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It raUUhsd dally, ( flnnday noUd,) br
rioiao. 14 wist roviTi-i tiiit.
TH PKNHt PBISSli delivered to snborlDr la
Cincinnati, Oorrlnfton and Newport; and ror.
rounding eitiM and town, at th as.
tromely low price of
men or maimus:
Ingle copies lo.; 1 month 40e.; 3 months l; 1 r t.
Jon A. Ei-un', Ja,..,Bol Lessee and Mnr.
TUESDAY EVENING, Dec. 8, will be presented
Siikeni'i beautiful and affecting play of
Oa, Thi Cbiokit oh tb Hiarth.
Dot ................-.... H ri, Kl liler
John Peribloglt......
Celeb Pluramer
.......Mr. Lansdon
Howard riilinnier.. ....... ........
Mia Annie Wait
......... .Mln Irving
Mra, Gilbert
Mar yielding ,
Tilly Blnwlioy
Mrs. ri'ldlng
The Cricket
The Cradle.
The Kettle ..
Engaged for the occasion
Dance by - in tut &ate rennoyer
To oonclude with the favorite drama of
Oarwln t e eet s eate e a ea Langdon
Therese... Mn. Illeler
In active rsbearaal, a new and gorgeona spectacle,
including nn inconceivable display ot Eastern and
Oriental magnificence. Alto, one of the moat Inter
till and powerful of dramas, written expressly for
I hie theater. Due notice will be given of ita fint
sMrDoora open at 6X; Onrtalnrlnea at o'clock.
Paiosaor Admission Dreai Circle and Farenette,
Woenta; Gallery, ascent.
The Manager takea pleasure in announcing to the
public that he baa made en engagement, for a few
nights only, with tbe great juvenile actor,
. Matter Alfred Stewart.
THIS (Tuesday) KVXNINO. December 6, will be
acted the laughable farce called
Hnua Mnrltz , Bernard
Krneat WaliUiurg 0. Stuart
Louiae Walduurg... lira, C. Henri
Alter which the beautiful (Irani, called
U'Bryan, with aong Muter Alfred Stewart
Granite - Vanderen
Polly Bobolink Mrs. 0. Henri
Dance.-.. Ulaa Jennie Bight
To conclude with tho laughable farce of
Taildy Murphy, with aong Muter A. Stewart
Theater, i now open for the reception of guest.
Rooma can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals fnruiahed at all home
NOTICE. Tradeaman and other are oantloned
against furnlahlng any article lor tne theater wttn
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
Chan. H. Jlarras..
, Manager.
r. li. uouway..
...mage Director,
THIS fTueadavl EVENING. Dec. fl. will ba ere.
aented, tor the aecond time in this city, a new comedy
by Hterllng Uoyne, and now acting in London and
ew xork to orowaeu nouses, entuien
Modi. Bernard Conway
Sir Oroesns Ht bottle ........ Davldg,,
Lord Lavender n m Hall
Mr, W'ormley..... ......... .,. Sheridan
Moppa (a landlord).,. Lanagan
Marfan Leeson...... Mra. Conway
Lady Harbottle Mra. Place
Lady Lavender Mra, Wilkin
Miuette .. Miaa Stanley
Barbara. Mra. Jenninga
Chrlilonhor Strap. Davidgo
. Nancy strap Miaa Proctor
w in active re henrsal and will shortly be pro
duced, with a grand etar combination caat. new and
gorgeous armora, new eeenery, propertiee, and the
whole of Iiocke'a famons muiio, fihakepsare'e sub
lime tragedy of MAOBKTH.
1'Iicaa or Adhusion. Farqiiett Circle, Parquette
and Balcony, Ml cents ; Amphitheater, 21k cents ;
A'rivate Boxes lor eigni persona, as.
voors open ni nn o cioca s commence at
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M where
eats can oeaecureo. J. I . HSKnaux, xreaeT,
Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 5 and 6.
The Old Hundred!
"The Magic Echoes."
W For particulars see programmes.
Doors open at t o'clock. Concert to commence at
Vi P. M. . desb
uriuBB-Hivii by J. CBA
DLE and F. LONG, at the
Corner' of Eighth and Freeman-streets,
On tbe Oth of December, 1S59.
Co.MMin t or AmtAKOKMiKTi W. H, Helman, L.
Bobinson, W. J, James, A. Thorpe.
JlANAOtas-Sergcant J, B.Mooro, W. Wollenhop,
P. P. DItchen, F. Diichen, J. FUgg, W. Welst
Capt. H, F, DABDIBN, Chief,
W. J. STEPHENSON, Aes't Chief.
Positively no gonlleman admitted without a lady.
Tickets One Dollar. delh
New Mode of Ventilation!
Oil mad M One af
'r : ' PATENT-'
He iting and Ventilating Furnaces,
. In operation at
Bton Ware-rooini, No. 61 aad S3 Vmeit.,
(Below Columbia.)
Sawyer & Co.
embraces all the leading atylea In every variety
of F0B, whloh we warrant
-..v.. MO. 14 MAIN-8TBKET,
B018 - One door below Fourth.
101 Maln-trei, three daora abava Third,
DEB all k nds of Borse Trapping, in th beat
and moat enbstantlal manner. Also, a large assort
ment of Horse Tllaaeete, Whips, Carpet and Leather
Dags, Bridle Bit. Dnffalo Kobe, Valises (the real
sole-leather), Mail Trunks, Sponge, and a large as
sortment belonging to this line. I will tell a low
a th lowest.
uula.ay r
Dentist, hat removed to 172 Vine-street, near
Stventh, opposit th flat Offloe. nojs bm .
VOL. 2. NO. 92
LtTin Miami. Night Expreas, 8:00 A. M.; Accom
modation, 2:4K p. .; Day Kxpreas, t:V r. M.
ItlOIANAPOLIi AMU ClMOiaN ATI.-11:16 a. M.; 5:10 r.
.; 1:M a. m.
Onto amd MisaiMirri. t:a A, n.;U:4S A. at.: 10:1
CiKciimATi, Rahiltor and Dayton. 7:15 a. h.; 11:08
A. M.j 1J-.5J p. M.i :a p. a.; 8:50 r. M.
Mibiitta and Cincinnavi. 11:20 A. u. 6:52 p. a.
Bicbmomd ad Indiana polib. 12:50 M.i 6:50 p. m.
Littli Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. M.i Accom
modation, 4:40 p. M.j Night Express, 11:30 p. M.
iNOtANAPOLia AND CINCINNATI. 6:50 A. U. 12:45 r.
Ohio and Mississippi. 7:20 a.m.; 2:00 p.m.; 7:30 p. h.
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Davton. :00 a. m.; 7:30
A. M.i 10:00 A, M.; 11:40 p. M.i 6:30 P. M i 11:30 P. M.
Mamrtta and Oinoinnati. 0:40 a. m.i 8:40 p. m. .
Bichmond and Ikoiarapous. ;00 a. m.; 3:40 r. M,
' Ha3burglPenn.l is orercunwllh bog
gars. Rev. Theodore Parker haa taken roorrs
la Rome for elx months. II it health la hotter.
: 8MrB. Nowoomer, of York County, Penn.,
eighty-throe yeari old, was struck dumb, about
five weeks ago.
p9 Pauperiiui In New York City is
rapidly Increasing, not only among the foreign
population, but also among the Amerioans.
A French writer pithily obsorres:
"Nearly all men are human." What a mar
velou, discovery I ' ,
TThe grounds and tomb of Andrew
Jackson, owned by the State of Tennessee,
aro reported a fast going to decay.
2rGeiritt Smith is daily improving, and
It is thought will soon be able to leave the
Utioa (N. Y.) Asylum. '
s9Betjamin Richardson, of Needham,
Mass., died of hydrophobia reoently. He wns
bitten by a dog six weeks sinoe.
atu T : -1 1 tr 1 1 ' . ; j
nounoes the Baltimore Methodist Eplsooptl
uoniereiioo as an anti-slavery organization,
huge serpent was rocontly shot near
bt. Joneplis, Missouri, whioh measured seven
Uon feet in length. It had a dog in its ooila,
which it miiea.
S"IIonry Duval!, convicted of lho tnur
der of Christian Flsoher, in Baltimore, in Sen
teniber last, has been pardoned, and la now
at liberty.
fThe Irish aro talking about raising
twenty tnousana men in Ireland ror tne tem
poral servioo of tho Pope, Of oourBe, it is
only "talk."
STThe sky on Thursday morning through
out New England was irradiated with a mag
nificent rainbow, a spectaclo rarely witnessed
in that section so Into in the season.
X$! A blind bocear was arreted lately in
Antwerp, Neth., who was ascertained to be the
possessor of three houses in that city, and a
lot on which he was about to build four more.
;5l3J-The great popularity of Washineton
Irving's works may be inferred from the faot
that during tbe past ten years Mr. ueorge Y.
Putnum, the publisher has disposed of nearly
ouvjtiuu volumes. ,
SThe receipt of the Georgia penitcn
tiaryfor the past year were $71,264 76, and
tne liabilities $14,UuO 7U. There were two
hundred and nine eonviots in the prison on
the 1st of Ootobcr.
The leaves of the QvninemaSylvestre.
a piant ot jn or mora tnuia, when chewed, take
away the power of tasting sugar for twenty-
tour nours, without otherwise injuring the
general sense of taste.
SSA dignitary of tbe Spanish Churoh has
published an appeal to the Govornment to es
tablish the Papal authority, and to co-onerate
with France and Austria for the subjection of
nereticai ngiana.
' 9 The only artesian well in New Hamp
shire has just been completed at the narer
mills of B. F. Martin, in Manchester. It is
six inches in diameter, two hundred feet deep,
ana coai ?t,ovu.
9There are two widows of revolutionary
solders now living in Newburyport, Mass.,
Mrs. Daniel Silloway, aged 91, and Mrs.
Anna Harris, who will be SO on the first day
of May next.
gTA supposed Insurgent, oalling himself
rrm. Tempest, was oommittea to jail at Alex
andria, Va., last week. He was arrested a
few days previous at Foolsville, M J., but man
aged to esoape.
SffAooounts from Marseilles and Toulon
state that the weather has been quite as bois
terous in the Mediterranean as in tbe Atlantio,
and that several vessels whloh had been ex
peoted from the East are still overdue.
The Bristol. England. Mereuru an-
nounoes that Mr. George Underfleld, varnish
manufacturer, of that oity, has bad a daughter
corn to mm, tne tnirty-tnira enua sinoo the
battle of Trafalgar, at whieh he was present.
E9The idea of the monument to the Great
Napoleon is still a seoret, but only one thing
is known as yet that the Emperor is resolved
that it shall be the finest thing of the kind
existent in the whole world. .
iRev. Dr. Bellow, of New York, re
oently preached a sermon in favor of card
playing, danoing, and novel reading, under
oertain restrictions. That concerning cards
was "no gambling." The Doctor's views are
"broad, as they should be."
n appropriate and beautiful monu
ment has been erected in the cemetery at
Swampsoott, on the spot where lie the romains
of the twelve men who perished by the ship
wreck of the bark 2Wcco, of Portland, JIo.,
at Swampsoott, in January, 1857.
asT-The number of marriages in the oity
of Richmond, Va., in 1857, waa 166, and in
1858, 72. The number of births in 1857 was
474, of whom 370 were whites: in 1808, 2D8,
of whom 242 were whites. The number of
deaths in 1857 was 277, of whom 213 were
whites. In 1858, 176, of whom 131 were
Robbing thi Shawn kk Natiok or Eioht Thou
sand DoLLABS. On the 13th of last month,
the house of William Donaldson, in Chilli-
cothe, Kansas, was robbed of $8,000, belonging
uj vu Duawnee 11 avion, a lew aayt alter tne
robbery, Mr. Robey,a trador of Weitport,
went to see Graham Sogers, the ehlef of the
Nation, and represented that a yonng half
breed, named Q. W. Wells, who had been in
his employ several years as a clork, had, on
starting; to St. Louis, placed J4.000 in his
hands whioh, he believed, was part of the
money that had been stolen from the Nation.
wens was atterward arrested on tbe eharge.
Fivi Obizzlt Bkabs Killid bt a Hiintib.
A trapper was pursued not long sinoe. in Cali
fornia, by five gritsly bears, and olimbed a
tree for safety. From his seoure perch he at
tacked the bears la return with rifle and ball,
and soon stretohed three of them on the
ground, bnt the other two, at if under the
guidance of reason, took up a position oat of
reaoh of his lire, and patiently waited all day
mwtA mil i.ki r.. u:-mJ - - J t. -
did not do. On laiornlng of the second
oay me bears again oame within range, when
the trapper soon gave them their quietus.
Washington Irving and his Works.
The following genial critique on Irving ii
from Biographical Studiei, a volume from tbe
olasslo pen of Prof. Q. W. Green, to be pub
lished in a few days:
There is no American writer who awakens
such associations as Mr. Irving. Salmagundi
carries as back to the very dawn of our litera
ture; Knickerbocker was like the opening of
an exhauitless mine; the Sketoh Book waa the
Brat American book whioh. Englishmen read.
We shall never forget th first appearanoe of
"Columbus." Our enthusiasm had been
warmed by a recent visit to the great naviga
tor's birth-plaoe. A friend, fresh from Spain,
had seen a ohapter in manuscript, and told us
things about it whloh haunted us even during
the excitement of a first winter in Rome. Soon
after the newspapers were filled with the
tidings of Its approach. Murray had pub
lished Oalignani was printing it.
There were no railroads in those days, and
we were constrained to curb oar impatience as
best we might. At last, one sunny morning
we shall never forget it snch mornings as
Florenoe gives you in summer, when the cool
shadows fall gratefully from her masislye
palaces, and the murmur of fountains steals
like music on the perfumed air we had eaton
our breakfast of fresh figs and grapes, still
dripping with dew, and strolled out toward a
friends, with that indefinite anticipation with
whioh you are sometimes made to feel that the
day will not pass without bringing yon a new
pleasure. Our friond's house was a kind of
gathering-place for loungers like ourselves.
That morning they were all there before us, a
silent group around th table; and the first
sound that struck the ear was that beautiful
sentence in the introduction to Columbus,
whioh seems to bring back by one bold stroke
of the penoil all the : darkness of that vail
whioh had shrouded so long the mysteries- f
theooean. " .
Columbus oarried us once moroto the Sketch
Book. We bad given away our only c,py.
and when we got bock to our qulot home at
Sienna, we were not a little at a loss where
to go for anolhor. At longth chance brotght
home, after many wanderings, a littlo old
man by the natno of Montuccl. He was a
dappor little man, scarcely five feet high,
with It bright Italian eye, and a fluent tongue
over which Italian, English, French aid Ger
man rolled with equal volubility; he had
lived everywhere, had known Al fieri, had
written a Chinese dictionary, and was nov
returned to purge Italy of Gallicisms and lar
his bones In his native soil. But the grant
labor of his life had been the publication f
a Berlin edition of The Sketch Both, undortoo
very eyes of the author, who had written hid
a letter beginning with "Doar Doctor," and
subscribed, "Truly yours.". He showed s
the letter and sold us the book. Blessings on
his memory 1 how many exquisite hours we
owe himl f ""I
It would be easy to go on and speak of
Irving' humor and pathos, of the pa;e tone
of his writings, and his true American sbirlti
We mutt say one word about the last, fo)
some exacting critics have seen fit to ckarg
him with a Tack of it, and lay it to his doof
as a fault that he has written so muoh about
Europe. AVe have never oounted the pure!;
Amerioan pages in his works, bnt there is no:
one of them in which the subject admitted o'
it, which does not contain some illustration of!
Amerioan scenery or tradition. King i aiKR,
and the ohapter on the Indian in th SkeiJi
Mock, areoertainly not European, any more
than Sip Van Winkle and Sleepy HoUtr.
Dolph Heyliyer is one of the best things fa
Braoebrldge Hall. A volume has been ma9
out of what be has written about the Hudsffl
and Columbus is all America. Bnt those wlo
accuse Irving of writing too much about
Europe forget that he was writing for Anert
leans who wanted to be told something aaouj
that Old World whloh so few of them, when
he first began to write, had ever seen. Cir
cumstances had put it in his power to neet
one of the great wants of our publio, and he
did it. Some crusty European may perhaps
blame him, but the ten thousand copies whlsh
have already been sold of his last edition tf
the Sketch Book tell dearly enough what bis
own countrymen think of it
We have always fancied that there wis
a strong resembanoe between Goldsmith aai
Irving. They both look at human natum
from the same generous point of view, with
the same kindly sympathies and the same
tolerant philosophy. They have the same
quick perception of the ludicrous, and the
earn tender simplicity in the pathetic There
ia the same quiet veln'of hnmor in both, and
the same cheerful spirit of hopefulness. Yon
are at a loss to oonceive how either of them
can ever have had an enemy ; and as for jeal
ousy; and malice, and all that brood of evil
passions which beset the pith of fame to
thickly, you feel that there oan be no resting
place for them in bosoms like theirs. Yet
eaoh preserves his individuality as distinctly
as if there were no points of resemblance be
tween them. -Irving's style is as much his
own as though Goldsmith had never written,,
and his piotures have that freshness about
them whioh nothing but life-studies oan give,
He has written no poem, no "Traveller' no
"Deserted Village," no exquisite ballad like
"The Hermit," no touching little stanzas of
unapproachable pathos, like "Woman."
But how muoh real poetry and how much
real pathos has he not writtenl We do not
believe that there was ever suoh a description
of the song of a bird as his description of th
soaring of a lark in "Buckthorn;" and th
poor old widow in the Sketch Book, who, tht
first Sunday after her son's burial, comes to
ohurch with a few bits of black silk and ribbon
about hor, the only external emblem of mourn
ing which her poverty allowed her to make,
Is a pioture that we can never look at through
his simple and graphic periods without sob
bing like a child. Poot he is, and that too of
the boat and noblest kind, for he stores our
momories with lovely images and our hearts
with human affections. If you would learn to
be kinder and truer, if you would learn to
boar life's burden manfully, and make for
yourself sunshine where half your fellow-men
aso nothing but the shadows and gloom, read
and meditate Goldsmith and Irving.
A Newly Mabbibu Couple in a Dkal or
Tbouble. Recently, says the Memphis Ava
lanth; a oouple of gentlemen, with their newly
wedded brides, aocompanied by the nssal
number of friends of both sexes, arrived In
town on the Momphls and Charleston Bail
road, and vainly endeavored to procure ac
commodations at the Gayoso, tho Worsham,
and the Commercial. Every room was occu
pied. As a last resort, the party applied at
an extensive boarding-house in the Northern
part of the oity. The landlord Informed them
that they oould be aooommodated, but there
were only two vacant rooms in the house.
Here was a pretty ploklel : It was finally de
termined, however, that the ladies should
oooupy one room, and the male portion of the
party might monopolise tbe other. It is said
that the swains kept melanoholy watoh during
the long hours of the night, and. the next day
oonoludtd to seek soma less crowded plaoe to
spend their honeymoon. ,
A Vebt Ioho amd GoonS.ioT. On Thanks
giving Day, Mr. H. C. Ornie, of Baltimore,
while gunning for wild geese on Kent Island,
Md., accomplished a "palpable hit," which
successfully demonstrates the almost Incred
ible range of the Minnie musket. With that
terrible and destructive weapon, Mr. Orrue
struck and killed, at an ascertained distance
of one mile and a quarter, a wild goose, meas
uring seven and a hall leet urn Up to Up.
Penand-Ink Sketch of a Distinguished
Tho personal appearance of one of the most
powerful, and, perhaps, ablest lawyer in New
York, Is thus given in an Eastern exchange:
Seeming taller than he really it, from th
sparseness and meagernesa of his wiry figure,
this gentleman dressed in tightly buttoned
black, with an old beaver hat shoved back
from a square, granite forehead; with large,
gleaming, dark eyes, apparently observing
every thing, while really absorbed In other
thoughts; a fresh and pink complexion, curi
ously contrasting with a bristling grey beard,
which serves as a fringe to a strongly marked,
keen and sarcastic mouth and chin, and the
whole topped oft with a vigorous growth of
Tialr, still standing out manfully for its original
color, but fast being changed under silver frost
such is the external man of Mr. Charles
O'Conner, beyond all question the first lawyer,
in the old English sense, of the bar of the
State of New York, and in the opinion of
many, the first lawyer of tbe Union.
Mr. O'Connor's manner and appearance are
exceedingly peculiar, as he darts past you
with all tne teverish eagerness of youth, and
tbe elasticity, unsubdued by time, of an ener-
fetic man just entering the race of life,
hough really of an ardent nature to his
friends, his presonco is perfectly freezing
to those not acquainted with him, and
when the wind blows at all keenly, he might
be regarded as six feet from the North Polo,
buttoned up in professional broadcloth. There
is something, too, about his style of dress
whioh suggests that his clothes were huddled
on, very early in the morning, on a sudden
alarm of fire, and that he has not found time
to arrange them sinoe, while the protuberant
stuffing of his outside pookets with law papers,
and theoloso buttoning of his outside coat,
present the idea that in effort to acoomplleh
an economical escape from the fiery elemonl
he had stuffed all the family silver into the
various hiding places of his garments.
An ErrarriVR Bp.bmon Wbll-bkmbmbrbsu.
A few years ago, Rev. Mr. B., a faithful, fear
less proaoher in one of the "hill towns" of
Hampshire County, preached a pointed sermon
against the uso of ardent spirits, especially
designed for a membor of his congregation
who was In tbe habit of hiring his help at a
low prloe, in consideration of the frequent
"treats" be furnished his workmen. "Old
Nat" felt himself particularly ,'hit" by the
discourse, land the coat fitted him oxaotly,
and be therofore absented himsolf from ohurch
for some two yoars. A few weeks ago he wns
seized with his last nines', and exprcstcd a
desire to see Rev. Mr. B. bofore ho died. Ilia
son went post-basto for tho minister, who, of
course, was quite ready to respond to tho
dying man's summons. On entering the room
he was greeted with tbe cold salutation: "Mr.
B., I am about to dio, and I have sont for you
that you might havo a chance to apologizo to
me for that liquor sermon you preached to me
two years ago!"
A Duel Fought Inorpbndbnt or the Code.
Two men, Mordocai Wooden end John Mo
Gowan, were arrested on Thursday, in Balti
more, npon the charge of fighting in tho street.
It appears the parties bad a grudge to settle,
and wont out for that purpose, with their
seoonds and friends, ns others have done
before them. The principals "went In," and
Wooden getting the advantage of McGowan
his friends attaeked Woodon, who, thinking it
best if doubly attaoked to be doubly armed,
drew a revolver, which was taken from him by
one of the party, who fired two barrels ut him,
one of the balls grazlDg his forehead and the
other outting the lapel of his coat. Wooden
was then knooked down and badly boaton with
Thirsty Babies. In a late number of tho
Electric Medical Journal, the editor remarks
that young babies often cry from aotual thirst.
Their natural supply is intended as food, not
as drink, and makes thorn thirsty without
really quenching thoir thirst, as a cool liquid
would. They cry, he thinks, for cold water.
A grim old bachelor thinks babies should
have water, abundance of it; nnd that they
ought to be put under it, and kept there for
a long time. This remedy he believes will be
efficacious in curing all baby ills.
Db. Kino Again Pebseovtbd bt the Gbekk
Authobitieb. Dr. King writes from Athens,
September 24, to the Missionary Houbs in
Boston, that he has been again most unex
pectedly oited to appear before tbe judicial
authorities of Athens to answer to the oharges
brought against him two and a half years
sinoe of secretly attempting to establish a new
religion not recognized by the government.
The penalty for the offense is imprisonment
for from three months to two years, and a fine
of something over $30.
. Thageebay on Womkw. Some of our lady
critics are indignant at Thackeray for the
manner In which be has portrayed the Amer
ican female characters in his last novel, The
Virginiant. There are four of them, and not
one Is depioted as loveable nnd charming,
Thackeray never did indeed he can not, in
in our opinion, draw a loveable woman. All
of bis femenine creations are like " Becky
Sharp," witty and wioked, or like "Amelia,"
good-hearted, but very stupid.
Dictionary ok a Caput Mobtuuii. Land
lord Our popular host.
Railroad Conductor A perfect gentleman.
Keeper of a Grogihop Our obliging frien d
'caterer to the pnblio taste.
Comic Actor Knowing son of Moinus. In
imitablebeyond compare.
Tragic ditto Superior to Macready Amer
ican Kean Glorious fellow the man that
Shakspeare drew. Mat-a-Check Vest.
Rrcs A Test or Guilt. Most readers have
heard of the East Indian praotioe (native) of
compelling persons suspected of crimes to
ohew rice as an ordeal. The simple philoso
phy of the trial is, that fear exerts an Intense
influence on tbe salivary glands; if the person
is really guily there is no secretion of saliva,
aia chewing is impossible. On the oontrary,
oonsiousness of innocence allows a proper flow
of fluid for softening the rioe.
" Fuel Saving: Sociktt is Philiorli'hia
In Philadelphia they have an Institution called
the "Fuel Saving Society," formed for the sol
purpose of receiving from poor folks thoir
climes and half-dimes, when they have them
so sparo, to be laid out in purobasing fuel al
wholesale rates, which they reoeive during th
winter. The good this thing has done for
nearly thirty years is marvellous.
A Whole Family Dyiho or Blace Tonbok.
A family of; several persons, in Saline County,
A?k., about a month ago, died from the efl'eoU
of eating the flesh o( a deer affected with tbe
black tongue. Tbe deer was killed in tho af
ternoon, and looked healthy; the family par
took of the venison that night, and next
morning all, with tho exception, perhaps, cf
an infant, were dead.
' New Pubenolouical Revelation. In I'u
buqu, Iowa, th other day, a lawyer, hesrlng
that Tom Marshall was a phrenologist, went up
to him in a hotel and asked him if he would
examine his brains for a half 7 "I'll do it fur
nothing," said Tom, "if you'll stand i n jnttf
head so I can get at 'em." The ha rem o.'
Ike lawyer he was liking for a knot-hole I
The Impossibility of War Between
England and America.
The London 7i of th 19th ult., received
by the steamer Europa, has the following as
its leading editorial :
War between England and America is Im
impossible. Such is the sure conviction of
every rational man in America, and of every
body of ago and station in England. Per
haps It is also the conviction of the wild ban
ditti who swarm upon our frontiers, and of
their unprincipled sympathizers, who habitu
ally write np war in the newspapers, and spout
war speeches in the towns. War is impossible,
not only by reason of the strong sympathies
which bind us together, not only by reason ol
our common origin and our closely intertwined
interests, but also by reason of tbe terrific
character which every one knows that such a
contest must assum.
A war between England and America would
be almost a oivil war the most bitter, tbe
most relentless, and th most cruel of all wars.
It could bo produced only by exasperation on
both sides, arisen to the pitch of a national
madness. As it went on it would certainly be
matkod by. an intensity of passion which
would, as has happened In all civil wars,
carry the oombatants beyond the influenoecf
the ordinary courtesies and moderations of a
more national oontests. Notwithstanding any
stipulations that may have been made in oalm
moments, the eommeroe of both countries
would be the prey of rovers and pirates upon
every son; England's strength and England's
treasury would be wasted in distant expedi
tions to destroy those glorious and peaceful
achievements of her own children, which aro
aow ber pride; our factories would be closed,
and the million and a half of mouths depen
dent upon them would be without bread; put
ting forth in our anger all our strength, wo
should be defenseless among our European
neighbors, and we should fall, at least for that
time, from our place as equal among tbe great
est of the great powers of the world.
On the other side of the Atlantio the spec
tacle would bo ono of al loast equal horror
the fair cities of the Atlantio in flames, their
corumerco gone, and their somewhat inflated
system of commercial credit ront; the swift
strides of that genius of improvement, which
wanders so restlessly up and down, arrested;
population destroyed; a ruthless war. between
slaves and maators raging through half the
land; bloodbhod on tho seas and bloodshed on
the land, and nothing growing but fierce and
unnatural hatrods. Europe and Asia would
look on with surprise and exultation, watching
the paroxysms of frenzy among that terrible
Anglo-Saxon race whloh had seemed to mo
nopolize the Almighty's permission to go
forth and people the earth; wondering to see
that vast family, whoso expansion they had
envied, whose industrial energy they had
found it vain to emulate, whose free thoughts,
wafted over the world, were over sowing
themselves in uncongenial soils, now engaged
in the mad enterprise of destroying their com
mon property and studding their own blood.
The Invasiost or Mexico. Parson Brown
low, of the Knovville Whig, writes from New
York as follows concerning the contemplated
invasion of Mexico:
General Bickley (of Baltimore) spent some
ume in my room iasi evening, ilia expedition
to Mexico now numbers nineteen thaiuaiid mm,
and he is provided with ample meaus. Ono
thousand men are in Tennessee, and these will
move first and move without delay. I predict
that the General will capture all Me.xioo
before Spring, aud that he will have control
of Vera Cruz in ninety days. The Uovern
ment will not throw any diUiouIties in the way
of this expedition, but will favor it, as it is
what the Administration, wanted Walker to
Washington Ibvino's Last Thanksgiving.
Among the last visitors to Sunnyside, previous
to the death of Mr. Irving, was tbe Govenor
of the State, who was passing Thanksgiving
day at his brother's house in tho neighbor
hood. On tho afternoon of that day, Gov
ernor Morgan, in eompany with Mr. Moses II.
Grinnoll and Mr. G. D. Morgan, called on Mr.
Irving to pay hit, respjets. Mr. Irving was
in his usual cheerful spirits, seated in the
parlor, and surrounded by his relatives. After
a conversation of ten minutes tho party bid
Mr. Irving farewell, littlo thinking it would
be for the last time.
A Man Whipped to Death in Mauyla'nd.
A horrible murdor was committed recently at
Pine Bluff, by a man named Brogg, a citizen
of Baltimore, aud a carpenter by trade. Bragg
bad employed a man by the name of Watson,
a pladtorer by trado, to do a job of work.
Watson left without informing Bragg of his
intention, and indulged freely in drink.
Bragg, incensed at Watson's absence from
work, followed on, prepared himself with
switches, seized upon Watson and whipped
him to death. lie then attempted his esoape,
but was arrested and lodged In jail. ' Great
excitement prevails and many are in favor of
lynching Bragg:
Thomas Y. Simmons, of South Carolina, was
invited to be present at a dinner, but not
being ablo wrote a letter, which says: "Let us
all cultivate a more fraternal feeling. Let us
support and sustain the true and tried men
everywhere who stand by the Constitution and
its compromises. Thus will the sovereignty of
the Stales be preserved inviolate. Thus will
this government, framed by the wisdom of the
past, hallowed by its prayers, and purchased
by its blood and treasure, long remain the safe
repositoryvof freedom a light and a model to
th world."
Biograi'hy ovIbvino. The Providcnoo, (R.
I.) Journal suggests the name of Prof. Geo. W.
Green as a proper person to write a biography
of Washington Irving. "lie has a most deli
cate, and sympathetic, and hoarty appreciation
of Irving's works, and a rich and graceful
style, peculiarly fitted to such a theme, and,
indeou, not wholly vmliko that of Irving him
solf. His review of tho life of Washington,,
we have been told, was pronounced by Irving
as the most satisfactory of any . whioh ap
peared." i
IcRBtaoa Eight Milks Long. The clipper
ship Uncowah, at San Francisco, Cal., from
New York on the 2 oth ult., reports that on the
Oth of August, when about Ifty-fire miles
south-west of Cape Horn, she fell in with a
number of Icebergs, tbe largest of whloh was
about eight miles in length and three hundred
feet In bight. This huge berg mast have
been Immersed In the ocean some two thou
sand feet. - i
A Vkrt Ani'ibht Maidkm. The Holly
Springs (Miss.) Herald says thore ia living in
that county a maiden lady, Misa Ann Thomp
son, who was born in Warren County, N. C.,
on tbe 28th day of August, 1798. She will be
one hundred and two years old next August.
She enjoys good health, and Is able to walk
any reasonable distanoe, and bid fair to live
several years yet. ' ' '
Mvrdkr in Arkansas. A horrible murder
was recently committed in Phillips County,
Ark., near Helena. Three men, Sullivan, Mc
Carthy and Watts, got into a dispute regard
ing some trivial arlair. In - which the two
former were arrayed against the latter. Some
time afterward Watts was found lying in the
rbnnty, dead, his body horribly disfigured by
blows. Sullivan and McCarthy are now in
tho jail at Helena, awaiting ezominaUon.
Advertisements net exceeding five line (At.
Onlnaertlon....S I On week.. ......41 00)
Two weeks. 1 to On month i Ml
Larger advartlteaienU inserted al tht following
rate for tqntn of ton lines or lew r - '
On lntertkm...M..t 90 1 Two weeks,...........! '
lack, addl'nal lna M I Three Wonka.-..- '
On week....MM 1 7t I On month- 0
Job PrirxtinK s .
la all ita branch, Hon with neatness and Sleialcb .
HUHMlvm firnnimi
' December 1 1858.
-t- the pulmc three senHnns, and nwlna I" l' rP-
pelled to make two more sines liarlnji HIX pi?
complete, suitable, froni the smallest family up tn
uiariiyana increased neniann, we nave iieep rm-
Ihi-ae Stoves have gained fur themselves can not h
too hlffiil)' appreciated, at every family having tlieia
in naecau truly testify.
Thanking the public for their generous support, It
Is our determination tn supply the wants of the com
munity with the benefit which a practical median
cal eduoatton oan only supply.
Inventor. Proprietary As Mannfaeturer,!
3 3 3
We heg leave, most reapectftilly, lo offer the follow.
In certiSoMtes and releronrea ui families ii.ing lh
Alligator, which will, at a glance, remove all doubt
of Ita intrinsic merit:
For aoioe months 1 havo been uilim the Alligator
Coal (looking Stove. Ita superior cooking qualities,
combined with ita clcanliiiraa, must eventually aecuts
to the ownera a large share at public nntronnge.
I have been lining one of Mi-Hsra. AitumeA; 1'ivk
over'a Alligator Conk Stovra for some months, which
glvoa entire satisfaction in every respect, and ran
cheerfully recommend it to those who are In want ol
a superior cook stove. II. II, I.KAV1TT.
For the last year I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking stove, manufactured by Mexsrs. Adams
A l'eckover, which I consider a superior stove, and
Klvet tht ntmoat Hatlafaciion. It ia the only alote 1
ave found that cooks perfectly with coal.
For some time past I have been using oneof Messrs.
Adams 4 I'erkover'a Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
and can recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction In every respect.
JOS. JtUSHNElX, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
lion. Judge McLean, Clif- Joseph W. Wayne, 391, Sth'
ton, M. Brooks, lit. Auburn
Bon Judge Leavitt, W K. Uev. W. S. Kennedr, M
Fifth-street, John-street,
Judge Van Bam, 202 r J. P. Jones, 224 Fourth,
Fourth, XT. Norton, 334 Fourth,
JudgeHoadly.nftSd, I. Thatcher, 329 George,
Dr. Itolkor, Xi mh, Mm. Jolly, llnSth,
Cln.Urphan Asylum, Elm, Jos. Talhott, Ufi 7th.
Jobo Kebler.aiiMtV 8o,.GntiMdur. las Smith
F Smith, tirm ol Lincoln, it. Williams, Wal. Ill I Is,
Smith & Warnock, Mr. Moinon, 203 ith,
H.Vallette,347 Ith, Mrs. lty bind,. 124 4th,
N.O.McLeun.Glendale, Mra. Ik. wit!,. M E. 4lll,
II. II, Funk, 266 Vine, Mra. M. P.Taylor, 2Hn tiro.
Jos. fJushuell,eoal mer. air. Mcl'heraon,o. H. cor.
Jaa. F,spy, '.".iMth, bixtb aud Race,
J. Jollroy, Kiir, Uat V7'ka, A, A. Clark, Times office,
T, II. Yentniau, etorrsTp, 1'. L. Weaver, 3M John,
A. W. FranciHCO, Press J. P. Whitman, Wash-
Oriice. ingtun Inatitute,
A. liuglien, Commercial, John A. Hook, 3uti George
W. li. Wells, Cin'tiXrpe F. V. Brooks, 149 John,
Foundry, Jackson M. Noble, 411 3d,
K.C. lions, 281 LongvfOrth, II. Uacknian, 4ti6 3d,
Chaa. Ohailwick, iiut 4th, (.'has. tioodinau, 242 4th.
T. W. Vgragne, I'.O 7th, John C. Morris, 113 Mill,
Mr. Houghton, lilntllh, J. A. Stacy, 444 8th,
Wm.Coiintock, 201 4th, fiilwon ft M'Donald, Vina
0. Hole, ail 7th, laaac Marsh, 388 Oorgn,
J. Harvey, 207 Longworth W.U.Hurlbuit.i.MFr'in'n
John Andorsnu, 4i;i 4th, Klani P. Langiion, 12 litli,
Jonathan OgUen, IX tin, J. U. Fulweiler , Long
W. W. Woods, 44'j4th, worth and Wontern-row,
John Tanner, Wrightnon I. K. duly, 7 Sth,
fc Co.'s Minting office. Alf. Burnett, 164 Mh,
JameeS. SWtttt. 137 6t!l, no!2
tne ittrgesi class noaming-uouae 'id reieiinty
Dooit JLocks,
Boor and Oate-Springi,
BeUs Hung, Keys Fitted.
The public are respectfully invited to oall and ex
amine the various patterns and prices. All Jobblug
promptly attended to
no2cm Mo. 133 Flfth-etreot, Kd door from Kace.
Moale Manufacturer,
No. 41 ait Second-street, between Sycamore and.
Broadway, ClnciLnnti, keeps every description of
Counter) rintform, ('acile, Railroad Depot,
nnd Track Sonleal Truck,
Iron Wagons, cVo.
Uepairng doneon the shortest notice, nol-eni
SS St. Charles street, Hew Orleans, La.,
Importer efGanaoV gpi-rtiatr Apparatus,
(Fronting the Steamboat Landing.)
North-east Vomer Broadway aud Fruiil.
R. F. LEVERING, Proprietor.
kind of Mattresses anil Bedding, at the nli
stand. Mo. 13 Sycamore-street, east tide, Htween
Fourth and Filth-streets, (events ttors above
Fonrth-ttrtet, Church Pews lined and coeVoned,
All order promptly attended to. c-l-cio
and Boiler Iroa, Plow Blabs, Ballroav Spike
to. Also, Agents for the sal of 1 ronton SM Nail
Wareroomt No, 19 last Second Street, Cln'lnuat
aWAIl kinds Iron made to order. 1 m
No. 99 Sixth-street, between Vine and U e. in
th Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Perwas vim
mar favor him with their patronage.can rely n punr.
tuality and low prloes, pl-r
Money! Money! Money!
Removed (rasa 50 Wait SUtk-atrixi.
ILBY and all kind of Merchandise, t low
Pitt of Interest, at No. 171 Tine-street, Utt.
onrth and Fifth, - y
Dining and Coffee Saloon,
(Near the corner of Vine,)
IVI TICKERS, Proprietor.
Oysters said flam erv4 la all stj Is. Altai" at all
hurt, ... noun

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