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.''WANTS," "FOR 8ALB," "TO LET." "LOST,"
" WOCX D,n 4o.,4n this oolums, -oocnpytng ore 11dm
v w, hwuiuaemouaweniyrnvsoenie.
WANTED -A 8ITUATI0N-By i young
woman, to do plain sewing, or as Chamber
maid. References given. Address MARY, at this
'trace. delb
WANTED BOARDINGl For one or two
young men, In a house where there are few
"I.!?"? bo?1' Terms to be moderate and location
within fifteen minutes' walk or Ihe Poetoflice. Ad-
5??" iiiUD!l1t,ly' ,tR,in t,"a, -0. W. D Box
J,323, yostottlco. delb
. Ti man' who nM beeI several jean In the re
tail grocery trade ; writes fair hand and hai a
knowledge of accounU. Addreis GROCERY, office
of the Fenny Presi. delb
WANTED HOUSE A email bout of
three or four rooms, or part of a house, in
central part of the city. Address M. J). W., at this
oflloe. no30-b
WANTED To purobsie tha stock of
retail grocery-from 1,000 to 12,000. Ad
Ureal T. J J., at thle office. no30-b
desires a pleaaant room and boarding In a
privets family, reaiding in tbe central part of the
city. References exchanged. Addreis J. H. M., at
Penny Press Office. no30-b
boardere, where the comfort of a home can
be aecnred. Situated on fourth, near Kim street.
Helerences required. Addresa W. 0. 8., at Penny
Prose Ottlce. no30-b
WANTED SEAM3TRE8S At the ahirt
store No. 100 West Fourth-street, oppoaite
the PoatolBce. tno30-b) J AS. BlCrJABDSUN.
a store, by a young man of temperate habits.
a store, by s young man of temperate habits.
Address W
a. tnrongu rostomce, uu cinnau,
WANTED BOY About fifteen yean of
age, to make himself useful. Apply at City
Saloon, Dixth-street, between liaiu and Walnut,
WANTED GIRL To do the work of a
small family; one that can sleep at home pre
ferred. Call at 144 West Sixth-street. no30-b
family, by a boy attending: school. Will
work n Ik lite and mornings for part of the board,
Addresa K at this office. no30-b
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpem
tera, mechanics, laborers and others, can nnd i ma
trons at the Merchants' Clerks Registry Office, 138
Walnut-street. no30b HALE A 00.
FOR RENT HOUSE On north-cant oor
ner of Lewis-row and Front-street, in Fulton,
with seven rooms and store; also, a large back yard
and good olatern of water. Tbe bonse haa been
newly painted inside and outside. Apply to Mr,
BliODWEliL, in Fulton, or JOHN WARNEB, cor
ner of Iwelfth-sireet and Western-row. no30-b
ma. iiiOTii uviti nvswiu'ivni i 1141111 o tii t vt
DARBY A CO., Postofflce building. no30b
FOR RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
road, law or insurance offices, on second and
third floors, in four-story building opposite the
Press Office. The building baslbeen newly re-painted
and ro. papered. All in good Older. Apply at the
I'rcss Office. n19
. have for sale a Confectionary Stand ; also snlt
able for a Grocery, now doing a good business. Will
be sold cheap for caah. A pply at No. 16 Western
row, between grunt and Water. delb'
at $10 The manufacturers' price ia $25. They
are new and in period order, ('all soon at J. U.
FESSKNDBN A CO.'S, No. 134 West Third-street,
and secure a good maohlpo cheap. delb
FOR SALE A SALOON A first-class Sa
loon, with lease of live years, now doing a
good business. The subscriber is about retiring
from the business, and thereforo ofTors tbe ontab
llsbmeutfor sale. Address SALOON, at this office.
BOARDING A gentleman and his wife,
or two single gentlemen, can be accommodated
with a pleasant furnished room and board, at Mo. 73
Ueorgo-etreot. delb
OARDING A lady nnd gentleman, or
two sontlemen can have a Comfortable lront
room, witn coaru, in a private laniuy. Appiy ai m
jMintn-atreet, oetwoen wainw ana vine,
I' OST CANE On Monday afternoon, 21st,
JLi on Park-street, a silver-mounted Cane, en
graved " Wm. Oruham-a relic of the First Presby
terian Church, Pittsburg." Any one finding the
same, and returning it to tbe Commercial Office, will
receive ihe thanks of the owner. delb
1 OST RING Yesterday (Friday) morn
JLa) Inn, a lurge massive Oold King, with " Wm. T.
Bimpsou ' engraved on the Inside, on the corner of
Fourth and Walnut-streets. $! reward will be paid
for its delivery at tbe N. W. corner of Sixth and
JHound-streets. no26d
that Lights A Bradbury's and
A. H. tialo A Co., of New York, and
Wm. Knabe & Co., of Baltimore,
1'iitnos, can be found only at 72 West
Wnnrlh.atraAt. f am nfferlnff irreat
inducements for cash, or will rent, and let the rent
pay for the Piano, at 72 West Fourth-street.
0, M. MUROH.
The largest stock of Melodeons in the city. noJO
M A S 1 1 1 Bemamber that
Hazleton Brothers. Raven, Bacon A
Origin A Co.'s Pianos cannot be I I 19
found In Cincinnati except at No. 6o '
West Fourth-street.. I .will aell for cash, as low as
any one east or west, or will rent, and let tbe rent
pay lor tne l'iano, at K nest jourtn-otreer.
no30 Depot for Melodeons and Harmoniums,
l SO.
A collection of Marches. Waltzes, Tolkas.
achottisohoa, Onadrllles, Bedowas, Contra Dances,
Jli, A HunArh VnlnniA of Poniilar Hnilo. Arranffed
fr the Piano-forte. Price $160. In cloth $2. Copies
senioymaii. ruoiunoa oy j. uuur.ua, jb,,
noistf 66 West Fourth-street,
Sixth-it,, bet. Walnut and Vine.
X'M. have the honor to inform their friends and tbe
publie generally that they have fitted up, at great
expense, In the most elegant manner, the above
establi.ment after the New York and London style,
being entirely new, and the first of tbe kind ever
attempted West of tbe Mountains. Will open on
HATUBUAT, ipc. 3. musical eoirees every Tues
day, Tbnrsday and Bntnrduy evenings, Ohsir taken
ry air. urawioru at a o cioca precisely. nozv
Th. W. Farcin & Co.
that ther are selling lumber attbeir yard on
Freeman-etreet, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton liallroaa,
Tban any other Lumber Dealorsln the city,
"Quick Sales and Small Profits
n A.-- ..1,-11 Snllnwlftv tlai Af wImm
Cash. 4 Mo'st
(Hear Ismber, all thicknesses, 1 in. mess $37 JO $40 f
1 Innh Rnlrrii-
I iO JD us
all tblsknessesn
.... 1 Ml 17 St.
. 23 60 36 0
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber,
Poplar " .
First Common flooring Boards..-.
Hownd "
Third "
First Common Weather Boardi.
u 1 I. 41
11 Ml II Stt
1160 14 00
Si 00 87 CO
18 60 SO 00
IS UU 17 W
18 00 13 00
Mm sa rut
Odar Posts, i by 4, 8 feet, per bnndred.
fdar " for fencing, " "
..80 00 58 M
Locust " " " 20 00 33 80
A further reduction of Wporoeat. will be madeon
6 sot souuor mors. . ,
y, e nave one oi mo r, ; . ,
of Lumber In the Cincinnati market, whioh we offer
for sale at tne aoove prices.
arDou't forget that (be Peuuy
Prest Is the medium through nbicb to
make known your wauls! Advertise
ments of five lines and less, Inserted
twice for twenty-fire rents!
ff-renny Press to be had every
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent.
F. F. F. Fine fresh fat Baltimore Outers
oan be had at Robert Orr"B, No. 11 West Fifth
ttreet. Those wanting dolicious bivalves can
not find any to equal those found at No. 11
West Fifth-street.
Dius Hats When any of our oitiiena de
sire a finely finished hat we refer them to B.
R. Alley, No. 41 Broadway, opposite Broad
way Hotel. His style of hat is acknowledged
to be superior to any heretofore in use.
Mitkoboloqioal Observations For the
fenny Preu, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
West Fourth-street, November 30.
O'clock. Barometer.
ra. so
6P. M
I.M..M..M.M.M..2V.4 I
',,. .. ...29. 46
Court yesterday morning was quite long, last-
Ihm .. . ! 1 A 1 , -1 . ... I 1 . 1 ..
s uuui tnsivs o siuok, aoring wmon time
fortv rtaflAS Vara rilannaait nf ka TnAn T.ava
j " ..w.w w..wi.fw v v uugu At u n u,
Boms of these were rather unique in their na-
1 1 . .p., . . r n.,
suib, uuy uostui mom unimportant, xoeoniy
One whioh was of general Interest will ha fnnnrl
in another part of this psper.
Y. M. M. A. Lxotubis. The fourth lecture
of the winter oourse before tbe Young Men's
Meroantile Library Assooiatioa will take place
this evening, at Smith k Nixon's Hall. It
will be delivered by Ex-Senator Henry S.
Foots, of Mississippi, who has chosen for his
subject the "Patriot President."
Pbocbbdikos op thb County Cohhissioh
bbs. At the session of County Commissioners,
held yesterday morning, orders were passed,
amounting in the aggregate to $518 75, of
whioh $448 25 were paid to Smith k Co., for
eoal for the use of the Court-house. The Com
missioners also discharged Benjamin Ouloh
from jail, be not having tbe necessary funds
wherewith to pay the fines and costs charged
against him. Apart from this, no btttdness of
importance was transacted.
Thb das ok thb Bblligbrkmt Watchmen.
Frederick Sohonefelt, ef the Tenth, and J. 0.
Young of the Seventh Ward, bs most of our
readers are already aware, quarreled a few
nights ago at the engine-house on Raoe-street,
above Thirteenth, and beat each other quite
severely with their raaoes. The affair was
investigated before Mayor Bishop, who sus
pended both tbe parties for fifteen days.
Unpaid Lkttbbb. The following is a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
the Po8tofiice, in this city, November 30:
Charles 8. Bannlols, Bt, Louis, Mo.
Miss Alicia Payne, box B. V., Indianapolis, Ind.
Utorge Griffith, Jamestown, Green County, Ohio.
Daniel 8. J odd, Harrison. Hancock County, Ohio.
. M. Mnow, Providence, B. I.
G. Putnam, (Publisher) Now Tork, N. Y.
J. Pendolbiirn, New York, N. .
W. II. Wood, New York.S. Y.
J. 11. Woolcot, South Alabama, Gormone Co., N, Y,
Wm. Bankin, Torre Haute, led.
Uraff A Vangerden, Pittsburg, Fenn.
Jits. M. Patton, Qreonsburg, Decatur Couuty, Ind.
Tub Lati Pubchabb op Peopbbty bt tbb
County Commissioners. We stated in our
issue of yesterday that tho County Commis
sioners had purohased a traot of land near
Ltos itun for tne purpose ot quarrying stone;
but were not, at that time, fully advised of the
time upon which tbe property had boon bought.
We learnod yesterday afternoon that tho entire
lot contains a fraotion loss than eighteen acres,
and was ownod by Fieeman Carey, Wm. Robb
and John Miller.
Tho Commissioners have agreed to par for
it the sum of $4,250, of which $2,000 are to be
paid in County Bonds and the balance in cash,
reserving $1,500 of the purchase money until
after oertain judgments have been paid by the
parties from whom the land was bought.
Cincinnati Sdnda v School Union. A meet
ing of the Cincinnati Sunday School Union
will be held this evening at Findley Chapel,
on the corner of Cutter-street and Clinton.
The subject for discussion will bo Teachers
Meetings, and as it is one ot the utmost im
norlance. not only to the pupils in tbe differ
ent schools, but also to those who are engaged
in instructing tie in, it is earnestly desired
that the attendance should be quite full. The
cars of the City Fassonirer Street Railroad
Company will carry persons to the corner of
Jonn ana utinton-street, wmcn is dui a snort
distance from tne piaoe of meeting, and with
these facilities for reaching it, tbe Chapel will
doubtless be crowded with the members and
friends of the Sunday School Union.
Pbovokinq Bbbich op ths Psack. A fellow
named Fierce Sheeban, a day or two ago, not
being aware that
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,"
for some cause, of which we are not fully ad'
vised, became very angry with a female ac
quaintance named Mrs. MoAneff, and forget
ting: tnat gallantry wnion is always quo tne
softer sex, called her some bard names, when
she, feeling that she would be tempted to do
his face some damage with the long nails at
the ends of her fingers, rushed off to the office of
Justice Bell, and oansed a warrant to be issued
for his arrest, upon charge of attempting to
provoke a breaon of tne peace. J. no magis
trate heird the case yesterday afternoon and
fined Pierce $5 and costs for his ungentleraanly
Hiobwat Robbeby. One of the boldest
robberies of which wo have heard for si long
time took place sight before last at the oorner
of Seventh-street and John. A man named
Qeorce L. Diokson, residing on Cutter-street,
while on his way homo, about twelve o'olook,
was suddenly seized from bebind by a couple
of burly ruffians, who held him as If he were
In a vioe, while a third rilled his pockets of a
port-monnaie containing forty-seven dollars
and waton wortfi aoout seventy aonars. xney
than released him, and one of them struck him
with a pair of brass or steel knuokles and
knocked him down; but before he bad re
covered from the effect of the blow they had
disappeared and made their escape, bo and'
den was the transaction, and so severe the
blow that felled him, he had neither time to
defend himself from the attaok or opportunity
to make himself acquainted with the features
of his assailants. To shoot two or three such
fellows dead in the street woold have a dooid
edlv salutary effeot UDon the remainder of the
class, and we more than half wish it oould be
City Auditor last night reported to the City
Council tnat, during tne wees ending yester
day, warrants had been drawn on tbe City
Treasury for tne following sums :
Watch Fend..
$168 28
Interest Fund
Kunerlor Court Fund .
4,311 M
W 80
Fire Department Fund..
Hinklng Fond
88 00
Wl 80
2,100 00
1,231 80
866 76
1,1U9 SO
General Fund
Felice Court and City Prison Faud.....
Common Bohool Fund..-.-
,.....! 1,201 U
There are now remaining in the City Treas
urv the following sums : - . - .
General Fund ., g9,79J 81
Wobih Fund .... 1.IM II
Interest Fund..... 20,411 49
Huperlor Court Fund 8,013 84
VI m rtanartmATlt Fund ....... i.OM 01
Light Fund..,...,....,.,,.,,' ... ... 683
WcMloien Fund 100
Work-houes Fund 4,201 68
BinkingFund Vfifi'is
Common Bchool Fund Bonds 20,ikhi
Common School Fund vaau.,......M. ........ i8,lol B7
Colored School Fund... 2,970
etllMMttlMHIItm"M tlMIHttMMtIIIMt
The Late Case of Prolicide—Unsuccesful
Attempt of a Servant Girl to Hide
the Evidence of Her Shame.
Tho case of Mary Lawless, who was
arrested a week or two sgQ. upon a
oharge of prolicide, was examined yester
day before Judge Lowe, and finally oom-
mitted to jail to answer the charge of
murder in tha first degree. The clroumstancsg
as developed at the trial were briefly these :
About a year ago the defendant became an
inmate of the family of a policeman named
Martin Fisher, residing on Front-itreet, be
tween Vine and Race, in the capacity of a ser
vant. She had not resided there long, bow
ever, when it grew to be quite evident that the
time wag not far distant when the effect of
having passed the boundary which society has
placed between virtue and vice would make
itself manifest to the world, disguise the mat
ter for the present as she chose.
As might have been expected, Mr. F. made
an attempt to rid himself of the girl, but she
absolutely refused to go, and than taking into
consideration her condition, he concluded to
allow ber to remain until some arrangement
could be made for hsr. A couple of weeks
since, the family went into the country upon a
visit and left her alone In the house, but, re
turning somewhat earlier than they at first ex
pected, they found her alone and in bed.
From their previous knowledge and some
tell-tale marks which they found upon the bed
and floor, they were induced to believe that
an event had taken place in their absenoe,
which the girl would fain eonoeal, and upon
instituting a searoh of the premises they
soon found that their worst fears were not
without foundation, for the dead body of a
newly-born infant was the reward of their in
vestigation. Coroner Carey was immediately called upon
and an inquest held, which resulted in a ver
dict that the child had come to its death from
violence at the bands of its mother upon the
testimony of Dr. T. 1. Neal, who made a mi
nute poit mortem examination of the body
and gave it as his opinion that the child was
alive and as healthy when born as children
usually are at that time.
The girl was, of course, arrested and com
mitted to the Station-house, but has been so
ill ever since mat Her examination was post
poned from time to time, until yesterday,
when it was held with the result we have
given above. Since her incarceration we
learn that she has admitted the facts proved
against her; but offers no excuse for them
except an unconquerable desire to hide the
result of an illicit intimacy which, If known,
would banish her from the position she held.
Heavy Swindling Operation—A Fourth-
street Firm Adroitly Relieved of
Nearly $500 Worth of Jewelry.
Day before yesterday, a tall and rather gen
teel-looking man stepped into the jewelry es
tablishment of Duhme Sc Co., on the corner
of Fourth and Walnut-streets, and selected e
quantity of jewels to the amount of nearly
$500. requesting that they might be laid aside
until the afternoon, when he would call and
re-examine them in company with his wife.
He did not make his appearance, however,
until yesterday morning, when he again
called, and stating that his name was George
Marsnall, and that ne resided in .Lexington,
Kentuokr, wished the articles he had selected
to be sent to the Soutbgate House, where he
was stopping, as his wife was too unwell to
visit the store, and he was desirous that sho
should see them before they were finally ac
cepted. 'i'ney were accordingly given to tne errand
boy of the establishment, with instructions
not to let them pass out of his hands nntil
they had been paid for. Upon going to the
hotel he found Mr. Marshall and was shown
to his room, where the jewelry was again dis
played and the purchaser appearing quite well
pleased with it, set down and drawing a check
lor tne amount upon a uiru-oireot Danaiug
house, gave it to tho boy and received tbe
following receipted bill :
One Gold Hunting English Lever Walcli, mado
by I. M. T. Leavltt, No. .128
One Gold Hunting Detached Lover Watch,
One (iold Ilollor Bracelet
One Gold Ladies' Chain, with Pin
One Gold Curb Vest Chain, eightoen carat
Ono Cluster Diamond Ring
As soon as Duhme & Co. reoeived the obeok,
one of their clerks was sont out to draw the
money; but upon presentation at the counter,
he was startled by tne intormation tnat no
person of that name kept his funds with them.
He hastened naoK to tne store ana tnenoe to
the Soutbgate Houso, but Mr. Marshall had
just loft, and of courcc was nowhere to be
The police wore immediately informed of
the transaction and tho gentleman described,
but as yet tbey have been unable to obtain any
information of his whereabouts. Tbe length
of time that elapsed between bis departure
from tbe hotel and tho discovery of the triok
was not long, but In all probability sufiioient
to enable him to effectually conceal himself
or escape.
hbdt, to Bbbak Jail. George Kennedy, the
barglar, who a few weeks ago made an at
tempt to escape irom tne uounty oati in nia
wife's clothes, was detected yesterday morn
ing in a second effort to fly from the custody
of tbe Erierian-handed law. The jailer, Mr.
Shockley, being aware that his shackles had
been cut, night before last, narrowly watched
his movements and was rewarded by seeing
him take them off, emerge from his cell
through an aperature he had made in the
gratiDg and commense operations on the gra
ting ot the window on tbe nortn side oi tne
main ball ot tne laii.
He had not proceeded far In this business,
however, when the watchman of tbe jail, Mr.
Haller, called to and ordered mm oacg into
his coll. This he disregarded, and Mr. U,
fired at him. when, thinking he had aroused
the wrong passenger, he made an effort to
shield himself from the range of tho watch
man's pistol. The jailor then entered the
hall and confined him again in the dungeon,
after shaokline both his hands and leet.
Upon reaching the cell in whioh he had
been confined, two saws and & file were discov
ered, all of which seemed to have rendered
him considerable service. He has already been
convicted of burglary, and is now awaiting
trial unon two separate obarges of shooting
with intent to kill, whioh, if his perseverance
does not serve him better in the future than it
has heretofore, will certainly send him to the
capital of the State to pursue there his Jaek
eneppara-iiae propensities.
. Whbbbabout op ar Abscokdiro Mbrcbirt,
Henry Falls, the Fourth-street oarpet dealer.
It appears from a letter reoeived here a day or
two ago, has set sail for Australia, where he
has a brother in business. As many of his
creditors have been desirous of learning
whither Mr. Falls went, this information may
not be without Interest. She story of some
his friends that he was arranging with bis cred
itors in New York, and that be would soon re
turn hither, has began to assume a slight
semblance of being unfounded.
Maqisibbiai. Compliment to ths Faib Sbx
Justice McFall stated yesterday that nine
tenths of all the oases which had come before
him during his magisterial career, involving
assaults nnd all manner of quarrels among
men. had resulted from women, and that he
believed most of the trials before Courts orig'
mated from the babbling tongues of the in
more-than-one-sense weaker sex.
committee have recommended that the ren
dleton and Fifth-street Railroad have bnt one
track Instead of two on Pearl-street, East
Broadway, to Morton-street. Xbe Committee
on Roads and Canals is Instructed to Intro
duce an ordinance to this effect at next meet
ing ef Council.
Mobi Stbbbt Rmlboads. The Committee
on Roads and Canals have been authorized
report on applications made for street railaoad
rantos.and to rsoommend three lines that they
may deem moat oonduclve to the interests
tne public. i
Plans and Movements of a Large Gang
of Counterfeiters Thwarted—Important
Detective Roan during a recent trip to the
West accidentally foil in with teveral coun
terfeiters, and, alter arresting one of the num
ber, obtained the knowledge that within the
last month at least $250,000 in counterfeit
notes, mostly tens, on tbe Canal Bank of New
Orleans, had been engraved and prepared for
circulation in Indiana, and that different par
ties bad been engaged to circulate it simulta
neously throughout the West and South, roly
iag upon New Orleans, St. Louis and Cincin
nati as the chief points of operation.
Beany has a number of the ten-dollar notes
in his possession, and they ere among the
best counterfeits ever made in this country.
They are fac nmilet of the genuine, and so
closely do they resemble it in design, engra
ving, filling up and signatures, that no one but
the most experienced teller or cashier could
determine their true character. -
The notes were put out only a few days ago,
and one party was to, and did leave, Cairo with
$128,000 to operate in New Orleans, while an
other was to repair to St. Louis, anu a third
to this city, with tho balance; and ali begin to
"shove" it at one and the same time. Tho notes
are so admirably done that the gang believed
they oould get off an immense lot before the
bills were deteoted; but by the cunning and
energy of Heaney their plans are thwarted,
at least for the present.
The oircumstaooes by whioh these discover
ies were made, are these. Reany happened
to be In the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad train
coming West, when, near Sandoval, ho observ
ed six persons, four men and two women, on
the train, whom he knew to be counterfeiters,
having seen them here and elsewhere. As
soon as the leader perceived the officer, the for
mer had the train stopped for some pretext,
and got off with fonr of the party. Reany
knew, if he followed those persons, that he
would find no money on them, and therefore
conoluded to remain In the oars, and watch the
chap left behind.
lie did so, and soon detected the fellow
passing on the conductor a ten-dollar note.
Reany seized the scoundrel, and, after finding
several of the bills on bis person, stopped at
Salem, nine miles this side of Sandoval, and
lodged his sunploious oharaoter, Lewis Deeery,
in jail, to which he was re-committed after
examination in default of $1,000 bail.
iteany men telegraphed to St. Louis and
the party of five, save one the leader again
were arrested; but as little money was found
on them, the quartette were dismissed. A
telegram was also sent to JNew Orleans, warn
ing the Cashier of the Canal Bank and others
to be on their guard against this spurious pa
per. A dispatch was received from New Or
leans for Reany last evening, but when we
saw him, at a late hour, the document bad not
come into his possession.
The whole affair has been well managed,
so well, indeed, that the $250,000 will not be
put In circulation for some tirao, if ever.
Reaney expeotB, ere long, to arrest some of the
conductors of this movement, and seize upon
the engravers' plates and all the apparatus.
Unique Case at Law—A Woman Cowhides
a Man and Her Husband Challenges
A unique case was tWed yesterday after
noon before Justice McFall, in which one
wm. uann, residing on the Observatory Road,
was plaintiff, and Wm. K ixon and his wife
defendants. It appears that Mr. McCann and
Nixon either occupy the earn i premises or are
next-door neighbors, and that Mrs. N in
going for water, is compelled lo pass through
McC.'s kitohen.
On a certain occasion, as she illcgcs, while
ongagod in her aqueous duty, tho plaintiff in
sulted her grossly, and foeling justly indig
nant, sho resolved, in the absence of her bus
band, to right hor own wrongs. She thcroforo
obtained a cowhide, and applied it vory in
dustriously to plaintiff's person, who, too gal
lant to defend himself, and too brave to ily,
endured thecastigation stoically.
Soon after this tho husband was mado ac
quainted with tho circumstances, and think
ing tnat MoUann bad not been BUlnoiently
punished sent nun a challenge to mortal com
bat. The plaintiff was willing, he declared,
to indulge in a fight with nature's weapons,
though with none other; but this proposition
being rcjeoted, MoU. sought redress nt law.
After hearing the testimony in the case, the
Justice delivered an elaborato opinion, and
fined him $5 and costs, for an attempt to pro
volte a breach of tbo peaco, and held Mrs, N.
in $200 for the assault, declaring his opposition
to all such procoedings by women, who wore
shielded by their sex from retaliation on the
part of men.
fly way or a rhetorical nourish, mo magis
trate conoluded, with a Roman air and gosture:
"If a man were to attempt to oowhido mo I
would strike him dead even In the loruni; but,
if a woman were to attack me, I'd d d if
I know what I would do I"
Anhivkssab? of Sr. Andrew's Dat- -Ckle-
Caledonian Society of this oity oelobrated the
anniversary of St. Andrew's Day, last night.
by a supper, whicn was gotten up in tne best
style by Henry Alms.
Mr. Andrew MCAipin, tne president oi tne
Association, presided upon tbe occasion, and
was supported by James B. Bell. The follow
ing toasts were drank by the guests and hap
pily responded to by spoechen and songa,
wnicn were received with tne neartiesi ap
1 The day we celebrate May the sons of Scotia
that follow us, chsrisb nnd perpetuate the day.
eong again 101 us w eicome, oy win. jurnir-ui.
2-8cotlaud "Auld Scotia's pibrochi dinna ye boar
it now." . ...
Song "Jessie s Dream," Dy ineinas crawisru.
3 Our Adopted Country
"Thon up with out flag, let It stream in the air;
Though our fataere are cold in their graves,
Tbey bad hands that could .strike and hearts that
couia aare
Their sons were not born to be slaves."
Bong "Our Flag Is There," by Jamos B. Bell.
4-Burns and Scott-The brightest slats of poetry
and romance.
Bong jncuregor stiainering, uy.,uun n-tmsiie.
6-Tlie Memory of Washington Drank standing
and in silence, ....
-Wallace and theBruco Wallaco raisod tho ban
ner of liberty, and Druce carried it to victory, to tbe
honor and glory of Scotland.
Bong "scots wna nan," dv Kooori ayrc.
7 Tlie Queen City of the West.
Besponse by Judgo Mallon.
8 The Garb of the Gael "Its brightest plaid on
the battle-field an assurance of victory."
Original song by "W. W. Foedick, sung by
Thomas Crawford.
9 The Lasses.
Ould nature swears the lovely dears,
Her noblest work the classes O I
Her 'prentice ban she tried on man,
And then she made the lasses O I
Song-"Green Grow the Bushes O!" by David (-lib-son.
Cikciknati, Hamilton and Dayton Rail
boad Wishes a Connection. The Cincinnati,
Hamilton and Dayton Railroad bave made an
application to the City Counoil 'or a street
railroad connection witn tne wssui Missis
sippi Railroad Depot, as fol'owf: A single
track to be laid under tl e direot'pa of the
Board of City Improves" nte, fn m their track
at Fifth and Hoadly-st eats, tr toss Jifih-street
and through the water of Fifth and Wood
streets. The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Day
ton Railroad Company not to lay sny rail on
Wood-street, between Fifth and Tl lrd-streots,
outside of tbe present rails of the Passenger
Street Railroad Company; provided, that the
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad
Ccmpiny pay their just proportion of the
original cost of laying down and keri!njr in
repair said traok. Said Cincinnati, Hamilton
and Dayton Railroad Company to gi ve bond
In a sum of $25,000, lo oomply with the street
railroad ordinance, and to hold thn oity harm
less from all damages from use oi' said traok.
Borrowing Monit. On recommendation
the Finsnoe Committee, City Counoil has
authorized the City Aulitor to anticipate the
regular receint of taxes payable into the treas
ury on the first of January, by scouring a loan
of $12,000, for Watch and Fire Department
funds, from Mossrs. wroesoecK to.
I'iks's Ofnu-BiM'nr, The magnetic power
pi Ihe Crick r.r h tiih Hi .kth mii lo be on the
lncraae,anililM rp'iii"n lmt night was attndd
bT an Moellent siiriipmrv TIim"IM" of Mrs. Jou
yayisa Hd irnrrnniiH'ti, ari'1 the awet fane of
tiola (Vorkor a th,' blind "ftrtba" wiaaforber
tliesyinpHtlijofull wbj itne,r, hot' reading of the
chHractor. . ;
The beautiful soubretle, Addie Proctor, and the
comicalities or Davidg in llm farce, last night,
k'.'Pt tho aailience In a roar, and mil do a to-night
ye hate no doubt, in that ecmtcalitr, A Cosjtuak
SjBjbsOM. ,
Wood's Thsatkb. This popular establish
ment was crowded I tut night, and the rimfrtr of Kv
iBEMEf paaf'd off to tbe awnetal delight of llieentir"
audience. Mr. and 81 but Bichingsstem tu hate bnen
created to personate the characters of Ihesurlr old
l achelor sud the tantallziUK young widow, so well
1 l"r translate them to their hearers. The play
will be presented to-nigbt fur the last lime.
Natiuihi, TuiATica Faust and Maegci
niTE Is still upon the bill at the National and aeems
tobaveacbiered an almost unprecedented success.
It will be enacted to-night for the sixteenth time,
with Mr. lloberts as "Mephlatophiles." The per
formance will conclude with Vaiar Hilar Nr.vr.a
Won Fiia Ladv, Mr. it. personating, with Ills usual
ability, the character of "Buy tiomez." .
Ahristbd for Bscbivino Stolix Goods.
About a year ago a Postofhce in Indiana was
robkod of $1,500 in watches and jewelry and
about $250 in postage stamps, and although
the police) have been on the qui vine ever since
they wore) unable to discover the thieves or
the wheresboutti of the stolen articles. For
some days past, however, they have been of
the opinivu that tbe goods bad been secreted
in tbia city, and by thoir indefatigable exer
tions traced some of it, at least, lo a pawn
brokers establishment on Elm-street, near
Fifth. . - '
YotferJay evening, Davis Alder, the keener
if the oflico we have referred to, was arrested
.urn lodged in tho JMinth-etreet Station-house
upon a aharge of receiving stolon eoods. A
gold watch and jewelry to the amount of $250
was lounu in his possession, which has been
identified as belonging to the lot that had
been stolen, and the examination which will
be held this morning before Judge Lowe will
doubtless develop other facts In regard to what
has become of the remainder of tbe property.
. m i
Tub Cohniction or Dbpots. A communi
cation has been addressed to the City Council
from the President of the Cincinnati and In
dianapolis Railroad Company, in which doubts
are expressed of the expediency of the various
railroad companies accepting tbe grant along
Front-street for a tract connecting depots, as
property holders along said street were averse
to its construction, and recommending that
the grant be changed to Water-street, between
Main and John-street, and that double traok
be allowed on Water-street, if the consent of
property-holders be first obtained. It was re-
lerred to a special committee, consisting of
Messrs. Higbee, Klersted and Cunningham, to
whom was referred also remonstrances against
laying the connecting track on Front-street.
Gamb. While R. C. Booking is receiving
daily, by express, Smith's celebrated old plan
tation oysters, he is also being supplied by
every train with all descriptions of flsb, game
and lobsters. 11 is depot is at 93 Sycamore
atreet, opposite the National Theater. -
Highland Guabos' Bali,. The annual ball
of tbe Highland Guards will take plaoe this
evening at the National Hall, on Vine-street.
and will prove, without doubt, a very pleasant
Aluanao. The Franklin Almanao for I860
is already out It is a favorite with the far
mer, and has a large sale. It is published by
B. I. Sanford.
Monetary and Commercial.
ttustcm Exchange was merely nominal at 'A proni'
soiling rate yosterdny, bocauso tbe supply was so lim
ited that no one uceoiod willing to draw for any but
his ciiHtoiuenut that figure This indisposition was
incrwmcd by the general belief that Exchange would
advance to-day to H prem. which It doubtless will
and Bankers having balances, of course, preferred to
wuit it day, and obtain advance
The. demand for Flour cnntiriue.il active Vetera.
anil prices slightly advanced, with sales of 3,01)0 bar
rels. Whisky was active at Tuesday's decline. The
largo receirtts and the moderate weather had dome ef
feet on flogs aud at the close Ihe market was less
buoyant, though ovcr3,lmlieiul sold at $i I2.H(W'' i.
Mens I'ork was dull at the closo of tbo market, lint
olhor kindsol Provisions weronnaltcred. Barley ad
vanced KS-'c. pnr limliel ; other articles of tho Grain
species continuing stoutly, as belure quoted,
The luiports and Ka ports of various articlos for the
tu on ly-four hours ending yostordny ndon, were :
Imports Flour, 2,VM brla.; Whisky, 1,130 brls.O
oiu,e,;,ii uuHnois; w neat, z,h, uusneis; uais, 12;
bushels; Hurley, M hiinhels; Iocs, H,y:t head: Molas
ses, -ill uris,; tionne, wi nags; Apples, 2b brls.; But.
ter, 33 keg; Cheese, i'.aa boxoa; I'otatoes, 7lj brls.
Hay. .'wi bales.
r,.viynTs r 10111 , i,imi nriK.i nisay, a,iie, orm. ;
Ooru.i'iil bush.; Wheal, 1,888 bush.; Oats, 42 bushels;
Barley, '.'nbiish.; Sugar, 23 hhds.; Molasses, 34 brls.;
Cofl'oo, 788 bags; Apples, 318 brls,; Butler, .') kegs;
i.ncem', ;,ir.f.-uuxe, roiaioes, 00 oris.; salt, 1M.
Tuesdays' tiow fork Tribuno thus rofers to Hnan
cial atlalrs Inthatoity :
The Money market is atugiiitn I. The banks having
accepted paper imititring in May in considerable
iliianlitieHUurlng the pa-it mnntn, nnd no ditlicult;
in riaciug iDcir omanccH.- as at present tneir ro
ceiptsnre about enual to the ollerlngs.
1 lie Bauk Statement sliowa a decrease of specie ai
comnaicd tvitb tbe nrcviotvs week of about X'Sio.000
but tbe arrival, yesterday, of 81.700,000 will make the
arecie average a ritiiug one for tne present week. The
loans have not materially decreased, and they resell
the high figure of ifrjl,4M,l(,J. The comparative
statement for the week ending November,, is as
fellows :
Nov. 19. Nov. 36.
Loans $lill,.W0i Sl,423,lr. Dec,.J:i7,478
Specie IU,713,?.71 18,011,911 Dec.. 911,447
Circulation 6,283,020 ' 8,271,278 Dec; 12,242
Net Deposits..., 7i,ti3,WD 73562,172 Decl,lil,;iH6
Tuesday's New York Times observes concerning
Monday last;
The new week opens with a good business in out
door l)icounts,at 6l!97 per cent, for very prime lists
of month's Paper Monie lists of indorsed six
mouths, exclusively bills dons at; ner cent. Sixty-
day acceptances, very cholco names, continue to go
at tpor cent, and temporary loans to the Stock Bro
kers front 5fl6 per cent, same as last week.
The rUetianne market for tbo Boston mail opeued
l.Huu .1 lu, ,u,u.b'l MiinlulinttU. unrl on l Ilia .-lnui
of 'Chango hour, no large amount of business had
npsn accompusneu. Xionuon, io,Miai!iu; ana fans,
Last week's statement of the Philadelphia banks
preaents the following aggregate as compared with
those of the previous woek:
Nov, 21. Nov. 28.
Capital Stock $11,646,890 Si l,S47,Hi5 Ino. 9 279
Loans 23,4111.032 2,077,432 Dc. 323,6(10
Upecio 4,7M,88 4,.U2,324 Dec. 243..16.1
Duo (mother Banks ' 1,268,733 1,408,192 Deo. 13U.459
Due to other Banks 2,663.837 2,4f,s,914 Dec. 194,943
Deposits 14,978,280 14,816,879 Dec. lSl.tiWi
Circulation 2,6.M,11K 2,679,562 Ino. 26,433
, Yesterday's St. Louis Ite publican observes: The
crowing stringency In the Exchange market has led
roths exaction of higher rates tins week. Eastern
bight whs sold freely to-day at 1M to lXc In banka
ble funds. There is suineihlog of a demand from
abroad; and a large quantity will be soon needed to
meet the Interest payments on the State and corpora
tion debts of Missouri, maturlns the 1st of January.
Currency Is in lair supply at H ills, buying, and M
nis. soiling,
New Orleans mall advices of Saturday, the 20th,
were received last night. Honey was then plenty
that city, and growing more so, while business was
lucrennine with augmented offerings at bank. First
class paper ruled at Ticw1, aud second-class at Wfl,10 per
cent. Sight exchange on New York wtis MfSpi ills.;
Bixty days ilia.; Sterling 8X9Mi francs 5.22
0.17 per uo liar.
FLOUR The demand continues active, and prices
are a shade higher: sales of 3,OU0 brls.. closing
(3 in5 20 for superb ne, ana $.t z.r 00 lor extra.
WHlSKY-Thedemand was quite active to-day, at
yesterday's decline, and 1,6U0 brls. sold at iHe.
The market closed buoyant. '
Hlilis-Thn rrnelnta beinz oulte large to-day. and
the weather loss favorable, the filing Tn the market
trns less buoyant, and at the close prices were easier,
The sales were:
H0 head averaging 200 lbs. at....... Sri
3UO head averaging 190 lbs. at...................... 0
600 head averaging 200 lbs, at. 22ft
100 head averaging 210 lbs. at 6
6.M) head averaging 190 lbs. at.., 6
900 head averaging 2tiO lbs. at S
:HI bead averairinff 190 lbs. at...- 6
2"0 head averaging 200 lbs. at 6
loi head averaging 210 lbs. aU,,..., ........ ............ 6
Tbe receipts for tho last twenty-four hours were
12,000 bead. There were z.ajo receivea at airnst aca
tion the past week. . ' .
PHOVISIONS-Mess Fork was offered on easier
terms, and at the close the market was dull. 900
brls. sold at S16-part last evening, but on 'Change
could bave been bought at (19 7,1. Lard is held
at KWfSIOM.: so barrels sold at 10. Balk Meat Is
held at 6 and 80. packed, but we beard of no sales.
A good demand for green Meats, a 1th sales 016,000
pieces at 4 ts-lCOfasfic. for Shoulders; S 8O-100 for
Sides, and Ihm'Ao. for Hams, Jfor good weather,
thomarkot Is firm at 5, 7 and 8c. '
GKOOEK1E8-A good demand for Molasses, with
salosoflftnbrls at 47c. Sugjr flrm, and Belined )ec
higher; Crushed and Powdered may be quoted at 10
10)io. 400 bass Coffee sold at 114(13o. -
WliEAT-Themarkot is flrmjf there is S good de
mjinii f.ir nrlme white at SI 23(31 25. and an active
tlomand for prime red at $1 l."KIf 16: sales of
I'usliela good mixed, at 11 17; 4(H) do. prime white at
91 2.1; 3rs) do. It I II at (1 ai; ao. inir wnne ai i ai.
OOBN The demand oonlinuos good, and prices
firm at 4MS46C.! saleaof '5X1 saika at trie,
OATS The receipts are light; there Is a good da
maud, and prices him at 44c, , , ci'i,-
There is an sctlre demand, and prios
d KA'.'c. dt buiheh sleeors,0unbuh.
bare advanced
prime (all, oh board at Marsrtile. at 7M. uode.tst.
canal, at Vic.; M do. fair snriuf at aic.-delirered
do. at 8uu,-deliverel. I 1 r i
RYB-Tbe market continues firm,' with t good del
nisiidat7. T' . r j.
t)HKICSS-The market is Arm, with an active d-
maud: sales T ,3.'A bases Western Bnerrs si 'o.; T
i.ido. Knslish llHlrjat lie; 50 do, Nutmeg at liWic
BUTTER There is a fair demand lor roll atl.yav
I'oTATOKS Thore is (sir local demand, and
prices ate hi mat ijc. fur prime Hcslianucke, on ar
rival: sales of .V',l brl. l'ltiu, at II '0.
APPLKS There Isal.ur demand, and prices sis
steadfat our nt '(notation. -
CLUV KK rK CD There la a continued active de
luxnd, bnt pries are unchanged: sale oi 128 sacks
HI l HV, OS brlii. at fl (.'.. i ...
New Yokk Msasar, Hovember 30 P. M. -Flour
la VmlOi'. belter, with prettjr flood demand, tales oi
I4.0IKI brls., at is W&rrMi fur superfine Slat, t', 30
i&: M for antra State; f .' N?5 tu for superfine N est
ern; S'' 4ft.i i5 for common lo medium extra do., and
j :ft$ TOIor Interior losood shipping brands extra
rounit hoop Ohio rlolug Arm. Canadian flout
firmer: saleaof iX) brls. at t5 Mi 80 lor common
to choice extra.- Rre) Flour in wir request at ti 7ft
list 30. Wheat firm and quiett sales of .10,000 bushels,
tt Si 18 lor o. 2 Chicago Sprlns; $1 23 for Milwaukia
Ulub not vorr good, and SL38 for inferior smuttr
white Canadian. Bro lower. Corn lower: sales sf
14,000 bush, at 7889c. for new rellow, and9lHXc.
fur old do. Oats (iulet at 48$47o, forHtau, Western
ind Canadian. Whisky heavy and lower: sales of
'iio brls. at lSo. chiefly at tbe inalde price,
fork without special change: sales of 1,660 brls. at
jlfi IL' for mess; til 28 fur prime-included in sales
nre 1,000 brls. mess, sellers option all the year. Beef
iirm: sales of 360 brls. at HM M for country prime;
5Va,5 jo for do. mess; (3(310 tor repacked mess; (1015
K.il so fur extra mess. Drenacd Ilogs steady at 6H
c. Beef itamsvery quiet; new Western held at
Slllff.U XI. Trlme meis eef steady:' sales, of too
tierces Cleveland at 1 1. ' Cut Meats lower: sales of
UK) packages ntH(8)7c. lor Shoulders; HaiOXo. for
Hams, bocon Jtciulv at iMc. Lard null and heavy:
sales of 178 brls. at lOtilOVc, ' Butter steady at
U'-nAlSc. for Ohio, and HrA
Gftjic. lor
for State. (Jeeese in
moderate request at sSilc Cotton heavy: sales of
ii,,uw) lialos Uplano middlings at lie. sugar
stock in port, 68,010 hhds , boxes and bags.
;s at 11c.
Bojtar nrm:
firm: sales of 1,0Ou bags at UlitftWhci Stock In pott,
w,olv uagq, uiwHwnv uuu, , (
.Flour steady:
Wheat sd-vanu.
nales of Howard and Obio at ti 37.
ug. sales of white at tl 31(2)1 48, and led at l 28
iaL a. uom auu; sales oi wane at wmtsv., aau
yellow al omaT&c. for now: No old Corn rflered.
Whisky steady and quiet; sales at 26lic. Pro
visions unchanged, i
Steamboat Register.
Abrivals. -Telegraph, Louisville; Eunice. Lou-
iaviile; Hastings, St. lioaist Belle Peoria, Bt, Louis;
Magnolia, Alaysville: Forest Queen, Madison; 8t.
fiouis, St. Lonis; Favorite, St. Louis; Lebanon,
Memphis: Hickman, Memphis; Dunlelth, Neville;
Virginia Home, Nevelle; Ohio No. 3, Marietta.
Depabtvues. Telegraph. Louisville; Magnolia,
Aluysvllle; Forest Queen, Alauison; Virginia Home,
Neville; Dunlelth, Neville; Eunice, Wheeling; Belle
I'eoria, St. Louis; W. 1. Maclai, St. Louis; Hastings,
.HI. Louis; Economy, Pittsburg; St. Louis,. Pittsburg.
Ofr-oamoH City Cosvrntion. The Opposi
tion Convention organized last night by ths appoint-
incut of O. W.
jncuonaia unairman ana Jonn u.
Wood Secretary.
The following is a list of the dele-
uatea nrniienf ;
birat YVaru ueiegates xieury nataius,
llloomer. V lucent BtunKie, u. n.
Mookler, Green
Holden. ' '
Second Ward Delegates William K. Wade, Fred
erick IJormau, J. K. Irwin, Wm. Terrell, John V.
wood. .... .. . ,
Third Ward Delegates -II. Hopkins, J. H. Perkins,
Edward Clarkson, Wm. Kincaid, Ilenry Lewba.
ifoiirth Word Ueleaates Oeorge McDonueli, B. W.
Cooper, Wm. Buckner, J. T. Whltteker, Joseph Mc
t'lsson. .. ,.'. -.vV w.
sltiu Ward ueiegates ra. jtnuges, nuui. vaaej,
J. f . Beed, Z. Mwtag, N. Pratt, - ,
Mxtn w ara xieiegaiee v. wrr,uj, it,a..uis.i
11. Oreo, S. L. Heckethoven, II. C. Kraut.- .
Seventh Ward Delegates James T. Johnston, J. E.
ritevenaon.Jos. T. Yaneaut.Wm. Haines.
On motion the Convention proceeded to vote viva
v.'cs for officers, commencing with treasurer.
Treasurer-J. t). Shrock, 20; D. B. Miller, 10. Mr.
Shrock was nominated.
( U ty Physician Dr. Adams, 21; Dr. Hays, 14. Sr.
Adams was nominated.
City Olerk-Klrst ballot, H. K. Wilson, ; A. T.
WliiUker, 5;J.B. Lendrum, 13; J. Jordon, 8. becond
ballot, H. B. Wilson, 8; A. T. Whttaker,4; J. B. Len
drum, 16; John Jordon, 9. Mr.WhitakerwasdroppiMl
under the rules, and;the name of Mr. Wluion, with
drawn. Third ballot, Lendrum, 21; Jordon, 11. Mr.
Lendrum was nominated. . .
:ityAtt0rney-8.T.Wa1,3I; G. W. Wi lisms, 4.
The fallowing Is the remaining portion of tbe ticket
which was nominated:
Street Commissioner Isaac Kace. . '
City Collecto, A. H. Bowon. ...
Keeper of the Poor Houso Andrew Herod.
Wharf Master Berry (Jonnely.
City Engineer and Surveyor Tbo. H. Kennedy.
The following ExociitivoCoiumltteewasolected lor
the ensuing year: W.MorrlweBthor, B. K. I rwin, J.
a. Perkins, O. W.McDanold, Dr. it. Casey, A. Biggs,
J. II. Vanzant. .
On motion Hie Convention adjourned.
Dufii.irjxi). James Spillman, the Demo
cratic candidate for Treasurer, declines to make tha
race, and his placo will be supplied by some other
person. . ,
Sixth Wari. Xho Opposition in the Sixth
Ward, deeming their chances hopeless, did not nom
inate candidates for ward officers.
School Teustei in th First Ward. A. J.
Francis has declined the nomination for School Trns-
ni.im tha Virmt. Wurd. tendered liltu bv the (Jon
tion, aud his place has been supplied t'y" B. W. Mook
ler. Police Court. Mary Barker, a huckster,
wis fined ?7 7(1 on charge of forestalling the market,
yesterday morning, by Mayor Foley.
Exkokticai,. Griffith McOeorgo informs us
that, instead of being fined for drunkenness and dis
orderly conduct, as stated in our issue of yesterday,
lie was arrested upon a charge of assault and battel y,
and dismissed upon payment of the costs.
Nkw Jail. Tha new Jail is progressing
with great rapidity; all tbe outside work has been
compu ted, and proparalions for the construction of
the cells are now being made. Jt will be large and
commodious, and prisoners awaiting trial will baia
st roe of the comforts of lite. '
Tkmi'kbanle Liutubk. Mr. S. M. Hewlitl
lectured last evening to a large audience in tha
Methodist Church, and, upon urgent solicitation,
will speak this evening at the same place. He is
eloquent In advocating tbe temperance cause, and
those who did not attend last evening should be
present to-night.
1m. Sales-room No. 33 Main stroet.-Closlnf
sale of the enlire stock of Boots, Shoes, Groceries,
Liquors, Cigars, Ac. of ths late firm oi H. B. Miles
A no., a i. Auction, without any reserve, for cash, 1
ill sell on FRIDAY MORNING, December 2t at
ti o'clock, to close all consignments, 120 boxes ir
Kihia and Kentucky Tobacco, 160 barrels Smoking
Tnl,M. Mmlf c.tioKt V. II. Tea. IdmataJaiaCoffee.
In boxes German 8oap, : barrels Bourbon Whisky, 20
bags Cotton lam, 300 coxes urouna epices, in voxes
Star Cnndlos, 41 boxes Tearl Starch, 20 boxes Pepper.
2A kegs S. u. Soda, 10 kegs Nails, 6 quarter casks
Brandy, 2ii boxes old Brandy, 2ft boxes S. t . Indigo,
ALSu-27 cases Men's and Boy's Kip and Calf
Boots and Brogans, 100 bundles Straw and Bag
Wrapping Paper, 40 barrels Cider Vinegar, 40 boxes
Quart and Pint Flasks, 30 boxes ttoblets, 2S boxes
Alisb-WIthoutany reserve, S large superior new
Iron Safes, " Balo positive.
no30 H. S. MILES, Auctioneer.
A OO.-rtrrnltnre at Auction. Will bs sold
on THURSDAY MORNING, December 1, at
o'clock, at Wo. 238 West Third-street, between Tlura
and Western-row, the entire furniture of a family,
consisting of hair-cloth Sofa, 6 hair-cloth chairs,
11,-1 - I . . - n,l.a -n, lln... .. ., n ajl. t ,,urfl.
pets, tuiKx,
ning Table,
, uottaga
oeusieaus, waiuui lreeeius fiuxnu, nu,w""i
rmir nriatnsilH. WnAthnr Rolstpr and Pillows, cotton
and shuck Mattresses, Comforts. Blankets, Toilet
ware, Looking Olass, Carpets, Ac; Cooking Stove
and apparntns, and Kitchen Furniture. .
JACOB GRAFF, Auctioneer,
noSO So-1 East Fourth-street.
SHEA BS GO.-Sales-room No. 97 Main-street.
We will sell on THURSDAY MORNINO. Dec. l,at U
o'clock, without reserve, 300 eases Men's, Boy s,
Youth's, Women's, Misses' snd Children's Boots,
Shoes, Gaiters, Buskins, to. These comprehend first
class goods, suitable for the best trade, and will be
no29 ' ' G. BKASHHARS CO., Auctioneers.
' 'Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer tn
- 8oapi Perfsimery Fancy Gsds, cVc,
-Da examining my Stock will find that 1
am selling lower than any other house in the city.
. j . . .-, i
embraces all ths lending styles In every vsriet
of FfJB, whioh ws warrant
- 1 ... " i f4 " ALN-STBI KT,
now, ...-, j..,!
One door below lout lb.

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