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The Branch city prison.
The benevolent have foi long time desired
reform in the mode of punishment of the
vagrant women committed to the City Prison.
The style in which they lire inside of the
place of confinement hu been to congenial
to the depraved, all being in one room, en
couraged by the vile language of each other,
that they batten on the relishing reoitala of
each other's crimes and on the boastings of
tlteir special offenses. Ko wonder, then,
when discharged from Jail, that they again
steal, for they long to return to the great Va
grant) Exchange; there they meet their as
sociates and agree upon new plans of villainy.
This routine has been permitted so long that
the dissolute olaim quarters thus provided
n s vested right. Now, change this; sepa
rate the parties; give each a olean prison gar
ment; eompel cleanliness of person; give them
daily instruction; put them to wort. This
will bsso disagreeable to them,sourjamiableto
them, that either they will reform, or else leave
town, not returning again to so unpleasant a
place. Council has selected a place to try
the proposed experiment. The residents of
the loosllty selected demur ; first they pro-
tcotod with threats; less so now, for we to-day
welcome to our columns a oommunioatlon of
an aivooate.
Counoil will be oalled upon to-nlghl to hear
heir remonstrance of the rosi stents.
The McMicken University.
The tpeolal order of the City Counoil for to
night is the consideration of an ordinance to
regulate the administration of the trust of
Chiuib MoMicmn, Esq., of this city, who
died in March 1858. By the language of his
will, he declared that It long had been the
cherished wish of his heart to found an Insti
tution where white boys and girls might be
taught not only a knowledge of their duties
to their Creator and their fellow-men, but also
reoeive the benefit of a sound, thorough, and
prtetlesl English education, andsuoh as might
fit them for the active duties of life, as well as
isstraotlon in all the higher branches of knowl
edge, except denominational theology, to the
extent that the same are now, or may be
hereafter taught In any of the secular colleges,
or universities of the highest grade In the
country, and he accordingly gave, devised,
and bequeathed quite a large real and per
sonal eatate to the city of Cincinnati, for the
purpose of building, establishing and main
taining, as soon as practicable, after his de
cease, two colleges for white boys and girls,
let good men be selected to administer this
trust. t
The McMicken University. A " Helper" an Obstacle in Congress.
General J. B. Clibki, of Missouri, who
was in the last Congress, has led off during
two days of the present one, in a spirited dash,
perhaps by way of gaining time for the arri
val of absent members, in scoring certain
Congressmen for recommending Hilpir'b
boolc, written by an anti-slavery Southerner.
CLi.au commanded a regiment of mounted
militia In the Blaok-Eawk War, and seems
determined to take some scalps In the hall of
Congress. He was commanding officer in ex
pelllng the Mormons from Missouri, and is
exploring about now for Ossawatomies in the
House. Yesterday, Wishbcrhk, of Illinois,
moved to lay Mr. Clibks's resolution on the
table. The resolution was a denunciation of
HaLFsa's book as incendiary, and declaring
that no member, of the House who had recom
mended It, is lit to be Speaker. There was
tie vote, and the motion to lay on the table
WM lost.
The House adjourned without further ac
tion on General Classic's resolution.
He Dug a Pit and Fell Into It Himself.
Tho history of HttuK, recorded in the book
A Esther, Is an Illustration of this proverb.
Because Mordicai, the Jew, would not bow,
nor do reverence to Hamad, this favorite of the
King, out of revenge determined to destroy
Uim and all his people at once. Uaman
erected a gallows fifty cubits high, on which
to hang Mobdecii. Events turned out dif
ferently from what he expected; Instead of
bunging the man he hated, King Ahascervs
ordered him to be hung on the gallows he had
prepared for another. John Brows dug a pit
and fell Into it; and politicians on both sides,
who make the experiment of practising Im
positions on the people, will meet the same
The Overland Mail from California.
A trip from the Mississippi River overland
to the Pacific Ooe&n, in twenty days, is quite
a progressive feat. By the last arrival we are
in possession of advieea from Sandwich Island
to October 27; from Washington Territory to
the 4 th of November; Oregon to the 9th, and
Can Francisco to the 14th ult. The Ban Juan
difficulty is in a fair way of satisfactory ad
justment, ai the British officers called on Gen.
SocVtj.' A portion of the American forces on
tho island had been removed, by order of Sen.
B., who repairs to Ean Francisco to await
oriors from the U. S. Government.
Sold mines are being profitably worked in
To Both sides.
Dnring these inflammatory times, men on
either aide look at eaoh other through either
end of the telescope. Now la the time to look
at each other with the natural and a national
Politicians are hard at work endeavoring
to disturb the harmony between the North and
the Bouth. There is nothing worth serious
complaint if faults are not magnified and vir
tues depreciated.
There has been no election of Speaker. In
the Senate all favor the investigation into the
Harper a Terry affair of Johi Biowv. Borne
objootlon Is made to Trumbull's amendment.
Pending discussion, Senate adjourned. .
Governors' Messages.
On our first psge will be found an abstract
of the message of the Governor of Kentucky.
A brief note of some portion of the message
r.f Governor Wrsi will be found In telegraphic
e rimnn.
New York Mayoralty.
Ihe imperfect Information Is most favorable
to Fbrhardo Wood for Mayor of New York
eily. .
Kansas Election.
Ko tWflnlte newf of this election are known.
HOUSE Mr. Kllgore, of Indiana, explained
and was understood to say that he condemned
as strongly as the gentleman from Missouri
possibly oould, the avowal of suoh sentiments.
He bad never seen the recommendation to
scatter it. His name, however, appeared to a
proposition to publish and circulate a pam
phlet containing matters taken from Helper's
book, together with the remarks made by gen
tleman on slavery.
Mr. Clarke, resuming, foil it to be his duty
to say, If this Government is to be prostituted
and men placed In position, holding such sen
timents, the people ought to know to what a
humiliating position it has come. The Chair
they were now about to fill had been occupied
by Clay, Barbour, Cook, Wlnihrop, gentle
men who had drawn light from the sources of
the Constitution, who bad elevated self-respeot,
and who would not advise treason, murder
and dissolution. He said that he had 'bat
otrcular. In reference to the circulation of the
pamphlet before him
Mr. Clarke B. Cochrane, Interrupting, ut
terly oondemned eaoh sentiments as these
which the gentlemen from Missouri had re
peated. Mr. Palmer said, "Let us have free discus
sion. Our friends on the other side have thrust
the negro before the House. We may as well
finish the discussion and then turn hliu out
as quickly as possible."
Mr. Clarke replied, that the negro never
would have been . thrust upon the House but
for the action of the gentleman's psrty, and
for the advice gentlemen bad given. If gen
tlemen made themselves the equals of the
nogro, the effect would be to drive out an
other elass ot ine uouee on tne nrsi aay oi tne
Mr. Kelloea remarked that the gentleman
from Missouri had made a statement that Re
publican members had directly, or Indirectly,
sanctioned certain things In Helper's book.
Hii name appeared in some of the papers as
having recommended it.
Mr.CUrBe no doubt you signed it. I iisugn-
Mr. uenoEK i am not prepared to sav
whether I signed the list or not, because the
authority of tho New York Herald is not good.
Mr. Clarke Hot any other good paper.
Mr. Kellojre The sentiments are not enter-
tained by the Bepublioans. I am willing that
gentlemen should assume or disavow them.
If I have signed tne paper wroogtuuy i woum
avow It, I want the gentleman to state what
is in the compendium
There was much noise and oonfusiqn through
out those proceedings and the speakers were
but iinperlectly Heard. Air. uiarka was pre
pared to show what was In the book If the
gentlemen were prepared to be plsced on the
anxious seat.
Without further proceedings the House ad
Wabbinoton, December o. SENATE Mr.
Mason's resolution, offered yesterday, to ap
point a committee to inquire into tho Harper's
Ferry Invasion, came up.
Mr. Trumbull, of 111., said it would receive
bis cordial support. Whenever murder is
committed, let us ascertain who are guilty, and
hold them responsible. He hoped the inves
tigation would be thorough and complete.
He believed it would do good by disabusing
the public mind, especially in the South, of
tne idea that Bucn a movement receives any
countenance or Bupport from any considerable
number of the citiiens of the North. No man,
who is not prepared to destroy the Constitu
tion, subvert the Government and resolve so
olety into its original elements, eould justify
it. No matter what evi Is, either imaginary or
real, exist in the body politic, no one indi
vidual, or twenty out of twenty million,
oould be permitted in his own way, and in
deflanoe of the laws of the land, undertake
to correct them. No government on earth
could subsist if that was allowed. Anarchy
wdd be the consequence. As for the mis-
guraed man who led the insurgents, he had
already expiated on the gallows Bis error and
gone before the final tribunal.
Mr. Trumbull said, let this investigation be
Impartial and thorough. The effeot on the
country would he most salutary, and had a
similar Investigation been Instituted when a
similar transaction occurred in 1845, It would
have been better. The arsenal at Liberty,
Mo., was then broken Into and Ibe public pro
perty taken away. He briefly recapitulated
the facts of that occurrence as stated, by Capt.
Leonard, In eharge there. That, however, was
for the purpose of forcing slavery into Kaunas,
while at Harper'aFerry the effort was to abol
ish slavery. He then offered an amendment
to the resolution, extending inquiry to the
former case.
Mr. Mason replied that he would not stand
in the way of the inquiry suggested, but the
very document read contained all the faets
offiolally set forth. If the Senator wanted to
prevent the recurrence of such transactions, he
would not stand in the way of applying the
proper legislation; but now, when four years
had elapsed, and neither that Senator nor those
wno sot with mm nnve asked an investigation,
It Is a little strange to be as anxious to cou
ple these transactions.
The Committee oould not examine both at
once, and therefore, time and money would be
lost by adopting the amendment. He wanted
to know from whenoe resources were derived
for the Harper's Ferry invasion, who supplied
the money, munitions and counsel ? Congress
would not act on the subjoot without offioial
information ; and if it Bhould turn out that
Congress had the power to prevent auoh trans,
actions, it is the duty of the Southern States to
take proper measures for their protection. He
alluded to the remark of Mr. Trumbull respect
ing the shrieks from Kansas not being heard
in Tirglnla, by saying that no shrieks would
be heard from Virginia, happen what may In
tneir political relations with others, tie did
not know what a man's political education
oould be to lead him to use suoh expressions
in reierenoe to tne recent eventa.
Mr. Trumbull answered, that nothing the
Senator might say oould get him to Bpeak dis
respectfully of Virginia or any other State of
the Union. He spoke the term "shriek" as
used in regard to the people of Kansas, but
not witn tne view ot easting ridicule on any
portion of theoountry. Mr. Mason's Impres
sion was that the term oame from the political
associates or Mr. Trumbull. At flrst it was
shrieks for freedom.
Mr. Hale followed, denounoing the Supreme
Court of the United States, and defined his
position generally, in regard to the slavery
Mr. Hunter expressed surprise at the man
ner this resolution had been reoeived. It was
proper in itself and made eminently necessary
by the ciroumstanees of tho recent occurren
ces. The South was not so much startled by
the foray of Brown and bis few followers, but
at the sympathy openly expressed in the
North for him, and at the apparent indiffer
noe of the groat mass at the North at such
manifestations of sympathy.
The Senator from Illinois proposes to turn
tne matter into a party issue, noes ne sup
pose that the South regards the peace and
safety of the community as a party matter
They are loath to beliove such things oan be
treated with Indifference by those bound to
them by ties of oommon government ; but
such Is the oaso It is time they were made
aware of it. Upon suoh an occasion as this,
which has no parallel In the history of the
country, the levity displayed by the Senator
from New Hampshire is like the laugh of the
inebriate at the bed of death.
The South can take oaro of themselves, If
no remedy can be found in the general gov
ernment, let the South know, bo that they ean
take action. Js tnis union to oe used only
stay the arms of States for self defense , and
give no protection against suoh Insurrection!
If there be in truth such alienation of feeling,
and this simple resolution cannot pass without
being smothered by party issues, let us kaow
It at onee.
Mr. Green remarked that the purpose fur
which tbe arms were taken at Liberty was not
to force slavery into Kan.as, not to subvert the
SoYernmont or laws of the United Stale?, bat
to resist the unlawful acts of the Emigrant Aid
Society, which had prevented an execution of
the laws of the Territory. Although an un
lawful act, it was for a giod purpose, and in
order to support law and order. The truth
ought to'go fprth in connection with this mat
tor, and not let it be supposed that it was an
atrocious act like that at Harper's Kerry.
This affair demands the Interposition of the
Federal Government. While tlfb soenes In
Kansas, whether right or wrong, have passed
by, those acts are recorded for posterity to
judge, and let them remain undisturbed.
Mr. Crittenden thought that the amend
ment could do no harm and would only
oooupy a few days more time. He hoped it
would be adopted.
Mr. Wilson said that he should vote for the
resolution and the amendment. When this
intelligence first reached the north It was re
garded merely as a Btrike of worklngmen. On
learning its real oharaoter it was received
almost unanimously with disapprobation and
rngreta; but elections wore pending in New
York and New Jorsey, and one or two leading
papers In New York, for the purpose of afoot
log those elections, made moat violent, false
and Infamous oharges against publlo men and
the masses of the people of the tree States.
HOUSE The House met at noon; Mr.
Clarke's resolution being under consideration.
Mr. Crawford made an Ineffectual motion to
submit a resolution lor the adoption of the one
hour rule, it being evident that after Mr.
Clarke eoncludes his remarks, a reply will be
expected from the other side. It will be re
membered that In the thirty-fourth Congress,
one gentleman occupied the floor for two days,
and hence his proposition.
A resolution was adopted that the dally
hour of meeting be twelve o'olook.
Mr. Olarke caused to be read the list of
thoso who recommended the circulation of Mr.
Helper's book, and also the olroular itself,
stronilv reovatlve of slavery,
Mr. Olarkeoriefly reviewed the prominent
recommendations In Helper's book, strongly
condemning those who signed the circular,
and insisting that if they were oarried out the
Union eould not exist. "Don't put brother
against brother, father agalnBt son. Don't
destroy the conservative sentiment of the
Mr. Gilmer offered a substitute for Mr.
Clarke's resolution, looking to the anion of na
tional and conservative men on the basis of
the declarations heretofore made by Whigs
and Deuioorata, agalnBt the further agitation
of Slavery.
Mr. Curtis moved the previous Question.
Mr. Washburn, of 111., moved to lay the
whole subject on the table, negatived by a
tie vote. The House Anally adjourned with'
out a ballot or any action on Clark's resolu
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
St. Louis, December 6.—The Overland Mail
with dates from San Francisco to the 14th ult.,
reached here to-night.
The California news is meagre.
The advices from Vancouver's Island are to
the 10th ult. Tbe revenue outter jtffm Dant
arrived at Viotoria. November 2, with dis
patches from Gen. Scott to Gov. Douglass.
Gen. Boott arrived at Victoria on the 7th nit.,
but the papers don't state whether he had an
interview with Douglass,
The Viotoria Gazette of the 10th says that
the United States troops, with the exception
of Capt. Pickett's Company, bad withdrawn
from Sun Juan Island, by order of Gen. Boott.
Capt. Provost find tbe officers of the British
ship Satellite vielted Gen. Soott on board the
steamer Mauachuettt, while in the harbor of
San Juan.
Gen. Scott left Victoria previous to the 10th
for Port Townsend, to take the steamer Worth
enitr fur San Franolsoo, where he would await
further instructions from Washington.
Tho aocounts from the Frater River mines
are favorable. $103,000 In gold was exported
from Viotoria In October. The franchise bill
had passed the Council and received the signa
ture of the Governor.
The dates from Oregon are to November 0.
The Portland .Vein publishes additional ac
counts from tbe new mines on the Similka
mean River, which create a strong probability
of an extensive geld region on the eastern
slope of the Cascade Mountains, north and
west of the Columbia River.
The Dallas Journal urges an exploration of
all the tributaries of the Columbia River in
Washington Territory. The Democratic State
Convention was assembled at Eugene City on
the 10th to elect delegates to the Charleston
Convention. '
The dates from Washington Territory were
to the 4th. The reports from the Simllkameen
mines were creating muoh excitement. $3,000
In duit had already arrived at Portland.
The bark Frani.it Palmar arrived at San
Francisco on the 14th ult., with Bandwioh
Island dates to October 27. Some fifty
whalers had arrived at Honolulu, twenty at
Lahalna and five at Hilo, from the Oobolsk
Sea. Tbe average oatch of the Oohotsk fleet
will not exceed live hundred barrels and the
Arotio fleet hardly so much.
Some anxlctv was felt at Honolulu at the
non-arrival of the ship Jotiah Bradlee, one
hundred and sixty-one days out from Boston,
laden with supplies.
Seoretaiy Neilson, who was recently shot
by the King in a fit of jealousy, was nearly
California. Further heavy rains had fur
nished an abundance of water for mining op
erations, even in the dry diggings.
The Overland Mail of October 4 reaobed
San Franolsoo on the 13th ult, twenty days
out. Tbe shortest trip on record. The
Italian Relief Committee had forwarded
$3,000 by the steamer of tbe 8th ult. for the
relief of destitute widows of soldiers killed in
the late war.
Discouraging aooouuts are received from
tbe Carson Valley mines, resulting doubtless
in the inability to work tbe mines on account
of cold weather. A rich vein of sliver and
gold, bearing quartz, had been discovered near
Tbe Portland Aioertiter denies the state
ment that General Harney is unpopular in
Oregon. It says that no man stands higher,
and asserts that bad Harney been sent there
instead of General Wool, tbe Indian diffioul
ties would have terminated more speedily and
the war debt now boon liquidated.
Business at San F.'anclsoo was a trifle
brisker. Prices were firmer, but only email
lots oi gooos were in demand.
The Election in New York City.
Nbw York, December 61:30 P. M. The
Opdyke vote is unexpectedly large, and there
is nopeoi ms success, wooes vote is appar
ently larger than Havemyer's. The ballot
boxes and polling-places in some of the Wards
nave been upset, boveral parties were
promptly arrested. Liquor shops near the
polls are generally closed. The polios ar
rangementa tend to preserve the peace and
prevent outbreaks. ,
Naw Yohk, December fi 10 P. M. The
returns appear to favor tbe election of Wood
for Mayor.
The returns from nineteen wards give the
following vote for Mayor: Fernando Wood,
Aloxart ilall Democrat, 25,1)1(6; YYm. Jr. Hav
emergor, Tammany Hall Demoorat, 24,073
Georgo Opdyko, Republican, 18,272. Wood's
msjortty will probably reach 2,000.
Kansas Election.
xwoetb, December 6. The election
to-day for State officers under the Wyandotte
constitution, passed oil without excitement.
The result can not be stated for sevoral davs,
but it is thought that it will not differ mate
rially from the vote given in Ootober for Ter
ritonal omceri.
Hons. Messrs. Lincoln end Parrott leave to
morrow for Washington.
The Weather at St. Louis.
St. Louib, December 6 M. The weather
turned very cold again last night, and the
rain, which began to fall in the evening, soon
changed into anow, and attained a depth
about two incbos. During the night it froze
very hard, and this morning the mercury
marked as low 4s fifteen degrees. It stands
now at about twenty, and is snowing faster
man at any prevuus umt.
Governor Wise's Message.
Richmond, December (.Both Houses of
the Virginia Legislature were organized to
day. The Govrenor's Message reviews the Harper's
Ferry affair at great length. It speaks of tbe
spirit of fanaticism, and the one idea of the
Abolitionist which hu seemed to madden tbe
whole masses of one entire section of the
country; whloh enters into religion, education,
polities, and prayers, courts of Justice, ana
legislature; which baa trained up three genera
tions in moral, In social hablta. of hatred to
the masters of African Slaves In the United
States, bat tarns not upon slavery elsewhere;
which Has sent comforts and oounseiiers ana
would have sent rescue to the assassins, rob
bers, murderers, and traitors, whom It has
sent to felons graves. Unless the namerioal
majority will cease to violate the confederate
faith and cease to disturb our pace, to de
stroy our lives and property, and to deprive
as ot an protection and redress unaer me
perverted forms and distorted workings of tbe
Union, we mast take up arms. Tne Issue is
too essential to be compromised any more. We
oan not stand such insults and outrages as
these committed at Harper's Berry without
suffering what is even worse than the death of
our cltitens, without suffering dishonor, the
death of a State.
It Is not to be denied that we have many
sound and sincere friends in tho non-slave-bolding
states, but the conservative elements
are passive, while the fanalloal are active ;
the former are fast diminishing while the
latter are increasing with numbers and force.
With regard to the Insurgents, the message
says : It is mockery to call them monomani
acs. The leader himself spurned tbe plea and
it was not put in upon the trials. They were
prompted by the evil spirits of incendiarism
which demoralized numerous hosts behind
them who now sympathized with their deeds
before the world. These men lived without
themselves incurring the risk of their crimes,
and no wonder thoy sympathize with them
even to madness, and that John Brown des
pised the hypooritical cant of their pretence
that he was insane.
The most interesting feature of this preda
tory war is that it has its seat In the British
Provinces, which furnish asylums to our fu
gitives and tends them and their hired out
laws upon us from depots and rendezvous in
bordering states.
There is no danger from our State or the
colored people. The slaves taken refused to
take arms, and the first person killed was a
respeotable free negro while running from the
philanthropists who came to liberate the
black raee.
In oloslnir the message the Governor Bays :
We must rely on ourselves and fight for
peace ; we must organize and arm ; we must
demand ot eaoh Citato wnat position ene means
to maintain in the future with respect to
slavery and provisional constitutions; the laws
of the United States and the provisions oi our
State laws; for its protection lu our federal re
lations, and be governed according to the
manner in which the demand is answered
We are in arms ; let us defend our own posi
tion or yield at onoe. Let us have action and
a definite settlement, no more temporizing, no
more compromising.
The outer oonvtcts await execution, iney
will be executed nnlesi the General Assembly
order otherwise.
River News.
Locisvilli, December 6. P. M. River
rising rapidly, with eight feet in the canal
and six feet on tbe falls. Weather stormy all
da. Ine Mercury stood at noon at twenty,
five. The snow is now falling, with the Mer
cury at sixteen.
PiTTSBi'RO, December o. m. mver eleven
feet by the pier mark and at a stand, but a
farther rise may be expected, as It bas been
ralnlnr all the morning.
Fittbbpro, December o.e. M. niver
twelve feet by the pier mark and rising
rapidly. Weather elear, and damp under
toot. T
Mass Meeting.
Philadelphia. December . Extensive pre
partions are being made for the Union demon.
itration mass meeting to-morrow night, irre
spective of party. Cannons will be fired and
flags displayed throughout the day on tbe
shipping and public buildings.
It is determined to show that the conserva
tive elements of the North are not passive or
diminishing in strength. Muoh enthusiasm
prevails, and the demonstration will be a gen
eral one.
Municipal Election.
Cambbipqb, Mies., December 6. James D.
Green was elected Mayor of Cambridge yes
terday, by a majority of sixteen votes, over
Mr. Bareent. the Dresent Incumbent. Mr.
Green run on the Independent ticket.
Nonarrival of the Anglo-Saxon.
Portlabd, December 61 P. M. There
are as yet no signs of the steamer Anglo-Saxon,
now due at this port with Liverpool dates to
the 2Sd ult.
From Boston.
Boston, December A, The defalcation of
Isaae F. Shepard, late treasurer of the
Uonover-street Savings Bank, Is ascertained
to reach $57,000.
Montpilier, Vt., fi. The Union
Hotel, in thla village, waa destroyed by fire
last night. Loss about $8,000. No insurance.
9 A. A. Eyster, Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry. Nos, Ml and 371 Western-row,
or Christmas Present g.) to Albert
Boss's, south-west corner of Eighth-stroet and West
r Who would not send friend a Pic
ture, when they can tie had for ten cents each, at
West Fourth-street.
VST Dagnerrean Gallery, snath-west cor
ner of Slith and Western-row, over Hansaford's
drug store. Pictures taken and nt In good cases
for twenty cents. Warranted to please.
The sudden ohange in the weather will
create an unparalleled demand for all kinds of Win
ter Clothing, all of which can be supplied by Friel
McGulre, No. 2M Walnut-street, above Blxtb, Over
coat of all kinds.
fDiiPHAKOTVPi. This new style of Pic
ture Is destined totuperaede all others. Carpeiter's,
No. 20 West Flfth-ttreet, la the only establishment
In which they can be had. Drop In and tee them,
then judge for yourself.
JT Strangers and oltlteni requiring glflB
and presents, or
Traveling Oaaet,
Dressing Cases.
Traveling Bags,
Blob Dreat Hair-pins,
Blob and Beautiful Fans,
Shell Combs,
Elegant Pocket Knives,
Carved Pearl Oard-catet,
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Needle Book! and Oaaet,
Furnished Portfolios,
teel Bracelets, Buckles and Blldet,
Stereoscopes and Views,
Ladles' Bagt and Forie-monnalet,
Ladles' Work-boras,
Bloh and Elegant Outers,
Beautiful Cabas,
Beautiful Fans,
Ladles' Dressing Cues,
Ladles' Wiltlnt Desks,
Purses, Bciaiort, Baiors, Shawl Flos, Brooohea,
Bracelets, Perfumery, Rouge, Paililan Pearl Drop,
Toilet Powder, lialr Dye. Hair Oils, Brushes, Combs,
Fine Boans, Ac., should vi.it
N. E.
BEILY In this city, December.3, l8M,at 4 oVloofc
A7,Wr. Mary I., wife ort'Apt. joon n. .
Id the fotty-rourih year of her we. ., .
n. lll.tk nlace from the ilaneapr
ber father-io-law, Bobert Belly, 341 Wiat JElgntn.
treat, this morning, lha 7th Inst., at IO o cloy a. The
friend of the finally are renpectfully luTited to at
8MITH-0n Monday evening, tbe Mb lust., si i
o'clTOk.at hie rmildenoeon Vine-street HHb0,alw
of the cbwt, Deacon John Hultb, In the eight).
eeconn year oi mi aa-
M urtner notice oi ine iuneru win uo bi.vu.
In the City, go to the
Corner of Longworth & Western-row.
A Pino Assortment of
Ladles, Gentlemen and Children,
Call on Richardson
For Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods,
dene VINE AND BAflK.
Made to measure, leave your orders with
L lclmx7?&. son,
On Fifth-street.
Unity AI Cottage, No. 104 ftluln-etreet,
nil a branch estiibTlehuient. for the accom
have op
modation ot their west &nu raiross, ni
No. 203 West Fifth-street,
South elde, a few doors below Wotem-row, wher
the seme unrivaled Alei, Bread end Cheese, which
have secured tor them eo l&rcea eliare of public pa
tronage on Maln-siwti mey pe ai weya lonna
WINTER OODS. Buffalo and
Wolf Bobee. Tux Cape, Fur Collars, Fur Glove.
Ladles' Furs of every kind. DODD fc CO.,
Hatters and Furriers,
dera Main-street.
Several new styles CLOTH CAPS, (or
jonng men, suitable for tbe ooia weather.
DODD'H Hat Store,
de7a 111 Main-street.
VdSd Coinmnnlcetion of Nova Ceesare,
H&riuonr Lodgn No. 8, V. and A. Mesons, will
be b.ld THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, Deo.
i. .(Rk n'olnrlr. Pinirtiinl uttendiinca of the
members Is renuestel. CII&.ii. R. KOLOER,
de7a Secretary.
Ornoaor tbe Ohio and MimumfPi B. B. Co.,1
Cincinnati, November 11, 1339. )
tir NIKMIE of blDnen. the Ohio and Mlasls
eippi Ball mad Company have establl.hed an Office at
Ko. id Publlo Landing, where through rate ean be
obtained at all times on freights for St. Louis or
point, beyond. , T. LOUGH.
de7am General Freight Agent.
marnhnra of thn CeMoolnQ Club will
meet In the Tan-room of the Ciiledonlun Shades, 1ft
Vine-street. THIS lYi eunesdap) avaninu, nee.
at 8 o'clock P. M. de7b
V. M. M. L.
"Science of Society."
First Leoture THTJR8DA.Y EVENING, Dec. I
"Oontllot of Social Laws wlih Human Nature
and Christian Oharlty."
Hecond Lecture-BATURDAY EVENING, Dec. 10,
"Sonrces of Social Evils."
Third Lecture -TUESDAY EVENING, Dec. IS,
"Criterion, ol Social Progress."
Hingle Tickets 2,'.c. Admission to Ihe three SOc.
SHTDoors open at 7 o'clock,
at 8 o'clock.
Lecture to commence
AT LAST. The article that cures almost
without fall every spcclei of eruptions of the face
hands, or other parts of the body. It your face dis
figured with pimples or an irritating eruption of any
kind; have yon contracted that most troublesome
diseast, Barber's Itob; are you troubled with Tetter
on the hands, or elsewhere; liave you any annoying,
Irritating, Itching, Inflamed eruption of any kind;
go at once and obtain a pamphlet describing tbe
effects ofPalmer'i Lotion, and giving an amount of
evidence In its favor, that will put to rest all doubts
of its efficacy in the cure of all kinds of cutaneous
diseases. After becoming satisfied that the Lotion
is no humbug, procure a bottle and mo It, and yo
will be eatlsflod that the half has not been said in lit
favor that might be.
Price SO cents, or tlx botllne lor $1 Ml.
nO30 No. 36 West Fourth-Street.
NATI.B.W.comerofTblrd !
anrl KarA.nlrAAt.. October '
16, 1849. Thle road is now open. Uara will start,
at Intervals of ten minutes, from 5:30 A. M. un
til midnight, running eastward on Third-street
from Wood to Lawrenca-etreet, and westward on
Fonrtn-snreet to craun, ana on mn-.irtm, iu
Wood. Utizens will please bear In mind that the
cars will invariably croes Intersecting itreeta before
stopping for passenger,
ocli-tl JAMKS J. BOBBINS. Prealdent.
mvmv It knnwlAdred bv the moat em-
nent pbytioiant, and by the moat careful drueglets
mrougnoui me umiea oiaies, w u. iuvuiub.vucv.ui.
blood-purifier ever known, and to have relieved more
fullering, and effected more permanent cure., than
any preparation known to the profession. Scrofula,
SaltRheum, Kryalpelaa, Scald-head, acaly ernptiooa
of whatsoever nature are cured by ow bottles, and
the eyatem reatored to full strength and vigor. Full
and explicit directions for the cure of ulcerated sore
legs, and other corrupt and running ulcers, la given In
tho pamphlet wltH each bottle. For sale bv JOHN D.
U.DIXON. Price 1. aepl9-ay
BMST COUNTRY who vbit Cincinnati should
notlailto purchase a few dozen FRANKLIN AL
MANACS. The franklin Almauao and Diary for
lOW IS meeting Willi ru vuviiuuui mi- r ur nniv, ur
the .Ingle copy or by the dozen, by B. F.8ANFOBD,
at bla publication office, up stairs, N. K. corner
SOtirin ana waiuui.i.rcia. rrn-i, .iukib c.pr,
oentt I $8 1(1 per dozen. de2bi
Phrenological and Physiognomical
tKj 8UBI PTIONB of Character, indleai Ing the
Occupation or Profession In life In which eaih per
son may best succeed and be moat nseful anc happy,
by Dr. O. RUAKSA, no. im rourm-tireei.
njauiacmrer oi
X Baking and gotdlitz Powder Box s, Tin Sptak
Ing Tube, Hoofing, and Dealer, in iilovea, No, 29t
Fifth-Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
- All kinds of Job Work promptly attended to.
i.e., &c.
,IIIIL I llll & HI,
101,103 &105
de5aw2p West Fourth-street.
LAMPS AT TALLM ADOB'S, 215 Vtne-stnet.
K. B. Lard Oil and Fluid Lamps altered for bum
leg Coal Oil. deOtf
of floe Watches, Jewelry and Silver Warel I
now full and complete Thankful for the very lib
eral and grnerouu patronage which bas been ex
tended to our establishment for more than twenty
fire yean, we take this method of invlilng our
frlemls, and the publlo generally, to continue their
favors, feeling ourselves In a far better condition
now than formerly, to please their moat fastidious
We beg leave to call attention to a new articles
Jewelry, made from the new motul. AluminuK,
brought from Parle by one of eur firm, who dm
lately returned.
Our store la well lupplled with valuable articles.
suitable for presents for the approaching holiday..
late Are la now fully repaired, and all we now need
to keep up Ita vitality is plenty oi oruera.
prepared to fill tbe same with ui.patcli, and we
promisofull satisfaction to all who may please to
favor ua with their calls.
E. & D. KIN SET, 21 Wist Fifth-street.
The highest price paid lor old Oliver Coin of all
kinds. noSO-amf
Between Main and Walnut,
assortment of
Business and Overcoats,
Which they will sell at a Tory small advance. Gen.
tlemen are respectfully Invited to call and examine
before purchasing elsewhere. delaw
G-l tBAT
next to Smith & Nixon's Hall, Cincinnati,
Ohio. A splendid Gilt, worth from AO centa to (100,
will be Riven Willi every book for which we receive
one dollar and upward at the time of sale.
Gifts consist of Gold and Hirer Watches, ladles'
Solid Oold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry, fine Ovid
Bracelet., Gents' (Jo'ii Vest-chains, and a large va
riety of other articles of rich Jewelry, worth from
tW centa to 8100. , , . ,
Ladles and gentlemen are respectfully Invited to
call aud examino our stock.
Publisher and Gift Bookseller,
noai-tf No. 28 Wait Fourth-street.
Eapr.M, narranlod to be uniurpafied. Alio
Cove, spvjea. ana i-icaiea vrswre, www
Baraincs, i-ioaies, aauoei, anu ivi.uup
Canned l'e.cliM, blrawwmes,
Uliokbernes, eta.
Chapped Hands, Face, &c.
a. almost every person is nioro'OT lees troubled
.u tttaniafi iinnd. aitri fr. rniifftineMi of the akin.
Ac. We would, therefore invite especial attention lo
tho following remedies, as they not only cure, but
prevent Ihe disease, by keeping the sain in a mom
and healthy condition.
An entirely new aud elegant article, which we pre
pare in our own Laboratory, with the utmoet car
and of the very finest materials.
Our Improved Glycerin lotion la entirely free Iron
the unpleasant odor of Glycerin, la highly perfumed
with Bote, Bitter Almond and Orange Flower, audit
unaurpniaed by any other made.
A meat agreeable combination of Glycerin and Car
phor, which we prepare In a very convenient tot-
tor tn
he toilet.
Cold Cream,
Glycerin Houej,
Burnett's Kallston, Ac.
ppoBiiemo a-oawicoe.
Cod-liver Oil Jelly.
Lf Jelly Inst reoeived and for aale by
deSc Opnoalte the Poatoglca,
softening the hands -totf
ejs Opposite the Poetofflce.
Colt's Foot Rook.
XJk JSDY foruongneanauoiae. sorsaieoy
BOIitK, KUHBIilN at (JU.,
u uuiUDi s vi pain ujr
EIN ft CO., DrugglBts.
Opposite the PoatotBo
Purified Benzine.
cleaning gloves and removing grease stains and
paint from cloth, velvet, ribbons, paper, Ac. Pre
pared and for sale br . 4 m'. '
Uppowire ing rwwmy.
r Havana Cigars. ,
We have just received a supply or the above brands
of choice Havana., which reuderi our Block or really
ttn. Cigar. unaurpaed.B KgTE1N W f
d) - ' Opnoalte the PoetofHce.
J. J
Jnat received it caaea of new Sardines, In whole.
half and quarter cans; also a few oa.ee Boneloaa Bar.
dine. ThewHardineaar. put up In the finest oil,
and are extremely delicate in flavor,
for e.1. wholesale and rot.ll b, m
dee National Theatre Building, Sycamore) st.

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