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Is pnbllabed dally, ( Sundays eicepUd,) by
rtos DO. 14 wn? ro OBT I IT.
Till PINNT PBBSati delivered to snrMCTlbers lo
Cincinnati, Oorington and Newport, and stu
rounding cities and towns, at the ex
trcmelrlow price of
mentor nAiima:
HlugleeophisJo.i 1 month 40o.; 3 monthiil; 1 yar 4.
loan A. Eluiiib, Ja Jlole Lessee and Manager.
WEDNESDAY KVKKINO, Dc. 7, will be pre
piil"'! the Interesting pin; of
Ob, Tub Kemhh Rekellion.
Jack Cade .. Latiitdou
r rim Lacy Hnnn
Wut Worthy ., Ellnlcr
liOnl Clifford Road
Maramne Mrs. Ellslor
Kate Worthy M Miss Waite
Widow Cede .. .... J ulia Irving
Dunce liy Miss Kate Pennojer
To conclude with tlio favorite farco called
Jcnuy Llnd...... Miss Denham
HarunHwigihuT Berry Adams
Lsatberlungs. ......... ,. Fisher
Mi'. Gay Bonee
l u preparation, a thrilling drama called "Toulssnnt
1,'Onverliiro; Or, Tim Insurrection of St. Doin.ngo,"
huI death of the Washington of Haytl.
EWDoors open at 6,V, Onrtaln rises at 7X o'clock.
Pours or Admission Dress Circle and I'anuette,
W ceiitsj Gallery, ZScents.
An engagement has been effected, for four ulghta
with the celebrated comedian YAMCEK BIKBCK.
Third night of the great Irish Comedian,
, Blaster Alfred Stewart.
THIS (Wednesday) EVKN1NO, December 7, will
beaded the Irlili comedy called
Driau O'Mnu Master Steward
Darby M cCabo , (J. Benri
Shelab McCnbe tin. Henri
Dance.. M its Jenn is Bight
To bo followed by the Yankee comedy called
Jonathan l'lougbboy Yankee Brlce
fal F orrest Mrs. C, Henri
To conclude with tbu Jaugbablo farco of
Pat Roonoy ,;,. Slant. A, Stewart
Julia dodger i...,.....- Miss L. Graham
'Cheater, is now open for tha reception ofsuests.
Booms can be obtalnod by Iho day or week, and
meals furnished at all houra
N0T1CK. Tradesman and others are cautioned
ntaliiit furnishing uuy articles fur 1 lie theater with
out a written order, signed by Iho Manager.
'lias, M. llarras Manager.
F. M. Conway Stage Director,
THIS (Weilunsday) EVKNINO, Dec. 7, will bo
presented Bnlwer's beautiful play of
laiule Mclnotte , Con nay
Menu. Ueaiuscant Sheridan
.Mods. Olavis Uickaon
'olonol Duma Davidge
1'aullnc Mrs. Conway
Mad, Deachapellea Mrs. Plnclde
To conclude with the laughable comedy of
Mr. Hectic (an old bachelor).,.. Davidgo
Clovor Lauagan
Sergeant Bridoou Hall
Htuuips , Jennings
Mra. Carney , Mrs. PUce
Annnboila. Mrs. Wllkiua
MS" In actlvo re hearsal and will shortly be pro.
dnccd, with a grand star combination cast, new and
gorgeous armors, new sconery, properties, and the
u hole, uf Locke's famous music, Skakspcare's huIi.
lime tragedy of MAOBttTH.
Pbiciw or Ad union. Faniuette Clrclo, Paniuelte
and Balcony, 30 cents; Amphitheator, li cents;
Private Boxes for eight persons, Si.
Duors open at 6M o'clock : commence at 7M.
Box OlBce open from 10 A. M. until 4 P.M., vlicrs
seats can be toenrod. J. F. HERBERT, Treaii r.
- vr run oivaoii nuiTen uy j. c; it ACT- ai
DLE and F. LUNO. at tho &
Uornor of Eighth and Freeman-streets,
On the Mh or December, 185l.
CoMitiTTtc or Aruakokmiits W. II. Helman, I,
llobluson, W. J. James, A. Thorpe.
Mabaoim Sergeant J. B. Moore, W. Wollenliop,
F. P. Dltcben, F. Ditchen, J, Flagg, W. Welit.
Cupt. H. F. BARDEBN, Chief.
V. J. 81'tPUENSOH, Asi't Chief.
Positively no geu tleman admitted without a 'ady,
Tickots One Dollar. delh
New Mode of Ventilation!
nil mul S.e One of
He-itinfi and Ventilating Furnaces,
8tor Ware-rooms, Nos. SI aj S3 Vina-st.,
(Below Columbia.)
Sawyer & Co.
(!oal Coofeiiig Stove,
Held at Zaueavllle, Oetoberi IH&9,
i08. HI and SSli Vinc-1
(Seoond door Below Columbia,)
embraces all the leading styles la erery variety
of rUB, which we warrant
' Mt). 140 MAIH-6TBBKT,
nolo One door below Fontth.
T M. F. HEWB0X, of the late firm of
WW BawionftHol-ee.wlllcontlnuetneiwmmi-eion,
Btock and Bill Brokenme business, at their old
Omce. wo. zt. jisseraent mtmuuiu uuiimimh, ..
-ir( Hn an) Iclia a continuance of the business here
tofore so Ijberaily bestowed on the old firm. ue28 am
- !.V
VOL. 2. NO. 93
- ' fl
1 lcc0
Little HiANi.-Night fcxpress, :00 A. u.; Accom
muilatlen, V.U p. h.; Day Kxpreas, &M T. H.
Indianapolis and CixviNiiATi.-lltla a. 6:40 p,
h.; 1:40 a.m.
Ohio and UiHsigsirn, 8:24 A. H.; 11:46 A. u.i 10:19
p. M.
Cikcinrati. HiniLTOH AMD Dattom.-7: A. v.; 11:08
A. H.; 12:52 p. h.; 6:U p. M.i :M)p. M.
M.bietta and Cincinnati. 11:20 A. M.; 6:5 p. M.
Richmond Ako Indianapolis.-12:M) h.; 6;M p. h.
Littlb Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. M.; Aocom.
modatlun, 4:10 r. H.; Might Express, 11:30 r. m.
Inounapolis and Cincinnati.-:6o a. h,; 12:49 p,
m.; 7:16 p. h.
Ohio and Mississippi. 7:20 A. M.; 2:00 p. m.; 7:30 p. M.
Oinoinnati, Hamiltov and Davton. 6:ix) a. u.4, 7:30
A. M.; 10:00 A,H.; 3.40P. m.; 6:30 p, it ; 11:30 p. M.
Marietta and Cincinnati. (:40 a. m.; 3:4Dp. m.
Richmond and Indianafolib. 6.00 a. m.; 3:10 p. u.
je9Aa aotrosj, if protty, frequently gives
up thostaye for a oarriago.
jaVice vorsa, it, literally translated,
vicious vore.
fi3A. young lady who awaits impatiently
hor woddiDg day may be luapactod of
JBSTk young middy, who was making his
first voyage, had so severe art atUck of pea
sickness that he threw up hie cotuuiiiision.
JSB-The young man who pays his addresses
to dumb-belles is in no danger of being dis
carded. - jOEf'The most profitable) business in Virginia
recently has been tho manufacture of rogl
inentals and uniforms for oitizen soldiery.
A vessel reeeatly arrived in Kngland from
Sebastopol, with a cargo of two hundred and
thirty-seven tuns human bones. There is glory
for yon of the rarest kind.
"Tho November number of the ilevue dei
Deux MundeH has an elaborato review of Mrs.
Btowo's new novorby M. Cucheval Clarigny,
undor the title of Lafianeee fu ministrt.
;3&6f Juhn Douzhcrtv, a younc man. hiiDit
binnoll' in his room in Brooklyn, N. V., last
jtrtday, alter tnrco auoinpts, two ot wbioli
proved unuccoijttii.
-The groat work of SI. TbieM, the "His
tory tt the Oonsnlate and Empire." which bai
como to anopparentstnnd-Btill for the Inst two
years, is to be finitbeil this winter,
&f(7fint. John Ttrnwn wad htinc in 0'iifv
ia front of tho St. Louis Court-liouso last Sat
urday, by the same personB, doubtless, who
draped tiieofiico of the Missouri Dtmvtrat with
;"Th Episcopal Church in the United
States contains 33 dioceses. The present num
bor of bishops, provisional bishops and assis
tant bishops is -13; priests and deacons, 3,030;
parishos, 2,110.
--The Maniuia de Gulifibt (C. A. Bries-
ted's antagonist in a duel) has married M'lle
Latlitte, a grand daughter of the oelebrated
banker; the Frenoh Empress negotiated the
:EflAt a recent oxecution In Kontuoky.the
clergyman prayed that all present might be
duly impressed with the "shortness of human
life." The man on the platform seemed to be
convinced of the faot already.
TProf. Tishendorf has received from the
Monastery at Sinai an anoiont MS. cf the
Bible which has never been published,
or used in the preparation of any printed
.mme. t
At a rocentdiffioulty in Anlioch,Tenn.,
during a shooting matoh between Geo. Ab
bott and a man by tho name of Ward, Abbott
waa shot entirely through the body and al
most immediately killed.
S-Tno salo of "The Ministor'a Wooing"
has already a circulation exoeedlng 50,0110
copies. Mrs. Stowe has realized more than
$10,000 upon it, and will probably receive as
much moro.
fiZTk reoent letter from Farla states that
the display of jewelry, not enly on full-dress
occasions, but even in the morning, driving
and noon-day apparel of the Frenoh Empress
and her visitors, Is truly magnificent.
rSenator Sumner has been chosen a for
eign assoolate member of the Pronch Society
of Political Economy at Paris. He is the first
American on whom this honor has been con
ferred, A reouisilion is to bo made, it ia said.
upon the Governor of New York State, undor
the Fugitive-slave law, for the surrender of
II. R. Ilolper, author of the Impending Crisis,
and Professor Hedrick, expelled from North
Carolina University.
fc9"Tho two moBt successful books of the
lato London season are doelared to bo (always
after Adam Jlcdt,) Our Farm of Four Acre; a
two-shilling book by Miss Coulton, andfyHiu
yVnA'i, Pnmet nnd Olaciert, a volume of mixed
science and adventure.
S8 At Messrs. Smith & Elder's rocent
trade salo in Loudon, $5,01)0 oopics of their
new half-crown edition of Jliss fironh't Life
jvere disposed of, .notwithstanding tho large
sale it has already mot with at the former pi ice
of six shillings.
"The Warronton (Va.) Flay, having
boon informed that over twenty copies of the
New York Tribune are taken at the l'ostoftice
of Prinoo William County, suggests that those
receiving them should not only bo presented
before the Grand Jury and fined heavily, but
dealt with even more severity.
The Fekb States from a Viruinia Point of
Vibw. The Richmond Dupakh of a late date
observes: We think they (the North) will
hardly deny, themselves, that they are the
most selfish roue on whom the sun of heaven
ever shono. No man takes any interest in
his neighbor, except to get the better of him
in a bargain. They can entertain strangers
hospitably, but bow do they entertain each
other? The iceberg of the poles has as much
heat and geniality and sympathy with tho
iceberg floating by its side, as most of the
New England raco tor eaoh other. In this we
find an explanation of tho faot that gentle
men of Northern birth, who have made the
South their permanent hoino, are among the
most loyal and ardent in their devotion to
their adopted land.
We will not deny the courage of the North.
It has been shown on land and sea, and fully
understand that, when the struggle oomes, not
with the blatant abolitionists, who are nearly
all cowards, but with the sober masses whom
they intend to force into this fight it will
be no ohild'a jfiay. We are willing to do
justice to every good quality that the North
can claim, to its energy, valor, system, and
Industry, and, having made allowances for all,
we can ealmly, and, as we venture to supposo,
intelligently, give some reasons why we do
not think that sections has any right to stand
in the most eonsplouous place ia tho tern-
f ie, and thank Clod that it is not as this Pub
ioan. '
Stkalixo Kissss with Gtusb Valuablis.
A fow nights since somo tbievos eutored a
r , . lii 1 : ir- -. : : -
iemaie aeminarj at iintouui, ., auuriuia-
bored chloroform to the pupils and then de
liberately carried off all thoir jewelry, money,
nd apparel, not forgetting the sentimental
rogues to kiss all the pretty girls as they lay
reposing in oewitooing oeauiy.
Kentucky—Message of Gov. Magoffin,
December 5, 1859.
(Jot. Magoffin submitted a snirlted message
to the Kentucky Legislature on Mondav. The
State, he says, ia in & flourishing condition.
The taxable property of the State is valued
at fit3,409,lnS. the balance of money in the
treasury Is $1 36,463, of which the School Fond
forms only the small portion of $671. The
debt of the State amounts to near five and
a-half millions, and an annual Interest has to
be raised of $279,421. The Sinking Fund has
on hand $758,233. Actual value of Internal
Improvements, $1,000,000; Bank Stock, $1,
870,500, and $300,000 of Railroad Stock all
owned by tho State.
The Governor remarks upon the propriety
of confining the Issues of Banks to the
amount of coin on hand, to the use of an undue
portion of their means in the purchase of bills
of exohange. He says they have banks
enough and toe many; let us have no more.
To take a fresh start it would be bad policy to
have any banks, that It would have been better
for Kentucky If there had never bcoa one In
tho State; but, having them, protect those In
existonoo and charter no more.
Recommendations are made to make appro
priations of $10,700 to the Deaf and Dumb
Asylum at Danville. There are forty-two
pationts in the Institution for the Blind.
There are four hundred and twenty-one in
mates of the two Lunatlo Asylums.
The Governor recommends that marriages of
of cousins be declared illegal, as their progeny
becomo mutes, insane, blind or Imbecile, to the
extent of one-fifth of the patients in charge ef
that State, thus lessening the number of useful
oitizeus and entailing a heavy expenso on the
The Governor declares the sentiment of the
State to be averse to the reoponing of the
African Slavo Trade, and recommends tho
completion of tho geological survey of tho
Stato. Some boundary disputes have t be
adjusted with Tennessoej also with Missouri in
reference to Wolf Island in the Mississippi,
somo 20 miles below the mouth of the Ohio.
Governor Magoffin denouncos the Harper's
Perry outrage, and the sympathy of anti
slavcry fanatics as directly hostile to the longer
continuance of the Union, which Kentucky is
determined to adhore to. Its VBry strength
consists in its scouring antagonistic Interests.
Its power is in its apparent forces. He pro
ceeds with direotneis to a definition of his
position, which is in favor of the slave relation.
He says, "I do not believe slavery to be
wrong. I do not believe it to be a moral,
social, or political evil." He claims that the
patriot eagts of the revolution did no wrong to
humanity in embodying it in the Constitution;
thoy but followed the customs, the laws, and
the example of the whole oivilired world.
Abraham introduced slavery into his system
of government. Moses found it a part of the
Jewish polity; undenounced by the Savior and
the Apostles, it eamo regularly down to us,
through all tha various changes in socioty and
government. '. Europeans brought the slaves
here as property, as merchandize, and it was an
existing institution here when the Colonies re
belled. It Is now one of the oompaots of the
Constitution. For Kentucky, he denounces
tho proclamation "that the United States
Government cannot exist as part free and part
slave, but must bo all one or the other."
Kentucky has seven hundred miles of exposed
torritory, and suffers an annual loss of her
slave property of $100,000, will be without
excitement, and offers no threats, bat will aot
with the dignity, moderation and wisdom
whioh becomes her. Under the broad shield
of the Constitution, she will stand by the
Union. She stands by the land-marks of the
fathers, that each Stale should be the judge
of, and regulate its own domestio institutions
without interference. She believed that
slavory Is neither a moral, social nor political
evil. The whites In slave states are as agree-
able, as refined, as hospitable, as charitable,
as brave in battle, as obedient to the laws, as
loyal to the government as the people ia the
free States.
The Afrioan has been elevated by slavery:
A century ago be was brought here from Af
rica a crooked, a miserable, naked, starved.
ill-shaped, ohattering, half-reasoning sort of
I1U. UvhHO.ll bIJV U.UU1IU Hill (US 1TUIW UJOrU,
as wild nearly as the beasts of the forest, ana
never was there suoh a change for the better
produoed within the same length or time upon
any people on earth. We, now behold him in
the third generation finely formed, straight,
Intelligent, moral, even contented If left to the
management of his master, and nrobablv han-
pier than he, as a slavo, an aotive, intelligent
hanov asent in doine rood: but the moment
you set aim free, he descends ia the scale of
civilization far more rapidly than be ascended,
and as such becomes a worthless, Idlo, lazy
besotted vagabond m a very few years, so
much so, that some of the Free States, where
there appears to be so muoh sympathy tor him
have pasnod strong laws to prevent his becom
ing a resident.
The Governor tells the Free States that they
oan have no encouragement from Kentucky
for the abolition of slavery. He declares that
in spite of the ooniorvative portion of the
Reuublioan party, there is no denvini that
their prlnoiplos lead to such resnlts as hare
recently ooourred at Harper's Ferry, and that
party must bo hold responsible, as an excuse
for taking at onoe a sturdy, common position
of self-preservation, he urges, the apprehen
sion of acommon danger: "Our slave property
is threatened, our homes are threatened:, our
lives, and the lives or our wives ana cniinron
are threatened: all the Slave States are threat
ened; the Constitution and the Union are
threatened: common sense and prndence teacn
us that we must adopt eflicient measures of
The Governor
in Kentucky.. and reoommenda proteotivemcas
uresof security and safety, "whether the agents
and omissiaries of the Republican party, and
the enemies of the Union, eome among us as
teachers, as peddlers, or as free negroes, from
the troe States, l would, inereioro, recom
mend a heavier taxation upon peddlers, a ro
peal of the law imposing a heavy penalty
upon them for oomlng to the State under any
pretense whatever. I further recommend a
chance of the laws allowing slaves to hire
their own time, and the passage of muoh more
stringent laws to correct this alarming
evil. It would be well, too, to offer to eaoh
free negro, who wished to leave the State,
who had not the means, a sufficient sum of
money to bear his expenses to his destination;
when onoe out ho oould not return." He re
commends a reorganisation of the militia sys
tern patrlotlo, well-duel pllned, a ad thor
oughly organised militia in Kentucky.
The Governor contends that the slaves are
not discontented , and that none are truer or
sounder on the slave qnostion than the non
slaveholders of the South, lie appeals, then,
to the Unlon-lovlrg masses of too North to
refuse to follow leadors whose success would
madden tho South and endanger ihe Union.
He says: "We wilt not yet despair of the
Ropubllc; we have faith in the pibllc virtue,
bet, forewarned as we have ber a, let us be on
our guard, and be prepareu tor tne worst."
Montaigne's Method of Thinking.
The late Mr. Baylo St. John, in his biog
raphy of Montaigne, thus describes the essay
ist's monnorof seizing; a thought:
Montaien'e made it, as it were, a business to
think at his castle. lie was ever on the look
out for ideas and images. A thought would
suddenly strike him In the family part of his
House, ana ne would oiten, not naving ms
tablets at hand, hurry across the court and
olimb his tower, In order to set it down. ' Ex
perience, however, had taught him that the
thought might be lost on the way, whisked
out of sight by some sudden gust of sensation;
so he used to take care before setting out to
tell it to his wife, his daughter, or anybody
else who might be at hand. Imagine a gap
ing servant-girl of Perigord being Intrusted
with suoh valuaWo deposits! What an amus
ing revoiauon is tnere in an this or Montaigne
in his literary character Montalgno the
maker of books. His essays were never out
of his mind! He seemed ever to have been
employed in meditating end carefully inscrib
ing his thoughts in his brain, so that his
manner of speaking to othors was constrained,
dry and brief. He haslenod back, as it were,
to his own thoughts , for tear ne should lose
Sight of then.
Of another of Montaigne's processes of
thought the biographer says :
See how surely Montniene proceeds when
he undertakes to develop some moral idea I
He knows who have said the best things on
the subject. lie turns to their pages, reads
them over and over again, and porfeotly cer
tain that his mind Is not enslaved by theirs,
makes use of their knowledge as thoy bad
inado use of the knowledge of thoir predeoes
sors ; gives, perhaps, a touch here, and adds
a tint there, and sometimes, having done no
more than this, appeals to the judgment of
the judicious whether he has not worked well;
and cares nothing for tbo minute oritio who
follows him with a cry of "Stop tliiofl"
Darinu Attack on a Stae CoArn in Cali
forniaTwo RonnKRs Killed. Through in
formation communicated to Wells, Fargo &
Co., we learn some particulars of a daring at
tack made by four highwaymen upon tbestage
running betweon Yankee Jim's aud Auburn,
1'laoer County, when two of the robbers wore
killed, nnd a third known to be wounded, aud
the fourth is believed to be also woundod.
The sttigo reached Auburn ou the 8th ol No
vember, when tho driver reported that that
morning it had been nttaokod by fuvr robbers,
a little on the Auburn side of Todd's Vulloy.
The robbers stopped the horses, wiion tho
driver asked thorn wbat thoy wauted. Tboy
replied, "The treasure." A man named Dan
(jay, and another man, who wero inaido the
conoh, then commenced to firo. Gay shot
from one sidosnd bis companion from the
other, and each killed his man. They imme
diately afterward got out of the stage and
again fired, when another of the highwaymen
was wounded. Tho wounded man nnd tho
remaining robber lied, when Gay aud his
companion pursued. &tn Franciico lluUctin,
Uygibnio Abvantaok of Bbards. I havo
seen it stated somewhere that tbero is an inti
mate conneolton between the nerves and mus
cles of the face and eyes, and allowing the
board to grow to strengthen the eyo. It is
said that surgeons in the Frenoh army have
proved, by experiments in Afrioo, that soldiers
woarins the beard are much less liable to dis
ease of the eye, and it is generally oonceded
that it is a protection irom tne diseases ot tne
throat and lungs. It Is asserted that in coun
tries where it is the custom to wear tho beard,
the eye retains its luster and brilliancy much
longer. It may be argued that foinales do not
suffer mora than males from diseases of the
eye, Ac, but "it must bo admitted that they
are loss exposed to tno elements, wnaiuia
the Creator give the lords of oroation a beard
for? Certainly not to support the barbors.
There is just as muoh senso in shaving the
bead as the ohin.
Icelandic Mods of Tying Hobsks. The
Icelanders have a most curious oustom, aud a
most effectual one, of preventing horsos from
straying, which, I believe, is ontirely peculiar
to this island. Two gentlemon, tor instance,
are riding together without attendants; and
wishing to alight for the purpose of visiting
some obieots at a dietanco irom tno roau,
they tie the head of one horse to tho tail of
the aotber, and tto neaa ot wis to tne tan oi
the former. In this state it is utterly impos
sible that they oan movo on, either backward
or forward, one pulling the ooo way and the
other the other ; and, therefore, if disposed to
move at all, it will be only In a oirclo, and,
even then, there must be an agreement to
turn their heads the same way.
Beautiful Phrromknon. A magnificent
speotaole was afforded to observors yesterday
about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, says the
Washington Union, An illuminated arc, sem
icircular, reflecting the prismatic colors,
spanned the eastern horizon, the more bnl
nam portion Doing w m norm, iuu cuiora
were In ereat purity and intensity, and the
' i . I , . I i - VT il mi i
condition of the atmosphere, combined with
the period or the day, developed an eueet ot
the most gorgeous aud picturesque description.
The masses of thin clouds to the westward
were also for several minutes converted into a
sett of gold, gradually deepening in tone as
the sun reached and sunk below tho horizon.
A Ntw Opera Company in New Yore. A
sew Opera Company has boon just formod,
with the idea of keeping up the supply of Ital
ian opera in this city during the absonce of
the Ullman-Strakosoh troupe. The new com
pany proposes, under the leadership of Carl
AnBchutt, to give epera at Niblo's at play
house prices, fifty and twenty-five cents, and
will include Frezzolinl, Albertina, Beaucarde,
Maoeaferri, Ardavani, Morino, and other Ital
ian artists. The season will oemmence Mon
day, Deo. 12, and lost two weeks. JV. T.
Pott, 8.
A Neoro Boy Killeb sr Another. A col
ored boy named Stephens, aged about nincteon
years, recently threw another -eolored boy,
named Craig, into a sluice-way on the Wood
bury Creek, near Camden, N. J., and before
assii tanoe could be procured, he was drowned.
Stephens was arrested, and commuted to the
Woodbury jail. The motive assigned for the
commiesiou of the deed Is alleged to bo re
venge for pnnishment Inflicted upon blm by
the father of deceased, who had suspected him
of committing certain depredations upon his
A New Kind of Poutioal Party. A gen
tleman not a thousand miles from Boston gave
a groat party, and Invited the leading men In
the vioinlty. Some wag gave him the names
of all his political opponents in the smallest
town of hfs distrlot, instead of a list of his
friends and supporters, and the former were
Invited to the banquet whilo the latter were
left out in the cold. The joke was so good
that no one took offense, and both Democrats
and Republicans had a merry time over the
Garibaldi's Army. The Central Italian
army is composed of (,750 of Garibaldi's men,
3,260 Lombards, 1,200 Venitians, 2,150 Nea
politans, 500 Romans, 1,200 Hungarians, 200
French, 30 English, 150 Malteso and Ionians,
200 Breeks, 450 Poles, 370 Bwiis, I oil Span
iards, Bolglins and Amerissna, and 600 Au;
trim doierten. Total, 17,100, .
Death of tik iNvsrton or the Omiibds
Rkitaubant. The Paris correspondent of the
Bosson Traveller, wilting October 19, says:
Among the deaths of the week I may men
tion the departure of the Yisoount Marie de
Botberet, the descendant and representative
of one of the oldest families of Brittany. His
name owed itscotemporary celebrity to another
oauso: he founded the celebrated enterprise of
the "Rostaurant Omnibueses," which some
years ago formed tho talk of Paris, and fur
nished tho playwrights of the day with a butt
for their wit. He bed twelve omnibusses
laden with hot dishes rolling about Paris
overy day; twelve omnibusses laden with cold
dlnhcs; and twenty-four omnibusses laden
with wines of every description. Three hun
dred masons built for him, in an ineredibly
short space of time, a splendid mansion and
fifteen kitchens of immense size, where steam
engines of sixteen horss-power made (he pots
boil. The proiect miscarried, and he lost
$80,000 by it. He had $92,000 left of his
paternal estato. To retrieve his fortunes he
invested this money in the wine trade, which
he attempted to carry en in large proportions.
This adventure likewise miscarried, and he
lost the remnant ef his estate, except a pitiful
sum whioh enabled him to live witheutasking
alms. When death oaine upon him he wss
revising the proof-sheets of a book he had
written, on "human infirmities."
A Frail Wife and aw Indignant Husband
in New Yore. The village of Canandaigua,
N. Y,, was thrown into commotion on a re
cent evening, by the sudden exposition of a
oase in which parties well known there were
concerned. The parties concerned are Wil
linm II. Phelps, William Warren, and the
wife of tho latter. Phelps is a bachelor of
sixty, a brother of Ollvor H. Tholps, an in
surance agent, wealthy, and an old resident
of Canandaigna. Warron is a stone-cutter,
undor forty years of age, in moderate olreum
stancos, of good standing, and has a family
consisting of a wife and five children. Mr.
Warron mot Phelps just loaviDg his wife's
apartment, and at once onsaitltedhim. Phelps
win much tho hoavior man of the two, but the
stono eutlor made up in knowledge of pound
iog what he lacked iu woight. Tholps was
thrown down aud kenton serioimly about the
head and lace.
Monnwhile tho wifolookod on ,torror-strickon,
and tho cries of l'uolps brought .to tho spot,
from the chamber above, tho daugher nnd eon
of Mr. Warron, who wore much terrified by
tho proceeding to them fo lraugo, Mr.
Wa -ren called to his sou to briug him the
rtitviug-knifo, that lio might dispatch l'holps
upon tho spot. Tho boy refused to comply,
nnd assured his father that be would be bung
if be killed tho man. rrcsontly Fhelps es
caped from Warren, and ran into tho yard,
but he was overtakon and again beaton. By
this timo tho alarm had spread in tbe neigh
borhood, and peoplo ropaired to the spot to
see what was going on, when Pbolps was taken
into custody end the combat terminated.
An Eccentric Swiss Misua. A Swiss
wiser diod lately near Zurich, who is repre
sented to have been as fair a speoimen of the
class as ever existed. He was a self-made
man, a man without education, and without
any prominent talents his principal qualities
being a horrible avarice and an iron industry.
The proprietor of a large manufacturing estab
lishment, bis great objeot was to extort as
much work as possible from his laborers at as
little expense as possible. He was sever mar
ried, never enjoyed any of tbe pleasures of lifsf
and lived in a small, low, dirty room, whose
only furniture was a bedstead. An adjoining
room served as a kitohen, where his only ser
vant resided aud cooked bis meals, which he
ate standing, lie never kept any regular
books, and never took an inventory. Twelve
years ago his - friends persuaded him to have
one taken ; but when, long before it was fin
ished, it showed a property free of all debts tf
nearly four millions of dollars, he toro up the
papers and stopped the proceeding. He died
as he had lived, in dirt and apparent poverty:
and, true to the principles that had guided
him through life, loft nothing to bonevolenoe
or any useful institution.
Value of Portraits. Barry Connwall says
of portraits:
There is something delightful in the inter
course whioh we have with another's likeness.
It is himself only ones removed; he is visible,
not tangible; wo have his moiety. Iaapio
Hire of history, there is often indeed more to
admire than in the face of one individual,
man or woman. There is more room for the
skill of the artist: it is better adapted to exem
plify a moral. But the sentiment that ohalns
us to the other is wanting, we are not familiar
with it; one Is a brave matter a splendid
thing: the other is a person, and becomes our
friend. It is thus that affection and kind
feeling are perpetuated. It is thus that ths
form and features of the child are made known
to its pining parents afar off. It is thus that
the faces whioh wo love to look upon are re
deemed from the grave, and eont to us aoross
deserts and woodland mountains, or over a
thousand leagues of water. This is the great
est boast of art, as well as its most delightful
viotory. It annihilates spaoe, if net timo, and
makes the absent happy.
The Good Effect of Periodicals. Ralph
Waldo Emerson says: Show us an intelligent
family of boys and girls, and we will show you
a family where newspapers and poriodloals
aro plentiful. Nobody who has been without
these silont private tutors can know thoir
educating power for good or evil. Have you
nevor thought cf the innumerable topics of
discussion whioh thoy suggest at the break
fast table, tbe Important publio measures with
which, thus early, our children become fami
liarly acquainted great philanthropic ques
tions of the day, to which unconsciously their
attention is awakened, and the general spirit
of Intelligence which is evoked by these quiet
visitors? Anything that makes home pleasant,
cheerful, and chatty, thins the haunts of vice
and the thousand and pne avenues of tempta
tion, should eertainly be regarded, when we
consider its inllucnoe on the minds of the
young, as a great wotai and social blessing. .
Mysterious Poisoning in Massacbusktts.
An attempt was made a few days ago to poison
s family named Kursau, living in Uuggles's
l'laoe, Roxbury, Mass. Thefamily discovered
a bad taste in the water of their well, and on
examination of eome of. it, oreosoto was dis
covered floating on the surfaoe. Soon after
two empty bottles were found near the well,
whioh had evidently contained oreosote.
About the samo time one member of the fam
ily, a girl, was taken quite ill, and her sick
ness was decided to havo been oaused by the
poisoned water. No other injuries from its
use, however, resultod. Tbe family had sus
picions in regard to tho parties who poisoned
the water, and tho motives which actuated
Ibem, but investigation shewed them to be
groundless, and there is no clue as yet to the
guilty ones.
Jewels or am Egyptian. The Jewel-box of
an Egyptian Queen, which was found In one
tf the King's tombs In Egypt, Is now greatly
admired by the Parisians. One of the journals
cays the most elaborate workmanship of the
present day cannot surpass tbatof this jewelry,
wlilon IB exquisite in uooigii ana execution.
Especially fine Is a little gold crown, a thick
gold chain, six ftet long, and a beautifully
chiseled gold plate with a male portrait, per
haps that of tbe King.
Advertisements sot exceeding Are Hosed gat.
One Insertion.........! SSI One week .! I tsi
Two weeks.,........ 1 ttOn month. I
Larger adrertiaementa Insetted at the following
rates tor eqnare of ten lines or law t
One lortlon......4 80 1 Two weeks..,..-..-! 3 00
Each sldl'nal Ins.. X I Three wee Its...,.- 4 14
One wek 1 73 1 One month .In., 6 I)
Job PrintiBK'
In all lis branches, done with neatness and dlsrstf a
Mechanics' Fair, '58
3Pat exit o L ,
Deeemjer T 1858.
rriiris s ove has now been before
. the public three snaaons, and owing to Its pop
ularity aud Increased demand, we have been com
pelled to make two moro sines having SIX si,i j
compli-tr, suitable, from thn smallest family up to
tne largest class uoardliiK-liouse Tbe culobrily
these Htoves have sained for thenneires can not !
too highly appreciated, as every family baring tlicm
in mecaa truly testify.
Thanking the public for their generous support. It
Is our determination to supply the wants of the cum.
mneity with Ihe benefits which a practical median
oil education can only supply.
Inventor, Proprietors cV ninniilnctiit-erN,;
3 3 3
m B
Wu beg leave, moat respectfully, to ur the follow
ing certificates and rsferoDcea of fiiinilii s using thn
Alligator, which will, at a glance, remove all di'iibt
ul'iu lutrinsic merits:
For some mouths 1 Intro been nslug the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, lis superior conking iiialltle,
combined with its cleaulinoNS, luiiet erenliiully secure
to theowuursa large share af public patrmiae.
1 have been using one of Messrs. Adams A; I'eck
tver's Alligator took stows for some months, which
girea ontiro satisfaction in m'cry rcapect, nnd cnti
cheerfully recommend it to those who aro in want of
a superior cook novo. 11. II. iiBAVlTT.
For tbe last year I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Store, manufactured by Messrs. Adams
A l'eckovor, which 1 cuiisider a superior stove, atnl
Kivee the utmost satisfaction. It I the only stove 1
avu found that cooks perfectly wit li coal.
For some time past I havo been using oneof Mmm .
Adams As Pockovor'a Alligator Coal Cooking Stover,
and can recommend themu being a superior stove,
giving entire sulfaction iu every respect.
JOS. UUriHNKLL, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
Bon. Judge McLean, Olif- Joseph W.Wayne, 391, Mh
ton, il. llrooka, Sit. Auburn
Hon JudgeLeavitt.SJK. Kev. W, S. Konunly.H
Fifth-street, Johu-atreet,
Judge Van 11am, 292 J. P. Jones, U24 Fourth,
iroiirth, Dr. Norton, :! Fourth,
Judge Hoadly,J703d, D. Thatcher, awGeorfjB,
Dr. llolker, Hi 8th, Wm. Jolly, lliitth.
Uln.Orpbnn Asylum, Kim, Jos. Tulbott, m 7th.
John Kebler, 3194th, tiii.Oetzandiiner, lSSSmllh
S Smith, Arm of Lincoln, S. 11. Williams, Wei. Hills,
Smith It Warnock, Mrs. Moason, 263 4th,
rt.Valletto, 3-17 4th, Mrs. Hyland,324 4th,
N.U.McLcan.Qlendale, Mrs. Ilowitt.M E. 4th,
H. 1), iTuuk, m Viue, Mrs. M. P.Taylor, (Ico.
Jos. Bushnell.eoalmor. Mrs. AlcPherson.b.K. cor.
.las. Espy, 2'.KSttli, (Sixth and Race,
J.Jeil'roy, Hog. (J as Was, A. A. Clark, 'limes office,
T. II. Yeutman, etorrsTp, P.Ii. Weaver, 393 John,
A. W. Francisco, Press J. P. Whitman, Wash-
Oflice. ington Institute,
A. Hughes, Commercial, John A. liook,309 George
W. B. Wells, Ciu'tl Typo V. F. Brooks. 149 John,
Foundry, Jackson M. Noble, 411 3'la
E.U.l(os8,284Longwortn, II. Uackmnn, 4iM3d,
CI) i. Chadwick,3iil4th, Cbaa. Uooduian,24th.
T. W. agrague, 193 7th, John C. Morris, 113 Mill,
Mr. Houghton, Mo (till, J. A. Stacy, 444 ith,
Wm. Conistock, 201 4th, Gibson & M'Donald, Vine
O. Hole, 361 7th, Isaac Mnrsh, 88S George,
J. llarvey, ai7 Longworth W.B.Ilurlburt,62fl Fr'm'n
John Anderson, 4134th, Klam P. Laundou, 130th,
Jonathan Ogden, l!tt 4th, J. H. Fnlweilor, Lonu.
W. V. Woods, 4494th, worth and Western-row,
John Tanner, Wrlghtson . X. Cady, 768th,
James 8.
a uo, s primiiig oinco. au. jjurucu, inmui
kllett. 167 Sth,
i . . f !
Door Locks,
r. ii. car and switch locks,
Door and. Gate-Springs,
Bells Hung, Keys Fitted.
The public are res pectfullv Invited to call and ex-
amine the various patterns nnd prices. All Jobbing
promptly attended to
noZcm No. 133 Fifth-street, id door from Baco,
Hcnle Dlnniifiietnrrr,
No. 41 Kast Second-street, between Sycamore aud
Broadway, Cinciinutl, keepd every ieci iplion oi
Counter, Platform? Cattle, B nllrnnd JDrpoi,
and Trnok Wcnlee; Trucks,
Iron Wagon, eve.
llopairng done on tbe shortest notice. noMm
3.1 8t. Charles street, Hew Orleans, La ,
Importers oTGnns Jk 8prrtln Appiiratus,
(Fronting the Steamboat Landing.)
Siortli-east Corner Broadway aud Front.
R. P, LEVERING, Proprietor.
kinds of Mattressoe and Bedding, at h obi
stand. No. 13S Sycamore-street,' east side, tatween
Fourth and Fifth-streets, seventh atort Alimn
Fourth-street, Cbunh Pews lined and cnsAiotied
All orders promptly attended to. ir-l-cm
A.TJSL and Boiler Iron, Plow Slabs, Kallrow spues
Kto. Also, Agents tor the sale of lronicn Six Nails
Warerooms No. It Kast Second Street, C-"taut I
UTAH kinds Iron made to order.
J No. 99 Sixth-street, between Viue end Man, lu
the Medical College. Cincinnati, Ohio. Pciaua who
may favor him with their patrouage.can rely e a punc.
timllty aud low prices. apt ay
Ifloncyt Money! Moucy!
Removed from 3(1 West Sbcth-atroet.
KLSY and all kinds of MsrcRsndlm. at low.
rates of iuterest, at tie. 173 Ylne-strenl, ltwwu
Fonrth ndF!rtb.. J 4
Dining and Coffee Saloon,
no. si s FirrnsTBiBT, socrn bidk.
(Near the earner of Vine,) ' i l.
1'. I VIC'KKIWi Proprietor.
Oysters and Oamo served In all stylet, Meals at ail
Items, ,ii .:?.". .i itManA "

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