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I published dally, ( Bondays excepted,) bp
:"'; 7 " FB0PB1KC0B8.
trioa-ao. u wilt roviti-iTiui,
IBM PIHNT PBESSb delivered to sobseribers la
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, and sur
rounding cities and towni, at the ex
tremely low prloe of
men or mailiho:
Single copies .; 1 month Iflo.-, S months til I year it.
cobskb sixth aso vinb-stbikts.
Join A. Elulii, J a.. Bole lessee and Manager,
- MONDAY EVENING, Dm. , will be presented
IMcheas's beautirul and affecting play of
Os, Tui CaioxiT 01 the Heists.
Dot Mrs. EUsler
John lorlblD8le.,.M.fMM....iMMiiAlr. Iiangdon
0reb Pluramer............... M.......M...ljllsler
Edward Plummer....... e 1 1 (M 0 10 SB II 0e to Its MOOS 0 Hall
Tackle ton Hano
Mertha - ......... Miss Annls Walt
May Fielding ..,. . ...... ..Miss Irving
Tilly Slow boy..... M 1m Denhani
Mrs Fl'ldiug HMMMH..Mrt Gilbert
The tlrlcket )
The Cradle -Engaged for the occasion
The Kollle........ ;
Dunce by Mini Kate Pennoyer
To conclude with the successful play, In four tat.
lesux, of
Ob, The Massacbb or St. Babtholoxiw.
M arteau ........ ... JLen gdon
I)e Babigne ................. .....llain
Madeline lira. lllalor
In active nhearsul, a now aad gorgeous spectacle,
including an inconceivable dlaplay ot Kasteru ana
Oriental magnificence. Alio, one of the most Inter
esting and poweifulof dramas, written expressly for
i his thoator. Due notice will bo given of it first
Poors open at X; Curtain rises atTJjf o'olook.
Pan ics or Admission Drees Circle and FaMuette,
HI coots; Gallery, Scents,
The Manager takes pleasure in announcing to the
public that he has made an engagement, for fow
nights oul, wltut ho great juvenile actor, .
Master Alfred Stewart,
Having no superior lu the delineation of the Irish
character on the A met lean stage.
THIS (Monday) EVENING, December 5, will be
noted the farce of
Mr. Mouier . Bernard
Beteey Bakor Mrs. 0. Henri
After which the oomedy of
Oh, Tea Ikishwam's Fostuki.
, Faudeen O'Bafferty (with songs of
"Oruskeeu Lawn," "Trust to "
Lnok" and "Sot Myself at All,") Mast. A. Stewart
Oordoo Medley Miss Jennie Bight '
to conclude with the laughable faros of
Fat BooDey.....,....,.,.. Mast. A. Btewart
Julia Ledger -tills L. Graham
THE HKW NATIONAL HOTKIi, adjoining the
Theater, Is now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
NOT ICB. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
nut a written order, signed by the Manager.
ijhas.M. Barrtu Manager.
f Ot WwUnDlMMHSIMtlMMIII SISISII. Stage Director.
THIS (Monday) KVENINO, Deo. 8, will be pre.
Rented, lor the first time in this city, a new comedy
by Sterling Coyne, and nowaotingln London and
ow Vork to crowded houses, entitled
Hons. Jk'rnird. .............. ........... Conway
Kir Croesus Hat bottle ..,Davidg
LordjjVavenden. swimi oeseiso ei s os o ssi sees . . Hull
Mr; Wormley ............. Sheridan
Mopps (a landlord). I MOI SOS 110040 SI lOIIS, Lanagan
Marian Leeson - ....Mrs, Conway
Lady Hnrbottle e set mom t s a s t s Mrs. Placo
Lady Lavcuder - Mrs. Wilkin
Jlloettc s a I IfMMMI I Mo I OS Miss Stanley
far bars.. ...,.....,.....,,..,,,..... Mrs. Jennings
To conclude with tha laughable farca of the
Margery . -..-..Miss A. Proctor
.V)uslo Joe ....,.....,....... Davidge
Lord Plato..- ...,.Lanagan
Wr Wm. Kvergreen Dickson
r In active re hearsal and will shortly be pro.
ducod, with a grand star combination cast, new and
gorgeous armors, new scenery, properties, aud the
wholo of Locke's famous music, tthaltspears's sub.
lime tragedy of MAOBETH.
fairs o AnnusiON. Paruuotte Circle, Parquette
5nd Balcony, 50 cents; Amphitheater, 24 cents;
rivalB Boxos for eight persons, ft.
Doors open at M o'clock ; commence at 7M,
Box Office open from It) A. II. until 4 P.M., where
seatscan be secured. J. F. HEBHttKT, Treas'r.
Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 5 aud 6.
mi.-, ai.i if .it
liiu viu uiuiurcu:
IROF. D. 0. HALT.,
"The Magic Echoes. "
T For particulars sec programmes.
Doors open at t o'clock. Concert to commence at
V4P.M. deob
DLE and F. LONG, at the
Corner of Eighth and Freeman-streets,
On (he iltli of December, 1839.
Jommittkb or AnsAKOtKKNTS-W. H. Helmau, L,
Dflblusoii, W. J. James, A. Thorpe.
MAMiosis-Sergeaut J. B. Moore-, W. Wollenhop,
r. P. Ditchen, F. Ditchen, J. Flagg, W. Weist.
Cnpt. H. F. BABDIEN, Chief.
W. J. STEPHKNHOM, Ass't Chief.
Positively do gentleman admitted without a lady.
Tickets One Dollar. delli
New Mode of Ventilation!
(.'II and See One ef
Heating and Ventilating Furnaces,
In operation t
Iter Wereroomi, Not. 1 and 6J Vine-st.,
lueiow uoiumpia.)
Sawyer & Co.
109 Maln-traet, three doors above Third.
JL. DUB all k nds of Hons Trapping., In th best
and moot substantial manner. Also, a large assort,
of Hnrmi BlaaVets. Whins. Carpet and Leathei
Hags, Bridle Bits. Dafi'aio Bobes, Valises (the real
sole-leather), Mail Trunks, Hpong. and l a largo as
sortment twlonglng to this line. I will sell as lo
as ths lowest. .
1). 8. UAitlUVJa.. .
WM. K. HEWSON, of the laU firm of
OHcwsonft Holme, willronHnne the Commis
sion, Stock and Bill Brokeraho biulness, at their old
st rrot. U solicits a cont Inuance of the business here
tofore so liberally bestowed on the old flrni, uestam
VOL 2. NO. 91.
Little Mum. Night Exprms, 8:00 a. m.; Accout
tnodatlon, 2:4A p. a.; Day express, 6:36 r. u.
IlOIANlPOLlS AitO GlNClMllATI. 11:16 A. M.i 5:10 T.
it.i 1:40A. m.
Ohio ad Mi811mippi.-3:25 a. n.; 11:15 a. st.i 10:19
Cincinnati, Hamiltoi: asd Dayton.-7:45 a. h.; 11:08
. A. m.; 12:62 r. a.; 6:32 p. a.; 8:50 p. u.
M.iietta Ann Cincinnati. 11:20 a. a.; :2 p. M.
Rion nqho asd Indiasapolis. 12:50 u. 6:55 r. a.
Littli Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. a.; Accom
modation, 4:40 P. u.i Might Express, U:3UP. a.
Ikdianapoiis AMD CINCINNATI .-6:50 A. a.; l.':45 p.
a.; 7:10 p.m.
Ohio anb Mississippi. 7:20a. a.; 2:00 p.m.; 7:30p.m.
Cincinnati, Hamilton anb-Dayton. 6:00 A. M.; 7:30
A. M.l 10:00 A, a.; 3:40 p. a.; 6:30 p. a ; 11:30 p. a.
Mabiktta and Cincinnati. 8:40 a. h.; 3: lu p. m.
BlCBMOWD AND iMJIANAPQtlB. 6:00 A. M.j 3:40 P. U.
$3P How to got ink out of linen jerk an
editor out of his shirt.
JslT Vermont paid from her State Troasnry,
last year, $500 for killing beara.
Je3r?unoh sayi: The husband reigns, bat It
is the wife who governs.
jj9The Washington St&tae Fair, at Boa
ton, oloied on Thursday evening, haying net
ted nearly $14,000.
TThere are large plantations of pea
nuts in. California, and the article will event
ually be exported in oonsiderable quantities.
"I'm all heart." aaid a military officer to
his comrades. "Pity you're not part pluck,"
aaui uia superior m cuuiuianu, :
90a Saturday last nlnety-aeven work
men, inoluding forty-two ihlp oarpsnters,
were discharged from the Gosport (Ve.) Navy
yard. eVMaoauly has two volumes more of his
Eutory of Enyland nearly ready for the press,
but it is believed that they will not be pub
lished thia season.
$k street fight ooourred In Norfolk, Va,,
the other night, between the editor of the Day
Booh and a shoe dealer named L. L. Briok
houio. JSIhe four Georges of the House of Han
over lived to be old men. George I diod at
83; George II at 77; George III at 82, and
George IV at 83.
3EffSir 'William and Lady Don, tho foinrer
well-known here for his eooentricitles, have
concluded a suocevsful engagement at the Royal
Amphitheater, Liverpool.
E9Tbo English and Amerioans rarely
bathe tholr boraos, but in Prussia it is the
custom to attach to the cavalry barracks a ca
psolous basin for swimming the horses.
EsT-One song at the Schiller festival lu the
Crytsal Palace, at Sydenham, England, was
sung by one thousand male and femalo voioes,
and twosty thousand people heard It.
. k locomotivo on one of the prlnoipal
railways has been adorned with the title: "I
till live." That's more than many of the
passengers can say at the end of the journey.
Mr. B. R. Ferry, residing near Ports
mouth, Va., while out deer-hunting, last Fri
day, discovered a very large panther's tracks,
measuring nearly six inches from heel to toe.
pSrli the gentleman who keeps a shoe
store with a red head, will return the um
brella of a young lady with an ivory handle,
he will hear of lomothing to her advantage.
"A man named Jacob Gramholtz was
arrested last week in Philadelphia on the
charge of passing counterfeit money, and
after being placed in his cell hung himself,
Sk German, Joseph Lengenberger, a
married man, has been arrested at Bridgeport,
Conn., for the teduotion of a girl 14 years old,
and procuring abortion, which resulted in her
9Creolmano, the young prima donna
whom Strakosoh brought to this country to
make a sensation, has returned to Europe, dia-
f;usted, no doubt, with America, beoause of her
allure here.
Of a person who was a sordid miser, it
was told Mr. Curran, that he had set out from
Cork to Dublin with one shirt and a guinea.
" Yob," said Curran, " and I will answer for it
he will change neither of thorn till he returns."
35fA splendid dinner was given In honor
of Charles Sumner, at the Revere House, in
Boston, recently, whloh was attended by prom
inent gentleman from all parts of Massachu
setts. SThe Kingstree (S. C.) Star of a late
date says two straggling printers from the
North were caught at the depot last night in
company with some negroes, and rode out of
town this morning on a rail.
$5TAn enthusiastic gentleman, in speak
ing of the courage of his beloved, said: "She
would walk to a cannon's or a lover'a mouth
without shrinking in the least." We trust
not, however, without a tremor, at least on
her lips. '
StTA young lady of New Orleans, who re
oontly performed a remarkable feat of row
ing, has beea presented with a yawl. A
$mak would have been more appropriate. On
her lips, or where?
JST'Cbarles F. Pond, of Hartford, Conn.,
President of the Hartford and New Haven
(Conn.) Railroad, distributed four hundred
turkeys and ohickens to the poor in that city
on Thanksgiving Day. .
xTCbai. Kingaley has nearly eompleted
a new novel, which mar be expected in the
spring. The subject is different from most of
fllr. KiDgsieyg notions, consequently more
than unusual Interest la felt among critics for
its appearance.
pSFNt, James Augustus St. John is en
gaged on A History of England, whlob, from
peculiar souroes of information he has, will
throw much new light over the era previous to
the Conquest. The work will be in six or
seven volumes. '
fSFTh new opera-house, which Louis
Napoleon means shall be the finest in the
world, haa been definitely docided upon. It
will oooupy one side of the square whloh is to
be made opposite the bead of the Rue de la
ffSFk late letter from Paris says: "On Fri
day the Emperor went out shooting with Prince
Mettcrnloh. His Majesty brought down one
hundred and fifty birds, &o. Tho Prlnoe, no
doubt to maintain the family reputation for
diplomacy, modestly oontented himself with
one hundred and thirty."
jE9The Boston papers notion a brilliant
levee given on the evening of November 29,
at the resldenoe of Hon. J. M. S. Williams,
at Cambridge, in honor of Senator Wilson,
prior to his departure for Washington. Cards
of Invitation bad been issued for twonty-three
hundred persons.
0sraan Pacha has just received, as a
present from the Pope, his Holiness'a por
trait engraved on onyx and richly mounted.
Serviocs rendered by Osraan when in office
at Tripoli, with respect to the erection of a
Roman Calhrillc Convent, have procured him
this favor. : : .
The Burial of Washington Irving—Impressive
and Solemn Scene at Tarrytown
—Funeral Obsequies.
The funeral of Washington Irving took place
on Thursday at Tarrytown, N. Y. It was an
occasion long to be remembered. Business
was suspended ; stores were closed ; from al
most every house mourning drapery was hung;
the bells of the oburohes tolled lor tome hours.
From the surrounding country and from New
Tork and other cities, thousands of people as
sembled in and about the ohuroh, where the
funeral services took place. A procession, more
than a mile in length, followed the remains of
the deeeased to the grave, where, besides many
of the most distinguished men of New York
City, were nearly all the Episcopal clergy, in
oluding the Provisional Bishop of the Diocese.
The New York Common Council and the Trus
tees of the Astor Library were present; and
the Historical Sooiety was well represented.
The sarvlses in tho oliqrca and at the grave
were conducted by the Rev. Dr. Creighton,
pastor of the ohurch at Tarrytown, of which
Mr. Irving was a member.
From a lengthy aooount in Friday's 2W6une
we oondenae such particulars of the funeral as
we deem of interest;
The remains were on Thursday morning,
for the first time, placed in the coffin, and were
lying In the north-west parlor of the quaintly
gabled cottage, familiar to those who have
loved to read of Irving. To all was granted a
long, last look at the precious dust, ere it left
forever the spot where nis years were so ripe
and lustrous. Very few were present, except
the immediate family connections, it being
understood that no servioes were to be bold at
the house.
The body was robed in a plain blaok suit,
with white cravat and oollar, and as the light
struck the features of the deceased, it seemed
almost as if he were sleeping so calm and
smooth had the touch of death left them.
The face was thinner than we had seen it, bnt
there was the same repose, and the same im
aginative, noble brow. At the left of the
coffin hung the oelebrated portrait by Jarvls;
by its side were the oenter-tablo as be left it,
ooverod with books and his favorite ebair,
standing in the position where he oooupied it
last. It aoemed as if the grief of the bereaved
ones was tempered even there and then by the
thought of bis well rounded life, and tbe
euthanasy that was his lot.
At about 12 M. the family proeeBsion left
Sunnyside, with the body, winding through
the lovely grounds to the east, and then two
miles north, ovor a road linod with beautiful
trees and mansions, to the village of Tarry
town. Tai FcNinAb Procession. About 2 P. M.
the procession was formed to convey tho re
mains to their laat reiting-plaoe. It moved
in the following order: 1st. Tho Clorgy; 2d.
Pallrbearers; oj. The Hearse; 1th. Relatives
and invited guests ; 6th. Tho Common Coun
cil of the City of New York; oth. Scholars of
the Irving Institute, to the number of about
one hundred, on foot; 7th. Citizens in general.
The procession itself was about one-quartor of
a mile in length, and many hundreds, beside,
had already gathered in the Cemetery prior to
its arrival. Moving still northward, with the
silvery Hudson and the nestling village ever
in view, it passed the Andre Monument on
the left, and so on for a mile, to the lovely
hill where the Tarrytown Cemetery lslooated.
The streets through which it moved were
draped with mourning, as, indeed, were the
shops and dwellings throughout the place ;
the flags at the river side were at half-mast ;
the church-bells tolling, and all business ap
peared to be suspended for the day.
Mount Pleasant Cemctsev. This burying
ground is romantically looated on a hill over
looking the famous "Sleepy Hollow," where
the bridge of the "Headless Horseman" is
still pointed eut. Near the entrance is the
old Dutch Church alluded to by Mr. Irving in
hie works. It was erected In 1090, by "Fred.
Phillipse and Catherine Van Courtlandt, his
wife," so says tbe ancient tablet. The lot of the
Irving family has a south elevation on the
south-west side of the ground, and commands
the loveliest view of the Hudson anywhere
obtainable. In it are already deposited the
ashes of William Irving and wife the parents
of Washington; his brothors, Peter and Wil
liam, and tho wife of the latter, and the wife
and three children of General Eb. Irving, the
surviving brother of the deceased.
Tnr BsnEAVED Family. General Ebenezer
Irving, the surviving brother of the deceased,
is eighty-six years old, and was consequently
Washington's senior by ten years. lie feels
keenly the shock of hia brother's death, hav
ing thought that, in the course of nature, his
own summons would have been the first. His
three unmarried daughters, Catharine, Julia
and Mary, are the nieces who have kept house
for the deceased, and tenderly cheriBbed and
lightened his declining ago. Another daugh
ter, Sarah, is the wile of William Grinnell,
Esq., of Havana, N, Y. His son, tbe Rev.
Pierre M. Irving, of Brighton, Staten Island,
was tho last person to whom Mr. Irving spoke
before his death. The Rev. Theodore Irving,
also of Staten Island, is another son and
there are two others whose names we did not
obtain. Pierre P. Irving, Esq., nephew- of
the deceased by an older Mother, and brother
of Mrs. Moses H. Grinnell, forms one of the
bereaved family of Sunnyside.
Ma. IaviNu's Last House. Those who
have seen much of Mr. Irving, for some lime
past, say that he retained to the last his erect
ness of posture and noble bearing. A few
days before his death, while suffering painfully
from the astbmatlo attack which hastened it,
he stooped a very little only, as if from weak
ness in the ohest. His death was wrongly re
ported as having- taken place at 8 o'olock on
Monday' evening. .He conversed with his
usual spirits, and mingled in the family
amusements, until about 10 o'clock, when he
rose to retire, and had prooeeded as far as his
bed-chamber, on the second story, before he
fell In death.
Wabhinoton Ijivikb as a Citizsi. Mr. Ir
ving could well abide the judgment of his fel-low-townemon.
Not alone - the wealthy, well
read residents who have so enhanoed the na
tural beauties of the vloinity of Sunnyside by
their exquisite summer haunts, and revered
and loved him with an intellectual sym
pathybut the humbla villagers and larmers,
to whom he was so well known, were among
the truest mourners that followed him to his
The genial nertonnef the broad, loving, hu
man heart of Washington Irving Improssed
alike all elasses that knew him. Many a one
was heard to speak, yesterday, of his gentle
ness of bearing, his kindly words to the suffer
ing, his clear grey eyes, his sunny smile.
" Sir," said one old resident of Irvlogton, who
had greeted him almost dally for many years.
" the poor of this vicinity have lost the best
friend they ever had. There never was an ap
plicant for relief at Sunnyside, whom Mr. Ir
ving knew to be worthy, that went away empty
handed. He visited the sick in affliction, and
waa a friend to the widow and the fatherless.
No one hereubout can aay a word exoept In bis
prslse. Ho was a pure man, and as great to
us in every day life, as to tbe world that hon
ored him."
Tbi Widow or Balzac Mabriid. The
widow of Balzac is married to Gigoux, the
S sinter and expert of the Louvre. The con
itlon of tbe marriage is singular enough.
The lady Is to retain the name of Balzac, even
in singing legal documents, sad to be called
In her domestie circle by no other name than
that of her first hnsband, from whose glory
the will not depart.
Dkath or, a Fsmalb Misbb in Ah bah a.
The Mobile papers record the death of a sin
gular character in that city, Mrs. Farat Mo
ran, who was found dead at her residence.
The -Rfiuieroflate date, says: "Mrs. Moran
had been living in tho house where she died
for some years, and often locked herself op
for days at a time, and never allowed any of
her neighbors to visit her. Notwithstanding
that she had plenty of this world's goods, she
lived apparently in extreme poverty. Some
of her neighbors, not seeing her since Satur
day last, were influenced to Inquire into the
matter. They found her on her bed, dead,
nd from the decay of her body she had evi
dently been dead several days. We believe
that she was a native of this place, and of
Frenoh descent, and about seventy years of
A Goldsii Widdiko m Massachusetts.
The Boston Pott contains an acoount of a golden
gathering which took place in the village of
Boston on ths 14th Inst. The ocoasion was
the eighty-third birth-day of Moses C.Dunbar,
and the fiftieth anniversary of hia wedding.
His two sons, Col. Peter and T.J.Dunbar,
together with their wives, eons and daughters,
and so on In the line of relationship to the
great-great-great grandsons and daughters, to
the number qf about sixty, surprised the aged
eouple by approaching their dwelling in squads
of about ten eaoh, from dificrent directions and
at different periods of time eaoh group loaded
with the good things of this life.
Anot&ib Ladt Gat Spaiikb. Lady Stam
ford, who, it seems, oonsiders herself, and with
every reason, too, a first-rate steeple-chaser,
finding few can surpass 'her dsring, or defeat
her in a long run, has, (says the Court Cir
eular,) with the chlvalrio mettle of more
primitive days, challenged another lady, re
nowned for her oross-oountry daring, and who
presumes herself a mighty huntress before
her liege lord, to an equostrian tournament
aorosa a rather difficult oountry for 600 a
side. . The ohallenge has been, we bolievo, ao
cepted, and tbs trial botwoeu the fair oppo
ponents will come off shortly. Tbe scene of
this interesting wsger is in the oounty of
Rrv. Hesbv A. Wist, jb. An exohauge
says of this young clergyman, second son of
the Governor of Virginia: "He has already
taken a high stand among the pulpit orators
of his age. Ilis sermons (which are delivered
without notes, or at least auy reference to
them) are remarkable for their terseness of
style, and chaste and fervid eloquence setoff
by a face of unmistakable intellectuality, a
voice at on oo Jeep, soft, and impaasi"ned, and,
a line delivery. Mr. Wise is now tho pastor
in charge of the Church of tho Savior iu
West Philadelphia."
Drunkenness i Avstbalia. The author ol
Southern Liyhtt and Shallow says: "My own
profession in Australia affords many awful
instances of the same charaoter as those I have
cited of line, regal minds drowned like the
royal Clarence, in a wine oaek, I have scon a
man, with a heart as fine and tender as a
woman's, and a genius and scholarship which,
I think, would be considered rare in the high
est oircles in England, lying drunk and insen
sible in a tavern, his pockets drained to their
last farthing, and his Apollo lips pressed upon
the dust."
Tan American Operations at Ssiiahtofol.
A letter dated Sebastopol, Crimea, October
23, says : "We are quite busy in raising the
big ships, and I assure you it is hard work.
We have raised eleven ships-of-the-line, anil
twenty-four smaller ships, such as frigates,
corvettes, gun-brigs and steamers." He gives
a Bad account of the immorality of tho people
now inhabiting Sebastopol, and expresses an
earnest longing to once more enjoy our Sew
England Sabbath. Another year will probably
be required to accomplish tho undertaking of
the company.
Heavy Damauks Auainot a Railway Cosi-i-ANV.
In the case of Ogier vs. The Pennsyl
vania Railroad, tried in Chester County last
week, the jury rendered a verdict in favor of
Mrs. Ogier, the plaintiff, of $10,250, The
cars, it will be remembered, came in contact
with Dr. Ogier's carriage, and killed him on
the spot. Mr. Bond, who was also injured,
was awarded $500 damages.
Unrnviablk Zkal. Francis Keeyos, of
Alexandria, Va., made the rope to hang John
Brown, knit the noose with his own lingers,
and forwarded it at his own expense. He
should remember tho late of the inventor of
the guillotine, and the gentleman who ereoted
the gallows to hang Mordccal. We wonder
he did not petition Governor Wise for the
privilege of hanging Brown.
A Flomdan Assassinated at his own Firu
BiUK. Mr. James M. Sweat, a resident of
New River County, Florida, was Instanly
killed, some two weeks since, by a band of
assassins, who discharged four loads of buck
shot into his body, as he sat by his own fire
side. No cause is known for this bloody
butchery, nor is suspicion directed toward any
one in particular.
Ths Latb Editorial Dusllbss Duel. We
find the late editorial disagreement in this
city "going the rounds" in this form: Mr.
Geo. P. Buell, ol the Cinoinnatl 27mm, chal
lenged Mr. MuratHalstosd, of the Commercial,
on Monday, to fight a duel, Mr. Halstead
refused to fight, on the score of etiquette.
Droll way of putting It, la it not?
Two Railway Contractors Killing Each
Otbeb in a 6tbebt Fight. A bloody tragedy
has been reoently anaotad in Bowling Oroeii,
Ky. Ragin and Cummlngs, two railroad con
tractors, had a street fight, whloh resulted in
the immediate death of both parties, Wo did
not learn tha particulars, but understand the
difficulty originated from some trilling cause.
Richness or tbb North Carolina Corns
Mines. A company of gentlemen from Balti
more and New York passed through Ports
mouth, Va., recently, en route for the copper
mine 01 uuuioru, a, v. loess mines nave
been In operation about six months, and are
said to be perfectly auecsisful. The ore
amounts to about eighteen tuns per week.
Alleged Embbzzlsmbntin Missiestrn.D.
J. Sheppsrd was arrested recently in New
Orleans, charged by William D.Roy, Collector
of the port of Vicksburg, Miss., with having,
while acting as his olerk, embezzlod $5,000 or
$6,000, or upward, entrusted to him for safo
keeping and distribution. Bail in tho amount
of $5,000 was reouircd.
A High Compliment to a Bobs. The San
Francisco Time of the Vth, has the following:
That humbug and intolerable newspaper bore,
Stephen Massett, it is said, will make another
effort to gull the people of this oity to-night
If It don't rainj
Tebbiblb Result or Drunkenness. A
drunken German, at Lodi, N. Y., while his
wife was trying to get him to bed, a fow days
sgo, overthrew a lamp upon a trundle-bed, in
whloh his child, sged five years, was sleeping,
and the little fellow was burnt to death.
Homicide in Maryland, A man named
Watson waa killed In St. Mary's County, Md.,
on Friday night last, by another man named
Bragg, with whom he was on a spree. Bragg
was arrested, and li now in jsi),
Additional from Charlestown—More
Excitement on hand—Virginia Stock
Ordered Out.
Chablbstown, Va., December 2. Shortly
after tbe execution of Brown, and while his
body was being taken to the depot, great ex
citement was occasioned in tha town by tbs
arrival of a horseman, announcing that Wheat
land, the residence of George H. Turner, shot
at Harper's Ferry, was on fire, and that it was
extending to tho farm-buildings.
Wm. F. Thurner, who was in town, had left
home at ten o'olook. He said that several of
the horses had died very suddenly, and also
some sheep. It was supposed they had been
poisoned, and it was intended to have their
stomachs analyzed. The stook of Mr. Castle
man.aad Mr. Myers, in the same neighborhood,
had also died very mysteriously. The excite
ment was very great, and Colonel Davis had
tho Farouier Cavalry In readiness to go out and
inquire into the truth about the fire.
About the Election of Speaker.
Wabhinoton, December 312 M. Nearly
nil the South American members of the House
are now in conference. The probability is
that they will not rote for the plurality reso
lution relative to the election or Speaker, but
put forward their own candidate upon the
suffrages of other numbers of the House.
The Democrats will also probably agree not
to vote for the plurality resolution, the design
of many being to unite these two parties upon
an Amerioan oandidato.
Ovor eighty members were present at the
Republican Conference held this afternoon.
Mr. Petit, of Indiana, presided, and Mr. Mo
Pherson, of Pennsylvania, Secretary.
The discussion, which was a harmonious
one, lasted one or two hours. Some of tbe
most radical Republicans expressed their wil
lingnoss to vote for an Amerioan or antl-Le-rompton
Clerk if a Republican Speaker was
eleoted. It was finally determined not to oall
an Opposition, or a straigthout Republican
caucus, but that every member should go into
the House and vote for his choice, as was done
lour years ago. E. Jay Morris, Millwurd,
and other Northern Americans wore present.
River News.
PtiTSUUHU, December 3. The river Is sta
tionary, with eight foot four inches water in
tho channel, by the pier-mark. The weather
is cold and cloudy.
Louisvillb, Deccmbor :i P. M. The river
was rising rapidly this forenoon, but slowly
now, with seven feet nine inches in the canal
and five foot nine inohos on the falls.
Snow, sloet and rain, intermixed, has been
falling all day. Still stormy.
St. Louis, December 3 P. M. River fallen
two inoh.es in the last twenty-four hours, and
receding slowly. There is considerable ice
running in the Upper Mlssippi, but none has
reaohod here yet. The weather has moderated
somewhat since morning, and since three P.
M. snow has fallen pretty fast. It is still
very cold, however, and none of the snow that
fell night before last has yet melted; the
sleighing even in the busiest thoroughfares of
the city is capital.
Later from Nicaragua.
Washington, Docemlier 3. Private advices
from Nicaragua represent everything quiet,
with the exception of a fear of an invasion by
General Walker.
President Martinet and the people have the
greatest confidence In the friendly diepoeition
of the United Stales, and the letter's deter
mination to suppress filibustering.
Much disappointment was expressed at the
non-arrival of our MinMcr, Mr. Dimitry,
Some supposed that hs would not leave Costa
Rica before January.
President Martinet admits that Mons. Bolly
had failed to fultill his contract, but Commo
dore Venderbilt's proposition to open the
Transit Route does not meet with much favor.
The Body of John Brown.
Kaltimork, December 3. The body of
Brown arrived in a speoial train, and will be
taken by Mrs. Brown and friends, by express,
direct to Albany. It is desired to avoid all
publio demonstrations, and the body will not
be visible anywhere on the route to North
Elba, where it will be deposits! In the family
burial ground. Mrs. Brown speaks in the
highest terms of the kindness extended to her
by the authorities of the State. She is, of
coureo, in great distress, and has most favor
ably impressed all who have mot with her, as
a woman of fine feeling, and possessed of
great affection for her husband.
Kansas News.
Lkavenwobtr, Dscsmber 3. Hon. Abo
Lincoln, of Illinois, arrived here to-day, and
is now addressing one of the largest political
assemblies that ever met in Kansas.
The election for Slate officers takes placo on
Tuesday next.
Muoh confidence, is felt of an oarly admis
sion into tbe Union under the Wyandotte
Discoveries of Lead Ore.
Dubuque, December 3. Within the past
week large and rich deposits of lead oro, val
ued at from $100,000 to $200,000, have been
discovered near this city.
Tbe Democrntio State Convention, for the
election of delegates to the Charleston Con
vention, will bo held at Des Molnos, Febru
ary 22. .
Indicted for Murder.
New York, November 3. Andrew S. Mo
Carty, a member of the City Council, was in
dicted to-day for the murder, some six months
ago, of Patriok Coegrove, alia "Cockroach."
Fire at Troy.
Troy, K. Y.. December 8. The buildinss
of the Troy Hosiery Company, which were
partially destroyed by fire about two months
ago, are now (ten P. M.) in flames,
Sympathy for John Brown.
Moktbkal, December 3. John Brown
prayer-meetiDgs wore held hero yesterday,
aud were largely attended. Dr. Howe, of
Boston, was present.
Insanity and MubderCausrd by Fraternal
Adultebt. Frank S. Wright, who murdered
his wife at Woodsville, N. H., a fow days
since, while ersty from the influence of rum,
has been bound over for trial in April. He
alleges that his brother bad had illicit inter
course with his wife, which caused him to
drink, and that her infidelity was tho oauss of
the murdor. This is Indeed a revolting In
stance of human dopravity, and reminds us of
tho unfortunate Monimla in Otway's painful
tragedy, exoept that she eonsented Innocently
to what this unfortunate creature seems to
have granted with full consciousness of the
enormity of her ofibnse.
A Neapolitan Danssube Attacked in tbi
Stkrrt. M'Ue Bosohctti, the riosfeuts ef the
San Carlo Theater, says a Naples letter, has
lately been the object of a feminine vendetta,
originating in the Jealousy of a rival. She
was attaoked In the street, when walklntr to
the theater, by several women in masks, whe
maltreated her. sue was able to go on to the
theater, however, and shortly after appeared
on the stags, smid thunders of applause, a ru
mor of the attack having beoomo known In tho
houso. - -
t M
Advertisements sot exceeding sve lines (A gat.
Cnelnsertlon.........! 23 1 One week.....Sl n
Two weeis.......... I ill One month .. I Mi
Lorfer advertisements inserted at ths follow ing
rates for square of ten lines or lets I
One insertion.,,....! 60 1 Two week,....,.. ,fJ 00
Each addi'nal Ins.. 25 1 Three wkj....,.. 4 "4
One veek.,....,.-.... 1 76 I One month- A 0
! Job PriutinK'
In all its hranohes, dons with neatness tod dlsiAtii
! . -AT THE
Mechanics' Fair, '58
- I
i 3P t,texLtedL ,
Deeuaer.T' 1858. ;
the public throe seasons, and owing to its pop
ularity and lucreased demand, we have been com
pelled to make two more siws hAvids SIX iz"t
complete, suitable, from the smallest family up to
the largest olaaa bonrillng-houso. Tho colebiitv
these Stoves hav Ruined tor thxmselvae can notlw
too highly appreciated, as ovsry family havlug theio.
In use can truly tostify.
Thanking ths public for their srnerons surrort, It
Is onr detormtnation to supply the wants of tli. 'im
munity with the benefits which a jractlcal cochau
oal education oan only supply. .
Inventors, Proprietors ds Mnnnfaeturerst
We bee. leave, most respectfully, to oft'or the follow
I118 certificate and refernuras ol families mind tlm
Alligator, which will, at a glanco, leuiuve all UouLts
of ita intrlusio merits:
For some months I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. Its superior couklns qualities,
combined with its cleanliness, mnstevonluilivtcuro
to the owners a lurne ah are at public patronage.
... . JilllM AluLGAN.
I have bu using one of Mensrs. Adamx a- r- k
over's Alligator Cook Htovre for some months, which
Rives entire satisfaction in ovcry respect, .m.l can
cheerfully recommend it to those ho aro lu vi.ul of
nuporiorcookstovo. II, 11. J.KAVIIT.
For the last year I have been using theAUigntor
Coal Cooklug Htove, manufactured by Messrs. A damn
A I'ockover, which 1 consider a superior store, and
Hives the ntmoit Batisl'aotion. It Is the only stove I
hare found that cooks perfectly with coal.
For aomo timo past I hare been usIuk one of MosHiy.
Adams Jt Peckover'u Alligator Coal Cooking tstovee,
and cau rocouiinoud theuias beingaanptsrior stuvo,
giving- entire satisfaction in every re.pect,
JOS, BL'HUNKLL, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully Indorse the above.
Hon. Jndge McLean, CUf- Joseph W. Wayne, Ml, Sth
III. Ilrooks. Alt. Aubnm
Bon Judge'Leavitt, 65 E,
Judge Van Ham, 2V2
Judge Hoadly.BO M,
Iter. W. 8. Kennedy, It
J. P. Jones, 224 Fourth,
l'r. Norton, SA Fourth,
D. Thatcher, .129 George,
V'm .lnllv. IIHi'.th.
Cin.Urnhan AsYlura.FJm. Joa. Tulbott. 4(Ki 7th.
ir. itoiaer, an era,
John kcbl.ir, 34lltli, tfj.Gtt.andnner, l.'.",Snilth
i bmitli, rlrm of Lincoln, S. It. Williams, Wal. Ullls,
Smith & Warnock, Sirs. Meason, M 4th,
H.Vallett,3174th, Mm. Hylaud, 1134 4th,
11. 11. Funk. -T,s Viae.
juoiiHan.uinriciaio, flirs. iiowitt.oi K.4tn.
Mrs. M. P. Taylor. 2' Geo,
illrn. Mcl'herson, o. H. cor.
Jos. Bnshuell, coal nier.
,ias. tspy, Kisun,
Sil)i mill R;ice.
J. Jeffrey, Eng. tias Wks, A. A. Chirk, Times oflko,
l . ii. I tinman, bioitb ip, r. Jj. VAuaver, ftUJonn,
a. vi. rraucnco, rrosa j. r. wnitumn, wann
iouton Institute.
A. Ilughvs, Comruort-ial,
W. B. Wells, Ciu'ti Type
E.U.lioKS, 2.-4 Loo nwnrth,
Chiu, Chailtvlck. 3H4 till,
T. W. Hgrague, 193 7th,
Mr. Ilonghtou, lwlblli,
Wm.ComKtock, HI 4tu,
(i. llolo, 3ol 71 h,
i. Harvey, 207 hongworih
John Anderson, 413 4th,
Jonnthan Ogdeu, l'.'.Wth,
W. W. WooibMUHth,
John Tanner, WrlHUtnou
A Uo.'s ueuilliig olllce.
James S. JtiUt. W 6th,
Julm A. Ilouk, JCiOwrst
V. F. Brooks, 111) John,
.1 ii lcion M. Noble, 411 l,
11. Uuchman, 4ft3d,
Chun. looduin, 242 4th,
JolinC. Horm, Iia ilill,
J. A. Stacy, instli,
(Jiliiion .t M'lonnld, Vino
lsoao Alursh, tteorgo,
w.B. Hurlburt.ias Fr'iu'u
Klam V. Lauardon, 12 nth,
J. 11. FulwMler , Long,
worth and Vostirn-roM ,
D. K.C'mly, 708th,
Alt Burnett, 164 Sth,
Door Locks,
Door and Gate-Springs,
Bells Hung, Keys Pitted.
The public are respectfully iuvlted to oall and ex
amine the rarlons patterns and prices. All Jobbing
promptly attended to
george McGregor,
noScm Ho. 133 Fifth-street, 2d door from Kaon.
Scale Maiinfaoturrri
Mo. 41 East Seoond-atreet, botween Hycamoro an!
Broadway, (liucinnati, keeps every ilssciiptiou of
Counter, Flntform, Cuttle, Raitrond Deiioi,
and Track Scnles; Truoks,
Jroa Wncons, oVo.
Repalrng dono on the shortest notice. nol-Sm
St Bt. Charles street, How Orleans, .,
Importers of ansa Ac Bncvtlrjg Apparatus,
(Fronting tho Steamboat Lnrj.llng.)
North-east Corner Kroadtva; and Fiout.
R. F, LEVEEING, Proprietor.
1 oo7-cror
Jav kinds of Mattresses and Bedding, at ths old
stand, No. 138 Bycamoie-street, east sIJo, Mtwenn
Fourth and Fffth-stroots, seventh atori aliovo
Fourth-streot. Church Pews lined aud cuslcued,
AU orders promptly attended to. o Lorn
and Boiler Iron, Flow Blabs, Ballroai v) kea
Kto. Also,Asents for the sale of lronH-n Bi. Kails
Wararooms Mo. IS last Second street, oitrtnut t
SMTAII kinds Iron stade to nrdor. 1 ta
leeiydeIit byl,
Mo. 99 Blxth-strmt, between Vine and Kaco,
the medical College, Ciuelnnati.Ohlu, l'Drw-u. trim
may favor him with their putrouago.can rely c rune
tuallty andlowprioos. ' s-pi-Hr
money! Money ! Money!
Removed rrons 08 West eJUtk-Mreet.
KLKY and all kinds of Merchandise, at lew
rate of Interest, at Ho. 171 Vluo-street, PKra
Fourth and Fifth, 3ii
Dining and Coffee Saloon,
fNear the corner of Tins,) '
''din VICKEttS, Proprietor. "'-f "
Oysters and Oamo served lu all styles. . Meats at alt
hour,, colcsi

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