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-'u-.-...at .. .jrj-sv ,n
.,? ''; n fuuht daily, noaiun sieepied,) by
Hvoii, tt- v raonuNM. rr
;!-. 14 WBST re. S-STBBBT.
' TUl MIHT PKlMla delivered to s-beorlbors 1
,..,' V,;,7olmiuM,OoTliiitOBndHwort, andsur. a
.11 ,o .. rouadlng cities sad towns, at thsex- '
tTA ""' ',. femel-low price ef ; '
, , . '. '; moss or Arnr:
i'u SdasleeeBle
l.. 1. j j
c y.r aaa
' : '! t 'comm uxta aics nni-mtm. 1 .
. . I I
i'loB A. Emus, Ja.'..-,..Bole Leases and lltianr.
: " Complimentary Benefit of Mr. Morton,
B-V 4E. .l"- v'. in - 2 t a. 'r-.i
. SATURDAY MININQ, DwvlO, will to
HIM the sterling play I t ". 1 i
Cardinal BIohelln...-. (tttii huh seemst. Morton
Pi MftUPTfttia(tlMHMMlMllMHlMftlIjADCdOll
.,. IIWI..,., ..-.....l.M.tl,.M,,,......HBDQ
Jopli...j... .-t...,.,.4...M.....r..JUilie
Leols XIII --. .-....i..m. ...u.i..BhiI
Frensls...... -..-1. j....... ....rfllu W.lta
doll da Mortimr......,.....:,............i,.,...Mri. Elleler
To conclude with the interacting dram oelled - "
Catarine " ......Mre. Elisor
Monday evening. December 12, Cincinnati's favor
Weihin.toa of turn. .
fHoon osan at 8H: Curtain rises at TX o'olock.
Paio-aor Admission Dross Circle and Perg,oette,
SOceutsj QalleiTi tftoenta. ) ,
Benefit of Yankee Blerce. (
Last appearanoe of ' ;
Master A. Stewart. ,
THIS V-at-rdav EVENINO. Wmtir 10. nlllhe
acted the original Yankee drama, written If A. B.
, Blerce, entitled
A ii 'j't PATER-TAt B0HEME8.- : tj
Jcthro Prklni.,.,..f..M...,..,,...,..,.Tnke BUroe
Haulro Seekall .,..,..., Mr. 0. Stuart
t a Martha Perkins.,...-.......,, .MIeL.Qrebem
f I ioo. .... .w..,...,....MIa Jennie Bight
j 4 After which tin beautiful drama tailed . '4 ,
Q' Bryan (with Mnn) I (Ml I ' Vgt I Uaitur A. Btoward
V f oUy Bobolink.... .Mra. 0. Brarl
To oonolndiwltb fiiiroa'i new'faro oallid ' '
mat .;...........;.....r...V..:".".....,Mrt. Henri
lira, rarran and daughter will appear on Mondnf,
Theater, la now open for the recaption of gueets,
,fioomi oan be obtained br the day or week, and
ueali furnlabed at all honni
' NOTIOB. Tradeainin and other are eantioned
agalnat furnltblng an? artlclea for the theater with
out a written order, algued bribe Manager, ,
Vhaa, If. Barraa.,,;
v u '
1 V. UUU1THJ..I M...W...., .MHI
itaga Director.
Great Snabspearlan Night.
21 U frHia (SaturdayjlVlSNINO, beoainber' l, will bi
preaeDted Shakipearo'eaubllmo tragedy of
ii u With thi following uaKtualedoaat: '
8 ii i i gaebe-..H........w.M.v.w...M.iuv .Conway
' Haedulr (flrtt appearance). ..M anfarland
BanQno.tH.(M...,MM.M.,.vM.Ht.......i....t.M..., .Bherldau
Flrat Witch .,... Davldge
Pnncan v....m....m,.......immm. .Lanagan
1 ' utlcolm..... . , ....m Dlcknn
i.i i Lady Maoueth,.........,.........i. Ura. Conway
Overture .....Orohettra.
To oonolnde with the con la duality of I
MrBlmon I.ollaby.,.,.,...j..-.m..r.,I)Tldge
"J , ; Mr. Bimoa Lullaby. .,..,....,.,. .,(.ljla Proctor
tAitiy 0 naoager takea pleaiore Ip annoooclDg an en
gementwub (ha faatly celebrated actor, air. Jae.
I. II urdooh, who will ahortly appear. -
Paioia or AomaiiON.-Parquetta Clrole, Pamuetta
. and Balcony, .80 oentsi Amphitheater, 3o cental
c'.rrlvata Boxei for eight peraoua, (Ok . i :
Door, open at o'clock : commence at 7M. '
, ,, v . pox Office open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M., where
,i":'1U .aeaUl can be aecnred.. . J. y. BBBBEBT. Ireaa'r.
jJ Be ASD. MRS. .SUA NK8'8
lUtoaal Uall, Tlne.atreet, a.i4 Fifth.
leaaooa gra ao arranfeg Jbat.iheglpuarBoap
mence at any time.
oevu i
r U XiJOi
New Mode of Ventilation!
v ! t .... fc...- . c . ... h e .v i "'4 I 'i
V 4 '! ' ? i I -' Call and Mr Oil af .1' 4 ' k fl
Heiting and Ventilating Furnaces,
In operation at !
I CllWfl iS MS A:iN:Ulo))i'B.,,
Btor Wara-roonn, Noa. (1 and 3 Vine-it.,
.rTiiii'ii.i l, (Below Columbia.)- j .,u.i
.h uiM Qwiy e r & , O p .
noay 1' '
-I i-
--iT THt
: clil l;
Held at Zanearlllai 06tobert 18S9. ...
i -i.
.j i-'-i
J . .J' t,t j-.. ;j tti j . , '
ii a it (if Hii'j
. Min ci nci;nn ati.a o h io;'
fnoPcnil I , t. .
a.,ne(t lot)mlh A. Nb u'a Hall, Dlochin.tl,
Ohio. Aaplendld Ullt, wortn from Moenta to 100,
,'tiiAW tojglTan with rn book for which, wo receive
in. 1 1.; r " dollar and upward at the time or eale. i
j ' will l
Solid Gold Cbali
l" ..i onniia ofOold and Blver Watchee. Ladlea'
Gold Chain., aplendld aet of Jewelry, flue Q
leie, uenu' uoin Teat-ohalua, ana a large va
of other arUoleaof rich Jewelry, worth from
in 7.v I.II iwutlemen are reaMotfalli Invited to
.JUfl' ! .r; g-tVvPlta40 Bookiel'loV;
m cmn ui ami. . ... . i
f , BO''-" , ... . 6!'l.s9.li weanogrtn etreet.
' lf ; i -.-i
1-4. jililtl'ar.
mmr Mr v. hewson. of thi iat a of
. Jt a w H.wi'oii Bplmea.wtll oantiaaatketjommla.
""''wlota, Btnckauil BilTBrokerak,e butineae, atthalr old
r.Tr. , opliMi, Mo. S8, Biaemaot Maaonlo Building, Third
1 1TO P atreea. 1 fle abiiaiia a ecmtlnuanee of the bnalneaa here-
..aolbreao lrbemllv. twrtAWedon thefiKl firm. I ne2ltein
lP:iTiW4JSn'rJf Iffl AMD 8TXRE0ITP1
t, B. ABLI80N, oerhltenoet,-
ale dial I Inoe,; 1 61 Tlnajitraat
hnaltaat?i ".
VOL. 2; 4 NO 98.-
loiioaa amp raoratiToai.
Iiimi MlAlfl.-Hlght Ihrpria, 140 A. Aocom-
modation, 1-M w. u.i Day Kxpreee, :U r. a.
iRDiajupOLie am OraouaaTi. llilft a. a.i 6:10 .
a.i 1HUA, K.
Ohio amo IfiMiasTm. ;B a, a.ilbei A. a.t 10:10
r. a.' , .
CiaoiaxATt. Hauroa an Dattoi. 7i a. 11;06
' a. a.) 12:2a r. a. iu r. m. S:60 r. a. .
U.BIkTTA AMD OlNODIMATI. 11:20 A. M.i tlM t'u.
BiOHMoan aao Imdiamaklii. U:0 (:M r. a.
Littli ifuMi.-Day Xxpreaa, 10:00 A. H.; Aocom.
. modation, 4:M v. a.; Night Expreaa, U:M) t.u.
a.;T:lr. a.
Ohio amb Miaetairn.-T:SO A. a.l 3:00 p. a.; 7:80 p. a.
A. M.i IS: a.m.; S-40 r. a.) I:W t. m ; UM r. a.
Maiiitta aitd Ouoikmati. e-.e..M. 81) r. a.
Bioumomb AMD loiA.roui.- 00 A. a,; hio f. a.
Pike's Opera-house.
Wo new enter the magnllloent tempi, the
patriots Opera-house, on, tho.souH ild of
.Vourth-itraet, dedioatad to. the rapreientatlon
of the manners of the age and the mnilo of the
gifted maitori, and obterre that but fev per
sons are in the seats, hot we regtet the Indlf
fenns of the bitisens to the opportunities now
afforded them of wltnasiing the rendition of
the beat pleoes by superior aotors. The Opera
house Is one of-the moat superior edifioes in
the world. It laoka nothing needed in
completeness of aooommodatlon, for seating
itnmonae aadltories. , The stage and aoenei
are fltted up in a style uniurpaaaed In the
West. The wardrobe and appointments are
ln tasti and oompleteneas, very gratifjing to
the oritloal, As a sohool-house, In which to
attend for - inatruotlon, the adornments and
surrounding) even, address the eye, not only
with a pleasing effeot, but ere impresaive of
I r-
The eipease of all. this has been enormous,
the expeotatton being that by regular attend -
enoe, a reasonable appreciation of the enter
prise would, be exhibited by Cinoinnaltians.
Now, oultared, high-toned, artists) gentlemen
and fadiea of rare talent, of professional excel
lenoe, of high personal oharaoter, are aotlng
nightly 'obv thi boardi. The enaotments are
great lessons, the representations are great ex-'
hlbitlons, such as merit overflowing houses.
The weather latterly has prevented attend
ance, but we now oall on our cltizena, as they
respect themstlve,, the i eily, the drama, and
Mr. PiKi, to do justice to the splendid season
theatrical now upon ua. j
Counterfeits—An Outrageous Nuisance
People demand of the istuers of bank-notes
to take, at once, 'the" most efficient steps to
save all classes of society from the aggravated
and ruinous' Imposition of counterfeit notes.
The, oppression is well nigh unbearable. The
wages of the week are sometimes sw ndled
away from the mechanic by having' some
sooundrel to give him a counterfeit bill In
ehange. ; The widow, . the market, 'woman,
have baen robbed; qf their peals by having
pasted upon them a well-connterfeited bank
note. Are the laborers to be pluoked for, ever?
Must a daily examination be made-1 by an, ex
pert of one's small accumulation of bank-notes
to determine if a "little joker" be not in our
fellsta? There Is a way or ways to get rid of
this tmpoaltlon...;
. Hanks should have their j own. exoltulve
plaUs, engraved expressly for, thsm'j vlgnottel
ef their own. ' One thousand dollars paid to
engravers for extra work wonld insure a plate
ihetoould not besueoeesfullyoounterfflted, and
which' the' engraver would repiaoe if counter
feited.' ' We oommend to' the General Assembly'
to grant no charter fort new banka,unlsea with a
proviso that the elroulatlon shall be returned
to the bank lf the plate be counterfeited.' The
Board of Control should take some steps to
hare dirty bill withdrawn' from circulation)
fhe re-issue of filthy one-dollar notes thould bs
stopped.,, No reasonable induoement but that
the paper represents value wonld induoe decent
people to oarry about "them the loathsome',
offensive bills'so opmhtohly in liae.', ' ' "
The best Convention of the day would be
one from all the States to consult and to take
notion on the subject ot these suggestions..' ; 1
The Activity of Ohio.
, President JirriisoR dealared that Boss's
undertaking (fifty -three yean ago,) was effect
ually crippled by the activity of Ohio.c Ue
wrote toQevernor Tirnit, iTeb. SO, 1807, a
highly oomplimentary letter On the seal man
ifesfoiiby'jthal oBeeand thelegjejaiure of
the State in pruihlng the ponsplraoy-i He at
eigned to Ohio, "the most eminent" plaoe In
KKuuijiiiiuiug vui., n'i suuvu. I Jj t
--Ana nauu 01 tua peopip , nas given tne
mortal blow to a conspiracy,' which, la other
eountrlesi 'would hsve called for an appeal to
armies, And have) proved- that goYsrnment to
be the itrongeat,1 of which' every man'feeh-l
a part. It is a happy .illustration, too, of the
Importance of preserving to the State author
ities all' that vigor which': the Constitution
foresaw Wonld be neoesaary, not only for their
own safety, but for that of thi whole." j
Ohio will not commit any wroogs on her sis
ter States, She will prove as active to protect
Kentucky. If oecaalon requires, at Kentuoky
as to ptpleot pi when we needed her. i
'i A Moaita ;Parsa oh Old Bbow. The'
Mobile (Ala.,) Tribun; issued '-on the day
previous to Brown's execution, sayt "f ,
1 We pity old Brown; but hope to announce,
to-morrow that ha exists 'no longer to do
mischief under the 'excuse of sincerity an
excuse which has, done so much harm to the
world. Men who do great wrongs, like Old
Brown, are, not: probably moved by bad in
tentions. In a great many eases they per
petrate wicked acts, with good' motives; but
thai, instead , of, being a reason for tolerating
them, Is the very reason for getting rid of
them cirsoonas possible,' jt (
Psion 'or VtsWrtfA' SUvsi.' At k'sale to'
Appomattox County,1 Virginia,'' a few days
ago, Usee servants were, sold at thi following
prioes: A woman, 44 years old, $1,120: girl.
U, l,355 boy, l,l,76.- This shows 0a(
the lata Harper's Ferry affair ha not' depre
ciated the, prlge of , slaye. property tojthe Old
Ddminlon, u,..a ,-j . 1 1 i'a ' I
' "" ,iwr, 1 .i'.'i
- BtTThe amount of salt mannfitotared at By r
asuie, N. T., is 7,000,000 of bushels annually
Bar-Edmund Bellinger, a prominent lawyer
of South Carolina, died In Columbia on Satnr.
day last. ; - ' - ; ..-. 1 ..,
BsTSmall poz Is prevailing to eonaiderable
extent among the little onet in several sections
of Albany, , T.
ki -.nr. J-ii-x :.v.i Kr
fgfA freshet on Tuesday evening, at Cleve
land, Ohio, washed away four bridges and
drowned a number of hogs, ' - - - ,
SjBAn Irbh lovsr has re mark td1 that it is
a great pleaiore to be alone, especially when
your swateheart is wid ye." j
JrefWashington Irving leaves his large
fortune to be divided among his nephews and
; pTThe statistics of the Oyster Inspeotor
of Virginia shows that about twenty millions
of bushels of the bivalves were taken from the
Virginia waters the past year, j
: j!)9Matthew Oompton , of Bedford County,
Va., was accidentally killed laat week by bia
brother, who was shooting at a hare which
they were both pursuing, j ' j
'jBeTWinfieid B.'Raper, for several years
pait a compositor on the Ohio StaUtman, died
at the residence of hit parents, In Chllliobtne,
on Thursday, of consumption. '
:The Princess Marie,one ef the daugh
ters of the Grand Duchess Marie,, of Leutch
enberg, la osusing a sensation In Vienna by
her extraordinary beauty. j ..
The Allen County Bank has failed, and
Wednesday last made an assignment to J.
Roberts, Uta., of Lima. It Is said that the
assets of the Bank will be equal with time to
fully meet its liabilities. j ;
' sTThe ladies of Vienna have Initiated
the fashion of taking off their glovet as: soon
as they ' enter the . opera-house or drawing-room.;-
Those who set the (faahlon, we; ven
ture to assert, had pretty hands or valuable
rings, or both. '- ' '''" j
According to offiolal doeumenta reiwnl.
ty puousoea, 11 appears tnat there were in
France, in 1844, 0,100,000 heotares (two and e
half acres each) of uncultivated land, and that
during the last fifteen years that immense ex
teat ha been reduced to 4,800,000. 1 .- - :
Geniral. Scott'S Valit. A correapo ident
of the Alia-Caiiornia aaya that Gen. Soott'i
valet is no InooBsidsrable personage, altnongh
he is a foil to hit master one is a giant, the
other a i dwarf. ; He dresses the General;
but zes around him with a wisp ; dusts him off;
seises his hat, and brushes up the General's
few remaining gray hairs) wipes the, nap of
the hat, replaces the same, and the whole duty
is conducted in.sllerksa. t These attentions are
repeated three or fou! times a day, and the
General take the same as a matter of' course.
He never replies or thanks it is a matter of
oourse and the little tiger, with his gray mil
itary cap and garrote collar, struts around as
important an" individual as any one on board.
Though as Louis XIV said, no man oan be a
hero to his own valet, it seems a valet of a
hero may be one also in his own estimation.
- i -
Thi RosaiAN Babok-Bamib. The wealthy
Baron Stelglits, of Rusaia, who has withdrawn
from" bank big, now intends to devote himself
entirely to the, oultivation of. hie extensive
estates in the south of Russia, where hie has
established sugar refineries and other factories,
and from whioh he receives a prlnoely income.
The Baron has no children, and the bulk of
hie fortune will be inherited by his adopted
daughter, a" young lady named Yonln, of very
humble origin, who Is unquestionably the
Honest heireas in Russia.
c aWah Aooidsktaut Blows Out Hii Wirt'a
Bbains. W. Haslewood, a very worthy cltlsen
of Frankltnton, North Carolina, aroae early on
themornlpgof the 2d Inst., to go In pursuit
of a flooVf wild turkeys, near his houso, but
on taking up hit gun to leave the room, it was
accidentally dlaeharged, the whole contents
entering the head of Mrs. Haslewood, who
was yet iu bed, oausing Immediate death. , ;
M j
'ErraoT or ScB-tiARiNt Diviso. Mr. J. B.
Green, who wa often mentioned a 'few, years
since, In connection with his attempts to re
cover thetiafe containing $50,000 from the lost
steamer AlJanlic, In Like Erie, has ' beoome a
orlppla and an. invalid, i His terrible labors
and exposures under water resulted in a par
alysis whioh has reduced a itrong man to an
almost uieless beicg.' si ,t m (i , I j '
l d " i J '.. 1 g sa- 1 1 . 1. y I .in
Death or thi Lait Soavivoa opthi Wt
omao Masbaobb. Asa A. Gore, Eiq.,of Pres
ton, Conn., died In that town rseentlv. at the
age of 1 yeara and t months. ,He was the
last survivor of the, Wyoming Massacre, hav
ing bean loarrled- away When a child, in hie
mother's arms. His father and all hit rela
tions, but his mother, were killed. , .
A - 3iaT CHAot.i-The' 1 Hon! ' Thomst
Oorwln, twenty-nine years ago took his seat
iu the House of Representatives aa a member
from the ' same District now represented by
him. There is not a member ef the Some
with him who was there when he flrtt took his
seat. Ia less than a generation there has
been an entire ohange, with a single exception.
' i1-"-A
OaTSTAi. Palaoi ii Hollabd. The Am
sterdam Crystal Palace Is to be completed and
opened In the year 1861; It will be 400 feet in
length by 300 feet in widthand the central
dome will be 300 feet In hight, at the junction
of which Will be ' at transept and the nave of
the edifice. The structure is to be of Iron and
glass. -- J 1
To Cobb Sobb Th bo at. Take the whites of
two eggs and beat thera with two spoonsful ef
wniie sugsT; grate in -a - rime' -nutmeg, and
then add a pint of lnkewerm water. Stir well
and drink often. Repeat the prescription If
necessary, ana it win oure the moat obstinate
case of hoarseness In a short time. So ,aayi
an exchange, y v . i
!. 1 if 1
1 Last Wish or a Nobls Hiabt. A few days
before his death, Irving visited his mother's
grave in the Cemetery, and, while weeping:
over it. aikad the' suDerintendent when ha-l
tdiedi to bury nim by ner aide a request that
wui m oowpnett' wiin. 1 coon1 a wian, was
charaeteristle ef agentlemaaand a poet. "i
, U .i . 11 11 -i ii 1 , : ,",','
Cohditiom or', Gibbitt. Smith. Gerrltt
Smith's wife, by the oonsent of her husbsnd's
physician, visited nim at Vtiea, on, Tuesday
last'. So nearly restored to mental and bedllv
health Is this gentleman, that his family look
to b reunion of ail its members at. retention)
on Christmas Day. t,,.: w i.ii3 tax i
1 j 1, I .1. 1
Wifi-Mvbobb in iIputiAroi.ia-A man
named Patrick Qoinn was arrested ' In Indi
anapolis on Wednesday, for beating his wife
to death with a elub. . 'The poor- woman Was
eovered with blood, and her corpse presented
rearruiiapuearanee.'.''ine monster ntuband
was arrested and committed W prison, i ; "
No MimiTinna or Wad m thbSodth The
Raleigh "(S. 0 ) Begutr calls , attention to the
fact that there ia not one powder mill In thi
Union, south of, Delaware;, nor ia tbare.aiuan
ufaatorvof arms, or.a. foundrv for aannon.
Extraordinary Performance in a Parisian
OaUgnuni, Parle, desoribes a most extraor
dinary performance which is now nightly at
tracting orowds to - the Cirque Napoleon.
Three trapeses, or pleoes of wood about five
feet long, suaponded from ropes attached to
the extremities, bang from the roof of the
droui, one in the center, and the others at
about forty feet distance at eaoh side. A
young man named Leopard ascends to a small
platform arranged for him above the plaoe
where the muslolans sit, over the pasaage for
the horaea into (he ring. The trapeze neareat
to him belog put In motion, he eatohes it as it
files up, and then, after balancing himself
carefully, he seises it with both hands, and
darts Into open space. After flying to the
utmost extent of the ropes, he eomes back
with the recoil, and alights in safety on the
spot from whioh he started. When be has
done this two or three times, to show that the
exeraiae is mere sport to him, ho again
launohes himself Into mid air, but not this
time to return as before; for when the trapese
has reached its farthest point, he suddenly lets
go hie hold, and borne on by the impetus Im
parted, aelsee the teoond trapete, whioh In
its turn carries him forward to the length of
lit rope, where he ageta quita it, springs to
the third trapese, and, borne forward by It,
alights on another platform at the opposite
side of the oirous, and in face of that from
whioh he had started. The performer strain
teisas the third trapese, and flinging himself
iurw-.ru, m Deiore, nioa 10 11s lurtnest limit,
and then quitting It, springs to the second,
whioh, however, be does not leave, but per
mits It to fly back toward the third, then ae it
descends, slnoe his baok la still toward the
trapete which he quitted the moment before,
he all at onoe let go with both hands, and
turning In the air seises It again In time to
meet the third, by catching whioh he again
reaches the platform. Once more ascending
to the platform above the orchestra, he springs
forward hanging by the hands to the trapess,
and quitting It as It approaches the end of ite
range he gives a someraault In the air, and
seizes the second.' trapese as he descends.
When it is considered how truly brain, eye
and muscle, must respond to each other in
these performances, the whole exhibition must
be pronounced one of the most extraordinary
that has ever been seen of ita peculiar de
scription. ,
i, A .Bsautiful Littli CMBaYMAri. Dr. Cum
mlng, whose last publication, "The Great
Tribulation," Is at present, ereating an ex
ciUment in the literary world, is thus.de
sotlbed In a late English review: .. .. :
"His singularly handsome person, his bril
liant flow of poetie thoughts, his striking tal
ents, end his burning seal, combine to make
him one of the most interesting speakers of
tbs day. I Mr. Camming Is very small in per
son, not exceeding five feet four or five inobes
In hight, with a slender and graceful figure.
His fees is one of the moat beautiful I have
ever seen, for he is altogether too diminutive
to be called strictly handsome. Hie hair te of
a jet black, with a eoft, waving ourl upon it;
hia complexion resembles alabaster, with a
deep damask color ; hie forehead is high and
finely 1 formed, and his eyes are concealed by
Invisible spectacles. His nose Is aquiline, but
not very large ; and the lower part of his face
It as perfeot as that of some Greek statue,
with the addition of beautiful teeth. Alto
gether he is what his countryman oall a very
fbonnte ohlel,' and lie would really be Inoom-
Jiarable were he only magnified. His manner
a very unassuming; be never puts himself
forward, hut remains behind the other speak
ers. .While silent he has all the meekness of
a tractile ohild ; but when he speaks ha dis-
play ell the vigor and energy of a young
esgle.'!, ., " . .
1 ' "' ;
Old Mokabtio Lauds in Enolaio. The
London Tim, iava ThU mra d,. .h l,na
acres of England bear the impress stamped
uuu nuoui vf meir loruior uiuuaauu posses
sors. The meadow, the field, the well-
stocked mill atrAam: tlia n&nfliiiAtia k.m .k
grass more soft and luxuriant, the Iandsoape
more civiuaea, snow cue footsteps ct tnsse
earliest of scientific farmers, . who labored,
prayed and learned with a vigor and earnest
ness never outdone. Scholars, gentlemen,
clergy, all In one, they exchanged the manual
for the mattock, and wrought with hearty
good-will at the atubborn olod or less stub
born village serf. If he grew rich, it was no
more than what' John Wesley predicated of
bis followers. ' ''Godliness ' is gate" applies
equally to a brotherhood of Monks as of
Methodiam. It wss the law of necessity that
from being' poor the Monk should grow rich;
that his riches should be envied; thatNaboth's
vinavard should brine- nnnn him th iih. nf
the stronger. ;; The vicissitudes and struggles
" .uuu o num. uau auv mil w no lucereiiiogj
thev flan nnt hn wlthAnft thai vnh a. llln.
trating a main element of modern sooiety.
,,...,.( , 1
HowAwr CoETis on Johs- Baowsw Mr.
George W. Curtis, on Tuesday, closed a lecture
In Worcester, Mastachusetts, with ! these
words, suggested by the execution of John
Brown s , lv
"My friends, we have Just scon an hlstorle
day., 1 W seem to stand in the crisis of the
great struggle. I believe the battle Is won.
Our oldest State, in other years cur flrat,
carefully guards her borders from men who
believe In human liberty and the Golden
Rule. 'John Brown has shown there oan be
no sense of sooial Seouritv in a avatam of
slavery.- He Is not buried, but planted. He
win apriog up. a nunarea tola. 1 do not
wonder: at the solemn pomp of his death.
They would have none but a Southern-made
rope to hang him; but that tope had two ends
one round the neck of a men, the other round
tns system, in taking a life it has conquered
Itself. To ohildren of ours hanging ovsr
Plntaroh'e nazes we will tell that A marina
had heroes,' and that on the sol of Virginia
John Brown died for the liberty of men."
' Niw, Yori Noii-Bboxbbi. One of the
Institutions of the oity of New York, which
haa become indispensable to the business com
munity, U the note-brokerage, and at present
It la a necessary medium for scouring discounts,
as well as an excellent channel through whioh
Investments can be made. The bank resort
to the note-broker to Increase their loans, and
the merohant passe his paper through the
same agent,. So general 'is the onitom that
but few notes sr received by merchants from
their customers, except such as are payable to
the maker's own order, and thus they are able
to reduce the lines of their oustomer without
creating any sensation in money circles. , The
system near the same rotation to the mercan
tile Classes a the clearing house to the banks,
and Is quite as effectual in establishing and
maintaining private credits as the clearing
house does that of the hanking institutions;
for the standing; of business men Is aulte aa
soon and ts accurately ascertained by the rste
at which their tells In
the street '
N. Y. Economist.
' A ' PboiuctWi Thbatrioai' Riot im Nbw
Yoic. A row Somewhat akin ' to the Aator
Placs riot Is apprehended in theatrioal ciroles
lu New York next week, when George Jami
son, of, Forrest divorce oase notoriety, Is to
commence en engagement at the Winter
Garden Theater.' It ia Intimated that Forrest
wiilssnd bullies to the theater lo nm.nt
Jamison from appearing. This Is the report,
li)t weuppeet lt Is unfounded. . j
From Washington.
WabhisotobY December ( In the Senate)
yeaterday, Senator Trumbull, of 111., made a
lengthy speech, chiefly in defense of the Re
publican party, In the course of whioh he aaid
that "the declaration of Mr. Seward was noth
ing more than the view expressed by Wash
ington and the Southern men ts 1788." 1 He
alto quoted the language of Jefferson, that
there Is nothing more certainly written in the
book of fate than that these rsoet should be
free. ' "
It would be seen then that the Idea wss not
new; it had Its origin In Virginia year ago,
and the idea foreshadowed by Jefleraon, al
though not a part of the creed of the Republi
can party, he treated it might hereafter be
come Its ereed, that is, the deportation of the
free negro population from' the country. He
trusted tbe Republican party would make it a
part of their creed to prooure some region of
country, not far distant, to which the negro
population could bs taken.
He feared the consequence of Jefferson's
propheoy unless this wa don. In favor of
this movement he quoted from a speech oi
Henry day advooatlog colonisation. In con
clusion Mr. Trumbull ssid: "It seem to me
Impracticable to transport the great population
to Africa. Let us obtain a country nearer
home and to show tbe sympathy of the North
for the people I represent, we will contribute
liberal means to relieve the country of this
free negro population and of all the slaves
that shall be voluntarily emancipated ty
planting them In some contiguous country to
this. ' - - - . - , ,
"I hope that will become the policy of the
Republican party; I hope we may Join hands
with the South, and Instead of reproaching
eaoh other, inatead of saying anything to
create a misunderstanding in tbe different see
tions of the Union, we may come together as
onr fathers stood together, shoulder to sbouldsr,
to establish our independence; that we may
come together, side by side, as brothers, adopt
ing a polloy whioh shall eventually rid ns or
this Institution of slavery the only one that
threatens our permanent prosperity." ' -
Funeral of Hon. D. O. Morton.
Toledo, December 9. The funeral of the
Bon. Daniel O. Morten, late United Statea
Dlatriot Attorney for Ohio, was largely at
tended by the members of the profession In a
body and the oitizens generally. Judges Pat
ten, Mason, Myers, Fitoh, Danlap and General
Hill, officiating as pall-bearers. The Courts
here and In Cleveland passed resolutions ex
pressive of the general grief, and adjourned
York, December 9. Mrs. Wood, wife
of Fernando Wood, the Mayer elect, died In
this oity, this morning. ,
1 Stookbbioob, Mass., December , Theo
dore Bedgwiok, tbe U. 8. District Attorney,
for tie Southern District of New York, died
here last night. , -,i ,
Later From Pike's Peak.
Lsavbkwobth, December 0. The Denver
City expreas, with dates to the 2d inst.,
reaohed here this morning, bringing $8,000 in
duat and a large mall. The severe weather
had set In and mining operations were gene
rally abandoned. Heavy snow ' storms had
occurred on the plains. ' 1
Kansas Election.
LiAVCgwoRTH, ' December 9. The entire
Republican State ticket is undoubtedly eleotod
by over 8,000 majority. Every eounty yet
heard from, excepting Leavenworth, gives a
Republican majority. Haldeman, Democrat,
for Congress, is ahead of his ticket thus far.
The President's Message.
Washington, December 0. Nothing has
transpired here In relation to the Presldsnt's
Message. - It will probably not be sent to the
Senate before next week.
Letter of a Well-Known Editress to
Capt. John Brown.
Mrs. Jane G. Swlsshelm publishss In her
paper at St. Cloud, Minn., a letter, bearing
date of November 31, addressed -by her to
Ospt. John Brown. ' Whether or not the fa
natloal and misguided old hero received the
well-exeouted composition, we are nnahle to
say: , i ' i-,'. ;!"'
" Mt Fathbs is ths Bonds or Christ t My
spirit has been with you from the first. ,. My
prayers ascend for you, hour by hour, and
they are full of thanksgiving. I thank God
for you thank him that he bas created you,
that he bas put his spirit within you, that he
haa sustained you to vindicate the honor of
his name, to kindle la the hearts of this people
the fires of freedom, and to keep the faith of
mankind in the divine origin and destiny of
the race. When I learn to apologise for Lafa
yette's coming to mingle In a quarrel whioh
was not hia when I make defenses, on the
plea of insanity, for Him who looked down
from the shining court of Heaven noon the
slaves of sin, and hasted to their deliverance,
then I shall make excuses for you. Do not,
my father, shrink from -"the dark valley."
It Is but a short way over by the road you
travel. Remember, He went by the way of
the cross, a long and weary way, where the
protracted agonr from Divine wrath caused
Him to cry aloud. Remember the great 00m
pany ef martyrs whose souls have been re
leased by long bodily torments, and remember
it is still mete that' "one man should die for
the people." I would that I could
be with you, that I might have the great pri
vilege of walking In that light whioh shall as
suredly shine down apon your pathway to the
gates 01 me new Jerusalem. t)ir,l "would
see Jeans," and he Is with yoi as he ia no
plaoe else in this oeuntryi 1 Rest In the confi
dence of his love, that all may take knowledge
that you have been- with Him. Adieu until
we meet in that land where there are no ty
rants and no slaves." - - .
.:i.. .- " rr . 1 i
A UsroETio Absoootw or Da. Bbschbb.
While residing at East Hampton, on Long Is
land, Dr. Lyman Beeeher was returning horns
one evening from a visit tooldDr, Wool worth.
Seeing, as he thought, a rabbit by the road
side, a little ahead, be said: "They ar rather
tender animals; If the fellow sits still till I
come up I think I could hit him with these
books," a goodly bundle of which he had in
his handkerchief. Hit him he did; only It
proved te be, note rabbit, but a skunk. He
returned to bis family, in. anything bat the
odor of eaneity. In afterlife being asked
why he did not reply to a scurrilous attack
made on him, he answered: "I discharged a
quarto onoe at a skunk, and then I made up
my mind not to try It again." ; ,4 i ( ., i
correspondent of the Philadelphia Preu,
speaking of the1 opening of Congress, says:
"Siokle was not present when his name was ,
called, but entered before the roll was gotten .
through. He walked placidly round the oenter
row of seats and dropped into a seat on the
third bench.: He looks well, and has grown
his beard so as to make a tolerably effective
disguise. He was the only solitary man In
that large -assemblage.' '-He was not spoken
to.") This it a melancholy picture, and the,
figure in the foreground is worthy of commis
eration, if not of sympathy, ( U(U flw 1 -
- A- JL t.
Adveri-MBae-ta sot iroaodiBi Are Uiiee (Agate.
ln.rtk. & I Obi wekr.--! W
Two weeka.. 1 to On nuath..... u
Larger ad-irt-Mmmte Inaorted at tbe (oitew-kg
rates braaoare of tea Honor laat
0" loarttoo. 60 Two
Bach addl'Dal lea.. V I Tim
Oni wnk.-..... 1 7.'-1 (mi
..4 Ml I Two week-r..-... .-JB 00
i 0
la all III braaebaa, 4om wit- swilnm and dlipatca
(Vj'.i a.i
smoke consuming:
Deeem.er T1 1858.
the largeet claw boardi ng-houae. Tbe celebrity
theee htorea have gelned for themselves can not ha
too highly appreciated, aa every family having them
In nee can truly teetily.
Thanking the publlo for their generous support, It
la our determination to anpply tbe want! of tbe cooi
munlty with the benefit! which a preettoal mechau
oal eduiaUon can only aupply, , , lu,,,
Inventors, Proprietors dk ftlanufausiarere..
33 3
We beg leave, moat respectfully, to offer the follow -Ins
certificate! and reference! of famlliee nilun th
Alligator, which will, at a glance, remove all double
of Ita Intrinsic merite:
For some months I have beeu using the Alllgntur
Coal Cooking Btovi. lu lupartoroooklng euafltlc,
combined wilh Ita cleanlliieas, must eventually eecuru
to the owners a large ehare ar publlo patronage.
I have been using one of Meaara. Adams A Peck,
over'a Alligator Cook Stovea for eome months, which
gives entire aatlafaction In every reepeot, and can
cheerfully reoommend it to those who are in want u
a superior cook atove. H. 11. LEAV1TT.
For the last year I have buen using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, manufactured byHeaeri. Adams
A Feckover, which I eonilder a superior atove, and
givea the utmost aatlsraotion. It is tbe only atove I
ave fonnd that cooks perfectly with coal. -
For aome time paat I have been using oueof Messrs.
Adama A Peckover'a Alligator Coal Cooking Stovea,
and can reoommend them aa being a superior store,
giving entire satisfaction In every respect.
. ..... JOS. BOSHNBLt, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully Indorse the above.
Hon. Judge oLeen, Cllf- Joseph W. Wayne, 391, 81 h
ton. ,
M. Brooks, lit. Auburn
Hon Jui)ge:Leevltt,a9E,
Judge Van ilam, t ....
Judge Hoadly,i70Sd,'
Bv. W. a. Kennedy, u
J. P, Jones, .2 Fourth,
ltr. Morton, 334 Fourth,
D. Thatcher, m George,
V.. Uv.HOl, 3 - ITHtHUII,,UO,l..
Oln.Orphan Asylum, Ilm, Jos. Talbott, 400 7th.
John Kebler, S4S4th, 8a.Oettandaner, lUBmlth
it. nuiRor, on mo,
w w. .luiiy, ,10 out,
1. omiui, nrm 01 ijiucoin, B. a. Williams, wai.unia.
A Warnock, u . -Ira. Heaaon, B6S 4th,
H.Valletta. Mt 4th.
N. O. AIoLean, Olendali,
U. B, Funk, 36 Vim,
Joe. BushnelLooal mar.
M... 1. , U.1.U , -1 1141 ,
Mrs. Howltt.M E.4lh,
Bin. M. P. Taylor, 2C (o.
-Ira. llcPherson.S. E. cor.
Hlith anil Rr.
Mm U .. I ,! ,1 . j.U
JU. a.py, zwscQ,
.1. Jeffrey, Eng. Oaa W'ks, A. A. Clark, Tlmee office,
l. a. lenioian, oiorre'ip, r. ij. weaver, aw jonn,
A. W. Francisco, Fraas J. P. Whitman, Wash-
uuice. ingion inatiiuie,
Uhaa. Ubadwlck, Sot 4th,
llhmm tl.A n. - n .q..
1. n . egregue, m 7111, ,
Mr. Houghton, 1608th, '
Wm. Comatook , sol 4th,
John 0. Morris, USHlh.
J. A. Stacy. 444 8th,
Gibson A M'Donald, Vine
ir. nuie, 001 nu.
ibmo oiarsn, aw ueorpe,
.u.i it mvu ,nui ,14 -,o,aitriuuniMDf r lu 1
John Anderson, 413 4th, Elam P. Lanadou, 12 6th,
Jonathan Osden, lHA4tb,
W. W. Woods, uosth.
J. H. Fulweller, Long.
worm .na vveeiern-row,
V wuu a., niHHV. V. ..Wl,,,an
A Oo.'a printing ofllos. Alf. Burnett, 164 6th,
Inlin Tin, AKlnl..-A I. IT ,l n.. o.l.
jaiu-a. uimh 10, ue.
business cards
Door .Locks,
it. r. car and switch l0ck8,
' Door and Grate-Spriagi,
Bella Hung, Keys Fitted.
Tbs public are respectfully Invited to oaU and ox.
amine the various patterns and prioes, All Jobbing
promptly attended to' ' - . : .
, . 1 1- 1 i'gBOBOB MeGUEOOH,
nolcm Mo. US Fifth-street, M door from Bace.
Seale Hanufaottirrt,
No. 41 East Second-street, between Sycamore and
Sroadway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of
Counter, Platform, Cattle, Railroad Depot.
- aad TrsMk josUea Tracks,
im 1; Iron Wsesis, dec. ,
,- Bepalrag done on the ahorteet aotloa. . nol-Bai
is St. Ohsrles atreit, Hew Orleans, La.,
Importers erGaae St 8sH-rtlja Apparatna,
1 ' J-Ap PBALBts is ens rownsa.-
(Fronting the Steamboat Landing.)
North-east Corner Broadway aud Front.
.' ' ' '-. OIHOIBBATI, OBIO, ,!..,.,.,
, R. F. LEVEEIKG, Proprietor.
y '-' 1 ' ' ocT-cm) '' " '
' AorAOTTjaaas abb dbaubs n-
SV kinds of Mattresses and Beddlg.it the old
stand. Ho. IBS Sycamore-etreet, east side, Mtweeu
Fourth and Fifth-streets, seventh, ston above
Fourth-street, Church Pews lined and portioned
AU orders promptly attended to. o-l-cm
H. CAlIPBELIa & CO.""'
stna oouir iron, now subs, Baiiroai Splkea
Zto. Also, Agents for toe sale of Iron ten Sty ' IN ail,
arerooma Ho. IS last Beooad Street, Up-lnnat 1
"All kinds Iron mad to order. '
J Ho. W Blxth-atreet, between Vina aud Mace. In
the Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio.- Persons ho
any favor bias with their patron age, cn rel-n punc.
tuallty and low prioes. : , , , ..., a.pl-ay
! ITIouc j ! JVloney! Hlouc f
."wr''LbAN office,";;
l Keasevedrreaai ft West 8lal-atrnt,
AV-aKLBT and all kinds of Merchsndtse. at low
rittes or interest, at No. 171 Vlne-straal, t-Ie,u
reurth and Flftfi, t . , : s
. Dining and Coffee Saloon,
ii ' . .,. c (Hearthieoraerof Viae,! '
v .:,, c ti viUKEBS, PrenHetopI
- Opaters and Oaaa served ! il sty bs,. .ttitl, .tail
heura. etnaJtinolcm

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