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1HI P1NBT PBBBBtodellvereaPosubKrlbersin
01noliiWtl,IDortotn and Nawpert, aad nu.
ios&IIu eitUs aoltowns, i th tx. j
i Iremely low price of j '" '
monor iiiuiig;
Ingle ooaleelo,; I month 40rf) J month i; I rut It,
Jam A lLULBB,Ja.....jfcie Lessee eBdManater.
Benefit of Harry aUugdon.
VR1DA1 EVENING, Deo. 9, will bo presented
me ceieoratea nve-aot piay 01
Kins James V , ..... Langrton
hlr Adam Weir Hann
l.alrd Small Elleler
aieaeiaine F,.a..........,..............1......rur. Kilalei
L'unoe dt... ansa nate rennovor
Xo conclude with the interesting drama called
Oaa pa rdo4 ....! . -W- , (.......LDgdon
Ctarlnn...j.....-... ...... ,...Mr. Kilter
To-monow, Benefit 61 T. A. Morton, lata leading
man at tu national. "
In preparation, a thrilling drama called "Tonlaannl
I, uuverturej ur in JBsurreatloo or OU Domingo."
and death of the Washington of Havtl. - - .
auriioore open at OX: Unrtaln rlaea at TM o'clock.
Paiomnr Admission Dreaa Circle and Parqnette,
piioenia, viauery aocenfe.
Benefit of Master A. Stewart.
Third night of the encasement of the oelebrated
comedian, iua muuuai,
THIS (TrWat) EVEHINO, December f, will be
acicu ma neamiim inen arama ni
Ranged Pal, with aong......,......lIaater Airred Stewart
Pan U'Oarolan Vanderen
oonora at re. Vamlaren
J'ance mas Jennie Might
, To be followed by the laughable farce called
Uurtus Chunk .......................... ....Yankee TJierce
uaptain unonit ....,.. nlavin
fanny Magmit lira. 0. llenri
lo concludo witu the iitugnable laroe called
Pr. O'Toole', with song, .........Muter A. Stewart
nr. Flail Bernard
Boaa ...Mies L. Graham
Saturday. Bane-tit of Yankee Rlarce.
Theater, ia now open for the reception of guests,
Rnoma ran be obtained by the day or week, and
inmin iiiruisueu afcnil liuurs
NOTIOB. Tradesman and othera are cautioned
againat furnishing any arliclea for the theater with
out a written orner signea ny i ne manager,
"" M- urraa , Manager,
F. B. Conway .Stag Director,
Continued Success of the Star Company.
THIS (Triday) KVKNINO, December 9, will bo
ruiuka tm Via a, ft em ifuKIa f!nmjlw ..'
John Mildmajr.. Conway
taptaln Hawkalej Sheridan
Old Potter. Hall
Markham ..,........ ... Pope
I'Bogrord i Stanley
'iiuuna arnoltl
.l.asup.. u Denntaton
Y'mlet.i............f.........M...,,,,,i,.,,M,, .Jenninga
JJra, Bternnol Mra, Place
jure, niiiumay lira Uonvay
,u,c , urcneitra.
To eonolnde with the laughable Pares of
Orlllenuoof..,,n,i .,....,.. .......'Davlilg
Captain Bpoff ...Dickson
Dorothy Miss Alice Klngebury
T" In aollvo re hearaal and will shortly be pro.
dnced, with a grand star combination cast, new and
gorgeous armore,, new scenery, properties, and the
-wuuie ui uuckb e lamoiia mugic, onaaapeare a aub
lime traaedr of MAOBBTH.
I'aioKs or ADHiesiON. Parqnette Circle, Parqnette
and Balcony, Ml cents ; Amphitheater, 29 cents i
Prlvale Boies for eight persons, S
Poora open at AM o'clock : commence at
Box OOioe ornn from in A. M. until i P
. M.. whera
eeatscan be secured.- J. F. HKBBIRT,
unnoaivx, ireas
MSAJiM DIIU K, UValU( HI) IUO . . , , ,
Corner of Eighth and Freeuian-atreet,
On the 9th of December, 1859.
L'OMMiTTts or Abbakobmknti-W. II. Helman, L,
Boblnscn, W. J. James, A." Thorpe,
MAiom-Bergant J. B. Moore, W. WolleDhop,
r. i, mrcnen, r. Vltohen, J. Flagg, W. Wetot.'
Capt. H. Y. BABDBEN, Chief.
W. J, BTliPHKNBPS, Aae't Chief.
Positively no gentleman admitted wlthouta lady,
Tickets One Dollar. Join
New Mode of Ventilation! ,
t ' '
' (Wand 8 e One of
PATE St' ' '
He t ting and Tec tl la ting Furnaces
' '' I n ottarallon at ''''''
8tor Ware-rooms, Noi. &1 and 58 Vine-it,
S a wy e v & C b .
. ' notayr ,
ff i , i i i
ST ATEr FAIR, ? 5,
Bald at Zaneavllle, October, J 859.
ios. ,11 and 53 i Vlhe-t;,
(Second door Below Columbia) '
" "11100101
v embraeea alt the leading Ml U to eterj rrjet
j. (iiovuns &('().
-BATTCKV ArlD rFKRlBR!,''. "
- f 9 m w w I M H n U w Tl I I. I T er
A "t 'A"JTTT"
. f lC.i . KSUH-JLXiA- e ; ,Vt
W M. F. HEWSON, of the late Arm ot
, BtwroniHQltnea.willconHooetheOomnilsi
elnn, Stock and Bill Brokerage Diulnees. at their old
offlre. No. SI. Basement Masonio BnUdlna. Third,
etreetwHetollcttMooittnaaaeeof thebiielpeaahera
t.ifnreeo Ulraly heatowtdon the old Arm, neaaaf
,AT LAW.Obaae Buildings l)o. 4CetThlrd,
!'! (': " -'ll -ail'rt-f - y-, ' I .J I ..... i , . .. ......
.VOIi. 2. : NO. 95.
Littlb Muxi.-Klght Kxpreaa. 10 k. v.: Acosm.
. moaatlon, p. m.j Day Express, M f. at.
0"ie a MiiaiHim.-8i a. .jll!4 .t'lOtlt
A. u. ltify r. at.; t:it r. at.; 8:n r. H.
HaBirm aNoCiNciNHATi. 11:201. at.; 6:91 e.M."
Bkhmobo akd Ihdiabpous.-13iW h.; e:S6 r. at. -
, ,
Littlb MuJii.-Day Expreee, 10:00 a. .: Acoom.
t nodatlon,4:lp. m.; blight Rxpreas, ll:M r. at.
u.; 7:1 P. M. . .
Ohio Am Mississippi. 1:20 A.M.; 2:00 P.M.; 7:30 p.m.
CmciMKATi, Uahiltob and Datton.-DioO a. at.; 7:80
a.m.; 10:00 a.m.; 3:40 p. m.;:80p. h. 11:80 p.m.
MilllTfA AND UlNOIMMATl. 9:40 A. f,; 1:40 p. M. u
BlCSMvhD AMD lBiSAPOLlS.-6:(lO A. M.J 3:40 P. M.
eT"Strawberriu grown ia the open air
were! eaten last week in Charleston, B. 0. '
WThere are now five hundred and flftj
elght oonvioU in the Indiana State Prison at
Jefferaonrille. . ":; -
The Talue of gold plate and Iee,f used
In the United States for the replacing and re
pair or defeotire teeth, li laid to be $2,210,000.
EBIt Is announced at a oheeriDg sign of
Indian oivillsation, that the Cherokees have a
debt and oan not pay the interest on it. , , .
JSsTThere are stone bridge in China, three
and four miles long, and an arch of the in
credible span of six hundred feet. '
'Col. Colt, of Hartford, Conn., has pre
sented a hundred of his cavalry pistols to
Garibaldi and his company of guides. '
' 'eTA suit has been commenced against
Archbishop Hughes, in New lork, for plans
made by Mr. Rembrandt Feale, architect.
, The officers in ohlef of the New York
Central Railroad are now making a general
Inspection of their road.
"Washington Irving probably died from
an enlargement of the heart, as his physi
oiana were aware he was in danger of sudden
ueuMi iroiu ui uiseaae.
A new King has been placed upon the
turuue ui uho rown, in urn uaiaoar, Atrioa,
under the title of Archibong Second. , He was
crowned witu a biaok bearer hat: ,
J9-The Floronoe (R.I.) correspondent of
ms rroviaenoe journal, reports til at Mrs,
Btowo, the novelist, is established there for
portion of the winter. ' . '
2TOn Friday last, Gov. Wise was hung
in effigy at Natiok and Woburn, Mass. As a
sot-off to such folly, "Old Brown" received
tinnier treatment at the first named town.
Mrs. W. Hazlewood, of franklin, N
C, was shot dead a few dars aeo bv the an.
oidental discharge of a gun in the hands of
ner nusoana. ; .. K
TWhat is that, whioh, if I had it. I
wouldn't wish to loser If I have not, I do not
wish to have it: but, if I gain it, I no ionjrer
have it? A lawsuit. . . , ,
Ss9A teacher of vocal musio asked an old
lady if her grandson bad an car for musio?
"Wa-ai," said the old lady, "I rally don't
know; won't yon take ft candle and look?" I
i" Trotestant elergymen are allowed to
kaVei tn Russia only under many perplexing
rniuiuiiuus, wniou amouni in IHCI to a prohi
bition of anything like free movement.' '
Frederick Casson, while crossing the
railroad track, with an ox team, on Satuiday,
near Portohester, New York, was run over by
n 1 u : 1 1.1,1 1 ... . i ...
u va)iiooi viniu nuu amen, wiin toe cattle.
pttr-A night or two unoe a man named
Francis 0'Farrell committed suioirte In Bain.
more, by jumping from the garret window ef
ine puoiio nouse oi reier Herring.
irHumboldt said ten years egos "Gov-
oiuuieuvs, nngiuD, property, dooks, are note.,
iuk uui mo eoauoiaiDK to eauaate nun.
Earth holds up to her master no fruit but the
nnianed man."
The chap who was told that the best
oure for the palpitation of the heart was to
leave on nugging and kissing the girls, said
"If that Is the only remedy whioh oan be pro
duced, for one, I say, let 'er palpitate."
The Brandon (Tenn.) fpnolc says
that Mr. John Pussel, of thai oounty, gathered,
the present sea n 3,83V pounds ef ootton from
three-fourths r;' an aore of ground the rate
oi over two Daren to tne acre.
359 Edward Ererett In to continue to oen
tribnte to the oolumns ef the New York Ltdyti
after the" complotion of the Mount Vernon
rapers. lie does not, however, write this time
lor tne neneat ot tne Mount Vernon Fund.
9 A penny was deposited in the corner
stone of a chureh at Jaokson, Mieh., last week,
that had been taken from the corner-stone of a
temple in Rome, built during the reign of the
A vouoir ladv named Powell, residine-
in Marshall Uounty, Tenn., committed self-
aesiruotion last week by banging herself, be-
eause she loved a man whom her father was
unwilling she should marry.
jEVHowei, Cashing A Co, 'a American oir-
cus' has just closed a most successful totr
through the United Kingdom. The perform
ers left New York in 1867, and since that time
have exhibited In every town of any conse
qaenoe in England, Ireland, Scotland and
9Mrt. Doane. wife of the late Bishon
Doanev of New Jersey, died in Floronoe on
Thursdav' eveninir. November 10. at the- rea.
idenee of her son; her' mind never recovered
from the shock it received during the mem
orable sack at Perugia, in whioh she and her
party narrowly escaped a cruel death.
Mrs. John Browk. The wife of John
Brown, on takinar oharee of tbfe remains of her
husband, stated that she designed conveying
htm home with as little publiolty or de
lay as possible and she has performed this
voluatiry proraiie with thorough good , faith.'
She has won the respect and regard of the en
tire South by the -womanly delicacy and good
(bubo she ! displayed while performing the
duties ,ef 'her trying mission.
I ' 1 I SBB I !?lf if
WBStiiiNsiaaTit Eipivsivk" LcitBT. The
Dublin Eveninir Pott aavsr We have heard
some surprise! expressed tht the Jbonor of
ounai in vyestminster Abbey wad not paid to
the body of Mr. B runnel, as well as to that of
his distinguished ootemporary. The reason,
we udderstaid, 4s a-, simnle one.. The, honor
ooste tteJi, which was a trHle? oat jot the
fortuDe'of the ehildlees Mr. Stenhenson. but
which was a sum worthy of consideratipn ia
dealing with the comparatively small inher
itance or air. jtrunneri family. 11 ' " -
' " -! .....,
A Child-likb Cbuiikal. In . Oranieburr.
9. C, lately, John M. Jennings, a boy only
nine years old was bailed in the sum. of 4,0OO
to answer the chine ef' mui4erina -Franklin
Brown, a child only four vears old. John
Ubight well say with Macbeth: "We are yet
youof (aarime"y.4 Boy whe could be guilty
of murder, at such an age, bids' fair "t? be a
Nero before reaching matufity."" '
Plwlia h UansT StATis.-rTherd JiA."
on aa averasa. nine thousand pianos manufaa-
klu red every rear in the. United States, their
prowapuoBi giving employment constantly 19
one. thousand nine hundred persons, and costr
lhg oret two millions of dollars., -1 . ..
Celebration of the Birthday of the
King of Slam.
. The last advices from Slam give an aoeount
of the celebration of the birthday of the 80m
detch Phra, the principal of the two kings
bf that country. 'The foreign consuls were
Invited to a dinner, at whioh the only other
guests were the highest dignitaries of the
kingdom and the members of the royal fam
ily. The dinner was prepared in -a splendid
ball, one side of which was closed by an im
mense aviary containing specimens ot the
most beautiful bird In all Asia, and on the
other side by gold lattioe-work, whioh separ
ated the hall from 'a spacious court, occupied
by dexterous jugglers and a number of ele
phants, whioh performed, under the direction
ef their keepers, the most extraordinary ex
ercises and manoeuvres.
The King, who did not sit at the table,
made his appearance about the middle of the
repast on an estrade prepared for him. The
musicians, at his majesty's, entranoe, played
several national aire, after which the grand
officers ef the palace, as a compliment to the
consuls, unfurled a number of silk banners,
on one of which was the inscription -in Si
amese, "Glory and friendship to Franeel'! on
another, "Glory and friendship to England!"
and, the same for all the other powers
whose agents were present. The king then
retired, but In obedience to his commands, at
the termination of the feast, a mandarin con
ducted the consuls to the great pagoda of the
palace, an edifice which strangers are very
seldom allowed to visit.
This pagoda, the finest ia the kingdom, was
built by Phra Na Rhaie In 1676.. , ft contains
numberless ornaments, collossal golden idols,
and the great golden dragon, whioh ia about
six feet long, and has eyes formed of bugs dia
monds, while Its scales are represented by pre
cious stones of immense value. Baring the
whole evening there was a continuous display
of fire-works in the Siamese manner, gener
ally consisting of fiery dragons, eaglea and
horses, which fly through the air, and produce
a very lingular effeot. On the following day
the two kings reviewed the troops, in whioh
Europeans were allowed to join. The boat of
a trench snip oarrled off the prite, consisting
of a quantity of fruit, vegetables, poultry and
" " "
We find, says the Rev. Dr. Jenkins, in a let
ter from Shanghai, on the Japanese Empire,
most perfect system of espionageexercised by an
almost omniscient government; and if there
oe one sunjeot more tnan another whioh they
are averse to have brought before their people,
it is the subject of ChriitianiWv I am in
formed that, until within a few years past, the
Dutch, who alone were permitted among
Western nations to hold any commercial in
tercourse with Japan, were required, on the
only day in the year that they were permitted
to gq through the streets of Nagasaki, to
trample publicly on the cross as au evidence
of their hatred of that symbol.
Of all the governments of the far East, that
of Japan is probably the most perfect in its
entire control of the people, who have scarcely
any rights of their own. For instance, at the
present day, a Japanese has no liberty to de
part the country, and ne liberty to believe in
Christianity, and no liberty to read the Scrip
turea of Divine truth, whioh can alone make
him wise unto salvation. .When I was, in Na
gasaki, a woman? was in prison awaiting the
ordor from Yeddo for her execution, because
she bad dared to aooompany a Frenohman to
unina, ana return 10 Japan.. , im, j 1
As a specimon of the surveilanee exerolsed
over foreigners in Japan, I would mention that
a day or two before X left, Mr. Liggins, the
Episcopal missionary, attempted to purchase
leverai cooks at a pumio Dooastore, tendering
the full prioe for each, but the only one they
would permit him te; take away, was a small
blank book t They had undoubtedrv been for
bidden to sell any books to foreigners and if
so, toe penalty wouia nave osen decapitation
or garroting. The Governor of Negasaki re
quires to examine every book previous to giv
ing a permit ior its importation ; ana tols they
do to prevent the introduction of Christianity.
The Total Ecu rea op Nsxt July. The
total eclipse of the 18th of next July will be a
very important one to the scientific , world.
The Director of the Dorpat Observatory wss
the first to remark that at the moment of ob
scuration four of the principal planets Venus,
Merourv, Jupiter, and Saturn will armsar in
the vioinity of the eollpaed son as a kind of
rhomboldal. figure ; a phenomena of such ex
traordinary rarity that many centuries 'will
before Its repetition. ; Darkness will
oommenoeand terminate on the land, the lo
calities being California and the shores ef the
Bed Sea. Between these extreme points the
eclipse will be visible in North America, from
whence the moon's shadow will pass across the
Atlantloand traverse Spain. '
- ' '' ' ' ' :l ,1
Ihdiax. Some two weeks since the' bodv of
ah Indian, whose intestines were protruding,
was found in the woods at Morristown, Brown
County, Wis.,;,, A little distance from him lay.
a dead bear, which had been shot through
the neck. It is supposed that after shooting
him, the bear turned upon the Indian, and,
after a desperate fight, killed bim, and then
died itaeli from the Indian's ball. ; The bear
weighed some four hundred pounds., j '
Company. A case which: has, been on trial
in the United States Circuit Court, at Boston,
for the past twelve days, between Georse Pea-
body el at..' of London, and the Middlesex
Mills, was brought to a olose en Saturday, by
a verdict for the plaintiff for $47,109 64. The
suit was brougnr to test tue title to a lot of
wool purchased in Europe by Samuel Law
rence,. jUit before the commercial panio of
A Child- Burnt to Dsath, A littleftauirh
tor of 0. W. L. Crook, and about nine or inn
months, met with a horrible accident, In Mem-
his, Tenn a day or two since. The child
ad a newspaper in her hand, and during; the
absence ef her . nurse,, crawled to the grate.
The paper accidentally caught fire, which com
municated to the child's olothay, and burnt
her fatally.., . ,
4 . --' I I 'III a ii'l' i V if il g ar
' , Tavi GirriUTY. No woman can be a lady
who would , wound or mortify another. . No
matter how beautiful, how refined, how culti
vated she mat be, the Is in reality ooarse. and
the Innate vulgarity ef her nature manifests
itself here.' ' ' Uniformly kind, courtesy and po
lite treatment of all persons is one mark p a
(rue woman, and ef a true man also. , ,",.
AGooD 'Movg m Bbitain. The British
government is about to abolish the system of
purahajing"c6mmIssiont id its army; the price
aotually paid for a lieutenant-colonelcy ef
regiment of horse having ranged from $tlO,-'
000 to $10,000. The actual holders, in every
case, are to be reimbursed out of the treasury
fyr tie purohase-money paid by them. k.
Acfurisa Dublin Nkw 6slians.-A hostile
meeting took place last week at the Oaks, be
tween two voung Creoles named Berlucheau
and Wilt,,, the weapons used being small
swords.,, Tue,. former received . two severe
wounds, one in the think and the other in the
broast, .Mr. WilU esoaped untouohed. .;,. ,
Good Abvics. Live jovouily o to the
theatre attend to 'your. aSaira-i-love all the
pretty girl marry none of them live like a
man, and die like a Turk. ,
. Rswoious DiscoMTKirr 1 u Italy. The
Florence correspondent of the Providence (R.
I.) ornaf, writes in a late letter:
, I am surprised at the number of Italians I
meet whe frankly deolare that they have not
a partiole of reaped for the authority of the
church in whioh they were born. Some of
them go such lengths In their denunciations,
that one who - wishes to be governed by prin
ciples of fairness, is obliged to warn them not
to get so far beyond the bonnds of moderation
as to do violence to religion itself.: There are
others, who, as good Catholics, maintain their
fidelity to the purely religious rites of the
Churoa, but at the same time exhibit a spirit
of protest which Is every way noble and admirable.-
They love the faith of their fathers,
but are able to distinguish between what that
requires and the arbitrary exaotions of an
eoeleaieetloal authority whioh has little respect
for the rights of the individual Intelleot. A
society of Italians recently , organised has
taken a large room in one of the best localities
In Florence, and meetings for communion and
worship are now held , three or four evenings
every week. I am told that several hundreds
sometimes assemble,, and the worship is con
ducted after the somewhat simple style of our
Methodist or Quakers. It is said that the In
terest and the numbers In attendanoe are in
creasing. .. .. ., , .
Calculating Connubumtt A Woiun wbo
Couldn't Afford to Dir. A person having
occasion to visit an old oouplo at Durham, of
extremely penurious habits, found them hold
ing connsel together upon a matter which ap
parently weighed heavily on the minds of
both, and thinking it was respecting the proba
ble dissolution of the wife, who was lying dan
gerously ill, proceeded to offer them all the
consolation in his power; but was out short by
being Informed that tbat was not exactly the
subject they were dieonsting, but one which
afflicted them still more deeply viz., the cost
of ber funeralj and) to his astonishment, they
continued their ghastly calculations until
every item in the catalogue, from coffin to
night cap, had been gone through with much
grumbling at the rapacity of "the under
takers," when a bright thought suddenly struck
the husband, and he exclaimed, Well, Janey,
lass, ye may not die after all, ye ken."
"Desd, and I hope I may not, Robert," replied
his helpmate, in a low, feeble voloe, "for lam
Mkars 'Wastrd roa Mount Vernon. Al
though the whole purohase money of Mount
Vernon has been raised, Miss Cunningham,
the Southern matron, who is at the bead of
the association, hesitates about paving over
the last instalment and takiog the title, be
oause she and her ateooiate will then have the
whole responsibility and charge of keeping the
property in nrdor and making the necessary
repairs, without any funds in hand for the
purpose. The ladies feel that the compara
tively small amount needed for this purpose
ought to be expected from the rich, as tho
amount heretofore raised has mostly been fur
nished, in small amounts, by persons of mod
erate means. ... ..... : . .. ..
a .'Novak Dbamatio Exhibition in Arkasuas,
They have a ivory, singular mode of doing
things in Arkansas, and the drama is no ex
ception. ' At a reoent performance in one of
the Red River counties, after the garden scene
between the lovers in Iht Lady ef Zyons,
"Pauline" walks a tight rope and dances a
Highland Fling, and "Claude" turns a somerset
through two paper balloons, and swallows half
ardoten forks, greatly to the delight of his
audienoe, who are so ardent In their admira
tion that thoy carry bim out of thevooated
house, dignified by the name of the theater,
and pour whisky enough .down his throat to
keep him drunk for the next six weeks.
A KingT-Ci.Asa Mbdioai, Sooundrsl. Dr.
Howard, of Bradford, Vt., who has just been
sentenced to a long imprisonmout for abortion,
was once indioted for a brutal rapo upon tho
wife of a Dartmouth College student, but the
sudden death of the lady saved him from pun
ishment He married and buried the wife
of a man who died under his csro. He paid
$1,200 to parties in Boston for malpractice,
and refunded to tho Burlington Bank $1,000
of whioh he had defrauded it. Three young
women died under his hands from maltreat
ment last summer. .
Public Education in Gxoroia. It appears
by the last meassgo ef the Governor of
Georgia that in one hundred and two counties
from which returns had been reoelved, tho
whole number of ohildren between the ages of
eight and eighteen yen rs, was one hundred
and seven thousand eight hundred and twenty
five. The average tuition in tho elementary
branches was fifteen dollars and fifty cents per
annum; in the higher . branohes twenty-six
dollars. The whole number of schools is
seventeen hundred and twenty-seven. '
.'r1' . ,- r
- A Woman's Coxpbbhbnbion op Accounts.
Young Wife, (who has been puzzling her doar
little head with her husband's affairs and
wishes, to. te a ministering angel when pain
and anguish wring the brow, and all that Kind
of thing you know.) Dear Charlos, I bate to
have you leave me looking sq troubled.'' Look
here, Charles, you say you owe Blowem and
MoNabee so muoh money; now they have a
great many things In their store I want; why
don't you take it out in dry goods?
' l r ii i n i s i i
How Tbrt Ditiot SootrNDRiLS- n Indiana.
One would be compelled to suppose from this
paragraph, respecting an absconding swindler,
in an Indianapolis paper, that a gentleman
wss a most marked, not to say suspicious,
looking personage in Indiana: "He is of me
dium size, light hair and sandy whiskers, and
of good address; -wears fashionable clothes,
and will be easily recognized by bis-gentlemanly
demeanor." '.-.(. ",,,,. - . , . , i
' -.u J"....' ill li aaai .i -t--..-....li
A Nmro Sixtcnosd to si Hanskd. A ne
gro, the slave of R. W. Foard, ef Concord,
N. C, was sentenced to be hanged recently for
attempting to violate hii master's wife, hav
ing taken advantage of the darkness to im
pose upon her the belief that he was her hus
band. If the jury had not returned a verdict
of guilty, the' negro would have been shot be-
tore ne leit tne prisoners box.
i ." 1 r aaai r . ,..v:i.
A1 Vavfirs LoooHOTiva. A funeral pro
cession "was moving along the highway, near
the railway track, recently, near Bridgeport.'
Conn., is the Boston express train was passing,
wnen tne none drawing tne nearse became
frightened, threw the driver from, his seat.
upset the hearse and burled the eofiin , along
the road, the corpse, ia the white habiliments
of the grave,' being; forced out and nearly
dashed to pleoes against an opposing embank
ment. WW v
., An Old Schiuc to bi 'Oiirind Out. An
old soheme Is to be revived at the South.
The merchant of Richmond held a meeting
last week to take the necessary steps to effect
a direct trade between Europe and Richmond.
inoy pieagoa tnemseives from and utter
the first of January, not -to give an order for
foreign goods to any party, without an un
deritaad(ng that such goods shall be shipped
to James River, when practicable.. "
! Satan Anb'Ooo-SaUui 'promises ''tne ''Vest,;
but pays with the worst; he promises honor,
and pays with disgrace; he promises pleasure,
and pays with pain; he premises profit, and
pays wiis,iUs ; ne promises -we, but pays
with death. But God pays as he promise ;
and all hit payments ate made iu pure gold, ,
Passion Ha Insnrid in a Russian Punoiss.
A Russian Prince and Princess, who were in
Paris during last season and datzled the weak
eyes of th Parisians with their splendid way
of liviog, gave a large dinner party, soon after
tbelr arrival. They invited a novelist, whose
tastes have often been admired. .They did
not know him, except by reputation, nor did
ne know tnein ; sun. tne invitation was ao
copied. The literary man, who is as fond of
admiration as a woman, soon took tne floor
and kept it, for he is really a banning talker.
The dinner over, both master and mistress
complimented him in the most flattering man
ner on his suoceas, and repeated to bim the
most delicate praises they had heard their
guests bestow upon him. He was Intoxicated
with joy. As he was going out of the room,
the Princess went up to him, expressed again
to him her profound admiration, and slipped
a sealod note into his hand. ,
"By Jove!" thought the literary man bow
ing profoundly to and looking tenderly at th
Prinoess. . "My usual luck she is dead in
love with me 1 Poor thing 1" He put the let
ter in his pocket, and as he went home he
kept thinking: "Egadsl these Russians havs
a taste of the Great Catharine still in their
way of making lovel How evident It was I
oaptirsted her from the first! How she lis
tened to me 1 Weil, the little woman is rather
agreeable, is so-soish, I'll try her any how I"
By this time he had reaohed home, and after
he bad taken off his coat he said : "Let's see
now bow she writes." He carefully opened
the note and found a bank note for live hun
dred franca ! Imagine bit annoyance, vexa
tion, humiliation I The Princess paid bim as
she would have paid a piano-forte player. He
sont back the note in a letter which he strove
to render ironical, but which lie only succeeded
in making vexed.
Russians Butcuureii ano Cut to Piscm in
Japan. A correspondent of the London Timet,
writing trom the isay or Jeddo, gives the fol
lowing particulars of the murder of Rusiiani
in Japan, heretofore briefly referred to in our
foreign advices: , ,
An officer, the steward, and ono of Ike sailors
of the Russian squadron were on shore in a Ja
panese settlement about elgat o olook in tne
evening buying provisions; and as thoy turned
out of the main street of booths or wooden
houses in this improvisioned settlement, the
man carrying a bag of dollars, tuey were set
upon by a number of armed Japanese the
ofiicer and Bailor were ' nearly hacked to
pieces. . . . i
. The steward, though, it ia feared, mortally
wounded, still lives, having, after the first
wound, succeeded in rushing into a' shop.
They were left In a pool of blood, the fiesh
hanging in largo masses from their bodies and
limbs. Tho sailor was cleft through bis skull
to the nostrils, half the scalp sliced down and
one arm nearly soverod from the shoulder
through the joint. The oflioer was equally
mangled, his lungs protruding from a sabre
gash across tho body ; the thighs and legs
deeply gaahod. The rurlians, It appears, were
not content with simply killing and robbing,
but must have taken pleasure in cutting them
to pieces. All three, unfortunately, were un
armed ; but numbers Of people were either in
sight or in close vicinity.
Enormous Marinr Lossssm OcToutR.J-The
Philadelphia Imuirtr publishes an article
giving the marine dliastera which have
been reported as having occurred - during
the month of October, in varions parts
of the world, the value of which reaches the
enormous aggregate of $9,700,000, a sum
greater than has been reported in any one
month for more than thirty years." This em
braces but a small portion of the disasters
whioh are reported as occurring on the coast
of England daring the gslos of 27th and 2Sth
of October, when ninety-six vessels were to
tally wrecked and fivo hundred and thirty
more or less damaged, involving a loss of
$6,000,000. Adding tho value of these ves
sels and their' cargoes to the fearful amount
above stated, tho destruction of property
would doubtless reach tho sum of twelve mil
lions of dollars. ' ' . 1
' DtSPitEATK Aptrat in Gsoroia Two Msn
Shoot Each Oth kb Fatally. An affray oc
curred at Hamilton, Harris County, Georgia,
recently, between the doorkeeper el Everett's
exhibition and a young msn named John T.
Williams, In which the former was killed and
the litter mortally wounded. The difficulty
happened at the door of the exhibition, when
the doorkeeper struck mm; wneroupon wu
liains drew a revolver and fired, two of the
shots entering the doorkeeper's body, causing
his death in a short time. As soon as Wil
liams fired, the doorkeeper alao drew a re
volver and discharged it contents, which took
effect in the termer's breast and neck, and
will terminate fatally. .-. .- - , i. i- u.
Always Ailing and Nkvzr Dying. There
is a woman in Troy who is 103 years , eld.
When sho was a cirl she used to hare many
"poor spells," and those who knew , her
'thought she wouldn't never live to be a wo
man." There is not a single person., now
alive with whom she was acquainted when she
was twenty years old. we, nave Known, a
nunibor of well persom, who, though always
complaining, never seemed really 111, and who
r j 3 . r 1L.!. ... U -. , 1 1
aurvivcu. uuitaus ui iiuoic ujubi. uoanuj ac
quaintances. Those ailing creatures appear to
verify the truth of Dryden's verse : (( ',r '
. "And doomed to death, though fated unt to dl,'
' Sound and Fuhv. That notorious black
guard and bully; "Parson Brownlow,": bf
Tennessee, attended a pro-slavery indignation
meeting at Lynchburg, vs., on the 1st; 'and
made a characteristic speech. - He said ' he
would rather be with the South in Pandemo
nium than with the Abqlitionists in Heaven,
lie also remarked that he intended to give his
family instructions not ' to bury him in a
Yankee ooffin, but If, in case or emergency,1
thoy should have to do so, that they must'
leave both ends open, so that when the Devil
and the Abolitionists came in at one end, he
could go out at the other. ' ' " ' L""' '
, i i' i ihii "m "fii n
Postal Aranobmnts -in ' Virginia, -Mo,
Wise having requested the opinion ot Attor
ney-General Tucker, of Virginia; as to th
bearing of the State lews Upon the dlstrlba-i
tion of Incendiary publications- through 1 the
poBtomoe, that omcer writes, a long report on1
th sutisot, in which he takes the ground that,
the Federal power to transmit, mail matter
(toes not carry wttn it tne power te publish and
circulate, .and, therefore,, tbat looal law f
i'eotlng suoh publication a the incendiary
document in question, may be enforced.
., Hktsrodox Publications in ' Britaik t
the lowest calculation, it Is said, not leas, than.
29,000,000 Immoral publications are annually
i x r . 1. . n " : i .' i V .i
iiauau iruiu turn. .Driuau -. urnafl. An mm tu.
1851, the purely Infidel press of London issued '.
puuuoauojiB m we amouBv oi more man J.J,
000,000;, the Issues of avowed atheism during
the same period exceeded 610,000; in. addition
to these were , issued,, i 7,600.000 ef a negative
or corrupt, character;, and these artexoltuuve.
of what are, properly ' denominated newiT '
papers. .,,., .,.,,.,,, vimi,;
... ... .Ml . ' ' . '
icnjar of December 2 publishes gloomy pews
in regard to tn oonaiucn oi, in Israelite in
Moroooo. Hundred of .families have fled
from Tangier to avoid Spaniards,, Moors' and
Kabyles. .Twenty-seven hundrsiof these,
fugitives had Arrived at Gibraltar. ., The Jew
In London have responded to the call, tor mi.
.r.-s-ili-. 1- -I.- L ......I .'' i-;rr---Tw
ana asnat.uu iuuvu ur, JXm prji
liwoui.liwUjSsU.Amsrisft,, huu
Advertisements Boteieeedlni five l1nefAst'' H
Oaa Inaartloa a M I n. !. .ill " "ij.'.lf en
two wek.... 1 to On month - I OCT.
tarfer advertlsemeaU InKrted at the follewliis- k ' U 1 H
, rate fcrennara ef tea line or lee I
pjuan oi ten lUweerTeeai -,4
SO I Tare waeks...-.....-.. Ot'tT
k. Three iIwm.. OS ,
1 V I One saonth. . """" 1
On InMrtlon...
Batk addl'nal !..
One w a k. i
V MB 'a''' ' ild .l.'l
.'Job PTMntinft a y
in all Its branohes, done with neatne. and dlapmlWI"'00 !'
aasaawssaaaMaawavaaaaaavaaaavjaaaavaaBvaaaaw ,f 71J
T .laaijjiiiV)
iJot( al
n AT
Mccliahlcs' Faiir, '58
i 1 i if onio II otli
S M O K ECO N S U M I N dV,'.T '
"." O O A. Xj
"C. .H nil?
December l 1868. , : . i,-.;.,,i.
Jk the public three aeasona, and owing lo its pop'.
ularityand increased demand, we have been cutt;Jug
pel led to make two mora slaee baTlns SIX ixn
romplete, suitable, from the smallest famllr b te.i .'A X
til largest class boarding-bouse. The celebrity,
these Htores have gained for themsalr tun not Wl ,'licf
too higblr appreciated, as everj Canillj having thou ,
In lias oau truly tfatiry. I I" ''''
Thanl:inf the niihlic for their Mnerona saeiMjrt. il t
la our determination to supply tho wants of the com.
innnlty with the benefits which a practical mechaaJ ration,.
C.IW.W1IVU MU VIII, Ull. , ,
a tl 1 1 H i .
Inventors, Proprietor ii- OIeinBlatBrer,l.i,itj''.'
3 3 3','
I ' ,bant!,ir
. i-. , . , . i. r..i, , ...i ,
li a Ufa ieve, ihub. maiwuiiiti if, i'i unfr in. hiiiuw.1 hi." i.
lug certiticate and references of families uaing tiie , r
of iu lutr'innlo merits': ' i . j . j
Kor some mo u Ilia I have neon naing the Aliiqatn -t
Coall!ooklng Htove. Its superior cooking onalillpai'i. ,r'
combined with its uleaulliieaa, nuiateventualiy aecurn
to the owners a large share alpuhl Ic patronage. ; i
' - ' JUUS MOL.f,A.1. . .
I have been imlnl one of Mexsra. Adams A PmW
over'a Alligator Uook B fovea for some monlha, whlr M .
gives enure aaiiaiaciinn in every reaped, etui mill
cheerfully recommend it to thoaa who are la want ol . , : ,j ,
a auporior cook stove. . ., 11. 11. LKAVITT.
for the laat year I have been nalng the Alligator li '
Ooul Oooklng Stove, manufactured by Moeam. Adam,
A I'eckover, whioh I conaider a Hiiocrlor atove, and j
gives the utmost satisfaction. It la tbe only store I ''- '
have found that cooke perfectly with conl. : t ; , ; , .
i vHEHUI VAlJliH.1111. , . .
For aome time Daatl have been nalnff one of lUssnrs.
Adams A Peckovor'a Allleatirr Coal Oooklng Htovea.
and can recommend them as being a superior atovkt ,,,
giving entire satisfaction, in every respect. , '
jtis. Buanxt ciji,, ioai jnercnant, "
I cheerfully indorse the above. i'; i . '
Hon. Judge McLean, Olif- Joseph W.Wayn,3l, Stli .., ,: . ,
ton, ... M. Brooks, Mt. Auburn'';.-
Hon Judge'Leavltt.SSE. Kev. W. B. Kennedy, 1 " a.!i
Vlfth-atreet. John-street. m n
Judge Van Ham, iti J. P. Jonaa, m Fourth, ,,
R-ourth,, " Pr. Norton, S3t Fourth,
Judge Hoailly, 370 Jd, D. Thatcher, S29 George, d.';,.:;
Ur.ltolker, oastb, Wm. Jolrj-, lldnih.
Gin. Orphan Aaylim,Clm, Joe. Talboit, 7th. '
John Kobler, Miitth, ' ii.rt7Andaner,l.'.r'rn1lli-r:?l1i
IF. smitii, nrm oi Lincoln, B. it. uuama, vvai.niits, i 'u,
Binttna warnook, -, mis, jneaaon, w tin,, . , ,
H.Vlletbi.M7 4tb. Mrs. Rvland..1M Uh. i. ' '
N.O.SIcLean.Olcndale, Mrs. Howitt.SI K. Ith, 'on,!.;,
H. B. Vimk.M Vine. . - Mra. M. P. Taylor. 2S6 Geo. ..... ,
Jos. Bushnell, coal mar. illra.MePheraon.B.JJ.cor,
.Ia. Eanv. 2K4th. Sixth and Kace. ' '"W
.1. Jeflrey, Eng. Oaa Wis, A. A. tJInrk, Times omre,.! i
T. H. Yeatman, Storrs Tp, P. h. Weaver, 3113 John,
A, W. Jfranciico, Preaa J. P. Whitman, .Waah-
A. Hughes, Commercial, . Jolin A. Hook.aou George
V. B. Wells, Uin'tl Type F. V. Brooka. 1 John,
Vmce. lngion lnauiuie,
jonnary, jacason m.nouie.4iiwakii,.Jt
jacKson m.nouie.4iiwakii,
,. H. Hucknian, 4fifi 3d, , 4
Ohaa. Uhadwlck, 30i 4th, Obas. Woodman, Ji24th. - jvoi.t
a.u. noaa.zn. ijunaworio.. ji. jiauikiiiaii. inn om.
T. W. Sgrague, I'M 71b,
tiopn u. aiorria, 114 mil.
J.A.Stacy, Hh, si'jusa
Gibson A M'Ponald, Vine, tl . , ,
rar. iiongnton, 1110 '".
Wm. Uomatoek. IM1 4th.
fl. Hale. Ml 7th.
j. Harvey. 17 Longworth W.B.nurlbnrt,M',lfr'm'ti
Isaac Maran, san tenr,
John Anderson, 413 'III, Klam I'. Langiloii, 12Ath, ' 3
Jonathan Ogden, 199 4th,
W. W. Wood.. 44IHlh. .
a. n. saiwcner, unna-,ai
wnrth und WA.Iom.riia .
John Ton nor U'rlcht.on I) K. Carlv. 7 Sth.
- A Co. 'a nrrnting olbce. . Alf. Burnett, 14 ,1th,
JameaS. npaTett. 157 6th, noil '
,i:)o t
i '.-iv)ot.'I
'I r'.nii.p
.Witt -!
bnaij-iav M
7 0 oxa
Door Lsbcks,
! ' Door ani Gate-Springii ' i'f'
The public are reepectfiilly Invited to call and e., u.
amine the various patterns and prices, , , All Jobbing ,
promptly attended to
1 ' . oEOEGE McGregor, " -
no2cm ' Ko. 133 riflh-atreet, W door from Baoe. :,-. ,
3: '
Hcnle Itlaaunclurer,! ,, .. .sj,,.
No. 41 Halt Second-street, botwnen Hj-i-amor" and
Broadway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of'- ''';
Counter, Platform, C'nttls) Rallraad Depot, .nj,
. uud Trnok Hoaleat Truoka,
i V" iron Wnaona, cVc. ,'.u,,q
, ltepairng done oa the shortest bqUoo. uol-ra
i" 134 MAIN BTBKKT, OIJ(UIrfI(ATl, O. t
19 Hi. Charle strset, Mew Orleans, I.,
Importer fdaiBede SvortlsisT Aptarntw, i'j
','' nil' AKB DBALBa IK 8DB rOWPBR.i ,, .,, it
1. CFron ting the Btejaiubee t Landlnt.y
Noi tU-east Corner Broadway and Front,
,F l.ili,, 0 ontClKATr, OHIO.-' Ji'i'"i-I :-L.u
j i R. F. IE VEEI1IG,' Proprietor. -'
l.i I - VjastliB Anil VLAl.KlUt IN
1 kinds of Mattremea And BOildlBg. at the old 1 i
land, No. 13d Mycaioreitroet, east si'le, ttween .
Fourth and Kffth-streets, seventh atort aboio
"ourth.street. . Church: few llutil.aud ciialoned.
All oidera promptly attttided to. T o-l-cm"1
1 'iKS'i -wad I'm a1 wlHI tt '. . ,,
" I vt ,nAiMrT-ntT!T.T. jtv nn,
i', 1 - - ' f -itr iir ii '
ana none
Kto." Also, Awn
Warerooms tjo.
and Boiler Iron. Plow Hlaha. Rallmal (nlka
Rto." Also-, A (rents for (beanie of lrtntoa KM Mall 1 4' I
Ware rooms Ho. 1 Kaat Second Street. (Jin.luuat 1
Ublo ' .-u j-a.-x.T. r.i-.r.-37."jc,-v,v. ,1, ;.,,iua
All kinds Iron, made to ordea-.i ,.
LEEfVDERT flYf,; '
rtl!ANER fc6i 'SINKS 'ATfJVVA Mtt;
KJ Ha, vt aithslreeUteteen Vine atiA au.. 1.
the Medical College, Oinolnatl, Ohio, Peraaoawhu
may farorhlm with their tMtronage.can rely t a pttno -tnalltyandlowyrtesa.Mj
.ii,,,. t aest-ar . . ;
, JTIoney! jTloilc)! 'ffloucy! "
I bmiu.J 'ml .)iiiiiiiaB,nli.ii)H.(iJi pill .11
1 1 LOAjN 1 OFFICE. v 1
-, j Ueaaeved boa. pJ W.ef jitki.atri.
j 1 win ,
fv-KLHT nd, all kiaais or Marcbudlee. at lev
fates of Interest, at No. 171 Viiis-sireet, txtweei
it Ween
loiirtj ana a ma
I e,ll I S44 ' 1
'1 "PllllADfiLPHIA '1 1
Diiuilgnaiid offee( Saloon,"' '
' r?0. tn rtirTir4tlctT, eOtfTB SIM, ' 1
In, I H ') lnaVlitrita'f VlnanMO a: wnot
111 'l'il(IIMBVaaMMej X '
l I'virfara and Canto BOVed ! All atilaaii ,aaia.i n u
JlUlia, ,!flljjfli,'l lo )!S mil nBultsa,
us t
'J a.
S C lit

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