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. Ii pabllibed daily, ( Bandar' excepted,) trf
' 1 ' PB6PBIT0M.t- J I t . .
fflOl J0. U Wilt rODITI-ITtllT.
TBI flin VBKM to delivered, to snbeertbers la
Oinotnnatl, OoTlnfton tnd Newport, and sur
rounding cities and towni, at the ex.
- tromely lowprioeof
mtn or miLiaa: - t r '
Magi ooples lo.i 1 month Mo.; S months 1; 1 rear -
Jon A. Bujlib, J...... Jol Lessee and Kanafer.
Fori lively tha last appearance of
Mlu Caroline aad Mr. Peter Rlchlnga
In tlie great Comedy of "rxtremw."
THURSDAY 1 VEHING, December 1, will be pre-
Mr. Mayberrv .............Mr. Bijhings.
Kbenezer Oldrioh ......,...MM....,....Blr. Ellsl.r,
Augustus Smiley ..i,M...................Mr. Bead.
Mr. Middleman Biggins Mr. Langdou.
Mrs. (Jrfbr.,.....................MlM Caroline Uiohlogs.
Mrs. Oldrlcb ......,...............Mr. Gilbert.
Virginia 01drich..... Miss Wait.
Belly Fanny Denham.
Br In oonieqnence of the "extreme" length of
tha piece, there will be no farce acted with the
comedy of" Extremes." .
To morrow night, Farewell Benefit of Miss CAR
OLINK BIOHINGS, ou which occasion a great bill
will bo offered, being positlrely the last night but
one of the Rlchings' engagement. ' . . ,
In active rehearsal, a new and gorgeous spectacle.
Including an inconceivable display of Eastern and
Oriental magnificence. Also, one of the most inter
esting and powerful of dramas, written eiprtssfyfor
this theater. Due notice will be given of Its first
representation. ' ' , ''' ,, ,. '
avar Doors open at X; Onrtain rises at lit o'clock.
Paioia or Adhimkm Dress Circle and Panjoette,
COcents; Gallery, 25centa. :
Be-engsgemnt of tha eminent actor,
In order to afford families an opportunity of bring
" lng their children to witness the performance, -f
; Faust and Marguerite, It will be acted M tha ftrst
piece, and terminate at 9 o'lock. ...
TU18 (Thursday) BVKNINO, Deoember I, will
be acted, for the sixteenth time, tha great Legendary
Drama, from the German of Goethe, entitled
Faust and Marguerite.
Mephistoptailes......... .Mr. J. B. Boberta
Faust (an aged Scholar.'.......,..., ....--Mr. 0. Stuart
Marguerite................................. Miss A. Graham
Dance byi Miea Jennie Hlght. ,
To conclude witb trie petite comedy of
Buy Gomez . Boberti
Duohoss de Torrenueva... Mrs. Vanderen
Theater, is now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by tha day or week, and
meals furnished at all hoars
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
gainst furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
C'taas. M. Ban-as... Manager.
F. B. Conway Stage Director.
THI8 (Thursday) KVEMING, Dec. 1, will be pre
sented, witb beautiful scenic effects and illusions,
and a powerful cast of obaraoters, Dickens's admira
ble domestic story of ,
Ob, Ths CaicKET on ths Hsasth.
(now acting with immense success in all the princi
pal cities of the East.)
John Peerlblngle..'......... Conway
Tackle ton..... ......... tee. ee M I . Ms s . Me s a tt Lanagan
Caleb Plummer ... -....Davtdge
B tran ger , -- Sheridan
Dot Peeribingle.... Mrs. Conway
Bertha. Miss Crocker
May molding . .........Mies (Stanley
Mrs. Fielding .7. Mrs. wilfclus
Tilly Slowboy Mrs. Plate
Spirit of the Cricket Mrs. Navarre
K After which the comlo duality entitled
Mr. Simon Lullaby Davldge
Mrs. Simon Lullaby ....Miss A. Prootor
I'aioss or Admission. Parauette Circle, Parquette
and Balcony, so cents; Amphitheater, 25 cents;
Private Boxes for eight persons, $8.
Doors open at 6M o'clock : commence at 7M.
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M ., where
aeats can be secured. . J. F. HEBBtBT, Treaa'r.
MITH b HIXON'S r Hill,
Friday and Saturday Evenings,
The Old Hundred!
(In rente for New Orleans, )L ADIE8 and GENTLE
MEN Vocalists, including
Tha distinguished young New England Contralto.
' PROP. P. C. HAUi
Tha renowned Soloist on the Golden Bogle.
Tba eminent Cornet and Clarionet performer.
With their splendid
Will all appear In
Costumeg of a Century Ago.
Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert to oommence at
7M P. M.
Ob SATURDAY, at S o'clock,
Grand Musical Assembly.
Children In the afternoon as...... ttessftsisHts. T.n Cents.
-Of IHI-
Independent Highland Guards
Vine-street between Fifth end Slxth-sts.,
- On Thursday Evening:, Deo, 1.
Musio under the direction of Capt. A. MXNTEB.
Iiancing under the management of Professor A.
8 Hupper'by B. A. ABM8TB0NG.
Tickets can be had of John H. Patrick, Mo. 40
last fifth-street, and Gibson and McDonald, No.
too Vlne-etreet. no26c
New Mode of Ventilation!
Cell and See One ef
',, " .PATENT
Heating and Ventilating Furnaces;
In operation at "
Itore Ware-rooms, Noi. 61 and 53 Vine-it,
, (Below Columbia.) ;, ;
Sawyer & Co.
; . Inoay) ' :
Ne. S06 Tlne-et., bet. Fifth and 8lzth. ,
that he baa eatabliahed a reanlar depot for tM
?.le of all kind, of .alt-water Fish, fresh from Mew
ork ; also Lake Pish from Clereland and Sandusky)
together with Clams and Oyster, in the shell, LoD
iters, Crabs, Kelt (alive), and all kinds of seasonable
Game and Can Oysters. He will furnish the above,
named articles 0UEAPB THAN AST OTHSB
PL AO! IN TBI CITY. Family ordsrs promptly
attended to and sent home free of oharge. Pleaas
eejl lg1 Jv yonr orders. .. opU
now on hand a full aasortment;of Presereve., Jellies.
Fresh Fruits and, Vegetables, Jnglish Pickles and
Sauces and other foreign delicaoles. Also, fine Wines,
Brandies, Irish and Scotch Whisky. Jamaica Bum,
Ac. Also, Havana Ulcers of ths choicest description,
Forsaleby 'JOHN BATHS,
no 11 national Theater Wing, Sycamore-si. -
VOL. 2. NO. 88.
Littlb MUHi.-Might Express, 8:00 A. M.i Aocom
modatlon, 3:46 r. m.j Day Express, 6:36 p. tt.
Indianapolis and Oinoikhati.-11:30 a. m.', 6:40 r.
M.i 1:40A. m.
Ohio ajid Missustm.-e:16 a. a.; 1:26 r. a.: lfcl
p. a. '- . . i . . . ,.
CiaciSMATi, BaanToa ano Dattoh. 7:46 A. a.; 11:(
A. a.-, 12:53 P. M.i 6MT. M.i 8:60 V. a.
M.aiSTTA and Oinoinnati. 11:30 a. a.; 8:82 p. a.
Bionaoan aad Idiaapous.-13:S0 a.-, 8:68 p. a.
Lima Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. .: Acoom
modaUon, 4:40 p. a.; Might Express, 11:30 p. a.
Indianapolis and Cincinnati. :W a. a.; 12:46 p.
M.j T:00 p. a.
Ohio and Mississippi. 8:00 A. a.; 3:00 p. a.; 7:80 p. m.
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Datton.-6:00 a. a.; 7:30
A. M.i 10:1)0 a.m.; 8:40 p. a.; 6:30 t. u ; 11:30 P. a.
Maeiitta and CiasiaNATi.r-t:40a. a.; 3:40 p. a.
BicaaoND and Ikdianapolis.-.00 a. a,; 3:40 p. a,
jSVThe oontribatlons offered for the Atlan
tic Monthly average more than hundred each
month, . ,,. r,
beautiful lad; In the present fash
ion la Isolated. She la one
"Around whose 'oatikirts' exiled man repinM."
TM, Lonts Blano has Jait flnlshed the!
eleventh volume of hl history of the Krenoh)
Rerolntion. .. -i, , ,., ;
J&TAt e man drinks he generilly grows
reckless i in hit; oaae, the more drains the
fewer s,orople.j; : y,.,. "t, s
. jSefThe laai Legislature of Texas, it Is said,
contained thirteen "men of mark." Nat one
of them could write his name. i
Itmay sound like a, paradox, yet the
breaking of both an army's wings la a pretty
sure way to make it fly.
etyjamea MoMulIen, who. was sent to the
penitentiary from Louisville for killing Geo.
Kellar, baa been pardoned by Gov. Magoffin.
jHolmes, after telling that adogwae
shot for biting a woman's leg, said It was a
pity to shoot a dog with such fine tate.
' The Paris theaters have been inter
dicted from performing plays with Italian al
lusion this winter.
A sailor, upon being requested to de
toribe a xebra, said it looked like a precious
big jaokasi in a Guernsey shirt
The Trenton (Tenn.) Standard says a
man named Robert Cauley murdered bis wife
by shooting her with a shot gun, recently. '
$&" The residence of James A. Street, in
Memphis, was destroyed by fire last Friday.
Loss $7,000. Supposed to be the work of an
EV Captain Stevenson, of the brig Hannah
A. Campbell, was murdered by a negro, Henry
Kitaw), on the 8th inst, at St. Thomas. Ste
venson formerly resided in Baltimore. i
0f" The scarlet fever is prevailing at Sid
ney and Bellefontatne. On Tuesday last the
Union Sohool was olosed in consequence of its
prevalence in town. - j
Eve was the first confidence woman.
She played the ball game with an apple, on a
gentleman from the rural districts, named
Adam . ;, ' ,; . :i i
$gTA young sawbones, having oourted a
girl for a year, and got the mitten, turned
round and sued her father for "visits" he paid
her. . ,
SSf Samuel Wilson and son were commit
ted to the jail of Halifax, Va., on Sunday
night last, for killing the wife of Samuel
""Now do take this medloine, wife, and
I'U be hanged if it doesn't cure you'" "Oh I
I will, then, by all means, for it is sure to do
good one way or other."
otT Jacob Atkiion was beaten to death
last week near Halifax, Va., by two men
named Foard, who have been arrested and
lodged in jail.
The London olergymen are melancholy
over the fact; that of the population of three
millions in that city, there are only 150,000
T"CopIado, in China, must be a delightful
retreat. It experienced one hundred and six
teen shocks of earthquake in twenty-four hours
during the late convajsion.
J"8enator Sumner, it ii stated, has been
offered the sum of $400 to Ieoture before one of
the New York Lyceum Associations. Mr. S.
deolined, preferring to reserve his health and
strength for bis public duties at Washington.
A fire occurred in the village of Bow
den, Carroll County, Ga., on Sundgjy morning
of last week, which destroyed all the business
houses in the pleoe. The Masonic Hall was
likewise destroyed. The loss is very heavy.
$fk eynical misogynist who is very bit
ter upon the subjeot .of female fashions, says
that the people could get out of church a great
deal better if there was not half so much bus
tle at the door I
&sTA noted print publisher in Boston has
In active preparation a portrait, taken fron, a
photograph, of Captain Brown, whioh Will be
Issued on (to-morrow) the day of the execu
tion. ' : .
' jjarThe Emperor of Russia has approved
and confirmed the statutes of a sooiety, lately
organised in Russia, to afford pecuniary assist
ance to poor sjlentlfio and literary men and
their families.
The Boston Advtrtiier suggests that
the cow at Charlestown, Va., was killed by the
sentry because she had two powdtr hornt on
her head, and because she had been tail-bear'
ng among the negroes.
. S Irwin and Stephen Ward, two .brothers
who murdered Allen Page, of Conouk, Ala.,
were hanged by a mob near that place a few
days since, in the presence of three or four
hundred persons. I
fSfk day or two since James Quion, a
hand on board tha sohooner John Ji, Clayton,
lying at the foot of Twenty-ninth street, East
River, New York, was shot dead by Thomas
gSS"k chap, walking along the street, see
ing a lawyer's office, walked in and inquired!
"What do you keep to sell f " "Blockheads,"
replied the lawyer, "Pretty good business, I
guess; I see you've got one left."
"Owing to the quantity of Bolivian sil
ver coin which ha been introduced into Pan
ama, the merchants have come to a partial
understanding not to receive the half dollars
for more than thirty cents in future.
-For kioklng a foot-ball In one of the
streets of Salsm, Mass., a man hss recently
been fined $1 and costs; another has been
mulcted in $5 and oosta for smoking a cigar,
and a third compelled to pay $10 for address
ings lady in the street by mistake.
sSk very large planetarium, (tba largest,
it fssaid, inthooonntry,)has been constructed
by N. B. Jewett, ef Haverhill, Mass. It oo
euples a spaoe sixteen feet in diameter, and
the center stand is six feet in diameter, sap
ported by four legs. , - j
The greatest landscape painter now
living Is said to be Oalame, of Geneva, Switz
erland. None of his paintings have ever
reached the United States, but the Emperor of
Russia, Napoleon III, and several other
crowned heads, are the fortunate possessors
of some of his works. ,' v
Extraordinary Idiosyncrasy—An Aristocratic
Hermit in England.
A correspondent ef the Wolverhampton
ChrcmicU says there Is a hermit living a few
miles from Stevenage, and within thirty of
the metropolis; and he thus describes a visit to
the hermit's retreat: -a.: '' i
At the termination of the road a mansion of
no ordinary slie met my view, but better and
happier times had reigned within; without all
was desolation and ruin. Time that destroyer
of all things had done its work here; every
inlet was barrioaded by the rude axe and ham
mer; its portals no living mortal had paased
for eleven long years; the interior, which was
once rich in design and comfort, is now moul
dering to decay; no cheering voice is heard
within its walls, only that of rats and vermin.
In tracing my steps to the scene of the hermit's
cell, whioh is situated at the baok of the
building, and looking through the wooden
bars of. a window devoid of glass, I perceived
a dismal, black, and dirty cellar, with an
earth floor, not one vestige of furniture except
a wooden bench and a few bottles, with the
remnant of a fire. ' .''.,.:--...
It was with difficulty,' by the faint rays of
light admitted into this loathsome den; that I
oould trace a human form, clothed only in a
horse rug, leaving his arms, legs and feet per
fectly bare; his hair was prodigiously long,
with a beard tangled and matted On my
addressing him he came forward with readi
ness. I found him a -gentleman by educa
tion end birth, and most courteous in hie man
ner. He anxiously Inquired after several
aristocratio families in Staffordshire and ad
joining counties. Itis evident he at one period
mixed in the first circles; but the secret of
his desolate retirement is, and probably ever
will remain, a mystery to his neighbors and
tenantry, by whom he Is supplied by food
(chiefly bread and milk.) . Already eleven
weary winters has he passed in this dreary
abode, his only bed being two sheepskins, and
his sole companions the rats, which may be seen
passing to and fro with all ease and perfect
safety. During the whole of his seclusion be
has strictly abstained from ablution, conse
quently his countenance is perfeotly black.
Binr Biografbt or Adiliha Path. Tbo
petite and pretty Fatti, the little phenomenon
of a few years ngo, Is thus briefly sketched in
a Now York journal:
Adolina Pattl was born at Madrid, Spain,
April 9, 1843. Her mother, Madame Barili
Pattl, was the prima donna of the Grand
Theater at Madrid, and on the evening pre
ceding the birth of Adellna, the youngest of a
large family, Madame had sung "Norma," in
whioh ro? she had a high reputation. Curi
ously enough, after the birth of Adeline,
Mme. Pattl lost her voice almost entirely, and
has always believed that it was given to the
ohild. Madame Pattl left Madrid .as soon as
possible after Adeline's birth, and returned to
Milan, the permanent residence of her family.
Here the impresario Strakosoh made the ac
quaintance of the new prima donna, then only
four months old.
Adelioawas what is called a precocious
ohild. Sbe oould sing almost before she could
speak. She caught up at the age of four all
the gems of the operas, and sang them cor
rectly. Her first publio appearance was made
at the age of nine years, when Mr. Strakosch,
Ole Bull and the infantile prima donna made
a tour in the provinoes, where Adeline sang
all the great pieces made familiar by Jenny
Lind, Sontag, Bosio and others. The little
lady created the greatest enthusiasm, and her
share of the profit amounted to twenty thou
sand dollars, which her father invested in a
country seat, the summer residence of the
family. '
At this time our prima donna received the
highest compliments from, Sontag, who told
her that she would be one of the greatest
singer in the world, and from Alboni, who
aid if the went to Pari she would make suoh
furor as is seldom seen there.
Twilvi ob Fotjbtikx Pkrsons Eillio. An
aooident recently ocourred atone of the pits be
longing to Earl Granville, at Stargreen, Han
ley Potteries, England, by which ten men
were Instantly killed, and ten others severely
injured. "A cage" containing fourteen men
was being drawn up the shaft of the "Big Pit,"
while another "cage," with six or seven men
in it, was going down at the same time. A
the asoending cage drew near the surface, the
signal bell in the engine-room sounded as
usual, in order that the engine might be at
onoe stopped. The engine-tender was, how
ever, too late in attending to his signal, and
the oonsenuence was thatone "cage" was drawn
up beyond its proper point, while the other
went to the bottom of the shaft with a heavy
shook. The asoending cage was drawn up till
it reached the wheel over whioh the rope at
taohed to it worked, and was being taken
round, when the whole fourteen men, with one
exception, were preolpitated beneath. Six fell
down the shaft and were dashed to pieces.
Three fell on the, pavement at the pit's month,
and one on the iron pavement and were killod
on the spot. Four who were thrown on the
ground received fearful injuries. The occu
pants of the descending "cage" were all more
or less injured by their fall, but none of them
were killed. Medioal assistance was soon pro
cured, and everything that oould be done for
the injured men was done without any loss of
time. The engine-tender, whose negligenee
led to the accident, has been taken into cus
tody, i ' - . : . : . ; .
Ait Amtikioos Pio. On the 20th of Sep
tember, a farmer in the north of England lost
a large and valuable pig bills were circu
lated, offering two pounds reward for her, but
she oould not be found anywhere. On the
29th of October some of the men on the farm
began to cnt into a straw stack, when to their
astonishment they found the lost pig, im
bedded eight or nine feot in the straw, where
she had existed for thirty-three day without
food or water. When found she had lost sev
eral stone in weight, but otherwise seemed
perfeotly healthy.
AbtApbicah Abtibt. At the late Fair of
the West Alabama Agricultural Society, held
at Demopolis, a premium of a silver oup was
awarded to E. T. Page, of Mobile, for a por
trait of Hon. F. S. Lyon. The artist i a col
ored man, formerly a barber on Royal-street.
He ia of; unblemished character, of strict in
tegrity, and highly esteemed by hi white ac
quaintances. Portrait painting seem to be a
natural gift to Page, whioh he ha pursued, so
far as we know, without any instruction.
A Chcboh Bumt in Baltimore1. Some
Baltimore rowdy, having nothing particular
on his hands, set fire, the other evening, to
the churoh on Biddle-street, known as St.
Barnabas Chapel, of the Episcopal denomi-,
nation, and reduced the building to ashes,
"A"Wisi"NiQiO. A slave of Dr.Ashby,
of Culpepper Court-house, Va., named Baw
ley, having obtained the eonsent of his mas
ter, volunteered lut Week, and proceeded to
Charlestown, declaring that he waa "bent on
having a shot at an Abolitionist."
A Niw Com rot Cboliba. An East Indian
physioian recommends Quassia as a remedy
for that terrible scourge, the cholera the
patient to be vaccinated with it. He deolares
that it arrests on the Instant the decomposition
of the blood, and the patient i cured a by a
miracle. " - i ; , ;, . . ,
RieiorjLoes Pabvbxoism is Nbw Yobi.
From the 'New York correspondence of tho
Charleston Ucrcury we extract the following:
Within, the past year I have noticed tbo
growing commonness of these appendages, and
the Inauguration of the Park drive will make
their adoption still more general, The private;
ooftohmen of New Tork are now. with scarcely
an exoentifln. in llvarv. anil avanr "Mnfur'l
establishment has a pane, sometimes a lab-!
berly young Irishman, sometimes a sprightly
little mulatto, to open and shut the carriage
door, and fetoh and carry bundle. ' Liveries
in this oity do not indicate the possession nt
wealth, but rather the . reverse; for I do not
know a ' single millionaire who indulges in
them. Peter Cooper, Stephen Whitney and
William B. Aitor, drive very plain carriages,
when they do not walk.. Mr. Cooper's U
known all over town by" Its old-fashioned anil
clumsy shape, and a slow-gctng horse. Three-
fourths of the liveries in N iw York are furn-f
ished by stable-keepers, who place the "badgt
of Sufferance" on tbeir ooaobmen wheneve
required .by parties hiring their vehioles, and
charge for tie same in the bill., Many familiei
hire a carriage with liveries once or twice, out
a tremendous dash on Broadway; call upon all
their friends, and make the world believe thai
they own. the superb establishment in which
they roll haughtily abont town. . Some of tho
liveried drivers own the carriages whioh they
adorn, and are actually richer than the vulgar
snob who' liU with his wife and family, and
plays at false pretences Inside. Funny, is'nt
Tbi Ihqdisition Rivivid in Austria Ex'
oumiti Hapsbuboian Tobttjbks. In 1687 tho
most noble persons, the men of highest reputa
tion, and the brave captains who had fought
in the war ef Independence, were led on to the
scaffold, either together or separately, with
victims of si lower class. Some were dragged
out and lengthened on ladders expressly mado
to dislocate the limbs; others baa their headx
bonnd with oords or fillet of metal, until
their eyes started from the sockets. They
were hanged by the hands to gibbets, and
enormous weight attaohed to their feet, while
the hangman burned their arm-pits with wax
tapers, or, shook over the unhappy men torches
of pitch and rosin, whioh bedowed them with
a liquid shower of fire. Thoywore tortured
with red-hot pincers, and steel blados or
nails, rained to a white heat, which wero
thrust between the nails ef their fingers and
tees. Many, half-roasted and half-lacerated,
died under the torture. Leopold's delegate
offered six hundred florins to any one who in
vented a new punishment, and one of those
tortures, the most atrocious of all those des
cribed by tbe historians, make our hair stand
on an end. large wires, at a white heat,
were Introduced into the natural passages of
the body, after the viotiins bad been stripped
of their clothing. Storet HUtory of tha Maun
of Awlriu, . j
Cowabdiok of tbb Wolf in a Tbap. When
the wolf is once within a trap, it booomos the
most cowardly of animals, end will permit
itself to be handled without showing the least
signs of animation, or attempting to resist tho
hand of Its destroyer. The sensation of im
prisonment appears to deprive it of all energy,
and it sometimes happens that a trapped
wolf is so entirely destitute of self-control,
that it has permitted the huntnr to drag it
from the trap nd to rnakae it lie pannival; by
his side,-' whilo he resets the trap for the
occupancy of another victim. On one
occasion, a pitfall trap con-tained two
occupants, one a wolf and the other a
poor old woman, who had unfortunately
fallen into the pit when returning from her
work. The wolf was so cowed by finding
himself entrapped, that it made no attompt
to injure its fellow-prisoner, but lay quietly
at the bottom of the pit, and was shot in tho
morning by a peasant.
$50,000 OrriRsr for thi Keleabi ok Old
Johit Broth. Here is another Virginiacanard.
A olgar dealer at Richmond, Va., who is "re
cently from Newburyport, Boston and other
Masaaahnsetts townB," has informed his south
em friend that $50,000 are pledged to any
party who will land John Brown safe and
sound in the oity of Boston. He says, too,
that secret meetings are being held In various
places, and the leaders are endeavoring to hire
men to go to Charlestown to effect the roloase
of Old John. He says that some of these
leaders went to a briok-yard, where a number
of Irishmen were employed, and offered them
liberal pay, besides a ehanoe in the division of
the $50,000, if they would join a band for the
purpose. The laborers, after hearing thoir
story, promptly replied that they oould not be
hired to fight negroes or for negroes; if they
(the leaders) wanted any thing of the kind
done, they had better do it themselves.
Dispirati Lbap er a Thiif froh a Rail
road Train. A few days ago a desperate
charaoter, known about Pittsburg as Loafer
Bell, was being transferred from that oity to
Ohio to be delivered to the authorities of that
State to answer to a oharge of robbery, and
when near CoBhoctou, Ohio, finding the door
of the car open, he dashed through it, both
hobbUd and handcuffed as he was. It was
pitch dark at the time, and the train going at
a high rate of speed, so that it seems almost
impossible to have taken such a step without
either being maimed for life or instantly
killed. Bell was neither maimed nor killed,
It appears, as he oould not be found after the
train had been stopped, and is still at large.
He is a desperate man and no efforts should be
spared to effect his capture.
Asms fob Viroutia. We saw at Adams's
Express Office yesterday ten boxes of Sharpe's
rifles, six boxes of ammunition to match, four
oases of Colt' revolvers, and four easeB of oa
tridges, marked for Harper's Ferry. So it
seems that Virginians are not too prond to
nse Yankee-made rides and Yankee-made
powder and ball. We understand that these
arms were purchased by the State of Virginia,
and are nrobably intended to arm the vol
unteer militia of Charlestown. It looks as if
hasty preparations were making to receive that
large body of Ohio resouers who are expected
at Harper's Ferry on or before the 2d of De-
Hartford Courant, November 27.
Mori Baltiuori Amusemkrt. Some un
known villain in Baltimore shot through the
window of the house of a German named Lind,
a night or two since, and the ball from tbe
pistol, whioh would have killed bint, but for
his accidental stooping down, struck tha tem
ple of hi little daughter, Inflating a danger
ous wound. Lind has no doubt the intention
of the scoundrel was to kill him, though for
what reason he can not divine.
Tai Wbiriaboitt of Dr. Howl This
Boston partner of Ossawatomie Brown, who,
it was said, took refuge in Canada, a writer in
the New York Day-Book says he has returned,
if indeed he ever fled. The writer save that
he knows Howe personally, and that he saw
him twioe at the Everett House in that city,
A Gbbman Muroiriu it a Gbiii. During
a fight in a drinking house in St. Louis, a
night or two ago, a German, Andrew Stork,
w ts sUbbed and killed by Wm. Michael, a
native of Athens, in Greeoe. We have often
heard ef men murdering Greek, but the matter
in this instance was revorsed.
Probabli Mdrdbb in Madison, Ind. A
German named Valentine Deit was stabbed a
night or two ago, it is supposed, mortally, in
an affray at the German Theater, corner Se
cond Mulberry-streets.
Additional by the Bohemian.
Portland, November 30. The Daily Ntu;
Star and Port, of London, condemn the article
in the Timet, on the war feeling in France.
The Pott regards it as a wioked and wanton
abusive alarm, specially designed to put the
blood of the nation up. , -.-
The : demand had . for money has .been'
active at the former rates. The applications:
at the bank-exceeded the average. Funds
opened heavily on Tuesday, under unfavorable
forebodings, and deolined MJ. The market
rallied, however, and jjloscd at about 1-6 above
the quotations of the previous day., peri
cent. I the minimum for money in moat quarJ
ters, while many houses ask 22JiV j
1'bancb. The Marseilles paper state that
instructions from the French Government have
been received at 'Alexandria, to prevent any
act that would interfere with the Sues CanaJ
Company, whose works continue. . j
; La JVesia makes a crashing renly to the
Anti-fiDglish pamphlet . of the rtmor of the
Sieel. : ..,-. ,. ,v .., , . , , v ,. i
Tbe House of Vigneri, of Toulouse, had
failed,' with liabiUea, amouutlng to 8,000,000
francs. .,.. , .... j
Wheat and Flour were higher inmost of the
French market. :..'. ., v
On tbe Paris Bourse rentes closed at 70f.
Italy Chevalier Buonoompagne enters im
mediately upon the discharge of the funotionji
of Regent of Central Italy. , . ;
Rumors are ourrent of a ministerial orisis at
Tnrin on the Regenoy question, but they are
denied. . . . , , ,.
'The Paris correspondent of the London
Herald repoals that Austria at the last hour
positively refused to sign the Instrument e)f
peace if Prince CaYlgnan accepted the Re
gency. , ., . .. I
There are six thousand Venetians in the
army of Central Italy, .i ' I
An address from the priesthood of Lom
bardy had been presented to Viotor Emmanuel,
urging him to repress by law the attempts ef
those who proclaim temporal' power neoessary
to theChuroh. ,j :j ;
Prince Cavignan gave an audience on the
Uth inst. to a deputation appointed by the
States of Central Italy to request him to accept
the Regency of Parma, Modena, Romagnaand
Tusoany. . ; :: . ;
The Prinoo said: "I am deeply moved by
this offer, and tender my most grateful thanks
to the assemblies and tbe people who have
given me so great a proof of attachment. 1 1
believe tbat in makiug this offer .you are in
fluenced less by personal merits tban by your
devotedness to the King, and by your feelings
whioh bio not only liboral and national,, but
are also thoso of order and respect for mon
archal institutions, weighty representatives,
roasons of personal propriety, and the ap
proaching Congress deter me much, to my re
gret, from responding to your appeal acoepting
tbe oharge. This forbearance on my part, and
the saoriSoe I am thus making will prove mere
useful to the interests of our common country
than if I acted otherwise." o , i
He concluded by recommending . Chevalier
Buonoompagne as regent, and tolling the peo
ple that thoir conduct deserves the sympathies
vf Europe; te reckon always upon the King,
woo win support tneir wisnes, ana wno will
never abandon those who trust tbelr deBtidies
to his loyalty. : u I
Stain. Nothing of momenthas taken plloe
relative to tho war betweon Spain and Mo
rocco. -
The Spaniards charge the English with
supplying the Moors with . weapons, and in
structing them in the use. . i
Aotive preparations for conducting tbe war
were making in Spain.
A telegraph line between Cruta and Algiers
was about to bo constructed.
Gsbsiany. In the Federal Diet, on ,the
12th, the affair of the Constitution of Hesse
Cassel was referred to a committee. In Prus
sia, tbe towns of Thuringen, Oldenberg and
llauzatie, had voted for the re-establishment
of the Constitution of 1831. The representa
tives of some of the other Governments voted
in favor of the Constitution of 1852; others
abstained from voting. The committee has
unanimously adopted the proposal concerning
the reorganization of the Federal Military
Constitution, and Bent its report to the Speoial
Military Commission.
The London Pott, in an editorial, expresses
the opinion thattae Hesse-Cassel question will'
be one of great interest, and the notion of
Pruusia, in favor of restoring the Constitution,
is a most emphatic recognition of her de
termination to support the popular government
and national right In Germany. '
Russia. Prinoe Gortsohakoff has addressed
a olroular to the Russian diplomatic agents
abroad, relative to tbe Broalau Interview It
appears oertaln that neither Prussia nor Russia
will 6u report the project of an Italian Confed
eration. '
The pressure in commercial circles at St.
Petersburg was Intense, the rate of disoount
had risen to 8i per centum. The latest ac
counts say the pressure was diminishing the
rates for money having receded. (
Later from Texas and Mexico.
Nsw Oblbans, November 29. Intelligence
from Brownsville states that Cortenas hung
three Americans in revenge for the hangingof
his offioor at Brownsville. - i
Tbe sugar crop of Texas has been Injured by
the frost. .
Advioes from the City of Mexloo, dating to
the 19th inst., have been reoeived. The Con
stitutionalists had been beaten at Queretaro,
losing twenty-one pieces of cannon. A large
number of prisoners were taken, Including
Gen. Alvarez, Tonia Bud an American officer.
The latter was snot, notwithstanding the re
monstrance of the British Minister. In a bat
tle,' fought at Tulanoingo, the liberals were
victorious. Four hundred of the enemy were
killed, and half the town was burnt. It is
reported that a compromise has been proposed
between Juarez, Robles, and Mlratnon, Juarez
to be Provisional President of Mexico, the
Constitution of Jade to be restored, and the
laws confiscating church property tobe an
nulled. . ... .... ' -
1 A Nkw Ahticli in Fbaxci. The Paris pa
pers speak of a new industry that has arisen
in France from the exigencies of the times,
and one which ie destined to supply one of
the necessities of that rage for destruction
which is becoming so apparent, Government
bos ordained the systematic gathering of the
sea-weed whioh is washed on the rocks of the
coasts of Normandy end BriUainy to serve a
wadding for; artillery it being found to an
swer the purpose admirably keeping the
iron cool, and not liable to ignition, like the
cotton wad hitherto in use. Tbe material has
already been distributed to the Ordnance De
partment at Vincennes. ; , t , ( i
Tbi War Fbklino Against England in
Fhano. It is stated, says a writer in a Lon
don paper, that in France tbe project of a war
with England la incessantly discussed in tbe
high places of power, in the publio offices, la
the Army and the Navy, among the working
olasses, and among men of business. .. The
army is reported to be unanimous for war. In
the Navy, the desire for it amount to afreniy.
The Church b as eager as either Army or
Navy. Tha tfonoloslonf. are that, in a war
with England, tbe French Emperor ha the
power of satisfying Army and Navy, of grati
fying the olorgy, of winning over the Legiti
mists, and of securing the 'suffrage of
united people. . . " , ' "
, T I R M 8 CAB H
i fm, r , -t v n ' J r )
AdverUsementsaoteicweeinflAve Unas (ifetet
One Insertion...., ...J 16 1 One wcrt...... S OO
TwoweeU . I 80 Oae mouth. t 80
Larger adnrttssBMnta inserted at the followlnf
rat, for squan of tea lines or less
One IneertiOB J 80 1 Two weeks,,.. t 01
Each addi'nal InZT Three weKa-.. . 09
One week 1 78 Una month w
Job Piintink' '
IB all Its breaches, Son with neatness and illssatctr
Mechanics Fp?H58
'''' i'iT.Tiv j til! J ! r"?7
'"V :':'OIO .ZL'-Xj "'-"'
' I-'.' ;
''! 'If) J". IV
- T' v' n-at; rlr- '
' -i-.jn r- ..- . ; T -,
, DeenfoerT 1858.
the public three seasons, and owing to its pop
ularity and increased demand, we have been eom
pellea to make two more sires having 81X sIsm
complete, suitable, from the smallest family up to
the largest class boarding-house. The oelebrlir
these etores hare gained for themselves can note
too highly appreciated, as every family having them
in nsecan truly testify, ,
Thanking the public for their generous support, It
is our determination to supply the wants of the com.
n unity with the benefits which a practical meohan.
cal education can only supply.
Inventera, Proprietor 6c Olannlaeturers,
.1 ,l . ..'3 3. 3i : ;. 't
We beg leave, most respectfully, to offer the follow
lng certllicates and reference of families using the
Aflittator, which will, at a glance, remove all doubts
of lis intrinsio merits:
Fur some months I Iisto been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. Its superior cooking qualities,
combined wilh Its cleanliness, musteventtiallysecure
to the owners a large share uf public patronage.
I hare Iihiii using one of Messrs. Adams & l'erk
over's Alligator Cook stows for some niuntb", which
gives entire satisfaction in every respect, and oan
cheerfully recvnmieud it to thoso who are In want of
a superior cook stove. H. 11. LKAV1TT.
For the last rear I have been uxlug. the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, manufactured by Messrs. Adams
A Feckover, which I eouslder a superior stove, and
Rives the utmost satisfaction. It Is the only stove I
ave found tbat oooks perfectly with coal.
For some time past I have been using one of Hesars.
Adams A Peckover'. Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
nud can recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction lu every respect.
JOS. BDSUftKLL, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
lion. Judge McLean, Clif- Joseph W. Wayne, Ml, Sth
ton, M. Brooks, Mt. Anbnro
Hon Judge'Leavitt,89K. Uev. W. S. Kennedy, 14
Fifth-street, John-street,
Judge Van Ham, 2VI1 , J. P. Jones, 22i Fourth,
Fourth, , Vr. Norton, 334 Fourth,
Jndee Uoadly,2708d, p. Thatcbor.iJW George,
U 1 . , tlO O.U, 1,1. Ul,ll, III, Oil,.
Cin.Urpban Asylum, Elm, Jos. Talbott, 40U 7th.
John Koblor, 'M'l 4th, Hn.Qetxandauer, 136 Smith
F. Smith, firm ofLlnooln, S. K. WUIianu, Wei. Hills,
Bmith a Warnock, Mrs. Moason, S 4th,
a. Valletta, 847 4th, ' -" Mrs K;land,S24 4th,
N.O.JMoLean.Glendale, , Airs. Howitt.ol li.4tb,
II. B, Funk, 266 Vine, ' Mrs. M. P. Taylor, ZHfrOeo.
Jos. Bushnell, coal mer. - Airs. Mol'lierson.o. X. cor,
.las. Epy, 2i4th, Sixth and Itace,
J . Jeffrey, Eng. (las Wks, A. A. Clark, Times office,
T. 11. Yratman, Storm Tp, P. L. Woaver, 3J3 John,
A. W. Francisco, Press J. P. Whitman, Wash-
Office. ington Institute,
A. Hughes. Commercial, John A. Uook,MGeorce
W. a. Wells, Oln'tl Type F. F. Brooks. 149 John.
Foundry, Jackson M. Noble, 411 it',
B. C. Boss, 284 Longworth, 11. tiackmau, 466 3d,
Chu. Uliadwick, 304 4th, Cbas. Goodman, 242 4th,
T. W. Hgrague, i3 7tlf, John O. Morris, 1 IS Mill,
Mr. Houghton, UHl bth, J . A. Staoy, 444 8th,
Wm.Comstocfe,614th, Gibson M'Oonald, Vine
ii. liole, 361 7th, Isaac Marsh, 38 Oorc.,
J.llarvey,207 Longworth W.B.Hurlburt.eZJFr'm'n
John Anderson, 413 4th, Klani P. Lang-don, 13 6th,
Jonathan Onion, 193 4th, J. II. Fulweiler, Long.
W. W. Woods, 44U4th, - worth and Western-row,
John Tanner, Wrlgbtson J. K. Cady, 768th,
A Co.'s printing ofllce. Alf. Burnett, 164 6th,
James 8. PUjJfoU. 1.17 Sth, noil
Scale Mannfaerarer,
No. 41 Kast Deeond-street, between Sycamore aad
Broadway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of
Counter, Platform, Onttle, Railroad Depot,
and Track Sealea; Trucks,
Iron Wacons, cfcr.
Uopalrng done on the shortest notice, nol-ent
sT- ,H- iDeters,
' To whioh invites ' sntlon of ths public
-s receiveu uaay uriae aunmi JLX-
cress ConiDanv. in whole and half cans. V
All OyBtrrs sold warranted fresh and of
tne very uesi quality, j. a. uvyikub.
Agent, No. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Main
anu vvainui-screeia.
. N. B. The trade supplied on the most liberal
terms. oo2ficm
0 OYSTERS. ika
MPS. iailj' RoW94 Mahony Uo-'s Clebrated
Planted Oysters.which I am selling at unprecedented
low prices by case or doxen. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please send
their orders. Attached to this establishment Is a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can hav
Oysters Cooked In every style, and served up In a
clea i and superior manner. Charges less than at any
other place. ocioj JOHN NAIBN.
FRESH '.' ' '
Oyster Importing House.
1N3 dally, per Kzpress, his snlendld Oysters.
Having completed arrangements in Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all times during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "ana
thereetof mankind," with tbe moat DJBL10IOU9
BIVALVES imported to the Queen City. None bnt
the Terr best Imported. Great iadnoements offered
at this Importing-hotue.
Order sioUclted and promptly filled. Terms rash.
..; -r. v ' PKTKtt C'A VAGNA,
Sep let - ' Bole Importer and Proprietor.
, Spiced Oyitari. (S(iJ
INODAJfcY.by the Adams tip red., MALT.
BK'B world-renowned Baltimore
Freak Can,; and Shell, Oy iter i.
' Fresh HermerlealHsBalsd OOTI, BPIOKD a
riO&UBOrSTIUlil. ( -. n -,
."JWr'-' . ' f.tHloi, U West TUth-stml
. .'ifti fur.yfr :t J".jicrf ai rtr

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