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"rO0ND,"Ato.,lnthloolnmn, occupying St 11dm
insertions, rwniy-avoetil,
WANTED M B N A large number of
active, lodcistrloos men cm Hod agreeable
Md t Ilia mmmm tlA laMall.. - 1 . I . .
7.1 ivuiiiit employment in III
of soni new and popular Books and Maps.
. """"". 1,10 m" nistorian ana
author known to the elvillted world i banc their
K- ;. wuio buu MtiiuiD-i ior yourselves IHr
forwenffatfln. In th..i-..,i.A .ni.fi..u.i
- l,v:T.,,,..",""u
AOKB BABNITZ, Publisher,
w wear rourtn-streot, Cincinnati.
.Z . .lyn,0Lood morul habit, li tboronihly
aCQualnted with the grocery business, wholesale and
retail. Is conversant with the Spanish language,
hot particular abont locating in the clty-is wllllnf
to go North, South, East or Weat. References a to
fWU' lnai"",r and Integrity. Addree B. B. 8.,
tblsolfloe. deib
WANTED 509 AGENTS To sell Dr.
LIEF frotn all pain, the beet remedy In the world
for Neuralgia and Rheumatism. Call at the Hall,
road Hotel at 12 o'clock. d3b
. In an offloo or at painting. Oan write a faalr
h iil. (Jaa letter wall. Address 79 George street,
Cincinnati. de3b
WANTED By young man, work cf
some kind. II ii a mechanic a oarpenter
and pattern-maker-and can't afford to do nothing.
Addree Al, care of Press OrHce. de3b
T ANTED Two active, Industrious Boyi,
-T.T.'.? fourteen to sixteen years or age. GRAY,
HE MINUHAY tc fiBO.'H, So, 20 bat Columbia'
street. nY3
WANTED A G I R L To do general
homework. Bh most be a good cook and
.pod washer and lroner, anil come well reoommend.
d. Apply at No. 37 Baymlller-strMt, baiweea
barton ana Bank. 3b
RAFEnTT. of (TonntT (lalnnT. PaH.h nf
Kllconly, Clanmllon, and BRIDGE f OOBL1S8,
pom Blindwell. A trlend of tbetri wonld like to
lieu from them. They oan And her by oalllng at
lio. m tVaet Fourth-street. de3b
WANTED A young man, aged twenty.
ty-Bve, wiehe a situation as CLERK, eltbar
lo a itore, law office or on- a eamboat. Wonld
make himeelf generally useful. No objeotlon to go
South. Boom No. 87, Dennlsoa House, deib
able colored man and wife, In a boarding.
honso roan to attend in dining-room, the woman to
eook, Good references gl run. A ddreea VIRGINIA,
tuts oOloe. delb
ILY HOUSE, at East End Livery Bttble,
Broamore-street, t Hvreen l'lilrd and Fourth. de2b
sale atore, by a yonng man of good business
fatbits. Beat reference glveu. Address H. M B TE
j?aK8QU, Postofflca. de2b
For a single gentleman. And' ess,
stating prioe (including ctreof room) and location,
foatofllae) Box 3,471. de3b
WANTED lo a Carriage-shop In Ten
nessee, a Blacksmith, Wagon-maker, Job
ber, Carver, fainter ami Piator, Blacksmith Helper
awl Finisher. Apply Immediately to HDNTk.Il,
j'DMBSTOIS & Cu 168 Main-street. de2b
and Misses' Pegg'd Shoes. Ko. 230 Walnut
Street, op stairs. ' deib
WANTED AGENTS and other aotive
yonng men to sell one of tbe best articles
ever offered to the pnblle. Agents are making S8
per pay, Oall at lit Walnut-street, Boom 1. delb
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
man, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, careen,
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, oan And situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks Registry OHloe, 12S
Walnut-street. de2b II A LB 00.
step-son. wiLMAn ntnui ouwtBS
twelve years old, hark brown hair, gray eyes, high
forehead, mcdlum-ilsed ; dresaed in Kentucky jeans ;
Subject to fits; aoraetimes partially deranged. Sup
posed to be somewhere In Coriueton, Ky. When
last neard from he was at the Madison House, Gov.
liigion, Ky., in the capacity of bell-boy. Ha left
there abcMt three week ago, and baa not been heard
rrom since. Any person uomyingmeoi nis wnere
abouts. either by letter throuab the Newnort Puet-
office, fr personally at Messr. B. W. fc O. W. Bob.,
Bon's Feed-mills, corner of Monmouth aod Jelfer
sou-streets, Newport, Ky., shall Ox liberally reward
bo lor tuoir icouuie. iaeD-j uiwitL rurrinu.
FBONT BOOM, wit!) gos and closet, at No. 79
wirge-itreet, ooroer oi num. aezo-
FOR RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
road, law or Insurance offices, on second and
third tluura. In four-story bnlldlng opposite the
1'reas Office. The bnlldlng haalbeen newly re-painted
and re papered. All In good older. Apply at the
Press Oitlce. nol
BOARDING A young lady desires ft pleas
ant Boom and Board ng In a private family,
rivldiDg In the central prt of the city. Beferenoee
ezobanged. Address J. H. M., at Fenny Press
Otfloe. deJb'
that Liable A Bradbury's and
A- IX- le ft (Jo., of New Fork, and
win. Knabe A Co.. of Baltimore,
Pianos, can be found only at 73 West
Fourth-firxeAt. T am nffui-lnff onut
indncemenls for oasli, or will rent, and let ths rent
pay fur tbe Piano, at 73 West Fourth-street.
O. M. MUB0H,
The largest stock of Melodeons In I he elty. noM
-w-s MA 5111 ilemember that
Batleton Brothers. Baven, ilitoon A
GrlKjte A Oo.'s Pianos cannot be 1 1 9
runil In OiricinnHtlexrantt Nn.M
West Fonrth-streei. I will sell for cash, as low as
any nneeist or weet, or will rent, and let the rent
pay for tbe Piano, at 66 West Fourth-afreet.
now Pepot for Melodeons and Harmoniums.
VF-" $160.
4 -Vllu-.t4n nt -f .1 . fv.,1
ucnoitisonae, unaarmee. tteoowas, uontra Dances,
o. A Superb Volume of Popular M nlo. ArraDged
fcrtbe Piano-forte Price 8l. Iuclolhjj, (Joples
(entbymalU Published by J.CHUBUH.Ja.,
BOlitf seWastFonrth'ttrUr.
Six Cents a Week!
Pays for til Penny Press.
Xo. 14 West Fourth-street.
Sixth-it., bet. Walnut and Vine.
i.'JL havt tbe honor tn Inform their friends and tbe
public generally that they hare fitted op, at great
expone, in the most elegant manner, the above
eaubll.raeut after the New Tork ana London style,
being entirely new, and the first of the kind ever
5ttmpted West of the Mountains. Will open on
ATDRUAr, Deo. 3. Musical Soirees every mes
sy. Thursday and Saturday evenings. Chair taken
by Mr. Crawford at 8 o'clock precisely. now
.J., LEX. Detora,
To which " rites enrlon of the public.
' ! ' .
Bo( k Binding
Fourth -street, betweea Main and 8ycamoe, Cin
cinnati. i Wfte-Mndlngln ererystyls. tfusi Books neat
ly and dorably bound. O. CKOPriB.
If yon want a servant, advertise in
Ir yon want ft house, advertise In
Ir yon want to sell anything, advertise In
Ir yon want to buy anythlnx. advertise In
I fact, every want supplied by advertising In
Don't forget that tbe Penny
Press Is the medium through which to
make known your wants I Advertise
ments of five liiiei and less, Inserted
twice for twenty-five cents!
Cloaxj, Shawm, Ao. Wilson, at 73 Wast
Fourth-street, is offering great bargains. See
Hcohis Sc DoFLiHD. This firm Is sgaln lo
full operation t their old stand, No. 160
Lchoh. Messrs. E&stwood & Sargent serve
a fine lunoh at the Oriental Saloon, Vine
street, to-morrow morning at ten o'clock.
Our. Dollar a Cak. Waggoner, 203 West-rn-row,
above Fifth, is telling the largett
oysters in the city for on dollar per oan.
THAT PrilPEI. W anlrnnwlnilm h. ...
oelpt of ft slice of the mammoth pumpkin,
weigning lis pounds, lor some time onexMbl
tien at 8. W. Ilazeltine'g, Walnnt-street.
Spaldifo's Gioi. This preparftUon, so er-
tenBlvelv sdvertlsed in (he Vent, la nnm tn
ale at Appiegate ft Oo.'s, No. 43 Main-atreat.
It msnds evervthlnir fflnaahln. fenm fl, am-ii-
est toy to the largest piece of cabinet ware.
-a gooa tning to nave in tne family."
S BTH'S MAlfVOTO OvarxUR. Jnhn Nairn.
No. 50 Sixth-street, is dsilv recelvinir the
above brand of bivalves. They are large and
delioious, and those who give them a trial will
find them preolsely as represented.
PsoOISDISOH or TRI OoniiTV nouuraainMaaa.
At the regular session of the County Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, orders were
pasted amounting in the aggregate to $734 14;
but apart from this no business of Importance
was transacted.
fttitiy Piett, by Henry Ware, Optiolan, No. 7
rv est rourtn-street, uteember 2.
1'0.'S Baromotor. Thermomster.
7 A AI ? 4 .
12 M .....!.() .0
6 r, M .63 n
Meetiho or the Sketch Club. The next
meeting of the Arllata' Sketoh Club will take
Blaco this evening at the house or Mrs. Lonii
arrison. Tbe Club will be received as the
guests of Mr. E. 0. Eaton, and the subject of
. t- - i-L. v.,.. .... - ..
tne BBotones to Deexnioitea Will Do "Hport. -
SDPEIIOB HATS. VYa call atUntlnn In IV,.
faot that B. R. Alley, No. 41 Broadway, is
makine fashionable dress hats, whfah rv,
stylo and exquisite finish, defy competition. If
in want of a eovering for the "dome of
. L. . VA If . A ,, , ... ... .
luuuguv, go to Aiiey s ana get one oi nis hatl
BuBOLAtt. The fruit store of Pearson k
uo., no. at walnnt-street, was broken Into by
boys, it Is suppoied, yesterday evening, and
several ouzea oi raisins ana arums or ngs
afnlan rph A--1.-.1 or- w.- .
zr' rr. ' '"IB, wpou
out no money ootainea.
No. 11 Wbst Fifth -8TRKET The turkey
season nas arrived ana onr markets are teem
ing with them. A roast turkey is hardly what
it should be, however, unlets dressed with
ohoioe oysters, suoh as are to be had at Robt.
Ore's, No. 11 West Fifth-street. He receives
them by every train from Baltimore.
De-Lioiocs Bivoalm. Thlajweather is very
A ua, r . . , . .- ... -
lBvuruoio ior tne oyster trade, and they are
now arriving In fine order. Some of the best
we have ever seen, are thrum reeeivAil Ann
day by Petr Cavagna, at No. 31 Fifth-street.
eaoi rrainnt. n nasuem put up expiesalv
for family use.
Tea Tubskb Akkivbrsabv. The anniver
sary of the Turners will commence this even
ing, with the reception of the guests, and be
continued to-morrow with a procsssion
through the principal streets, and a oonoert
In the evening at their new hall, which will
be dedicated tome time during the day.
Passixo CocNTKErtir Money. Lieutenant
Small arrested a man named William Cald
well, yesterday evening, and committed him
to the Hammond-stroot Station-house, for
passing ft ten-dollar counterfeit bill upon a
ehop-keeper oa 8yomore-treet, near Third.
He will be examined this morning before
Judge Lowe.
Maw Deowsid Niab Millcbeek. A man
named John George, in attempting to cross
the Ohio Blver, near the mouth of Millcreek,
yesterday afternoon, accidentally fell into
the -water and before assistance oould reach
him was drowned. He resided, we believe,
in the lower part of Sixth-street, near tho Mill
creek bridge, and leaves a wife and four hii.
Polioi Cooet. Although thirty-flve cases
were examined before Judge Lowe yesterday
morning, but one of them was worthy of note,
Ms no ah Neal. arrastewi dnv hainra v.f.rla
for the murder of bis partner, Mr. Simpson,
oi Aronton, was remanaea into tbe cuttody of
the Lawreaae County officers and returned to
that place for final examination and trial.
Death or a Polioevav Mr. George Irwin,
ft member of the Ninth Ward Polioe, died at
hit residence, in the Twelfth Ward. fter a
-1 . .1, .tT . . . .
suuri uiuns, on neanesaay last. Us was a
member of the Polioe Deparment under Mayor
xuuiuas, aou aunrwara eieotea iaeac inspeo-
tor by the City Council, but at the expiration
of his term of offioa in that e.naelfv h-
again reappointed to a posltlonas a polionman
uf uavor jueaop.'
RCKAWAY. A horse attaorierl in n lnk
Sbrififf-waffon. In charffA ef a atn&ll knv .m
way near the foot of Fifth-street yesterday
ouornooD, ana our, ior tne ata or some persons
who witnessed the affair would have broken
his naok. and Hemnllahiid tfi vatil .m,:...
ft train of cars, wbioh happened to bs passing
at tne time, as it was, nit career was checked
before any damage of consequence had been
SlVBEa A OOI DMT TO A ftnauiw A fliimi,.
named Heinrloh StniUrins. whila m . vi.it
to his brother, renidlns inma tilin.
street, day before yesterday, accidentally fell
"""" uiguir vi lam, anu. DBsiao iraotunns
hi. t l k.l.J. , . , .
" '"a JU31 w me annv, Dru'sea nis
head and bodv nulfe irrl a nk-i.:.
was summoned who attended to his wants.
after whioa he was removed to the Commer
cial Hospital, where he now lies suffering
considerably from his injuries.
Boa an or Crrr IuvaovaMsnna A i t- .i
weekly meeting of the Board of City Improve
ment, held Taatardav mnmino- ths ni.rir
instructed to prepare and transmit to the Citr
n 1 1 . j . r
wuuumi au uruiuaum w sjruuo una pave WltD
bowlders, Ererett-itroet, from Linn to Freeman-street.
' i.
. The oommunloatlon from property-holders
on Freeman-street, . between Seventh and
Bijhth-streets, remonstratlog against the lay
ins down Sa tnrn-ent nn ten mmA .-m..- m-.
md and ordered to h filed. Adjnnrned.
Weary Life and Wearier of Wife—
A Modern Othello Cuts His Throat
with a Razor.
AThegro barber named William Ctrter, who
roaiaet near tbe corner or Sixth end Calvert
street, for several veers oast has been troubled
with wife, who. be even, . spenda all tbe
money ne can make ror dress, and la not any
too careful of hsr husband's honor. She in
sists upon promenading the streets when she
should be attending to his comforts, and go
ing to balls and parties when the should be in
his bosom; arousing him early in the morn
ing, or very late at night, to admit her when
sho returns from her masquerading, and in
delivering, in the shrillest tones, the most
emphatio Caudle lectures, when he expostu
lates with her and complaint of her naughty
t ot a long time be bore this treatment, and
with entreaties tried to win bis siring wife
baok, and the duty the had forgotten, but
without avail. The thoughts lo which her
conduct gave rise, troubled him daring tbe
day, and many a face passed from beneath his
band not more than half shaved, in conse
quence of the mental agony be laffored, origin
ating in theoonduot of his wife.
Once be left ber, but the Zantippe followed
and brought him back: still bis jealousy and
her miideeds annoyed him. Yesterday he be
oaine as weary of his life as he was of his
wifs, and in a fit of desperation seised ft rasor
and inflicted terrible gash in his throat with
a view to rid himself of both "at one fall
swoop." He failed, however, and a physician
being summoned, dressed his wound, and
deolared that he would not die. Let us hope
that hia ebony worser-half will henceforth
give him no eanse to regret that hit sucoeis in
attempting to detroy himself was incomplete.
Palmer's Rotabt Pour. We are glad to
have the opportunity to say that Captain Oliver
Palmer has made Cincinnati, ai well as Boston
and Buffalo, a point for tbe manufacture of
his new patent pump. The rear part of
McLean's Oil-mill BuIlding.East Third-street,
on Miami Canal, it now full of activity in
getting up a large supply for the West of
these simple, compact and effective pnmpi, in
vented by Captain Palmer. We witnessed
the operation cf large and small sises. Tester-
day, and can say that the right invention has
neon matte in mis pump, in lifting and forcing
water at light expense. We are not very good
in deieribing meohaaioal contrivances, bat we
can say that we saw ,imall pump which is
pot larger than an ordinary ilsed wooden
bucket working away like mad, lifting np
and forcing through a one inch nozzle, to a
distance of one hundred and ninety fset,
volume of water equalling a discharge of four
hundred gallons of water per minute. There
are tlx sites. We saw one work wbioh would
disoharge, from a wreoked vessel, ten thousand
gallons of water per minute, at a lift of iroin
eight to fifteen feet. They are portable, easily
adjusted, they need no packing, no tinkering,
or repairs; they oan discharge refnae water
in which are chips, oakum, junk, grain, Ac,
without choking or obstructing the regular
and continued action of the pump. These are
what are wanted on the coast, to drain marshes,
overflow of levees, Ac. The Brooklyn Water
works tried them and say "they will raise and
discharge mud, gravel, quiok-sand, and the
like, in any quantities, if there is enough
watrr with it to take snction. Half the vol
ume we have discharged has bsen sravol and
land." That's what Is wanted on wrecked
vessels, partioularly in the Mississippi River.
The Captain Is manufacturing here, also, bis
Portable Steam-engine, one of them drives
his whole machinery, lathoi, pumps, Ac.
These portable engines are a new and a muoh
needed contrivance; they are cheap and can
be taken to any needed point. But there Is
one of the Power Pomp which sells for
$129, which should commend them to manu
factories subject to llres, and should reduce the
rates of insurance. The pump is placed in the
lowest story and connected with a nine run
ning through tbe roof. On eash floor, and on
the roof may be attachments for hose, and the
power or tne macninery applied will drown
out any break out of conflagration. Owners
of furniture factories and coaatry mills should
take a note hereof. We cordially welcome to
our oity a thoroughly business firm, who will
take a forward plaoe' in the ranks of the
manufacturers who are building up and ad
vancing Cincinnati. These novel pomps are
worthy of examination and experiment.
sWosdebtol ErrEOT or Advebtibiso As
Umbrella Retubhed. If any one doubts tbe
effioaoy of advertising in the Pewit Press,
we wonld state, miraoulous as it may seem,
that an individual who lost bis umbrella, and
for advertising it in our columns barely es
caped incarceration in the Lnnntio Asylum,
positively had the article returned to him
yesterday: the miracle of honesty being ft
constant reader of our little journal. We do
not believe that so wonderful an instance of
the success of advertising hu precedent;
and we are certain we never heard of a parallel.
A paper whoie advertisements will induce a
man to return an appropriated umbrella, mutt
exercise an influence more subtle than meta
pbyaios oan penetrate and broaderthan mathe
matics can measure. We nsed no better acquaint
ance of our exoellenoe than the fact we hare
recorded, not only as a medium of advertising,
hut as a great moral instructor. Who, until
tbe Peemt Pbess was established, ever beard
of a mortal returning an umbrella? Great is
the Pbess, and advertising It its "profit)."
Examination or Clowicihobb rot Passuo
Cotjstbbfsit Cor. On Wednesday last, we
noticed tbe arrest, by United States Deputy
Marshal Barbour, of a man named L. E.
Clouniager, upon a charge of pasting counter
feit coin. Yesterday morning he was taken
before Commissioner NewhaU and committed
in default of $1,000, for his appearance before
the next term of the United States Circuit
Court. Upon bis person were found $700 or
$800 in counterfeit bank-notes, consisting
of $5's, on the Merchant's Bank of
Virginia at Lynchburg; 20 's on tbe Bank
of the State of Mlaiourl: 3 'a on the National
Bank of Illinois at Equality; 10's on the Hadly
Falls Bank of Massachusetts at Holyoke ; 20's
on the Farmers' and Drovers' Bank of Waynoi
borg, Penn., and one or two $100 bills on the
Bank of West Union, Ohio, which, however,
has been broken for luoh a length of time that
every body hu become aware of the fact save
some buoolio merchant who does bnslnesi at
' Medical Statistics or the Couurr Jail.
Dr. Fishbarn, the physician at the County
Jail, reports forty-nine cases under treatment
t that Institution daring the month of No
vember last. The following is a summary of
the prinoipal complaints
Dysentery ,
Delirium tremens,
Other diseases,
i a ..,... m...
St. John's Episcopal Chubch. The Rev.
W. N. Lyster, one of the most estimable and
eloquent men in the Episcopal Churoh, will
Sreaeh at St. John's, morning and evening, on
anday next. Those who heard Mr. L. on
Sunday last will be glad to know that they
are to have another ohanoe of hearing him,
and thoso why have not should not lose thla
opportunity. It Is understood that a letter
from the former pastor of this church, the Rer.
Dr. Nicholson, will be resd to the congrega
tion on Sunday morning, and this fact will
doubtless render the oxeroise doubly inter
esting. .
Unpaid Letters. The following is a list of
lotters detained for non-payment of postage ftt
tne rostotnoe, in this city, jJeoemoer 2:
Bpeegel M Joseph, 8nmm.lt, Ohio.
nuoeneenrs, new lorauiiy.
.1. N. Nuvin,8beltirvllle. Ind.
Rev. n. Leber, Bellfalr Mills, Va
F. A O. Hackle, Memphis, Tenn.
- Iaeac Uarter, Canton, Ohio.,
' flnlok A Hlsar, rrankllu, Ind.
. Win. Barton, Duckareek, Ind.
Oourad Brtokman, SU Louis, Uo.
Andrew Aplar, Johnstown, Pena.
Indignation Meeting in the Third Ward
—The People versus the City Connell
—Violent Means be Adopted to
Prevent Establishment of the New
City Prison.
The call issued by the cititens if the Third
Ward to hold an indignation bieatlug In re
gard to the late action of the City Coun
cil in acoeptiog the offer of the Uuhool Board,
permitting the Third District School-house to
be converted into a Prison and Wotk-house
for the female city prisoners, drew quite a
large number of persons last evening to tbe
High-street Baptist Churoh. '
The meeting was organised by electing Win.
J. Sohults, Eaq , to tbe Chair, and appointing
William Williams, 6aoretary.
Upon motion, a Committee consisting of
oamuei rural, iiewis lisnman, uonrad echultz,
Frederiok Schatzman and John Kraut a was
appointed to draft a set of resolutions expres
siveot the sense of the meeting in regard to
tbe matter which had oiled them together.
During the absence of the Committee Mr.
ICiersted, the Councilman from the Ward,
addressed the assembly, stating that he had
earnestly opposed tbe action of the Council in
accepting the offer of tbe School Board, but
that it had passed that body by a large vote.
Thomas A. Logan then addreasod the meet
ing, speaking of the injury which would be
done the -neighborhood if the proposed plan
be carried, and when he had concluded tbe
committee entered and made the .'olio wing re
Wbbbbis, By the aotion of the City Council,
at a reoent meeting, it was reaolred to convert
the Third District School house into a Prison
and Work-house for female vagrants, and the
Bohool Board, by granting the uae of said
house for that purpose, have committed a
great outrage upon this community, and forced
upon us a groat moral nulsanoe, one which it
certain to bo a source of annoyance to our
selves and wires, and of corruption to our
children, presenting constantly to their view
the lowest depths of degradation, and aeons
tomlng their ears to the vilest kind of
language, thn location of the house being tuch
as to render It Impossible to seclude it from
tne adjaoent Douses, and to preaent it In fall
view to the whole neighborhood, and
Whereas, We have suffered for series of
years from a course of uniuat legislation to this
portion of the oity, by having our prinoipal
and only thoroughfare obstructed and travel
on It rendered dangerous by being converted
from its legitimate uses to tho conveniences
of a Railroad Company, and its constant oc
cupation by locomotives and oars, in conse
quence of which property has depreciated In
value and the vicinity become almost entirely
unfit for residences and manufactories, and
nil other kinds of business driven to other
portions of the city. Again, by taking from
among us our school and removing it to an
inoonvenient and unsafe distance lor many of
us, thereby almost depriving us of ita advan
tages. And again, by giving up. to another
Railroad Company what little remained to us
of our street, making travel over it so incon
venient and dangerousas to fit it for any other
than railroad uses, and by various other aots
of unjust legislation have our rights not only
been disregarded but trampled upon till, by
this last and ounning act of lnjualioe, forbear
ance has ceased to be a virtue with na ; there
fore, be it
Retolvtd, That we will resist, by every law
ful means, tbe establishment in our midst of
tuoh a moral laz&r-houso, as this priaoa-housa
will certainly be, this reoeptnole of the vilost
of the vile, the offjcourli gi . f the city, thrust
almost into onr very diiur.4, subjecting our
children to the Coraoiioating influence of
auoh vloe, the very aiht of which, and the
constant Exhibition of its existence, will blunt
their moral sense and degrade their minds.
Retolvtd, That our Trustees In the City
Gounoll and School Board are hereby in
structed to use every means ia their power to
induce those bodies to rescind their action
and save us from the Infliction of to great a
wrong, with all its demoralizing influences.
Retolvtd, That although we are a law
abiding, and have been a patient and long
suffering people, yet, if tho oity authorities
persist in forcing this terrible nuisance upon
us against our protest, then we will no longer
allow our rights to be trampled upon and our
selves to be treated with contempt, but will
resist its establishment In our midst by force,
and, if necessary to prevent it, will tear the
house to the ground, or burn It, sooner than
allow its uae for saoh a purpose.
Retolvtd, That a committee of three be ap
pointed to take tuoh aotion as to them may
seem best to prevent tbe establishment of this
prison, and to call another meeting of the oit
izens of the ward whenever in their judgment
it may be necessary.
Retolvtd, That the officers of this meeting
furnish the Councilman of the ward and the
School Trustees with copies of these resolu
After the report of the Committee bad been
read, Mayor Bishop arose and stated the
grounds upon wbioh the late action of the Coun
cil was bated, giving the motive that had promp
ted it, and showing what he conceived to be ths
mistake into which the oltitens of the ward had
fallen in supposing the projected prison would
be a nuisance, saying that the terms upon
which it had been oftered to the city wonld
protect the neighbood, and asking them to
inquire of those persons residing on Western
row, near the present City Prison, whether
they experienced any bad effects from living
contiguous to it. He was several times, how
ever, rudely interrupted, and was followed by
Mr. Logan, who violently denounced tbe ao
tion on the part of the city, and favored the
passage of the resolutions, whish were then
taken up uriatim, and passed vociferously.
After the resolutions had been passed the
last one wat amended to as to appoint two
Committees, each to oonalstof five persons;
the first to inquire into what legal measures
might be adopted to prevent the establishment
of tbe the City Prison in the Third Ward, and
the seoond to provide the Counoil with copies
of tbe above resolutions and make arrange
ments for another meeting tobeld on Monday
evening. The following Committees were
then appointed end the meeting adjourned :
Firitil. W. Meyere, William J. Sehultt,
J. Wentworth, John Caldwell and John Wil
liams. HSeoond flamuelHlrat, Conrad Schultz, Wil
liam White, Owen Williami and F. Schat:-man.
Th Cmr add the Week. The weather
has been very variable wot. warm, chtiiv.
beautiful and disagreeable this week; but
generally it nas been mild for tho season,
more like Sprine than Autumn or Winter.
Basinets has been only fair, soma days dull
m may wen couia oe ior tne season, but m
certain departments trade has been brisk, and,
on the whole, there has beon little oause to
At to amusements, there baa been little
obange. Tbe Opera-house, the theater, the
ball and lecture-rooms have been fnhly at
tended, and the week has passed pt iasantly.
: Csimieal Side. The evi'Jenco in the case
of James Barns, on trial before Jodie Mallon for
murder, closed late in tbe at'tornoou,
DivOBClSlUTS.-NIck Helwl rs.Anna Mury Fli'Uel.
Tbey were married In I837,and bail tuvlm children,
four, living. A decree was naked mainly on t
ground of habitual intoxi-atlon. Judge Curler did
not think the charges oonclualvuly iimile out, but
continued the case to allow fuither testimony to be
brought In.
Oetherlno Klsenwarter vs. .Toeeph K laenwarter.
Charse of firman npfflwt nf iliilv Mini t-r jt)ii-. mnl
counter charge agaiuat the wife i.f a-luilt-ry alleged
to be oomm'tted with a colore.1 mitj Both parlies
asked a divorce, and both rwii til.n.a ware rilsmlaaed
BusanBmsdellve..lnaiii KaiiKdell. Oecreeallnwed
on the ground of wllfull absence udgriei neglnot of
Meyer Rels vs. (Jneen of tbe Wojt steamboat.
A trial before Judge Hpeacer reooier S7W at I ha
value ot a trunk containing Jewelry hut on a voyage
between Cincinnati and Mt mrhie.
J. ICgau vs. Lumaden ft JM uGr.g ir Before Judge
Roadley. An action on two promlstary notes in
dorsad by delendantt. Not terminated.
Pkb'bOpbbi-howe. The Love Chase, last
nUlit, In the band, of Mr. and 31 ; j. Conway and the
balAuiceof tlietoiniMuy.ai this aplendid establish,
tneiit.waaan exu-lUut porf.iromui'o, and paaeed off
I".tbBtdelllitiiran ho witnessed it. To-night
Schiller treatpUyf Tuc tl. 'Bens, will be produced,
In connection will, the exi-i-H-nt Itrce, A Pliasant
MitOHBus. lu which .Vdile Proctor and Duvldge both
appear. ...
Wood's Theater. An immense bill is of
fered to-night at this cnayand comfortable theater
tor tb.B bani.1t an I laat at poaranco of Mr. P. Bichinge,
aim Muwatt's elegant comedy uf Fashion will be
prodiued, wlihCarrle In the character ol '-Gertrude"
and Mr. Iticliliigs aa "Ailum Trurumn," ti, be fol
lowed by tha Uunme Fhii NVirxaud NVasuinotox.
National Theater. Richard III was pro
duced last night at tbe Katiouel, In connection with
the lust act of filar ano HabuCihiti, to a flue au
ilicnce, and tbe aaiue bill will be presented to-ulgbt
for the benefit uf Mr. J. B. Robert. Air. B Is an
excelleut actor, aud deserves, as bo will undoubtedly
roceive, a crowded bouao.
Emith A Nixon's Hall. The concert of
tne urn Hundred, last nig lit, at tjmltu A Nixon's
Hill, wan well attended, and the performance passed
oil lu a very agreeable man nor. Jenny Twichell la
iuite a sweet-faced blonde, and her voice, which Is
an excellent contralto, is clear and deep, and sym
pathetic to a degree we did not expect to dud it. Her
luuueriiia oi juercunaute a ana, ill UUIbmento, was
u iuiirablii aad elicitod au encore. The company
aiipeiiv again to-night, and for the last time, iu au
excellent programme.
Democratic Coevemtiost. Pursuant to a
call from the President of the Democratic Conven
tion, held ou Monday nitcht, the delegates re-assembled
Id-it uljht at the City Hall, to nominate candi
date tor city Treasurer and Collector, those noml-n-'to
l un the previous evening having declined.
Thero being but one caudldate for each office, the
Coiivontluu proceeded to norainato the following
iloket b acclamation: Treasurer, Samuel Beynolds;
City Collector, Henry Turner.
To the Eoitobs or the Pbess : Several per
a. in having been busy in eircnlating a report to the
c fleet that I intend turn ing iui an Independent can
dldate fr City Clerk, at the next January election, I
wiab itdlatinctly understood that this statement is
not correct. I condemn those who ran independent
Out 8Hr, and I hold the same opinion in regard to
the matter now. H. i. WILoON.
Bkleased on Bail. Two men, J. Folks
and M. Hanion, from Morgan Connty, charged with
u-tsaiugcounterfeit money, were released by Judge
loonr, yesterday, on giving security in the sum of
toon for thtir appearauoe at the next term of the Cir
cuit Court.
Police Ooiibt. W. Livlnagton and J. John
am were each fined ftt 90 fordrnukenness and dis
orderly conduct, yoaterday morning, by Mayor Fo
Ur. . .
Fined roa Comuittino a Bbeaob or tbe
Peace. Collins, who assaulted a negro belonging to
Mr. Sontbgnte, a few day since, was fined $2 and
cuts, before Esquire Puyne, yesterday,
Sksterced. We were In error yesterday
v.hen westated that the case of Murphy, the burglar,
had been continued in the Circuit Court, at Alex
andria. Murphy ninde no defense, but entered a
idea of guilty, upon which he was sentenced to the
p itilteuiiary for a turm of four years.
Monetary and Commercial.
Third-street was quite animated yesterday
in spite of the very disagreeable weather, and Mon
eyed transactions were as numerous as nsual, Cur
rency was In bettor supply thuo for two days pre
vlous, but Inferior to tbe demand, which conttnned
active at tbe Bankers.
The Dlscount-hoiieus have more offerings of good
Paper than they can acconiiuo'late, and the names
In the street are difficult of negotiation ut any priee.
Kastorn Exchange was rather scarce yesterday, the
diiumid being above tbe quantity on hand. Deal,
on often paid 30c. premium, though M was the regti
l,r buying rate. Little is disposed of across the
counter, and bankers are forced to make it by seturn
ii f bank-notes.
tn Coin, Now Orleans Exchange, Time-bills and
Cncurreni Money we bear of no alteration.
The New Vorit news was again unfavorable fo
r"uiur yesterday; and the market was quiet here.
Whisky was dull and Ho. lower. The demand for
Hugs was brisk, and prices were 111 per cent bigber,
tlie sales reaching l.tut head. A better demand from
upoctiliLlors was experienced tor Mesa Pork, but buy
ers anil holders could not agree on prtoes. Other
Provieiona were firm. Grnlus were steady, as was
evory other article in the market.
The imports and exports for the twenty-hours end
ing yesterday noon were;
lai'oitrs.-Klour, 2.411 brie.; Whleky, 1,340 brie.;
Corn, ,M7 bushels; Wheat, 3,173 bushels; Oats, 293
bti.bela; Barley, 1,51'J bushels; Hoga. 6,399 head; Mo
lioiacs,3brls.; Ooflee, 411 bugs: Apples, llabrls.; But
i.r, 'Jo kegs; Chocso, l.tal boxes; llay, 3us bales;
Potatoes, 433 brls.; SalV72 brls. '
UxnieTs. flour, 1,071 bids.; Whisky, I.OM brls,;
Wheat, 337 bnsliela; Barley, fil; Sugar, oihtida.; Mo"
I. usea, M brls ; Colleo, 371 bags; A pples, 1.11 brie ; But
I r 176 kega; Cheese, 93 boxes; Potatoes, 19 brie.; Salt,
WObrls. ,
Thursday's Now York Times observes In regard to
Thursday hist: '
In the Discount market there la a little more firm
neaa shown on 4ti mouth's paper, and the exoep
tlonsbelow7percent pernnniuii.even onverycholce
names, are rare. Hills hearing (xit,'M days to rnu, of
the beat class, continue to be done, outside ol Bank,
nt sgeatf percent. Ou tcmporaay loan tbe rates for
Money among the Stock Brokera are, as usual or I ate.
Steeper cent., itti a good Inquiry in particular
iiiarteracarlyin the day, at thaontiide figure. There
vils not munb douo in nxcbunge for the liambttrg
sioamer sailing to-morrow, but some parcels of Bull
Ion will go by bur for London aud Paris, to laud at
i-outhamiiton, say $100,000 In Gold and $so,uoo in
Tbe Bottou Pott, la Its weekly review of Finance,
Tbe Indications are that at the close of tbe year
Money will he rathor closer thau it has recently been.
In Boston, to be sure, there Uuo unfavorable chango
us yet; and, indeed, tbe demand lor Money ia tempo
rarily leas than that which has been lately current.
Hut Exchange with New York la ruling against thla
city, and our bank specie has declined to less than
tiro millions. Tho aggregate can nrt be furtli.r di
minished to any extent, without inducing some little
contraction, which Is likely to be increased by the
goneral feeling In favor of small transactions anil
clone settlements at New York,
NswYobrCatti.t. Maseit. Thursday morning,
December 1 : The Live Stock marketa have been well
supplied during I ho week, but were not overstocked,
aa haa been the case moat of the time during
the autumn. For the week ending yenterday,
tbe total receipts at the regular yards of lire anlmale
deatloed for slaughter, numbered: Beef cattle, 4,313;
veal calves, 635; .beep and lambs, 14,430; swine, 14,406;
aleo of milch cows, 115. Total of all kinds, M,30
an excess of 4,120 over tbe previous week, being an
increase of 314 beeves, 23 rows, IA veals, 946 sheep,
and 3,004 ewine. At yesterday's general weekly mar
ket, beeves sold at first rather better than last week,
but cloaeddull, with 300 unsold tbe last sale being
b -low the average of the provioue market. Tbe best
cows sold at a little advance: poorer grades fro off
slowly. Veala rather dull at former quotations.
Sheep and lambs iu good demand, and slightly im
proved iu price. Swlue tn good demand, at last
week's rates.
KI.OUK-Tho market waa scant to-day, thi
weather being bad, aud the accounts from New
York, at'olii unfavorable. The sales wero 70O brls.,
at 55 li for good superfine, and $5 ivas so for ex
tra, lloldera were generally firm, but buyers were
holding back.
WUISK Y-The market was dull to-day, and prices
He. lower: sales of 1,300 brls, at 21o., and 174 do,
II. P. at 3l)4o.
HOGS The demand was quite brisk on 'OhaDge,
and prices were fully 10 per cent, higher. The
tales were: .
170 head averaging liiO lbs.' at..... to 10
314 head averaging 2:10 lbs. at 6 ft
3H0 bead averaging 31" lbs. at....n.......n.. UH
m head averagiug W&m lbs. at...... 6 10
3. VI head averaging 22.' lbs. at ......... t 36
460 bead averaging 220 lbs, at ........ 2iH
At I he close heavy flogs were held at $6 30. Tbe
receipts during tbe last twenty-four hour were 7,000
rltOVISIONS There was an improved speculative
demand for mesa Pork, and plenty of bnyere at 116
for future delivery, bnt sellers asking higher rates.
Good br.imla, on the spot, could have been sold at
tfl.t 7 but 416 waa the asking price; 600 brls. sold at
815 7."), to be delivered next week. 4,000 pieces green
Meats sold at 5ig.l 15-ltme. for Shoulders, and So. for
Hams. For good weather, 4M and xHc. are asked for
Shoulders and llama. Hi) hhds. bulk Shoulders sold
at M4c Lard is held at lOMc.
GROCKKIKH-Tlio demand is fair and tho supply
good: sales of 100 hhds. Sugar at 79IS.c: 3U0 brls,
Molasses at 46c, and :l bags Coflee at 12imi3o.
WHBAT-Tbe market is nnii, with a good demand.
We quote prime white at St 3W&I 25, and prime red
at Si iol IS: sales of 3tlbuab. prime while at Si 35.
COBN-The market continues llriu, with a good
demand at 4546c.
OATS The market Is firm, with a good demand,
and light receipts: sales of 600 bushels. In bulk, at
4. TC. . . , . .
. BARLBY The demand continnes active, and
prices firm at 76c. for prime fall: sales of 1,600 busb.
prime fall at 75c.; 1,500 do. at T4c; 200 do. fair do, at
BYE The market Is firm, with a food demand:
sales of 400 bushels prime at 780.
CHEKHK The market is firm, with an active de
mand: sale of 380 boxes Western Beerveat9c.
BUTTER-The demand onntluues fair, and prices
firm at 1KSII70. for rolU sales or 80 brls. fair to prime
roll at 14l6c.
APPLES There Is a fair demand, and pricte firm
at our last nuotatlona.
POTATOES There Is a good domand, and prices
firm at II 60 per bushel for prime Neahanocke.
CBANBKK11IKS-There 1 a fair demand at 113
6414 for fair to prime, full barrels.
CLOVER SRKO-Xhe demand la aotive at frill
prices: sales of 50 brls. at $4 75; 66 sacks at B4 6A, and
68 do, at E4 76. ,
rUw Yob Mahsit. December 3 P. M.-Flonr
doll and heavy, and ioc. lower: sales of 12.000 brls.,
at ti loinei 13 for superllue State; $5 S?45 8f for
extra Statu; 3 10CJ5 20 fiu; superfine Western; ?.l .10
Ify'i 40 for common to medium extra do,, and (A 660
6 at for Inferior to good shipping brands extra round
hoop Ohio market closing dull and tendency down,
wnnl. Canadian Klour without specific chance:
sales of 201) brla. at 5 4t5 6 lor common to choice
extra, live Klour In fair request at $3 76r4 35.
Wheat dull and heavy, and 1&7c. lower: sales of
I4,iii bushels. atil23X($l 24 for Mllwankle Club;
Si 41)1; lor good white Canadian; $1 28 for common
winter red Western shippers are only buying snfrl
eient to complete old freight engagement. Bye very
dull at MA$90c. Barley plenty and heavy: salee of
U,w bushels, at r.tgtfto. for Western; 707o. for
Plate; 7fts. tor Canada East. Corn trifle better salee
id 13,000 bush, at siVSeTc. for new yellow, and VidMe.
for old yellow. Oats heavy at 46(4c for State,
Western and Canadian. VVhlaky without material
change: sales of 700 brls at 26o. Pork Pretty firm:
Mies of 3,450 brla. at ftl is tor mtus; til nQU
for prime-inclndlug 1,000 brla. mens, sellers ostlon
January and February, at f 16 25, and 1,000 barrels,
sellers option all the month, at ill oil. Beer steady
ud unchanged: sales of but brls. at 54(34 90 for coun
try prime; S.'5 w for do. mtu; 0 for old and new
packed mess; SlOJOpJll 50 for extra mess. Dressed
Ilnge dull atWts)7o, Beef Hama quiet: eales of 60
l. irrula new Weatirn at 114. 60. Prime mess Beef
iilt at 8I7&I9. Cnt Meats doll. Bacon steady
..lee of 100 boxes long-rlllil Middles at to. Lard
aleady aud nuchnnged: nlr of W0 brls. at I1)
mHo. Including bis barrol. prim ketlle.rendered
Western, for January and Fobrnary.at loKo. Butter
quiet and steady, at HlSc. for Ohio, and 142le
for State. Cneeee steady at 6fllc. Cotton market
la weak, ny !'0 bale sold at Ho. for friends, h on
quiet at J.E'eJ.W Leatherdiooplng. Oila qulfl: Lin
,.nl at Wip.'ieo ; Lard Oil at 87&M0. Bide heavy:
i ilea of Buenos Ayrea at 23c. Tobacco unchanged:
tales of Keutncky at 512o. Tallow lower; ealea at
l'OitBinlio. Wool firm, eales of 60,000 pound fleece
it' 1o5o. Sugar quiet but firm; salee of few Or
I na at 7Me&. fur u-w and old. Moloues arm at
Biltimou Habket, Decern Ler 1 Hour ou!t at
37. Wheat declining for white: sales at II 3 ,
I 3ft for prime, and 8l 40I 46 for choice, Cora quiet
at Wt'':. lor new, and 6HO. for old. Provisions
quiut. Mess Pork I5 7318; primo 911. Lardaotlra
ot loMcftluc Whisky 36Mc
New Oblbaws Ma a set, December J. Cotton
steady, with sale of 18,000 bale, at luVftll for mid
dling qualities. Corn Is steady, at 76c. for prim
white. Lard, In kegs, is quoted at 12 Ho, fer new.
Cofiee I steady: prime Bio at 10Hf412io. Sal of
I he week, 18,600 aacka; stock at Mw Orleans 6,(0,
agal net 18,600 last year.
Steamboat Register.
AaaiVAU -Cllpper, Bis Sandy; Magnolia, Mars
vllle; Illim Gray. Kanawha: Telegraph, Loolvvljle;
Forest Queen, Madison; Dnnlelth, Seville; Vir
ginia Home, Nevelle; Swallow, Pwkersborg; Qrar
igl, Pomeroy,
PtPiriTFRts. Clipper, Big Bandy; Magnolia,
Jluyivllle; Forest Queen, MauTson; Telegraph, Lou-I-vllle;
Diinleiih, Neville; Virginia Home, Neville;
Courier, Wheeling.
CM. BHBABS A CO., SaWm-room Noa, 67 and AS
Miilu.strcet.-Groo.rles, Ao., at Auction. We will
II, on SATUBDAI MOBNINO, Deeember S, at
o'clock, a general assortment of Groceries, Ac., eon
niallugof 240 kegs Nails, 60 do. Soda, 1, MO bundle
0. 91 . aud D. C. Paper, 50 doiea Washboards, 130 do.
Buckets, 60 boxes dandle, 50 do. German Soap, J
do. Palm Soap, 30 do. Fancy Soap, 60 brls. Smoking
Tobacco, 76 colls Manilla Cordrge, 100 box Virginia
ALSO-Bope, Indigo, Nutmegs, Ground Spies
Glassware, Tubs, Twine, 4o. w ,
ivt a. BHAiiHEABS A CO., Auctioneers.
Th. W. Farrin & Co.
thattheyaresellirut lumber at their yard oe
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Railroad,
Than any other Lumber Dealers n the city.
"Quick Sales and Small -Profits
They submit the following list of price!
Cash. Mo'
Clear lnmbor,all thicknesses, J In. roeas $37 60 40 to
Iktst Common, and 2 inch Plaukv 28 00 l 0 .
Beat " 1 inch Boards....... 23 76 25 o.
rvwond " all tblakneee...., 16 60 17 t.
Third " Boarda............,..., 11 60 u )
Grub Plauk, face nieasnre. - 32 50 at m
llomlock Joist, Scantling and Timber.... II 60 U so
Poplar " ' " ' 12 60 li 06
First Common Flooring Boards............... to 00 St sn
r?i)Oond " " " .... 73 26 on
Third " " " ....... 18 80 (in
First Common Weather Board .-..... IS no 17 Hi
Seoond " " " .M-.-.-.. 12 00 U On
1'i-dar Posts, 4 by 4, feet, per hnnrired.M. 56 00 eo On
Cedar " for fencing, " " m. 30 00 SS sa
Lut " " " SO 00 22 JO
A further reduction of 1H per cent, will be made on
bills of $300 or more.
We have one of the largest and beat selected stocks
of Limber In the Cincinnati market, whioa we offer
for aale at tne aoove price.
ww an the shortest notice, and Is tbe latest anA
most fashionable style, all kinds of
Job Printing
O -L IL ID ;
n fikb sttls at modbbati mucm.
New Mode of Ventilation!
. Call and See One of
. ,' , PATENT
Heating and Ventilating Pninacefi,
' la operation at '
Store Ware-rooms, Nog. 51 and M Vine-si.,
(Below Columbia.)
Sawyer & Co,
1 ' (nosay
. MaBtitaotnrer and Wholesale Dealer fa
Seape, Perfumery, Faaey eeews. ,
e,JLa - examining my Stock will Snd that I
am selling lower than any other bouse In the stty.
ner of riftk i and Weetera-row. Pbotograpbt,
elsewhere In the city. . OllOolored Pbotosrrmpb
made of all sites, from life to tbe smallest miniature.
Dlnl... ..- . I. T . . - n . . m .
' .:iv in uiiAia, oreaai-pina, s ingw-
rings and Bracelets. All work warranted,
uole-ay , . A. 8. BLOOM, Arttot.
1M Maln-etiMt, three sleere ttkere ThM,
DKB all k nds of Bone Trappings, In tbe best
and moat substantial manner. Abo, a large assort
ment of Horse Blast ets, Whip, Carpet and Leather
Bags, Bridle Bits. Cnffalo Robes, Vallea (the tea)
sole leather), Mall Trunk, SMtus.An4 a I art as
sortment belonging to this Be. I will sell sate
a the lowest.
a D. I. CAllIOI-
MMert r-- j. i i r-

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