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Our Own Beloved Ohio.
A from-hand-to-mouth polio, we fear,
been, and lUll oontinnei to be, pursued by
Ohio Legislators, la eondacllDg the business
affaire of this giant State of tbe WmU Tea
polities of psrtj bss absorbed the talent and
well nigh drowned the patriotism of tbe rep
retentetiTei of tbe people. Platforms and
eauoases have engrossed the oaros of leaders,
and tbe relation the State bore and bears to a
national system of polltios baa blinded our
eyes to tbe huge Importance of village, town
ea'p, oity and county affairs. When shall we
escape from the hamper ef each shaoklei, and
go into a committee of the wbole on local mat'
tera. Let the eoming session of the Legists,
tore of Ohio be exempt from those iatermlna
ble quarrels of party. Let the business of
the State be properly referred to eommlttces,
bo duly eonsidered and determined. We want
a short session and a praotioal one. This
Btate of Ohio, with her eighty-eight eounties
of diTtr;a interests, in many eases, Is a unit
as to Us eharaoter abroad. Let State pride
induce eajh representative to adopt measures
of puhllo polioy, not by tho mere arbitrament
of a party caueus, but by hie personal sense
"f duty, and a sincere regard for the happi
ness and welfare of the whole State. Ohio is
so situated, geographioally and socially, as to
ittraot observation, and to be seriously affeeted
by misrepresentation. Of the detrimental
misrepresentations made of her people and
government, none is more unjust or injurious
than that she is an Abolition State. Ohio is
lover of the Union, and of her sister States
of the Union. She is ae ooneervative and pa
triotic as any of them. If party presses in
the Stale would oeaie to stir up ill-blood with
eaoh other, and discredit the eharaoter of the
State by malignant and senseless olamor about
Abolition, people out of the State will nothavo
any collision to complain of the fraternity or
patriotism of the bonny Buckeye State.
The Heated Flat-iron.
The great flat-iron ward it red hat. Tbe
popular sovereigns held an indignation meet
ing last night, and that, toe, in a meeting
honse the Baptist meeting-houee and then
and there was demonstrated what burning aid
blistering effects may result from overheating
the flit-iron. We have all along been ad
miring the smooth work over ruffled surface
these moderately-heated irons would do, but
we hoped never to witness one careering
along like a red hot plough-share. Oar East
Jront-stroet friends have become ardent
almost to inflammation. Bead the report
elsewhere of the resolutions and threats
offered to tear down a school-house in whieh
Is designed to be placed several Msgdalens
whom benevolent people and the city authori
ties have it of their purpose to place therein.
Some nave generously volunteered to barn
the house rather than It shall be so occupied.
Some Ossawatomle has been stirring up bad
blood among the Third Warders. Some ardent
member of the Peaee Society has been getting
the calorie up to an intemperate temperature
among tbe orderly East Front-street people.
Hudibsis has said:
" Ala1 what perils do environ
Tbe mas wbc meddles with cold Iron."
But what would HuDiaaas say if he eould have
seen the blood-red face of the Salamanders
Uet night burning their fingers with an en
raged pepper-hot Third Ward flat-iron?
Keep oool. So like South Carolina has
declare for a Southern Confederacy, or have
the Third Ward annexed to Jamestown, Ky,
Y. M. L. Association.
A renewed interest is, we hope, to be
awakened in tbe Directory of this flrst-class
institution. It has been and is the pride of
onr elty. Its rooms are a reBort for the vis
itor from abroad, and always commend Cin
cinnati as a city of tate and of enterprise.
Mnch has been done to encourage the attend
ance of youth by supplies of newspapers and
magazines. Tho very rooms and the speci
mens of art within it impress all who enter
them with a sense of reepeot for the Associa
tion. Tbe life and spirit of its future conduct
it to depend much upon the seleotlon of the
offloere and Board of Directors. Thoy must
be enterprising, prudent men. To-night a
meeting of members will be held for the pur
pose of appointing, by ballot, a committee to
nominate officers for the ensuing year. The
annual meeting comes off soon. Wo call tie
attention of those who have tbe welfare of
the Association at heart to the necessity of
adding to the attractions some new features,
or to secure a larger fund for the purchase of
books. Tbe Free Library of this city Is fur
nishing without cost the latest and best new
books, and is daily becoming a formidable
rival. Borne generous man, who has thou
sands and thousands of dollars, should do
nate a large sum to the well-established and
highly useful 7. M. M. Library Association.
Walking Too Fast—Be Kind to Your
Wtxiust Pikh's bargain with the Indians
was that, for eertaln goods, Pis might have
as mnch land as a young man eould travel
round in one day. The young Englishman
walked so fast and far as to greatly astonish
and mortify the Indians. They said, "The
walker cheated us white brother make a big
walk." Some of Phi's commissioners urged
that they should be compelled to abide the
bargain. . "Compelled I" xolalmed Pmir;
"how tan you eomptl them without blood
shed? Don't you see this looks to murder?"
Then turning with a benignant smile to the
Indians, he said, "Well, brothers, If yon have
given ns too much lsnd for the goods first
agreed en, how much more will satisfy you?"
This proposition (ratified them) the needed
amount of eloth and fish-hooks were given,
and the Indians, shaking hands with Psnk,
went away smiling. After they were gone
the Governor, looking around on his friends,
exclaimed: "0, how sweet and cheap a thing
is charity! Some of you spoke just now of
compelling these poor creatures to stiok to
their bargain; that if, In plain English, to
' hi and kill them, and all about a lUtU fUot
'of hmi. It is as vain for the North to com'
pel the South to free her slaves, or for the en
thnaiasts to compel the slaves to accept free
dons. And the South can not compel the free
tfortb by threaU or denunciation. Hasten,
lowly, both sides. Walk not too fait
The First Should be the Last.
Baowa has been the first to make an open
war against a portion of tbe Slave States, with
a view to offer the slaves wholesale oppor
tunlty to escape; for his folly and its effects
he has been hung. We hope he will be the
last to make snob attempts. There has been
an opjn-handed frankness about Old Ossawat
omle that baa made a hero of blm. His fate,
however, should discountenance a repetition of
such lunacy.
Street Railroad in Covington.
We felicitate our neighbor, the elty of Cov
ington, at the prospect of realizing the benefits
of a well-managed street railroad. A propo
sition from excellent men now awalte tbe so-
tion of their Counoil. We bespeak for it full
consideration and passage at an early day.
Classio Criticism. The Missouri Democrat
of late date, speaking of Julia Dean and the
St. Louis Theater, sayti "Even she, the pet
and favorite or tit. Louis, must be laoriaoea
at this dramatic slaughter-house." Sacrificed
at a slaughter-house, as "Folonius" says. Is
good. .Tbe writer of that sentenoe must re
gard Iphigtnia and hogs, and the anoient
farces and wooaen shambles as oloseiyand mu
tually allied.
The Execution of John Brown.
Cbiblebtowh, December 3 M. Brown
was taken from the jail about eleven o'olocK
in a furniture wagon. He conversed freely
with tho soldiers around mm. The execu
tion took place at a quarter past eleven
o'clock, lie died uppareatly very easy, ana
his body was taken down after being sus
pended thirty-live minutes. His body will
he sent to Harper e ierry at four o oiook this
afternoon, and thence will be conveyed North
this evening.
Habpsb's Fskey, December 2. Brown was
hong at a quarter past eleven o'clook. Tbe
military assembled ut nine o'clock, and were
posted on the road leading to the plaoe of
execution, and also at various points as laid
down In tbe general orders.
Everv thing was conducted under thestriot-
cat military discipline, as if the town was in
a state of siege. Mounted scouts were sta
tioned in the wood to the left of the scaffold,
nod pickot guarda stationed out toward the
Shenandoah Mountains in tne rear, ine
military on the field formed two hollow
squares; within tbe inner one was the scaf
fold, and between the inner and the outer
lines the citizens were admitted.
No one beiou allowed outside of the lines
except the mounted guards. At eleven o'olook
the prisoner was brought out of jail, accom
panied by Sheriff Campbell and assistants, and
C'apt. Avis, tie jailer. A small wagon con
taining a white pine colon was driven up,
Brown using nia Beat ou tne comn.
Six companies of Infantry and riflemen, one
company of hone, the Oeueral and his staff.
numbering twenty. nveomaers, headed tne pro
cession and moved toward tbe place of execu
tion. Be was acoompanied by no nlni'ter,he
desiring no religious eervi. es, either at thi
jail or the eoaffjld. Ha looked around on the
people with full self possession, and mounted
the scaffold with a firm step; his srms were
pinioned by the Sheriff, be then bade farewell
to Captain Avis and Sheriff Campbell, and at
half past eleven o'olock the trap vf the soaf
fold was pulled away, and, with a few slight
struggles, J bn Brown yielded up bis spirit.
The body was placed in theooffin and is now
on the way to Harper's Ferry, under strict
military esoort, to be delivered to nis wife.
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
Jsrrsssos Cut. Mo.. Deoember 2. The
overland mail of the 11 lb. ult. has reached
here. The occurrence of the heavy rains had
almost stopped business. Coffee was ad
vancing. Candles were firmer, with a limited
movement at 192lc. Provisions were quiet
and unohaoged. Butter was slow. Lard ha H
improved a trifle. Racon is quoted at 12(3
12e. Pork Is heavy. Brined Hams quoted
at 11)0. Raw sugars were ioaotlve snl
tending downward; crushed quoted at He,
and uneettled.
Pears were entertained for the safety of
several ships long overdue from New York.
Among them is tbe Cherubim, doe over three
month, and the Golden Eagle, due over two
months. Ten other clippers on the way from
that port have been out over a hundred and
thirty days.
Tbe recent rains penetrated every section of
tho State, giving renewed activity to agricul
tural and mining pursuits.
The new iron tubular bridge across Tuba
River, at Park's Bar, was swept away by bigb
water. The Sacramento Valley Railroad is
boing vigorously pushed forward; an additional
seotion of eighteen miles will be finished by
the 1st of January. Tbe portion already com
pleted la paying 18 per cent, on the eoet. The
olaim of Henry Cabuaton to eleven square
leagues of land iu Sacramento Valley has been
rejected by Judge Coffamen, of the United
States District Court, on the groand that Oa
button was an unnaturalized foreigner, and,
consequently, Incapable of receiving the grant
land from the Mexican Government. The de
cision has an important bearingon other eases
involving a vast amount of landed property.
James Jamison, late Deputy Clerk at Saora
nento, absconded on tbe steamer of the 6th.
It has since been discovered that he is a de
faulter to the amount of $10,000; be also con
verted, for his own use, $14,000 worth of county
Pour highwaymen attempted to rob a stage,
in Placer County, on tbe 8th nit., having a
large amount of treasnre belonging to Weils,
Fargo & Co. Two of the robbers were killed
and one wounded, by two Storamento police
men ,wbo, were in tbe eoaob.
A special correspondent of the Sacramento
Union, writing from the new silver mines east
of the Sierra Nevada, says the actual ossh
sales af a small Interest on the original Com
atoek vein amount to $80,000. He also says
that indications of other and extensive veins
appear, and thinks the country around Carson's
Valley and aloes the eastern slope of the
Sierra Nevada is destined to become one of
richest mineral regions in America.
Letter from the Arrested Ohioans.
Baltikori, Deoember 2. The following let'
ter is furnished by the Ohio merchants who
were arrested at Harper's Ferry:
"Baltimoik, December 2. To tht puilie:
We, tbe undersigned, having been arrested by
tbe military authorities of Virginia, on Wed
nesday morning last, while proceeding over
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, as passen
gers lor tne JSaat, were disposed to overlook
the annoyance whice we were eubjeoted to, in
the belief that the officers were Imposed upon,
and bad acted entirely from erroneous infor
mation; observing, however, we are accused
of expressing ourselves antagonistically to the
State regarding its prisoners at Cbarlestown,
and that this, offered as a reason for our
arrest, we deem it due to ourselves thus pub
licly to declare the statements entirely without
foundation, that we aro not public agitators
of any sort, but ordor-loving business men,
pursuing our own affairs. We would at tbe
same time, in view oi the numerous exoiting
reports that are being published, take oecaaloo
to declare we were treated with every proper
consideration and kindness by the military
and citizens of Mtrtiniburg, where the arrest
took place, and that as soon as our ease was
made known to the Railroad Company, the
President and other offlcere promptly tele
graphed the Commanding General and pro
cured our release; and, moreover, as farther
evidence ef our exoneration of the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad Company of all blame for
this unusual proceeding, to onr entire con
fidence, that no farther annoyance to pas
sengers will occur, we propose to return homo
by that route to-morrow.
J. W. VANSANT, Fairfield Co., O.
J. B. GLASSPORD, Morgan Co., O.
J. L. COLLINS, Hocking Co., O.
Additional Commercial News
Nsw Yoax, December 2. Tbe Europa't
malls left here this evening.
Hewitt's olrcular reports the Liverpool Cot
ton market as follows: Tbe demand for Cot
ton during tbe week is moderate, the spinners
being pretty well stocked for the present and
inclined to await the liberal snpplies now at
sea; in tbe meantime, holders are anxious, and
sellers, in order to make sales, are compelled
to mike slight conaossions, but not eufflciently
Important to warrant a change in the previous
quotations. The imports of tbe week amount
to 22,000 bales: at sea 113,000 against 70,000
last year.
Tbe Manchester market is strong. Yarns
have advanced HJd. Cloths advanced 1)4
Wakefield & Nash report that purchases are
rather more easy.
Stohlterfoht says that when sales are pressed
a concession must be submitted to.
Intelligence from the French manufactur
ing 'towns Is less oheering, but a renewal of
business Is anticipated during the lattet part
of the month.
The Brown Sympathizers in New
Manchester, N. H., December 2. An at
tempt was made to toll the Oity nail bell to
day la commemoration of the exeoutiou of
John Brown. Tbe hell was struck only a few
times, when Mayor Harrington appeared in the
belfry and ordered tbe Brown sympathisers to
desist; one of them refused, whereupon the
Mayor dropped him down through the scuttle,
as the most convenient mode of enforolng his
Bostox, December 2. In the State Lealjla
tute to-day both bouses refuted to adjourn In
ooeseqience 'f the execution of John Brown.
The resolutions offered were votod down with
much unanimity.
A Mysterious Steamer.
Atlantic Citt. Deoember 2. A small
steamer ran into the inlet on Wednesday last
and still remains at anchor. Only one person
came ashore and he, in an answer to questions
put to him, stated that the steamer was rrom
New York, bound tor Havana, having been
purohased by the Spanish Government, and
that she put Into the inlet inconsequence of
head winds. There seems to be a number of
men on board, and as she still remains, not
withstanding tne calm weather, soma of our
mtisens suspeot her of being in tbe hands of
dllibusters. Her sides are painted black, with
white stripes.
New ItoBS, December 2. Tbe steamer
Qmtral Terrano cleared hence for Havanna on
Saturday last. The question of flllibusterism
seems problematical.
From Washington.
Wasbixotok. Deoember 2. Tbe State De
partment has been officially advised that war
has been deolared by Spain against Morocco,
and the blookade of the ports of the latter
country is announced.
A man answering Cook's description of
Richard Realf, was recently arretted at
Poolesville. Maryland, but while a commit-
.oe tit was being written out, he managed to
scape, lie was recently rearrested at Alex
andria, and held for further, examination. He
hd previously visited Waibiogton, and from
uU actions exoited the belief that he was a
From New York.
Nsw Yosk, Deoember 2 The Pacific Mall
Steamship Company had a meetiog to-day to
ooosider the pending arrangements with Van-
lerbiit, wbun the CjmmiUeo stated all nego
tiations were broken off in conf quenoe of
Vanderbilt leceding from the offers of tbe
Committee. The negotiations were then dis
charged, and resolutions pasted that they
4ould entertain no further proposals for tbe
sale of property or the franohises of the Com
pany, excepting by order or tbe Board of l?l
rectors, regularly convened.
Brown Sympathy in Cleveland.
Clivelind, December 2. A meeting was
held here to-night in commemoration of tbe
execution of John Brown. Over 1,600 people
worn present. Abie addresses were made by
D. a. Xildcn. K. P. Spaulding, C. H. Langs
ton, A. G. Riddle end Rev. Messrs. J. C.
White, W. H. Brewster. Crooks andJ.H.W.
Toohey. Resolutions were adonted. Tbe
ball was draped In mourning.
River News.
PiTTSBtjao, December 2 P. M. The river
is five feet three inches by the pier-mark, 8Dd
rising. Weather cloudy and cold. It rained
all day.
Locisvilik, December 2 P. JJ. The river
is rising very rapidly, with seven feet water
In tho canal and five feet on the falls.
From Portau-Prince.
New Yost, December 2. Advices from
Port-au-Prince to tbe 18:n ult. have' been re
ceived by an arrival at this port.
Tbe markets were dull and glutted with
Flour was quoted at $1 10.
Coffee was very scaroe and high.
Another Fish Story.
Ixdiakapolib, December 2. We understand
that letters were mailed at tbe postofilee in
this city yestorday to the Sheriff of every
oounty in Virginia. By whom or for what par-
pose it is not Known.
From Leavenworth.
Lkavkhwoeth, December 2. The express
from Denver City, which left there on the
24th, has arrived. It brings $12,000 treasure,
but no news of any importance. '
One Hundred Guns.
Albaky, Decembers Oao hundred guns
were fired to-day in commemoration of John
Brown's execution.
Window and Bbxaxs bis Neck. A few days
sinee Mr. John O. Rockafellow, a gentleman
well-known in Harrioburg, Penn., while labor
ing under an attack of mania a porn, jumped
through his chamber window in tbe third-story
of the State Capital Hotel, in that town, and,
falling on the briok pavement below, was
almost Instantly killed. Mr. R. was, In bis
time, one of the most extensive railroad eon
tractors in this country, having assisted in
constructing the greater part of the leading
public improvements in Pennsylvania as well
as those of New York.
Tallt WouitDSD. Last week a serious ren
eouuter occurred in Rutherford County, Tenn..
a short distanoo above Murfreesboro', resulting
in the instant killing Of Berry Burnet and
Watson Vardel, and the mortal wounding of
Tarlton O'Deneal. A young man named
Nevili, was assaulted by the three denperate
character, and in defending himself shot
Burnet and Vardel, instantly killing them
hotn. lit tnen attacked U Ileneal with rooks.
fracturing bis skull, and producing inch in
juries a to prtelude any possibility of his re
Peo-Slavibt Eziitimsrt it Mississirri.
Ten peddlers, suspected, without tbe least
reason, of tbat dreadful but iodelolte crime
known a "Ab.litionlsm," were arrested near
Abbeville, Ml., recently, and ordered to leave
the State fortnwitn.
Scicd or A Kintdcit Msrobaht. John
P. Kedding, a merchant at Frankfort, Ky.,
aod a member of the Presbyterian Chureh,
oommitted suicide in mat city on Thursday
morning by haoginghimself in hi store room,
Assassination i KsrrcctT. John Spring,
a young man, waa found dead lately, in Owsley
County, Ky., shot through the bead and heart
by parsons unknown. A man named Daniel,
who bad quarreled witn deceased, was arrested
The Hall-Poindexter Tragedy in
Thursday' Nashville, Tenn., papers contain
the evidence of varlrus witnesses at the exam'
ination of Allen A. Hull for killing Cjecrge G.
Polndexter in that oity, on Friday the 18th
Inst. Tbe substance of .the evidenoe is as
follows: ' ., ,'. : '! ;'f ;v
, On the morning of tbe publication of Hall's
card, Polndexter told W. 0. Wittlehorne at the
breakfast table that "it was pretty tight," and
it was neoessary to to take some notice of it.
Poindexter asked bis friend if he knew Hall-,
that be did not; Wklttleborne was surprised
that they were unacquainted! desorlbed Hall,
and finally agreed to accompany P. to Hall's
office. - :
Poindexter told him he was undecided
whether to slap or strike Hall with his um
brella. This witness stated that it was Poln
dexter's intention to make a simple assault by
way of demonstrating bis feelings. Poin
dexter was very near-sighted, and eould not
distinguish an objeot clearly at a distance
greater than forty or fifty feet. Another wit
ness said he thought Poindexter was not ad
vancing when he was shot.
One of the editors of the AVtei stated that
he procured the gun which infileted the fatal
shot at Hall's request, and carried it to the
offloe Thursday night ' He did not knew that
Hall had then written hi denunciatory oard,
but understood the gun was to be used in self
defense. Witnesses differed a to whether
Polndexter' pistol was drawn when he fell.
It waa shown tbat Hall was a peaceable
man, and tbat Poindexter was firm and de
cided, and would seek redress at all hazards
when his honor was assailed. He was bold
and obivalrous, and would incur any risk
rather than submit to wrong. But ha was
morbidly sensitive upon question affecting
bis honor.
f3 k. A. Eyster, Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry, Bos. Ml and 171 Western-row.
fSfTot Christmas Presents go to Albert
Host's, aoutb.weet oomer of Eighth-street and West
ern -row.
at Cheap Hats. Hend'ey, 282 Fifth
street, near Western-roar, Is making very fin Hate
at cheap rates. Drop In and (et one.
Daguerrean Gallery,' south-west cor
ner of Blxtb and Wentern-row, over Hannafbrd's
drux-atore. Ptottms taken and nt In good ease
for twnty cents. Warranted to please.
p Ojii Dollab Photoosapbs. Do not
forget tbat Dewey & Co.'s Gallery, No. 113 West
Fifth street, la the place to get large I holographs In
gilt frames for tbe moderate eum of one dollar.
Drop In and as specimens.
Foca-DOiLAB Hat The four-dollar
6Ut Bat so'd by Hlbbert & Bro., at tbelr well-patronized
stores, No. Sand 310 West Fifth street, Is
the wonder of all. It la beautiful, and dressy, and
durable. Try one. .
pf Linns' Fobs Tbe largest variety In
the city ; every variety, style and quality i well-made
goad and low prloes.
Batters aud furrier,
No. 144 Main. street, below Fourth.
Spsaods It Co Tnete fashionable
draper bare a superior stock of Olotblsg material
wblch toey are prepared to eut and It upon the
shortest order and In a neat and genteel style. They
also bars a superb etock of Bora' Clothing ready
made, and Invite the attentloi of parent to that
fot Call and see fir youreelvea at the aouth-eatt
corner of fourth and Vine-street.
Pa8hionabls Clothing). Our oitlsen
and the public generally ebenld bear iu mind tbat
Friel A McOuire are first class Merchant Tallora
irinwautof Llotblog, call at No. Ut Walnnt-atreet.
If yen are In need of a warm Overcoat, call aevo.
H Walnut street. If you want a fashionable Dree
Coat or pair of Pantaloon, call at Mo. 2J6 Walnut.
itre.t. '
WALTON GIB"8 00 'be tl nit , by the Rev.
H. 11. tttorrs, Ut, . H. Walton to Mil Harsh Ida
lie Glbbe. -
WAGGON IR.-On Wednesday, November SO, Mr.
Diana Waggoner, relict of John Waggoner, in tbe
Mreuty-niutb year of her age.
BBOWN-Suddenly at Obarleetown, Virginia, at
qnrter.iwat eleven o'clock, yererday morning,
Jubn Brown, in the lUty-elghth year of ble age.
HU death waa euperinduced by expuaur at Harper'
Ferry, oa tin night of October IS.
In the City, go to the
Corner of Longworth & Western-row.
InoM-awl '
A TAmnHr&ncA Meellnff will be held in tbe
Tin Hall f O-MORKOW AFTtKNOON at 8
o'clock, under the direction of ilia Union Temple of
nooor, no. v- uuuu ipwiad-uiBuuiDH ,u. .uui-
nee. Heats rree. uyorueri'i trie xenip o.
de3a w. j. ra i noun, .x.
t? nnTTNTRY who vlfit Cincinnati ihould
not uilto pnrcbaeea few duxen rilANKLIH AL
MANACS. Tbe franklin Almanao and Diary for
1840 la meeting with aa enormous sale. For lo, by
the (Ingle copy or by tlieduaen, by B. F. SASIfOKD,
at hie publlcu'ton office, up atalre, N. II. oornerof
fourth and WalDUttreete. Price, single copy, 23
cent! ja ISperdoaen. delibw
A meeting of the member of tbie Aito-
cation wuibe beld in tne iiiurery jtooms on saa-
UttUAi BVICMNU. nee. a, at 7 ocioca.iQr toe
purpoee of appointing a committee of eeven main.
Lr. Kv hnllnt. In tiomlnata offlcari for tbe enaulDff
year, In conformity wltb tbe provl.lons of the ninth
article of the Uonatitutlon, aud for tbe transaction
of ench other bUHinpaa aa may be presumed. Br order
of tbe Board. InoWeJ J. i. TiLDUI, Beo. Boo.
Phrenological and Physiognomical
thf SCBl PTIONti of Character, Iodic' Ing the
Occupation or Profession In life la which eetb per
ton may beet sncceed and be moet useful and bappy,
by Sr. O. BUAKBA, So. 104 fourth-aireet.
fttjyKEWWEDV'a MEDIC All U13
IPZf OO VBBT 1 acknowledged by the moat em
neat pbyslciani, and by tbe moat careful drtiiglets
throughout the United States, to be the moet effectual
blood-puriher ever known, and to have relieved more
eufferiug, and effected more permanent eunn, tban
any preparation known to the profeaeion. Scrofula,
Salt Hbeum, Kryslpelaa, Scald-head, ecalv eruptiooe
of whatsoever nature, are cured by few bottle, and
the evetem restored to full itrengtn and vigor, full
and explicit direcitonefor the euro of ulcerated eore
lege, and other corrupt and running ulcers. Is given In
tbe pamphlet with each bottle, for sale by JOHN D.
PAftK, srjlBK.EUHSTBm A OO., and GEOBliE
M. DIXON. PrlceJU aeplM-ar
OuSTA'ANY Of OINOIN- ttvjtiOWfe'
ATI, 8. W. oornerof Tblrd 4)658330
and Baoe-itreeta. O-tnfrtr ICyi A.?yrm,rJ-
1 WW. Thle road le now open. Oare will etart,
at Interval, of ten miuntea, from S:S0 A. M. un
til midnight, running eastward on Third-ctreel
from Wood to Lawrenoe-sueet, and westward on
fourth-atreet to Smith, and on f lfth-etraet to
Wood. Uitlaena will please bear In mind tbat the
care will Invariably croee Interesting atreeta before
tupping tor paaexugere.
ooU-tf .. JAMES i. BOBBINS, President
AT LAST. Tbe ariiole that cure almost
without fail every specie of eruption of the face
baoie, or other part of the body. I jour face dii
figured with pimple or an Irritating eruption of any
kind; have you contracted tbat moet troublesom
dleeats, Btrber'i Itob; are you troubled with Tetter
on the hand, or elsewhere; have yon any annoying,
Irritating, itching, Inflamed eruption of any kind;
go at once and obtain a pamphlet describing the
effect of Palmer' Lotion, and giving an amount of
evidenoe In it favor, tbtt wll put to rest all doubi
of It, efficacy In the onr of all kinds of cutaneous
dlseaee. After becoming satliOed tbat the Lotion
lino humbug, procure a bottle aud use it, and you
will be satiated that the half has not been aid in It
favor tbat might be.
Price f cent, or six bottles lor 82 50.
no) No. as West Fourth-streft.
A t greatly reduced prices,
No. 78 West fourth-street.
At greatly reduced price, '
" ' . ' i AT WltSOS'S,., .
' : I No. 78 Weat fourtb-itrael. '
' . At greatly reduced prlcee,
i Hu. 78 Weet Fourth-atreet.
At half-prfc",
j AT WltSOX'S,
. j ' So. 78 Woet Fourth-street.
Of every description, at greatly rednood prloea,
! ' No. 7i Vert f ourth-ntieet.
Dress Trimmings
! At greatly reduced prices,
deSa No. 78 Weal fourth-itroet.
Useful in Every House.
No. 43 Matu.streat.
i ISO Wolnut-sireot, below Fourth,
Wholesale dealers In
Ear this day opened a fine stock of the above goola
PWfflSI 3wJ
7 S
West Fourth-st.
Are now offering a large varkty of .
in all their department, hlch. for beauty and nov
elty, can nt be eurpaswd. C'itittne ai.d Imogen
are invited to examine tlielr itock, ae It will be the
greatest, cbanoefor bargains this season.
Bought at reduced prices', and soiling extremely low.
Winter Fashions, In newest style. ' . .
Splendid Velvet Clonks ;
Cloih l loaksuf everv myle and price j 1
Wfc'e miMy -if bliawl nd bcttrl's)
Clems' Traveling Ishawle.
All-wonl Dilainee, 7o. per yard! "' !
All-wool Plaioe, St He. per yard ; ;
f rlnled Delaines at WaudlOe, worth 28o. ,
Tbla department replete wllh every variety of La
dlea' Octal' and Children's Woai' at ruJucod prices. .
Zephyr Wool Opera Hoods.'
Nubiee, Shawls and Vails;
Super Kid Gloves, Iu black, white and colors, nt
7B cents per pair.
M0 Oambrie Bets, at 81 SO, worlll$S;
Job lot Band aud flouncing. j -
IScd Blankets! Flannels!
10, 11 and 11-4 Whitney Blanket i
Bid and While, Plain and Twilled Wool Flannels I
0. 10 and 1J-4 Shaker Skirting flaanels ;
l'liiid flannels, reduced. 1 ,
74 West Fourth-streete
lno.T Th 81
CHOICE IB AS. My stock is largo and
well selected, from Into importations Pnre
and fresh Young Dyeon, Gunpowder, Imperials and
Blacks, for sale In ouautitiei to suit, al law prices.
dJ Km, 319 and 321 Maln-stroet.
PRIME COFFEES. ISO pocket Old Got-
A T-. , T . . in 1..1.. kAUa MsiAka
J VI II ii V tram nuuw , iv unities vnwiw vvu
Coffee : 100 biigfl yellow Han to. Coffee ; iOO bagi good
and prime Coifoo la (tore ami fur tale by
aanvn a, wuiAn,
dej " Hob. 81nd 331 Maln-street.
New crop N. U. Sugars; do. do. do. Holaanea.;
Honey Syrups, best brands i St. Louie Qolrten Syrup.
In ators and for sale in brla., half-brla. and keg,
de2 Nus. 818 and 321 Maio-etreet.
received, 4 puncheons very superior Old Scotch
and Irish Whisky. For ealo by
a. Mcdonald a go..
no2S U and Branch Store 24W West Fiurtu-t.
Just reeelred, 7 cask Dlehcr'a, Tonnger'e, and
other celebrated brands Sootch Ale and London Por
ter. For sale by A. MCDONALD OO.,
no2a Maod Branch Bturo 318 Weet fourth-it.
OLIVE OIL Jat received, 43 doten
flagons very superior Olive Oil. Jot solo by
a. Mcdonald oo.,
no2s M and Branch Store M Went fonrth-st.
N FRUITS Now Raisins, new Cur
rants, new Figs, Prunes, Citron, Jtc, Just re
ceived and fur sal by .,,.,
no29 Corner Ninth imd Vina-street.
Y8IER3. I am in daily receipt of tbe
best brand of Oyetera coming to this city.
Warranted fresh aud fat.
JOHN rKUOUSON, Grocer, -ucrio
Poniwrnf Nlntp r1 vtne-strpot.
AM1LY KLOUR. I have alwaj on
hand, a supply of the best 1'amlly Flour in tbe
market for family use. . ,
BoM Ocrner Ulnih and Vln.atre"t.
now on hand a full .s.orlment.of Preei-revse, Jellies
Freeh Fruit and Vrgeublee, Kugllib Pickles and
Sauce and nther foreign dllctss. Alto. fl.e wine,
Brandies, Irlsb and Seotob kinky, Jamaica-Bum,
Also, Havana ulgara of thtobolcest description.
jroraaieoy , uamo.
noil National Theater itntr.
r. Kvoamnrn.Nt.
mrr'-t-TERSM or , .,
Wood-Working Machinery,
Corner Johnland Water; ia.Sjiais.s)atltO.
Dentist, has removed to 171 Yine-streot, neat
Seventh. opposite 1 Qa omre. nn?vbm
roUNDBY, B. AMiIHON, Hnperlntwdeil.
PrinUaiHaiteeleoMir luds. I a Vlne.n reat
of fine Ws.tchas. Jflrlrv itnrf Rlln. Van u
now full and complete. Th-.nkf.il for the vary lib
eral and gneroua patronage- which has been ex
tended to oureetakliehmeut for more tban twenty
Are yrars, take this method of Inviting onr'
frien'ls, and Ibe publlo generally, to continue ihelr
favors, frellng ourselves Iu a far better oondlllon
now than formerly, to plwtee Uulr most futidlona
We beg leave to call attention to a new article of
jewelry, made from tbe sew meial. Aluminum,
brought from Paris by one of our firm, who ha
lately returned. '
Our store is well tnpplled with valuable artlolea,
suitable for presents for the approaching holidays.
The damage to our Silver-were Manufactory by tbe
lata Bre la now fully repiilrod, and all we now need
to keep up its vitality ii plenty or orders, We are
preparvl to nil tbe same with dispatch, and w
promise full sutisfuctlon to all who may pleas to
favor us with their oa ls.
E. I). Klr3ET, 31 West Tlfth-atmt.
The highest price paid for old Silver Coin of all
tlnds. noK-amf
Cough Remedies.
Pblllpe'a Cough Srrup ; '
. Jayne's Expectorant;
: Wlsur'a Balsam of Wild Chrry i
Jonas Whitcml's Asthma Bemedy ;
Foley' Indian Balsam:
Hall's Balsam:
lloger'a l.lvorwort arntTar:
Ronfland'a Balsamlo Cordial i '
Stafford's Olive Tar; (. - .
- Sellera'a Oongh Hyrupl
Dr. Warren's Cough Mixtnra;.:
Stnbler's Cherry Kxprctorant , '
Mrs. Gardner's Uaieam of Liverwort i
Low Kced'a Pulinoi.ary BiJsami
New England Cough Syrup i
Bnshton's Ood-llver Oil ;
Simea'eOod.llverOll :
1 " Burnet 'a Ood.ivr Oil t
1 ; Baker's Oort.llvor Oil; :
, ! ' 6ueru'a and Itichard'e Ood-llror Oil Jelly : '
. 1 French Pectoral cigars ;
1 Bryan's Puluioulo wafers;
i . Locock's Pulmonio Wafers;
wistar'e, Fetera'a and Hhermaa'a Oongh L
; 1 enea;
Browu's Bronohlal Troches ;
: Iooland Moie Paste; j
' Marhmallow l'nte, Ac.
Constantly on hand, and lor solo, wholesale and re
Mil, vy
EDWABD SOANLAir A CO., Druggists,
n. r.. cor. iiourtn ana oiaiu etreets.
i Between Main and Walnut,
aasortinetit of
, Business and Overcoats, :
Which they will soli at a very small adranoe. Gen
tleman are respectfully iuTlted to cell and examine
bofire purchasing elsewhere. delaw
W! iinn
next lo Hmlth 4 Nixon' llall, Olnolnnatl,
uhio. A splendid Gift, wortb from 50 cent lo 10O
Hill be Blvon with every book for wlnoti we receir
one dollar and upward at the ilineof sale.
Gifi consist of Oold and Siver Watches, Ladle'
olid Ot.ld Chains, spleo id set of Jewelry, fine Oold
Bracelci, Gents' God Vest-chains, and a large va
riety of oih-r article of rich Jewelry, worth from
Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to
call and examine onr slock.
Publisher and Gift Bookseller,
' No. 28 West Foortb-etrtM.
Forwarding and Commission
Hogs, Pork, Lard, Whisky, Flour, Grain, 40.
offlce norlu-wsst oorusr Sixth aud main street,
CInclnnatii'opposlte tlie Gait Honse. . "
. The undersigned having formed a 00 partnership
In the General Produce aud Gommieslon Bnsineei,
ui.flor the .tylo of Wilnnii, Uarlluk A Co., repot-
riidy l.ad. tbalr murwirM ftnrt anlirlt th patronuffe of
their friends aud the public Patiicnlnr attenllon
paid to buying and selling Hog, Whisky, Floor,
Grain, Ac, Their cbargrs will 1,0 aa moderate at
any other good bouse In the city. Ueferco lb mar
chanla of Oiaolunatl generally.
. H. T, OA RUCK,
tioJsbm L.T. BAItlt.
Express, warranto to at uDiuqiMw,. ise
earaiass, iicsits, sauoes, ana vmunurs,
jreii.t roosters aoa uisms,
Canned Psachss, straveemes,
iuscaserriee, ew. s5SSWj
embrace all tbe leading atyle in every vurtet
of mil, which we warrant
nolp ........ Oneloor below ronrth.
Coal Cooking Stove,
-V' ATTHi ;
Hold at ZaneMTlllei October, 15m
IVos. S1 and 58 Viue-tt
(Seooni door Below Columbia,)
' no9r.ml
iw will be received at the office or I Rogers, Son
I Co., No m Vine-street, uutll TDEBDAr, Dec 6,
it 13 o'clock M., for building the Nw City Uospltal,
n tbe siie of the present building. bounJed by
Weetern-row, Tvrelftb..treHtand Canal. Bids to bo
rcroivcd for the whole Job, and not in parts. All
nlds to be made to oouf.irm to the plans, specific
duns and terms of the bids, all of wblch may be
een at the olD.ce of Isaiah Rogers, Son A Co., No.
IK Ylne-street. No bide will be received unless they
onform to and are made on the printed forms ; also
bo bidder to nam the prloe he will allow for the
Id materials tinw- on tbe ground Tbe security in
tended to bo offered for the falihfnl performance of
the contract to bo named in the bids.
doltt Chairman Uom. on Public Buildings.
-,, ,' Hartford, Conneoticnt.
Capital, g40O,O0O...........Assetet $U1,VIU
-, ferotetl to Fire business exclusively. .
H. A. GLASSrOBD, Agent.
88 Weet Tblrd-slre et. Olnclnnatl.a
:;. a oaed.
WM. JT.HEWSON, ef the late firm of
eHewsonftUolmes.wlll continue thedommls.
Inn, Btock and Rill Broseraae business, at tbe'r olil
otlloe, No. tl, Bwemeot Maronlc Building, Third
street, llesolleiisacontlniutnceof the basinessberev
tofore so liberally htstowedon the old firm. n"lsSnm
AT LAW, Cbaae Buildings No. Vast Third,
street. Mpftar

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