity
Baloen, Sixth-street, between Alain and Walnut.
WANTED aiRL To do the) work of
small family: one that n.n iiun .t
errd. (Jail at 114 West Sixth-street.
TANTED-BOARDINa-In a private
irS?,lsr,$ attending school. Will
7S71 l.DU.n4 mornings for part of the board.
AddreasK., at tbla office. no30-b
WANTED TO TRADE Si .Brst-olasi
bBWISQ MACHINES for new or second
S, .r"in"nt'c",iwoolor rooerlee. Inquire at
Ho, 104 Fourth-street, Room Mo, o, up etalra. north
WANTED A respectable woman as pro
leased COOK, In a email family. MnitTea
good washer and lroner. The beat city referenoe re
quired. Inquire, from 9 until II o'clock, at No. 406
beventh-street, between Cutter and Linn, noMb
d,P"! 'o two Girls to go to the country,
one m Cook and the other to assist In Housework.
Good reliable help, male and female, to be eeeo and
lor hire dally, at my ofllce. No. 307 Elm and Ninth,.
.."Vy ANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
ww men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and othere, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks llealstry Offlce, 12
Walnut-street. Cuo?8b') TbaLE A 00.
WANTED A good COOK. Apply t
No. SOD Seventh-street. no2b
FOR SALE A fine lot of Shelving, two
Counters, Office Store, Desk, Orocery Blue, 4o.,
suitable for a grocery, bakery or otherwlee. The
above goods are In good condition, and will be sold
cheap for cash. Apply at the Hoiise-ftirnlshlug De
pot, No. 31 East F iftb-atreet-W. Carter, proprietor.
. uo29bJ
consisting of high-post bedstead, chairs, wash
stand, store, carpet and bedding. Can be seen for a
tew days at 12 o'clock, Boom No. 54, International
Pitloon, Sycamore-street. no29b
., ,Jrtaa'.5Sd . 0o' Mi9 '' order,
tall at No. IK Walnut-street, between Third and
Fourth. no29b
OF 8. K. HASUOUB. The undersigned offers
lor aale the above property situated between Cam
bridge City and East Germantown, Ind., the tame
n n pood houae, nearl new, with all necessary
outbuilding, and twenty acres of as good land as can
If. Aaa?. JQu0ld. wi"e. The property In well sup
"'ii uwJih '"rubbery of all kinds, In addition to
which there Is an orchard of the best varieties of
fruit, Just beginning to bear. The properly would lie
very desirable to a tarmer who would want to retire,
r or terms address , , B. K. HA3HOTJB,
, .. Indianapolis,
Or apply personally to , SAM. H. HASHOtJR,
no24aw ' Cambridge City.
IjIOR SALE A fine Steel Rolling-Mill.
L fpnr Inch, suitable for a dentist or Jewoler; aHo
a Lathe suitable for a wood-turner, for sals at s reas
?S,ae e'"ng at SHEDD A WELSH'S, No.
10a West Fifth-street, between Vine and Bace.
IjlOR RENT HOUSE On north-east cor
- ner of Lewis-row and Front-street, In Fulton,
with seven rooms and si ore; also, a large back yard
and ,ood cistern of water. The house has been
wwly painted inside and outside. Apply to Air.
B BUD WELL, In Fulton, or JOHN WABNER, cor
ner of Twelfth -s'reet and Weetern-row. Lo30-b
. street, near WeBtern.row. Intiulre of W. B.
BARRY A CO., Postomce building. no.) b
doing a good business, with fixtures for sale.
. Inquire at No. 113 Third-street, in the premises.
E10R RENT At Nos. 98 and 100 Milton
street, THBES APARTMENTS, eutirely dis
tinct, with good yards, water, Ac., consisting of one
of two rooms, one or three snd me of lour suited
for small lamilles. Inquire at Proapect Hill Cot.
tage, just above. no29b
FOR RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
... .road, law or insurance offices, on second and
third floors, lu four-story building opposite the
Press Offlce. The building haslbeen newly re-palnted
ad re papered. All lu good older. Apply at the
Pros Offlce. no1
BOARDING A lady and gentleman, or
two gentlemen can bare a comfortable front
room, with board, in ajprivate family. Apply at 7
Ninth-street, between Walnut and vine. noOO-b'
BOARDING Two or three gentlemen can
obtain a large room, with board, and the oom.
forts of a home, at No. m Beventh-street. Gas in
the room. References required. nozyb
BOARDING A few young men oaa ob
o,'fn flrat olM """'d ,n) flt home at No.
162 Plum-street, near Fourth. no29b
BOARDING Two gentleman ean be ao
commodated. with a front room in a private
family, with board, at No. 321 fourth-street. noMb
MA Thursday last. The Under will be reasonably
rewarded by leaving It at No. to Walnut-street.
f OST RING Yesterday (Friday) mora.
L lng, a large massive Gold Ring, with " Win. T.
Himpson" engraved on the Inside, on the corner of
k'onrth and Walnut-streets. J reward will be paid
for Its delivery at tbe N. W. corner of Sixth and
Mound-streets. no2M
v. tnat Llgbte 4 Bradbury's and
A. H. Oale Co., of New York, and
Wm. Knaba A Co.. of Baltimore,
Pianos, can be found only at 72 West
Fourth-street. I am offerlne? areat
Inducements for cash, or will rent, and let the rent
pay for the Piano, at 72 West Fomth-street.
. CM. Mil ROB.
The largest stock of Melodeons in I tie city. no30 -
, MASIM-Bemember that , w
. Badeton Brothers. Haven, Bacon ts e1 "
Co., Uallet, Davis A Co., and Petera, fSVanl
Criggs A Co.'s Pianos cannot be 1 1 9 1 II
found In Cincinnati except at No. 66 ' "
Weat Fourlh-atreet. I will sell for cash, as low as
any one east or west, or will rent, and let the rent
pay for tbe Piano, at 66 West Fourth-street.
: ' .-, J. CHDBOH, Jr., .
noa Depot for Melodeons and Harmoniums.
A collection of Mareheff. Waltuti. rAltr...
ncnottiachee, uuadrillee, Redowns, U'mtra Dances.
o. A Superb Volume of Popular Mn.lo. Arranged
for the risno-forto Price $150. In cloth J2. Copies
sent br mall,. Published by J.CHOROH, Ja.,
nl8tf ' 66 West Fourth-street.
. Atrv.cToiiBB or
Wood-working Machinery,
Career Johntasid Water: ta.t01siolsisiaU!,0.
8ixth-8t betWalnut and Vine.
JLv M. have the honor to Inform their friends and the
public generally that they have fitted up, at great
expenae,' in the moat elegant manner, the above
Mtahllemeet alter the New York and London style,
being entirely new, and the tlrat of the kind ever
ttempred Weat of tbe Monatalnt. Will open on
ATCBDAY, Deo. .1. Moaical tjolrsss every Toes,
ay. Thursday and Saturday evenings. Chair taken
y Mr. Crawford at 8 o'clock precisely, , no3
T EE iPEE S 8.
Fob Sin. A route on this paper. Call at
the counting-room between two and thrto
o'clock P. M. to-day.
PiasoAL. Hon's Lazarus W. Powell and
J. L. Cnrlsman, of Kentucky, were among the
guests at the Spenotr House yesterday.
Missiito NcMBSRg Wartsd We will gWe
one month's anbsoription for Noi. 63 and 105
of tho Pinny Pmss, which are mining from
our files.
Polios Codbt. Judge Lowe examined thirty
cues, yesterday morning, at the Polio Court,
all of which were of too little Importance to
entitle them to a single paragraph,
NoTisLi Dir. Day before yesterday, the
28th init, waa the anniversary of the birth of
Oliver Goldsmith, and also oi the death of
Cardinal Riohelieu.
MarioBOLooiOAb Obskrtatiomb For tbe
Penny iVess, by Henry Ware, Optiolan, No. 7
Weat Fourth-street, November 29.
O'clock.' " Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. M 29.61 so
llM- 2.M w
P.M...,....... M....29.ta ' &1
Unpaid Littsbj The following la a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
the Postoffloo, in this city, Norembsr 29:
Ferdinand Boeller, Philadelphia, Penn.
8. Bremon, Cumberland, Md.
H. M. Kolyce, Cagevtlle, Tenn.
Mlas Jane Harris, Oermantown, Penn.
Still Thit Com. On Thanksgiving Day
the oysters sold by.Robert Orr, at No. U West
Fffth-street, were the "topic" among epi
curestheir sale was immense. As a matter
of good news we are advised to state that he
Is now In daily receipt of the same kind in
abundance. Leave tour orders.
' -i
DmRUCTIV FlBt IN K III ton Loss $2T,
000. A destructive fire ooourred In Kenton,
Harding oounty, on Saturday evening, by
which the poat office, the town hall, and vari
ous other buildings were destroyed, Involving
a loss of $27,000. We did not learn the origin
of the fire, nor any of tbe particulars.
Annual Mkbtino ov th Caledonian Soci
ty. The Caledonian Society will celebrate
the anniversary of St. Andrew'i Day, this
evenlnc at Aiirhfc aVIaaV of liink ;.. n
the members are expected to be present. The
Tr : v i j r. ) i i . . ..
uiguiauu uuuius win us present in iuu cos
lumA. arA inniu) will Ka mi.Iv a, 1 1 4:
1 " -j. . . ' vh iwuj on ,UD bllllU
we have named, precisely.
Pbookkdinos op trr Count? CoMMissiONnits.
Tbe County Commissioners at their session,
yesterday morning, transacted very little busi
neia of importance.' Although the action did
not appear upon tbe books In their office, It waa
generally understood, we believe, that they
had concluded to purchase a tract of land eon
taining seventeen acres, near Liok Ran, from
Mr. Robb, at a price some thin ir less than two
hundred dollars per acre, for a atone quarry,
AsTNirAT. Bil.r. OP ni nigiin Un.a :
The first annual ball of the Highland Guards
will lake nlaca et National Hall n.mnn..a
(Thursday) evening. The gentlemen composing
mib unuuoumg uuuiiauy usvo uiaue every enort
and arrangement for a pleasant entertainment.
mi vAwucui eujiper una oeea prepared, ano
thoBe who participate will doubtless enjoy
themiolvea. The "bonnle lasses" preBent will
be fasoinating, of course. -
LiciN8i Riuiipts Dubino tri Past Wink.
The sum of $360 38 was paid into the City
Treasury, daring the past week, by tbe May
or's clerk, Mr. Charles Betts, it being the
amount received for licenses, from the follow
ing sources :
Drays ,
Express Wagons
Furniture Care
Car lincenae-Faesenger R. B. Co
Car license City Railroad Co ..,
Hackney Coaches
10 .Ml
..... 50
M 30
... 221 38
I on
A 00
...... 33 70
9 IK)
Still well was met, on Sunday evening last, on
Front-street, a short distance above the Little
Miami Railroad depot, snd without any came
or provocation, aa ho says, knooked down and
' .ovoioij mni n was wiin great aim
culty he reaohed his home, and has not sinoe
been able to leave his bed. His face was
bruised and bis hoad cut with some sharp In
strument, probably a stone, while he wss
kicked ao badly that his physicians expressed
their fears that inflammation might bo the re
sult of his injuries. He knows no reason why
he should have been treated in this manner;
and thus tbe affair, which seems to have been
wholly unprovoked, takes the shape of a wan
ton and brutal outrage, and merits, if the per
petrators could be discovered, the moat severs
and summary punishment. .-
Lsctom Bsroits xa Y. M. C. L. Inbtituts.
Tbe fifth lsoture of the course, before the Y,
M. C. L. Institute, was delivered by Msjor
Joeeph W. Burke, on tbe "Great West." The
gentleman referred to the resources, the pros
perity and progress of the West, its true Amer
ican largeness in everything, the industry, en
terprise and independence of its people and the
rapid advancement it Is making, materially
end mentally, and in all branches of aolenoe
Bad of art He believed that in the West the
highest and brightest future of the country
would be realised; that there the extremes of
Northern and Southern feeling would be rax
tlonaliied, and health and patriotic sentiment
diffused through every part of the Union.
The Major's address was able and eloquent,
and many of its passages were received with
earnest and prolonged applause. He is a
young, talented and rising attorney, and this
effort reflects credit upon his eapaolty and
culture, whloh are far beyond his yean. ,,
Boabd or Crry Improvements. At the reg
ular semi-weekly session of the Board cf City
Improvements, held yesterday morning, the
Clerk was direoted to prepare and transmit to
the City Council ordinances to assess a spe
cial tax upon the real estate bounding and
abutting on the following streets : Plum
street, from Fifth to Sixth-street; Elm-street,
from Seventh to Eighth street. . ;
Tbe City Civil Engineer waa directed to
report an ordinance to establish the grade of
Vine-street, ftom Water-street to the north
line cf the wharf, In order to throw the water
Into the well holes at the intersection of Vine,
Elm and Plum, on Water-street.
The Clerk was directed to advertise for pro
posals to grade and pave with limestone Eden
street, from Peat to Main. ,. i -., ;.
Also, to pave the un paved sidewalks on
Moore-street from Liberty to Walnut; Dayton-street
from Baymiller to Freeman, and
Fifteenth-street from Vine to Race.
The following repairs for accepted bowl
dered streets were ordered: New-street from
Broadway to Sycamore, $25; Commeroe-street
from Race to Elm, $15; Broadway from Hunt
street to Woodward, $30. -.
A remonstranoe wss received from Nllea 4
Co., the proprietor of the Apollo Buildings,
on ths north-west corner of Fifth and Walnut,
against the laying down of turn-outs in front
of .said building., i -.' ,
.. Alac, a remonstrance against same from D.
K. Cady on the opposite corner.
Also, remonstranoe against same from pro
perty holders on Freeman-street, between
Wade and Liberty. ,
The Commissioner of the Eastern District
was authorised ro have repaired, with broken
stone, Hunt-street, from Abigail to tbe old
corporation line, at a eott not to exceed $50.
- The Commissioner of tbe Eastern District
was also directed to have tbe first alley east of
Aiew is-street, in tbe seventeenth Ward, run
ning along aide of the sohool property, filled
up and repaired with broken stone, for the
purpose of abating a nuisance, at A Cost of $50.
V. M. M, l, Lectures lion. Frank P.
' Blair, Jr., on ''Commerce and Coloni
zation." ,H j -r- - . ,
The attendance was large at Smith k Nix
on's Hall last svening, to hear tbe third lec
ture of the courts', before the Libra Associa
tion, by Hon. Frank P. Blair, jr., on "Com
meroeand Colonisation." Mr. Blair is a small,
nervous-looking gentleman, of sanguine com
plexion, with light hair, and a face expressive
rather of what we understand as onaracter
than of intellect.
The style of his theme suggest its treat
ment, though more of it was devoted to the
institution of slavery than there should have
been for tbe proper properties of hi subject.
His leading idea was that slavery was not only
a moral, nolltlcal and antal awil. hnt
of labor unremuneratlve as at present managed,
and therefore to be abolished by those who
ronru mereiy irom an enconomlo point of
view. If slave labor were required, as some
bretended. and If total nmannlni.inn mmr im
possible, and necessarily fraught with danger
uu uouurauio consequences, toe proper plan
for tbe United States ni to colonise the
negroes in Sonth America, whan tbol. l.W
could be made more profitable to the present
uruo, vi siuairB. ,
Colonisation was the most effective, Indeed
the onlv method of ImnrAvitiv nm AmmM
and preserving the unity and peace of the
confederacy ; and hence It beoame the duty of
every patriot, every citizen to endeavor to
bring about suoh an end. Mr. Blair's dis
course was frequently applauded, but tedious
vu ua euuii, sou a wine too individual in
character to please a miscellaneous audience.
To-morrow evening Hon. Henry 6. Foote
will lecture on the "Patriot President."
Attempted Suicide of a Lorette.
A young and quite pretty lorette, named
Sarah Sears, attempted self-destrnction yester
day afternoon, at the house in which she re
sided, on Front-street, bstwsen Vine and Race,
the is a native of Marietta, In this State, and
was brought to this city by a young man who
scon became weary of her charms and
abandoned htr. Compelled by the relation
ship the had borne to him, to look for sympa
thy outside tbe pale of society, she beoame an
inmate of a bagnio, but the life she was com
pelled to lead, made her soul-sick, and she de
termined to rid herself of it and her own ex
istence by her own hand.
Yesterday afternoon she prooured a phial of
laudanum, and retiring to her room looked the
door, drank the contents and threw herself
upon the bed as she thought to die. She had
aroused the suspioion of some of the other
inmates, however, and they missing her for
some time, went to her room and finding the
door bolted rapped loudly and called but re
ceived no answer. They then by foroe burst
into the room, and found their sister in Bhame
pale, cold and half dead.
A physician was immediately summoned;
the labeled phial told the cause of the slum
ber into which she had fallen, and the timely
removal of the poisonous fluid from her sys
tem laved her from a death whloh she deemed
far preferable to the life she bad been com
pelled to endure.
Mysterious Attempt at Suicide—A Young
Wife Endeavors to Poison Herself.
A young wife, said to be handsome and
cultivated, and in the possession of a comfort
able Home, attempted to destroy herself yes
terday ty swallowing twelve grains of mor
phine. After she had taken the poison, she
went into the street, and when she had
reached the Trust Company Building, on
Third, she was overcome with drowsiness
and sat down on the steps where her situ
ation discovered by her incoherent expressions.
She was oonveyed to, the Hammond-street Station-house,
and after great exertion the pois
onous drug was rendered harmless, and the
unfortunate woman returned to her home on
Race-street. The name of the wife and ths
cause of her rash attempt we withhold from
motives of delicacy.
Democratic Peimasy Miktiros. The De
mocracy of this oity and county hold their
primary meetings for the election cf delegates
to the Convention to be held to-morrow for the
purpose of seleodng delegates to the Charles
town Convention. The polls will be opened
in the various wards at seven and will close at
half-past eight o'clock, and in the townships
will be opened at four and close at six o'clock.
Each ward and township will be entitled to
tbe following number of delegates:
Second. ,
Third .........
Fourth ..
Fifth ,
Klevenlh ....
Milltreek-S.K.P 1
Millcrwk-fl. K.P 1
Spencer ,... 2
Cilumbia-K. P 2
Columbla-W. P........ l
Anderson N. P 1
Anderson S. P , 1
Bjmmos...... 1
Sycamore B. P. 1
Brcanioro W. r. ........ 2
Total m
Sixtbi.. 7
Seven til... .... i
Bpringnetit-K. p.,ra l
CoIerain.u ,
Twelfth ,
.. ti
Mlllcreek-W. P
Millcreek-L.B. P.
Mlllcreek-U.P ,
Whitewater. Miami
Hlorrs .
Tbe committees nyll meet to-morrow morn
ing at ten o'olook at the following places:
Firit DitirictM the Young Men's National
Democratio Association--rooms, in the Court
house. '
Second DUirict At Beokenstein's Garden,
Twelfth Ward, on the Harrison Road.
Tea Conkidsncs Gams again Sdccsssful.
Yesterday afternoon a young gentleman from
Mississippi, having taken passage on board
the steamer Emerald, for New Orleans, was
approached by a genteel-looking man and ao
costed by name. The stranger said he lived
but a few miles from the residence of the
Mississippian, and was then on his way home,
thus introducing himself and gaining the
favor of the young man. Soon after, the
stranger asked the Mississippian to go upon
the deok of the steamer to obtain a bet
ter view of Covington, and the latter
consented. While there a third person
came up and presented a bill to the unknown,
who offered $100, but the collector having no
ohange, the debtor descended to tbe clerk and
returned, saying the safe was locked up. Th
Mississippian was then requested to loan $25,
the amount of the bill, which he did willingly
and without the least suspioion. Five minutes
after the two shaapers disappeared, and our
young friend discovered he had been victim
ised. He says he has traveled all over th
country, and he had concluded be oould not
be swindled by any one: but he confesses Cin
cinnati scoundrels are entirely too shrewd for
U v v.
Sinqdlab Mania'. A man, evidently insane,
attracted a large crowd of persons about him,
yesterday afternoon, oa . Eighth-street and
Western-row, by attempting to climb up the
sides of the houses, and when his attention was
turned from this by Rising upward and point
ing to ths heavens, all the while muttering in
coherent phrasos that no one could understand.
He was placed in the Ninth-street Station
house, and there he insisted on olimbing up
the bars of his ceil. Hi motto, from what wo
saw, for he seemed to be a materialist, must
have been Excelsior. ' .
' AsNrviRSAtT or ths Oroasisation or ths
Turners. The Turners of this oity open their
new hall, on Walnut-street, near Abigail, next
Saturday, and will bold the anniversary of
their organisation at the same time. . Th ex
ercises will coitlnue until Monday night,
when they will close with a grand concert and
Dan. ,
si..,.". b
Family Oysters. Oysters, putup expressly
for family use, in cans and half cans, are re
ceived dally at the store of Peter Cavagna, at
140.31 west r iim-stroet, nsar wainuu iaey
re ot rare quality ; . ,,,-,
Pixr's Opsra-houss. "Dl" was more
completely and satisfactorily reud'rl last rveniou
than on Monday, and received with hearty arplame.
The play la jell cast and finely put en tbef.tmre.
Sllss Aiblle Proctor made a very asriwabln Impru.
alon aa "Margery," and Is destined hi he a pi lino !.
vorlte with the habitues of the Upera lionet. 'Dot"
will be presented again to-nlyht, ami in.. who like
Dickens s story should not fall to In. present;
Wood's Tbratsr. The favorite'eomedy of
Extremes is again offered this evening to tbe pat
rons ofthla popular place of atuunement, and will
luuhtlssa draw a full house. Air. ltlcbluns and the
fair Caroline ere) excellent in their respective rules,
and the other parte are well Ailed. .
National Thsatbr Tbe Goethean spectacle,
.TAB Vd MAaoraairi, still proves attractive at the
ml:!. ,Pn,rT. . P tot to-night again, with
Shield's tragedy of the Moo as in Spaih, Mr. Koborts
enacting "Peecara," apart wade famous by Mr. J,
B. Bootn. The programme it excellent.
Suit Against thr Dirsctors or ths Houbk
or BirusE. Timothy Gleaaon vs. Biggs and others,
htef, 0f "5 Hoiue of Befuge. The ".latin flTd"
pit petition under the 2nth section of the act relating
to Houses of Kefuge-allegiog that his son was Ille
gally committed from the Police Court, and was
win,Pi1,lr.t'd 5T 'il D'0'0"1 afterpetitloner had
applied to them for his liberation. The defendants
demurred, claiming that the petition should bate set
21 inHTO,n'1' of detention and commitment ;
nd Judge otorer sustained the demurrer.
Oskamvs. Beed.-Alotion to disrulssan attachment,
?."i!?5.'S2Sd tt,t.1" de,bt ,u"1 on wa" frsnduleiit
ly contracted. Motion refused.
O. W. Ball vs. A. H. Uorrell, executrix, Shoemaker
andotbers. Tried before Judge Uuadley. The jury
wturaed a special verdlrt-flndlng that defendant,
disposed of and destroyed portions ot the machinery
on leased premisoa in Covingfcin-and assessed the
valueat 3,06t Secondly, that the nail null was not
ThWi'Je.fi!r.th.t ""ouf'o'r of sails at the time.
IWrdly, that the mill and Improvements in li"S6,
when the defendants ..signed to Stevens, were of a
higher value than those on the premises when the
Sin'SST U5k I d assessed the Increase at
810,000. Fourthly, tnat the mill and improvements
therein in Janiiary.U'iS, Including those placed there
by Stevens, were of a value greater than those on the
premises when delendauta took possession, and as
sessed the difference at lo.onil.
Boom No. 3. Before Judge Spencer. Txeoutor of
Henderson vs. Executors of Chas. McMlckeu. Ver
d let for plaldtlff for $1,669.
James Clark vs. S. Grant. Motion to JndgeSpenoer
for a new trlal-tlie plaintiff liavlug recovered lu the
action a counsel feeforSliilO. C. B. Collierpresented
uiw.iuu, witii;,! waa reai.itHi uy judge t;aiuwell.
In the case ofStewart vs. Warren, the plaintiff not
being ready for trial, the Court directed a non-suit.
.Tnhn A MnmViw vi 0. fi fan...A t
"AW.. I' "J I..U.V. WDHU, ail OC-
uui- tu rovuvvi 9111, tut) aiuulllll. oi a pnVBIClAU S Dili,
The defendant claimed a set off for aervicea in the
yurchaee of a horae which plaintiff refused te lake,
ndgment In favor of plaintiff for M.
A CoaT'Taii. Lost. Philip Hants vs. Peter Bower
and others. This case, submitted to Judge Carter,
was an action brought to recover damages for the
loasof the plaintiffs coat-tail, which waa torn off in
a scuffle between the partlea In Coleraine Township.
The amount claimed was (10, but evidence wus Intro-
muni, w biiuw mm, tut, iHjiu-imi ana an was worth
only 83. Caae dlsmlsaed-cosU divided between the
Cbininal Swe. The State vs. Geo. Mol.ane, on
nmi ivr uiuiu.r an iu, .ecunu u.gree. ine argu
ment proceeded. Tbe iuiy brought in a verdict of
In -the matter of the assignment of J, J".
Keatinge. the Conrt ordered the luMlorrteA in dIv
tlce for the sale of the effects of the aulgnor.
Annivsssasy or thb Polish Rrvomjtion.
The anniversary of tbe Polish Revolution,
which began on the 29th of November, 1830,
was commemorated by the Polish exiles re
siding in this city last evening by a banquet
given at the Broadwuy Exchange. There
were out. niteen persons present, two of whom,
E. Verneiobre and A: Ecdnawski, were ac
tively engaged in tbe revolntion, the remain
ing twelve being soldiers in the Hungarian
war, and other patriots who had been exiled
from the unlucky and oppessed Poland.
Tbe banquet was prepared In admirable
style, and speecfes were delivered by several
persons, some of which were quite eloquent and
received with applause.
ARREftT VOR Parbiwh flnirvTvDuvTffi fAtu
Some days ago United States Marshal Bar-
uuur, Hjiegrapooa to mis city stating that a
fellow named L. E. Clowningor, had been ex
tensively enirairad In naaainv l'nlt.,1 Slot..
O0 I a v UMWD
coin in the neighborhood of Ironton. A war
rant was, therefore, issued and placed in
Marshal Barbour's hands, and was just in
time, for Clowninger had just taken passage
upon the steamboat Clipper, with the inten
tion nf DTntniv M Tataa. Th nm a
O - Q - . .uv v.i.vv.
and found, we believe, a large quantity of
r:t 1 .1 v. . J ,
uuuunuoib gum uuiu upon ais person. Me
was brought to this city and will be examined
before Commissioner Newhall on Friday.
Thb Industrial School. At a meeting of
the friends of the Childrens' Aid Society, held
day bofore yesterday, at the rooms of the
Young Men's Christian Union, A. M, Taylor
waa elected President, and William Lutbstrom
Seoretary, for th ensuing year. : A Board of
Directors was also elected, and arrangements
made to secures suitable place in whioo to es
tablish a permanent Industrial Sohool. The
persona who have taken this matter in hand
are thorough and energetic men, and as the
subscription has already reached more than
$1,000, the enterprise may be safely relied up
on aa a completo sucoeas.
Msdical Attkndancr and Mrdioines for
tbs Poor. Tbe Cincinnati College of Medi
cine and Surgery, looated on the corner of
iiODgworth-etreet and Western-row, have ex
pressed their willingness to attend to any
sickness among the poor of whioh they may
be advised, and will furnish both medioines
and medical attendance gratis. This sotlon on
the part of the Faculty is worthy of commenda
tion and will doubtless meet with the reward
It deserves i, .
Mrctino ov tbs Citt Prison Committee.
The City Prison Committee met yesterday af
ternoon, and passed a series of resolutions to
the effect that hereafter all the prisoners
should work, when well, and have no other
than the regular foroe, and that the question
of the right , to disoharge persons before the
expiration of thoir sentence should be deter
mined by the City Solicitor. ,, , u
Meeting of ths Lsoislaturi. The Stato
Legislature will meet at Frankfort on Monday next,
Among other Important bttalneaa, that Imporeant
body will be callod upon to choose a United Senator
In place of Hon. J. 1. Crittenden, whose term of office
expires on the 4th of March, 1861. .
Personal. lion. J. W. Stevenson, member
of Congress from this District, left this city for
rf aeoington yeeieruay morning.
" Court of Appeals. The next term of tbe
Court of Appeals commence! on Monday next. The
ioMowingcases on ine oiicksi originates in Kenton
County: To be argued January 5, Ploketet. vs.
the Kenton Oonnty Agricultural Society: Ureen vs.
Simon ACo. et. al.t Louisville and Nashville Railroad
v. Thomas A Smith; Bnmevs. Picket; BttvennvH Polly
et. al.t Ward vs. Arnold: Webster vs. Wllahire;
Aieaanticr a 1110 npruiHiieiu Uttna, UlArK'
t . . 'Inl -a .. I 1 ,
City of Covington vs. Kennedy: White vs. City of
Covington: Oedge A Bros. vs. same; liunmaretal.
vs. same; Winslow vs. lame; Ball vs. Worthingtos;
uiayion et ai. vs. rorier; vainer vs. uroen et ai,
.uiu.r7 ruweu ot ormzm ... aiiij.i Jiart oi juo
Cork la; Elliott vs. the State Bank f Ohio; Porter's
Aaministraior vs. airnai; a lenuug vs, n ajman, i-ai.
ton vs.' Howard: Porter vs. Morgana Adininistor;
Kleeteet al. vs. Thorupkinaet al.; Yonng et al.vs.
Young's Executor; (Jlenen's Administrator vs. Scott
et al.; 0'Sonnel vs. O'Donnell; Warden's Rxecutor
vs. Madelriaet al.; Matins va. Shields; MoNlckle et
al, vs, Uenry; Hale vs. Timberiake.
Polios Court. Griffith MoSeorge waa fined
$4 80 for drunkenness and disorderly eonduct, at tbe
Polios Court, yesterday morning. ...
" Opposition Primary Elkomons Last Nioht.
At the Opposition primary election last night, the
following delegate to the City Convention, and can
d Id atea for ward officers, were selected :
FlrstWard Delegates, H. Mathews, Caleb Bloom
er, B. W. Mookler, V. Hhlnkle, O. Uolden; Council
man, John Carney; School Trustee, A. J. Francis.
Second Ward Delegate-, Wm. S. Wadn, Fred. Der
man, J. K. Irwin, Wm Terr I II, J. C. Wood; Coun
cilman. John Battersby; Sohool Trustee, J. W.Farrel.
Third Ward-Uelentea. W. liopkina, J, II. Per
kins, E. Clarkston. W. Klnkead, H. Lnba: Council
man, A. P. Rose; School Trustee, B. 8. Luba.
Fourth Ward-Delegates, G. W. MoTanold, R, W,
Cooper, W. BnoSuer.. Whitnker, J. McQlas,-
son; Councilman, C. H. Bailey; School Trustee, J.
McCoy. i .
Fifth Ward-Delegates, Wm. Brldgos. B. Oasey.'K.
PmtS, J. T. Road, S. Cwlng; Councilman, Frank
Rlgga: Sohool Trustee, J. L. Armstrong,
Sixth Ward We were unable to obtain the return
rrom tin w ara
Seventh Ward Delegates, J. T.- Johnson, 3, E.
stevsnson, J.J. vanaani, . names, A. ti. mist;
Councilman, J. N.Longacre; School Trustree, jo.
bner, who resnlex hh-iu h,ivu vi.i. .rirfuinf, ,
tho cilr. )iarrl,ir piorulns tinik dose of epaoM
salts snd senna1, trlilfh norm afier gave rise toa pain
which eiritdl Iwlrn, smiienltai, and indiuedker
in call np ,n a Riiriitr fur the pin pose of learning
nuetlicr ..r hut ksIis iw ,il imIimioiiiis aualilie.
Hie was recomncndeif m rait on Dr. Cotkle, toward
nlioso nftloealie iiunicdiali'ly alarled. While on the
way, however, she became so exhantd that she
Mkida afiilleman who happened to he paaslug, to
support Iter, "h ich he did, nuttl she arrlvcil at the
rrsldeuccof the Doctor. The gent eniau aroused the
physician and lolt. When the door was opined, Mm.
S. was yiug on the steps, dead A Coronor'aJnaumt
wm hold, and every effort made In elicit any fact
which could throw any light iipon lheaubjct. The
medicine from arhlch she had taken the dine waa ex
amined by competent physicians, who piououncrd it
nothing but sails and senna, but the canseof her
)! i '! .. :
Court op. ArpgALS.--The following caws,
appealed from the Campbell County Circuit Court,
will be tried before the Court of Appeals at lisaSntt
S'."'1". '""'Uieiices on Mouny, December s
McFall vs. Coihnionwealth; DeCourcy va. Dueken et
al.; Voung vs. Parsons tal.; Foster et ux vs. Craig A
Campbell; Wane vs. Clarke; Daniel vs. TouMey
Hawthorn vs. Uaylord's adm.'a; Castel vs. Daniel.
Fioht Bktwssn Two Milk Vsndibs Two
persons enesged In fnrnlshingourcitissns with milk
had a pugllMic encounter on thecorner of York and
Mayolreets, yesterday. Kach one charged the other
with selling milk diluted with water, and each as
strenuously repelled the charge, at first with worda,
and afterward with blows. Neither of the parties
wore sirioualy injured.
Monetary and Commercial.
nothing now occurred in the banking Quarter yes
terday, though some of the bankers spoke of a
easier Money market, and an increased activity ln
business, t'nrrenoy was, however, in greater de.
mand than snpp'y, as it has been for weeks past, snd
borrowers were numerous In and out of bank.
Kasteru KichnDgo was Arm at X bylng aad U
premium selling rate. ,
No alteration in gold, New Orleans exchange, un
current money, or time-bills on the east or south.
Hour continued In active demand yesterday, with
large sales and light receipts. Whisky was dull, and
declined i;tc per gallon. Bogs were in brisk inuuiry
H1nJ'ri?.!!,hl&ner; ,Th '" "when Mo bead at
? "l(S;t;.Jn-. Provisions were active, Mess Perk sell
lng ai gl ;ft for uresent. und Kin for futnre d.iir.rr
All kinds of Grain were linn, and Cheese, Apples.
Butter, Potatoes and Clovemeed wore steady . . ,
The furcign trade of the port of New York, the post
.iiiiv-.i.h,iuu iur wis stain 01 me season
rather large import entry of Foreign Goods, chiefly
lu General Merchandise, the total, iucloding the Dry
?,?Sf .!ib.'? ln 0,,r ""it paper, being 3,3l7,2t7 against
81,433,438 the same week last season. The exports of
Doinestlc Produce and Miscellaneous Goods amouut
to ll.4W.27S, against tW.m aame week last year, '
while the Kxport or Specie is only 810,400, against
ai,t17 same week last year. , .
The Impor.tsandExport of various articles forth
twenty-four hours ending Saturday booh, were?"
Imports Flour. 1,003 brls.; Whisky, 1,074 brls,;
Corn, i),S2U btlihela; Wheat, 3.014 bnalieui; Oats, 4M
liushola; Burley, l,l2lhiuhels; Hogs, 3,434 head; Molae.
Bes, 16brls.;Coire,.2,lKI bugs; Apples, 104 brls.; But
ter, m keg; cheese, ui.1 boxes;, Potatoes, 12 brls.;
Salt, Htm barrels..' . , . . , , ,
Kxpobts - Flour. 897 brls.l Whisky, 84S brls.;
Wheat,2M bush.; Barley, WO busb.; Sugar, 24 hhds.S
Mnlaskcs.M brls.; Ooffee, 4il bags; Applea,32 brls,;
butter, m kegs; Cheew, Ms boxe-i; Potatoes, 106
brls,; Salt, HO barrel. , , . ,. t
Monday's New Yurk Times says of Saturday's
nnanciui anairs:
"In reference to ilia discount linn m IaaIt r nn
material chance, althoimh thai AnntiniiA.I m..biul
ease in tbe Money market might authorize thecal,
cnlatlon of some further addition to the lust return.
The rates of discount and temporary loan have un
dergone little or no variation through the past
wees, anu mercantile credit wus undisturbed by fail
ures or distrust. The activity ou the Stock Kxchauge
lias very materially Increased, and a spirited specula
tion for a general rite on tbe share liit followed tbe
Thanksgiving holiday of Thursday. But this has not
let materially inoreaeed tne employment of money
on temporary loan at the low ratea of (1 per cent.
Tho Foreign Exchanges have ruled steady, louailo
On Loudon; f 6 l.VAf.i.lSM on Paris, at M (lav, ai.lit.
while the demand for sight bilia on either point ia
notaucbaa to authorize present further shipments
of gold, although the arrival of a fresh supply of
California bars may lead to n export demand to
ward the close of this week."
Monday's Tribune thus refers to the Mew' York
oner market i :!'! t.
The Monty market has nndemnnn no u.Anti.1
change for sevorul days, und rate are as quoted yos
torduy. The supply on call Is not quite so free with
the Banking-houses, and but few loans are made
undor bittob ner cent. The tran.acklnn. in 1'un.ir .r.
somewhat restricted In the open market, on account
oi iuu uiguerejipeuuuiouB oi leuoers, ana more cau
tion and discrimination have marked the nocotia.
tiona. ' . . I ;. . ,n -i,.,. . .
Boston Root Astn Ritna Hi,,,,.. VniwmiM. hl i
There baa been no change to notico in our market
during the past week. A lew order have boen re
ceived, und a few Southern and Western buyer are
here. Mautifacturers will soon bogln to make up for
the spring trade, and it will be wdl for thorn to ro
niomoer that the only way to got remunerative prices
for the next season's goods, will b to have only a
m.miiou u "ner. .oiuca is receaing in prios,
but has U.. i illy roacned a point at niikh ti,. ,,,.
f.icturers feel Inclined to nurohaae. tnunv ni' than,
expecting to buy ut lower figures. , Tho demand for
l.ua i.vn .UHinuu ,iuue uouuuiit'B vury lair.
Hou Slahohtebimi Aiiovndtik Falls. Th num
ber of hogs killed around the k'alle thus fur thin ...
son amounts to M,2 head, against 1I5.7M) head at
4 1 n rib tn a tlnia Iau ..aa ta V
FLOCK The demand continue active, and tho
sales large. 3,ouu brls. sold to-day, cloaing at Si us
(oj a forsupertlno, and $i 20S 60 for extra. Re-
CCIPIK llgllt.
VflHSIiY-The market is dull and lXc per gallon
lower: sales of 2,300 brls. at 21)io., Including that
from wagon. . , ;
HuliB A continued active demand,' and-prices
higher: sales of 3,009 head at $6 wm ID-the leading
rate being S6 2ft for those averaging 200 pounda. ,
pko v isiuns A coutluued good demand for mess
Pork, with sales of l.NXI brl. atSU 75 oi thaint.
and $16 for future deliver) : 200 bhds. bulk Meat sold
at (Wj and 7:,4c, andaiO brls. Lard at loo. 20 bhds,
Hjcon Sides sold at SJto. which is an advance.
Cr(n Hamsflrm at So
TALLUW-100 tierces Butchers' Association sold
at 10c a decline.
QKOCfiBlKS-The market is unchanged, and firm
at full rates. Sugar 7H(g,BH. Molasses 47c, and
Coffee 12W13C. ,. .
WHEAT The market is firm. We quote prime
white at $1 2Sai 2.1, and prime rod at ti lo(dt 16:
sains of 120 bush'. Hillat l 18; 600 do. prime whit at
$1 S.'.; 7D0 do. prime red at 1 1 16.
CORN The demand is good, and prices Arm at our
last quotation!; KalesotlttObusb.at Marietta Depot,
at 43c.
OATS There is a good demand, and prices steady
RYB-The market is Arm, with a good demand at
BABLBY There Is a good demand, and prices are
firm at our last quotation. i .i. i ., ..
' CHiKHK Tliedemaudcontlniiesactlve.and price
Arm: sales of 1.M0 boxes Western Beserre at 9c.;
I.' do. Knglish Dairy at llo.; .,... .......
BCTTGB-There.lsafair demand for roll kt lfi
liu. .or inn ,u pi. me; ante. o. ,i. ur... prime at 10.
APPLES There is a fair local demand, but rtrirM
are without change. . . .
POTATCKfJ-riiere w a better demand, but we
prime Neahanocks at c., on arrival. . '
r CLOVKB SKED The demand . continues active.
and prices firm at our hut quotations: sale of 90
sacks at 94 Slk Mfarls. t 75. " - ....
. (BI UAOBXTtd mE6BAPH.'l"f'; '
Naw Yoaa. Mahsit, November 29-P. M.-Flour
Is 5c. better, but lessaotlve. both for export and spec
ulation: sales of 16,000 bri., at i VX&i 20 for super
fine State; IL3 31f$S ti for extra 8tate; (5 2MeDA 31 for
anperlineWeatern; ;1 10(3.1 60 for common to medium
extra dO.l and (6 70A Ti for Inferior to good ship
ping brand extra round-hoop Ohio-cfoaing dull
and tendenoy downward. Canadian Floor quiet aud
unchanged: saloaof 200 brls. at ibUHSS 35 for com
mon to choice extra.. Rj Franr in Ihlr rqnest
t$1 7&(S)4 is. Wheat I Hioic. better, but demand
much less active: sales of Afi,fiOO bushels, at $1 23(1 29
f r oommon and fair Mllwankie Clob; Si 30 for mixed
Western; 11 40 for fair white Canada; 81 SO for while
Michigan, and SI 6.1 for white Kentucky.' The very
great scarcity for eUlp room has materially checked
the export demand. Ilye more active: sale of 6,000
bnsh. at 90c.- Barley a shade firmer: sale of 82,000
bushel at 77(7oo. for Canada East; 82($86c. for Cun
ada West, and 76((i"8c. for Btate. Corn very quiet:
sales of 12,000 bnah. at V7(BW8o. for new yellow, and
W05c. for old do. Oats steady at 42K47Xc. for
Stale, Western and Canadian'. Whisky heavy and
lower: salos of 200 brls at 26X0. Fork firmer and
more active: sales of 5,0SO brls. at $16(8116 12 for mess;
$ll(ff.ll 12 for prime, aud 81tyai8 for Western prime
mcss-lncludllig 3,000 brls. mesi, sellers option till
January 1, at 816, and 1 tw brls. mess, tellers option
till April I. at Sid. Heer Arm and active: Hales of sou
brls. at JUm 60 for eeiiutry prime; IM Ml for do,
mnsat $."(! 10 Tor retuckod old ami newjneas; $10 If)
fSill M for extra hieae, Dressed Hon steady at "0.
for corn fi d. Beef llama nleutv and dull at 111 no
12 for Slate, aud tuffhU AO for Western. ' Prime'
mess Boei iiniet at si7((42ii. Uut Meats quiet: small
sales of new pickhnl liams at 0'4o. Bacon quiet
and unchanged. Lard dull and heavy: sale of 2MI
brls. at lWraiO-Xc. 7 Bnltor steady at lllf18c. for
Ohio, and 14(8210. for State. Cheeaeaf Sr$ffe. Cot
ton heavy: Buleaof ),0fl0 bales at lIllXo. for .mil)..
dllng upland. Sugar firm: prloana 8to.; Musco
vado tMdtn'Ao. Coffee steiwly: sales of 2,500 bag at
12c. for Kio. Molaase firm at 81'.o. (lilalnactlvei
Linseed W)fjfic.; Lard S7(a)Wo, Tallow dull at
105,0. Wool quiet. " ' - -'. - ..." ' . , ki
.' " -.1 ,J.. I V.'! .(' . ,1 ,., .- 1 .. I :' I
Niw OhleaSS AlaSKKT, November 29. Cotton,
prices Irregular: sales to-day 10,000 bales; quotations
ohmHo. for middlings. Sales for three days,
3!,ooo bales; receipt do. 39.500 bales, against 83,001)
hales at the same Urn. lust year; raceipt ahead of
last year 111.000 bale. , Eastern Exobange per
cent, discount. 1 , ,0
B&LTtMOas MAaan, November -'Flour dull:'
aale of 600 brlB. Howard-atnwt at 95 37i Wboat
opened dull: sales of 12,000 bushels-rloalng firmer,
whit and yellow.
uuouitu. vorn sioauy uvivmix lor new
Pork SIS 75; prime 10 SO.'
oacon sine at 100.
Whisky quiet at MXo.
t' m ' Ug
Steamboat Register.
AaaiviL Liberty, Whs slloa; -vtllo;
Henry Fllahugh, Meniplils; Marmora,. Plus-
hum: Hnnerlnr. Lmiisviile: Boatnsa. Port.mAt.t1i:1
Clipper, Big Sandy) Orcy Eagle, Pomeroy; Prlornt,-
jnaoison; i;unienn, xvevuie;. Virginia iome,tieviiie;
teiia, hock. 2.
DsPABTUBK. Liberty. Wheeling; Melrose, Mays-
lie-. An
vllle; Superior, Louisville; Aoatnna; Portsmomh;
nnr. BlffHandvt Grav H.ota. Pnirnv. P.lntau
XraT,M,l Pe?roy Ptlore,
Marmora, Pittsburg.
' ' r" ! "v; i
AV t'T i N 1 A 1 E-llY JQ. BRA-
ST1BA B8 A CO., cmles-rooma No, ayand m
WKoNtSDAY MOKNISO, November So, at 0
n.?2rL general assortment of flrocerie., rnusWIeg
'LH."1.-2 Mol. "I'M e.,
Ki'S.,iVT:,l,Kcn'f1j',' Ko- ' Six Twist,
Mnrce. Hie, lJiiieg.Boj., MM amM Ko,p, .
1'ap.T, IK boxe. :uTawar . "'. ' '
ALSO-Inolgo, Uemp,-Rops, Bedeords, Twin.'
T. ?.I?J,' vTOti" r'i c' V,","fB,'ti,,"l'"'- Biuoklng
W&Jrec3' ,"""U1
no30 O. BBA8nKABSgC.Aacbion'.
.X. WILLIAMS-Sales-reoun Ni and J4 K..L
fhird-strcet-On WaUNKSOAY m.HNINi)
veinber 31, at o'clock, a iaiKt- slock ol l-va. aa
sorted. Dry and Fancy Ooods, Clothing, hoots
Show, Watehe, Ao;
At o'clock, a general variely or new an second-.
hand Furnitur, Ao. i '
ALSO A oeasc-botis sitocki vl: a fine Conntst,
vi.n.m, .n.'.va, unnn, US. . lAMIie., l .
I10 l ,
'a..KLLIW', Vnclloneer.
' ft' Ml '
Salee-room No. M Maln-street.-Cloalng
aleof the entire stock or Boou, Shoe, Urocerles.
Liquor. Cigar, e , of th late firm ol II. S. Hilt.
Co., at Auction, wllliont any reserve, for rash. 1
will sell, on FBI DAY MORNING, Decen.be,
'.' o'clock, to close all conaignmenta, 120 buxe Vir
ginia and Kentucky Tobacco, 160 Uriel Smoking
I'oliacco, 6 half chest Y. H. Tea, ISniatjJsvaCoftes.
lu boxe Oerroan Soap, 6 barrel. Bourbon Whisky, 20
bags Cotton Varn, 300 boxes Ground Spices, li boxes
Mar Candle, 45 boxes Pearl Starch, 20boxe Pepper.
2S keg 8. U.Soda, 10 kegs Nails, quarter cask '
llrandy, 2n boxes old Brandy, 20 box a o. I. Indigo,
ALSO-27 eases Men's and Boy's Sip and Calf
Boot and Brogans, loo bund! Straw and Bag
vvrrpping Paper, 40 barrels Cider Vinegar, 40 boxes
Ouart aud Pint Flasks, 30 boxe Gobreu, 23 boxes .
Wines. - - - ,
, ALSrWiiS2?iPT "rve,2Jarge superior new
Iron Safes. SW Sale positive.
"u3Q 11. S. MILES, Auctioneer. '
CO. rn'fn'e t Attctlon. WIl) be old
on TBOKSDAY ilOHNIM;, December I, st 9
o'clopk, at No. 338 Weat I hint -street, between II am
and We.tcrn-row, the entire furniture or a family,
innalating of hair-cloth, Solk, 6 natr-cloth (.hair.
nuui v.uier lauie ana vover, oane-aeai unsir,
an-eatockar, fapoy Tables, Carpels, Rues.
DruKs.t. Door Mat.U 1
lndon bhactes, Dining Table,
Dining and Tea-war, Chairs,
Ui ilsteads, Walnut Dresning Bureau, Washatandli,
.I.BIUI. Biair iju-M.r. i'.n,..ff-
Uk BedstMihi, Featelier Bolsbr and Pillow, cotton
...... ouu. uffBoo, vui.i.una, jianaeis, 'iouet-
ar, ' Looking Olas,. Carpets, Ac.) Cooking Slov
aud apparatus, and Kitchen Furniture.
- JACOB GRAFF, Auctioneer,
no30 No. 18 East Fourth-street.
S AL E by a. BRA.
SHEARS A OO.-Balea.room K'a.u At .In ..i,u
We will acll on TIIIiltSDA V MllRNINr: i ..a
o'clock, without reserve, 300 cae Men', Boy',
l oath! Wftntn'f. Miasea' and Children's Boots,
ulioes, Gaiters, Buskins, Ac. Tbesbcomprehend flrat -clan
gooda, suitable for the beat trade, aud will be
uo2(ti 0, BBASBBAK8 A CO-, Auctioneer's.
- ! 1'.'r''!"1 y, "' ' ' t:ti
Thi WrFarrin &;Co.
1 '(" -;. tjr;.i J,, j,:;n t , , .,;.".,.
that they are selling lumber at their yard oa
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Railroad,, r ,i , . s J( . , .
'V (',( fij r,M , , .. . ;
Tbananv other Lumber Dealers In lb oity."' -'
" .Quick,. Sales 'and Small. Profits
a:! I
!.. '!.-;(
they lubmlt th following list of prices:.
Clear lumber, all thickrieassj,i Ih. IsisU tM jtesa
Beat Common, I f and 2 inch Plank.,-.. 3D (10 30 0 1
Best. " I inch Boar(ls....,...,. as 7S lr-4
Second ' all thl.knese.....H. is an 17
Third " Boarda...,..,... mm 12 Si
drub Plank, face meajiure... 22 Ml as 0
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber.... UN) It m
Poplar , . " , , , ".. ...... 12 Ml 14 00
First Common Flooring1 Boards......,.. S4 Ml 87 Mi
Sewnd ., .. ; J ;y .,".. w,wr. S 75 Ot
T lrd ' " . - IS M JO m
(first Common Weatnei1 Board...A..v. 16 no 17 M
Seoond f;-f ,. .m .... , 00 Urn
fjedar Post, 4 by 4, 8 feet, per hundred.... MM mm
Cedar' " forfenolng, " " 3noo MM
LikubI " i' ' 20 110 22
A further reduction of iH per cmI. will b mad en
bill of isoo or mora. ...
We have one of the largeat and best selented stock
of Lumber ln the Cincinnati market, which we offer
for sale at the above prices., .. ., . ,, . .
;"epMtr ' i.y
' ...': l. .1 ,H .'. - '
JM.I ! ,J, , fr.
li'.'lf v. ; 4 .f , .f. . . ,
v.l ulll'.
Held at Zaneavllle, Orleber, 1S39.
No.' iH and Sit Vine-..
(Seoond door Below Colombia,)
!(''.". in ci W n ATI1,"' ;o nm,
; fnollcmV 1 .. .
I . u.....au i tti. - ' . s . .... .
"!'( .ewn.asi waweam veawrn
(:.. 8a, Farlncnery, Frtnep Geoda, cVe.i
r Mft. QS JVf AIMRTRT.Ti,.'T,
Tr , P. ; T , D A XXiijJ1' ,
ncrlvisin awq'n a ui. evwukit
, - - examining my Stock will find that I
am selling lower than sny other house in the oily.
I UUP I ' ' I i. .
lO'i MnfiMtrMft tlirtie deor above Third.
DER all kinds of florae Trappings, in the best
and most substantial manner. Also, a large assort
ment of Hone Blaakets, Whip, Carpet and Leather
rags, enui jmi, sunaio, ittines, valise (lb real
sole-leather), Hall Trunks. Uponge. and a iarsra as
sortment b.longing la this line. , 1 will sell as low
th lowest. , - , .
. ...-:, , , JU, S.
noli-ar .' ' " 1 '
rew Glycerol of Arnica.
A : !. 1 f,lf. r .
".in ira eueci irom ourns, scale, (Jilt. AO.,
prove o difficult to -remove, in consequence of the
srxposure to cold, every person ahould hsv a bottle
of the Glycerol of Arnica at hand, for immediate
am fa all suoh case, aa it not only relieve, th pain
caused by them, bnt also prevent all the usual un
pleasant after effects. Prepared and for sal. by
.IV ei ri ,1 , 811 US. ECKSTEIN ACO..
ao28-e .. , , . Opposite the Poatoffloe.
Aipmatio Tinct. of Myrrh,
enlak the Gnms, and imparting a delightful per
fume to th Breath. The well-known properties of
Jttjrrh and the agreeable taste and odor or the Aro.
tnat lea with which it is combined, have rendered this
Tincture exceedingly popular wherever it has been
Introduced, Prey
rea ana lor sale oy
' no28o ',,
Opposite the PostolHce.
Hi l-'A!UYJi-,l . r..L..: I:,,;..'
V lvd and far aale by I . '
Oppoaite th Poalomoe.
MoLane'snPills and Vermi-
J r fffiAa ii.';.fag,
t !)!lKt.'Tlul 1 ( 111 ii' - . ,
Ofl 6Btss (MpLAKE'S pills akd
. VP vJvV(wraiflie, received and for aale by
.o28d'- r,., I,, OppoalUtbe PoaloEo.
4 R?1ffl Mtivrairilla; Oool nil -
hand a'snpplf bt Mist uneaualed Coal Oil.
Ti trad .uppllod at loweat srlo,. , ,
'"'"! l- Jufj'fl fM ntAfyy Jw tt.airtIl-A
tllilERLM 1 tO,
Ll' - ,'.-Jti Hi I !(,, -, I ; ( .... '
1 s '-"hz SAMPLE' AHD SAI.KJ100MS,
M -n.- ...."! .. ... .

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