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li published (UU7, (Bandars uceptad,) bi
trioi 10. 14 win loviti.if hit,
TUB FIN NT PBI88 Is delivered to subscribers In
Cincinnati, Oovlngton and Newport, and iar.
rounding cities and towns, at tbe
, tromeljr low price of
raioss or mailing:
Single Outlet to, j 1 month 40o.; 3 months $1; 1 rear 4.
Joag A. Illilib, Ja.........8ole Leasee and Manager.
Benefit or MIbb c. Rlchingi,
And her last appearance but one, together wjth the
eminent artist, Mr. P. B10H1MU8.
FBIDAY EVENING), Dec. 2, will be presented a
new sensation novelty, of great dramatic effect, culled
Lonlse de Llgnerolles..... Miss 0. Bichlngs
la Grange .. ...............Peter Bichlngs
Henri de LiKiierolleB............. Langdon
UeciledeOlvry Miss Irving
After which Miss Bichlngs will sing " La Marseil
laise." To be followed by
Miss Thistledown, 1 .., .. ,
Maggie McIParland, f Mi Bichlngs
To conclude with the patriotic allegory of
General Washington ..................Peter Bichlngs
Uoddess of Liberty Miss Bichlngs
Haturday evening, Benefit of Mr. BICUIMGS.
In active rehearsal, a new and gorgeous spectacle,
inohiding an inconceivable display ot Kastern and
Oriental magnificence. Also, one of tbe must Inter
esting and powerful of dramas, written vxpreesfy for
tlila theater. Duo notice will be given of its first
ur Doors open at 6X; Curtain rises at 1H o'olock.
PuiCEgor Aoxission Dress Olrcleand Parquette,
60 cm Is; Gallery, Moents.
Benefit of Mr. J. B. Roberts.
THIS (Friday) EVENING, December J, will le
acted Shakspeare's great tragedy of
Bichard III J, B. Itobeits
Jilchmond . 0. Stuart
Duke of Buckingham VanUorou
Queen Kliaabeth............. Mrs Vauderen
Dauro by Miss Jennie Ulght.
To couclude with with the last act of
Mephlstophlles.. ,.: Mr. J. B. ltnberts
Faust (an aged Scholar1 Mr. U. Stuart
Marguerite Miss A. Graham
TUB fJKW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, is now open for the reception of guests
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
NOTlCtt. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a written ordor, signed by the Manager.
Cbas. M. Banal Manager.
F. B. Conway Stage Director,
Grand. Comedy Night.
THIS (Friday) KVKNINQ, Dec. 2, will be pre
sented tbe admirable comedy of
Matter Wildrake , Conway
Sir William Fondlove Davidge
Master Waller Sheridan
Master Truewortb. ....... ...... Dickson
Constance Mrs. Conway
Jjydla Miss Crocker
Widow Green Mrs. Place
Alice Mrs. Wtlkins
Phebe.... Miss Stanley
To conclude with
John Small Davidge
Mr. Benjamin Hu..iird Lauagan
Miss Lucretla Uuzzard Mrs. Place
Sally Mils Proctor
Patens or Admusion. Parquette Circle, Parquetto
and Bulcony, Ml cents; Amphitheater, 2A cents;
Private Boxes for eight persons, $8.
Doors open at 6 o'clock ; commence at 7M.
Box Uflico open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M., where
seats can bo secured. J. F. HKBHUBT, Treaa'r.
Friday and Saturday Evenings,
The Old Hundred!
(Kn route for Now Orleans,) LADIES and GENTLE
. MEN Vocalists, including
The distinguished yonng New England Contralto.
Pit OF. D. C. HALL.,
Tbe renowned Soloist on tbe Golden Bugle.
The eminent Cornet and Clarionet performer. '
With their splendid
Will all appear In
Costumes of a Century Ago..'
Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at
TM P.M. . ..
On SATUBDAY, at 3 o'clock,
Grand Musical Assembly!
Children in the afternoon Ten Cents.
DLKand.F. LONG, at tbe
Corner of Eighth and Freeman-stroets,
On the 9th of December, 1859.
Committee or Abeinokhxnts W. II. Helmau, L.
Robinson, W. J. James, A. Thorpe.
MAHAGIBB-Sergeaut J. B. Moore, W. Wollenhop,
P. P. Dltchen, F. Dltchen, J. Flagg, W. Welst.
Capt. H. F. BABDEEN, Chler.
W. J. STEPHENSON, Ass't Chief.
Positively no gentleman admitted without a lady.
Tickets One Dollar. ' delh
New Mode of Ventilation!
Vail and See On of '
: PATENT ;..
Heating and Ventilating Furnaces,'
... In operation at
OHAUB SS LAIN 4 00. '8
Store Ware-rooms, Noa. 61 and 63 Vine-t.,
(Below Columbia.) j
Sawyer & O 6.
No. 900 Vlae-st,, bet "Fifth and JtMKth.
that he has established a regular depot for the
sale of all kinds of salt-water Fish, freeb from New
York ; also Lake Fish from Cleveland and Sandnsky;
together with Clams and Oysters In the shell, Lob
sters, Crabs, Kelt (alive), and all kinds ( seasonable
Game and Can Oysters. He will furnlsH the above
named articles 0HEAP6B THAN ANT OTHKB
PLAOV IN TUB CITY. " Family ordors promptly
attended to and sent home free of charge. Please
pll yi Vw vour irdar. ' : i .ittpl.'
Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer ln- ;
goapi, Perfumery Fnaey floods, Ve.,
' JLe examining my Stock will find that I
am selling lower tbaa any other bonis In tbe oltyv
l .. .. BOl i jr.: -U:
VOL. 2. NO.
Littli MUNI.-Nigbt Bxpress, g:00 . M.j Accom-
modatlon, 2:tfi r. u. Day Bxpress, 11:35 r. a.
iMouNAPotia and Cincinnati. 11:30 a. .: 0:40 r.
M.i 1:40 A.M.
Ohio amo Uisgttaipri.-8:15 a. m.j 1:25 r. 10:15
v. M.
Cincinnati, Hamilton aho Oayton.-7:45a.k.: 11:08
A. M.; 12:52 r. 6:52 P. m.; 8:50 r. M.
Mahirtta and Cincinnati. 11:20 a. m.; :52p. a.
Biohmond aad lNDiANAHoLif. 12:50 m.; 6:5o p. M.
Little Miami. Say ExproBS, 10:00 A. Accom
modation, 4:40 p. m.; Night Express, 11:30 p. m.
Inuunapolis and Cincinnati. 4:50 A. 12:45 P.
M.i 7:00 p.m.
Ohio and Mississippi. 9:00 a.m.; 2:00 p.m.; 7:30 p.m.
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton.-0:(M) a. m.; 7:30
A. M.; 10:00 a.m.; 3:40 p. m.; 6:30 p. m ; 11:30 p. m.
Marietta and Cincinnati. 8:40 a. m.; 3:40 p. m.
Bicumomd and Indianapolis. 6:00 a. m.; 3:40 p. M.
CThe moat infallible remedy for fill is
. your clothes at a slop-shop.
&S A Tennessee paper says : "The inaug
uration of the Governor was celebrated by the
firing of minute guns every half hour !"
' pS Samuel Harding of Ravenna, 0.,was
lately thrown from bis horse in that village,
and bis neck broken. '
J&Bl( an egg could apoak, and you wore
to ask it whence it came, what sweetmeat
would it name in reply T Ma-me-laid.
The very vulgar phrase, "Give me
none of your Hp," would never be used by a
man, however proletarian, to a pretty woman.
"Noseda, the wealthy baukor of Milan,
has contributed 100,000 lire to the Garibaldi
aSTLuigi Riooi, the composer, is afflicted
with aberration of tbe mind, and is now in
confinement in the lunatic asylum at Prague.
SSTThere were six runaway couples on the
steamer which left San Franoieco on the Sth
of Ootober, and on tbe steamer of the 20th
there were five.
20Fn the ranks of the volunteer companies
now at Charleatown and Harper's Ferry are
eight printers from the establishment of tbe
Richmond Enquirer.
S-Bruaet's Manual du Libraire is to be
printed next year. It is to be in six volumes,
octavo. The author, though eighty years old,
reads and re-reads every line of it.
;ja8Hcrwitt and Dickens are quarreling
about ghosts the former assorting their ex
istence, and tbe latter resolving them into
jS"Ir. Charles Mackey,the poetaster, has
laid aside his pen and gone into the library
furnishing business, oll'cring to select books
from $5 to $5,000.
J&Th. moralists, writing on sympathies and
antipathies, says: ''People do not like to con
fess bow often love at first light becomes hatred
od better acquaintance.".
Wednesday's Dayton Journal fills its
editorial columns with the "Story of a Russian
Serf." We presume it is not the first story
todthere. How is it, provincial neighbor 7 .
Jte-Fariui, the Diolator of Modena, baa
assigned a pension of $600 to the veteran Ital
ian poet, Pietro Giannone, who resides in
PariB. .. ,
. aTLopis Napoleon is said by the Frenoh
papers to be highly pleased with a new cannon
of, his own invention, on the system of a Colt's
jarMiss Evans' "Adam Dede" is imitated
to a great extent, but none of them oome up
to the original. Her clerical neighbors have
just waked up to the fact that they are all
Daguerreotyped in her works.
'feg "The only liberty cap," says a clever
and witty author, "is a night oap. In it men
visit, one-third of their lives, the land of Bleep
the only land where they are always freo
and always equal." . .
! JNo man can toll whether be is rich or
poor by turning to his ledger. It is the heart
that makes a man rich. He is rich or poor
according to what he m notacoordingto what
he hat.
$lSk Methodist preacher once said: "As I
was riding along that memorable morning, on
one of those beautiful western prairies, with
my dear old wife, who has gone to heaven in
a buggy."
j9The Mayor of Fernandina,Fla., dined a
week ago on new peas, (first orop) grown
in his own garden, and he fully calculates to
eat fresh tomatoes on Christmas, raised in the
same place.
I p8 Prince Napoleon Bonaparte, son of
Prince do Canino, lately married at Rome to
the Princess Ruspoli, bag arrived in Paris
with his bride. His age ia twenty, and that of
the Princess seventeen.
There may be worse apologies for
newspapers in the world than those of Nash
ville, Teun., but if there are no, there can't
be we won't outrage the cause of journalism
by the monstrous hypothesis.
: eT"The reason why that compoiitreas at
Cleveland attempted to shoot a young printer,
was because the latter had remarked that
"somebody would have to get another font of
small caps for her before long."
I 4S9Col. Jefferson Davis is said to bo tbe
author of the popular expression: "He is a fine
man just as good a man as ever was, but he
can't beep a hotel." The Colonel Introduced
it into a stump' speech, and it "took." .
"Erupia, direotor of the Paris Theater
Francais, has been dismissed, because he
would not employ an aotreis, who is one of
the cheretamict of the insatiable M. Fould.
He is succeeded by Edward Thierry, tbe lite
rary oritio of the Afemtewr. ...
; ggTA. litttle son of Judge Hann, the new
California Senator, who arrived on the last
steamer, died in Now York on Sundsy. The
boy bad been Hi of sore throat on the passage,
and when they arrived at that port it was too
late to save him.
' tT"Ma, didn't the minister say, last
Sunday, that sparks flew upward ?" "Yes,
my dear; how came you to think of it?"
"Because yesterday. I saw Cousin Sally's
spark staggering down tbe street, and be fell
downward." , . , .
pB Among the passengers wbo arrived at
New York by the steamship Africa, ia Rev.
Dr. Cabill, of Dublin, famous as a priest, a
soientifio man, a leoturer, and a politician.
He lntei.de to feotureln New York, Cincinnati,
and other eities in the United States.
$rk Venice letter announces a faet which
all lovers of art will bear with regret. The
Hall i f the Doges threatens to fall; the frescoe
on the oeiling is cracked across, and a portion
of It has fallen. Thii ball Ib the largest in any
European palace.;
The married ladlea In Honolulu have
petitioned for the suppression of the theaters
and oirouse, 'on the ground that they keep
their husbands out late at night. In this psrt
of the world, a great many women would ad
vocate their continuanoe for tho very same
reason. -
JJThe Bangor (Me.) Jcffrrmnian ' says:
"Thirty-six ships have been built In this State
the present season, whioh bare an average
measurement ef 35,000 tons." The world
may safely be challenged to produce thirty-six
other ships of so large an aversge, or whose
aggregate tunnage will amount to 1,280,080
tUOS. '"u o 4 . , . ... 'i:,- i vui-ik,
Bloody and Brutal Plot—John Brown
to be Rescued—The Secret of Prof.
Lowe's Delay—The Charlestown Officers
and Jail to be Carried off.
following fair burlesque we find in one
of our exchanges. By mere aooidentjwe have
obtained possession of the following bloody
and brutal plot, conoeived by a bloody and
brutal Blaok Republican of this State:
Professor Lowe, who is now engaged in inflat
ing his monster balloon, with which he intends
uhortly to sail for Europe, has been employed
to remain in New York with his balloon until
some Hark night, wben there shall be a strong
north wind, when he la to aacend in bis bal
loon with a dozen packs of fire crackers, and
steer bis aerial ship directly for Charlestown,
Va. When near that city he is to set fire to a
pack of eraokera and throw it overboard, leav
ing them to explode on their descent to the
ground, and then to prooeed In the same man
ner with the remaining eleven packs, by which
time, it is presumed, the people at Harper's
Ferry will all be frightened to death. The
balloonist is then to desoend direotly over the
jail, make fast to it, and, ascending again,
take up the jail, with Old Brown in it, and steer
direotly for England, where he will deliver
Old Brown to tho bloody and brutal abolition
ists in that oonntry, who, it is expected, will
liouizo the old sinner by exhibiting him at
Exeter Hall, thus robbing a Virginia gallows of
its victim, and Jefferson County of its jail.
N. B. It is expeotod that the audaoity
of the bloody and brutal ebela will not stop
even here. Some of the ungodly gang sug
gest tho expediency of taking up Governor
Wise, tho militia, the judge, jury, and wit
nesses on Old Brown's trial, to be used, as oc
casion may require, for gas or ballast.
Singular Fact Concebninq thb Naviga
tion or Laks Ontario. During tbe past
twelve years, says tbe Roohester union, more
than a doten vessels have gone ashore be
tween the mouth of Genesee River and a
point a doien miles west, and in every in
stance the disaster has been attributed to a
defect in the compasses by which the vessels
were steered. We have during the period
named recorded these disasters and have ob
served the peculiar phraseology used by tho
masters in the protests they entered. Nearly
all of them declare upon oath that they made
Sod us Light and then steered north-west, a
direction that would take them well over to
Toronto, and while on this course they ran
aahorejust west of the Genesee River.
The last cases we have of this singular way
of navigating occurred last week. The schooner
Andover went ashore at Braddook's Point, and
the master swears in hia protest that he tailed
oorth-weat from Sodus Light. While the
steam tug rage was at work at the Andover on
Thursday night, the aohooner B. L, Whitman
ran ashore near by. The tug went to her as
sistance before she got hard on, and she was
relieved and went on her voyage. We under
stand that tbe Whitman, too, waa sailed by the
compass, and bearing north-west from Sodua
This peculiarity In misfortune whioh has at
tended so many shipa sailing as we have de
scribed, can hardly be attributed to derange
ment of the compasses by local causes on ship
board. May there not be some influence on
shore in tbe yloinlty to which the vessels tend,
that effects the compass, and thus mis-lead
them ? The subjeot is worthy of investigation.
Piloriuagu to MicoA. A recent publica
tion of the Ministry of Algeria and the Colo
nies make some curious statements relating to
the pilgrimages to Meoca during the present
year. The ceremonies at Mecca terminated
on the 11th of last month in the presence of
about 60,000 pilgrims, of whom 17,850 had
come by sea, and 32,150 by land. In 1858
there were 160,000 pilgrims; in 1857, 140,000;
and in 1856, 120,000. This great deorease in
the number in 1859 is owing, the natives de
dare, tc the events of Djeddah lost year, and
also to the dread of the oholera, whioh made
extensive ravages in 1858. As soon as the
pilgrim sets foot on the soil of Mecca he must
put on two piooes of white cloth, one tied
around the loins with ends hanging down to
the middle of the leg, while the other ia
thrown over the shoulder so as to leave the
right free. He must go bareheaded and wear
sandals. As long as be wears this garment
he is bound to lead a pure and regular life.
A Qurbr Millionaire Ellas Howe, jr., the
lucky fellow who gets $200,000 a year royalty
on sewing machines, is one of the odditlos on
Broadway. He is the personage whom no
visitor to our olty can fail to seo, dressed In a
Quaker-cut coat, white oravat, and almost ex
tinguished under a gigantio hat, whioh might
have been the companion of the supernatural
helmet in the "Castle of 0 Iran to." Beneath
thii flows a heavy stream of rich brown hair
reaching to the shoulder blades, and inviting
people behind to give It a pull an Invitation
whioh I have, with difficulty, resisted on many
occasions. Mr. Howe was the inventor of the
sewing-maohine,though he la not now engaged
in its manufacture.
Quseb Travilir. A naturalist, who it
poking about the wild mountains of Western
Virginia, is exciting a dangerous ouriosity.
One night he left a railroad train af an obscure
station and plunged into the woods. The next
day he oame baok, carrying in addition to his
mysterious oarpet bag a roughly constructed
box, into whioh be kept continually peeping
through a gimlet hole. The last seen of him
he had taken to the woods with his box, in
gcod spirits, asking no questions nor answer
ing none. . '
son of Capt. Arthur Jenkins, of Fredericks
burg, Va., waa rnn over by the cars there a
day or two ago, killing bim Instantly, and
mangling hia body in a snooking manner. The
little fellow, with a number of other boys,
jumped on the platform of the train as It
moved from the depot, and when near the rail
road bridge, essayed to jump off. Capt. Jen
jina's son fell beneath the wheel.
Couldn't bb Pumped. A wee laddie was
brought before one of the Glasgow bailies,
who asked, "Where did you learn so much
wickedness ?" "Do you ken tbe pump in Glass-ford-street?"
"No," said the bailie. "Weel,
then, do you ken the pump in the Briggate?"
"Yes, sure," waa tbe reply.
"Weel, then, gang there and pump as lang
as ye like, for I'm hanged if ye pump me."
Tas Hinbt Clat Statux roa Niw Orleans.
A colossal statue of Henry Clay, for the citl
cens of New Orleans, has been recently cast in
bronze at the Royal Bronze foundery in Mu
nich, under the direction of Mueller, a Ger
man artist of considerable reputation. The
statue is the work of an American artist, Joel
T. Hart, who modeled it at Florence.
Poverty, Despair ako Suicidi, The body
of John Billings, an American, sixty-three
years of age, a blaohaiiiith by trade,was found
recently in Elizabeth, N. J., by the side of a
pile of old lumber, shot through the head. He
was poor; and, In a state of despair, brought
on by a spree, he shot himself.
Suicidi ob a Landlord. Mr . John B.
Myers, it landlord, and the father of several
children prop.iotor of tbe Myers Hotel, at
Milton, Dieter County, N. Y., oommitted sui
cids recently by hanging himself. No cause
Is asiigntd for the act, '
' Matilda, Coustxss or Toscaxy. She was
one of the noblest of women, above and beyond
her age, except in the superstitions of a reli
gious faith to whioh she had been scrupulously
duoated, and her subservienoy to a priest
hood of whioh she saw the possible good and
forgot the real evil. Austere and self-torturing,
as her ghostly advisers required, she was
wisely munificent, embellishing Tuscany with
palaces and monuments, and improving it with
bridges, hospitals, and schools. She loved and
collected books, studied with persevering dili
gence, using the Latin, Italtan, French and
German languages with equal easo, and ex
hibiting in bor judioioua patronage of tbe
learned the result of her acquaintance with
these best of teachers. Just and energetic in
the council ohamber, brave and self-collected
in tbe camp, striving to shield the oppressed
and uplift the fallen, aho afforded an example
of moral grandeur such as was seldom seen in
her century. The splendor of her reign over
almost the whole of Northern Italy, and the
glowing patriotism which sought to free her
country from foreign domination, entitle her
to tbe highest regard ; but she is still better
known for her vigorous support of the Papaoy.
From the contempt into which the Vice
Regency of Heaven had fallen, Hildebrand,
become Gregory VII, determined to resoue it.
Intense in his bigotry, arrogance and ambi
tion, bold, sagacious and dexterous, be gave
to the tiara an exterior of greater decenoy,
but he organized a despotism from the atro
cities of which the mind and hoart turn with
horror. Matilda upheld the man And ap
proved the despotism, blinded by her dread
of Germany, and quieted by the fancied sanc
tity of ecclesiastical acquirement. Yet if ahe
did mistake a vast engine of opproaeion for
the beautiful freedom bequeathed to the world
by the great Examplar of the religion which
she professed, how many erred also with her.
Practical Juki by Habriht Hosmrb on an
Unpowtual Physician. Harriet Hosmer's
health having given her father some uneasi
ness, a physioian in large praotics was called
in to attend her. The rather uncertain visits
of tbil physician proved a souroe of great
annoyanoe and some real inconvenience to his
patient, inasmuoh as they interfered with her
rides and drives, shooting and boating ciour
siont. Having borne with the inoonvenlunoe
some time, she requested the gentleman, as a
great favor, to name an hour for his call, that
ahe might make her arrangements accordingly.
The physician agreed, but punctuality 1b not
always at the command of professional men.
Matters were as bad as ever. Sometimes the
twelve o'clook appointment did not oome off
till three In the afternoon.
One day, in particular, Dr. was somo
hours after the time. A playful quarrel took
plaoe between the physician and the patient,
and he rose to take his leave, and offered
another appointment; Miss Hosmer insisted
upon his giving bis word to keep it.
"If I am alive," said he, "I will be here,"
naming some time on a certain day.
"Then if you are not here," waa the reply,
"I am to conoluile that you are dead."
Thus they parted. The day and hour ar
rived, but no doctor made his appoarance.
That evening Miss Hosmer rode into Boston,
and next morning the papers announced the
decease of Dr. . Half of Boston and its
noighborhood rushod to the physician's house
to leave cards and messages of condolence for
the family, and to inquire into the cause of
the sudden and lamentable event.
A Dauqhtkb or 6obillir Alivi It will
be news to most people to learn that a daugh
ter of Sohiller is still extant to rojoice in the
universal homage paid to him, sot only by tbe
50,000,000 of his countrymen in Europe, but
by tbe wide-spread German race in British and
other colonies all over the world. In the Augs
burg Qatetla there Appears a letter from this
lady, the Baronne Emily de flloiohen Rusb
wurm, (nee de Schiller,) whose residence is
GroiGnstein sur Bonnoland, Lowor Franoonia,
in Bavaria. She earnestly asks to be supplied
with copies of all odea, speeohes, musical com
positions and othei doouments, illustrative, in
every town and place, of ber father's memory,
that she may treasure up as a heirloom for her
children these titles of true nobility.
Bold Attbmpt to Bubs thb Wash ino ton
Penitentiary. A most daring attempt was
made on Saturday to burn the United States
Penitentiary at Washington, whioh was hap
pily frustrated. The plot was laid by George
Nelson, a discharged convict, whose term of
sentence expired on the 24th ult. He entrusted
bis plans to Kelly, and on Saturday night at
the hour named, appearod at the east wall and
attempted to get over and set the out-buildings
on fire. Kolley had previously divulged the
plan, and when it was attempted, Nolson and
an accomplice were taken, the former being
shot in the back during the scuffle that en
sued. .
A Devil ok a Doctob Phobphorvs and
Physic A German doctor, supposed to be a
descendant of Dr. Faustus, in Hanover, Penn.,
was recently called upon by Mr. Peter
Reed to attend his daughter for sore throat.
The doctor attempted to apply phosphorus,
which ignited, set the girl's clothing on fire,
burnt her person severely, and also set the
house in flames. So dieguated was he with
his ill success with tbe phosphorus and his
great success with the fire that he attempted to
blow his brains out the next dav. and was
only prevented, it is supposed, by a lack of
sornotning to diow.
A Neobo Drowns Himself from Reuorsr.
The negro waiter who was guilty of the mean
and despicable act of selling lifo-preservers
to passengers on the New World when she.
was sunk was transferred to the Hcmlrik Bud
sen. On Saturday night, during the down
trip of that vessel, and when a short distance
below Hudson, N. Y., some persons were tan
talizing the fellow for hia meaness, when he
suddenly gnasned bis teeth, hurriedly left
tnem, ran to tne guards, and jumped over
board. He was not seen to rise, and it is sup-
Sosed was struck by the wheel, stunned and
Two Men Frozen to Death in Mississippi.
Two men were frozen to death recently in Sun
flower County, Miss. Mr. Bledsoe and his
overseer, Mr. Bishop, went out hunting in
their shirt sleevea, in the evening, and trotting
lost, were overtaken by the eold spell whioh bo
suddenly set In on Saturday, and frozo to itoath
before they were discovered.
: A Healthy Village. Prince tnu, Mass., is
a healthy plaoe. A clergyman f that place
recently stated that be hml not been nulled to
attend a single funeral auinnt; the people. be
longing to hia 0'ngrei;u.ti.ti, iuoludlng some
five hundred person, f . r a whole year. No
epldemio has prevailed there for over fifty
years. -" '
Anothib Paib op Smhhsk Twins A Mrs.
Thompson, in New Bedford, Mas,, gave birth
on Thursday to a couple of girls, joined to
gether in the same manner as the Siamese
Twins. Their forms were equally perfect, but
they died soon after birth. A largo number
'of persons vieiti-d tho houso to witness this
singular plieuooicaou
K MiTHugsLiN Makkuqk.- In Davie Coun
ty, N. C, not long sgc, a stalwart youth of
ninety-six waa marrioti to a ui'iouiing maiden
of eighty-seven summers. The couple gaily
aped on foot to tbe residence of tbe officiating
magistrate, and walked homo again with the
knot tied round trip, sixteen miles. i A ,
The Phenomena of Honger Its BMiri-
oinoe and Malevolence. This clear and inter
esting statement ot the cause and phenomena
of hunger is taken from Mr. Lewet'sPAtio
of Common Life, a work in whioh the facta of
daily experience are presented in a very attract
ive style:
Hunger is one of the benificent and terrible
instinots. It is, indeed, the very fire of life,
underlying all impulses to labor, and moving
man to noble activities by its imperious
demands. Look where we mav. we see it as
the motive power which sets the vast array of
numan macninery in aotton. '
It is hunger whioh brings these stalwart
navies together in .orderly gangs to out paths
through mountains, to throw bridges across
rivers, to interseot the land with great iron
ways whioh bring city into communication with
city. Hanger is the invisble observer of tbe
men who are erecting palaces, prison houses,
barraoks and villas. Hunger sits at the loom,
which, with stealthy power, is weaving tbe
wondrous fabrlos of cotton and silk. Hunger
labors at the furnace and the plow, coercing
the native indolenoe of man into strenuous
and Inoeaaant activity.
Let the food be abundantand easy of access,
and civilization becomes impossible bo in
dissolutely dependant are our highera efforts
on our lower impulses. Nothing bat the ne
cessities of food will foroe man to that labor
which he hates, and will always avoid when
he can. And although this seems obvious
only when applied to the laboring classes, it is
equally though less obviously true when ap
plied to all other classes, for the money we all
labor to gain is nothing but food, and the
Burplus of food, whioh will buy other men's
Hungor, although beneficient,is no less ter
rible. When its progress is unohecked, it
beoomes a devouring flame, destroying all
that is noble in man. Hunger is a stimulus
to crime, no less than to honest labor. It
wanders through dark alleys, whispering
desperate thoughts into eager ears : and it
maddens the'shipwreckert crew till they cast
away all shame, all pity, all desire of respeot,
and perpetrate doeds which cannot be men
tioned without horror. Hunger subjugates
the humanity in man, and makes the brute
predominate. Impelled by thii ferocious in
stinct, men have eaten thoir companions, and
women have eaten their own children. Han
ger has thus a twofold character; beside the
picture of the activities it inspires, we must
also contemplate the picture of the ferocities
it evokes.
The All-bsrino Eye Thi Aoony or Cain.
Here is an extract from the Legend "La Con
science," by Victor Hugo :
"When, along with hia children, clothed In
the skins of wild beasts, distraught, wan, in
the midst of tempests, Cain fled from before
Jehovah, aa night was falling, the gloomy
man came to the foot of a mountain in a great
plain ; his weary wife and his panting chil
dren said to bim: 'Let us lie down on' the
ground and sleep.' Cain, not sleeping, sat
thinking at tho loot of the mountain. Rais
ing his head, he saw in the doptha of the fu
neral heavons an eye, wide open in the dark
ness, gazing fixedly on him through the night.
'1 am too near,' ho said, trembling. He
awakened his sleeping children, his weary
wife, and renewed his woful" journey, going
thirty day and thirty nights, Bllent, pale,
furtive, startled at every sound, not looking
behind him, without truoe, without rest, till he
reached the shore of tho sea.
" 'Let us rest here,' he said, 'for it ia a sure
asylum; we have reached the bounds of tho
world.' As he sits down, ho soes the oye in
the same plaoe In tho lurid horizon. And
blaok horror seises bim, and he Cries: 'Hide
me;' and Jubel, father of those who livettndor
tents in tbe desert, drew a tent about him; and
when ho sat encompassed by its thick folds,
little Tsilla, his son's child, fair as the morn
ing, asks: 'Yon no longer see anything?' and
Cain answers: 'I still seo the eye.' And Jnbal
built about him a wall of brass, but that eye
still gazed noon him. Then Tubal Cain anil
his brothers built a great city, with walls as
thick as mountains, and wrote upon the gate,
'God shall not enter,' and they placed Cain in
a great tower of stone within, and there the
eye looked steadfastly on the dreary, haggard
man. Then be said, 'Let me dwell under the
ground;' and Cain said, 'It is good.' Then he
went down into it, and when he was seated
there in tbe dark, and they had closed it up
with a great stone, 'the eye was in the tomb
and looked on Cain.' "
Wendell Phillips on the Negro Race and
John Brown. Wendell Phillips delivered a
leoture in Philadelphia on Monday evening,
and is thus reported:
He would endeavor to prove that this negro
race, Instead of being au objeot of contempt
and pity, is entitled, by its achievements, to
stand side by side with the Saxon in the cata
logue of nations. The speaker then aketobed
tho difference between the Saxons and the
African racos. There were two instanoes of
8 axon disinterestedness one when the phi-,
lanthropists of Britain emancipated anation in
the West India isles, upon whose face they
had never looked; the second was when that
old man of Connecticut went down to the bor
ders of Virginia and flung himself into the
bresoh of slavery, sacrificing his life for a prin
ciple that the ohurch had always despised, and
the Government trampled under foot.
Ho would solect Pbocion as the model of
Grecian glory; Cato as the noblest of Romana;
Lafayetto as the exemplar of Frenoh freedom;
Hampden aa the type of English liberty ;
Washington aa the representative of the primi
tive days of American splendor, and John
Brown, of Connecticut, as God's best and dear
est gift to this later generation. Then dip
ping bis pen in the elear sunlight of truth, he
would write above them all, in tho clear ceru
lean blue, tbe name of tbe hero of his race and
the martyr of freedom, Tounaint I'Ouverlurel
The Opinion or a Southern Man on the
Frekdom or the South. Tbe Rev. OhnrUs H
A. Bulkley, pastor of the Congregational
Church in Patterson, is a Southern man by
birth. In bis sermon on Thanksgiving Day
he took occasion lo contrast tbe effects of free
dom In the North with those of slavery in the
South, terminating with an allusion to Old John
Brown. In speaking of what had fallen un
der his own observation at the South, be said
that so despotic was the Institution of slavery,
lie oould not g to the spot where bis venerable
father's bones reposed, in South Carolina, and
over his grave offer op a prayer that the mis
sion of Christ might be accomplished, without
being treated to a ooat of tar and feathers, if
not stretched his full longth with no platform
beneath him I While praying to God that the
system might be brought to a peaceful termi
nation, tbe speaker declared his oonviotion
that tbe froe Northern men should "keep their
powdor dry" as well as "put their trutit in
God," and that, for his part, be was "ready to
do bis whole duty in destioying tbe aooursed
system, when the day of trial should oome.
N. Y, Tribune, 28. . , , ;
1 , ,i
ALono and Cold Sleep. It is stated, oa
the authority of a trustworthy correspondent
of the Inverness Courier, that a game-keeper
In Strathglass hurt his leg while out in the
snow the other day, and having orawled to the
shelter ef a rook, slept covered by his cloak--.
for nearly sixty Hours, us tnos awakened,
and oontrived to reach his home, where he lies,
ill and frost-bitten, though it Is hoped that he
may esoaje wljb.,tha loss of lomsj of his toes.
AdvertlaenMntBBOtexoeedlBf five lloes(Ate. '
OnelnawrtlOEw.,.4 I One wets...,-.. .11 00
Two wests. - 1 60 1 One mouia. S M
. larger advertisements inserted at the following
rates for senate of ton lines or less :
One lnarUon....4 SO I Two mK..m.Ai oO
Kach addl'nal tn.. Three wekt. 4 00
On vttkm,. 1 75 1 One -t-nvi . , 00
tJOD ITlltUriK' ,
la all Its breaobM, done Itli neatness end iliiratcl
miscellaneous; ' .
AT THB ' . " '
DeeemljerJT 1858.
the public three seasons, and owing to Its pop
ularity and increased demand, wa have bren coin
polled to make two more sises haviug SIX siu
complete, suitable, from the smallest family up to
tbe largest class boarding-house. The celebrity
those Moves hare gaiued for themsslrvs can not be
too bigbly appreciated, as every family bavlug them
In use can truly testify.
Thanking the public fur their generous support, It
Is our determination to supply the wauts of tbe com.
inanity with the benefits which a practical mochau.
chI education can only supply.
Inventors, Proprietor! Ac Manufacturers,
We bog leave, most respectfully, to offer the follow
ing cerlincates and references of families using the
Alligator, which will, at a glance, remove all doubts
ot its intrinsic merits:
For some months I bays been using tbe Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. Its superior cooking auafitios,
combined with its cleanliness, must eventually secure
to the owners a large share af public patronag.
. . , JOHN McLttAS.
I have bean using one of Messrs. Adams A. Peck,
over's Alligator Cook Stoves for some months,' which
gives entire satisfaction in every rospect, and can
cheerfully recommend it to those who are In want of
a superior oook stove. H. II. LEA V ITT.
For the laet year I have been using the Alligator
Coiil Cooking Stove, manufactured by Messrs. Adams
Si Peckover, which I consider a superior stove, and
gives the utmost satisfaction. It is the only stove I
ave found that cooks perfectly with coal.
For some time past I have been using oneof Messrs.
Adams & Peckover's Alligator Coal Cooking tituves,
and can recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every respect.
JOS. BUSUNELL, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully Indorse the above.
Hon. Judge McLean, Cllf- Joseph W.Wayne,391, Sth
ton, M. Brooke, Mt. Auburn
Bon JudgelLeavitt, 88 1. Ber. W. 8. Kennedy, 14
Fifth-street, . John-street,
Judge Tan Ham, 292 J. P. Jones, 224 Fourth,
Fourth, . : Dr. Norton, 334 Fourth,
Judge Hoadly, 270 3d, D. Thatcher, 329 George,
Or. Rolker, Mttb, Vm. Jolly, 1166th, ... .
Oltl. Orphan Asylum.BIm, Jos. Talbott, 400 7th.
Jobn Kobler, 3494th, rja.Qetzandauer, 13S Smith
F. Smith, firm of Lincoln, 8.B. Wiliiaau, Wl.UUIs .
HmlthAWarnock, Mrs. Meason, 263 4th,
H. Valletta, 347 4th, Mrs. By laud, 324 4th, - -
N.O. McLean, Glendale, Mrs. Howitt.M E. 4th,
11. B. Funk, 266 Vine, Mrs. M,P. Taylor, 2H6 Seo,
Jos. Bnsbnell,coal mer. Mrs. McPherson,S. E. cor.
Jab. Espy, 2984th, Sixth and Baoe,
J. Jeffrey, Eng. Uas W'ks, A. A. Clark, Times office,
T. H. Yeatman, StorrsTp, P. L. Weaver, 393 Jobn,
A. W. Francisco, Press J.P.Whitman, Wash.
Office. lug ton Institute,
W. B. Wells, Cln'tiType F. F. Brooks, 149 John,
Foundry, Jackson M. Noble, 411 3d,
K 0. Boss, 284 Longworth, H. Hackman, 466 3d,
lhas. Ohadwtck, 304 4tb, Ohas. (Joodman, 242 4th,
T. W. tgrague, 193 7th, . John O. Morris, 113 Mill,
Mr. Houghton, 160 8th, J. A. Stacy, 444 nth,
W m . Coiiistocs , 261 4th, Gibson A M'Bonald, Tine
G. Hole, 361 7th, Isaac Marsh, 388 Oorge,
J. Harvey, 207 Longworth W.B. Hurlburt.625 Kr'ni'n
John Anderson, 4134th, . Elam P. Lanqdon, 126th,
Jonathan Ogden, 195 4tn, J. H. Fulweilor , Long.
W. W.Woods, 4494th, worth and Western-row.
John Tanner, Wrlghtaon D. K. Cady, 76 8th,
x uo, s priming oruce. au. uurnett, 1M otn,
as o. auim
uuett. IM th.
'' Scale ftlanufaotrjrrr,
No. 41 East Second-street, between Sycamore and
nroaoway, uiociunau, Keeps every description or .
Counter, Platform, Cattle, Railroad Depot,
and Track dealest Trucks,
Iron Wuaons, etc.
Kepalrng done on the shortest notice, nol-am
2T. 3EX.
stock or
To which invites ' ' ent Ion of the public.
rtjutuveu uniij vy me auiiuig Bt- .
Di-eti ComoanT. in whole and half cann. (
All OyBton sold warranted frenb and of
tne very nest quainy. j. c. uwinuo.
A a VI m s71-K .i..nl V.t U..J
and walnut-streets.
N. B. The trade supplied on the most liberal
ttrma. ooaHcm
ING dally, Bowe, Mahony A Oo.'s Clebrated
Planted l) stors, which 1 am selling at unprecedented
low nrin.B Kw .UBA nm A , i . . , i it : i :
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please send
their orders. Attached to this. establishment is a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can have
Oysters Cooked in every style, and served up in a
oloa i and superior manner. Charges less than at auy
uthnr BlaAA Iaiiii muHVilUM
aj rittcpu
Oyster Importing House.
INO daily, per Express, his splendid Oysters,
laving completed arrangements In Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all times during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "and '
the rest of mankind," with the most DKLlONJUa
HI VALVES imported to the Queen City. None but
the very best Imported. Great inducements offered
st tms importlng-uouae.
i Order slollciteiS and promptly filled. Torrascash, ,
I sepiet
Bole Importer and Proprietor, .i
-! IN
' COVE '' mfmM
m) Spiced dyiten.'
IM. INQ DAILY, by tb. Adanii tisreas, At ALT
BY'B world-ranowaed Baltimore
Freih Can, Keg and Shell Oyiteri.
rreob. Hermetlcallr-sealed STS, BPICBD a
PlOK-ksWOlTsTSBB. - - - ' .
Bsfot, U West rutn-etreef i

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