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VI ... I, 0. 111 K II IB liVIUDIMi WUHpring UT0 UOOS
vi ivo, iwg insertions, tweniy-uve cepis
"VET ANTEDsTo ell one full courie Sehol
win . "1. A" " . 0unSrr wmnwrtUI Coltolte.
i l I . - Amtress n, w.
B ntc h, Postjiffloe Box 'J267,and tell where I can make
iwo unus. wuuu viinuce u stuuy UOOK-sOeptDff
for various situations In city and country. Apply at
no general Intelligence Agency, No 3x2, Western'
lileAl) A. P. 0AH80N ACQ,
w Double-entry Book-keeper and business man
tiesires a position in a mercantile or manufacturing
business, or as an Agent. Good references will be
i.MMiuueu uy aauressing Bon 2329, Cincinnati rost
olrlce. deib'
EANTED--NUR8E'--Immeciiately. One
- innicanRivesntisiartoryroterenceeastocnar-
" in . uonn wages. Apply at tnia oince. ae.Mi'
WANTED AGENTS A good chance is
now offered to good reliable men Winning to
travel. No capital required. For Information apply
A. D. Onrsou Co., General Information Agente,
!tn. 2t2, Western-row, Cincinnati, Ohio, desb
VITANTED M E N A large number of
- - nvtive, iuuiibiiiuiis men. can nnu agreeawe
nudatthe aamo lime lucratira employment in the
sale ot aome new and popular Booka and Maps,
lliese works are written by the beat hiatorlam and
authors known to tho civilized world; hence their
popularity. Gome and oxamine for yourselves be
fore engaging iu the siile of other publications.
MACK K. BARNITZ, Publisher,
3d Weat Fonrth-atreet, Cincinnati.
man or good moral hnblts. li thoroughly
acquainted with the grocery business, wholesale and
retail. Ia conversant with the Spanish language,
not particular about locating in the clty-is willing
logo North, South, East or Weat, References as to
honesty, Industry and integrity. Address B. B. 8.,
this office. de3b
UKKfiom all pain, the best remedy in the world
lr Neuralgia and Itheumatiam. Call at the Bail,
mad Hotel at 12 o'clock. de3b
In an office or at painting. Can write a fair
hand. (Jan lottor well
79 Ueorge-straot,
"VETANTED By a youn man
work of
ww some kind. He Is a mechanic a carnenta.
and pattorn-maker-and can't afford to do nothing.
niiiiiHqAi,inivui rruss ittiite, nejo-
WANTED A GIRL To do general
homework. Sho must be a good cook and
lined washer and ironer, and come well recommend
ed. Apply at No. 37s Baynilllcr-strcet, between
I'm ton and Bank. 3b
WANTED Clerks, book-keeper", Bales
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpea
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, can nnd sltua
tinna at the Merchants' Clerks Registry Office, 128
V nlniit-atreet. de2bJ HALE & CO.
twelve years old, hark brown hair, gray eyes, high
forehead, medium-sixed ; dressed in Kentucky jeans;
subject to tits; sometimes partially deranged. Sup
posed to be Bomewhero in Covington, Ky. When
last heard from he was at the Madison House, Cov
ington, Ky., in the capacity of boll-boy. lit left
there abont throe week ago, and has not been heard
from since. Any person notifying mo of his whcre
abouls, either by letter through the Newport Post
offl'e, or personally at Messrs. R. W. A ii. W. Rob
feu's Feed-mills, corner of Monmouth and Jeffer-H-n-sti
oota, Newport, Ky.. shall be liberally reward
ed lor their trouble, (deob DASUKL POPPINO.
E10R RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail-
road, law or Insurance olHccs, on second and
third floors, lu four-story building opposite the
Prese Offloe. Tho building has'been newly re-painted
Hd re-papered. All in good Older. Apply at the
Press Omce. nol
OAH)ING A young lady desires pleas
M W ant Boom and Board ng In a private lamilr,
insiding in the central prt of the elty. References
exchanged. Addresa J. H. M., at Penny Press
Office. dc3b
EjlOR SALE BUGGY A good, Phaeton
Buggy. Inquire of B. P. McOOMAS,
de3c No. 674 Western-row, Cincinnati.
rJatnrday afternoon last, on Third, between
Weatern-row anil Mill-street. The finder will be
rewarded by leaving the same at this office, deob
with a moderate income, is desirous of forming
t he acquaintance of a lady, not over 2V years of age,
with a view to matrimony. Address, iuoonfldence,
EDGAR, Box 31A, Canton, Ohio. ileft-b
J that Lights A Bradbury's anil
A. II. lialo & Co., of New York, and
Pianos, can be found only at 72 Wesi IIS
Fourth-street. I am ofterlne srent
Inducements for cash, or will rent, and let the rent
pay for the Piano, at 72 West Fourth-street.
0. M. MUKCH. '
The largest stock of Melodeonaln the city. no30
.s WAS!!!- Remember that
tlixleton Brothers, Itaven, 11. icon &
( 'o., liallet, Davis A Co., and Peters,
tltlKga & Co.'s Pianos cannot be
foutnl in Cincinnati excent at No. (A
Weat frourth-streot. I will sell for cash, as low as
any one east or west, or will rent, and let the rent
pny for the i'iano, at W West Fourth-street.
. .... J- CHUBOH, Jr.,
no?0 Depot for Melodeons and Harmonlnms.
Til 13 HOME CIRn E.
hrhottlnchcMi. OnndrillM. Redownn, OoDtrii Daacoi,
A. A Knnarli V(JnriA nt Dnm.Ua 111 ..-I. . 1
for rlie Pino-fort6. PrlneSldO. In cloth $2, Uooles
pnf liy mttil. Fabllsbfidb .f. CHUBUB. Jr.,
no!8tf 66 Went Fourth-itreet.
Sixth-st., bet. Walnut and Vine.
J t . have the honor to inform their friends and tho
rublio generally that they have fitted up, at groat
Mp'oie, in the most elegant manner, the above
fwtablltmeat after the New York and London style,
leing outirelr now, and the first of the kind ever
f'.'SJWSfi'.S8 of the Mountains. Will open on
HATUKDAY.Deo. 3. Musical Soirees every Tuea
lay, Thursday and Saturday evenings. Ohalr taken
by Mr. Crawford at 8 o'clock precisely. no2
J. XX. Deters,
To whl oh he Invltos the attention of the public.
ernment Java Coffsei 10 bales choice Mocha
t'nflee i KM) bags Yellow Santos (Joll'ee ; fot) bags good
and prime Uollee. In store and for sale by
jrtfj Nos. am and 321 Maln-streeti
- Hew crop ti. O. Sugars; do. do. do. Molasses;
Honey Syrups, best brands ; St. Louis Golden Syrup,
In store and fur sale lu brls., half-brls. and kegs,
2 Nos. 319 and 321 Main-street.
e receiveil, 4 puncheons rery superior Old Scotch
and Irish uisky. For sale bv
a a. Mcdonald a co
no?8 X and Branch Store 24 Weat Foui tb-st.
Just received, 75 casks Dialler's, Yonoger'a, and
other celebrated brands Scotch Ale and London Por
ter. For sale by A. McDONALD A CO.,
no26 Mi and Branch Store 249 West Fonrth-at.
OLIVE OIL. Juit reoelved, 48 dozen
flagons very superior Olive Oil. For sale by
a. McDonald a oo.,
ool'R Mi and Branch Btore 241) Weat tonrth-st.
NEW FRUITS. New Rabini, new Cur
ranta, new Figs, Prunes, Citron, to., just re
ceived and for sale by
iinju Corner Ninth and Vine-streets.
O YSTEilS.I "aurTnTaily receipt of the
be-t brand of Oysters coming to this city,
arrantud fresh and fat.
JOHN FERQU80N. Grocer,
no.tt ' 1orno of Ninth and Vine-streets,
'j-TUilLY" FLOUR. I "hare alwayi'Vn
sV hand, a supply uf Ilia best Family Flour In I he
l:irkct f it family use.
nu: Corner lllnth and Vine-streets.
I'r ron want t lervant, atlTertiae In
Ir yon want a house, advertise in
Ir Ton want to sell auythlng, advertise In
Ir yon want to bny anything, advertise In
U (act, every want supplied by advertising In
pS- Don't forget that the Pcuuy
Press la tho medium throuerh which to
make known your wants I Advertise
ments ot five lines and less, inserted
twice for twenty-live centsl
WPenny Press to he had every
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one centt
Thikes Mr. S. n. MArAiliih .r u. .
- . u, u. auwiu a
Express Com nan v. has onr dallv tbanlm
Indianapolls papers.
PnOTOIlltlPHq PhnfosranliaAf TV. T).
are for sale by Church, at the Fostoffioo News
New Publications RinlrAv Moit. t.
Co. always have the latest Amerloin and
European rjublicatlons. Re Hal. r in.i,.
in another column.
Tbi MATnmnNUr. Mnvn Ttiiinn iv.
VM.lUg ,ug
T)ast week onlv twoni.v.fnne li an Ban mmsA ! n
sued at the Probate Court, against sixty-four
hundred per cent.
Thk Trial ok Burns for fiunoER. Tho
argument in the case of the State against James
Burns was closed day before voainrrfar. and
Juo'ge Mallon will charge the j'ury this
Railroad Accidrnt. A hnv. ahnnf i.oiv.
years of ago, named William Hammond, was
ruu oyer oy a wain ot cam on tho Littlo
Miami Railroad on Saturday afternoon, and
bad one of his legs so severely crushed that
amputation was necsssary to save his life.
Unpaid Lktterb The following i. a i;.f r.r
letters detained for non payment of postnge at
tun romouice, in mis city, ueoemoer .1:
H. B. Iloswell, Covington, Ky.
A. P. Kugers Iniliauairalls, Ind.
Mary A. K. Fortiluo, Jtichmond, Yn.
In the case of the City against tbo Cincinnati,
Woojtor and Lebanon Turnpike Company, tried
in the Court of Common Plena. W,.n T,i,..
Collins, the iurv assessed the liamnira nf tho
defendants at $0,000.
MaTUIMONUI.. "Kdirar" mlcerfi.es nn.I..
this hoad. in another ooliimn. invitlm. nm.
poaals from youus ladies, not over twenty,
Wilms 10 oe content witn his lovo and to
share his modcrato income. Don't all apoak
at once.
Savk Your Co.i, It la FrxniAn
' 5 wv mutw) " u via IUO 11 ID ItUACU
over, that nnnl nnrnmntiHii Avsit-K.rant
Although Doilge's patont grate wilt not in
vi v ana tuo oujM v& CU1 lb Will IUhSOD CQO
demand by boating a house with one-halt the
... i ...I... ii i ,. .
usiiRi iiuunuif . poo aiirertiiemont.
Holiuav Prbbknts, The holidava are an-
proaobing, and those desiring to purchase
presents to oonfer upon their friends will do
well to oall on John Shillito & Co.. 101. 103
and 105 West Fourth-street, whore they will
nnu a nne assortment ot oloaks, shawls, em
broideries, gloves, Ao. Seo advertisement.
Work Cocntkrkritkks Arrkstki). A ilia.
patch was rooeived in this city day before
yesterday, announcing the arrest at Memphis
of two of the gang of counterfeiter reoontly
Droxen up in iiunon oy umcer Kenny, un
their persons was found a largo lot of spurious
bills on the Canal Bank of New Orleans.
A Man's Skull Fracturkd in a Pioht.
Two of the City Prison oonvicts, employed in
ine ouy 101 in rjreitamg none, oecame involved
in a quarrel day before yesterday, when one of
them, nsmod Joseph Davey, struck the other,
named Frank Noonan, on the head with a
hammer, badly fracturing his skull.
Skrious Acoidknt to a Woman. A woman
named Mary Donovan, while passing along
Seventh-stroot yesterday about noon. foil, in
consequenoe of tho sllppory state of the side-
waig, attne oorner ot iiroaaway, ana traotured
her leg quite badly. She was takon to bor
rosidenee on Vine-streot, when a physician was
oalled and her injuries attended to.
Fatal Acoidknt A Man Instantly Kii.lrd
bt a Fall A man named Harvey O'Mel
veny, who resides on Culvert-street, between
Sixth and Seventh, accidentally foil from the
second story window of bis house, on Sat
urday afternoon, to the sidewalk,and broke his
back. He was taken up immediately and
carried into the honie, but before assistance
could be summoned he had died from his in
Procgbdinos op tur County Commissioners.
At the seision of the County Commissioners,
held yesterday morning, orders were passed
amounting in the aggregate to $3,674 27, of
which $1,807 27 wero to Moore, Wilstaoh,
iveyi e u., lor stationery turmsned tne dif
ferent oounty oflices ; $ 029 23 to House of
Refuge and Correction, for support of inmates
during the month of November ; $200 04 to
Christopher Wohrman, for bread lurnished
Lftk Bun Lunatic Asylum ; $156 55 to John
A., Smith, for dry goods furnished same and
$401 53 for salaries of Supenintendent and
aitwheei of same. Apart from this no busi
ness of importance was transacted.
Mketimo ok thr Stockholm! ns of tub South
ern Pacific Railroad. Quite a full meeting
of the stookholdors of the Southern Pacifio
Railroad took place on Saturday afternoon at
the Merchants' Exohange, for the purpose of
taking into consideration the best means of
Sromoting their enterprise. Addresses were
elivered by Doctor R. S. Now ton, Colonel C.
Todd, and others, wnile a preamble and
resolutions were passed rejoicing over the
present prosperous oondition of the Company,
and tendering tho thanks of the a eating to
uootor Jeptna f owikci and Colonel Todd, for
the fearless and effective manner In which
they had maintained their interests.
Shocking Acoidknt A Child Burnt to
Dkath and its Mothkr Skriouslv Ivjubkd by
a Cahi-hini Explosion One of the moiit
shocking aooidents, resulting from the use of
oamphene, of which we have heard for some
time, took place on Saturday evening last, on
Pendleton-street, above Hunt. A widow,
named Margaret Ferrar, residing in the above
locality, attempted to nil a campnene lamp,
while a lighted one was sitting near her upon
the table, and would probably have suoceeded
in doing so without accident, but for a child,
about two years of age, who, in her anxiety to
witness what her mother was doing, upset the
table, so that the fluid was spilled, and taking
Are from the burning lamp soon spread to its
clothes and person.
In her endeavors to save her ohlld, the oloth-
ing of the mother took fire, and before, assist
ance could reach them, the girl was so severely
burnt that she died early ycster.'ay morning,
and Mrs. F., although likoly to reoovor, wu
injured very seriously, and is stilt sullering
me greatest pain ironi her wounds, wuicn ex
tended almost all over her entire person,
Rev. M. D. Conway on the Death of
Captain John Brown.
The attendance at the First Congregational
Church, at the' norner of Fourth and Race,
last night, was not largo, but this was, doubt-1
less, owing . partly to the oondition of the
streets, which were. lagune-like.
' Mr. Conway opened his discourse by saying
that he had often questioned himself In re
gard to the extent to which he might open his
heart to his congregation, for he had been in
formed that his late sermon on the insurrection
in Virginia had cost his church some influen
tial friends, and just at this time any tuoh loss
fell heavily Indeed; for he stood as the repre
sentative of humanity, and he felt that it was
the mission of those who had called him to the
pnlpit he oocupied to use their best endeavors
to humanize Christianity.
Every person had heard of Ary Sohaeffer
who had hang upon the walls of the homes
of both continents the freshest pictures; most
of those who heard him had seen his Christus
Consolator, in which he had pictured Christ
with outstretched arms in the aot of pronounc
ing a benediction npon all olasses of men, one
of whom was a negro. This piotnre very soon,
and deservedly, became popular, but unfortu
nately it met with a theological accident ; for,
when Alonzo Potter, Bishop of the diocese of
Pennsylvania, wanted a frontispiece for the
new book of prayers to be used in his ohurch,
he showed his good taste in seleoting this, but
it was not all he showed, for it appeared in its
place with the negro left out. This is the case
with onr Christianity. There ia salvation for
all olasses of men, Hindoos and Hottentots, all
save the negro, and yet this was the raoe that
to ns stood to-day for Christ and him crucified.
This wag not an isolated case, nor had the
opinion been formed hastily. The Tract So
ciety, whioh represented more churches and
more able men than any other body on earth,
two years ago, through its publishing commit
tee, had expurgod every thing that was said
about the wrongs of this untortunate race in
their.tracts. Like the case of Alonzo Potter,
it was the Christus ConBolator with one of
the figures expurged Christianity with Christ
stricken out.
He was there to preach humanity and should
have loft his duty undone if he refused to
speak of the event that claimed his voice. He
might be silent but Old John Drown would
speak to his congregation from the scaffold in
Virginia, and they would hear it above and
over his head. The Christus Consolator must
be engraved upon tho American heart, not
merely upon paper ; painted npon the walls
ot our churches though theology fall and we
be compelled to dip the pen in our hearts best
On the day of the lHh of October John
Brown, as it appeared from the testimony,
stood all day, with the sword in his hand that
Frederick the Great had presented to General
Washington, attempting, not to shed blood
or to commit treason, nor was he guilty of
either, but merely to secure a tract of land
whero all men might be frco. The speaker
said that a history 'of the sword might not bo
uninteresting, and bo told how .Frederick,
after ho had freed 1'rusBia from tho yoke of
Austria, whon this young country had un
furled its bannertothe air and insuribod upon
it the sentence it bad never admitted to be
true, that "all men were born freo and equal,"
stretched his strong arm across the ocean,
levied tons upon all tne subjects of Urcat
Britain who passed ovor his domain, and sent
this sword to Washington with the words in
scribed upon it, "from the best General in tho
world to tne greatest." When this sword
Massed into tho hands of John Brown it should
ave had upon it this inscription, "From the
groalost Gonorai in the world to the purest."
ibis was not spoaon in any disrcBjieot to
Washington, for in no placo than tho one in
which he spoko, was the name regarded with
more voneration. The Revolution began not
for human freedom, but because King G sorgo
had touohed the pocket of New England., and
it was not until after, or about the timo of tbo
battle of Bunker Hill, that those noble words,
originating in the' minds of Thomas Paino and
Thomas Jefferson, composing the Declaration
of Independence, wore writton. John Brown's
idoa was to rationalize Christianity, and knew
that it could never be reasonable until it wai
Who does not not admire the UnrlishHiunn-
don? Ho who walked through the streets of
London and exposed his head to the block as
a traitor because he would not pay an unjust
tax of twenty shillings. Do we admire him,
and then despise this poor old man who lost
his life npon the gallows at Cbarlestown last
Friday? The traitor to Charles the First is
tho moral hero of to-day the traitor to Gov.
Wiso will be tho moral hero of to-morrow.
In the Egyptian legend it is related the
Phoenix roturns every five hundrod years and
is burnt upon the altar of the Sun. Those who
examined the ashes of this bird upon the first
day found nothing in the oharred mass but a
little worm, on the second a fledgling, but
upon the third it spread its broad wings and
soated away, to return again after five cen
turies. Those who examine the ashes of John
Brown may find at first nothing but a worm;
but it will not bo lone before we, who have
just begun to wet our ankles in another Red
rJoa, will witness the rise of another Phoenix,
wmcn will cover this broad Repubho with the
shadow ot its wings.
It does not take a groat deal of bloodshed
to create a civil war, and when on one side of
a stream we have free speech and a free press,
and when upon the other the free press is
thrown into the river and free thought is out
raged, it is timo that we, who rebelled beoanse
the paltry sum of a few shillings of an unjust
tax was lovied npon us, began to consider the
effoct of this oppression ; for many have al
ready concluded like Old Jonn Brown, that
The noblest placo for man to die
1 s where be dies for man.
Thkki MokR Confidence Men. An elderly
man, named Whlttaker, who came to the city
on Saturday, intending to go to Carrolton, Ky.,
on the Madison packet, met a person on the
boat who soon won his confidence and esteem,
and proposed a walk up-town. They started
up Sycamoro-strcet, and at the corner of Third
they met a man who was introduced to W. as
Mr. Jones. Jones was going to Carrolton also,
(of course he was the Joneses all go to Carrol
ton;) had a lot of goods on the boat; was de
lighted to meet W., and all that sort of thing.
The walk was continued, and between Ca
nal and Hunt-streets a third chap appeared
with a bill, (O, that eternal bill 1) and Jones,
being unable to make the change, borrowed
of W. $:10, and of his friend $25. The two
went round the corner to receipt tho bill, and,
wonderful to relate 1 forgot to return. W.'s
friend swore they were swindiod, and going
off after Die police, sent W. to Magistrate
Marchant for justice, not dreaming that all
throe were alike guilty.
Adroit Trick and Bold Robbery. Between
twelve and one o'clook, yesterday morning,
Michael Davis, who had spont the evening at
Wood's Theater, was passing up Vine-Btreet,
between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, when he
perceived a man lying on the sidewalk moan
ing as if in pain. Davis, who is a good
hearted fellow, Immediately stooped down and
questioned the supposed unfortunate, but re
ceived no answer. Thinking the man might
die there, ho endeavored to lift him op, in
tending to bear him to some plaoe of shelter
and comfort, when suddenly the fellow seised
D. by the throat, and at the same time
snatched his watch, worth $70 to $80, from
his vest pocket, and fled. Davis endeavored
to follow, and would have' caught him, doubt
less, had he not slipped on the sleety sidewalk
and fallen, giving the scoundrel time to escape.
Dedication or the Turner Hall. The
Turners met at their new hall on Walna
strcet, near Abigail, yesterday morning, and,
forming In a profession, marched through the
principal streets In the northorn part of the
olty with banners and music After returning
they held their dedicatory exercises, which
consisted of addresses by M. Jaoobl and oth
ers singing, py.-amid building, Ac. In the
cveoirg they gave a grand eonoert, which was
largely attended, and passed off quite pleasant
ly. Tbo exercises willjbe continued to-day,
and will olose in the evening with a grand
Police Coubt, Thirty-one owes were ex
amined before Judge Lowe yeMterday morning,
but few'of them were of sufflclont interest for
publication. Three youthful thieves, mrtned
Viotor Gerard, Barney Dufiey, and Thomas
Burns, were brought in, charged with stealing
a piece of Merino from' the door of Charles
.Weatherby's dry-goods storeon Fifth street.
After their arrest they confessed to a number
of thefts, the discovery of whioh had for some
time baffled the police, and informed Officer
Weast that they had stolen property in a
house on Western-row, between Third and
Fourth-streets, which was examined and found
to oontain a large quantity of stolen goods.
They also oonfeesed to having other stolon
property, in a house on Front-street, near
The oase was continued, and the boys sent
in the mean time to the House of Refuge.
Maicus Davenport, the confidence man,
who succeeded in swindling several clothing
establishments out of unmado goods, under
pretense that he was a tailor, in need of.em
ploytnent, was sent to the County Jail for alx
A verdant and intoxicated individual, named
Theodore Glanoy, from Lexington, Indiana, for
insulting a lady on Sycamore-street, was sent
to prison for twenty days.
A eartman, named Frederiok, Whicker, for
destroying several feet of paveuiost on Bay-miller-street,
by.driving his cart over it, was
fined $10 and costs.
A BcooLiotBT BrjYixo a Cheai- Watch. A
little before midnight on Saturday, ar ingenu
ous fellow, evidently a buoollicist, arrived at the
Spencer House, engaged a room and retired.
He was up betimes, however, and being vory
desirous of seeing the ally, which he bad never
visited before, he soon went out of the, hotel
down Front-street, giving into every store as
he passed.
About half an hour after, the stranger re
appeared at the Spencer, and in his hand hold
a watoh, which he told Mr. French, one of the
olerks, he had purchased for $25, asking him
if it were not very oheap. The chrooomoter
if a thing that told a lie every second in the
day, oould be called such; was of the most
common brass, and worth about fifty cents.
So the olerk said, and advised bim to put the
balance of his money In the safe, while he re
mained in town, and leave for home on the
first train. . The unsophicated follow obeyed
his oounsel, vowing he never would return to
such a "swindling hole" as Cincinnati again.
. .
Shop-livters Arrhstkd. On Saturday af
ternoon last, two boys were arrested on Fifth
treet, on suspicion that they had been en
gaged in stealing various articles from dry
goods stores in the vicinity. The bojs
immediately confessed the orime, and dia
olosed the names of the youthful accomplices,
two of whom were afterward arrested, '.they
also informed the ollioers that they were cm
ployed by a man named Jas. Fitzgerald, who
keeps a smull shop on Western-row, between
Third and Fourth. The house was searched,
and numerous articlos, such as delainos, clotha,
ice., were found. The boys were all small,
and were sent for tho present to tho House of
Refuge. Fitzgerald was lodged in tbo Ninth
street Station-home, whero he will await an
investigation on Tuesday next. The boys
stated that they received seventy-live oonts per
bolt of goods, without referonce to valno.
Prison, Jail a.vd Hospital. In the City
Prison, at the close of tho week, there were
141 prisoners, (08 of thorn females,) against
140 tho previous week. During the wcok 51
prisoners were discharged.
In the County Jail thoro woro 7 lunatics;
18 females; 2 on broad and water; 13 on chain
gang; 00 in main jail 141 in all, against 131
the week previous.
At the Commercial Hospital 26 persons woro
admitted during the woe k; 17 discharged; nono
born, and 3 died Morris Tahill, James Hard
ing, and John Fultnor.
In the Hospital, last evening, 143 patients
were under treatment, against 137 tho previous
At the olose of tho past woek there was but
one case of small-pox in the Post-house
Bath Rooms. One of the greatest luxuries
of a populous oity, and in foot of any city, is
well-regulated and tidy bath-houses. In this
respeot tho Queon City has ulweys been defi
cient, as, with a very few exceptions, there has
been no placo at all inviting to which one
could repair for cold, warm or shower baths,
We are glad to know, however, that we are
now to have at least one suite of rooms worthy
of patronage, as Messrs. Sanders, Johnson .'c
Co., of the Burnet House, have entirely re
fitted their bathing department, and opened it
to the public To those who Appreciate snowy
towels, clear water, nnsoiled carpets and clean
tuos, it must be particularly inviting.
Meitino of the Touno Men's Mercantile
Library Association. The Young Men's
Mercantile Library Association held its annual
meeting on Saturday evening last, to eleot a
committee to nominate officers for the ensuing
year, but it was not largely attended. In the
absence of the Secretary, Mr. J. A. Townley
was appolntod Seoretary pro tcm.
On motion of Mr. Cloon, the Association pro
ceeded to vote for a nominating committee,
without nominations, when tho following
named gentlemen wore declared elected on tbe
first ballot: Charles 11. Fosdiok, James M.
Glenn, A. B. Merriam, J. F. Colo, Win. II.
Woods, J. R. Hull and Snmnel Lowrey.
S. C. Newton and II. M. Johnston were ad
ded to the committee appointed at a previous
meeting to devise plans to secure a better at
tendance at the meeting of the Association.
Anniversary ok the Birthday of Thomas
Painb. A portion of the admirers of Thomas
Paine, in this city, held a meeting yesterday
afternoon, at National Hull, ud resolved to
celebrate the coming anniversary of his birth
day on the 2'Jth of January next, by appro
priate exercises, to take place in tbo 'hall in
which the preliminary meeting was held. An
address will be delivered by Robert Treat, si.,
of this State, upon the afternoon of Sunduy,aud
a banquet and ball will be given on Monday
night, at the same plaoj. The committee
state that tbey expeat to mako this a grand
affair, and will leave nothing undone which
will add to the interest of the occasion.
Tna Hew Catholic Institute. The Board
of Direotori of this Institute met on Saturday
morning last, to examine bids for the erection
of the new building on the oorner of Vino and
Longworth'Streets. Thirtv-nine nronosals in
all were received, six of whioh were for the
eonstruction of the entire building. Of these
tbe lowest was that of Mr. Joseph Elleok,
$75,01)0. The Dlreotory are undecided whether
it will be oheaoer to acoent the bid of Mr.
Elleok, or to let the work out in sections to
other bidders. In either event the edifice will
probably cost $125,000, as the ground oost
$40,000, and $10,000 have already been spent
mr excavation ana lounuation.
Suit ov an Actr against the Proprietors
op one of our Tbeatr&s fob Damaqbs. Mr.
T. A. Morton, an actor of some reputation,
and who was employed to do the loading busi
ness at one of our theators, the National, at
the rato of $25 per week, and aftor fivo weeks'
performance was discharged, as he alleges,
without sumoient reason, nas brought suit in
the Superior Court against John Bates, the
proprietor of the National, laying his damages
at $1,000. The proceedings of the Court on
Saturday will be found in our Law Report, and
will be continued to-day.
Metrorolooical Observations. For the
linny Pteu, by Henry Waro, Optioian, No. 7
West Fourth-street, December 4.
O'clock. Barometer. Thormoiuctor.
7 A. M ....2M
UN .....'.! .'II
t P. M,.. - .W.M M
Steamboat Register.
AntVAi.-llelroio, Mavsvllle; Moderator, Pitts
burg; Aurora, New Orleans Ir. Kane, Ht. Louis; F.
X. Aubrev. ist. Louis; Superior, Louisville; Uoalnna,
rortsmoutli; Prioress, Mftiliton; Poland, Nashville:
K. Valley, Kanawha; PunlWih, Seville; Vlrcinia
Homo, Neville; Lichtlont, Kshliville.
DtPAHTTsm. Melrose, Jlaysvilla: Moderator,
iOnUville; Ktienrlnr, Louisville; Prioress, Madison;
Ellen Urar, kauawlia: (.my Kaule, Tomerer; S al
low, PittkoraiiiirK; 1). feinur, Pitlilnug, Aurora,
Pttthbursr; r X. AiiLny, 1'ittuliuif ; Lebanon, NBsh
villo; Dunlcitb, .Neille, Virginia Home, lieTille.
Tikh's Or-KRA-HOUSR. We regrot exceed
ingly that tbe amllenciw at this establishment, dur
iuic itie past woek, have ont been aa large as they
should have been ; for the company is really excel
lent, ami pieeea are nnt up.m tne stage in a manner
almost faultless. We earno-tly hope the enterprise
IU prove a success, for we axMiro our cltlz.tns that
llley have an opportunity of witnessing; fine plays ad
mirably rendered, such as have not been ottered tlieul
fur a long time.
Wo cannot accuse the publio of alnckof an appre
ciation of the legitimate drama, but we are acre they
know not what they lose by refraining from an at
tiudanceat theUpora-houae. To-ulghtauew comedy,
by HturlinK Coyne, entitled Lovi Knot, will be pro
duced tor tho ttrst time In this city, to be followed by
the farce of Xuk Bouen Diamond, and we sincerely
trust they may be played to a crowded house.
Wood's Theater. At this establishment,
the management have determined to reproduce Sot,
dramatized from Dickon's beautiful story of the
' Ciloketon the Hearth" with Mr. Langdon aa "John
Perribingle" and Kltie Kllsleras "Dot"' Those who
have wituesfled thiSDlaras nroducedbere will cer
tainly do so again and those who hnvo not, will of
courae enioruce tne present opportuuity. it win tie
followed to night by TheCarfinteboKoukn.
National Theater. The engagement of
iir. J. B. Kohertsand the reign or Faust ai mab
oi eKTK closed at this establishment on Saturday
evening to a modorato liouso, as silsht hare been ex
pected on audi an abomnnhlo night.
Master Alfred Stewart-, the juvenile actor, who has
gained so much reputation in the north-east, will
l-Kia nu ougagciueut this evening, appearing iu
Uoiin to tiOcD Luck and Tint Omnibus. As this is
his home, he ought lo be welt pulroui.ed here, forho
cortuiiily haa hi.tronic tulentof a high order,
Smith X- Nixon's Hall. The Old Hundred
have been so well pleased witli their success lu this
city, nud have so much gratified their am)lence,that
they have concluded to stay two nights longer, and
oll'ora brilliant programme for this evening's enter
tainment. The sweet-toned contralto, .Tcnny Twltchell, In her
tmtciiie dress of tiie olden time, sings just as freshly
as il she did not pretend to have come down to us
from a former generation looks like an incarnation
of youth, notwithstanding the gray heads that sur
round her.
Tho-o who are fond of sacred iniuic, woll sung,
should hear "Tho Old Hundred," and as the por
formniice is Interspersed villi secular music of a
lliiih order, all who ulteuil can not full to be pleased.
Tan StmiEN Death ok .Mug. Sai'krbkey in
Nkwfokt, K v. Concerning the death of Mrs. Sauot
brcy we have received this communication :
"llEtsue. Editors: Von will remember that the
Coroner's Jury, in their verdict on tbe sudden death
uf Mrn. iSauerbrey, suited that tbe cause was nut
known to them. Mince a verdict of this kind was
rather hasty and unsatisfactory, when the causes cf
hur do.ith might ht.ro boon Investigated, 1 undertook
the labor to do this M order to satisfy tho eager in
quiries of the nubile mid tho tecllDtfs of relatives.
After! had caietully removed the stomach of tho
deceased, 1 had its contentschemicnlly analyzed by Dr.
Kenner, a chemist residing oh iiroadway, near
Third-street, Uincinimti. Jlis analysis showed the
presence ol'a large 'iiiautily oi'uxulic acid, which t lie
unfortunate deceased hud taken, mistaking it for the
milts which she intended to take Unit morning ? the
laixo iiuaiitity 'more than an ounce i thns taken
was tho nicaua ol anrli u rapid death a
death almost rosemoliiin "Me ''allied by apoplexy
which, however, is strictly in accordance with such
deadly e Hons ot this poison when taken In very lare
iiuautltics, as recorded hytlie authors on this subject.
The elleetof tho poison v also visible on the mil
cons iiiemhruiie of the stomach, which J found in
most pinccs corroded to a grout exti nt, and, wheielhe
liiiuid p.iinon hml laid in the larget quantity, perfo
ration of the stomach had taken placo, so that 1 was
uniible to retain all the liquid contents id the
stomach, as soiuoot it was ttrst through these per
forations. "11 giving this information lo the public you will
correct a doubt heretofore en tertained us to theim
ibrtuuate cause of the death of this lady, and make
Coroiiurs' Juries hereafter more punctual whore
they can readily ascertain the causes of disasters.
"U. (jl'.NKEL, M. D."
Nnvpoar, December a, IvVj.
The Kepublb an Association of Campbell and Ken
ton 1'ounties licit! its reviilur monthly meeting on
S it unlay evening lust, ut llieollii oof the Free South,
in this city. After the Association bud been called
I'j order tiv the President, it was resolved, uimll
motion of A. P. llarrinon, that a committee, con
sisting of O. P. Dennis, t. Barnes and Lewis Ma
Ihena, bo appointed to secure a hall, ill Covington,
for the use of tho Association, so that meetings
could be held alturnatelyin the cities of Covington
aud Newport. On motion of tbe Chairman of tills
committee, the President was added to It. After
-Dino discussion It was then agreed that the ltopitb
lieu lis of Campbell and Kuuton Counties, at the next
election, support such men for the different oflices,
selected from the other tlckots, who wore best cal
culated to further their principles. Tho meeting,
which was well attended, notwithstanding tlio mis
erable weal her, then adjourned, to meet again on the
lastgaturday of the present month.
Scarcity ok Nkws. Very little has trans
pired in our city worthy of note for a week past,
oxcept tho movements aud counter-movements of
pditiclana. l'olitlcs absorb every thing ; nothing
else is talked of, particularly among candidates, ami
their ininiudiuln friends. At present the contest is
doubtful; all Independent candidates having wiih
drawn, parties are about equally balanced.
Divine eervlco will be held at Odd.Fellowa' Hall
every Sunday at I lu re o'clock.
Monetary and Commercial.
The extreme disagreeable woathor of Saturday did
not scorn to effect business in tho banking quarter,
which was aulte active, particularly at the Discount
houses, whero! the demand for Money was brisker
than it bad been for several days before- The trans.
actions of the day footed up largely, and tho amount
of collections was greater thau It had been for two
or three weeks.
T--i.tr. mi Kyi'luinia wru hnrdlv in so lunch demand
as on Vridav, but still the niarkot was steady at j
buying, una premium soiling rain.
New Orleans KxchauKO was In request, considera
ble sa'es being made at H0'.i premium.
Hold reuiuiiiRd dull, lind iu I nourrent Money there
was no alteration from tho ouotatlons we last gave.
Flour was dull on Saturday, and prices declined,
with sales of siDbtls. Whisky was in falrdomand.
All kinds of Drain were still steady, and Provisions
decidedly hriMC, with a speculative teeiing in buik
Meits and Mess I'ork. Hogs were buoyant- and
tlgures higher: 1,200 bead selling at $) l.'.(sH0, closing
at nn advance ol about 10c. for heavy hoifs.
The Imports and Exports of various articles during
tbe twenty-four hours ending Saturday noon, were ;
Imiorts. Flour, l,37fi brls.; Whisky, 1,112, bbls.;
Corn,7,j22 bushels; Whwit, 3,8.vi bushelif, Oats, U8ti
bushels; Hurley 1,1 in bnsli.; iI"gH,.",oo bead; Sugar,
y,ii hhds.; Molasses, 1 ,-HMi brls.; Coffee, 1,112 bags;
Annies, 762 brls.; Butter, Hit kegs; Cheese, 1, 284 buxes.
liny, .ti bales; I'otatoos, HW brls.; Salt, Ml brls.
KmiiBTs. Klour, 1,1.7'J brls.; Whisky, osr brls.;
Stiver, e.'i hhds.; Molasses, ItHi brls.; Cotlee, :u bags;
Apples. W brls.; Butter, i::i) kegs;Cheose, 1,105; Pota
toes, 37ii brls.; Salt, :i7f brls.
Friday's New York pupeM thus speak of Thurs
day's Monetary ull'nirs:
The market for Money Is quiet to-duy. The in
creased iirninos.i on long-date Paper noticed yester
day is iiiuiiitained, and very little ia dune under 7
per cent. At una raic, nowever, inoro is a aoou oe
mind, for very prime lists of indorsed 4(16 months'
lulls. The shorter dates, choice names, go at i.(onl,'$
per cent. The bonks aro generally getting 7 per cont.
from regular dealers, and are taking less outside pa
lter to till up their lines. Deuiaud Loaus rule steady,
it per cent, as the rule, to the stock brokors, on mis
cellaneous collateral, and .r4i on Stnte and Federal
securities. With some of the old firms, temporary
deposits continue to he left at A per ceftt.
la foreign hills the market is not active, aud rates
am ns Itel'ore quoted. Sterling 10u;t10D'a. Tho re
ceipts from the South are not large, aud cost high.
Land Warrants were thus quoted iu Now York ut
the close of htat week :
Buv. Sell. Buy. Sell,
l.l-aere variants. .Ion llu i 12u-ucre warrant.. 71 7ti
:'-acre warrants.. M !HJ loo-acre warrants. .71 76
Another counterfeit bas made Its appearance in
the ICast,and is thus described : Merchant's Bank,
Newport, It. I., os; title of hank prlntetl in red across
tho top of the note; in lower center Three in mednl
lion; n'tl tint in luttck on each upper corner; the note
hnsa greasy appearance.
The coinage of the Philadelphia Mint during No
vember was :
Pieces. Value.
Gold 21,310 Jl2fl,278
Silver - 147,000 &'l,0s
Cents..,.-.,... 3,3ou,0oo 33.000
Total 3,171,31(1 $2(1,278
Nr.w York Dar Gooos Mark r.r. Friday's Tribnne
says of the Dry Goods market in New York : The
trade of the week iu general Dry Goods has not been
large. The deliveries to the near-by trade, as well as
the duplicated orders, have relieved the market from
that excessive dullness v hlch prevails at this season
of the year generally. The large distributing bonses
liavo made suite large contracts during the past week
in anticipation of the enrly trade, and manufacturers
ot staple goods generally are encouraged in view ol
the small stocks on hand and the briskness of de
mand. Printing Cloths have maintained the advance
previously noticed, and tbo only difficulty at present
which seems to prevent extensive business is the
.mall supply offering. Thesah'sduriug the post week
btve not been as large as the previous report, but
reach a fair aggroirato. lioayy Brown Sheetings have
not been In ureat demand, but prices have been main
tained. Woolens have been more active, especially
lew and medium goods. Battineta are Dot in large
slock, and tne teudoncy is toward au advance In
prices. The forelgu trade has been quite limited, aud
tho results of tbe season's business have been such
as to offer little encouragement for future heavy importations.
WHKAT The market Is drill, but wo have no
change to note fu prices. We continue to quote
prime White $1 ::rgt 2;., and prime lied fl ItsSjl IS.
CORN The demand In good and prices linn at 40.
Sales 3DII bnh. at 4so.; ami do. at Marietta depot at
43c.; mm do. good ut 4.'to. ....
OATS-The iiisiket is firm and prices steady at 4ic.:
sales ijonbuah. in bulk nt If.
BYL-Tbere is a good demand, aud prices firm at
BAIILKY Tlio demand continues active, and
price, flnn at our last uuobitioua.
CUKKSK Tint demand is active and prices firm:
alei2.Vt boxes Western Reserve at 9c.; I si do. do,,
rele.'ted,Mc; 100 do. fair Kugllsh Dairy l loHc;
lOO.hi. do . Putnam farm, at lie.
BUTTE B There is a fair demand, and pricessteady
at 1 vi.I7i for fair lo choice Koll.
A t-i'LEi The market is him, with gwddeu aud
et $1 M aud f 2 40 per brl.
POTATOES The market is ria, and pri.es tu
at oar Inst quotations. I
CLOVER HKLD-Tb demand ronliuuee artv.
and prices firm at It li'tfilt 7.V. sales uu brls. At f I li,
l.'j sacks at $1 70. . ,
fLUlJjt ine market uaj dull today, and prices
declined. The sales were mil brls. at $1 lor siipettln
sod U Hi for extra.
WllIMKY-M.socnhge1n'the market; tbed.'nmpi
la fain s.les of l,f0U brls. atj!4e., including tli.t
from wagon. . -
UiJUa-Tlie demand was octiveto-dsy, andprn.es
further advanced. The sales were;
1U0 head averaging IM lbs. at. ....................
S HI head Ileal evening) l!l lbs. at ... : r i;
.ItiO head averaging, willu. at 6 in
3Ul bead (del. next week, 2'itl lbs. at 6 lo
It was reported that one lot, heavy, sold at to,
Ui bo delivered next week; this was the asking pri'e
for good nogs at the close.
PllOVIMH.Nv-Ail nciive speculative demand for
bulk Meat., for future delivery, Willi sales ol Sini.iivi
pounds, at "wSc. lor Shoulders and .'idea, m be de
livered in February. ' Laid held limit) al lo' . ., wiih
sales of 2i tierces. (Iroen Meats tlrm, with mi Irs of
ln,Oiil) pieces Hams at ttSc., the outside rate lor fu
ture delivery. A continued large speculative demand
for mess Pork, with sales of 2,iXlhrls. at ll i;:non
the spot; and !M brls. allli W, to be delivered tho
lint week iu January; li ."si wiih otlered fur fc b
ruary, but no sellers loiind The market closed ex
cited and unsettled, nud holders disposed to hold oil
for better prices.
CrtODRKIKS- The demand is. good, in Die regular
way, and the market linn. Sales of 21)0 hhds. Sugar,
in lota, at T.Sj&ehc.; 'Ml brls. Molassosat S.ViftHoc,
the former ruto for a lot from the binding. -OU bans
Conoe sold at 12(fi,12iic, .
JOHNSTON, in Hilles-roonn, No. '.13 Main-street,
below Third. I.'S) packages und lots of fresh and
seasonable Drv Coods, Hosiery. Comforts, Hoods.
Ac, at Auction. Tl K.SDAY" MuKNINO, Dcc.hiIht
ti, commencing at 'j4 o'clock, will bo sold, without
resorve, in catalogue loi ni.l.vi packages und lots of
tresh imported staple and fancy Dry Goods, com
prising the most desirable assortment offered this
beaten ataiictlon.
ALSO Largo slock of Merchant Tailor' and
Clothiers' oo.ls, among which are mauy very desir
able eod".
ALSO Large invoice of Cerinantown goods, sueh
as Uoaiery, Comforts, Hoods, VoolJackots,nne lout;
8hewls, 12-4 and 11-4 riblion-bound blankets, heavy
while and blue Mackinaw do., line Undershirts anil
Drawers, Huek and Woolen Giov.at.te.
ALSO-A large lot of heavy Bed Tickings, heavy
brown and bleached Muslins, Denims, &c.
ALKO-L'asesof Soft lints, Flush and Cloth Caps,
X'C, ike
de THOMAS JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
JOHNSTON, in Seles-rooms No. WMaiu-elrcet,
next Trust Co. Ilaiilr. Large stock of prim Uootsnna
Mioes, Overshoes, Ac. at Auction. YVJfiDNKeiPAY
MOJtNIMt!, Dec. 7, commencing at MX o clock, will
lie sold, without any reserve, 2& cases prime IlooU
and Shoes, among which aro Mens' ami boys' In-avr
Hoots; extra heavy BrORuus. Men's, Boy's and
Women's, Mbsca' and Children's Shoes. Men'
Congress Hoots, Oxford Ties, large lot of I'hildroo'a
Shoes, Ladles' Hue Gaiter Boots, Gum Boots and
Overshoes, with cases of Hats Traveling lings,
doo THOMAS JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
CM. WILLIAMS-Hales-reoms Nos. 22 and M Eitst
Third-street. Catalogue sale of tifty cases of Hoots
and Shoes, well assorted, for cash, tin Tl'KsDAY
MnltNINti, December ii, ut lu4 o'clock, we will lull,
without reserve. All eases Boots and Shoes, well nr-
orted, for cash. Tlwabovo have just cuuio to hand,
and a prime stock. The Trade Is invited. ilei
that they are selling lumber at their yatd
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Ilnuiiltou aid
Dayton Railroad,
rhau any other Lumber Dealers In the clty.
"Quick Sales and Small Profits
is Tiiiin motto; .
They submit the following list of prices: .
Cash. 4 Mi "e
Clear lHinber,allthlvknesses,1 In. meat '.7 tsi $10 m
Best Common, 1M and 2 inch Plauk.... : no .mo -
Beat ' 1 inch Boards 23 7.1 2 1:4
Second " all thitknesses IS 60 17 1.
Third " Boards II Nl 12 as
Grub Plank, face measure Zi 'M 20 Oft
Hemlock Joist, Scantling, ind Timber.,.. II Ml 12 mi
Poplar U SO 14 en
First Common Flooring Boards...,...,.. 35 no 37 Mi
Second " " " 2.1 7.1 r. ill
Third " " ' - Id i'tn 20 en
First Common Weather Boards.-... IA 1st 17 f o
Secon.1 " " li "h 13 ts
Cedar Pests, 4 by 4, S feet, per hundred.... .Vi nn en I'd
Cedar " for fencing, " " ... 30 no .13 M
Locust " " " ' 20 nn 22 f fl
A further reduction of Vi per cent, will be made on
bills of $."tOnor more.
We hnvo one of the largest and best selected stocks
of Lumber in tbe Cincinnati market, whioh we offer
tor sale at tne noove prices.
Coal Cooking Stove,
Held at Zaneavllle, October, 1S511.
111 W fVM
No. 31 and Sil Vim -sr.,
(Second door Below Columbia,,)
f noml
O II I o.
No. !iOB Vlne-st.i bet. Fifth and Hlxlli.
that he has established a regular depot for the
sale of all kiuds of salt-water Fish, fresh from Now
York ; also Lake Fish from Cleveland and tfandusky;
losether with Clams and Oysters in the shell, Loo.
iters, Crabs, Kels (alive), and all kinds of seasonable
Qnme and Can Oysters. He will furnish the above
PLACE IN THE OITY. Family orders promptly
attended to and sent borne free of charge, rieasa
tail aed 'eave yonr orders. Poll
embraces all the leading styles In every variety
of TUB, which we warrant
KO. 149 M AIN-tiTBEKT,
no l! One door below Fourth.
now en hand a full assorlnien t;of Presereves, Jelllss,
Freeh Fruits and Vegetables, Knglish Pickles and
Hances and other foreign delicacies. Also, line Wines,
Brandies, Irish and Scotch Whisky, Jamaica Hum,
to. Also, Havaua Cigars of Iht choicest description.
For sale by JOHN BATka, ,
noil National Theater 'Hug, tSycamore-st.
Hartford, Connecticut. V
Cnpltnl, $400,000 Asncts, Ijjij 1 7,M I .
Devoted to Fire business exclusively.
H. A. OLAfSFORD. Azenl.
no.Tn-amf " - MWuat Third-street, Cincinnati.
stAitr'-CTuaiae &r
Wood-Working Machinery,
Cerner Jobnlnnd Water: ia.Ci"elaantl,0.
Hentlst, hss removed lo 273 Ylue-etreet, nr
Seventh, opposite the 4as Office. ' uo'A't bin
AT LA W.CLas. Buildings o. ts tTlttrd.
A . i-i.,.. .1 ; ispa ar
IT laulBl.i fit V. -If; .....

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