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" FOUND," Ao., in this column, occupying Ave lint
or leu, two Insertions, twenty-five eente.
twslve rears old, hark brown hair, gray ayes, nigh
forehead, niedlum-itsed I drts-ed In KemmkF jeans
subject to fits i .ometlunes partially deranged. 8u
posed to be eutnswbere in Covlnstou, Ky. When
last heard from he was at ihs Madison liousn, Gov
lugtoo, Ky., In tha capacity of bsli-bov. tit left
there about three week ago, and has not been heard
from since. Any person notifying me of his where,
abouts, either by letter through lh Ne Vpor"?
olitce, or raM-fonslly at Messri. B. W. A 0 W. Sob.
one Feed-mills, corner of Monmonth and Jefier.
on.treet., Newport. Ky.. .hall b. Illwally reward
ed fur their twiihle, de2b DAHEU POPPING.
wn ,K4,EBT.T" of CountV Oalway, Parish of
Klloonly, Clanmllon, and BrtH.QB CORLISS,
from Bhndmll. A irlend of theirs would like to
ZtltrJ?n lhm- .Th? n ""a her r oalllne: at
No. 204 West Fonrth-itreot, . deib
WANTED A young man, aged twenty,
ty-flje, wiehei a situation at OLKRK, either
in h store, law omce or on a s'eamDoat. would
niHke hlmeolf generally useful. No objection to go
couth. Boom No. 37, beunlson Homo. dozb
able colored man and wife, in a boarding
house man to attend in diulug-room. the woman to
conk. Good refureuoes glren. Address VIKOIN IA,
tnle office. de2b
ILY HORSE, at Bait End Livery gtible,
Sycamore-street, batwesu Third and Fourth. d2b
ale atore, by a young man of good business
habits. Ileit reference gireu. Address li. M S I'B
PIUNSON, Postufllco, d2b
a (ingle gentleman. Aidless,
stating price (including ore of room) and location,
Poeiufllce Box 2,472. deiib'
WANTED In a, Carriage-shop in Ten
nessee, a Blacksmith, Wagon-maker, Job
ber, Carv.r, Painter aul Plater, 1) acknulih Helper
and Ulnlsher. Apply lmmeiiiiitoly to ilUNTh.lt,
KDMKsTON A Co., 1M Main-slrwst, de2b
and IMisBes' rogg.'d Shots. Jio. 230 Walnut
itreet, up stairs. de3b
WANTED AGENTS and other aotive
young men to sell one of Ibe best articles
ever offered to the public. Agents are making V$
per cay. Hall at I2S Walnut-street. Room 1. de2li
woman, to do plain sewing, or as Chamber
maid. Beferencei given. Address JBAUV, at this
ollioo. delb
7'ANTED BOARDING- For one or two
w young men, in a house where there are few
or no boarders. Terms to be moderate and location
within fifteen minutes' walk of tiie Postnflice. Ad
dress Immediately, stating terms, ao.,0. W. D., Box
2,8j3, PostofHco. del b
man, who has bran several ynara in the re
tail grocery trade; writea a fair hand aud bus a
knowledge of accuutits. Address GllOCLUV, office
of the fount i'reat. delb
store Mo. 1110 West Fourth street, opposite
the Postofflce. Luo30-b) JA8. RUitiAKbSON.
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, vales
men, bur-keepers, porters, ooopers, carpen
ters, mojl'aiilc, laborers aud others, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks ltuulmry Ultloe, I
Waluut-street. ds2b li ALE (JL.
have for sale a Confectionary Siand ; also suit
able for a Grocery, now doing a good business. Will
bs sold cheap for cash. Apply at Ho. 16 Western
row, betaeen Front and Witter. delb
at flfl-Tlio nimufacturers' price is $2i. They
are new and In perfect order, ('all soon at J. H.
FK9SBNDUN A (M.'S, No. HI West Third-street,
and secure a good ma nine cheap. , delb
IjlOR SALE A SALOON A first olass Sa
loon, with lease of fire years, now doing a
good business. Tha inbsorllier Is about retlfloK
fiom the buslnsaa, and tlierefnre offers the estab
lishment for sale. Address SALOON, at this office.
FHONT ROOM, with gs and closet, at No.7
Osorge-sireot, comer of Plum. de2l
OR RENT ROOMS Suitable for tail-
road, laer or Insurance offlnes. on eeriind and
ihird tloors, lu fonr-etory bulldlDg opposlln the
'imsOffioe. The building husii cen newly re-pnlnteU
and re papered. All in goodoider. Apply at the
i-ress umce. no 1 9
TOARDING-A gentleman and his -nil
" or twu aliisrleffenliemen. onn ba aooommndatfMl
with a pleasant furul-bod room i.nd board, at No. 73
uKuilfu-siieei. aeiu
1" 0ST-CANE-0n Monday afternoon, 21st,
-si oh Park-street, a silver-mounted Cano, en-
uruvea m. urHiiem a reuoui me first riesoy
lerian Church, Pittsburg." Any one finding the
BHtuo, and reluming It tj the Commercial Ulbco. will
receive tne inanFR oi ine owner. (te)D'
that Llnnte ft Bradbury's ami
A. 11. Uala ft (Jo., of Now York, and
U'm Kn.ha Jr I-a D..I,
J'iunos, cso be found only Ht72 West if
JVonrlh.airef.t. I Rtn ntlnrinir crrHHt. f
Indiionnieuia for citeh, or v ill rent, and let the rent
pay for the Piano, at VI West Fomth-strcot.
, . C. M. MUBOH.
The largest stock of Mclodoons ln lliecity. uo30
M A 811 1 Remember that
ilazleton Brothers, Karen, B.icon
Co., Uullet, Davis ft Co , and Pe'era,
UrlgKS ft Oo.'s Pianos cannot be
found tn Clrioinnatl except at No. 66
West Foiirlh-atreot. 1 will sell fur rash, as low as
auy one asst or west, or wlil rent, and let the rent
pay for the Piano, at r.6 West Fourth-atrret.
J. Clll'ItlJIf, Jr.,
uo.'H Depot for Jleloleons and Unroiouianis.
A oolleotloo of Marches. Waltzos. Tnlkas.
Dchottlschps, Onadrillns, Redoaas, Ovutra Dances,
Ao. A Superb vrilnmo of Popular Music. Arranged
fur the PUno-fiirto rriceSloO. Incloihjj. (Jopios
sent by mall. Published by J. Oil (J HUH, J a.,
uulsif ga West ('uiirtb-stroet.
SHEARS ft CO., Hnles-rooms Nos. 57 aud M
Main-street. Groceries, c, at Anrtlon. We will
s-ll, on SAT UK DA V M0IIN1N'), December 3, at 9
o'clock, a general assmtment of Groceries, Ao , r.un
slstlngof 2A0 kegs Nsils, 60 do. Hod, l,m bundles
C. St. aud D. C Paper, Ml doten Wsnhboards, 160 do.
Buckets, Ml boxes Caudles, Ml do, (iermau Soup, 25
do. Palm Soap, 20 do Fancy Soup, Ml brls. Smoking
Tobacco, 74 colls Manilla (Jordrge, loo boxes Virginia
ALSO-Bope, Indigo, Nutmegs, Ground Spices,
Glassware, Tubs, Twlue. fto.
dea 0. HRA-SllKARSt 00., Anctloneers.
gales-room No. 3A Main-street. Closing
sale of the eulire stock of Boots, Shoes, Groceries,
Liquois, Clears, 4c , i f th latu firm of U.S. Mllea
ft i Jo., at Auciion, without any reserve, for rash,. 1
will s-ll on FRIDAY MORMNO. Ueoember i, at
(i o'c
'ciock, to close all consignments, 120 boxes Vir-
ginia and Kentucky Tobacco, 160 barrels Smoking
Tobacco, lihull cbeswy. 11. Tea, l.tuiats JavaOolfee,
40 boxes German Soap, 6 barrels Bourbon Wltlaky, )
Iik Cotton Yarn, .HHI boxes Gruiind Spices, 16 boxes
Htar Candles, tt boxes Pearl Starch. 20 boxes Pepper,
2'i kess 6. ".Soda, 10 keg Nnlls, 6 quarter rusks
Brandy, 2o boxes old Hiundy, 20 boxes S. e", Indigo,
A LSI '27 earns Blon's and Hoy's Kip and CMf
Boots and Uiogane, 1(0 bundles Straw and Bag
W rapplug Paiwr, so barrels Old.r Vlnogar, ill boxes
Q'inrt aud l'iut llasks, 30 boxes Gobluts, 2 boxes
ALm) Without any reservs, 2 large superior new
Iron Safes. ScT fcalo poinive.
tia If. S MTTjKS, gnrtinneef.
Sixth-it., bet. Walnut and Vine.
have the honor to lufurm their friends and the
publlo generally that they bare fitted up, at greet
axpon.e, In the most ehgunt manner, the above
mtablisuicnt alter the Kuw York aud London style,
being entirely now, and ttio first of the kind evor
attempted West of the Mountains. Will open on
BATUIMIAf, Deo. 3 Musical Kulrees every Tues
day. Thursday and Hnlitiday evenings. Chair takvn
by Mr. Crawlurd at 3 im.Iih K preclwlr. n"2P
now on hand a full assortment of Pre' roves. Jellies,
Frosh Fruits aud Vegetables, English Pickles and
fauces and other forois-n dolicacies. Also, An Wines,
Brandies, Irish and Scotch W uisky, Jamaica Hum,
Also, Ilavana Ugari of Ihscholochtdeecrlntioa.
Forsale by ,: , JOHN BATKB,
noil national Theate lilng, Syoauort-it, .
T H E "PRTlj S R
WaHTiD. A small boy, ten or twelve years
or age, to "fly sheets" for a press. , Apply at
this office, to day, between the hours of 1 and
3 P. M.
Ths Absa-s Exfbisb. We are daily placed
under obligations to the Adams Express Com
pany for files of Eastern papers In advanos of
the mail. Such favors are appreciated.
' Polios CooaTJudge Lowe disposed of
twenty-five oases yesterday morning, none of
whioh were of sufficient importance to entitle
them a place in oar columns.
Ogdx 4 Sf. These well-known mer
chant tailors, at No. 32 West Fourth-street,
are id rcooiptof a superb stock of business and
Overcoats. See advertisement.
Bivalvks. For fresh Baltimore oysters eo
to Jtobert Orr, No. U West Fifth-street.
Thoso of our citizens who have tried them
pronounce them excellent. Do not forget this,
and when in want of oysters go to Orr's.
Assessing Ordinances Ordinances assess
ing a speoial tax on the real estate on Plum
atreet, from Fifth to Sixth, aud Elm from
Seventh to Eighth-streets, for paving, were
passed Wednesday eight. -
I Dsuakd. The rainy weather yesterday
caused the water proof boots, mads by J. H.
Deters, to be in great demand. Persons are
determined to have dry feet, feeling that per
fect health demands it. Leave your ordors at
No. 83 West Fourth-street,
A temperance leoture will be delivered this
evening at the Molodoon rial, by Mr. 8. M.
lien lite. Mr. II. has attained considerable
reputation as an apostle of temperance, and
will doubtless both instruct and amuse his au
MsTKoioLoeiOiL Obbirvatioks For the
Pmny P,,, by Henry Ware, Optioian, No. 7
West Fourth-street, December 1.
O'clock. Baromoter. Thermometer
,JA,M M w
" . M
r. W ga.so m
A Libsbai, Bakksu. A Third-street ban
ker recently attended ohuroh, it Is said, and
when the oontribuliuu box was passed, dropped
in half a dollar and took out four ditnos. lie
has become so inoculated with the ten percent,
system, perhaps, that there is no room left in
his hoart for generosity.
Sundat School Cklsbhation at Sedams
vills. The now School-house at Sedamsville,
in Stom Township, will be opened on Sunday
afternoon, Deosmber 24, at half past two
o'clock, by a unioAtneeting of the Sunday
Schools of the Toa-Zahip. Addresses will be
delivered by Judge Storer, H. Thane Miller
and others. The publlo are invited to attend.
Tbbei or Calamk'b Landscapes in this
City. Mr, E. W, Wheelocls informs us that
a paragraph in our colums, stating that there
are some of Calame's landscapes in the
country, is incorrect; that there are at least
three of that artist's original pictures in this
oity. We are glad to hear this, and would
like much to see them.
a man named DanielJames, located on Mound
street, near Eighth, was feloniously entered
night before last, bat the burglars were fright
ened from their purpose before tbey had suc
ceeded in obtaining any booty. Their noise
aroused the inmates, who gave chase, but the
scoucareis naany made their escape.
Amount or Fines Collictid at thb Polio
Court, The following, taken from the books
in the office of ths Polios Court shows
the amount of fines and oosts collected at that
institution durmg tbe pant month i
City t'es..,...,..,m... ....t9W M
Ditraifj ivsMtrsi ..!.... i s. ,.,..... SKI '4i
Total $1,220 60
Kiiicierbookrr. The popular Knicltr
backer Magatint for December, filled with in
viting reading, is before ns. It, tostether with
Hnrpet't Weekly, Frank leelie'i Jllutlrated
Ktmpaper, Banner oLight,mi Btrter'e Spirit,
can be had at Pease 4 Co. 'a, Slxih-street, east
of Walnut-street. Also, "The Life, Trial and
Conviotion of 0apt. John Brown," containing
a full account of the insurrection at Harper's
z? : . t- . i in . . i 1
f vrry, wiiu several illustrations.
As? Umbrella Hbeo. An overgallant youth,
of large impulses and small inoome, attributes
his frequent llnanoial embarrassments to the
vajt amount of umbrellas be purchases and
gives away to young ladles oo rainy days. Be
passes most of his time during inclement
weather on Fourth-street, where he has a
room, distributing umbrellas to divinities
overcome by bis kindness and a shower. He
might well be termed a rain-bean, if he were
not an umbrella hero.
PtiooFsnmos or County Couuissioners.
At the regular sesston of the County Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, orders were
passed amounting to an aggrogate of $418 90,
of which $335 (0 were paid to George D.
Winobell Jc Co., for pumping machine for
Southwestern Lnnatio Asylum, Tbey also
passed a resolution to the effeot that the filling
on the Roll Road Bridge over the west fork of
MiuoreeK nas Doe a done to their entire satu
Caution to Btbekt Railroad Passinoebs.
A young lady quite delicate and refined in her
appearanoe, residing on Seventh-street near
Mound, despite the caution of the oondnotor
aud without aocepting his assistance, which
was gallantly proffered, yestorday morning In
siatod on stepping from one of the oars of tbe
Cincinnati Street Railroad Company, while it
was still in motion. Her rashness oansed her
to be thrown violently to the ground direotly
under the wheels of a wood-wagon which hap
pened to be passing at the time, and, hut for
the timely assistance she received, would un
doubtedly have crushed her to death. Her
injuries are very slight, but the eircumstance
will serve as a caution, hereafter, we hope, to
all ladies, not to leave a oar until it has eeased
to move.
Arrest or ths Swindles Marshall. Geo.
Marshall, the individual who was noticed in
the issue of this paper as having swindled
Duhme t Co. out of watches and jewelry to
the amount of H7i, was arrested yesterday
in Columbus and brought to this city, lie
will make bis appearanoe this morning before
Judge Lowe, and probably attempt a defense
of his condnct
Since the above. was in type we have learned
that Marshtll was brought to the city yester
day morning, examined before Justice Mar
chant and committed in default of ball to the
amount of $1,500. All the property has been
reoovered, and now the adroit swindler is
about to be compelled to pay for goods he
nover was permitted to use.
Tbe Villaou or Riadiko to bs Eulasoso.
The County Commissioners received a peti
tion this morning from a number of persons
who reside la the neighborhood of the village
of ReadiDg, praying that the following de
scribed property might be made a part of that
towns Commencing at the touth-west corner
of said corporation line, er at the Lookland
Bridge, ever M illoreekj thence south with the
meandering of Mlllcrcek to the ouarter sec
tion line; thence east along said line to the
section line of section twenty-three; thenoe
north along said section line to- the east cor
ner of said corporation line; thence west along
said corporation line to the place of begin
ning. . Said doscribed boundary lines iocludo
all of James H. Oliver's second addition to
Lockland and Boading. ' r
Tbe netition bus been signed bv a matnvlfv
of tha residents of the territory they desire to
have annexed to the village, and it is quite
likely the County Commissioners will grant
theirprayir, ,,.;,..,.
Democratic Conventions Yesterday—Selection
of Delegates to the Charleston
Convention—Delegates Instructed to
Vote for Douglas.
The Demooratio Convention, In tha First
Congressional Distriet, met yes terdaymornlng,
at tt appointed hour, at the rooms of the
louog oien s national Demooralio Associa
tion, in the Court-house building. After the
umuog nan oeen caned to order Dr. Black
was ealled to the ehair, and Mai. Joseph W.
Burke appointed Beoretary.
Upon motion, it was then resolved to ap
point a committee of one from each Ward
on permanent organisation, rules and reg
ulations and credentials. The Committee was
made to consist of the following persons :
First Ward, James Fitxgerald) Seoond, John
D. MoDonald; Third, John B. Kranth; Fourth,
Johnston; Fifth, S. B. W. MoLean; Ninth,
II. L. Eatenkamp; Tenth, W. H. Oehlman:
Eleventh, Frank Linok; Thirteenth, Pierce
German; Seventh, Jeremiah Hall.
Miloreek TowDshlp, 8. E. P., Alex. Johnson;
Miloreek, N. K P., Jeremiah Musser; Spenoer,
Dr. Elston; Columbia, E. P., Dr. Black; Colum
bia, W. P., Judge Markland; Anderson, N.
P., Michael D. Bolt; Anderson, S. P., H. 0.
Nicholson; Syrnraes, J. o. Chapman. Syria
more, E. P., John Sohenck; Syoamore, W. P.,
J. L, Voorhees.
A recess was then taken and the Committee
passed out, but soon after retnrned with ths
tolloffing report, which was adopted:
tauten! -Col. Frank Llnok.
Ktce-Vs(ents Dr. Blsok, of Columbia, E.
P.; Judge Markland, of Columbia, W. P.; D.
J. Tuohy, of the Thirteenth Ward; H. L.
ICatenkamp, of the Ninth Ward.
Secretariat Alexander Johnston, of Mlll
crtek, S. E. P ; Major Joseph W. Burke, ef
tbe Fourth Ward; John Sohenok, of Syo
amore, E. P.
Tbe credentials of the delegates wore re
ported all correct.
The oommitteo also reported the following
resolutions, which, after some disoussion,
wero disposed of as follows:
lietolned, That the delegates to represont
tbe First Congressional District in tbe Charles
ton Convention shall pledge themselves to
support, the Hon. Stephen A. Douglas as the
Srsl and last choice of the Democracy of
Hamilton County for President of the Uuited
Slates, and also that they will work honestly
and faithfully, using all honorable means to
secure his nomination. Passed by a vote of
M to . '
Xenohed, That the Convention elect one
delegate at a time. Passed.
Iiiialoed, That this committee recommend to
the Convention that one delegate be elected
from tbe city and one from the county. Laid
npon the table.
Retained, That the votes bo given viva voce
by Wards and Townships, and that a ma
jority of all the votes In the Convention shall
be necessary to a oholce. Passed.
Enolvtd, That tbe lowest candidate on each
suooessive ballot be dropped. Rejeoted.
Jteeolved, That the ordinary rules governing
Democratic Conventions shall govern this
body. Pasted.
On motion of Mr. John Schenok, it was re
solved that the candidates be brought before
tbe Convention, and pledged to obey its instructions.
The Convention then proceeded to nomi
nate candidates for dolegates to the Charleston
Convention, with the following result :
Henry t". Bowman, of Columbia......... si
Charles Bulc, of ths First vVard...,-.,..,-. ...,4t
Henry Debolt, of Anderson .... .,....... V
Joseph J. Dobmeyer, of the Tenth Wsrd........
Henry P. Bowman, of Columbia, and
Charles Rule, of tbe First Ward of this oity,
were then declared the delegates elect, and the
Convention adjourned.
The Democratic Convention to select dele
gates to the Charleston Convention met in the
Second District, at Beckensteln's Garden, at
half-past ten o'clock, yesterday morning.
Tbe meeting was organised by calling J.
Noble, of the Sixth Ward, to the Chair, and
eleoting Patriok Cleary, of the Fifteenth
Ward, Secretary, and Charles Jacobs, of the
Sixteenth Ward, assistant Beoretary.
After a call of the delegates tbey were al
lowed to fill any vaoancies there might he In
the delegations, and Mr. Robb moved that the
organization be declared permanent, which,
after some discussion, was passed unani
mously. Mr. Jones, of the Seventh Ward, offered tbe
Retolvtd, That this Convention will not tol
erate the nomination of any candidate who
will not vote for Stephen A, Douglas for the
Presidency, from first to last.
This resolution exolted a long disoussion,
but was finally passed by an almost unani
mous vote.
Upon motion of Mr. Peters, the Convention
proceeded to nominate persons to represent the
Seoond District in the Charleston Convention,
with the following result. Tbe candidates
csme forward, as is tbe custom of Democratic
candidates, and pledged themselves to vote ao
oording to the iostruotions of the Convention.
The result of the ballotting was as follows:
, 1st. li. id. 4th.
George natch ........, 18 18 15 oil
WeeleyM Cameron mm.. 30 . 81 40 00
William T. forest 38 U 81 41
John SchlfT..... .......... 17 18 IS 2
Bart. Smith ... 34 23 SO 21
Melancthon W.Oliver 18 la 9 m
Johu Bennett..........,............. 9 7 - 00 00
From the above exhibit It will be seen that
Wesley M. Cameron was nominated upon the
third, and William T. Forest upon the fourth
ballot, and after they had been declared duly
elected, the Convention adjourned.
Number or Fires Dosimo ths Past Mouth.
During the past month there were eight fires,
none of whioh, however, were particularly
dasttuotive. Through the courtesy of tbe per
sons oonnected with the office of the Chief
Engineer of the Fire Department, Mr. Enoch
Megrue, we give tbe following list, with the
loss that attended eaoh fire:
November 6 Frame'house on Western-row,
near Everett-street. Loss $200.
8th Alarm oaused by burning of a ohimney
on the corner of Fifth aud McAllister-street.
11th On board the steamboat Moderator.
Loss $100.
14th Frame house on John-street, between
Third and Fourth. Loss $200.
Oo the same day a frame house was burnt
in the Feveoteenth Ward, on Front-street.
Loss $400.
18ih Three-story briok dwelling; on the
corner of Vine-itreet and Third-alley, near the
Hamilton Koad. Loss $1,000.
23 J Coal oil faotory on theoorner of Third-
street and the Miami Canal. Loss $700.
26th faw-mill in the Seventeenth Ward.
belonging to Mr. Charles Vance. Loss $8,000.
Zstu Fire oaused by a disarrangement of tbe
gas-fixtures in a house on Ninth-street,
between Vine and Kaoe.
Saxairr's Sales. The Sheriff's sales of real
estate yesterday morning were not largely at
tended, and the bidding was not very anima
ted, ibe following pieces were sold:
Lot No. 2, in Barr, Lewis and Graham's
sub-division, containing two and a half acres,
fifty feet front, valued at $12 per foot, sold to
Hugh JUol train lor fa per loot.
Trsot of land in 8torr's Township, being
fart of Seotlon 84 and 35, Fractional range No.
, containing 11 87-100 aeres.valaed at $6,000,
sold to David Sedam for $4,000. .
Tract of land in Fulton Township, now
Cincinnati, beginning at the south-west cor
ner of Wooster Turnpike and Railroad-street,
239 feet 9 ioohes in front, valued at $6,206,
sold to John W. Herron for $4,137 34.
Ansiversabt or the Ladies' Home Mis
sionary Society. The Ladies' Home Mis
sionary Society, connected with tha Methodist
Church of this city, will hold their anniversary
meeting at Morris Ubapel on tbe 8th Inst. Ine
exercises, whioh will consist of addresses,
singing, ka. will doubtless be quite interest
ing to an wno tympainise witu tne Booiety in
the labo-t -in which it has been so successfully
ns4' '' , i
Homicide of an Ironton Merchant—Arrest
of the Perpetrator in this City.
A short time go a disBoktion took place of
mo uriu vi Aietii DiuipsoD, Iiierohntils doing
bminess in a village near Ironton, iu tbia
bums, who tne unaeraianding that Hie busi
Beit of the firm should be nlnsci un hi- m.
Neal, who. we believe, was tn nmiiimia It aW
the place previoutljr occupied by hlmielf and
At the time of the diieolution, howevor,
fir. Simpson had In hit possession lot oi
notes due the Arm with whiob, ai he said, he
intended to pay off soma of Its debts. This
was nardly in conionaoe with the terms npon
whioh the parties had asperated, and gave rise
to some hard feelings on the part of Neal, and
finally to a quarrel, which resulted in blows
ana aeatn.
About three weeks ago the parties met, and
being overcome by anger, Neal assaulted
Simpson with hit oane and beat him quite
severely. Fearing, from the condition in
which be left the wounded man, that his re
covery was a matter of doubt, he fled, and yes
terday United States Deputy Marshall Man
son received a telegram to the effeot that S.
was dead, and stating that it was quite proba
ble N. would soon arrive in this city, as the
La wren 08 County authorities had gome reason
to believe this was his destination.
An officer was accordingly stationed at the
railroad depot, and on the arrival of Neal,
arrested and committed him to the Hammond-street
Station-house. He will probably
b taken before Judge Lowe tbia morning,
remanded into the custody of the Lawreuco
County offioors, and token to Ironton for a
final examination and trial.
Past Month. The follow! us- la ft Alansifl mlfan
of tho arrests made by the (Jity Tolice during
m, wvutu vi A'uveiuoer, aoov:.
Attempt to coniuilt rapt !"',","""! i
Fugitives fium juet'ce .'....!!"!"! V
Heliiug llnuor ou Sunday !".."" i
aiiu lerv
r .'I Sc 1 J
l'H.t (lrliu
Iteceiviog stoleu good',
Cutting wilb intent to w. uuU.
Dumping dirt iu the street
A.sauit with Intent to hill
.Handing ou tbe corners
8-lliiig ub.rene hooks
.nabbing with intent to kill.....
Desei ter .,
Murder .,.,....
"m plus ,1
Violating road ordinance
UoucealeU weapons
obstructing street
Vagrancy ,
Grand larceny
I etit larceny
Peddling without llcues....
..... c
..... 4
Passing conaiorlelt nionoy
nuii.iug muni),,,,..,,,., t i
I ruelty toauluiala
ui.ui.. .... u .. .. " '
m-r.,,.u..iiuuiiuu ui property -
Resisting officers .... w,
Assault and buttery i.
Committing niiiauce. ,4
Heckless driving lJ
Leavina hurM,.ii.lili,.,Ad .
Aidiuii prieouaie loniuipv!
1 . I
... 11
... I
... 1
... S
... 1
... I
... t
miu.iuS person
Attempting to stab ,
(louteuipt of Court,,...,
ralte pietenses
Shooting Id street
Mebtino or thi Sondat School Usioit
ine uitetlDg of the Cincinnati Sunday School
Union at Findley Chapel, corner of Cutler
and Clinton-streets, last night, was not so
largely atteodod as oould have been desired.
This was doubtless owing partly to the distance
persons would have to go from the more popu
lous part of tbe oity, and partly to tbe stream
ing skies whioh wept great tears throughout
the entire day and evening over the death of
the beautiful Autumn that hasjmt been burled
by the sorrowful band of a coming Winter.
In spite of this, however, tbe attendance
was fair and the exeroises of more than ordi
nary interest. The subject of "Teachers'
Meetings" was discussed at length, with muoh
warmth, aud all who heard tho different ad
dresses, left the place with a higher aim and a
fuller appreciation of tho duties and respon
sibilities of those who undertake the somewhat
ardurous and, so far at least as this life is con
cerned, almost thankless task of "training np
a obild in the way it Bbould go." Few per
sons are fully aware of tho nmuunt and extent
of tho influenoo tbey wield in the capacity ot
teachers and these discussions tending as they
do to give a higher idea of its vastness,osnnot
fail to be benefiioial.
A Meteorological Fablh. The beautiful
Autumn met the young Winter, and her face
was shaded with sorrow at tbe thought they
dould be together but a moment: for when first
she saw she loved him.
A few tears she dropped, bat dried them on
tbe instant, forbearing to reveal her passion.
They gszed into each other's eyes. He
touched her forehead with bis lips, and the
lovely maiden swooned and expired in his
For a while philosophy was powerful. Ho
betrayed no emotion ; but the cloud of agony
was on his brow, and he walked the earth
alone in stately grief.
Before many hours, nature ro-assetted her
self, and he poured the stream of woe until
the heavens sympathised with his affliction,
and paid the tribute of their copious tears.
In unadulterated Gradgrindism tbe sky was
clouded when Deoember came to ns, and it
rained all day yesterday
Travel on Wood-stbeet. Now that some in
terest is felt in regard to the amount of travel
through tbe Western part of the city, some
persons, yesterday, in an attempt to gratify
their ouriosity, which Fmerson says is tho
only way by which great deeds are accotn
plished, made the dieoovery that during tho
eleven hours from 6$ A. M. to bi P. M..
1.236 horses, and 1,110 vehicles passed up and
down Wood-street, between Fourth and Fifth.
They were olassed as follows :
Ursys ........ ,
Fxpress Waon
. 7fiO
, 73
, I'O
, AI
, M
, I2'6
, 1366
Unpaid Letters. Tbe following is a list of
letters detained f r non payment of postage at
the Postofflce, in this city, December 1:
Indianapolis Railroad Company, Lawrenceburg,
Indianapolis Railroad Company, Lawrenceburg,
John Wymnnd, Lawrenceburg, Ind.
frockT Neil, Hkbmoiid. lml
Mrs. E. A. Colvllle, Homer, Champaign County,
Mrs. Katrlna Vock, St, Leon, P, O., Dearborn
County, Ind.
JonhuaSlantfold, Leesbnrg. Ohio,
Uvo. W. Hmltli, Pittsburg, Pen...
1W1. Bnrnaugh, St, Augustloe, Knox County,
B baling When a measure is passed in
dorsing aotion which needs some repair for in
formality, it is called ''healing." Whtri the
District Court decided that the Polio Court
had no City Marshal, the M i 1.1.- tippolotod
the following persons to not a- iIiolts in that
Court and in the City Pi;oo, nz: John El
lis, J. C. Wlnans, Henry Mejer, Henry Wil
son, and A. J. Scott. These officers have been
allowed their pay at $1 M per df . The ap
pointments of the !Mvir sie approved.
At bib Post An si. Mr. A. C. Parry, the
skillful Unner, who, by long set vice and atten
tion to business, has won for himself a habita
tion and a name, at No. 80 Vlne-atrcAt, and
who went off on a Southern trip a few months
sgo, has returned to his old stand, where bo is
prepared to do anything in his line, with tha
utmost dispatch, and in the most workmanlike
manner. Don't forget hiin. - -
Petty Lascr.iv on Finn btrket. OEioers
Higgles and Pendery, yesterday, nrrested two
men, .namsd Fteilencli , and William
Spelling, and committed tbeiu to the Ninth
street Station-house, for stealing a bolt of mus
lin from Jacob Gottleib, No. 214 Fifth-rtreet.
They will appear this morning and answer tbe
charge before Judge Lowe. , (.
Y. M. L. Lectures—Senator Henry
S. Foote on the "Patriot President."
The fourth lecture of the ooarse before the
Library Association, was delivered last even
ing by Senator Henry 8. Foote.on the "Patriot
President." The weather wsg saloidal, the
fain falling iu torrents, and consequently
ii j 4 Nixon's Hull was not mora than hair
filled, but by an au. hence highly cultivated in
The Ex Senator and former Oovernor of
Mississippi, is a small, quite venerable-looking
gentleman, with white hair and whiskers,
indicating more years than he has seen, and
apparently of a nervous organisation, with
something antic In his semblance and manner,
lie has an earnest and impassioned style of
dellvery,whloh,though not oratorical aorgraoe
fnl, would be apt to oonvince his bearers of his
sincerity. , .
The lecturer spoke of Washington as the
'Tatriot President," one who, unbiased by
party feeling or political consideration, ac
cepted tbe high office from a sense of duty
aud from a pure and perfeot love of country,
lie was tbe choice of the people, and their
hearts appioved their election. He had
learned their requirements, and compre
hended their sentiments, and with no other
ihougbt than to insure their prosperity and
happiness, had he consented to ajwuma th.
responsibilities of his exalted Dosition.
Alael that there were so few In theaa 1aat
years who emulated and imitated Washidg-
uipic, wuo practically remembered
m precepts, and sought to fullow in hi font.
steps! '
ow-a-dsys party ruled everything, and
uiea claimed oteditand honor, not for patriot
ism, but for fidelity fo tbe principles and teach
ings of their party. Tbey regarded sectional
interests and sectional feelings, seeming to for
get tbey were bound iu duty and in honor to
-j aauiintster nruirs tbat tbey would redound
to tbe general good.
The pretent time and temper of the people
ere deplorable. 11 j J thoy forgotten they
sad fought side by tide, at,d gamed thoir hb
srtie together? Had they forgutten thebltss
'Ug of tho heritage and tbe deep trust aisigued
'hetut Had they ocauod to reujvwber theglory
if tbe ptiet, aud begun to four tbe shadow of
the future?
As lor tbe lecturer, bo would rather be a
private patriot thou a succeselul partisan, and
oelieved the man who did not feel so was
lucking iu the eisenliul elements of a truoRe
publiuan. Tbe Ex Senator had ftitli in national men
ind none others. Whatever tho genius, the
wisdom, the learning, the sincerity, the pop
ularity of a man not strictly national, the lec
turer could not favor the placing of such an
one in otfice. We all had a duty, a sacred
duty to perform, and it was never more in
cumbent upon us than now to discbarge that
duty feely, lailhlully and fearlessly.
There was little new or original in the Ex
Senator's disoourse, but the matter was worthy
of rtfleotiou and all commendation; and coming
trom vue who bas gained the reputution of a
sinoere, though sometimes erring statesman,
it was listened to with attention, approval and
S. Foote on the "Patriot President." AMUSEMENTS.
Pike's Opera-house. The drenry, dark and
drilling aeatbar oHe-toiday had its effect upon the
amusement-seekers and con II nod thorn ti. their rooms.
desvlts tbe numerous atlra- lions offered them. The
and lend at the Uoera.hou-e was excellent iu quality,
Out ijulle small, aud the programme passed off ad
mirably. This evening Mierldan Knowles's comedy of The
Lota Chase will bo presented, with au admirable
cast, together with The lwi ttiziaatiu, iu which
dilie Proctor, wbohas already beci.me a favorite an
".sally," aud Davidge as "John Hniall." will so con
trite as losend the auJieuur, which will doubtless be
laige, away lu tbe besi of spirits.
Wood's Tusatec The magnetic power of
the sweet.voleed Carrie Kichlnxs dons not seem to
dicnlhl.li, aud as tb.s evening has been set apart for
her benefit, the popular placed amusement at which
she appears Kill, we hope, be crowded. The bill Is
an ei' e.leur one, and euibraces.tha drama LovisEDE
Lioekoi.les, tho Bunme Fish Wife and Ibe patri
otic allegory of W.shikoion, in all of which the
bduinceaie will appear.
National Theateb. Mr. J. B. Roberts,
who for nearly three weeks has been drawing fine
audiences to lbs piatlonal, to witness the magnilicent
spectacle facsT ad Maboi-ibiti, willtakealeueflt
at this establishment this evuuing, upon hic:h oc
casion lie will appear !u tbe til le rule in Sliukrnar'e
tragedy of Kicuard Third, and as "Mephistnphiles"
I'll lie last act of the drama taken from Goelhe'e
1'aust. The merit of the luineticiarie and tbe bill,
should pack "Old Drury" in every pait.
Smith 1c Nixon's Hall The popular choral
and orchestral couiblonlb n kuown as the Old litin
dred, who sppear In costumes of a century ago, give
one of ihoir unlgtie miiaieal enlei lalnmcuts this
evening nt Smith it Nixon's Hall. Tbe ilugrKi-inio
b'uh iu its vocal and instrumental parts, lias neon
admirably selected and comprises tweuty-rniir pieces
of etatoiaid, sacred and secular music. The princi
pal performers, Vllss Jenny Twltchell and Messrs. I.
C. and liudulpnu Hall, have already earned an ex
tended leputatlou, and we doubt not will full)
justify the accounts which have preceded them.
Production or Telegraph Messaoes id
C"ubt.-During the progress of a casesn'-milttd to
Judxe Htorer-K Holden A Co. vs. th.. Adams Ix
press Company aquestion arose as -u tie right ot
couusel to require the production of a telegraph dls
patch sent by one of the parties from Cincinnati to
St Louis.
A suopona, followed by a rule to show their cause,
was issued for Mr. (J. Davenport, ageut of the I nion
Telegraph Company, an on this geutleman, in obe
tlienco to the ruie, u.akinghis eppearatice in pr pria
p-raoua. and by his counsel, K. M. Corwme, he re.
tused to deliver up tho orlgiual massage, exvout on
the reiiuest of the party who leti It.
Judge Bcirer lie I -i ilintnoindivldiialorcorporatinn
whs nt pioleoteii hyatty rule of law iu withholding
a written or other communication when called fur lu
u Court of,lut ice - this was the case incoiirt-martialB
and gr 'iid juries the only exception being where n
dying man made a disclosure toa priest or whors the
latter eh oild receive such iu tho course of his reli
gious duties The paper wa, then ordered tube placed
ou tile by IheCvorc.
Mr. 1 or-Ine said that Mr. D , Ten port, in view of
tho inflexible ruleiuf the Company, decliued to sur
roiidi-r the message.
The Court then intimated that the Sheriff woufd
have to tikis charge of Mr Davenport.
This extreme curse, however, was rendered un
mceesary by thepirty interested in tne oodrmualca
tio" Co .sontiiig that it shutilii be produced,
The message was tbeu handed in.
Cbiuinax Side The following: Jurors were
sworn in thecase of the State against James Burns
for murder In tin- fl at degree: 'Ih'mias Dungan,
olTili.o Township ; Oliver Matson, do.; Kolii. I.ir
ingsion, ln., Henri G.wch, Ci y; tv. lluniel, Mill
era-k Towshlp; A W. Ann-trong, Ortwii Township:
.1. P. Uadgeley, M llcreek Tuwu-htp: G. W. Holler,
do : W T Holier, do; Jos. Slasson.Gnen Township;
ft' T. BlcCnmns, City; Titos. I'atil, do.
Tiie wituesjes produced uu the former trial were
then called .
Tag Ohio I.ips Issokakus and Trust Com
pany Assets. -In response to a rltati m from this
C"U t, J. P Kilbraitn, Trusiee, riled an answer and
exhibits. The Court made an order that he should
give liourt within ten dayein ihomm of $10. ;,0tm; and
that he should within thirty data Ale lu I he Court an
iiiveuinry iu detail of all the property an l assaiaot
f ild company, hicli have come to his posses-Ion, to-
f;-ther Willi ascboduleof tiie creditois whose clatui
lave been allowed. Al.i, tbat he file au account of
ibe property and e flee is Unit came into thep-'Si-es-siou
of Ste-non and othera. former 'trustees, giving
the amount and naoies of ihe parties that had eoitled
with the Company, aud also of their receipts and ex
pxuditure, from the commencement of the original
Citt CotrwoiL Repairs -amounting to $10
were author lit) I at tbe foot of Miinmouth-street.
The Committee on Internal Improvements asked
an appropriation i-f 1 10 OS, to p iy for the grading of
.-tonth,mte-jiret, in front of Ihe Episcopal Chn cli,
which they (the Oomnilitea) had ordered to be doue,
wlihont authority from tho Council.
This gave rise to an animated d Tensilon In whbh
tbe Committee received a desperata castiaation at
the I'BUdsof Mr. Alleu,who is ever vigilant iu guard
ing the treasury, and opposing any appropriation
tbsrefr. m, though H be but ten cents lore loaf of
bisad to relievo au invalid pauper. "-
Circuit Cnrar at Alexshdru. The Cir
cuit Court at Alexandria is progressing Slowly with
itsbnslnets. No trials of teneral iiiiuresi have et
rahen Diace. Thacasesof Jndse Skillbnrk anil nf.r.
shall $ one, of J ame' ton, and of Murphy, the tmrglar,
Police Matters. Owing to the protracted
abeenco of the Mayor, no Police Court has beta held
in mis cny tor nearly two weeas.
Arrested. Cbarles Wrote, whose sharp trans
actions as a flour dealer ws noticed some time ago,
was arrested a day or two since in St. Louts, and will
Lo returned to this city by the authorities of that
place. , .
Steamboat Register.
ARRiviLs-VostoBR, Portsmouth; Clara Poe, PI its
burs; Melrose, Maysville; Prioress, .Madison; De
fender, Mew Orleans; Hecotah, esw Orle a; Supe
rior, Louisville; Courier, Wheeling; Duulelth.Ss
TlIU; Virginia llome, Neville.
Departures.- Bostons,' Portsmouth; Melrose, -M
iysrille; Ohio No. , Marietta; Huperior, Louis
ville; Prioress, Madison: Ulendale, Memphis; Ts
enmsah, New Orleansi Clara Poe, Nashville; Dun
With, KevlUe; Virginia Home, Kevilte,,, , . .
City Coueoil. The Committee on Wavs and
riP "Porte In favor of submitting to tha voters
01 tne city a proposition to Increase tbe taaes of lb
city rorty cents on the one hundred dollars of taxable
property, for four . . h
Laid over tor on. week. .
T srfTtn,blAl',?ef,,.ed ordinance granting to
J. H. Skiff, O. W. U. Johnson, T. J. I'eurs, Marion
rltlZ'i? f,hr.or '"norlintbeui toon-'
strurt a Street Railroad on Kront, ooott, filth and
Madison-etreets and the Lexingm'n ,,le p,'?!
lege b,ing for tweuty-floe ,-,,, a 1 . !J,
'"""of pruper o. ori-nase ths stuck of toe
road, which may be done on ,vug six months no
tice to the Compauy-th- mo'ive power used 10 be
auiuial-the Company to pay a license of tlo for each
car put upon the road, anil to have power to lay down
turn-outs and switches. The maximum price for the
cuiriage of passengers Is five cents per trip for each
one. Keforied to a select committee of flve.couslat
ingof Ueasrs. Battersby, Moore, Oauibiou.Alliiiit and
The Committee on Ways and Means were author
fzed to contract a loau with either of the banks of
Ibis city, to psy the luterest now due on the Cincin
nati and Covington brldgo bonds, and when con
tracted, to Rive llOliCB Of the bmiiim ih
cinuatl papers, toeuanlethe bond-holders to present
....r,. wm,u. i-1 luipitv. iue norititrn oauK ot
Kentucky. Adjourned,
Mysterious Disappearance. Wm. fitawart.
an old man, 80 years of age, formerly a resident of
Louisville, left his home, on tho corner of Maih and
Irriuiip-stroete. day before yesterday, at half-past
one o cluck, aud has not been seen or beard of since.
Any lnloimaiiou about him will be thaukfully re
ceived by bis relatives, who are, vf course, extremely
a armed lor his safety.
Grand Larceet. An Irishman named Pat
i'onohua was tiw.h. v. ..1 iu,i u ... - ...
7"' appearanco at the next tersa of the Clr
'""I'aaehargeofsUaliug a Holt's repeating
Declined. Charter H. Raily, nomlnaUdby
Ibe Opposition of the Fourth Waid as a candidate
tor Council, has declined. ,
Monetary and Commercial.
Tbe rate of Eastern Exchange, as had been antici
pated, was advanced yesterday to M buying, and H
prem. selling, by all the bankers; and though tho
uiaikut was steady throughout the day, there was no
li-poiltlou manifested to purchaai, tuota lhau was
required for immediate wauts.
lMirlngths packing season Uncharge rules low
and at any time w lieu blllsaie fr-ely ..ft. red and cur
rency quite close, ihe rate 111a) still tumble dim 11.
Uouual business in Third-street was aifocied I y tho
rai.i sionn yesterday, and little done in the honking
lii.irter, where Mosey, hoaever, was reported tloae
oithoiit prtssure.
INi'dianae, of consequence occurred, and Ihe com
i fxion of airalis iu Monetary circles Indicated noth
ing new lor the present.
Holders of Flour were lirui yesterday, but llie in
clement weather and the New York new . inteilurt-d
.lili transactions, and tew weie made. WU ky was
lotive und Me higher, liogs were quiet, efli-ted
-oiuewliat by the weather, anil prices slightly ea
sier, but holders would make no concession if conse
quence. The sales leached S,7MI head. Proilsluns
ure Heavy aud drooplug. Prime red Wheat advuc d
.0 per hurtiel. Other kinds of graiu were steady but
unchanged. . .
The Imports and Exports of various articles for tbe
inenty-iour uours eudlng yesterday nooowera :
IMPOHIS Flour. 2.3IA Lrla Whl.lrv I 0?j k-lu
Corn, 3,m bushel.; Wheal, 3,924 bushels; Oats, 1.3VS
Hole ; itartey , 1 ,310 onsnels; Hogs, T.Z70 head; Sugar,
lilids.; Molasses, l,2sa brie.; Coflea, 1,706 bags;
2t li
Anivea. .174 brls.: Hin.tr. Iim. r-L.a.A t kv.
Ooxes; Potatoes, 4V0 brls.; Salt, 6Vi brls.; Poili and
Djcoii, td,7o lbs.
KxroaTS - Flour, 2 brls.; Whisky, m brls ;
v In at, K.42S bush ; Barley, Mi bush.; sugar, 2
lihds.: Molasses, SI) brls ; Coffee, M.I bags: Apples.
1.4 l.ris.; Butler, 10 kegs; Cheese, 1,364 boxes; Bait,
.'-'7 brls). , . ,
We annex a comparative statement of tbe exports
(oxcltiatve of specie) from New York to foreign ports
lor the past week and stuce January 1:
tic iHiir.
For the week.. $l,233,ev8
f revlously reported,. n.Visi.ulo
$71.1,320 $I,4I8,M1
M,lit,20 IW Ml.l) g
Since January ..lm,,m, 155,716,810 JU,e50,9U
Weduesday's New York Herald observes concerning
"The Money market does not work as easily tcday
though we on uot quote an advauie iu rates. Call
loans are readily had at 4(316, SH being perhaps the
iiverage figure, As for paper, Ural-clans short accept
ances continue to go at 6 per cent, longer paper,
very prims, with two names, SH(i7. The niaiket
r.ie tor good four and six months paper Is, however,
7fa8, and tho business done is 01 tener at the latter
than tliei former figure. It is presumed that the
Imuke are pursuing a more sensible worse, aud ceas
ing to expand.
The foreign bankers are doing little or nothing tn
foreign bill.; their asking rates are still 1 10 for Bier
ling, 6.I3H for francs, but the email demand which
exists is supplied at ICwMftiou,, and 6 if&W.
l'liere are some very good mercantile bills iu the
market which can not be sold above 10VM Tbe lead
11 x drawers are free buyers of cottvu bills at tho
.inuih, notwithstanding Ibe price."
The changes In last week's Boston Bank statement
from the previous week are as follows: 1
Ospl tal stock....... ...,.......,,...3o,CSl,70
Loan, aud Llscounls.,.................,. M,2il,non
Specie 4,WS,600
Duo froniotber uuks.............. 7,7,00u
Due to other Hanks .. , 7.1M 000
0-posits 1S;SJ.MS0
Circulation. ................ ....... ... .........., , (,aoj,700
Last week's New Orleans Bank statement shows
tiie following changes from the previous week:
An Increase in specie of. .....1361, 031
Au inetease in circulatiuu ol
Au lucreaae in deposits proper of,.,.,,,..,..,.,..
An increase iu shoi t paper of, ,
ah iucreaae iu kxcliango of..M.....,...w.HM,HN
An increase lu distant balances of...,.
The v iriatlun In Long and Short Loans fur
the week is a decrease of... .,..,......
Monday's Crescent says of the statement:
The Increase In Kxchangr Is much 'ess than It
ought to be. The return ought to have exhibited an
Increase i-f fully half a million of doliar-i. Thespe
oie reserves show $lvl43e),lts agilusl (14,421,814 same
time last year. The deposit Hue shows an Increase
ol ouly (fS-U.all. dame w.-ek last year theincr. a-e
a-iieons million four hundred and eleven thousand
dollaia. Not a very flattering comparison, nd shew
ing conclusively that meie mouoy bas been (lis
linrsed, speut out of the State by traveling and other
ways tbau many piuple Lave au idea of.
FLOUR The bad weather to-day operated rather
11 11 favorable on Ihe market, and but little was dune,
iliouah holders were Unu, but the sdvlces fiom New
York made buyers pause. The ouly sale we heai d uf
a. 5isi brls. extra at fit 25.
WHISKY- A good demand and prices Ho. higher:
la'es df l,6u0 brls at 22c , luc'udiug tbat from wagon.
IliiGS The market was quiet to-day, nud prictsa
shade easier, but holders weie Arm, end generally,
nut willing to make any important concessions. The
o lea wi re:
1J head averaging 200 lbs. at $A IO
(MO head averaging 1 90 Ilia, at s UH
.li l head averaxing l lbs. at 6 1.1
.uai head averaging led Itaj. ar.............M....n.....H e 10
toll head averaging lvu Itw. ai .....,..,,.. S 15
iufl head averasins MS lbs. at s Id
lioO head aveiaging 2IM Its. at jo
Atioiil x.iaai neuu came 111 tne last twenty-tour hours.
pHOVISIOuiM The market wae dull to day, aud
prices drooping. Mess Pork was offered at f 15 50
I 7.'., on the snot, aud fin for future deliven. Without
HndiiiR boyera. Bulk Meat not saleable at,. MS
and 7440. packed. iNotnlug doue lu greeu Meats).
Small sales of Lard at loc.
UI i,-A sal? of2u brls. Linseed at Mo . at whirl, tha
muket Is rlrm
0 HOC EK 1 s'.H- Quite liberal receipts nfSngarand
Vlola.sea. Tbe last, twenty-four hours l.-on brls,
.Vlolasses and fii htids, Sugar having been received.
The sales were 2UI lilnls. bugar at 7 l(riSIio. fi r uw;
5 ?c lor choim obi; Molas-es declined 1c , ami 3l
wrls sold altoc. No cbauar In CoitVe. fnirroeipts
f bulb, Sugarand Molasee., may be expected hoiot
forward, .0 that there wlil bo no more troubtu lu
dllins oiders for them.
nUKAT -Thi market Is firm, with an active do.
mand lor prime red, and prices have advanced e. par
uioiiel. White is in good demand at fl 25:
-al. s of isi I111.I1. fair led at l IS; 700 do, pilme
wblteatSl lit; Siwdo red at f 1 IS.
CO U. s-The market continues firm, with a good
demand: sales of 7i bushels, lu bulk, al 4Sc.
OATS Tho market is firm, with a good demand,
aud light receipts; they are seillug at tSoSISo.
It Y There is a good demand, and prices are firm
at 78c.
HAilLEY The demand continues active, and
prices Arm at 75u. for prime fall: sales of 1,890 bush,
prime fall at 75o. Sales of 1,000 bmhels good Barley
1 HIE aSK The demand continues active, and prices
drm: sales of 390 buxw Western lie serve at He.; 12
do. Knslleh Dairy at lie.; 120 do, Kutniog at I3HO.
BUTTEK ihere is a fair deroaud for roll at ISA
17o for lair to prime: sales of 10 brls. prime at 17' .;
5 do. at Inc. . . - .. .
APPLES There Is a fair demand, and prices are
.it -ady at our last quotations, bales of 200 brls. fair
at2 10.
POTATOES There Is a good demsnd, and prices
have advano d 5c. per bushel: sales of 4(10 brls. prima
Pink-eve. at f I AO: 3o0do. prima Ne.hanocks at f 60.
OLOVKB SEEi Tha demand continues active at
full prices: sale, of 24, brls. at $4 71; 70 sacks at ft ti.
New Yohe AtAttsiT, Decemoer 1 P, At. Flour
opened Aim and closed heavy, and ACaiOo lower: salea
of 12 onn brls., at f5 13M 25 for superfine State:
S3 35(a.5 45 for extra Stale; f.5 15C45 So for eupernna
Western; J5 3.VW as for common to medium extra do.,
and fa 2tj5 75 for Inferior to good sbippiug brands
extra rouud-hoop Ohio closing dull and tendeooy
downwanl. Canadian Flour firmer sales of Sao brls.
at $3 7oS 50 for common to choice extra. Kys
Flour in fair request at 83 76011 to. Wheat dull,
hoavy and l7c. lower: salea of 31,100 biisfaeln. aa
(I 23l zAf rgood and prime Milwaukie Club; Si H
I .r Canada Club, It 37(31 4i for ooinnion tocholow
white Canadian .hippera are kept out of the msik. S
bv the scarcity of fielghl rooiu. R;a dull aud de
c Inlna: sales of l.UHibush. sttxtc.' Barley heavy and
lower; sales of 26,000 htiahe's, nt 7IA7-C. fur state;
78ia7ie. lor Canada, and we. torcangda West. Corn
pretty firm; sales of l.Vissi bush, al 7tgM3o. fur new.
aud KKSUo. for old. Oats lower: sales at 47$e4o. for
State, AA-eelern and Canadian. YYbiaky without
material ebanse: sales of tl.Wio brls at ziic. Tork
steady: sales of 3,r.-"i Lrla. at Sit 12 for mess; til 37
(311 "1 fur primp. "Vtal Stock 32,610 barrels; anDiu
time last month M.fsJ ba-rels; sinne time last yi sr.
30,101. Heet illi haAgei: sales of I, VII brls. a Ssf
50 for country prime;-f'KS, 50 fordo mesa; ill
ropacked mer, tin ,.'4.11 50 for extra mei. Tr)
stock il.Mt pacl;ues;s.me lime la.tnioi.ili lj.hu
fackagea Beet Hams dull and heavy at III l?.n Ml.
rime mess Beef qni t at Il7rfti0 Out Jleais nr.
obaug. d, Bacou oitlet and unchanged. Lard iiuiet
and ateady:swles of 310 brls at I'lS'n loVc. Dniler
quiet atllHISo. for sibiis and l-nysaic. foi dtatR,
Cheese steady at Sfiollc. Dreesed Hugs quiet at Oil
tfr.7e. Cotton firm with an improved feellngi sales
of 3,500 bales at llsvilHc. for Uplands.- CofW firm
at HHilfUwc. Molasses quiet but firm at Uc. Pig
Iron quiet at f JS 5onj.-6. - Fralgbts oa Cotton to Liv.
7M.H1. A : ,.i,e o.lj OW )

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