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, "WAJfTB," "I OB SALB." "
"FODiD,r'4o.,n this Column.
r loss, two insertion!, twenty-
oocumnns In llnsa
WANTED Th subsoribtr, a married
men, It desirous of obtaining employment M
Assistant Book keeper, Shipping or Bntry Clerk, or
Clerk In an iusuraaee or accountant's offloe, or u
Belesmap Id a grocery or hardware establishment.
Hae bed a number of years' experience, and mo
five the most satisfactory reference, Address H. W.,
Psnny Presi. deljb
WfANTED-T 0 8 K L L-Double-entry
a , ?0"1L.,kP,I18,:no,r,olp In Bacon's, Gun
dry and Ohio Commercial Colleges. Young nun
save moueyby buying. Apply at Tuttle'e Exchange
"JV?- of Bycamore aud Third.
i""tti W. X. AOKLIY.
oompetent to teach mnslo on the Melo1 eon
can secure a situation by applying immediately at
ids loaung Art ralace," loot of Xc
ork -street. New-
port, Kentucky.
ANTED GIRL A Herman girl to do
ffaneral hntiMwork In a email famllv In In.
dlanepolls. fare will be paid to that oily. Apply
at tbli office. . delOb
colored preferred. Good referenots required.
Apply at 44 Brordway. delOb'
comer of Pearl and Tine-streets. deio-aw
machine to manufacture an entirely new
article, useful In every family, can be purchased, If
applied for at onoe, for a Tery small mm, Any per.
eon can enter at once into a lucrative business. Ap
fly at No. 301 Wert Fifth-street. doec
with a Horssand Covered Wagon, to take an
article round the otty, by which he can realize from
(30 to StO per week, Address Box 1,973, Poatofllce,
Cincinnati. de8d
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keppsrs, porters, eoopera, carpen
ters, mechanic!, laborer! and others, can And situa
tions at the Merchant!' Clerk! Registry Office, 1st
Wslnut-strect, fdelsaw HALB 00.
WANTED M E N A large number of
active, Indurtrlom men oan find agreeer!
and at the lame time luoratlve employment in the
sale of some new and popular Book! and Maps.
These work! are written by the beet historian and
authors known to the civilised world ; hence their
popularity. Come and examine for yourselvog be
ore engaging in me tale or other publications.
MACK B. BABN1TZ, Publisher,
ss West Fourth-street, OlncinnatL
WANTED 600 AGENTS To aell Dr.
LIBT from all pain, the best remedy in the world
for Neuralgia and Rheumatism. Call at the Ball,
road Hotel at 13 o'clock. de6b
FOR KENT HOUSE Containing 5 rooms
on Seventh-street near Mound. Inquire at
Equitable Insurance Co., SO Third-street, in base.
meat of Maeonio Building. delOb
FOR RENT Two-story Briok House, seven
rooms, in a good neighborhood. Apply to M.
B. SWING, oorner Third-street and Miami Canal.
. deM
FOR BENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
road, law or insurance offices, on second and
third floors, in four-story bnlldlng opposite the
Press Office. The bnlldlng haslbeen newly re-painted
and re-papered. AU in good Older. Apply at the
frees Office, nolo
BOARDING Two gentlemen ean obtain a
pleasant room, with board and the comfort! of
a home. House with all modern conveniences. No.
W West Feventh-itroet. r- de 12b
BOARDING A pleasant room, suitable
for a small family, or a few single gentlemen,
can be obtained, on easy terms, by applying at No,
l3Kaat Third-street. , del0-b
T 0ST In the Vine-street Congregational
M-f Church, two DIAMOND BING8 The finder
will be suitably rewarded by leaving them at A. L.
MOWBY A CO.'B, 31 West Third-street. deo
IOBT-A BREASTPIN (Oluater) on Wad
el nesday last, on Hound-street, between Sixth
and Seventh, or on Seventh to Vine. The finder will
be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office.
nJr the night of the 16th oi November, a
Hold Hunting Lever Watch, No. 1.04s, made by Jos.
Johnston A Co., Liverpool, and a 930 gold piece. The
above reward will be paid for the recovery of the
watch and the arrest of the thief, or $24 for the
Watch alone, if brought to 134 Clark -street. delOb
set of Dental Instruments, some material,
Plate, Tools and Chair, will be sold low for cash.
Apply at the Penny Press Offloe. del3b '
JL PRIATB than the following new and beautiful
(wiieououa oi blubioi - w
Borne Circle, containing 300 nieces of nnnnlar
Muiio .....,,-..........,...) 3 00
Western Glee Book ....h....... 1 00
Mendelssohn's Songs, wlthont words.............. 3 00
Message Bird, containing fifty Ballads............... 74
. ... . JOHN UUUKOH. Jr.,
No. M West Fourth-street
Pianos tuned and repaired by Thos. Atkins, dell
that Lights A) Bradbury's end
A. H. Oale A Co., of New York, and
Wm. Hnabe A Co.. of Baltimore,
Pianos, can be found only at 73 West
Fourth-street. I am orerlns vmai
inducements for cash, or will rent, and let the rent
payior me riano, at n west row tn-a treat.
The largest itock of Melodeoni in the city; no.V
MaBin-Remember that
Haileton Brother!, Raven, Baoon A
Co., Ballet, Davis 4 Co., and Peters, sWWwl
m uva i rianoa cannot M 1 1 V I gl
found In Olnolnnati ezcent at No. as
West Fonrth-street. I will sell for cash, as low as
any one east or west, or will rent, and let the 'rent
pay tor we nano, at w west rourtn -street.
nolo Depot for Mslodeons and Harmonium!.
w f-
Christmas Presents!
Flrat Premlam ;
Sewing Machines,
and simplicity of construction and efflcleuoy
m wviKiug, wv wneejuwicsi oy nojt- r
delOljal 8 Weat Foarth-atreet.
rorwarding and Commission
Boen. Pork, Lard, Whisky, Flour. Grain, Ao.
Office north-west corner Sixth and main-streets.
Cincinnati, onnoslte the Gait Hons.
The undersigned having formed a copartnership
in me ueoerni rroauce aua commission Holiness,
nnuer tue siyie oi n iison, uarucc a IO., reepsci
fully tender their services andsolicit the patronage of
nieir irivuua aua tne puDUQ. rarucmar aitenuoa
paid to buying and selling Bogs, Whisky, Flour,
Grain, Ac Their charges will be.es moderate aa
any other good horfse in the city. Befsr to the aer
cnants pi uincinneH generauy.
'..,.v , A. WILSON, Ji
U. 1. OlOtt,
1 10'i Mala-streeti three deors abeve Thirds
' Jim. DBB all k ads of Hone Trappings, fa the best
Mrf mnat anhfltnntlal manner. Abo. a Urn assort.
. ment of Horse Blankets, Whips, Carpet and Leather
' tugs, Bridle Bits. Buffalo Robes, Valises (the real
anle-Ieather), Mail Trunki, Sponge, and a- Urge as
sortment belonging to this line. I will aell as low
as the lowest, , ...--
no IS-ay ;
EM0VAL.-E. OfiMOND. M. D..
Dentist, has remove to 171 Tine-street, near
eleventh, opposite the See Offloe,
Tbahxs. lit. S, C. Meredith, of Adams's
Ezprajg Company, hai ear dally thanki for
Indlanapolli papers.
OiTiotio Immrra. Tha eontraot for' the
construction of this edifioe hai been awarded
to Wetley M. Cameron.
MiTxoaobooidiii - OaaiarATiONB For the
JW iVess, by Henry Ware, Optiolan, No. 7
West Fourth-itreetJDeoemW 11. .
O'clock. ;.. ; Barometer. . Thermometer.
- M ' .
e r. fll.....,.,.,w..,H,...,w9.4a , . aa
Bot Niiblt Diowxao m tbi OAHit. A
boy named James Bell, while gliding on the
bank of the canal, near Broadway, on Satur
day last, accidentally fall In, and would hare
been drowded bat for the fsot that the ioe kept
big head above the water until his orles at.
traded attention.
Haw. We were shown, a day or two since,
a superior artiola of the latest style of hats,
and, on inquiry, found that it had been nor.
chased at the hat store of B. R. Alley, No. 41
Broadway, opposite the Broadway Hotel; and
we were highly gratified to learn that his sap
ply was inexhaustible.
Day GOODS. Parinns itaalrln o '
article of fancy dry goods, such as delaines,
crenoii mennoes, ianoy sues, oioaks, shawls,
handkerchiefs, laces, oollars, embroideries,
to., should make their purobases from Chas.
B. Weatherby, 113 West Fifth-street. See
HioiWAY Robbibt. A man named James
'Toole anneamrl at thm TJInth-atwA. c,.inK
house last night in quite an Inebriated oondl-
. : ..j . i i ......
swu, siu ataiea ium some person naa jostisd
against . him on the sidewalk and stolen a
watch worth $130 from his vest pocket. -
SPIBITUALIBM Eipobid Mr. B. Frazar. aa
will be aaen by our advertising columns, pro
poses to expose the whole phenomena of spir
itualism, at National Hall, on Tuesday, Wed
nesday and Thursday evenings of this week.
Those who are interested in the matter will
doubtless find muoh to amuse and instruot In
the lectures and performance of Mr. F. and
his companions. 1
AryiinsiiT m is fli.n Wnun Ami. .
elderly woman named Ellen Manson, residing
miutv uiaw uu ouiiui-sueei, isu at me loot oi
tn A . , . .
vma-nroBt, joswruay aiiernoon, ana Drone
her lairJIeo inst fthnvA 4he anlrls Kuld..
erwise seriously bruising her body. She bad
nou uu m visit to some insnas in Covington,
and was returning to her home In this city
when the aocldent oocurred.
At their regular session on Saturday morning
the County Commissioners passed orders
amounting, in the aggregate, to $407 97. Hants
uauey, v. Heller, r. Doran, J. Sheridan, D.
Dougherty, B. McAvory. M. Newman and W.
Wniler were discharged from jail for want of
means to pay the fines and costs chareed
against them. Apart from this no business of
Importance was transacted. ,, .
HvUBMEA!.. Tha mafvtmnnl&l mb.1,.1
- ... . wniu, ..Doe
and falls, one would imagine, by the influence
of the moon, like the tides. Murders and
marriages are always committed on pleasant
days and nights, and the chaste stars are com
pelled to witness them when their twinkling
plainly shows bow eladlv thev would hide
their eyes if it were possible. Daring the past
kuvj iam.v ovou .ur.jr-vua marriage li
cense Issued by the Clerk of the Probate
Court, against twenty-six the week previous.
Mid-oat Bciolast. While the famllv 'of
xnr. james it. jncuuntocK, residing on Nintb
street, near Freeman, were at ohuroh yesterday
morning, some scoundrels entered their resi
dence and ransacked it from garret to oellar.
They did not succeed, however, in finding anv
thing of great value, although they carried off
some artioias or wearing apparel and about
twenty dollars in money, which they found In
one of the bed-rooms. The scoundrels effected
an entrance through tha baok door, whioh had
seen inadvertently ion open. .
Prison, Jail and Hospital. In the Oltv
Prison, at the olose of the week, there were 106
prisoners, (80 of them females,) against 140
the previous week. Daring the week 72 pris
oners were discharged. -
In the County Jail there were 7 lunatios:
30 females; 2 on bread and water; IS onohaln-
gang; 80 in main Jail 122 in all, against 141
in weea previous.
At the Oommerclal Hospital 30 nersons wars
admitted during the week; 29 discharged; 1
born, and 2 died Josephine Morrison and
jnicnaei urseon.
In tha Hospital last evenina 148 nation ts
were under treatment, against 143 the previous
At the olose of the past week there was not
a single oase ot smau-pox in the Feet-bouse.
Misting of thk Hamilton County Daiio-
obatio Exmutivr CoMiiiiTM. The Demo-
cratlo Exeoutive CommitUe of Hamilton
County met on Saturday last at the Hall of
the Young Men's National Demooratio Asso
ciation. Upon motion. J. Bell Pollook. Wil
liam Robinson and Dr. C. 8. Mntoroft were
appointed a committee to distriot the county
for the eleotlon of delegates to the State Con
vention. Two reports were made, one from
Messrs. Robinson and Pellook, a majority of
toe committee, ana on from Dr. Musaroft,
minority. The majority report is as follows,
and was adopted:
' WaiaiAS, The Demooratio State Central
Committee have oalled Demooratio State
t. Ul .1 I... - n-1
bus, on Thursday, January 5, I860, to elect
four delegates to represent the State of Ohio
in the Charleston Convention, and have pro
vided that the basis of representation in said
State Convention shall be one delegate for
every five hundred, and one delegate tor every
traction oi two nunarea ana . nrtv votes and
oyer polled for Rufus P. Ranney for Governor;
therefore. ' . . .'
Bmoltnd,7Sr the Hamilton County Demo
oratio Executive Committee, that the following
apportionment of delegates be, and the same
is hereby made, (Hamilton County being enti
tled to twenty-seven delegates, having polled
14,178 votes for Jadge Ranney.) - i
First Ward, 1; Second, 1; Third, 1; Fourth,
l; if inn, it Sixth, I: Hevsntn, 1; JSighth, 1;
wtnti. i. rp.-.k i. i. m ir.u o.
A, .fUUI, I) AIOIVUIU, li ASVilkH, 4,
Thirteenth, 1; Fourteenth, 1; Fifteenth, 1;
eixieenin, i; aeventeentn, is Dpenoer xown-
hln 1. r!nlat Ld.n.. 1. 1.1, 1
Springfield, 1; Millereek, 1; Columbia and
Byrnues, 1; Harrison, Crosby and Whitewater,
Aiami, vtiu ana Btorrs, l; uieen, 1.
Total, 27. .,
Jtnolind, That tha 'primary meetings be
held in Cincinnati, Mllloreek, Spenoer and
1859. the poll to open at seven o'clock and
close at eight and a half o'alock, and In. the
other townships the polls to open at four
o'clock and olose at six o'olock on said day,
and that the eleotions b eonduoted In the
tame manner, and governed by the same regu-
lauuus as sueouons 01 aeiegate to tne last Dem
ooratio County Convention. ,; , , .
. Muolvxl, That it shall be tha dnlv nf
Executive Committeeman to transmit to this
Committee) the poll-books and tally-sheet of
ineeitouon in nis wara, townsntp, or preeinot.
dl rooted (the same being sealed) to tbe Presi
dent of this Committee, to the end that proper
certificates may b leaned to the - delegate
elected. - -
Baolved, That the elections be held at the
asuaipiaoM of holding elections, unless other
, wise deilgnkted by the Executive Committee.
Jiuolvd, That this Committee adjourn to
meet on Saturday, Deeember 81, 1860, at ten
o'olock A. M., In this hall, unless sooner called
togeiner oy w voaimau.
A Life Tragedy—A Nero-like Landlord
and his Victim.
The deepest traaedi of Ufa are seldom
written. The story of Medea b not the less
interesting because of its antiquity, and dors
not fail te oreate a thrill of horror whenever
read; but far more terrible dramas than even
this are daily enacted in our very midst, al
though unfortunately they have no Euripides
to give the heroes ivnd the heroines unto the
world and fame.
A slnrrle death, however sudden, fails to
awaken an extended Interest, and, outside of
toe eircieor acquaintances in whioh it occurs,
it hardly felt. Another oomes and fills the
vacuum thus created and the world plods on,
forgetting in a little while that the Earth has
murdered another of htr guests. Sometimes,
however, a person passes into the life hereaf
ter under olroumstanoes whioh, for tbe first
time, cause him to be known and hi history
becomes a matter of general inquiry. Such a
case oocurred a day or two ago, and the Inter
est we felt in it has induced us to relate it
Briefly here. ,
. fin !Vi1Aajt. -f .t. J
quite good-looking'glrl, named Josephine Mor
rison, wis taken to the Commerolal Hospital,
in this eity, bnt in six hour after her body
naa entered it, ner spirit, rrtea from the day
in whioh It had been Imprisoned leas than
twenty summers, took it departure for a life,
in which we oould fain wish it might find
peace and rest.' , - ,.-
A year or two ago the met a man with
whom she sympathised and in whose nature
she found or thought she found all that her
own se long had oraved. She loved him and
was betrayed. For many months they resided
together, bound only to each other by the spell
wbioh he had oast about her heart and the in
terest she caused him to feel In her by the
gratification of his nature's baser part She
knew no law but love, but to her this wis all
sufficient; for although she felt the thraldom,
her ebains were linked with flowirs and they
perfumed the whole atmosphere of her life.
xt was not so wiw mm. Time put, bat as
to her the bond grew stronger; with him it
weakened; and Just when most sh needed the
support of his strong arm, and the soothing
tones oi tne voice wntcn tnrougn the ear first
found the way to her yoanc heart, he
abandoned her. She sought and found a room
in a remote portion of the Eleventh Ward,
where she thought to hide herself until girl
hood oould be lost in maternity, upon the
boundary of whioh mysterious realm she then
stood trembling with fear and anxiety. .
11 now sne oouia nave louna a mend all
would have still gone well, although the sun
had vanished from the sky of her life. The
chaste and silvery beauty of the moon, when
in tne west tne uey-goa links to rest, smiles
on the gloom-encompassed earth, and bids
the weary hope that some kind eyes may beam
on them; but to her, in her desertion, they
cam not, ana sne siowiy reaiisea mat sne naa
hoped, had prayed In vain.
A month rolled by, and when the rent-day
came, it brought her landlord with it, and
both found her penniless and ill. The result
of her intimacy with the man who had so
crnelly deserted her, at a time when his sym
pathy was a positive necessity, was about to
be made manifest to the world. She had no
means; the landlord oould not have her In his
house, under the eiroumstanses, and he con
cluded to take her to the Hospital.
ne procured an express-wagon, ana in it,
on a straw bed. with no covering save one
thin quilt, he placed this misery-overtaken
woman, although at that very moment she
was suffering from the pain that mothers only
know. It was very oold; tht earth was man
tled in white,' and the loe-born breath of the
North wind blew bitterly, and echoed baok in
dismal moans the heavy breathings of the poor,
slok Josephine.
He drove to the office of the City Infiranry.
but the violent jarring to the vehiole had
caused In the unfortunate woman a violent
hemmorrhago of the nose. After proouring
the necessary certificate of admittance, he
started for his destination; bnt ere he reached
it great crimson lcioies baa formed, and pen
dant from the nostrils of the sick girl hung,
while the wind, as if in mookery of the terri
ble pioture it had made, shrieked more bitterly
than before.
No medicine oonld save her than. Nonhv-
slcian, however great hi power, by any drug
within the knowledge of his myatio art, oonld
heal her broken life. The soul, ever at war
with the body, gladly avails itself of the first
opportunity to escape from its earthly bonds,
and feeling now that it was almost free, sym
pathised with it suffering enemy, and post
poned, for a few hours only, Its final farewell.
'We saw the victim of this one of Earth's
tragedies when her form was clothed for bu
rial. Hor lips, where oft love's sweetest kisses
naa oeeu -
"folded down
In perfect purple state,"
were livid from the embrace of Death; her
brow wag cold and pale as marble; her faoe
wore a smile as if tha heartlesaness she had
met in life, in death had been forgiven; and
the happiness whioh she bad fondly dreamed
her offspring would afford, she seemed ts have
touna in accompanying it to Heaven.
Dmtivomvi Inn on Nw-btmt Nini
Horsh Burnt to . Diath. About three
o'olock on Saturday morning a fire broke out
in the establishment of Messrs. J. S. Haggerty
and Nioholson dc McOarty, undertakers, on
the north slda of New-street, a few doors east
of Syoamore. The buildings were entirely
frame, and burnt ao rapidly that before the
nre aepanment reacnea tne ground, although
they were on hand with mora than ordinary
promptness, they were almost destroyed, to-
S ether with their oontents. Eight valuable
ones were entirely oonritned in the flames,
while a ninth was iniu ed so badlv that the
blow which killed htr., seemed merciful in
deed. The stables, Tf.ioh adjoined each other,
were very ordinary, but the loss, which is
about equally divided between the occupants,
will reaoh $3,000. neon which there Is a nar
tlai insurance. The fire, it it thought, wu
tne wok oi an inoenaiary. -
Moaa Ripublioans Wabrid to Liavi
Ksntuckt. Mr, Charles Payne, who two
years ago was a Republican candidate for
Congress from the Tenth Congressional District
oi -Aontuoxy, came into our omee yesterday
and showed us a letter whioh ha had reoelved
at Dsmossvllle, Pendleton County, giving him
but twenty minutes in which to leave the
place, on pain of being dealt with u the
omieni might tnink ne deserved. Ale stated
that he intended to return to his wife and
family to-day, and we have no doubt he will
do so. This faroe has been ao often repeated
was it aa oeaseoj to o enecuva.
M. Langston dslivered a lecture last night at
the Baker-street Baptist Churob, to. a large
oongregation. Hia remarks wire based upon
the fifty-eighth chapter of Isaiah, and were
attentively listened to until the end. He will
lecture, this evening at the Zion Baptist
Church, on Third-street, between Rao and
Sim, on "Personal Liberty." v
On Wednesday evening. Rev. A. R. Orow
will lecture at Allen Chapel, on the "Sign
in limes," ana wiu aounties araw a large
M . 1 lie
auoienoe oi eurcoiorea population. ,- ,..
i Extra HA8apoui. A book firm on Main
street, we are informed, on Friday last, re
oeived a large invoice of Howard Rowan Hal
per' volume on Tht hnprndinm Oritit, and ad
vertised It for sale. As soon as the fact cam
to the knowledge of the agent of the company
m waion insir stooa ana ouiiaing were in
sured, he informed thsm that they wonld have
to pay him one per cent, extra, or he would
be compelled to cancel their policies; for, said
ne, -we oan anora to insure no no use contain'
ing any soon incendiary document for lest
than three and a half per osnt," ; ; ,
Cincinnati Stbsbt Riatoii). The Cinala
nati Street Railroad Company have completed
their circuit, and are now running cars It
entire length, leaving the oorner of Fourth and
Walnut every six minute.' The ears may be
known on Fourth-street, from Walnut
Vine, y their white light. ; .. i v
Y. M. L, Lectures—Rev. H. W.
Bellows on the "Sources of Social
The second lecture of Rev. II. W. Bellows
on the "Soleno of Society," was delivered
before tbe Library Association at Smith
Nixon's, on8aturday evening, to a Urge and
cultivated audience. We have no spaae to
give evon an abstract of the gentleman' dis
course, which was able and often eloquent,
carefully and olosely reasoned and well illus
trated. ' '
The main idea was that no person had a
right to take anything from sooloty for whioh
he did not pay, or to take more than he oould
pay for. W hsn he did either of thes. he com
mitted a Social crime. There were oertaln
things that society could not give, and which
no man had a right to demand, and these were
all infractions of order, decenoy and morals.
Men acted from, and influenced others,
through their mind, whioh was purer; from
and through their emotions, whioh afforded
pleasure; and from and through their sym
pathies, which was the moral part of nature.
When these were not properly regulated, men
became evil, and when they were thoroughly
ruled, men grew to be good citizens.
Th passions were to bo regulated by the
passions, pleasures by pleasures; the lower
yielding to the higher; and this was the true
mode or education. Much was due to organ
ization, bat even that oonld be trained and
directed to good. Crimes could be calculated
authentically, and recurred in the name pro
portion and amount. This seemed to render
the cause of reformers desperate; but proper
remuneration for labor andin telllgence, an d the
cultivation of tha heart, would result advan
tageously to the community, and in time ef
fect a moral regeneration of all persona who
received the physical, mental and moral pab-
uium prepared ior tneir oenent. ...
The third and last lecture of the coarse,
"Criterions of Moral rProiress" will be deliv
ered to-morrow evoning by Rev. H. W. Bel
low. S)
Homicide in Adams County—Arrest of
the Perpetrators in this City.
A week ago last Thursday a man named
William Hodge, residing! near a villas
called Rome, in Adams County, in thia
State, invited a number of his neighbor to
assist him in raising a new balldlng. Among
the number was a cousin of hi named Mil
ton Hodge, whose wife, some time during
tne day came lor bim; but. a the feelinir
whioh exiited between ber and th wife of
William Hodge was not of the most friendly
character, they soofl became involved in a
quarrel, during which William kicked hia wife
oat or tn nouBe.
Out of, this transaction grew the diflie.nl tv
which resulted in the homicide. From high
words came blows and these aroused a demon
In the breast of William, which oould not ap
parently ne quieted oy anything save blood.
Milton secreted himielf behind a tree, while
his ooniin armed himself with a rifle, and, al
though he used his best endeavor to avoid the
shot, the ball was planted in his groin, and he
died from tbe effect of the wound in a few
The homioide at once fled across tha hllla.
and nothing was heard of him until a few
days ago, when it was discovered that he was
near Sharon, In this oountv. through a man
named Grimes, who made his appearance at
Rome and offered for sal a portion of Hodge'
chattel property. Constable Wy koff, of Borne,
at onoe left for this city, and, procuring the
services of Captain Wilson and Officer Bloom,
of the Police, the trio yesterday . afternoon
went to Grimes's residence, in the neighbor
hood of Sharon, where they succeeded in ar
resting both the murderer and his son, who
were brought to the city and oommitted to
tbe Ninth-street Station-house, whenoo they
I . , X . 1 . m . . -
win ne taaen to Aaams vouniy ior trial. ,
Probable Homicide at a Bagnio—A
Young Man Shot in the Head and
Nearly Killed.
For tome time past so ill-feeling has existed
between a oouple of young men, named
Eugene Tratebas known in some circles as
Eugene Palmer and Wilson Cobb, both of
whom, it appears, are enamored of a woman,
the inmate of a bagnio, on Ninth-street, near
iuymiuer. un oaturaay nignt, about haltpast
twelve, Tratebas went to the house and
found Cobb in'the parlor, In conversation with
the woman, when he immediately attaoked,
and, knooking him down, beat him quite
as soon as n oould tre nunseir from his
assailant, Cobb arose and ran toward the baok
part of the house for the purpose of making
his escape, but finding the door looked he be
oame desperate. Unfortunately the atirressor
followed bim and was about to strike him
again, when he drew a pistol and fired, the
ball taking effeot in the left side of the fore
head and passing through and around the
Tratebas wss taken un. and medieal aid
oalled in, but as yet they have been unable to
end tne ball. Late yesterday evening he wu
in quite a critical conruuon, ana tears are en'
tertainea that he can not reoover.
Polio Cobrt. Judge Lowe examined six
teen oases on Saturday morning a very small
nnmoer ont none 01 tneiu were interesting,
jonn xiuvai aitat dames Upton, who so
heartlessly killed a oouple of horses a few
nishts ago. in the stable attached to the
Jfarmer's Hotel, was oommitted ia default of
bail to the amount of $500 to answer the
charge of malioious destruction of property,
colore tne next term oi tne uourt of common
Ann Nolan, who was arrested on Frldav
last, charged with stealing a bolt ot Marino,
valued at twenty dollars, from tie store of J.
V. Clutoh, on Fifth-street, wu aentenoed
tn city rnson tor a term of two months.
Pita's Omba-hods. Maobith drew, eom-
parativelr speaking, a fair audience on Saturday
night, in point of numbers, bnt in quality it was ex
cellent. The play waa admirably put upon tha stage,
and the scenic effect, especially In the banquet sceue,
was almost superb. The acting, if we except that
Mr. Conway, who Is certainly the worst "Macbeth"
we ever saw, was quite good, and iu many parts
The great fault of Mr. 0. Is the sameness with
which he enacts every character he assumes; and
Macbeth," tn Ihe last act particularly, in his
hands, instead of being a tragedy King, was contid
erehly more like "John Mildinay," in a fourteenth
century Italian comedy dress; for this really was the
manner in which he was costumed.
To-night Mr Murdoch will appear as "Benedick,"
in Shekspeare'e excellent comedy, Mooh Ado About
Nothixo, with Mrs. Conway as "Beatrice." Mr.
ia too well-known to require a word from us, further
than the simple announcement that be will appear,
and this, we are oertain, will be sufficient to crowd
the house, -
Wood's Thiati. The petit, piquant and
pretty Haggle Mitchell appears to-night at Wood's
Theater as, "Katy O'Shelliu the comedy of that
name, ann as "uaronue morton" in tne beantuni
protean farce of the Fova Bistass. Maggie is con
siderable of a favorite with the habitnes of this es
tablishment, and will doubtless crowd ths house
overflowing. .
. National Thbatr. Mrs. Farren and her
daughter Fannie Fits Farren appear to-night at this
establishment, the former as "Lucrexla Borgia,"
character she plays admirably, and the latter
"Oonetanoe" in Sheridan Knowlea's much admired
bnt somewhat uninteresting oomedy of the Lovx
OaatE. This attraction Is oertalnly sufficient to pack
"Old Drury" to ita fUUestoapaclty.
Folic Codrt. A man named H. H. Mil
lar was fined 111 for selling ardent spirits wlthont
lioense. A negro named James Newman was held
bail in the sum of 1 ISO, for his apnea ranee at the Cir
cuit Court, on a charge of obtaining goods under
false pretenses. Two others wsre fined small sums
for peddling without licenses, when the Court ad
journed, ,
. Strist Bailboaob. The subject of street
railroads is attracting Increased attention, in view
of the anticipated action of the Council on nest
Thursday night week. Several different companies
are oraanllins with a view of aoinlrina tha franchise.
and the friends of each are endeavoring to press their
claims upon we uouncu,
A SoootSTioa. We suggest that the Oitv
Council vote an appropriation to purchase a load
strew w acoommouate tne nogs mat sieep in
Court-house hall. Tber should not be compelled
ue on tne noor mis ooia west ner.
CiBCort CoonT. The Circuit Court will hold
a term of two weeks in this slty, commencing
monaay nexu xs win oecuieny ocoupiea in Dispos
ing of criminal business. . vw v .
Matbioiai.. There were four marriage
licenses granted by the Count Clerk last week, i
AprticATioie fob iNiwTitn!. rosBsctuv.
A motion for a new I rial in i lie raae of Win. Beck ley,
convicted or murder in the second degree, wasar-
Sued before Judxc Mallon, Ipt Judmbpooner and
ohnstun. Tbe grmindn iMk- i, were that tbe verdict
was against the law and evulence; aUo, because of
" uiiugB unuv won , aim error is sue euarge,
and that there was new! discovered testimony. In
Ihfl COUrM nf h . Mnt.rk. l.w, ... I ..I . 1.1 1 1. - ,
jurors a ere getting to be as corrupt aa the devil, and
getting to be as bad as In the Northern borcltr of
. cotland, where tber levied black mail. The morion
lS not vet diNnnaed of.
1IIVOHPM Humu a? .IImh. . . . 1
iu MUon ,B the cases of Mary M. Millar v. W.
Millar! llMtli.rlna !!.... 1.1. .... L' ,
. Pettit vs. J. W. l'ettit.
"'ir 'J?!1, vs. Mare Harel.-Th petitioner al.
Aged habitual IntnTlnatlnnanrltrrnunAultnfJ..
The parties bad sixteen children, and tbe respond-
HUt Claims that the ntttlrvnF 1 1 Mir in at rlri nf v..
for ths purpose of getting married to another wo
man. Judge Carler has thiscsae under advisement.
Uhiminal SiDS.-The trial of John Kaln, before
.lUdSe (jOlllns. for thu mni-flnr nf R. RlnfflAlnn nr..
lireeeed. The defendant's counsel have set up a plea
i insanity.
Fl.I. flllin Jliav SnMTI,.n,irl I,m in
their special ranort atata th nn ! H.a In ua.
ion, examined sixty-eight witnesses in Ifreen cases,
Hnd found fourteen Indictments. They drew atten
tion ip tne insecure condition of the Jell, and sug
gest the impoitanoe of pressing forward with ths
wprlc of the new one now in course of erection.
They commend the vigilance of Mr. ShocUsy, the
Jailor, in preventing the escape of notorious prison
ers. Adverting to the Lunatio Asylum Carthage,
they say the thanks of. the community '.re due to the
projectors, archeteot and mechanics of this edifice.
The IniOTMiNTa.-The Indlotmr.nts reported are
as follows: John Leonard, manslaughter; Amanda
Lindsay, passing counterfeit money; Jndah stiller,
Hisault and battery; O. Marshall, obtaining goods
under raise pretenses; V. Miller, perjury; UTOlanoy,
passing counterfeit coin; Mlchaef Pheeny, malicious
n1? H'JI !B- J- Hcnl's- Passing counterfeit notei
P. h. William!, petit larceny; Geo. Uielman, grand
im-aeny; Joseph Welner, selling liquor contrary to
GlNSBiL TERM P. Kakabatn . ir.. . A. W
Qulmby. This wai a petition tn error to reverie a
judnnent obtained by the defendant In error for
9,w. y uuif uuauiey ueuverea tne opinion, amrm-
IUg IUD jUU)Ulllll. j
Ovrtts Garrett vs. J. W. RwMnv . tn.l. A-
llvered the opinion. Tbe actios was to recover pos
session of real property, and the defendant in error
recovered a judgment. Judgment affirmed.
; John A. Williams vs. D. II. Mean. Judge Hoad
ley delivered a lengthened opinion in this case In
which the action waa brouffht to Mmn, mhmIm
of real estate and damaaaa for Ita dAtantinn Tha
judgment was affirmed.
Anigaii iiewis vs. a. w. BKaaU. The opinion was
delivered by Jndge Spencer, affirming tbe judgment
at special term.
Tha river, soon after mlilndrhs n
dame to a stand, and yesterday morning it began to
fail slowly, and to decline more rapidly as the day ad.
uv . .a. efifuiiiK ine water must neve
subsided about twelve iuches, and to-day It will
Probably go down more rapidly, though the river Is
extremely high, suffltolently so to float a vessel of
me largest alio, ah Kinds at steamers can pasa ever
the Fall! at Louisville, and will be able to do so lor
some days. The Obio continues to full above, and nil
tiie tributaries are still declining.
Tbe Landing waa more active on Saturday thau
for two or three days previous, aud freights were
uiuro freely offered. The Levee was crowded with
b 'Hts, and bore quite an anluiatwd appearauce. .
The weather has moderated sreatlv ainu, mir lint.
and yesterday a general melting took place, the gut
ters pouring their stream) Into the river, which will
aid to check the fall of tiie river at thia point.
: rroiKiiia uave uecuueu aince our last, and are at
present as follows: ,
Pittsburg-Ootton, 75c.: Molaiiei. 7ta.; Whisky,
9io.; Flour, 30c.: Pork and Lard. 41c; Pound
ireights, loo. per 100 lbs. '
Hafiiiviiie wnrsky, per Ml., JI; Ale,7c,i Pound
Freights, 4()c. per Km lbs.
Ht. Louis Ifoavy Pound Freights, tie. per 100 lbs.;
Whisky and Oil,6c.per brl.; Stoves, 2Je.; Ale, Wc.
Now Orleau'-Whijky and Oil Si; Flour. 60c.: Fork
60c.; Bacon, Butter, Cheese, Ac; 40c. per IHO lbs.:
Keg Lard, incj Empty Barrels, aic., Horses, SIO per
head; Pound Freights, 40c , ,
Saturday's Louisville Uourierobserves; '
The River wassteadily rising all day yesterday at
the ruts of about au Inch per hour, making the falls
navigable for all clasaes of hours tn un.nd n ,1.
soond, with about thirty-five feet water in the chan
nel oeiow tne iuiis. rue weather nas been quite
niodorate and clear for over twenty-four hours, the
temperature barely at the freetingpointat any time
7tbwiujr, .uu .ne icu auu snow mat covorea tne
wharf aud pavements was converted into running
Saturday'! St. Louis Republican remarks! ''
The river at this port fell one foot In tha twant v.
four hours ending at dark last evening. On Thurs
day it receded one foot. In all there has been a de
cline of three foot, and the river ts still falling.
There can not be more than six feet In the channel
ont to Cairo.
The river is full of floating ice, which had de
creased, however. Yesterday, and name down In da.
tacneu iragmenta. ana not in a solid mass, as on
Thursday aud Wednesday last.
We have no late news from any of the upper rivers.
They are all closed with ice. aud will srobablv remain
so for some tinio. No boat has left for any port
above for some days past, excepting the Baltimore for
Abivax. Kanawha Valley, Kanawha;
Gray, Kanawha; Gray Eagle, Pomeroy; Melrose,
Mayeville; Fred. Tron, New Orleans; B.F. Sass, New
urieans; xeiegmpn, ijouisviue; ney west, fitts
uui,, imwu.i .v.Muiuuiu.auiim, numiBM, jai"
tamont,St. Louis; Bunleith.Hsvillsj VlrgiuiaUome,
' DsPAETOBfS. Texas, New Orleans; Ohio Bells,
XT -l IT1.... !.,- r ......Ml . rt'lL . T 1.
ville: Key West. Louisville: Bostona. Portsmouth:
Melrose, uaysviue; uray Kaele, romeroy; Hanawha
t auey, nnuawua; owauow, rarasrsourg; vunieiui,
Neville: Virginia Home, Neville; Conewago, Nash-
-mo wui.i iiiwuHig, vuiu uoiiv, .inn vueaut.
vouuy s nenus, jueuipais.
Hot Drownrd. A little boy named Hollen
beek, aged eight years, was drowned In a pond near
the Licking bridge, on Saturday last, while playing
on tue ice. - fc
Aooidsnt. A German named Frederick
Martin severed three of hit fingers with an ax, while
coopping wooa on eaiuraay.
Monetary and Commercial.
Monetary affairs were aotive on Saturday,
and the calls for Currency were unusually large, to
much to that several hankers forced off their Kx
change below the regular selling rate H premium
to obtain funds to meet the drafts made upon them.
At the Dlseonnt-housei numerons applications for
loans were rejected. Ths Paper was good, but their
meant were not surncient to anoru accommodation.
Still the day passed without any particular pressure
or uimcuity ou tue part oi tne commercial commu
nitv. Kastern Exchange was infirm at M buying and H
nreinium. Gold was In falrreouest from the con a-
try Banks at M premium. No change in Dncnrrent
Money, save in Illinois and Wisconsin, whioh was
put down to 1 discount.
w neat ana live wore nrm on naiuraay, wiiu an ac
Uve demand, while Corn advanoed ao. and Oats lffl.2o
ner bushel. No chanse In Whiakv. Molasses was
higher at the close, and Sugar advanced Ho. per
pound. No particular alteration oocurred In Pro
visions, In which transactions were moderate. The
de&and fur Hogs was freely ,raet, 0,343 head selling
ateeeje so, . .. .. .:.'
The Imports and Exportsofvarlotu articles during
tne twenty-iour nonrsenoing yesteraay noon, were;
. lMrOHTa. lour, l-.iis oris.: wninsy, m uns..
Corn, ,m bushels; Wheat, 3,490 bushels; OaU, 7M
Dusnsis; iiariey j,ios ousneis; nogs, e,iu neaa; uonee.
l.aoi oags; sugar, 3X1 nnas.; noiasses, i,73S oarreis
Apples, W3 brls.; ButteOM boxes; 4 kegs; Cheese,
746Potatoei, 18 brls.: Balt7l,00v brli.
XxroBTS. Flour, 1.29D brls.; Whisky, 1,391 brls.
"ats, j outneie; nariey, ra ousneis; mtgar, u nnas,
Molasses, 31S brls.; Coffee, 448 bags; Apples, 34 brls.
Butter, 44 kegs; Cheese, 1M boxes: Potatoes, 31 brls,
Salt, fid brla. . . .
The total exports of the country for the year, in
uiuuius nv.e anu .uivaan uuu. irufvul
amounted to about S&6,000,oM, and the Imports
the same period to about S33g.000.O00. Of the tm aorta
we have no details. Our exports were greater in
fiscal year ending June 30 last than In any previous
year with the exception of 146-7. The excess ovsr
former years if partly in spaoleand partly In domestic
exports. '
Friday's New York Herald lays of Thursday'
finanoial affairst'
"There Is no particular chance In ths Money mar
ket. Tbe demand is still active. Brokers are paying
6 peroent. for all they borrow; and very choice short
acceptances go with difficulty at H percent. Most
of tbe first-class paper which passes into the hands
of the discount brokers goes at 74- The Sub-Treasurer,
however, reports a moderate demand for
treasury notes, which shows that tbe present activity
in tne maraet is noi expectea to last.
"There is nothing doing In foreign Exchanges
dav: there la no rerular steamer for Liverpool
houthamnton I before the Uunarder on Wednesday
next, from Boston. The leading drawers are heavy
buyersof ootton bills In the South, and It Is safe
expect tnat tney win ne wining to araw next mva-
aay ana lueeuay on very reasonable terms."
Iu Boston the siienlv of Money is somewhat llm
ited at the banks, and considerable Paper that a
nays ago woum nave oeen eagerly taken, nas Dees
foi-cad into the street, where it naid 7 and S ner aent.
Nettling la done on call below 6 per cent,, and thtre
seems to os some contraction oi loans sn round.
In Baltimore there Is an active demand for Money
dally on the street, and first-class slugle named busi
ness Paper is freely offered at 10 per cent. ' Names
generally known go at IS, and on the best dividend
paying collateral! for 6ft to todays, percent. Isgsn
arallv naked and oivan.
The deposits of Coin in the New Orleans Hint
during November, was, in Gold (30JS3 S4, and
Silver , i. The coinage In Bold, (double
eaglesl was $16,000, and in Silver, thau dollars! was
1100,000. ' .
The totAl nnrnhnr of Hois received around th
Falls at Louisville, up to last Saturday, was 194,427,
anu ot tnose usea.
Tt.nrTR Tha market was rather aulet tnalav
wlthont any special change; the demand was limited
but holders are firm: sales of barrels, at 5 36
.nnarAna. ant 100 do.. S 40 for .1 tra. RiiMrfliu
generally held at S 3& 40- Beceipts light. -WHISKY-Agood
demand at full prices: sales
l..vi narreis at rsc., inciuaing tnat rrom wagoa.
HOOS There was not much chaos in the market
to-gay. tne oeaiana was stir , aaa was met 1x017
holders, rather preesingly, Indeed, at the close. Th i
salse were: ... 1 1
fi' bead averaging 300 lbs. at....". , It
a.m h..j llk. i aa i
ft) head averairing uu lbs. atM,-...
tni head averanlug UN lbs. at, ....
t as .
t 40
t u
t 0 31
fni neau averitKiug siu lua. ai..,..MMH
u una rviwa ivtffaif lus. aV...M.
0 heed averagiug lbs. at,.....,.;;,.
ir head averaging 17ft II. at.mra.,,,..,,.
da) head averaging M Ilia, at,.,,,
t) ' I IITVtU swtsasBi aiu iusj, ata, ewe.Mt
n on
ill iw&q ftveragiug tiu u, (.,
at AA .
t r, Ofuui tmtmgiug tai iim.
MS head fennaifiDg Iho II.
llrUaJ AmrtuiDs? IWl ll'-t. Ill
Jt 7V
6 St.
S 40
tnt hetul ftVrtwiiiA IrtO IIm. at..
jvhi head averMfjiug iw iim. ai. H
tMi head avera,irjf ISA )b. ate.
Tht recolnt- ilnrluz the last twenty-four hours were
about ,uou bead. . . , - , ,
1'KOV IblUiNS-1 hoif was not mucn cnange in tne
market to-day, and the businees desire was only mod
erate. Tbe sales were ita barrels mess Fork at tie, '
rash; 1,000 do. at17-to be delivered in february.
M) brls. Lard at loKff.lOMc.; 50 do. at 10c., packages
liirnished. V.flOO pieevs green Uvat sold at X and
iWc. for Hhouldera and bides, and IhWe. for Bams,
which closed dull, and country offering at Tttc. Wa
heard of no sales in bulk meats; t and 8c. were the
rates offered for February delivery, and a and i'Ac
GltOCatniKS-Tbedeiuand for Bugar Is active, and
prices 'Ac. higher: sales of hhds. at tOiHo. for
Ulr and good fair. Molasses buoysnt and active:
sales of Wo barrela, part to arrive, at 4so and at the
close none could be bought below at 47c, and w un
derstood some sales were made at this rate,
WHEAT The market continues firm, with an ac
tive demand. We Quote prime white at tl iBAI M,
nnd prime red at II Uxftl ir. sales of 190 bush, prime
wblte at tl 38; UO do. mixed at 81 26.
COBN-There is an active demand, with light re
ceipts, and prices have advanced 2c. per bushel:
sales of 1,300 bushels at SOc.; 800 do., at Marietta
Depot, at 44c.
OATS Prices have again advanced lao. per bush
In conseqnence of the light receipts: sales of 000
bushels, in bulk, at 90c.; boo do.. In sackn, at 6o
BYE Ths market continues firm, with a good de
mand: Sales of 200 bushels prime at 80o.
BAULKY We have no change to note la the
market since our last report Prices are firm at 7Sc.
fur prime fall: sales of ,60O bushels fair spring at
IliC. ' -
OMEESK-The market -continues 11 rm, with an
active demand: salsa of 1,690 boxes Western Reserve
at to.; 800 do. English lialry at 10)10., and 100 do.
, prime do. at Ho. --.
BUTTKlt There is a good demand at our last
quotations: sales vl barrels Western Reserve at
ISaitfoj i do, at 19c.; 30 boxes do. at Me.
A PPLE8 The market la Una, with a good demand
at our last quotations.
POTATOES There Is a good demand, and prioes
steady at SI 60 Iper barrel for prime Neshanocks, on
C'liOVKK HSKD-TIie demand continue active,
and prices firm at $4 7i: sales of 110 sacks at t 7a.
WILLIAMS Salea-reoma Nos. S2 and 14 Baat
Third-street. Lanre sale of Jewelrv. (Inttarv. An.
Ou TUESDAY MORNING, December 18. at U
ciock, i,ouo worm 01 assortea jewelry, witnoul
reserve. At 10 0 clock, a stock of Table Cutlery,
Anives and Forks, Carvers, Spoons, Saws, Hatchets,
Qaumers, Waiters, Ac.
ALSO A variety of new and second-hand Furni
ture, and other Uoods, Ac.
tieu a ssiiLouu, auctioneer.
BA HD. at Trade Sules-rooms No. 31 West Fifth.
street, up stairs. Assignee's sale of Books at sue-
iou uy omer 01 uourt. uiosing sale 01 tne llooxs lu
liestoek of the late Arm of Truman A Spofford. On
1N08. December 13th. lull unil l&tb. at 7 o'clock.
will be sold, by catalogue, a large aud valuable col
lection of theological, historical, classical, poetical,
scientific and miscellaneous works, irift Books and
MiventltM, with a splendid assortment of Bibles and
rrayer dooms in ricn anu elegant uinuing. Tbe
works ou theology are numeroim and valuable.
' N. B. Catalogues will be published, nnd the Books
will be open for examination ou the morning of each .
ay previous to the sule. S. O. HUBBARD,
S-B. Ksvs, Assignee. IdellMtJ Auctioneer.
rm. JOHNSTON, in Hales-rooms No. 93 Maln-atraet.
next to Trust Company Bank. Positive Sale of
Staple and Fancy Dry Uoods, Merchant Tailors' and
riotiiiers' uoou. niRnxers, nuawis, o., at auction.
On TUESDAY MOKNINU, December 13,at9o'clock,
will le sold, without reserve, 300 lots of very desirable
Stjinle and Fancy Drv Goods, comnrlelna a fine aa.
sortment for city and country sales. In tbli stock
wtu ne touna ueavy Tickings; uenims; Drown and
bleached Muslins: red, while and yellow Flannels;
plain and twilled hmvy white aud blue Mackiuaw
nlankets; flue Jeans: Canton Flannels, Ac
A Loo barae anu vaiuaoie stocK ot nsrenant
allots' and Clothiers' Goods, among which are extra
line Cloths, (Jassimores, Nestings, Overcoatings,
Trimmings, Ac.
ALSO Large stock of Dress Goods, fine Long
Shawls', Hosiery, Comforts, Hoeds, Wool Jackets,
flue under-shirts aud Drawers, Italian Vravata,
Gloves, Mitts, Ao.
ALSO M cases Boots, Shoes aud Brogans, Hats,
Caps, gj. 1 '
atvi inusiAP juunomri, Aiiottonesr.
Halea-rooms No. - Malntrnat. . Pnal-
tlvs tale of Staple Groceries, Kails, Window Glass.
Boots and snoes, at Auction, without any reserve, to
close consignments, on TUESDAY MORNING, Te-
r,wr 13, at 1 o'ciocx, 30 nags 1110 uouee; 47 man
lava do.: 26 brls. Uettned Syrun: 100 bxs. No. 1 Soan:
ISbxs. Gorman do.; 37 Castile do.; 40 bxs. Summer
Candles; 0 qr. casks Brandy; SCO bxs. Gronnd Ginger,
and Cloves; 140 bxs. Va. and Ky. Tobacco; MX) brla .
Smoking do.; 70 bxs. Pearl Starch; 10 tcs new Bice;
129 kega assorted Nails; 43 kegx 8. C. Soda; 75 brls.
Cidar Vinegar; IS brls. Bourbon Whisky; Pepper,
onioe, viunauiun,
ALSO-240 bxs. 10X12, 10x14, 10x16, lOxln, 10x18 Win-
auf V uvjgt liiuu 4 v ujaRe urei siut niJV aissi 1
pint Flatka. - r '
ALtiu. wlthont aov reMcrre--oi.o mrm Trr iam
rtor dow Firt-proof Iron tialb. 16 half cbUituporior -
V. tf. ami FannAritil 'fftiut.
noHt Li-f' w i LifJa. .Aiictioniw.
Any Style ef Orates caabeSet ar Reset with
this Improvement.
orders racldlv. as we have a large force of
good workmen. '
uave your grates aevwun (no paveu. uww, wm
weather, or you will regret it. It is poor eoonomy
to use your grates set in the old way, burning twica
at much coal as you need, and not obtaining half aa
much heat as the patent gives. The patent will save
vour money by reducing the consumption of fuel.
It will save your health, by giving you pure heat'
and plenty of It to make your rooms comfortable in
all parts. It makes your home cheerful at s trifling
cost, which Is soon saved tn fuel. '
We have now a full supply oi tne ratent stoves,
plain and enameled. . .
Orders maybe loft at No. SO West Fifth-street, or
sent through mall.
county ana state rignta ior sale on sucn lenns aa
will pay five hundred per cent., without any risk.
..JT. n. RVlK&fA. .
' Proprietor ot Dodge' Patent. ,i
J. BLAKKLY. General Asent. d9e
Eagle Insurance Company,
J. W. OABBISON, President,
a nr xtvicnirR nu.M,.n
DrmcTOEB Henry Kessler,. Anthony Fay, Wm.
Wood, J. W. Garrison, Samuel 0. Taft, George W.
Townley. Smith Betts. ..
Buavivois-J. B. Lewder and David Baker deay
Just received 68 cases of new Sardines, In whole,
balf and quarter cans ; also a few oases Boneless Bar
dines. These Sardines are put up in the finest oil,
and are extremely delicate In flavor.
Kor sale wholesale and retail by ,
deS National Theatre Bnlldlng, Sycamore st.
NEW FfiUITS. New Raisins, new Cur
rants, new rigs, Prunes, Citron, Ao., Just re
ceived and for sals ty '
noS 1 ' " 1 Corner Ninth and Vine-streets. :
l&TSkS.l am la daily receipt of the
F beat brand' of Oysters coming to this city.
Warranted fresh and fat. ' ; . -f i
, , JOHN rSBGOSON, Orooer, i
now ' Oorner of Ninth aud Vine-streets. I
ElAMILY FLOUR, I have always on
ax. nana, asuop
market for family
hand, a supply of the best family flour In the
use. . .
..j tfunn isauuova, vnm, ,
no i Corner Uinth and Vlne-etreels.
I JOxtTl rKKuUSON. orocer, t
daily In reoelst of the very best In cans and
half-nana. . .', ' A ARONi A. 001
dsS -' nos. l anu wi siainornet.
KW FRTJITS-ai)0 boxes MR Raisin ;
jno do. Layer do. i too half-boxes Raisins rNl
onarter boxet do. Also, new Figs in drams, rreack
Prnnea la kega, Currants, Citron, Ac. In slot ,
tor SStiS oy . . , sawa a..vuA,
Nos. 1 snd 831 Main-street
FIRE-CRACKER3 K).Abox 0o)d
Chop. Io store aM for sale -T;'J.'r
dwiui i JKea tuaad t2t kaJt-etreet.

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