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, Knnw ' "J person wishing to start bouse
in.ruV'j V1"" Cottage, with two rooms, cheaply
urnlslied, for rent;' Furniture for uh cheap; on
riTv'u,,;,.lur?et- P".09n. .Address PUB-
apply unless they can com well recommend.
Jr ."" " m WMt lB"-rt.t, fowZTweSt
of Mound. de9b.
yANIED-A smsll HOUSE of four or
mi.- nP roomiUhin seven or eight Mi. Tel of
AdrfrZW ,.,;r,;"nJiIlt wfc0 Pl ' i"dnc.
Aaitrosa si. f. el this office. . desli
r.. -r 0f ,Bd S." '"boat. Ref
'I?." ''."m- AddreaaT. 0., Proas Office. de8b
' employment offered to food broom-makers
Vl". '.' round, by GCNN A MTJCR8, oorner of
Third-street and Miami Canal, doge'
yANTED-TO SELL A imall Hand-
machine to manufacture en entirely new
article, useful In every family, can bo purchased, if
Milled for at one, ftp a very small enm. Any per
wncan enter at one into a lucrative business. An.
Ib U -wi 11.' . vuik . i . r
WANTBDT 0 S K L L-Double r
Book-keeping Scholarships In Ba' -t!Wy
dry's and Ohio Mercantile Oollegeu. M .eaWhm
by hilling. Apply at Tuttle's jfxo -oy Is saved
W. corner of Sycamore and Thin" -daaejtt Offlce, M,
srtlcle round the o'" Coveted Wagon, to take aa
$ m to $40 per w' K-'b7,"lrL o realise from
Cincinnati. ". Addroee Box 1,073, Poatefflce,
Wiv deM'
-iVTED A small HOUSE la toe west
rnr ern part of the city, containing from 3 to S
""mm. de7d
yANTED-Clork., book-keepers, sales-
We niit .152,1 lhHn,,'J Ulwkt W 'ry Office, 1
vjnit-itnt, rdeob'l Hr,(in
V-ANTED-M E N A largo number of
nZi .!!'"" 'nd'ntripue men tan And agreeable
Jjii Vrtb" ,Bm" " Iwrallve employment in the
ThLiT9 n"w !nA VWlu Booki an'l Mape"
ntCr? kSL"r.rr.iit,n. b,VhS best historians and
!?.!i.n rj"JS0 ,hcled world ;bence their
popularity. Oyme and examine for roureelrea be
fore engaging In the aale or other publication
ur MA,KB BABNIT;, Pnbin.be"
ileatt 38 Weet lfni,Tlh.ivAi. nii.u.ii
lMNfBD-500 AQENtS-To ell Dr.
1.IKF rrom all pmn. tils beet remedy in the world
Hall'".4 Call at th! toil"
road Hotel at H o'clock. de(b
OR RENT-Farnlshod Sleeping Rooms
npyijinai uroaaway. oeab
JR. NAWIMrt. h..rf Y VuW ... a . ,. . . i
rf-lTA'TO 8' Kitchen, good
.itetn,lare Yard, Ao. Keiit)l per month. In.
.T..!ltfA,L)!i MoMKKKlS. No. 40 Weet Sec-Pg-.reet,
Cincinnati, Ohio. denb
iClOR RENT At $7 per month, to a quiet
f?Jn.,.li ' D"' lwn children, two capa
rioiij RUUMS, with large perch and acceesible roof,
hepdy for drying clothe, in the eocond etory of
hnck houie o. B4 Race-atreet. Apply on the prem.
Reference renuirud de8b
R RENT Two-story Brick Home, seven
a iW!Bf' ini 'Bliborhood. Apply to U.
B. IDWINQ, colter Third-etreot and Miami Canal.
"iOR RENTROOMS Suitable for rail
road, law or Ineurance ofncee, on second and
i1 ln four-atory building oppoeile the
TreiOe. The building baBibeen newly re-painted
rind rv-papered. All in good older. Apply at the
rreee OMre, B019
E10K SALE The Furniture and Good-will
of a Boarding-liouie doing n good bnainesi, for
r.esh. The lioueecontaina twolre) rooms and kltch-
e.wlth everything neceeaary for carrying on the
J-iieinnn. Rent 8100 per year. Apply at Mo. 163 Rt
Third-etreet. deeb
t OST-DOQ-On Sunday, 4th intt., on
MBln-atreet, Iietween Canal and Fifth, a imall
Kbit Poodle Dog ; hair abort and curly ; haa a black
pit .on hie left side; both rare black. and colored
with long, silky hair; biack around both eyee, the
race around the right eye mncta larger than that
around the left ; carries hie tail, which ie buaby at
the end, curled prettily over his back. The appear
ance of the dog will atrlke any one as very pretty.
The Under will be suitably rewarded, and receive the
hanks of the owner, by loHTing information where
he may be had, at this office. de8b
10UND-A cloth-lined WINTER GLOVE,
- t the Postoffice, yeaterday. The owner can
hi ve it byapplyinm at the Ponny Preea Office, do
ecribing property and paying for this adrertiiement.
BOARDING A eouple of families can be
accommodated with delightful, warm rooms
and board at Mo. 139 Sycamore-street, where a few
select boarders nre kept. dofilj'
BOARDING A fovr respeotable men oan
be accommodated with comfortable rooms and
tioard by the week at the Central Hotel, Mo. 31
Main-street, near Eighth. Charges moderate. de8o
J that Lights A Bradbury's and
A. H. ClaleAtJo.,of Mew Vork.and we"i aai
Wm, Knabe A Co., of Baltimore, fasirl
rianns, can be found only at 72 West 1 1 t? I 11
Fourth-street. I am offering great "
inducements for cash, or will rent, and let the rent
Fay fur the Fiaoo, at 72 West Fouith-street.
0. M. MUROff.
The largest etock of Helodeonl In the city, no30
M A B!l I Remember that
Wa.leton Brothers. Raven, Bacon A
., Ballot, Davis k Co., aud raters,
s'riggs A Oo.'a Pianos cannot, be
found In Cincinnati Mrcont at Nn. M
West Fourth-street. I will sell for cash, as low as
Anyone east or west, or will rent, and let the rent
ray tor the Piano, at 6ti West fourth-street.
- ..... J. CHURCH, Jr.,
noSfl Depot for Melodeona and Harmoniums.
91 80.
A collection of Marches. Waltuei. r-olku.
.- uvtimui wunMiiiirti, nouiiWHIl, WDVII JanCflS,
Jko. A Buoerb Volume of Ponnlar Miialn. Arrknaeil
V.l... i ......... rl ., i 1 1 T i . .
fr the Piano-forte. Price $100. In cloth $3. Ooplea
lent by mail. Published by .1. CHOttOH, J.,
n"i"u on n esi ourtn-street.
Sixth-it., bet. Walnut and Vine.
"mervssno nnncviron k ir.vrwvrp
m. hare Urn honor to inform Iheir friends and the
fiiblic generally that they bare fitted up. at great
expense, in the most elegant manner, the above
establiimeat after the Mew York and London atyle,
leing entirely new, and the firetof the kind ever
attempted West or the Mountains. Will open on
fATURDAY, Dec. 3. Musical Soirees every Tues.
raiuavnvnn ... n.HVN QUirteS
day, Tburadn; and Saturday evenings,
by Mr. Crawford at 8 o'clock precisely.
Chair taken
J-TJL LAHFI AT TALLM ADGB B, 246 Vlne-itrtet,
. N. B.-Litd Oil and fluid Lamps altered for born-
eg Coal Oil.
Hartford, Conneetiont.
Capital, $400,000. Aaseta. S&ir,Til,
' Devoted to Fire businesa exclusively.
a, a. uusDOBuni, iou.
33 West Thlrd-etreet, Cincinnati.
" ' Miup'crnnsis of
Wood-Working Machinery,
Comer Jska Waiter iaCleianatl,0.
pvt. ,
. '4
laiMB. Mr. 6. C. Meredith, of Adams'i
Express Company, has our daily thanks fof
Indianapolis papers.
I IV F.lM-Au BkM''' Wainnt-street, be
tow Fourth, oan be seen a few sets of the finest
Hudson Bay .able furs that w. er.r satf . T&
would be my suitable for holiday p,enis. 7
nut, mora of those mammoth outers iiutun
ranis, cend in your ordr eMiy,
Rose, while ri7f "SI lh Miss
on the hilt ' i'nwVin! igf w,fi - ilMr
thrown u wM,Ilo',!5' 'Mt en'g, was
and ll-",tby th piettingof the vihicle,
- .'"fYfk.teep bank, broke her arm,
WM "UMWlse seriooal lnlured.
. AiauiAull.Al, VBOKVATION8 r Or 1110
hmatj TVctv, by fienry Ware, Optiolan, No. 1
West fourth-street, December 8.
O'clock, Eurom'otor. Theiriiioiiieter
A. M M...i.39.rJT ' allOVaKAI-n 1
iu u
P , M,.,hrtm....M....
.MM lfi
tf 1 I TvinnivM Jtn. TIT - , I a.
- " - .HDuwiim uunraa x, it e can toe
attention of our readers to tfie adverlisoment
of the Eagle Ittsuranoe Company, to be found
in enother column. The office is in the Mad
ison House Building, on Main-street, and the
President of the Company, Mr. J. W. Garri
son, together with the other hKkiki -ill ha
, U ... - -II . J
found courteous, obliging and gentlemanly.
JuuilNALlSTlo. Mr. EdmUnd B. Babb. one
of the proprietors and editors of the Gazette,
una reureu irom mat journal, having disposed
of his interest to his other partner. The (7a
self ean ill-afford to part With Mr. Babb, as
much of the recent improvements In that paper
must be attributed to his journalistic- knowl
edge and experience.
Proomdmqs ocths Coostt Couiiissiohkbb.
At the regulsr session of the County Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, orders were
paased amounting in tho aggregate to $87 87,
of which $52 were paid to the proprietor of
the Bevis House, for boarding jury, and $22 67
to Eolenshade & Co. for Hardware for the Lick
Run Lunatic Asylum. Apart from this no
business of importance Was transacted.
TJitPiin Lwrms. Tie following is a list of
oiiera detained tor non-payment of postage at
the Postoflice, in this city, December 8:
B. H. Weal, Brookvlllo, Indiana.
WbltoAStitten, Indiana, Indiana County, Teun.
Joseph W. Davie, Seven Mile.Ohlo.
John V. Hull, Milton, Ky.
James Portor. Hughes, Schuylkill Cou'ity, l'enu.
Mrs. Kliaabelh Pill, Louisville, Ky.
Gotleib Pfelfer, New York City.
Char. Tar. Knollhon", Bateavilfe, Indiana.
Maw's Lira Bnnriew. A man nam.J TAni
.......... . Miuu Ml. U. m A V VODll
Steiner had his log severely fractured yester
day about noon, at the corner of Third and
lir i r i .... .
nsitBru-row. oome'Doys were liming down
the last named street, and he happened to be
crosainr it. when a sled arrnnlr f hr vtn.
to the ground causing the fracture, lie was
taKeu into a nouse in tne neighborhood, where
his wound was dressed, after which ho was
removed to his residenoe on John-street, near
the river.
Polios Coubt. Twenty-eight oases were
examined before Judge Lowe, yesterday morn
ing, but they were without espeolal interest.
A fellow named James Lee was brought
Into court charged with stealing a fifty-dollar
gold pieoe from a man named David R. Blge
low, on the evening of the 4th Inst., at the
Olive Branch Hotel, on Front-street near
Broadwav. Ho was held in hail in .m
of $500 to answer the charge at the next term
oi tne court ot common Pleas, and commit
ted in default.
TgssaiCHonsAir. The party last night at
National Hall, given by Mr. and Mrs. Shank,
was an excellent affair, and merry feet went
swiftly through the whirl of the voluptuous
waltz, or wandered in the mysterious mazes oi
"The Lancers," until the stars grew dim and
morning smiled upon the lazy Earth from the
purple Eastern sky. Like a delicious dream it
passed to most of the participants, and many
a soft-eyed girl, when day had dawned, went
with reluctant steps from Terpsichore's temple
unto Somnus's arms.
Shsiiif's Sams. The Sheriff's sales of
Real Lstate yesterday morning were quite
largoly attended, but the bidding was not all
spirited. Ten pieces of property were offered,
but of them but one was sold. It is described
as follows:
Lot thirty feet front on the north sido of
Bixin-streot and extending northwardly to
margaret-sircot; being situated in van Horn's
continuation of his second subdivision of part
of William Ban's land, and known as lot No.
555, valued at $6,333 34, and sold to James K.
Glenn for $6,705.
Wiktss in ths City, We now have such
aa aspect of winter as is raroly witnessed in
this latitude; genuine, unmistakable northern
winter, with ice and snow and skates and
sleighs. The hyperborean season eame upon
us suddenly and most uniuspectedly, and aaa
oonsequeoce, boing all unprepared for its ar
rival, we have been put to much inoonvonl
ence thereby. Furs and fires are in demand,
and every one goes about shivering, and say
ing to all they meet: "How cold it is," as if
the oerulean nose and the frost-red cheek did
not proclaim the fact in advance. Sleighs
were active yosterday, and all day and all
night the sound of merry bells and belles was
heard in the principle streets. Business is
sensibly aff ected by the cold, and, for the lime,
winter is allowed to sway supreme.
Destiuctivs Fibs in Dayton Loss Ten
Thousand Dollars. About three o'clock yes
terday morning a lire broke out in the resi
dence of Thomas J. Smith, Esq., on Front
street, direotly opposite the Cooper Female
Institute, in Dayton, and in a short time
destroyed the entire building. The tire ori
ginated in the parlor, probabiy from a defect
in the flue, and spread to every part of the
building with great rapidity. The efforts of
the firemen were almost without avail, for the
weather eaused the water to freezo in the hose,
and before they suooeeded in getting the en
gines to work, the house was burnt to ths
ground. The building was one of the finest
residences in the city, and the loss, although
nearly all the furniture and contents were
saved, will not bs less than $10,000, upon
which we believe there was no insurance.
T.M. M.L. A. LsoTtiass Rsv.'.H. W. Bkl
lowb's First Discourse Rer. H. W. Bellows
was detained until after the time appointed
last evening for his lecture before the Library,
and that the audience might be entertained,
Dr. Boynton discoursed for half an hour on
Geology. About nine o'clock the Rev. Mr.
Bellows was discovered sitting among the
audience listening very earnestly to the geolo
gist, and at once Invited to tbe rostrum.
The subject of the lecture the first of three
upon "Science of Society" was "The Conflict
of Souial Laws with Human Nature and
Christianity," of which we have only space
enough to say, the leading idea was that to
reason was not the normal condition of man,
and that enlightened Christianity was an ar
tificial state. People were selfish and vicious
ol themselves, opposed to charity and iustiso
so far as thsir acts wsre concerned.
They vers opposed to the beat and truest
that was in life, and only by cultivation, ex
prewion and elevation could they come to see
that themselves a band of brothers who owed
everything to each other. By love and sym
pathy ther were to be redeemed and lifted
into the atmosphere of a divino spirituality.
The Rev. Mr. Bellows will deliver his second
leoture to-morrow evening at Smith & Nixon's
on ths "Sources of Social Evil."
Sixth Anniversary of the Ladies' Home
Missionary Society—Meeting at Morris
Chapel—Reports of the Secretary
and Treasurer.
Shf Miusiouuj Society "took place last
Silrt.,JlrtB Cll. The meeting was
!aZT' Vh' oHomI. exereises,
nV.. riTefu.,,PWt?i Ndiotory address
by Rev. J. X. MitohelL ,
J'' .of U society have set an ex-
Ample whioh Is commendable, and we hope
Vi- J VP'" b U others. They have
published the r annual report, and had itopie
fo'duUtrlbu" tU anniversary
meeting. Other societies ordinarily publish
will' SSm? atUr ftV hM been
read, and thus cheat thamuin. ..j .k
Vln. ? b.ra' t0 bs driToa ftom thelrl
r( IU u uauy papers, ueiow we
givo aa avamct oi tne csixta Annual Report:
The report of the Treasurer, Miss J. M.
Puller, shows the amount of receipts during
the year, Including" ths balance at its begin
ning, to be $1,902 43, while the disbursements
during the same period have been $661 38;
leaving a balance of cash In hand to the
amount of $241 04. The report of the Poor
Fund shows receipts amounting to $112 11,
and expenditures to the amount of 112 10:
leaving a balanoe of one cent in the Treasury.
The Managers of the Oinclunatl Ladles' Home M Is
alonary Society, at the close ol another year's labors,
respectfully present tho following report, and record
wi th gratitude the prosperity which has attended the
e (torts ot the Society, especially during the past year,
and tho enlarged charity and Christian self-denial
which has induced so many to give freely of their sub
stance, their time and talents, to this great work of
reform and instruction.
The Brighton Mlaelon Sabbath Schools hare In
creased Iu numbers to such an extent as to call
loudly for enlarged accommodations. The American
achooh J. Cunning, superintendent. Hits enrolled
seventy, and the Serbian, BeV. R. A. W. Druehi, su
perintendent, one hundred and sixty twoacholara,
whose attendance is very regular, and who manifest
great interest In the instructions imparted to them.
The results are visible in their good order and rapid
TheUarr-atreet Sllsaion Schools are reported in a
very ft nriahlng condition. The Alttericanschool, J.
Weidraan superintendent, numbers three hundred,
and the German J. Kolbe superintendent, seventy
sciiolars; while the general deportment of all the
claisei, and tbeir earnest attention to the truth, In
dlcatoa future full of promise to society and the
The Deer Creek Mission School, N. W. Bpeer super
intendent, numbers flftv, and that in the midst of
opposition to all Protestant culture, and Influences
hostile to virtue and temperance.
Jttoars Chanel Mission Sabbath Schools have been
greatly blessed. The American school, W. McCord
superintendent, has already enrolled one hundred
and sixty, and the German, more recently established,
Rev.R.A.W. Bruehlsubenntendent, forty-five schol
ars, who eagerly receive instruction, and manifest
more Interest than many who have enjoyed superior
roligious advantages.
Kultpn Mission German school, Rev. R. A. W.
Bruehl, superintendent, Has enrolled thirty-fire
scholars, who are remarkable for their promptness,
good ordor, and attention. '
The Freomaii-street Mission schools, organized
during the past summer, have succeeded beyond the
most sanguine hopea of those engaged in the work.
The American school, O. H. Wolff, superintendent,
now numbers one hundred and sixty, and the Ger
man. Rev. K. A. W. Bruehl, superintendent, sixty
scholars, with prospecte of a large Increase when
more ample accommodations are provided.
KuHt Pearl-street Mission school, W. F. Thorno,
superintendent, numbers two hundred and seventy
five scholars: is doeined a very important field, aud
promises to bo fruitful iu missionary results.
In the eleven mission Sabbath Schools the Aggre
gate number of officers and teachers is 113; of schol
ars, 1,397; of volumes in libraries, 2,816; and Sunday
School Advocates, distributed weekly, 1,334.
There are also three mission Churches, with a mem
bership of two hundred and eleven, under the direc
tion ot the Society, where there is preaching every
Sabbath morning and evening, together with regular
ami stated prayer and' class meetings. The congre
gations are increasing, and many are regular attend
ants who for long years before had not heard of the
"news of salvatiou."
Meara Chapel, dedicated on the lAth of October, ia
entirely paid for) three annual Inatulments, of about
eleven hundred dollars each, yet remain on the lot
toward the payment of which there is now twenty
two hundred dollars on subscription, and a rear lot
for lease or sale if necessary.
A new chapel for tbe use of the Freeman-street
Sabbath-school is now being erected on Pine, near
Clark-street, which will materially add to the em
ciency of the labors in that section. -
The lot donated the society by Mrs. Judge McLean
may be valued at $2,500, and is in a location which
promises soon to be the nitolens of aa extended and
innportant field for missionary effort.
Two hundred and fifty thousand pages of religious
reading, in Knglish and German, have been distrib
uted during the past year in publio institutions and
general visiting, and received, with few exceptions,
with evidences of interest and pleasure.
The devoted missionary of the society, Rev, T. Col
lett. In addition to his arduous, self-denying labors
in the several mission neighborhoods, and nis Sab
bath duties, lies visited the Commercial Hospital
weekly, and reports continued instances of interest
sad encouragoment. Be also visits the Widows'
Home semi-monthly. The roligious services there
are constantly well attended, and a most excellent
spiritual influence pervades tbe establishment.
The miasionary has also visitod the City Prison
wcokly, and endeavored to reach the hearts of those
hardened in crime, aa well aa those confined for in
cipient vagrancy.
The Voluntarv Vlsltinff (Vimmlltaea to tha
mission neighborhoods, liave distributed over eight
uiiuuieu Harm.uu iu lue uoeuy, one nunoreu anu
nuj-ium miib vi biiuvb, uesiues consiaerauie un
made materials lor clothing, and contributions of
can ii 10 procure necessaries tor tne Indigent sick.
Laving aside nersonal ease Rnd imnvaninnivi. ih..
havogone cheerfully to the abodes of the poor and
outcast, endeavoring to alleviate human suffering,
and teach those lessons of wisdom which lead to a
better life, trusting tbe promise that "bread vast
upon the waters in Christian faith.will be found after
In view of the itrcont nocessltr of Increased mnuni
to carry forward to still moro glorious results this
uuine missionary worn, tne managers must ear
nestly solicit con tinned aid from those to whom God
has slvon time, or means, or talents. The runld In.
crease ol population in our midst by birth and immi-
S ration, and the great amount of foreign element
riven by wnut and oppression from their homos in
me m wunu, auti congregated nere.reiiuirlngphyei.
cal caro and salutary teachlnsa to meruit thnm h
coming moral lepers, call for Immediate action and
large-hearted benevolence on the part of those who
ucairo iuu uappiuess anu prosperity oi our country,
After the reports had been read, of which
we have given a brief abstract, addresses
were dolivered by the Rev. S. D. Clay
ton and A. M. Searlea, Esq., both of
which were often eloquent, but always
interesting. The exeroises wore interspersed
with music by the Glee Class' of Wei-
leyan Female College, undor the direction of
l'rot. ii. J. smith. Altogether the meeting
was quite interesting, and those who composed
it deubtless dispersed with a determination to
enter upon the new year with renewed energy.
Annivbrsart or ths Ali.xhania Society.
The Ninth Anniversary of the Allemania So
ciety was held last night at thoir hall on the
corner of Sixth and Main. The exercises
opened with a banquet and address by L;
Seasongood, Hsq., the President of the Asso
ciation. The following is a list of the toasts :
1- "The Allemonin." Response by F. Batik, Isi.,
Vice-President of the Society.
2- "Amuamenta: they enliven the mind and
strengthen the body." Response by J. Mac Is.
S-Our Fatherland and our Adopted Country."
Response by Dr. M. Lillenthal.
4-"Ohlo and the beautiful Queen City: tbeir pros
perity our continued desire." Response by L. Helu
ahelmer. a-"The bailies: the sweetest flowers in the Garden
of Life." Response by B. Bettuian.
After the company had partaken of the1up
per they retired to the ball-room, and until a
late hour fonnd happiness in forgetting all
life's cares in their devotion to the dancing
Suicidc bt Drownixcj A Man Drowns
Himsblp in a Cistern. A German named
Herman Hesse, yesterday afternoon, in a
fit of desperation, threw himself into a cittern
in the rear yard of his residenoe; at No. 62
Bremen-street, and was drowned. Coroner
Carey was called upon to hold an inquest upon
tbe body, whioh was discovered shortly after
ward, and, after a minute investigation of the
oircumstanoos, the Jury rendered a verdict of
The deceased was thirty-two years of age,
ana leaves a wite ana two children, lie was,
habitually, of intemperate habits, and during
the past week has been more than usual un
der the influence of liquor. The Immediate
cause of the act could not be definitely ascer
tained; but' it proceeded, in all probability,
judging from the circumstances oonnected
with his death, from a long-continued effort
to reform, which, seeming to him impossible,
induced him first to despair and then to die.
Steamboat Collision. The steamboat Tel-etp-aph,
on her way to this oity from Louisville,
during the almost inpenetrable fog of yester
day morning, ran into the steamer iViorsit,
near Aurora, and tore away a large portion of
her after guard, although she did herself no
damage. Ths loss to tne Priorat will prob
ably amount to three hundred dollars, but, as
her rudder was also broken, the mall-boat was
compelled to tow her up to this city.
Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph—Exhibition
of Models at the City Buildings.
ings. ' -
- Ottr .citisens are now presented with in 'op-'
rv.vuui.y vu witness me practical workings oi
u. uw jvi.f iu s.na ronoe '.t'eicgrapn, wnion
has met with so complete a success in Boston.
New York, Philadelphia, and St. I.inla. Mr.
Gamewell, one of the proprietors of the sys
tem, has erected the apparatus in the Council
Chamber, and is now prepared to Impart any
imormauon mat is desired on the subject.
The advantages of this ivit.ni ... mi rt1n&
ble that it is unneoessary to say a single word
upon this point. To have the whole oity in
formed of the faot that there is a fire in the
Seventeenth Ward within one minute after it
has been discovered; Ot to have instant police
communlcatian with every station in the city
from the Central, must strike even the most
obtuse intellect, at once, as productive of in
calculable benefit.
That our readers may the better understand
the working of this system, whioh is quite
simple, we annex the following description of
the mode of operation:
tThe signal station is a cast iron, oottage
shaped box, attached to the side of a house,
opposite a gas lamp, and communicating by
wires, enclosed in a wrought iron pipe, with
the signal circuit overhead. These boxes are
placed at every second or third oorner through
out iue city, seoureiy looked, and a key put
into the hands of each policeman and such re
sponsible property-holders as may be conveni
ently near the boxes.
We will now suppose the central office to
be at the City Hall, and station 5, district 2,
to be located at the Burnet House. A fire ia
discovered at the Burnet House; the person
first seeing it, would unlock she Signal-Box,
and turn a orank; instantly station 5, district
2, is recorded in the central office, and the
man en uty tnero presses one finger on a
key numbered 2, and instantly the church or
other bells ring twice and pause a few
moments, and then twice and pause again,
and so until ths whole city is alarmed; at
the taiiie (Me with the other hand he taps on
another key five times, and imtanthf a very
small bell in each signal station is struck five
taps ; then a slight pause, and again five taps
and a pause, as long as the large bells are
rung. The firemen and citizens are aroused
by hearing the large bells sound twice, with
intervals, which points out a fire in district
No. 2. They step to the first corner of the
street, and listening at the signal Btation a
moment, hear five taps upon the little bell,
which points out station five, in district two,
already designated by the large bells, and
thus in less then one mt'nute from the discovery
of the fire perhaps where it would not be
visible outside of the building for a length of
time the whole oity is inlormcd that the
hodse is on Are.
It is not easy to estimate the importance of
the time that is thus saved, and often the fire
department is concentrated at the soene of
danger before the flames burst out of the
building. The symplioity of the whole
system is its greatest recommendation, and
the present opportunity to witness its working
should not be permitted to pass by any who
are interested in scientific improvements, or
desire to introduce into the city so important
an instrumentality for the prevention of
destructive conflagrations and their attendant
Steamboat Accident at Madison—Steamer
Rochester Sunk—Loss $25,000.
During the heavy fog of yesterday morning,
the steamboat Jtochater, Captain Robinson, in
attempting to make a landing about two miles
above Madison, Indiana, struck a rook or snag
of some kind and sunk in a few moments.
There were sixty passengers on board, who
were turned shivering into the frosty atmos
phere only partially clothed; but, by what
seems to be almost a miracle, no lives were
The boat was quite heavily freighted, hav
ing on board a large lot of hides and twenty
five hundred barrels of flour, most of which
will be wholly lost. The boat, it is said, is a
complete wreak, and the total loss, inoluding
freight, will probably reach twenty-five thou
sand dollars. The Jtoehuler, we believe, is
fully insured in Pittsburg, having policies on
the Pittsburg and Western- Insurance compa
nies of that city.
Anniversary Exercisks or thr Ninth
street Bamist Sunday School, The anni
versary of tbe Ninth-street Baptist Sunday
School was held last night at the Church on
Ninth-street, between Vine and Race. The
attendance was quite large, and the exeroises
were quite interesting, and passed off much to
the delight of all who heard them. Wc
append the programme as follows :
1. Te Dcuui Choir.
2. Prayer.
3. Musio-"Happy Greotlni," School.
1, Declamation "The Cross,"
5. Music "We all love one another," Infanta.
6. "The Seasons" Spriug, Summer, Autumn and
Winter. ,
7. Music "In tho Light," School.
S. Chinese Class-Illustrating Chineso Education.
W. Music "Call tho Children fcurlv" . I,,runi.
10. Beading from Saxe'a Poems "The proud Miss
MttfRrtria O
II, Muaic " 'Tie the Heart makes tho Homo."
I:'. Distribution of Prizes.
l3Musir " Strike the Cymbal," , Choir.
ii. jjeciBuinuon ram s ueiense.
lj. "Star Clsss,"-with Song, "Starof the Morning."
16. Music "Some Call us the Infants."
17. Recitation-"The Story and its Application."
18. Music-Chant Bible dlaas.
1'J. Rainbow Class.
20. Music "As we lift our waving bauners,"..8chool.
21. Muaic Hymn "Independence"
Pike's Opera-House. The Love Chabb
drew Quite a good audience to the Opera-House last
nigh t, and itwaarenderod by tho admirable company
In a brilliant manner. To-night Tom Taylor's com-
?" y "u" "r, win uuprosauiea witn
an excellent cast, alter which the laughable farce
MMIIIII1MI1 R..y.. ulll ha hm....J .:,. ....
character ot "GriOenhoof."
Wood's Theatss. To-night the leading
man of tliffl natnlttt.limnnl Mr Ifu.r T ..
takes his first benefit in this city. He bos selected
tor tbo occaaslon Rev. James White's admirable
piay ui i in iyihu or the joiimok ana tne lutorcst
tng drama. GASpaano. tub (nNnni.iv-.R. Mr r. i
unite a clever actor, and although he has some
faults, he has also many excellences, and deserves
uiii,.,Mng uupe ue win, a large auuappieclat
ing audience.
National Theatkb. Master A. Stewart,
who has been deliahtins the haliitmta of n N.'
tional during the past week by his representations
iii.ii Goaraciers, iaes a ueneni mis evening. The
bill is an excellent one and consists of Isilakd As
It Is; ThsStaus Stbpck Vaskek, in wbich Yankee
Divrce win appear as "vnrtis ununx, ana the laugh
able farce of Tub Irish Tutor.
John Cain's Tbial fob Mobder in the
First DeoaKS.-Tlie second trial of this prisoner
commenced before Judge Collins.
Hlght jurors only have asyet been obtained. Their
rmes aro as follows: S. L. Hayden, city; John Gain,
.; J. B. Barns, Spenser Township; W. P. Graham,'
do.; Milten Glenn, do.: G. W. Holnios, do.; Robert
Ureighton, do.; Jacob Wetsel, do.
Among those called, eight were excused for cause,
and there were thirteen peremptory challenges.
A new venire was issued for twenty names, return
able this morning.
CamniAi, Sins. Judge Collins charged the jury in
the case of Absolam Grapevine, tried for murder in
the second degree the killing of Henry Morris, by
blow with a stick, In March last. The jury was en
gaged in deliberation something orera-hair hour,
and brought In a verdict of manslaughter. ,
Parker and Parker defended.
Kxtia Bsavicse istii Jiti IxriRHAar.-John
Young vs. the City of Cincinnati. Judge Mallon dis
posed of this case. The plaintiff iu 18.16 was appointed
Superintendent of the City Infirmary at a salary
S60D per annnm. He held the office for two years,
and gave the Directors a receipt for his salary. In
spring last he brought this action to recover HKJ for
extra servicea, because colored paupers were taken
to the Infirmary from the Peat Home. The number
of inmates in 1806 were about 700 white and 21 colored
the average during the rear was about 300 white,
and 12 colored.
It was held by the Court that as the plaintiff had
accepted his office under a fixed salary, and continued
his place froie year to year without claim of other
compensation, he could not recover ueona orANTt'M
a r suit. There was no implied agreement or prom
ise to pay. It was analagous to lees fixed by law, in
which case the roes only oould be charged or col
lected. The salary fixed by the rules or the Infirmary
Board, approved by Council, was thecunlract be
tweeu tho parties, and no recovery could be hail be
yond that amount, unless by express agreement.
Judgment for defvndaut, .
. Ju,.-
The weatber moderated yesterday, but still
remained, ejulie onM, suflieleutlj an In clunk ailr r
raput.rlie iu the river, which swelled steadily during
. , Nvng increased its depth about throe aud
a hair feet irom the previous evening.
The river Is fallluir above, but as the trihutarv
streams are running out fre.ly. it is probable the
water here will be some three o- four feet higher
than it is at present. The Falls below are navigable
for boats of all sues, and in tbe lower Ohio there
la any .juantity uf water aa fares the mouth.
Business at the landing was not very active yester
day, though a number ol boats were loading. Rates
of freight are without change.
Pittsburg-Cotton, 7So.: Molasses. 7c.; Whisky,
.vjc.: Flour, 30c.; Pork and Lard, 41c. ; Pound
i reights, 15c. per 100 lbs.
Nashville-Whisky, per brl fl; Ale, 7.' ; round
Freights, 40c. per loo lbs.
St. Louis-Heavy Pound Freights, 2Je. per 100 lbs.:
Whisky and Oil, 6Jc. per brl.j Stoves, 2ftc.; Ale, ooc
Mow Orleans-Whisky andOil tl; Floor, 60c.: Perk
xOc.i Bacon, Butter, Cheese, Ac; 40c. per lot) lbs.;
Keg Lard, 20c.: Empty Barrels, 30c., Horses, 110 per
head; Pound Freights, 40c.
City Council. But two subjects of import
ance were agitated in the Council last night-finance
aud street railroads.
In regard to the former, au ordinance was passed
submitting to the voters or Ihs oity a proposition to
levy a tax of twenty cents on the iiuo of taxable
property, for two years, to pay the city indebtedness
tailing due on the 1st of June, I860. The election
will take place on the first Saturday in January next'
Mr. Dsttersby, from tbeseleet committee, towhom
was referred the proposition of J. 8. Skiff and others
lor constmcting a street-railroad, on certain streets
or the city, reported adversely to that company, but
in ravorot another, consisting of N. B. Stevens snd
others. Messrs. AllnntCamaron presented a minority
report, opposing all street-railroads. Several amend
ments wore propesod, which, togetbor with the re
port, were referred to the Com mitteo of the Whole
and made the special order at the next meeting.
Accident on the Kentucky Central Rail
koad. The down passenger train, due here yesterday
at eleven o'clock A. M ran off the track near Ue
mossvllle, und was detained, so that it did not arrive
till nine o'clock last night. No serious damage was
Peddlinu Without License. An individ
ual named J. B. Whitnwits arrested by Officer Riff,
ycslerflay, Tor peddling watches without license, and
Itned $3 by Judge Mooar.
Bkpoooku. The Cincinnati aud Covington
ferry-boats started at their nsual hour (four o'clock)
yesterday morning, but on account of the fog were
unable to land, and continued in the middle of tbe
river until It was dispersed by the sun. One of the
boats floated down aa far as MiUcreek.
Flat-boat Sunk. A flat-boat loaded with
grindstones, lying at the wharf, on the Cincinnati
side, was sunk at ten minutes before twelve yester
day, by the ferry-boat Covington, while the latter
wasendenvoring to land.
Vagrancy, anu Destitution. We vesterdav
witnessed an un parallel led cusa of deXitution in
hovel on an alloy near Yerk-street, above Front.
The tenement had originally been u smoke-house,
but has become so dilapidated that the roof is nu
longer a protection from the rain, and the numerous
crevices in the walls admitted every cold blast from
without. Tile piece was occupied by to females and
iviu cuiiareu. ne women wero sitting in the nouse
Without fire. While their oft'snrinira were in theatre!.
endeavoring to warm themaelvea iu the sun. There
had been no fire or food in the house for several days,
and the childreu, one ugirl often years, and the
other a boy of five, were ilress-d in rags, which were
mere apologies lor doming. Tliey were all lodged In
Juil. until suitable homes could be provided for
Drunk. A man named Butlintrtuu was
yesterday lodged In Jail, by Officer Horslul, charged
with drunkeuuess, he having been funnd nearly
fro.eu, ami iu u state of insensibility.
- Run Off. A horse beloneinir to Mr.
Arstman ran off with aaloishnil York. .tree oe.ter.
day, but did no other damage than break the vs-
Monetary and Commercial.
The demand for Money was more active
yesterday than on Wednesday, ami the offerings
the Diicount-housea wero unusually large. Several
of tho bankers were unite ihort of Ciureuey, and
found some difficulty in settling balauces at three
o'clock. They allcontrivcd, howover,to stork t. .rough
tbe duy without particular Inconvenience.
Eastern Exchange was firmer than it hail I teen
any previous day of the week, and dealers were anx
ious to uuyat .i, anu sometimes paid .TOu, premium,
while they told all they wished at ' prem.
In Uucurrent Munev there whs no r.hAngre. f.'nbl
was In lair local demand at ' i prem., and in Mew Or
leans Exchange nothing was doing.
ExisiaTH, flour, 1,143 brls,; Whisky, 1,792 Iris.:
Corn, ICS bushels; Wheat, first buahela:Oata. ittbn.h:
els; ouKar, no unus.; moiasses, t oris.; conee,
bags; Apples, 3S7 brls.: Butter, 3!V. kegi; Cheese, 1,676
uoxes; roiatoex, si uris.; salt, 7 brls. '
Tim .tw.iilutiva feelin cr In t'lnnv,innliii..l .....
day, and parties were more anxious to buy than
weuneeuay. oaies oi supernno were matte at e lo
the morning, but at the closet.) ID would have been
eaid. Whlakv advanced He. ner callon. Corn u-ns
2c, per Dttsnei nigner, nut other kinds of Grain re
muineu steady, isnugn iinchungeu.
Hogs were tinner yeaterday, at the decline
Weilneaday, with a moderate demand; the sales reach
ing 1 ,161 head, at Sn 25i' .'Kl. Mess Pork was In fine
demand, and Provisions were generally firm, with
inn nuionuiui brniianuuuu..
Tuesday's Herald says in regard to the Mew York
Money and Exchange market :
"The money market is active. The amount
paper oiiertng to-ilay am been large, and. with a tew
exceptions in the caso of very prime snort accept
ances, the prevailing rale for first class has been
per cent, me uroKers are latrty supplied witn money
at per cent. The financial authorities are gen
erally surprised at the turn the market has taken,
and do not believe It will last.
"Foreign Kxchange opens flat for Wednesday's
steamer. Rates have not varied from tbose last
quoted 10!i VcjlO(r for bankers 's sterling sixty-days
bills, and 3.13.'a(aUM3''4 for francs; butat these figures
in nemanu lssiacx; very goou commercial bill! are
selliun at KltDii. and 3.1., for francs."
Hou M abkkt. At Louisville up to Tuesday evening
124,714 Hugs were killed about the falls, with total
receipts of li2,4ll Hogs These figures include
estimated slaughter at New Albany. SSPXa
The Imnort. and Kxoorts of various articles dunna
the twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon, wsre
aa follows: -
Imports. Flour, 521 brls.; Whisky, 097 brie.; Corn,
1,745 bushelsiWheat, 1,892 bushels; Oals, 1,050 bushels;
Barley h3 bushels; Hogs, 8,768 head; Molasses,
imub, im vsgs; Apples, izn oris.; cutter, I iu Kegs;
Cheese, 1,299 boxes; Potatoes, lit).
FLOUIt-Tho speculative reeling in this article
and there was a pretty general inquiry
auperKne to-day, and for good brands $5 25 would
have been paid. Mo change in extra. The sales
up 9,i)m) barrols, at $5 25." 50 for extra: 400 barrels
eupertine, aold in the morning, at S5 la, out tbit rate
was below the market, 'he receipts are light.
WHISKY An advance ofXo. was established
day, with moderate receipts: sales of 1,000 barrels
320., mr.iumng mac irom wagon.
HOGS The market was steadier, to-day. at ves
tcrday's decline, aud the demand moderate. The
receipts during the lost twenty-four hours were
about L'2-IIOO head. The sales were:
450 head averaging 200 lbs. at $S
2il head averaging lei lbs. at 6
IM head averaging 220 lbs. at It
iO head averaging 11 lbs. at 6
470 bead averaging 190 lbs. at li
80 head averaging 2U0 lbs. at 6
Ml bead averaging iwi ids, at ... it
100 head averaging 2a lbs. at.... 6
IHfi head averaging Its ll, at - ii
500 head averaging 200. lbs. at............. 6
92 head averaging ISO lbs. at , 6
67 head averaging 200 lbs. at 6
260 head averaging 2.1) lbs. at...- 6
Its) head averaging 2110 Mil. at 6
600 head averaging 2110 lbs. at 6
PROVISIONS-There was a fair demand for mess
Pork, with sales of 2,(ssj barrels at (16 .'.0, on
spot, and $17 for February delivery; 110,000 pounds
bulk bidea sold at 8c., for February delivery; hut
tbe close ti!s and 8!4c. wore the asking rates,
Shoulders and Sides. 1,600 Green Hams aold at
from the block. Lard held at lOnc. but not much
demand. The sales were luO brls. at 10'nc; 180 do.
10 Mr,, aud 50 do. at Inc. barrels furnished.
GROCERIES-A good demand for Sugar.aadthe
market ia firm rather buoyant: sales of luo lihda.
Sugar at 88c; Refined Mc higher, and must
quoted at loV&WV. Molasses very firm at
stock light. Coffee unchanged aud fn moderate
at 1213c.
WHEAT The market it firm, with an active
for prime red at l lhX&t le, and a good demand
for prime white at l 231 25.
CORN Prices have advanced 2c. per bnshels, with
a good demand: sales of 250 bushelt, at Marietta
Depot, at 44c; 400 do. at 46c.; 500 do. at 47c.
OATS The market is firm, with a good demand.
We quote them at 4c., in bulk.
RYE The demand continues good and price! firm:
sales of luo buthela prime at 80c.
BARLEY The market ia firm, with a good
at our last qnoations.
CHUBS K The demand continues active, and prices
lirm: sales of 350 boxes Western Reserve at 9r.; SO
Engllah Dairy at He, and 25 do. Nutmeg at 12Hc..
BUTTER There is a good demand, for fair
6 rime interior roll at 16iirc., and prime Western
eserve at 1820c.: sales ol 10 barrols prime Weatern
Reserve at locj ft do. at 19c.
A PPLKS The market is firm, with a good demand
at SI 75gi 75 per barrel.
POTATOES There is a good demand, and prices
have advanced 10c per barrel: sales of 150 barrels
Nv.w Toaa Masbxt. December s P. M.-Flour
is without a striking change. Holders aro very
with a moderate demand: sales of IVOOO barrels,
15 I05 15 for superfine State; $5 3o5 3 for extra
State; l I05 35 for superfine Western; 305
for common to medium extra do., and 5 696
lor inferior to good shipping brands extra round
hoop Ohio closing quiet and firm. The total sales
eaterday were 36,000 barrela. Canadian Flour quiet
and unchanged: sales of 300 brls. at 5 4(a6 60
common to choice ex trat Rye Flour In fair red it
at $.", 60t 50, Wheat quirt and without a striking
change: sales of 26,000 bushels, at II If-' Canada Club;
II 62 for white Canada; SI 25 for red State; II 50
white Michigan; II 6i lor white Kentucky: (1 25
red Southern, and MilwaukieClub supposed at f I
uye more active ana nrmert sates oi ,ii Duanels
eyas, uuBoeis
Ks) bnshels
o. for old yet-
at SKfmylW. Barley dull: sales ol h,uoo
7c. turn scarce and nrm: aaies ol is
at K5iu5Ue. for now vollow. and lMi&o.sv
mw. ieis m lair uemenu, ai t nipsnc.tor state, west.
ern and Canadian. Whieky without material ckaage:
sales of 4ft) brls? at 2c. Pork lower for tut on
and I tter fur forward delivery: tales f
brls. at $16 37(8 1 50 fbr mess; J.oou do. mess,
sellers ottlon for January, February and March do.
hvrr,ai$iT.end!,whrs. psrtnje.ssn srivsuarternji.'r f"f
Prime Beef stotvlf as 4. atiet?aW- of 5.;i garrets, .? 1
S4S64 50 for cottntry prime? S'sjv5 .VI lor do. mess; .. - -'.
fV6 for repacked mess: flu 5W&II 50 for extra mess, ' . ,.
lireased Hogs lira at MpTc . Beef Harusdully af" '!
tfllftlB for Stale; SI4&I4 50 for Western. Prime - '
mess Beefaleadr: tales of loo tierces atiK&ly. Cut
Meats quiet: tales of 25 tierces, sngarurd flams,
at'Jc. Bacon steady: sales of tint boxes long-riblwd '
Middles, for Janiiaiy and February delivery. Lard
more active and firmer: sales ol 635 brls. at 10,Sjolln.
liutter in fair request at ll.'slac. for Ohio, and t4
: lc. for State. Cueese rules steady at Sdbl lc. Cotton '
linn: tales of 5.0(10 bales iiieludlnv' 1,000 balsa in
transit. Sugar firm: Mun , ' :o'n at 7c. Molasses 45c.
Freights on Cotton to Li i iiovi 7-32!4d. ,
Philaiifxphia Makkkt, I'ccember S.-Klotirmils,!'
tales at 15 2.r0.' for .iiperliue; 25 50&5 87 for '
extra, and SXo.7 tor extra family and fancy, ltje
V' lour lirm at $4 Corn Meal S3 75. Wheat haa
declined: sabs ot 7,000 bushels -red at $1 3IM&I M. and
bite at $1 37(t 43. Ilyeis in good demand: sales ot
I'.OOO bushels Pennsylvania at Vic. Corn firm; sales
nl 6,000 bushels new yellow at 73c for damp, and 7PY
Oc. for dry. Oats better; sales of Delaware at 43c,
and Pennsylvania at 41c. Whisky steady at 26V
liAi.Tiatoaa maikkt, December 8. I lour nrnier:
Howard. street at 15 37. Wheat steady: sales of
10,000 bushelt, at II Hh&l 48 for while, and II 25t
I 30 lor red. Corn buoyant and advanced 1(4:.;
white at 6-70c and yellow at 7l'Ca73o. Provisions
steady at former rates. Wbitky improving.
mand de
mand de
mand do,
Spot, ,(ssji
Sales-room 33 Main-street. Groceries, Boots,
Shoes, Brogans, Liquors, Ac, at Auction. TH 1st
(Friday) MORNING, December at 9 o'clock, a
general assortment of Staple Qroceriea, Boots, Shoes,
Brogans, Liquors, Ac. del)
Sales-rooms 33 Main-street. Groceries, Glass
ware, Boots, Shoes, Liquors, Ac., at Auolion. THIS
Friday) MORNING, December 9, without reserve,
100 boxes Virginia, Missouri and Kentucky Tobacco;
75 brie. Smoking Tobacco ; 75 boxes Pearl Starch ;
100 do. Palm Soap ; 40 mats Java Coffee ; 15 bxs. Cas
tile Soap ; Candles, Ground Spices, Indigo, Nutmegs,
Bedconls, Cigars, Ac.
ALSO Without reserve, to close consignment, l
cases No. 1 city-made Kip Boots.
ALSO Men s and Bo.s' Boots, Shoes aud Bro
gans. tde91 il. 8. MILES, Auctioneer.
im. A Co. Furniture, Carpels, Glassware, Ac
Will be sold at Auction on SATURDAY MORNING,
December 10, at V o'clock, at our Store, Mo. 18 East
fourth-street, a large quantity of new aud second
hand Furniture, Carpets, Oil-cloths, four Counters,
Otnce Desk, two Letter Presses, Platform and other
ALSO A number of Stovet aud a general assort
ment of Kitchen Furniture.
de9 JACOB GRAFF, Auctioneer
Ja WELSH, Auctioneers and Commission Mer
chants, Will be sold without reserve, at our Auc
tion Rooms, No, 1(13 Fllth-Btreet, between Vine and
Race, on FRIDAY MORNING. December 9. at V
o'clock, one Kockaway Carriage ; one Harrison Wag-
nu: lour oris tnree-year-oia Bournon wnisky : eignt
do. utaru importeu Branny ; two ao. celebrated
London Dock Gin.
A LSO A anantity or Cigars and Tobacco.
Terms casSV fdeeVj STAGEY WELSH, Auc'r.
Th.W.Farrin & Go.
that they are selling lumber at their yard on
Freeman-atreet, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
D ty ton Railroad,
Thin any other Lumber Dealers in the city,
"Quick Sales and Small ProiitsJ"
They submit ths following Hat of prices:
Cash. IHo'i
Olear lumber, all thicknesses, 1 in. loess B.I7 50 40 SO
Best Common, 1 'i aud 2 inch Plank... 28 (M 30 v ?
Best " I iuc.h Boards.................. 23 74 .26 la
Mona -- . an tnistnesses..... lit no
Third " Board .....,.... II 50
Grub Plank, face measure. 22 50
17 N
25 OS
13 Ml
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber.... II m
12 50 14 m
First Common Flooring Boards ....
jeeond " " "
I'hird " " '
First Common Weather Board l
Seeond " " "
.. 35 00 37 All
23 75 25 Oil
.. 18 50 20 On
,.. I ISI 17 Ml
,., 12 ISI 13 ISI
... 55 rat mm
Cedar Posts, 4 by 4, S feet, per hundred.
" Uw fc.olnaj. " jn no 33 M
Locust " " " 20 00 22 511
A farther red notion of 2X per cent, will be made on
bills of $500 or more.
We have one of the largostand best selected stocks
of Lumber in the Cincinnati market, which we offer
for sale at the above prices.
of fine Watches, Jewelry and Sliver Warei i
now full and complete. Thankful for the very lib
eral and generous patronage wbich hae been ex
tended to our establishment for more than twenty
tire years, we take this method of inviting our
friends, and the public generally, to continue their
favors, feeling ourselves in a far better condition
now than formerly, to please their most fastidious
ve neg leave to call attention to a new article
jewelry, made from tho new metal. Aluminum,
brought from Paria by one of our firm, who bus
lately returned.
Our atore is well supplied with valuable articles,
suitable for presents lor the approaching holidays.
The damage to our Silver-ware Manufactory by the
late fire is now fully repaired, and all we now need
to keep up its vitality is plenty of orders. We are
prepared to fill the same with dispatch, and wn
promise full satisfaction to all who may please to
favor us with their calls.
E. A D. KINSEY, 24 West Fifth-street.
The highest price paid for old Silver Coin of all
kinds. nowi-ainf
Qd bjEJA-T
next to Smith A Nixon's Hall, Cincinnati,
Ohio. A splendid Gift, worth from 50 cents to lino-,
will be given with every book for which we receit s
one dollar and upward at the time of sale.
Gifts consist of Gold and Siver Watches, Ladies'
Solid Gold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry, fine Gold
Bracelets, Gents' Gold Vest-chains, and a large va
riety of other articles of rich Jewelry, worth from
50 cents to IKS,
Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully Invited to
call and examine our ttock.
Publisher and Gift Bookseller,
uo2l-tf No. 28 West Fonrth-street. ,
-- ted tne SAUUUN in tne enquirer .
minding, are now prepares to itirnishii
their friends with the beat I in pot teds
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
tr Baltimore Shell Craters served in
every style.
T. H. Deters,
To which he Invitee tbe attention ef the public.. .
Just received 53 cases of new Sardines, in whole,
half and Quarter cans ; also a few esses Boneless Sar
dines. These Sardines are put up in the finest oil,
and are extremely delicate in flavor.
For sale wholesale and retail by
do6 ; National Theatre Building. Sycamore st.
received, 4 puncheons very superior Old Scotch
and Irish Whisky. For sale bv
a. Mcdonald a co., '.,; i ,i,t
ao28 56 and Branch Store S4V Weet t owth-st. . ,
Jnst received, 75 casks Disher's, Younger', and '
other celebrated branda Scotch . Ite and London Pof. i 1 ,
tsr. For aale by ... A. McDONALD A CO.,
no28 5 and Branch Store 24 Weet Fourth -eti " 11 ''
OLIVE 0IL. Just received, ' rloien 7' '
flagons very superior' Olive Oil: Tor sale by' '-'
-I m on,, i a Mcdonald a co., i , ...j ,
I isi E'iii nol'iwo" V '!. W I . T " e I 1
I iu iivt fto, ew naisins, new vur
M-w rente, ne Flgai Prunes, Citron. Ac, jttst ta r"
ins w mnvm uj- ':. i r ,t., . ,,iii , ,,
,i , JOHN FKBGlfaoK, Ororeri 1 - ' '
no2 '' : 1 " 'Oorner Ninth and Vtne-streets.- !' '
OY8TER8-r am. "ft daily reoeipi of "the
k.1 l,M,i. li.M:Mnin. An. .1,1. jittf
T . , ; , . ,
warranted fresh and fat. , . , ,
" ' JOHM FaBOltBOn.'GWcer, :
-r. ' tktrnerof Niptb and Vine-streets.
IjiAMlLY t FLO.UKv I have, , always ea
- hand, a supply of the bast Family Flpnt in tV '
surketfor family uss. '' n i '
uort '" Mnar,I(Uitiaa4VL.e-stfsels.
j f'ti'il) J:i'.'(9 i.4 lUi?'il l In .'.uiiir"vj ii

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