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I" pabllebed dalr, ( 8u4ifi oaptd.) br
tfioa-Ro. u wsst t ,Br'-s't aaar,
TBI FIRST PBISSta dUv.rd to bcrlbsr I
t Hndnutl, Oorlnctta sad Newport, Bad rar-rounding-
eltlM And to was, at tat
troraelr low price of
raton or mmuxo:
SI agl oople to. j 1 mon th 40c. ; 3 months It; 1 year ji,
pobbb sixth a; ire Trenmirts.-
orr . tiiiin, JB.-,-Jkl Lmw d Manager.
The BUI r the Hoaioiti ! ' r f
TBOuSDAlf EVENING, Dm. S, will to pteeanted
Sh Interesting play, In lour tableaux. oalled
Or, Thb Avaaosa r Hcbslb 'uira.
Jacob Ool.t
Medlnler, ......
smkede aronaae,
tdelnl tie...,
Aleriraret. Mil.
...am. aim.r
but Denham
Dane hv. ... Mlu F Pnin
To conclude with th popular dnu a called
JACK 8HKFPAR j" h ; '
Jack theppard ... "..-....aMiss Denham
Jonathan Wild... -.....-..,.M...-.,,.....,.,,LaDdiiq
Hlr Kowland Tiwchard ....,.........Haan
'J hames Darrell. ....................... ...........Kcad
Jog III ueskln. ............. .M....w. Elltler
Wlnnlfred .K...................... ..Vm1s Walt
To-morrow. Benefit of sir. Barry Langdoa.
Id preparation, athrtillugdri tmaealled "Toulsaant
Ii'Onvertare: r.The Insurrey tioo of St. Domingo."
.ud death of th Washington of Hay tl.
M-Doora open at H; Ottl taln rlaes at T o'oloefc,
Pbiobsov ADMiMttoa-Drtavi arrto ad raraoatte,
BOoente; Gallery, Socent. . .
Heeond night of the a lnteiuent or tha celebrated
rnmdllao., i ANKKn P JKUCK
Fourth iilfbt of the, ngment of tha reet Jn
venlle I rlaU Co media' Maatet' A. 6TEWABT, .
THIS (Thnrad'iKVENINQ, Deoember a, will to
acld the lankeVarce called
. t w A7;ii'K0RA,DAY.
fcajtaw Tucker ,.MM.,.C.-.Yuli6a Blar,
Kit Tucker .,,.,......... .....0. L.Allen
Mm. Tucker... m .7, m, tawi
After which . tha Interesting drama of
l)lk Kelly-. ...o. Stewart
Uary conn, ..MiM A. Oraham
l)a)nce.-.. M, jennle Uight
Ts conclude with the langhahle farce called
DenteTpnomv Dritlful ...TankaaBlefoa
AmeuJK.. ,. .Mlm ti. Oraham
KrldVi.B'eneflt of Mnater A. Stewart. . . .
THB Mt IV MATIONAIj UOTIL, adjoining the
Theater, li now optu t'.,r the reneplloa of aueeta.
Boonia esq be obtalaed j the da? or week, and
meals fuonlehed at all hor . ,:
NoTI0B.-Tradnvin and othera are Motioned
emmet furnishing an r article fur the thoater with.
mt a written order, algupd br Die Manager. ' ..
,'ba. M. Barms
B. (Xinwav,........,.
..Stage Xlireotor.
1HI8 (Thtr(b,r) KVBNINO, December", In ron.
rjiiuenca ol the many application at th Box Offlca,
ilm admirable Comedy, In tlveacti, entitled
1'Ah LOVK CHASE, i ,
Will to repoate 1 for the last time, with the following
,S''idltrlbatloiiof charactera:
M:.VwrnV.uu"f"''''"'- :'
Master Trne.worth.'".-
Jouetnc.. M
Widow OrMm
Phebo... ..
- m. ......... uickson
- M..Mra ConwaT
Miss Crocker
H(MttN,Mif..ALre. Plaoa
.-...Mri Wllktni
...Mies Stenlej
vvertare.... ..........Orchcalra,
iv cnciuoe wun tne laufinanie rarceot
ijdfcnh am SI mmerton.. , ......,.... Arnold
Mrrmadnke Prlmroae......... ....Unagan
WrtVeroon.... Miss Alice Kingsbury
r In active re haanal and wlU shortly be pro
duced, Hb a grand star combination cast, new and
gygooua armors, new aoanarr, properties, and the
whole of tocka'e famous mnilc, Shakspeara'a sub.
Bine tragedy of MAUBuTH.
Paipaa or AoHUaioa.-Parquette Olrcle, Parquet'.
nd Balcony, W cnta Amphitheater, a otntai
Private Boxes for eight persona, I. . ,
Door open at 6M oeltok : ommenoe at 734.
Box Offloe open from, 10 A. M. until 4 P. It., wher
Mti can be secured. J. F. HKBUtBT, Trtaa'r.
Dhm and P. 1UK.Q, at the
Corner ct Eighth and rreeman.trti.
if a the 9th of December, 1S59.
Oommi na or AMAiwwHt-W. H. Helmaa, I.
Rcblnatn, W. J, James, A. Thorp, ; i . i !
'.DUlbiBt-8rg(ant J. B. Moor, W. Wolhmhaa,
V.P. Cltcben, r. Dltohen, J. Klagg, W. Welit.
Oapt. H. F. BABPKKS, Chief.
W. J. STEPUKKSON, Ass't Chief.
Pi laltlvely no gentleman admitted without a lady.
Ti hketi On Dollar. , ,, . delh
New Mode of Ventilation
j : ' '' '
TaUtitad itaOaeef '
Htliig and Ventilating Furnaces,
In ojdratlou at
0 & A MBS EL Am 001
etorr Ware-rofltns, Koa. tl and M Tina-it,
(Below Columbia,) . . ...
Sawyer & Co.
Coal Cocking Stove,
,fi !l
Held at ZaneaTillei Octobers 1MB.
IVoH.'ai and 83 Vine-st,,
fx - "i- ! .' ' . -,t I '
(Sceond door Below Columbia,)
.,:'!, -J !A ' v-.i .', '.('"'li
ambraota all th leading ilyla la avetr variety
ef FTJ,whloh wo warrant " " ""
f r -j. J 49 M AUHalBBJCT, t j
i r i -4 , oh door below foarta.V
r a Yrvtircnir at Via lafaa firm rt
1H B AAA IOVM W rt ,
dftn, Stock ntf BUlBntirHi bniluMH, thJr ojd
atD.aAeiA tTn maa ni aVatl tlftlMt n IMllTIIYIIer
,.U J-JJn-i
VOL. 2. NO. 94.
1 i
LiTTia Muiu.-Nlght txvnui . I. Acocm.
modatlon, 2;48r. a.; Day EipreM, 9:Mp. at.
M.i 1:IA. N.
Oaio AMI) MiS8slPri.-!:19 a. at.; 11:49 A. It.: IOtlD
P. M. ' . I ,
ClIOlNMTI. Hajstxtoh ASP DiTTOIt. T:S A. at. 1 11:08
A. m.; 13:46 r. a.; wr, m.; tMr.u.
LiTriB Miami. Dur Eioresn. 10:00 A. .:
ujuuaiiuu, tiw r. h. n igoi Axpresa, ii:dv r.
;W A. M.i 13:15 r.
., I no r. m.
Ohio ard Uusisstrri. 7:20 A.B.; i:00 r. m.j 7:80 p. M.
vinuinnATi, isahiltob Ai,o iATTOH. o:w A. at.: 7:U
A.B.tlOOA,M.i3:10P.x.;t:30r.BTS ll:aop.a.
MabibttA and Uincinkati .-0:40 a.m.; m,
Bkhmond and India. roLH.-o.OO a. m.i 3:40 p. at,
Tha DOODle of Louiiiana hava nnntrih.
uted J4,000 to the Mt. Vernon Fund.
onii Napoleon oomcloted tha aeronth
year of hii reiga on Sunday last ,-,
aTTho shook of an oarthquako wai dis
tinotly felt at Rockingham, N. C, on tb24tb
nit. i
fiST The (irand J ury of Lanoattor, Ponn.,
has presented hone-rooiug, for money, ai a
nuilaaoe. i . ...
Mr). Lidia Maria Child Is said to
have relinquished her intention, of writing a
jus oi jonn Brown.
" The moot eoonoinioal tltn to buy
cider it when It Is not vary clear; for then it
will settle foritulf.
grSeabora Williams, of Tuekagee, Ala.,
wan thrown from his buggy on Sunday last
and killed. ;
V"I don't think, Mill, that your Inland
manners would anit me." "Probably not, air,
for your'g are, very outlanuMab.," (
&Theodore Bennett, a brakesman on the
Virginia and Tennessee Railroad was aool.
dentally killed last week.
C9" la Franoe. love Is a comedy ; in Eng
land a tragedy ; in Italy an onera j in Ger
many a melodrama, and, we may mid, in
America a faroe. ,
fiS" A vile slanderer aiecrts that paper
makers are the groateit magicians of the age,
inasmuch as they transfer beggar's rag into
theela for editors to lio on, ,, ;
pgr Four things newr agrse two cats
over one mouso, two wives In one house, two
girl after one lover, and two rival editors
about each other's articles.
"There hro large droves of hogs in tha
North Carolina mountains. A drove of five
hundred were offered at Yanoeyville, North
Carolina, at $8 90, but did not sell.
3T It may seem a psndox,but it is never
theless truth, that, hit a man upon whatever
part of the body you will, the blow Is sure to
go against his stomach.
$k prominent advocate of tha revival
of tho elava trade talks about "great ory and
little wool." W suppose he alludes to negro
babies. . , i , , .
J&Bob Forbes, a notorious rowdy, was
shot and fatally wounded the other day In
New Orleans by John Henry, a eab driver,
whom he had been pureulug for a week.
ffir- The ladies of the French Court are In
open rebellion against the Empress Eugenia.
It is said they do not at all like the "dethrone
ment of crinoline" or short delaine dresses.
jsTThe new Christ Chnroh Cathedral in
Montreal, built to replace the Cathedral of the
same name destroyed by fire nearly three years
ago, was opened for public worship Sunday
before last,
pgr By the will of the late Lewis Y. Christ
mas, of Warren County, N. C, ten favorite
slaves have been liberated, and a sum of $10,
000 left to be divided among them when they
leave Iho State.
' p9k person having occasion to notify a
doctor to visit his wife, said to him as he was
stepping into bis chads: "Now doctor, you'll
drive to kill, won't yon?" "Yes, certainly,''
replied the doctor.
Jy Many persons when they find themselves
in danger of shlpwreok in the voyage of life,
throw their darling vises overboard, as other
mariners their treasures, only to flh them np
again when the storm it over.
ysB" A very clever conundrum was that
whioh took a prlie at Philadelphia some
years alnos: In what manner did ' Captain
May cheat the Mexicans? He oharged them
with a troop of horses which they never got.
f A sensible writer advises those who
would enjoy good eating to keep good-natured;
for, says he, "an angry man caD't tell whether
he is eating boiled oabbsge or stewed umbrel
las. . ; -
The proceeds of the Schiller oentenary
celebration in New York eity amounted to
$7,162 78.' The expenses were $6,017 61,
leaving a surplus of $1,145 19 la the hands of
theBooiety. . a
JpxTA man named Jostah Homenwsy, of
Shrewsbury, Mass., was, instantly killed,
while walking en tha track of , the Boston and
Wereestor Railroad recently, The engine
passed over him, and completely sevored his
,;-r y:-. .r.,, , '
JT Among the passengers of th ship Toim
vaitda, which arrived at the port of Philadel
phia recently, from Liverpool, was Mrs. Anna
McEenna, a native of Ireland, aged 99 years,
with good teeth, sight and bearing. '
jgrThe Boston Pott says that a disap
pointed candidate for office, speaking of men
who would sell their votes, remarked: "They
are as base as iEsop of old, who sold his birth
right for a mess of potash!" " '
JS9"At the reoent State Fair nt Atlanta,
Georgia, there waa on exhibition a printing
press invented by Mr. Reynolds,. of Augusta,
whioh Is described as "equal if not superior to
Boa's best'? It is th first printing press ever
Invented or built in tha South. r - j f
'1 Rufus Dawei. Bnq,, the well-known
poet, died in Washington, D. C, last week, In
the flftv-sixth Year of his stre. The deceased,
son of the late Judge Thome s 'Dawes, of
Boston, was born In Boston, and was a grad
uate of Harvard College.
' The first mail from tl e West of Europe,
by the way of tho flrand Trunk line through
Canada, reached Portland on Saturday, 2'Jth
November, and was reoaived on board the
steamihip Sunyirttn, whiuh sailed that day
for Liverpool.
' 'BaTThesumof fire hundred dollars (ten
nTty-dollar.bills), of the Troy Oity Bank were
notTsdby,hei Jnidlrutlon lately, from the
Union Bank, which had been'nalif out1 about
ten years sinoe, and were for the first time
returned to tne institution from wnioh they
werj Issued.
Coeuctisss o ths.Bkohsh Pmbs. One
Of the "best advised" of the English papers,
in an editorial article on Jonn Brown's trial,
says of the prisoner:
"Be uo a neoro, and he had darod to raise
bis hand against white mon, his oppressors,
'and the,. Ippressors of his race in that 'land
qf liberty. . This was enough."
',,!, ,i t-i i-"-. -i .! -.i ; i rf
I.J I ilt .,'H
A Woman Masbiid, Divomcio Vtou axo
Rswsddbo to raa Sau Husbaro. A mar
riage, under rather singular eireamstances,
according to the Cleveland Htratd, took place
at Liverpool, Medina County, in this Stat,
reoently. In,' November, i860, Mr. Brasttta
Salsbury was married to Miss Helen Prltchard.
The marriage took place in Liverpool, and the
parties lived happily together for about a year
and half, when the husband set out to "make
his pile" in California. Years rolled on; the
husband toiled in the mines, and the wife re
mained at home waiting anxiously for his
return. By and by rumors reached her of his
infidelity, and after waiting a weary period
the apparently deserted wife obtained a di
vorce on the around of wilful neglect, and
Mrs. Erastus Salsbury again became Miss
Helen Pritchard. The divoroe was obtained
about a year sinoe. Not very long after the
wife waa again made a "spinster," the hus
band returned from California, and was aston
ished to find himself onoe more a baohelor.
An explanation was at length obtained. The
bachelor-husband declared to the unmarried
wife that the story of his Infidelity was untrue.
He commenced an active courtship, and the
happy ooupls were fe-nnited at the same place
where the nuptial bond was first tied, just nine
years before. .v ., . . ,: ,
STBAiroi RcvtKSR op Fobtuhb A Count
TcairiD Hccmtib. Not thirty years ago
there ooutd be seen in the markst of Mobile,
Ala., a sturdy, coarsely-droned old French
man, of Intelligent and strongly-marked coun
tenance, whose manners, even while chaffering
for the price of a cabbage or a string of gar
lick, betrayed the man of eduoation, who had
onoe moved in brilliant and distinguished cir
cles. His occupation was that of a vegetable
vender not that of the huoksters who fore
stall the market by baying from tbe pro
ducers, and by combination among themselves
settling tbe prioes to be paid by the oity con
sumers but that of the honest seller of the
produoti of his own Industry the yield of
little gardes, upon which he had established
himself In the neighborhood of the oity. A
few years afterward this vegetable seller might
have been seen at tbe head of the armies of
Louis Phillippe, of France, and in the Gov
ernorship of Algeria. He had previously
filled tho higher position of one of Napoleon's
most trustworthy Marshals. Such was the
brief history i of the fortunes of Count De
A Kir Yoac CocKOiLiu AnititsTBD roa
M ogDSB. Anthony J. MoCarty, a membor of
the Common Counoil, and the Havermeyer
candidate for re-leotion in the Fourth Ward,
was arrested ou Friday night on a charge of
murder. Last Now Year's Eve a party of
rowdies wero' congregated at the Oregon
House, in Fulton-street, among whom wag
MoCarty. As a natural oon sequence a fight
soon ensued, and while that was in progress a
notorious fellow, named Patrick Cosgrove,
alias "Patssy Cockroach," was stabbed, re
ceiving injuries from whioh he died about
five months sinoe. The whole party were ar
rested at the time of the ooeurrenoe, but were
discharged, .the wounded man refusing to
make a complaint. On Saturday morning
MoCarty wae taken before the Court, and com
mitted to tbe Toombs, but was subsequently
released on $2,000 ball. : .
Dicssxs ahd tHi Catholics. Mr. DIokens
has had a controversy with an Ultramontane
eitlssn of Cork, said to be an M. P. This gen
tleman, aggrieved by one or two artloUa ex
posing excesses in Italy, whioh appeared some
time ago in All tht Ytar Sound, wrote to Mr.
DIokens on the tubjeot. Mr. Dickons, in re
ply, denied that tbe complaint was reasona
ble, declared that he never "pandered to any
acrimonious or Intolerant feeling" against the
Roman Cathollo Chnroh, and added the fol
lowing well-raerited thrust: "Let me, In all
good humor, recommend you to observe
whether its (the Church) accredited organs are
as considerate toward Protestants, and to give
your judgment of me the benefit of the com
parison." A Sensation Scit in Pabis. Leonie Chereau
has been tried in a Parts Court for stealing a
child in the Tulleries Gardens. The ease ex
cited great interest in fashionable circles. The
facts briefly were these: Leonie was seduced
in Orleans under promise of marriage. In
order to seoure this, she assented that she had
iven birth to a child. She was asked to pro
ne it, and then oonceived the plan, the ex
ecution cf which was tbe cause of her aDDoar-
ance in Court. Having Ingratiated herself
wits a simple-minded country nurse in the
Tuileriss Gardens, she stole the baby she had
in charge while her baok was turned, and with
it deceived all her friends.' The jury found
her Not Guilty, and she was Immediately set
at liberty. ,i .
Another Thiobt ros CtmiNo Cholsra.
Br. Gouyon, of Paris, reoommends a new and
singular method of cure for tbe cholera, vis :
making the patient swallow a certain quantity
of grains of zino, tin, Iron, Ac, of tho size of
a eherry-stono. Their Ingestion into the in
testinal tube would then lead to the formation
within the stomaoh of a voltalo pile, wbloh
wonld generate an eleotrio current calculated
to stimulate the system, and restore vital sen
sibility to its previous tone. Br. Gouyon goes
further still, and would have his oholera pa
tients swallow whole chaplets of these' grains.
An Old Woman Starved to Drain bt Hib
Sons. In Devonshire,, England, a van- old
lady died recently under circumstances which
lad to the opinion that she was starved by her
two sons, with whom she bad resided. . It was
shown that the only food given to her was a
little bread and water, whioh occasionally was
sweetened with treacle. A verdict of man
slaughter was returned sgainst the young men,
and they ware committed for trlaL.ij ;i; ifr .'f
SoBoiiiciDi in TiNNBssn-r A Bbotubb
Botciukbino His Sistsb. A most unnatural
crime was oommitted a few days since In: ths
county of Haywood, Tenn. A man named
Brown, residing not far from Brownsville,
murdered his sister in cold blood, by stab
blag her several times, and succeeded In ef
fecting his escape.' A reward of $400 has
been offered for the arrest of this monstrous
Villain. '
Inobndiarisu in Maitlakd. Several barns
have been burnt in Queenstown, and letters
have been received containing threats that more
pro pel ty will be destroyed. On Thursday
night a large barn belonging to Mr. James
Brows, residing about five miles from Queens
town, was set on fire and destroyed, together
With 7,000. bushels of whoat, 2711 barrels of
corn, and a valuable collection . of firming
implements. , '( ,
A CirBiotocn Dun. An amusing aooount
of the oepricious manner in whioh th Ex
Duke of Modena was in the habit of conduct
ing pnblio business is published. In on
ease,i where a musical ' master begged to be
allowed to retire on full pay, his Highness
sent a reply to his Minister, the reply consist
ing cf a reversed musical note, ihus indicat
ing that the poor msostr was not to receive a
earthing: ;" " , a .
, S X . ii i -
' Blood-mounds Rkcohmssokd in TtiiS.
The San Antonia (Tex.) Htruld recommends
that blood-hounds should be trained for tbe
pursuit of the Indians who commit depreda
tion on the settlements, and then take refuge
in the jangles, whore they can not be pursued
with safety. ' ,, : ! i
I lU' .( A t.
Ossawatomie Brown's Last Conversations.
Th Obarlestown correspondent of the Balti
more SxeKcmgt says in Into issue :
A few daye since John Moore, Esq., a vary
wealthy and estimable' gentleman, visited
Brown. Shortly after entering, Brown intro
duced the subjeot'Of slavery, but Mr. Moore
told him that he had no disposition to dlsouss
it. Brown asked him how many slaves he
owned, when Mr. M. replied he did not know
the number, but he was sure he had one, s
woman eighty years'of age, whose eyesight, he
was sorry to say, had failed. He had a few
days before given an eminent physician $100
for operating oq thorn, and If it was possible
to restore her eight he wonld give $5,000.
Brown asked bim what he would take for the
old servant, when Mr. Moore replied that all
the Abolitionists in tha North were too poor to
bay her. Th conversation here ended.
Brown, in conversation with tbe jailer, said
that if he did not see his wife before he was
executed, he would like to express his desires
relative to th disposition of his body. Gov.
Wise has assured him that it would be at tbe
disposal of bis friends, and accordingly the
jailer was requested to say to Mrs. Brown, or
whoever csm for it, that he did not desire
to have it' removed North, but wanted it
placed uport a pyre and burut, and the ashes
urned. He 'also requested that the bodies of
his tons, who were killed at the Ferry, might
be disinterred and disposed of in the same
manner, , The last part of the request could
not have been complied with, as the physi
cians of Winchester had used their bodies in
the dissecting-nxfm.
" Yesterday morning (Deo. ij Brown was
more than .ordinarily cheerful. The jailer
remarked that he hoped bis fine flow of spirits
would continue on to-day. Brown replied
that he "knew the community expeoted that
he would 'jBbow foar, but they would find
themselves disappointed. They did not un
derstand (he quality of material of which he
was made," After this remark, he took a
hearty laugh.
SiNdDLiB Social Cokdition in Pabis. Th
Paris correspondent of the Boston TnvtlUr
writes in a reoent letter: Social changes take
plitoe more rapidly here than elsewhere, be
oause thtiie Is no such thing as sooiety hore.
There are so many avalanches of foreigners
oonstantly falling on Paris, from every direc
tion, t whole soil is oonstantly shifting or
ploughed up, while the very essence of soeiety
(a stability, which alone enables those perma
nent relations to be formed which engender
eonfldene and ease, and that shadow of affno
tion and sympathy, begotten by loug-contin-ued
familiar acquaintance and commerce. The
absence of everything liko personal dignity,
and all sense of that ilelioaoy of morals found
in the : Frenob, joined with their inordinate
love of pleasure s'ud excitement, makes them
eagerly receive tho hospitalities of everybody,
without stopping to enquire whether they (the
latter) have anything iu their favor more than
wealth.' This is one secret of the success
which Paris enjoys. There Is sot a man of
money in all Europe ignorant of the truth
that the gold he commands will enable him
to collect nearly "all Paris" under his ball
room chandelier or dining-room lamp, if the
whim should strike him to forget home
slights in foreign aduhtions.
Things have at last some to suoh a pass thnt
It is not vtn considered neoessary for xa in
troduction to herald invitations to balls, eon
certs, 'or even dinners. The stranger sends
his eafd,nand the Invitation, to the person he
wishes to see in his honse; the latter accepts
or rejects it as it suits with his faumnr. There
are noble families who maintain thomselves
and many off their daughters, by patronising
wealthy foreigners; that is, they bring their
visiting, Dan, ana dinner lists by their influ
ence to tho foreigner's house, and at the
foreigner's table and ball, liquidate, as it
were, by attorney, their own sooial debts. It
Is even whispered these noble families do not
always disdain levying a commission on tho
pnrchaoes made from tradesmen by the wealthy
foreigners; and marriages and doaths have
been known to fill empty pockets with pin
money for a year.
Lack op Ebucaxion Asioko Tin AQHiceMu
baL Cuss is in England. It is a very singu
lar fast that England, whioh has the advantage
over moat other oountries, in the degree of
politioal liberty enjoyed by her Inhabitants,
should be so far behindhand as she Is In the
matter of general eduoation. While a liberal
provision had long ago boon made in her
Universities and Colleges for instructing the
nobility and gentiy of the kingdom in the
anoient classlos, and in such ' branches of
knowledge as it was thought most desirable
that they should become acquaintod with, it is
only quite lately that institutions hare been
established for toaohing to the working olas.es
of the eemmunity anything beyond the veriest
rudiments and the agricultural (population
have been allowed to remain to this day in a
state of lamentable ignorance. .
! The Rev. Mr. Pilkington, Chaplain to Wal
singham Bridewell, in the County of Norfolk,
draws a gloomy picture of "the awful, almost
Ineredible, ignorance of the agricultural classes
in this district of Norfolk," and there is no
evidence that the condition of ..things in this
respect is any worse there than In other parts
of the oountry.
It is stated by Mr. Pilkington that during
the past year two hundred and forty prisoners
were committed to Bridewell, and of these one
hundred and twenty-one oould not read a
letter in a book, one hundred and fifty-seven
could not write their names, fifty-seven oould
not say a word of the Lord's Prayer, and
eighty-four oould say it but imperfectly; sixty
one oould not tell who Jesus Christ was, or
mention how or for what purpose he died, and
were to all Intents and purposes heathens. -
Ralph Waldo Emsrson on John Brown
Onus Mors. A John Brown mooting was
held at Musical Hall in Boston last Sunday,
at which R. W. Emerson delivered an address
on "Morals." The tenor of thought running
through the discourse was that a high stand
ard of morality faithfully adhered to, gives to
man his noblest flights and Inspires his grand
est and best deeds. "Morals"heoharacterized
as "A soience of substanoe, not of shows." in
treating of the power which attachment to a
great Idea or principle will accomplish in the
individual, and out in society and tha world,
ho alluded to the recent events in ths life of
John Brown.'.' Th determination of giving
freedom to those who were In bondago of es
tablishing a moral, intellectual governmental
equality such had lifted an obsoura Connec
ticut farmer Into the regions of the great man;
and mad all others appear Inferior men. It
was hard, he said, to find in all his life but
one so noble a man as this who had dared to
saorifioe life to principle. A few such men,
the speaker asserted, bad done more for tbe
world than all the tribe of merely Intelleotual
mtn mankind has ever seen. '
Aess or tbi English Prxrr. It is sot a
little singular that of the score or so of Peers
who hive died since the commencement of the
year, there are sixteen whose united ages
amount to bo less than 1,239 years, giving an
average of seventy-six-and a-half years to
each, and setting at naught the dictum of
David as to "three score years and ten." .
A Obild-likh MoTstaa. An Italian girl,
Marguerite Faello, only thirteen years of ago,
arrived at St Louis from New Orleans, re
cently, with a ohild in her arm, to which she
had recently given birth. Her husband is
twenty-live years old, and living in New
Orleans. . J v . r , . ; - '
[By Telegraph.]
Additional by the Overland Mail.
Sr. Louis, December 7. A dispatoh from
?bn Francisco, on the 14th alt, dated at 0
o'clock P. M., via Gilroy, says that the Bull
tin of that evening contained the following ed
itorial remarks: ' f i
"We learn from a retlablo source that Gen
eral Scott, urwn bia recent arrival in thevi
otnlty of British Columbia, dispatched a letter
to the authorities of Vancouver's Island, an
nouncing bia arrival and indicating his read
iness to confer with the British authorities,
with the view of a peaceful solution of the
San Juan difficulty." :
At the last aoeounta, Col. Lay, bearer of
Scott's latter, had not returned; therefore
nothing was known as to the spirit in whioh
the General's communication was received. .
Should Uov. Donglass act In a spirit of
frankness and moderation, there is reason to
believe that an arrangement will be mad for
tbe entire withdrawal of Harney's force, and
a restoration of the same condition of affairs
at San Juan as existed prorious to the occu
pation. ,
It is not at all probable, however, that Scott
will assent to make an apology for Harney's
act, or arrange for the joint occupation of the
Island. If ha withdraws the troops at all, it
will be done distinctly as a concession to Brit
ish Bonsibility, with a clear understanding
that such withdrawal is not to be considered
as implying doubt to the American title to the
disputed Territory, but that its sole objeot is
to restore matters to such a position that
England may with honor to hersslf, resume
active negotiations for the settlement of tbe
boundary question by treaty.
A fair business is doing to-day.' Nine hun
dred cases of iard per Anglo Satco and (hldtn
FUc toU at thirteen cents. June butter
sells at thirty-one cents, and crushed sugar at
eleven cents.
Ths Splendor or Damascus. Damasouo Is
the oldest city in the world. Tyre and Sydon
have orumbled on the Bhorej Baalbee Is a ruin;
Palmyra Is buried In the sands of the desert;
Ninevah and Babylon have disappeared from
the Tigris and Euphrates; Damascus remains
what It was before the days of Abraham a
neuter of trade and travel an island of verdure
iu a desert "a predestined capital,", with
martial and sacred associations extending
through more tban thirty centurion. It was
"near Damasous" that Saul of Tarsus saw
tbe "light from Heaven above the brightness
of the site;" the street which is called Strait,
in which it was said "he prayeth, ' still runs
through tbe city.. Tho caravan comes and
goes as it did a thousand years ago; there are
still tho sheik, the ass and the water-wheel;
the merchant of the Euphrates and of the
Mediterranean still "occupy" these "with
the multitude of their waters." Thecity which
Mahomet surveyed from a neighboring hliilit,
and was afraid to enter, because it is given to
man to have but one Piiradise, and lor his part
ho was resolved not to have it in this world, is
to this day, what J alian called "the eye of the
East," as it was in the time of Isaiah, "the
head of Syria." From Damascus oame the
damson, our bluo plum, and the delicious apri
cot of Portugal, called daruosoo; damask, our
beautiful fabrio of ootton and silk, with vines
and flowers raised upon a smooth bright ground;
the damask rose, introduced into England in
time of Henry the VIII; the Damasous blade,
so famous the world over for its keen edge and
wonncriui elasticity, tne secret ot whose man
ufacture was lost when Tamerlane carried off
the arts into Persia; and that beautiful art of
inlnjirg wood nnd steel with silver and geld,
a kiud of Mosaio entrraving and sculpture
unitedcalled Damaskeening, with whioh
boxes and bureaus, and swords, and guns are
ornamented. It is still a city of flowers and
bright waters; the streams from Lebanon, the
"rivers of Damascus," the "rivers of gold,"
still murmur and sparkle in tbe wilderness of
"Syrian gardone." . . i
Staff and Crook. The staff which was used
by his Lordship, Bishop Do Charbonnel, at the
consecration of the Coadjutor Bishop of To
ronto, was composed of an old staff of the late
lamented Bishop McDonnell, and the crook
wits that used by the Abbot of St. Fillan to
bless the Scottish army at tha battle of Ban
nookburn. It is of solid silver with some reiio
enolcsed upon a white stone, and the work
manship conclusively proves its antiquity. It
is probable that suoh an Interesting staff was
never held on a similar occasion by any oon
scorator outside of the eity of Borne. It was
while kneeling before the Abbot, holding this
blessed staff in his hand, that the English
monarch remarked that the Scots were suing
for mercy. He found his mistake, however,
Schamyl'b , Arrival at his Residence.
The Journal d St. Petertbourg announces tbe
arrival of Sohatayl at Ealonga, the tows se
lected for his residenoe; He was attended by
his son and three murides, and alighted at tbe
principal hotel of the place. , The next day he
paid a visit to the Governor, And afterward
went to see the house Intended for him. He
was particularly struck by the block marble
busts of two Qreek philosophers in one of
the rooms, and after many questions respect
ing the persons they represented, he requested
to have them removed, as his wives would be
frightened at the dark faoes. He expressed
himself perfectly satisfied with tbe house and
locality in which it was situated.
An Ultra Anti-Slaveft Papib. A new
paper, entitled Brown't Grimi, has been started
at Painesville, Ohio, by Jno. B. French, for
merly of the Painesville Telegraph. He ac
counts for ths title by saying : "This is the
designation whioh a largo proportion of the
press apply to the con flic t at Harper's Ferry.
W protest against suoh abuse of language. Is
It not enough that the brave veteran who
dared to strike for liberty is struck down by
the hirollDgs of slavery, and now lies wounded
and helpless In the prison of malignant and
cruel foes, doomed to a speedy death?" '
A Ti'SMBLg Accident ibom Hoops. The
fashion of hoops has been the means of a terri
ble accident at Salem, Oregon. ; Miss Ellen
Umphlot was riding on horseback, when, losing
her balance, she fell backward, and her hoops
caught upon tbe horn of the saddle. ; The
horse became frightened and ran with ber along
a fonee for several hundred yards, when the
point of a rail caught in her month, tearing
the whole side of ber face out and breaking
ber jaw in two plswes the oononssion stripping
the clothes entirely from her, and thus freeing
hr from the horse. . i ,
Anrcdotr or Colebidsb. Coleridge waa a
remarkably awkward horseman, to much so
as generally to attract attention. He was one
day riding on the turnpike road in the country
of Durham, when a wsg approaching him,
r.otised his peculiarity, and mistaking his
man, thought the rider a fine subject for a
little sport, and as he drew near he thnt ac
costed Mr. Celiridge: "I say, young' man,
did you meet a tailor on the road 7" "Yes,"
replied Coleridge, who was never at a loss for
a rejoinder, "I did,1 and he told me if I went
a little further I should meet a goose I" "
' A Woman Attempts uoioidb and Swallows
list Wrafon. Harriet Leader, a woman of
intemperate habits, on being taken to a station
house, in Boston, attempted to commit suicide
by severing the arteries of her arm with a
lancet. To prevent the dootor from taking
away the inslramont she swallowed It. Al
though she persisted in tearing ths bandages
from ber woands, more danger waa appre
hended from the internal than from the ex
ternal operation of the lanett , , .-.lH , ,, lit
' ' ' 1 .' ..IV. 'M r t,.'i; ft .
I ". ' 'I' . ."i-IK .1 'i
U !J..'JLJ....il
AdTrtlmntBotxaedlBf At HaeafAga, ' j
One tnaertloB.. On weelr.,.-,, ., aW i: '
two weak a.-. 1 Hi On montb.. I M
Laranr advurtleemeiita tuertad at the follow lea
rates foraqnanoftan UnMorleest 1 r
One InaortloB. $ SS I Two wkav,....,.jl to
Each eddi'oal In. X I Thra week 4 SO
One wek..m...M. 1 7M fi. oaonth,,,, ,, ,
,rf ' Job Printing
taall Its braaohea, done rtt2i neatnee and dtapaara
.;',";V'"V HAT: 'THB i , ,,!T ..-u,,,! .!
;1 ilm
'' O O A L
:i !. w.
. Decern jcr 1 1648.
'' '" V,'"':'1 "'
. the public three seasons, and owing to lbs pop
ularity and Increased demand, m hav been eoia
pellsd to make tw more ilBee basing SIX ates
complete, suitable, from the smallest family op to
the largest class ooardlag-honsa. Th elebrtrv ;
these HtovM have gained for thnmtelve ean not b :
too highly appreciated, au every family havlim tbeui , :
In use oaa truly teetlfy, .. ''
Thanking the public nor tneir generous support, '
ie onr determination to supply tha wants r th oom.
monlty with tha benelta which a practical meohaa-
cal edneatlon can only aupply.
Inventor, Proprietor 6c DIanalactarexwsl
3 33
W beg have, mmt respectfully, to offer the follow
lug certificates and reference or families using th
Alligator, whioh will, at a glance, remove all doubt
of its Intrinsic merits:
For sous months I bate been usrnz th AlMnttr.
Coal Cooking Stov. It superior cooking analltl,
combined with it clean llneui, must eventually leawr ' 1
to the owners a large share at public patronagv.
John mclras. "'
' I have bean using one of Mar. Adam A Push
over' Alligator Cook Htoree for some month, which
give entire satisfaction in every respect, and can ,
ttieerfully recommend it to those who are In want of,
amipnrtorcouk stove. H. H. LKAV1TT.
. Fur th last year I hare beon using the Alligator
Ooitl Cooking fuove. manufactured byofessrs. Adam'
Heckover, whioh I oonslder superior stove, and ,
glvea th utmost satisfaction. It Is the only store I '
have found that cooks perfectly with eoal. . .
For sometime past I liavebeen nslngoneof tlsra )
Adams Peekover'a Alligator Coal Cooking Stove,
uud uau recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving ntlr satisfaction In every reapeot. ,
JOS. BOBHNELfj, Coal Merchant.
. 1 chofrfhlly Indon th above. ' .
Hon. Judge McLean, Cllf- Joseph W.Wayne.Wl, Stfc
ton, M. Jirooki, ML Aaboni
Uon Judge:Leavttt,W S. Kev. W. 8. Kennedy, 14
k'lfth-street, John-trt, . i
Judge Tan Ham, Sat J. V. Jonea, 3ii ?enrth,
fourth, Mr. Norton, 3S4 Fonrth, - ;
JiuluaHoadlr.KODd, - D. Thatcher, S 0org,
Hr. Ilolker, OSSth, Win. Jolly, llth.
Oin. Orphan Asylum,llm, Job. Talbott,400;tD.
John kebler, M'J-ltli, Bo.Qetnndaner, l&SSmfth
'. Smith, firm of Ltuooln, 8.11. Williams, Wal. Hill,
Smith Warnock, Mrs. Meason, 36S 4th,
H. Valletta, 347 Ub, ' Mr, Hy land, KM 4th. '' -.
N.a.ifcLau,01eniUl, Mrs. Howitt,61 E.4lh,
U.D.Kiink,:6 Vine, Sire. M. P. Taylor, 3C w, 1
Jo. Bushmill, coal mar. . Mr. McVhcnoD.ti. M. oor.
Jas. Espy, i!M4tli, Sixth and Uac,
J.Jem-oy, Hag. OaeW'ks, A. A. Clark, Time offlca, ,
T. II. Ycitninu, BtorraTp, P. L. Weaver, SMS John, ,
A. W. Francisco, tres J. P. Whitman, VHaah- -
Office. . ... . luirtou Institute, ,
A. llughta. Commercial, John A. Hook.OUO Georg
V. B.Wells, Cln'tlTypa F. 1 Brooke, i4 John.
Foundry, Jnckion M. Koble, 411 14.
K.C.Ko,2S4LongTrurtb, H. Haokuian,46o3d,
Chs. chadwick, 304 4tU, Cba. Goodman, 24. 4th.
T. W. Sgragne, lsti 7tli, , John O. Morris, 113 Mih,
Mr. Houghton, iwi tl, J. A. Stacy, 4448th, ;
Win. Comatock, 361 uti, Utlwon A M'Donald, Tin
(i. Bole, 361 7th, ' Isaac Marsh, IU tieorre.
.I.Harvey, 207 Longworth, W.B.Uurlburt,6lFr'n?
John Anderson, 4184th, Klam P. Laugrion, It tta.
Jonathan Olden, 1W 4th, J. H. falaeiler, Long- .
W. W. Woods, 44V Ith, worth and Wostem-row, '
lonn rentier, wriintton v. Jt. uwy, 7e am,
ACo.'arawiitlnuollloe. AIL Burnett. 1S4 5th.
jamns a. nmuxitt. iw Bin, 1 "
Door Iaocks, r
Door and Gate-Springi,
Bells Hung, Keys Fitted.
Th public are rapectfally Invited to oell and ex.
amine th various patterns and prices.,, AU Jobbing
promptly attended to
noOom No. Its Fifth-street, 3d door from Baca.
' Scale nianufuotarrr,
No. (1 iit Stxxind-street, Nitw.en Ijycamor Ml
uroauwaj , uinoibiau, Keep every aonpuoa or
CoButr, I'lBtforna, flattie, Raih-oad D)Ba,
uud Truak 8oiUe Trrteka
- i lra Watjeaa, dke.
KpaJrng don on th shortest lottos, .nol-eai
ti Hi. Charles street, Hew Orleansi'ts.,
Inverters of Una fc Hportlaa ARparataas
: AND DBaLBII in son POWDBB. i- ,
'. (Fronting the tteamloat Landing.)
North-east turner Broadway aud iFront,
R. I. LETEEING, Proprietor.
' oc7-cm
. ' MAJStrricTtnui ASID DtALBB W-r
kind of Mattrese and Bnldlnf , at the old
itand, ho. IS Sfcamore-street, east sIAe, Kttwwee 7 '
Konrth and Filtrs-ttneu, seventh (tors shot
r ourth-street. Church Pew lined and onaVonad
All orders proijiptly attcndl to.' ' ol.oin
J.VJB. and Boiler Iron, Plow Hlab, JUilroas Inlke
rite Also.AgenUfor thesaleof lrontfBHsSaU '
Warerooms Bo. 1 East eeeoud Btreot. OiMtnnsA 1 .
WAltkMtti wiatntMi''! :'' '' 'i ''t
CLEANER OT SIJTKS : ANfi' V rjiuTff,' '
No. St Sixth-street, between Vtn arid Btaos. tn v
th Medical Collen, Cliieianatl.Oriht. Peratwbn .,
may favor htm with thair iMronagoaa. rly antw-
tuality and low prloen,. pf-y , "
JTIoney! Money! M otter r ;
loan omcil trs!r;;'
Removed fro as SA West NUtk-alroL fl "
ELBT and all kfuds Of Merehandia. 4 Ut
rate of Interest, at Mod UB VhaMSreat., hMw
ronrthBudFlftJi. . i ..... v. ,. i H4
: Dining ajid Colfeo aloon,
(5ear thaooTBttof Vlne,H,tJ a,4:
C 1m VlCKBRRj, Prrteir , n - ,
Oilers sad Oast arrd la ail eWbM. . su.hu.ii . .
: r;!:.-. -... v.. n , r-,r .. BOUsy
t! : oAli id Mia '! fcna vniswnH ,iH ,.Wja
vl jijoj ai.!j baa ssljoiKi icJatob lo v; .-

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